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Did the Lakers Scare Everyone Away? Was Detroit Drunk? Plus, More NBA Questions With Jackie MacMullan


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Jackie MacMullan to discuss a whirlwind of NBA free-agency moves and trades as they look ahead to the rapidly approaching NBA season (3:00). Then Bill gives out his Million-Dollar NFL Picks for the Thanksgiving games (1:30:00).

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Coming up we're gonna break down the ten pivotal questions coming off and NBA free agents signing draft frenzy with Jackie Macmillan possibilities picks that's next. Meanwhile, foot long season, it subway. That means making good cause all season long, starting with your game day order. Take it from me when I say too much fried food, the back are you and all your brain cells when you watch him for by one baby, concentrating on the blood in your stomach trend of fight the fried food. This week I make an and good cod Turkey for law from subway with extra cucumbers for that extra crunch, what a mustard on their freshly big bread, toasted, the perfection yeah. Please sign me for that delicious this another good call getting somewhere with contact for your ring in the app for quick and easy pick up. I think I can do right now. Tat tat, boom the wishes foot long or go ahead and get contact free delivery,
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giving out there during the pandemic. So picked aid millimeter and we're gonna, give thanks to machine and dinner of it in MAX California and everybody from which can only be described as a flawed renewables, but weirdly, a cable classic so broke that went down with Bin Laden and Chris ran. You can check it out, a one, more rigour, thing, Matthew, Macartney, a guy that I can't even get for my own part ass. He was on temporary since Cabra it, and we re now you can find it on Spotify. You can also see some of the video clips the Ringer reside Twitter handle so look out for that, our all right. All right also stated for a new book, a basketball episode, ironically, its rejection while in whose, at this part cast as well, but we did Kevin Barnett broke down his whole career. That is gonna go up Wednesday night and you can put on your headphones there in Thanksgiving. If you want to get away from your family and listen to me and Jackie talking about chemical net she's coming up in a second, so as billion dollar picks. First, our friends from protein,
Jackie policy on Tuesday morning, specific time we sifting through the wreckage, enable draughts of crazy free hits the sightings I wanted to play. Ten burning, a big since those to hell yeah, it's my first one yeah makers add Montrose, Harold, Dennis Shrewder where's matthies Marcus saw they keep Casey P, They learn. Number twenty eight Rhonda Green Bradley Haired Man gave was this the owner contender that actually got better cause. I feel like their better. They are better with a caveat, because I've thought a lot about this. They are better shrewder should it was
great great, upgrade really overrun dough, and I know we both love play a foreigner, but he won't. How much money in Atlanta over to get him, and we all understand why that happened, because if you had land you have two overpay, that's how you get Rhonda together. So that's why I love market saw, you might be my favorite mba players of all time, because he so cerebral he's one of the best defence of if you watch him play defence he's step ahead of everybody else. He knows what's gonna happen before it happens, and that is just a great defensive Blair now and always in adult was TAT his adult. Compare these jobs way is a protracted preset such an adult. They won't have any problems with him. In fact, I already have people in in Philly Sammy, or do you think about the white haired of like a good luck? Fellows Kazi cease nuts, you know and guts out now you did fall off a cliff history. Points especially in the bubble was just horrendous at a more
concerning. I think he just doesn't want to shoot at any more. Maybe he never wanted to shoot it to begin with member always back in Memphis. They made him shoot it, and then he got pretty good at it, but I think instinctively she just it's not really something he wants to do, but I still love that. I love that sign that to me just fantastic. The only one I'm having a little pause on is Montrose Harold. Now by getting harrow and shrewder, you get the the One a number two top bench scores in the league last year. Do you realize that the top to bend score? So that's fantastic, that's great, but all the reasons the clippers could not play Harold down the stretch. Won't some of those be the same reasons that the Lakers might have trouble plain of demonstrates, so that that's my only possible. I mean I
I'd. The Lakers were the winners, but so are the trailblazers way hold on hold on the show. Buzzer's Kazanovitch Gallagher points on Harrow. I agree with you. It left me lukewarm, but on the other hand, great price right. There is different from the other guys you stole from the other guy, but also leg. I do they ve been pretty honest, already about that they're gonna be really careful with the broad and maybe even Davis, to the first two three months of the season Ryan. At some point, like you mentioned, they got the Tibet Ben Scores, they're going to actually be able to create office, which they couldn't do last year of the brain and David and went out there. They have these third game in four nights in some crappy, they like Minnesota and the bank. I will let's ressler bright and would just run pick rules of parallel game. I thought the the reason the Coopers had to get rid of him was you can't play him against the two teams you're trying to be,
you try to be damaged the Lakers, the Lakers and he's unplayable. I think for the for the Lakers he somebody that can be back to what he was when he was really good was a bench guy. I dont think you place crunch time. You know that the costs are met, he's switches for green. That's great! Shall ours that more reliable version of Rondeau Brad they basically Chickasaw thing. I thought he looks. I thought he looked done in the bubble. I am and ass. They got numbers. I want to get an idea. I dont know whether I am overrated the bubble and I think some guys just look bad and the bubble and whether it's like shoe, we poor dirt on this or, if he's a minimum salary, you just ask him in the play: fifteen twenty minutes and against certain teams and he's so smart. He still get defensively other metric smile at up, while the other smart teams are trying asylum. So that makes me think I'd, that's better.
the Magee. Well, remember, there's too, when you love him garden yoke, it's for you when it matters. Yes, I mean he's a great post defender and here's the other thing, I'm not making excuses for anybody in the bubbles, but I do think we ve underestimated the mental tall it took on many people, including Marcus, all whose parents were in Spain when the cove it was raging in that country. He couldn't get to them. He couldn't he could see them. He could talk to them. I think I dont think either one of them ever got covered, but they were much at risk. I think he had a lot of things on his mind. Honestly and again, I think his role with Toronto was enhanced. They needed me Duranno needed him more than the Lakers do. Does that make sense? So what the what the Lakers need? I think he can provide. I just I I love talking to him. I learn something
Can I talk him and he's really interesting guy in that you know he gets along great with his teammates. He can be tough on coaches if he hasn't been, coaches are doing things. The right He loved Nick nurse tag along great, but you know go back in his history little bit, you know he's I don't mean to say he's a troublemaker and think that I think he's just a really smart guy, that's very honest, with coaches. What he thinks they're not doing the right thing. I think Frank Vogel will be fine with that, and I think Frank will be perfect for that. I think it was less than for the Lakers to get him, even though I think he's gonna really help them, but a couple of the other teams. I wanted him, you know the mavericks right, they kind of stood Pat for the most part they didn't take. Any huge swings move some salaries around the got James Johnson back, which I think they needed to do because they need. I look up. They needed a look, a protector which had been they after the Black Sea's private the toughest kindly, but I think us I really would help Dallas. I think the Lakers so help, but he's I saw a luxury
them right deep down. I know you know whatever he gives them is awesome, but they can survive. If it turns out he's semi washed up has to be an awesome. Gotta have around, and things like that. I think he's somewhere. They seem more professional to me. I think they won in the bubble, despite that they had some some nuts, in that time. You know even like the waiters J R it was committed the very kind of rowdy team in it, and I think now may Heroin is the only guy they have as little bit of a character. Everybody else has has gone well up I'll, be interested to see how broad and assault do. I would think there would be a great mutual respect, their but I'll, be interested to see how they cause again, if Leubronn, MRS in Aceh and it starts yelling at the guy. Next to him, like the cells, not I'm going to put up with that. We roles and I think that'll be really good for the Lakers honestly
yeah the other thing. Portland gonna have to be one of the teams they get through, and that is somebody that gives them legitimate, nurtured insurance. You now, and I think I think, we're learning the plants. That year was ultimately when they really had to beat a good team that Maggie our guys just state those just where options Ami develop Geese one of those little fire where she's delight off that like blew up for like two seconds in your like while and then you go wait, That's it could re tired. Now you go he's gotta go the bench. You know some physical, physical stuff that he has, but I they're gonna Miss Randolph, but I also agreed that they couldn't keep him at the price. I think the funniest thing about the way, the first by the fact that I'm complementing the Lakers is busy, but I love that MAGIC Johnson did the three about whether what a job Rob Plague executive of the air. It's like. You were literally driving a car overhand rights. Fifteen months gonna backing up the car over his lifeless.
They then drive you no good. I like and now trying to pretend that ever happened, what are you doing magic up here, but that's been goin? for a while that that whole of redo that's been hey, give give. Isn't it time to give rumpling some credit. I think it is. I think it is well. I still feel like I can Will they gave up all they gave up for Davis when they were the only sooner and they're getting anywhere? But it worked out there when the title, so he can't be critical. What're you gonna do and I think I think what you just did was really what where we start to start really determining as a GM. How he is in those moves are good moves, and here there is solid across the board and I think, could make the case that they were the only contender that actually got better, but I guess that leads us to Portland. This is my next question: I'm a little more lukewarm Portland did than other park. I. Why does the end yea Media law Neil Oshea, so much you're, a member of this man.
