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Deep Thoughts w/ Russell Wilson, Plus Daryl Morey’s Exit, NFL Picks + Cooper Raiff of ‘Sh*thouse’


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons shares some thoughts on Daryl Morey's resignation from the Rockets, before he is joined by Super Bowl champion and Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to discuss the nail-biter Seahawks-Patriots games in recent years, his rookie season, ‘The Legion of Boom,’ the importance of mental performance, the immense potential of DK Metcalf, joining the “Madden 99 Club,” Seattle sports legends, Russell’s new podcast, ‘DangerTalk With Russell Wilson,’ and more. Then Bill gives out his Million-Dollar NFL Picks for Week 6. Finally, Bill talks with Sean Fennessey and actor-director Cooper Raiff to talk about his new film, ‘Sh*thouse,’ winning SXSW, working with a minimal budget, generational storytelling, and more.

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project commanded arrogance of the rest of us one. Second, one topic today that there are more step down as the right its general manager. He had been there Two thousand six was running the same since two thousand and seven presided over some really good rackets themes, a team that you know he inherited yeah, maying, untraceable Grady and they got too pretty deepened two thousand and nine second round lost the Lakers in seven. And then yeah fell apart there. rebuild that and he was able to rebuild the fire he made the famous hard and trade.
Somehow landed Dwight our summer, two thousand thirteen when it seemed improbable that a team like used in would end up with a free agent superstar, which, though it was at the time they came pretty close in two thousand fifteen. I don't they they're gonna be where's, but the other western fires and then eighteen and nineteen when Toto with those gray warriors hymns, in two thousand and ten. You know this. Colleagues, as you need some luck. Chris Paul broke down game game five after they, I think, went up three tale. and you got hurt at the end of the game and it's a great what if Darrow came on the book, a basque ballpark, as we talked about that rackets team and that whatever Vienna, what happens of cross borders get hurt. You made the counter argument. While they were, too many minutes because they were pretty thin at that point and he just couldn't make it at the level that there are point added as advanced age, all that stuff, but he carefully I think the cause thing
the Rockets rain. For me, as somebody who is known him for a long time, even before he got the rackets was It is at the forefront of pushing the league into a different direction and it wasn't just about shoot more threes and the hard and trade, and now they use hard in and the spacing the small ball lot of things so he pioneered but really took advantage of, but ego back to the song conference, which started at MIT in a budget ass rooms, I'm talkin about their lackeys. Debt is not that is getting disagreed. Staffers were about talk about, but I call the darker kaluza I loved there are all these different classrooms and talking about advanced magic, so bad? about which I really wasn't a believer. In those first few years I wrote it is about it is paid magazine in two thousand. I called a dork Apalooza dictate their
dark hours, which he did not appreciate that much. I think he eventually grew to like it, but I was very skeptical? If you go back and read some of the stuff, I wrote a no eight hundred and nine two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven about. I just didn't feel like bass. I could work like baseball dead with the advance numbers, I was allowing the possibility, like hey. If we can figure out the lineup piece of this and combinations. that would be cool if we could easily what is this guy you from hair was discussion from there. If you go back and you read some that that you had. But if you go back elements in this stuff, I wrote there was a key I sodi to all the numbers and stuff that was really neat. You know I was like wow what, if we can figure out? That's what if we can figure out that what if we could figure out who the best low post defender was, and you see my does great unknown and the reality was their smarter teams accused than some other ones were collecting data Carson
and I think what Michael Louis wrote that piece about Daryl and shame daddy. I basically that Jane Body, a trade which, on paper, makes sense to a lot of people. While would you trade, gay, the seventh taken in the draft, would all star talent, potentially fur, opera glue guy? Who does that but Trade was really smart and help them build this really really good late to thousands, rackets, tamer, Anti MAC and some other stuff. But you know at the time it seemed crazy debt You would think about Basque by that way or blue you value glue guy more than a potential astor in that as the numbers changed over the next. I would say from two thousand and nine to two thousand thirteen fourteen rain shit. I remember when I was the rating for Greenland at the time really starting to take advantage of them in, opening my mind out for a while. There's this whole other world,
pending here then as Basque, must start at change with you know the two thousand thirteen Tat, the other small body played how the rocket built around Harding that crazy, Atlanta Indiana Series in two thousand and fourteen when period teach was twenty five you for it, ask your pulling hammered out there. The great stuff warriors and create jobs and all those people dead too, to just push sport into a different direction, and now here at Darrell has to be mentioned in the first place after that again he's not dead, but that rackets team, when a title, but I think for this decade the two thousand hands. I think they are, came there critically. Acclaim thing, I remember, this come about the gnashed, his sons in the two thousands about. Never, the title but critically clamp like war. Remember them!
You remember those rockets teams to you. You might not elect watched in that much. I know I didn't. I certainly battle the allied with. Style in the spacing just watching, harden and from a million feed from the basket the free threatened freeze thing all that stuff, but it was successful and I look over. There did the last ten years and two to build their rockets team without ever having a top. Then pic is unusual. You now, he was- is basically doing the dna and strategy of just accumulating assets, hoping it would be enough to grab a superstar. Potentially out of nowhere at the right time and would have hardened, and you know then, to them contained in it. I said in a press conference they ran into some really get where's teams. It's true they're dead
ran into especially to those seventeen and then to have data not as good as the two that seventeen team just cause. I think the chemistry is the same, but that team had a deep reservoir of talent and I know how that stuff and it was really hard beat. So you know, I think, we're people by titles, lot I'd ever about this lot over the years like I'd. My opinion of Charles Barkley certainly does it change because he came within an inch of beating Georgia. Ninety three, but it didn't I stuff, like that. I was what are they where's, I've ever seen, with their legs, certainly were the best for affix the objectives of the last twenty years. Hands down, really respected. I think you know, I think there are people out there. The problematic let's forget TAT day, was probably not shy about grab impressed for himself and and things like tat but think when you're successful thinking outside the box, like that nobody's ever going to be ready for you
deeper year. Your competing at so here are people. Ask me they would it he's going to do why you think you left. I have not talked to him yet to be to be clear. I'm sure I will at some point, but I'm not talk to him, but you as soon as the team change hands. He reminded me a little bit. I remember well, when John Skipper took charge of ESPN into thousand twelve and George born Amor step down into areas who does it? Thirteen, and I was in a group situation there and you know the best situation. I've had my career and now about hammers that bananas skippers movie up in everyone's, tell me this. It can be gray for you, he loves you and I'm thinkin. You know it was great the other way around but a change. I dont know what I'm walking into and what you walking into when things change, guess what things are different and other things that you thought you knew
now you don't know as much in others, new people in your life and now person that you were carrying out. Maybe there's much needed. There's are these variables. He can't control, I think with Daryl. he was in an awesome situation with the old owner the new owner came in and, as we have seen, a million could Julian ties the new order. You know that, they have their own ideas of what to do. The homes, they're gonna break things the table and they on the team and Darrow is in such a powerful position. There were Siloam as convinced me of this over the past year that the whispered trade was that totally Darras idea. I don't know, I don't know the answer- that it was certainly the most atypical trade he made of the West thirteen years, but my feeling all along was that at some point KEDO, is gonna want his own guy, because that's how it goes just
the NBA study every time a new order has come in. They always want to bring in their own people at some point. So bombers did it with that. It took six years but he's. Gonna finally have his own group of people, so I didn't. He I is grateful for ticket for data. Has you know, just as it is great buzz. I would say he was Robert Sarber to point out, but actually did that's its alternative, because Sarber was so cheap that he literally Steve NASH title. You know when you look back anything pigs that they saw their traded doubt on other ways that cut cause he's not at that point, but you know it's no secret. That is struggling financially and in God only knows gonna happen over the next year, with a team in cars can and things like that, that the surprising thing just you know A year ago there assigned a more than a year, the garrison, a pre, pretty man
ironclad deal. That's who make use he peace there. While he's been honest about a almost went to fully and protector talked him back into her, Dang. The China Hong Kong thing happened, which, unfortunately, is gonna happen, There are low bet that moment pretty unfairly. In my opinion by it that I'd be either of you give me an over under of two years. I probably would have gone under I don't think, there's gonna be. necessarily job to another job he's: ok, been somebody that has been interested by the outside world he's got a lotta where people his his life. Let a rich people ladder via hedge fund people, is somebody that would go to different conferences from time to time. Things like that and I think, he's really respected in Silicon Valley circles, just because the way you think outside the box, which is how a lot of those guys think so Ireland
last week there is an article of these new specks that people are forming, I gotta be I barely understand, but there is a big thing, Billy Bein Gary above this back with us, with John Henry and offend me Fenway grouping. It just seems like this is applied the excessive aware, fearsomely liability in their outward ever to to dive to the financial world being apart the bigger group you can invest in things. I put a bother money, but they are relying on you for your expertise and wisdom when, as are the Billy being thing, the logical Next gotta be potentially That was Dara, so I always thought of feed left the Rockets. It would be for something financial world? There is for a little bit. so that would be my prediction and again I've not doctor, but I just think he's
I think he could do more. The mask about you know, and it wouldn't be surprised me if you went in a baseball, wouldn't be surprised if he became part of an ownership group over the last him. I don't know, I don't know what he's gonna do, but you know as a chance. We might not have him back in the NBA as a GM. I think it's in play the smart, for him is to is the way a year, and you know as we saw this year. There's these big jobs come up here. Market Billy only goes up average only goes up and he's better off. She was. Back in the NBA. Wait a year have review spend time with their family, which is easy, huge family guy and do things that way. I will say see how goes I do not expect him to be back with the ability to share and here I stayed
did the NBA by be ok with that. I think will probably at some point learn more about that story. Reserve they don't have all the information bed hullabaloo that came out of his three carefully ass the day by day. There's no question so was. It was here that our place out and whether there is Is it your resentment, whether another owner sash franchise would weigh down want to bring a man and give him authority, is used to things like that, but it was a great red. I was not surprised to hear the news today. I will say that, and I'm really anxious to see what Does next there's just not a lot of really is bashful smart people, you made in your life, you know what I really think he is such as I did in one of the most interesting people talk to you and I just love people that think outside the box like he did, and you know it didn't work with the title, but you gotta respect the.
