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Desus and Mero on Yankees–Red Sox, Protesting the Knicks, and NBA Playoffs (Ep. 202)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on Viceland stars Desus and Mero to discuss NBA fashion (5:00), making waves on the internet (12:00), the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry (16:00), the plight of Knicks fandom (24:00), Phil Jackson vs. Melo (30:00), Blake Griffin's Kia commercials (36:00), Jordan's gambling (42:00), 1990s NBA fights (47:00), LeBron's brand (53:00), La La and Melo's split (56:00), Chappelle's return (1:02:00), Denzel's one-name status (1:06), and Eddie Murphy's comedic reign (1:10:00).
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NL as consumer access, dot, org number, thirty, thirty and finally, we are brought by the ringer and I felt sure that's where you can find Gm Street might learn. Lombardies new pack ass would take Frazier its excellent as those are the Ringer NFL show content, including Kevin clerks, passed with Andrew. Look, it's not be doing and drew loud voice, it actually end. You look seek and find that out there, the sweet, the Ringer NFL Show Subscribe. Wherever you get your pack ass and now our friend from protein. We're taking this Wednesday afternoon? So we don't know if something crazy happen. They play ass. Forgive us truly Westbrook, just thought hardness of them
now just allow these words in this game entered. I gotta, go our remoteness, Bangala, very streets. Arrayed, wait! Wait stand on the efforts, because when I did the is being shown MBA Disease Merriweather. What I did I was when I did the expansion and they as a b c two, they always want to show the athletes walking in and we like you in jail and you guys just talk over the edge? Please say funny: you get jail in a safe funny thing without always felt vaguely after me. I didn't like you want Most we allow, like my part of the no other sport, does his eyelids here's Miguel COBRA his walk mask of becoming only win. Apparently Barbary Olga got no underwear all because he has ever made it a thing what it was like when he changed the whole dress code on Xilai with eight hours in an ill, fitting
five Excel Zoo in their stormy to demonstrate our billing, hey, you guys, can dresses, are away so denouncing everyday casinos I bid and when they were they wore away like the bag. Is definitely the hypocrisy like nobody really cared. We all Cameron the tunnel, but now that they changed. Like a wholesome as some show of the NBA Broadcasts legal, because right now, my time there was a look arrests, Westbrook is wearing lay before that What would you be taught my right now, let's go rather Westbrook is shooting the Bulgaria is a whole new. These people who follow basketball off of just like. Oh this, is this person dresses this way or look with this person where the laws that leave a cop, their sports blogs they cover any of the actual? two days ago. Here's today's look, look we're doing. We had on at Arnwood Bargain with the drafts when the guy's kept button in the suit
for like the airs, and then it became a thing on the internet, and then they start paying attention to the house, and I wasn't far more observers is where they soon. I think I know what you're roasted on social reality of roaming z, and it is evident that of others. Look at us eagerly ran through the walk wrapped up, That is the exact now surrounding that. Doesn't it Is anybody listen. I have just drag a Europe that has the reasons are, for everyone self aware that year, like if someone else capable. Prompt all right. I will give you a bit then Univee answer now Jane was both defensive of his ninety four draft suit. Jews in our time classic, but at the same time I think he's the kind of exit there are still areas like half proud, eventually the time, because these things are not as it is only a highway like. Even now, you look back now, you're all his whack. You have teeth, I'm sure he has more than which was chop Suey easily. I got six is it crazy, I'm out here at the same time, while athletes to self aware now
Things like it's like Prem, like don't worry about, like there's, nothing like it. Matters like they have to be solved You gonna mainly because now, like brandy and whatever like before the billygoat, just Bull s eye, and if you could ball, you could be while asshole and it's still cool legislative endorsements. You can still do whenever they chose bodily was ill dickhead then he got mad endorsements believable like addicted to attend. I remember back in a daze rumbling, Derek Judah. He had no like. No one knew anything about there. You know he went to the clerk here. A lot of women is of great human. Receiving really interviews you give like these very short. One line is that you do you have to imagine what is going on behind door with their that's. Why you're here, like the baskets or utilise passively when I like, o back
in the broad you have their whole day do snapchat. You know we much about another there like values. I personally like to pull back, but I think the younger kids, you know they grew up on social media. They feel that did you ve? Always had they feel entitled is argued. They owe like giving up its Oda them to be. Like Elvis, tell me what to do all they. Don't you find it? when you find out who doesn't have social media they will what's going on. There were woozy shut it down for the play ass, a sign to be sit there, serious, lock at a level that little lady out everything the raw meat is, I train from his body. You will be able to pull off the block. Forty characters from me say: sobbed we can prevent shutting down. My twitter account is like that, like all chained to a palliative die, it's I know I'm just not gonna press there's no either
I call on my phone was gonna women. We would remind you that during the talks, but it's what do you know? You know this alliance, whereby just labelling as there are a couple of organizing others as exemplary Lorenzo backwards, neither check not everything. We do jail in jail limbs, the first Eric would jail, and he pointed at the hall like all the subtle subculture with social media, with athletes where they like, they landed Dallas and some feeling was that tonight Dallas they now just be the tweet uneasy they're doing because then they want people to start the eminent yo YO we movies. I shall we say those where I wish that we understand the game. Now we are talking about here is how we wake you today, you state or even better like you. If they ever verify kind annual years, will caught information. You get your conversation with another verified account on twitter does I know you got favor for as I go we're like you're working late and my wife even like
pull up? Little homey looks good. This is well. Is I smoke and mirrors man yeah thing it's gotta be so much easier. Leyla yell Manila lighter robes and power. We must not lose sight of that. It is surely does address like you, I got a yard, you do the rest, you're gonna blow a father, the kids you that connect with the people
but what century, as last year, because you're more successfully Ray and one house but has the hammock- is gonna you're, not a lot more amazing alarm was the youngest gotta guide easily over two hundred years to sneak in early sneaker head I'm trying to catch up as ah I didn't housing Rosa on TV and, like that's my one vice now have kids or a house daylight, the Macleod. You gotta move at a later before kids, a six year old, a three year old, but before you told her about the bitter old bramble recoiled, still small fresh Otto Rocks norms, and am I don't it's is unlike ivory boys like now, good Superdome cross him off. It is its. I was at the daughter first and the sun has totally read as two girls have been grandfather, but it is found to have one or both. Could it is a completely different experience totally it's like plan. Plan a war, videogame regions like a sports video? This I have the Nazis labours.
