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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the best NBA player matchups in the playoffs so far, the Thunder’s loss to the Trailblazers, Russell Westbrook's impact on Oklahoma City, 76ers-Nets, changing up the postgame locker room press model, round two playoff hopes, and more (4:15). Then Bill and Ryen answer some mailbag questions about Tiger Woods, NBA conspiracies among others (1:32:32), followed by Gym Corner (1:42:15) and a [SPOILERS] 'Game of Thrones' recap of season 8, episode 2 (1:50:24).

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thou the world's greatest website. The world's greatest Pakistan work. You can, you do throw ran Mozilla the backup, Kubi series getting. It from that other than one of my best friends, the Bishop amateurs. Back late eighties lunch, nothing more than the cuban deep dives and he and he tried to order a hundred episodes of the series. I was like you, don't you don't work here, Bush you can't but I really love you shoot is no. There was really no yet as well as he wants to run a courier beside that we get a hunt down rockery. I think we can do that. I think he wants KEN Burns to take this thing over the EMA hate you may want to hurt you out also in words, and I want to say I want to say a word season, but no name will be barriers it out and if you love Game, a threat As always, we did the after the throne shall read after Gamma Thrones ended with Mallory and Jason that was on twitter. You can go out to replace,
Now, at ringer or hashtag talk the thrones, listen a benchmark. It's gone up overnight, Wednesday night. So when you wake up Thursday morning, it will be there waiting for you. Hundreds of thousands of people listen to last week's. Where did talk about reselling? I we we we put at the tail end. We do the game. Thrones recap fur. People who I have the highest came a throne. I q yeah we're perfect. Then I just gotta game, a throne just. It is dangerous to show you what your surfer people really like that so you're doing again controversial. I've said this week we have a lot of thoughts. I weren't basque. By the coming up. I think my dad called it thrown games Does the throng areas you and build the throne game thing threatened game death. Its head sounds like something that would say: I'm I dont have the core perfectly, but I'm not far off tat would be a great title, four Showtime, if they just like
the drama, got thrown game. Just how can I use every vote as you like? What's wrong, I mean look at what would you were so the dragon Cross over, like you haven't during the Red Sox game, unnecessary, just a dragon fly around right field and you go and he gave come on throw divergence in it, not enough Dragon Susan. I think it's a bunch Like Spain, see listers yeah ban as a ban as the head of it. He was great and dirty job. Yes, basketball come up. First, our friends, Madam president, I ran associates always Sunday rights the world over many tradition. For us air, rack observer, we feeder, we watch Basque.
Watch game thrones we actually planned the show. No, no real, we China, There is still a lot of save for the pod. We do a lot of that latter that we have allowed to sit on your kid. Yea put some hoops. Jumper looks great, fashion is. It really is, and I like the high really is of little tatum- ask release yeah. I was feeling today, I am taking up after this. I, yes, our big agenda. First, while research, The mailbag question from ran in Seattle who email this after game three? Is it fair to come? Dame verse, Russ, the best pound for pound and most entertaining rather in the NBA read out. We just watched game for other, ok see Portland They see talked an incredible amount of shit. During an right after that game, three, where, when they pulled it to one another, There is some real manhood stuff go, and I beg you, felt like they fell. They could intimidated and break. The
lasers the more agora they acted and backfire on them in game for the blazers, completely annihilated them and there's a lad to discuss what subject in their jobs. First of all, Dame verses residues issue favour one or gave another. Every eye was really think about this sent me the no hours at a time- and I didn't want to get too caught up in a moment and think is the only thing we have some. I started thinking back. And there was fine when everyone hated the clippers- Everybody- Haiti, Chris Paul- Everybody- felt the clippers worthy hate, most hated team of light or if I was Blake Verses, thy nine limbering gas date hated them Portland hated those guys suspicion, everybody. There was any good in the west, aiming you tired and forbid. So then I started trying to think like What kind of real rivalries do we have and the only one that I could really think of his Westbrook Durrant, because there's so much that goes into that, but then that just including westward again, whose just was we know, he's a visa
can we go on attitudes while now and that their never going to me in a pair of scissors. Again, it looks like not after what we saw tonight so which which will be put Two of this whole discussion by Jove, especially if the rank goes to the east after the seas, and then they would only mean the files and I think, unless Westboro pushes for traders, something he's not make the violence with this OKC Yeah? Doesn't it doesn't feel so yet Dame verses rest? I think this was all school for me for a ladder reasons, because the when you talk about what makes a man football rivalry. First like fundamental, it's got to be. Each guy is pissed off that other people think the other person's better than him. So it starts there. Like you have a lot of me. You don't talk about love, you have a lot of media robberies and it's all from the fundamental I'm better than that person. Fuck that how dare you I'm making this up?
I figured out if you search that you're gonna get absolutely whose you start list of people by then I do like, I think it starts there, were both Keyser leg. How dare you really you think that, as better than me like a guarantee the envy period, seventeen pissed off, I don't know I've been pissed about this. This is a new like everything. You're saying is totally right, but little. It has always done this kind of like our here, we're doing this again because he thinks he's the best and all these I think, therefore, that under appreciate I ain't nobody arm in Portland. Nobody realises how good I am the fans due to Wednesday damn never gets mention. I mean he's been here by the end of this. By the end of this award season, however, first two seconds and a third for the last four I b c is appreciated hears it just you got staff. You had the Westbrook triple double thing, which I think is worn off here, harden who was really a too, but you can't say, is not appoint guard now, because the whole thing runs through him.
So you're behind to incredible players, but no one has ever said any other name as the first name on the second team, all NBA that I've heard from and I picked both love for secondary. Westbrook and learn and lowered, which I think, I'm not sure why, both gonna make it. I think very well. But I am going to do this. I remember seeing this with them, like John Wall would have games in in as much as a region. While now he had a season a couple seasons ago- was really get out a seventeen year old gray and you can say, like What is he and then he's? He had the same thing like one of your naming. All these points are none of these guys, ever gonna go man, curries, ridiculous and hardened say here, that I am not as good as Gary, but they are then I was going to go on probably five or six defending that a month. He just not going to do.
That so well used to do this thing, based on exactly what you're saying like dames go, and he thinks he's better than me. People think he's better than me and Westbrook cyclist. Little dude thinks he can do. What I can do, and people like are you kidding me in a great deal, has far more of a chip on his shoulder to more people of approval Westbrook. But I remember certain games when war would have Curie and he realized off. I want a murder that sky, red and white funny I think Westbrook, has a bigger chip causal link. Important one, the first two games. If you try right now, because you just need a rough there's, no way Westbrook has been behind lingered in the national landscape, hours, but I think last couple years as it was purchased travels with a chip mother, it's quiet about the West Brics constantly looking for things to get pissed off about which is the third part of their salary and talk about him. The media, but I think after those first two games my god, damn lily. Third wow, I forgot how great was, I think he sees all that stuff and I think he was like really.
Says amateur physically overpower the sky. They, I have thirty pounds item, I'm two inches tower any. Stop me in game theory is really soon, because it was a very agro old school performance by Westbrook. Where you watch it. Oh yeah you, you are actually pretty physically imposing and then lowered was able to fight back and they went at it and got really really nasty game for was not as nasty I thought Westbrook had one strange again, do everything considering that there the series is now over, I think so. What are we was Westbrook now in his last sounding play games because you put out the stat yelling for foreign fourteen in his last eighteen. So if you start three up three one gets going state from that moment on his eyes. Fourteen of his last eighteen, more importantly, there Can we get out around one for the third straight year? He's thirty? They have no way to make this team better.
Then I'll be honest, like I think they are more talent in Portland like the biggest risk Portland is outweighed them, is cause. Dame lowered has been really great and I think he's just a better leader and I think, he's more reliable and I think he's more consistent, I think, is a better way than westward when you watch these games. You start to finish the way we do in you know you can see these different things were lowered had that insane third quarter and game three than you still lose the added he hadn't here, bucket until about a minute ago, in the first half right and when in Vienna, but that he was still over twenty re yeah, he had the biggest modular install anti the game he shut up right. He ended up seven. Nineteen, forty eight from free and also at twenty four points, become a twenty seven. This is a really good amino game by the way. But when you looked at this new go k, o k C swept and regular season, they just lost nourish the keener thing, even those who keep good game one. You knew at times in a show itself to be a big problem and even with Paul Georgia's shoulder thing. Let me
was not debilitating. We ve seen stretches from him in the series real, like okay. This looks right and this is what amount my ever reseller corners d You don't seem that injured to me corner. I love you. I love you. I think we ve done this thing now we're every star and even some of the secondary stars in his leg whenever they have bad play games you know is actually he knows her or he's tired, like all we do talk about rest. Guys have never been more well rested. We ve never had more time between gave whenever they re better technology or corporate board. Are eating expertise. It or not. You kid, be like Mr Turner shots tell your man. Tired everyone males at last month of his regular she's, got tired in their fine first class in there rub dagger and Jean three more for throwing three games that are less for weeks, coma, exhausted. I think the westward thing is a really, and I tried to repeat myself as I feel it.
Same stuff over, but how many more years of evidence do we need to see that his approach in this whole thing? If I were Presti, I wouldn't make it known, but I would kick the tire cuz I think you'd get a dollar on a dollar for West now tat is I love this. What what's what it? What's the point? What's the point of bringing everybody back and having Westbrook breathe, beetling raw ringleader, I understand what what means to thunder fans I've been over this. I know that he's the guy that you lost to envy peas and this Mvp p took your money and wanted to stay home. I mean took your money in a bad way like he decided to stay. He's a! U you wrap him. You defend him and guess what you're gonna lose in the first round again tune fear your team, you lost a one rookie score last year and as much as I can respect his passion, Oklahoma City is held hostage by Westbrook in a way that I haven't seen since Iverson was, with the six years and
only real, that's a good analogy. The only real differences that Westbrook has far more maturity and work ethic about him. But it's almost the same thing from a basketball sense. Is that whatever it is that he is this great talent, this this son, that the world the ok see orbit. Surround your held hostage by it, and I don't see anything. That's gonna change, you're, just a es brocade her, I'm not I'm not badges of imitating. Your twitter feed, I know, what's gonna happen if I were to, but I mean honestly, the thunder fan should be the ones that realised this. The most was so obvious: Agri, you, and I am allowed issues Westbrook as a Basque. What alas, admiring like his talent and how you is right, but if there's one game three theirs play versions of Westbrook in a playoff series, and we saw two of them in game three and game for game. Three is the I'm feeling it tonight. I am one physical specimens, we ve ever had the league and I'm gonna dominate this game
a new know that Westbrook pretty early, you can see it side is what we saw in the today in this Portland game. He didn't have it and we were. We reckon it out. I wish we had cameras at my living room it I would write about it. It was a great show was agreement, a great shobo, but we notice It was about eleven minutes. What we lack is is intentionally deferring because you look trap is fine. Turn eighteen and you- and you asked me how many shots do you think he'll take the rest of this game and I was like I actually don't think he's going to shoot that much. I think, he's Bout Dat where anything more shots game is basically like. I don't wanna go six four thirty in this game. I'm guessing but which is passing pass impasse inferring higher possessions. Where are you would if that Dennis Surer was the best guy in the team he's in the corner, and it was weird took as it wasn't just a look. We get every possession there's different things, do not try to like point out stuff to make a point, but there be times where the ball handler on the strong side would get caught.
