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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by tech journalist Kara Swisher to discuss early internet, Facebook's influence, policing social media, the internet through the ages, flying cars, future technology, interviewing tech magnates, hosting effective panels, and more!

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France, for project care structures here, red tape in August. First, if anything we're happens, attack web address, I will Are you in the area? Will just cycle doubled over the traveller? You never know the Tec rubbed well, They may be offer August will see every day, there's something else strangers. You know just this new facebook thing you can go into it. New face but of mine rating diarrhea and rating thing here I think, is cause. You ve been in the makes for a while here people people realize you
as we have been doing since the start of the internet on the ground floor. Yes, indeed, doesn't believe nineteen early ninety nine days, but I was only Aliona commercial. Are we on the third floor? You and the internet was commercialized by by legislation. Al Gore was a critical part of it, even though we'll make fun of me with great really was she didn't even invent the inner, but he certainly was critical to its beginnings as a commercial entity. It had been in government and any before then, and used as a as communications I didn't really start even using email until ninety six, oh Anne, but I cannot new stuff- was going on, but was in our people in computer labs. Our age and right, weird message, here we go fur and f. There was another name. I e a yo yo room you're in it that from that yes, exactly use that groups. Yes, yes, I used all the stuff. You know in the earlier there is that there is a thing called digital city from
oh had something was actually run Jose while a well actually ran through. I got my that's where my first sight was already a reality, whilst the digital sitting here that was anyway, there's zenza earlier, but they were all echoes of what was coming like guinea. I was super early when they I was very early to was mobile phones. I would the wash imposed and they had a suitcase phone and I claimed it and use it all the time and I loved it. I love carry my suitcase phone and I telling people you know everyone's. Can I wanted these gummy smiles merely STAR Trek, so that was One thing that I thought it was much more important than just the internet was the combination of the internet with mobility, and that to me was so critical with a big thing and then you're having Gordon Gecko in Wall Street. Now I love had one of those I had one of those big. I loved him either. I I you did that I was on a beach. I think someone broke up with me because I was on a violent. I was in province down harbour and I walked out and low tide. I could get a signal by air and I loved it and it was great and it what was interesting about it was a rota system.
I would just reference. They wrote a recent story about not only of car anymore, because I think that's the next big trend. We talk about more if you want, but I just sold like my final car. I I really. Thought that mobile phones can be everything, and so I did a piece for the Wall Street Journal. I first got there and then in the nineteen, nine is called cutting the cord that I will never have. You know you'll know have landlines you, a mobile phones. We were getting better and better and idea that you would have a cord was crazy to me, and I remember the alot of push back from people because they like their landlines at a pay, phones or whatever. So you know, I've mobile, I think, is more important than thing with a mobile, had the bias early on a vague Unita cancer. Yet wrong and have cancer via mobile firebrands gonna die. Maybe you have in mind the idea in the early part of mine was like it could be like big brother yeah. It is
everyone's gonna know everything. Thank you know right past rights that we have received illicit know that one was a hundred percent right and it was you know there was in the biggest right think it was the idea I think people there, how quickly you get distracted and how much you use it and you're in the state of continuous partial attention. I think that's the term, a Microsoft person used to me many years ago, which was U everyone will be. She was a issue, seventy predictions. Instead, everyone will be in a state of continuous partial attention, yen and- and it was- and I use the term- continuous part or partial satisfaction today today in writing. A piece for the New York Times about the antitrust stuff is that big they gotta Satis five Legged Amazon's both the facebooks and so were not. We're were continuously sort of satisfied but think they they they reap so much benefit from knowing all information that were achieved date. It's true me. I remember the movie the net, the signal, both chorus,
and that was right when the internet was becoming a thing and again I was not on the internet- must have because the guide, the resources the Adams like it would add two times miles the yes. You did you for a moment to save yourself to remember the whole premises. That movie is basically the internet, its evil. They can wait, your entire history in five seconds and all that stuff. I don't that's true, but it is the less of their movie is as we watch what has happened last four year yeah, but I was longer than that. That was a long time. There is an ideal lunch. There was. There was a bunch of movies like that sneakers. Obviously, war games is on my way back here. Like the idea of closure member, in other words, the email and early Algeria, you went into a boo three do absolutely earlier. It was actually it was. It was artificially. None of our fish attention was a r. U augmented reality and inv are was sort of of the hour. I our kind of glasses that was that was about you know me too, and it was also about that uses up. But if you remember,
B to wear the guidelines have been here. That's right of avoiding my good sense of the yellow. Why are you so lively? Lady from the guy's perspective is all day because you know men are victims. Most of us. Are you set a terrible hug me my son, whose fourteen I can sometimes Benghazi, actually Ras MOM, unlike ok like I did know what I should like to schools your by now I was like- and I could tell about that movie, but it was, I think, tat, recall, which I think about how my demanding they love it invented face time it was. It's a great where we might already you're the iq, video. You could talk to somebody Amazon, article that that my favours. We took the mask anyone digital a mission, impossible there them off. It was like it did. This weird geometric thing came off. That was all sorts anger his so many goods. I find grave run for him yeah. I don't like what they re made it Oh the new one. I just watch the other day. It's dark and christian bail, just grumbles through those common Pharaoh. I was a cop,
if you're, not one that may be christian bales in another one, he please John Connor Delgado. So you know maternity, that's my favorite movie except for well now. I know say anything with you come out and you can have a little Sarah cholera generated through vibrant now get saying glasses, a simple keep, putting a pictures of man, Sir Connor, and the new there's a new one coming out with her, and she is carrying like there's should last rate the woman that's in it was is in that series that was at the early internet, I'm blinding on her name but she's in a man using. She was also that why was I I m c? Yes, yes, yes, shoot em charge student, take whatever she's amazing. She played the hacker in that and she's in the new terminator, and then she was also in a black mirror episode that everybody laughed so when they do a show like that aims to show due to you,
he's gonna call review, like the unofficial concern for all of this. No just Silicon Valley when, when might judge, started it without expiry, they came and saw me, and we talked about it and like who could day hook up with who could they bring on board? Ninety gave him some advice. They would run some Stuteley, they bunch of people. They ran stories by like that. You know, I think the one about the the horse sex one the one about the the conjoint in triangles of success, to remember that yeah and then some like. Would you know, John Parker or marked cuban talk like this, or something like that, because, obviously it characters. Are amalgam of people yeah, that's a perfect show they really nail it. Why have they gone out of their wages, completely parity? One person in that show where we may never know the person was beer. You know like at rest. Hannah was one of my favorite characters and he's like six people mashed into one like you know and then and now and then a gourd Gavin Bell.
The holy guys at an assessment is it Larry Ellison? Is it? And yet I actor is fantastic, is a great guy. You don't know who they are, but there's there's a few people that you can guess. I was convinced that the woman who plays as Suzanne Crier who played whose it as a brilliant job playing lorry bream. The entry of us. I was convinced she was playing Mr Mayer, who was the CEO of Yahoo, but she said she wasn't. She was playing a white guy, essentially white programmer guy, so at all Phil. I give shoes dumber Samir, you we would know for yeah she's, very distinct, I as a universal as issues very this. The Shi Ite thy we stutter voice was, but she wasn't, I think, they're playing amalgams of people, they bits and pieces of some of these people and then just their own thing, their own thing, but they now pretty closely with a lot of the mannerisms and some of it thanks when the other one. Sometimes I had a guy call me who made that one with Christian Slater that
with Ronnie the guy who, while Mister Rabbit Mr Robot- and he was I I forget his name, but he call me busy wanted. I thought it was a joke They call me they want to buy my erewhile book and make it into a movie, and I thought it was like Steve CASE playing a joke on media like I thought it was a fake colony. I kept screw. You turn out to be the actual director that I don't think you'll ever make an AOL movie, but you know different times when there's text what it s about the wrong. In your opinion, all these years later, they do right, I think, is really the zealous yes they're. Just early the planes are covered with the bodies of pioneers. I mean I think doing that purchase was probably the problem they that was never gonna work that it was too early. It was too arrogant. It was you know, media companies time Warner just as much do that failures. Aol did even though its painted that AOL was this group of sort of ponzi scheme people. I think,
They were right. I had we don't have those people the right now they were right on the concepts like if Time Warner race that then it would be a much better and it would have been a bigger and more powerful company. They were right about the idea that say movie we're going away and everything was moving online and that an end that you needed to marry, cable and high speed with content. The conceptually all that the bigger ideas they were right, it's the execution that was wrong. I think at the idea of modern inner internet company and media companies, combining you see Disney doing You know now again trying to do this streaming platform and, at the same time, still doing what they do well, which is make movies. I felt they had a hugely. Therefore, like fifteen months, Aol just prove just with the email and just casual
People who didn't know my wish. It wasn't a relay all. I needed a mail address. What should I do and most people gravitated AOL, for it was your online service. It was not an internet site because remember it was. It was a wild garden protocol which will guide book. Does I had my sight was on their my friend you're going to read it. I work right? U S avenue address and he was free for you and then suddenly turned around and started charging content providers. That's what they that's where they really went wrong because they were the friend of content providers, but it was internet within the internet, so is never really gonna work is the wider internet was from the way to do. It should have been the more they realize they had as many email addresses that they just opened. So the whole internet. You have a lead. You have all these account, yes and then just go. They did they Vienna and by the time they did. It was a little late. Well, they bought it. Stole from Netscape Netscape. You know they actually sell from copy serve and the one from Sears there's two of them there's copy serve they they they were there
regional ones and then came a well and then AOL was supplanted by and then Yahoo was definitely supplanted by Google and then and so on and so on. So a lot of people got to a certain point and then the next technology, which is which is great about tonight, use the young Eads, its old kind of thing, and so that's that's one of the positives. I see what's happening now, I'm slut, I'm very worried. I write a lot about these. Big companies may beings too big to fail in many ways they can't be taken down by the typical innovation cycle that happens. That kills off the previous. I just thought we weren't so there have been apple is, but it seems like we have weirder monopoly culture. I know more than with ever bodily. I mean I wrote a com this week about this in the times, which was you know, I was just say,
