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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined ESPN's Brian Windhorst to discuss the 76ers, Celtics, Lakers, Clippers, and more (2:25). Then Bill is joined by Mallory Rubin for Million-Dollar Picks and Mallory's Most Intriguing, in which she shares her top three story lines of the week, including Heisman weekend, NFL coaches on the hot seat, and more (44:00). Finally, Bill calls up his buddy JackO to discuss the Yankees' signing pitcher Gerrit Cole (1:34:30).

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were also brought by the ringer dot com and the Ringer Podcast Network, where I two other pack has this week. Sorry rather good past content this week. Sometimes I just have to do it here, I've good ones this week, including the reaction was, we did have Gilmore and the book a basque ballpark as broke down two thousand six game. Seven spurs man, so that happen also wanted to mention we're doing. The we watch was an m c in December December, sixteenth eight p m I am sees best Christmas ever made try and making our we watch was told debut during our work here, made possible by I have where you can try often the shove menu new and only for a limited time, remember tunas that your davy ours for the reaction was and am see ELF Monday December, sixteenth, at eight p m, incredible new, say pitted anchored sure you'd be surprised what a worthy once when we
We for that one anyway, come it out. We are they hodgepodge package for you. Brian Horst nobody Jacko Mally Ribbon first hour, It's from project breadwinner sincere he's here, because we take the example of the best, but no one is why haven't given, but since you have I don't know you don't do this. Are you don't wanna talk about basketball, its huge current job? and never see. You show us that every day Is a new adventure. What have you to talk about today? Do you do you have?
waste any more, do do you are you you just say, John. You go from studio the studio. The thing about it is like a nobody knows where I live. We all think I live in LA and live somewhere. Well, if you live anywhere, you might arrive night you may be dropped. Around they get a mad, and crews are just going to these different location. That's right! I would love to have loved that see. That's when you ve really achieve like with corn Heizer. Had that bus, yeah yeah, I mean that's, That ahead, Spencer, the idea better. So I think this is in an unusually entertaining and funding bases in, but we think we tended well in the negative with this stuff in starting with China before the season, and then it's like the ratings are down. How do we fix staff and stuck obey my stuff in the next thinkin. I think, maybe just societies more negative. I really need the night tonight, basketball. I think it's been really get you think. If you focus, I hate to some a David Stern here, but
whenever the NBA would go through tough times western. He would go the game or went out yeah, unlike if how can you watch the Miami HEAT play this year and not excited about the huge when have our Toronto being Latvia, true defending chip, and I think that the Celtic so one of the most fun teams to watch right now, there's a lot of surprises around what are you ve talked refer when I met the fact that this is really first time the is as good as the west from a top five or top sex. However, you want to go I have. Six is as good as item six, unless I'd like to believe that I think the top two in the West are better. I agree like if I was picking for if we were drafting teams to when I would pick the two early teens for Milwaukee and the mark. If answer get mad because we just one fifty great were waiting. My twelve points again and we have the best, buy the league and everybody, thinking. This is happening like gun some alter universe. I know I get it
I was in, I was in China for the World CUP. Little did. I know that was the good China trip Jesus. You know last one days in China, River Basque, and I had this chinese crew with me. They they did no, the NBA very well, but they knew basketball. He spoke English to new basketball and so we're with team USA for three stray weeks, and we got two weeks in Are you asking me this one? Guy start asking me Ming men was is a very good man, so it asked me about what some of these players for continuous eight make an arm. I go. Yellow brick Lopez just signed a four year, fifty million dollar deal. What goes Lopez was awful yet in China, and I said Chris Middleton who was like him we had a good six quarters out of the whole time. I would say he was semi offer,
he's below average IKEA. He just sign four hundred. Seventy million. Are you, and he just like- fell out of his seat and even of themselves there you know built into good player, but he's not now. You think about that. He's couldn't believe after watching Milton boy, you put them together, round about way was terrible, their terrible and miserable they remain a mere one. Messy has to play for Argentina yes. I am, and one may do so like to tell him that lake O Ye put your the honest. Could we saw Young spoke up against yawning Middleton him and men Numb Lopez together. That's like the core of the best him the league. He D been like. What's going on what so, if you were talking about the NBA, but when you put them together, they fit they fit well together, and that just do you notice that I respect the box as I do
that their built, while around the honest, but I dont, look at them in a foreigner in of braced afore against the allay teams and feels good about it from a regular season standpoint. They make a lot of sense, and I think this is the special thing about TAT. I see no were taken this on a Wednesday last night. After that Billy Damper Game bark land- Shack Winona beat a little bit and they did it. It's interesting now how they catch their comments. I think that's more reflection of immune irish words. You're always thinking about how people are gonna receive what you're saying, because it so easy to advocate, thrown against you, and I are you're just hating and stuff like that in the old days, Davis would ripped amid right, and these days there saint they're doing it alone, they're, saying they're doing a little more carefully, but their basically saying we don't
well we're seeing from him night tonight because he's that consistent enough- and if you want to be great consistency, is what makes somebody great being knowing that it's a game against Denver. You gonna GEO gauge where you want to your room supposed rivals. This is a game. You should have thirty some points in twelve revised, and an shack who, I think, has gone really good at that shows as the as he's got more wraps and he's just like we're, not criticise, I will give you knowledge. We ve been in these positions. We ve been on the best teams with battled the best poorer. As we know it takes in you're, not good enough. Yet, and on the flip side, I look at some of the yacht us and yet ass night after night delivers- and I think That'S- I think he should through twenty games here navy, pier twenty one games for sure, but I think that's what really makes him special is night after night after night he's the same and beat I don't know what I'm getting from a beat. If you, if you play daily fantasy or something and you haven't, beat Azure Center, like
fuck, you might might work one day the next day they might not show up, and I think that's a real thing and I, if he really wants to be great, it's he's got a star walking the walk a little. I would to have the minutes from the conversations between Elton brand and ownership, and I guess spread Brown was involved and in his front office when they made the decision to do what they do with their roster. This year, which was we're not gonna resign Jimmy which they knew they work, because they do not from a max what she heaved. He knew I mean they gave me offer, but it's more than that story, though, and even I don't have it- I don't know the inside. I can't sit on the package, but I know it happen something and behind the scenes, and nobody is talking about it. I don't know others women's fell like Belarus to program Beeder, there's some fight. We no about by young mothers, alluded to it, though a couple times he's like I had to go. It was time to leave, but
as I explained why that's that sort of an invoke thing. I Paul Georgia today saying about ok, Sayer Alberta, Indiana. He was in Indiana. He said there is a real villain here. What is aben, I think you're talkin about the legend. Ah, oh yeah, like he said that we have within the any booed, really heavily and people like once again Buddhism LAW for three years and he's like when I tell my story, you know this happen, you know guys get and I murmured bill O Reilly got knocked out. Please wait! A lightweight till the truth comes. I will go in for years. He said you know when you hearing what the bill as you know, the real villainous Well, you know what I know he's gonna get hit by lightning bolt now glass, if even allegedly he didn't say that. But when I talk to people Indiana, they fell, like you know his lashed his last healthy year after he came back from
broken leg. You came back and played a few games, then he came back and, and they want to move on to power forward yet and bird was based like I don't care if you want to play their good on their play and that's what people I talking in India that's ways referred to, I don't know monsieur so one gb says or something else, maybe with super duper important. Maybe it wasn't. But even if you say I try to your tongue about foes roster, I know just but as malaria had when Jimmy. Ok, it's bad hosting. I mean why I brought it back. I knew you'd want to hear by Larry the when you look at Jimmy Butler like even if that decision had been made because of some unknown thing. The decision to sign hoarfrost, the decision to use that money on whore and come into
season, say: okay and the two thousand nineteen twenty and Ba this is gonna, be our roster or we're gonna Gorgon reliant by Sarah to generate shouts force. We need it. I would have gone. I think that the six years have made a lot of good decisions, but will have fibre thing. It was really smart, though so mad. I want for the south so badly. It fucking kills me, and you know every time he has good highlights and what you say about personal words, because that's essentially the player that they got for moving back. Much whether I would have taken by fourteenth. Well, that's what I like this guy was not just delete defence away. This guy was like transcended the defensive way and the question of him as well. I can't shoot yet it's like if this guy try this sort of defence she's going to learn how to shoot. He will be in the gym every day at least figure out how to make a corner three and then he's a different player.
But I think they made a lot of good decisions, but I question them going into the season and saying this rosters gonna work It's kind of. I was therefore what I don't think, either of us feel like they ve made good decisions, because that is didn't, had to ultimately be we're going to have this big goofy, weird team and offensively. We can make it work so they're there gambling right at that point. The gimbal is not paid off cuz. I offensively they when they get to like a game, v game six game, seven or around two. I don't know how they're going to score. I was there for their training camp and I just I felt what they were trying to do basis. It was an audacious plan. I like that. I picked them, make the files as a lot. We come in I ve Missouri, there could be ass exacted to right yeah, but only after the exchange, forty texts of me about it the ten other people that has its own prioritizes hey. I was just wondering who you pick you to make the files I he agonising over this like he's,
He has a way of making people feel like there. The only person his texted, but you know, he's just copy pasting that fifteen people especially ran towards that end. When he's like But he's in the middle of writing like a big column, like you know, he references like it's on the Erika just this week, I'm doing my you know my all whatever team yeah like you. Of course you know that it's wicked December, of course you know that a lot will pick. This is six years, but I just remember, being there and I talk I talked to him beat I talked to him and I talk to how I was like this. This is really a gamble. What they're doing here? Why think the though Marcello resellers been upset about it. All. Where am I allowed to attacks of him and join us about it?. Fundamentally, what they're doing is wrong. So it's like I'm not give up on them yet because this whole idea that, indeed, should be twenty five feet in the basket and seamanship.