Though, the success that he had again, the way the league advance that he was a small part of it, and here I think, by that air and here he's gonna, be one of the first twelve to thirteen people that will pop up Are you go through all the relevant players and Adam Silver CUP, others than you start thinking about what there is even the process. as much of a failure, as it was in a lot of ways by just two thousand other thing, thinking outside the box, the two thousand fourteen spires day there were certain that move basketball for better or worse to where we are now in the weights played the way people value certain prayers in and he was at the forefront of it so The way I was sad read the articles three, but also happy form, because I'm sure he's got something going out. So I will take a quick breaking their way to get the rest
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the ball low and type in hot, but for the most part, I'm just a brutal guy. You could be a breed allgeier gown to order now for contactless pick up or one dollar delivery separately for real, all right. Everybody likes this guy right now. Russell Wilson get a lot of Mvp Buzz. He's hurt my feelings a couple times when he's arrival podcaster now and to he beat my favorite team, the Patriots couple weeks ago. So I'm not I'm not going to kiss your ass, like everybody else is I'm kind of mad at you, but it's nice to have you on anyway, that you still used Superbowl ring for me. You haven't chair the Tom, Brady and Butler, but you know the reality is that in a way we we were with edged with edged. You hear the past couple times laid the patriot, Tenaya Dictators Vana here, Why? Why are these Seahawks Patriots games always like classic I don't know what it is about, the batch of its all. It's always The guy always goes down. The wire I mean, I remember rookie year actually was one of my biggest most clutch moments because
really what people up to the sky could plot possibly play for us not to do something. Specialist League and on an end it was We all know what came was the year, but this by six percent. A game a year and a week we are actually down by bit. We came back and won the game with like women to go in Seattle, which is epic against Tom, and great match up, and then we thought you guys insuperable, allows a crazy gave diet lyre, before Sweden. When that one and then with them, then we went to Foxfire and played you guys I think, a year or two later and now came down and was back and forth back if Tom and I balance back for a fourth and then we had actually start. guys on forty one on the one, your line and fox barrel, and then this, Last time we played your guy but can do now is a different change in May game, and you know going up against Europe's defence had so much in a special place and we re whether you know one of you there but barely, but they have always been a great gains. I think cuts ballot. Exorcism,
raising coach, knowing he here and understands the game so well, and he has his players, are prepared and encourage Carol. same way. You know he has prepared and it's pretty fascinating burn caramelize as the letter in a user on the patriots got fired after three years said the Curate says little extra for us to hear he still bypassed around the credit. I remember that First Seahawks game, you know, go back to your Ricky season. I felt like tat and put on the map. Cosette was also not just cause you did well, but that was afterwards venom. in Sherman when at Brady a little bit the post game. There is like a real swagger with the team and ever been really conflicting because I picked you guys to win the to make the Superbowl that year. I liked other the stuff I was reading about you in the training camp and sometimes you can. I would like to look at this stuff when the coaches and the team you're talking about new guys, there's like this different level
when somebody's, obviously resonating in a railway, and you can kind of pick it up from the quotes, all the stuff about you guys about you back then, was like hey. This is different. This is something special about this guy and as trying to China comets. I picked you in came. Annoying gonna beat us and had this swaggering like, oh is really happening. This team, and then you go I swear the mix basically from from that you're out surprised that had happened there. Ask, as you read out a college yeah. You know, I think, for me it was a surprise. No, there was was a world surprise. Yes, I think yeah me too, because we have five eleven, not black, quarterback Irish, Virginia and I went into stay. Where was concern now is going through? little bit, I'm barely five eleven rare, but you know- and I think that on the opportunity you I came in here until the league third third round pick sunny fit thick overall
and I think I had all the attributes besides the high and everything else. I was so fortunately for me. I was able to play around a great. You know, group of guys that were teammate, that they were just great players that could guys some- plays on defence an offence in Vienna for me, a march on knowing yeah no know begging, plays and then and then ask in all the players that we had in privacy on Monday. thence to as well. We had some hall of fame type players on defence. You know, and that was not so much attitude We are somewhat swagger we stepped in you know with with so much you know energy every practice and that really prepared me as a rookie. You know me, you know, you know it really help me repair. I think that really help set the tone, because if I was gonna fight about going to be great, I wanted to be where I am today. You know you have to be meant to be tough in everyday practice and here you by one of the best defenses of all time every day, so you get prepare fast
am I got it where they ve already back, then your dinner divides in those scrimmages and staff and near the newly later prove yourself I'm not just to me, but everybody amuse It was just a guys socket, so my stuffed bore light. You know, if not, we had. I thought we had a fight every day every day by the fact is that it was wrong, but a year I think that that was a good way to set the tone, because I think we're all underdogs. We all guys who relate round pigs whatever may be unknown. I think that was a thing that help set. The tone for us yeah that was a good ship on the show, their theme even to the coach. You know crises he comes back to the area. After being eight you USC and- and still I got really weird- he saw guy's the NFL coach twice and everybody on that team. It's prove there so many strong personalities that you may have a football locker room and you have
TED Alpha dogs and there I like in retrospect, that's a usual record. Could you feel that at the time, especially you're supposed to be the after the quarterback, why did we definitely you know alpha in every position. The thing that I made a team, so great Bilbil, was really the fact that we had some great backups mean r r second string deepens: Align r r r R second and third and fourth corner Nicholson, guys you, you know the gig, we could all play. You know, and I think as a rookie class come in that year Mean Bobby Wagner and preserve and guys like that, we came and they gave us an F great first of all, and so we were passed. We re the role we want to set the tone. We want to change change the seconds This is the name member mother teammate my roommate in turban. When my best friend in the world he was abused, gives a backup running back. You know is one of things we always talked about. You know where we're gone and the work ethic Debbie and so
we know about it. I still to this day Syllabus day, we said, don't get boring, consistency, don't get bored. Consistency inciting that's been a big your central I think you are our success. Disregarding Bobby an eye is just the work ethic, the consistency of it all in Athens, Jane Will you had a huge advantage that around people fully realised what an advantage it wasn't. All yours sitting on the Seahawks you're on this rookie contract. You pretty cheap you this cheap asset, but year, one of the best Cora backs in the week. Everything comes together for them because now instead of spending a huge amount of money at the quarterback position. They could put that in other places- and you had for your window of like holy shit. This is,
this is an aberration by gay. You know it's a little like when the rat went to the warriors that one year the cap spike than the NBA, and it was like. Oh, my god, like this, is really unusual. He has set out to you that for years there I would say the over under for super balls. You should have one was probably one and a half in it at all into one. But you think, like the patriots, came down a one point, but I had that that team was really realistically could have competed every year in a super bowl and maybe even one three right yeah. I think we can, One three. I think the second one I was here we are actually winning. You know. It's submit your six months to go by now. ten or twelve Diana Gonna go back and watch the game too much rare. If I tell by two scores and know that Inter They came back and won the game in, but I think
you know what you're ready here see, that was another one that you guys he's a year. Will we actually, we actually had a great game against the line falcons actually in and out came became backward down. Twenty came back in One quarter, I think, we're down twenty. What twelve months ago, and you want a they would like the last minute feel go right. Yeah adequately have a thirty one seconds to go and they got a last second fogel, no time on the clock, and we felt We gotta once more that year and then yeah, really you known so my third year. Thus the lost one here we will last a third year and then the fourth year, we have generally a team that, but I think what happens guy. We knew something if again, injuries and that year and unfortunately in this new things, gonna change there but now where we are now team that we have. I think that everybody so clicked in locked in zoned into what we're doing and how we're doing, like Jamal atoms in special player, guys. You know, like decay
I have entire lock it and obscene lobby in cages. Rights plain grateful, also you get a chance this year, which go stay the course in this whole covert thing changes a lot of things in terms. Yet you know your worries and you have to Take care yourself, it's by weak right now and no for me. Generally go anywhere. I can't do anything and soldiers, you never know it when things are going to change you don't know. If they're going to shorten the season, you don't know in at so ever to change a moment and Dolby Bobby always said that really is this year yeah, We were doing a package with that Peat and Steve her, which we did like ten episodes are there in the first few months of the pandemic, and it was interesting, talkin him like when we're wrap it up. Probably like the last two was ok. What's goin on when you go go back and he's like you know, we're having these giant zoo meetings were lower star practising their claim. This isn't gonna start on time and it really did seem like it was happy.
And by the seed of everybody's pants? Just this season, which I imagine like for football, is probably the worst possible sport that do that right. yeah. If you let it get you by surprise, you not for me, I guess So I have a whole performers team in it. You know. I know I had a whole group. I gotta go time. Trainer travels with me everywhere were to aspire to a guy named David. I ever a full time pity Amy have a full time, no more, Mobile person in its work. An army is making sure that I'm in a moment You know the right way and everything else I have ever had full time such person, you don't we to show that we have a whole performers team. The reality says I go abroad Youtube. You have followed IRAN on us, I've been doing it for five years of six years. Give the for bed chamber. I got a hundred, everything I got all toys. I got the barbaric. I get to eyebrow chamber tat, do about James.
I got a little bit everything, but I think the thing is and I get it an get back. For example, no, four times a week three times a week, I'm a good treatment, everyday hosanna time. Some asked me: I gotta catch me the day, ass David great. He goes, He played in a valley you no one now that nice, Michael wreckage me he said ass, how many days you think, I'm a great ass happy days. You think you do. Your body work. I mean days, Mohammed, is, I don't, I said, do three sixty five yeah three sixty four I've only come. I don't I probably do through. I probably do three sixty three. no really really the reality is Christmas thing on depending on the circumstances and use. I do because we have a game around them and thanks given so depends I'm in between three sixty three and three sixty five amount of work that we do every day things around the body working in because on China, item forty five, at least you know, then. Yes, for me, my
Turkey is a dynamic. Neither on the feeling you everything I can take care of myself in that such because if because feel, I feel gonna play good. I think you know in that's what that been IBM feel every time. Well, your generation, learning from the generation right ahead. He writes. He got the Leubronn Brady guys who are the first guys that have just basically demolish what our perception was. A somebody's prime read the bronze, but in his prey he went every piece in online and two thousand TED and he said on his prime doubts at twelve year. Prime Brady was you know his is probably pass this pragmatic, as is forty three, but is prime. Attended all the way through those second run, a superboss added all the same lessons rights take care you to a level that nobody thought was even conceivable dieting sleep hyper bear check.