when's. The last time a social network started when's, less him a search engine, certain when's, the last time and add network started when's the last time, a big commerce. I started- and I listed it was a long time ago for each of them, as nap chat, was the last big social network to start in India Ruggles under facebooks cop, relentless copying of its great ideas. Right, you have there's no economy site, that's even close to Amazon. Amazon is forty, eight percent the market- and I think Walmart and Ebay or seven in four percent or Ebay, is percent want. Walmart is four percent like think of the online commerce yeah, not offline and then add add business is dominated by Facebook and Google there's no big players in the next big player. This coming up, Amazon like so it's not as if some new fresh company is Amazon beating, so their organ of all the big one. Second, the big dinosaurs and then in a search, nobody with Google? Nobody, I mean, there's ducked go, but it's one percent of the market and its a great service because it doesn't travel. You know that is
it's one percent of the market and I had the game. Leyenburg who's, the ceo, it's a great service. Does it doesnt track you? It doesn't do behavioral advertising and discontent shall advertising. So if you search for a car you get add verses them matching together all kinds of things and understanding you in a behavioral sense, which they don't need to do. Yes, I don't I don't like so much of this. Yeah, sorry, my bumming, you know I just I think, we're now we're really dangerous point. I had a friend a firmer worse for Snapchat and like a year ago in theirs when their stock really crater dear Anne, Just talk about game, I'm like are you worried, he's like yeah? Yes, that great, I think we have some stuff to figure out, but he's like there's been no platform that's launched in the nonetheless, he's out I've six seven years that has able to account it has many users we had. That still should mean something which was a very similar to our people on Twitter were saying there egg. During this fire dart spots, they were saying
Our aim here. This is a disaster, but we have all. These people are like it's really hard to do this. And really snapshots the last one I did it. I don't know. What's gonna happen, tiktok and well its internal market. Then you had in China's element as the chinese company- that's sort of invading this country being very popular there's. You know either as the floating face. App freak out last two weeks ago. Does alertness, yeah, downloading the same or ship, which is a two year old company guy? But I mean exactly what is potent gonna do with all those faces? I don't know, but the issue is that these these are out of countries where the government does have significant for once on the companies, no matter how much they say they don't. You know the chinese companies are very close. They didn't have many choices. If the government comes around the monopoly thing, though it's dangerous and seventy five different levels, but your pointing out any leg snapshot there's something good and scam just takes it yeah! Oh, oh, that's your best idea. Here's ensued.
Stories yeah, I, like Evans, being a lot, and I call I call him chief product officer, Facebook. If that's the last he's a smart guy, he comes up with you know. He's here is controversies early in that business in theirs. Definitely some execution problems going on there. You know in terms settling on the way to manage that companies should be expanded to fast yeah. But you know what he's so creative every time I talked to him. I always, unlike that's, really interesting, gives a lot of a mark, Zuckerberg sort of like the bill gates of this year. Re Ursus, Steve Jobs, gonna personally down because on the same level, but it certainly fresh ideas from Facebook or fuel. Our between, but you talk about either the great what? If what? If, if, if twitter ends up with Instagram, yeah? They classed as that whole story about that forty eight hours when he thought they had them and they things but basically steals that- and I am here it Facebook doesn't do that. I think Facebook is is,
going downhill like fast, and I guess they were they knew at they had to get his alarm. I think Facebook now has turned into a place for four people fourteen over well, you know the instrument was a critical purchase. Himself was what's that, both in the high growth- and you know the thing is seven system left Facebook had had it with which they did. The relentless attempts by Mark Zuckerberg to take advantage of that party related to integrate, to use Instagram to help Facebook grow and then the arguments on Facebook side was we major bigger than ever, but not because of the recent instagram was has been populaires. Kevin system is innovative. And does innovative these. He also steals from Snapchat, but I think that people like the Instagram experience, and so we would he was you as these acts to stand on their own like as as a quality product and then helping each other as part of the Facebook universe. But you know he laughed like. What's the what's up greater left, Facebook says a lot when
like that leap, it seems, like simplicity, has become more more involved with the stuff. I wonder: is it against a grandmother. Psychologist pictures yeah they're, not trying to shape my thoughts on anything. Now I dont use is working as you can look at pictures. Your family and slowly on, you, like you know there is demand stories. I can spend time with whoever My two minutes ago, the bronze its talk of Tuesday. Furthermore, yeah keep your site story. Yeah, of course, that was a sap invention store own. I never said I mean real, like Tik Tok, so have fourteen Euro eleven year old man and they are really into Tik Tok right now, which is basically vine right. It's yeah, guess about, are smarter Marianna via invited. My daughter, caused by two point right. That's another thing is just simple: it's fun it's happy here and I do
That's where some of this stuff's gonna go well. You know all these committees and tried to do that several times. You know periscope it there's a lot. There's vine periscope Facebook tried it there. It's been tried. It is really ensuring that this particular version Tiktok is working when it's me what happens and tackle out as some people try things and then it doesn't work in one place it suddenly work somewhere else and their legal haven't right exactly, and so you don't really understand what was that extra little thing that they put in again they good the concerns about Tik Tok are as chinese company having all this data about, especially about kids in this country and so on, There might be some pushed back to that they decide. What am I find your concerns for MAC? I know I know it's maybe like seven nice advantages, Dicta, seventy thirty and send the top hundred ok, I was at once I mean spending other time on it right while they spend their time in that incident stories, snapshots stolen Snapchat. My daughter's been telling me for a while that subjects back, because it is it
one thing they can do where the things you disappear, there's that it's like they become spies. Almost an. I read everything my kids phones, but the snapchat won't just coming out riding to tell me I knew about it, so I can get rid of it and she could be. You know, separated from our first so this one thing when she had had for her. So it's like this. Where power they ve created here, my son likes. He complains about snapshot in the wake lane about something you really like. Oh, I don't like this in that he'd they hated the redesign. Obviously that was a big missile about big misstep for them, but he still uses it all the time any so adept at it needs away. He talks is communication. It's like we chat in China, its except doesn't have all the others deftly payments and other things that we chat, I think, is one of the more perfect products in Kiev, integrating everything the partial attention thing I mean this is obviously one of the biggest problems we have right now. But on the other hand, you know if you go backwards, every generation Cotta had their own version of yes, where Illigant silent. This is gonna ruin. Yes,
it's gonna ruin. Kids, you go back to like the third is it for days and it was served by and so I do wonder if it's a little over but at the same time I have noticed, like it's really hard to get people just one on one, even with our kids like we take their phones, girls are look at their phones can't help. It is the same, but it's it's similar, but not the same. I think that's sweet, because these things have addictive quality is in you know, you are probably intentionally addictive their totally there like slot machine of attention, yet what I think of it as and so it's it's just the way. Look. We voice had fake news problems, but now it's amplified and weapon eyes. You know and its iterative in a way that is so hard to control and it's so massive. It's the same thing as these addictive elements. These phones are actually addictive and I know television is addictive, but it's not it's. It's your ears. Six foot distance from it in this case is right. Next to you, it's constantly pinging you. It's got all the elements of Islam,
the chain. All the elements of gambling at or drug use are eating, and I wanna go that far, but it's really is when you start to see how much time these changing your brain, chemical, it as a form of ginger companies, have psychologist on staff. They got sociologist Tristan. Harris has done a lot of work around this. Although he wants to talk about the holes, systemic issue, it's not just the is not just a dictionary so the fake news, it's the by reality of it. It's that negative postings attract more postings. You do. If you do, a negative posts is like rises. The click right up like a massive amount right, that's so like just Twitter, for example, is not a big company. It is not big by any stretch of the imagination but think of the impact it has with Trump using and peep, especially the media in costly addicted to twitter and what he says on its change, how we govern he, burns by Twitter, like he does says, to something to the Justice Department and then the Justice Department Guy says to a judge. I don't know what he meant he just tweeted. When I need to find out. You know like to think about that. If we do,
fantasy drafted things that we should just eliminate in the world to do better. I think Twitter might be men and age or, as I said, that many times I like it, that I love it I like it to this part of the problem with it, but I'm sure would like heroin if I keep trying to get some pointers, diminishing, Mercator estimates that, if a yes, I agree with you, I think it's really interesting faddish down what I probably twitter problem twitter, is definitely if you made the protocol unless there is some prose, but the kinds are Billig. Oh yeah, here's another get money me. Oh, here's another on yeah funny mean you're, just gonna go and I think what is done to media and the attack mentality of people and all that stuff, I think to the group, think is dangerous and, just as it creates person- I don't like it by guy. I really liked to hear different types of voices and people taking chances are not being afraid like if they write a piece pupil, gonna shit on them for today's began at the angle. Yeah I ignore I'd. I think people take to take two when it I've two sides is one: is the
The pylon thing is really irritating. The same time I'm tired of media people? Saying oh piled on oh the twitter, what don't rather apprise off yet you know I mean I don't think that's a topic. Anyone cares about the difficulties of being a media person in the Europe. Have the replies. I think the issue for me is this: somebody's in running there's a lot of young people as they are Look at you really affect salmon. I've spent this whole DEC granted the ringer trying to tell people like just ignore that shit there, like hackers, crowd. Don't let that bother you, but it does bother them
no way around it yeah, but then you'll have to fear. Then they have to man up and not do it. I just feel like its would would which it's hard to do that, but if you don't stop doing it, you're not going to do in the yawning Venus shouted down and is not getting it shut does not happen so you're gonna have to deal with it and stopping it. But it's like you know, I think, would happen. We would is interesting, especially like when you see these suicide rates go up in these depression, among especially girls, the the did the likes the whole idea of like an don't like her. How many follows that is definitely plays into what has been a problem since the beginning of time, which is my light right, but again this weapon eyes and amplifies it, and so it takes it to another level. That is hard to avoid an that's. What the problem is well and then also people trying to present the best version yeah themselves, all the time there is a realistic we have now real life goes no, no, and I think the people do really well don't do that as much, which is I, when people do
I did a whole bunch of twitter things and sometimes in Instagram like I was like urine in Samara this girl, urine bottles and people are Kara subduing as unpleasant MIKE at small reality. Today, em there's a lot of people being in bottles and they don't follow me Ray, and so at one point I was almost going to do. You know her Christmas cards are like that right get those critical Eddie for the sweater is, and here we are a skater at their lower scuba, diving in Mexico. That thing I was gonna do a Christmas card of my kids and I, like littering written recycling properly smoking cigarettes slave lake, just all the bad things like looking at phones and ignore each other. That would have been a great. You should study the ongoing issues embassies like your mom, I'm like we're doing it.
