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Dame vs. Iverson and Embiid’s Inconsistency With Raja Bell, Plus JackO on Altuve, the Yankees, and VP Kamala Harris


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Raja Bell to discuss the ferocity of Damian Lillard’s game, stories from playing with Allen Iverson and Steve Nash, what a Lakers–Trail Blazers Round 1 playoff series would look like, searching for consistency from Joel Embiid, and much more (3:43). Then Bill talks with his buddy JackO about the MLB, Giancarlo Stanton’s recent hamstring injury, Jose Altuve’s hitting slump, the St. Louis Cardinals’ troubles with positive COVID-19 tests, and more. They also discuss Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate for the 2020 presidential election (1:06:07).

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Rogers Interview and I got picked up by a bunch of outlets- swallow that's happening. I did I too. We watch was this week, one last Mohicans on Monday, with Chris, rather than the other one bad boys with Logan Murdoch and then lay them seek in check out as well. Coming up. We have Raja Bell New dish into the ringer. Couldn't wait, tat man he was so get on Monday, with our logo Murdoch and the ringer ambition that I just got jealous and add that on my back ass, I can't let Logan have all the good things and then my buddy Jacko Male cowed your mate. He comes out from time to time to talk about a sports about Dick, so he is coming out as well as some bad news. Once again, I had
morning, scrap were now in months six of this. Whatever the f is going on with our lives are our country. I have managed to screw up recording all kinds of ways. One time I forgot the plug anything into my microphone savages doing a pike ass. There is no court attached. The MAC, multiple times, I've screwed up the actual audio at our input on my zoom. I've forgotten, oppress record. That happened this time. I'd I'd recorded everything with russian jacket and this is the first time I don't really know what happened. Maybe the plug wasn't plugged, although in the zoom a day. What I didn't do, though, is check to make sure were now talk in that the green light was going up and down unless a moment this, I think, Is the seventh recording mishap I'm averaging one month, basically knock it?
not where I want to be so anyway. We had to use my my zoom audio for this, so I'm not going to sound as as fantastic as I normally do. I apologize I'm sorry. I don't tell you all right the spring in our friends reproaches Roger ballots, here he's in a remote location in the United States. I brought them away from a family vacation because we have so much that gonna new at this to the ringer. You can hear him on Mondays with local Murdoch upon this week was excellent. I want to start by stealing a You talked about in your part, is I thought it was essential. I was super jealous of it. I wish I thought of it myself. I didn't you
I'm up with it, but I want them into it. You were so game. Reminded you, Kobe Bryant, with everything was happening here these last couple weeks, but how he can it himself how he rises. The challenge is how he feeds little rivalries of other players and stuff, and I really I appreciated the analogy because normally you compare point cars, the point guards per centres, dissenters you compare way as to wake I say we're always like pigeon holding our comparisons. You said that I was like holy shit he's right, The aim- is the modern Kobe so go into that? Let's talk about it yeah. He just You don't know it Kobe. The way I did and you haven't played against them as much as I did you know I see this. I see a lot of the same personality kind of trades in
indeed, when he's on the court like he, he carries himself with a with an edge at all times, and even if Kobe was your friend, there was an edge there was there was a you know. Don't get too close to like we can talk about. His game is over type attitude right and now I see that see that the dames pours. I think that comes to name a little bit more galaxy, though then it came to call be. Rankest company was copy from high school dame you know we were stating the obvious watch all stars that he should have made, and so he's got it more organically. But there are a lot of parallels in in in terms of their mindset the way they approached it, the way that they will create that
its perceive slight, you know like, even if it's even if it's not their ties, words there, and there are plenty of times when it's not there, that the really great ones like m J. You could see it in his in his documentary, but he was good for that to those guys that have like real, true greatness, like coursing through their veins, they figure out how to stay razor sharp by either creating something or just never allowing themselves to really feel comfortable with. With with what been given in terms of praise, and I see that in the end I had I sought and call me why you know it goes without saying: he's been the star of the bubble and I think especially what he did after gonna blow in the Saturday and which I think partly was that the pressure of just elimination, game after elimination game and they looked tired, the man Saturday Sunday he rallies back. He goes fifty plus every big shot and then, when he did in the sixty one
weren't game when they really should. Alas, the Dallas and Maccallum looks like he's playing at sixty percent. They can't get a stop. I can keep it in the game. Is that Dame is just torch. Imposing s is any trees left and right. Really made me rethink like what is the ceiling of this, have greater this guy and then to your point with coolby thinking about him with other little. Guy is right, because this is a little guy. Who's carry himself like enough. Dog and how rare that is in the history. Let you played when you pay through no one year with Iverson it, height of his outer darkness, were compare and contrast those to the way they guarantees us similar in I either one of em. What have the boy anywhere on the floor? It doesn't really matter where they are see. When I guarded guys, I would like to try to keep you off of a spot. If I could write lake,
Why should it fail and try to figure out where you like to get? Even if I could deny you the ball, maybe get sixty off for that spot. I feel like I've already got the advantage defensively. You can't do that to either one of those guys it's true for a lot of small cars because they just go pick it up in oak crossing have quoted a bridge. Across half going. So the fact that they have the ball in their hands already is it makes him really really difficult to guard and then in all their ability at that size to navigate in the paint like Dame shoots, If a lot more range to me, I did, but he still navigates, that paint really really well and finishes in all at a super high level, and I know it sounds like you, you would expect every guard. That's really really good. To finish, while in the paper that always true, like some guys are barely Cairo easily finisher for his eyes in the paint Dave Dame is as well on. Allen was not able to finish amongst the trees. I think if I was comparing and control
Then, like your old, Dame more range more while kind of abandoned at the ran like he was, I think day manages the hits. Did he takes a lot better than Chuck did you'll chuck wound up with a lot of bombs and bruises as he got older? mileage started to catch up. I think the aims not sleeping ever that didn't help. What being an empire rather not have none of that is conducive to playing inhabitants? Super long Karun right off into the sunset the right way, but you are a lot of the same mentality, though you talked about the parallels between coolby. Indeed, like you saw island of close to like that, those guys never believe the king in a bucket. I was one of the Alzheimer's and defenders, and when I, when I wrote my book, no nine, I really went all out because I knew as the years passed. The stats would start to go against it, ready advance, metrics ours that I just know
It was like to see him in person and to see the command of the room, but even the court, the room, because you think, like an mba arena, its fifteen thousand people, eighty thousand people, twenty thousand people there. So few guys commander the room, and he was the smallest guide ever seen. It in that case is vital Five, ten nineteen five eleven want inability and controlling the other guys in the guys. In the other came his own team. The referees reveries were terrified him Gee play with eight. There is like a malice to him in a good way. Their aegis tat, everyone just kind of fat off it. Dame doesn't have to that that degree, but he does carry himself with carbon intensity in a passionate does I do think it really helps sustain its interest in the EU. Canada say the commander, Like people don't notice about Allen. Iverson are a lot of people they didn't get to play with them like he was.