every year, like new or shades a big party for everything as here's, what they did. They had a robber, coveted like Robert coming to me to Harry Giles. He won't play when it matters dare Jones couldn't play for four rounds for Miami Canter was unplayable from Celtics. They kept Carmelo, which I think is in a weird what kind of dangerous, even though I know it, important background Sakharov, I thought he earned it and then Robin Hood for twenty one million coming off an Achilles. They lost to pigs. I guess, if you're gonna say what they did Covington crunched, I'm guy for them there. Sam now, I've guarding Angela Merkel, Crook, Covington, Trent lowered Mc Com, is a nice crushed and the problem for me with Covington he's some pretty severe no shows in the play of sea was terrible, fulfil against the south except one year in the lake or series all the stuff he was supposed to be doing. He didn't really do in that series, so I haven't seen him come
why are people always passing around like he's a Yankee swap Christmas last year? That is. That is a tough thing and I think it affects you when people keep trading because you start to get comfortable in a place and then you are on the move again in its hard to establish yourself and I think defensively he's had trouble because I think he's been injured, I was talking to a gene day before yesterday. He said I love Covington as he's finally healthy, and I said what why what what are we talking about there- and he said no- it's just Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick, but when Nick Nick Nick Nick follows you from every place and you can't be reliable night in and night out when you're supposed to be a guy. That's a perimeter defender that scares people. You got to be healthy to be able to do that, and I know it seemed. I know at least one team a year ago, that was afraid to trade for him because of the metal So when are you gonna get out there would ever, but I just think I like they're there, five now, but they paid you know they gave up to first from picks out, sir. I have taken this draft that
Ben Bay from villain over like that actually was a pretty doubts, pandemics Did you see him in the NBA? Are too I don't. I don't fall the college's as closely as I'd like I'm trying to keep track of the NBA, but he just excites me he's gonna be fun. so they all in with this team, which leads me to my third question. If you were doing your top five in the West right now, I think Portland in the town three, and you would probably have it: Lakers Clippers, Blazers Nuggets with Cooper, not lasers, nuggets and some order, but the wage earners I'd have the nuggets above the blazers Ok, we don't have the nuggets ahead of the clippers. Now now I thought so what you know the nuggets her confer a little bit confusing some of the things
I did so. You know all along. We heard that they gotta keep two or three big eyes out of Plumply Grant and palm oil set. They want to keep to the three and the most important one you could argue was grant. Now from what I understand from what I've been told. The reason you he's not with them anymore. Is he wanted a beer? Well, it wasn't just the money he wanted, bigger role on that team. Not sure. Yet it was fantastic in the policies and I get that, but going forward who your top three stars in your mind. In my mind, in your mind, it's it's that the two obvious ones Yo Kitchen Murray and then let see what Michael Porter Junior really is, and maybe four Jeremy Grant that's what that's what tipped the scale but they lost here man they lost plumb, the employees and easy punching bag. I get that body value as a backup centre. Now I think they overpaid form and democratically want to do that, but then they had to Rio. They d scramble bit they reach,
and mill sap. I don't know how much mills EP has left you're Talkin about Casal. I think mills have similar there he's in a similar position. You love is veteran, presents, he's a great teammate. He does everything right, but how much can you still do? Is the question he looked a little spent in the plan, but I get so weird. They important areas are such things as smart teams were after him to write down the aisle ass they now well use. You stumbled into my fourth question: if you go back the third one, but I might take away, was this question is Denver waiting until twenty to twenty three to make their run because clearly day assessed it and said? Well, even if we overpaid keep Jeremy Grant, we still don't have enough we're not gonna we're, not gonna beat these guys we're probably better off. We have the R J Hampton who knows if he's gonna make it but were rather dice with him, we report
we give porter a much bigger role. I here's my thing with grant. I think- and this happened sometimes they remember writing about fifteen years ago, David West was the first guy for me. They were ass. Everybody talked about how underrated David West was all the time so indurated. Then he really started to become overrated. Then there is this little like two smelter, that's what I'm an heiress Middleton its Crispin attend. So this will happen from time to time and I think with grant. He was awesome as this one year, rental at nine million bucks. But then he beat people started think he was indispensable like I thought he got demolished by the Lakers, and I think his defense is. I think people think he's this awesome. Three and d guy I'm not sure defensively, he's that good and then offensive ways. Kind of were more of his value is, but you would never say he's like an elite score anything from abroad Brown like toyed with them now greater. That's leubronn is one of the three ass far ass ever, but he had no chance against him, so he can guard the bran. Why am I pay? I'm sick
million, we'll see you now your sound liked him kindly. You can understand why it went the way it did it, sir, I don't I'm not criticising them fur. Let him go. I understand that their that especially the financial implications of it, but it did can end up catching them. Member Tory Craig had to pull back their offer on Tory Craig was just a nice little piece. You know the problem with the negative they drafted way too. Well, I mean it like that. Couldn't normally Beazley anymore. That's why they had to trade him and then Minnesota overpaid for him, but again because its cause, it's Minnesota, so you got overpay just like and I'm sure we'll get to this, point Charlotte, overpay Z, outward Heyward when you're in that market, you have no choice but to over pay for players like that, but Molly Beazley and he's got some legal trouble from what I have to say, though, is yes, but I mean I think,
really good player and- and you had to move on for him and that's the problem has when you re, when you draft so well and TIM colleagues draft as well as anybody. So am I guess, as they assess this and said, we're not winning. If we bring ever a bet, everybody back, we can rise. Time with one year for male sap and really the way that we jump a levels of porters awesome, if he is, actually. What we hope is yet is not only has up rice got, it can't be a jug had every three out of four game, so you know like some will say where it take a bite then talk about the top five new us. Tonight obviating Italian, because I'm half the time. I love a time food every six days. I need it whether its chicken part, whether its penny with me, pause little pastor Caesar sowed wherever that's just what I need. That's what I crave from time to time and here's think there's so much great food round me and I can get it all anew breeds salubrious. You can pick from a ton of your favorite look
restaurants. You can also select from a range of zero Thou delivery fee restaurants every day and he can get what everyone mood for italian awesome pizza, chinese, food, you name it there, everything order your favourites to your door using liberates order with oubliettes tonight I mention TAT five in the west before so you it's Lakers clippers, and then you have nuggets blazers. I think I might have there's no gets because I think that no gets our little worse would settle things that the Rockets drop out, no matter how this place out. They just do but the sun's all their so fun. All of a sudden. The crowd are signing because I don't like their tenth pick out that they should a trader back. I thought now was weird they like from
if a smile practice, just I felt aspect, you're gonna get your guy at fourteen anyway, get only secondary backs. What are you doing, but then they did they get crowded, who I thought I was gonna get severely overpaid by somebody is perceived the markets more. As for sixty four billion kronor there M for three for thirty years, but it is good or bad for three for twenty seven. They got Chris Paul whether jail and Psmith makes it, or that he's at least could be like a knight, TAT, man and, and then you just have to hold Booker keeps going up. The arrow keeps go in this way and that's potentially a top five team. So I was hard on Sarber with the trading of future, First right, just a basically be apply after him. It's like a there. I don't want to be an agency, but now, after the crowded thing on my, if Booker makes a jump, could that be a top five team in the west? What do you think
think finds a little high just because you're you're everything's gonna break right. You ve gotta, you do have to have book or keep going and crowd her cry on the Phoenix Sons is different and crowd or on the Miami heat crowd or on the Miami heat has very specific roles you have never early on my god. He could make a three point to save his life, but they could still roll them cause. He was tough. He was big he could defend. He could bother me and you had other people. They could come in and shoot shoetrees for you, they're gonna be asking a lot more of him in Phoenix. Can he do it I'm not a hundred percent sure so that when I like with them it in the end, this is, I think my aim is gonna really miss. This key is underrated scale and he did this in Boston too was his ability to. You could go smiled them for The argument that three any kind of vacillating swiss army knife this is- why would I do my book? I thought the case for habitat being a little higher than some of these other guys was he had. This is the best at this hour. Anyone he can,
guard or forward and be the best bestead at either position. So you can basically build the rest here too. Knowing that whoever we have, we could put have a check here. Their prior sunshine have a check, while not only allows you to. He allows you to basically have this Allie ability that I think the heater I think they're really gonna miss that they didn't replace mobile workers is not is now gather craters that respect and they're gonna miss it. So I think, for the sun sets a nice Little Chesapeake staff. I free and I dont know if this is getting into cutting into your ten questions, but that the most confounding thing about free agency for me was how many teams, with the Miami heat at the top of the list, made decisions about players with an eye towards a future that may not exist. It just confounds me this discharge for Janius, and you know picked up. I think that factored into wide Jake Trotter isn't with the Miami heat anymore. No, they sound they overpaid drawn,
for the one year that they gave him, because you know, I think they probably wanted crowded to take a one year, deal a yawn as friendly deal and- and I don't blame crowded for not doing that- that's not this responsibility, and now there in a big quandary here with with Bam. Now maybe honest is gonna, make it a moot point and sign the Supermax with Milwaukee by the was it December twentieth. I think right or twenty last may and and and then, but does that mean you still give up on us or do you see one or year. If he cannot come, you know do it with walking and then, even though we signed the supermax, you can always say I want to move on all these things, but man you're playing with fire. air by leaving ban at a violent site side. I understand why there, when and how long can you wait? Do you wait a whole another year if your bands agent, and if your bam second to make you happy
so. I have that as the top ten questions. Sorry, I'm! No! No! No! No! You here know that this is perfect. Khazar guys is a good one audible into. I actually agree with that. strategy of fire, my aim in Dallas, but for something new to bring up yet I dont know if I had enough to beat the acres, no matter what I did I understood so it so you still are stay relevant and be in the pack, and if something weird happens, the Lakers at this is dear the Brown breaks down. If this is the year, they get bad injury luck, whatever you're still in the max, but I just think yacht is so special that if you really feel last year in the mix, for that did it. I think it's by a mere dallas if he leaves setting it's one of those, two teams- dances, the smarter peck as we discuss before we can write to be LUCA. Now you know entitles right if it's my Cameron, mere thousand those two teams. I actually think they might appointed the railway right of verses.