So. We get others Christmas cards, and every year we just put them in a big ball yeah and then one night, my wife and I opened a bottle of wine and not just go through all the cards for their late hours, yet should be like tell that he is the up to eight. For yes, we love making jokes about the car there, my god, how they use their picture. I saw a wrapping up second decade, there of the town first century, which is that three kids at the internet, three, yes, so how far behind this. Had I always the time when industries crack, you know that was you could describe each decade in a sentence. What would you do so nineties, two thousand two thousand tense? How would you how'd you wrap up those decades in one sentence? STAR Trek the first one like while finally gonna be STAR Trek we're going to finally be everybody, you know communicate
is everyone getting along life? He suddenly, you can see, see someone across the world and we're all the same. People was very hopeful. It was a very hopeful time, an exciting and they weren't billionaires all these people that I, when I met them, so they were much nicer. Most of them have changed quite a bit, yet I had said to thousands money, money, money, money, money, crazy, the stock market, everybody the sort of dotcom boom, everybody just obsessed with money like the stocks. It was really a disappointing. It was disappointing kind of growth to be there, the ridiculous parties. Now you know at one point I forget there is deep, oh it wine, and then I went to someone's house and they had they been rented
like Elton John there's something I was just crazy. You know in planes and if two thousand tens the reckoning reckoning the reckoning really as in the beginning, you know everyone again, Facebook was dominant then, and when Facebook I remember, they did that Third party, it was started. The seeds of disaster were then when that, for example, Facebook there was a facebook abandoned mark was at any given third who's trying to attract people to the platform. It's where the whole Cambridge analytical Thank came from. Initially, it gave third parties the ability to access Facebook data and it- and I remember thinking- that's not a good idea. What happens if these little companies like that, the lack of like privacy violations started there? I think that's
the seeds of the reckoning and now in the Tec, lash. If somebody said Facebook is evil where we do. What we need are counter beta, though, is Sunnyvale, but it's it's thoughtless. It's it's! It's a people that don't they don't even make an effort to understand com quences, to understand a conquered, makes the sky above tat they were eating. Faced with is the worst, ample over there. You know, I mean in terms of an end to its peoples the unintended consequences. I think that's not the case. I think they could have seen it easily. I think you know I did one and the inability to take responsibility for the impact of the things they do, and I think I like Mark Zuckerberg as a person and I think is lovely- is a thoughtful version, but I've had so many interviews with which he really doesn't.
Get it like that that he he's out. Your ego is like the community has to work on this. Unlike known that mean you didn't get a bill for sixty four billion dollars. Just you like you're responsible for you run the company. You control the company. You cannot be fired. You either need to step aside or you need to do your job and I think that's the unease, dignity caught and always the anomaly use unintended. They should have known that there would be a killer that would use facebook and video to broadcast to killing like they did museum. They should have known that. They should have understood that these tools they put out there without much thought, would might be abused by people just the way. What's up was in India just the way you know, even with this labour thing, I'm sort of like if you thought this out. I have used this task as I'm a big believer in the hall. Try it and see if it works on what you said. Trying thing here,
when it is not an up and you're gonna die here, but, on the other hand, all company, but when you you know the reaction to kick to me. The reaction to the initial election thing, their first reactions like we had no impact like knowing your power. I was like a covers almost a cover up. They waters of murder and somebody's mansion iron out, and I really and are now at another guy- is everywhere on at a table like what would you think people think I just recall so many conversations not just with Facebook or good all of them, where I would bring up like will that that could lead to bad things and they were sort of like Europe bomber terrorists wisher, unlike yeah, I'm like an adult like. I have a sense that maybe things could
right. If you give people unlimited power, I don't know I just I agree with you. There should be innovation, but you don't get innovation from the big people. You get immigration when their small companies and that's the problem we have is that there are too many companies. You can't go around these companies if Europe, where, at the lowest point of start up it, sort of creation it in a long long time. I think the thirty years now really we're is where the next startups coming from and how can they survive? When there's all these big companies- and there is not just one like it- was mike- I was just up and Microsoft actually last week and they used to dominate everything and then, when they didn't, everything grew up. So what what's they need to get out of the way so that new stuff can come up seems to me. That's why it's all the regulators are sort of looking at. You know their terrified of Elizabeth Warren in those proposed but it's not a bad idea to start talking about it for sure celebrate about helix years special special, unique people this summer, let's get you special
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well here, is offering up to one hundred twenty five dollars of all matter. Orders for our listeners at helix. That calm, slashed bs Did she l? I acts sleep, calm, slash bs for up to one hundred and twenty. Five off in a facebook all these places once they really started growing in a big way in competing with each other and he had a point where you have a lot of towns and people and their China come up with a good idea. That's gonna make company better and their non ruminants. I will watch our idea guaranteeing I have this idea for Facebook live right. People be able to live video and there is a great idea: what's are working on it. They put the best engineers possible on here and there and the moment of the check points of creating this idea now kind of look at each other, going hey what happens if some crazy person,
there. She noted already goes about its about their mentality. I think you know I have. This line is a lot which I say to the crowds of technology was like. Imagine. Your product is a black mere episode, then don't make it like if you can think of a really bad outcome, but they dont it does get into their jam. They like, like their computer. You now soft her soft shirt soft shoes jam, and so they don't met they live. They do live in this bubble of Haiti's at term because it so easy is an easily abusing, but they a of like, for example, twitter using only just begun. Facebook, twitter. I do believe that twitter. The reason why they took so long to get to bullying is for the people who created to never felt unsafe a day in their lives in their lives. They didn't, they didn't have lack of it was not designed by people who understood lack of safety. It wasn't,
signed by a whole lot of gay people wasn't designed by a whole lot of people of color was designed by women, all of whom are subject to that on a daily basis, and I know what you put it like. People are all victims and put upon it like that. But if you do the ditch deface times Duff and the instant videos up. I was immediately like murder, suicide, bullying, animal abuse, anything that people can people are awful when they get. You know red and even if it's just one percent of it, one percent of zillions ends is alot. Kissing Newton wrote a great piece about content. Moderate there is unfair spoke who are living in they they contract this stuff out and no, I read it about how to heads crazy messed up their master, the Airbus. Why are they contractors to face? But where do why are they work almost like they know what the blood on their ants. Well, that's because its toxic waste- and they don't want to go- up, so they handed off to the poor. People read like that to me is exactly what's going on here and they, if they were sitting in Facebook had
quarters and everyone knew what they were doing. Do you think face what would think harder about allowing you tube or any of them, they don't have to think about the dirty and the dirty is part of it and if they don't want to clean up the dirty they can't have. The other part, and then they say, oh they're, doing this they're doing dance. Videos are doing salsa. Sure! That's really great. You now tiktok the dog that AIDS is the new no faster than the then his owner, yeah funny so adorable, but their needs and moist former their kids. The dog writings aquaculture, though about every yeah, but it's just like just take responsibility for and tat the entire problem. I am amazed that they there's so well trained in explaining why they don't take responsibility, Guide Jack. They were seen that couch just came over and over again coming out different ways trying to do nicely, but just like you the one in charge of twitter, like you have all this abuse in your strategy with these on Twitter is to be like well put it on the user.
