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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to talk Bucks-Raptors Game 3, the Warriors-Trail Blazers series, NBA Finals odds (2:19), the PGA Championship, WWE's 'Money in the Bank,' Parent Corner (48:50), and Throne Game [SPOILERS] for the 'Game of Thrones' series finale (1:09:45).

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Tonight's not spoiling game a thrones until the very end of this power Cast edition of the best Pakistan, their rank cast their work brought to you by the zone stream over a hundred financial year. That pain paper view you I gotta get access to the brain Emma be live where Broncho change up on every day of the week, everything I've, I've been getting set up with the zone, is easy. Downloaded does zone app available nearly any of your devices, including spiked tvs, tablets, phones gaming consuls go to daisy and I come to sign up for us brought about by light, but they keep in a real by putting ingredients. Labour Their packaging brood with hops, barley, water, resto, corn, served no preservatives, no artificial flavors. You know us is keeping a real means out and about events.
They will be keeping a real by the NBA play ass, the Pga and, most importantly, from game game offence. Last one Priscilla will deal with him later this later. I, either later this month at some point but sound, I gonna break it out their chairs the, but they reminding you to enjoy responsibly and keep it real speaking to keep in a real we taped. Our final talk, the thrones up said tonight are twitter, show that the ringer has been doing at ringer. You can now why shit, I'm on Twitter or you might have already watched it- Mally Reuben Desktops Young Chris ran this is the last one we ve been doing since two thousand. Sixteen thanks so much to add to twitter for helping us promoted and thanks to everybody at the ringer who makes sacho so awesome don't forget about benchmark the last one for game, France, its common, this Thursday If you want some gave a thrones talk faster and that from a podcast,
listen later when sound, I bought you about a hundred amps or listen to the watch without Chris Ryan tomorrow, coming up cousin Sal stepping in for ryen Russillo we're going to talk about a whole bunch of stuff, but first are friends: from project, because unless you can hear him every day and every one lack it in four thirty p m grass assume a gym came alive. Everyone's lodge and became a back for three more years he won't leave. I was dressed are coming out of the gate. They did it, but I held myself: So how are you what's happened? A man's got the beyond.
I know it's been awhile all round the corner. We are, we talking, we talk and hard knocks odds are something that we could. We created so now Car came over data watch thrones and get ready for this past and we had the more to be going in the back, we'll watch, basketball guess what was on the phone network, Seattle, Patriot, soup, but don't get excited dont think there was some cheering in some distant granting was great, I'm ready for football come back. Of course. I cannot exist fifteen Sundays, which I would have thought there were more some glad we gave the Sundays alright. Let's start with with basketball and the fact that yesterday I guess it was over twenty hours ago I texted you that I wanted a bet. The sweeps warriors sweeping the blazers and then the buck sweeping the rafters and then the words when game. Three looking great there, a few Kay
he is information, whether that's true or not. I just like joke about it. Then we go to the box today and it really seems I beg you to pull it out, and then and then they gave it back and that sweet, but when, and now that raptor Series is going, did you think in you heart of hearts. The NBA was ever gonna allowed to sweeps in the conference finals nah. I thought you had it after yesterday yeah I really thought and it, but now looking at it like our golden stay one. So now that they'll be done, though finished at all, but I was thinking the Milwaukee team is so much better and Man now I'm thinking weight limits. Think back at this. Maybe they. Be down to the one right yeah they shot. Twenty five percent from three in the first game and in this game was abysmal, Middleton blood. So six for thirty two. Greek freak out his numbers Inez there like eleven for forty eight between the three of us. Maybe this is going to be a good one to think this go six now so Bledsoe admin.
Ten were really bad like real really blew the game, bad, and I think the marathon thing was more of an aberration crises. You know he's He's done and its begins her, for I think I have a real problem with Bledsoe ETA. I came away from the game today. Thinking I think they can win a final game on the road relying Bledsoe, because he he, I just don't think he's reliable at that I've been saying this. We argue about in the ring on basic about I've been saying I think Bledsoe has been fools gold for a lot of it. He's like he's. One of those looks great when he's up it when you're Europe, eighteen at home, but in a game like that, did you did you notice how how hard it was
to find the creator who could actually decide what was going to happen when they really needed a basket in those last couple minutes like a cannon needed to be on us now and he just doesn't totally have the reps. Yet I felt the most comfortable with Brockden George Hell, which I'm not sure that's a good sign for them further ex round? Would you think now then look good, and but I will say that there was a weird sense of resilience, like you know when you, when you watching with the woman, like my wife or personally, my wife who doesn't watch basketball and I just hate this one- the team goes up four points, would forty seconds left and right this off turned gaming. Thrones back it's over. It's not over twice twice: they were up for wood. Forty seconds left Toronto yeah. They blew the lead shock and Mr Free throws and they walk. He was minus one. Forty five going into both overtime, la I'm gonna end up losing
lotta money here, but I should add that I should there would have been a good way for me to hedge debates. I was saying to Cairo that when Seattle went through the line actually predicted car can vouch. I predicted the double free, throw best by sea of really really dead. Kyle's. Our true you could be. You can be honest. There said right there. You know, I was spoke out everything I was going nuts cause, I just couldn't believe they would oblige Bledsoe and then they bench them and then they brought him back and he did more. Damage and they bench them again, but you know, I think both themes have the same problem. They really only have one guy that can create a good shot. You know, then you The warriors who are creating unbelievable offence with three different guys and endurance, adamant playing and tonight was the first night, despite being overreaction, afford minute tat was the first that I really thought to myself that the words could actually beat either of these teams that direct cause. I don't think that's all today
really thought like we have over the words in a second, but I was gonna there need em, they absolutely needed Durrant against blocky. I thought watch the thing planets like if they still one game one game, I just don't they block you can go and the Gulf states and when their, what it was, your take that kind of field, I've foot slipped lots and I'm a walkie has home court right. If they get yes, it is to survive. So I don't know I still don't think that anybody has. I just think the honest, just fouls everybody out. No one has no one could cover for ninety four feet and all the stuff we talked about, and you know me when they, when they went hot, like I think, there's, like only for teams, have won by double digits. Fifty plus times this year in Milwaukee. One of them and every time one title except for a golden state who was up three one and blow at the key when they re familiar with that one. But now I'm starting to think it sounds stupid, but Golden States a team of destiny. I guess that even possible at this point is they'll, be their fifth trip to the finals in a row
You want to do go and say now have a saving it for once we got let's, let's save golden state cuz. I have a lot of thoughts on that. Let me just tell you quick, Uganda and I'm glad I did not that you would have done this, but I bet that no games a series would go to double over time and either serious acknowledged together. Now, yes, that night in, one open his eyes and the gods. I worry that adds at that now it's disgusting and they weren't very good, be honest. What do they weren't? Really in my favour, those He said I ruined and otherwise great. We gonna Koepka at the next at all these bats. It house- and I try to convince you to jump I'm at the next in the top for yeah. We had a whole bunch of these and I lost at all to the stupid double over time, but on the worst so Bledsoe First game. The series cuz goes one four five or six points plays,
in the second game. Third game in Boston Series tied one one: they need them in this one. He goes for four hundred and fifteen for turnovers game. Four is okay: thirteen game, five when Boston's rolling over. That's that's when it's a really shy, so he can eighteen and that one in this series is betadine shots but he's taking forty twenty eight points: total five turnovers today I dont know what they do, because I am not sure their best liner pass them at their huge he's, still really destructive defensively, and I think that's why they're playing on their hoping that has offered Congo, but I thought their best lineup past that Hill Helen Brogdon out there at the same time, with mental thin with yadda, and then either Lopez Mare attach whoever. But the problem is when you play the warriors next round, assuming they get there
in the words, have somewhat speed and can do so many different things. I'm not sure how much agreeable play the mare, Thich, Alias Those Yannick guys but he's not getting a ton more minutes and you would think right. Blood suddenly, like thirty three today, which did if two bench players getting worse, He daily their ogden during the season. You know this is why he got the seventy million dollar extension, because he was playing so well, really seem like he was unleashed in this Those are our friends playing with more pays. I even I when they signed and that extension I thought it was a good deal. I thought he had kind of come into his own and I just You know this is something Michelle and I talked about last year and something to a good thing for us to remember when we were betting on stuff next year. There's such a dramatic difference between the regular season in the playoffs, and it just is, seems to be a and that's growing each year, and you almost have to go into these playoffs try to learn just about everything you learn from the regular.