Look. I don't even know how to do this. What you, what do you mean by front to back like? What's the was the back I don't have to do is to take over. I can't do it out of breath So once you gonna decades, you man, as others, have like night download that point his flannel anyway. What that does a thing like if you're? If you have people, have one kid or we will have no kids like going on a social suddenly, one can only go one kid, as has happened like a friend, yet that's a mess. We, like you, have a friend that was like a drunk or something and the Jews always gonna, be on top of them to blame you'll make sure here? Did you eat something like? Are you? Ok, you wanna go to the bathroom, like that kind of, like terrible friend, is like having a small child herbalists, though easy, because it too you against one newspaper that when you have to is it still? Another August is one on one. Three or more is when you get to the heart of this eyebrow like now. It's like What am I could slit slip away and I mean and break down your field for lack of a forty hour casual three or just yet. You need help. You need help from from the
Sometimes I get rich to get like a man. Is a self rubbed. Many I got all over the place on those come through and, like my mother laws like five minutes away, so I'm showing so who do have to catch up to an sneakers no to catch up. Anybody else. Niggers like I always Somebody'Ll, now, there's this and people are not. My collection is not necessarily I'm not. A competitive battle have become political. Exactly. Where almost can I buy up here on them. You do not add some gate ally places in Manila. That's one hundred years ago, shouted out to fight Club Army knows where those places I mean. This is, I just love the feeling of, because you know I order as you know, no one they show up and the like are come home from my recording the show and though just be a box in my living room or like my front door and like that feeling of opening number is. I know these are my sneakers. I can afford them and I'm not going to debt buying them yet like that's. Why doesn't one thing I got going on wasn't because now that I've been to Ellie,
nobody Narva coddled tools and taken brunches. Does it say now that people like for our neighbours? I go, we gotta come out here and I am sure that guy always do you not just be in New York, I might become, and I might be our newly which out here you know be black hostile on While we have sat through my work. I should like to assure this house like that's what I want and I will now read: houses big enough has everything I want, therefore, that I just gotta leave to do other
we're not gonna, be like the well balanced, even eight, where every time you do the show its splits green light, execute Derek jittered trunk Tower Parma and I just use it to charge my phone and smash. It has everything else. What my family- and I worry about our like nobody judgment, because it was a hard you guys made at another store. I deliberately didn't do research for the sooner we do. I was a little surprised to fasten list Wicked ass, it was a united lay we in summer school in the brain, is set up in a way. Where is a man? Don't necessarily go to the school that you attend school assent. Rural area school. Where are all the kids and air go to that was over some swore. He went to that school. I d go to school, but I would never sums were so we nature of each other and that in that, area in re, but he s a crowded, microbrewery lawyer, really hang there like a new over my let's have it
over these later mean, and we are interacting largely because with with so, here's a link of seven or eight on his hand, because we both have really should he jobs, but we actually just seen time asked what I just come about so does backwards, which was, moreover, diary than by interacting with people so, which is my love. Meeting our days and every now, and then we tree about the same thing that something happened like very broad specific, and we didn't have that many followers, but the following. We knew our follows: a finance like they're like AL. You guys, you know you guys have something there, because we can go a fourth for about a tweet, so we do more alive, but this is on. The internet is real, this ain't in that area as Ebay. You guys. So you guess you MIKE you ve, been together for twenty five years the content and on that point, is the similar brings them. The men are basically like the digital reps of of twitter remained because until we jumped into the park, has the initial bikers loses Canada.
At first it was a little shake you. What I'm within its like immediately was like. I this is, this is some kind of you to the heights that it will go randomly the familiarity of such an advantage. Dear, I led out with a couple of people where we know the little touch points to jollier set em up a stone in Albania, Gus acted as another next level. Could you could definitely tat was what then it is not like some here. Your window was. I owe you to have a show and saying that it will work Asia. Is you don't want it to become carry Oki, which has an approach for you guys were at sight of a five. Do your ran on this as it is ever that we don't write anything in society knows all of the dome, so is very organic, and if you, if you follow what's going on, you can see like the jokes developing like if you can follow MRS Weak Rev. Allow more allayed yokes than we did last. We read inexperience shit. Now we can name please. We can make jokes about the four or five and I lay Koumongoe whenever an airline,
You don't it's out erewhile tat is that has is that just about now I hope we will. I guess what people would that's coffin alive or create room for my beard, the afraid, eighteen dollars a gun to every citizen has ever taken me. There has worn clerks desert boots with no socks. Because they can you like a weird hat from scenery, standpoint and there has never been a better looking collection, a grocer shoppers and airline labourer Horny nine year old Son. I always there That's what it's like this. The dad. Why are these actresses? Who are these people is amazing. Very travellers are less healthy, vs levels through Michel like every time you change I'll, like all the extra scatter away, and what's in there, what my everybody can ever narrowly camping this hot weather, a homeless people are highly early. This will very soon as well as our home. I don't they have these are not my words where my dog, what's going on here, I walk through our one like yellow was, I think I know there's only four members of Haim counted
While we may one I'll marry, three days and annual and others as southern ass? It was, I think, those squash other than earlier, but you guys can see what it's like that, like the benefit to be an honor. I only whether lies whether what comes on earlier. That's, not that's! That's that's! Now! You're gonna, like on the night time I'll call you like more kids, where does the lily? We Oscar we like living in New York in all, they started seven, maybe eight o clock, Antonia and loss of the plants, because my ritual is much he's gonna by seven o clock. You don't sound like us, your time. You don't say, as I like memo, I've hang out for a little bit whatever and then like it's like everybody, vacuous area Go on lockdown herbal. Several Elles can undermine and Emily waste at an MBA silesia, yeah Asia, low leg. Bmw are things I seven o clock. You go to the bar, you do. Your whole night is still around like a basketball game or a baseball game like nothing better than like a Friday night, Yankee Ready.
Game in New York. He won't you know, you're the Red Sox, hats out for Euro Area Library, minor, Yankee, her eye more. It's done after all, the egg is a young and will come up. You know too few handy, look. Sick, feuds. Just now to see him. I missed a few nine eighty to ninety seven Eleanor when the girls, whereas like us not this, is stupid, uneconomical that I used to be the extra Why would defy anyone who, like there, was a better right in sports, Damn red Sox, now. There are other ways as peak as a Yankee fan as dominican. There was nothing that created some more entertainment for me, then, when Pedro threw down summer on Mount was I go. Does it looks like the most all the races like I and the planet just languages, optically yeah, I'm not speaking on his back
the first cuckolds multi racial rather well educated Georgia Pedro prejudiced room like an infant like your area. That was a very though touching, but no matter what he did our magazine. You know Yankees, but at the same time, all like airplanes, you're. What I respected about the I've already Wilson housings. What's the innocent deferentially team carrying like you knew you with the rivalry like if you want to Fenway like everyone here, You re wasn't like it was a o d like stupid. You there was a red those apparent whether you talk to another path, aurettes taxpayers and users alike, with number two off. Why do we have They both eighteen, forty, nine or easy. Both recent channel nineteen o eight, I mean- maybe my only later today is more than eighty afforded. I never got ya, never gonna win at all for happen in any one again. Unless I'm Yankees one, oh nine. Now! Nobody here is the one thing that killed ass was of three well with his arable get greater
Oh, let Pedro and tag in that area. I mean that was when it was like. Well, I don't know how to find the dark, but it was only back over it out with it. Now is that was Rather I was actually on by all over with a girl who was torture us there. I am relating and should have the stand I went and during this world series I was like I was mad smug because got her crevices like make a food and, like I'm, only smashing just like me, A programme like that that looks like you, I'm going to lose again. Then every David's like what it's like that that back then the boss lab. Europe's weird he never dared not. I was. It is a matter that I was ok with that because I was a young also generally recognised whatever by any means. Because of my item like that's whom thinking like hell factors like we're women. This game, like I, don't give a shit like we're, not thousands or as now.