More down low and corporate is just and non factor. Twenty seven feet from the basket, like the geometry if the entire team is so poorly constructed? I just assume at some point, though, fix this right if it, if I built a house, and I put the tv in the middle of the room and you walked ass. Well, boy, that's where was the tv while MIKE it's fine but not much? in that chair, the tv just going to be there and you, like it, Where did you just put on the Y know, I don't know with their offices like. I know you love what, if YO, what if they had offered Ben Simmons for Anthony Davis powers, there you're pretty, thus parts I was called for that. That was the trade provided when you were a hugely s. Yes, because he's ls, you I know, is there for fifteen minutes, but not only you see it all star, but they can sell it. Would you try to buy, as for crisper now
I mean I understand why you would I understand why you would say by just I can't I can't take that. I I can't. You shop and be, I would try to get rude holiday, so everybody's ever he wants to how do you know why cause he's really good? I would should you how far the pelicans would you depends on what the hot, with the asked, what the offer is? Would you trade you how it ever Simmons cassettes on my favorite fixed rates if Oda pelicans yeah that's interesting, that's the most logical fun trade on the internet, radio and are enough it's on the internet. I feel I feel he would want something else on the deal really I'd be so happy. I got drew Howdy goes down like while we commend the final sir, if I get in the email, but you think you're talking about a guy who's under hidden who signed under contract twenty one years old you'd have to worry about him, he's with your team for five years. What is seventy? Five
now. This is a very polarizing topic. I just there are certain or certain people who think that Simmons is MAGIC, Johnson Light, and they will defend that so the case for sentence such a great athlete any really does have a high Basque by Q, and he does stuff, especially than against defensively, that if you go back and watch like early magic, early bird early M J anybody he he does have these same. The bigger the stakes, the smarter he is defensively instincts and yet like come at how many became Susie ever bedded. You know like does that at some point. There is a matter that you ve gone through high school Alice. You nothing Sixers, you gotta tasted it last year, but I watched him at the end. These games offensively and he just seems lost to me. We ve also Kyar defiant about changes game. You know. Yoke is like that to you.
Origin, say boy. If you were better condition or if you did this he's like a banal and be a player, I've gotta MAX catch up and I'll be a player. What don't talk to me? I'm fine and two sentences. Car the same. Why like he will get angry. If you talk too much about it, you just as we talk about an like Janius recognizes he's got to improve his jumps out. You see I'm working on it. It's not going great praise making income progress. You can see him yeah putting in the work- and I know that that is put in the work to a certain extent, because he he issued a little bit better, but he doesn't seem debts were so frustrating is that he seems like look. I'm gonna play the way I want to play and they get. It goes to the audition saying that the six we are playing in another era and I'm gonna point our from another era and what their basically saying is. We gamble at the cost of four hundred million that we signed up
guys too, that this is going to work and it flies in the face of a lot of what the NBA is right. Now, that's one site: it's it's a it's a real audacious plan. I think he's of almost have finished product defensively and just unfinished offensive way which, in its weird to watch em cause. I thought the opposite is, can be the case come in, but what we need is part of a lotta wins. I mean year, rack off, wins and he's. When you talk about the audacious no sir, I just a sea they fell. I'd taken, move wherever they actually need to move. What about the guy that always been tradable right? There is now that care see was on the pod two weeks ago. As a day. You know they move Harrison. He's like you see, this year by year numbers as they. What is it like? Twenty eight, the pressures, a thirty six go back there and say by four Tobias Aramis column, yeah like I'm, because some people on people said the patrol blazer should move and upon formation here and think about trading freedom, a column
comes contractors former column. I've been guilty of a two year, always get he's, always gotta go. Who in this I know how to change for the elegant ever come close to it. I got never even heard one with media that that's ever been operative, so I had a thing my ipod last week about changing the trade percentage thing to fifty percent of the salary from what is a twenty five now refer is seventy five percent or eighty policy just yea. It depends on twenty five or seventy five dependent So you look right so Kevin love who makes twenty nine million hours the calves can't trade em to any team that the sellers have to add up to at least like twenty three year. Something like that and this is a relic of last decade when you know they're trying to protect the small market teams, they're trying to make sure there is that too many trade right, but the guys back down we're making thirteen the. Denying the best players. They never saw a scenario workers powers. Can we make you thirty nine million dollars a year and its absurd to China,
these contracts has it's turning. This half have nots thing where you have the best guys making between twenty nine and forty. And then you have a bunch of guys making between you know three and twelve receive assiduous the Celtic swear there really one move away and they there have small contracts, are giant contract as this others. They can do anything there, there's one, which is one of the reasons why I think it would be interesting if they actually extended terrors year. I think that was the reason they consider doing it not last sought not when it became a free agent, but last year, but like going into the seas and to have an asset right that he first aid the he knew that Thou Peter Well, it's not like you to take an. We ended up doing just fine, but like they can't trade mark a smart guy, your people say: oh, they could do this. They could trademark work is more Sahara. The team is a train, heavy might be bred Stevens, they require of all time and corn Heyward he's. We point the gourd Heyward here treat him so Gordon,
we could have been had last summer. I think, by buying an aggressive team. I don't think I think this out thanks I don't think they were ever in a shop em, but other calves have been like a cavalier forgotten. Heyward. Let's talk, I don't think so. You ve been there right into the bitter, and it's my feel that the Celtics will not trade Gordon. I hope they traded as an autonomous, like I'm just choices made by penalties. Do I know what you're saying they have Are there any other stuff? This is what I can say yeah. It's my feel that they will not trade, Gordon him going forward and backward ok going forward. No, I I don't think he was ever feel betrayed. Why don't think they're shop them? My feeling is that this all this is all I can say without getting aggregated. So, as I can say, oh god. The aggregated well yeah that within my phone rings from Bristol, and they want to know why report the story so Debbie Funny, if I, if I had pods with envy,
people and every time there is a threat of aggregated. We just had actors playing aggregator coming in with computer. You know, like I respected as a job like when I do Pike S. Sometimes I have to say yes to be careful as this claim. I am not reporting this. I'm saying this is my opinion, because you say something annexing: it shows up in the d, the teams or the agents for the players or the GM as they don't, listen all podcast. They just see, though the push alert on their phone, and I get. Phone call from which Paul going. What the hell did, you just say, definitely Davis homesick. No, no! No! No! I mean I was talking about so it's it's. Fires have been very careful and other Gordon was going traded. That's my Slipping if he's a hundred thousand said that gave you turn out? so be bad if they traded room. I really like the South EAST Timor untouched by the moments I particularly a frame bridge makes it easy and affordable framer favorite things from our prince and posters. Tie you best photos without is fast approaching, is perfectly to give ridiculously easy and thought
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was there is another aggregator thing he shooting. I Devon Booker for pointing this out like yeah cause the it says you should play, you know, these things help it's good to being games, it's good to been worse situations, it's good to be bounded with other people, I think for the south, even though the seventh place was awful It was awful, it's that it gave them a huge advantage for the season and I Tatum Dance Brown breathing everyone from those guys at this point in their careers. They attack on both ends the really good defenders they can switch on any sort of defensive situation. And it's one of the biggest assets. Any team has right now those two guys they love Campbell Walker yeah. They.
It's under his organdy and, of course there is the Cairo Irving thing: that's the comparison bright, even if we just drew avail across that they love em Kimber brought his family. They got to know if they get to know his family. It was like this. You Knox. I hear these. I hear these. These teams, like oh yeah, we went to the Bahamas for three days, were to San Diego for three days with his great training camp Hamas Vegas. I do agree that that helps, but this particular situation. These guys went forth three weeks actually longer that has had training camps was a month and there were new players to play together and they hunger every single that enable twisting when China yeah we're they go, do right.
And I think it for Thanksgiving. I think he I think his family had like everybody's over whatever was there the night before? Like he's just one of those guys, my thing about Kamba is this. This is my personal opinion. I see it with Donovan Mitchell too cuz I showed up in the World CUP. I think in the game. Two: two game: five elimination, game, six, elimination, game. Seven, I think, if you really need it, I think it's going to be chat more challenging for Kemba size yet, and I know that his hands will rush to me enable look widely Connecticut, look where he won this game here as Charlotte. Look we're gonna, look at these game winners, yet I must say he could never do it. I just think that it will be a challenge, but that bad I Tatum Tatum anywhere does strike. I think that's why I have
James obey the guy's. That's why it's gotta be those that's why you and brown stepping forward this year, your Tatum said he. He was asked the question even come on ass for, but he said he talked about being and also for the first time. If I have to pick all stars, I'm not pick and Tatum first or second off the Celtics independent. What you're doing about Heyward? I may not picking third and that's not mince to tell them that they can make any misdemeanours, ok, but he's heaven, all sorry I'll, say jail in one aid, Tatum one B, the thing with Tatum as Kimber Coward. I can't come by third: ok because their defences pre viable, but I would go make the argument that, if jail in Brown, Campbell Walker with a selfish representatives, I wouldn't be upset, and it's not because I have anything against Tatum. I just think that that's how good those guys applied the advanced, metrics
the Tatum, even though he has ensured that this year did just so much better ones on the floor and at some point I am not a huge postmen as guy it really. I think it needs a lot of contacts. I need to know who the back up and stuff like that. He just allows them to do so. Many things I give you go back to where I remember rain, but have a check on my book in the thing that kept popping up was one of the things I made him viable was his ability to really play anywhere. He could be it. Ardor forward you the point guarded, it didn't really matter sea could build what routine, you had around him and you get prayers instead of being like up. You know like a Benson same while we have been. Sometimes we have to have this this this to succeed. Tatum is this guy. Who can guard any position, and he also even play the to guard. If the union him to he can try us which outlines the honours the way lineups with him in jail and as like kind of these quorum called bigs energy?