And I think one of the that has held up is this bucks team. He is just right the good and even when their own play. While they can still hang around these games added that they played won't game one nor they put together one quarter they won. Then today nobody played, while the bucks who point and then they get double overtime and Toronto. So you know, I think I did you can look at stuff. I give if a team is up fifteen twenty a lot during the season. I think that means something but man might when it slows down they get did today. Have a Toronto with running Pickerell Van fleet Yeah right, I know I just and I think Kauai just got a little too cool for school right in Nando's, carnival rims that he's dealt with last Sunday mother's day, Sup, don't dumps to us any favors and taking the clock, town of the game, clock for before you make a move. You know it's gonna be a terrible shot and maybe it's apple shouted doesn't go in. Unlike last
so what do you think happened? So we got game four in Toronto we just put double ot miles. I'm lucky, I think we should mention. I thought there was some really shaking cause in this game. Most of them went against Milwaukee. That was the weirdest one. They didn't replay it I think it was in z there at the end of reg in the last minute regulation of the last minute, hotel has got his fifth quiet just made a shot, and then he came down and he missed another shot. And they called the honest for like a foul off the ball like the fight for the rebound and I I was rewinding trying to find out what the flowers of the Scots fostered just immediately is like I'm calling this new superficially and so that happened now. Fell and then the six fallacy outcome just put his head down and just rammed into him I and they they found a matter that the eight which brings me to my point.
It reminds me of Shack back way way back. When were you kind of car lot of thousands call no foul Sonia illnesses in the game on both ends. You know when you So the basket you could, it seems, like he's, found almost every time and they call it. You know when it whenever they want and then defensively he's challenge. Everything is all over. The place is usually doing the right things and they condition all right. Well, he went over the back on that one next time. Now he didn't go over the back that time and it there very few guys in the league that that can be kind of interpreted and that's what I noticed today, especially with those last two fouls. I I just felt like they were bad cough.
But that's what happens with gas? Probably I watched a little money in the bank and there was in whatever the referee was more consistent and that I think you even in the ladys matches. But what do you think for a line I mean I throw a couple trends out. Use of Toronto was favoured by two and a half heading into this. By the way it seems game, three, the home team, no matter how bad it's been for them. They cover the first quarter so that have in the last two nights yet throttles. Two and a half heading into tonight. What do you think? I know the answer? If you, guess lines. So Toronto is two and a half for game. Three. They were game there. For tonight there were minus two and a half year. I think Milwaukee minus one for name for higher minus two and a half. Oh, ok, really high yeah should be close game. So then it looks like series lines. The bucks are still minus six. Twenty five for the series.
It seems high. We, the you, I mean you and house, have how and I jumped in early. We have minus one. Eighty four one, eighty five from a walkie golden stay yeah like one sixty some I had it at one, fifty four. For some reason, people really started talking themselves in Poland, which was super confuse enemy near. I think there was also more buzz at the ramp deftly wasn't playing the first three games. I was the vine with that. Other did was helped the line. You doubt this. This is a good time to check whether where's the You know that they're talking about especially now they won four in a row that I'm too, but they don't need them they're, better off without him. All that stuff, which is just idiotic like just stop, they can do this and in short, spurts Mccurdy
way and dream. I can't handle the kind a load they're doing in these games over the course of a seven months season come on, sat realistic, a b, the same thing like how hard and war down in the play often couldn't do it in the right. You know, I don't think so either the only thing I could benefit them as if they finish off Portland and four, and this this series is Milwaukee. Toronto game goes a series of seven hours yeah. You know, because if there was gonna be to sweep I think, those coming nine days without basketball, something crazy that before the finals yeah, he's a friend of mine as being about that? If they move the finals up and they said no, we surely we could have had they eat out eight thy days between the conference fires in the finest hutus, yet other case for bed, Toronto they're going to figure out a way to write, get them to win, but yeah with the golden state thing. You know this is what makes basketball break.
This is a unique features, Katie's that they're in the words you look how great they are like this is one of the things I love about Basque bow and somebody disappears in everybody s band together and tries to carry the team for a few games, which is what they ve done. I do think there's a lot of little fuck you edge with the key thing, but I think it's more of our people counted them out. Because he got hurt. Those guys are like this is what you mean has four texting beforehand: six, the racketeers, those guys are really will we were all the guys who won the two thousand fifteen title. Basically, what are you doing? You counting Isaak is Durant's, alchemy, break. Any definite seems like its motivated dream on specifically because I like it, I know what you're saying it's fun to watch their their more fun the wada, the outer aunt, which doesn't make sense and know how to explain it to me in a second. If you can, the ratings are up way up
for the golden stake aims this year would have, however, many play off gas, but but down by fifteen percent. For aside, I am everything else put together so that the minutes. This is what this is, what the viewer wants to see. But how is this happening? I got an stand this guy. Couldn't there is enough you to this like? Has he wasn't the same open shots when one of the greatest players in the world was fifteen feet from doing nothing in our right right now now is draining everything org, you know he's not it's out of twenty six percent from three. That's for sure Why is it other than a nephew to direct with theirs a little motivation. There's no question, but you know I think this is a team that was Kay you guys overqualified for the rolls therein. You know quite Thompson was Bay
we turned into somebody who just stood, stood in the corner or ran around screens and shot like you, never really handled the bar. You watch in these last few games and he's pretty creative offensive player. You know his showing things at the just was really lead to do because they had three other guys who commanded the bar Currie definitely has more of a swagger and he's not worried about how I took the last five shots. I should Katy should get this play, so that's been removed, but the big thing for me is dream on, because there, for two reasons one eyed. I think he's really motivated because look if you want to go behind the curtain, like they've, been hearing about this Nick stuff all year, and it's only heated up since the all star break, and it's only heated up the last couple weeks and you know I think they think he's leaving, and that has to be a small part of their soul,
fuck you let go ahead were five: we won the title without you, I really do believe, there's a piece of that. But, more importantly, I think without the red dream I just as involve more n. Knows that he asked to be more. The play maker facilitator he's push in the bar and he said something really. Poor and after the game, Israel, where he said how easily be a tv interview he talked about. He was too focused on the rafts in the cars and bitching Had everything in his like. I was, I just had to say doing that. I just concentrate on what I was doing and it really help me with you. Watch them all year. He pitched at the rest too much. I think I did with a proud on, even when the rent was it like. Even what was it like game bozo in game for in Houston, they lost the game, it was closed, but he was taken into the rim hard yeah, that's the stats might not, even although they had the triple double easily yesterday. But yes, it's definitely playing with a different intensity, so everyone thinks they have you
coming from curry, but it's just as much from their from my dream on yeah curry was this good I'll year? He just has the ball War, but he you know there is point there in the regular season when his stats were pretty much where they were there in his great envy, pcs and the big differences dream on who ate the exit of ass. I never thought he would get through this. Again, he just seem like somebody that you know when you parent her, though the twenty five game, winning streak three years ago, and just how dominant he was some knights and we just in seed anymore, and it seem like he's at a different point of his career. Maybe they can steam was near the same way. Maybe his legs were the same or ever it looked. He looks like it. This is the best he's looked really since that twenty five game winning streak- and you know, is it he can be a dominant player. That's the craziest thing about Draymond like you'll. Have the Westbrook have the twenty ten twelve and you won't feel like
control the game. When Draymond has it really feels like he's, controlling the game and and but on both ends too cuz. He was incredible defensively. The other thing that happened in that game three, you know little or no question, but the bench guys. You know like Queen Cook was mainly just gonna safely. Had they never have the bench step up like Mccain out there, obviously to replace Durant's points, but yeah Mckinney Kevon Loony has probably made himself in aid figure. Your contract no lie. I think you likes he's gonna get like ten million a year in the offices in his you said by Roma too, and I was right was a writer was around Europe. Roma loony wrong. All grades, Roma Moody together her cinematography, that's wanted by big guy I've been really impressed by you know. Loony is really smart. He does smart stuff he knows, what he is he's always in the red spots. He doesn't try to do too much. I think
is banned and unsung every piece. Sometimes this will happen in the I swear, I you know member it most famous. They Jerome James had two thousand. That man looked at this, though we looked at it and said you know all the number said: the trend showed our eye. Hey there. That'll using had looked at this, though we looked at it and said you know all the numbers said: the trend showed our eye: hey, they still one seventy five percent of their games without the rat, you know, and they allow ten points fewer Bergamo, maybe that's because they sold down possessed but ass, looking at allows like man, I've done a little research on this. This is when their bench was a lot deeper, maybe not even deeper, but they don't have a thirty five year old Viagra Thou thirty three year old Livingston. You know this really could be it for it, but I think it's everything. I really do think that a lot curry gets a lot of their credit dream on should get more of their credit, whose numbers are phenomenal and this bench stepping up like that bear no bank did not know the west.