Following that boy was, I would ve done. There is a lot of moments of no more lance arrives. Thinking was I don't care? I'm getting obviate over? I gotta do again. No, I have no idea. This is why we have achieved together. Face it this way that it is done at the outset. I was watching a bar and like in my mind, I was started. As is going on outside the show up against this kid at the sitting there for the whole series, whose I dont puts out also forget of adopting I'll, be here when you come back there in areas like you can leave now. I respect you translate. I went to four or five. I could go on six and seven. I do want to go up here. I don't want to be there at last. It was even a nerve thing. It was like I just can't. Imagine anything worse than being there and, in our add from a personal standpoint to so many bad memories and Yankee Stadium. Dear that
Still I go in there s current land enacted down the old. I know they still call Yankee States that I have to say that the way is like deliberately ghosts and spirits in demons out. Here I go to Fenway now the feeling I've never could find ways than we find ways always been Fenway for Europe as a whole. We are you ready. They will do you think they'll never tear down Ubuntu however, reality has waited model. The way is located as its living. On the first thoughts, a cash cow and people come to see it almost like you'd go to see the Grand Canyon such labour evil in the team. Sacks tv will look on edge, but they yet they once they fixed the seats. The problem is that there are these seeds Well, I didn't, I think, someone a year like, like a grocer interfere like the use that all this is over there near facing legs, the centre filled while they gonna fix some of the seats, but they ve fixed a ladder that they're changing cram. Like thirty eight now
and people there it's fine. You know that, don't you were stated interred annexed stadium. Now I kind of again is exactly where it lies at the New Yankee Stadium Boring dying Florida more just at each other up. So you every angle you got the GB bean batteries islet retailers to get to that. The Muslim is not that the O Yankee Stadium as a key eggs. I was born cross you from Yankee Stadium, one of the biggest highlights of the OECD mushrooms ramps I just had to go higher and then, when you finally got you see, there was a first time you saw outside and inside the field. The greening of the future is exploding. You like war, the baseball damage it was like a whole ritual have deck, whereas, like you straight Fiji had not beers. You follow you just tumble over there that I will turn now. Those things is I'd, be like a dog. I wanna get my voting now, some junior of it. Viewed as that at their ones where Bruins, Jersey, celtic shorts and a red Sox how I wanted,
that's so proud of us out here. You was in fact who had on that suppress the leather jacketed had like the world series patches on it. What it was like a couple, but it was like after offers. Also mafia violence was much more acceptable. Back now, as a member of the commission on the vessel, everyone's wait, wait or the texting you can text considerably. Texaco The youngest people reject yeah you're, like the old text, if you stand up while, like the bases loaded and is too were to shrikes, though to propose ones to shrikes, how a data, though, that The down here do that and I replied the nuclear family, so TAT used to be able back in the day they used to be able after the six ending a lotta games, you could get them for free, Cyrus, STAR, like if you did this credit to you too, have sections were basically anything goes.
This- is how do they section fifteen June here the heavy ready now anymore, and then there be family sections on that, but it's so fuckin born gonna baseball games. Now I mean, is very expensive. It's boring, passive and time consuming, and you look at it like the six, our commitment. Now you go the park, the apart. They got it they may gonna, make it easier and we're gonna make visible cooler and journalist Anna Box. I every time a guy look around and like two thirds of the people are looking at their fancier, just like nothing attention yet again, Four p m surprised more people get hit by far by embryo lookin for liability regime, Camping Ipad into Yankee Stadium, for that's probably get. I disagree about me. If you saw them, and they have worked. So, let's take a break. The following is not in offering of securities private investors.
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such bs r e, a l t why shares Dhaka, Slash BS back to the bodega boys, unless you guys agreed in oak, has now I find ninety seven o four was unlike any, they were seeing eye is most amazing watching the World Series in ninety six, and that's really was lit a five me like as like a Yankee ever really like. I was always a yankee. Somebody would like more casual. Unlike my download one other Achior, that's like that, China, haze catch and pop up like a most those guys, Marianna girls, guys like thousands of these, are my guys and watching them. You don't we like a different feel. So you are starting to feel that now, though, with these younger duties that are good and that's that's they're doing there, we should not try to say, then it is the legs billion. Many though elegant rumours are you said you love page
but many was may have anything like I like it in airlines always. Finally, Maney was right there, their candidate, because this is a very important thing to mimic- is from DE r and d men against in York. What would Dominica jerk hold them us dominican, Yorks, like two millions who are from New York? Yes, oh man is a hundred so one of those guys like hot dog earlier autonomy like yellow check out. My swag, like I got this value highly touch me like the confidence, the swag levels or like astronomical, like dominican soldiers, are like a little more humble mean so it's like Lily, where they just valid point. Percent little as you said, is that it will be because I do not know yet. What then only observe don't give up my presence in the world ass. It is not necessary because we are going to have more my words if workers have the final sofa jamaican teeth other uses,
he's, gonna, help every spent a good deal of others the same. Is that all you have won the first, you depart home loans. Are you gotta see? We are thing that enables you to further the frozen allotted to redistribute. Shortstop asked the boy how fuel war? Why do you think you make about its British, which I've heard. Are we alone there are dogs, so people always running away from could be that you felt very barrel, so we could is probably safer to run. Then it is to drive plan you enter, Glad one issue Madame got one note I mean you knows of ourselves so that this would be. You should have him and stuck by their cause. He is cool superstar, Malcolm Grandma, is about this, but we re smart rosy like annoying these more, not icy smile of commitments. Yeah, please Hobson, he's gonna. Keep correctly me about shit like that,
Now, perhaps it is, it actually got his naturally clay Thomson collapsing. Actually, I can very well because master the playoffs and he had a hollow How the hell are you earlier on handling or ip three one of the end there was originally made us, it is living. How do we? Actually? I didn't die ass, any valid or to say if I was dead, I would actually be able to see them. We didn't die, We still hear so hygiene. That's a lie around your cookies. Are figures attended to thank you for investing had lots of next question three like while their vat I what's wrong. I'm gonna get banned from Maastricht, regarded for like matter, although juggling reports, I gotta do that. I don't know you might angrily.
I'd rather badly. What's wrong, I'm gonna get us ban from massacre gotta for like Metallurgia players. I gotta do that. I don't know you might ain't gonna happen doll. It's like way. His little robot thing actually doesn't talk. Has, on the whole this guy nasal. Now I love vessel like bus was like undermining him, but this was my blood I love these will rascals. Is my report to us pits the new American Pass. It's the most once more to watch its the fastest paces. Alot of scorn is lotta, like you not only moments and in a basketball game, even like a regular, boring, ass. Regular sees again analysed the most interesting people as acting like an annoyance at twenty five most interesting ass I would say: probably twenty one, a madman, don't ass! Most of the players. I there's something interesting to them is not the actual your desire to sixty four players. These people are the gang members in the warriors had, whereas each gang leaders like the roller skating, that's the basque biology of Westbrook says little:
spare mustache progress behind their heart got his weird beard, three point gang and its dominance, The plan also mean NBA. Lagoon of the regular season is like home like, and you know what the outcome is gonna be coming into play off, like the players are still dull because, like anything is possible, very glad. You know like that, like us to get swept by one really rather, who died three years: Zactly exemplary reserves, as black sheep rivals, Wade who's dead, doing they dug up eventually by others. Can we get traded in literally two months ago now his job or see, as it has already some plots and zip sick? The german guy wake up Border Socrates lab with look a billion dollars every year the playoffs somebody performs well. The bigger and a stupid got on my journey television reflect.