the guy I will make this work, that's what the flexibility he gives them is so much more valuable than the fact that he's only shooting forty two percent instead of forty eight or whenever it is because here's the thing Brad his bread once he if he has a choice here, pick the most skilled Blair yet, and so he would rather have five skilled players that he can move around and get them their move on defence and worry about dealing with em bead menaces thereon. You we talked about the Sixers audacious plan. The way Brad Stevens is playing their audacious plan is we think we can win this way without without having a centre on the core or with Daniel ties on the court. The fresh thing was: when Heyward went down there, it was really clicking and they ve stopped pretty well without him, but it Where did my tweet broke his hand two minutes later, but you can
we see it dad figured it out how to play those three guys together, slash and kick, and I think their destiny in the playoffs is Kemba's, not the guy who's going to be deciding you saw in the clippers game They were so long. I guess he got his shop ox seven times what happened against Serbia like Donovan Mitchell Encumber had played great, I mean it was for him in the morning. I must begin by to watch it. Serbia gets up thirty two to seven. The? U S, ten USA, without very two to seven yeah. They make this incredible comeback: Donovan Scoring Campbell Scoring Gilbert shut them down against fur. That's shut, their humble and Mitchell mattered, and then the next him against Serbia. There they had always clutching a big. It's really hard to trust small guys in the inn. As you get deeper and deeper and wider, I don't and this is really knows- paused ever ran the final say no, I know and its heart and soul
I think, if you're using him a little like how the calves use carrying the two that sixteen finals kind of war is the one be he's therefrom, you know who at three us, but you can't be like camera win this game. As things can have trouble, so the Celtics played those six years on opening night. They haven't played sense red six years, pounded them on the boards size overwhelm them think there was a thirteen point aim or some it was not that close. It might be a bad match up for the south. So that's my think. There, the next three times a plan b, a puncher thing I want to watch those games they could, I could be wrong paper scissors with buck six or south Ex were all of them yet match up against somebody and cause. I want to see if the if cause I've asked people for this office about this, can you cause they like a chance Agus Milwaukee yeah? Can you beat the sixty four and seven, and I
they don't know, but they're gonna try, but they may have to plan the better how it goes. The embed thing is a great x factor because by Tory talked about I'm somebody iranian shape is again and give a shit. Health is gonna, be near the rim see health can be healthy. I I wouldn't I don't I'm not a prediction sky, but this could this could be a year were Boston if it falls right for them could out of nowhere slice, it especially because the nets don't how are not up and running and the Sixers roster is imbalance. I ask I can't believe I'm saying this. I can't cannot Miami, because I still feel that one awesome trade to make, and I really like their team and having bam. You know the people actually watch basque Bordeaux. This it's it's turn into during the last few weeks but I m alibis. One out of
The last hour, and probably when the twenty most impact for guys in a league, the casual fin wouldn't know that few watch Miami only pesticides, discuss kind of semi. I mean again team USA, but indeed be data. For lunch. I now that's the problem of their bead. It's like if you wave the second carried in front of him and he's like oh wait. What and he puts up the thirty nine eighteen at a bio in team, USA, training cap pop was nice enough to let us watch a lot of actual raw practice, so I got to see how to Bio play. A lot is a most had ever seen and play in any kind of setting like better than occasion on tv I didn't watch while he games, he was explode off the core with us is: let us has a minute. He was there Could they kept plumply rate? Pavlovitch? Are, we sure is good? I don't I told I told them the second I don't know why. I don't know what you want to stick to build the whole team around his defence they could happen.
I came and Tatum in jail in may not an idea that may not mattered problematic wait for we go without saying. Really. Quite yes, this is, worked out, I would say a twenty out of twenty they traded are these picks and all probably had a Lakers Rabanus where book, as if state healthy, be now, they traded. All these picks and all these great young prospects and players because New Davis was this good, so that surprising we knew Davis. Was this good? I wasn't prepare a hundred percent for how they played together, do their play. Blueprints. A genius like, of course, they're gonna play well together, but man, it's it's a real
Good partnership so far been impressed and they seem really aligned on and court off the court. There's no ego stuff. It's dangerous are concerned as a Laker Haider. Here's what I've tried direct! My brain for has the Braun ever played with a guy. Who's, is good of shooter and is good of a defender, as is Danny Green, but we oppose any green earliness career, but he wasn't player, but if you think about it, like he's played with some great there's always play with some great defenders, so you're saying just a prototype. Go three India guys you ever had a better. I mean this is the if you- and this is why I think whose most struggling and people talk about whose Miss stats most important start with Christmas minutes. Plate logos, just like twenty two men, yes cause Vogel, doesn't think is a good fit. If you look at the history of Leubronn the last twelve years, two types of people play with abroad as complementary pieces, shooters and defenders,
Now, brethren Ingram, ironically, the sheer shooting the frenzied Ingram shot like this premiums. Three point: shooting explosion is unbelievable, that the only positive thing come another pelicans, but that's not any those guys last year. Heart was not that we heard a little bit it's not that Cosmo is not that Rhonda was not that Randal shut up has improved a little bit. Daddy Green is like the ideal player. I can't think unless I'm having a brain far, I because you know yes, you play with Ray Alba reopen when that at that point didn't defend like Danny Green. Does not the moves to trade goods but yeah enough there there. Yet the though
one thing that I felt really strongly about. Was I didn't understand our Davis O Brien Cosmo could operate together because there are basically the same position you may just makes. I did in fact the cosmic can't defend or shoot at high level he's a stretch for right, but he's not a good, no shooter to be that's not right, but he also got hurt you insert again now, but I think that's if they, if they want to win the title of this year, I think that's the last piece for them is to use him and try to get. I really like ours, crews. Big, I think he's been. Did I dont know if he's somebody trust with four minutes. I've done against seven. You. I said that I That's my default them. High costs are honest spill. The package we just did but
I remember you. Do I trusted again seven. I remember you said that when you were covering the spurs heat series, you were like. Why pick players from my game? Can I trust them for my team and I trust and put him on the floor and game six or seven? I'm you saw think about that ten think think how many guys ended up playing in those two games in it. That was eggs Billy Balin Ellie ran two thousand fourteen who's had a really strange career in his bouncer has been at that means, but for whatever reason you could play them in that game and some of the guys at Toronto had last year same same thing like, and I didn't know fredbear and we could play in that game. Does the gray text back there, but Eventually he became somebody who could play in these games. I think Caruso
could do that. I dont know for sure that his defence of numbers are crazy. He's fearless as the cool thing like he really is fucking fearless. He doesn't care Thea. I my instincts tell me- and I have said this in the lake- your fans have pushed back on me and said: well, we ve got I'll five. You fancy! Don't you talking about. I still think they need another guy to worry about Hawaii and combine Paul George, because I still think forty minutes of the two of them on the wings to defend them. It's it's a lot on the broad I'll pay you can do it healing around the bronze like Brady and were starting to see with Brady this year. Were we just started blocking them in year after year, because it just become absurd already and its emphatic well out until he stopped doing it, we just have to assume he's gonna keep doing it and Brady. Finally, this year there's been some some slips now, some of that as is supporting, cast, but there's still
When can I watch the pats on Sunday there's some moments where we cannot look at each other Guph brands that there? Yet I'm a little word he's spending a lot of energy early in the season. That's apart, I don't get. He he's doing it. I think mindfully, because he'd gotten into this routine, where he sort of blood a slow, build the Lakers Kenneth couldn't afford to do that. I also want to get a deal going, but I wonder if in the back half hill, where a little- but I just think now the retort from the lake her fan is well who's. Lord Methley Davis. Ok, wise guy, you think Lakers. These somebody to guard could requirement. He's Garnier they Davis. I agree that a good point here is one of the toughest guys to guard in the last decade in the NBA agree. But the clippers have a lot more depth. Groups have a lot more options. Lengthy Davis has improved he's, gonna play good every player, Anthony Davis has been proven. He can play it straight months. That should be at least so that that would be my thing with that, but if they can get things, just keep them on the court,
till June. I don't see any way. It's our coopers, Lakers guess what we did. You see that Lakers them again therefore has no chance against Lakers they never be that I was actually at brawny. James commend our air, but I will say the Lakers are better than I thought there would be and I think the limited better than they thought they would be and white hours better than I thought it would be, I'm that's all down, ok, but has been better than you thought he would be so for years, but I'm that counting on its like, if it far, if. My dog, will it, as one of my shoes for three weeks doesn't mean he's not one of my she is. I just don't trust what our I'm sorry, sir, I may have to base it on
Seven years of behaviour right, I'm gonna kick counterweight Howard, it's a bonus. If he does, what were they can actually countenance the Lakers Clippers Games and the and the seventy six or Celtics games? I the games, I want to watch and rigorous season. They either three left on each Utah, Denver Portland, basically out, but you discussed, are going through the west and the meetings. I really like the Klaiber coopers in the Lakers I dont Denver has been the biggest disappointment for me, and I know their record is what it is, but I just have watched them just come up short. The Celtic should be them twice. The Lakers killed them. They lost affiliate like I don't think they have an extra ceiling as of today, more hoarding this they're right with a twenty second office at sunrise, unheard of for that they themselves have five defence, which is what
Unheard of for them and that's tidy yoke, which I think by third favorite team for oppressors, would be doubts because I think they have a trade to make. They would be. Why think they could trade for your dollar they have quietly denied. They want to bet, there's a minute that they want to get away. They want to get a wing who could by different. They have Courtney cause here, thing about accordingly. Contracted thirty. Second pick: here's the thing about. He's a reality, but it would allow a number one. They want to trade him and they're gonna. Stick with that until the did the trade deadline. Why would you will waiver from that number to a second round pit? the challenge for Europe? Now is not the compensation to the to the grizzlies They may only have an offer of a second round pick. The amount of money you have to send them and they have taken back multiple years. Yes, oh cabin expect. So that's! What's that? Will you look at the Lakers who they trading nobody there, I have another thing: we should even matters of unity with our like I
These can be how these heard every year. While ok me, what am I getting from him in the eye out I'll ten should get you get in ten minutes on Paul George or ten minutes on Co. I Leonard. Ok, that's what you're getting, but I'm saying it makes more sense for me for the Lakers as by our guy, then he has had to be done. Ass his big move, because I don't know they ve gone down. Some going Lakers are broke the guy to watch for me is Covington with with his eligible salaries into trade for twenty two years old he's been in a couple big games. Why you laughing? I was talking to him a couple weeks ago, believe it or not about being traded, he's going to get traded, and I just said he was talking about how much trauma was to get traded last year. He was ahead of his worship was correct. Traded then he got her and I go with problem is Robert with what your contract is and the demand that you have
you can always be traded you're, you're gonna, be in the rumours. I talked him. I talked eyes like I compare them to kind of logic. Prouder! That's again, the Lakers got him idyllic. Oh! Well, that's a much more feasible trade peace. Could and some just a couple expiring. So I would urge Israel for him. I met not for a rental, our treasury, you others, guy tradesmen. Your comments in a free agent. No, no! No, I don't think so. You wouldn't show coups by contracts for Covington. I tricky Ozma for Bogdan Bogdanov Ich, but that doesn't solve my interesting bugs out of which is one of the most interesting players in a league restricted free agent, but he's not a starter there and they're gonna and they ve already committed to healed and to em I receive our haven't trader I would have. I would have not paid Harrison Burns kept the money for by damage as I like him, but images because it causes Celtics ever get well. I like by private she's.