A showman like game is entertainer. You know he he's, I guess he's Arap reason artist, you know, Allen, Iverson was one of those guys did you'll, be messing around me, sing it Michael Jackson and sounds like really really good. You know, like you, did everything he did. He did really well and you could tell there was an entertainment bone in his body as well. He was creative like that, and I think that itself self to two guys of that stature being able to carry the room like that in command, Roman and- and you know that the parallel having daughter and then one day next different about them. I think, by the time your final season, the league, like the guys that he was playing it's really respected, Iverson and then ass. He got older. The guys are coming in a week. He's a here right is in the middle of the nineties, what he was doing and how he was the culture? He was bring into believed that just had really been there until he kind of cemented it. So he's gone against guy
two idolizing when they are in high school. Dame still seems like he has then totally one the respect of the other guys- which I think is really strange, because I know what the topic you get out, happy somewhere. He's on the topic. I dont know what number yes but there's ache eyes the matter more. Their rustly he's one of the guys. Why does near the respect it. Good question, I really do believe. Portland has something to do what they like. Just I love payment as a town like I love to visit him be out there, but I think the market has Do you know he's dames teams, you know they they ve, they ve knocked off a team here and there, but they haven't really made the noise in the play all shut and noise. Logan here today on the pot and I've really thank you
see J Maccallum I like what the Blazers ha. I don't think he's been paired with the right. I became see your Alan. They gave him a bunch of roll guys, they were glad to the dirty work and then you go to you. Go to challenge is to do what you do. Juliette of office virtual show that you are in. You know everyone could see it and respected. Game is kind of weird Spock, as he shares with sea J a little bit there now really good enough to make any like real noise. He hasn't had the pieces around him, so it's a good question I sat on this crucial and I like, with with the family friend, arm his son, who loves basket boy. We watch and I said you know I think I take. The Amory now over staff or any other plank already in the lead. And he looked at me out of the corner of his eye, and I said I thought that's what I'm probably taking dame. If you put my feet to the fire right now we're so- and I talked about that- I think a week and a half ago, who is the first time I had really considered it cause I'd, I'd, think stuff
where'd. They underrated for all the stuff he brings to the table by the staff Dame was. And, above all, I'm not sure. Staff at this point in his career could carry tee the same way and then, when the fifty point sixty one point stuff It was at a level. Now, where were you start thinking like the call be the Iverson, like those kind of guys like hard and has been able to do. Maybe not deep in the play ass by certain guys were there just like I'm gonna have to win this by myself, but I actually can do this and that when shared he could have done that last year, but I think going back to the irish thing I thought what made Iverson so amazing is how little he was and how it still get to the rim against anybody. Inquiry has into carry six three, the Erasmus five ten and the he would go. You can navigate these big eyes and do you know, use their body against anti reverse things? Sometimes e Europe be a by the the stuff littered with
in opposing the stellar night so high level. I mean you. Is this: he was almost making them. Unplayable and prisoners had like thirty, eight points that gave her something in it and they almost had to take em out because they couldn't they couldn't on market yeah, you know ass, he saw it. I don't know if I've seen that before he's on guard a bull when he gets cooking like there's, there's really you know if you ve been insisted today's NBA on switching pickin rules like I wouldn't. This is another topic of conversation like how it approached to fell. I wanna hear it. I wouldn't know let him have the ball in his hands. If I could ever affect him getting off the ball, I would do it. I wouldn't. I would especially if it were annex like if you were gonna, bring a secondary defender into the equation. Trappin it every time you just philosophically I'm not letting Dame score sixty one from like ice and against like Chris desperate things. I can't I
allow to happen like on that question in the cogent. That's just what I would do. Ah he'd have to I myself, where his pockets or they'd have to run office to give him coming off something, but if he was ever in some sort of ball screener action, have to give it up and then I'm just gonna face garden. We try to multiply. Did you ever think you'd see an mba game, I mean you, played in the later when she doesn't fourteen jurist again about I didn't think you'd see a moment where tvs would be trapping appoint guard forty two feet from them. Ask it to try to get him to get rid of the bar, so he couldn't start as our friends like he was like the best guy in a ninth, a U game or something like that. Just doesn't happen. Crazy, where we are and in terms of our in terms of ability, one on one and the space that did they have now to be able to use that one on one ability. I mean you think if people now in two thousand one what they know now, isn't it
Our team soda probably die they put up rather than at the Irish are right there, just forty feet from the basket just trying to make him give up Why don't? I just don't think something people sophisticated back them walk both offensively defensively right, I mean there s the rules were a little different. When I came in ITALY too, because you had the arms now you had a true illegal d like you were dead zone, came into effect as agriculture little deeper into my career, so we re gave you more opportunity to conduct soft trap and stuff like that. You can create a lot of space for eight, I was the other thing that was pretty remarkable about the way he score. She did that you are still running like floppy sets where you had the two bags anchored around the block you were, bringing your guards offer those and horns action you, those like sex, We have two big around the room and he asked
labels like navigate into their and create often become really its interest in its more sophisticated I'd, be interested to know what you think about it, like, I think it's less sophisticated. I think they kind of strictly downwards bare bones and just said: look we're gonna, create space and led some of these just unguarded guys good work, but that could be sophisticated to Lugano, which it is it's more efficient. I hesitate to save this way going, I'm less interesting. I, and I'm really noticed that when I was watching the watching the old, a basketball for point out by its guess, what was really fun like postal guys. And guys in terrible seventeen voters said I you, Sir TAT just like it was this morning. Should there were more variables to a game? I think the late mid late night is early. Two. Thousands, I think the flowers like there was such an impetus to post up. It was kind of
they couldn't they can really figure out what to do and as I was pushed up, and here I watch these games were Indiana which was the ninety nine came now they lost the next and I watched couple those games, then Anna was just like slow. It down, slow it down, poster at dinner, and you look at thirteen year like you got, should be like going you shooters space, got. It smells like their version of what you're doing our work but yeah, I think it a lot o is just more predictable. Now I think Dallas suffers from that in the last four minutes ray because it's kind of like you know what they can do. They're gonna spread the forfeit LUCA everybody else stand. There watch him Houston. At least but to bring in that Westbrook bearable. Where he's crash and offensive Words are he's making we're cuts in its at least a little different, but I'm with you, I I I think it's boring said that the other interested I've always thought but there was a middle ground. I always talking about MIKE's team, MIKE D'Antoni's Tony's Rockets team, just
I maybe two years ago, and they were in the players and they were kind of them. The team there was, like you know, ahead of the other teams in terms of light. Look we got this pensive like genius, we're just gonna, let him cook and I MIKE, and I think MIKE is one the most brilliant orphans in mines in in the game. But I was like mad, you that's great through to your point like three and a half quarters right and then even if it's simple action so that everyone's- not just locked in five sets eyes on James Hardy, like they ve, been for three and a half quarters, run something and then run it quick get him the ball back and we know what's coming, but you know I felt a golden stated it well like a lot of your lot of movement and then someone may mistaken. You get down hill and, if not, then we are good enough to beat you wanna want, but there was just enough movement to keep people keep people, honest yeah. I think we ve thought about this back ass before
That seems to be the fate of law that rock esteem, where your play in them in a play, our series and you get an effort to straight weeks. You you're, gonna use gonna, get used to it and I think TAT S really dangerous. When here somebody in their use. The way you do. I thought that you know the sun in that year. On the mid thousands which to me is like the best version of this office has a ticket could do the high screens or the my eye. You could do the site you can spread out for national confined shooters there all kinds of different variations to it, but it was it just felt more unpredictable to me. Then someone everything in hours they all this makes more sense statistically. So we're just gonna keep doing this. We had just enough and that's why you know I again my experience with might like I know he's got some of this week. I wasn't a guy who could create, like. I couldn't really have the ball in my hands in her in a situation where
pick pickin roller I saw in and get you a quality bucket. It wasn't my skills that so might knew this end. He runs it plays a game where he bring me off some sign, it type a screen and action. I liked it the shoe, and if I got that advantage, I could create a play. So those are just the wrinkles that we had in our stuff. Now our bread and butter was going up and down, course on married to the front of the rim, dragging with Steve or Stephen Pickin role and abortion despite when push comes to shove, if he had to call my number, he knew why, like package, they were gonna run for me in your board. The out there were stuff in a play both for boys and Landrover and so we could get into little wrinkles of things. It would get us a bucket for someone other than Steve Amarian. It just made us really dangerous because it was, it was unpredictable. What was who did their best above kind of throttling. What you guys were trying to do back then and when they do specifically activity was that's a great question. It was the spurs and the mavericks arm and what they did.
Was they didn't allow any of us to get good looks collapsing on steel. And steve- was reluctant shooter like a great shooter arm a great scorer, but he was raised in a day and age where point Argentina didn't dominate the scorings stat in the box, or so it was always a reluctant Second option perceive and they put the onus squarely on him to score and a lot of eighty did at school We wine, but they stuck to their guns that, over the course of six or seven games, getting rid of like my ten points- and you know These fifteen and bourses thirteen TIM Thomas's, twelve, like steel. The more I wouldn't be enough and they re also those teams did that really well you know I had him. I had this book about. Well, I guess I was doing last year and I had him come first live forced him to watch the game, a robber who shoved them into the Stevie. Thank you. I thought you know logic,
the holy aim. It did he amid what he did Betty Flat yet did humidity. Yeah, I got it an embarrassment, Why me running over there and then everybody splendid either but he was saying he had unwatched any those get. You know he doesn't he's one of those go backwards, so you our aim in n. You know he's he's totally Gandhi red tax me after, like I'm, I need a drink but take away that he had from watching it was like. I didn't shoot enough. I had said I was a forty percent three point shooter. C forty three, the game and I had wide open streets all game, but I was actually hurting my team by not shooting and he just didn't realize it in the moment cuz. As you said, boy cards were supposed to have fifteen points. Twelve assists
and help everybody else get off. It wasn't his job to shoot its credit busy, and I spoke about it a couple weeks ago and you know he basically said this is the same thing to me and I thought it would be really interest because I told the story a lot with like when I got there. I had never shot. You knows many freezes, they can expect me to shoot and might told me straight out like this is how many threes that we have created. This is how many I expect you to shew. That's your quota. You're gonna shoot those, and the only reason I'm in a pool you out is: if your opening, you don't shoot it. That was his philosophy. So it's it's interesting that it just never gather with
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with forty eight, that's great for us in Emma he's taking all good chance, but they know that's the best way to sell things in the two thousand ten game: seven, they were like call me, let's see the here tonight, we're double tv he's gonna shoot anyway. He's not convey resist here. He is, and they use that to get their Jeddah mantra them for three quarters he's taken the worst shots in the planet and then. Finally, Is that you realise what they're doing right and then he started spread the by any come back and they went in the fourth quarter, but It is funny when that wouldn't teams do with Iverson to make him to fuck him up like that here. That's it! That's a good one and age Jonathan what do I get in super competitive re likely wouldn't like talking shit to him when adapt either the waiter gonna get him out of his game almost there, but he I think we can, because he was small. If I had to say one thing that I think they really just try to punish him like what are your aims against him like it was how'd you get a chance.