Me like that of our souls arise. We do not drive the truck up to his house after last Nick Move, as I feel I feel Jackson likes scrappy guys behind, voters in awful Jackson doesn't like mellow metal stops the bar. Establishing the stork triangle off your secret is. We believe it is trying to women's rights of long Tuesday really say that their criminal in threes is cheap scorn. Yes, he did he aid if he dies oak. That's it I'm crazy! That's that romance. You say that that's what you're drunk at the bar as someone next users whiling. Does they say of my days of movies. You move your beer When did the other guys, so that this rifle Jackson, insecurity about gone, you can't afford to him. Will you be banned for life guiding role? Don't you get banned for them?
I would like you to throw their danby for life will be like I'll, be the new Phil Rosato, but who legally data, maybe your home. Let me only cow reality that reference goal. It is worth about animals and opening up the money for years and years of experience are you you know a lot about. The leg is because you stability, will you hit the most yes and hate still hate the Lakers every driver in my bank? Their fill was going to come to the Lakers from from villages to the next and make any trouble impact. I what? If what if first happen, not only that, I now think it. I went on tv eggs. I was on a b c as Pincher the here and now, The only one who's like are, we sure, like he's, sixty nine is, could be travelling back and forth. He's gonna be gone. Bulgaria is not some second round pack and he's going to study the fat like. Why would he give a shit
may the dream, thoughts and ours we lose the Messiah we're gonna, get you see. You wanted the Saviour and he's a connection of Bradley in the Bush air. Now he's gonna common red Holzmann is appointed this guy out. Both it took a paycheck. Trust anybody whose, like I'm not going to do it and that can indeed that of sixty million. Five? We do not need that was your red flag rolled hell am I. What is he is also is he's scared, because I'm legal, if you're talking like my holding him, was eyebrow if you're gonna put these coaches in place and like puppeteer them and tell them what to do whatever we cannot condone coach. Right? Why not? You feel Jackson, your New York City, you could do that if you want, you can make us a new rule where you live only wanted. Do you want to tarnish the legacy so tat, you know my coaching, the natives nonsense or they met me, says ideal. Fill you don't believe in your ability as a couple. That's why I programme is, as fell, Jackson Robot comes in rhombus and their members tells him what's gonna Karamzin, No swag like yours
literally. The coach would you think, UK seventy representative animated, like a girl like you, have Nick FED Edna, gives you say they cannot remember the code to name just Africa behind the SEC. Well, I'm unwarranted you guys unless they are able to make our voice, but they were in their situation. In the south extent, I'd be happy but that it take preside worst outcome hairs. If they take her steps, because while he doesn't want to be here and he did to try and then it's like you just made this huge mistaken, they feel Jackson's gonna two years and you have Chris taps. As you know, the greatest possible stretch five year you could ever have said for three guy. Tax or, if she'd threes, so you may not another possible thing or is that basically what the next are going to do? I would say that's the worst case scenario that given the next ban, should I feel like me,
were active, doing what we can do. A thing like. I think you must look inside Europe that inside this data- and I so what are you going to have on our Rinaldo? You got me the soap flash norm array of rather Gatt represent. Remember the kid: what year in them, dragon onto the decontamination hours at the foot of the existing data to Thursday low man like I thought, to shut the joy for our wooed tongue above his Fuckin twitter, the other days, he's a Yoda. Why do I feel helpless as an x ray I'm like this is not a good thing. We ve worn. We approach as we would like If you got a lot o j D has its have we're Prescott we're, like your human decency, Miro, feel so strongly while they by their own team. Don't don't you take, maybe they're bands, maybe the paces.
He will vanish from even getting access to energy shadow, which of them do not have an idea, but we have to do together when women were how're. You thirty two, I guess I'm a generation. I remember those old videos that these the eighties, like the musicians would get together. We are the world's other terrible. The issue is whether we got to write a song about protecting the next fans from bit trading posing as their Sunday images are these people and you guys are all rock. We would nevertheless about these over their wicked you're, not mix the organisers.
This is thus also for using this negative with a register service mark of maybe we can. There is everything that's the beginning, because James Olympic goes into studio, puts the to pocket a mob Monica just flames. Those middle class who have all of your play off to err is human to egos and no less that's an idle mixed would never prosper under his regime when he started opening up for the eagles. Exactly I didn't want to see the Eagles automatically Muslim, Eagles tourism Dominica I'm sorry I was gonna say your president. The demo I'd never think of Agro commercially All I do is as a Deliverance Montana mistakes, but my lovely wife, who is judged from the villagers Eden, is a fan of the Eagles yeah. I didn't know I knew people's views have good socks and measures to combat the Eagles once when they had that great documented. That came out of a thing ass. They were many songs. I had no idea like because this, the vocal our knowledge is the vote
like everyone uses up, but the guys are there. So many different union has acts James stolen the executive. It was already. What is your speech very strange? So look there's a thing. I knew the Michelin prosper under him when I took her to go see the eagles at the art in and he open for them, of course, is terrible and then, when he finished That is what I wanted just like vehicles for fulfilling my dream of this goofy driven line of opening for them here, a Madison Square garden. And I want to thank all you guys for helping me- rigour will record tonight, this motherfucker had everybody in the audience, have a plastic zoo and then Carmelo anthony- is not a minor, Hendrick Lung Quest for monstrously. I read Holtzman Babe Ruth Birgitta grandma insane and have them play a kazoo. I brought to arise
to bring the whole record, and as I go, can I just those eyes. Why will never proxies dolen? Is Nick fans make your album go platinum? Will you so the next time we will make every out we'll drop for the rest of your life? go plan on you have our words. New, cleaner visa thing happened right having his best friend or one of his best friends deserving, is off moves the Eagles manager forever, but who got above a tick a master who dawn was awesome. I would take a matter in it. So it's like it's like a buddy buddy he has no business opening up for the eager hired like some of the best blues musicians in the world, who are just say: Oh yeah, you book James Dolen instead of yakking son. Ok, ok. So so, how does this player what's next year for the next decade, come out of thing? I think you just Carmelo retires. Make Brian just like nothing. I'm going to go now is not in the next next year. Things up now
was the same chance he's on the corporate sector, really These are equipped for who'd justice. Leaving over. Can I just I have a feeling he goes. The clippers Blake goes somewhere else to them in a more ok, see our workers and that's the move that act as the Coopers gotta shaping our two of them. But they ve been together. Yeah I'd ever got married here together there we're, like they travel together. All the time you I'm so great about abortion is anything to go by the continuous guess. That's not, I feel like nobody ever talks, because you gotta rivers and when a great coach Chris Pause, like top five programmes of all time, revered us all, the answer. Jordan number one room protector and blah blah blah and they never go anywhere rest day for is that the two years ago,
ok that Houston gave us our bad luck as a joke, but that series is over. I was at that game. It was very hard on this and on the benches pouting down twenty, they do in Josh Smith S, business, making three yes said, unlike the crowd, got scared little gentleman where's your three year. You that's gotta, ever made him his life coin brewers make it three seconds is equipped in that was you know their chance of sports like you just that one thing goes: why did they give by hits by Griffin plays against them? What an mba? What is it about way? Grip that the opponents love message them knocking down like a he's. Pretty like he's could ever came up. He came at the gate like I'm like he's doing like the kind as lottery? Drake Aye, aye, tat ass. It appeared before the jealousy
feeling like a heavy ass. You ve seen him dealing as it was. Your nobody's gonna sketches already suffer you like, while now he's got conduce to invest in a comedy. One thing I would say the Angelo, like always like you know, people whose life is knows. The Lex did Steve ejection, taking your porn site, Motherfucker elbow. We just got a basketball. Maybe that's why here commercial way too early that I'm doing goofy solve, does languages cloud like Nebraska commercials are very much, though I'm abroad music here used when he did you hear that he was a superior flying in outer space, I'm I've astronaut home in Ireland. I ain't got twenty no forever. You no redress. Google com yeah. I guess you mean about astronauts, almost ass, a rough repulsive. I only have any commercial that they forgot the wages Wonderland.
