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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to recap Sunday’s matchups including Daniel Jones’s debut in Buccaneers-Giants, Chiefs-Ravens, a painful Rams-Browns game, Colts-Falcons, and more (2:50), before guessing the NFL lines for Week 4 (49:35).

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lower case letters to sign of presumed they'll get fifteen percent off your first order were I by the ringer dot com and the Ringer Podcast Network, where the hottest take people like this, we did our first We glass weak its excuse. My spot, a fire you should be following reseller has one if you like reseller, you have to listen to us the hottest taken spotter five, because he has a doozy come in, tomorrow, unless you say the seventeen seventy zero involved. So that's coming up. You shit. Be subscribing to his pakistani way. His pack asked every Monday with Chris Long is assessed listing, I was on their last week as well, and the real watch. Eyeballs come back, Wednesday, because for my fiftieth birthday present to myself we're doing the shank redemption and its coming up on Wednesday and we ve been
There has been like six seven movies we ve been saving was time to do this. One has hope is a good thing in no good thing ever does shanks out so listen that on Wednesday the we watch was dated ended. I now luminary Mallory, I did for love of the game. Got a little Raja mackerel lie. I was disappointed both of us if, if you Mallory Outer Rochester. Here you go. So that's coming later in the week, I'm luminaries will come about because at the Amazon dead, so we had to take this this morning, but renew guess the lads and whole bunch others that first, our friends for projects
I were taken this Monday morning, Pacific time, eight o clock, you got a burly, sounds at the Mps. Last night Sal you deprived our loyal listeners, descended Ipod that they can use to. Why are you pass them right? Now I oppose You should apologise apologize, but you should definitely apologise because I try to convince you. We should do this last night. I said I would call for many governors Bala whatever now I can't even see straight, but work I didn't know it, nobody wanted a distracted cause where, where year like outside some party, maybe smoking all over you. We,
so you been hanging out baby out Dixon our Asia. Oh excuse me, I guess we have say our manager, for the last few days he found out that he's bent to the I have twice in the past four days in oh. I worry thoughts on that from from what I understand, he went alone to so he's like sneaking off a guy like a theme or something to her to have the Rudy to refresh fruity or whatever he's planning, but here he is he's a toward it. Or semi he lit up a cigarette eighteen inches from our good friend Daniels pregnant wife. You just don't start carrying likened nineteen. Eighty two the from their it's funny. I we enjoyed Madman way back when, because it reminded us what life was like in the sixtys when people redhaired and smoke doll over each other, it had no regard further humans and yet- and yet it's
Nathan inheres James Baby, the decks and do this they draw back the idea. Well, you and three you had to go to the army, so you missed the day bill of Danny dimes. It was absolutely spectacular, it was stunning I can't remember being that surprised watching football in a long time he's just good he's a good for Bob. Where a I feel like with quarterback she caught it. You know bad right away. I feel like they can surprise they can be lay bloomers or whatever, but at the very least you can watch a quarterback first time blink task and that guy doesn't have it. This was the opposite. This guy. Was making great throws. He was moved around he sneaky fast. He they had some staff. This next June Stats thing where they measure the top speed a quarter back and get to end
for speech yesterday where he had two and it was a Lamar accident, Kyler marry that was the top for his, good. Are you worried his junior division for the next fifteen years, where a couple day I always saw highlights, and he looked really good. Like all the things you said, and he looked poise and he was making nice throws like leading the receiver nicely. All things you You thought you hope for with Eli. I do think it's kind of funny that the giants so like celebrating, like they ve, never celebrated before in their best player, they're all time player seek lombardy. In a walking boat? On this, I am sure that it's not gonna, be great. By on there yet look look really earned. It is very strange and I floated a theory by you midweek last week and you I got. Let's do this on the pot gas, but now that knowledge
seems like he was much better than he lied to begin with, but I thought Eli might have forced his own benching because he looked at his record and saw one hundred and sixteen and one hundred and sixteen and said: oh, you know what I'm going to be ten games under five hundred after this year and then this is at some point can affect my hall of Fame resume. Let lets bench me now and whatever people get think whatever they want, but I don't know it just it just seemed like he was worlds beyond Eli man, and yesterday, right yeah seems it seems suspicious the timing of the one. Sixteen one sixteen Eli, eight and twenty six is last thirty, four starts magnitude I to do this two years ago, as a lot of people have pointed out over the last eighteen hours and then so they so they lose him and he was just terrible in every respect as as starting quarterback and then in somebody who opens thereof ads has he can actually move around? Is a two thousand nineteen quarterback, but I thought that
It was really inspired by him and there is some stories, though I guess the owner, benefit had taken this part on Monday morning, as we, I actually had time to read a lot of the stories last night in the sporting, and they set at one point. He swore in the bottle and its end. His teammates gonna fired up, but you can see it in the game when Poor Barclays in walking boot on crutches hopping happy that joined the post gave celebration length, the shots were fired up and debate the the sake. What they made me think that might have to be an olympic event. Harping on one leg who who can go the fastest? I've, never seen a lady move faster. Did you see that he was doing like a fire? him on one leg hopping verses me running full speed. I think he wins. I think I would start I fancy teams are so bad. I would start say cloning crutches for anything. I have back there without we. That was the bomber yesterday, because the bucks for winning Barkley got hurt.
I am one of those classic. Only his body goes in the is that it was going when he actually got hurt is he has a way of those from hips his body's go one way is legs ago and completely the other way, which is buried, Sanders, Ish and accord This is the one time somebody caught him and it looked like a torn achilles. Broken anchor something. So even if he's out five to six weeks that stats away compared to what it felt like in the morning obscured over this whole thing was in it atrocious loss for Tampa by well. I won't be here before I want that. The first one of my favorites that I'm saying all day, and it did. This is not a reason like these things. Pop up like Monday morning is good to see this Eli towing. Forty four, when his team was down eighteen or more points Daniel Jones want to know wow, that's a fun one but yeah. I think what you were
Does that mean you look at Bruce Arians and his health and everything? And what's the one thing you can have for guy with my heart issues? Never you can have a bad feel real kicker canebrake. I'm the annex, four points in a chip shot vehicle go because it's gonna make for a short, a really short tenure there, a tap a babel. What do you think do you think this is a mini Ewing theory like without barquey or there's just too much going on with the Eli, but is this a Daniel Jones Ewing very moment now they win five games It's like it's, it's kind of the Eli Manny theory would have to create new theory for rail. Yes, that's what it is, but that the fact that the bugs didn't when their game First of all, they are hugely against. A guy would never paid has started. Quarterback perform, Barkley gets hurt theory game he's got one received a thorough, basically but they're down they're down whatever score thirty seconds left MIKE.
Sue already has like thirty fantasy points in his having like the fantasy break out there, the job its have one on one coverage against him and J Mistress he's a down. He makes the play they get down there. They are they down. The ball would like what sixty seconds up. They start a time out and then and for some reason they take a delay, a game, and then JANUS does this you and the mental thing, but it's like I Wouldn'T- can I shouted the Enzo First MIKE Evans. They couldn't cover and worthwhile you put in the game in the field of kick his he's already blown to kicks going backwards. That was some of the dumb coaching I've ever seen in my life until we saw the night game. But yet I know that it would like MIKE Evans has, when he has his shirt on talked, is jerseys talked like you, you don't even know if he's where, like half his shoulder pads like our yeah, just go to that guy right, he's he's in the right.
Right now that they are that seem like Temple, was toying with them up until that point and the out, even though of coaches are telling the truth anymore, their jokingly areas, they Dasso about the delay, a game or, and then these like what we like that part of the feel better now is, could now there are now they complete screwed up, and the irony of this is so we did the over pack ass before the year, and I told you I like the box and that the vision, because I thought it would be bad division They would have until one may a whip with this. Aids Bridgewater. I know this it's one yesterday by Bridgewater Dollar good neck aim now is that game was more reflection of Seattle. Just might not be good. This year, delay have what you defence of touch or take return. It yeah non orphans of Dutch. Now there was now like an impressive Neuro saints offensive performance, but camper two in tune whenever uneasy schedule and
I had some momentum cause, they finally got my governs go in and they just give that game away and there's a chance. Nine and several Windsor divisions that out There are some really bad coaching which will get into yesterday. Arians was then atrocity. Frayed occasions will two p caravan pick out. Hidden the nose of the football before the game and its possible use can cost because there were disaster and shit. At Bay, was really bad and send an egg in Malta, but all that to more giants thinks I write where they should probably trader. First for tobacco right. They gave her the first back yeah. What would that Would they do of their brands? They call the brand brands are going to make the class. I dont think and urges a hey. Man will take him back we'll get you give your first de. If you were him, would you rather have Daniel Jones? Are Baker Bay felt what kind of watch what they have to give the brown to get? No Del back yard,
right I mean now, that's all the comparison New York by God. The giants are not going to win the division. We just have to have more wins than the browns right yeah and it really they really could do it at this point, because I don't know, do you believe in people watching enough tape on a guy and then that's it like. Could that be what happened with bill? Baker I do feel argues like he's, leaving a pocket to early he's doing a lot of mechanical things wrong, plus they can protect him, but this string, a buzz. You have five turnovers in the fourth quarter, like yeah, applicable the dice with Daniel Jones. At this point, even those against Tampa Bay was like thirty. First, defensive waves in the inner fell last year, but He can't like what you Baker, I've, never seen. Baker play war against a good defence. If it happened, I missed it. It just seems like the better, the defence, he's just bad paddling again where the ball and they can protect them. Obviously, but.