Going away in on this year, where you're, probably not winning the title anyway, all right, so let me play devils advocated so you'll be a motorbike was a revelation. We agree, she's he's one of the top ten young players in the week. I don't think that's a stretch to say so. He says you, I wanna get pay and you say we're gonna, wait we're trying to wait. So you can win the championship Dionysius too, and I believe I just learned this yesterday. I did not know this. Rachel Nicholas told me that genus Burma, the same agent? I didn't know that so that's interesting anyway, sewers say what we're gonna wait and fury of your bam out of Bio and you almost hedges. Shoulda ripped off and you played through it. Are you play a whole another year and risk injury, because your way, for something that may or may not happen if Europe not a bio and european minded bios agent
Are you really going to let that happen? I think, is a really interesting question. While you also saw Tatum got taken care of her max, won't show as taking care of right and then who is the third guy that some I've got taken care of two messages, as do the other great those two guys in his eye. Well, I went against Tatum right in a conference in a conference files, and I was the best part that serious. So that's it. That's the other side that it's a you know. I always I used to think like these guys they can get on yourselves, and I just this is going way way back, but I just member I, when I was a sports, illustrated sitting down, grant hell when he was with the pistons zoom in the prisons. he s here and we are talking about. He had all sorts of options he could opt out. He could give. For a year whatever and he's like a you know. What have I got hurt? That's what happened right! That's what happened
What I am band they get her last year. He did so and whoever right right, so you hope it has been like a grand health was never the same as we all know. I think the difference for me with this is that you as has the chance to be a general Interracial Mostar right it. This is like rolling the dice with Dwight Howard and two thousand fourteen or something this is the level of Katy into those sixteen or any other said, become a free agent. This year that gets so. I see it from their side, but I really do think. I think the Lakers put a lot of fear into these other teams pad dominant. They were in the book as they were and if you just looking at it from a fine you're thinking like man as long as those to deeds are healthy, were probably not beat in them, so in a way way that was that adds to why they had such good off season. I feel like they scared off the nuggets and the heat a little bit. You know, then the Rockets have completely disappeared, disco populated thousands
came their way and then the other reason the Lakers when the off season- and this is sad but Craig, down just remove barriers as a contender right there just out yeah- and you know you wonder if they're out sort of permanently, because it's just a long way back now from the other than this is even more devastating. Then the ACL tear there's no worse injury than achilles people. Don't come back the same from ask West Matthewson. He probably was the closest one to coming back from yet you know it's just a devastating injury and again it's another year in your prime, which is why they they did what they did and when I have to tell you where they cuz they can't. I don't feel like. Like they can squander another year of dray minded staff, curry in their prime. They gotta try to go for it here, for whatever that
means I hardly were others I dont forget talking out is goes deeper here, because we reject them a bit about it. Talk about that five, your window. He talked about that publicly re out yet the miles that they put on those five years and I was sent on my ipod last week. It you know I was trying to bring everything back to the MID eighty celtics. If I can't there's an opportunity, but you know I looked back at it, you recover them. Eighty, eighty five, eighty six, eighty seven the way and tear not just all the Flash Games but Casey Jones play in those dudes like forty six minutes in February and Labour rangy laws on the bench right and by the time got to eighty eight, and that was kind of the end of the five year run that whole team just broke down everybody and I do wonder with the warriors, like you, think, the breaks down as that two thousand eighteen policies and go in clay breaks down twice
right and engine among those that re. My does look at politically as dominant as he did maybe five years ago, and you just think, like our mba teams meant to have five year runs. That probably not probably not and again you know, computer that that Middys team, as you know, the bench withstand whether it was thin because Casey is that where they really just didn't, you know choose to play young players which was kind of the norm back then, but you're talking about Mikhail on a broken foot and their tell him. You can't play on this foot anymore. You're gonna be you're, gonna be deformed like read, this will never be right and you know he needs fusion surgery. Won't That is too stubborn, but an bird it was eight. The next year had the he it wasn't. Even his bag memory, a double he'll surgery, Demi only played a games. I think that year perishes, one that held up the best ironically, because he took a pretty good beating, but he had no ankle she is shoulder, be never had any issue. So that's why he can keep going. I dont when you talk about these little many dynasty runs cause. I don't either
here's where dynasty, but they were like a mini dynasty there. Four five six years we're dynasty. What would you call a dynasty? I'm a call back on that. I thought dynasty. I think it's gotta be a decade personally. or long died, a short term dynasty dynasties like we throw that too much. Ok, call dynasties, ok, but then the Celtics weren't dies either, which won the of the eighties going to hold decade will communicate what it with the Lakers they kind of like where each right honesty saw yeah. So I, despite failure to the arab access, thinks we're the only dynasty we really ever ABBA like the shack, Obi Lakers they weren't I'd stay, there were like a mini dynasty. They come in and around five years they could have been adopted by parliament. I think if you go through NBA history, there's no, no team that I could come up with that had a ran like even liked. What the where said or like to evolve What about them around, saying like where they had bad injury, lock out and then bounced back and then an extended it.
Couple more ya. I think he's a really bad omens. Further, you know now hurry his thirty's quays gonna, be in his thirty stray mind will be in his thirties in his second. They really need you know either Wiggans or wise men are both to really surprise us. Are they Weizman might, you know, might have had a lot of their regions as Wigan says, we're Gilbert, maybe kill you re does You know you got on for a year to figure that out is twenty twenty four yeah. I they why I looked it up, because I was curious about him when he was in Washington you. He was one of the worst offenders in the leak improve dramatically. I looked at Events have numbers and defensive numbers or are very subjective there really hard to. Even you know, every every person ever talk to an M writing stories there, like any defensive metrics. You have done and use them, because they don't really tell you what they're supposed to tell you there there really fraught with peril, but you can hear the I test tells us tell you browse gotten to be a better defender.
And I think the way the various play if he can be it perimeter passed up there. You know guys certainly is the wingspan and the length India at the Lettuce ism the quickness to do that, because he's not at your people should not expect them to be clay. Thomson ease it. I think, he's a thirty three percent career. Three point: shooter now he's up around thirty five percent last year, its decent, but he does other things for you. He can you know you can help me off the ball. He could drive to the there's other things you can do, but to plug him in and say: ok, you be clay. Thomson mean that that people are that's a mistake. I think they could patched together eighty five percent of his debts right and, if anything as a regular season team, I actually don't think they're gonna, be you know not right in them off. I just don't think they can like beat the Lakers in a plasters, but I do think they could.
again to top five, potentially it they can patched together. His answer to MRS Defence, but you know bags factor for them in its words, com and x factor both couriers, a generation superstar. You know- and we haven't seen him in this situation, He has to carry that kind of office of load, especially in a short season aim. It is prime he's always had help in other places. They're gonna Miss Thompson s ability to adjust fear he brings in almost like a wide receiver, where you just always the difference wait about a, but they could pass it together. They have good Cochin, they got data couple good work is last year that I think will be able I'm not ready them off, but I'm sad because deleting heartbreaking rhythmically? I think they could out of the Lakers, are really do well in place. Just like he's just such a pro. He never came,
but the limelight in Algeria without did is job like he was just so great to be around made me sick to my stomach. When I heard this really did you think, do you think he has the highest approve asked as last week? But I ask you: do you think the highest approval rating of any a star with fans and media like it just seems like you love it across the board. I'm trying to think of anybody else's like that yeah. I think he is that way big in it. Cause. You doesn't ask for it. He does you invited you know so yeah. I think I do think gum. I think honestly and he's not nearly at the calibre of him. Does anyone is there? Anybody in this work doesn't like Fred Van Fleet cause. I am that I have met him or her haven't met that person Fred and cause the king Gos and drafted goes from being drafted to getting a five million dollars and deserves every penny of it and looks like your next door labour that used to shoot hoops would like in the third great. So I think that's why The same reason why everyone fell in love, a stiff curry when they, when he first start beyond that,
from near half. Court was part of it, but the other part was if people can a den of five people that look like them here. Right and friendly and fleet looks like us. You know he's not frequently tall she's is very talent, Anatomy Disaze, not, but but it looks like a kind of irregular guy. He also adopted. And adapted, but he his Montrose bet on yourself, which has been one of my they all Van Saddle decade, I'm a big thou be by. If I ever read out what are those which are those self help I should point out that I know it better myself with me on the front like pumping office, we get more questions covered Summer break at Bloomberg. Dot com there global news hopes to see the opportunity ahead. Bloomberg dot com is the world's largest newsroom, with over two thousand seven hundred journalist and Anna listen more than a hundred and twenty bureaus worldwide Bloomberg dot com provides objective inside driven news.