Good of a defender. It doesn't solve the problem that I talked about the Lakers boy. Does it give them another shooting weapon you put Bogdanov Ich alongside the Braun half MIKE I mean that would be a weapon. You bogdanov, which you have the opportunity to swing between by God. Damn it I ruined my day would it be. Haven't that I'm badly that's gonna go across the ticker Lakers get bogged down in a job as a guy. You treat a piece of shit, saccharine pack, money and some do I've never heard of him back there. They allowed this. That's you treat use before and also you can then sign Bogdanov, which you have as rights, because the bird rights are gonna, be everything this summer, because no one, no one knows that makes lies as none of the contenders have space. So if you want a player trade from he gets his rights
If you're the Lakers in your planning, this you say, let's get bogged down in its then we're gonna sign him, and now we have a a player and we as a peace with potentially move. If we had to later and then coveting go somewhere Marcus Morris, I'm after having watch him for a couple years out hesitate to be excited as a team who require, but again- boss, stopper yeah, but I would might have him again for ten minutes to be careful. You wish for Brian horse pleasures eyes. Well, you Alex commemorate there. We'll see you on twenty seven has been Chaz rate. I, like I used to the weekly com? It spinning you fell ass. Yes, I wish you'd tell my boss is that it's bullshit I note, I want either way you are establishing call in there was into as part of my way. I know what you're talking about start. Writing it thanks coming up
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how you're feeling about the red Sox? Given you know a thing that we share a common is that I'm a boss, more sports fan and you're a Boston sports fans fan, which means that, despite all of our tension, that our respective sports teams and their rivalries, we can a wine in losing and is that's the thing we share and seeing the Yankees give out the biggest pitching contract in baseball history makes me feel sick and off, and I am full of despair, Are you feeling also just in general, with the way the baseball market is shaping up this sources and the Strasbourg deal now the cold? It sounds like foreign donors can assign probably soon trade, talk heating up your seeing a lotta rumours gray. S name has been out there. Chris Brian same has been out there. Obviously looky, that's his name has been out there,
so you're in a world where the Red Sox are in spending talking about trading your favor player and the Yankees are basically preparing to win a title. How are you doing my favorite prayers? Redfield divers. Just for the record. Look he's going to be. Ok, I'm fire already adjusting. We ve your mental calculus. We ve made it through the day aid without the egg is even being in the World Series, some that that concern about them, the other big him Can they get tenors the cheating actress, I M, I just want to be very clear about something, and this really, this next comment is, as I think we all know, actually the top five every item at the top. If you don't get to talk about other teams being cheaters, because Europe for the Patriots were currently embroiled in the most absurd thing, new haydocks of cheating scandal in the issue.
Of organised competition figures bill the Bangles fitness sad three exclamation point sad, get that that definite, eggs everyone's feel better. Is you going full tromp while trying to process the fake? These sad, that's helpful on the other hand, waving beyond the patriots you gonna get really military at fine Miguel clothing. Yeah was really upset. I was gonna crime as such. By my pillow, which I laughed I used by four world series. Dvds from the shared cried on us. We for it has many workers in the magazine we're fine, I think firstly, that its barkers to pay them, much better to a pitcher when pitchers get hurt. Basically, all the time and six million dollar annual value. The lot and he's twenty nine is that twenty six and I don't know using. I say though yeah yeah. I do think there is bad.
You need pitching- if you really need it now, maybe the egg is couldn't do this. They need the ace they had. Their fans were starting to turn them. I get it, but if only the angels in my choices are just throw three hundred million a year call or China pitching some other way added cheaper price. Now I would get I, like David Price, what the last three years of his deal, bring me World series Hera he's available, are she talking and I honestly don't know how to process it. You just as aim is available look up. Is that neither the necessary devastating for the angels what's the dodgers you? Why be fine by it.
The whole narrative round call for so long was like California kid. Obviously he pitched it. You see allay the Yankees had drafted him in the first round way back when and as you can read all over the internet and in newspapers everywhere. You know, he's been Cashman Prize and dream for so long. I think that if we can separate the Yankees aspect from at first second how bad it feels as nine Yankees Swatch Nankeen Susan. I think that is good for the game actually to see that kind of a contract be handed out because we're coming off a couple, consecutive, all seasons, where the spending was so stagnant. The prize for agents Nino think, if you're right of beyond that's like how many years we spanky supporting the harbor Machado Class and then how we're waiting till the end of February the beginning of March, for those guys to sign. Despite what the ultimate numbers were seeing big market, he must be written
spend is ultimately a good thing for the health of the game. Now, of course, that's not happening everywhere. You have a lot of other clubs. Your team Cobb's, cardinals anomalous girl sang out. Can we can't addresser are roster needs right now we couldn't possibly is so baseball still in a very odd position, in terms of which teams are willing to spend in which aren't and how long that's gonna last, but the Yankees were ultimately the most founding team, in that, why are they spend in category and for those commodities, is owes? I think, good fruit for sport, especially sport. That's been ripped apart by disastrous, treating scandal and the sanctity of the game and what they ve done to. What what's your role and do your job documentary gonna, be? I can't control at some remains video camera man. If he makes a mistake on assignment, I can't control with that idiots day now one about. Do you think that someone should be able to control somebody banging on it,
I can t give away signs that there are other less all of a piece for you. Comparing the ashes of the patriots is patently absurd. Would they was a hundred times worse than anything. The pages did, do you think Comparing the ash to the Patriots is patently absurd, because the ash rose actually did something. Incredibly complex and innovative. While the patriot still the exact same thing really already gotten busted, for they said colonel leaving only the Sony camcorder thought in Bangalore, it's bad without about a lesser ok, so this will be our another honourable mention in the top three honourable mention billion. Now I love college football. Yet ties and weaken their Joam Garral, definitely when great name at the renamed great, where great great quarterback I'm an incredible seas and obviously Alice you is in the play off
a real chance of winning the title, he's had a dream seas and really one of these like MAGIC College football moments. I'm really eager to see if we get Heisman record, if he can either break the benchmark for the not mergers volume vote of first place: thoughts, OJ, symptom Jews, if he can break the choice, must record, which is points percentage, so the biggest margin of victory. Basically- and I think that this is where you get into always. Wouldn't you this quickly naughty indeterminate numbers, but this is where the relative size of the voting body this year compare two years pass comes into play its nine hundred twenty seven votes this year, far fewer than one OJ guy he's votes. So I don't think it's possible that the
hey benchmarks, eight! Fifty eight, I don't think it's possible nine. Twenty seven total for broader bring your devoto. Also. Therefore, finalists debit, common borough, just in fields chase young John hurts, I think all of them would have votes. I think the oh, how steak? I would definitely split vote and if it had been one of them is fine. I was out of voting for Joe Barbara. I mean the thing we have to remember about the Heisman via the Heisman. Voting block is edge. It's basically. This is reductive, simplified version of basically regional structured, so you're always can have some. People are saying I'm voted for the big tank. I, for example, just as you always have people saying I am voting for the Assisi Guy so in that sense your nettles associations have had to have a let's take the search, Unanimous outcome boy: that's them. Could he break choice must record so untried, Psmith one, and that was the though six Heisman nine hundred twenty four voters at the time and he beat the runner up. Make fat in remember, run DMZ by one thousand six hundred sixty two
points very curious to borrow can make Heisman is raising this real shot and then from air bill. I have a little a little line here. To sum up, what comes next the Cincinnati for Joe Burrow. Labelling is that landed only appear to him there to wines behind ever ready ass, though I can't imagine on that topic than their. Hopefully, this is. We cannot imagine now legacy area, they could If they got up, I don't I don't know whether what we need. First of all, they need a quart of acting in France. Cornerback it out standing prospect end. Of course, where did he play before a transfer? Tell us, you were ass. Aide he's no hope it they're not going to pass up the chance to draft know how to be your friend go back, there's no, you ever believe endemic fat and as a fantasy guy. I drafted him. I think, five years in her up there there's certain fantasy guys.