Bear any then you have to commit to it everyday ray it's. I you take July off its. It knows every single day thing and I think that's what people mess with back. Does that tell a bronze there and leg Somebody tell me probably spends like two million a year in his body, something that just to be able to recover cause. The recovery is the This thing right, for you is same thing, writes that Monday you have to recover. yeah me. I oppose Van million it if not more a year, garrison recovery. You know him because it is not just the recovery part of that see huge written to get that, but for me the biggest thing you mentioned mention the body that in all that stuff, in the big things, very them integrate element game. It is so important Actually even credit business got limbless minds around it, but Trevor Mallette. Furthermore, I deny he's is someone. You know, mental in a coach, sportsman or coach.
in the game, is worth Alabama Force Day European Tax Haven for years. Your Yorkshire George, I worked with ok, see thunder the Clippers Bessys Michael Johnson, I'm so I've known him for ten eleven years, use that dresser performance. I e g for a long time in and we thought this idea about. You know: listen, I'm positive person by name well, I believe in positivity. I believe that in a lot of stuff on and on, in that by nature, the reality is that when you're down by bunch rained down by sixteen or whatever maybe be, and it may be the enemy. membership game and you down actors in the reality is that there's only two minutes and fifty seconds ago, it's really hard to be positive. Two guys we have- and I am being super upbeat, but the realities You know that be negative is now isn't it never gets you anywhere hundreds the time negative is always gonna work. So for me I was
what is Idm be neutral. Nonino, you think about you, a car when you know you use down shift to neutral will for me. I always think about you no shift into neutral, because you know in the midst of everything I want to have a neutral mindset and I think the greatest and wanted things that Trevor and I and my brother Harry and DJ Study within those minds and workers from the best companies in the world. Is that the real? is? Is that you're, the best players the best the bus companies? The best ceo The reality is the men I even know it sometimes, but its being neutral amidst the chaos and so were plan, you know Sunday night against the vikings and things are good. a great and needed that is Meda interception. Unfortunately, in our defence, gives a huge stop on forty one. I go straight a neutral a neutral day I'm letting you guys know. This is what we going to do this house going to get done. This is how we're going to win the game and it gives guys vision because Scott. the same thing in life. You know and you get cancer. Somebody gets cancer right,
Daddy. Is that- and I saw seen a thousand times over again because I can't see when I go to sell children's hospital every Tuesday. I want to think this is that all the rooms when it when the rooms are super negative, or you noticed overly positive- were like we're. We're gonna be ok, you know someone it's it's very hard for that young child to overcome it, but when the kids, like you know, I have cancer, but we're gonna get through this and how our common to to get through it is point one: two point three and it's amazing maison, just seeing how you know Families come together in just they keep their faith, and you just keep believe and because of that, and at the April, thing men in October it happens in every this is going on in the world was not just happen to you. Happened. Everyone now, you're circumstances made worse than the next person to your left, your right, somebody else as it were. So so, how are you gonna respond? How we can respond overcome this situation. Relationships
all that right is it is, is, and how do you find the best version of you? and I think that certain that I've really we invested in spent of time on just really believe that much my body physically being great but also my mind, be at the highest level that can possibly be it in the midst of chaos,. do you think slow down for you in big moments where take example, Monday, Sunday night. Minnesota forth and one that can kick the feel girl go obey. What are you by the way we did can't it. What are you waiting for them to do in that situation? Exists is a big nerd argument in football about whether they should have gone far to kick the fear that I better A soda eight, which was by mistake, but it gets you but but my dear I get up early. I remember that in that now they they cover them, but my thought was like just kick to feel go date had they stopped the score touched
a two point: if you don't get the fort the one now, what's its deftly beating you, if he's down five he's gotta, It's going. What do you want them to do as you're watching from the sidelines? Well, two things one! if we go for the fiddler want on with them the missing her headway, missed it and we actually have rain. Instead, three in the end you so they miss it. They're they're learn able to, but also if they get it there, they are get the first. I think the move on coaches As an aside, I respect and just say: hey, listen. We got in this game because get away. Are you and a fear year? But I think that on you know, I have great confidence. Even making a play the going forth and one rather enough. We, if we We were able to make the play any. I think I carry Barton Embody, Wagner, made unbelievable play and so yeah as I think we up, but then you're trying to stay neutral at the same time right cause. You got this chance, but you So you sell out the things slow down. That's the thing it does seem like free.
You and for Brady in a couple others, when there's moment site that its like you lock in in in an almost a different way, but I don't know that, does it so down for you a little if it does, how do you make it slow down things become still, then the slowdown things become still. You know. I think that on for me how it happens is because of our train my mind on every day, every day, I'm working on something around mentality and slowing down or even trudged slow down. I try to slow down my heart rate physically rarely each other. Slow down my heart rate? Physically? Just you try to make my heart rate: heart beaches go slower, you know, and on and so for me I think the ability to saw the game down the midst of chaos. Why everybody us moving fast and everybody's talk and fastened?
Johnny talk, slow and certain that I've really captured. I think, but also, I think, that when you do speak, you speak vision your vision, two guys what's gonna happen since was condemned and look as in the I am I'm old school and I am a romance by heart bill. You know I know I Whitman Sierra go go on dates and stuff. I tat I try to do my best to put my phone down and really you're, not you know, I'm yet almost there and try and seduce her by looking or nah by the whole time, I'm not going to I'm not going to come off a. But you know it's one of those things thing and I'm in the huddle, with guys in a different way. I've tried again done One way, we fear that the other ways you gonna win the game, but you know, I think the reality is that you try to give guys conference of his disguise the skies aware in half a year ago, and they all the study and IBM ten hours and hours.
hours and hours of film work in preparation. I mean in the midst of all that I feel like I've been here. Are you know they're. Gonna do are they are in our work to do, meaning that they, like I'll, shoot the compound when his game and I want them to feel that every time a walking a few, I think when you play guys like you, know Tom, you just as I wash em on tv or whatever may be. It's like you feel at ease and when the game a return to the game. When I watch Michael Nor do I was a young kid I may I, you know who getting a ball a no you knew I was gonna happen and he may pass it whatever, but you can like the right decision, but the reality is that if you get the chance, you believed he's gonna make it every time right same. I feel about Tiger Woods when he was at its height of his career. I mean that much, but you just knew he was gonna make. It is felt like it's like this, but the bit. Another thing is, I think, about dared cheater when he comes up to the play. I think about two plays with Turkey too,
one when the ball goes on the right. Your line he goes in and in runs down. He must also be there be runs into instinct. Surely goes against. The bond puts it behind his back and taxation. at home side at a guy out at home. My favorite memories, when did Derek Jeter comes up to the plate. For the last of that, and of course he gets a big first pitch base hit and Wednesday game. I mean that's because he's already played it through his head for me? Yet I've already played it through my head. I don't want my dad used to always talk about. You know visualization when I was young visualize, where you're going to be sun. This is you're twenty six years old. I was nine years old you're twenty six year. You know what what are you doing where you, where you were talking there start off by good that a mere that's, not good enough and take me there take me there and so for me. I think that's always been some have always believed in is united. Till the ground I want I want, I want to feel every dimple of the ball. I want
being a moment so in tune that you know in in remaining neutral in the midst of it? All that I think it's gonna help may be successful, mortal, the not today's absurd is broadly by oculist Quest to its. Finally here the most advanced on one via our system, accuracy is ever devolved with upgraded hardware for totally immersive experience. Iqs quest, who is finally here, give you access to live. Sports excuse of events and hundreds of immersive games mean I'm relatively old at this point, I see some of this stuff using this site.
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he was talking about what he went through mentally before games, we're like five six hours before the game. He would just spend all that time, visualizing how he thought the game was going to go and what moves different like if they're playing the Lakers like thinking about all the different ways Jerry West might try to attack him offensively what he was gonna do and he was like by the time the game started out already played the game in my head and it was actually kind of easy to do it and he was like one of the reasons I had to retire was couldn't keep that energy in my head anymore of be able to carry for five hours of bringing the game. I would just like to too tired from it. It's the same thing right. It's it's almost like half the battle is dead six hours before the game or whatever to imagine, what's gonna happen again, then you're ready. It sounds like what you say two percent, I should really
who, though Russia too, and he was now vitamins away from here. so our time with him. These amazing man, amazing, is super by the way, is gas aided the bill, those girls gradually, but you know one of things that make Bill Russell enough for from my grandfather, my my dad so much about about him was said he. He knew the game so well and he understood his teammates well to Israel. They say Does it out transfer yeah, I'm he he does stood the game, so well the ins and outs of it, and I think that Coordination is lost, art in this journey, Nation states the work ethic in and the mentality, the law lost, art, really the guys who really studied again and fully understand it and work at their craft. the guy's written most successful more times and not in his. History shows that too it's a good
so for younger athletes. To I give my daughter paid had employed soccer for nine months because a covert- and and had a term last weekend and shoes, I haven't had contacts in games, you know since March and as I and I was thinking about the border, something it has like he's got. think in your head that remember what to do like visualize, different things where you go and where you're supposed to be in just concentrate on that couple hours before it is where that people don't think that way where You know that I'm sure Leubronn does it have observed. Are the great ones do it and, as you learn, when did you did you know to do that. Instinctively, when you got the weaker was it's something you realize like for five years it nor I knew how to do instinct about. I did it since high school in college, my dad. Was he had gonna Jaime doing it, but I will say my crap is grown. You know I e, you always during a crafty, you again practice it would found out, and the proposal was not just doing.