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All right back to the ten questions for you, we alluded to it earlier. Let's just do it now what the hell is going on in Houston, what the hell? Well, if you know I feel bad for a pill, I feel bad for Stephen Silas. That's why I feel bad for okay, cuz he's waited his whole life for this opportunity and is well respected through and in a mad at these players, because we know there are enough lack coaches in the leg and it isn't right and then here's this guy gets elevated to his first chance in your old jumpin ship. It takes me off to be honest with you at James Harden, wants out, I think they're going to hang on them for a while and on opening night. I think he'll be on you since roster Now the funny thing about used in his they signed. We were taught him before about players at our underrated that can sometimes become overrated. The most underrated player in this free agency period for me was christian. Would I don't tip
will realise how good he is in that's because you played with Detroit, and we could is Detroit one year, ten questions because water they do It's coming. Nice nice had saved wonderful. They. This unchristian would to me that was just a fabulous signing the easier it good young player and today over. For my own really think was forty one million. But now I don't really think they did but Westbrook. If you could move on from Westbrook Goodness gracious go right ahead and do it. I thought they were hamstrung and we're gonna be hell bent on keeping? The ball is clear to me that they, there they wouldn't mind moving on from Westbrook in it. Feels a little bit to me like James I wouldn't mind that either so yeah boy aims really James is like one of those like stars of the tv show that just keeps getting rid of the other characters. Are the cow courier get like if he was like law and order Houston as they every anything out
laugh tears and other factors. Another of your character are used to that's perfect fate, so I mean, I think, they're going to hang on to and maybe it becomes untenable. Maybe James hard makes it untenable, but you know he's one of the most. It means where the most gifted, I've ever seen in my life? I wouldn't trade either. I wouldn't. I have a headache. Look I kind of a kind of like what they're doing now. I dont know if they're doing intentionally, but I thought you wanted to first round pigs for committing and then turning that money screen. Christian word is real he's smart criminally you baby cares. Christian would could give them. Everything covered two gave them and they got these two extra picks. Now they didn't use the sixty, package. I don't really understand that, seem like a money thing to me. They hope that for a future trade first, but now they have to first Round picks taken at least You know and tirade they filled their close if they can one of the hardest thing I had heard, I thought whispered was going to Washington and I,
that browser jungle that Brad was driving it none other Bradley Powers, driving a Westbrook thing and that there were actually get include a pig potentially and it wasn't just a one for on that they are actually putting more, not you'd, have to put a pick and their cause want jungle and played two years raise. Yet I have my own had taken on my on my John Walter it. What is it let's hear it out? Well, but it'll get us into Detroit socially. Just woke idea said that way, but I was kind of excited for Westbrook unwashed him because View Westbrook Robin Mopeds and cigarette. That's a forty frequenting wild, I set my leg pass. That's like an endlessly entertaining team, also yeah, what an aunt em. They are some young players they think they might get there. I just don't know when I whispered to me, though, is its diminishing returns because he's not to Saint Player Clearly- and he just can't seem to come to grips with who he is and by that
I mean you shouldn't, be shooting threes dude like just give it up, and you just can't come to grips with it. He wants to be the alpha and he wants to still play the way he was playing five years ago and they're still great value. I was seeing a guy of his skill set, but you have to be willing to a judge. the little, but just like all great players do as they get older. The way Lebron suggests look I'll abroad has changed. The way he's played some of the great players in our game of done that Latin like Anton Walker was trying to do it when he was, it is twenties. Try to play the ghetto. We tried to shoot. Threes like he was a thirty five year old. Go back at all, stand one! You know so I hate it when he felt his have what's his it's our shooting whence out there was over. I do Light Anton personally, I think he's just a lovely person, and you know he they gonna bad team is on a team that was told to lose into tank. They were instructed to tank, and that's just so bad with so tat
sick. When you have young players who are developing and they know you're not trying to win terrible I've been trying to make their case for twelve years in every everybody gets mad. I dont think its. I think the Miami dolphins are getting or what they're doing right now and it all started those last five six games last year were there actually like China, build good habit. Yeah, that's it. You know back to the Rockets, Serbia, so basically they lose Covington in rivers, but they gain Christian. Would they sign buggy which it interesting fire tat, I would do the huge your first like so my question as I'm thinking about them long term, as do we overreact Westbrook in the bubble, because we ve seen this down four part, two these guys get covered and some of them don't come back totally right. He deftly was right. Then he got her Yan, I'm just trying to think of what Westbrook looked again January February March. I actually would trade for him if I was the wishes- and I let's I had to give up my number one pack- animals
five protected next year's, like all right. Well, I am unhappy with lives, are attempting to whatever I'm gonna make the playoffs. If I make the deal yeah but then but then this leads me to Charlotte, which is our other. What the hell are they doing. Team were Charlotte, could adjust traded for Westbrook and probably said, link between back and taken up money and in spending bad a hundred twenty billion, Gordon Heyward Meadow whatever, but given Heyward injury, history and the fact that you know he's sitting a different stage of his career age why's that seem so much risk here to me. Then trading for Westbrook. I didn't get that. Why? Let me they overpaid for Gordon here but, as we have already discussed, if you're the Charlotte Hornets in you want somebody you have to over pay for now they took that to a new level. All agree is the four years. My guess is that the only Gordon was going. There is, if you gave him the fourth year, otherwise he would have taken me.
less money in their sign in trade with Indiana, right yeah. That makes some sense or broadcasting by the way is just one of the best in the business to get Gordon that contract you gotta get somebody about it, is unbelievable, any less ethical Asian he paid chicken with Danny Age and I think gains kept waiting for biodiversity. They're just steer away in an viruses. I now I'm gonna optimist that you you better. Listen to me. I'm gonna take em bright, but I thought the south excited was the next. They realize it was the hornets while they had enough that they should know I will say this with the with the injury history and I might be a fool for saying this, but I still, I think the injuries Gordon Heyward had had been freakish injuries. Yet it's not like someone with a bow.
It need not like carries head how many surgeries on his knees. It's not like that. It's like a member's relevant there's right, there's no worth freakish injury than the first one right and then I think your body is quite right. Kazanovitch den ankle, maybe will ever be quite a hundred percent right and then you have all just like you break these bow enemy. They were freak injury. So before you got to Boston, had these series of freak things happen to him, he was a very durable player. Yet I think you know I just I know as a matter of fact. That Charlotte, of course, has some concerns about his durability, but they need leadership. They need someone that You know make Lipton Lamelo Ball, think there's hope there and, if there's a chance so by overpaying for Gordon Hayward, maybe you're, appeasing Lamelo ball and hoping that he wants to build with you there and and Gordon Hayward. I still think I still believe oops I'm going to kill my little thing here. I still believe Gordon Hayward can be a twenty point. Games
I believe that I really do so the case for the signing of the seven games he played last season before broke assent yeah. He had thirty nine at that you get Chicago yeah, and you will see why a game he would start to attack the basket again tat it was I go. Maybe there was a territory, then he gets hurt twice right and he was their best facilitator. Last year I mean and that's the part that the Celtic so miss it's it's not going to show up. here. He had a lot of hockey assists. He made the past that made the great past that made the other guy, make the easy pass for the for the labour, the score and the other guy get Cfcs I mean you say what you wanna, Gordon Heyward, I'm not exactly sure why you wants to end up in Charlotte, but that's his business. I do think it was hard for him to accept the role that he accepted last year, less yachts, everything on it was very difficult for him. I think it is difficult for his family. I just say
and I think you just thought you know what I I want to spread my wings. I think I can still be an all star. All that's fine! I will say this about him. Did you ever hear him complain? Did you ever read them? complaining. Let you know he never. You never did Anna, and there was always this weird dynamic right from the beginning: when jail and brown, not even this year passed your started his assent and it became apparent, ok, maybe jail browns, the number three, not Gordon Heyward. I think there was always friction between their camps, young people that were in there camps, but I never saw friction between them as teammates and I think that's a credit to both of them. Honestly, I think, though, then that really got lost with him. Was his defence just dropped yeah? I dont think it was ever the same. thank God, I know it's all. I know he was hurt in the bubble I share, but you suppose the commander at least being a great over their crappy swing.
The guy- and I don't know I should I didn't plan you should have been playing on Zaire and plan their for once you play, you have to be prepared to have to be prepared for take the criticism. If you go up there once you put the Euro, remind you, go out there, your fair game to anybody that wants to take you on. It was time for him, I don't blame him for leaving. I still think we're going to look back at this three years, the Celtics hat and just be like wow that you think, like they signed. Horford Hayward pull up the car at the Kyrie trade in basically a fourteen month span, plus they have these incredible Brown, Tatum assets and Marcus Smart there on rookie contracts right and you just think like it's kind of impossible. They to make the final, but I think about this- you just name the three guys Kyrie Horford I wanna day. What did they get form? They all want bill there. S not a good sign, and I dont know why that is our enquiry. Look I can't come on. We came
thereby reader normally paintings, but by but our Orford walk away now. I guess he thought he was gonna have a better chance of winning a championship with Philly, which has ended up being pretty laughable progress. You know they were a complete disaster and he was at the epicenter of why they weren't. Master, he needs a new home, I'm glad he has no. I don't think I wouldn't be surprised if of ok, see flips him again yeah, I'm not you know if they can, but with that contracts gonna be hard, but but but the fact that he left now just kept thinking is leaving because he thinks Kyra disdain and he can't take the madness anymore, but He must have known that colleagues. Do we seriously anyway I'll write? Yet we all know so so our Orford leaving cause that you know We originally thought the money was really great, and then we learned later that the third year wasn't was only partially guaranteed. It wasn't fully guaranteed, so it wasn't so that that was that set off an alarm with me, like Alfred's, we by all accounts a great team made a good guy
make waves. So why wisely one out of their and now another guy, Gordon good Guy, good teammate, doesn't make waves? Why are these guys leave it? I have an incredible theory on this, but we're take a break. In the time for the holidays. The new oculist quest to is here with more advanced processing power, more pixels and more freedom of movement. This is the most advanced on one be system. Iqs has ever developed hundreds of games to choose from Lake STAR wars tales from the outset, the new battery phenomenon, population, one or the world wide smash. It beat Sabre because when you play actor question. You feel like you're, really in the center of the action. I don't. If you watch lab sports envy are basketball. This just might be how we are. We do ask in twenty years, where we don't actually go to the aims you never leave ass. It feels like you're right there. It's barkers give someone in your life oculist quest to it's the most
he's better how to give the season play for real, learn more at Oculist Dhaka are Jackie left us with the question. Why are these guys leaving Boston? I think this is a real issue for the Celtics Danny age. The Jia who's been run the team for the last fifteen years, one The best things about him as a GM is she's. He has no loyalty in anybody. He's gonna do whenever move it takes to get it done. He wants to win a title and ever and the weak does that. I think we ve made a point with hands, ethically, where the word is now out with those with the players in the agent sake, don't don't feel safe from Boston. The fact that their train, you know, they were kind of quietly shopping Campbell around their right this off season. They definitely were receptive to Heyward side in trade and all that kind of stuff with them. I think, put in ASEAN that Cairo
the kind of change how the league looks at the south eggs and I think that something they have to reckon with a little bit like this is how we're saved around the week. I obtain that over and over again will your ass, the moment they can improve you into a slightly better asset. As I pointed out, they did a matter to Tatum. It didn't matter brown. They both resides. You gotta mention that, but I do think there one thing that I think the other one dollars is another one that I think for whatever reason prayer seem to be had. Than to go there and I don't know whether it's the agency, because Cuban was so close to the invasion. once upon a time where the other agents kind of tear that residue. But it is interesting to me that Boston and Dallas have trouble keeping guys or have some serious we're equipped to them. What do you think Well, sir. I think that is a good theory and there was a huge outrage, I say a Thomas God traded, but I was like our UK paying attention. He got treaty for Cairo, Irving, write me
to be ready by the tail bread, but he played hurt for them that play off. He did I'm not. I ever had any better and I think that I think two players, especially in the player impairment, right right how sensitive everybody is. I think they saw that I say atomic thing. did not go over well round. The league, I know I know it did in I've- had rights are either no, no it we heard it. We heard it loud and clear, but I will say this to the ASEAN Thomas, with the hips and all the stuff you went through, the miracles on him when he came to Boston They were aware: There are aware a right that was not something that happened just he had a bad collision right, that's what exacerbated but those those thought that condition existed on both. It was announced terrifying, celtic in terms of being concerned for his own welfare have ever rooted for because those crazy drives
Albert Lanka flying off. Somebody go to the basket support for every time you hold your breath, but that is just how we played right. So here's my question to you is a hot take for you. So you gotta make amends. You did. I say Thomas Wrong: why don't you sign into a veteran minimum because you ve drafted seventeen guards over the last, years right. They have had already gods after having homer, either track, but they put their like Romeo Lange for his ever gonna play? I mean I don't think he's gonna start. Over them again. You know so he might be but who the hell knows you know so, I'm just I'm playing devils advocate a little bit, but but I think the thing with Isaiah is one thing, but I also think that I don't remember this, but J crowd. Her was on the Celtics and coordinated is still at the jazz come into town and fans were all cheering for Gordon Heyward and Jake matters like the hell. Madame I'm here, I'm trying playing for you right now. That was tat. A thousand bad optic too near I have a high take for you related to south axis. Is that where my ten questions
ok. I actually think they're better. I think I've heard this from others really who yes, I thought I did this, although I think Airy, Washburn or the Boston Globe, flowed, wrote something to that effect yesterday or today. I would you look up, as as you just heard on that Vienna Celtic show because I do think there are some issues here that they have to figure out how to deal with long term, but I would just rather of Trust and Thompson for two years nineteen than Gordon Heyward, for I don't know four years one, hundred five, whatever their final offers. Them are three years: ninety, whatever they offered, I think they they can replace Heyward minutes with smart and will hopefully this this needs Smith and kind of patch together the stats when he was even Fourth option: anyway: you and pay your fourth option: thirty million what they know related, they ain't interested.