Said these everybody, but never ever ever really came through. I met at one good year at least six times per week. Forget the nfl fancy aspects I just stop in the middle the day, I think I'm a Gatt Dermot FAT and Felix genes and painting Hell s wrong. The same Arkansas team unbelievable that somebody ever my fantasy leg? Ah, I added a beginning by three point because Eli Manning never turn the ball over an appalling. Storm against egos I admire you. I did something good for me in my life. Finally, I'm happy for you. I also say I listened to your discussion was held. And I am confounded and befuddled by your stance on higher legal structure. You act,
we spent multiple minutes on a pike. S and other people are gonna, hear complaining about the fact that you are in jeopardy. Widening the loss at that point in jeopardy of losing because you're competitor had picked up a player and you don't think people should be able to pick up fires in that league, or they should be able to in the rush. We know my climate leash structured. We have conditional play F, add dratted cause it's in it, we gotta know how we do it. That way. Just let's have a drops, of course, exactly or let's not then, but what we can have is, but then somebody conditionally gets to pick up somebody in the outlying when he really had agreed to and then you can go to demanded that it doesn't matter. It was ratified into your leave, unflinching shipwreck. Heads of my leg. You don't know what they're doing this is the nature of fantasy sports, Greta something when you're League made sigh hated the rule and I got burned by it- I must lie you didn't lose, so I'd make Evans yeah did would have
it is hamstring. I lost them in six minutes, but somehow advancement out or have him anywhere in that, he's gone. But I because I did a good job with the rest, my team and I back up receivers. I don't get too just cherry pick other deeds now, as I have dick out of a badge. I should but are placed by governs with somebody yeah great yeah, it's my legs, so them absolutely absurd Lamar unaware that the red flag on em that I went looked at my lad up until then the MAR had the red flag and I react the same way that I did that Kids were young and one of them thought the jungle. Jammer you just like in slow motion running toward them, In fact, on the mind hardtack, when I got the push notification that he was limited in practice because of a squad I actually gasped out loud scream shouted the push notification because I was at a meeting sent
multiple text messages immediately, including ones to my husband and my father. And your husband's that even a raven said nobody Lamar Love, rushing Lamar and supports me and all of my endeavours, and is currently very happy in terms of football, because he's Broncos fan and he was- is a Missouri grad. So the drill acting as just an absolute delight for him and absolute like he's Assad Pseudomonas, drew luck so he's got a great arm. Its own framing college was also decisionmaking in Venice, as Michael Battle would be happy to tell anyone who listen, comparing the stats in his Assisi Games to how he did against a wheat competition, verses, soft teams by he's got a great arm? I think it frankly, if he's good enough to prevent the Broncos from drafting Justin Herbert it's a good thing for Broncos fence. Even if he's not a long term solution, that's Lamar's fun seems far. I would be.
I would be ok with on, I mean he's gonna play on Thursday against suggests, but I would be ok with him sitting it out and resting up like he needs to be healthy for the plough. The most important thing, What I mean we have four, we fifteen. I am a little bit concern about my real teams prospect for a real championship than your faith teams. Chance of using in a way that upsets you in a league with rules that don't make was now an insuperable this year. So I had those his fantasy championship resembles the titles at the end of the year. I have to pick two endeavour: is saddening, Cortland, sudden and whatever I do. The other guy's gonna have an awesome game. Who'd you Duca. For sure he should against Miami. But you love Sutton you're. The thing is, I think, about which you'll regret more You believe in certain you have all year you have. You believed him coming in.
Seizing I created Wyatt Hype guys and if you don't play him in the play out and you lose because he has a bad name on your Benjamin pest satan- looked really good amended it. I don't have the promise he's got you less corpses. The term. So who knows you as a joke tester? Why came by Eli he'd twenty nine yards total in the second half the entire offsets bill? Can I share heard and thirteen for the giants swing pass out to Barkley up at the What does he do that throne it's it's, the polish carry over effects. Guess what you do monitor football college and were jokers towards true. I lost earnings. Thirteen dessert gird since gotta get a I'm glad. You mentions accurate because if he had somehow had a cop like two more catches and overtime and would have one, but I lost my fantasy play off, match up and
really, ultimately, when I look at the spring came down to the fact that o Dell got me four points. Four points I regret that, but that's how fantasy becomes a beggar chasm like the one we becomes a man. A chasm of what you did right or wrong for the policies where so you, but The no doubt you and all in all. I went double receiver at the top of my dry ETA, who we all know that suck thou year and you didn't deserve to nearly because he sacked was your father was a doubtful. Then it turns out. Is a sports hernia? Yes, somebody who knew about four twelve weeks seems like an excuse to mouth now is vote now, patriots, rumours, we don't want. You wouldn't want year ass Baker. Plenty of women's, though, in this come here and then I changed my mind should transition now and they three normally hussy watch, because obviously one of the coach is on the hot seat, watches you're going around your boyfriend is Europe's stop at Don T. Let us come on, don't do this we're in the final three resources and he deserves to be fired, friendships.
Which at which, when we talk about you time, Bilbil Jack, you think built Belgium has required other terrible, pretty soon be aware. We are whose they should have. Item at the end of the game. Last week, when Nick Job was running for ten yards of carrying out the ball twelve times just run them it's a Bengals. What are you doing? It does seem. Are you? Why are you using their carbon cream honeys decoys, the common and of the actual on failed coaching, and the level of we and really dally drama surrounding, the team do makes it very well. Later there will be a change and we might without firing so far. I grew dim, Jager it and obviously, and stood fairly shock Were vera firing a couple weeks ago. God people love that guy rare. Did you read the articles? I fear I mean that the Panther Lou
equally had one of the longest smartnesses monologues. I've ever read anybody saying about anything about which is what a great person he was as I am by the end of it as an l, IL lands, God it's. I think we also have. The timing obviously, will never want anybody to lose their jobs, but he he got fired so early. That now he's just on ever. These lists, as their scouting, you re mentioned them cowboys. This is the one I'm most interesting exert their alot, considering o cowboys Browns Falcons giants, jacks and soon a couple on are you'll. Hear people toss out that gazers act, however, seem very unlikely. I think, but I know you're going with this is their chance. The Jerry Johns finally pulled the trigger on Jason Garrett, because, yes, it does feeling
something fundamental in the nature of their relationship and their basically blood oath to each other has changed in the last two weeks and with the eagles winning that Montenegro Ballgame, that you just recounted for us in Europe beautiful tests, impression the eels probably arrogant when the division. Now the cowboys blew it now assess our walk. The cowboys could stolen it because it's only gonna take seven whence, but if they don't win it, if they ve lower heaving eye on he's, gotta be and is in his players, I assume he's gone This has not make it out around one anyway, Freddy Soups goes the moon. For them actually, unless, unless they can get like a rally who use whereby yes, move would be run Rivera because what he would say no further brands, because at least he could change the culture and you have a good guy who's been in
Ben in big games and staff, and probably word is welcome Caroline into one or other stuff, but from a culture standpoint he could change the culture there. I think the now in an absolutely no. I am I saying that Baker me filled his Aaron Rodgers literally. In no way am I saying, however, if you go back to the Packers coaching search before they landed on the floor, So much of the dialogue around that was who can work with our attitude is AIR Rogers warlords who does he want Kosovo seem now bakers, not gonna, have the decision making power about who the brows higher? But if you look at how this season has played out, if you look at how things revealed themselves in the wake of Hughes departure regarding his relation with Baker, if, if the Browns franchise and the front office thinks the Baker is the quarterback the future and they are committed to building around him for the night,
handful of years. They have had a coach you. He wants to work. One mistake: this is actually a funding to talk about right now this week, because, of course, the browser playing cardinals and Baker and Cliff kings very AMOS Laid don't get along. Now they come out this. We can set all the right things about how their fine their Tommy now, but in the Texas Tech days they did not get along. So Baker have trouble getting along this cautious. Here's thing mark this down senators to our social theme right here. This is gold. Coming up right now, some people have the dog personal dogs like I was so sorry he never does that ran, but you kind. I know that. And you're on the walk and also they die. It's all agro with some dogged. That's walk a gets in the huge fight in the personnel. That goes so sorry. He never does. That ran
you kind of know? The dog always does and is always trying to mix it up and is always in trouble, and it's like at some point. You have to start blaming the people who had the dog and go like you know like if there are beach, you don't let that dog run around without a leash, cuz that dogs going to go up to another dog and it's going to be quick cash baker is like the dog Baker just seems to get in. Fights in altercations and in getting a job. Over and over again with whoever, We can help it he's on the work. He can't just take the walk around the black p twice. Dump and go back to the house like he's, gotta mix it up with some golden retriever that she's too. He is so you're telling me hand the tea over to him and that's higher coach. That would be great for Baker. I think to see him act. I couldn't for like a year before that commitment. My point is not that that is the right decision. It said that the franchise needs to do
site. One way or the I just decided for them he's that were used that worthy or ready for that. Yet. I pay you enjoy more, that I brought dogs into the I know I don't like comparing people animals play lot. I love and animal network funding comparing people, animals. If we're going to stick with your analogy, The issue is not when a dog fights with another dog, as I understand it, I'm a cat, homer, The issue in this case would be more of the dog biting the hand that fees at the dog not getting along with the people in its own health. That's the problem so that some more like my dog Willie, who just kids go after my shoes and then my wife blames me sick, where you left shoes down there, which think was going to happen in man and then my answer is would expect it happened, was my dog, not eating my shoes. I feel that as your phone yeah, I was asking for sorry. I forgot. Shoes away.