I hurried body, weight, you'll, know what It made him get up off the floor. Make frequent you know, like rain, not just found him and make a free to like make him get off the floor and make a free throw, and I think that was probably because he was so slight. The way teams approached. I will gonna do that. If we get Lakers Blazers Talbot yeah he's gonna dancing the deck. They have a lot of ass, the waste they have. Eighteen thousand just for good. Better position and then a whole bunch of other deeds in there just gonna knock Moran and of air dynamic column sire. We don't know about that. Injury is bad that that's the way they work in its use. By being more physical, I think if they heads if seizure was healthy cause, I don't hate day without a healthy, see, J Dames going to be enough over like a series like that. But if it hadn t J I take the Lakers could be trouble. I got it all. They got him a Laker I like Lakers, but without ever
sadly, in another like genome. Without those tackle bodies to throw a Damien, and see J b you gonna tell spot, you know, I'm You're talking only about offences being predictable and to me. The Lakers had looked again the bubble and I don't know if it's rest in other men, couple guys are missing. Some guard said date that were essential guys for their team, but it just looks like laborious for them to run an offence and, the bride David. Certainly it there's the three four twelve guys. Just aren't that good and I think you're already seen it and we benign orders in the play. Ass teams are just gonna, be like a coherent and if it's yours seventh guys get the five through this queen could knock yourself out buddy goals he was able to buy gas is gonna.
Happen and I don't think they really mocked at what he would have you seen from them. That concerns you were really stagnate. Often put that's that's night. That's not out occurred there for local abroad team. Nor was, I think, that you are in the front office. Would Cleveland arm bronze? First, your back and David glad had already said that he wanted to run all of this motion, that we wanted to create and stuff and eventually you know it's just like what given the ball, but it let em created so good at it. Like you, you always do Emily easily in the leading assess your he'll just make us work well, one, the bronze doesn't really get down hill, the same way that he doesn't get the shoulders by his primary defender. All the time like you used to that first step and he still amazing, but the first up doesn't collapsed defences like it used to so yet, when you don't collapse, defence, Daniel Brought out to me in a quarter am, I may have still on me: that's a problem right like you have to do,
my man's like shooting and then it your ideas, another guy like working, I so so, then it's really stagnate. And everyone standing and again you're getting situations to your point were Queen Cook is now having had a ball if the broad I didn't like their situation in a one on one situation and that's that's not with typically like four to twelve do an mba teams like those a compliment I have used them. They're not gonna, want bucket getters Dionne. Waiters is kind of inefficiently, he's a guide, it'll go get his own buckets car boot is man made develops into that, but he's not there yet, and so it's a really weird.
To have so little often see movement and arm in I again I'd I'd really like to hear your comments. I, like a d. I don't think that eighty his talent is off the charts like he is a now. I made you can put him up there with with all time great in terms of like his length and skill set, but I dont know that she's got the mentality to carry when you have to carry when it's really hard to carry when the whole city is waiting for you to carry and they're gonna and to do that, because I don't think o Brien, like the browser dappling his career anymore, he's gotta to do night out yeah We think it about this a lap because it tat teams at an interesting crossroads Davis is actually their best guy to get a basket one quarter, I think he's there most reliable. If I like my life,
the pen and I need to points Davis's, just it's the easiest Brenda creating a job I don't think they're ever going to get to that point, because Lebron is still great he's a brat he's one of the best three players of all time and if they're, in a situation where it's like they're down three two in a serious there's a minute last it down three. The brands gonna be shooting the bridegroom because they're going to live and die with the brain. The last minute- and I guess my point- is if I the team, I'm pretty good with that, like even that first clipper bubble game, the Brown misguided took the shattered and Davis was Thank you could get any shouting while that game and that,
tug of war. Have that plays out, I think, is, is the weirdest supply with them? They make sense it that's really. It's really a point. I hadn't really thought of it that way, because I, but did you might be right, like eighties hesitancy, maybe a product of him feeling like what's wrong ready to may pass that torch to inflict. You know what I mean like: that's, not necessarily my job yet could be causing them to have cold feet, but you but you're right like that that dynamic between those two figuring out lake and my good enough to form a bronze had to bring it home or doing the defer truly to eighty and be the supporter instead of the one being supported they ve got ironed out and quick. Well, it almost depends on the matter, I think he saw again the two thousand six finals, which you guys easily good about it wait and shack. Shacks Thou Shack like that he was three three. It was only peace in a row. He still wasn't. He was a little passed, his prime, but even
and in TAT one of his brain short and then Wade's, the young guy said why can't totally between wage they always there and then in a fine ass. His like I got this any just case over defiance in between them. I'm not saying Davis needs to do that, but you know I think, about like the two thousand seven seven sounds or plan the Lakers in his matching up with them, you have a lot of guys to travel abroad. You can wear him out, but multiple people on em it's actually, there for you guys if Lebron is controlling the inner became, who you the matter for his Davis Davis? We can. We can defend, we'll have to puckered Thomas anything. You know they do that and I guess that's my point. I don't know if the Lakers You know they do that, and I guess I point I don't know if the Lakers are their mentally, where they see that were with, depending on the match up, maybe right
a day even able arising. While I you know You are right in that met the match, our problem. Now the bronze always problem, but the man your problem. The one most people don't have something to counter is is eighty and so the brutal abroad. I will say this for run. Amongst other things, I said some big fan he's a smart is there is out there so guess it we'll get in the middle of that, and if there is anyone asking to figure it out on the fly, if it's not figured out already will be labelling yeah. I was thinking if your guy who's the smartest bearing the league. I think it's him yet best athlete you'd, say yes, most kind of biggest tat ass, I may say its day if you're gonna be out Iverson Memorial, whose is it
of the sky and the league right now. I think you can make the Dame case. He look see you say tough and I naturally like it's just jerk, I think, of like a big proving that invited yet, but you might be right, I mean when you talk about it so, let's use I'd, say assassin like the biggest assassin in the leg, pursue a day like this, not even a question, Well it and you would the quietest. Assassin he's the quiet assassin but like when you talk about like I just I am Obnoxious, in a good way with this, like my swag, is one hundred percent off the charge, and I don't care what you say: I'm here to drop fifty and a double downwards. Sixty one did state, I wrote way back. I did like the scale when you have game winning shots where you re. Action is in what that says about use of black, as you think about like Jordan,
the shouting and clear mine he's, jumping up and down his fist part bang in like, but then the time he had so the ninety seven fires game, one just take the quiet. Fist pump me he's trying to harness this version of that, and you know he has said still get you guys. I went to that game and so sex. When I mean Equally, it is almost a flagrant vow that it commits to get the ball rolling in any makes their game learn and Canada the journey he was kind of trying to find the Jordan, but I don't really Philip. He got there until probably oh nine two thousand tampered with was very soon that Dame as the last couple years. He react to these big moments like he has been doing for twenty years. It's it's a little I don't really understand where it came from. Gaza has implanted files, not it's a heaps talk, it's just self belief right, it's it's it's. What makes
and work to a makes. You who you are, I supplier, buddy alternately, is what kind of separates. Ah you know grades from good. It's it's almost in ignorance to lake any fault you may have on the court. I just am so self confident and I believe in what I do so much dead. It doesn't really matter what any of you dont have a ripe. My resonates says it doesn't matter. What you think like this is. This is why I am an Ronnie price on one of my favorite teammates. When I played in Utah with him, they must still it. We were state and he told me that there is a cake and we were stated when the league seize him. It's gonna be a problem and also runny wieber statement and he said, listen. This kid is he's different and I'll be damned well. I have a draft diary from that year, where I read them for taking him over us, There was one of my comments
These twenty two asked members Zelie dainty and whether they think right I repaired whereby, whereby were so tat, the open thing is pretty funny to do. Do you believe that certain the personalities of certain prayers can be tides, aware therefrom like all the others that Chicago type guys washed in DC that guy's over TAT does he believe that has ever as some people backers super duper believers in this, I believe in the eye by roughly believed. I know a lot of people from. A more open and they have a you know they haven't toughness and a great. Ah, I kind of like the EAST Coast city for me, like Oakland, is a fairly type pursue where agree just really really tough in and there's a hardness to you like, but Imo Miami Guy and so like. If you ask anybody about, like you, Danny's who, whose you know a heat life for they will tell you, he's
embody like he embodies. Will Miami is about what I said? I believe- and I like you, you come up and you take your lumps where you're from you you go on and you try to erect, I like in any walk of life, but certainly in an athletic walk a life like you, a weapon for your town, mural than and his case, the town, I believe. For short, I never thought about it. So the first hours didn't count down me. Imagine in jail and whereby they started argue about Chicago versus the trade. Magic was talking about These missing a guys he played with them. Will bonds go at the Chicago guys and we were talking about how different areas produce certain types. The guy is right. In Mr Vienna was you know tough guy, but just for whatever reason, really gifted offensively alike maybe parlour was that's George Caravan was there either magic generation when they're going gender watch him. He just two points. Two points, two points doing everything
they're kind of the mindset, but but then you get laid your city words, like the point guard the DNA. History the heritage of the point. Our position is like the most important thing about New York City embraced, trying to be the next. He had the so I went to break talk about simply safe use about bono, obscurity, companies most trap, youth, high prices, tricky contracts, lousy customer support, so whether allowed options at their there's only one o Brainerd simply sit. They have everything you need to protect your home with none of the drawbacks
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how do the underdog thirty cents in the draft headed scrap and fight to get What I mean. Obviously he meant to do, which is a little different thing, guy fight. You know in sleep here and now he's this incredibly she'll guy for them, and those are always the guys that an opening plasters, but do I doubt if I look at that? I definitely do I thought, but I think he's better than I watched him he's is. I think he could be like if you Lahti, like where my career wound up being like the ten I think, he's gonna, wind or being higher on the scale than me. I think you could do more things offensively. I think he's got more upside than I did, but I always poor for that. I don't know. Maybe fourth or fifth guy, like you know It is never going to be your number one or number two, probably by he can be three on a lot nights. You know in those guys or find a wash. Another guide? To that too, that I like watching as I check the box war from Memphis just to see light