Game Day or the nor the night before the game, but I do it daily now. Yet daily gift is a daily craft and how many times throughout the day. So I just trying to do it once a day. It's how many times can I visualize throughout the day that get me prepared and how many times throughout the day, can I remain neutral throughout the day ancient so there's so many highs and lows, or saw me pressures, plainest position being one of two men in the world and all the responsibilities that it carries and in the face of a franchise and beat, with all the things going on in America right now, being african american playing quarterback, all the things that come with it, family, two kids and worry about your family and kids and everything else too, as well, and just all these things going out, Covid Covid, going on all these distractions, all these real things that are scenarios it all played into this year in so many different ways, and so the
thing that I knew really two things that I knew was football. The balls gonna be kicked off at some point yet and Russell wasn't gonna be ready when the boss kicked off Elsa thing I told my performance doesn't matter, I don't care when the ball is kicked off, we're going to be ready, and that was the first and the second thing was just buy. The most important thing is that a Jew in the midst of the chaos and knowing that there's gonna be changes and how will you adjusted the changes see greatness is not just it didn't happen you been consistently great things are great and good and easy. It's it's really about being consistently great. When this adverse, and how fast can you change in the midst of adversity? And I think that's really I have understood, and I think that I've really learned in the processing of obsessed over over the years. Its way
really fine watch a Brady fur. Almost twenty years there an occasion he would drop a little tidbits about that position and things he learned. And one of my favorite ones as about how he learned to prepare for being in a super bowl and had different Superbowl was then, the game because of the lead up to the game, And then how long the half was- and he was saying basically the first using its rams he was so hype than theirs, that famous video of him before the game. I cared budding teammates they go out. They take a fourteen. Three led by the time we get to have time he was wiped. You know as I keep away the cid brought together, there's a thirty five minute break and then there's a whole second half. So the time he got so that a lane again when they had the famous come back. He was in what you call neutral, where he's just say he's trying to save it he's he knows it's a different game he's trying to place themselves
he peaks at the right time. You must have felt the same way after your two Superbowl experience is right. If you get back there, similar Sophie right. two percent you know. Actually I reporting my rookie year as for she knew it was the and do all that stuff and go to New Orleans Superbowl Section Orleans and I actually went to go watch above there- and it was the famous super with between that foreigners in the raven, so I went and Destiny child came out and beyond say in everything else and in turn you know, as a colleague, Michel out, then next you know the lights cut off the shut off, and I knew half time was bought thirty minutes next thing. You know for an hour and a half or whatever it was before the great knife a bargain. forget that my rookie year out of sitting there I was sitting there in a box and I was watching the game and I was like a kid. I got there to three before I done. I think this, the the broadcasts me, if I think for CBS or something else
no coward. Those guys and talk of Yemen has asking those guys about the super poison one of things they set will rest one thing you get here and it's it's it's a long half done now. So I just know that as well as pay attention to that pre gain everybody's excited, just will be issued to see quarterbacks and how they come in. How can the cap can eight remained? Calm will fast forward The half time happens in as I'm watching a game just play out: geyser gas geyser, Tyre Gaza getting injured this in that and saw no forget, you know, coming back home the Seattle I got back to Seattle after that, and I told coach Caroline toward Tater, my quarterback coach of the time. I said you guys, I got the secret, I will as I said, I think we should take a shower have time and just restart again, stick beast recess restart again, and just be fresh and be right or wrong what they really are
well think about half times thirty five minutes I mean just to put new paths, ice restriction in the locker room and sure enough. That's what we did. When we play the branches in New York, useless, be snow, my crazy and everything else, and it was a perfect night. I mean in the full moon Amy comes out in his mink coat and everything else, and it does the coin tossing any says it did at the wrath. Does a coin task may put the coin Tarzan Meanwhile Joe Name, it picked men enchant barely another sign, it's me over here and they keep Farwell Red Bryant. The captains and is hall a famous on that side and the raft gives the coup TAT S where the waiting he gives the coin to two Joan is you have the honour to foot the coin? Tarzan Joe Footed, and you know it and he doesn't give me a chance to say heads or tails and the rough catches at MID air does Joe Joe Joe Joe. Let Russia has a Jonah Joe Joe name, it looks at me. Leave them make go and patents
In an era the guessing leans any says no Russ. I always had a quick release, the head and that's when everything broke the ice broke from that moment. Ass, like ass amazing, here, but what I would understand about that game as women back into lock when we are up at the time we went back in a locker room, a showered up. I put my pads back on at a stout like I was prepared, then, and so, when we are going to play the second time we felt like we were prepared an unfortunate it when the game, but you know I think, preparation. The separation is in preparation. You prepare how you get your mind right morning, nothing else, especially those moments, and I I finally believe is really important to to play great emotion, but not being emotional yet and there's a difference in the difference in Tibet about sets key. do you feel like you're better than share than you bend before or they're. Just let you throw more. I think
the best? You know that of played. I think you know just seeing everything so clear. Mass Duffy had great years before you know I think, but maybe aggression, you know it when I was in also rookie him speak up eight May as a rookie right before you actually became a rookie year. You fly every team and honour Yet this is my last: he married they gotta go see and they're just debauch as I many hours in the lock and when to lock room. He was in there just me and Peyton use. Don't I know from somewhere. Am I these rules will say what did he do? He's coach you at my MIKE Mike an academy s ear. He had picked up twelve guys, and I was one of them and I have a picture of his pretty cool and so anyways you no patents, I'm looking at him and am I got there the thing. Firstly, I noticed He was taken note and highlighting it. It's just him sitting there in the locker by himself, so the first week had gotten it had all these notes and things, and in so I
think that one of the things that I knows about it was was the amount of study in preparation that he put into it right yeah. So when I got back on the planet, Lady Cumnor Virginia. I start right out my goals and my goals I wrote down every day goes: narrowed down. Legacy, goes I still have my locker to this day and one of the goals that are that I wrote down was treat every day. the matter. What year it is, if it's, your one of your twelve treat every day in every play as if you ve never heard it before. Have you never heard it before and so Something that I really you know took time to understand was he got to trust the process and got to respect the process along the way, and I think that was a big for my career early on was that I want to come in as a professional and today I think, because of treated every day as a new day, as I never heard of,
for I've learned and contain so much information and experiences in visual asean. That that is the only way is up. The only way is up- and I think that's a good fortune, good health and all that stuff, but all its having great teammates in leading those guys to as well to give them the vision and expertise and shown on this issue. This is what we're going. This is the six expectation and having those high standards with it. You know during this. in play of time or if it's out of season. I mean this as a compliment, not in its up. I think you're the same. Are you bed for the last four years? I think two things are different: you're throwing the Baltimore and MAC half is spent he really is and not like. You didn't, have other good receivers, but he special and comments were said something on Sunday its game that he said he was talking to you about back
and you said this guy has a chance to be one of the best receivers ever he has a chance to be. You you raised and I get to be Montana like I can't believe it did. You say, and do you feel our yes, I do. I do. I think he's bigger than Jerry he's bigger he's very fast, but he's other your jerry had such great work ethic. When I said that what I meant by that was is that when a minute endeavour to us is that I think that Jerry Rice had the work ethic. You know he had work ethic, every damn obvious our aim and cut up subject: I've seen cut ups of Jerry, righteous practice Obviously everybody knows the hills and running the hills, and all that he's just if he's different in that way, but also is that his work etiquette practice every bar that he caught. He was run into the endzone every ball and he set the tone at practice which right behind him here comes Terell Owens Plan behind
and learn from him, and then you know all these other great receive version as as he was ill number. Eighty four that for the forty nine airs and meanwhile jubilant in spending the ball to woman. You know, I think that that quarterbacks receiver relationship it starts with vision. It starts with work ethic and their release ship, the amount of time that you spend together and and and also just being clutch of being clutch, and I think that the thing that I think I don't think I know that decay nice bill is a real, pure. relationship and spent so much time together, we spend so much time together this offices in Bologna, we spent time in Mexico we went down there, for we can have right before can a covert gonna blew up and and we cannot just got gotten isolation there, and just the train down there in the heat hundred degrees, and I would just the amount of reps that we took to perfected and perfected and perfected the perfect it. I mean two and one slash two three slash four hour throwing
since then working out and swimming out. I thought you taught me how to swim here, hidden notice websites, you noses the time all the time that we spent together and then we went back then I also live in San Diego to window. San, Diego and just me in time there for a couple weeks and unite and live with further bit there, and so it was this man, no mistaken it in you're, my challenge to him everyday is: let's set the tone everyday yeah. Let's push, it was push. The envelope was try to be the best version of ourselves every single day, and let's try to be right. Every single time that for two hundred and ten against Minnesota, just watching him like he's, throwing it to Metcalf they should but seven guys item you threw back ass. He adds up make of the planet where I think the right point is really key, though it to me he's. I thought tat. The last great great grateful ballplayer he's the best wider survive ever seen. He was
to me, it's not even argument football. We could argue about Brady remaining in all these different things and it's not like basketball. Were there Turkey is so obvious and with full bards, really like caresses best receiver, Lord Stores, the best pass rush, wherever every kind, as we agree that this is to pigs ice all the stuff he was doing was so far ahead of his time with how he worked on his body, the repetition, the practice like forward doing that in the eighties. You don't know, it is doing and you look a decaying you're like are at this like race. If you put right back into a lab, you added thirty pounds, a bustle of you made a bigger, maybe more gave the work ethic, but it's crazy goes at the end of the second round or member talkin. It p debate, bit what we're doing one of the park cast. As I understand. How did you get this guy like how good it seems that he special he's peaches? Like goes that's talkin about him
but when did you know, he was special immediately. yeah, I want when we actually had to first time since he got drafted his passion about, isn't when we working when we working and as far as this issue assumes you land will be ready in a sigh. I think that had that allows the first question. He ass no working, and I think it was- about the flash in the glamour- yes he's, you know he's tall and fast big muscles and all that kind of stuff and he's he's all the things that you could put together in a video game. But the reality is is that you know he's about to work about the work and a lot of guys aren't you know in rat in our non archie. My guys are, but you know he's is about the work and he loves it of the game he loves me fiscal in every way, in terms of blocking in catching and everything, and so you must be granted his craft Speaking of video games. You got ninety nine in bad and then as today,
night you're a ninety nine club got really sick man, the about it. It was a pretty cool Decay. Surprise me. During my pike S danger taught working group for Junior actually yams, that marriage, I'm sitting there were junior we're talking about young Seattle legacy. Life is successes as beautiful swing, and everything else. The next thing I know as a mill my bike, ass decay comes there. I, like surprised, I hate surprised, Eliza Bessie. I know decay clocks in on my way you doing here the interests package May I gotta tell you by the Naked eye club, and so we got ninety now add on one side, the farm with king, Arthur Junior and then yeah. I get to be a ninety nine decay in me, the next nine. So it was pretty cool majesty your dream comes remember plan man when I was a young kid I am throw my controller set an agenda. You know everything else even play my play, my foot
all day all night in just but to get there. You know, I think, is a black get button talked about stand area, its Bucky Catania. Put the working you may, groovy so there's like the Seattle, I am, a soft spot for Seattle. I love the city and am also still outrage that they stole the cynics. But there is, there is a Seattle Hierarchy- Griffiths in it, you're, obviously in it who s in it who were like the icons? Oh man for grief for sure Griffin. Having gravy was that the cool baseball player for the entire diabetes He brought swag to the game. Yeah changed the game of baseball me. I hate you The ball was yes, but you know what things talk about endangered by gas was there. He loved defence is ignored I loved him home runs but six and thirty home run sixteen and thirty, and- and but the thing he loved is he loved diamond for, but