Westbrook was even coming to wasn't hiding he s was a move and I think the difference between an inquiry and lowered and curry hurry can disappear, but I think when the bacon is being being made on they on the grill, which tag you're down to one, you can't go back to Portland down three one, I yet by two games in Portland that our do or die Basically, all those guys would have been like I'm not going down like this or for growing down. They does we're going out with me the foot, the third version Westbrook, is when he says that an just add a control like he was not Utah Game six last year and that the forty shots. We're going down a flames, I'm doing everything he can never find that balance of. Oh shit, these next ten minutes thirty and decide the series I'm gonna do this. I dont know if he can figure it out
the fly and we ve seen it out three straight rats: two thousand teen aid. They had an unfair to him. The camera behind that autumn last year, against outta. Women's issues there was a serious issue that more talent, the poor them, what's, Skew decision Portland had a kind of figure out there big norm rotation here, forgetting my hands. Aren't you do you have any arose, the Zat Collins thing. This is why they, David, so bad before his draft, and you know they're just a little minutes in there and you don't really know what it means. You'll go on the rest of the way, but even down oh two, I follow Casey were go home and am I cannot add there can be that much of the gap between these two teams, like they'll, probably play harder, though probably up here. I shoot me, though, probably even this thing up to two, but I still feel the same way as I feel about about Westbrook Coz its eye. What else am I supposed to wait on and in the problem, for it? Is that that's just the way coming out of high school, the data you see allay. What is this guy's? You really a point, our all the stuff like you're asking, so
he it's almost like you're asking your really creative friend and uneven time, like second, like really special creative that sees the world. The different way, maybe normal and a cocktail party. You don't even we'll think about this. I voted Paul George for first team idea and I think fit them. They pay. Westbrook was the envy peed two years ago, just from there from a star power standpoint, those two verse siege aim a calm and dame lowered they salmon advantage. Then he got on the rest of the way. Coaches, even Roper's, pretty even So it's if you're, basically talking about a two v, two v, two and whoever's two guys play better. That's not going to win George! Whatever is wrong with him. He doesn't look the same. They did the first fifty games, or maybe this is just who is in the playoffs
that was my game. One thing as I go, maybe householder look he's clearly heard enough that this is a maintenance thing, but Maybe I don't want. I guess I don't I don't really know. I think I've already set everything. I say I don't, but I look at this in the long term. If you're ok see Woody do now, because, you're gonna lose for the third straight first round and now you have to have the best twelve to fourteen guys in the league. They make a ton of money yet got Adams twenty million, plus you Schroeder five fifteen, sixty million plus you grant for eight years now, really, it ah said, go back to your Westboro point. I don't think there's a chance in Hell. They trade him, but that's private Bela check betrayed him. Bout check right now be like what can I get for Westboro? Here's what I would do, a good trade into the Lakers fur lawns own, an Kyle Coups Mun Hancock have space done. Let's start calling now the brain Westbrook good, let's go, I think you would get.
The full price forum, where every other star in this league that is traded, you're, always trading limited discount you're, always losing that trade. The team, it's getting rid of are these perceived. I dont any idle price. I disagree. I think it's you're. Talkin two hundred billion dollars for the next four years or something or a hundred million dollars, support that for a guy who's gets his knees, scope every October? He always has some weird knee procedure is take lad. Hence it is played a really fiscal status basque. What he's been in the Lee longer than you realize is were easy, can be your twelve next year yeah, but it's like disgruntled I'm out of here. I'm only go into this play. Somalis, never think of anything. He'll want to stay there, but my question is: when we double check nobody Westbrook, I don't think anyone has one right now right, active in the NBA, for one thing was that no one has no trade now after no Westport is that of an ocean because they never trader Paul Georgia's. Yet here's, what I think we're here,
read a lot over the next week or so about. What's, ok, see gonna do what's what's their plan, all that stuff together gonna have to trade, is Adams? Who has been really really? Does pointing not only in this area but down the stretch to any you know This is a serious where he's by far the best big man in the series and his daughter, They have an impact on it. He makes a big price and that many who would be really viable to somebody ass. I think I don't know what kind of fiscal shape is end, but I think that's how they have to think is: like Adams is probably the fall guy commoner. This gives an accurate break up whisper, compile George, no, you wouldn't, because that was the whole pointed. You understand, you're right, I just a double check at another time and for the notary, Adam's big number- that's pretty much it it's like it, isn't it like two thousand two hundred and twenty three million, something like that
argue may be at a different team, are different style or in a change of scenery or somethin, the bigger firm, great chemistry guy, The items will be next year will be twenty five in tone: seven five! That's a catastrophe! Yeah I let them is not them out of the top. Fifty five trade by and the thing is in their anywhere. Have you a few like you just turned on Stephen Arabs. I've I've seen nothing from him this theirs. I think he's in a really bad spot, because its to come all the way up to try to deal with these guards. So that's ridiculous when I watch. They try to initiate some of this stuff? It gets it's crazy, how far out they'll extent because even atoms anymore, or maybe maybe just that type a centre. Once you get to the point I've seen you about these shooters. I think warfare becomes the victim.
The centre you need, unless you going Isabella can be they their plane fill in his ears. You need Stephen Arabs yeah right when he saw with Brooklyn lay a guy is basically just chaired Alan across your fingers with, indeed was out there. They they, finally to Future Dudley Item yet too great Kenny, accents credit, whereas com, great Hyrcania, that the ringer is when you get hired a great her. Will you media fritz the angle you busy just a source all time, looking at us great higher greatheart, nobody Nobody knows the feds benefit, carry actions it, but I think They eventually realize I, yet we should just go small. We can't stop and beat anyway. I couldn't believe it took him three and three games to start the bird that was weird there's the weary swell. I do not waste were getting back and he ever once said that further. Gotta, know it ok see, does an the legacy Westbrook where easily
One fine us, I dont think he makes another one unless something dramatic happens and I think he's gonna move into that like from a career retrospective. You know the way we look at certain guys. I did from George Curve in traffic as some other ones from like a Kevin Johnson. He's better than Kevin Johnson, I was sleep but like certain guy, so just kind of never had their moment on a big stage, and he never did two thousand and twelve was probably the closest two thousand and sixteen it could have happened. It's it's. Turning over a bit of a what, if career, which I think is gonna, be the legacy. This ok see team where you had into the decade there, the de facto no question number one choice for whose can be the team decade and then, when one finals game they have some bad luck mixed a catastrophic trade I was Villa goes close like that series in five lost Miami
as our games, or that it would have run out of five place yet, and there is little things we go back. I've watched it like a box not realising what to do defensively. The bad reduced, simple little things that younger, screw up direct I've found in game one game too, and they didn't call it, and I remember that in the baseline Cosette was right, whereas sitting clearly, I fell asleep. Oh, my gosh can be wrong. You mention the hardest thing it feels like if they had won in sixteen that I'm your worst case scenario veering ok, see fan is Houston, wins a title a James Hard and, on top of your third straight first ran exit and Don T, a roster that you can't do anything with, and then, if I'm Presty who is really well respected and for the most part, I think, has is at least a b plus the in treads the worst thing he dead. But furthermore, part has been really get drafted, really good and has was able to reboot something that seemed unreadable,
What does he look at it? Yet this prestige prestige, honour because price, look at this single. Maybe this is the time to go for some good jobs at Lakers jobs in order to be open her why think they're waiting for somebody had? I don't think it's even a secret at this point, one of the key aims of our current laugh team is gonna, get that job and by retreated about it, who do you think it is. Well, I don't know, I'm not saying it is definitively as you are, so maybe I should say I said somebody they should go after. I think I think they're waiting. Oh, I think they should just go after about Mars. He is a hero. Laughed Jim. He achieves eligible for the quiz. My money would be them bad Myers. This isn't an import enough, bat for anyone to bet on, because I don't even know if sports but Thou Commerce, the draft kings
upper whatever would even have this as a bet, but I would bet on Bob Myers cause he's from here. It feels a deck old stay thing is reaching the end of some finnish sign and there I think that Lakers jobs, a great job cause you're following just oh of of cod ray of morons. He Adam never lie like the GM still is as important as some of the GM like all look around and it's all over the place. It's really analysing under reported thing, just nunneley. Anybody really cares, but there's some jams making less than half for great half a mill. I like under five thousand there's a couple and you go what the hell is that and then your hearing like on the high and that some of these guys are getting closer to eight figures and it's only a few of them, but if I'm the Lakers and the thing I always think about Bob, is this not the disease, vestry em! It's that he is the
perfect personality, he's the antidote to what this Lakers bullshit has been. For. However, men is one of them as well liked NBA people period parliament is us, have done a fucking awesome, jogger right, I mean really from day one, and so it already has barely now, I'm a man like good bodies with them. He is not in my cell phone in Chad, edges of always respected the job is done. I didn't I sovereign mega. Yes, you like a thing with with the warriors. If there be stuff rely, Jerry was reading credit for it. Bob was doing all this stuff. Man right and Bob didn't care Bob, never care like he didn't it never bothered him, and, unlike you know what like the first time, I had a story relate to me. I go there's not many jeems. That would be an advocate healthcare. I'm not worried about it. While he's may be the best
his profession. Putting the other is absurd. Roster, that's on a one swing at earth are planning for that Durrant Summer way ahead there. So I don't know, what's gonna happen or not, but I can't imagine you'll. Think of some players. You'll spend ten million a year on that suck little never do anything maybe he's seventh rate guy. I am I right at the aim owners. Why don't NBA honours go of course they're morons daughters are just his bad. There more adds. This is the next thing when the next finally said hey what spend some money in the problem they gone, they fell. Jacks who's gonna work. Thirty two hours a week are predictable. That was them any. Yeah, I'm sorry. I apologize to fail as blue eighteen hours a week, but you know that's one of the things are done. I think kind of sucked out. It's like hey everybody's, been tellin me for years and disposed to pay a gotta, be the front faced the whole thing and I'll just back off adjustable. You picked and you picked a guide. It was gonna mail it in seriously. What was that thing? Was it you guys that had that I for
It might have been one of those videos. It was going around twenty nine scouts, one to go, see honest afresh. Twenty nineteen sixty eight, yes I mean the reduces sister use of this has been a credible. If I were, the jam. You know at work, the job that I actually think is the best job is washed it. Here's why I haven't. Rear grace period where no, it's almost like, does it on my dad I am just saying what this job us, we ve dramas, contract or upper operating with a sailor cap that sixty percent when a video services- and I the beyond I'm an avatar five lottery pick an extortion. Are they patient franchise? Who is so fired at dinner, averted grandfathers or GM anywhere at a really good? basketball city like a really underrated, great basketball bus city. There really wants a winner again our that job cause. I have a built in black,
I have a second build, a bike with that pair and it's a long game, I'm not going to be judge right away, Lakers, you're walking in I mean who the fuck knows with that job. I don't even know if I have a blue chipper team rather than the brain and the bracket break down at any time. I would offer a beehive needs. Just tell him to go to war yeah, you said that before I am, I'm keeping be, I think, he's a top twenty guy, Three hundred and thirty p dot m. Well. Hopefully this out a few weeks ago. They can right I've almost harbour for insurance next year and then your whole piece, you know with science, they will bring him back. Yeah, there's always isn't always in adding to that. You could the counter to what I just said would be well. You pay somebody. You pay ninety percent of the cap anyway. Why just keep him instead of getting rid of? Arguably yet if there is a yawning put beyond your
your thirty men Ba, but he was in the car. I when I only because I stuck with the hall only guys, I'm winning team saying, but I thought I thought just from an individual standpoint, but that is only the best six guards: hey Cathay bad, but late, the keep it a real, that's good in ingredients label on their packaging, brood with hops, barley, water rise, no corn syrup, no pressure we have no artificial flavors, you know ass is keeping a real nephew Kyle, he stopped Jewel in during the park ass. I really appreciate it bother. You would never bothered me. It always gave made me lightheaded light headed us, I'm just looking after my one Africa Avalon, productive, awesome career Jews, not even bad, for you arrest register in which men are going to be judged on no account be judged. That is next job after I get it by bus How do you give your recommendation and I let you jewel- Bill- gets killed if, following my thanks
while cheers to bud light whereby the EU too responsibility and keep a real second part of this, s discussion. This is something I popped up Friday night rest, as is awesome game and is doing his next some bullshit to our shared, your mouth, the ok see paper there. Is it Trammel channel and everything is silent. Image he's from thee lay on gives an alien daily alcohol manner, whatever people, while you yeah there's This Russ apologies stuff on the internet and its a while. You know it is believed that guy the Gaza dictum we re, a piece about this on Grantline four years ago, rib by the great bronchitis, which I mailed to you and a big part of that so, is about our buried. Her bare tramell Emma Library, Tran, I've I've? Never this french version, I say I bury Harry. I didn't know I restless bandit. I didn't know,