You know what was going on. There was so last I didn't do it brought had twenty seven yeah really not just tough, like you know, you could tell whether this give level is super. Prettier not like his heart is like he's: gonna do whatever he can for that. To not let them lose, and I am always on on four June for a guy like that, you know, when I am in the eighteen, o er in Boston, which was really dark matter, everyone here. The games to those gave me the tickets weed spell in one year. Why couldn't shoot, but so Whitworth here with what years were those those who I was in school in Boston around? time like ninety four. Ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight! This is like ninety two. Ninety seven ninety eight season- ok, just after I left the year after that so bones and I can't shoot a key TAT every shot. It's like watching. Somebody threw Iraq against the wall but he's try harder than everybody us here,
unbelievable defensibly like you, can move laterally in a way that it was a Jesus is as a free and the other players hated up and you baby. Guys do you can just tell her. I find this guy and act like this guy. Something I if he ever can ever feel had a even like shoot, remotely business and out my guy like this. Now this time on, the Sixers I love that guy if he can ever just figure out how to make a wide open shot five times a game that guy's gonna be. Unlike a final still see. That's interesting here, though, the one I was it's a great point, don't like even in a pickup game like if I'm watching the game and I've got no text, I am picking on Cuba. Looks like they are, are, are aided by the other. Two more like it said hurriedly. It's just the utmost compliment. Re like you were doing some
right when everyone on the other teenage. You thought the great thing about that for Bruce Diebold, like myself, like I did well when I first came into the league, that's something they like if your dedicated you're gonna get better at that like if you re already the guy you're, describing that we're describing you're gonna be an the gym self evaluate any and you're gonna say hey man. This is what I have to get better at to have that kind of career and he'll like provided. There is no like mental hook up or something like that, but you'll be fine. You wind up shewed net up thirty six, thirty seven, forty two percent clip Why that's I mean that's Ives devastated when the south extracted a pic. I really want to know, because I just feel like certain guys if the knock on them is can't you, but you? in the game in every single play their trying harder than anybody else to think well, Gazprom, can it be in the german the summer trying to figure out how to shoot thirty them send for them in a new, probably weren't, a great shooter in the nineties right when did it? When did your shot officially,
place well fill it fully was hard for you to get a lot of them and then the attic and in Dallas I'd just dialysis. When I started, I was Robert shooters though, like that The first shooting coach I ever was exposed to an end. You know national whiskey and what Williamson might ganglion needed. Nick than actual so I got I got the shooting bug, but I couldn't really make body shots like I didn't get a lot of shots and then in Utah I started really getting with the shooting Cochin off season. I M gonNa Morven Harvey was down a template work with him every summer I have to make shot, and you know it was selfish, also because I realized that I was always going to plan a minimum deal as the guy that could start half of the games, for you score four points and just defend science. Man. If I really want to solidify like a spot in or career, I have to make some shots
So I started digging in by my second year in Utah I was I was proficient and then in Phoenix just a shooting culture. So it was like it's what we do it so funny, some guys it's don't I would say everybody should at least be able to become a decent shooter unless it's Tiger, Michael, ok, go cresting, we're like there's, literally just something wrong with your form that doesn't seem like it could be facts straight. Otherwise it just hard work in the June. This is why I really liked R J bear it had in the Japanese and the greatest first year for the next decade, really competitiveness, well, you can't really totally shoot should get us a better. That whole figure it out through? there's another week, as you just seems to me, like the kind of guy, that's gonna, be there, day after day China figured out. I'm sure that was one of your lessons from how many years you played like the guys and your team. The guys that put the extra work were hope is the guys that made it
Why is it so hard for updating to realise this when their drafting too good? It's a cook wash em in TAT town is ten a lot basing you know like it. It's a greatly question, and I know I was thought when I was in like my plead that the general managers were like the smartest people back to some of them are like David Griffin is really smart yeah, some of it Not you know, and so lake you get tantalize like the speed is in an and links in, and you know adjectives it described like young athletes did our Justin. Normal, like all those things are really tantalizing an I'm with you like. I look for. I look for light termination and great n and perseverance in- and you know correct, like those type of things- mean something to me- the problem with that is you can have all that and if you have to tell the truth
still lives adapted water, simple going to err on the side of town and hope that you can teach ensure teach him to an end. I think that's why it happens more than like. Ok. So when I was in Cleveland, I d love scouting than I was. I was scorn around all these conference tournament in we had only second round taken. We were there was the kid J P choke at all, from from North Carolina EM, Why was there to watch? They play you here and I sat in eight. I watched the game and I wrote my report or, like I said no, I know we're here to see talk it over. The kid is plan against his coming out this year. By the way, this kid kick his ass, like you, dont want Tokyo and it was now broadly and I was like whenever he is ready to come, if it s the one which you why I took it all just and it was a skilled in, He could put his knees on the ram and all that he just when that kid like chested out like talk, I don't want any part of it, and so those are the things that I always look for
yeah- it's weird I mean even like- and this is in the greatest draft- the one we're about to have, but there's a couple guys in their strap better, the classic. Really. I said questionable motor same here. Is questionable, get back with the next. You take you This one thing I've learned in fifty years crush motor about what We have an election. I care I can teach like effort like. I can't work with no effort. You that's a minimal animals have ever yet. I remember too, we did the two thousand thirteen. Have me in jail and I really got into it and read emanating we got to any of you, some of the guys, and I just stopped. Allah depots, the safest pic. I was Adena Visa Hall Famer. I know He's gonna play hard and always gonna give a shit. I know he'll be I ve made worse.
There will be a good three points in a vague defender and kind of a hybrid guard and that's kind of safer than us. In this draft Bennett went first to the calves. It is studying when it happened because it seem like he was gonna Father like eight or nine, but that was the classic. Where we talk about. Oh, my god that led the athletic. And would have. Meanwhile he was six eggs. You got a cab. You get through the calves like three years, to that like what did they say about that? Three years later, I you know, I rarely brought it up She is a good idea. If it was just an understood, miss you know, I think they were really completely because I think he's a really good. I don't know but from everything they said, is a really good kid itches. It's just in work you now we just wasn't what they thought. He was. An age snowballs against you and that that I'm in a job without funny, see jails in their draft and it was clear
the score. Nobody knew he was gonna, do what he's doing like, but it was clearly be like I'd, be a third guarded with score the bench worse case there. And then yes was the great x factor, but he was you know. Youngest was like six eight and a half in their tracks, Six. Then he grew three America. Any rank, is eight graders in these clubs in here? Like I don't know, if I go into account our response to evaluate this and will no doubt that's our guys get become legendary.
Wired within a year and it within a year- and it's like you- just hit the nail on the head right lake that that day, that that's why I think a lot of guys don't pass on that size, length kind of lake freaky athleticism, because if it is a hard worker and Robert Hackett was destroyed, the conditional Cochin Edward am a walkie at the time like, and it was two years into his coming developed. But he still wasn't like like white. What use what he is now, but he was like TAT, is gonna, be he's gonna be here is like the way this kid works. He writes to be it and that's. That's why it's hard to pass on that cause if you kid- the package of athleticism ism, with the factor of like dedication and hard work. You ve, you got those type, he cares every game ads It doesn't matter what guided as you for finally pass and he's going at the same level. I think I think that's why one of the reasons why people get so frustrated with a b.
Spinelli, what date your catching on easy there going through the motions are, he looks like the best Sarah, the last thirty years, but he's playing. Right now, where a lot of the best guys, just there in the brain at eight thirty, five by these guys, don't take nights alternative quarters off. Maybe they picked their spots or sometimes but indeed the one out of all the great players that you catch me on the run that you like. What are you doing? Man what're, you gonna, do what I do. I dont know him. I doubt he hears Goober frustrating to me for the everything that you just, plain, and I just get the sense. And again I don't know him he. It looks like he's really immature, play even showed up to the bubble in the hazmat suit. Like I get it, it's only like you're a good follow, and I'm not mad at you for that. But you don't like you should be there for business like you're there to win a championship they will lose. I showed up and has lets you re all too easy to go to work and how
Never comes across like that to me like, even but don't you start, we have. Conversely, I made about the rolling of an angel and leaving a game. I saw the rolled ankle, the Eden they're, all your weight. Wasn't one ankle like you. It wasn't you crown out of the air and the ankle hip for it was a mild spring, no shifted. The x rays came back negative and men. You know maybe so fracturing I don't mean to like he's super talented. He couldn't great. I just don't know if he's their autonomy has set in. I was thinking make when Simmonds went out there. Version of this, where it's like an get on my back everybody. Here we go again that wasn't what we saw. Another thing with him, and I remember like being their first from the South Sixers play Afghans when he puts it together for a quarter. It's fucking, terrifying, isn't completely and I think everybody else in the way kind of wants it to stay this way again
He doesn't. I hope he doesn't get into completely incredible shape and I hope he takes Corazza five. Let's keep it this way down ever figure it out like if, for every other team in the NBA, don't don't put two and two together and I worked with a guy, really good basketball, mind and an ill while most ever, fascinated with his size, scale, combination and the fact that we can go out there and should freeze your he's been for years. Like he does it well enough so like with the absence of any real paint presence just dominated in there just go round here, an absolutely Domini and when, when he's and the roads that you're describing when he looks unstoppable. Most of it is that, like he's, still supplements which breeze really high skill stuff, but a lot of it is going at the rim and then he'll just like to know why We like the next game, any forgets that he scored thirty seven like almost all in paying any shooting nine trees in your life? What what is it? What's going on?