So it's everyone, an error or what's who's. The third coach had some trouble. While I think said. Dan Quinn has probably moved out of the troubles zone for the falcons that still want to monitor. Who did they play this giants? Who did the death of our again there, like thirteen point underdogs against somebody play the Niners this week there at San Francisco. So here's a thanks. That's all us! If that's a forty two to seven that the bar on the thing is the Niners. Ass, their centre. They lost because I don't know, if he's back to Swinger what happened with that, but I hate when teams, as their centre ravens, also centre more you fuckin Lamar, using delete that she could. Gets Buffalo Lamar is not offensive, lie man, I stand way been one of those laws. Their centre in the chief justice civil rushed up bred up the middle. The whole thing,
I think Shermer is gonna, be cameras, guy he's, incompetent you are so giants. Give added she had no idea what to do at the end of the game with this time or anyting. Anything he actually could have used this time. Ass, a guide, the ball back these. He know what doing that's. All that Always a fascinating job to track I would like to live in love if, after the jets his new. Imagining rightly say that I think there are a few you know college, cautious or who are hot candidate sincere, but rule the bellicose will certainly be one of them and after the jets failed to I that rule last year, basically because they wouldn't give him the truth, that the flexibility which uses on staff yeah the giants during my role and then jets fans constantly just having to look across the aisle there and see the coach that they didn't get while their furious about. In case we run out of ways for judgment.
I hate themselves, so does nets definite. Now we have no. Now there are always in we have submitted to explore. Always You can always mind the air and some fresh fashion. Always only five people are going, get this joke but jets are like care, Maria and the challenge, if she never actually one of the challenges. Thank you whose Abraham and that's it think about instrument and whose who's ever a man Germany's together. Also like did the the eagle running the three types of fence with screen passes in the giants, just not being able to figure it out for an entire half. Witted. May I mean they're. Only at the problem concerns accuracy. Helen per student catcher borrowed the integrity of make, couldn't field any or see research. Nobody, healthy, unbelievable Azra exchange where it take a break them. We get to the bottom Everyone loves a gift. They can feel good in and good about, allbirds stylish, comfortable, sustainable. You can't go wrong, streamline design. First, how you know you look at any time
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yes to left we're heading into taxes Etons Bonanza zone. Here we ve got two of the next three weeks. Division. Rivals obviously a competing for thee, Fc South title, the broth. Eighty five right now their plan, this one you since at Tennessee Sunday early slate this week and then they play again and weak seventeen. Here's a key who Dave play between their to match, ops, the taxes have the box, you're you're Tampa Bay, buccaneers little a little less frisky without my governs Ludovic less risky exactly and the titans have saints airplane for seeding. That means I think, at this heightens, have to win both of these games to take the division. So on that word about this week, and that leads us to believe
The German really quickly, knowing our pigs forestry winning week last week on the fifty okay. But it's the winning wake up. One point six point: seven million for the year and I have to pick this week and we could rip through them very quickly. The first one. The Titans of Tennessee, yes, who had been riding like Willie Shoemaker, their only minus three against Houston, we're doing this on Wednesday night and their plus one of five with the monastery. So the better hundred hours. I went a hundred five, I just think they're better. I agree. I've some very carefully we ve been right in them: a million dollar packs and papers, sleep on them- and I think it's happening for copper reasons. Why they haven't had a national game. So people, unless you have a season ticket than actual rushing to ten cousin Bob he's. Thirty years old people feel like can't hell, they're, not gonna. What's gonna happen there three people
No, don't seem to really understand how good their careers Derek Henry When the rushing title the year has been. If you just looking like back last, seventeen eighteen coun calendar. Dating back to last season. He's the best running back in the leg is the best production of anybody there receivers Finally, a marked humphreys a little band, then age, a brown yet yet another rookie that Patriot haven't, get and he's getting better and you can see it and I think TAT S really good. I think, as I say, every week there sidelines locked in last week those games or it looks like it was gonna get fucked up. They that count. They rally back then up winning by three touch and and just really liked them, and I dont like that Houston team, that much I felt like when the pats got some I killed by them the bus frustrated thing was accused inside even good like this is bigger things right and then they proved last week that there really not that good They have no running game. They have
receiver. Wilfer wool will follow, gets hurt every two weeks seas. Questionable again for this week, fuller gets her lie when he's healthy, he into shall lots and have pretty outside. Laying down the street and also that one went missing, however, is the other applicants who is extraordinary but you can take out one receiver tendencies. Gotta get defence, I mean I'm with you titans, that's why talk about. I think there are these. They actually scare me like one thing about teams that the ravens could potentially Madrid within the play off his Kurds scare mood for the pats they ve one six, seven since, and who took over everything. Looking I've, I've loved degradation. Does ITALY Alabama is the first five weeks are explainable because their quarterback Maya Marianna sound and then they put in this other guy and he was good and it completely changed our team cuz. I had everything else yeah I didn't realize. I see this line and I'm just like. I honestly think this line should be like titans by six
I'm getting do, I think, there's I think they should get. An extra feel go out I feel like I'm getting out three free points: ok, Tessie Home Crap, it's gonna be gone backers. Yet now what since they were unfair advantages, you're home teams against to spread this year. Seven, one, sixteen and five their twitter. Nine games under five hundred against the spread. Oh like eyes, popularity typical year, its bonkers yeah, there's no coralie setting underdogs are one twelve, ninety one in five, so the situation with her all the evidence. That's happened! The seasonal Billig you should just take take the ended, in every game ran especially like when it said, do or die when who knows between either team, but I actually think that has to swing these last two weeks with the heartfelt advantage, like the fact that ten zero
you're playing for so much that there I would have a really hard time, imagining that the time will come out flat in part because they're so energized, but also their that's, such a well coach seat such a Walcott seem right now, whereas I think I do things actions are really talented by it thing we know is that their capable of coming flat, allaying anguish in that report eleven teams are behind in multiple games by lot right and it's about them. Times also again, they know they ve got the same snacks. They know they need this game. Of course, we should say both of these teams will have a very clear path of plants because they just need the Steelers to fall out of the second wildcard exec, which you know this. Dealers have coming we're gonna them right now. Buffalo and Jackson, the ravens at heart so that I can pick his bills plus two in Pittsburgh. Ok, here's the case yeah. And I'm down with Pittsburgh. I've won money on them a couple times her. It's
and how is is not your typical, like doctoring quarterback, like he's, ok, he can like he made a. Back to the shoulder. What are they wouldn't call? The untouchable and therein the to through the lead now, but was more like he threw the shoulder shared a harp. It's a past that goes wrong. A lot like James would just turn it to the other team. Of course, any put in place are, as it were, that actually like a real, throw precision he eyes the remarkable chemistry which aim with James Washington either totally see it with them. I thought Arizona, beat them last week, I think you can run on them. I think they're running back, special? Doesn't James Connor, look psyches who knows within. As with the other guys at the Benes. Now, on others did searches thank average below average, and I think that
People are getting just confident that they're good not sure there get, I think they can steal games there, not stealing this, and buffaloes defence is excellent. As you saw your team tremendous the time passed rush for the times. You beat them was really because the cup Place or Lamar's is fuckin amazing, but they were in the red spots. Josh does some stuff single tears come on accessing their bed, and I don't think it really matters where this game is so I'm putting five hundred k and the titans by industry, plus one or five, and then I am putting five fifty to one five hundred on the bills, plus two in Pittsburgh, which a flag next to a Sunday night. That's right! Here's what I really liked about Buffalo when they the shit out of doubts and thanksgiving which they did yeah. I like that they kind of winter at after when they did the shackles,
I think it was shot glass, another guy, Dr Mighty vibration, that tells me they have real gumption like that they know their good, and I thought where they went home to talk with you about it, we'd better, think that actually would have been a bend a potential upset. It was. Me. I mean you nervous. I but I'm always nervous. I mean I'm nervous when the ravens or by five touch. You know you you. You said this on Sunday night. We saw it was one of those was games where, if it did feel very evenly mash, it was come, oh well, I guess you, you didn't ever really feel like the ravens were not in control, all of the gives you a marble affection, the Buffalo offense, so I didn't feel like enough to actually win the game in Baltimore against Pittsburgh. That's right
I think they can when they get yeah the defences. The defences showing against the Ravens offence in the run game in particular, was extraordinarily impressive. Real oppressive in the past hour. There is one thing I want to talk with you about last week. Actually, we didn't have a time for it, but their past rush last four weeks is among the most impressive things happening across football, in the rivers off his wine? Is real good luck, rice, Alias having in all policies and yawned, obviously, and again, the Mena losing a business or a centre for thrust the season as a problem, but They were able to generate pressure and not only that, but they were able to contain, which other, We have not been able to do with anything resembling regularity, sigh, I think that's an extraordinary events and they also seemed as fast as lobby.