What's gonna Lucy was this knows you're getting around over that with the girls in the tree house and music having your dream, or rather I was. I take a guy like that. What we are saying in a friendly way anyway, I know you're a dream. I don't want to go out into the cavern, the rat, were the husband of a lady, your diagnosis, things I want to do with you. I was wild, that's what I understand the state farms when the stay farmlands, where they just made the clippers of egg a bunch of dumb ass, the only those terrible they had something cool with the initial Chris redeploying Ochreous Anti within our well, we ve been asked: did you watch hurry yet their money? If they would, it did snuff, curry and South Korea Deerlike the actual? So All these things are different and I urge you to put it mostly on this guy. You, railway stations, similar developments, so much better Marian. I saw when I went to see fast. Eight,
other day and they ran like a three minute: data commercial before and Karim was in it while cream or is it was all these they from random people, and it was I typed go data like old street knowledge have but ends new dogs in the Jesse's random people here, but Karim was like the legend basque Bob wherein they use them. Like he's almost at this Buddha housing sexy, pretty effective user Colleen faces now seven years cream is by least favoured athlete about time. I leave you see what is the best he whistled enable there, but that it should give every time, I guess, we'll clerk yet of third pillar one who had Andrea them Russell. Angler out here is doing anything about it. I would always carry urban is, is, is couldn't hold a candle to buckles equal that gets here. These top declared that the very sight of disabled people
support for the game, but they will play the toll of again well. That's why it when I was your age spent three years, work from a burger had a friend a banner tame exists. Pre Youtube says really hard to find any video these guys from their fifty. Sixty in Asia. I gotta say today and one that will games those against the next to make. This is great. I can't see a grey waters and it was the equivalent of like, if you put the Andrea Jordan against, like a name great issue something the airline hebrew scale really is the might of course, issued about seventy eight points. It is five inches taller than me. Let me tell you that I s work in a junior high school and the first kids and I was assigned to were six created. Homes present like ten eleven years old, I used to go into Jim and dominate
right. That's exactly what will you do? They adopted the way, the Robin Hood Authority, and I am saying that they already do like cut by way of this. Is like it. The league shifted in the sixties, laws and lighted. The black star start thinking. I raised my name's bill had it so that every team could only have like one or two black eyes, because there are still saying erases back. That was so these guys are still just crushing and then finally, the least starting at blacker and became the when it. But if you had asked Aaron algae and will content Conny Hawkins Equanimity, in four years will be ours by that I stand by Asker, adjust the high dribble geophysical back in deeds down, and it was like these little prototypes of people put in a calm all these years later and using the Westport commercial with Asker go with it either ass. If there was fuckin coup. Arms in the advertising ended the triple your mother, always on liability. If you have it at the top of everything, I know
I don't get. It wasn't like that people made that the basis of their Vps, like I was like look, I don't wanna, be everybody will ring. That seems gonna people of this or now get out a first round, no matter, but it's more like people will slob Emily's now all day about the stance and is now was the mood I'm like a wreck summer. Joint rules and a red like hell, he would go, What's the score saving to be like your? How many more assist do I need to get like a triple double like he was like I recognise that the one later that's because you probably guidance, That's your business have worked on this guy. That's gotta butter. Put guys like a toy is more psychological and social down. You don't use. Dickie deficit about who we read this project takes no loss was incredibly Frito asked the girl Europe's exited. What do you have the undying like it will
never go away like my MIKE Jordan, like I've, never met the day of my life, but I know who is Georgiana Migraine one. They do a movie about what is thy growing up shadow. My mother, Jordan was Freddy Krueger Alveoli Robin and made these watch in the nineties. Next, who was like it definitely is fucking asshole Tommy you now get off from the free dollar. Is this guy he's over your generation will do whatever bullock so you're watching this? What a difference like I'm watching? This is a killer hearings. We were veered, Jordan cause he was the first. Guy we ever had to wear his shoes were cause ever think that closing early like they did it because, like I was a kid I might get, the next will never be Michael George. I hated joy advocated things like we're fragile Miller, wholesome all too well aware like for three four years. It was like why he does not win yet. Jordan is the stupid beaded waited it's all gray, but it has not a win. This knowledge,
you can buy, or was it isn't your causing any weaknesses? Teammates are good enough, yet it's, got away again, you know that would not doesn't insane forty two because only go where we want every some people like bring up these arguments about Michael Jordan. They it's like nationally. He can immediately so dominating Tijuana Magellan Championships. Now, my great that's not the story like he came in ITALY. In its stocks for awhile yeah, I'm saying you have to get his deeds to wear the league. Was I don't really get drop sixty this assault? Example, you lost the ability to the game before was actually more impressive than you put up. Forty nine irregulars regulation is stats or better because who certainly not afforded and sixty three Larry washed at that time. No, no, that was my eye, was high to the legend has when they have. The gate was higher than those iconic video games ever earlier, but my joy, diverse burn, you shouted a backward there's, nobody came, I went to the game was even when they fought dark. I was at the game. You, won't talk about passion I dont like imagine,
We were fighting Michelle Obama. Why, here, to tell us Pugsy pursue above all its after hours outbreak, so Well, we didn't you get in here. Nevertheless, as we gotta get us, as we thought that we were so shock has doktor, J was like royalty lagoon is the guy and then bird was ever become a guy arsonist, our punch each other Barkley him alone come in their hold him bird from behind and toxic punch it was. It was scarring premeditated thing. I see your pain, the Charles Smith, black. So then I really wanted to thousands. Well, I don't blame him because I feel like I've found on three of those who would like to have that under the bachelor Cameron Pippins just like,
mapping out like I was going to her work as you saw that, like I was a kid I didn't know, or the rules about morals We re in a hole and other experts are Charlie. You gonna talk at your six eleven. It's like family joining the best part of That opinion is probably one of the five best offensive where's. My time both of them are jumping whack amendment no three and child difference for Pippin lobby that our duty, I wasn't understandable.