They can just like us act. They don't have to look at their pies. It's like start acceptable, ruinous Would you for years that's an acceptable solution? You fix this well, you know where we want to fix this. It's like we are hoping for. Months, we can fix s second you're in China. Right now, the fire they were well, you know, houses fire I be great if we could put your fire out to me. I'm always like where's the money who got the money they did. Why aren't they doing like? Like? I didn't get the billions. They all have so it's their job. I think it's aiding does woods interesting. I did a really interesting it's an it making. It seem like their helpless he ethic No you're not help with a large of the company now more exciting a week. He says we should all do it together and litter. Like then give up your complete can All of the community and yours Largo give up give up current. You can keep your stock, give up your control. He controls the entire company, like, if you think, that's the case. If we, then, let's be able to fire you if we need to
the hat and so with which really using. When I didn't that interview them last last year, I think people are struck by the other partners. Timeout holocaust deniers, not meaning to lie, which I don't want unpack ban right, but the part I was more disturbing. When I try to get him to take responsibility, would you feel it the people of my Anwar India that were killed because some engineer Facebook decided to make this viral and a lot of the answers and again he's a lovely guy egos. Has you know what we want to do is work on solutions, but we want it guns solution all code, and I will see you know what this is, what he thinks. It's not speech. We are concerned, scary cause, I'm an engineer, I'd about solution they. So I understand that, but you caused the problem, so I want to understand what you cried. The problem is solutions are my game. I'm climate change. I think, like an engineer MIKE will engineer you made the thing that broke and give a lot of evils,
talk about how that happened. Yeah, unlike at what they keep going, but what about solutions and the future? Let's not worry about the past like new. Let's worry about the past, we don't do it again and you can't make it so really so down values. So not reform has not been and doesn't mean they won't be, has not been reflected in any way that thing imagine they can even looking mirrors. I use that joke all the time. People laugh like their vampires, like you cannot see themselves and mirrors because they can't self reflect and a couple of them are leg in brain trust gave airborne baby. I've had some great discussions about the impact of of his business on spit on society's. You know you can have a really smart discussion with marked Benny off at sales force about that. We had a huge argument about ice in the work they are doing for the customs and border
draw its in. He acknowledges it as a problem. Tim Cook, at an apple same thing, of course, is in their benefit. You talk about privacy because they don't sell and therefore have an advertising business, but there's plenty of people who are willing to talk about it. You know such an Adela of Microsoft. The problem is all those people didn't cause most of the problems and they do, but there are sort of sucked into it. We cannot deal with different relationship with those people because you recover in them, and they were nobody, yes for sure who are you anyway? It's right. Are you the only one John Mark Office since retired, but he covered the computer world? You know he took me out. I got to the internet, he was here covered in stock, as you do basis when he had like what five employed in some half of the head of hair. Fifty a lot ahead of you heard what I said before these catchy pants with a lot of you know when they had folds in the front line of that lot of blue shirts and stuff, like that, yet a lotta here are their common qualities. With these guys but in the younger guys before they make it? Is there some sort of similar trade that that I
I really was impressed by the Google founders when I met them, Khazars they thought so or family and there'd been plenty of search engines that time people forget like areas like oh another, search engine when they were funded by finer Perkins and who is the other when Sequoia funded them and they re. They urged me to go visit them and I did visit them when they were in their girl in the garage Susan would just these garage actually and in so I I was struck by the conversation. I thought they were very inventive and interesting see you saw the and basis was the same way inventive like he had new ways of thinking about where the nerves are they some of them was anybody like one of the poorest people and high school college, or they are people who were just innovating in some dark offices. Things. Should I was concerned was a nerd. He was indeed, and he was hard to get through to gaze. Was that way to parties we met, I ll go and then oughta, who is present Facebook at the time they went through a lot of options.
The early days and Owen said, you need to come and made him a knife. I said something like I arid is an asshole and he's like no he's. Ok, you- should make em, and so I get there and and he walks into the room and he's like air. You think I'm an ass all my work, me too bright air and we, then we end up going walking around power to he likes to walk around and stuff like that, and I've always thought he was thoughtful. Simply with I lay Evan. Spiegel probably is one of the more they like talking to him. I always find something new from spam chat. You know, Red Hastings from Netflix was all right. I invited him the creator of you to Chad, Hurley and the guy who created Hulu, Jason Kyler to Sundance, and they put us in a base
meant it read. Hastings who started Netflix and that was a Netflix, was still sending out the mountain, the dvd disease, and so we were down in a basement Sundance talking about the future of media. How it's going to be streamed in this in that and little embers idea. What however, like I had the three founders they lego my eye, it was soon early was. It must have been nice to that, whatever it was super early she's an ice to do this, but they will. I remember it being in a basement and at all the celebrities upstairs and they have this sort of internet each zone, and this was I wish I had a video that panel as they were like to think that this is the way it's gonna be and most the movie, and I was like some day put your movie out and it doesn't have to be in a theater and you can stream it. There's gonna be all this stuff and and at the time they thought Netflix DVD serve as the red attic concept over. There was much bigger of where it with that was just a way station to what was happening and where he was going, and I thought he's really somethin spend your rich guys, love
what panels panels they do what he was rich. He was judges, people there. Again on those pay now kind have caring about we're going you, he probably moderator, probably more of those us than everyone else, July's rigid the time I'm getting, he arrived, decided they think about the yes, they do like panel. If you you could we could? start a panel right now we could just send out. They don't like hey Billy, care. We just want to talk about where things are going to have very rich people. He added you. They are, by their very early, sees light to be panels, our God, but you know we think, because in my ever Carter Maverick hardy, he gets on panels. He'd Fettes, that's your hair he's a real right now, for as it is probably coveted over gotta have ever heard of staying away from that one more with you he you know they are more likely to get on some of them down.
But you know, but some of them are very smart people, a people always wondering, as you know, for example, with Mark II, he sweat alot during one of our interviews. It was very famous sweating incident where he idea You sort of melted down essentially looking rather were two thousand six. He sweat some, some infernal like an audience. Instead of all things, don't you under their. So it's a big deal I'll, raise a lonely moment mark Zuckerberg history. That will allow aspect. Any literally look like was faint any. He sweat like Number Tom Cruise, a mission impossible that yeah that was Was that was about or Brooks Progress now one level sweat, but he then can didn't lose me recently. I again he's probably regrets it now that he did it. Does he kind of messed up quite a bit, but I always feel like a people is a lot of people talk to the sum of the inner is don't go well for some of the people. I interview. You know I think, of Steve jobs. A lot in that regard is he
ever had a particularly easy interview from us, but he was a smart guy who wanted debate, and so some of them are really great. They get good, really interesting discussions out of them like Susan. We just get came to code this year and I can't say she did well because she doesn't have very good story, but she showed up to discuss it, and you know it was. It was a tough interview, Peter Cough did then interview and it was a tough interview. So some people, you get a lot of other people, they do say nothing. They pontificate on bullshit. Yes, yes I mean, I'm sure you know this, but I did something. I've started, I mean people, I my pack has an interview age. That's better than I was in you. You learn pretty cool really how much work you are going to have to do in the interview. Yes, I have to carry this one hour. I knew this person's, giving me nothing and you can try to pull out anything? You can get out the innocent, people there ready right away. Other people may be ten minutes. Other people may be half hour
and then, if it somebody that's just its acronym, are you just rapid up sooner you kind of have to identify whether with what motivates them? You know, was interviewing whenever I interviewed someone I I used it. I have his thing where, when I start often reporting I was like what are people lying to me about. That was always my criteria and then I realized quickly. It's what, if you've aligned themselves about and one thing: what do they need to get through about themselves to the need to show their the smartest person ever Do they need to show that the nice guy do they need what motivates them to answer, and it some people have interviewed if you make them angry, they gave give great answers couple people and magazine exactly who they are better you you get challenge a challenge merely quickly like sometimes also something really awful like they'll say something- and I, like, I don't believe a word you're saying, like actual will say that the matter of you but in like what I go, I think you're lying. I just that's me maybe I'm wrong, but I really don't believe in another
someone. I wouldn't do that. I would just circle around ono now. How did I think I just I don't want to bother and then another thing I often do is safe That was a lot of words, none of all strung together, none of which makes sense. Like that's just that's a talking point. Can you stop doing that and one of the great things about these long interviews people can't avoided after a while. They have to give up the talking points, Bessie. I don't use notes and either you're gonna, where somebody down yes, exact if they're just talking at some point, even somebody like when Jack Dorothy and we both yes he's tat. He was clearly do in that. The Torah right in here he had his people can do and how to enhance, won't open. He had his is talking points rate I think you're gonna be out. Let me just here is whether he was clearly had practice our aid. They asked this than the sole I'm gonna go here and you can get. As you can wear those people that eventually tough these a tough. These tough he's have we
can a light, and I felt like by the end of it he's a nice guy. It bothered me He wouldn't take accountability, but ass a really appreciated that he spent so much time and really like thought about. Questions? No, he super thoughtful neighbours. We did one, he would only cause he and I go around after round and I think he would be peaceful, so it doesn't doesn't like annoying. Kara was you're asking questions again a terminator to write exactly like. So he would he did what he did ass. He said: ok, I'll, do interviews you on Twitter, which was like a goat rodeo. I mean really it was like, wrangling gods, whatever out if we want to use, but so we, going back. More than all I did was show how bad the twitter conversation was. Yet I'd ask my question: It answer any couldn't run the thread and then, bore wing in and then it was, it was a disaster, but I'm, but we we strung together the answers. Finally,
made coaches always going here, and it was astonishing how much it was clear that twitter is not a place for conversation, which I think maybe was his point by now, but I mean I ran away. It could be if they of course, thought about some stuff for men. There is some stuff that was going on in the late mid May two thousand with yeah. I remember too, in a bunch vote for me as panted semantic technology was almost there to come up with the ability, Sometimes China do day you dear instrument, storage, is get questions from, pin down an answer that, yes, they are nobody's ever really OECD, Aeroscope, so spears cave on back for he's, a very sharp eye from two nobody's ever figured out the perfect I am dozens of for next fifteen minutes I'll, be answering questions and then you can easily get them screenwriter, AMA. Actually robot has hyping on targeted sniping. Ok, I can get you right. It's me. It's right in the pretty name is probably the closest they put the worst
down and the best ones progress. I think that's the smartest when an I actually just did a great interview, a steep Hoffman who's. The ceo and fat will co founder with Alexis. So Hanan of read it and we did a great interview just recently in our view- and one of these I really appreciate him now read, it was those are ground. Zero shitty site would sit on your lap and something that and they ve done a ton of work and there are small company of trying to clean it up and take responsibility for it, and I was really heartened to do an interview with him because before they were like free speakers, except they don't even know what free spirit we understand. The first it's a fund policy ray we're there, like whatever
man? It's a free space. You say, but it is definitely zubaydah alive. The first amendment I said Congress shall make no law, not twitter. Twitter can make any law once I was like. Would you like to know what the second amendments actually says, or would you like just make it up as you, and I think one of the things that was appreciative of them is that there are thinking about it and what is toxic and what is wrong? They just they just quarantine, Donald, which is the Donald all things on, Trump takes it because of moderators. What they do is they rely on the moderators to make the rules, and he see his ideas correct- is that all these communities will make their rules right and our job is to police. The moderator batteries aren't doing their job. Then we start to make a makes it totally scales in that way. Is you have these communities that care about conversation so in the Donald, the moderators are not they're letting violent stuffs continue, and so they quarantine them and at the end I said: what are they gonna get off quarantine like? Are they gonna get back?