no idea, he just knew that rested. Unlike ermine. Something happening was maybe this headline of this peace, it and then he read the headline remaining highlighting, but they are MR unreliable, but it was about Durrant. It was at that play a thing and even trammel said when he saw the web addition yeah of his art, he went, he was right and that is that, whatever it'll just web sites that are granted that peace and a big round, and by the way he was a great it's a great peace, its grey reread. I did it, I mean I I tweeted at this weekend, if you wanna check it out there, but one of the we did. It was because I was I was just so fascinated by ok see controlled. Now in the media, but who got to talk to their players? Have their prayers acted in? This had been really like a four year problem with them, so we sent I understand there too kind investigating. He wrote this awesome peace. He so good by the wind. Yeas is amazing. So the point the peace was basically, these guys
as act like this, because this is what the ok see organization wants. This is what they pushes and see. You with us are against us, and you see what this next question stuff, these guys, they walk round the gods and ok, see it's us against them just with everything, and it leads to. I don't know I thought It's really bad behavior, so that, but that's one thing, and then I don't really care because those press conferences, are so inane there such a wasted time data I never agree with them like I don't wanna fuck be here you I don't wanna be here. None of us one be here we're going through this charade, this custom that has been in place for last fifty years, but I hate it and I can't hide it, so I don't blame him for doing it, but at the same time,
they could. Surely that is doing it I'm torn out. It is my point. It feels a little bit like arguing that flips right now, which had become political. I got no who, like the Anti bachelet, people are, and he had proved that flip people are and that there is no like. While you know, maybe some bad flits are stupid and other bat flips are awesome, that's kind of what it feels like a little bit, because so many people that lets you say hate us UK, the media there, just not that impressed with us yet he was a two guys and fuckin sweat pants. The couple microphones, like cats, us right now like a damage it when I actually you didn't you heard me like I get it and I think that when I wasn't doing it and then I got when did it, and so I think, there's always been a lot of. I would even
call Anna Massey to call it deeper than that. I think there's a lot of people that look it up in the media and think we're all fucking losers. And honestly, I have friends that work in this business that sometimes I look at something they say or something they right. Where I'm like, what and there's other people that are in this business, I flat out, don't like it whenever it's been a minute with four I'm like you guys, are the reason athletes I think all of us are fuckin clouds and why fans against stick up for the athletes more. Let somebody really looking at this is taking sides, but I just think there's kind of a level of decency that goes along with the gig that you have to figure out if I weren't athlete and I had to go, shower and come back naked and put on my compression
George or whatever and seven have you say right, guys, dry staring then there's a couple women which you know honestly, I'm not even talking about this, like as a male female thing of all the things that were trying to update the thinking of here in present day language. In the way we talk in a way we decipher things a mile in I we're foregoing, you know, cause I'll talk to some buddies. They play in the dusk like that's insane they act like does. It still have to be done that way. Now, yes, the beak I and I I dont envy the beak. I guess that's a tough job, you gotta be around those guys all the time or at that your whole life schedule you're, trying to work these relief
since ships, but it's like, is the only way to work the relationship to be standing there at the locker room. Why you see his dick without further power only way to do it now is another piece Curtis right about sidling, which was marks TAT Mark Stand term from way back about these guys searching for the six minutes. They can grab somebody when their headed to their car or headed for the work out and the whole game The bee writers basically bidding there's no real way to get information. Unless you start building these. Aside relationships, the dm stuff like that mile thing is, the system is broken and it's been broken for while and there is a reason we did it in Eighteen- fifty sixty seventy this way, because and have the internet we weren't televising press conferences within nobody cared about access to these guys yet two or three people in the locker MAX, and they just did it that way, and it's like one: it's like
the horizontal my basketball book was about the Basque while famers Ike. Why do you do this way? Well, that's how we ve always done it and that's the answer in any. And the answer is well. That's all we ve always done it. You know we're headed for just such stupidity to sheer stupidity, That'S- how is that had the young did in banking, fifty four what could be more? That's idiotic. What could be fifty four? What have you said? I wonder if it would you like hey, you know new anymore. We do no more locker room stuff like the locker room. Is there yeah. That t lay the fuck out the outer locker room, but does that mean than the beat the beak? I would be listeners right now be liable you do that when we're never gonna get any time with these guys. Will that is that true they can not gonna, shoot around hang around or is the guy shooting around he's like fuck off? I would it, but what are you getting? I that time, that basketball, costly basketball, costly? What are you getting like I to get something out of it, though I do think they're reporters that do a really really good job of buildings relationships again. I'd have to still think there's some value,
but like you're, acting as if there's no value that I don't know that we're talking about specifically the horde of people all around somebody. Would you getting out of that? You get in the same coats. Everybody else is getting only there's eight to twenty people around somebody. What am I get it like what am I getting from, I tweeted about Friday night, lease assaulters, that he is pm, he's Russia westward right after that game, he is talking all kinds of shit. Lilla that whole game is treading on Twitter is by far the most important story, the game and some five questions and never says storm. What was going on. You, which is the only thing I cared about, that we talk about tonight, Stephanie Ready, interviewed Siege Emma Column NUTS Bout hay was sweet. I data the latter shit on Friday night was sweet to really stick to them tonight. Now that
and ass either are so. Why am I watching you sideline interview, then you're not gonna, ask questions I care about. What's the point, if you ask me to defend views among them. That I ask you to finance, I'm asking like what are we getting at adding this stuff? How many times have you been enlightened or her? anything that you're like wow. I went out and I want to so many games. I tell myself that set no post came no pre like I will. I don't watch a ton of it cause. I'm gonna spend ten hours and games on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so to add extra stuffed at. Most game, you're right. I don't get a lot out rang out package, you those great. I won't you change going into next back ass when it be great. If we take our close often somebody comes in and I like hey that second segment bill really went and Africa there were it. Did you wish it than done differently differently
and I am more than a keeping house has a lot of us as along, seizing instead ask a star like that. I rang with its pushing back a little bit here, though you're. Are you proposing completely? eliminated? I'm saying let man that monetary policy that week that we create something different and new because go. Why So hang out room one thing I would think it was. You have been assigned reporter after game. They work with the other reporters. They come up like at eight to ten, since in they just have a one on one with that person than they dispersed the info. But I think when we get to the play of seas, so the podium anyway. Why do we need twenty five people there? I can watch you on tv. Nobody and pressure on tv did. I don't like you could be.
When John that eliminating jobs, I want a better system. I want a better system in that. If I were an athlete and the first thing I'm seeing when I commented showers of change in front of all these people, I'm not even though that's the way it's been, forever. It's not great. I don't know I don't understand how everybody's been like us totally normal strongly call, I think, you're, starting from a situation where the guys, like, oh cool, my, came and see any my share, my locker, because it surrounded by people and that sucks, I do think there has to be some kind of access that isn't just the podium access or is it just there has to be some kind of around the team all seas along. Eighty two games, like a few minutes you and I decided, like I think you have to figure out some of that stuff. Because look, we still love the rumours. We still love all the bullshit. We love the shit that isn't even true it's entertaining yet and if you never many of those relationships bill. I just don't know that those like really good, hey, here's, what happened articles that may become out once a year about a tea
that would have always come out after the guy left out its own, especially the ass, so that that's for you just made by pointing out the the in that really bothers me. Is I hated the next question. Stuff Westbrook was doing and then I also hated the reaction. I hey man. These guys are just trying to do their job in its like, what's their job to to get a terrible answer, Westbrook has never going to say anything You guys are actually good courts renown, Joel envied Cairo being whose off the reservation every three weeks, but how many is actually bringing real insight into the game right, The only time you really see it as if somebody gets time to do like a feature on somebody in they spend real? time with them not only on his yeah, but a lot of time in the future will be like hey. We have,
I'm coming out when I read that article, the kurdish article, there's a couple things it remember: Westbrook did a one on one with wood trammel. What is Jordan Bran Deal was done yes near, like ok and the other part at article. Writing is really important point. This whole thing out. This is more specific to the NBA, the NBA. This is it. This is a homer job. If you are on the broadcast. Your expect real homer of your sideline, your your basically a team employee. Even if you did your station, is an owned by the team. I remember when I was doing the celtic schemes up in Boston and that's always the funniest thing about me as being supposedly the Boston guy, nationally everyone Abbas and that I hated all the Boston teams and I would go out there and I was lucky enough that the Celtics people, let me do that that stuff, but at one point
thought, Tommy Heighten was too critical ray I'm serious. This is the true like an. I would look around like what's going on around here and we start to calm the green tamers, and then I remember one of the guys was like Ange told me flat out, like hey nothing wrong with being a homer and unlike. Why would you want to do that like? Why would you just want to be a homer and sell the teams message, but when you're on the broadcasts are expected to do Listen you're same video league pass now, as is its editor leaders. Every fucking game is a commercial for the team and that's how all ownership and all the front offices want it others still allowed at times. Those guys are red and the plans with the guys India yet, as I would have liked up was Brooks fuckin it up again and I get a dream, but they get a championship bring of the team whence yeah. I know I know I mean that's that's also weird within Pr people, though, like in a guys who try to book a show all the time like India are and not all of them.
But a lot of a man just say fuckin know just say we're not getting you the guy, it read they do this game. This false hope, bullshit or it's like. Well, you don't run that up the flag, which is exactly what Curtis was singing that article with the thunder guy. So I think when you have all of these people protecting all the guys, I think it gets back to the origin of it. Is it even Westbrook's fault? If this is the way he was told that they were going to run the operation down there, and it isn't just like that. There it's, it's like that and other places too. I am not saying it should go away. I just think- we're doing wrong, and I would love to of that to come up with a better way to do that. I am all for it. But I think it's crazy that so many people in the locker room, I think, agreed its address area for the athletes, so they just retreat into this whole like generic quote thing and then when they did you say something like carry can help himself and inquiry cause the latter prophecies and busy, could help himself. Now some people would say this is great
other people would say. If you interviewed me every day for the next eight months, I probably would say three: things during those eight might rightly so is that good that what we want are wages is this, situation, I'm just trying to get people to eventually let their guard down. So they say something dumb and then we can make a story out of it, because Don't get any real insight out of it. That thing, online. The other day when Durrant Jesse that too many video of breaking down Patrick Beverly, guarding ermine yeah was fast Eddie. I love that occasionally have nuggets like that? And that's what makes this access worth it, but by pointers for the most part it she's crap and we weeds, we forgive, because everyone's while we get the Durrant moment or regret, carry say something using in Somalia. This is why we have this. But for was part. I don't like it, and I just wish there is a better way to do it and I don't know why we do it the way we did it sixty years ago. Are we though, to icily
in the way we're looking at this and not realising that anything, that's ever been important and certainly is important. The NBA is that they apply the same stuff. Reality shows their huge podcast about him, Blake. Imagine watching a reality show and then watching. A breakdown of the reality show you just watched. They do on all these shows Natur. All these magazine articles all the stuff you're like it's the same thing, so there is clearly a thirst for the interest level here that honest, even though I think a lot of it is very outdated and makes the relationship nasty to begin with. So we're in agreement on that one idle I dont want to see it become. A thing were like all of a sudden. The axis is diminished, because I am not asking for a minute lags I'm just gonna wanna back again, they're gonna go women. How can we don't do more with these gone by the way the ringer we send? People lack rooms other time and where I was hoping for nuggets rose, open fur and we ve had with joggins out
simpler, Gary, like we ve, sent a bunch of people and they have come up with good stories from the firm that stuff. My point is: Why is this so hard? Why is this fraught with so many complications, and why do we put athletes in the position where they constantly just have to talk about fucking balls? and they're not gonna, say anything, and this is somehow the way we do it like to sideline the the These are the coaches after the first and third quarters, and the post areas are fucking atrocious, their churches. Always I want all I did was watch Basque by the last eleven days have been home. I've watched everything I have like all kinds of opinions, I never saw one anything during any those areas that I was interesting. One thing but I think it's. What am I gonna learn that we ve he's gone like, oh and this back your point, so it's not its non discriminatory as well.