the reality, is I don't think it's very fun to be a centre in basketball, I think we could be got through the history here today. Straight believe this is the same kind of thing over and over again where these guys, their expected Dominic as their size people they get treated differently by the officials, people pound, then they pull their land, pull their arms there upon their tanks, are hidden from behind and when you succeed, you're supposed to succeed, while your jaw embayed yourself until your spouse, that forty points and You know, I I I think if you go through the last, sixty seven years. There's been a lot of debates that you're the man. I was a guy. She brought it more often, but may I say, maybe some fun. I know like people for this way, but Artist Gilmore. They felt this
about what dilemma I felt this way by World Chamberlain for died at that dinner to really good point, because I I know a lot of pigs day it like you, I don't I don't want it. I don't know I'm just just really big and really towns it. I don't know a lotta guards like that rag. I dont, like guards are usually were like you offer whatever like. Maybe it's unbiased cynical position this. I know a lot, a bigs that you just described that, unlike really big, dont, really love playing big question whether they loved it at all and it just you don't find a lot of cars. Maybe it's too hard you're, not six hundred and eleven. You don't just get the passes that you might your kid. If you were, if you were You go back, but I played America, What am I rose was if you have big guy, a new team and pick up. They she's made that guy's life really happy. Look for him.
We can get in the bar. If, if he's running on a fast break, make an effort to get him cause, then he'll be like this is great around the fence. Breakin unnecessary vantage for ask, as is the biggest guy in this game by five inches but danger, I mean I realise when we use the play together, you see, I saw the camera we would any time we got a big. I rose by taking the bigger, make the big guy happy, and sometimes I wonder with them We came whether whether they think that way, I ever they, they should be like the cod on him. Make him happy, get him shots like him in that mine said to just be leg: dominate I'm gonna go for it. The right and the added value that everything just u competitive and that they are well yeah. That's it. She did so simple, though right like it saved I'd. We teach that would without like our kids, like If you have the big and we do is doing what we needed to do. Just absolutely
you give you guys get in touch skim touches yeah, but I think you're fillies Billy, because I've been summons Angela, they don't they don't fit together, like they're, not they're, just not a good combination, and I think that for the last couple years has not been public by think, there's really been a struggle there behind closed doors. At the top end between the two of them for like who show that's, gonna be like who, who is gonna, be the best guy for the seventy six years, the kind of sat alone and M and right into the promised land. So I think that kind of probably part of the reason why Philly might be missing. You know the opportunity to really say: listen to. Well, here's we're going to do that like we're, going to expect you to score X, meta points in the paint and we're going to make those like easy, good touches. Free will will run offense to create that and then obviously you're skilled enough, where you can be
citing do these things you will get impartial. I saw you have your opportunities by Europe because we need you to be the guy, then we're in need you to give us these in the paint and then we're gonna. Then we'll, let you you don't get the rest of Europe, but I don't think has been approach like that thing has been a power struggle which one would you keep it or to a year and a half ago I said I would take then sentence because I didn't trust, shoreland beads mental. I just I know everything is great. I know you know he's got this skill set in size. It did you rarely see by Trust is his mental lately because of the inability to shoot the ball and and not just the inability to shoot a bill, but like the willingness to shoot it. That's a real hurdle. Like we talk about shooters, you can become a good shooter like if your freed up mentally, to shoot like if you're willing to shoot if you're completely unwilling to shoot.
I dont know that you ever become a good shooter, and so that concerns me at this point. I'd probably say indeed and just hope that enough we figure it out, but you know I don't I'm completely because the game the games I played like that anymore. The games played with with with more of your Benson psycho players right guys they can create six nine we'll get downhill. Great vision, but you gotta unsuitable. There was a really fun Ben Timmins, Damn Booker, fair trade that I felt was realistic there. Now. I don't feel like Phoenix. I do that from what's Goin out hooker lately yeah it now because now that actually seen him with a decent supporting CAS than now You know it's like where you and Logan talked about, like you get your point soon: teams that winning guess what you're teams that winning There are many points you have, but if you put it together, one lasting four,
you you'll be on Journey times, where we have lots of other learn about it, I'm not just letting Logan happy, I'm in a bearing on the spot, a lot of times round off you. Allies, your relationship with copper fans right. No, why did he die? There's a relationship with vehicle accidents. Yeah everybody talks about. We say as I always him Kobe and I get there's this whole liquor thing with you right, while until until the collapse against the Houston Rockets, two thousand the thing which is the most devastating moment and caprice history, your shirt? when Dunlavy put a Dana Ewing down three up at three to ice the game, I think it was game for club soda gone up. Three one game. Five would have been a better clipper, I'm a celtic fan, but I've had clipper tickets and so for now I'm free Called Daniel Ewing cause. I'm played. They bring him in an
he decides, he's going to leave you free feed open instead of one and one slash, two feet open and you hit a game tying three. You win in overtime and you end the series like the answer like we could. When the title that here and now if their raw? no kind of weird here right and end up being the Miami Dallas year. They played Dallas really well that year and then my only who knows, but that was a really good, copper steam. So you broke the earth. When I make I listen, I got said always you doin somethin right. If you wanna guided every body on the other team, hey it's like. I take that as this Thank you. I think they ve done. Maybe data you ain't, gonna, Mon Ferko, Serbia. I mean that's There are a lot of most famous moments in Coopers history that second tat, five, most famous copper, muted. Even now, that's all relevant. I had no idea. You have no idea who could agree to ignore the crazy figures. Can you you'll, like you, could talk about like physically being cold and not be ready to like players you haven't played
typically like in its human nature, when you're not gonna, play it when a series like I've, been there you're, getting really panic ancient. Like re outing reports, like you, don't even know, what's going on, so he probably like you're the one thing I watched the game with my signs and some of their friends they over the over the covert break and big. It announces kept saintly clippers, half that they make a concerted effort to run him off. He shot, making put it on the floor. And they did a good job of it. And then here he comes in regaining prime, never even heard the scout a report, and I reckon with it's unbelievable. That copper was really get, and I was going to those games. I you're thinking like I could Elton was like Five and eleven every game like he was one of like the sun back skies delete a year. There really smart backward. They had some some weird stuff gone with the banks like they would get weird bent
Guy stuff, everyone's learn a good way when they're just pretty get, but I guess we'll leave is your coat you ever ceiling, which they had on so became and played phenomenal Gatwick swiftly against us. He was ever greater activity, no sandcastle back. What was tough Mackay. Came in and would just I'm just getting, was written and foul scandal. He'S- got eight nine far shouts again. That was what he did. They would we be rich off. We were. We were scared, like that was it. We thought there, like. Some of us thought that they were your bigger challenge weaker at you. They were really tough and young shall never stand before. He got her. The training, as a third argues, get there too. I list I'm really happy here, you're out with the ringer and I'm excited to put you in a whole bunch of different situations with desperate. But I bet alongside fan. So it's really nice to finally be working with you
man I'm happy to be here on time now. The vibe curator, if you haven't heard in dummy divide, rate or shall I get on the. I appreciate that and at the end anytime cause I'm superseded to be her. Madame big fan, I could we're bringing in my buddy Jacko one second, who sometimes I see Can we do a little a social distancing drinks with our friends from Holy cross? You know it's a great idea for social dissonance drinks, Miller Lite, so he's been there. They bring people together through Miller time. Maybe now it's a zoom call quick porch. Their neighbors mascot at first socially distant. Hang it outside whatever it is. You can still have Miller time. Great greatest great taste is always caused by. This has been my bare since college Joe has talked about last week. There's no better beer for the golf course great beer for the source
distance thing right now, maybe Joey Miller, Lite with friends it looks a little different, but staying connected is just as important whether you're in your house or apartment stuck with roommates are partners with you with your family, keeping interactions, digital whatever you got, make sure it's Miller time, Miller, Lite great taste, will a ninety six calories of three point: two carbs check out. If you want to get it to the joining the original lay bare to avert, go to Miller, light that come forward, Slash, bs and find the delivery options. New celebrate responsibly, Milborough accompanying walk. It was constant. Ninety six collars and three point two car spur Twa. That's why we're here I mentioned CBS I'll access that I mentioned. I think I think I mentioned this- that they have the EU if the Champions League, the world's best pointers for the world's most prestigious tournament. Yeah mention that I mentioned you could relive the action, the German the glory referred.