like non according moves, you down and put Joe and people will find trumps if you wanna go to terms of, but it he was like. You know what, if, if the the recent send her back physical rally is any indication no they're gonna be banned, like that was really something. So he was like setting rules like you get to say, send her back. You don't get to do this, go somewhere else. If you want to do those go to whatever gap or whatever site you want to do, but not here, and so that to me was. I was really heartened for a smaller company to be able to say that, Facebook saying we do not. Are you know? We can't do it with our millions of billions of dollars and hundreds of engine. I really hate Facebook do you really do. I think they're just for shit. And any is their currency Libra keep saying I would get rid of it if it if they didn't owner Instagram, I value behead, amazingly waltz, maybe it will be spent on. I will say: what's so it off cycle
I guess they might be for someone who should they did, especially during the election and pretending. They know is going on for months and then kind of like realising some point they had to acknowledge that they knew what was going on, but then just plain dumb was some people think their business model is just it will always go to. That is so advertising based that it has to do the things it does and therefore the whole business model, screwed, or that there had been trapped to an algorithm in the same way right and their their spending. This time trying to link that yeah Bible Youtube. You look, then I mean. Charley was read now those pieces about the air, the pedophilia stuff and You hit this video and that also nailed or have just all the time on any doubt way of reducing NEO Nazis. Really ethically mackerel is some great and which really interesting is that it is hard to fighting. But one of the things I think about spin
in everyone's, like? Oh, you dont want to break a mob government, unlike breakups work, by the way that work with eighty anti it works and other things, but wouldn't you think if you or you will just create three big Google's as they will win shooting one of them would start to think. I'm gonna have a totally safe search service, which is only contextual advertising to differentiate myself in the market. Wouldn't you say you two percent they go. You know one we're gonna devil down on safety safety, which is really what it's all about this new talking about safety of rival and if you have more competition, you'll think of things to do to differentiate yourself from the market right. You knocker, if you're a big company you're, just not going to do it, you don't need to was how do we explain Disney Disney because now Disney with Confidence- and it is a question- does these the most Our focus on company, probably about time now, he's really hit. None also, and everybody who talks about where's content going into the big bad rosetta, come in its basically positioned as Disney verse, every
yeah. It's that Netflix spurs obeys Disney Iversen Biotic, as when it launched, isn't in place. It's gonna, be a beast, will see they pay failure in every single interactive effort they made since the big I've, come more than that about the european phone. What they have been used to remember- and I got now they ve got a lotta swings of MRS Berger. They remain Can anyone labourers everyone info? Seek you don't like their great on content. You have not been not so great on platform, so I'm just gonna wait and secrecy. Every one of them was the one thing they ve got another on is there, the assembled a library of Ip Ip dad
eight movie making their great a tv show say, have a wholesome sons, library now right, but they don't have a lot of things from Fox, yet without gravel perform well, we'll see, I'm thinking just never been successful. I just don't assume that summons giving good at one things that mean like I'm, not good it. I dont know spore whatever knowing about sports and I'm good at tack like I just don't think he necessarily translate that they're going to be good at this. They ve been everything they ve done in the internet. Space has been pretty see, I would say a sea, possibly enough, like Myspace COM was redesign, seven I've ever every single thing they ve done has been like noodle egos way back, see I've been there. Fraud Michael eyes are handled azalea they bought it. See they do the boisterous Vieira DE I ass, that was what he is kinda continent. The air was his own gotta. Remember that guy the gas sector a weird name anyway, and then they are that data big they had one of their engineers was arrested for
for picking up a young girl Santa Monica easier. That was a story that was, as that was one of the four thousands or, as I wrote for the Wall Street Journal, but they had. They had a disastrous attempt to be assert service. They had Disney information services, they had Disney DVD. I think Disney internet dig dig, didn't dizzy internet group like they're, so many efforts they did cds for a while. You know it they haven't had a successful. Ability to create a digital platform, so that would be the case for networks where Netflix has achieved aid rates of this intelligence, Yes, I'm really, but I use them. They have unbelievable infrastructure digitally and there are probably like great These things they re able to give us family Amazon, hasn't done badly in the content space.
Graham Watson address bad actual shows rabies, commanded them where they could be late for the first efforts, not so bad ass anyway, you just can't they look to any look. Rupert Murdoch had something I'm totally blinking as it was the nineties Anthea Disney was involved, there was a whole was a call them human There was a recent Rupert Murdoch thing. It was gonna change, the they're gonna be AOL and then that fail like every media come no. Media company has been particularly good at Digital if everybody thinks there's the networks in Amazon or are going to carve up content, Togo is in there now and so is apple. So dubious gap can meet your buddy but apparently thinks it's gonna, be these three or four or five people controlling of the content we watch and consume and listen to what we get out a monopoly which has a different than before. Didn't we have five or six company
did we may we have now you got Comcast in there would then be see. You ve got eighteen teeth like where Thou Rywhere random mention dead, the angle thankee. We have, to be oh max, coming right, exactly will again look HBO of wonderful content service, but I can't you cannot say that their digital efforts have been stellar. My concern with the agency thing is: ultimately their phone company and they care about data, an entire people. They use their phone source as far as content helps them. More people using their fast. By do they actually care about tat? I laugh on ice. When I say I called Richard Blubber my delight working for the phone company Richard S like fuck centrally, you know another incredibly creative content executive. What an amazing guy- and I met him when he was a pr guy for HBO. He, Jeff. He was like the greatest Pierre, their eyes. He was great
He was a word firm for a couple years. He was a gray. I love him by really awesome leader, but in a greater contact, greater content, and so why would he want to stay catty retain talent in that case and I'm sure you'll be very cordial about it, but you know I saw him right before he left and I said how many weeks you quitting and like you just no way creative people, Why are to be part and will see what they do? Maybe they'll do a great job now, believing Casey Boys, I think, is actually really get. Who is at least he's the guy who basically place Richard focused guys vacant and I'm using how? How do you say to people Mary with you know the g. Receiving didn't work that, while some of you know the Comcast embassy thing is working and your they have an investment in box. But that's worked pretty well, you don't you know, you don't see a lot of them, move they let the embassy people run it for better or worse and they don't legs. They don't seem to be too to do this intermarriage of things as much and eighteen. Do you hear a lot more of that synergy stuff that you heard from Verizon
bought a while, and I was like now we're gonna do this might show. B, but how we remember the two thousand twenties? I don't what you will now be highly dangerous and here's that I'm just a couple things. I think we're focused salon social media and content, because you- and I are interested in that- obviously- but I think some of this, if I'm thinking about more, is a couple things very feet. The next trillion error is going to be the person who sells climate change and food problems like food. They not just gone made is like a great is the stock is a crazy point at this point, because it's in the earth they just don't make enough money for the valuation they have. It's just Korea is out of whack, but it points the idea of what it who's gonna, be the innovator in into food tech like Agri Tech Ag Tech, and things like that
Think those are there some really interesting stuff coming out in that area and a leg for lunch. I could just had this premium pack, I don't know you did and three by its and then mightily headed for success, not that created by dont, know where I can send it to after everybody can eat whatever that's a brilliant near. The second thing is: is climate change like who's gonna? He other summoned build Europe. So there's no climate change, let's right bomblets just remove unless they Sinclair, we discuss trump at all. In the summer, that's what he said: ok, whatever as in any case you have, I ever seen wasn't a good friend of his but has provided what has emerged as the shoreline creeps closer vs arriving about him in every ban, as process can be gone. I'm here I'm going this process can be They're all gonna be like I sit here, summarily visibly gone, This'Ll be governed Tuckett, although others, I would have thought, oh, my god we're it. When I saw from the air, unlike totally gone. Those beautiful house full of like gorgeous houses, they
changes and have totally it's funny way. Eurobonds with climate change technology, I think, would be like you see investments and bill gates, Little bits of dabbling run, it is on musk has some, but not that many tat people are fully engaged on that tub. Ending that's a really interesting ways to make money someday the like really be that person, and then they this asian thing. I, even though I make fun of a lot of the food, the weird intermittent fasting and stuff, like that they're all doing the idea of of I've met with a lot of venture capital seriously. Talking about this idea of health having at having when we get old, we have to be sick. That is not necessarily the case. Can you live to us a certain age and and the ever its helps called health span rather than Lifespan House man like one Tony? Yes, yeah, it's really interesting, and so it's not everyone's like. Oh, that's, crazy in its narcissistic, and it is for a lot of these. Ten people are investing in this
totally narcissistic they wanna like perfect or bodies perfect their things in any part of me. You know I, you know, I love the weak broke out in a way you five quotes about death every day. You know. Sometimes, when the aside its great, I did a whole package, wonderful makes you happy or when you realise that this coming to us, oh yeah, totally just you'll see, sell sitting up this call weak rockets gray. It's really great, you can live close by death and if you think about leg is buddhist, I'm not a boat is, but it's like, if you think about, like Steve Jobs, talked about that in one of his speeches at Samara. The famous speech, the death was the thing that made a most creative because he knew he was going to die and therefore he was grid anyway. I'm not gonna go into my death called We should have something. But what's really interesting, is that these? What is how can you live a healthy life? Why do we have to go the hospital eyes like everyone ends up in the friggin ass, but a leg rotting away like? Why can't we live
a healthy life closer to the end, and there are ways to start to figure that out- and I think that is interesting away from sort of this narcissistic. I'm gonna do these weird things: it's that are coming out of Silicon Valley right now, the interment fasting, the soil and stuff. It's I'm fine with them being narcissistic as I'm hoping and lead to some really interesting things, health investments, because their terrified of dying all these people and now they're, not yes, all nurses and brain and brain and and an end to hack, is body hacking like essentially hacking. Your brain I came by and instead of just dismissing it, as I, my first instinct is to do, is to think why. Why put it out simply with space travel at first, I'm, like oh Jeff Bases and Isla Moscow, to competing to be
You know it's just whatever their doing there, but it's the same assigned, decorous exactly and so day. So I'm, but there is some really fascinating to think about space travel like why not you dont want to be that person says that's ridiculous, because it's the same thing with aging, it's just its take away from all the bullshit around. It is actually to me, I most interested in that concept of of how you make a healthier world, and it's completely within possibly use tat to do so with cigarettes dogma, Google VI does it feel like most foam and just what made with US man between bag coverage, paying too much for data ever actually use crazy roaming charges come on Google via a bomb hi Google made with features that people like you and I actually want features like free international roaming see never have to worry about kind, your provider to. Let them know be travelling hate that three, it works in one. You can stay connect through everyone from home here as ever and between Google five.