Conference seems really add anything going bench wise. You know you know, and I really love they show that european market in well. No, no! No, I'm not I'm not saying I love the show, although I was gonna text you, I've listened a few times thou when I'm driving around in sound? when I'm waiting for Christie lay his shows the calmer and a hum the the chemistry did. You guys is really good, though. There's like there's a lot. A ball busting on that show everybody's kind of caught up to your ball busting its impressive. It's, as does that it's really like add, there's just darts being thrown left and right constantly. It's really funny I enjoy you guys died they about you. I appreciate it helps that we're playing against each other were playing a game in this is like weak, thirty four and we all still want to win. As much as we did in the first week and we make fun of each other, like you forgetting back good, but it's like you and I playing and fantasy right now, if I won by three points on a pic six, you know a meaningless.
At the end, you would be screaming at May, we'd be Screamin on Monday, Podcast Twentyman rang out at its candidate that that's what it is. I think that's what keeps us go, what this shows gate, but the reason I bring this up is used to make fun of me for being the NBA Hall a new cared, but you weren't like there was a Well, that you weren't going to because you have fallen seventeen other sports. I feel like you're, watching a lot Basque abide. The almost Philip I want to welcome you to the NBA whole club. I think you ve had a lot of this. I think you have the welcome me. I'd boycotted the last three weeks because I was convinced these guys are playing. I don't care what going on. I still still will not convince me otherwise and then drove in head first once the playoffs started, and I think they try most of the time these games. But what the hell are we going to talk about? I don't have to talk about This is also at this is great. I judge women's World CUP we're in trouble. I can't wait lack in after
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Is are you guys you may laugh when I take this? The sons of the title about the work that I may bows do Evanna been duped, there's been a lad associated duping. I will set of tape. This doubts, nine, its nine o clock p Sunday. The red those read all the stuff he's he's online. It's one of those things. Where are these guys, I think, are online? Are these guys are reading staff because I didn t have spare time and spare time inside they can go out and do stuff cause. You know six foot three to seven feet, town famous, but I do think he read the staff and I think he is dream very aware of the narrative. Now that is on the top, shows and as our mind about this is more on without him the worries? do you have in the ran it's nice to have the words back there were ruined the warriors. Now that now the where's can be fun again,
he seeing all the stuff, and yet I I don't know how it affects the summer, because I think that decision was already made, but what I do think he I just think there's no chance. He comes back now I think there is a puncher's punchers slim finger of a chance that if they, one three in a row, and it went perfectly in here. The best part in the leg like he had the key looked in the first two rounds forgot her that they ought to look at each other on this is stupid. Let's go for history. Only Russell South example ruin for around? Let's go for a figure out a year from now the idea that was inconceivable. I dont see him coming back now because, first of all he saw all that stuff, you seen how the teens react to that, I'm, whether you be like well now we're all together in this, like this kind of that small party, you, like man, they seem pretty high.
And I am that out there. So that's one part and then that the second part you know if I'm the warriors, the actual the owners and the front office and other stuff colonel looking forward to next year, like reinventing this team after three straight titles, Usenet Katy Money building round her in Clay Thompson. Andrei manages being like: let's try to the title without em like that's, that's the best motivation and she could have after title as well. They don't think you can win without Durrant. Here we go like they used is basically putting the giant ship on everybody's shoulder. How rare is that, as a title, seem to have the right? I think that my guess be everybody's gonna. Look at each other guy! You know that this be great. You should go to New York Katy Diana Bill. I guess you're right. I'm gonna go to New York. This is awesome. Thank me for my three titles. Candid. Don't you feel like that?
who out I not only that I feel it. You know what they say: oil you'll never understand the competition high level, competition like this you and play basketball. You can play college and problems like I'd. That's fine! I know myself right now. If I were Kevin their aunt, I wouldn't be rooting for this to be done. This whole thing to another level ways they well there more competitive than you can only ever. Imagine. Well, then, he's not rooting for this team. I thought I thought, like all we got a guy. He needs both of these series to end in seven. You know, if he's not playing the rest of the year. The end that's perfect for Katy now another he wants than the one at all. A and b at that I think you're right he's gone the next. We we like them to go gotta next. Before I mean you know better than I do you sit with them in his house. In his pattern interview by
I think, he's gonna next, I think there's a little bit of a little more inside information about the sound of a no, if I could say, but he's very close with Steve NASH, who happens to be energy, berets, Godfather, yeah right, that's what the next landing that's their pact, because I can fix it, so they get Zion. I think this is rather. Nash is close with them anyway. Annoying your boy too much you you're, right, he's gonna! Next month's bet that if we can't even hey I've already wagered at it yet more. Ah, if I was thinking about tweeting every Monday should I do this, tell me where she is every Monday tweet my predict
The wherever one is going, but just make it a thread and see if it changes each week there, because right now, my bet as crazy. As the sounds did you do this already? I had an idea tat, something Texan J. I sing your tax, but I haven't got on record. I actually think what's gonna happen. I if you gave me ads on this, will be in saying we should who who who decides off our part cast. It is a sports book of do that. Sometimes right, yeah yeah we're going out some of the earlier. I would like the eye with the odds are on Katy, Anthony Davis and neither career Cumber, all ending up in the same team. Next year, answer
to India, doesn't have to be the next now and the next ah interesting, because I think Katy so that there's a Kimber wrinkle, everybody has Cairo going there, but canvas actually from New York is for, I think, he's from the Bronx. He's like from Deep Newark, and you know he needs a guard either way whether its career come a bit. Maybe it's carry but one of those and then he basically trade everything else for Davis Brain. You tried three trade Knox. He showed the DAS picks. Whatever takes you bought them over to make sure the Lakers Abbas no get them, and then you just put those three guys together figured out later on that the first person who said this. Obviously a lot of people have talked about the scenario he's really think it's going to happen, and I think that's for Davis is going to go in less New Orleans says we're going to wait till February to try to
We ve seen over and over again we ve seen teams get the three guys first and worry about rest after and there is to be a perfect way to do that this time round the things I don't know those odds. We could probably get him up, but Anthea Davis arose very excited for a day or two about Anti Davison Zion. When together he is still minus. Three hundred is courting to Vegas two or Antigua, depending on where you you place your bets planning on fling norland, so that they are poor one part two I'd I'd, take in a real world and a real mba world, where all these max contract guys get angry and they want to leave or they want to quit or whatever yeah. You could have three superstars ending up on the next except you have tat three big personalities agree to play for James Dull yeah. I just don't see him
I don't think he's the guy. I think that's why they need a dime more than anything, because now you have this ship, that kind of supersedes everything bad, that the Dolans do, and here comes the r and maybe even Davis or Kyrie or whatever, but I still don't think I still think he's a forced to keep the big names away. I'm gonna do the impossible right now. I'm really defend Jamestown really lead to our record, This is what you should do. Every Monday, as you know, I think he's one of the worst owners in recent sports history. And I M not a good start and also try to make it seem like. I was lying about the fact that he was letting all the rich people know that make up an offer. Basically, there's no, I never did. That said. Ok, that's why twenty rich p right now are formulated mix offers, because you said the word out there. Set said on Anna Friggin margin call with every three months when cable vision they have the stockholders they may even brought up about that. Simmons thing is
they mention by name one hundred billion alive? I'm not lying people, what was actually going anyway, I don't think he's a member, I think, would be the defence for James or down as a donor. I think he's terrible hiring people like really really historically churches, but once you hire them, he doesn't metal. So if they, if they were able to get Katy, Anthony Davis, Camper fears, the authority, and there is a coach. They have people run in the front office who's who at least don't seem incompetent at this point, they're. Okay, like the pores biggest trade, they did. Okay, considering that Don was just bound in time to get rid of them. It's kind of hard for him to mess it up. At that point, once those three guys and I don't really know what he could do other than to somehow insult them in the hallway or something great What would you do like happily screw that there already there they ve signed contracts, Nora
again, I'm just thinking of you know what I'm going way back when than when they were according the broad and came in the room and whose guys and wheelchair yea that's illegal, go to Brooklyn before them the near the next by it may be. That could turn around just well. Maybe this time. He brings that brings terrain and it may be play some music form that our farmers band remain that's what really speaks? Do you know that a James though it's hard is? Is this like music? So maybe he figured out a way to connect the love music with Corti process. That will be a true test, to deal with the media a yet they are. The new posts make fun of me privately playing with my name on it just as music. I just can't take it. I can't take it. I gotta go so here, so I think that those three guys go there and inquiry goes to Brooklyn danger. Russell goes to her Orlando. I think Jimmy bother stays in Philly. I think Tobias Hairs leaves Philly and goes to leg, Denver or somewhere coercion