Whereas in teams off the country of I mention that you could get in the action stream every match live on CBS I'll access, they could learn more start reading the sidelines. By going to see bs that comes ass, you see how to send him for free trial. Right now know it. I did mention for they have neither to know and mirrors place and about twenty two seasons of empty visitor. So you don't miss any that good CBS, dotcom sash. You see how to sign up for your free trial. Right now, don't mess it. I were granted ECHO areas. I would bring him a buddy Jacko last, time he was here. We are wondering at the baseball season was gonna completely far apart and still going. I remember in the joke. Some like I'll. Have you on. Right around the next time. Stanton gets hurt, stand got, hurts enough. Natural state lasted. We wish to have yeah roughly here just about this, pretty much par for the course yeah
his injury hamstring, hamstring, a grave gay or great for hamstring, injury and thus tendance. Tendency muscles you're just tough for him, he would think you'd stretching our guy make him a hundred and fifty million dollars or whatever his contract, as you think maybe you'd have stretching regimen at this point, but not so much running the bases or gets you every time, and I always leads you write to the deal in my own keeper fantasy laid there is like a bidding war for standing, I didn't know what was going on. I was I he said they figure out how to stay healthy. Were there how much how much pandemic baseball you ve been watching. I've watched, I accept that I was away in Maine for the past couple days, I've what, when I've been home I've I've watched pretty much all the game, What do you like it? You get into yeah. Of course I mean I had no sports for four months and I love the Yankees
love hate the Yankees? So, of course, when they came back, I mean it is weird with no fancy. Now, when there's like a alleviating rally- or you know the Classic New York there, whether they started with right jittery when the batter has two strikes the Yankees, pitching it's weird not to hear the crowd, you know into it and just rising and cheering the crowd. As they combine is ridiculous, but yeah otherwise other than the crowd thing I've ever been into it yeah. I can't tell if I just like it I just don't want to watch the reds outstanding, and I worry about thirty stare seventy I mean if you ve, seen our starting rotation this year, but they just decided throw the airway half of it davers in that and J D, the coma ere. I think
abandoned Tandy was replaced like a year and a half ago by somebody else. I think the real danger, but in ten days living in like a high on a basement, China get out of its advice there. His days, you never get me your team, sacks guess, was that fine baseball without fence yeah, but that is how I understand that. And you know it would probably more funding at the old classic. You know Salty Boston, Red Sox, fanned back, who could be there. Lustily Boeing Mammon and is having life and hating the team in the ownership and everything else and in the pandemic you ve missed out on me see. I can't even get like the best part of awful red Sox team right. I don't get no vance like when went out. Martine pressed the pretty get in his last start last week by I know his neck start he's gonna, give up by eleven Levin heads three eggs, hopefully because I know why you're good at the fill out the Yankees agenda cycle. It would be great. I haven't.
A basketball heavy agenda bubble, Bessemer ploughed into and be a guide to begin with, so I haven't really got into that. I mean I because I've the ringer numerous ringer personalities on twitter yourself and put it. I really can't avoid NBA basketball and in our just scrolling, through twitter egg. I get a sense of of what's going on in the subjects have been good right. The bucks, the bucks, are good this head, but it a guy. I know all that we should hear you for ever refer this out his hand. I regard the Lakers have been a little. This joint did ride like there are. The people are worried about the late here's the sun came out of nowhere. They like Goddamn ran in. I was early on the job market train. Having seen him play the insane sermon Hartford, he drank he's, led Memphis into the play and gave no rights out I've just yet. This is a growing ajar, thereby that's my ass might be a report
we have watched Bob's. Now we have Jacko, Jane Eyre play its head, but it a guy. A bubble happy anything there. Well, you know I grew up as a Hartford whaler fan and, of course the weather's left me some sort of a half ass your fanned by default s, really disgusting, well yeah about what's heartbreaking is of course than they were swept out of it by the hurricanes that used to be the Harvard whalers just a further. I love that was her full, but they bounce back and had they may be the initial draft lottery rigged for them to win the number one picks and now that that worked out well, that was good for the further me in terms of hockey. So you know how I didn't know if Batman tried to just slightly by everybody, because in the world is so this combined related if you're ever gonna just fix the lottery for somebody. This is the year when, well,
there's always whenever it's like when Ewing, the you know that you anything which really was rigged, do you know so that everybody thinks will he rigged it for the Rangers because they're a big market team, but I mean you know, I think if they were, rig it. Wouldn't they rather rigour for, like two may believe, Sir, the Canadians where the canadians- and I think they were maybe in it too. I don't even know what may we re of her Toronto has been perpetually awful and Toronto is like the capital of hockey, so you think they would rig it for them, but there again, I was away, but I saw the thing afterwards and the commissioner are even if it was the commission, whoever it was the pulled out the ping pong balls. He the number one, any drops it in their local. That's because it was waited in efforts to put the old led pellets in the pig piebald, so they didn't pop out on the end, our so the angler writers have no one pig, but do you think he would be more confident now that Rob Manfred has replaced him as the worst commissioner and sports. You ain't that right, tat no would be surging confidence. Is the figure is openly rig? It nobody's gonna say
eggs. Have all the ball say, Rangers Ottoman dinner we desire the cardinals they miss like where two weeks, how is looking at that's it? I was looking at the standing in my great now, the Yankees or twelve and six. I looked at it in the cardinals or two and three play five games and the Yankees have played a t, rare Arab and a guy, Apparently, one of their Anna was co, coach or or clubhouse guy. Somebody tested positive again today and you have to have you negative tests and rode back to back days of negative tests to keep them to be able to be to ply their felt by the whites access. He can't, has listened a radio on the way home and they said, though the plan was that the they could have rental cars and drive individually from Saint Louis to Chicago. It is not like what ten hours now from Saint Louis, the Chicago not as is not that far
now now now am I raised. It is a good Cross Illinois. Now, I'm an amateur saves like an hour to have two hours ago, acceptably Google, that but now. I am so yeah, but then they set this guy tested positive. So now they beyond hold so they're, like apparently the clause if they could play at least forty nine games are some day would be respectable, but that means they have to be others only so many days left until the end of the season and they'd have to play some ridiculous number of double amount of double hunters and that there was no more like rain, or any other cancellations for any reason so far, hours in thirty minutes, Saint Louis to Chicago for really what about whereby, rather were right in the middle of argument. Surprise Are you going? I was in a black today and they were talking about the cardinals in there. Well, you know I'll just have to try to catch up with double headers. Instead for my work near Guph,
why sure they gonna play games and a week they can't you catch up. It's a six week season. They dismissed two weeks somebody else like a mad dog, I wasn't Amanda Chris Medical Research. And he's like, while you pretty soon they might have to get out, can't cancel the cardinal season a couple. How do you? How is the World Series winter when there's like? Only like twenty nine of the thirty teams were able to be participate, did not leave you now alike, as already screwing has its sixty games, and now we're gonna cut that down, and now just get to eliminate teams that have sickness- I I don't know what's inside adamite. Wait till you win the world series driving. You you've completely talk yourself into this being about. Is it there's no question by the hand out by the teacher, absolutely requested salute absolutely when many them only one team showed a video, but the cardinals as it also stay here.