New York fan your fans go by their guts, not necessarily stats rattling judgment. When we get just will one day, the cylinder of your firm Microsoft is the to the things that people call it in the trade they want to make itself to allow its argue. Cc's about you forget my trouts rivalries data. What do you think I got enlisted area that sets out. I've had my first I've already I my guy, but first I want, I might think God ever Judicial Tiggle Pejorative amendment. One would think you think what you think this is. What do we say we treat mellow from the point straight about you. Take that he'll world women's isn't. It is like, first of all, on a watch basketballs oral black, like sleeping with world waste. More classic is allied lines is wrong. People our top, was too many Latinos. Are you guys out after you must listen? I'm begging you
do you ever Corey Little Yale, Yankee, pitcher yeah. He lost tat play off and ran he called in to MIKE into mad dog, and it was like when you do and he's like all you know he just got traded with Bobby Ray you from fully and he was just enjoying the sights of near city and the fucking rags. How dare you enjoy New York City after uses loss early off, like you shouldn't be happening aims. I know my family motivated walkin around threat that Friday He flew the plane other build out in an that's horrible hours they also, while an eight did not cover it. They just the guy this I remember MIKE Ruthless. And they have, though, TAT one that everyone debts is looking for about the nine eleven tapes about. Supposedly they were like talk say they have some
It is very easy jewish theory. Well now that we have taken for the return of those guys like us to study to find out who hasn't needles, apes yanks. They think it might be like a Streisand effect kind of thing where people are just not know with stress in this region, which is concentrated in the yeah knows that argue about over the sea area. Symbolic is south. Africa's most on people because of that I had some quick questions. The quick baited about our long time, but is it simply safe when you order your super safe? I'm scared system online you're, taking your first easy step in protecting your home, a family with entry, sensors motion, sensors and glass brig sensors, you'll immediately make your home a burglars worst nightmare set up. Sundered an hour because simply safe comes pre programmed to work out of the box, just plugging the base station and I'll talk you through the whole pour it we'll talk you through the whole process seriously
Even someone who is in the slightest bit handicap install it. Plus the entire system is wireless. There's no need to drill holes in your Wowzer. Do other permanent damage which are set up simply safe, makes it just as easy to stay protected month to month, no long term contracts no hidden face, and it's just fourteen. Ninety nine, a month for twenty four seven professional monitoring and emergency dispatch service. Don't wait another day to take your home safely into your own hands. Simply safe is even offering my listeners ten percent off your home security system. I, if it has got a simply save bs, that car that is simply safe with two eyes. He attempts at off protect your family. The smartest
possible, simply safe, be ass. Dad come back to the big boys not to bring us out of them. Just didn't want me to call these copies muse cage familiar with us is muse, cage unifying, always means cagey, Perhaps they don't like what is getting allows anything on NBA that you want to France's arm like there are like pop animals that are really want. You guys to access at some point. Nuclear weapons is an old saying about he's its amuse, you you're you're late muse and your dark mused, the Diane and baby. I can't even totally explain. Mba prayers have them raise their dark muse to get to where they want to go. Live could end, is doing this year's puppets, extorting it or like You get a whole show coal. We had. The coal system is too serious a commercials for night. Was it my own country, the only one I really would like going out to embrace the Mambre ecology call. You would like
What is wrong in a global commercial cunningly, copies been doing this. For almost years where he decides on something he's guy, I'm going to push this almost like our wrapper with This is a change of my number and I'm in a push this and those of the really kind of weird like desired is never mentioned areas, and I didn't number when we spend Carnes fake tolable in his fate and lively thou. So now I was, I he's audio. So I respect the marble. And he usually get punch by Christianity did Try eggs history that deprives us ever reflects what Alan maybe you should have what's now we're not home, but also everyone should My what the photos you for like vanity, fair, I was able to chapter fans or the other way was very celebrating
You know we had some unified, like the Gregg Doc Rivers, Miami went in there. Does he really is a mellow automotive? I was Mordechai Mollycoddle. Doesn't he was another, Collins when, when I you know when you remember something near Kate and then has ever as good as what you thought of your big new when ass a kid, I watched the stakes, game candy, animal banister. Nor have we had a fight with somebody, but it was the best mba fights are when nobody's close enough to break it. Up relate three seconds. So is like a behind the play fight and they were just swinging, and then it spoken the scores table and I always remember the as hag learns find this out on Youtube and of his ideas like two seconds I like of peace, the boat I haven't had. Thus it's in a more rational, talked about that our national decent. Where would you give us a very large about getting? You talked about the data? They re economic touch each other, but then you got fights like. Oh, please, to snuff everybody.
I know the worst they just ignore. I remember those immortal taking matinee game and traumatic about rules, a perpetual virgin in NBC Grand Easy Green tat. Really, you are red. Yeah ac agree: one off road. Don John Reed draw him down. It was like a flagrant while bore him down so bad. He knocked to fronty, and I was, as I hope, I was a young I've, never seen a rough play. They dare regattas better one game. I am them back we'll get some of this stuff that pistons and the next you did it. I'm Jane Afghan women. Are they ever. Has anyone ever live people now about out an undercover guys errants? Rather, when it was the mixing bulls and pack quota steel and was on a break away for a dog and Denis ROD, Ministry, low bridge them at the rim right- and I was- I brought- you- Couldn'T- kill patent and it was a sight followed by the outside world.