We ve always done that. We pay for that access. They know that it's part of it and they started doing more and more that stuff merely started doing this on, though these baseball broadcast cyclists gettin the dugout, let's go ahead, said Diana had alike, but it's there. You're crazy. I kind of agenda that the only time like this about mandatory seem drunk like the only thing they could make wired for sale. Less entertaining as if it were longer, it would never have the play All right, we're gonna, go to guide and other process that is so Y know what have they found the wired by each team as a representative and they basically about it. An any single thing on that sounds of the game, which is why we always get camara. Let's have up boozer when let's go might come on baby talk, talk,
As you tie hey, we can get back on camera boozer when he was might for sound. He was on the bench most of it and I thought my god he might be the most annoying I and the bench I've ever heard, so that wasn't it lightning on that What's it say that football, which is so horrible in so many different ways and does manages to do just about everything wrong, and yet All access stuff is so much better the NBA their past. He's better about it. They allow way much by the day would never do hard backs in a million years ever they would do like the generic sanitized of it, they ve never do the real hard knocks. They would never do leg. Stuff. We get on the that make up, show you know after the ABC tight. Game and the shit like that
game. Amateur Magda, just saying crazy shit to crack like. Maybe it would never do that. I'd love it if they did it. I I guess I keep thinking about her member I member before I knew how much it was edited out on the wire for sound. I used to think Scarborough says the worse coach ever way long it like it is going to do got revolve, guys you gotta Reba possession, and then somebody idiot. As they are not we yet completed, act. Anything that's back to my original play. What do you want from us a rest book after again,
do any of us expect he's gonna, standing and sing now, but there's not enough that it there's a street here that we haven't gone down with it. Is that as much as I love this league and I do and I love the game of basketball, I love basketball. I can't ever imagine not loving basketball as much as I love it they're certain knights, were I go cool to sit here for five hours. Watch guys argue. Every fuckin com be wrong. Ninety percent of the time- and these guys are all like becoming more and more on likeable cause. There fuckin miserable, and then they can't just play the game? Yeah just get get the answers. Right argue it. The rest is the worst its ever bandits at all on likeable its adding their here's. The thing I nobody hates rest to the players are wrong. All the time it's funny,
I talked about this in the pot of years ago. Actually stop going Cooper Games Cause. I hated going and watching Chris Paul by Griffin in Dark rivers argue about absolutely every and costly every car was the biggest mistake. That's ever happen, the fans get caught, up into it s, just twenty five the degree people they just furious that and then you to idea. He had them. I hated, and don't if there's any way to stop it, because I think it ties into this whole bigger picture of justice players are are wired. Now it's like I'm the shit. How dare you. How dare you it feels like airy make detachment of reality out here and now the poorest they want to get booed for now allowed to boo players. Anyone can I can gently boob can I go, Celtics Bucks game next week and just kind of boo and yeah, this is at the free throw line, or is that not allowed anymore a little different, a little different, neither Benson, MRS of Secularism, fans are bone. No, but people,
Oh, it's like our man, these fans, their brutal. It's like you, I would have games Seventys, the or fucking brutal in the in the boss, the guard the seventies. It is way better. Now so much nicer ya, don't ever go in there now thinking we heard is intense, go back to game six, eighty six fires, Houston Boston or the Perhaps it is science there their hanging. Sampson's, like Jersey from the rafters with the Simpsons Sissy sign on it, and he comes out there in was just everyone was so mad at him because he could see the previous gave real hey. In the air in a really effective, and we would like to freight, but that's not cool More than that, you know it now, but I am in a rough. We What are some anger management issues in July? That would be, it would be lost and again this at the summit
if it sinful, for a guy punches a six foot, one guy on your team defense going to be mad about it, the next game. I don't care what city is Boston now. So what are we saw to resolve any results. Do not like two old men there we don't sound like us out. I want to cover Eric. I feel bad when I get mad, because I circle, like this right. You can have a problem with all these different superstars now like what are you doing like if this guy's and good for you who is not here. I didn't like curry now like what what are you doing and then I feel guilty about it. Is there some these guys. I love their games and I love the moments that we, the entertainment and all that stuff, but I just think there's a real nasty. Almost dangerous detachment do tween the perhaps all suck in their eyes, but they screw up. Everything is players and then, of course, they're wrong. All the time and nobody ever brings add up and in the media, although they can be ridiculous and brutal, and sometimes I think just they said dickie, listen on the media side and I was doing the players not like him. I don't
I don't know. I don't really want to choose a side in this whole thing that the whole reason. I brought it up because I look at. I look at topics like this. I would say nineteen out of twenty times that I'm like I haven't taken this. I have an opinion there's one of two ways I can go I feel this way and in this case I'm kind of against both sides of it. I think the way that we cover sports from a day to day basis needs to just change. It evolve and it just hasn't. It stayed aim, and I think, even though be writer guys that we now would agree with that. It's like what I've talked to them about it. Why do we do this? This way? I don't know, I don't understand it, but this is the only way that
it's a lot about. I want to make sure somebody else doesn't get something I don't wanna get, which I totally identify with. The point is, I just don't think we learn that much. I don't think it's interesting and I would like to see it evolve and I have no answers right. How do you think this I think I got a little intense there, but you know that just aware play talk about preparing for Pakistan. You know those pants can't you out of hand papers huge bar I bought a one subject- need at the right age down. The street is true story, no came in thought. Maybe we can take out, there was left overs, but it was really good was filet. Leftovers is unbelievable. I was afraid about. Beans. Thing was gonna go and I turn down, but all in all I mean I don't know I mean I was ready. Rarity but the leftovers that what what impression about the stake,
will let people cook steaks. We know that right about people out there got different styles, and you know there's this thing more and more as you get older is like if you're over thirty, and I like it raw you're, a loser and This thing still had its flavour aside, a little colouring in their motives cook through and I'm not I would say, are you up for the last two free to say next question and one of those? I really thought that I want to say next question. I was sitting there free. We could add it out. That gives it wasn't even that funny. I disagree, I enjoyed the hell, I was denied any yeah. I love it. I think press conferences are the fucking dumbest things ever gets a corporate talk about something. Pack as dual threat with rain reseller. You do it this way. Great! Oh yeah draft we get traffic, we're doing, mark seven. Rounder in reverse, set what I like it. I am just. How can I shake up the game? I was looking around all the different content. People backwards, backtracked s son, so we had that if we have the- and
lamentably, where launching an luminary which luminary launches on April twenty third luminary premium. If you want to check out the reaction was named tonight and I we picked fifteen movies from ninety ninety nine. We have already done a couple made tonight then movies on the relaunch of feed. We pick fifteen for our differ reasons. Basically based on what was going on. They turned and reduce the sort of thing we learned TAT, a ten episode run and then another five so run, but if you want a centre for luminary check it out at luminary that link Slash Bill Simmons.
Or the use that one that'll be graven where's. My other optional would mean no vote on whether you could do a remarkable lunar that leg slash we watch was an ETA binge bowed whence it came. A throne sets coming up to and then all the awesome package we have ringer embarrassed. I think I'm gonna go on the ringer ambitious there's than it actually keep that any reader s couple more things for us to hit that I had on the agenda ran to FUCK Mary kill, warriors rackets, Celtics, Buck, Sixers, wraps yeah no prep waiting If I'd marry kill warriors racket, South Xbox Sixers wraps.
I'm while I'm gonna marry warriors rockets, that's how I feel were right, who would I just wanna, maybe bring somewhere for weekend like a while. You live right around the corner, I would say give me: I just want to know what the Celtics team actually looks like right now. I think they're the ideal option you've as much as not for me cuz, I'm a Celtics fan, but just in general I think sixers, absolutely I, but I want to see. What's going on, there is I I wanna fuck, sixty wraps just as a kid, I that serious could go all kinds of ways. I landed manager up. It's weird bucks celtics. I don't really want to kill any of em. Dude were here's, my fear of bucks ethics, the painters. Aren't you,
The latter was a math is like a lad. Latin Carson, some courage Joseph the boy bonnet had shown up a day. Just really had trouble getting off its Nate Mcmillan didn't seem to realize that Tyreke Evans just spread out set him a pack and just let him go to the basket and try to facing round and that you always find a way to blame a coach yeah. Sometimes every summit. But why do you find a way to waver coach while you now coaches hard, obviously and builds up about you and coaches, talk about that? I think that some dead series came at the perfect time for assault, exciting
that actually had their rotation in line for the Euro as a night again, some giving you credit, listen called this on the more I wrote about this in my book ten years ago, because I was always fast. I think I wrote a calm bodies and he has been magazine like oh seven or eight nearby, when I write back for retired the Rockets on twenty two games once and they won during that with this really goofy, seven eight manner station and it was, I basically t MAC. Yamlang was therefore a couple games then, and convey came a yummy got hurt they kept when to can becomes additives like Chuck Evans refer Austin. But they had a guy's images, acres of predatory, other Chuck S who struck Evans sounds good, By guys? I just knew there rose they had the sky, everybody knew how many minutes aeroplanes- and I think this is some over and over again, that gets forgotten with the NBA is that you only need a gas and maybe the night
I place six minutes. I Daniel taste point six minutes today, but for the first time all season Heyward Jail and Brown Tatum Airplane the read about a minute on the thirties. All them have talked about how they need minutes become too on its again makes sense. If is verified, basketball, you just like to be acting in a rhythm. You eat you not looking over your shoulder scene, if the next subs for you all that stuff and asthma, thy love market, smart and I think when it comes back, he probably takes the rosier minutes. If he comes back, I still think him getting injured. My big hope with it was that it was going to open up this eight men rotation. That kind of where they should a landed alone. They were just afraid not to play rosier didn't want to bear him. I think,
action should bear it am I figure, would amid the team better, not add these eight everybody's plain of minutes and ass, a momentum now, unfortunately, the box are a thousand times better in the papers and Smart was the best guy in the team to guard Chris Middleton unless jail in Heyward can step up during the siege. Spire was the best gag, and so they were really good collectively in a way that it just hasn't felt in a while, and I think the Heyward thing is the most promising, because it's not the numbers, because if you just dig into the numbers you Billy, we you're, not a bunch of shots. Their aggressors you'd have to watch him all your long to see what he looked like, and this is a carry over the into the regular season. But, as I always hammer home this end, the regular season things can screw you up. It really can screw you up. Like I look at this jazz team and I imagine some people get to that- they're down three o down three Elegancy Houston team, which I think is somewhat overlooked and how special they ve been statistically since the last hour break there than number two defence, their net rating is number one. Like Houston's been on this role
and I thought like Will- Utah figured it out if you're going two thousand one hundred and twenty one and then I went through after I was a game, a look at the record after twenty one, twenty one, but then I went through it again and look at the teams. They beat. I'm like that's unbelievable. How long? They went without having a really beat anybody that good last year with Philadelphia about five hundred. They add a couple other pieces and they go on this run and it will have. The league is resting in the other. Half is trying to lose games like this stretch can screw you up so with Gordon Heyward. Italy's it wasn't a really long It goes back to me that scene Antonio game at those first time I've, namely the thirty minutes. The first time I really now to say was that Miami game when he was just attacking- and I think You know that you're gonna be a junkie, just watch a lotta Utah Heyward and people really realised how athletic he used to being you see it now. His whole game is Dr Attack or pull up three and that's what he does and he's just like attack attack attack go to the ram attack. The rim
That's what he's good at and if it had a big you like sneaky a big guy, then you add in the Tatum's fourth quarter in Boston, we're going to wait a minute in jail, and this is what has enough three and his tail. His passionate jumpers and go in the basket. Finally, right The law has never been better. Remember, you're, the all you're, the youngest kind NBA histories were twenty points or more enforced re playing games. Like a reason we were so excited about you and their run but in their running off rebounds more but in other getting the ribands look is look at game for the sweeping the papers they carry was near the top five and scoring ethical. I don't know how, in closing, if you ended up in tough, I've hoffered shot an awful, but it was ok, so we're Cairo. His is bail them out of so many games. I feel examined the regular season. We want you to get all the personal stuff, there's something that's really promising about what we just saw. But yes, I also still don't know because I kind of thing that painters team is born.