best of the clippers and who goes to the nets. Did you say Kyrie if if Kemba goes to the next, if Kyrie goes to that goes to the next, I think I'm bi ends up either staying for two hundred and fifty or I think, there's an outside breaker chance with him. The nets would let Russell go to get to get Kyrie. That's the only one, I'm I'm not positive! Well, because if Cairo I want to sign with the nets with dread of career, Russell I don't know anymore after a day you I'd I'd rather Russell, but I'm in the minority can carry room missus, it really. Yes, I they carried to the ended that you know all the statutes of the subjects were better whether I was open out like you know it. Maybe the Celtics bucks, a just war,
a way better than everybody in the Celtics, while the second best team in the east? But it's not looking like that. Well, I mean so. You ve worked in an office for many years. Actually Gibby come alive. That's right! If you put somebody in the office, sues, really moody and up and down. Eventually it affects somebody s in the office right. You ve never had that experience because nobody was ever moody Jimmy come alive, but if I can't even matter where you're talk me, if there was somebody Jimmy him alive, who is super moving up and down, it would affect people right. Let me think about it. Let me ass some people, The unanimous vote in by the way are causing me side for three. Where years not something unbelievable, remember, you got to know where you got annoyed when we we put him up against Brady who's, going to last longer and he's like a great I'm glad. You talked about that you're, probably freaked out the whole staff. Like now you're going to stay, I have a feeling you're going to stay
get annoyed and now he's gonna get annoyed about this somehow or other. I can't figure out how I better now is day in its great good news. He sank. Has alot of people said when you live the show that was already there yet I was gonna fall apart, but now there are seven you in theory. Without going now, it's a u in theory eligible shout the show his technically never one best laid that show Emmy. So there's a military power about our modern, I'm honored yell at them. I, unlike Katy, I will actually be rooting for it to happen. What happens if Katy goes to the next cozier leggy as jack? We would say: you're die easy. Next within Europe, a new year more of a fan of basketball gambling. The right should, if they're, all those guys run the Knicks would you like which, with that on these some sort of next vandam that is buried deep inside you, what happened? I guess I'm gonna love this owner too much. Don't you find that a lot right with people? Don't you see that like people will not go to church anymore,
because I don't like the archdiocese everyone whose running it. I can't kind of like the same way now at the next. So I would like this on owner to get out before started rooting for them, but without an elected Concepcion. I'm a problem with the like that. Trains at a lot and now Concepcion is I mean I have some fans of my life and he's he's probably one of the high. Ones up there, they're just with the team for life there you know it's like got absent, was gonna. Do another spoil Burnham. I fought off again so proud of myself we we did. The lottery show that night with Mean reseller in India, inception area they get the third peck, and then we brought Jason it in an end do you realize it was kind of a mistake. We brought him in his like his eyes were like for tears. It was like me with after the south extending it.
The rain or oh dear, no, seven in the J bugging I just went to this dive bar in Boston and fucking got drunk smoke. Cigarettes hit every. He was just really devastate. I've said next bands of my life, who are so rock bottom, with the team that they had a fourteen percent chance of winning the lottery and they were devastated when it didn't come through I mean you have better odds of playing russian roulette getting hit by a bullet than winning the latter it. Fourteen percent. You know there were so many out. Another was Nick fans or just conspiracy. Theory, people back in the conspiracy there that the next going to get the number one pick that that went down who one odds on some sports books, Why do want a fourteen percent chance team is gonna? Get Zion and you could catch. You can we double your mind, warehouse, that's astound. Houses are proud. He he he's out of myself. Right now, gamely wise and it started with you talking minted next top for easy.
Can be, as I any like bragging about after my house, immense or better, like a fucking coin. Flip, like you ve just bet on fifty percent odds. Congratulations that, although kind of wisdom you That is where it was at that those four spots we're going away, and I got the Lakers moving out now in Memphis like well. What the hell's going on here did you can now. Watch you you and Ryan go over this, but did you catch right away now, act of this that all these things are going to drop out? Phoenix include one leg: it wouldn't be fair knight and actually see in their video. We did after the Lakers move up and we react and my brain almost breaks and live whatever live streaming television, but then somebody else moved up into two teams were two's That's ahead, head of where they should have been, and it was happening too fast and it was really can using, and we we, I don't. I don't think I talked at one point four, like twenty seconds of that thing
I can figure out what was going on. It was marked Tatum almost needed it that Angola will hold on how that some weird shit just happened when I over what just happened to team, but he didn't and it was just complete chaos. I you know funny. I couldn't between that and Ewing, not sweating. I was like I'm at the turn us off I can others is. None of this looks right to me read about it in a hearing you ain't got none at all, you and kind of had a look at it is that a kind of of above I wouldn't. I wasn't gonna do that but then the offered me a hundred grand in an I may. I, the Lady Asthma autographed, show that I'll be here in a few minutes or twenty years that is at the collectors convention. Decree wood is a dash forward to its particular he's. Gonna be shepherded the decks and the lottery He does not seem happy it I it for me. It's like. I just feel like spike. We should have been the guy in this.
That's are like Desus and Mero our people that really, lived and died without a ping pong Bosworth verses. Somebody like you and you know I love the celebrity super fanning or cause you got a cave in a cow charisma. There could be off the team easily. You know they they try to get him off anyway. You think so yea date in, I think we ve talked about this before, but if it is, celebrity fans. I think that would be fantastic because I get the Lakers cock whose but make it traded in a month like ie, like that, the pigs going up to number foreign he's calculating said. Like oh shit, I want to be a normal and sexual right. This is this. Is it for me? I'm done they're gonna foot, this pact, yeah it's like having Josh Rosen Command and announced the Arizona cardinals with further their first bad, you do and if Thou draft you win or. We want money, we want
you, one might add a yak. Has you went on to say the running back one late. We went under three and a half quarterbacks. I can't now I can remember, but has so far away but on their we want on. Did you bet on the giants becoming the biggest laughing stock out of the fourteen sports? It's unbelievable really is something whose happy about this you or me. I think you hate the giant slightly more than I was and am now, and this is the first year the cowboys on plain him on Sunday, night and forever supper. Of course it makes sense. But on yeah I mean it is they became the Jetson, the jets became and the and the Lakers became the clippers. Really they happened to big. The two biggest fan base is right was funny people like the Jetson. Now the jets are control than the jets just had a complete should show a week and find their gm. Then era. These stories come out about. You read the atom gay stories there stories, not sure what what
just about after the GM got fired about gas in the G8 didn't get along. There is is weird passiveaggressive thing going on, but I think the Daily NEWS, story about how Gale yea days, France s your boyfriend, S was talking about it was in his in the warm room sitting next to somebody, but he was on camera. Move this chair, so he wasn't I'm camera for the pact's cause. He was it he wasn't involved in the draft in their life. Really weird he's that weighing it everything sided phenomena gets the jets fans who did it again, the the warriors are modesty, twenty five to in the title, Sir Box, or two to one rapture, thirteen one in the blazers, our tasty one, fifty to one while bad verve forget the blaze cross them right. Yeah, yeah
well, I think, Gamewell or now he's hurt other than to say, has been heard for three waistcoats, since he did made that shot as was staring at it. You still staring at the camera causes numbers have been bad, but I feel I feel at ease get enough heat for yeah. He wasn't. He was pretty up and down and more down in the Denver Series and then was not good in this where's Sergey. The He D get hurt me that was legitimately somebody fell on him and you could see him get hurt in the moment, but at the same time the words went into the series determined to just rough Emma Bang em up make work chamber man every screen where down it's funny way by applying Like EAST Coast basketball over it way back. When I think when he was still crazed, commanded I support what has any is being then. He always use talk about how teams built around spar prayers made him nervous because the plants were so physical
and as the sea, as as it went on and on your at eight mud season, tat those guys tended aware down the reason I remember that his case when the south traded fur tiree- I remember that being in the back of my head, like a man, Fraid Steve, Kurt theory that he said a million years ago is planted a mad and we saw with Lillard we see with Chris Paul. We, we see it. I guess Iverson Dozen, a hundred percent count, kazoo superhuman for the most part. Like you know, six one and another. Pretty tough, that's a lot. Worse remains a brutal yeah. I like it. I would still like I was what the look into it what the look and yet you you, you house, and I really try to convince you of a few things. We like captcha yeah, we like we can talk. I eliminate kept almost ruin golf today are this weekend: let's take a break in the winter weather.