balls and throwing guys out at home and you don't jump in the fence and making plays, and Robin those who runs like that, and so he love that part of the game he he was sitting there. You know the bag, just what is in a podcast with with his twelve go gold gloves he has like ten, but like really well behind here and I think he's gotten twelve or ever it's a lot of a lotta go glass eye, all I know and so I just epitome of success of success and looks. It looks like young, and I was Seventeen eighteen is all we get drafted and lay this damage. Nineteen twenty years old and back to back home Randal. The success in terms of Seattle, Young Junior for sure number one yeah, sobered enough there. She is their she's amazing enlargement, large and in their seller and steal our safety margins up there for sure
you only great sea hot for twenty years? Basically, they ve had some. They ve had some good ones. You Steve Cortez unfortunately, he's not here anymore, but they text me when I get back the best in the world that is in the world. You know he got super KEN Griffey Jr next to large. It was amazing But you have had some spot, I thank Heaven there should have been in there. I should have sure than their own, and then they stole away our as our sides related Xanax back, but no one call the centre to Junior talk about. You know just his success in his family and how his mom was super competitive. His mom always pushed him and it was my cause. People out, knowing and just get get him get him go and it must be so compatible. I learned so much from him. You know danger just because it was it was cool. talking to one of my eye, those that I've always loved in a guidance always learn from. So that was that was all
I you a you, I yet started here. You know my danger talk, Pakistan, it's been esben awesome along the way, because I've had some special guess. We ve had shack talkin about his worship being just the S s over the years now it had allows the first episode endanger talk. We had second episode was could we John David Washington, third one was- was actually ready. Moss Talkin about Bilbao check your boy. I cannot help cousin at him and and and Tom Brady practices. We had Chris Paul talking about the NBA bubble in Kansas Parker. You know but when the sports means to the world and all the things in what she learned from copying, and then As I said, we just said King refugee return. They met Mckenna has gone on next week, but away yet because we fire said it again. the mechanic as a number of units is so entertain. He loves that taxes football obviously, but you know I for you, I our,
some advice from you. Just in terms of you know your PA gas and how I can make my pack has a special as yours, man, you ve put so much work in and what was your vision when you first started yours First library is that why start a minor? No seven, we didn't you merely underside. I just thought it was. Who was a graveyard man had no idea was gonna have to turn into became, but I think the cool thing that I eventually, and probably around the second year was the law from conversations one advantage. It was cause I think park ass are completely authentic. and if you're not authentic, sad take over the course of an hour. You probably gonna, get exposed at saint. Think, that's that's. What stood out to me like you really get a feel for what somebody's like, I think, for you is some of the people that you gonna have on. I'm really fascinated thy gears, your stuff, what you're routine is and how you approach things
you're talking to other people about how they approached their craft. That's pretty, it would be the number one thing out, one that because that's like a whole separate secret club Gaza rightly viewed Brady on you two hours just on shit. You guys are doing, and that would be. The advantage you have raised is whether you doing an actor or singer, or anybody like approaching how they do their craft versus how you do it, I think, will be really interesting. Yeah, it's been fun for me because like us. Have I've been our views on the best of all time and I think the cool part about danger talk has been. I think people not just go to know the gas, but also people getting no make it. I've been there should have been more or non when says Shell, but I've for my first few years. Oh you did I get ready to play the game years. It will play in the great the young
Do your thing in, but now I think, there's a is a responsibility for me too, to affect the world, in fact young kids, and to use my platform to greater good and the gods. Give me vision and their ability to talk about when I get to do my craft and I've learned it up, and I would have you never fully master, it is you're, always working it always working in your craft, and so for me, when I left talk about data talk, is just people's crafts. In the end, you know that's what I'm excited about along the journey. So I've I've always listened to your podcast. I've always loved it because, as you mention it's it's so genuine and authentic, when you listen to people and get to have those one on one, It's always been the part that I really love, because I I get to do you know I'm in a timid interviews. Every week in its like a gate, Iowa Football and try to be very straightforward, and I want to do
give any information away and for having to do that. But this is really these conversations. What I really love and king intimate hearing at some a lot you do. You need to get la brought on and just talk about what he does to his body and all that I address the that forty five hours, because yeah we're we're jeered deadly on, and he said the Braun had to prepare chambers in Orlando, I mean I ll abroad. That day he has this whole process. We're just cuz just cause, I'm the bubble, I'm that wavering from what I do every day from about him like a baby recover. Yours is so true you know you ain't just because I'm I'm in my own little covid, nineteen home yeah. It's you got to have everything. You know, I'm getting people tested every single day and help me and Sierra, and it's just a process for sure, but you have to adjust to it and I think
that's been particle companies. I think I'll, see on data target. You haven't got african he's, gonna call talkin by his career, not just in budgets. His life in general and animals As we have some political guess, I'd Tom'S gonna come on at some point I believe in and the broad and by somebody who had been a play ass. I went him to do a thing, but at some, I think I'd be great conversation talking about duration, when it look like and with the covered staff, the best way to approach it is just not think about it all right. You suspect we're about the game I have this week who now What's going to happen, if the schedule try to bank some wins, because this might end up being at twelve week schedule who knows there's no way to predict it there's no way to predict it. We talked about it, though you know you know, for the Seahawks, the Barroso time, because it is so important to keep guys away. This levels- I you know
we ve been tested every day. Your where's levels high, naturally, we as easy to get comfortable, it's easy get comfortable, and the thing is that we can't get comfortable for all NFL players. We we have to take care of our families and loved ones. our friends in our teammates, our coaches- I worry more so by the coaches and the players need, because neither coaches are the ones that are did he sixties, seven years old sometimes comes carols. Sixty eight is also in doing so in care himself really important. So we get it. We had that responsibility as players to do that to okay. This is fine. I enjoyed. We argued here. I've enjoyed watching you, I've learned, never to bet against. You hear him Moon Rogers AR my two I'm never betting, the moneyline and the other team for a significant about guys, because it's just not fun to be, especially that, like Sun today, where it's like, oh man, Get the first out really do the rest is just gonna go down and take it, but it's
fund a watch. You throw more, I feel like you're the same guy, it's the equivalent of like you know. James harden can score thirty five Well, it's a game affairs by shots. I gear throwing more and you're gonna, better stats, but its ban also to watch over the years and I enjoyed. Have you a good luck with your play? Let me know if I can help in any way Yemen. Be great to have your some time. Let me out here you're either. What's the what you do, I'm grateful for your for you had me, and I want to get there some day I'll get the tab under the tat. Well, we should have dinner and figure out the sidewalks thing you know that can really beer legacy in Seattle other than the super bosses bring a basketball back its. I know they're right at the top Savage MBA city. It's an outrage, top five Sophia me. The places to replace goes nuts but,
What we will make it happen over the next five years and they have the money for the luxury sweet sets apart. I can't figure out like it's a gold stay. Basically, they would have other rich people in this yellow area would want to get cord side. Look, should that's how you pay, for the teams will still washing loves basketball. So Seattle, we are both sides back posts for policies in the water right thanks for coming to proceed next, but it was always a pleasure. The hawks baby thanks so much ass, gray, squirrels those honour man again we're dude anytime, you want me just just tell me: ok,. Make sure it happens. I hope I see you in this about. Can new inverse wrestle with some regret that I must do their bit. valuable as they are indeed millions. Our picks and a second remember faintly- did not put me in charge of their sports book, but if they had
come come up same same game, paralysed for them attire. You can. You can do so many things you player props point totals my allowance giddy just think about, best part Fender were refund the first same game, parlay those on any NFL game each week up to ten hours, I made you better. From parlay risk free every Anna week all season long. That is like free, money. So here's one I'm going suggest for you for this week. It is, over eleven one adds plus eleven thirty six right now. You can bet on the washed in football team to beat the giants egg par laid with Washington at any time to these two score: a defensive or special teams touchdown. So here's what I like that Dana Jones loves to put the ball on the ground and I think, washed and as a pretty good defence. So if Washington's Gonna beat the giants, as are the propaganda, some sort of weird touched, our
defense special teams, plus one thousand one hundred and thirty six, if you like it, go ahead to bed at you'll, get ten back ten bucks back. If we don't win, do member fanned the only sports but gap. We can place game, parlay sign up with promo code be ass. So then I say you off its risk free and it's all season long only on the faint sports for app. Don't forget these promo code bs when you sign up, must be twenty one point. President Jerzy Pennsylvania, and I was Virginia Indiana, Colorado or Iowa refunds issue as non withdrawal site credit that expires in seven days. Max refund tend hours terms, apply again brown car one eight hundred gambler was Virginia eighteen agenda. That in Vienna at Amsterdam, the Colorado injured. Five two to forty seven hundred Iowa, eight hundred bets off as always, we use fan door as the official odds, four million dollars, it's time for a milliner picks for weeks, six, just terrible, lucky
So for me I, if your member, I did a whole longshot parlay the week I had had for law shots that I absolutely love the Viking the charges, the jaguars in the dolphins, dolphins, one the vikings just completely completely blue at last. Second, and then the chargers completely bluer by daylight. I'd say three of my four: I parlay them sixty four ways so really of them I kings charges and dolphins are one. I would alone three of the six back. And they were all like, ranging from plus thirty forty four point. Sixty and sixty two hours band, I mean granted its vague money and who can, but it was a bummer. I felt like I really did last week makes a little harder some lessons that just to know if really quickly, we are no longer ever allowed to put fell rivers in a tease or trust him,
and anyway, after what he did to us last week, if you had the courts, I just don't trust them and he Can I come up later and one of our bets and believe me he's not going to be on the right side, so I really like that cold steam and until they figure out the quarterback thing, I'm just I'm not betting on I do not trust in them. I thought his single handedly murder them last week. He really did and then the patriot to seem like an obvious legate. If candy having just come back from covert, and God knows how healthy is There is real. I promise would have thrown them in a seven point. Teaser parlay is, I think I think they have. You know better than the Broncos, but I dont trust any these people come back, covert. I think we ve seen really. Ex results. He has in practice that adventures the practicing his you that conditioning either you not workin out he's taken it easy.
That aim worries me. I actually thought about. The Broncos were plus nine and half as a possible underdog parlay with some a just cause. Drew lacks coming back in their defence, hasn't been bad, but stay away from that. Here's! What I'm looking at Panthers bears Panthers minus, and ass. You ve heard me the last couple weeks. I really like this Panthers stand. That rule there has been great systems, really were coach. We want money with them here last week, the bear are weirdly overvalued. I think people like their defence. I think people, are overvalue in that weird buckskin that they want a little bit on Thursday, eight their third in defensive, DV, great, but a couple of their numbers aren't as flattering for them, the bears a twenty third, dvoa right now, as of four hundred a dot m, and if you watch him like that, no business beating straight and weak one. They barely be giants and retail one a ridiculous at
come back and weak three with force, they had no business Wayne that last Indianapolis eleven points and then barely be tampon authors than I am just not sought, and then you have cared seventh and offensive dv away, but twenty fifth defensively dv away Ok with that cause, I don't need. This bears team can really move the bar. That's all. I know I don't like their run game it. I thought they should assigned Libya and build a day. You know it. it came down to the him between the chiefs and the dolphins and I'm looking at it like man. If you went to the bears, he'd be like the effort that back for them, so like the Panthers, I mean I'm Bridgewater. I love their receivers and the good thing about them is, unlike with the courts, when the colts go down by ten, you just give up cause, there's no way rivers can be get it back the Panthers can throw the bar and they have to receivers that can make, plays and again Christian Mccaffrey Ewing there so were wearing my town, panthers minus one and a half.