It's it's it's a little alarming and it definitely alarming if you either bet the browns over or you spell out of money on Baker and your fantasy, like I have one more giants thing for you Kyle US something to tell you what do you think about it like a? I think it's? Finally, the guard has been changed. I don't have to hate the giants anymore. The last stain of the patriots losses are gone and I think it's just fun to be happy for the giants again, the Kyle's piles healed here. That's what you think I wanna be read as well: yeah he's here the Eli Whitney the giants, because the Eli and stray hand and David Tiree unjust and talk, and all these skeletons from these two superboss that were taken from us and now move past it and now that we found peace and we can be happy for the giants. Fans were here for them. A Dana Johns Eli has now gone its grey and and actually makes us feel really good that Eli? Who was never a top?
Haven't you be at any point his life, who I was, mediocre stats considering he was the twenty first century, Kubi fur, the above average Q bees and the giants. Fans are pushing this hall of Fame Resume case for him. That may not know that. I like it, I like. I know it is really just hilarious. It's like you want to supervise, say, should be laughing. We're still- and I did this whole bit last week and I had a really research- did it was impromptu and now. I wish I had gone more n and they are you guys. Absurdity lie was not how fame Kubi stop it, not an. What am I France is a giant van semi this, so this angry tax because he heard it and was just like the list. People who have one to two superboss as a Kubi, is not long. It's basically that list is Remember that it's like it is like six Cuba's, ok but
Harry. Now you thought about it at our egos crazy, but it might thing is it cannot just be policies and because now you're, looking at four percent of his body work as Bahrain, but right, that's and really, because the only but the right that's an really, because the only one in two years only one play off games in two years. So now it's like down the two to two and a half per cent of everything he's done. It just can't be, I mean what we have been better serve the Trent Deal for one one more Superbowl, and then we gets put that argument, arrest them super flag. Maybe yeah yeah here, like our here's, this, that the multiple Superbowl envy people STAR Bradshaw Montana, Brady Eli? Maybe there's one missing, but that feels around correct in out Eli winning, for, though, for the seventeen fourteen game is ludicrous. Are the twenty seventh thing? What out whatever the final scores?
Superman. Others take this Anti Samuel. You got the helmet, chaotic everything he was just as lucky as any quarterback. You like that was unlucky. I'll bring up Tony Ramos like senses of the word half thereafter observed the padlock ever the I, but I told you this week we talk and last week look look at em other field. Work. Look at the Academy awards like whose a better at their share or Harrison for I hate happy about the trophy laugh at you can look at something else. On crews, Aurora, Eddie Redmain, I don't know That's a good one share Harrison for the giant Is like shares in the moon I was really get realize gone. I will say this: you know has been a tough century further New York fans. I feel like right in the end as much as I despise them as much as I love battling them, it has been
it is sad to see them just just tell em rock bottom. Were you have that one great Yankee season, no nine, which is now tainted by the iraqi peat? Is you have these twenty years? A terrible? Next of you have the giants with the two super balls and then just the debt whole decade falls the jets, nothing the islanders, they moved. I don't even know where their play now, but who knows what's going on with them? The mats you start out, you make the world series, then you have the two thousand fifteen roads areas as I here come the mad at our falls apart and now all of your hopes are impede, Alonzo, that's it every every baseball hold, you have is tied to that one guy. Well, it's kind of sad it's been kind of sad to watch, and now they have the roof carrying Katy in Brooklyn these hired mercenaries. I like that they have traditional old school. Here comes the any Jones.
And now and now they have like a new guy. I hopeful near fans, I think, are better for us than sad bitter near advance, though I say this here comes dangle Jones. Until July Stadium weeks, six, so in a Thursday night affair, sorry, you and Kyle made may not be cleansed fully of their son, who donate a giant more sneaks up. Are you down with Danny dimes as a nickname, yeah? That's pretty good. I haven't had time to think about it, but that's delayed. The club. I like tat. People are already shortening the dimes he's that even Danny it's just like dives, but now. This is get him in, say climates of that's, a fund team and the last thing too, to put a bow and this the jets fans who were few really good in the offices in that like. Finally, maybe things had shifted to them? What Can the boss yeah, I mean if you had said Hoopdriver
darn other Danny Jones up until two days ago. It's it's. Ninety. Nine percent of people probability Donald Right and now we come down a little bit, though Now I'm not learn China Jenks as yet. Let me keep go and I have I am more jinx person and put on this. Humans ion in the same year. I tweeted this yesterday, but the really good year for Duke Change, rhetoric on the Ringer podcast network. Zaire Danny Dimes, like were common around. I do. I feel like I'm just as a country now to gather the basketball being locked down for I know, is that people ruining for that. Let me ask you this, because people this is gonna be to talk about. My show locked in Ah giants were sixteen eighteen one when the division before the season started, they were a hundred to one. Fifty.
Hundred to one depending away. I looked at it before this week. Back down in eighteen, oh won back down, eighteen one. Do you know what now people think they can win the division? Terrorism as that that higher, It is with that. It is that's exactly what was when the season started, sub cheeses, but can't cowboys minds, one sacrificing Hey we're teaming up with Fanduel, to give you a chance to play fantasy football against me and the cousin, the trifecta at the winner, gets to fly to Puerto Rico, to be our official correspondent for Fandos World Fantasy Football championship, live finals, all expenses paid for days of wffc events in Puerto Rico, including an exclusive beach after party with live performance by Ludacris. Though, want promote Harry for this? I know Harry is gonna, be there somehow go too fast. Calm, slash ringer to enter and draft your weak for famous team for the games kick off on Sunday, brag little. So we have seven hundred plus people in this week, I finish thirtyth right eye.
The one up you I hate to do this, I finished twenty, neither our fifteen hours did we have without MIKE Evans. I did. Evans, I had Ingram, groom and Alan, and I had my homes. I just think it's worth it to go in the homes, www loser, but it whatever other player, but it's kind of safe. Now my governs I had Watson Darwin cook make Evans and Tyler lacking in the Patriots day in some had in when. Well I value we hang hang the spindle thing. Remember you can play against us in the ringer listener. League unfair does Matt. If you miss last week, take on the top prize this week get your, ass is kept by me in so failure calm, slash, Ringer Tansu, now, Fender Dotcom, Slash, ring I was really excited about the Make Evans, Finnish think sound, really in a fantasy. You know why I might have an undefeated fantasy June this year. In your leg, League, wherein this is the best him. I've had enough
We are some really happy of it. I tell strangers about it, I'm back. I did a whole. How does take last week on our new pack has four Spotify about how fanciful poison fun. I reset his comrades fanciful, buzz, really fun when your teams guy, I really in Germany of care when you came when you make it to the plans the same thing every year, you'll make it to the play after the two thousands, while bangles and now has a short time, there's that the most points are like speaking of making it through the plants and choking with such by your cowboys. So you three you, you got visa, will sweaty during their dolphins game yesterday. Then it then it all worked out. Yet I did a little Adele open parliament. Ask you side, everybody everybody has the pats and chief says that as the top two teams right now, who would you have for your next? For I think gauss is third.
I don't know the half a year ago- reverse taste. I read very now: here's the easy can't they they played the giants who want it would say, would you want about Danny dimes at secondary, still atrocious and was proud that at its worst week, one but the Redskins in the dolphins? So I think that they were good. And another for building the rams, like a fire, decide fewer decided. When the rams in the annex ii or the Cowboys Indiana. So you take you take the cowboys, I think, if you have field it's gonna matter more than it would for the ribs yeah powder. That would be my. My caviar view can can pull at the the of title game at home. I think that significant here's who I have One Casey Dennis doubtless and the Rams Baltimores three four and forty five. I have the the EU, in theory extraordinary courts at six. As my sleep
and then I have the New Orleans Green Bay, Houston Group, at seven, eight nine Minnesota, I got ten eleven and then added the three teams that who if they're the September rabbits are not Buffalo San Francisco and into trade. Twelve. Thirteen fourteen, it's it's, a weird season, because we have to really, teams. I think New England can city, and then we have three really bad things. Why Then the jets Miami and there's a lot of people in the middle of that kid shaped shift the penny and how seizing goes and who gets injured on that. But I think you're teams looking good, especially if Philly gets knocked out here and there, private injuries there. One and two now you know You may be able to put that division away by the Thanksgiving game now yeah yeah, there's oh yeah, yeah I said it I said aloud already: you came for jailer Mamsie
where'd you learn to screw that up. We already passed on harmonised screw that I don't know. I don't I don't know, I don't know what to think of this by the way you scare the crap out of me all week. I think I woke up one day midweek I was like. Oh my god. I wrote the losers. What? If what? If the dolphins come to the big d and win this game, this could be bad and then every text you we during the week is like I love the dolphins. I love jewel. We Dreyfus, I love you, you mean cowboy yeah screw it up like three times a day off and- and I was like it's an omen. They're gonna, be closing. By the way they weren't, because ten Saxon was Drake fumbled inside the tent four half and then it just then they just fell apart. I have a the doll, are historically one of the worst teams that we ve ever seen. I'm just not getting a good, but we'll know better. Doubt Dallas goes to New Orleans, the Sunday night, we'll get a much better. I read on that thing, say TAT was a classic. I want to show anything with a big game coming up in a week performance We buy where you're playing a terrible thing
you know, you're going to win is trying to get out a game alive, your backup, back at a lotta carries they'd. They played a perfectly so Well, here's a day, let me just say this- we're almost a month into the seas and here's what I was worried about, yesterday's, where we have to see back Jason Yard- bad Andy read at some point. This is a lot of games now. This is this. Is six games that we haven't seen this four may the team? Could it be that just both these squads or put together so well that it doesn't matter voting at this boy. I'm go the other way, here's my theory. I think Jeanne collectively has gotten worse and the Jason at any rate. Combo is she becoming more favourable as the years passed mean juicy Friday kitchens yesterday really bad ate. Like I don't even know if that was an often said. I've made this joke.