I play off team and when all the deeper went down with the main injury, there were thirty one of fifteen. I know they want a bunch games when it miss time earlier, so their overall record with those depots like five hundred but winning he was gone, gone Gara below five hundred team, and I know it's pretty simple from basque or symbolic who what was the thing they did on often that scared, you nothing bogged down in which they were a widow and spreading attire governs, but they barely diarrhoea. They weren't scared. I regret actually fell the only guy. There was a ready for a fighting game. Is the perfect but perfect upon further south. Sixteen. They have some good moment. I'm with the whole Kyrie locker on thing cuz. I I do think you fell on the sword, Vicky realize he was acting just kind of crazy and has made a concerted effort to
say and do the right things and not cause a distraction which, unfortunately now and going back to what we talked about earlier, it's so easy to cause a distraction. Now he's kind of realized all right, I'm just not doing that anymore so that out, but Hayward's Hayward's playmaking is just fun to play with He's plainly that you now he's it seems that in pick up, you'd be funded play. He was grey. All moves, doesn't care Vichy sitting, other guys and ball. Yet you talk, ran their office through him, and you can figure like men of Heyward ever had a second guides going forward. Omar told yeah yeah he's playing really good passer. Thirty, four minutes a game that Browns branch to a game has been really good. Now, for I would say three months, Orford is rounded into place. From form an Rogers is the eighth man and his team in that somebody would have paid thirty five minutes. He gave her. The era the guy you residing on his Marcie Series
and you say they finally figured out here. We go then the other hand. It's like such a dramatic differences to pull hockey it. Here. It's like night day and they don't have on court. They don't really avenue in a guardian has been, nobody does mean Orford. They can build a wall and do all that stuff male. Since the problem they have to figure out how to take Middleton because he killed them last year. He kills them all the time, and that is where we, that is where it's funny with Heyward every sober the offences, the defence where they really need him. His then jail in and they need Orford to sort out Chris Metal then, and if they do to be serious, I think I just I'm watching them all year. In D C, p
after these, for patients game go up new, they figured you don't have to game. Tell it's like they're supposed to win her home first, who gave their April favorites. Yet I'm not I'm not gonna in autumn gonna. Do I'm not gonna fall into that trap? That goes, I think, being given a walkie now mom just now, I gotta see see this version of it against Milwaukee. But again you know if you watch these games but look at the Denver. I know where an expensive tennis Denver San Antonio cuz, I'm still kind of lost on that one. But those games have been entirely different and I know what's happened individually, Jamal Murray and his story. The up and down this of it Milwaukee may come out and run them ragged or game. One Boston they're going to have so much half a mile away yet from around here and that game one is gonna be till Sunday. The earliest would be Saturday, so yet a good site in Sunday, as every Sunday Tuesday, so
yeah! I mean you too week off that's great for the Celtics, but we'll walk, he's gonna end up sweeping out. Imagine yeah on Monday! That's done! That's it! That's a goner! So Could I see Milwaukee waiting for the one? Absolutely I think give if it there up three you going in a game, sex in Boston, so frightened, I probably the crowd of great- and you know for us as it as fucking frustrating is careers and you know multiple times, the set of the partners rated drive that, due to the airport, like I just like it, is just not enjoyable to a roofer you day in and day out, but now that you're in the playoffs You really see like there's, seven guys, who know what they're doing that you really know what they're doing game after games I think I know what shot I can get at all points of every game is one of the seven and they got throughout the ship,
m and now their hair in their three rounds away, and this is when you want him. There are little reminders, There are many guises arriving. Look at you you're with me and I'm nobody. No limits the less right now Durrant Currie Directory harden. I think why games on their of inquiries on their two. Would you, indeed on their yet, no because I think a bead has man. I love that guy and he was filthy in that last game, but he can be susceptible
who was second defender coming over just because of his size is passing israeli again this week, writers, but it's hard for him just from his sigh standpoint to navigate all this shit in a broken down. Possession yet like guys, will send second guys and sometimes he'll get a little caught up. I mean really what he is he's the guide. It was the mess up, the defence, but depending on where he, starting with the basketball say like less a minute ago, and it's a tie game. That's not always easy for the big Just isn't so several even a knock on his doesn't really doesn't seem like his in shape, knowingly entire he's, always tired, I'm using fallen down tired. You know they saw him out to they given that break in the fourth yeah, then they bring it back in and the last came I was like our houses so collide f. Co wise underrated. When it comes to this, I don't dame defiling Dame Why would you read either already signal in this list? I would then overcome
three in getting a really nice look at the rim no class now and the brain is that by crises wives, I thought we having space to empty. I thought we just do playoff guy, I'm just saying in the league Chris Paul, you, everyone, oh I'll, tell you, ETA. Chris Paul has a pretty good, but I also think it's easier when you can pick your spots six times a game, verses yeah, it doesn't have them. In of earlier, I have extreme India. Does she twentieth? Chastity carries been planned, thirty, seven minutes pretty consistent, so yeah. Look, I think, will now allow came one game too, and for green NEO is talks, but this weirdly the cell,
steam are more liable to do a stinker at home than on the road, and I have no explanation for it. The crowd like it just gets bond out sometimes and maybe that'll change. Now again in his eyes, France, Philly Brooklyn you're upset about the Egyptian you used to swear. I did I swore twitter. I just I come on that's out a double objection, if anything like a Jack embayed cause for the second time in three. Second need somebody where the women, while I think it looks bad as well, so we back the whole thing on the and the Jared play. I can see where Dudley thought he just try to the Kapital Europe because he had two days ago resort on elbow, raised his head and that's the thing about the meeting that I know that he understands or maybe does understand or the indeed defend over. Like the indeed thing, that's all connected, you can't go out there and bloody up adieu.
Food and then laugh about in the technology. That is your dick about it, and I love indeed, but he was a prick about the whole thing so now Dudley Role, casinos, who he is I'm like the old head out here. I gotta just I loved it from that they so dull had to do that because he felt like I did. He just knock out again because he doesn't see it around. The replay, I think, can be kind of went with those swipes, whereas if I get the ball great, if I don't mean a Hamas, in a jack you, I don't think anybody should have been thrown out, but if I had to write them who put a bead first, but I don't think it was a flagrant either. I just looked at shoves or not throw out about that is now absolutely do you think of that same year, but in today's thing If anybody lands wrong or their head is hit that it ends up being a flagrant o ice. I feel like the NBA like this spilling into the stands, even if it wasn't even that nasty like we gotta get some guys out of the game. It's a class monsieur out you don't just a jack as implants games. Unless there is a phenomenon.
I am against it. The weird thing about play out a trade off they are like Butler. Are we lost butler? They only last Dudley gap. Is the whole point of six years that one of those four guys is gonna be invisible, offensively anyway is so you could do still survive without butler. If broken had gone to leverage down the stretch, they would have won forgot he wasn t there, though ass for his their ease their best matches. The series Russell has been like Murray very heterogeneous, and It's almost like Philly didn't know how good Laverne was in the beginning. Unlike what you're? How are you guys? Not? You know what I like about his game. There's a Hershey jerky like nineteen, seventy sphere to it where low dogma it it's like is driving the Basque Eddie stopping than he's gone again. Then he stopping then he's going for a layer, but it's it's very disjointed penitentially, there's! No there's no it'll pierce
good at this, too, were pierce where'd yet watch it yet, but you, nobody would have like weird crossovers in but Pierce had that weird Turkey jerky try and keep your balance. You thought he stopped and now he's going again and that's what I like about the Vert I like liver, general, I've been so impressed with him and just be this guy, that's been experiencing being like all right. I got this. I got this because If that's that's one of the things we'll always play a series or I'll look around and be like okay, what's a woman do doing with magic like what are we doing there and then read? They stop playing and you're, like. Maybe I'm really smart wife cruising like what what's the what's? The point is that ardor him he was really get when he started plan, but the last couple months has been bad. It's been terrible and then clearly Atkins like ok No. If I have Dinwiddie and Laverne like, I can use one of those guys and I'll get
The Mari out of Eric, as it looks like the Marty who at times and I switched defensive player, hits and threes does not hit them now, but I never try to sit there and say I, as I'm at home, Goin Gay that substitutions wrong this guy stupid in this many minutes because we're we don't really know I'd that unbroken game for it? I was. I was just give the butter cares about what you're doing here she's every time he has by gets a good shot with big, sir. That is always a good thing. It's always harder for the other guys when there are so used to be the way they would want to close again it's always russian idea and is going to make you you're gone and like rustles at a really good year. So I think it's hard, sometimes again Demarre Carroll, you'll care, you'll notice where he goes getting shot up like I'm, not taking zero shots. He says TAT cuz. I really thought, it could have tied the serious and I think they should have after Butler went up and they left on the table. Had they take it absolutely when game five there are there
when the serious, but I think they put them pretty even this once more personal for you, though, because your hinting at it when our preview pod, I just wanted to be a fool: serious by knives, I've, never even a funds as they stand. I wanted to fill it get knocked out. I was hoping Brooklyn repeat them in the series of this has been the one other than fighting Portland. Ok sees the one I look forward to the most, but this is the one I look forward to second most for what every, because I still find really fascinating agony. I think Philly Brooklands number one for me has, I think Philly is one of the most fun weirdo play acting having early yeah, I d be fattened bogged down of a boy I'm coming, Nobody I bought Bobo, whose views eleven o clock at night What was sober bike bonbon? Does bovine get the biggest passive any individual player in the NBA Leon, I'd like to ten footers before they go to the corner, start taken a piss in a free throw in custody like that guy Soviet, where labour we'll be in bogies in January real? He came here.
You can not hang onto the basketball and other issues Ruby. I love I love like there completely completely ill equipped to guard. Basically, anybody like of the Spencer Dinwiddie to carry level of aid I can get to my spot, I'm about. How is that possible? How can Jimmy Butler not be one of those guys? Six foot? Seven? He can't guard sing baby to guard Kebby. Now now carry but cannot, but even terrorism should links are dimity by the wave. Harris plays well that game for the next one by ten may be missed every it wide open shots at all game. I think Philly is really really sneaky bad and Toronto has their shit together, I would get. I would give them the advantage of that. Next to her is that that's before we get to the coaching, I meant to look that up, because I just think you get good shots against Philly and Embiid. Beat? It makes a huge difference with the rim protection that they would have already in her or about heard not hurt
and then we heard yak as everything how good he was. He was Karim, Abdul Jabbar Special. I think. Eighty four it gives a sore knee and at these out of shape, if I ever but case, but it does not heard because he put up like thirty five and seventy, and that gave and then again here being hurt you ever then he sat at a game. Sociologists and upset, I think, is, I think, is, I think, he's sore I think, he's not a hundred percent but hurt to me his leg how's. The Skype playing. Has this guy there is. I owe you, ve, never met. Last Yo Harris took game for how many I knew he was missing everything. I can't believe somebody wasn't like hey Joe Congrats on that three point contest, but fuckin pass the wall when it was. He was for food Teen O four six from three he killed them. All six of the shots were wide open. Do you know that that Utah Game
on Saturday night, shooting nineteen percent from three he hasn't made a three and three. He went to sushi three hundred and forty four in game, one Joe Harris since then in two thousand six hundred and twenty nine is thirty. Five minutes is over two slash. Four six. He hasn't hit a three pointer. Week he's been fucking or about high. That's what I'm saying the other guy it they're not even in Russia has been bad too and there still in these games. So you know, Mitchell was, I ever made sense They do about how hard insect on Saturday night Mitchell Miss Seventeen as last twenty one in game, for he was terrible and read some nice things to say about him after which, at that whereat he had this along. Speech about everyone with an unbelievable teammate Mitchell as and how he He really really wants to be the guy and it was really it was one
file away because of corporate this passion about it? He really must think this guy's great, but he played like a twenty one you're out in that second half yeah. I watched it because I watch game and then I went back and watched it again. The first and fourth quarter is, I wonder, focusing on the hard and stuff I just basically brag. That's great sorry, like sitting here this morning, watching trailblazers grizzlies again, I didn't know what they were doing on these switches. But this is amazing. You now you like tweet, that out, like seven a m like ours. Just running through how they shade the screen that some of my favorite twitter there Is it just all? You're doing is really. You just want anyone to know that you put this much effort in an institute. I've done it. So it's did, I just did it the way the wage air down were shading at the high screens with new, like forgetting academic Tell you the way, member or course sets up the elbow watch.