Works on your favourites, bar fancier have to switch phones, justice which plants. Another thing I hate, in fact it's as easy as just download in the EP, the data is present bill protection, do- use a ladder daddy. Your bill is cap that a reasonable amount learn more at EF. I die go back home. That is a fight that Google. That comes still, Google, by a phone plan by Google the Bacchus. Can you walk me through the alternate universe where Massachusetts in the late nineties becomes what Silicon Valley became? Will not that would not have happened? Come on now now outside chance, and no one now, never nothing. No! fascinating is made from here? Maybe your feet, innovation and there's a geo there. There is a way innovation dies and their signs that the signs of an innovative society is tolerance, openness
immigration there's all these every society that's been innovate over the course of history all have the same hallmarks of how they got that Bay, Rome. You know it jumped in a balanced and Rio all kinds of places. They are the same elements again. It's taught emigrate integration, diversity, tolerance, fit risk of high towers of of risk and failure is doesn't seller Massachusetts, it doesn't sound, they must use every abides by the gossip. The manager at its own by love? But the same thing has happened then, and then the ways these innovative societies fail are all the same. You now a bubble thinking too much wealth, intolerance, lack of ability to see you know see anything outside your circle and an end to much self referential and lack of diversity is always the same thing: lack of diverse thinking, black, a diversity of people in thought, and so you think about this country that weighing you're like weird, whereas that happening
Of course were like locked into this ridiculous death in a grip on immigration, arguing that whether immigration is good is astonishing, its astonishing liquor worse, it is every major internet person as an immigrant like a lot of them. A lot of the top people check. It forget as a number that so high you have such an Adela from India, Sergei Marin, from Russia to the former Soviet Union. Isla. Must South Africa, even sneaking in getting down to lower levels. It's all immigrants and- and you can talk about- scaled armor is a lot of those people came from poor backgrounds, and you know you, don't you don't know where the great innovator is going to come from whether it's a kid coming across the Rio Grande? It could be Girl come across the Rio Grande. Has the figure it out climate change if we look at the NBA Right examiners
foreign stars than ever before and it's gonna keep goin up, but this is what this country's aren't. You married, meanwhile, are not investing in science, rotten betting intact, we're not investing in it. You know I mean, while China, which I'm sorry, we don't want them to run the next internet age, I'm very soon. A bad. You know it's a homogeneous society, which is a surveillance state with which government control they are killing it going across the globe. Getting Quit internet help digital help. Buying all the mining rights to everything their doom that their smart like that, and so here we are. Literally arguing over the most inane staff that is gonna like not lead us to innovate and create new small companies and create new sweltering away, when we could go backwards, three years. I read something somebody rare and then argue about whether whether they should be For now it's all the hallmarks of a society that would be to me. We can bring it back, we can
we work as one of the things that we are going for us is, is the ability to create competition, and so that's why some of this stuff that some of these seminars, you're saying you can call them? Communism is not there. Actually capitalists caught competition is always better for the four for business is always better for the body par tickets always better? It's the! Even if it's you no kind of messy competition and the only way start ups are gonna happen is, if we remove the barriers to the creation we bring em too, we bring them to a higher educate, all kinds of things go into it, but certainly not mean immigration. To me, as the big is just such a obvious. Why do people think you're mean? Where are the queen? A man I'm not the queen of Madame figure? May Madonna Helms lay your very pleasant, I'm very pleasant, no see you married. I am, I know, a guy you're, more feisty feisty. No, I think later than I need to face the ears and love. Did you notice that feared and loved then Mark Mark Andreasen who
the fear that what the urban hanging out about their stay. I think I'm, like an importer, I'm a good. I think I have all the rug out from under somebody who's up to now get well I think it is obvious. Has your good reporter? Yes, that's the yes! One on its fear is that I haven't done as much do columns now much more so than in the US, but believing going, formation. Yes, I think I'm good at getting information. I think that's like certain things. I've done over the years like you know, when when em, when I was writing about Yahoo. As I know, this is a fact en masse and I kept saying it and here's one and I can make environment, and then it was a volume ass, unlike ruin in Silicon Valley doesn't want it like admit that that was the case or think what I do is I go. They look at something like no, not that they are all birds, Travis Kallenbach. I had a real problem with him as ceo and yeah? I was like he's not going to at one point. I was intruding someone and I think a lot of reporters try to be more circumspect in in terms of what they're doing, and I know STAR
somebody over and they were like, while you're really hot on Travis, I said, he's not gonna, be ceo. We can't be the public company ceo. And they're like well. You know and I've liked you must realize this is not happening. Like I'm sorry, I don't know how it's going to end, but I know how it's going to. I know it's going to end. I just don't like any he is a mess. Oh yeah, yeah, You know just by doing so. I think what they fear Is that I'm really good at getting information out of people and getting people to say things out of the truth. I think that's, I don't think. That's fearing. I think it's just I just say no to a like. No, that's not. How do you feel anxious been I voted against by yes, you, your nephew power line. Kenya, when he that here here I told him don't get a car yeah. My mind, my favorite thing, so this whole time I feel like I'm out I had my nephew, we're all in those out how I just saw the car. I read this car literally. I read this college is a good example. Is whether you believe me, I'm sorry, I'm not gonna have a car, I'm never going on
Are there nobody's gonna car someday to say you know, you're, never gonna have another autonomy, qarqar demanded learning, let's kill her, no don't rounded arctic bit. Lake age is making progress just like they gained strategizing like yours, steers strategy thing that I'm thinking up like this is where it can lead than this is gonna. Happen is gonna happen what of it came as I wanted to be a CIA analysts like, and so I would have stayed scenario building, which is I love to do. Unlike this could happen in the next and then this could happen like that kind of stuff in, and so I thought I'm not gonna actually why do we own any practically so many things we own? Why do we have to own them like? Why do we own clothes? Why don't we went clothes like there's, there's a lot of millennials now using rent the runway four notches down, if you're, not a lady, but but but this is, why do I own a business suit? I wear it once like what Why can I rented and then send it back? People do taxes. Women is lacking. Everything be like that, it's just so anyway. So I started as I wrote this car peace and I said,
nothing only karma. If I didn't say I was going to drive a car, I didn't say: I'm not gonna use cars and look at each car to go or car sharing, or would I get a ride from some one? I just I don't. I don't think most people own Carson and therefore you won't need insurance and therefore you don't need parking garages and therefore you need you, and I was like looking at car, getting broken into SIRI inner rates through the economy, economy, action and then I was like this is how it oh what's gonna happen. The mechanics and just like thinking when cars came while these horses, long for this world. Maybe we shouldn't be in the blacksmith business. Maybe we shouldn't be, you know, it's just think so read this peace and got a zillion like a lot of people. I e g, I agree with you and then live Midwest like I want my car, you dont have to drive long distances visit and I dont think in the short term. That's today, you're gonna need a car, but some day is going to be like owning a worse for most people as most people, I'm sorry people from the MID West or in rural areas. Most people live in big megacities. That is the demographic trend of all time.