Limping toward the man to celebrate Sears advise tears in his eyes. Absolutely were cast yeah. It's it's chattin rota get peace this week for the best. The grove about it. It's a it's a really weird time for baseball. Where you start to wonder, is it? Is this actually going to come back in the same form when all the sports like when things are normal again at some point is there's like irrevocable damaged out with baseball. In some ways, because it was already heading that way, with some varieties of danger, science, and now like our right now. What does this mean that they just have this fraud of the season, especially if I cocky in basketball and football figure out some semblance of what seems to be a normal season? You know it's gonna come down to if they have a good posts season. If there's compelling play off series, I read the other day that now they may put together some half assed plan to have
the play off teams in a bubble, so they would go to the location and that would make sure, like nobody gets sick, presumably home lay during the post season. So if they have a competent posts season and people are anew at like there's some seven game series or in comebacks or drama you now. It still baseball, I think, that's gonna win people back Well, let us talk about with talk about our favorite two thousand twenty days, passer by who is here to day battling the Mendoza line? Yes to spend we're fine they. Nonetheless, I've enjoyed all that I've enjoyed are the excuses. I've enjoyed the better man than are the social media places and edges. Really great and I guess I've been tested. I can't say it turned out any better begin. However, back during the home run raise back in the late nineteenth and before the Maguire
Such a thing took off. There was another guy that was the club has leader for a long time was kangaroo. If he chewed near Hindu ease to joke about it is Peter. Men's rota colonies like the first thing I do when I get up the morning as I look at the box, scored see. If what Griffin did you know and you re ass, they The first thing I doing up the morning as I take a piss, if, though, is stuck with me about that, but I think I think I did meet to specially as I get older, but put I excitedly will look at my phone and see what the asters date and went out to a dead end up so happy. When I see the over five are the over four is currently hitting one. Eighty seven they had to sit down. Big he's been so her renders he got picked off first yeah, three, he made three airs and knitting. I mean you guys just incomplete basket case and it's so fantastic and as without fans, their booing him he's a basket case. Yeah, it's
All the asterisk sooner got her. It's just seems like the karma is gonna, be hitting them across the shops for a while, so that'll be fun although I hope they as these can be in a play. Our fear is that we can vote against them in Well, I don't know what I would rather have them lose in the playoffs for them not make the playoffs. I just want them to be abject failures, as they have been so far, so I am loving their performance. This far, it's fantastic. Where are they now looking up where they are, and I think I read one last night, but I think I think I read that if the play of started yesterday, they were on the outside looking in, the even when this new ten right bright card. That kind of thing is so weird Chicago winning their innovation, twelve in three and then say- Louis's second place at two and three right there, in that sense it out his joy them at eight and ten. I don't even know how to come up with the standards for that
big big, big political news this week and decide how the cobbler Harris being named the BP Joanne Joe Biden in camera, I'm sure you are reading all the staff in this thing, what were jumped at you with the reactions? Well, what jumped out it made the reactions, and what I am amazed by is is the juggernaut. That is the true campaigns response to try to run back basically, birth resume than he did against Obama, alleging, because why know what they're alleging image she was born in Oakland, California. I guess the fact that her parents maybe we're immigrants, but she was born in this country and, as far as I know, her parents were citizens is completely. A non issue and that's what they ve chosen to like raise with her apparently right before we did this podcast, he had some press conference, repressive inability of his eye I understand she's not eligible, but I don't know about that. In a classic
as some people are saying or questions are being asked generically so hag. You know that you could you know she. I can understand why the credit bases excited about her. She, she tickles all the right buttons for the democratic base in terms of veto, hurt just her like her policies. Everything we support everything she is like. It is the modern Democratic Party base, but as a nominally effective campaign. The Trump campaign should challenge her on the issues are bitter experience or her. In a previous thing, she said about Joe Biden during the course of the primary and the fact that they come day one basically in and have some bullshit thing about, like her citizenship, late like if I was a kid: supporter Arena Trump Donor, I'd be like who the fuck idiots that are run. Things like this is the worst possible fucking reaction you can have it plays into every fuckin stereotype, about racism with Trump, and maybe this to her temper reason because he's a fucking learning
conspiracy Munger, and this is what he lives for right. I would even say the stereotype. Maybe it's just the type. It is just a type right, so it like in terms of my ray. You know the reaction to it, of course, that you know the media is absolutely head over heels in love with her and gleeful, because you know that Their natural inclination is decide with with the Democrats and she's perfect Democrat in a poor, Joe Biden is gonna, be completely overshadowed by her, because you know he's not just yesterday's news. He's he's last week's last year's whose does he's been around forever and she's and more new face on this national seen, certainly and end. Is it a cogent up much again, it all. She she's gonna, be like the simplicity, is gonna, be the superstar of the race, really forbid, F poor Joe
Finally, we are to get get in the get get them to get in the White House and it also visited these is gonna sit there while she's bake, making policy and really the face administration. I think. It almost feel second forbore like when the chief sat outsmart than they dragged him a homes they Numa homes is gonna, be the guy, but they still had to obtain that you're out Smith was like they're starting quarterback, see it does at that, failed to it. Where he's kind of holding the sea or how many years are now could be done. My ass, he might say in June. Two thousand. So do I lay hey that get about right over. There was a twitter. There was a twitter thing. I saw a couple different places, I think, but will people made the same job, but it basically was like you know, a fake news, thing. It had said: cobbler hair is already vetting vice presidential candidates and it's funny because,
like those things that are funny it as a ring of plausibility to because in our heads I mean certainly of Biden, wins the likelihood of him running again in twenty twenty four, I would say is did not right. My car thinks it's one term yeah and I mean you're never gonna come out in it and say: look I'm not running again, I'm in these sort of between the lines sort of intimated that, but you never want to come out and say that, because you go and is a lame duck it totally rolled by Congress. They have at least have the possibility of running again, but The reality is you know, he's seventy seven years old and he's not getting any younger he's he's not going to run for reelection is eighty one and he figures is picking up the man's all to take trump out of office and and after that, once you get Saint in trumps. You know he turns it over to accommodate the net and the next generation, so she will effectively run the show. I thank and an end now you think like there was. Some stories were hee hee, you know, he's one to be president since by nineteen. Seventy two and he didn't want a vice president- that
in over shadow him, so he there's some talk about. You know. There's some of these Congress people that He didn't have a national our reputation and thought that he in a wooden, shine him and that's why I didn't want to go with Kamel out by going with her. He was just like man, whatever I guess, or they told him answer to pick. That's what it added jealousy weight. Was there lady who kept insulting either in the debates and verified she believed by accusers. Exactly the same was at the same time yeah I'm with you it out. I thought she was the right back. Oh yeah, but I thought for sure the first forty eight hours after the the Trump side would just be bringing up those two things right, all the stuff she did the and then the fact that she, the stuff she said about his accusers, now
she believed them it would you see my you just grab onto that for a week goes like this is great. This landed at our laps, let's try to create a divide, and instead rate, but with the birthplace of back with it, which is what the horse shit the minutes, esteeming while of worship and like yeah have your accompanied campaign? It's exactly would do is try to divide, put a divide between those two and make them answer some uncomfortable questions like. Why did you intimate that he was a racist and supported bus in own that than the intimate you said he I voted for bussing it in the seventies and segregation and hung around with all these segregation is in the Senate and sung their praises and now, like we're, just gonna, forget about that in his ear like there. Where do I join, you know, like those are fair questions to ask course. The media is not, can ask him because their taken by one radiant smile. She has not was on the front page that your times but you know. Somebody would ask those questions or further questions would be raised by a company campaign to at least may be put their feet to the fire, but you know you have neither the before.
In chief and he loves conspiracy, things in an horseshit but he's gonna. U know delve into its roots, ridiculous. Do you think It is crazy here now that he was three years and our or do you think he was this crazy? Threerd, Can we just had and fully grasped it? Well, I mean you know he's crazy for about what I think he's always been crazy, but he certainly been pretty outright crazy for like the last ten years when he started with the Obama, birth or stuff and really got into all the conspiracy things and and you know really, if you, if you look like a huge there's, no disputing that he's different now than if you watch tapes of him being interviewed when he flirted with a presidential run in two thousand in the reform party. Rang relate like one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. If you see interviews with him like on the today, show he's at least comes across as semi lucid, then, and now he's just completely unhinged intend, I doubt I don't know if he's just become a caricature or he's gotten
older or because of the attacks against him her whenever that he's really leg just losing it, but I think he, you know he comes across his crew. Dear now, you would mean the hot. The goal was, you know the mainstream of the republic party the establishment such as it is. They were like well once he becomes president. He gets the nomination, he can sort of come into our clutches and we will mould him into like a president material and the weight of the office will come catch up to him and he will feel the majesty of enact presidential and then like it, just Scarborough, did it entered in here just fight, No Biggie has become anywhere near presidential and now he's out. Did this morning he had some tweet, a pal hake it Joe Scarborough ratings in his did see wife, and it's like just what. What adult like this says, things like that in our leg publicly you now you might people always talk shit, I'm sure about like couples. Their friends with their neighbours are their caddy about things, but like you're, the fuckin present, I stayed sector
call woman did see why, for whenever remains just it's just unbecoming at the end of the day, it is just it's embarrassing for the country, just like you now is just a so childish. It's like a child is running. The show is frightening. It seems like we fit this new stage of politics where whoever supporting trap is that it? they support trump. They just hate the other side. So my surrounding care about and then decide that sounded Democrats, either even care whose ran I ages hate trunks. How much you want him out and you know know what it was like in that in the eighteen. Fifty is naked sixties. That name two halves of the country turn at each other to the point that they started fighting for five six years, but can't imagine that there is like a or hate, and there is right now between those two sides that there is real
shut down its really scary, if in vain tat well in our like, like most things, can be most things that can be blamed on the internet. I think because before like you know, if you were a cook or whatever there was some cook, you know like the judge, there was a thing in the fifties in the sixties, John Burg, society yeah or of a very the Anti Communist organization when people in there was a move to put fluoride into the water things like that they would claim it was a communist plot and that they started to sort of infiltrate them Mainstream conservative movement and Weymouth Buckley Junior was sort of the head of that. He did a famous thing to get rid of like the crux of the John Bert society, unlike denounced them in and in a dinner various elements like that sort of keep it above board now with the internet and like cookery. Like this, you know. Q and non thing and everything which trumps yard apples with puts his foot in its much more prevalent