Kumon horns all right. What are we talking about Mitchell Mitchell kind of kept a minute like it's a close game, a game for yeah, but even though they put up some points, you I'm never like a team with one score ended in their three point. Shooters were terrible on those go. I don't know what the numbers are. Maybe the good, but I feel like watching- am I is everybody- to miss every corner three here in in this game and into close out the game and yeah hard was over fifteen, but he still collapsing you defensively on those labs which I don't really know what the hell anybody supposed to do for end Mitchell. Also you will force it cuz. I think he looks around me like. What am I supposed to do like Ruby is going to miss another one, jewel jingle juice, hear from outside and they're trying to mimic the kind of Mitchell they're trying to do their own harden Capela thing with Gobert, sometimes on those Mitchell Drive, but then Mitchell get caught in between defensively and I'll. Just look at you TAN go! You know why I thought they get a game or two maybe cuz. I
a serious work but Houston's at this level. Now that I don't say it's overlooked, but I watchman go. If they be golden stay, even all pickled stake, as it is will it's I know, is going to be a surprise for you to be surprised if used to bees golden state, no cause. I bet on his very go. I am, I think, they're going to be gone. State said this here in the past week you advances as think I think they're gonna be gone, stay in taking up Uribe picking. I pick them last week, I'll pick them all time. I think it really did you do that parliament penitential even how they were zone and out the rackets and ass six to one which is so crazy me physic. It should be for one. I think two teams can when the tide on those of the two sexes,
second round doesn't suck. Does it I kind of like it? I think this round two is really epic. That's about four of those sears! It's going to be incredible by the way. If it's Denver, Portland yeah, that's going to be really fun serious, it's going to be up and down and have no feel for his give me like the spurs nuggets series, which is awesome, really fun, and anybody who gambles on this has again we problem, because none no fear is serious. Don't get bored spurs nuggets game the game you nobody has any idea. The players in the courts have no idea. What's gonna happen now, because when you walk you got away, met, Derek White, so your adding this too, to primary scores in all judge rose in an age. Murray socks. Oh no is awesome. Their great always is this- is this? Is the guy than is like a points and game for you? Do you know he's out there? The thirty six in game, three air and everywhere
he's gone, that's about, unlike my God, is he gonna second game for their use is feeling I started watch you believe what makes him so good and like all look at how he drives away from the orchard screen brings to defenders now is perfect. He's he's actually he doesn't technically qualify for a little more athletic than you think, but I feel like some guys, lookers haircut NGO Estuaries haircut, the NBA there's some hair cut profound, some guys, look at him and goes no fuckin way. Disguise jubilant around me here we're habit and game three quickly. I opened this up to Twitter, which other best of five best seven ran one. Seventy five The people are rather best five. I have the first round of shorter shortened. Do you know any changes. Do remember two thousand three yeah stilling where they changes other than is being fuckin greedy,
Z, vetoes Inga, really like pure adulterate, agree. What everybody says shortened Caesar. Let's do this was whenever its hate, they don't want to do it because they don't want to lose the money they make from it like I don't want it have these debates. I do you realize how rich states owners are and how much their investments in the teams have gone up. Do you understand how everybody in this everybody every owner they have has had their investment gone up by between like three and ten times? I get so actually have an issue when it's, I got a need that extra game you're telling the businessman has been this successful, actually own. A team that he's supposed to just had a cap, unlike all these now those things I have a much more rational argument for you. It's actually bad for the lead to do it this way, because the games are just less interesting, fourthly, and a lot of the serious and early anyway and by the by the?
game three. You know where half the sears are going actually looked it up. What do we want from the first round, we'd like a little less predictability right well last year, only nineteen point four see why now is the pelicans they swept the Blazers year before there was one on top for a year before same thing. For two lay down the line. There's not a lot. Last year we had to forty three serious year before we had one year before we had two year before we at it, like the whole thing about. Oh yeah. You know that they need those extra games. We never in a plane. The extra games you know, because a really exciting series and I think one of the region. They're afraid to do this is a couple times. You had some one aid situations. Where cite the AIDS he shouldn't have the advantage of they split.
On the road and all the sudden have a chance to finish the series at home. Here's the easy solution. If you're the one season either conference you get for the five games at home, you get one to four and five at home. That's that's your We prize for one in the whence it other now we're going best of five and if we go on best of five in this whole thing broken winds, game one and now they have a chance to like finnish Philly. Often three and four, I'm just interested Celtics are in the final last year, but, like you With these serious, you knew Boston, The NATO is over after two games. You knew more architraves over after one guy was knew that before it. If you knew Houston outta was over, I think after two games to game geography and skyline a steamroller we don't need like we don't need a best. Far too seven. Five at eight eight serious basis, So I would do that out, go back to the old way I'll do best of five, and I give the one seeds and extra home game in the first round.
All for it, but every time anybody does the hey. We should read shake the entire playoffs things so that it's sixteen teams, instead of eight from each and you're like okay, but you have to get what twenty two or twenty four owners to vote for that. So that means you're never going to get it cuz half the owners going to be in the east. You never going to get enough of those votes to change that sews. Are you about. Hey we should have less games season should be sure, ok. Well then, I want to give away that might stop argued about it, so they're not gonna, give this up except. I totally agree with you, because I think some of these, jobs are so pain, so here's wailings they will give it up because the ratings are down for this first draft causes serious suck. Ok, but there are you that its Braun they're gonna, say much different factors that I do not at all
when it's a one year sample of ratings going down. That is not the time to start trying to tweak everything. I think there were down last year to the first from that they weren't. I don't know, I don't know what he says are bad. I would like something to be done last thing and then write a letter lasting Barclay. Top five before before the last came up his number one guy was the bran number two guys Durrant number three. I was Giannis number for guy was kawayan- is number five guy was harden. I thought that this was batshit crazy, but then I thought of this is actually a cool one for like who were the best five players in the league. Right now that you would take in a playoff series. Lebron would not be my number one if I, but I actually think I would go with harden one.
Yeah? I think I would, I think, he's the best player in the league right now. The fact that he sucked on Saturday night and his team has so much confidence, and they knew he will rally around a little bit in the fourth quarter and stone figured out any at the big show the game. I hate my number one: what's up with a dog style defence Utah's go with their additives. That was a little way I, the yacht us was the best regular sees empire, but I want to seem tuneup laughs. There are only a new against a team that is played him six to seven times in a row over to expand and is exploding every foible on weakness that his game has. I wanna see it so you're picking harden even with the clippers come back dead. The San Antonio dead- and you can't make it you think he's gonna take on his powers right now. That's who you just picked is the guy. You trust the most simple afghan devil s eyes at a fair point, now play a series
had than ever to win a play of Syria's right now and I had equal teams on body size. It has absolute flame out and was over fifty that's what I feel. Rather he was terrific at the end of the game, so you got a new. I was it about his house and we watch in it, and I said I how many of you pointed out. He gets the fourth course at the over under eight and a half and smashed it didn't want. I think it was the ramp the rant what he did against a clip reserves, the right method, the coopers had been so impressive, not impressive. I guess we'll another press because, as a very good team and yet they they show up thinking. They're gonna be the warriors every night they blame and it's hilarious and they came back game too. They get smashing game. Three was lakes. Didn't game for was, I went again, three was grisly I know I was thinking of going to that. One too, as it was eleven of foreign like one minute, was there any Deronda thing, that you got to see live that you hadn't noticed before was ready new bill. Simmons
I seen him live so many times now. I'm going to put my pic, I must feel like Nick Tomorrow talk about him. Like I asked you be different. I just love the it is played ire, but the thing with the red this time, it's the it's the array of shots, Eddie heads the card is do in a variation of four things. Every time right, the rank in posts you up, you can pull up three. He can Do like the little pull up, jumper that he has. He drive through the bad the better handle, though, and sometimes when Durant's drives and cries little bit earlier on them. Bead stuff, like I worry about a seven foot, one guy driving were that's when you can be smart like this is gonna sound dominant, had canvas not my pick, but I'm convinced now the camera is as good as he is because he so small boat save that for our porn, its podcast enforce our August, but that was cause he just head every shadow. It was a little bit different and.
You pick a Durant, then example I'm it, but the warriors as a team. I liked the way hardens play more this year. I am honestly think decides you. I really do. I really deeply feel guy beholden up there rockets are going to win the title the share euro really wanted to, as is the correction that'll happen, Billig well used arrogance, spurs and that clippers team. You think I think he's got it is shared. The guy, and I think this you Rufus is what asked air allow for harden against Giannis in the NBA files, well you're a bet on it. So you're, not the regular ask the Abbe room for the rackets nets where he had no money on it and you're just at home. Talking about basketball. Why, with his gatekeeper of thought and legacies, the irony is either
really like the way the rackets place, I'm always running at similar guys even run failing you right now, I'm using the letter, but I know I'll. We rooting really hard for the books, safe air by say you had. She ran into the whole of Europe STD Wilson hey. What's talk about the difference between working hard and working smart, I like to work hard. Sometimes I work smart, I'm telling you all. The rockets are going to win the title this year. That's a product of me working hard and working spa does a combo have the look I ass their morey. I was like how are the other player regard. Harding cuz. I think this is a really important little detail. Do the other players is their reverence? about how arise at my question on the dead. I ask that you should be sidelined and he He was egg. Actually, I am starting to hear like the guy at the way the guys talk about him. It's certainly get that feel so yeah
Show me a video tonight about him and it was. It was somebody in in sports that important person and he goes to see. What's his deal, Harding to go, see a turd and I went you know what I think there was a time that that was kind of the consensus on him. But I'll be honest, I don't really hear that anymore versus ass off added some this game? Every very pro harden comment. He says, like somebody zip procured, a river identified, their technology and tools may carry more efficient and effective measure. Quickie get higher smartest
Higher zip code is powerful technology skins thousand resumes five people. The right experience for your job to text doesn't just stop there even learned. What kind of candy do you like invites more to apply Ziprecruiter so effective? Four out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter, get a quality candidate through the site within the first day, my listings could try for free dot com. Ziprecruiter is the smartest way to hire all right. This is always the best part of the podcast when we're a little groggy we're doing mailbag questions and we do game of thrones and there's a lot of game of thrones, Subway then. I want to talk about some tigers zigzags, which we brought up last week after the masters- and I asked you were in the sports sports business. Nobody, isn't. There's is never one hundred percent zig couple stragglers. What is gonna, be the zigzag. I asked you could really come up with a good one. A couple
Peter said, are marked for. Do you you wanna heartache about the masters is the least impressive remaining major for target of one congrats TIGERS, you're good at this one fucking golf course: try winning elsewhere as good Zack and then Alec from Greenville North Carolina said what about comparing in the jack as in Jack, would now got ten years that a major that would have been even really this is for stock shown a column, not the new Yorker yeah right out of any good, when the throw on first take, unlike our to the history books, will show the tigers in his damages people think so that would have been good. That, though, comparing Jack said vanity? Is Pierre, figured out a pretty good zag. She Did this never saw this one common? She did this whole. Thing about our work
were I to lies in what Tiger data at the masters, but that shouldn't excuse his behaviour from ten years ago and wrote this big piece about. You know he did eyes. She ran his waved in all these things that he added up apologizing for, but we should forget that he did that I'm get without that stuff. These did. I saw the two the divorce- and I was I was ok, let's hit rock bottom. He was completely humiliated. He was a national pariah. His marriage completely blew up. He embarrassed observed for this When his kids, he had to go and do a press conference, because he couldn't stop side peace action. He s in front of his mom, you imagine If you would have been different ways, if you had to do a pressure in front of your mom being like Perkins Waitress, sorry, you know like. So I don't. I didn't quite- and it wasn't just at corner was just a sort of out there. I didn't, I didn't see it come in and I went out so this is the thing
where this is the tsars, he's he's one amid the masters. I should just. I should sure I remind myself in the enjoyment of his redemption is a human being a major form any made some mistakes here, Ryan Ericsson sent us an email. Magic is a tampering machine lesson. Where the NBA warned him with the conspiracy Bhopal. George serried. Instead, maybe he ratchet up a man who does maybe may be stepped up a lever. Now the embryos forced to step back in with an ultimatum, magic and step down or heavy fines along with draft pick forfeiture for other tampering for magic. The result magic stepped down without giving real reason in the Lakers avoid getting hammered,