Second, one is the right Tidwell Classic Cowboys cardinals, although this is in doubt that Arizona owner yeah Dac Tart, terrible injury breaks his ankle and evaluates the covers a the cowboys went. I could begin with be ended on by far best back up in the wig and see eighty dollars, never had receivers like this he's never been on a team like this think about the team Andy Dalton's, better, like J Green, who is good for a couple years and then just got hurt every year after that you know other. That did you want? I'll send you fancy team like how many times today, Giovanni Bernard and start on one. We can you get like three points. It dawns competent you know. The question for me is how much of a drop off it is road from DEC two Dalton thickets of mass of drop off which brings me to my Ewing Theory case for Dac I'm sorry,
How many surprised at the cowboys make with that? Oh yeah zero, so I don't know I could see the winning this week and start in this whole people kind of can I urge other go away down like really good with their team reassure those just Awesome, scope, where's! Maybe that's why? Maybe that's why daggers put those numbers? I like that by the way, I'm just pointed that out, thousands are so terrible. An overlap. There might say, return overs and mean obviously a lot of them were their fault, but there's can't video errs on his nineteen tv away. I don't like the way the cards a guy Kyler, as my my quarterback and both leagues, why they can't run the bar happened? Can you drink this year, but thou thirteen levy on about can assign what I think, have trouble moving the ball when they need to an end
last week, it didn't matter is they're playing crap team this week is probably not can matter either cause they're, doubtless, but am sceptical of Arizona ability to win a high scoring game and I think dollars will continue to put our points with so a mark and then down their plus one in half. Third, one, that I really like. Steelers over the Browns Steelers are favored by three and one slash two, I'm going to grab that I'm going to knock them down to three, which is a one hundred and thirty. So if you bet I bet three hundred and ninety thousand on the Steelers. If I win, I win three hundred. If I lose, I lose three hundred and ninety, usually it's one ten line, Cleveland's plus six four turnovers they ve been super lucky in Africa, bakers her he's gotta Ribs thing, Odell Miss practice. Today we know it's gonna them pits thirteenth, India, Cravens, eighteenth debut in I've. I've got the chance to watch Cleveland, pretty closely bacon
in about very well. They have a seems like a pretty good coach. Now. I don't really like bigger and I think, against the Steelers team you're, not just going to be able to run on them to win the game he's going to have to make plays. I don't trust him. I also think this is a fuck you game for Pittsburgh. The mouse Guerre thing last year, where you know that into a. He said. He said thing, but I don't know I think far away. I think commons good at the stuff. They Tom is really good motivator and there can be a fuck, you edge the stairs thing which these games have it. Anyway, they have the fuck. You urge to begin with, I think, they're, better. I want it knock down to three to be safe side. I get bone over by the late touch anything like that, but I feel pretty good about this. One
yours. I was impressed last week it really fight He goes game was gonna subway from them and then there's fuck it up and are and they his comrade. They did, they did their faint. They did like this Tom, an era where just taken this game reported out thing their weapons Claypole been arson is really been more valuable than Juju in a lot of ways. I don't love how they run the ball. I haven't loved what I seen from Connor this year, but I like that's doing soon and I think they're better than the browns like they're, going to prove it. So we got that. Then we got two underdogs, I'm looking at Seville confer the law shot guys. The launcher parlez like the bangles, earn their proceed against Cindy mildly intrigued by them. There's cited looks like he's, come back for the cold, so broncos
they're depending where you look probably around nine and a half point underdogs against the pass through lock, is back and then the Eagles or 7ave plane or a point underdogs against Baltimore thought about mixing and matching them. But Washington is plus one hundred and twenty six to beat the giants, and then the bangles, if you, if you have the Bengals, beat in the cold switches, a pure. This is fill rivers going to Hell week. This like the rivers last week has started quarterback Joe Burgess goes in and said to them and throws the ball over them, and Phil Revers can't match points at them, and this is the weak arise for resistance. That is plus eight of four watched him money line. Bang many line against, Indy and I'm gonna put. A little down on that. I'm gonna put a twenty Kay, the little tiny one.
on that there's another washed in long shall parlor really like, though- and this is courtesy of our friends from fallow the same game parlay ass. The money line with Washington was gone. Defensive special teams, TAT Anna talked about it that's plus eleven, thirty six. So when imports sprinkle little something on both of those the law ass. One I wanted to talk about is Niners Rams. So I really This Ramstein, I bet on them to win the inner Niners, have looked awful you now and there have in the season. For now I get it. Every instinct says stairway well for one thing, the land dropped from three after three interesting. Second area These are in them off, they sack, oh, my god- may kill them while their standing deeds back and Jimmy obviously wasn't re. Last week he's in a pat on the ankle sprain, most it's coming
Aqua? Really like here's? The thing to me? This is a kitchen sink game. has saved his Gus next seven game said Rams Patsy a Green Bay neurons by Weak Rams Buffalo they lose this game. Year, seasons in an official tailspin, so whereas the kitchen sink game we think come up from time to time. These are the ones where it's like. We are winning this game were running. Vague points were doing verses, where the wide receivers of throwing down field where you were gonna Saint George Kiddo on forth in one's on fifty yards streaks, any anything it takes we're boots. Is you name it and I like them, plus three at least I think it's a close game. It feels like a three point gave to me.
totally just gaff either I stood there. You never get me interest to jerk off, so that might down the were the only one I'm staying away from his packers books. Packers are one point favoured serve the bucks every instinct have tells me to take the Packers Aaron Rodgers agenda the or are better coached temper, at last. There knows tat goes really good, always like one of their wide receivers is banned. You look at the penalties, Green Bay, one of the best teams in and away he ran out forty three penalties temper. Seventy four temperatures can't stay out of its own way. There are twelve bananas again there doing them shed the quarterback freely with down is, but some looks too easy to me about this game, and I know the boxer like second and Debbie away and there's some advanced magics, but I don't. I thought the Packers, whom we favour by three so I'm staying away. I don't want to see this one I think. Well now
about these teams out this game, but my instinct is saying: packers will win this so anyway, here's what we're doing a million dollar picks weak six. doing three hundred k and the Panthers minus one and a half over the bears, and if you don't trust me now, I just ask yourself a question Other bears really gonna go five and one that f here got that get the cow boys plus one and a half over the cardinals in the ride. Tidwell classic you in theory, committees watching this game very, very, very, closely. Gonna put three hundred. Can that and we're gonna put three so this one, the other ones, are three thirty, two and three hundred three hundred three. Ninety two and three hundred still where's minus one three am say: steelers minus three,
eight, one hundred and thirty odds to cover against the browns of Cleveland and what I like to call a fuck you game for Pittsburgh and then we're going to put 20k just a special fanduel Plus one thousand one hundred and thirty six on Washington to beat the giant and to get a defensive special teams touchdown, so both of those things have to happen, plus one thousand one hundred and thirty. and then put it will put another. we can washed and bangles both the wind parlay for them. I shall parlay the week that is plus eight of for further season I'm down two hundred ninety six thousand dollars. I have one, re out of the four weeks I want two hundred and forty last week. I would have gone into the positive if the freakin chargers, it is taken care of business,
Then you Anthony Lynn. You always do it to me. Why do you do it? Why can't you just finished games. anyway. That is the million dollar pacts for weeks.
Let's take a break to talk about pizza hut, oh yeah, there are legendary original pan pizza. I vacillate with pizza. Sometimes I'll do extra cheese, sometimes I'll just do pepperoni. Sometimes I'll do mushroom, and sometimes I go pepperoni and mushroom. Those are really meant for things I always like to have them well done. If it's a place, I don't trust. But how can you not trust pizza Hut get a large with up to three toppings for just one thousand and ninety nine, with a craveable crest, that's crispy on the outside soft and buttery on the inside order. Now with contactless pick up where available at pizza hut, dot com. Remember no one out pizzas, the hut price iron, some locations limited time, offer availability of contactless curbside and delivery areas, charges and minimums
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The best are fuelled by the best that now forever nothing, it's gator it I last but not least, citizens movie called shit house coming around man this weekend, it is starring in written and directed by Cooper Rife. Who is a very young filmmaker who made movie when he was in college. Honest shoestring budget and I just really like the movie, and I thought there was something special about it. We right. The rear does not have an investment in the movie, nothing like that, which is just the kind of movie that peoples that making a while ago or if they did try to make aid. It seemed you know, like they're, trying too hard almost this move is now trying too hard. So have him on with, with shot fantasy, hosted the big picture of frequent. I was down the reward troubles with me did you talk to Cooper about how we made the movie the legacy of these kind of com?
of age movies, of people in college. I read out a college which I think He's gonna end up. You know I've been on that list, so here! Is that any right now, if you want to check out, should ass again it's available this weekend and met I shall fantasies here. A young director name Cooper Rife, not Rafe rife with Europe it was pronounced wrong. We won't say by who but could arrive loved your movie here this kid. I love the legacy of young kid college movies, our young, just add a college movies and they start making them because they stopped making any movies that aren't about superheroes or whatever, and yet you make this movie by the sea, to your pants and now, it's out shit house, congratulations beggars. Alliance the dogs in the early there have to be clear what we wanted the movie. We have that they had stayed Sharon. Why did you like this movie
I think it took me back to a time. M M when I felt like I didn't know what I was doing so yesterday or twenty years ago. Whichever is more but yeah me I think we just it's not surprising. The vulnerable clicked with your movie in it just seemed somehow both very mature and very innocent at the same time, and really thought for about a critical point in people's lives. So, like you should tell us about it like where they come from the UK. from just my software college. I wanted to make a movie over spring break cuz. I don't have plans and I didn't know what I wanted to make a movie about Bobby just on a college campus. I was like it's probably be about call adjusting the easiest thing to me and what I've made with my to fry, you're, not filmmakers, reactors and ate like hated my. all time didn't wanna, be there, but like the great friends, so we just made this move. In five days I pulled on Youtube and then I tweeted that link dj, deplores the duplex brothers and I said you won't click on this link in an evil master and, like little trouble,
later he said my wife and I watch the movie. You wanna get lunch. and I'm wearing what I wanted out about between said, like email me at my ox my college gmail So then we got luncheon and we talked about making that movie into a bigger movie. That's how she asked that, like the genesis out we just the real Archibald Shine wasn't on it. We did invite a kicking and screaming So your generation, you don't fool, I understand it the way I did it's, not Coopers generation either, no always like Jed two generations after, but that was no bomb backs. First, move whom we are breaking down pilot perfectly captured. You know it's called agenda. Now, but it was this pre entered at era where you kind of graduated, you didn't know what to do next, then you just kind of drifted in all the sudden, nine months passing economy where does this my life year, capturing this whole twenty twenty era of you know not just what colleges like now, but also
how important social media was and is and I was running things that really rare with me about the courting process and did some like your instagram post and eat all that stuff. So all that stuff was so authentic, but did you even know going into making the movie? This has to be a piece of this like what, with your thought process with that No, I actually that the reason why that parties in there is because I realize oh, I didn't write a sea where he gets her number. So he had The fine down like how to communicate with that day and only way to do that is in and theirs, I dont know how to do Instagram very well, I'm very cringy that up so I kind of Rome the guarantee like I don't think it's a deal, so I go and like someone's photos but like when I showed him in the theatre for the first time.