Are now lies faster, but a bare evidently ashes, speed and I won't say not to make any excuses. I dont think Lamar was fully healthy and that game you know. I think that the fact that this quad thing has come out sense. I think that he was feeling a little since just me by armchair doctor, but I think he was feeling too often lacking and because I don't think it's that their as fast as him. I think it's that he wasn't families means of excuses were my daughter, sucks and soccer. Just the last dealers wins for you yeah gone backwards to early in the air charges by seven dolphins by thirteen they came back. What's by two really banged Abkhazia and there came right I'm seventeen twelve. That was more like a fight. The rams last that the boss, the bronze by fourteen, beat the Bengals by six beat Freddy Soup Kitchen by seven b. Cards last week by six. We have no evidence that their gets him. We have no evidence that
it's a really good defence duck Hodges or be able do anything now tat good Sunday night. There's also that thing the quarterbacks with the added nowhere quarterback has been around for four or five weeks. In the least, has seen enough taped related jobs. We will do this will do this and I Buffy AIDS, Lucas, a slightly watered down version the mention mania thing. Now: it's a calendar as possible, ass, your nails, serotonin. Half a million bills, my plus two an iceberg and then Tennessee minus three at arming and seized him lie on the thing is I think Tennessee, as you said, they need the game, not just cuz of the wrong in big, but this is their home game. They know they have to go to use them with seventeen right. So if you like, This I may get away like we seventy here, MRS you're, better division on the line, and we seventeen kicked out of the way now I would have allowed Tennessee by six by Rwanda. Last thing you want where studios
it wasn't, is mostly sky to watch with our partners. As may be. We were concerned thought it was an absolutely stunning beautiful move. I loved it either It was really remarkable terminator who cried more euro scarlet there in the movie. I cried more than once. More than once more than once bill, you cry not on cried Irma regime attacked about it would a little on Tuesday. I watch the movie from the perspective of the kid? Yes, what I will watch the movie from the perspective of Nelson things. I love about it is that I think that is a lot of storytelling. When I first read Harry Potter, for example,
as a teenager right now, I'm an old wash person in my early thirties and my perspective when I meet return to the first is completely different and I love it just as much, but in a different way. And with marriage story, I was able to occupy multiple perspectives at once. I was able to watch it as a married person who thinks that marriage is sometimes really hard and also with somebody who's pairs got worse, and I was really really young really young and be able to think in each moment about who you be feeling sorry were. You should be angry with whether either of those responses are for are reasonable and always to be pull back in by the look on Henry's face in the back seat of the car was just
we move it- and I also decide that I thought all the acting was incredible by thought. Adam drivers like tremendous of him, but ass, when are you doing the hottest? Take driver may girls, business, Your thing now I want somebody else to do it. I mean he was dying don't you have any idea is my favorite part of girls, no problem at all, followed you now closely by Kid Harrington, look alike, Charlie friend, but surely so. It's funny like. I read other views and stuff afterwards, and people have just gone toward Adam driver, as lay I think, he's probably know when they ask for eight scarlet part. I felt like she eighty five ninety percent got their theirs is ones.
More peace. Thou is missing. Where I didn't know how complicit she was the whole time, and all this with I talked about, would shack where you know, where I get sensitive as a c o day, is when the parents use the kid against one another in some way, and I thought just as a mom the stuff she was doing to try to sabotage Adam drivers relation. But the kid whether she was doing intentionally unintentionally, semi intentional. Whatever it made me not route for But I don't know if the movie want a meter were far or secretly wanted me to not refer, but don't you think they're. Both of those characters were ultimately at at different points in the movie put in that kind of position. Where media at one moment you are feeling real empathy or sympathy for them and then
moment, you're saying lawyer leveraging something about either you're the the, but how you're professional circumstances should take precedence over what your kid really wants here, for example, the Charlie character, Adam drivers character, using to accept that. His kid like della you know: ass thou, wilt, thou the account one. If you are not a counterpoint, an example of what was happening on both sides, I think there's a film was actually and in that way quite well balanced and it gets another thing, actually that I really really a buyer and about the movie, which is also it's about love and loss and connection, regret, certainly, ambition and how you balance. The pirate is near life, all of which I think are deeply relate above human things
it was also about systems knows also about them, the contracts and the establishment all around you and how the people who act like were actually think that they are trying to hope. You are in some way weapon icing your pain and thou explored with like a level of care ends. Conviction that I think it is really really rare and the kind of way that you? U washing. Yes, I know that the person making this went through this red If a large during character really Oda, all of the warriors alder down Like this really worthing worry for starting at that point in the movie, it's almost disorienting he's its tunnel shift from the really intimate personal portrayal, but at the
event I just was really in awe of the balance of those different facets, because that is, of course, if you're going through a divorce or if you are, the trial in your parents are going through a divorce thing that I think maybe people you haven't been through- that can't always appreciate or understand lake. Your entire life is up ended by You are not a part of it now. I dont know that much about like the modern divorce institutions, going into that world than just the costs and the prices at an how real I mean emanated Jeffreys on the high end. Well, it's weird to me that so many people get worse, but there really know divorce movies. At all things like, I can probably name all the divorce movies of the top, my renounce less than twenty, of course, Kramer versus cameras the other eimer as little fillies going the way out, though right, I think Kramer controversies, Kramer's almost untouchable.
I did. I do think that this is is up. There Also really really loves win the war, which is also, I know about movie, that's very different in tone, and I thought that Sean Fantasy nor cherished colleague wrote this his in his right up in a movie for our yearn review package, which everyone should check out an imperfect your, but in essence it was it's. Our call divorced story There is something at the end of it. That is really hopeful, and In a way, I probably depends on your mind, sad or your euro emotional state at any did the moment when Europe consuming story, maybe that hope is actually more upsetting to you, because there's something really devastating about
That moment, where you realize that they are still in love with each other and always will be still can't find a way to be together like that to me as we more upsetting them falling out of love with somebody, you are still having those feelings for somebody in not being able to find a way forward together. That's that's good listening on the bed. Reading that letters just like. Oh my god, it's basically like these two people can't be together through a bunch of circumstances. And then now prevent prevent them from being able have normally ship. They had this kid, they ve kind of figured out. Some way to share the kid there's much pain. That's happened from all the fuckin legally annex and everything else that there is no going back and some really for shit happened. Yes, yes, do this their stolen weird connection
single out of movies that have able to pull off that balance. I actually believe that she stopped about him in some way, where the end, because I ass it did that the worst like said the check the other day like when my mama, my daddy, to together, Dad's, always so fast and cause I do feel like they stole the connection sure Ray senior like others, is cool. I can kind of see why they were together. One point life right: you know as other people, they get divorced and it's like they're dead to each other right, which is a less interesting movie year. I think it I think you that's exactly right. It's it's rare to see that aspect of it explorer, but ultimately that's what made a few really true life. You know plenty of people love each other that's it does not always north and when you
or in a relationship like that was somewhere you witness out other people. You know, I think I made my two virtues. The movie were, the semen is really in the water, and then that is a fight right. The fight in his house there are other she's, they loved you. I loved when he got the cuts. His arm- and I remember many things- are moving- were wonderful, but about the fight. You know. I understand that in some ways, that's like clearly the most provocative scene in the movie in its debates. Air to make. You feel that way, and maybe I'm just like an easy mark, have even at that boy, that real spoke to me lake and not just in a man
I I think about often when I am trying to look in word and reflect an attempt to be a little bit better than I am. I am the most cruel to the people I care about the most and like why we as people do that red and why we are capable of doing that. The things that he says to her. I hope I knew that Henry would be ok, I would want you to die every for every forbidding I wake up. I wish you d, just like you. She now you're uses utter astonishment that you're seeing that play out, because I do think that everybody has a moment like that: no life for me many moments where you like. I actually can't believe that I I just set that out loud. Maybe your keyboard grovelling like he did in and kind of giving in to. You're remorse and owning your shame, but Maybe You'Re- not maybe you just
Still runner too, I'm willing to you in any way feel a bit lesser than the person that you're trying to wound, but I just I again, I just thought that SALT Lake Van a recognisable to me in a way that is like painful but kind of kind of amazing. I merely said for the clamorous Kramer we watch was I can't wait. Can we need chocolate? by screamers, renewed ingenuous, for recording for doing it for Oscars through the Oscars reward. In the January amazing? I can't wait. Mallory urban thanks for everything I'm glad you ve, never seen anything cruel to me. They phrased it. Richard retreating unalloyed Let's talk about vandals sports, but the official sports Bugger, the ringer. I want to say about a feature that they have that really sets fanned or part. Other sports betting side same game Parlez, same game, parlay combining multiple bats from a single game, for instance you to the other.
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Sandro Sports book app on, I o s or visit, fanned Oda com site android and be sure to use promo code be asked to place. Your first bet risk free vandals sports, but promo code, BS, must be twenty one plus and physically present in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia applies to first wager. Only credit. Non withdrawal expires. Fourteen days after receipt terms and restrictions apply Ganley, problem car when an hundred gambler or West Virginia eighteen hundred gamba net or in Indiana one hundred nine with it all right. I did we're going to make it out the decade without one good thing happening, the Yankees, but finally happened. They sank. Air call Congratulations, Jacko, he's on the land right now. We're taped this on a Wednesday you ve been calling for this evening, waning about how your team is just a b plus every year you want plus you wanted the Ay you ain't gonna set up for the ape man s and then splurge for the biggest pitcher guy,
about time, Haviland you're good at your great I'm sure, I'm gonna regret it private. The way to five years from now years, five through nine are probably not only eleven it but years, one through five and certainly on the morning of em. I am extremely happy. Christmas came early. It was good, it's a good thing. They finally remembered that they were the Yankee and they have the most money and the most swagger in the game, and they decided to act like it and I'm happy it's a it's a proud and happy day. They have the ace that they've lacked for oh so long, and I was well in yankeeland today. Did you have flash as to when they did this? Basically, the same contract and everything see. What's by the time it goes it it is reminiscent of Cece was also a California guy that they sort of had to convince to come play in the cold at northeast, and I worked out with it with the World Series and, let's
this works out the same way, but it isn't. It is reminiscent of that. They had overpay for a little back, as he was in our goes guy with a whiskers bias and made the same may be true for coal. But what do the egg is? You can do that and never when it takes us what it takes to go out and get the go. Get the big dog thirdly be led. The rotation, absolutely you said, like you, ve, been sedated. I don't. What's going on with you, this is to come, you re too, about this big everything. I am a super excited about it I really like air call, I think, he's the aid that they need. I think that I am looking forward to, hopefully God willing going into a postseason series and not having to look at starting Chad, green as as an opener in the Some super excited about that, but part of me is, is a little wary, because these big contracts have away of not working out. You know,
now I got excited way back when it would point when they signed ready, Johnson and that didn't work out a rat's first contract was good. The second one was abysmal. Stanton has lived up to the contrary So there is just a little gnawing little whisper in the back of my mind that, like what's that, go too crazy out on a limb here, but to break cited. What happened this morning? When I will How can I turn on my phone and I looked at twitter and everything I saw twenty things, and you know I'm naturally pessimistic is anybody that follows me on Twitter knows me knows, so I convinced myself, when the angels are doing things last night, where they traded Cozart, we're up money, I'm like and it what's this for. What's going on here, I was nervous so when I woke up this morning a turn on my phone, and I saw had twenty notifications on twitter and, unlike with as either have a good or it's gonna, be everybody heckling make, as is now an angel.