And they needed on last year. He some of that could put crunch time. He can switch on defence he's a good rebounded. He can run to the room with his hands up and get little touch passes. Things like that, I think he's a christian guy for them at that there too small last year, and I think he's really get here's the thing with Thomson beloved in Cleveland like their stories about they want to retire as number that, right. I really appreciate weighty data. I think he's been in huge games. We saw team title within four years ago. We then I thought I thought him in a back over my two favorite signing added out about that. I love, although baulk at you, know its funding for backup for the clippers that was it I'd rather have you been here? Oh yes, but here's the problem. He has a player option and twenty twenty one. So things with the clippers aren't really going
and quite and Paul George opt out now you can opt out too. So that's the danger of a box. I love of Africa. That leads us to our next question. Love that when that happens, why does it feel like the coopers, have a big move? Yet so they add up, They had considered the last hair, they last shame it. They last Reggie Jackson, whenever they paid Marcus, bore a sixty four million for four years, which almost made be steer my car and traffic and I'm not even a copper fan. I just can't. I view it thirty million for four years I would have probably been bombed out, but sixty four is like just insane that guy. I just don't trust him at all in a play off game, but. They still have the Beverly contract. They still have the Lou Williams contract the other night. I assume they're gonna packaged as two together for something. So who is it? Who were they getting? I don't know I don't know, but it feels like they gotta do something I just,
There's something I wish I knew more about. I wasn't around the Moluccas. Now I was around any team a lot because of a pandemic, but rats something in that locker room was wasn't right all year, the steady YAP George was acting odd and Pat Beverly was puffin his chest. Little more than he needed to co, I Leonard as usual, said nothing in it just felt a little funny to me and then you know Harrow leaves and says well I went to the layers cause. They wanted me more than the clippers dared like that's, not a good look for the clippers on the way out the door either. So it was unplayable the devil. anyway, I or whether coopers are supposed to do at that point sooner GPA gonna be a myriad. Ok. I like trades, Lou, lamps and Beverly through both here and we get back, was Spencer Dinwiddie
I do like Spencer Dinwiddie. It may pay him, though it may be correct and you just patchett together and so basically I think it's bad Beverly, India, Beverly fourteen million Lou aims as in the trade somehow or maybe a ship away somewhere else, but just a diet four Dinwiddie thing: what is that thing in Brooklyn I think it is about we're down and though it is, that can play with correct. I regret I reasonably threat. Buyer and Beverly is like the classic. I think superstars love like Beverly, Marcus Smile marketed, my deep down, they know they're, not gonna, want touches the good, always gonna, wanna guard the tough guy, neither team, so nice Dinwiddie fur Beverly in May figure out how to get new and that that feels like the trades me so Dinwiddie is they can't keep doing because they want to pay him. They just page Harris said everybody, but the clips are tied in now to this. Next Farmers are great reckoning now known
right. I mean I mean Brooklyn Camp. I am Brooklyn Riah there they just can't. So I like Dinwiddie, but again it is the game I always play. Dinwiddie on Brooklyn with no Cairo. You know He D is different, then Dinwiddie playing on the clippers with Co. I apologize then, when he's gonna want some shots divided here, the coopers, don't you want that has one of the big things I heard coming out of the season was Oh, I was really mad. He had to be the lead ball hinder. He doesn't want to do that. Like his hat is most success with like in Toronto, allow Kyle out intervene rate and he's playing off the bar, but when you need an omen, outside our eyes when he invented them. Yet Tony Parker sent there at the coopers were using him like he was in a look dodge right, is that how you want to use them? So I other than Dinwiddie? I can't think of an available offers a point out like that. You know what I think you're,
Do somethin their value. I appreciate it well considered. I like I like injuries treasuries knees concerned about that fair. I like getting distressed assets from bad themes that guy like getting somebody from the king. So getting smaller than the pistol pulling a christian wood from the best sincere totally anyway. I next question. Could you argue this ties to the honest thing, but could I just trust by me as if as a thinking, man's franchise Understood TAT really could react. Could we look back in here and said? had the shrewdest off season, so basically they had every Brad the Amal heartless they are able to keep dragging for one. Here they always hereafter they lose Joan sued dozen. Does it matter to them. Drag. Has a big one year figure that taken if their? If something wacky happens, they can speak.
yeah they're, basically running back their day. They brought back Leonard to on a big contracts where were paid him too, and if they don't care it's one year, though no, I know when it's all related to this YE, honest thing I just I just What I'm gonna reiterate the worry I have about them all by us head space. Ok, you know everything. That's the only thing, but I, and I don't know about every Bradley, so I like every Bradley Euros covered him for many many many years on many different teams? I dont know if he has no future can play the way Miami is gonna want to play well he's. I saw another Yankee Christmas slap guy. Why does he have change it? And you know I don't like a hundred cases. Will he got this great difference of reputation right here the defensive Darley, made an all defensive team only once I think, but it's
cause he's an unbelievable on the ball defender, but bill just spend some time watching him off the ball. You get spun around like a top. so I always thought he was a little overrated defensively to be really honest and I'm a great on the ball great ball hocker. But beyond that Lincoln everything Miami does is all about the team and you have to be on a string of every Bradley gonna be really good at that. Just my own two cells. What's out about to what was this single best signing here, my nominees crowded for three for thirty, two Phoenix Excellent, a back up to four nineteen in the clippers with a blur Alan yeah, but the players and worries me Tristan taps into four nineteen, the Boston Harold too, for nineteen of the Lakers player option and Rob Lopez. Why four, nine to washed, in which I am still a Robin Lopez believer. I still remember that bull celtic series here he was just completely breaking and have it. I've always wanted to see him out to play off them. Those were my five favorites did you have
and Christian, where we must rely on forty one christian word to me is is one of them. You know this is one that is not a huge deal. I just sneaky light. It was D, Anthony Melton, reassigning with members, and it wasn't big numbers I don't have an affront. I don't think I have as I as a threat for forty five year. Three, like already five. Yes, I think he's one of those like sneaky good guys that you wanted to hang onto and they did, and you know it's not like Memphis is there yet we know they're going to get there cuz. They got great young talent they're on their way, but I thought that was a really sneaky good sign to so the those are my top six Gordon Hayward was probably in the bottom five in the Charlotte, the peace. I don't understand what sure thing you you just were in Hell with Nick Tombs contract right. Will you overpaid somebody who was an hour star. You quickly realized. It was a mistake and then you're just in purgatory with that
three years and even my Matthau Now- your training for Heyward, hoping that that's that can also be a terrible contract and even worse, your stretching Nick Potu. Now, while the bits stretching was that said, then it becomes a thirty Nine hundred and thirty nine yeah he's on the bus, four hundred and ninety nine and nine. So next year and the year after you're paying Hayward Btooom, they come for thirty nine on your cabinet and also like where you going like Lamelo is going to be. I think, the most erratic guy out of all those draft picks he's going to have games he's just unplayable yapping Alonso have games where you're. Like all my guide widen. I take him. I mean, I think, he's got that kind of ability, to your hire him then? I am, I think, some yeah. Now I like him, I think he's got now. He is gonna, be erratic. Cause they're gonna ask him to do a lot, but I think Gore, nay, we're gonna have a good. I think he's gonna have a good not about for years, but log on
he's gonna have a good three years and Charlotte member he signed an offer sheet they're all those years ago. I think it's a kind of town that suits him, and that will suit him. You know, I think it's gonna be a good marriage, did they or pay? Of course it is absolutely, but I think I think, for both both parties involved adjust its the fresh start. They both need it's entirely. If, as a bad team, I would do it pressed his doing they and it's funny that endeavour. Odo is told me this, like, though, he's like GM fantasy.