Let's take a break to talk about luminaries, specifically the re watchword. Ninety ninety nine, which is available only I'm Lou, merits our little spin off series. Acting some of our favorite movies from nineteen. Ninety, then, all time gray year, much like with the reaction was Egypt. So breaks down a differ movie with highly specific categories. Analyzing from every possible angle. We did american pie, we did cruel intentions. We did not hear this. We come up with it the insider Metion fantasy and Chris Ryan, and, as always with the reaction, was the most ones are these weird movies that you wouldn't think would be relaxed, but we of conflict in our forty lad. Pacino ladder, Russell Crow, Michael Man, LAD just whole bunch o we're conversations came out of this one so check that out, as was all the other great luminary shows that they did their some exclusive stuff. They also have a free free to download, to download listen to pack ass,
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yeah not at the table, Carlos yeah we're gonna be breaking at them anyway, back to us up, I we repudiate. I don't get your money in the bank. I went on houses, Pike ass today, fair whereon red afterwards. He did. You did a quickie pod read after and I was saying we're talking about kept weather. This is how significant, as this right, these majors, this many in a row in the shortest time span, does feel we really unique and potentially special and at the same time I feel like we ve been here with a bunch of different offers. Last twelve years these guys who have this eighteen and twenty months
Brian, where they're kicking ass. There was like this guy as the next guy here it is. I can't decide whether this feels different or not. What does feel different is the majors and what we have seen these guys rip off. These twenty months runs, and then something has and they had their back? They blow attorney man. They lose their confidence macklewain last beef, the other, the younger gang yeah, just arose Jason Day this one. I think it's deaf ears, why the great? Let's hear and- and I don't have a ton of now and golf knowledge- I house, but just his presence- this Brooks. Because presence he's like Brok, less nourisher ease like he's like I've and drag it. If I really felt like he's gonna play the weekend without assured us that that page, he just doesn't care about anything. He does goes up there and does this thing obviously came back down to earth a little bit today and yesterday, but in general, like you, you can't you can't face
The guy there's a there's, a video now viral video of his girlfriend. I think we're approaching the first hole. I just like a long walk way and she goes to kiss him and he's just like kind of like friends are away. The cameras are in his face. Is that he's kind of like nonsense. I like it, I like an ally, I mean he's all ready, like I think they cities like forty one for the- U S Open, which is insane for that. That's tiger Woods numbers two thousand too, so I texted has yesterday in the early part of the third day and asked if I could tweet something Cosette in August We are in a golf twitters. I cocky twitter and saccharine Twitter, like they get up and add a shape when they feel like a casual. The Adam, even Philip, were casual golf fans cause. You know. There's this whole other level. I cited want to fuck with as I like to, but I was thinking about captcha, how not since mid to that. Since tiger do I remember somebody who.
When they had a lead, they bear the tournament carried themselves. The way he cared himself which Goes to what you were saying like felt this ass kind of fuck, you we said he has ass. Really stands out. You know, and it makes me think I said this house is: today. How we always get her ass kicked in the Ryder CUP, reasons why I was get her ass kicked. Is that none of the Americans kind of care of themselves this way and I've maybe he's the guy but forget about all the majors, maybe he's the guy that could book the Ryder CUP for us You mean. You know what you made a joke on labels and John Jago issued a bet against Varner today. Have now is there that was the final pairing captain bill here as tough and what was he brow, plus eleventh and eight, or something like, I think, he's intimidate, and even his despairing yeah. That's why I was bad that they put him with Tiger on Friday. Because we want tiger due to make the cut, ran, he's gotta Tiger was implying that great anyone, then they put him with cap, goes,
You know an assassin. I asked I kept a really really Gotta go in her head with them, but be this is the hero. We need sound fur for the American Gough Arrow to replace Tiger, but that the differences Tiger was never that create the in the Ryder CUP. Maybe this guy could be argued that take as to your. I like it, there's a couple things on alike like about a house, and I discussed it. He says he's done eating stake in America guess at that yeah he's unaware that right he's getting anywhere. Where is your that yeah yeah, but he played rugby. He like what happened. He gonna bad car accidents or took up golf because he's doing more violent sports bodies. This is parents like now just take up golf now so yeah he these different, he's different based altogether, as Jimmy had him on the show. Yet now yet I don't really know think until Jimmy Ways it cause. If they're there will be some sort of
the dog battle going on with the handshake and the whole thing in a beginner would make it our than what would our agent now manager, James Baby, Dixon Deal and therewith capital is permitted, we ve calling on her age in our lives without reserve jazz. Is our managers should this right? It's way our manager James Baby, their dicks, it I'm not sure kept guy, he just hasn't merely by any so another tiger. I know it, but this is guys I love Tiger this. This weekend I'll, like you kind of ruin the weekend, I was really cited for but Topsy turvy bet page black eyes in the Lee, then they get a seven on a par for is thereby got caught in the deep rough just one of those crazy weekends, and then my two guys emerging and instead capita goes sixty three sixty five to start the end. Well that that dumping. That's the last thing we,
like Al Qaeda, taken a turn a little bit tiger. Obviously that's great than tiger takes a month. Off and by the way I love Tiger do not make the cut at plus three seven five but betting against that. That's betting, the no past line, and cry: no friends get mad mad at you. I was so mad when you brought that up your leg. Let's go against Tiger. Let's bet, would you say, what's better you're not to win and other major in two thousand. I didn't like that. I don't want a better. What am I wouldn't know when I now, but the numbers are so slow that is correct. It is it's. It's gonna, Macgregor Floyd Mayo, These numbers should be designed to be a gigantic difference in the odds there, but when you are right it just it's. Ok, just like that after Thursday he was plus two or somebody plus one applies to the other plus ones. Like matter ya, these bigger names they like forty five fifty to one tiger was still like. Sixteen eighteen o underwent as it's crazy to do it like that. It's about it's like when the red Sox before we won the world series.
No for every year the World Series adds were way lower. The issue, the are these idiots forbidding the Red Sox right, whether our ticket you write Tiger. This is why you you're a whole, above me as again, where she has you ultimate, we'll go for whatever the best bet is there. I knew you were bad. The buzzer beater back in March to address your bet against time. The bigger the affair? We have you don't care the answer in your favour. Yoga, you're, ready, no double overtime. If you just better gets fired, no. But my point was alright, though it's great everyone loves Tiger is bringing golf gowns back on the map and the biggest way possible and then Koepka comes along and he could make the sport boring again cigar man don't do this. Well, you beat everyone by nine stroke, the air, that's how was looking after Friday, gettin peoples that watch and I still have faith that I think it's really hard to this for more than two years. We too have the balls and
back all that stuff will see. If we can do it has everything out. The thing that makes indifference is that Cuba is all about, majors and winning majors and taking down, majors and doesn't really care about the other staff could care less about the FED Ex cop and all that shit Just wants the rack up the major, so maybe maybe he'll be different. I'd. That speech was different. You don't speak then, have the success Coca sad, but I did too. I really loudspeakers. I why these guys, like the perfect offer a z, doesn't even of a heartbeat cyborg but I am yet the refund watch and we know that we have an imagined doesn't Johnson, who I think has got has for second, waste from an arrow and made the king a runner up, yeah, it's it's weird, I reform, but it there's something sad about him. I can't put my I know: he's had some personal issues that he got through, but there's a sadness, that kind of one: a vacuum: a hug. You feel that when you watch him who domini
does Gyre dj higher. I do and then I hear him speak like I don't know someone just throw banjo in his hand, but I said was doing invitations is set for hours today. It's by do like favorite. They bury. Does the Cosette France as a little tiny list which, by certain sake, but he does he- I can't do it. I mean after bring him into their, he does is dead ends Veronica preservation. It's it's pretty get! My son is now on the chapel in two hours a day was the greatest thing we ever did. One year we bought this trampoline and he's now got like a fourteen pack again and he's his new thing is he's trying to recreate other dogs from the different on contests and the tramplings there's little basket on it, and I is definitely go flying off this thing and an end to this.