Where was screaming at the screen? I agree you think, but then I keep going through. I keep liking photos. I keep messaging and people living like black thou watching, but yeah. That's that's like I. I think I just got his dream like two years ago: sign really bad at it and don't realize like what's not okay to do on their but people there, a there's a lot of rules. They go unnoticed by me, hate Shawn. Let's talk, can we talk about the legacy of movies? is it how their tied to different generations rank is like the graduate. I think- and I listen, I'm not comparing shit star these their movies unjust. I'm talking about better working at only be the graduate. I the graduate hit this specific point. In generation should write these clashes of these two different types of generations and then you go through
You know no know how many others shine. You know this better than me, but what kicking and screaming man and- and each time somebody makes a movie like this and inadvertently as a snapshot of what is going on. What other movies are like that shot is John Hughes Movies feature that dazed and confused beats to that. That kind of that chasm between the ages of like seventeen and twenty four, when you're trying to figure out who you are as a person that I think you really tapped into in your movie. Did you see those movies yeah already affected by them? Did you take lessons from them I I I wash all those movies, but I am the biggest I take from like someone like rigid link. Later is not like trying to do. Is that some are thing, but you just such a kind director and he D, cares about like he's, ok, making a movie about kids, not knowing whether doing- and that is why I should be making movie about, and so it is like, I think he grants for
action to certain filmmakers like yeah? That is what it's ok, to make a movie about, that that's what people really relate to and boy, I love those movies. So much, I don't think I I hate it. When you blow compare, should I stood before sunrise, because it is yes you're gonna be ok but like they're talking about you ideas before sunrise like shit, I've never die in carnation, just like to say something about the parents, and so I think, but I think the inspiration the guy language, your link, letters he's just such a nice filmmakers. I can't do it everyone on screen. That's why I'm interested in knots Ramat how much being was gone onwards as you're doing this cuz this, as we said earlier, see city or paints a lot of it yes, but we don't have any times and provide so we'd Amity money or like support to be like us. We can never right now and also I'm not the convent filmmaker that, like some like J D Plazas, who gets on certain he's like I didn't, we fine magic years. Why really try super hard with the script?
the legs and arms and like have those moments so that when we go on said we have that base for, like now play a little bit and bring the frightened her jeez. If that happens, but I don't feel confident in my ability to like provoke, we don't know it. Map and Cosette jail is someone like you told me I liked and not know. What's gonna happen, that's, not how I feel, but I do like the themes of not knowing what's gonna happen, so I tried a right. That's for sure they made him out, what about starring in the movie yourself? We haven't sent him and you are the star of this movie. Wrote this part for yourself. This character is, does not happen Who knows what he's doing really an end? Your serve on afraid to kind of look like a fool. look you know like why? Why were you? Why are you at the start of a movie I really what I knew that if I was in a castle when they were not going to be. Someone who had been to college is for our age. If the, if the actors, good and successful
they didn't go to college like Logan, implies my roommate and go to college Matthew. Plays man, don't replacement? We didn't go to college and I wanted to live. Also, this wanted it on what I was saying about what college men's end for me end. I think, they're gonna media see that comes through with me playing it, but also I really liked to act, and I didn't want to directed, and then it kind down to the wire- and I realize elected directed to but did want to act in it because Alexander me stripped away like my first Europe is more like the room. May I was like during my brain, often drinking way too much and am Alex was neutron like geared to the core of what I was feeling in going through on the inside and I really wanted to do that. I go missing. Excitedly you some of those scenes and like fields on us,
because I'm someone who doesn't in my real life- and I wanted like get on cameron- have the permission you know, I got an email about this movie. I know what it was, but I wish to say that seems like a movie I'd like an I emailed, the the person person pr persons Can you send me a link? I think I would like this and watched it with my wife who knew nothing and we're watching were halfway through, as you know that the lead actor he s a directed this and she was like what he's here. Book a kid. How did he direct this and I was like I think I don't know what this is. I just had a feeling about this movie for when you're directing it, you have like the all these two thousand and twenty eight incidents right everything sheet now you're doing in nineteen. Ninety, your luggage, cameras. You know you the worry about certain things, but in a weird way, technology He came to your side to be able to make a movie like this re yeah
First thing that we did. It was literally for zero dollars because we had just like a really crappy camera that actually gets crappy camera. But it looks fine like there was some dead pixels, but it looks like it was very watchable and it wasn't distracting for Jade's like through, but yeah we made the movie for nothing and a lot of it also is because it mean chemist of is expensive, but if you have a good dp appears is like twenty eight year old girl with the southern charge. From Dallas arose from Dallas and we went up to animal vision and talk to scan it Bob in just charmed socks off and not really really great deals for these like very expensive, very expensive equipment, but I was really easy, still location We don't have any pyramids and like we didn't, have a lot stop that we were living around so yeah the advancements. Great enlightened- is by the way this is our porn for shot. He shot shut,
interfere every day that that people are just gonna give up trying to make a movie like this. That's like its biggest fair in life other than the world than a year. Part of what I like about. I am part of why I think that such a cool success story for you, but I mean there are more and more people than are your age and younger that are not as interested in film making long term they're interested in content whatever that means. But the idea making a movie isn't necessarily their aspiration like was that what you had always wanted to do to be a filmmaker? No, I never want to be a filmmaker ever. I would like one as I acted in high school and I also started writing and then my sophomore year college are real. I had a lot of things I had written no one's going to read that because I had like no friend in the business so he's real. place in order in words and be an actor? to be a writer. You have to do all everything up to produce direct all all that, but I realize on said that direct
is the thing that combines everything but at least think it's crazy for people to be like I wanna be a director, it's like you like it Mechanisms by a town- I I the reason why I think people do want to make movies, but I think people are paralyzed by the fact that they come from a place of I have to make a good movie. What's gonna be good enough, Never where I always came from like a really wants girl in my life, I'm a relation, ensuring and says something, and I'm trying to figure it out. Like that's what I wanted to say something with a movie rather than like make a good move. I was gonna be entertaining because that was not what this He was ever really one day, a guy who did it to that girl, see this movie yeah she's been with the issues in the next room right now she she held. may she should have a co writing like credit on the script. She was his yeah that your lawyers would advise you not to say that nothing up,
So yeah you don't know the business yet array One of the things I worry about with your generation now the like the old guy, here we go it so easy to get a claim approve or what ever from social media right like you, can you look at other people become influencers now take it, you can go and tiktok and you can do some funny dance and then then you have a hundred thousand people following you that the bar is both low to be seen, but then the bars are so high in the sense that you can be replaced in five seconds, but that the part what worries me is you know to really do good work. You have I do the work you gotta, you know really, give a shit about it and one of the reasons I liked your story. So much is you're just like I really want to make a movie. If I have to do all these different jobs They do it and you know that's. Why
as one there is I want to have in the past? I want your story to be a story that people look. I go well fuckin guy did it. I can do it because I do worried that that's gonna get lost when this weird social media were right now yeah I'll I'll? Be your purse poster child I think So it's my I'm not very good at doing things. That's him garner that immediate gratification, like nothing that comes out of my brain, will like entertainer. This vile, never go. Buyer also, I think, I've always known that, unlike knew that probably could have gotten some scripts read, but I think I knew that no one was gonna be adjusted in the script. That I was writing is this, like do were always my time. and in an even now, with the success of the little success should I was Adam having all these meetings and the like. What is your right or what ideas yeah, I'm like your mind he doesn't like that seems tiny like they feared. That's gonna be little. Yes, it's a region,
slow and like yeah, Did you like shit house, I'm so that's I'm never gonna, like a lot of people are getting really really good at the kind of the twitter comedy like that. Like all my friends are so so funny that's very specific way. I'll never be funny in that way, like I think I always like the funniest things, have the most emotional content and, like that doesn't mean very well so I think I sometimes wish I could be- that person gets right now you you're, better off where you are like, there's less people in the poor you're swimming in red, I would say that The jury adds very I've Priscilla like nothing. Oh I'm very young. It wasn't that long, but I was like wise leading and was there was some times are those I need to get on board the train of the area me funny and that other way, but it's been so so emotionally, fulfilling that I that people are watching, should house and having some kind of reaction forces.
Do you know what you're gonna do now like you're, going into these meetings? You're talking to That is why people they met the green light. Things Are they like time, for you make the green Lantern movie like what is your? You don't see that there are no there and then they know that I would not be good at that, but I I saw those things I had written before I made that movie. I still haven't I so I have so many things. kind. Already written but now I am, I am working on like I found I to examining horrible meetings, but had the two good meetings in and working on, stuff that is in the south, all that shit house. Don't do that add burns thing where you just remake the movie with a bigger budget. Better right right not only needs she's, the one which, by the way since she's the one twelve times, but now it's it's not that bad, but it's basically this. phobias brothers, with more with a bigger budget. No, this next summit, like shit, house is very very
raw and away that's mine it won't be anything like should house, but it isn't a say, its share, its very seriously line, which thousands shares the same person abilities think I was going to say the next movie should abandon you should get with blood ass. You do shit has to bed like everybody gets murdered, threatened to kill off of character, That is why I left that's a lot of people expect of us. Movie their Reagan views when they watch it are, they think so he's gonna die now think when somebody winning the horror movie, it sounds like a horror movie, in a way. It is that it is horrifying. At times, is a risky to me Your movie should house: is it hard to get this movie in front of people, because that I've just rise this week? honestly. I I've seen gave me no trouble at all like they don't even within our conversation about. Should we change it. They always like the title internationally. I had to change it, though.
and just recently found out. I literally they were not letting me not change it. So somebody so much energy is one of the titles. Who are we houses excrement in German as we are talking about it when they buy, they gave suggestions that I was like I only watch the movie. I literally one of those they want to call green lantern in two days, some around lantern, when the title as they Barbara just remarkably, not what the movies about well, you got, let's be honest: she got completely was that by southwest made no on the scale of terrible things from the pandemic, it doesn't cracked the top million, but it those sites like you're gonna. Have this triumphant victory lab playing it in there in the same, you'd have state that you
the movie in that would have been a really cool thing and then now there's no festival. You will stop. Myself was the first thing I canceled so kind. It became the face of like Corona, devastated these people, and so I so a minute after cancelled era cone of any like texted me and said: can we talk How you feeling I take some policies was like you gonna, throw me under the businesslike when thought biodiversity, cancel know now. They're gonna man look really good, and so they didn't article four hours later that said this kid miss out on this in this and this without having even seen the movie. So it s really doubt in our favour. I think because people were so kind and really wrap their arms around all of those out myself, but here You missed? It still could prepare your movie of Asia, and that's that I mean maybe you'll have that at some point in life of your. Hopefully, if we ever can be it a movie, theater together again in our lives, but bear that that is a bummer thy for bad for you on that
well. I think you have been the right. That's that was the right festival for your movie two out of so many times. People would have loved it there and I would have an exciting, but that's actually like a good subway to what it means to releasing a movie right now like how do you feel about that? How do you like? How do you want people to see it, given what going on in the country Well, I wanted people to see it while I call it experiencing college, but then I kind of realized they don't even want to watch it while they're in it and that way, but I really like the fact that I think a lot of people have a lot of time to a movie where it is ensured This is a movie rat gotta meet it where it is, it's a very comfortable not being seen, and so I think people also won a bit of a warm hug, some comfort and that that's this movie and also people are stuck in a house with like one person right now or delay.