to just be horrible, no assets whatsoever, because you d like to hear what you do, and here he asked they laid out exactly oppressed, he's doing role. I call you need to get our Hartford I'll. Take em, but Gimme writers shrunk back right. Well, I shall marks in Brooklyn. Give shall marks. A lot of credit is another one in Kenny Atkinson what they did in Brooklyn same kind of thing, so I just Darrell imagine how great was dare, although gettin did you ever guess that they could move hell for free and get set car use, gonna help them by the way yeah I've. I didn't love giving up Richard Saint, but I get it. I felt Hayden fate with that team that no direct its in better with were fairly does a hundred percent route. So, like everybody always says that its to me, it's so short sighted that indeed in Simmonds can't play together. Eminent did just isn't true. Two years ago we have all them.
the defensive metrics to tell us the numbers with them on together and off together. It was like a differential of like fifteen points or something crazy like that. Why, because Will Jimmy Butler helped a tremendous amount, but because they had J J rhetoric to they had shooters around him, and so You bring south korean, you haven't, you have issued around and you know it makes a difference. I like being that they can't play together to me it just. I don't believe that I just don't so I have a a twist on that theory. I don't think they can play together with the rest of the roster that they had built. Okay, that's very clumsy roster, where everybody's just in everyone's way they couldn't. If they're going to get back to you know they still, they still don't. I'm not happy with the point guard situation still but- and I I guess they're going to tell us. Ben Simmons is a point guard again. I personally I wish he had his own team. I was really hoping hard in four Simmonds would happen. I just kind of Wada Benson. Instead, almost like the movie star, just put him in his own movie,
yeah he's only to give him his road house with Patrick Swayze, you gotta just letting Hokosa bag ass. So what did you think it was kind of sneaky call that he It make all NBA lucky snuck on together at all innovative yeah. I too, to an end and joint be did not by the way toil beaten. will this Joel beads in a reckoning, we're in view ever he's ready man, I'm telling you I'm talkin everybody around him like he's, gonna have a bigger predict, eliminates shack in ninety nine denied? I write is gonna. Have it. I really think he is causing docks the perfect fit for him. He knows how to stroke chicken in the rear and at the same time, and and I do think the people underestimated how often dolen beat is played her and I think he's going great Shea. I might be wrong, but that's my prediction. I think he's gonna have a really big year. I think he's mad that he wasn't in all ambitious and said that to me I haven't talked to him not reporting, I'm not aggregating anything this just mice on making a supposition. If I can,
and I think, he's more weight, and I think you know it so funny with because he is so similar to shack their remind me so much of each other, because when they do great oh it's great when they're not too well well, they're, not cope, focus Uniform Basque, while their focus focusing too much on our things. There are seriously and I take it seriously enough and then then he cries when they lose on that bouncing shot by quite Leonard. we'll years back and airlines. I will wise you cry. Such a baby will make up your mind. Do you think he cares too much or not enough like it's just one? bigger in life like that, those guys you are under a different microscope than almost everybody else, including been summits. It has to be this year Maybe it is gonna, be I had a really it's out every day this year. He also you know that team was such a mess and there is such a mess behind the scenes. You think like sex but they re about two years ago, where you know after the Ringer story, we did. They collapse low step down. Yeah Brett Brown was the acting Gm
That was two years ago that leads to their terrible bridges. Zaire Smith than this pact that they end up sending for Tobias Harrison sends down this crazy on by Cyrus and they could have taken bridges or Shea as Yea was the next picture, border leverett anyway, I think I took by a terrorist. That was, I was a killer, but I think so now that there is in and Daryl is, you know, he's got some Swaggart him he's a big guy, He's super confident what he wants to do he caught. It knows how to play the game internally. These somebody that hard and who I think has had trouble clicking with certain but then I am in art and really got along together, tired. He loves hard more than life itself right see you have. You have the Darrow piece of it, so now you have to be Betty and somebody who's seems like he actually has a plan which they haven't had there forever and then Doc, who docking you're, one can go in and just play the character of dock rivers rate. He can do the, though
view at the twenty media guys before some shit gaming Charlotte and give the whole look Joel invaders, the appear the league right now and he can heal, sell those guys that will they turned on him. here's your matter now, but this year, though guys will buy it and he'll talk about how great Ben Simmons is. I didn't realize he was so gifted this guy might be the best natural talent, I've ever coached he's going to do all that in Spanish. yeah he's gonna work in it also be true, has been Simmons again. People don't understand how good he is. They. So there's someone on their cell phone, stop on the three point shooting which, by the way, I have seen him do it. If she can do it, I don't know when he's going to do it, I don't think he wants to be on a timeline. I think that was the mistake they made last year. I know he can do it. I seen him. Do it think he's ready to do it. But when he's in the open floor and going downhill, so everyone keeps saying what he doesn't fit: the Darrow more remote. There are two parts to what Darrow more believes in.
threes and lay ups rather than Simmons creates or lapse in the open for that any other player in the league. Right now when he gets a policy, I'm going down here on the open flock who stop in him. You'll hear anything there are more and more is actually not what people think it's too have to superstars building on this wherever I last I have have I'm gonna, make it work. Can I add a few stars: gonna go. I were taken one warmer break and then we get to talk about the trade which had been saving much like Thanksgiving Dessert, Detroit like bringing the pies woolmer break. This episode is broadly by gator aid for, Fifty years later, it has fuelled the best athletes to rise to the occasion during their biggest moments- and I know I m J- is the most famous kind of gator it after it means. Arguably, the most famous daftly
but Serena doesn't get enough credit for this one. I would say she is the best female athlete. The Gatorade x figure Gatorade, you think of a handful of of the great ones Serena. Definitely in the most best tennis player, I've ever seen from young athletes just starting to turn ads to some of the best athlete to ever play their games. Arena MJ go to their their respective sports. Gatorade shows their the proven fuel the best then now and forever nothing beats Gatorade last began by a question. I think we got the ten. Is it possible the pistons were drunk during the entire ass fast ass. They over served the somebody have to drive them up. Here's a quick recap they gave you regret, Grant have Jeremy Great three four sixty it may employ made three for twenty five, so they're, paying five million for three years for Jeremy Grandam may suppose they lost Luke, honoured and Christian would hereby
fair requires right right. They did not trade Blake, retainers saint. They seem pretty intent on keeping him. They added the lawn right, Josh Jackson Julio before that. At one point they five centres they acquired Dwayne had been so they could should read. Write up thirteen point three million over three years good stretched out to pay German. Graham s upon me, too much tougher and the draft they dragged the killing is over I resolved, by which I just fundamentally this riot fry and then they drafted, they are still. Thirteen during this draft were everybody's like well. You can get a centre for nothing. sure you can get any say why, for one year, two million, the dumbest thing you could do is draft enter. Who can't beat all star with like the sixteenth pact, which is exactly what they did. I don't understand what that F has gone out with them. What is going on with them? So my mom? my husband, I right we're laughin about this. This morning I was
How do you know he doesn't volume bay as closely as I do what I was told about the Detroit as all these big it is like yeah they're getting for a MC filthy and make nasty you know for the eighty. Nine final proof, if it's really like that for those of you are too young to remember yet Johnny, most famously com, billion beer and Rick Mccormick fills him mic daddy, and I mean that was great back in the eighties, but yeah here's! So here's my trade. We were talk before I it had a trade. I went right: oh I'm ready, ok, Blake Griffin to the West;
words for John Wall and a first round pick? Oh, so it's basically the westward trade, yeah, etc with Blake Griffin and Blacker and Blake Griffin, as if you're with the Wizards Blake Griffin has less years left on his contract and whispered us and he's a reg he's a big eyes case I didn't Blake Griffin can still play. I mean on board with teams trying to get break Griffin before the draft, because he was really good. Two years ago got hurt rights, get tears, let that is there. Even if he's ninety percent, what he was two years ago, Schelling Greenwater Motor kind of figured how to get twenty in ten every game. You know he's unitary S here, yet I shouldn't trees with the peasants yet so if I'm found the pistons yeah I'll take on John Wall and all the mess that comes with it and I'm gonna trade, you Blake Griffin,.