Driveway so like that that Africa bombarded by arresting the money in the bank big return for black leather today, I now that I still can't what they're doing there with them a may and now you have seen and carried away by yet it seems like he's back right, either being the devil bees in an interesting point right now, where they in other stuff was up to almost a hundred and they had a monopoly, basically wrestling business. And then the last three four miles it flipped and alive. Different ways like the ratings were kind of the way. First and most dangerous. They ban Alla time. They ve been foot the smack down raw thing. Where was I expect an Scott one, roster rosin acts we have a draft will switch guys than us in their pocket. Everybody can go everywhere so they re stars, and then there is this new rival that debts launching
a w that has a ladder wrestlers like that, the die hard wrestling, the cycles I got any omega and all these people write an end. They signed a deal with tee and t, and I don't know The letters is their cabin, the rat being outright and let the kind of fire the rival wrestling NET League Breathing gaddi it by gray and plus they're gonna Foxen October yea is invalid wrestling does this is absent flows in that usually tabs and furs. Based on how many stars they have to give it time because, usually maybe like The seven really like die, hard awesome, dude that you want and right now Some little downside, others been injuries. Guy's got old sea is gone all the stuff? I think you do. Mc Man and there s a card and adjust its must watch I mean I know it's all right he's all right. Does it say exactly our age
flying in a corner to corner in the ring and off cages and everything else and spectacular. I think I think there s a more in depth Debbie Circle back as it always does, but I think that's what that's why They did the lesson bank fainted at fellow desperate to me. It was like we need only TED kind need. Something dramatic to get people talking on Monday after this paper you view, so they did that. Well, I think it's gonna see me more. I think they're gonna end Hogan into it more and more more. We saw a rustle mania, just come out and yell for a couple minutes, but you you haven't seen desperate yet where the problem with somebody like Hogan his ease, I do. I just don't think he can do any moves in my right. Like him flare, none rock eyes can actually do anything I'll figure it out. Did you see riding with your family fighting with idea, and we would you think I like it I like, but I saw the boys who really liked it. Did you not enjoy? I lighted my son
my son absolutely beyond belief, flood that seen in multiple times already his knowledge on multiple times in a theater mobile twice in the theater and then we bought it on the Tuesday came out and his watch sitting from the times the weirdest thing about fighting with my family Queen Cersei? Is the mom and she's got dark hair and just doesn't look like a queen up. They damage now and she's like a white trash issues, white trash, tattooed, oppressive grid, but I got to do we're going do thrones in a second I wanna to do parent corner. Really quick, though okay, I got a couple things. I have a couple quick thanks. First of all, my my little son, because we will spend time with them just watches on his Ipad, another family. I think I've brought this.
For this, the aid just watch is like another family in theirs is fond. Goofy. Father is a couple of them and it gets like twenty million heads each one, but by the way they are. They he's watching kids, these watching on his Ipad kids on their Ipad in a Tesla. So now all he's talking about how is that he wants a test new. So I'm a man there get by a five year old son. A test is drive me crazy. I can't get it. We might have his birthday Partylite might rent a couple of tassels interests. Have these gifts right? It is apparently story wanted. Or to the middle way, that our story, where doubts that kind of we're. We're heading with Birthday party right where it's a birthday party in every kid gets an Ipad for two hours and nobody interacts with each other out twenty care that I've aim for using the game? Trucks rally? I'm you you ve had yes, oh yeah would be the same thing just a little more women to wrap I needed
I saw ass. I have my a ten year old. We made him play the viola he's practice. He has practised. Probably three or four times lumps and when I say practice like six or seven minutes tat, and he has a concert tomorrow now and I have to blow off this other the Rick Red Carpet event. I was asked to go to our friend Jeff Ross, which by ways you come to this, the historical rose, the idea, that's tomorrow's, we'll talk, we'll talk about it yet, but I have to go this concert after goes the all a concert as well as apparent. What's your obligation to a kid who does in practice at all You have to go, and you have to say it was great right and I'm afraid, I'd Albert here, people playing the viola the whole time, the wires on a more serious day. My area we have just the same age. Eighth grade is right
go into now. Yet vapours is a big riot and all the schools so much so that the other kids do it there there addicted, so they came and wait till after school. They do it in the bathroom very school. My son's middle schools now put a teacher or some kind of aid in front of each bathroom, and you have to sign in to go to the bathroom. So now they can kind of sea whose bathing but what they also get do is they could see who's to shedding? So my son is like you know, I'd like to go anyway and in the end in school, but now I can't I can't go to the bathroom. I hang on number two in the in the them, because now the aid, those who said listen, I rather you vaped and be known as the kid that shit and dark school, yet there was little good as every guy back there was that you guys do when you gotta go. You gotta go as logic eight hours, Kyle's, Bennets Kyle. Every time you come to pass tat. Whenever isn't this goes this
It goes up stairs. We rode after you vapourings. I would be very rapidly both on down. There was no big thing there that I just I had all the regions. I think it's important to point out the sole Julie epidemic. It's pretty ass. He has pretty cool they see it actually seems wordly more victims than cigarettes. How do I do it all the time you just? You know that at least for cigarettes you there's a thing we have to go. I'm going to have a cigarette, and then you go have a cigarette Julian. You can just like looking at your phone, you can do it not stop that's Teresa here and we will be able to smoke our phones, shirts or enough question what you're there I have I have two with my son, one which I did the other day in the park: high speed and haired somebody duty and eat my son is it is. It is a liar
not good at lying it, but is it will be a good liar at some point, but isn't there yet, but he wants to be so a couple days ago, he called my wife is a man. Can you come up here for second she's like okay, so she's starts up the stairs he stated up the stairs and drops his phone and then goes? Oh, no and picks up Zack own. The screen and with such a bad or that she knew immediately that he had broken his phone way earlier, but now he dropped that and then she broke down and within four seconds he broke and admitted that he broke it while playing video games. So he needs some work, but the thought was there. I think three, four years from now he's going to be an incredible
that's good. We should send in the boot camp with our friend. Brad was not necessarily known for his right. He said the main streets for many many years so last week my son's class goes to Boston Does this go o my son, idiotic? I do every year the fifth grade class goes to Boston, so comes back and is kind of like that not telling that much and and he's a little surly, and we think it's cuz. He hasn't slept on my chart ever in the next day. There's a birthday party at Dave, Buster's cuz, that's one of the new things that was seven people like to have their birthday parties at Dave and Busters and stuff free for all video games. Man, one of the other moms this kid Jackson, his mom goes up to ban and my wife staring by their minds, they bear and big news and bad him inside turns bright red and his jaw starts gone. Forty direct
And it turns out, ban has gotten back together with his beloved, friend after eight months they dated like nine months last year. Then he broke up a third stir the year of peer pressure. And then had a dream. Apparently the name for the Boston trip that they got back together text at her asked if they could get back together. She took him, back because you know when you're in love your love and now, thereby so they re adds great its gates that that's so now How did you learn about all this? He texted her and he had a dream. Didn't tell you or not my wife basic. It was like we're not driving home and please tell me the story on just beat it out of them, but the big winner in this is my wife, because they used to have these double dates with the two MI. And then bandit girlfriend. They would go out of my mom. My wife, really like the other MA am. They're back so everything's everything's, looking up brother, my son, the only guy who can locked himself down at age. Eleven, that's good
really go out there, there's no point in the future. The only person who who played it where's, I think, was our cousin Jimmy if it is you who just updated, very subtle area, now it yesterday Celebrities not on is on a mouth is, Ben yeah good for better. You know what you may want to sponge off that trampoline. Just thinking knows what I just said, I will take home, break the renewed shrunken. Let's take one more break to talk about our old friends, the procurator, what's the difference working hard and working smart. I don't know, look at the warriors. They worked hard. They won four straight without Kevin Durant device. I worked really smart. They put together. One of the best five year runs of any team
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Jimmy Kimmel live Monday through Friday, one thousand one hundred and thirty five and lock it in what is at four hundred and thirty to five hundred and thirty eastern on the EAST coast and on FS and I'll be doing against all odds this week? over NBA finals and each l, finals and all sorts of good stuff, and we should mention speaking against all odds the crew is coming out of our southern California MID July and we're going to Callaway and there are getting faded forgot jobs and we're gonna shoot a video to now. One of those people Harry there was with his boss and friend, can your friend and there is a picture them at the idea at the time yea today and you ve sent it to us with the caption reservoir hogs, because their who
and if people are lower instead of watching measure posted there begged. The big now is whether the funny or tax I've guys, if it does it as screaming and Rikiu Fowler come on Ricky stay in the top twenty. I have you for five hundred and forty thousand. What the who is this with anyone here the debts is we're saying some of their fans were were little unruly, so we say it. I'm Thinkin leg I think, carries there is the deafening. They take a nap and the run. The rough no shoes is a mass they couldn't. I know these guys. Zoning yeah Jeff Chow is asking me: do you think we can get video out of the degenerate, Trifecta Callaway Golf club. Videos like a video, I think we get like real doc you Series Harry irons and clubs of beggar, whose Thou art in that
We look forward to that from thrown game. What's let's go, let's go get reaction to the last episode. You got me, Action is, I I was pretty sure is gonna be bad it and it was- and there was just one region, all that I didn't want word spoiling arrive here is by its eyes, boilers bona sober, Some of the online sports boats had bran sitting on the throne at might and went up to minus five hundred thousand. I really hope this is HBO game. Thrones I put in ten thousand design it spreading around so to throw everyone off the cen, because I do not want that. Guy he's done nothing all year. He was used as bait in the big and the first big battle scene and sure enough hasty on the throne not on off. They pay that out because they are actually was no iron thrown thanks to that pissed off dragon, torched it but yeah you didn't
and winning did you can accommodate now he's just the king, and I did that I actually was hoping Santa get it interesting, but let's go through the episode. I was disappointed as well The and the scale of one to the soprano suddenly ending you'd, probably the middle. For me for how upset I was, I wasn't that upset you are after the sopranos, you were the most upset sports are Non sports. I've ever They knew or heard you you were out of your mind. I was really mad. I was considering like not unfriendly people who, like the thing and it seems like now: everybody likes the ending in Bombay out, but one thing it has done. My expectations are so, love for endings. Like four shows like this, I took one thing and I know
You'll. Do you think in a second but the end game? It runs defence. I think it's very difficult. Fur shows like this with multiple carry like dozens of Kennedy asked to tie up all the loose ends. I you're going to be disappointed. Even in an episode you like I like the last one. I like me to one Dannybrook: bad luck, Merritt. Maybe it happened too quickly to abruptly, but I kind of like that she was badass. It was fun, but even that said, you can find fifteen things wrong with it, but I think that's just how that's how it was with loss to write. Even the great up episodes is like I'll come on at kidnap and even to know, you know what So I tell me what to do what he wants die with that I'm just gonna go through the episode chime in when necessary, complacent throw again so starts out, tyrian magically is able to find where his sister and brother buried under all these rocks
and buried under a lot Iraq's. It's like you live one brick up another seen a kind of family. They could again out of that fight. They should have been under like three but yeah like three layers of rocks before either he should been digging for seven hours, but moves one brick whatever here maybe see a foot or something and then start to get while he ate. I guess he can't left a lot so that the though it had taken the whole hour everybody and then very upset about Jamie did not is upset about Souci I would if I would have liked to have had her do the wake up for a split second and then die mama like I went for a scary thing, but that didn't happen so they had done and if you noticed there about dead with with him lying on, her cannot like they're, almost like dead, cuddling right, yeah dead, sporting, it's a big the air so starts out with the show. First episode ends with.