What are your thoughts, conspiracy bill? I like it who first about each outrage ourself now the first love was extremely jealous. When I read that even got out, I do not think a gray, I don't, I did think of it. I blame myself. I gotta get to go back to the trees, were repressed. Carpets for I sometimes you miss him bad it. I go. Look in the mirror, edge, scam, better next bike ass, I feel like I started, you know I was at least early on feel some are responsible. Email had at all in my Paul George theory, but I was unable to take it across the finish line. Firmer speaking, two acres Andrew wants to know when Atween weight as the next Lakers coach, That will make the bronze now allow to be poor courage. So when I get a banana boat body to be the coach in the bronze, really the coach you'll be grave for that Carmel. As an assistant, no wade introduced to every arena as a first
new head coach he's giving a sou jack later. The other currently use get we just added a whole. Another season Wait, wait rail, sobering, giving gifts. The last stance he can exchange jackets, blazers last dad's, Hashtag hashtag last dance. He's walking around as long as retirement ever kiss korean way to give them. That was more personal for you. This is Michael Maley. I sent this one to you, cuz. I really wanted you to take on this when Ben Simmons is in the gym practicing, what does he do? She can't work at his passing. Her vision is to best kills. So what does he do selfies? What does he do? What does he do in practice as this? Could you every broadcast? Let's
You look a lot of the national broadcasters. What you're talking about local broadcast the embryo has to prove you write, you had to go through it and I did the draft stuff. I have felt the paperwork and you know I remember one time. Somebody said like all this may not work out for you and also what does the NBA like me? Like I'm fine, and I think there is a real message were if you're doing it national Day, maybe see tee anti or whatever? They don't want? You saying what all of us think at home. As soon as the announcer or the play by plague guy color, with a guy going. I puts in so much work at the gym like how come other guy doesn't go what the hell are you doing in there, because that's what I do and I'm home like? How could she I'll be working on your shot that much and never take it for two years. So what did he do? What walk me through ninety minutes in the gym, with Ben Simmons, ball, handling Is it they say they all say he takes jumpers, I dont know what that is, but like there's all these people to like there's Lee
see people out there and I'm not. I don't know if he's lays you're, not lazy, em up my bag. No idea summed up sharing that opinion. There's guys that I'll see that go into Jim now,. Saw everything's New York. Are you doing his posting a fuckin picture, some dead lifts and you're not doing anything like some p. That are lazy- think showing up and doing minimal shit is actually working hard. So for the person for to be up to that person to gauge, how hard or not hard their working at about. Let's get some camp. In there, this is all access. Let's do this hard MAX been Simmons. I like James, harden when after game when there is actually video of him working at eleven o clock just stepped back three older than I am actually working with boxing video like will seal with different football players. Are guys really go. Look at this footage of em like
look ass, he gave it to you and everybody who is like. Ok, a boxing wants people to see that their like pretty decent and throwing a punch. So I gave this like Russia Wilson's the king of giving you boxing footage is like my daughter put for a great team. I share and she loves sacrifices in the Basque was much, but she did it. They need a grass for the team and dead. Almost one therefore says you learn she's like Durrant. Let s just about his birthday well why she has called for more apparent always be like. Are there would always be leg, so he should go outside she'd. Some jumpers yeah go out there later and then she just hamburger issues does like best buy that much. I would have been summonses light that were brands egg, hey, I baron. You should go out and shoots jumpers.
Is a yeah I'm going out there, the second amuse just in the gym, fuckin lifting this is good. Want to deal with them. I free threats for ten minutes coach. We need to go to the gym to work on our bread, brown accent cause I wanna. Do it suddenly Hampshire? Why were noise from main we screw that up? We start O Connor, Rhode Island last time. That's right he's from Main- and I are you hear it. It's amazing. It's so good, and I can't do it. I've been practicing. Like what you did have been of you. The other day I might ok well, is cause it's it's raspy it old and then there's just words that are murdered were just like what the hell was that worded so much more. He sounds like like yours, up and by Sandwich Massachusetts to get gas on the way to like Hyannis is in your at the ethnic, the donkeys.
He is like eight. The cane is, I don't get down ass, unlike bread browsers. I await you headed. I address I was just there and he just like, but it's more kickin thou its deeper yet the cape accident- I I usually can do that one cause. I worked well these cape cod framers back when I was deciding. If I was just gonna, be a framer and are they cover? My dad's name is Bob. And maybe like a boy that debt dramas a bitch, three o clock that would like this, like, while you wanna gap on that down that front door Bob where some fuckin weapon winded there Committee, Rhode Island now, my grandmother's. My whole fathers famished providence, so I can't
wrote in it the run down action is the Boston accent after, like seven drinks here s your gas yeah, what about the corporate but would have kept my questions free? Do you want some cake? It's from Carville Cather Josh from Louisville wants to know. Is Russia Westbrook the Clever yet Lang, the NBA, his skill in intensity contaminated upon it, but his own energy can be used again
Pretty great, I'm going to defer to you on this coverline next question Jim Corner this week ever read a gym corner from Jess. I'm a longtime female listing huge fan of the various iterations of the pod. This week you asked for a listers to stop writing an about naked men in locker room. I want to support that until you've seen an elderly naked women shaving her legs in the shared shower. If your lock room you've, nothing to complain about the women's locker room at the YMCA can reach a level of what the fuck makes silver forest sound, majestic ex o exo Jes, I'm nervous, I'm super silver forgotten. I won't. I realise that means, but that's horrible year I began to talk about, but
In my view they are my father. My father called this segment use a thing: it's not that's not thrown games. Now I totally screw that after an ice to my dad, he was like the thing you do: guy in the corner, guy in the corner, Oh, that's way better. Guy order. Why don't owe it doesn't sound like? I can't fix that? I'm just a man to have you heard of this week. I hesitate to ask I do not sure how I feel about sharing this Camelot. This is a milestone step for me great. I just started working with a personal trainer aware this is like when tony soprano finally went to guess he doktor mouthy you right He knew he knew he needed to help the whole time tabulating off about. I mean it's going to my right leg for while I just expected it to go away in a rise in Lisbon about for years and which is the flying, pain, hasn't stop
and I don't know what's wrong- had a crack in my leg once we're couple years and I can get it fixed and have insurance and I stop playing basketball. My mid 30s, which is a terrible idea. Cuz it's some of the skills, never recovered. They still feel like those new Durant's or come out. So I feel, like I gotta, get my game right for the summer down, but yeah personal trainer Emma ninety female trainer, maybe maybe the nicest human being I've ever met my entire life and she's a little thrown off. She doesn't really know what my deal is and will be some guys come up to say hello, there am I came in just downloaded the one with you and bill can killer those guys. Another guy come up and be like. This fortunately he's here listening now, as you know, apologize you're, not bugging me. Do I really appreciate, like two podcast definitely come up and say hello, our time I know a guy came up egos or Lakers
eating anybody like didn't even say hi, and so the girls like It's gonna meet is wholly creep freeze out for a second year. Almost stood when that happens cuz it happens to me from time to time when somebody come up and they start with the question and its is it always. I dare aggrieved about their team to the point that they can't remember. They even start the interaction it's like what are we do about? Bron? That's how they I've never been the person like. I don't know man you're in trouble legs you can freaked me out to because I'll be like. Did we meet Reg, How? How do I just admitted mid segment? I was in a building the other day and a guy came out of the hallway and he kind of did like a high, and I went on man. I'm like I don't remember this guy, so I'm like. What's up any was hello to somebody behind me because they say how to me. So I dont think its is route. Is itself right now, because I think geyser that, like they're in despair, the guys
superinduced earn such despair, that they thrown out all normal protocol, or sometimes at trinity funnier and more often than not. Transactions are always pretty cool. When somebody tells you they like what you're doing So I ve never alliance. I love it is where I had, but the bureau guy trainer thing they're starting to wonder like we're Scylla, but she's happened with injuries snobbish spot nobody's. Judging you find it almost unless those people the jib judge you could. I ask you this question: is this happened to me last week as playing off abroad by doctors, they drive in the cart. That's gonna play now adults like it when you get a nine halls and like under two hours,. Courses really slow there, two guys behind me and it was like a part. Three ruin a finnish airhole, I'm waiting like their allow, my weighing destroy me. We can just play these last four hours together, so that our plan and like a hole in the gag as we ve, met before right. We ve played together- and I was like now is like I could swear
We met you before I we met before, but it was really he just scientists. Hours or wherever and probably to be private tv. So now, I'm in that position of em, I, like a fuckin asshole, I'm like wow, I used to be on tv. I was now the expanded HBO show. That's how you saw me cause, then somebody, oh yeah, that's right, but then you like a douche bringing that up. Sounds like yeah I'd. These work on these peony, probably so humanism around It is again that's where was so went from. Did we plague together to know I'd, say you're, my television, but it is where the power of tv, where it makes people think they ve entered Dave. You have done something with you you ve just what the reasons are trotted of his eyes: crazy, powerful, unbelievable can't wait to be back
people every year they now money is pan, and then you say, as a first take last month I fucking crush threaded graduates, fucking car, do? Did you see the one I'm in March thirtieth 30th fucking crushed it? We broke down rotation, but we had a project out three years amount killed. It fucking guys Lascaux, confirm market Sudbury, I hesitate the address and I don't think it's going to happen either, but I think it is worth mentioning assuming they're eighteen by five for the NBA title and Stanley CUP, the random odds for the Celtics and Bruins, both winning random odds resulting in the Boston Grand Slam are now one and sixty four. This is of the Bruins get by the Leafs game. Seven, where do you to homer's place the true odds on a on a Boston slam? And if that happened, how would they
change, your no complaining for five years after your team once etc. I mean the Boston SAM, it's not gonna happen, but it ain't. It is incredibly stolen play. It is still in place. I'm so stupid how ridiculous this run has been for two decades. They have a chance to going forward around to be over like it was both me over seven or eight years ago, and it's not over when the Bruins one and two thousand eleven and they could add another one. That's a scary thing: let's use the other thirteen yeah last second Blackhawks came right, the Black Box game than you We argue that Celtics thing, so we should sit here and start saying what here the ones they should have had to hunt up everything ever that that, because he in a easily could away, but that's just the way it works like Alabama. When you look at the Sabre, Dneiper Illinois could had all these other ones. You like abbot, he got a couple, the same thing with Patsy Pats, amicable. They could have laws, but they also have a couple. They should want think the path the right amount, exactly, let us think Agee Celtics. Seventy over under was one and a half and they went under ya. Think they could.
Another. When I was out and slammed like the idea of this thing even happening than in two thousand, when you sit there and you're drunk in New Orleans go and I can't believe they beat the Rams and then you say You know it's gonna be crazy, though this the be status of them were like an eighteen years, you'd be doing podcast with a guy where there's a chance at all, for teams could have won a title consecutive sport. Remember in days that so no one remedy hates people from Boston I remember and eighty six we had the path Superbowl, forty six to ten celtics when the title the Bruins flamed out there, but then we had the Red Sox, almost one, the titles out and had much man for you. They lost as something from there, and I remember thinking I was in saying it was like, while in there was no not just in three of the four five us we were wanted to, but I it's time episode to have thrown game
now, but I gotta be Amyloid Raymond around. Yet this is the last thing we're doing in the park cast you can you can exit come back later? This is where resumed. I recap came in France. Some highlights Little start at the top Jamie Lannister. Nobody, nobody was vouch, inform Brianna tar steps right up. So that arise guy. This is my guy right scouted him when he was in Greece a bunch of wives, yeas rebound form. I knew it. I knew going gonna Happen- awaited spent a lottery pick on this guy yeah. It's the end of the latter We already have a ton of options. Neglect of the deaf people are coming they use the penalties. Are you look why walkers the white workers are coming? If you don't use the pic, sure it's two second his neck. Yet we need laddie switches, universities, you fell, it is someone and but is really good. With that one hand, let a veteran exercises, a tough room bouquet, our brothers antics, because you you also
my dad and you kill, my mama, my dad Eddie Red Sex or their sister. For years yeah, so we're not super into had endured, bow and arrow here right away. I that's one part so I was getting I enjoyed. That's you have notes. What's going, I just run notes, so we remember closure. Jamie then goes I apologise to brand yeah sorry for pushing you out of a hundred foot. Paralyzing in my bed, then branches discreet the other guys freak out as having sex with my sister. You showed by. I panicked our families a warm said. Stop climate, the he you shouldn't be up there there's a reason we went to the high tower. How did they get to the tower by the way elder? There are and thirteen hundred police system, polio system boulders and what not so Jamie apologize brand says we're cool.