Does it feel enemy like with all that they ve done all these bigs? How does it make sense to keep Blake doesn't, while neither thing is you got at least do something for Bradley Bill. Yahoo has that officially said I want our, but I also want to make the playoffs. I think there is a chance that aid seed- maybe even the seven seed, is wide open this year. It is so yeah like that when that one other, that I don't know what the EFTA trade was doing a cup other sightings. I did not like the Jordan Clarkson for fifty two to you tat. I was just stupefying, I'm never gotten Jordan, the fascination with Jordan clerks, but that's all I just feel like you can find he checked guards who can't defend anyone every year during the season there there's to evaluate could go
the waves right now he's gonna, basically be with Jordan Carcinus get him. Oh, I do not have I'd rather have Lou Williams. I'd rather have looms. Molly Beazley for four sixty was weird even before the fact that he's got some criminal that he got that appointed a gun at somebody in a car, but I think that's again that falls into the category have Minnesota is trying to build. Something Beazley was great for them in the very short window that they had and I thought you lag or over to a you know, he's really talented he's got some issues and they got a straight nose out for sure but you're you're trying to tell car Anthony towns again rests on these guys. You know were building something here were committing to it and you got over pay. You got ever pay for him to stay there, so that that I think that's how you explain that away. If I was ever GM and who does it could happen said that They don't really it out I'll, get you some money to fifty one. It's
older you if it out and confide on there are never being a giant. But if that, if I was a gm, I would just never pay big money for people who could make it all started. That would be one things I Thomas Africa you'd be article you Beata League in ten minutes, because that's not illegal you gotta. Do it and you know what else you wouldn't do you would want to trade. You would want to treat a player for cap space in those all the things that you have to do. It's. Why Dave got it was not a good Gm Ryan Ba. it wasn't that he didn't know basketball is that he just couldn't bring himself to trade actual embodies. Four spaces and you'd have the same problem. So you see where you Jim, I would definitely trade body for space. I would never do like Ireland as they say they give down every three four sixty one point five, but they have, do that blind because, for them, because baby bad again and didn't get another top six pick. Why do I want to go thirty, nine and forty three to sit while they got to worry about Ray, and then they don't dance re signing with them, because they have
but I imagine if they get bogan- and I don't know we heard anything- I don't know if one down which is still really one of the most boring sagas in league history. the Miller does it, then you, I'm alone, why didn't you get ten days was enough. That's what I'm gonna go. I can't we just figure out where explained at this point, but those two guys if you end up with both of them, they give you care adoptions. What you don't have it makes it a lot easier for Trae young to go to yoga. Then he becomes a complete demon in pick and roll, because you can't just focus on him. The way you can they got they got One of the other sneaky good signs, in my mind, was them by signing Chris done done as another one of these guys tat. She can often simply he's not helpful to users. There he's an elite defensive play up and no one ever notice because he played on a lousy team in Chicago giveaways, Kristen and RE. On Rondeau and you have tray young who can only play opposition little I had I would if I want to just gonna, Kristen myself I'll
The random thing was where there has run gonna be happy. I just don't they Christians gonna play because they have they got round they spent like subscriber line. Iran will be heard at some point. You know in tray, young you're gonna have to manage, is minutes and I think Christine's can help them, and I do Thank God. Linaria Rondeau are veterans because that team was too young. You need you got. They got nice young talent on that team. Now question with them is. That seems like what I regard anybody, but what happens with John Collins seems I keys, I liked- and I, like John Collins, but how do you know of your miles Turner, knowing that the South Ex didn't want you to sign a church? Now, that's why I want to. But yet it goes back to the whole thing about. I just wouldn't pay centres; get centres, equal rights and entered the slightly odd thing fact it that's why they any and you have you I'm insane. Antonio Jacob hurdle, Jakob Hurdle three, five, twenty seven house.
Make it their money. I can get him ten times. Free agency saw, I keep hoping Yahkuk hurdles can be able to shoot threes he's twenty seven I know no, but I was I was in when he was in Toronto. I went out to do historian. Pascal see outcome, an arm had been over in Cameroon and went to the the seminary where he was in a seminar studying to be a priest. I spent some time other anyway, so I went. I flew to Toronto to talk to him after I got back and I was waiting for him and he UNAM Yulka Pearl we're supposed to be shooting trees So their work was pre game workin on the three point shooting and all they had to who was each hit to and are also force total, and it was later as its breadth, there is neither one of them. This is big, meets the outcomes come a long long way. I think he Rice seventeen percent from three point: nine. The year I'm talking about a gay and the two of them like they just couldn't. Do it and of course Pascal is made that leap and I just keep hoping yulka pearl.
gonna make the same late, but I guess you like what I landed at more than I I just I don't like tying up tying up. My forty two and forty roster is based made me what New Orleans try to do with Anthony Davis, the first four years right. Were there I guy, let's get right Anderson, let's get air Gordon and in their just like splurge ing, and it's like why you Spurgeon Rat, while Griffin is doing with the pelicans. Where he's like. I had this young asset desire that could put in they really matter? I am going to try to get as many other young assets and picks as I can and try to grow with what we have and then make my move three years from now. That's that'll, better say what I would do ok, but let's just take voluntary. There was interesting voluntary by a lot of contending team. So let's say you hang onto a baby for two out of the three years that and then in its third year. He isn't expiring contract that will be valuable, probably and you'll be able to trade them and fair one interesting thing that I've that's funny about
about Atlanta is. You would understand this a lot more if they were going to be fans because Thank you all! We're not gonna get anybody in the seats. Unless we have a chance to be. You know somewhat goodwill, I dont think they're getting warm. Georgia? Well, I don't know: do we think Georgia will actually be able to advance the seats who know it all? Who knows right who knows with at your age. That is so that could be, you know a way of looking at it. Does you wanna put Fannys in the seats, but I know there's not going to be any in Boston need not in the near future anyway, although I still keep getting charge for me, partial season, ticket package note to Celtics what are you doing with my money besides I would like to introduce son it either just to just hold the last question them. We're done. Did the bucks do enough? They tried you, I would have said they had done enough and they got back Donovan. I would have said- yes, they didn't here's my thing with the Baghdad average thing: how can they do a sign in trade will? Therefore, the sign in trade deadline started where the guy had agreed to the sign in trade?
Christ. I don't understand how that became reported like that trade was done. The hours by his agents had to Go out there really are only guys, it's a tough one, that's very tough, but if they did, they feared executed that, I would have said they did about as good as they could do again within the promise they had to move on from Bledsoe. That was the most obvious thing. You know, if you could turn on the way back machine you, you keep Malcolm broadened in you and you dont reassigned pleasure to that deal, and that's not hindsight, Emerson and bizarre saying what are you doin with this Bledsoe taken he's like, while you're just from Boston, AEGIS member all the bad games? You had the place, I said oh yeah, the rest of the week saw them. Do you hear yet solely fair salt? I was that was an answer, I said this a week ago. I stand by it. I just would rather vague Chris Paul in that, given up three first and to pick swaps fur for how they possess to pay holiday, and here I just I just think it's a smarter move.
May I buy a two year window with Chris yeah, the thing which there's two things which you and I know how popular he is with the advance patches community, but to me, like their ability doesn't have advanced metric, but actually does it's called games played the iron he's banged up a lot, and I don't know I just feel like he wasn't is quite is good at least off. So is he was two years ago and for what they gave up your right win at that point. So I'm looking at their team. Now they had to Holiday Dj Augustin who's unplayable in the playoffs cuz. You can't guard anybody right, Torrey, Craig, a can't shoot, so you can't play him either you're going four and five Bryn Forbes. You can't guard anybody, so you can't play him and crushed I'm either imported suit, I'm a time passages. They lose blood, so they lose pill. It was Robin Lopez,
I feel that lose three first to pick swaps and they still have the same problem they had last year. I dont know what they're crunch time is now you could say: yadda spirited holiday. I know three now now that the fourth and fifth one I start, at least in Portland. I know who my crush time is, and here it's like. Should we play Torrey, Craig and we'll just play four and five offensively? I don't think they saw that I don't think they got better and I don't think they could beat the Lakers in the playoffs series. I don't know why do you think of that loot yeah? For me, it all rests in the honest, his hands. I just think Yon Ass, a ceiling is so far beyond what we ve seen. The youngest could take it up,
other level or two and not only make himself better but really help the guys around him. Chris Middleton, I want more from Chris Middleton, also yeah, and maybe he can still taken level it. You know he did. He make all NBA. I think you didn't write thicket did at him down right above him for second team thing about him for third right right it. So you know he had a pretty miserable policies, and so what does he do during the sought? Like that's what Chris Milton's of fairly young guy, I think we ve seen the best him, so I guess that's I look at the box roster and say it's: it's not necessarily me George Hill. It was getting to be time. I would be surprised Georgia lines up, like maybe with the clippers, or something or even maybe even the Celtics. He would make some sense for the Celtics too dependent on what the with the value
contractors sire, I dont think you can make. I thought this would happen. I fear the waiver more strongly, neither we nor the Baghdad which thing fell through. I dont think you can that your holiday trade in this you know for sure yeah. This is coming back, I really am I in tellers bill that he's gonna signed the MAX Supermax. That's what I told hasn't happened yet. But I think that's what we're all expecting to happen now, if it doesn't. Your point is an excellent one and even if he signed the here's, the thing, though, even if these signs that Supermax, which would be great for Milwaukee, does it really guarantee that he's there forever I don't think so. He advised likewise two more years. Bessie had not not in this day and age. So David said the blueprint for it here I'll, take all your money and then two years round the site, but I want to do anything solid, yeah and me oh now, I'm gonna I wanna championship with you and yet still have signed. hold you up for a little more dough cause, I'm pretty important too.