Tat is but a really was the case. Yesterday was I play my son and not in where he just spreads receivers out. They just ran straight lines in the quarterback us backwards and throws off his back foot. It was so bad the funniest thing with him. He doesn't. He first coach, unlike ten years who doesn't covers face when he calls the place you don't Sarah everyone this putting in menu over their face and nobody can get rid of Epps he's like I don't care. If I were not to be running place red, She do it in the press, conferences, but the menu overslept causes making even less sense there like. I do not like You won't see a worse for the nine called and just a straight hand off while tackle to the job and then, like you said, like empty back field at the goal line. At the for your line first and goal you knew there were three passes coming the rams, defend that ten yards behind a better than anybody and they're gonna they're gonna bring pressure. But what are you doing? What is anyone doing? I know their offensive line of isn't good, but it's not
though a criminal misuse of laundry and Becker View. Just think. Like you'd tell those two guys, I just get open just just little picture as for each other, little Luke crosses little out. Like where work in a getting ten catches again. That's how I remember Landry on the dolphins or whoever that there were just just little for yard slants and then what do you know? He is the lever receptions through Yes, seventy eight are the air. Whatever he did move it drives install with him in their attire. Well, I'm wondering this. Let me ask it is coaches pride themselves on by Vienna without you, work. Ninety three hours they get in at five in the morning about sleep, a little really looks like their sleep deprived a lot of these codes yeah. I can't I can't watch a fourth and short would be Carol anymore. What has to happen before on before he's done? Features like that, this is where you go restaurant right, you're you're, gettin up an age. It could take, take a bathroom brake on forth in one because you just can't do it anymore. You see
the same things out of every coach. Now, as you would players, it's very strange yeah when I did powerful, had Seattle has fifteen at fifteen. Sixteen and seventeen the enigmatic enigmas, would say Seattle. The charges in the falcons- I don't know what the half on those three teams, but with Seattle. That was just a shoot yourself and the foot, the whole game game and you think I'd they barely put the Pittsburgh came out and we too, I don't know what to make of that aim at chargers are one. Two they gave their game waited a tray last week, even Yesterday they couldn't one that game. Benjamin drop the pass late and then you have falcons it fell. Give that game was ten more minutes. I called game. They were one because they once t why went out was really tough for the court move, the bow and the Falcons were lights out. Offensively Just kind of ran out of time, but I
actually like the way the Falcons play that game. I think the courts are really good and the falcons when total with them. So those too, things which one would you believe in out of those three teams go for. I will ya, don't chargers it. How do I know they beat the dead, beat the charges yesterday, but I just I watched the first half and Watson, drawing probably the worst pass I've ever seen or when he spiked an incinerator. For everyone again on a ladder on an already dead, but you really don't know what these are all That should be so much better than they are in the falcons. You look at their line rhymes twenty nine. For thirty, four, three ifor, three touchdowns one interception. You look at that. You like our right. They won by thirteen over Indianapolis, but Reset was right. They're here, very similar numbers. They play good defence when they He too they moved the ball and their funding. I'm gonna give you credit, like the courts take. Your motives were a little sketchy. You lied Andrew light. Why you need? I am I like to look. Look like the dog here
what is our made at age Elect everyday revealed to be all he did was loose to my favorite team there, all the time you buy them. I was new out approve at take that this is another extra few for the Flay gate and everything else. But at what what's your the the culture, the danger prediction, your most proud of which is which are you least, what? What are you who you cutting bait with live? I've had a real get first, three weeks and in the court's ride in the court's week after week, I'm excited I think they're legitimately get the hell. Thing really worries me, but their necks seven so near home for open this week at Casey. That's gonna be tough home for used in Denver at pits, Pittsburgh might be out of it by that point, and then home for Miami Jacksonville, there's a chance. They're gonna, be I mean they could be eight into the ten gay mark
seriously they could be. I don't trust him that much, I think, they're good. I think they're well coach setting the good day, the thing we talked about how without the intimacy is better than their say. If you look at the two conferences, right now, there's only six above five hundred active citizens and if you think I like who's gonna, make the play ass. Its out of the teams that are one in two or lower. It's really just the church, there's an jack's that you could make a case for I think I would on the crossing off anyone else, but I think a lot would have to happen for neither he's for now. The above five hundred teams are Casey, Buffalo, New England, Houston, Baltimore and Indy. And then the charges are one and two in the jagged one and two. It is not. That could have a cough and then you look at the other conference. If eight teams that are above five hundred posts, Chicago's one and learn any of the FAO.
Consider wanted to any of the Panthers. Eagles that are both wanted to the Panthers like really Legion. The good yesterday with the new quarterback eagles key, even though its better off season, then we can count them out. Yet I think Have they remember, there's going forward, the procedures may be significantly better. This is why I think there are better options for the end of sea for thirty six, but that a seat top three is dynamite that, but you know how much you'd have to put that you one yet even odds no way. I think on Patriots Chiefs, Fc Championship right now Ray. I love to see chiefs ravens again as a conference semi final, so that those three teams are rare. As I know the ravens, and you know that there were their heads,
yesterday, but those top three are really good, but I think you're right, I don't know what do we want to give the bills when those wild card spots or three know if they play the patriots this week, but then you're right, the browns, don't look great. The jags look good on a ugly Thursday night game with rain and penalties, and everything else that that sir, and that the charges are the Enigma like what? What do you do? They're, probably the best wildcard option out there, but there only one and two and is probably more losses. Cummings. Yeah you can make the case for the chargers that are not healthy right now and they're going to get some guys back as the season goes along that a difference makers for them. The bills. I simply have been rocky defensive. We are a top three defence. Maybe even talk to so you know, considering they get to etc. I think its realistic. They could get deadline whence the sounds stupid. I can't believe I'm saying Josh Alan, I think, is
stupid. I can't believe I'm saying is Josh Alan, I think, is now my top fifteen quarterbacks. Never let him in saying that much here dad I'd want to have the ball down, for or we can drive left and I agree he's got it in its wake further bogged down field that much, but he he does make some place. I think, if you look at the aid, aims that are above five hundred down the inner see. I they deteriorate falls out again, I know the Niners free now in their offensive, stats have been pretty impressive, but they're really sloppy men I I haven't seen enough from them. Yet that makes me even yesterday they turn the barber five times Three of them were just a hand of the bottle. Pittsburgh was in like Pittsburgh forced turnovers cuz. It seems this was like here to take the bus and they still somehow one. So I think there, Can it be more more flax in the annex?
but I like I like how this season is, God, I think, there's a lot of teams in the Maxineff from a gaming standpoint. I think it's it's been pretty. The answer will the worst on the food, a team- you say San Francisco or Detroit out, a train. The trains atheling about cowboys Packers Patriots chiefs. Also what I think the trade definitely is the worst really yeah yeah they that that game there, one last week against a chargers, was fraudulent and then either Russia is just dying to give away this game, so it turn the Arizona gaming tie. The game is over and then yesterday really, but our time management and then up settling for forty six yard feel goal that was really dangerous for a lotta differ, isn't that it ends up getting blocked and aid show us Anthea, Sir no Eagles, when chargers is a good one. Maybe we know
come around a map patricia maybe we give that appears all crap most two games. He may be, could one Atlanta and yesterday he dared Bilbao check in the eye and beat him and the I'll give him thus lack. Thea the Ewing fairy carts reset is tune. One but then Jimmy Jeez three now in the market, action who the pats gonna take a last year they took Sony Michel instead is the worst running back, were started back in football right he's he's too in one saw them, possible, Brady backups that we could have had the last four years or seventeen to sell anything. Just Tom The presidency is, we have to talk about Antonio Brown, just cuz. If we down people going to email us gonna turbine you Don T, Antonio brand thing: it's not a fun story. I stand the fact that they got him. I don't think they knew that he had a civil civil triumph, sexual saw coming. I don't think they
you that he was going to harass somebody who accuse them of staff entry intimidate them. While he was a patriots employ, which means he had to go any dead and I don't know whether was worth the risk or not. I personally think why now, it was pretty low risk, I dont they die some of this stuff that was come in the gag. Clearly, ass, a major issues and they cut bait and that's it. Let's move on I don't remember you ever saying. Oh it's time to get rid of the sky and at thirteen days drat that's the only thing I pretty target back although all the text of rapid like Wednesday late and then I would like thing I read about thirty hours by minority and my diary gotta go now. I was I just assumed he was gone, at that point, that was insane. Who does so? He had to go well they're, not as dominant without him I mean they gave up points. The judge. Yesterday I will say: does he get a super bordering the mask? You that? But I now tat
but not as dominant. First of all, they waved Gunnar yet, our friend had she's insane pure Pats Van he's ready to actually drive the Fox bird or release Gunnar himself. He was so fired up for the no touchdown streak urges muffs it gotta. Really. I was excited farm. A man with sea bed die, the last three games see, did nothing and then fumbles upon and the jets and obscuring and then they bring in the backup Kubi throws a pic sex. I feel bad for Brady there. I don't feel bad for barely alive because ruin no reason to Bali finally get a break is a God on the play. Fourth quarter and priority point game, MRS Nice: instead them comes in Georgia, exactly one month after now, I'm back and all these games great wine. They blew the cover they were there. Actually covering was twenty three nothing gets right and
or thirty, nothing. What was twenty three nothing here and somehow didn't cover. Did the cowboys covered right? Boys were the first team. Should I wrote this down than I forgot since two thousand one I think to cover as a twenty plus point favoured. Well anyway, the Antonio Brown story. I were a it tat, it was a really fun crazy, the story, the whole of the way, the raiders things ended the path stepping in the paths becoming America's favour wrestling ale. Again, advantages got dark and awful in that last week. Was a bad as unfair as sport story could be an end. I bring anything, go arts on into Instagram. That's via Heroize Brady needs the calm down a sum that stuff other things I didn't like before we had to, I guess, thorns actually lipstick, hey Square. You know the debate that load away reader that helps lots of businesses around your neighborhood. Take payments like Alexis who cut my hair.