Internet, and so you develop this hate and it's like every like missed you from one side is been amplified and then oh, it's like a very country is at stake. The fate of the country depends on Donald Trump, You know or or depends on Joe Biden like it used to be that elections yeah you, you had your views in your principles. You want your side to win, but it wasn't like life or death for the country. If the other side get said now, I notice from the Red a conspiracy boy, which is the only report I gotta, be as I do that the anti challenge for its impact, but I don't do that. Epstein thing has said that conspiracy board into just a complete daisy like Maxwell. There's rumours that she made a better moderator on one of the Red aboard cause that this person who did a whole bunch impose the sudden stopped. Stop posting when she got arrested and but there's a toy, cabal pedophiles people,
positions in daylight, I believe that sad, I don't even know if it's it's by the way, who knows like every fucking, Epstein airline that you could believe. You could tell me anything at this point. I can't believe it your truck go and like, but I work, Wizard Maxwell will every. I wish your will damage the waves westerwelle, like five pounds away with sugar. While she was the man for a serious Finally, I ve heard of what's going on. I know you were sugar is I think he is such an immediate and his dislike. You know she used to go to MAR a Lago or whatever, and so he was like. Oh, it's my old friend from MAR a Lago. I wish you well. I really do like she's in jail for being an alleged pedophile. You moron, you know Well, she heard the hiding place and pedophilia right inflation is everything we arranged her yet do allegedly alleging, allegedly, as he would want
soon by the late Maxwell at my rabid somebody's got it. I ever feel like she's gonna, an accelerator jail cell in the next six weeks, even at a late hour. She just took her life when carrying out the this week, actually that their jail just took her off suicide. Why like a good there. We go had scattered, yet it could do enough that too, so the royal families assassins are like. Ok, boys gets up alleged. The real family, the text that is the to the two you watch yourself like Tunisia, guy tell you in here we change the schedule. You guys are actually really are in. Nobody told us and then answered in three hours later, right I mean you, know anybody. You don't have to be an insane person with to look at the Epstein thing and say like this guy,
not with everybody who was anybody and added did all kinds of shady shit he gets arrested. He tries to commit suicide allegedly and then a couple days later, they take em off suicidal everybody and then he dies and then every pendant mysteriously, the video for that night just happens to have better that we raise got nobody ass? God knows that no side of it I mean come on. Each of you mean come on another big conspiracy believer, but you have to be a lunatic to say something thinking that you now. I love that Kay said he commit suicide rates. I do understand Jeffrey, let a very lavish life and You know he's in jail and ate the condition sieges couldn't take it as I gotta keep transcript Rome. As you know, I I I I do love all the conspiracy start, but I dont actually believe in a lot of conspiracies that everyone is never sat right with me that the existing
to protect the ball and then when it happened, I was like you know everything they have seen. Thing is conspiracies for people that don't believe in conspiracies. Like that's like salad. Look. If you took a pole on that, I guarantee its over seventy five percent, that don't believe he commenced. Besides, I guarantee it, what do you think they can spare see that there is so much more bad stuff coming out that the government decided to start linking you first after people are covered up, the cudgels for people at the sack had been talking about the best I mean they dropped, these you of abortion there is. I guess you have those exist. We ve been travellers for, while here a couple of examples in Spain such a crazy, people are like I call you are foes. The gains made a man is a college. In like dollar, ninety one. If that report came out of the way it's always talked about for like three weeks, if you like the thing about the you have a thing like, if
that is true that there are machines, spacecraft, some devices which are not of earthly origin. It changes the entire history of human civilization. That's how bigger I think is that just like our boy like that's, the asked shows, were cheating a baseball again changes human civilization. The entire history of the planet is different. A topic that we may be a danger here. I didn't do where were they rather fucking aliens are correct data? Ninety alien movies people have made baby. One of them is actually gonna happen. Us, maybe that's the theory of why the government Where did allegedly wish were using a lot of allegedly why government allegedly covered this up for so many years is because the other governments, the world did not want to admit that there was something that they couldn't do anything about her hate. So they're like there's these things
have a much higher based technology that, as they are weapons of war, machines are worthless against them. And like a good luck, everybody like they're just be mass anarchy in the streets, so maybe that's why we're headed. Maybe I just want to get a Basque about champion. First beckoned, maybe happened, Mr Weber. I dont replicate. What can we say that until we find out? Who is the title? I mean you know we got baseball, potentially some some form of football. Coming back. You got basketball unhappy championships get the masters in November. Maybe the aliens can hold off until January. Get be nice. Maybe after Christmas start the new year for fish get us the twenty one, this election will be happening for seven months because you're no joy to screw up all the mail and boats in that that will be a whole saga, always it'll, be like reserves and multiplied by a million I mean another there's some theory where, where Trump
not really want to win. Where he's a hike. This president thing is hard like this pandemic, with its heart like a, he doesn't want to hear anymore you now he stuck in Washington, HEAT he's in early, be it Marilla go all the time. He can't play off every day. And he's always under the shadow and he's always gotta like answer questions and aim, hates it what he really wants. It is to lose, but then have like a stab in the back theory yeah. We can go start like his tv network, arrival, Fox NEWS or away and Anna whenever his thing is a head start, the Trump lose network and like just sit there and pontificate and say how it was stolen from him, and it was illegal and slow Joe and sleepy Joe. They stole. And you know kamel- is not a citizen and he can just have a tv channel dedicated to him and his thoughts such as they are, and that would be the perfect timing for him. It gets him out from under the hunter being the president and it gives him some
a bitch about for the rest of his life, so you re a rare package, for I am sure we could be he's a big sports guy may need a low sports. It's always all sports at times we opted for ancestor. They're right into that in France, as they do in his NFL taxes, judgest insults the different players it's happened. A Buffalo bill, Josh, good guy, Good America guy. Stand, are at the love. This cadre absolutely get they're gonna that's a winner for her well, right now it is basically mid August. The soviet stem October mean were less than three months. A waiter It just feels so off because we have an had we haven't had like it will not happen a campaign cycle record,
run bases were met debate, yet nothing, no trump can have his round he's in. There is not really like traditional conventions, because even even trump, like you know, passed on having opened and republican conventions, so they're both both gonna, be like virtual, that's gonna, be a weird thing is usually that's like her in a week long tv event leading up to the presidential and vice presidential nominees. And now it's going to be awkward like zoom things in our orbs because even considered, absolutely how they're gonna do it they're gonna debate, but they're not going to be in the same room talking about the conventions, not another debates will be in the same room ok, get what don't, though, both get tested. They're, both dinner daughter out at some stage together, whatever yeah and now, my god and pensive cobbler. Well, I think that the vice presidential one is in Utah and going to be, I guess like two or three presidential debates yeah. So it's now they're going to have those in person so we'll have that spectacle, but since spectacle it will be.
Passing com lab caramelize like a minor seven hundred favoured and that warehouse well, she's gonna be working and let us be, it might actually be like arms are. We could be just ten rounds and just like people wondering when it's gonna get stopped, throw it's all right. I enshrined by. I worry, bite in the bag and trap. Well, here s the thing all these trump people keep saying like well Biden doesn't want to debate and from seeing the eaten for breakfast I mean Trump, is not a mensa candidate to the all time, great wits and thinkers of all time. You know so like yeah, okay, Trump's going to say something to it, likes to know snotty to him and call him and name and Joe's going to look confused But you know, I'm not sure. That's gonna be like this slammed dont like what you know in Trump. Does this, like Joe, should take the same test? I took of view no woman plant animal. Movie camera, whatever you know like the dimension test, like Trump, is no great Einstein
there you know, he's gonna run rings around Biden they. Now it's it's nuts man, I just love Jarvis judges thesis seven three days and hours will have, the thing all Joe has to be really is not trump. You know and like the prop the problem that the Trump campaign has is four years ago, Hillary Clinton was and is very unpopular figure. Now you could you could debate why that is, but she is she's been in the landscape since one thousand nine hundred and ninety one ish, she's. A very polarizing figure was put it that way. So there was a certain number of allegedly now to lessen the hidden agenda that one's what's good for a certain number of people hot held their nose and voted for Trump, because he wasn't her yet abiden abiden might not know a day the week it is, but people are given. Even I think, hard core republicans dont think that Joe is like.
The Anti Christ. In our way these I had, I asked affable like I was with him one time that not with him, but I I I was it is. I wish first of all in Connecticut with my wife and Joe Liebermann was running for re election and he came Shake hands and Joe Biden was there and he was like a classic politician in the widest teeth of anybody ever seen in my life. I think he used about five Chris waste trips that morning. Unease- Glad hander and like an old time Paul you that you're, like its Joe Biden, like you, don't feel threatened by him in any way shape or form is not as polarizing. So it was easy for trouble to be Trump and then like we have. It is either mayor her and people are like. Well, I guess he's I will give it a shot with a business man, but with with Joe they can't really demonize him. You know like look at me, I'm kind of Joe, like you, you know, he's my uncle Jack and I'm not going to vote for him or or trump either way cuz. They know, I'm not a, I don't support Biden's policies, but so their goal is to make biting the people around bite and scary. That
No joke does know where he is, and they're gonna really run things in their like anti far when so so just doesn't seem to be selling because trumpet is so horrible. The most people they're, just not they're gonna, go for Joe, I think by and large. Yet, I make it seem like Joe staff as like this day. The that Movie Dave he's gotTa Gable Franklin jealous people, people, we don't know making all the agendas and stuff like that, like the ghost of Karl Marx, is running the show whenever so. But I don't know that it's gonna work and even if even if Joe comes out and false, down. You know. I don't know that it's really going to make a huge difference in the debates it. I don't know if they're going to because everybody's views that you say we're so polarized so locked into their thing. I'm not sure what Joe could say really that would like really make an blow up in the debate. Amidst the simpler times in the nineties
We can argue about politics for twenty minutes and you get mad and then we'll just have a beer move onto something. Ass guide is now people fight to the death again exactly exactly and- and I have like in. I have no faith in me because my team, I went out completely off the rails, and like it's just it sounds like a whalers. All over again is a professor. Today they are allowed to give their gauge that's right. They did. They get taken raids, get it allows you they get blood by her blood over by hurricane. Do exactly jack gambling great to see I'm guiding power back. Finally, I think you need to whose roof a couple days there will check them You got police I'd thanks to use by defied thanks to Roger Bell, thanks to Jacko. Thanks to simply say, four member: they have everything in its protect your home, with none of the drawbacks of traditional obscurity, set it up
your self and entered our no technician required. No contract, no pushes sales guys know, intervenes no fine print of its darts at fifteen hours a month, and if you had to submit that cop such bs, yet a free hd can once again that is simply safe. It to us simply safe, that come slash, p s. If you miss me over the weekend to new rewards, animals would put up last make into bad boys, and I'm back on setting Priscilla very excited, tat, medicine and they plant picture joy that we can see that one way.
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