Was killed. Those deerbrook as he fell so awkwardly unifies like all arms and legs. God is a booming Lou Rashleigh YO can make a difference. Mr Harris assaulted, Liberia stayed in the game are well, was pushing for me. Like apathy, teapot category and other negative, like somebody authorizes while on the branches go, but is writing Men have the route. Lady Helen respect is very limited to him. I gotta be strong cancer and also to doing incredible thing. The stem cells MA am I worried he was back again. We would have to do that just about you and I will bags bangs light. Was that grows though we they should element where he could be so good? Is wrestle Westbrook happy that their aunt left? I think so. I think he is, but, unlike imagine, if the three of us like harden was broken. Direct had declared tat, they are clearly fans get mad at me. Is the brilliant
I would like. First of all like ok, I don't know that much about lake. It all salary. Someone's economic is really impossible to keep the three this news It wasn't me with a very simple insane. I used to think again without Russia West, but now I do what I want the year must be of when you break up with a growing like any speed I'm tired of following your roses, oven and know that one day little as you like, but I gotta go, I Audrey would now like me. Although eligible doubles, as proof of this he's he's got the boy morbid strike, I think I could have if, if somebody said lubricants can be huge, do if you average triple double, I think it just doesn't. He could do accident deal, as I indicated that they would like ourselves is whether Leubronn like, and I don't care. I like. I have argued for the Deaf Lebron James is the greatest basketball player I have ever seen. We have ever seen ever period like physically the game,
the vision like ever the dude has every tool that you need to be a great basketball player and he has a like ninety nine. You know you put your case. Slide, is all the way up, and I know he is also implementing on every slider like I don't know what he can do. No wonder, and also bearing isn't That would have a shrill you'll, never rat. Javert cornices legacy exact words up everytime? You have a good rap. Every time we have a good Basque globally sexual equality at I banks sauce there looking away prevent our colleague around the area. Without you, you could not be jewels. Yeah handling mammals, their own lives. If I was, you must get kicked out of the league for years in turn them as I happened. My band you drive me. I will buy up website on me like you to do that on twenty times on record, a writer
the Brown, the brain, has done an amazing job of not a guy. You don't see the bond markets, so you go. You don't have to do that. You never see him. I daresay like a kick abarth, something like always offers very moved, very the teacher he didn't have is one year where was obviously with smoke it so much pie like you lost a step or like those like he was hanging around the wrong team in Riyadh. Stripper controversially, like should ever happen now reads: the worst was evil bronze like him sitting in his dry. We listening the future. I like like that, like that makes a like blue mix dig that mess the shepherd next dig. Without recognising that everyone s all right, we will not always be out over the wing. Guy We don't know for sure as page six, both through
pretty satellites and at night she's a student in northwest Universe in Rome mining. Now that my kind of Hollywood adjacent like poppy, like I'm looking at a hotel for they are working as a cautionary tale. Now we're gonna have a global fund on more of racial Margaux. What did he do wrong? Let me not do this. If he doesn't able. I look if you in the NBA like sugar, you when we can expect a notice, those going against what lies a celebrity like an ape, whereas I like they are that's horrible, even sailing out as it is not viable. If your girl works at us stop and shop, you can die in the NBA to differ rules. If your girl was also aren't. You the light of your goal. If you go on giddy images and your both names are on a par with you here they carry out this thing. Awhile deals are that it pursues rather like the beer, but usually like a wild leg.
Arise. I rather like second round the law. We must aim, therefore, to doubt whether you guys of worldly wings does not now that the game plan to get a bullet was no different than the broad strategic appetite investments. You gotta char, as he was. I bolgie out as you ve got. You gotta wait going incident when I was the name of the character and he got game Have you read? It is like a pack ass browser like what he when mellow allow I got together. Mellow was the alpha much situation, but another was like a third empty. If do to make the you you can make the argument that he wouldn't be where he's now, without her help Ballade, who that cause, I'm sure You were home right now. What's your wifi yo, I, it is all about myself with the way she has a really
Nigger. Like hell. You like, Lena, like like rigorous like you, was a web issued in a jiffy wheels ailing. I may look as they look like an accident or time like is very important like to have a dual partnership report supports you somewhere, but like firm, like you do in the work we hear you, it's all which one you are broke and now you're bringing I'm lucky. I like other rules a chain. That's why that's why models will know it's just. I can't even this fix my face to give my wife, like the ditty, seventy five, twenty five percent of Europe. Others would like seventy five percent. Time. You'll be the happiest woman in the world. You get What do you need you? Beasts fully supported I'll, give you my love, support and then twenty five percent you gonna hit that that's gonna, make you upset
but like you're, not going to get away with that only days after absolve yes, the seven only your name is water parents, those products which clearly Gloria your white with state of the art Thou year. Lennox. How are you gonna be treated? You actually do that because he's now, what are you, but not when whether gives her mouth like? Ok now you see, but whatever I Goma not at all easy, he doesn't know gloves. Erle again, I'm gonna move upwards of China. China knock of acts of terrorism. That made me think that that's their impediment, who is the quote that Carmelo assaying law lies merited I'm gonna make things ran ourselves data before we used to thy party promoters idea and be able not as the likes of lay like actually Madison Temple Asia. Like cattle, like I feel like he was out, probably moving around the side. There isn't getting some days ago, I'm gonna go,
a base. No, like my last winter dna results. Come worry. Is there an mba star that isn't getting some on the side? There isn't any some days ago, there was a moment ago, the blind. Now the dude from first do them this huge wellnigh, huge giants? Why bogged down but that is not a bit of this is going on. I guess I don't, except areas get and I don't feel happy like Stuff Korea. His wife are like constantly around each other and they really genuinely enjoyed shows company to the point where he could, even guess, I'm only out of you
to those of the guys out again and twenty eight thousand meters by this now, because it's a little love be nevertheless all the time so much, nor did it otherwise. Other just thinking about eating, as is sometimes, is not about opportunity so tat the value your life is always there. You know somebody was wise. He can't like, if they're out the role for five minutes, a wife is your words, my husband, which I found a few get their fellow with that, and also he looks like he generally would rather be a his wife and kids did anyone else. I mean I would super dislike, his wife? I would like also rather beer, I'm only because what is like brother, like Europe, Virgilius there in his hand, like the world, is oyster like everyone thinks I got. No one is a piece of shit. And those yellow, strong religious beliefs, as it were, our family and his family is all things are possible. Do Chrysolite, positive eulogies who get inside me? That's rulers, those guidelines, one beer area, but I also have
is if I was to die I now hear from Latin will I get a good run with the two part question: do you NBA, whereas use peat is, and if they do to you care think they might lie. I thought you said Tupac question. I was I what the fuck is he about ask us to a typical. Do you period, I don't care. I dont like big baseball players using pities. I gotta mean if their homelands out the park me that will save the football you care again her axing. That's why? Because the only thing is that, if I were, you could die a behaves like it's. It's not you dont want to get us a level would like. I can kill you with one punch line in boxing cards exports chill. Will, I believe, has eyeball soccer like Brown available as other old school people got mad that this task. I fuck that you make it
Who the hell are you doing? Measurable, guy your bills? Will guy here the also guy who said that direct Junior does a crack, the top ten years of water, There was some winding on twitter, but he's verified is like a verified sports rights. This is where stats go wrong, because, as the Red Sox Van with their junior came up, there's a guy and second idea is getting hit a single over the second basic inside the Redfield link at around, and I don't care what the stats said. I was scared of every time. I ever more scared him than anybody else you out in when he. When are you care to mainly one then the red sounds really mine or they are not bad. You Bobby go anywhere. I was like there was again like that mixture of like dominican pride and like feeling of dread, like Yoda students going to smash Rattleborough the ball and knock x, amount of runs and the egg is gonna lose so like them.