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couple other things I haven't liked before we get to guess science Jerry, What do we make him his last for games? Getting back to add the Patriot Superbowl when he was awful I'd. Not thy. He looked great in these first three even though his receivers are really really terrific and seem to be open. A lot And there is a couple times yesterday, where they couldn't just put the brands away specifically in there before The second in one hand, I've stopped third, and one rules out he's got seventeen options. There was an incomplete, and then Mcveigh. As always, you think I'm Mcveigh as this lake kicker let's go for a guy who is actually the opposite on these forth and one you know third insured stuff, he always plays it safe, they have taken to feel, go and then led the brands almost come back and win, but
I haven't liked what I've seen from golf at all, and I think giving in the extension was a mistake, because I think if there give new extension; it would have been the opposite. It what's happening, the dac filled. His price would be dropping. Why do you think a gulf? yeah, maybe I just I don't know if we give him a fair shake like when one with the rams, the most intimidating to you and was before their Superbowl year, there was, there was one Todd. Girly was good. I don't know that for sure wrong with them. We have forty three yards is only, like forging Garriga game anyway right now, I can't believe the Rams did as well as they did without Cooper COP like that guy's it needs a drive sabre every year I mean he had to go into now. He seems to be open, though a guy wants a growing old across the middle, but are there I can. I sense, I think, like Mcveigh is probably a little little down.
Gas headed Gulf at a guy. Look on your Iphone as you attended the Amis last. They were working really light. I knew you were going to your big. I worry, I knew. Where can I watch em is, I believe the Rams gape weed had reception. I was gonna, definitely thrown out my sling player and now try to drown out John Oliver's except in speech, and that's what I did so What can we do about this John or thing on that? Advocating kidnapping em, but, but maybe think about it I feel he's been in the way for a while, here Ray M. I talk myself into our cousin, actually getting like the one at no nowhere underdog when right now said the point maybe We frame John Offer for something. Did you send em heroin shit, I'm like pound, a harrowing just, send it to his house and call the police like what what can we do? We could do. Listen used, your yearn HBO Guy get get it done, maybe
It's in there take a year off too, to regroup mentally right back to work. The power of just taken ear off, maybe do some travel remembering why he likes to the show so much. I don't know John Stew, after a while just forfeit he's like. Don't don't nominate us anymore right, but that was not the case. He had one so many times I gonna wanna, I just you under fly out anymore, That's vagina Aversa there he suggests Santa at all. At the Cinema cup play things that didn't a Yoda, Thursday night, Emily that is staring quarterback. Is it more I think the hammer true biscuit when they get compared to each other. If you had they if he were either guy. Who would you be more? Who should be more offended? I think your biscuit, because we ve seen five year this year, five at their right of Mary order than Winston like a like. If I got married at your biscuit fibre, would you be
Maybe more offender Marietta he should punch in the failure, should give you upon trade round the neck. Another thing! I have liked what is Calvin Gordon doing Can you remember a dumber hold out than this witness did? Does he think his prices? being driven up as asked the neck or just Jackson, basically put up the same stance that he would put up. What is he doing This is going to really bad advice right like this. This is what happens with these two. Dear and then you'll see like for you, nobody there Montgomery going to be like guys like emerge, and it's going to get worse and worse. As you see like third round draft picks at the running back slot put up good numbers. Another. What is up there do, you think, is aging. Is you go into them leg? So yesterday they weren't. They were only fourteen four hundred and sixty four four years ago, but a car had the huge foam ball in week, two that that help the cost on the game. So maybe that's when is Asia goes to Batman
I dont know whose trading for him and then paying for him. That's happening. I don't know what thing over the how gonna be like on Thursday, when the patriot sign inferred looked at ninety box car Do trade Sony form, I would shed sell anybody right, I tried to tell people last year. I didn't think Sony was accurate and there's it's a good stand in its way if you can't, they can't throw the ball and he doesn't seem to make anybody mess. So I don't know what I'm missing. I like the guy, but man. See it's like your ear: urea awry, your dear you're criticising supermodel fascism, all honour I know you something really big mom shorts, like up whenever that this team is fantastic, new I know my son is the starting right back in his fight football team and can be successfully catch a screen pass and the guy and knowing compatriots can't beacon.
What would you would love to see? I bet you should put a top ten or less together or somethin like you would have loved to have been there by coach Bela's checked side when you heard the James, why was skipping game we could to add to bear witness? It was childbirth right because this has happened twice out. The patriots you're right, I did look out. There should be a camera ballot jack as his prayers Tiger. They would like to be in the lead in the labour and deliver, isn't gonna employees. That's James? Good luck! You you'll never play again. You never forget. Rebuilding jet ahead. The kid is how the EU can be returning ponds next week. The cross em off list. For after three weeks, we crossed off the dolphins after week, one we crossed after jets last week right gins across off if they lose tonight.
Tonight and then they go to the giants next week. Our weight on them or more so we have nobody across off this week. Well, I was going to say this: there are seven windless teams. Do any of them have a low who was the most legitimate shot. I guess would have to be Arizona to make the plants jets. Miami Nightsy Pittsburgh Washington, Arizona. I think it's in there. I think we have to go. I have for this because the energies to deep red, I would say, is asking you who you most proud of your prediction. Yours was the colts minus the packers. I actually think they're good. I really do like editor. Rogers is doing things Furthermore, he scoring the first quarter like this is due diligence, the Vikings yeah, and he did it yes, Dana gives market or whoever it is like that was the packers problem. Offensively gets it. Would you want about the floor,
they're kind of scoring early and setting the tone, but they ve gone against three really solid defences. I think the bears the Broncos and the Viking, so I'm proud of that. The one I'm least proud of the Broncos Owen three. I had them as a second wildcard India in the area of sea. Just terrible have to be done with Flacco got to be done with it. We berated you last week house and I, when the house was on for guess the lines. Last week we paraded you to give up the Broncos. That is why there is a full parading you gotta join me I might is. I know I know in our pigs. I hit. I hit the three big ones again this week you did it all I had the courts, the rams and I had the Packers Chiefs, tease the only when I last was free convene, I thought the I was gonna reward the air
the queen on our last season, and instead they bade did the the feedback thing so unpredictable right, yeah you would they jewellery drivers? You think weep so much you, everybody loved those chosen out flee bag, everyone's again, watch. I guess I can't imagine how many people gotta watch flee bag. This we may not, because I told them to but right. I love to see the spike in in views, You and I liked it alot free bangs grain. Twenty five minutes each is twelve episodes over the two seasons Magadan tonight. We bags great at some point, we have to talk about it, just egged when we're for these are words when you have six episodes at twenty five minutes, each weather should be able to dominate all these other things I lovely back at thy. Is my favorite showed this year other than maybe succession, but it just seems like all the same thing he's doing what thirty age half hour shows a year competing.
Colbert found in Jimmy we're doing too Josie here right, two hundred and twenty baby. It's the same thing when, with talk about the dramas or you have a seven episodes of a show verses. Twenty two: a network. Shout you seem so they set more categories. Hey, let's do guess, thoughts so we have to buy we teams this week. So. The forty nine hours, yet what are the jets do, deserve a bite I go in three: they played one home, Many other boy, do only aims. I got you guys, take the weak. Danny, Dimes, Gagne Dimes is taken all their shine? Great quote, Adam Gaze, he was about his offensive game plan? He said he thought was fine if the jetted executed some stuff. What attack is not wrong, but it there it's like. We were. We people they bow check, is a deck, but
Adam Gaze is the real DEC? He's done. This has really been urges. You couldn't hurt this point, so they died fascinating Thursday again give them actors at home, it gets the Philadelphia goes our challenge. We sat out on Sunday and I think they really miss him. I know my fantasy to Missus and he he's gonna actually play on Thursday. I think he took off Sunday, hoping pull it out and then he could plan Thursday and that didn't work in this, the borderline must win for filthy. Could you go one in three in the area of sea where it's gonna take at least ten years to make the play ass gather thing. Is there next five, They have three road games against, currently interfere teams, Green Bay, Dallas and Buffalo. So I calling a random Thursday, eight road gaming four must win, but Thou must win right. Yet, while thou they'll have to beat Dallas, I think that that's the big at the wind water, thus you dont, want to fall wanted
I dont know if these factors into the line, but I will be there I'll be on the pre game show. This is where foxes covered starts, oh yeah, you're doing it. What's the point the car is Green Bay. Tuesday, I got one of those things were flying out like four p m and get to green berets two in the morning, Khazars Noah, there's no direct, but on Lamp. Have you been a labour? I've never been. You have Yeah I, when I wrote about it, it's two thousand six. If you go, out there. People who remember the right eye. The Landau, no sex, He stayed in Milwaukee, we drove three hours, we got a straight on or near Lambeau. We ask somebody in their like see. There came arctic right, it's right there. It's out of control. Lamp on the ground you'll love it real yeah. Why I'm doing item I wasn't sure Valentine announces but is part of my pre game comedy bed. I'm gonna attempt the Lambeau Leap
wow, I got all excited about other guys, I'm going to do it, I'm going to be watching a lot of film, and then I saw Jennings, is in a fog. Sports Eliza can be able to do that so that all six feet tall. It gives a part of the wall on the north ends on that's a little shorter, but you can do the only way you can do. It is if you score a touchdown and you have adrenaline is like we used to walk by the wall. All the time say that we can't get over this thing, but I'm going to try it. I'm not leaving lambo. Like to see what kind of shape are you in right now, my god, I'm really good shape. I, like seventeen miniature hot dogs in a blanket yesterday, her I have the Packers link five and a half to the eagles. Are you in a little heavy? I went to a light, I said, minus four, it's four and a half. They put it in a vague zone bill. I get that one and that seems loaded me. I've.