So most people will not own a car. I didn't say you couldn't: have your pickup truck? Have your pickup truck enjoy it? right it around do whatever you want, but for the vast majority of people only car makes no sense. It makes no sense for young people now they're costly there there's of climate change issues, there's all kinds of stuff. All I'm saying is I'm just saying, I'm not telling you I'm not telling you how we're going to get there. I'm just saying that's where it's going to end up, I don't know how it's going: haven't it's gonna take twenty years or tat ever how long it takes the inevitable. Would I tried look at him habitable trend. Lines will lead here if you make certain determination, Mvoo of flying cars like that We are getting very pages working on their. Do you know that camera that is working on it and what I would like the word Hanford decades is something called son hover boarded. So it's o kitty high
looking around with that no they're doing over whether doing over there like you, I can see it am I absolutely the one thing I am against is the self driving cars, because, while in this world, where everything can get hacked at all times, sad composite about oh unabated self driving car was really gonna. Do that? Would you about that way. For what reason wouldn't everything's been hacked? Yes, but so what day, there's a new thing in another hacking, a wild and affects it that that's the small, don't fix it after wrapped around a tough well. Maybe you may not driver dreamily thing that was so you'll love it when humans or on the street I'm so now there saying. Oh, I would you try slipped away like a demolition butterby when something goes wrong in an autonomous vehicle, a million other cars. Learn that mistake when something goes wrong with me in a car. I learn and maybe not like. I might do it six times again and so the idea that that people are better than then it with everybody uses autonomous cars they'll be great if their humor
additives cars that can be an ugly that our sons or somebody, the robber will you'll be dead by the time it. Obviously we need to take home. Amateur lived hormonal me. I love you. Do that's never knew that you do that stuff, which were silent, Nomad, Minerva Mass on their due to intimate fasting. Now I sit down with so many stupid internet people talk to me about it. They started dinner at dinner and, unlike here, have a role carbs or grey like they make. You feel better due to torture, torture them I'm not just guessing running butter. Add as a matter of butter. The last days it seeing it. As you know, if you don't need our day, your brain weirdly does work better at a wooden advisable. Are they gonna butter and coffee? And unlike stop at that? Well, that's. I now put the cocoanut knelt there In my like? I know that only like I never like, not milk. So it's fine. What are you plan further, as the into doesn't twenty before we go much stuff from doing a lot of entities with presidential candidates? I did peat bog edge idea. I did Andrea
hang of Energy Kamel Harrison Elizabeth Warmonger? Do them again? Do another interview with him again some and try to get to all the presidential candidate are left I want to do Marian Williamson, because I think she's kind, As a crash, I tell top really look at his flyer thing that is an authority known as open. I know that is what she was on. My way lay my god. Last night it was like a possible but also a little trinity, reeling era, that's fine whatever! In any case, she say crazy. There were a bang and try to get too to allow them, like I put in her Yang on because I was like he's. Not crazy. He's actually got some fastening ideas around you be. I studying gangs. Tough. I know their terrible Gallagher guerrilla has started a library. He can't help come on like the fact that we, like the NBA, EDA hashtag ideas, even if he's gonna, dont name again after so I did Amy Clover char. Did you I'm trying to get to all my like blue bony invite, and that would be good.
Try. I'd be really should be here, but I still our long by than pack. I don't think you can do it now. You do I let my entire for two minutes. You know when I contacted them and their like that's a real possibility. I'm like, oh ok, He was deafening. I carry our Kelly, they're in the area I like Uncle Joe. I like he's, The problem is he's uncle Joe Uncle John is and you seem that stage I Corey Booker a couple times less daily Andalusia, take it down where he was as somebody who is a kind of ready to grow, it dropped the gloves, Z and then he realizes like this guy's. Seventy eight billion can barely can remember my name ban. I know now, I'm not I like I like can come here. I got a bad night like Elizabeth, warlike letter, which he says Someone tried to view all the presidential candidates, I'm starting this unscriptural tour. We're like that. I wrote Jana. Thank you jumped junior my own. No, please is evolving
all the way. Let's try, the Volga. Are you the best of excellent, dumb and dumber? Aren't gonna be like seriously, and actually that's an insult, the diamond dumber and I'm gonna. Let me do the pivot Podcast Scott Galloway, he's out, which is great. It's a business anew supper, providing more live ones of those, as are great, and what else? I'm having a baby in November, not me, as you can see, exams felt like this site, my There are four and is pregnant and not a matter of third child, I'm quite old. I have teenagers fourteen and seventeen two boys and and we're having a girl. It's great. I'm excited for that sets a big deal. I guess, that's been two conferences right, yes and you conferences. We do the career, the code media, create those who say did you sent it I'm into do create. Concept jeopardize areas do that before now that will people did conferences listen. You hurry the idea of bringing these be Henriette in setting again. Yes, yes, what is it? S been ripped offsets its total?
by everybody. Here are some it's pretty good. Do this a lot of bad ones that there's a couple good morning? That's not! I bet that's not gonna go. It was great and Carter really push that will see round. The new editor continues to do sixteen year sixteen year. Seventy seven sixteen seventy years. So what happened was wall must bring an. I almost ruse the greatest checkerberry raw time and I created all things. You were the Wall Street Journal and we saw a lot of conferences that were that the the sponsors paid to be on stage. They were panels, like you, know the endless fuckin panels and they were boring there, wilfully boring and so we said workin it everyone's gonna. You know he had like ten per and then one headliner, we're like all headliners only headline there is not one person that couldn't headline conference and so and they were both mostly single interviews. You been on stage at them, so it's just one single part of the genius of the concept. Is it good for the people to go not exactly
you're, saying all this money on town she write ragged zags, actually just a smart for them to do it right is: are you have others town? Nobody will be able to assemble normally know exactly. Then we are you happy. We started off doing like Bill and Steve with that was they were the most important people and save it never gone to suffer. That was a critically important thing in the early days and we had the last interview for he died. It was an amazing energy business and we also be sort of perfected. This idea of real talk like not not these interviews. And it was only Walton. I who did the inner ear, and so you didn't have ninety people doing. Some are good. Some are bad and then and then That was it that was, it was a very simple concept, a sort of cupid you keep. It short on the numbers? Two? Yes, like an mba, as is tech summit. That's really awesome on paper they shut, but they have a gay people on stage and is just young people taking turns talking. We don't do panels, babies.
You need that it is. We interact like we had Natasha Leon from russian Doll and City Hall and whose programming had it at Netflix. That was great cause. He needed the programming tat person and her who is the create shouldn't, be more than four people. Oh shit, we wanted to hear when you find max no, no through the worst, I hate long, big everybody, just keeps adding people know this and silence by the way would like studio shows were now to be five people on a shelf killers achieve remit is to talk. No, it's too. That's. Why had going? Unlike you know, you know those big cable, like you know, right: where's bullshit, Yad Slaying, sometimes they commonly like we're gonna go online. Well good luck. You now say interesting or even It's already reductive and twitchy. How can you like the other day, was watching one after the other, unlike whose fucking. What did they say? Wooden leg just have one. Person on whose smart, to give me the information and then have another person. I studied your conference thing in like two thousand. Third,
in reality, because I wanted to do. I wanted to spend duenna. We came up with this whole awesome idea, for it as the modified as I live. So you that people get she gets. We could do sports Carnegie of top country version of this, and we this way, it's ESPN like we would lose your audience religious kill, but who's your audience for that. But if you get athletes, people are coming today. I think you have to think hard, but my mind was put in a way because I was like there's really nothing and allay here and if you did it near the collection of you know, Holly people and athletes and each had a figure out there a week. I just wondered leader him platform. You gave me the problems faced by, would you really want? Is everyone comes if we think about everything when we did it it people think I was just coming like that's. Why I've read his failed at our concept cons. They often failed more than or failures of copies of us. Why? I had a specific angle- and I want to say: ok Thelma, you might do it. You should here's what you should think about literally idea. I did think by that, though it ate it can
be hey. Here's some people rattling there has to be a reason there. I there's the audience what it was sponsors getting. You have to think about all your constituents, the audience that the content itself should be important producer of his wares, where, where you're going, and here are the people our internal and external ism is at the beginning of it. It was not. There were no business deal executives in the room when we created it. I can tell you that and cause they never do a good job, and I urge in bank of his men that only does they say on ever as well as dollar signs. I guess so I don't, but he does not mean saves away one I shot out those by Ojo Anthonio. Yes, I got to say you know what I've got a lotta job offers. I loves working it vocs media because he leaves the fact allowed Jerry's greatest reality would be one of the only well liked media exert he's great he's like ok. It's too has he doesn't like I How do you know how valuable that is like they don't want people tell me how to do a conference. I know how to do it like. I had some Who is one unhomelike? Will here's how I look like? I don't give a fuck you think of it. I read you have no,
formation. I've done sixteen years and I'm pretty sure I keep up on Trans, like I try to do that. What what's important about commerce is to me said people desire analogue experiences and networking and in a good way where they have really great content combined like want my picked out the cookies at every event, we all the food we test. We look at all the hotel rooms. We look at place foregoing. We spend an enormous amount of time. Unlike I don't know the food trucks which food trucks. What are they going to serve as a we spend much more time than you think on it? swag. For years, I picked out every bag because we want we did. Was I picked out a beautiful bag? Is I known nothing rich people like nothing more than free shit, so I needed unity. Fish and like one more thing than free shit. What a free sleep list!