If, if the world ants tonight, I'm on the last best, so we have to remember where they were get going. Your fish rang, despite the fact that he sucks in every seen extremely forgiving, not I am not a gradual there is it that it up. I get out, you lost a hand. You have lost the ability to walk or private guy, felt a little bit like high real. Yet I gotta know you're like what everybody's good now you guys might be Tina get along yeah what happened? I don't wanna talk to you for advice with dealing with my journey. Like alcohol bran any was like look, I should never touch you out of a window and now you're you're in a wooden sled at least get a chair. So then speaking a brand big spot, her now training, some of the sword fighters. She's been she's, been known to do this, though Bay Hydraulic is it on paper say too much too soon
She's gonna, be a coach energy amateur! No! That's that's good point. As she's got that high ground there on the left flank, I believe the air, and then Jamie was like I mean they want to see rush it sad, sir, and who then heiress great Some have said Santa Rosa resolve day. It's like eleven thirty, nine, Marius. They say Santa senior citizens accelerated. Some was better. Herndon areas, Edison Laughin heard. There's some areas are dinner. Muddy heard the ever see warmed. Yeah, hey, I'm found better people, your brother You talked about a has when her window fell to stupid.
Now an actual quotas, mendous stupid things for women. They can be easily manipulated, satisfies us now wouldn't say she had a ton of experience with men when she Is that right, right now the marriage Tyrian Rashid, never as sex of them right then, of really awful marriage with Ramsay Thou, not private, the least popular ship and age HBO history and then we were Jaffrey. Wasn't she would Jaffrey at some point to Jaffrey whenever consummate God Ramsay wasn't exactly a Randy bound with some out of that. Somehow Jaffrey was a step up, firmer rarely one of the worst characters in the history of television and then played make more or less, When is where does she suddenly get the wisdom? The talk about relationships? I don't really get up our, but you grow fast in which a virus so. Nice, warm relationship bonded over some stuff.
Like our ass, like that the same latte order was crazy and then and then a cool read the end. The nearest took the hand off. Why do you think they enough car? She said? Son had some shit That's got deeper. Second, there's didn't like it now and then also dinners had the line that I'm getting me but, like maybe of lower back tat, would said. I tell you be taller It better be tat. We get. If we get it, I judge track of the Gee lines that are like huge. If you want a queen her piano here, if you want a whore buyers, want a queen If so, then I guess I thought I'd be taller big. There big game plan about the big battle and others were proposed. Perplex, because it was like yeah we're not going to enough people. We got to do you know they're, trying to the Belichick Kind of game plan. Nobody brings up the dragons. The dragon should be in the first said the game planets like while you now lab, but aid than Aristotle.
And they're gonna show up right leg: rigour have those yeah there you breathe fire and care. And legendary we're gonna had re help stupid. The whole thing was ever hard time with it's like I understand, dragons are flying around there's a foreign euro hutches and as all these different things in our real, but I still feel like it would so annoying that they had to lose a dragon because the people in kings landing in thereabouts surrounding areas were there. Stubborn about the white walkers that is late, one you band of misfits is go all the way up there in kidnap, one just will believe you and then and even work anyway is now already realised that sir sees not giving them the army and that's why Jamie's up thereby himself and it just their down a fucking dragon
there's a White Walker Dragon now and he took down the whole wall. But you know what would be a boring tv show not losing the dragon having three drags. There's your own ever getting passed a law that be the end of the shop, so really great points. You know so another thing that happened: Tyrian started a pack asked Yeah they haven't gas yeah Frere Day what a guest list big comrade had brain on. Second, brands behaves what your stories I got along stories like I've got some time in their various, let's talk about zipper creator and who in writing rare brand, tells his tall host over two hours and then is there comes in guest number, two episode to Jamie his Booker's incredible it really get had the fireplace their fires.
Chat with another very Rincon two yet, which is always a better way to Louis gathered up the gas. Very smart Brianna was like genuine within areas and then other people like Tyrians, like I think, she's a compiler, so leads to the third package, which I was able to gather dubbed the winter fell, the shot the sharp six people there I'll drink and find the fireplace for some reason every Carter Reserve that that was weird waves hosting look good, though the good get super, so they are hung out. Then I said puck, quite possibly the most unwanted sexy in the history of, Serbia which is really sad, somethin Aria is.
His eye in January fate? There is their subsides planted earlier gonna for awhile, and it's done ever actually do this site. This is our little area. This is America, Sweetheart America's or were sweetheart. I can't stand her but yeah. Well, it's just like we ve seen her since she was like night night at ten, like, though, never actually go there with this. So then. Finally, she makes a move that she was aggressive,
she was aggressive and closer coming now coming off, and the three of us are watching with my wife and others are going, are no, no, no, no, no, the close kept coming off and she just jump gentry and and had a sexy and I'm game of thrones, and it was I just. I think we could have had the the gist of it. I don't know what happened or why this happened. I have an explanation and it just it took too long. I never understood this game, Thrones, Isabel, female empowerment and never more so than this episode. Most of the women never die in the show start. Mama was couple distress couple them that strike ready, there are trying to do. Is going down all tat and in this
episode alone. It was coffee talk with science and in areas where it was the uniting of we and of Ptarth, where we have we again today, IBM evident emotional say it was arias. Taken over which he was like intimidating adieu to makes she's TIM a due to make swords for a living, jag and glass swords and there at the end that little elfin girl, whose always apparent charge of the room. The ashes, like nine He was like no I'm going to fight, and I can you not you're like nine and weighs ninety eight lb and she's, like I'm fighting and she goes going to William Wallace, so boom boom boom boom. I'm telling you right now the talk is going to be fire this week I can town what kind of story
We have developed believes that this is a female. Is the future female forward? That's what this episode was with a catch Johnstone. Finally, tat the narrow said the end. Actually, I am also tug Erin. Member that hall of fame- and I believe that was actually my dad and I will. Yes, John Snows, like your body in the wedding party, that getting a little drunk the night before he agreed right there if you're right and ate the negative for the one who banged up- and he goes to the groom- he's. Ok he's like I'm so happy for you too, and just you say that issue than anything right like it was can't here's another her. May. It was you guys are broken out like I was sort of Laguna more with a roomy than her anyway, but that she and jumped there. I just met nothing. I just want to make sure you heard it from me buddy, like kick another time,
to tell the horns going off right. The hoard is going off so, but it's going back to your family pyramid thing. It sets up now that the dares held he'll turn yeah good she's, not like just having this cause. Now it's egg away to second, that guy's, actually the natural heir to the throne yeah at and his sister doesn't like me. There I've got to drag, I'm taken everybody out, so you know the third facilities, like I'm ban, Tyrians package yet I was out. I walked right by many different. I can get book now. I'm writing a rifle air safety. He just had aria those bullshit, it's well enough. Were daily web show we could use you say next week is the battle.
Therefore, it is apparent to me an hour and a half and it's gonna be one of the great episodes again threads history. You know directed by the battle about Rich guy- oh really yeah. I just read that tonight. So that was scale anything else. There was this week's upset a throne game as they did it again is fine. It was a big set up. It's been to set up episodes, but you know when you trying to combine twenty storylines in two hundred and twenty minutes to set up the big reveal. As a writer, I totally get what they're doing like twenty minutes and I could have been a montage I think twenty minutes montage. No, let no lines eighties. Eighties movie, star cleaning staff are paying. The house should win. Falls in somebody catches, some of it. They start laugh at each other. There's no dialogue and just like an if the game thrones guys you like hey. What do you think you're like just five minutes, we fuck with everybody in dueling, eighties revenge, the nerd seen as they're getting winter fell ready for battle. It's late.
We're gonna take this is done in the agenda. Has there's gotta get huge smile and a big, bundled dragging glass, and they like falls and somebody catches. When they start laugh at each other. There's no dialogue and just like an awesome eighty song over the top areas in the closet. When tendering roof- hey, do you know, don't cut it out, but then cut TAT, Genji just sleep after her guys just ice cream baby first about he said sacks of area the way work how come you're gonna die ruins again on the frames like I'm, the that hey, I am the tuna and see if the horn goes off. We wake me up. Thank God. We just wait here. Let me know devil to get over that Gaza going through trade,
evolution. I hear you guys want to watch a movie here. That is aunt Blatchy. This is my son and his friend girl of this will be my learns eleven and sources Kyle that your son wrapping this is it Paragraph Wait, a minute wait, a minute! That's what Tik Tok melatonin! It causes suffering
melatonin. There was the ant ballade. She thing you know he made up. This is what they call the sung Appalachia lackey here. The best people to make weird rap music titles are either really stoned. Adult musicians are eleven year old, kids Cosette taken over the apology I gotta tell ya, I didn't hated airport listen, professional, wrestler, wrapper. I've got to possible job locations for myself, feel good, Look he's warm up to me, though, today As I see it, semen is underwear is still. The case was because I was like it at a time, and I want to get some shots up because I saw hoop and then I go very like the Kazi underwear. Ok, it had clearly was it so puts appeared at will know I told here like our ship, I go ahead, you wanna shoots hoops and I didn't know casinos like look, I'm just a stranger basically in his house, and he was immediately size us as she's moves, because yet definitely- and then I look
I am standing there is underwear ago shy. Take my pants off there is a proper yes, each is still faces. Like now, the big, very feeble, personal trader and paneless basketball. Yet nobody look I'm great with kids people wonder if I take it, I love kids. I just I don't have any that's all you get with kids in you killed that on that march. Thirty, at first sight How does he know about the mariner? Six and seven were officially AIR forget giggly, her hey thanks to zone
thanks to a hashtag talk, the thrones check it out at Ringer. If you, if you miss it thanks to LISA, especially big things from Kyle, this is most popular motel there for mattress made with premium phones for cooling, contouring pressure, relieving support, please check it out, Kyle, you review a plus bus or a plus There are three plus a plus, plus plus from car damas out live healthier, live happier by arresting deeper orders to dig it fit incentive to purchase for a limited time at least outcome. Sash bs use promo code bs, that is, l e essay, dotcom, Slash, B s familiar we watch was we did the natural a couple weeks ago- would immediately cup way so that we do feel dreams this week. So the baseball trojan complete saving bought them for later. He could I got luminary are low, Ninety nine answers is common american pies, the first one movie. That is,
retaining and is also age terribly we broke it all down fewer here luminary download the app follow the instructions I gave before back with a couple pads as we graph macho in the studio this week. Old friends, Desus and Mero, be in the studio. This week we still have the Michael Lewis interview we did, which was awesome lot of good stuff. Coming up, I'm going to probably the rain fashion and Doth road ran Scylla. The drastic this wait. You love the draft love the draft on it, trying to fix some creative some different. We won't go. Seven rounds, reverse welcome. Of some. Do I mean come on two or three. And just go through the eighteen receivers, bow check his pack them less eighteen, airs and how he's gone one for eighteen in this is some of the bow check Achilles heel, but it does America's. We one six arose yeah I've done these I've done it. We endured it come on. And because I thought I'd Power rang the Bell check, receiver, graphics, Jackson's up their Chad Jackson
That's really hate Bethel Johnson, it's worth who's the guy last. Your brain barriers says there but I want the guy who's, the guy from Oklahoma Hollywood Hollywood, and I want the tide and his great in the workhouse back. I was against our Guy Van DEN should I do thanks I'll, be back later in the week with more to them. One way.
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