I think the eagles are going to have trouble moving the Bonn this game. I have not been impressed by the people They were kind of counting. I have some people got her like mile centres as low back good to me there, savers and are now. I think this is a dangerous game from them, because the packers have a good defence and if they get the lead, We stand by the right there. The new packers abble lead and take care of it. They take care of it and eagles. I thought the Eagles would come back, didn't think I got this is kind of what they did to the Redskins. They fell behind yet another sending to the lions, but now they don't really have the play makers out there, and I would say the best defences are the pats the Packers Buffalo. Would be my top three right now from what I've seen. That's good Sunday, our Marquis game, Chicago at home,.
Go against card cousin? You like that in the Vikings so the Vikings, if they have the lead, the really have to play, If you can get a lead on them, Kirk involved there actually pretty easy to play the catch here will be so we we don't know it's a bunch of biscuit tonight. I assume he's gonna. Do ok, I don't know but I certainly wouldn't bet on it. But what are too risky spot. This. This is one where he has to play well and if he doesn't play while they're gonna have have to figure out what to do a, I think they differ. With. I left them out there there one of the best for defensive Chicago has to be in that mixed here right, so he doesn't play in this game. I think they really have to think about what they're going do, because there's guys they could trade for me, what they're gonna do he's our guy tat the sailor I dont know. I owe you
get married quota year, five in Tennessee, and it's like we cotonou two years ago. Marianna. And they an age, is kind of double down and trouble down on me and now there completely screwed. I just think you're busy Aerial regarded him. Winston will probably another eight years in sleep cat. I'm not sure. I don't think they panic with the vaguest panicking a little now I'll say that Did you ever this? I have bears by two and a half you now that, as I said, the full three in poultry, made sense at the beginning of the year. The bears were expected to win this division, but the dates adjusted Vegas there like now. This is a second tier and I've seen your team, not even given in the full three points. I guess it's short weak. Help you. I think I think that's your business related entirely cause I would love the bears in this game if their quarterback was even decent. Just like me, diesel
their defence can away and I'll get deleted the game's over, but I don't trust them at all, and I think I Please don't say it which risky has said last week. I don't see it, I really, I don't think he has it. Maybe I just those thought this would be one those lost long past. Those going gave another cousins. You look at his numbers active. Is this the perfect game for the Vikings he throws? Twenty one passes. Complete fifteen four under hundred seventy four there's that touch the hundred. Seventy five is a touchdown, but cook is awesome. It just goes. Kronos really get their running value there s a big chattered there, it's funny that it thinks it's kind of disappeared. It's basically feeling you're, not kinda, like one touched on call back or somethin human needs. Nothing the rest of way. What's I will do the rest to say in a secular and take a break
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check that out, including Tyler Parker, wonderful writer he's gonna preview. All thirty him be hit. Teams can't wait. I've been except this exciting for an MBA preview. Gimmick in a long time so check that out of the Ringer Dhaka. Ok, the watch Abbas for watch about this- so the first one I ate really wanted to be in the Sunday Marquis game, but I just don't think I Josh out yet the patriots are playing in Buffalo were defined a lot about this buffalo theme, I will say this: the crowds gonna be. Credible. I look forward to see now: the videos before the game of of bills, fans jumping off trailers into into tables in doing other things that they do the atmosphere Bianca.
And I still need the patriot should be favoured by seven and a you nailed it needed exactly. I looked at this Patriots team. I said that I don't care about those two. Don't touch sounded the jet scored there still double digit favoured over everyone. I thought I was nine nine half right in there, but you got it. Seven and a half, and you love this allergies again. Absolutely now that I have some concerns with this game Joint Ottoman left that jets game in his show their chests things. Something seemed off. They said he was out for there s a game of chess thing. We re it is nine o clock per se, time, a m, so I have not heard the ottoman up they yet bed counter sir and right that do not dead. Look like airmen just being healthy this week it if they dont have here, There are a lot of trouble with third and said in thirty, eight type situations, crises it
and our sad because they don't really have the titan situation all anymore. I guess James away. They get through the back field, but Maybe that labour all gone gone for weak did he have the kid yet my cat think he had it cover he's coming back Josh Gordon's hurt here He did not look very flash I ve made one good player, but he's got some handed jury It's him dealer, tough. For then the throw the Bonn this game would be my guest and the bells date there. The coroner back that guy weight is out of control. He may be the best corner, Hymning Gilmore, there's really good corner, but there's been some really good. An elite corner backing this share in those two have been weigh up there, but this is a nice part for the best my question for them is the Pats defences so gay. How are they going to move the bar, so this feels like, what say whatsoever in this game. Feels like a classic under loser
as you know, I never read on Anders but well find it over and over on that. What would you think it is? How does it forty, forty three and a half that's what this is about it is now dressed in a recent forty. Well, here's what's gonna be there's one hears what I'm looking for, I'm looking for patriots, odds to win the east and if they were somehow to blow this game at the guy minus four thousand right now, but if there were a blow this, what is what's the most dick had come down to the bills being enforced? is probably like for the once a day that man is our Jewish near outlaw man. That's it were entering our bank accounts. We got to do it. I would love to do that. Ok, good! That's all
bills and leather watch about this is another one. I like I had two of our undefeated rabbit teams both have big home games against, contains the lions are home against the Chiefs of Kansas City. Yes, six on the feed it seems for playing each other. This is a great. I can't I texted yesterday and I said my homes is touchdown runners, only two and a half. What are we doing any said. You use texted me back a tweet of the rain, and you said about the blue available that nobody wants a walk on it. I think you said it. Me two weeks ago, just bad my homes, every single, every game for the over four touchdowns and what could go wrong? He's gonna go like thirteen of sixteen game so thoroughly. Three touched:
and so we let another I elder one that I would go consistently over two and a half as they have these Oberon their totals. But but in my defence I know I talked you out of that. Now is bad, but I also texted you in house when the ravens were up six, nothing. I said the Chiefs of mine, one twenty right now near. When did anything wired had money on them? That's right, minus one. Twenty with a team in homes, crews, I have the chiefs laying four and a half points in Detroit low, I said seven. It is actually seven right. No believers and Patricia the pencil now you and talk teaser, can we throw thou in the desert answer gotta be, will have to be achieved or peace or ask it
I don't know what I don't know how we lose that I just said: did the chiefs just roll, but they don't have more than a bad quarter, and then you know they more than make up for the rest of a Mccall hard man that doesn't really hurt. Doesn't whose flying we did the whole overtaxed always text. I wish as good thing why tat your I texted you. I was waiting for one more bad Hardman week and then I was going to try to trade for him from you cuz that guy's I go to the fast, receivers, I've ever seen in my life and then, of course, the eighty three ardor, so yeah trading him, I'm guess so, don't you have to start all those guys right? Ransom was big, bigger the controversy in earlier this year this week. I think that may be the best him. It better than you are doing. I think they win any shoot out. It's too easy for them the score MA. Homes is the best quarterback I've ever seen in my life, Great Brady's, the great Quarterback I received my hopes, is the best a cable, the place he makes during these games
saving like area. What the what's the difference answered gravely is the greatest quarterback Malta, but my homes is the most talented quarterback I've ever seen in my life. Brew accomplishment Wise Brady's, here There are now on the legal front as it did last year. The patriots out slogan, just like the loss of ground, can never did your counting that in well. We lose the game at the affords, a step by step backwards. Why don't? I just think you'll be home this year, for it. Where we lousy? I don't know if, where they live, you beat the bills as we get really is looking like. You have all failed throughout. That would really help with Casey is You know the shah. Mccoy was pretty forgettable the last couple years, but you put, it Wanna team. Were everybody spread out and you have to worry about all these receivers and fifty Radius! Basically, Cosby homes could throw the bar anywhere Sadly, in the Sharm recoil it's gonna get you now is limping in the tunnel
before the gay. Are you there that weren't insurance gonna play any the ends up being a fantasy delight Stella shifty. I think that team is lights out. I really think that team is awesome, the one the one catch them as they can't stop the run again, which Baltimore She could not figure out how to exploit correctly, but you know that behind, they couldn't really do that that that could show the boffin light. They wanted to go, that's exactly right. They do it right. The chief state they step on your throat, so it's twenty one, six or whatever yeah. You will be able to run against us, but is not enough time to just keep running against us. I'm teasing the chiefs put that in the teaser basket. A ringer social team, Pat Logan, all those guys we should just create. Little teaser basket, graphic images are
ads on these weird little small bodies. Just us throwing teams in a low basket, teaser bad Easter basket, but yeah like a cheese or by the nice little happy basket, we're just throwing teams of their chief smile, seven, that's in their another one, Rave at home in a distant against the brand the brands have a really brutal stretch come in at their one and two and there Baltimore San Francisco, Seattle, New England, as their next for good luck with that and I and what are we decide? Freddy Kitchens is Dick name was gonna, be like from kitchens Friday. Here's your rod. There really is. Is it better than you Jackson and we had you Jackson unless we lock it, and I asked him how much he roots against the brown scale of one to ten. He diplomatically said one, but he's gotta be love. This right. I was going to say I think you should just book. Freddy fur lack it in four legs September. Ten, two thousand twenty just keep book of their. How get his hotel remarried is plane ticket cause, he's gonna, be there the poor Brownsville,
How did they end up with is the worst the boy coach all the time. The Gregg Waves is private. Best coach. They ve had this decade of these terrible era My god about of smart ones, probably didn't get overly excited, but I like Vegas, did making them the ABC North. The winning a favorite went well, we ve had a very good year. I really hope people appreciate. At the performance. Every had the last five weeks, unwanted things warn people was, do not trust his brand stamp. I'm throwing the ravens in the teaser basket. Already I'm guessing our ravens by six and a half years would yet me a little nervous. I had them by seven as it therefore touchdown favoured better than this team, especially at home, it's five and a half. Why should this be five and a half you? U when this game? But why is it five?