I had a pilot you guys make like the best one. We do have to remember that our president has one in his office right now. It's the best hardline sire really try out fifty. They are that's. Why did that for years by myself? That's a rich guy, uniform, yes exactly, but now we ve moved to other jackets ever the one they really like. Anyway, we about it. Like all your long, I have. I have a top o bag. Now I love the top o bags and have you seen him, but I look I will look. We were to me way for not to me with the one in San Francisco. We you just try everything out of those drink. Those drink. Jug thing is that the Yankee Beer yeah you though he had Marin's early early, but then we move on. Something else now really interesting, but one of the things you know what we are and we also get the sponsors to get things and it was to get the people who come to give things like one year we had Bobby Code, it come and I said you can go away and you want to the to the citizens the attendees. As long as I approve if it's a shitty thing someone's like beer, cosy aims like fuck. You know because it feels like
another battery courage to break with no battery chargers. Thank you very much. No like stupid. Things like they have to be creative in including sponsors putting up creative stuff like caught Comcast did it and they put up, they made everyone that has little tiny statues of themselves. People loved it like 3D, a 3d statue of themselves. People love to do everything we've put in front of them has to be something: that's really cool and interesting that they would want nuts to books they want to take home and one in the they gave oaks happy to be able to carry the thought came once in their like war, or we can want to give away like something- and I was like no bring your vans that take photos and bring your most beautiful, photographers Anne and they had a camera that two gorgeous portraits of people. But he wants a portrait. One year we had everyone doing dot, draw dot. You know we liked it. That's a cunning. You have to think about. If you're doing everything like few doing I'd be happy to do,
Where have you been similar, creative because its experience and stuff and then what happens? Is people copy you which they did with us like WS, J D, while where they without idea like you know, and they do a shitty job of it. So it's fine laws where the face it This is really starting to come. Am I like this one point you know I was someone did I mean college and as Rapporteur in college, and they they stole my ideas like they kept stealing my ideas. I was, irritating and finding out. I said you know what go ahead. Take it because I've got a thing and ideas, and you don't have one fucking idea in your head, so go I got a million of whom you know that. This cycle is worn in her plan is like pink one she's got one too whatever solution you, NATO, as it warns, got a fifty part series of plans. She doesn't. She should just give me Y here here here in know: people
take one of my plan to abide in buyers. I'm here you go Biden, here's how we're gonna start curly using resolved climate change. Here you go. I got a nine hundred page page report on the situation with twenty six action that, MR, since I just don't worry about it, and what we try to do like with like podcast is a good example. This is this. Is it Jim Bank story? I wanted you podcast it that there are very interesting five years ago, five or six years ago. If it were our four hundred episode, we did Megan repeal for this time Rico. Decode thing I still wanted to started, and I was John started? Punch ass, his eye, ok, like that. That was exactly the approval of the whole. Thank you and I found it in turn and we just started doing it and one of the things a couple people once they start to get involved like the advertising people there like, people who want an hour long podcast. Unlike back you. Yes, they do substance, substance, substance, writer,
Absurd I've had this package for twelve years, and I know you are way outlay, but they ve always been allow us really talking about. I know they were like new people, less pay, an actual they. My way is being used to tell me that a man's that they seem pack has doing great but keep at it like twenty minutes, so I was like the next one was like an hour to decipher diagonally, doubtlessly everybody so that what is good about you didn't like we just did it and we were wet way ahead of it of it before other people were. Oh, like everyone's doing them around like what else we can it with the next thing we're gonna do, and so I dont ever worry about people catching up with me. Are you they don't because you're entrepreneurial this way to you like I'll. Just do some mouse like you were upset you spin, and then you just left And you didn't like I'm doing it, I'm fine by myself, I'm go with them,
like them. I moved along, and so you have them that mentality. Now in media anything you do that like go ahead, steal my stuff I got, I got, I got it like a newer and you dont want to keep doing the same stuff. I'm guessing we like to keep trying stuff and try to add to what you're doing and then, when it fails, what do you care re move on to the next thing? Might idler my wife is filled the supper had things I felt I liked it eight from, you like TAT, you have, I think he s got a thing I was like. It's almost like owes a summit into media things like those elements aimed at like your fine, as I feel sorry for yes, Piana, actually, that's who actually feel bad and that trade, because Don't have you don't need that I look at it now. It was fourteen years. One has a really long time. That's like longer than I'm crews in the pocket of his bare then each other one. Did he married over their Katy House again harm's way longer than I do? You know who that is true. His message: good relations and a lot of marriage, and yet it has Mimi. He married me. Oh that's right!
I was an early one way. Early here will have another ice. Late in the day and bring about a mile in Antarctica. I am too, I hate that going to trailer. As I was saying, I am so via that you like to go together, because I am so people like. I can't believe you wanna go see that I'm like how low are you kid we did an emergency ray. What we did this back ask other we watch was worried. We basically diving popular movies asian, a million times that have contracts we did our emergency tat. Anyone know Achelous Hannah was of said one of the most popular ones. We ve daddy people, love tat. People like Tom Cruise feel the need to be very. Oh, my god. It's such a good movie. This is fine, now I think I'm a nurse. Ok, yes, you aren't you're coming on my pilot, something great adieu. Remember it s about sports, tango, totally! Well I'll talk about whatever. Ok. What do we talk about them? you haven't told me about sports, some, the only lesbian America who doesn't know anything about or the repeal nothing was good for. You guess, but we interact soccer, because I wouldn't let it alone. Can we allow bet, I just I really,
I met him, did an awesome job of playing. A card in a way that was hidden you of the head were there, but that is kind of having fun with it. That's right, my that she was awesome. She was. We knew what I love about her and I think it's important and light. Is she takes over space yeah? There's, not a polish attic about it and she's in she delivers at the same time and it s the a success. I tweeted about her cause my daughter play soccer and just really became enamoured with how she cared yourself right now in the games in a freak eggs corner kegs right. She just like this is mine, I'm the one that does is on the commas personally She she would score. Did the celebration, whether arms area and the way She carried herself was right. The way my daughter wants to eventually get to his sacrifice, aware you're, the most unflappable person, the view so coarse, I tweeted and then I was like it turned into a week, long debate about repeal as a political tool. You seven slew ended, as
even tweeting about the trumps. The Amsterdam treaty butter Zachary, whereas she owns his eyes. She is it somehow third fire where now there's no going back from that of the like, worsening she's, just a chest: peace now in this tromp notions. Do I know you're wrong. I think she really I'm choose tone you are. My experts was at the tweet that algae I think too, that yeah thinking, I think it's obscured just the valuable contribution she did. Just as a sacrifice, the World CUP, the trump they became a permanent part of that. I think it's a bleeding girls, like your daughter, I don't have a choice. He doesn't care about the jumble, that's what I'm saying so. She's, just an inspiration and matter what's so, diagonally that support the got lost a little bit like the cool, the cool but that team wasn't the fuck you transfer of no was the there. Are these girls, like my daughter and I M going those are some bad asp women that I want. I want to be like that Sunday right now is it that was the legacy that team. I think it's silly.
I always, I think the tramping is just part of the brain like part of the way she does. The brandy means the way she is whatever she's asked about. You gives the answer to make them, she became polarizing, which is not only our fuckin country? Now I think she deliver legal she's follow she's polarizing here are now in a certain spectre of the country. I still think she so goodbye she's. Just so good. She's, just that good, I wished I hears why I think I'm right either these whenever it, because I had some, you said you now think she's really arrogant, she's really arrogant, like she's, so arrogant about the way she puts her arms and is not- and I said, do you think the same thing about Lebron, James or Michael Jordan, when they did that cause I'll, show you some pictures and doing at night. I never did, and I said why is it a problem for the top athlete in her profession? Not to do that, and there, like, I know,
like. If you start to like pointed out to them, I think, or the Trump thing is: why should she go to the White House in the he behaves ray? I wouldn't you know, I don't think most people if they listen. Two. It. Oh by the way, most teams have not gone to the wedding right exactly exactly, but I think she'd, I don't think she dies reared a lasting impact, such psycho likeable guy. I think that one can meet up now. Then I have heard them. And follow them around. Like you followed Hilary ain't, a bail guy, you know I talk to her about that. We I interviewed are understands. Why did you ask the election? You know what we D. I asked her sitting. I didn't you turn around and say fuck you should have. She said she shut of. She said she'll have star. Second banana. Calculating going on here are people would think she was a bitch. I think ascension, that's what she said. She said in a nicer way, but she said I thought about it. I thought I have so much baggage appeal. One think I mean if I turn around, but he did that it was a hundred percent intentional of you here I too, and demonstrate the fish
superiority as he's a photographer yeah she's, a big guy last. She said I shouldn't we as I should have turned around and said you are creepy get there go away from here, and she said that was it. She was a great regret of hers. Not doing I agree with you. I agree with you. Some will say: did you watch debates? I did and gotta get down the legs for five, but here we can really farrago and on some stuff right. Ok, especially, say it was exactly. We who is going to happen where by hairs for the farmer, so everybody else is just steering all their stuff tat go after them and say we just need to get to. Did you like, Michael Bennett? I love Michael Bennett. He's he's great he's got. You would have a presidential contender in any other here. I love these guys. Don't get a tunnel timon or land is but Annesley scrape you're here I didn't know anything about him. I actually like way he cared observed here and you will see say. Who knows. Thank you for having me
thanks for coming out, I'm here to talk about your favorite texting whatever you want my report, I think he's so my backing One way.
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