A dog style, sixteen that ends with him, pushing bran off the half hour and answered them cuddling a new pile Iraq, so they re read the any gave a big speech. She. She talked the lie in that weird language which I think that do you think they actually write that language out are, you think she just add lives words, and then they just put subtitles underneath it. I think at this point they do have the right it out, because the the maniacs the most on the ringer, would would freak out of some new methods ready that language. You can of course said about their cost. That is that language, when he's taken it up in the second pillar, I have asked the office, I do know you hardly arm you bought all, How can anyone even hear what you say in their bang in their sticks against the ground, like a that were supposed to believe they know every time she's going to stop and every time
you gonna resumed speech. She should throw in like an occasional English, where just to make all the thrones maniacs mad. That meanwhile me Sonny Place above but we want Howard Stern The way she decided Tyrian was treasonous. And then Tyrian goes Johnstone Terror and they get together and tyrians. Basically, I can eat you. Gotta do this. He outages kill this lady like witty doing what are we doing here and some really good Really good quotes everywhere. She goes evil man die and she becomes more powerful for it like that. One love is more powerful than reason. Love is the death of duty, sometimes duties, the death of love These are things you and I've never said to each other. As we talked about our marriages,
not yet smile. I got on a pilot, smiling my waist really mad. I have to go again this week with a bright rousseau. John then goes to see the Annie there can be no. That was a necessary seen. It was a good seen because you figure ours is being a pussy cut. It yeah that's what I thought I thought they were like right. This is Tyrians Emmy clip he's gonna get killed them next. Seen Johnson is gonna. Pussy like he always does, there is going too far for dragon and then science is going, Our road, maybe articles I whatever John, goes to see Danny it is all going beyond the throne, really excited about it check it out. All these swords Braggin heard stories about all the swords of thing you're, the guy. Then they have this whole conversation about the future turn what's good and in enchants as they were. How do I know what's good she's, like you just have to trust me. It's all gonna be better.
How do I now and they do this kind of dance and then they break up Ray broke out because he plunged the knife into her the eye, ass, etc, break yeah, I'd like to think they were deigning to tell the tale and their people get mad if you break up with them overtaxed ever been proposed. Then, as now, maybe attack story go serbian bed in this. In this case, a knife to learn, and then the dragon comes in and that's my favorite part of all show in the dragon comes in pretty fiercer. Dragging cries. He does this all stands on. His back lags lives is drag. Wings out the zoo visit the site alone, and then it seems like he's gonna just blow. Fire and John snowed decides that too, and why did it? sign out there. What are we figure wanted than others? Some theories on their related right? Is it yeah yeah. I can't can't kill, indicate he gathered up there
or that that's or their age is kind of. Like them look you're here. Why did he potentially may I've got confused with the dragons, but he may have written on IRAN. So Pierre, that's true. I think that was he rode stand now. I don't think he rode Thou art, thou wilt, I'm due heed roadstead. So then the dragon just blows fire right next to jobs. Now they basically like hey here's, how bad my breath Thus you get away for this. It's gonna be really hot breath or right near vicinity and you're gonna. Remember that small. For the rest, I then flies off never see the jag and again apparent takes Danny shows that the throne, by bloody later then, all of a sudden relegates Roans council did you know that was were I didn't know, and then we moved ahead now Nobody knows John Snow killed. Her like a whole bunch of scenes were skipped. Tyrian is in handcuffs still, but now everybody knows Johnstone he's gotta be whatever tube.
There's a council. I don't really remember how he ended up with the council Brienne of Tarth on it. Is it said this scene? Did this can't be even the greatest thrones apologist? I I can't imagine more than ten percent of people are okay with how this ends up, keep going. It's like twelve, it's a it's like the ad, the high table and John Wayne he's gay and there's some randalls in the in the twelve Irene understand how we ended up with a couple of them like sand sandwich. That's a guy's name red sand, family. His name was in there pretty sure he should have a Emma like Lead Council to decide, you need me alive. The way the battle soon, I was saying I would have shouted makes that I would add torment to guide the Viking out with me Third, the load at him on their at an hour would a mixed up a little bit more so that this council,
Then they all realise that they need a new king or queen and there's no policy in place and one guy stands up and start split his case. They tell him the shut. The fuck up. An aid they just kind of don't know what to do in gray worms. I can we just what she's kill tyranny. Never figured out later materials,
can have some ideas on what we do for next king and everybody shut up and listen for the next five that its Fathi lays effort. The whole case spur. Actually it should be brand because brain remembers everything that happened in the past and the stories are which should make a great king and that's why we should take this. The right guy. You can't walk into creeps everybody out and is the least funny character in the history. Television and let's put let's put west, rose in his hands. Let's do less and by the way, are we supposed to believe that all these different entities know the story about a brand, and I got the impression that he ever was just here, for the first time, aside from science and FAT Sam and everybody then, and those people, I think it's ok, listen you're, the guy. You know he remembers everything he has magic powers hasn't demonstrate
them for any of you in the last few minutes, but trust anyone, even if you don't believe he s magic powers, he was pushed out a window is a cripple. Let's just make him Candia. What do you say and too and they're all on board, except for his sister, who actually knows the story and she's like near a right. You can do that, but we're gonna supper The north is the north. You be my everyone votes yes and she's a whole that basically she'd negotiates I'll. Take the north. Make me in the north, and I won't make a fuss hair, and I want you, two thousand twenty one. First round, Peck and I got a firm, fragmented links and that's it we're good to go. So this the Daniel Jones of all draft writer. Everybody's good right away with this hour had sown the creepy cripple he's gonna. Take he's gonna, be king and then I sites is gonna, get the north and then what
a Johnstone and his wife, who just be with great gray worms bad now his I really really were doing their sight made. So basically I give up my life. I lose my girlfriend this guy stabs by queen and the heart. I we lose all the dragons, all my death rakkeed deeds had now he's that that racket read what I say now you re born stars, wrangler added unsightly, always at the idea. Is that you? The answer I would, by the way you don't know if there's eighteen, unsullied laughed or or two hundred thou forehead everything so he's just bitter and then on top of everything like John Snow gets the lives Brandt Brand, the unbroken the brain, the broken Brenda broken Tyrian, whose about to get the electric chair then say saved his life with the five minutes will agree. Becomes the hand to the king, the names in brand, the broken and
and then everything's fine and now he's that not a trader didn't commit treason and, and the We want that. Everybody really likes John Snow is that these is exiled to the winter barrier, to the north. With all these terrible people and and and everyone's ok, what even like, even though there is only one person who doesn't my chance now at this point, its Graham like its grey worm and he's out so everybody likes chance now on one side, gray. Worms at the other side. Johns, though, is basically on the necks with Katy in Cuba and then gets traded to the table. Whose end now has to live in Minnesota outdoors and play fur and hang out torment and hopefully everyone's allow get awarded thing. Well, that looked like this sort of like a bird like commercial when he locked eyes were torn and write their backs can be beers flowing in it. I mean that's. Instead of a pre equal, they could
did the Pasqua so so so Santa keeps the north and chanting. Oh, I was taken on wrote that my doubts first mob say who is the letter said bread has no interest in being king and he can't Father children, Santa ass, a ringing endorsement of bread candidacy. Start his army, the king. He can't walk, he became five children. Can we come up with a better choice? Have, as I now say there, this is their choice. They forget the courage. This is a sibling rivalry, hound and never here it's. This is the rivers and cry people and like that that was the last thing I wanted was for brand the rule, but at least if it was gonna happen, make it some magical shit, don't make it some Tyrian, whose really the about have his head cut off. I guess