the ravens defence. Every shirts get thou, be the only thing I can think of how now I guess I guess that's it, but the player for Player- I don't know. I just don't think we're going to see the o dell that we sought against the jets Monday night, but those seventy yard spread to the hands. You're gonna be few and far between I'd. I'm a weird feeling was Isla. Weren't sharp is a good twitter followers, He had he had screenshots of the four formation The brands ran when there are like on the eleven yard line. China tie the game late last night, its brutal its chance. What does that mean doing? I don't see it getting better. I did there just not equipped. Actually to beat it seemed like the ravens about my opinion, the only thing I'll say, as in its
Well, we can t and on a game like we had the rams yesterday, because Mcveigh is better than chechens like that's it, you could be a real right up. Analyzing rest, your brain right there that that's gonna, take over at some point during the games can be a big difference. I'm not sure harbour is the, but by the way, not a great weight for the harbor brothers in general frantically might you might have Jacon Logan Paul in their coaching teams might be better deal, but that that it's only a slight advantage right now. I think voting list will harbour Baltimore abide did did the thing where he went for the two point, then you get it. They were for the two point again. They didn't get it in their daily lives and set him get down. Three. Here's an idea have occurred. There's two point road helped. Maybe I'll bet been down trees, the big five out, another checkers, not that good near it either one of your best kick ever
and throwing the ravens in teaser basket. I am too, but I love that five and a half on an alarm freaked out by AMS Box in our. Signs, gonna be high and it concerns a little bit on the because of the rams, the boxes garbage time, potential the rams by nine and a half million nailed it, which leads me to believe you cheating a little bit. I add eight and a half it is nine, have exactly this would mean a lot more fun if the rent, the Tampa Bay was torn one gas at a decent checker to one restrain, all we can to put a convinced ourselves. That this was going to be a close game? This is a little flashbacks to the nineteen eighty NFC title game, one thousand nine hundred and eighty oh yeah right Vince Bergamo struggle and submitted a mosaic gathers forty years, and I could bear them. Arabia knew what was it was an empty. It was an empty championship, do wasn't it yeah
what year did I say, nineteen, eighty or nineteen, seventy nine, but there was all The greatest show interfere. This was the member. Then they. Then they ran back here every twenty years and there was this. Was the impetus replay channel something other than a manual lose everything I have heard a manner man, thank God for because if we didn't have that we well. I don't know. What's a the source for minutes of everybody's life. I am If, though, the coach has continued to that challenge, the past interferences on the right times. Well, I don't know, what's a writer has anything been overturned? Really, there's been some I'm on it seems like. If they had thrown it, it would have been overturned and then I'll, throw it when it has no chance of being overturned. Diameter figured it out yet the need to crush the data. The barely whatcha balls with for games for this first one at Lana at home, against Tibiscus, five o in the Tennessee Titans
and I'm furnaces teaser baskets out. I don't want to say that I truly believe in this Falcons team, because we all know how that goes, and we all know that ran should now be trusted under any circumstances, but from what I've seen that I've watched every minute of all three weeks of above the falcons are much better than the tens you should be able to move the bar in score, more points and win the game. I have the falcons by sex and putting the teaser basket another scary line. We both had six soul, tie Vegas started at five and for some reason, has gone down Wanna. Have you because I think they still think tendencies decent and they're, not then I listen, there's two pretending to prepare now tendencies that good cross him off. I hate the Falcons is a favorite like good. James is a favorite who do you trust the least like the chargers, the falcons, these teams all kind of fallen? The same you add the three before
who did you have which three it was in your flurry city, enigmatic, Enigmas, Seattle, the charges and the falcons all those ignored? to the texts in their too as a four point favoured at home or for fun. I know they're gonna win, but I don't want to sit through that last quarter of misery why the Texans as a different team this year, There, the every game they play is gonna, be funding. I just can't help it they if there behind they're gonna, come back if they believe they're gonna blow at their just every game is fun with them. I support the taxes, the show is really. I hope he can stay I think he's really He I don't know, do they have that in the next June stats I'd to know who's been hit, the most I'm sure they had that that he's gotta be up there right. Well, I don't do that terrible past, but the sight of men and women I hope and pray that land gets to three and a half falcons by three and a half I would have to better.
And and then I could just scream about how much I hit the falcons when this law area too. You know the one day them as their running backs are bad and then Judge Ito got her yesterday, but Her piano deal is out at the academy, is actually see. That's can be bad for him like second season and all that would refer. I'm glad you brought that does the dumbest play the day yesterday. He he taught his Achilles fell down nine contact and was so upset. He took his helmet off and he threw it they com for fifteen year, apparently no right, yeah he's like my fucking, What is dangling off my leg, mad about it? They don't pick up the flag there, like fuck you fifteen years, I was bad, you have you swear as their structuring you off, you can get a yank, sure you're at home, they should make it. They should make a row that if you can show the Rev, your foot dangled If your lag baby pick up the fact right, no immediate, x, ray or something I'll, get the teaser Basque you're ready. We have
come on we're going in. Let I know you love this: hosting the raiders. Can we really bad Indianapolis four weeks in a row and million dollar pigs, which is I'm up one point six million dollars a million dollar picture? I can't even told that's a lot of money or anything million outbreak. Was I mean I bet a million hours every week, I'm up one point: two: six million dollars worth of Europe. Unit one eight hundred thousand dollars. I speak. The call I have laying six and one slash to the raiders. Now you're gonna ask me out here. I said six and it is seven well, I guess if you, if you like the culture and I do as well but were crossing off the raiders after this week, that right we are I'm going. I'm gonna give you a couple red flags for the courts. To our Hilton limped off. We have no idea. If he's coming back and dead,
early held on in that in the game its falcons yesterday, and it's just a bunch of first and second year receivers and the tides, and then Marla MAC. Who is plain heard? Who is actually really get in the second half, but they don't have that one guy that that he can go to third, nay other than the tide ends, and they really need to weigh Helen because he opens up so many things for them and once he left the game, it felt different and thou, be my fair with this, but I just stayed the raiders. So they had one good game too bad games. They cut our who we thought there were member with
they're gonna go under six games. I still feel pretty good about that one, but this is a stay away from me. I think we were you called when the coaching match up like right, overgrown right, ear, West Coast coming ease dish, not great, probably for the raiders. I love to see us that, on that so far, how that's worked out this this year, pointy early game for West Coast team, but I think it comes down to a beneficiary feel go and if he's feeling he was good, he was gave yesterday they the code. Been undervalued for three stray weeks, and this is the first week where you're not getting any value with their breasts islands. There may be ass, though it next game, Houston at all against the Panthers, not throwing this game the teaser basket cause. I don't trust you soon as we discuss before comes backup was good and there alone And I wish I had thought of this a I didn't bet on that Panthers game, but in our dear found the picks poor. I picked the corners and I now
did the whole thought process of cams terrible, I think he's terrible. I think, I'm playing her for two years. Anybody who comes in whose decent can be better than him. This guy was actually than decent and really good. Them. Some live now, they're playing in Arizona of kings bury so who knows, but I There are a lot of frisky as as a road doc. I have Houston Giving seven one half at home Well, you and I I want a little lower but still high. I said six, it's four and a half right. The big is on it started for only one of the four and a half. That's a mistake,
And I love this I'll. Tell you what I ll set in the bud in love being frisk by four hundred Mhz charity. People out this is crazy to get through all these little checkpoints. As there are some quarterbacks. I really want to watch those four p M games: Danny Dimes, Thailand, Mason rode off Hollow Murray, Teddy to gloves and ass before the tax and charges that was animals. I there were so many good quarterbacks watch net late afternoon I think I think you're right with this, call out one glucose out there and throws before touchdowns, and they were invigorated by him, which was the bigger think they that Whole team really responded term, which you know and rode off. I had, one Parlez that mean House did with the Steelers yeah parlay them with the law and who won the saints who won in the back those who, once we're gonna win two out of three ten one adds other states are set to do is take care business. The Niners are begging them then take the game,
and rode off for tuna quarters was as bad as you can be. Then he, finally, I a kind of settled down I'm so I'm sure I don't know if it was nerves, grammar. What I need to see him again. I wasn't that impressive. Yes, he didn't really settle down, ended up. Fourteen for twenty seven juice matures to broke too crazy tackles tat war on our long one. The other passengers get the other touch them pass was now. He looked ass. He looked at your I care about that day. Forty nine turn the ball over five times like four times there was middle. The second quarter that for turnovers and there with it, was valid. It was a bad. Thus, so That line seems to lie to me, and I dont know why. History is, I wonder, frisky a team likely one can only get so many points, because Odell has a chance to break a seventy yard or to make the Panthers on the road can only get so many points because Christian the calf,