Other people and that's all this movie, it's just like two people talking, and so I think it kind of lends itself to its kind of perfect moment for it to come out, Sean in a weird way, this is kind of the ideal movie further video on demand era when right now right because in maybe this would abandon movie that took off in Peter either way. It is definitely one of those. Oh. What's this, previous, oh and I just getting that right away, and I think there has been some success with that form an already like we think the Appetite P Davidson movie did really well on that front. is made from other ones too, like there's that certain type that movie they just kind of makes sense on a Thursday night right in your house, with whoever your data angry with her, you buy yourself whatever so could be an advantage. I think of banishing test case how closely what are you gonna follows stuff like that you carry you interested in that part of the work.
Yes, I'm out they follow everything very closely, but I really am trying not to like I'm trying to drive to the beach or something, but I I follow Eric. Fuckin Red Letter Box. I shouldn't highly haliae. Well, goober, how I know it's so it so awful, but I can't not read everything. That's coming out. It's just I give you some advice, but you're not gonna. Listen to me, I'm not, but I was don't read all that shit. I don't want that shit. The thing you just do that's true Keep your head where it is. Don't don't don't worry about? my comments review by the, especially if the movie comes successful really well respected. Then there's gonna be a backlash to it and stay away from that shit. Just make your next move. You don't worry about that stuff. We add a New York Times wrote married generic right up, It should also just like it just people talking, I call
Unlike yes, it is your right. Now is a main about it out. That was, that was not a great review, but I would, I think I would seriously I ways ask filmmakers about that? When I tell them, I'm always like D reader views effect to you. Do you think about it and half of them tell the truth in their like you, they're, like I don't want you, but I have to another. Have just fucking lion say that they don't, but everybody does could ever unreasonable to not be drawn into something like that, but I as is a weird for you. I mean you know we point out that you're quite young relative to what you ve accomplished already, but is it? Are you more comfortable getting feedback like that? think there may be some older peers. Might me I got a place like letterbox. Yes, I'm very pressure. More obviously- and I do yes, I'm like very aware of when I see something should really should either my feelings. I might well I'm only twenty three. I can get better, but at the same time so have a lot of confidence by an initial reaction usually is like I'm learning.
Much about you right now, like I'd I'd, take that, like the fences, nature but bites, yeah. The other thing is, I really feel the need to tell people how much money it was made for this desire to be like it's incredible, and so such a miracle will have his movies watchful. I give you were onset and just saw the look and our yeah for his eyes he did not think this movie was gonna get finished, let alone like be somewhat watchful, so for people when we once out by southwest this wall going up of like dont want people to watch it with this lands of, let's see what this winners all about. Is that movie is it's like it's, it's so one people who know how wonderful it is that they can sit through it and like moon. I hate it. That's a key concept, though the degree of difficulty rank- is where Thou movies and music due to some degree at we did. I remember Grantline,
We did a history about swingers and that's another movie. That seems like this really well done polish movie and then, when you read how they made it, they were cutting corners left and right. They weren't getting pearl They were bar, embodies houses. There's one scene with family We just did a pack asked about that movie. They're using. He opens a refrigerator because the director needed the light from the refrigerator cause there. I have light in the apartment and it's like. I think that such matters can make a movie that stands with these big budget movies, and you do in at the Eu Us happened for every cent. Like that's really impressive, I think so too. and I and I really want people to know what I want I want. I want some of the crew member to be interviewed like what were you thinking onset does enable rapid they, I would I would go to them and say: hey. We need is worth doing twelve hour days and we have money over time, but I had as we need to go forward.
ours today and they look at me professional people who have been so many sites like fuck you kid like the other movie is not that movie, and yet it wasn't that movie. So, like those days, I was Lily, told no big language and had it was just there are so many seems that would you hadn't come because we didn't even get like theirs. It was a shit, show onsets ends. when I got in the editing room and saw that I think it has that special quality was so excited, and then, when we got someplace I was there was like. I can't wait to have my little pocket and have that beers. things like him and then meet all these other filmmakers. But then When I want obviously so grateful and of lucky and I'm so excited by the fields isolating in that way, because it's like it and be in that it should be in a place by itself. It should be like with everybody,
else? In the end it is but like it isn't you that's a bar, think the movie doesn't totally work without delay there. Can you just like talk about hike, how she got involved? this very small movie and, like you know, I really didn't leave it needs both of you. It needs the need, the HAWK and the delta and know you hate to hear that. But you know it no yeah. I know I don't hit together. I have had the other, but I The doing we asked to cure What about the small roles and the younger Son sort of man, he was a little bit of a bigger role in the movie and describes, and so we ask Dylan to play that role is to come in for a day, and she said yes that, because the person who's gonna play Maggie grown in Arabic when who plays the girl? Who is doing the bottle, spend the bottle scene, who's, gonna buy Maggie, and then she got a tv show and couldn't do it.
So I immediately was like a needs to be doing, because Dylan is Maggie on steroids, and that's what I that's the way described. Little sisters like maybe on steroids, Yeddo one when she laughed those they ok. I need to have that lunch with Dylan and ask her to do the the main part and we had that lunch, I was really really scared because we're so opposite in real life that I was. I do enough. Work at all, but then I realized that Madeline, who, though, that characterise based on we when I first met her eyes. Terrified, an exact way so that I believe this is gonna be magic, and I was right but no I but then I asked her to do it and she was like. I need to read. The script began to make sure I can do Maggie dresser ever and part of me was like I don't know. Maybe she didn't read the scrubs like she just got her part. She probably did she live.
But then she read it and got back to me was like how to do when I do this and she's amazing she's got incredible and think she's super super and she is genuinely the funniest person, but I've ever met. Anna died at the beginning of shit has to when the civic over shows up right, know, she's gonna be be there that and then there's gonna be subtitles that explain her the smart Does it have you asked about that big murder scene that society gotta do this arm of his severe thy right away, speedier tone Dylan would never do I shouted to his colleagues to imagine post traumatic stress. Remember me It was a nightmare and she was so. She was the leader on said because she was the one who is the most experienced and the conditions were so crappy, but she was always so and I was like she's amazing. The movie was amazing, onset and off so, you want to act more than direct,
not now. I really want to drag because it'll get yet don't lose the direct impact yeah. War. Acting, I just didn't, have the confidence as a director and acting. I just like really would love to be directed by a great director, but it shone like psych eight directors I, like probably like twelve, very picky now are, we are where we are lagging has ever were. If there was one person that you could get to see, this felt one filmmaker who without person, be there really going lesson I'd say: jaded flaws in relation to decide I don't know. That's really link later sure, I said I really want to write me. I really wants a vehicle blows here, cause that's a good one. I stole everything actual she'll see every like I stole something is room, wasn't translation, and so I think the way there
all of her little line say something about those things in a movie and like all those little visuals like I really try to do. That would should house and her like very specific sense of humor is like the weights played so straight. I think that's why try to do it should house ends. I really hope she likes it. First of all, I don't feel guilty about that. Because all new directors still from the better directors before there now by the same thing as for writers, like I stole my writing style from seven different people just payer, seven, people together and greatest out, so I know my pie casting style from bill. So here you know it's not as I've Ivy League Soapy aside should be like that and then she would have me cold directs. The next move, does he have all you're not can be surprised. I love that movie turn and I do feel like those movies aren't happening as much and I know shot and I ve known each other for a while. We worry about this constantly, like you know that
We did a lot of the ones that we do are from the nineties inches. This error that we revere, where from like night, Ford and ninety nine? It was just such a creatively, vibrant awesome times. of movies and every week there's something new common out and red around like a three or four The sudden superheroes shut up and because the sequel train shut up- and you know the money this was an end? Can IRAN the dice with some of these? smaller any movies built around somebody's voice and then the all that drifted, the tv was the other piece and I'm sure like you're. Getting that our ba would have created a tv series. People don't lie to me. over there want you to make like us, seven season television show yeah. I also, I should say, were so funny like the entourage guys relate, should house needs to be a tv show. How is like watch it first, you have to it first, but yeah.
a that's, that's the whole thing that's happened, do or have had their I saw the thing is, though I loved you ve, like. I just think that I love tv. I hear would tv show, because no tv show realises that it's just about the characters. That you fall in love with you. if all over them a little bit more because they miss no one takes advantage of the fact that you get to see his characters for so long. If you want to Why are you just leading with characters? But no show does that because is almost even more so with tv shows and movies, like we gotta get the best five minutes in that pilot. Like the first time it has to be so good and that's all they care about and Well, that's why some of their shows like Ozark and the ones that figure out that model of a really compelling story, but then you're also really in the characters. Those are the ones. I kick ass like that families again, I ask you to let our family, so much did. Do you think you're gonna have to stay,
independent in terms of doing what you want to do or like what d ever feeling about whether Unita team up with a bigger apparatus to do it. do in the future. Yeah really want money like. I really want money to feel supported, so I, I warn you asking bill for money now, We now have is a new jack. No we know. The thing is people people like people do I have money in like smaller things, it's just having to really argue that it has to be a little bit under because I don't it was they give more money, they give more notes and that's that saying under that is really easy, because. like. You don't need that much money and you gonna can make us. So we made so much money with shouts so much money and I'm being able to tell people that is really.
And then they know that, and so there is a path for students to give only a little bit of money. I think That's what I mean this is one of my big matches bet on yourself the title of my my book that I'm never going right. I've just been done on you so that's it. That's all the hall should how's internationally. As that on your cell phone yourself, you gotta, do it listen, stay away from cooking? stay away from Twitter and Instagram replies cocaine and replies does the two things you stay away from me and let me do you think and letterbox other budgets: do they make your next movie? Don't give a shit what other people say just that people like us like that. That's other matters forget therapists, your
I beg you guys. So much really means listen, we're on the front row, the bandwagon Sonoma. Yet after what happened to you, dont, like don't like big time as later, when you, when you're, like a famous famous like director out those guys, had me on their pike ass, I do now and sweatshirt at a girl in the next room had no background that now have one five oscars. yeah. When you're doing the green Lantern three junket, I'm gettin more than ten minutes, ok emergency! That does not mean that in mind and Adele Complex, leave. He shall verify whether they are congratulations. I'm here, I'm really safe for you, and I just think it's cool that you're historian. Congratulations! Thank you! So much. I really really really appreciated so much higher thanks so much to Russia, Wilson, thanks to Cooper, rife and thanks to fancy for Papa We would do well in the night. Our tax would be back on Sunday mean occurs and I see that
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