and anyway it that he wins over all these people who have no idea rights, come then gimme a break and then bran who that doesn't LISA Insight that guy, who doesn't doesn't really say anything offer anything offer any help, any guidance, any real he's in that something should happen, but then, after it happened, she's one of those how I told you that was going to happen, yeah yeah, well, that that was going to happen all along. It's all preordained. But you knew if you know everything's preordained could just fucking tell us before maybe Danny burns down entire city, the Unita has preordained. Could you just given us a tip heads up? It's like he's gonna have the unwarlike. All gay he's got like the baby, for what was the big sports encyclopedia back to the future EU is deeply report's all get he has that in doesn't sharing for with anybody. You say: oh yeah, I knew I was gonna happen. Yeah The idea is giving to obey the others. I an interior
yeah, I knew I knew this was work out. You could be my hand cuz, that's right, even other night Jane was knows too knows or than that sands. I was gonna come in the last minute and even though she was a hundred miles away from the whole thing and save the day, he knew the hope. So we have this fact in council. Point: does anybody on the council say hey brand? You seem to me Everything that happened in is gonna happen. What would happen if you became the king? How would that go? Can you just tell us to say that I regret that the vote? Would you big king? Could you let the next forty years for us now nobody being set up right so in a way, I'm glad they rushed through it. But yes, you're right that there should have been a little more to her that everyone is in her first time anyone ever agrees on the one king. This is going to be No questions asked Well, I was saying the irony of this being on the same day as the money in the bank paper view. This is basically bran brand cash. The suitcase
ray, it was gonna, be it was lookin like sand Santa and then bring came flying aim with this Kay since I D day in day out, well our aid and then he took the EU, took the front, basically the mayor's being thrown back. So Can a series be ruined by by its finale? I had a couple people, email me that the first six seasons where M J First six balls titles, and then these last two, a M J wizards. I dead, silence Something of an analogy is, it seems like because actually enjoy the last to have J Wizard seasons, even though they didn't read on any titles right right. Why enjoyed this? I enjoyed this season more than most. I just didn't really like than council thing. I thought it was
two at it was too fucking crazy, been ruined it like have some supernatural thing happened with gas. If you're going to do it, just it just too too much. We trust you little guy go ahead, go on everyone go on with their lives and then for Sansa turn her back on it. You know like what what a petty thing that was, but I don't think anybody anything gets. Hundreds of bass, soldiers fired at more than the words brand, the broken Hoosier later this brand, the brook and philosophy, and then they relate to buy The builder none other than the rocket Brandenburg Gray with poor girl. Well he's taken over the inside then he's like he's brand, the broken egg. I guess I'm gray worm, no generals rights have broken a grey where no generals refuting This is now the worst thing has Arabian seems impossible. So jobs, though, say goodbye to the start, but
nor are they related anymore Kyle. I still can't figure with his mouth. His mom is a stark. Ok, as mothers who today are the same on them now, so there he's like a cousin exactly so, they thought he was a bastard half brother, but he's actually just their cousin. Exactly so you- and I I mean you wanna- talk- shooting percentage, good job by those dragon, somehow somehow killing off the hundreds of thousands of peasants and everyone. In any one in their path, but managed to save thirteen of the fifteen. My analysing pinpoint aim of so let us think about all the stars, not as emotional as I wanted it to be. I did like the Farewell Sharia and then
she's going West of Westeros, so she she's becoming a pirate. It looks like I'm into that right. That's fine! She, if they, if they wanted to post, go live re of the pirate. In the one thousand three hundred, I guess I've been to one thousand three hundred and thirty is now down to get sciences queen in North brand is brand. And the king of everything, except for the nordic chance. That was just hanging out Minnesota with Carlini towns and ghost who has now when here, and I have never heard the story, at either. Why does ghost have one ear Oh, what the world a world here? What happened the year? I don't know! No! a nation at the main road? Is it I wonder the main host. Why did you that I think cut off its own ear. After listening to the tribal council, there's like I can't hear this enemy, they told go, spread the broken his downward Uk Sab. Tab cutting by Europe is both
tat when you're graduating high school in your writing. Whatever she did that yearbook and she's riding Jamie story and awe and cannot ever it was like when graduating high school in your writing. Whatever she did that and I threw out, I was hoping for, but she was pregnant, havin fun. Maybe they cut that out, but further there is about ten seconds error. Brianna starts now carrying a new lannister, and maybe you now have the red meat You have to read the book with that back earned Sammy's Bobby So then I then Canada with John style as this sad life walkin, because with torment and they're gonna, look for some some some wilding people there was. Oh and my browser, God forgot to mention that we lost all right here, thou sad, so debt,
there are making big decisions, so that was it right. I led a day had everything now I think that is it not Kalen villagers and the beginning of the captives and others that struggle. I think you should call who got killed a it in this week, Well, clay one and I lost I like him in second about Tibet, because you could have gotten clay the bridge. Maybe that's as the king I think I am goes on clay that broke the tears absurd gesture. Well, so I gives a discipline I give the first three seasons and a plus plus plus I gave the next three seasons like a b plus and then I would go out, go be minus four in his last. Do I still think it's like incredible television, Michael at last week's episode was, I was Attica,
I love my Aztec loved it away that we need to talk about cobra, I think eyes, high school fighting. Everyone knows. Karate was better than anything better. Scenes play you caught out of. You saw the whole second season Vanessa. We watch for Saturday and ended at tat. The last episode was really great. So good really add I don't ever watching they were. My son wife were like oh, my god. We really were the edge of our seeds when it on without the spoil yeah we might as well. Who has been on for three weeks the IRA. He did. I tell you what I thought was going to happen. Yeah. You told me alley: welcome you think. She's, a dog, AUS, Doktor, she's gonna, come back and fix. Mc goes back. You don't know that for sure you know the doktor do we lay not. It was said she was doktor alley. Somebody. Oh that's right, yeah, that's right at the end on the phone, I a show for you that I thought it did not watch until this weekend. I thought was an incredible binge watch.
There. You are tweeting about words about all american meat is like the o c cross with frightening. Let's go so the white shadow, it was a seed aerials. Yes, I never watched it, but then it went on their flags. Tay digs. Isn't it my wife like stay, Dag she's? I can we give this enchants and it's a football show. In the final show. The kids are crunch. I and the coach Beverly Hills High played by tee digs can It's a shame to switch to Beverly High School, because he'll give him a better chance to become an all american. So he joined this team. It's like the classic outside or comes into the new school with the rich kid. And the people on my gun and now he's on the football team. He's gotta get along two girls like gum, any still get the ties to Crenshaw and there's gang staff and its really get gap.
I'll, give it a shot and everyone watches it. No, I recommended the funniest thing about. This is there's a football game and Malibu has a football team in the game they Davy, he rarely barely has cosy. Huge gamma gets Malibu malware dude, it's the Malibu offered Savior. Forms of everything and then there's another gaming, its Culver City? So there is a listing. I lay suburbs, like their full names. As I do more good, luckily I'm all caught up in TVS. I can add this to the roster I which big bet for this week. I think we bounced back with the box. I agree with you. I haven't thought about it enough, but the fact that their favorite them three point fairer, buyer Tuesday. Let's do but would do bucks money line in our words money less than it does now pleasure thanks for coming back, good job. I hereby thanks so much to the cause we're still out, I think, is probably coming back next week is cause we actually did to yesterday. So
one of those counter for this week and then next week, while the great big awesome finals preview for you, thanks to his own We have good ideas, yandah com sign up thanks D Cobb, whether you're looking to revitalize the growth of air or learn more about the latest, proven methods for hair replacement, restoration, hair club or craft. Personalized solution, gotta hair cut. That comes. I summoned today to get free here. Health and scalp analysis for new customers enjoy a two hundred and fifty dollars savings on any qualifying her cubs service after initial consultation, that's hair club that calm, Slash Simmons back this week with two more pack ass, don't forget about the watch was pads as one does create about binge bout. Last binge bout game thrones. Ever on Thursday, the Big bug pike S will continue with the last two rounds package.
Probably ever do Thursday looking forward to it.
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