I mean he's unbelievable. He had a chance to he added decide. Oh I just wish I stiff farmers. I work on our. Why? Why would I bother I could I could outrun them in a race that they write these? will he can go for two hundred ten games, as you yourself, or with the Panthers what is different about than this year than in years past, as they really have weapons now cosmic Every is a top five running back. Obviously, all since those Olsen easy television, but he can still get open and then I really like the two receivers like more and then Samuel. They have this new. Tell curiously about these next June stats, these air yards, that they keep track of their where it's like. Just measure how many yard somebody was open during the course of a game and that guy's using fast and he's open alot. Last week he led the league in areas as we keep at a better game. Fancy was, but I really
like their weapons and it just like you gave them a decent quarterback. They might actually be pretty get. I wouldn't rule that team out cause. I think was the reason that dating when their Tampa game away to I'm with you Kyle Alan's recognizes the these air yards better than CAN Luton again, I'm a he might have a good career excess fell, he's got the flashy hats and everything. I took a figure how the Exxon Valdez them out in the game right, that's a look. I gotta be like the new day right burden. California, why the ads before this is a stairway stay away from this game market next game, Their stay away, Arizona is home against us. Our team that has a maybe concussed, P Carroll and added What's going on Russell Wilson is putting up huge fantasy points out the site and Chris Carson's fumbling every game, their defences in his as we thought I was gonna, be it might just be an aid aid, Seahawks team,
she's a bummer, because I have a lot of seahawks fans of my life and its more fun. When this yolks of fun the Seahawks minus three in Arizona you, three I had three Vegas. As for the gone a little higher than on trust, our memories, much, they think P Carroll who took the Marshal Brady Football to the faces, is gonna rebound here, but as they are like I don't like their play, calling on all our friends now. Take it what why not on third one, that should be his his number. He calls number like three out of five times on third one they get stuck for than one's a disaster for them all the time, and I think the governor fire power to put up by Thirty five points again. I would like to throw this game in the parlour bucket because there's thing when Arizona their terrible, but they ve been able to throw us off the scent because in that the trick game week, one they came back from eighteen lay garbage dump debt we to Baltimore,
They were down, came back made an interesting yesterday. Just killed by Caroline and they ve been down by by severe double figures in all three games, and now three weeks, a tape on them, and I I I just don't they there that get in. This is the game where they get killed and people like ours. So there one of the forward stands at only people think diet. I wish I had odds for this, but I think it's too, I don't think they have on looking up now, don't see it is who do you pick for our rookie year off into brocade? Here you got Danny Dimes, where you go calamari doubt better odds for Danny Dimes, risers dimes would be so much fun. Is that those are two best options. Then some good receivers, the air- the receivers- never won it, though I say round spot, I didn't think back, half
I thought he was going to be a bus decades. Exciting he may see, makes is fast and he makes plays in traffic. I like that. I hear he's like I was a fast this guy and african country, and I was like the sixth drafted receiver. Commissioner Michel someone screwed up here. We should better times just so. We can complain about how many thirty five text I swear, I'm gonna get arm and a figure that last night barely watches Danver Unity here Broncos, you and know where were the last two people believe the joke. Lacquer I'm gonna take em again here I know I am your broncos going against G Menchu in Denver and the jack. Who I thought, load fantastic last week and Jane Ramsay is now doing this thing or his cod and say trying to get traded. Keep jailer aims it s a really good. I think the JAG should we should just read this did you think for a couple weeks and see what happens they? Guy? Which aid is for net? He just should be, unlike the Redskins rushing thirty yards a game for a three hour to carry.
They made they need a running back, who can be a little more wide open play at catch play, action screens outlets except I have brackets by three formats by language is so bad too so bad run off its fifteen carries n. You know. Instead, they broke one to have respectable numbers, but you had three. I had three Vegas has three so they're not take any chances, His eyelids take one moment one more break to talk about square space. Our old friend Digital Bs Parker spots are going back to two thousand fifteen. There could easier than ever launch a passion project where they are looking to start a new business showcase. You were published, content, sell products and more square spaces. To offer. You beautiful templates created world class designers, inability customize just about anything when the few clicks he could make a beautiful. Say yourself: cows should do this. You should put your he's a gun. This causes secret music guy
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of being massive underdogs against whoever they play. I have the chargers by fourteen you're going to get this we're going to go off almost a field goal and get this. I don't know why. I went twelve, that's stupid! I do this for a living. I should get. That should be much closer. Sixteen and one slash two bill start at 1660s, that's horrible, so I think I think them thinking now. Is we restarted? Fourteen with the dolphins? Don't care where they're playing as long as they're playing an established, that this is a two touchdowns bread and then we work from their chargers. Have Miami Denver in Pittsburgh for their next three? They could easily be foreign to it by Wessex. Our driving our Mr Aylward listeners. Some radio show was that the NFL was it either they found out work now and then talk about Eli and fell rivers. And one of the guys guys.
Who would you rather have fewer fan for their careers? Would you rather have Eli or fill rivers which one would you rather have, and what are they goes well either. I went to supervise so I'd rather have that and then conversation just got ended. I thought it was ass, daddy since the great break that they could. Phil Rivers or to Superboss. I loved our walls right. I rather I personally rather have the two Super Barcelona Giants are found through the bidders nother poop a game men, despite not being who game caused Danny dives, but I'm putting in there anyway. It's it's a wanted to tame. It gets no three
The giants are home against the Redskins. I have the giants by two and one slash two think we split this cuz I had three and a half, and it's it's right on three before having seen The Redskins play no sacred Barclay, no receivers anyone's ever heard of anger Evan Ingram being triple themed, and yet I believe David Times Sunday night submit I sates at home against your vows cowboys. I have since by one and a half I do not believe in Teddy Bridgewater. You know you did a good job here of not this might be the first week you didn't screw up one
bring home thinking that they were on the road, and then I looked at this. What the? What did he do hear? You have the saints favored by one slash two half I had the cowboys favored by three and one slash. Two cowboys are favored by three wow. Yeah as up by four points, four and how he waited the seeds. Often yesterday they know they don't wind, probably not for those on the fence of play is not that the events of placing a ball hawking doesn't count, but then we need to show more offensively how my cowboys in your top defences, either you top three. I don't agree at this land, I'm sorry. I have seen the saints come through a few times at home. They there is sent them a magical them, and I do think this is a possible our kitchen,
anchor for them will say. I'm surprised. Is there a kitchen says there are forty kitchen sink thing in there, I'm trying to figure out some kind. Now now Eddie Kitchens Monday night. I already leg is out to see if this matters through died. I beat you, would you like a drone this week you did its tend to eight hundred tied to two for the right earlier This'Ll Taiwan I'll do give Hausa half what now you were tied to TAT. Monday night Pittsburgh at home against the I dont know. What to make of. This is very bangles bangles and I have Pittsburgh favoured by six enough. I had five and a half it's for. You intend to nine. This is another one, so bottoms around three there I get there. I gather that this is on. I don't know, maybe they both left town
but for sure the losers out. The steelers defense has had moments when they look good and then they'll just give up a dumb play, but I had to make a Fitzpatrick trade. A lot of people wrote covered this last week that deck I is a blue, cheaper and a trade actually makes a lot of sense in a vacuum, might not make it wouldn't lot more sense, Ireland Party Talkin about this, and I am the same thing when the trade avenue. I don't know why we do this in the NBA, not the NFL. Why not do tat five protected peck right so of the pitfalls? In top five, you get My next year's number one that this one day they just I've, been unprotected. He's really get on. Their defence doesn't seem like it can put forestry consistent quarters together and the Bengals Who were all fall in we too were
Good in the Seattle game and weak one and then a kind of rallied in almost one that Buffalo game yesterday. I think these teams are pretty I actually lies. There were three it's fun. I took like crap because we like, but what happened? Why did the Steelers trade for Fitzpatrick no, the world's better than any first round pick they'll get next year. I I don't know about that, like you could say top five that then it is in, but even if their tenth I'd say there are, let's say, there's six and ten and right in that ten eleven spot you're in a spot to trade opt for one of the top, no, regional quarterback, like Iowa or maybe Herbert for organ aware one of these guys. So I had put the brakes a little on that Fitzpatrick. They had to make the move a smarten there. Also Mason rode off at an off your player of the future. I now. Well my red on it, which is why I picked him up and our fantasy league and why put them in the parlour was that trade
may that they really believe in that guy, and That was why I wanted a momentum, as I did actually I really must thank those guys get an. Say I watched him yesterday and they use pretty up and down. He was not as far along is, maybe they thought, or he just got Sir producer nervous in the first half, but Do you think the guys really good and you think you're not gonna, drop off a quarter back then? I understand the trade, but it was a drop off, which is, I guess they re not advance back for a few more years. She did have fifty two hundred yards passing last year, but this can be a tough officer Seven, I weren't a warmer break. Them would impair groaning halo, talk about the holidays, it may seem Crazy early start utterly mid September late September. That's here's creeping up, you know and go through another holiday season, taking closed math photos why arenas grinning, ear to ear day and now,
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next, I regret but she'll love at you. I apparent how you go first.