As regards our priorities and basic right? I don't care about pay these amazing because it makes everything more fun and inciting you like a pitches dollars dope yet put like I'd rather a game or, like you don't owe me, there's one our basic some get stranded. Some don't like I like office and business like sex and most things can being better made better. Would drugs bundles longest are so? This is a question from a reader that I just gotta be better. Ask you guess how crazy is that people under thirty can quote Waymore Charlie Murphy lines Eddie Murphy lines from Brandon in San Jose threat up proposer, Chapin Eddie was, I gotta admit I like it. When I was growing up like I was in the latter, listen Eddie, Murphy yeah! You know in writing, FR it anyway. I can you guess that has put it he's a mega he's mega famous and he's everywhere, but liked so like because, as you know, since all Israel different but Chapelle shall definitely
you like, because people that new comedy New Charlie Mercury, regardless, but like the younger generation, deftly got put out of him. So how is over Eddie Murphy for anyone under there? Basically pollution came in and made it, except when it's true and killed the game very early made a lot of money. He was I go, I'm good! I don't have to do anything announcement Rock Eddie from eighty two. Eighty eight is basically M j from ninety one. Ninety heard either these aims I launched a desire to see this amount. Hee hee hee came up like several different sizes are people trying to reboot. Now like like one Eddie will come back to ignore bit like they need the money for Norwegian. I think he his way if we are honest he hasn't tarnished is that he has a command only really problematic. Special anything he's is mad. He at last you Workin was the album measure that those wild I mean those ideas about
What have you done? Little european sketch in particular, really was a new. He really like tell him adult storyteller. I mean it like. That story was so funny. You can watch it online, Loggia friends in so there were so many things I came into their like that sticks in the mind of like every millennial so had he had the black actor championship in the eighties and then would Denzil had made for there's been well spent, his taste, I'm like that events not only were able to work avoiding had forever, but who has it after Denzil isn't really talk about an aggregate you got. My raises. Jazzy leg is in terms of overall, though you can't even have anybody here like he's crazy in them is like everybody else. I will believe, like. Oh Don t those actions, Nor is there any other. Crises are leaving for more wisely. They only morcerf does. I would always like the chromatic. I thought the next guy up was gonna, be Michael Jordan.
I dont like. I did. I really my bed now at this as a barrier to gain its name, not really what everyone knows. That's what no only room for one been kind of like shapes. About Africa to verify the shape? That is, we re about regional revalued illegal. We would argue with slapping you gets Begbie, Jordan or Creed. I because my computer, but how does take I've ever heard of me? I get from we'll all be just like that is a long. Do I dont like majority in this house, with a girl when Creek able ass she was. I go look at his the other, similar french you like whatever he did, should it be that our rang, whenever I wish I was lying, might be muscles creed work out regime I was a macbook like this
J, J work. I offer you my haven't even got a majority: does you really so you doesn't similar build still other religions better? Who I know has Socrates is though load visit we take. All we only to be one of our bodies is presently the case. You were right urge call on little circle. Lit up Where is the June task? Yours, or rather we have famous dead so, as has ridden with others, tourists in any only already described it as a famous Gaddafi. Was it next to Leah, they will go out and mammals guy I gathered Linzer desire was one word just as only like the if there's also we're moving along, hasn't had of the movie become to ever. Denzil was doing in a movie, so flight become Denzil, flew the plane on coal,
It was always he's always kind of benzene in the movie laden with professional hair like traded daisy. Only oil, there came a different guise, enable the character a drain, and it wasn't Mozart denser did so again I gotta run it and see that flight he's drunk pilot. The desert is South American started Grandad's disaster on a movie on every form of transportation. People realise that he has alone. He was. I was here for the gate was it goes on. I run away train movement away train regardless of somebody who s going. As my it's, I think, for the did. The question like if you're gonna be stuck on a desert island. You can only have dvds of one actor actors organizer, like there's a good, see their cause hankses decent answer to cause. He has a whole eighties library to that is good, but then czar doesn't lie you like a hundred hours at a dense for rural areas and others like why. Why don't I have Netflix? Where would we go?
what would have been out of his mind at ease with the miners videos, you, you ve got a bag, a dvd player. We, like you, the election, rectify glass, I'm gonna blame in this area. In the back of it a cobra acid rain, Where do your kids get older, like it's amazing, my kids? Don't even user remote control MIKE, like somebody tonight there just networks boom had to buy in my career old knows how to completely manipulate turn on the tv turn into the right source. The like hd am I of them like normal turn it on fiscal down enough flexibility that go to the kids menu. Look through the whole shares, tackling anymore. I watched my nephew three and I watched him could to the wifi and go on you to watch an unboxing video at all. Does it was because he had a people watch your show, you think I've, so they watch them by saying, but do you think you get real internet. I have a lot of most people. Have strayed of cable, anymore, Maria
younger didn't, like you know, like you know, that's easy maghribi, but some of the younger chicks are mess. We're gone now's. Unlike other guys role, they have no rest credo, cable witnesses like guided watches or which is kind of mind, going to be examined. That leads to come over fifty channels. Radio, and will I wrote whistling, is not exactly the same, but others revealing I love so over. Every paper moving here we have the what the directive now it's the cable when that time Warner here, it's got like every hundred booby chain, including epics, which is kind of that's that shows creed. Other tat like it, but I all for just doctors two hundred a month- and I want your own cables, justify having adverse. Read that have we ever? I write a hold on every year in the industry that doesn't my tax leaders, issues like you're in the industry, not a rival the stuff off. Let me die it so
we get it. There was a technical and my friends, that's what you're like a much lower yours like us. There is a good idea. Is hot dog vendors has Billy Crystal where he's having a boot missiles, user really have to ask. If Billy Crystal I don't like to assume no So when you look at a dictionary under Jewish, I like that I like and performing a brisk we're gonna like something you're, not like him. I mean like they were wrapping up. So lasting things are going well for you guys so what has an Ex Europe. Where would you would you want to have and organise a building fan base that we don't go? You know that we move ease books. Turkey shows us after we met we're like we ve been having meetings are now lay in. There was a yoke the world's you always do ya like we have some products, one working and what was that a forward? Looking instinct,
so, as you did too many things either you haven't even passees randomly the right. They get an unwanted Lopez whose, like what is our stuff like a very vigorous, Christina Vittorio Enemy like they all? too bad. You someone if Telepath Rosato, Deasey Sixty Mill Witchcraft where address you know, POGO couple emails If we would do it, but you know we ve got to say, there's no way. Tucker now resumed at no time periods do movie. What? If you don't love your poems, though they gonna do any too The movie will be over the recent rags and coach. The next phase, where I really liked Eddie it is a good move, is given a replacement, gets unfairly maligned as a bus that if you watch a movie, it's a beautiful snapshot of mid nineties mba as theirs. There's a bunch of teams in it Johnson,
Isn't it insists, speaks in the regional dimension. Acts ever hear predicting this right now, you're gonna, Eddie too, will, as you don't gotta, do they are much by members. Next? The elected pointed out. We have everything our minorities, go epee. I like that idea, let's get one. Every guy saying about running around, like my right on the same for Next Ronald shouts. God is a good did leg, you fellas it wasn't a building our east river. Thanks to simply say, remember: it's never been easier to protect your home and family thanks to simply
if order your home security on mine and set up your system and under an hour, and then you can start enjoying twenty four seven professional protection immediately offer just fifteen dollars: mud, no long term contracts, no hated fees, go to simply safe, bs dot com to day to protect your home and get ten percent off. Don't forget about the Ringer Anna felt show that we can find Gm Street Common Clarks Interview with Andrew Luck and a whole bunch and fell draft stuff. We are doubling down and they fell draft. We love it. It's fun check it out, check out the ringer ambition, from our play off stuff about that's about it. I think we're gonna have one more bs report with squeeze one more out this week.
You're gonna be Friday or over the weekend, and I don't know yet we'll see what happens to them. This.
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