This happened with your team, so yeah I'm opting out in Europe. Yet Leubronn are going to align their contracts with each other. They they say agent and they're, just gotta basically hold the Lakers hostage every year and be like look. You guys were Jack shit before we showed up Joe had eight of the worst years in a row that any franchises ad in the wagon awhile, the other to remember that he was part of one of those jack shit years right right before Anthony Davis got there the worst Leubronn year ever because he was engaged. He was rag and the young kids me Rhonda was tell me like he was so hard and all those young guys they were like in a shell there right. corner in the locker. Closely, allied Eliza yeah right or destroy yeah. Exactly so, you know he is to hold some responsibility for that. We're all say, there's someone! I leave you and this happy Thanksgiving note it I'm saying this as a self expand who is in their conference? I really.
be honest, resides with the bucks. I likely, I think, that's a good thing for the weekend in. If you have Davis and Yadda stitching their franchises, in two years of each other. I I think we're headed for another reckoning with fright swell mildly guys. Like yeah, it's a small Getting and you know the ownership, the bucks ownership done everything possible. They really have they ploughlines posts posts, brockden disaster well right, but but you know They are like the way the handle themselves. There very engaged with there, Airs they were marching. You know that would that, with all these talk of ownership What are they? Gonna, do about black lives matters in everything even before that date, that team did play. They had already marched with their guys. You know I think they're invested when their guys their engaged with them. I think it's a good ownership group so will see. I have time for one more bonus. Question could cause got about five minutes
look. I got hang in there thought of this causes the Lakers his Jerry Bus was considerably the best owner for while right in that at some point A kind of became Peter whole Peter whole target people around the whig, very cautious, in the other honours again Peter holds pretty great public hearings and Mckenna. Gears is another, and so is this Mickey stored the title or is it somebody else? In your opinion,. why don't know what do we think about bomber. The demanding owner, but one Got you a new Rina, that's willing to open up the pocketbooks for big players to pay the money. I guess that I just a jury is out on him still right. You have am same with the other there's like allowing thou for dog when they had these owners committee meeting arms, it was always a Peter out, was the alpha dog or that I think it was doktor bus hunter. Who do you think they even have enough
hours it like eyes like three or more influential guys yeah, I think it's different. You know there's hope to kill a consortium of gene. As Whitcross Back Edna Wright, Wes. You know that could and Jordan, I think when as a voice in their because he's the only one that's been around as a player and- and you don't know how these poor Think of me. He was really instrumental during that whole walk out trying to get everybody back to the tail, but I don't think he's rail and away at those guys. I think he knows I don't think that's his role at all so that's a good question and I think it's genie at the Genie Bus is more of an interview that people realise its messrs Janey. Yes, not gene so it is our debates over the last two part lake of stupid or as a way to polar idea, says so I mean I don't make irritated feels to me, as has been put back. I dont know if that's true, but that's the impression I get a further simply cell.
funny. I do think Jordan is gaining a voice and I wonder if the latter, the ants of, if the last day its help them with some of the other oh shit, I forgot how mobility and I was you see, I'm guessing the night. I dont know this for a fact, but I'm guessing bomber is someone that makes his voice be heard and has a lot to say now. I dont know how its received by everybody, but I think, he's a player. I do. I love the I loved when he went basically is often Dolan, HU as a car bower. Nobody really wants to best. Where does to anybody that crosses downright farmers? I call it a reader yeah, let's go on now. I have unlimited resources, let's have the Holy WAR and he got his arena now. Whether any good coopers will be playing in that arena, where it but I guess I have to say there you go Jackie. Happy thanks
it. Will they re use you we had. I haven't gotten at par castile. Come I actually tomorrow, so the boy, you alone that strategy there sick of us already happy out it's great to see it ain't you not that long going out with friends was a little too complicated used to worry about where you go, what you look like crazy by it, but now getting together for a beer or two closest friends, it's both complicated and not that complicated these days, feels a little bit more like it shed spear self with your friends. Maybe a distance hang out Maybe your and zoom maybe arrive at some outdoor bar where the tables or space six feet away from somebody who knows what who knows we have given you just south with your friends, that's the way it should be and as the original lay Bare Miller lead has always been this. That's what no times all about our maritime. Since I was in college, as you ve heard of you ever lessons back ass, that's been
You know it's been in. My will ask for over thirty years, whether you're, toasting and pursue choosing from Afar Miller Light has always been about bringing you and your friends together for me time and I've been doing a lot of distance hang outlay. Ruth whither then to decide dinners and in one hang out the back yard. You know, I guess kiss what's important hanging out your friends. Do it do with Miller time it's time for you time, nor, like great taste, with only ninety six hours? Three point two carbs. However, you and your friends during my time you can have it delivered the original a beer by go into more light tat come forward. Such bs find the door reactions near you, subway responsibly, Norbert Company walk. He was constant. Eighty six cowards sweep went to carbs per twelve ounces. and our pigs coming up in one second one dimension. We finish that whole our plus hang with Jackie and then like right afterwards, Miami
as the dead signed a ban at a bio to the max for fun. years so a home that tells the disks We are a little bit other. I will say you know. I briefly read some of that takes an agreed with them, where this doesn't mean that. get yadda say just makes it a little more difficult for them to get yadda because they would have to They moved sailor cap around. Maybe they would have to lose Tyler hero to get rid of the second contract or whatever that they would have to do some salary cap chicanery, basically to afford Butler Ban and Yon ass. If the seller kept going backwards, We seen it down before it'll happen. If they really feel like they have a chance to get Giannis, it just makes it a little more difficult, but you know, I think the important thing here is Jackie said, yadda sunbeams had the same age, and so its goodwill fur its goodwill for Bam, who just watch Adam and Mitchell get paid
so you win him over their branding. Ingram just got paid their. Whether he's a MAC sky seems like a lot since I have abandoning them, but they keep their options open. So again, Miami Shrewd is always, and I'm sure they figured out a patty on us if, if they get there, so that's it appetite milliner pack, so were split. This up. We have three Thanksgiving games and there were also on the Thursday night podcast I'll. Do the rest of the week ends. this will add up to a million dollars by the time were then we have three games. There are terrible their abominable. The first one is used in Detroit and the weird thing about this one- is that I think the trade would have fired their coach after that shall act in they took against Caroline on Sunday that their fans have lost our hope. I think everybody realises put brute map churches that could be the coach next year, and yet you have this Thursday game at twelve thirty, and you can't really cheap.
A coach when you have less than a hundred hours you're it in those games. He of that, then you have Houston, come off a nice game against the pats where they looked pretty frisky offensively, so the line stared at a two and a half, two three- the games in the trade and who knows of god- find. Who knows if any of these dudes are playing at so dumb to make these pics on it on a Tuesday, but I am going to do I'm to figure out how to move Houston down to two and a half in a parlay with Pittsburgh, so hold that thought, because I think Houston wins three. I do not want to trade in this game. I know Houston's that great, but I was actually pretty impressed with them without hard their plan for Roma for now and that Pats game. You know and if you're here to ban the worst case scenario as they actually and the seas and through other of first round pick any website, they can tank and then The rumblings of maybe Romeo deserves the job as somebody who risk
Did that's also native see out that's where they went anyway. Second, game terrible, awful washed in Dallas Yanks the odyssey least recovery on the package with cell on Sunday there on passed through the worst vision about time. This games, gonna be awful. Dialysis season was over until about two days ago and AIDS suddenly beat Minnesota team that a lot of people like it was the first time the kind of looked like the cowboys and stack went down where dawn recover from our cash. From a concussion scrubby had enough Rebs at this point that a nice little run pass balance against the Vikings, and you know I think would be the perfect antidote for the worst season. Divisions are rad, to see Dallas go from a laughing stock to the favourite in the division. than the span of a hundred hours. It's too good to pass up almost I'm, not crazy,
but this I washed in team at their defence. You know against, since it it is by chapter, knocking algebra that defence look good there. It can look good a couple times if they're playing the re team but I think you can run on them to get the better running had been able to run on them, and I think that doubts as to many weapons- and I since in Dallas, and I do think I do like getting home teams when it's too bad teams by each other so hold that thought we're gonna do Dallas matters to enact the last one is Baltimore. Pittsburgh Baltimore come off a devastating loss, did Tennessee where they had a chance to close the game. A regulation again the market not come through in the Red Zone and they had settled. Filled up as in overtime there can we runs all over them. I would have potentially maybe talk myself into this being a close game just because of what happened a few easier
two more led Pittsburgh for two hours and then just completely foul park as the market- a couple bad boys, but Baltimores Waymore banged up than they were for that game. They Nevada, Covid stop, Brandon Williams is out, I don't know if Coleus Campbell is playing or not, but their defense, just as not look good, they can't get stops it going to get stopped to get the pass. I can get stop skits and in general I just don't like the look of this team, especially on short rest. Then you throw in while the one thing they could do protested I believe, is run. The bar Jackie Dobbins is a really good, though S cup weeks he's out with covered. And the marking groom, who has really been playin, he's out also with covered. So it's a lot That's evertsen, you know, God bless Gus Edwards, but you're not be in the stores of future led back, I'm scared enough about how this line climbed in its desperation, gave about more no question. They. They have to win When this they fought a sixty five and there in an official danger of missing the playoffs
log jam. We have with the seven three six and fourteen straining at those three wildcard by it. So it's a kitchen think game for them in a lot of ways. I just think Pittsburgh really good. I dont see their little undefeated thing ending on Thursday night. answer kind of a reeling. Baltimore attain that's also gone through some covered stuff, so be safe. I like them, any line here, minus two fifteen I'd say years already. a million, our picks Thanksgiving addition, so that pit money line, modesty fitting we're parlay that with Houston who were going to bring down a minus two point: five minus two and a half that is minus one. Thirty, together its plus one fifty nine as a parlay, so Houston at the win by at least three Pittsburgh just has to win or put two hundred dollars or two hundred thousand dollars on that at one hundred and fifty nine
and then the other one pits mighty lined with Dallas minus two and a half or red sky. Back at the tiny bit here we're going to put a hundred fifty thousand on this. It is plus one hundred and seventy four Dallas has to win by three pit- has to just win the game and we'll get to your last week we lost a hundred seven thousand hours. I blame Miami for now figuring out that they should a bench to at half time, and I blame the packers for not taking care Is this a regulation is the call to me actually could a swept. Are the big bets we're still up a hundred seventy seven thousand for the season and those are the tanks? Giving million dollar packs will continue with more x on Thursday, Pakistan by that's effort. Today, remember, neurological is up eight millimeter new book, a basque ballpark has come in Wednesday,
having Garnett, and then we will have one more podcast on this feed on Thursday at two special guess for you, plus anybody. Abbreviated billion dollar packs. I now double dip in the million dollar packs. Get times see you on. Thursday night joy is be safe, be safe for them of God. We save see, there's them. Ways.
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