I feel bag diseases neither fun or funny, but I'll tell you out they'll say in advance. It has not so terrible ending, but my son is Point freshman football. It took a lot of convincing of my wife to get this go and we even had Tony Romo fear a few years back. Tragic events are say: hey you come on. He could play contact, raided contact, footballs, fine and using air. You didn't have to startle ninth grade, so he didn't start until nitrate. You know all his friends were playing and seventh grade now is on the freshman Jamie loves it. The teams pretty good. They have a game Thursday afternoon game, one of his teammates catches, a ball on a flat, turns around and gets pommel helmets helmet. It is probably a foot taller and then he's on the field. This kid, my son's teammate for the next forty minutes and you know and is in his feet or flailing like calling
Is this and voluntary or like at some point the mothers pretty good with it she's on the field? It took a long time. Finally, an ambulance came forty minutes later. Take him to the hospital he had like a neck injury, his these fine. It has a neck ratio, texted thumbs up to always teammates, but there I I don't know what to say, that you know when you watch your favorite team play a player on your favorite team. Had that sucks and you like, oh, this is brutal. Even on someone on another team, when you watching your kids game and someone on your kids team, it's like times a thousand and then I cannot even imagine as apparent what this is like for forty minutes, not knowing let's go on. I like, I said everything while ended up good, but I'm ok. If he decides at the play- and he seems ok- that everyone on team is ok with a bit it. It's just so scared and also its really.
Add from my brand. I mean a lot of the parents like all how's your brand as your brand. Ok look out the more about my brand as a kid on the field, but now real, I don't know. I just had a big wake up, call that the left in the same way she's is dead, most depressing paracord belt. I'm sorry! I know it was forty minutes, but it's it's it's relevant and all of them we say irrelevant. Well, I have for tonight I can say what kind of saw. What's the worst soccer injury you, you, wouldn't you ve been two hundred games right gaming, where we ve had a couple concussions its burden worth catches, go down, it's tough, you sports date. There is really no sport where there is a possibility of getting into it. I will take even basketball. You can take an elbow. I guess volleyball, maybe, would be the safest. That's a bed, But even then you take a spike in the head near while the other thing is like I have to go to every game
where the road James are after China make everyone, because this is not now have that. On my mind, tat I had never been restarted. My me out, but this is the outrage inherent thank God for Ben Timmins, Because, because just when you, that pair corner is getting a depressing rebalancing itself, I can get on his instagram account and read his the aims and staff, because I pay for his phone and that's part of you know, that's part of the deal. What I didn't realize ahead and checked in awhile, while he has this new habit now of Dming Celebrities and Instagram n hoping, nay, email him back so his He now that, after we went through the it to screening, he d and Bill Haider and was like. What's up, do you ve got it, sent him a photo and he was like. I was at premier for it, I don't know
things? Bo haters, gonna system is the aims of baby hit him back I spent a lot of that. It's bet, there's might have some women that is attractive to who's been ok? What's up, I think you're great, but my favorite he he takes. It is wrapper named nine. Sixteen frosty, whose actually fantastic keys, is as an blown up yet, but as a couple really get signs, and my son and Anna his his without any other, May nine. Sixteen frosty data that sixteen frosty at the last December's exceed those it at it. Now it's Goods is area code, any result in his white, so nine sixteen frosty, my son was explain. But, as you know, my my son and his and his body, Lucy they have their their rap. The rapid way we play
we pay that song at the start of the pack has today right, Tik, Tok and melatonin so heat. He d aims nine six, the frosty in July. Twenty third and says dude you're, a God, but it While you are does David, had there been no response from night, sixteen frosty then on August twelve frosted, a man, the If we get it says, melatonin, I'm a wrapper. I work with Tik Tok you a God let's take tat for real says is: is rat partner to have just case. Maybe he does take TAC for reals. To get his attention now, so poor, nine, sixteen frosty The answer is the aims that gets melatonin, I'm a wrapper. I work with Tik Tok, you guys. I realize you weren't would take tag. Then take Senor my here out still no spots.
Days later you're the best while you are the best, so so to be fair. I don't think nine. Sixteen frosty is disregarding the direct message because he got his you're in yours, Rob April yeah, they figure think it was. That is important. Also emailed and actors their Mckenna. He just email, clapping, Oji he's just gonna thirds. Its neck. He really legs detail. Across Hey, Nick Big Fan, no response from neck so my sons ass celebrity. It screamed the end. Game has been a little off so far. Where were you I understand that you don't even look at your mentions on Twitter. I just Is it getting beyond doubt that there is no response? Or I don't know, I don't know what's going on with him, but he is
on the seventh grade flag football team as a six greater and he's a running back, pass Russia and was fired up because he had some sacks dollar is I'm telling you this is because he'd absent as watchful bar and housing The best pass for our shores learns. I gotta watch em on Youtube. There's a fifteen minute Lawrence Taylor, just being awesome, you took up there. Never been anybody like him now. This like Jordan, the bride and I still feel Jordan. I hate that argument, but it's like our at I'll I'll. Listen to my love, o Brien, amazing careers. That thing the lords The thing is unassailable. He was by far the best to ever. Did that phenomenon highlights out of control. So we want tat. We will ensure that lie. Biggie disregarded plays right like here right.
Really ever stay home, you know the he went forth and had a keen sense of by the ball carer. Whether quarterback was gonna end up yet my son's place outside linebacker number, fifty six by accident and then were explained him the legend Lawrence Tower. By the way they should do a documentary. I learn still. I think they hardly dared. Our melatonin. I work with Tik Tok, that's perker! hey, remember: Carmack, selects only the best to become Carmack certified with over two hundred stores nationwide and more than fifty thousand Carmack certified cars to choose from they make it easy to find the perfect car your family member? They have a seven day, money back guarantee and every vehicle, no questions, a car, no haggling, never any pressure to by DR worry free for ninety days. Four thousand miles. Whatever comes first with the car max. Did warranty start the search for your next car, a car max doc.
All right cause you gonna Lambeau, whose hosting against all odds I'll, be there we're going to be doing that against all odds? A little early will do it tomorrow will be up tomorrow, night and yeah. We'll pick three big games of the week: the gender sector remains hot. I will tell you: are one quick Emmy story, you'll be automatically I usually go right home. After the Amis but ah governors ball and then went the two parties afterwards. A second party was at a house down. I want their names are? Who is there? But there was an interesting thing. Is you ve been to this house before, but it was almost completely dark. The sum of the Some of the celebrities were there requested that it be dark, and I was like what this is from falling over myself. Here I get theirs. There's pizza, I don't know if I'm eating anchovies or what what's on there and then it occurred to me. Oh yeah, you were pictures that way. You will pictures fewer videos
and I think it did the trick it really did like God at their is. I don't know who I could have been talking to Bob new heart for an hour and I'm not sure was. I just wait a second so They requested it will be dark for no cell phase, but everybody's just actually in the dark, how with candles and of its up pitch black, but I think it was done to discourage you know for the photo, oh, my god, what What are we turning into a society that what is happening? Why didn't you sleep phone at the door and have like a phone check thing? Yeah, that's probably the better way to do it, but no one wants to do that anymore. Like one guy who did that adds melatonin and worked with czech tat, big. We should pass a law that nobody can take us selfie after midnight just anywhere in the country it without having things easier. That's wouldn't curve, there's a selfish curfew. I had so against all odds you have this week and then the Thursday Pre Game show and we
They are gambling why'd, you get legitimate laughter when they throw back to the crew or the fake. The pretty there's time. Then they have to do some laughs, but it was really that they were really that into it. Would you that minus two hundred over real. After what would you do the eyelids interesting? You say that I probably shouldn't be talking about this, but they were took. Jimmy was the first one. My cousin Jimmy did a spear comedy free game thing back and early two, thousands on fire, Sunday privilege, yeah late. Ninety nine is early two thousands and he would only take a shot at Howie or Terry, or one of those usually one of those two guys, and they will ways listening and there was always a reaction afterwards, the guys who follow Jimmy as good as they were Caliendo though wriggle they dont go after those guys and for a lot lot of times. Those guys are watching so that they do not want it. So I've been incurred. Two, maybe go after them said I do a full reactions oak.
I feel kind of cheap because Jimmy did it, but there is some you dont like that dead silence. After a year after the punchline about two minute bet yeah I saw it sounds like you. Let me ask you this guy among the king again I'll, lock it and I get a free future bet. Any free future bed has to pay off before July many of the patriots to win the Superbowl. I already have Alabama when the National Championship do. I go chiefs to win the Superbowl to cover myself. Do I go I'm still when the enough see. What's what's the one future you would make for maybe some of those working in the year things we talked about What's calls to win the outcome, when the ABC sat by laughing it can't be more than plus one. I want a four or five the one thing: how about the culture, twenty five to one that when they say that again,
have you patriots, the winter culture plus two, twenty five, twenty eight say when you do that to win the aid to win notably in the area of sea? That could that she, I'm sorry the chief surplus tell them you can do it. Add, or the super is going out with these adds. The brands are fifteen to one in the bills. Are twenty five to one in the courts? Are twenty five, the one who the that can win the agency, is there. Anyone watch football, No chance! That's Lou because he's getting the brown like crazy is a blind allegiance. Ravens Poseidon fifties intriguing to cause, I think they're, the clear the team. The charges are eighteen o one who gathered, they just do the chiefs to an air sea? And then you you get that free future? Then you had a bad. I caused good job. I owe you a job. I you about
thanks to the cause. Good luck on Thursday, thanks to zip code of good, is absurd. A slash bs, don't forget about three watch was coming Wednesday: the shank redemption. Thanks to square the company in them. The little white credit card reader ads. Are you didn't square us eggs pretty much anything. You need to run a grow business point of sale, payroll online stores in voicing see how square can take your business from square one to whatever's next at square. Durkheim slash, go slash, be ass. Well, back tomorrow, night with another pack ass and then. The reaction of Shawshank Wednesday. Until then,
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