Cautiously worked it out. I was very happy, I'm very happy. I dont want me to Santa Data it's Christmas morning. It's all good! You left Adsense herbal contracts from the twenty first century, Jason Johnny, you left that went out CAT Kevin Brow. That one cow, yes, the active, go daddy! I was horrible She called me: Cabin Brown Jacobus elsewhere. Well, yes, I that what I knew was a disaster from day one day be a scream from Heaven. They never should aside those bury the minute he put the ink, but the ink on the paper. I was screaming unwilling about that. Well, but he knew that obviously, my go hairs to beg you feel worse about this by the end of the phone call really gonna happen. One of my favorite twitter account at Red Sox statue They just should a hired as the Red Sox GM. He just put. Side by side, stats of David Praise, career stats when he signed that huge contract with the Red Sox,
calls career stats when he signed the huge contract fur nay more with the Yankees yesterday they're very similar, Janni, very Very similar, in fact so somewhere, I'm not even sure which guys, which One of them went up. That is not the delicate little had case that David prices, though he has shown, but I don't even know be fortnight, so I have no concerns in that regard. David price. No one is always a risk with pictures. Obviously it others it there's an injury risk. Obviously, but and I I don't a better picture. The David price is a better picture than David Price was but the time the sack find em, but is it criteria. Here's their career petty into the seasons one thirteen and one thirteen the same whip you paid a hundred million dollars. Voyages gave referred David price to point out. One
I went ninety four years, another big difference yet another big differences. The new Yankees pitching coach is a fellow wholly cross crusader yeah with it with a double major in bike philosophy, in psychology he's not actually be able to work. Some Jesuit magic. I Gerrit call to make him even better than he is David Price did not have access to the Judge Holy Cross magic that you and I are so murmured and unfamiliar with yeah. Really Matt Blake speller crusader working his magic with care call, I mean, is really the world is our oyster, it's a great weight for that argument when our Basque about who must pay you back errors at the risk of our universe, Boston, which you mentioned we live today about errors that would be respectable. Here was a division three to resume ASP Austin? I believe We lost a division, three team for the first time in sixteen years here
job guys who waited there, probably of God. I think they're like one in seven now too, it's worse there, one and I saw Mister Couple- ICES eight were which, out of the two, which one do you think, was ninety four and fifty two heading into the new contract in which one was one hundred and four and fifty six. Impressive because I don't know the answer which we had the area So one twenty seven are the air a person, one twenty six hard to say, but those seem pretty damn close to me: will you but your guy, who you're as is amazing to me that your ear using your own guy's dead to downgrade the Yankee side. I never surrender learner. He ass. He had never to start work easier of bus and what they want, she's dead. He won the world series you in a trade back at you get rid of their contract you? What you were very with a key cog in the two thousand eighteen Wolters Jimmy Not only would I get rid of that project, I think it's being off
two evidently greater autonomy, James is, but you weren't you, the guy, you weren't you like the last guy buying David Price stock. Don't you have like a lot of stock certificates, David price? Where do you think? I think give me all the David price back its. You try to debate like its October, nineteen, twenty, nine and whilst job it's. It's not my feelings about David Press. It's your feelings! David. They somebody you and marked and maligned for them David David Prize Pussy, plus the Yankees Europe, arguably biggest rival, owner never owned praise his whole career. They only my temper Bay and they own him as a red Sox. I've always enjoyed playing, gets David price from a Yankee Fan perspective, dare call while his numbers. I think it is up to my lofty array of Finland s eyes like three point: nine for it that David price levels of ownership by their attacks that blood verses, your biggest rival Lamplight David prices, better than David Pricey, better than David Price, was when David price.
That contract much better. You keep telling you said there was a number show with your skewed from when he started out Pittsburgh, I'm talking about what he's done lately in Houston reason. One of the two best pictures in the american Lake. What's it like his dad's gonna, look like when people having trash cans on the side of the eye of the dugout, as is just reconsidered, because I'm sure that whatever darker use, I'm sure they had it for pitching to with pine tar whatever. But you know, he's learned he's learned that the fairies lessons and he'll bring those with him sure, even without somebody there no whispered in his ear, their cause. Last two years in Pittsburgh: seven, ten, twelve and twelve lousy team, no trustees. Young turned around and no, I know trash cans and video surveillance either the asteroids are leg. Whenever America thinks of the patriots, the asteroids are like the ten point really are there. Russia and Ukraine
they're, just like a hacker, those islets, let's get undressed just curious, looking at by chemicals. Play off stats. Now I don't they add ons and I'd, say workers trophy ramp, say he's ever give you get when it by himself is never really is in the world series. Last year they lost voting. Time is better in that respect to fit in with ever us and your team, because nobody knew team has won the World Series right regard. Nor did he went around the world Series ring he does get, he can show, dare call the ring. I guess I mean you're. It is true that you did not win the world series in ten years, but we know that the twice twice now that they ve been they ve, been sent out policies and because of it,
Criminal acts have been of use them ass. True, that is to rebuild their lives. You can't compete against criminals at an they locked in two thousand eighteen through the Red Sox. No, that your manager was knee deep in the criminality, really one of them, one of the main conspirators, so that has become with an asterisk as well. So while technically true that the eighties have not been oral theories in ten years. That there's a lot of lot of caveats with that, I think that's why we beat the actors two thousand eighteen, because they knew Cora knew their surveillance checks. Yeah, that's exactly We had to beat these guys fair and square Likud. There is great core another trick say they were eighty or other signals were so that they could pull that ship. George Springer, like fashion the trash. Can noise at an break you by here? Could seventy eight attract dagger? I'm so looking forward to the season is presumably major league baseball is going to crack down on at all
criminality and under his to see our guys like you, I do when I don't know what's come in now. That will be interesting to say I want to know what would have happened if the patriots had been involved in scandal of of the halved that disasters. Scandal had there were burnt down you talking of a three year thing with fifty people involved, after game in paranoia opponents at all that, and the patriots have some do pseudonym word for the team like wandering around the Browns media thing just taking the Bengal sidelined from our way and people like any other doggie cheaters saying that about Jack was trash cans against Gator, a bucket Every time you got, there was a mere drop What does he do this desire? Winter Janni is this. It says for the sadness, splurge Yankees. I would like to see them bring back the Panthers on a one year deal. I gave you
super one near Dale to sort of stabilize the bullpen. But I don't know if they're going to do that and I guess they're going to bring back brake car because an egg is having a job surgery or some sort of surgery carries out for a lengthy period of time. So I think they're gonna bring back brick Gardner for one more IRAN and I hated that before them, like, I think, there's unless it less expensive options- and you know he's forty years old and I could watch somebody else at one, twenty three in the policies and for a lot less money. But I'm in a good mood today with Ghak air calls I'd like to bring back the veteran present. They all seem to like the gardener, so what the hell, why not? How many, what the heck, how many more years with with Chapman and while they just re up the major statistics emblem? I'll come out of the red hypotheses
what causes the attic salad year, ready at its very solid dear, but obviously it now he gave up the gave up ahead that ultimately sent them. How a method the true there's been some Gary tranches trade rumours still, while that wouldn't break my heart, cuz, I'm not sure he's the guy. If you could get something for him and I think they could, you could probably sell high on him. I I wouldn't be opposed to that I also there's rumours their sharpen Stanton Fer, a ham sandwich in the six pack was. I was away socks off. I don't think that's gonna happen, though the he's countered with a hammer, cheese sandwich and a case so there. Back and forth back and forth tat sooner. Stanley way play a hundred games? The shared hundreds I played a hundred and fifty hundred men at first year, like a hundred and fifty plus the first year of the contract ETA injury
the injury riddle please and last year, but I'm sure I'll come back strong. Now Meda and the new campaign, though we can hope for maybe changed training with you speaking it making splashes and trades with. What's your squad do and there we are used, though, crying poverty, and do we have the trade everybody they can't afford the, even though they sell at every single game and and market every thing in the stadium, they glittered can't pay the salaries of the play. That's what we're gone with Johnny. It's tough when you raking in a half a billion a year in revenue and on the payroll dips over two hundred billion in the prophet only becomes You know two hundred plus billion a year in staff. You got it cutting corners to keep a go at your practically I'm a sublime. It's the stuff. The stuff. That's on the internet, I'm just dumbfounded by the leg, Nobody knows it's true, not true, but but there is even red Sox digestion.
Twitter was like what, if they trade beds for the contract and then sign read down for cheaper We can also play in the infield it has. That's actually pretty good idea, but wait where which eighty Boogie bets so much money? What are we doing so right? I hope and dream is that ban in can be attached to a pitcher contract speculation on you today is divided and cloning out over the price you take price and his salary indeed, but you dependent ten days well, yeah an end. There. There are any kind of floating out this stuff about he put onto wait last year. He was too strong. It hurt. Rehab he's he's, to get back to being a special yeas gotta go back to being the athlete you know. Get that speed back. Are these same like his jumps on balls, were in his good. He was this fast in the base. Past is cared much weight,
should be home, run had now. Let's go back to you be new, there get that out, which makes me wonder if he's got shot across Europe for him Mobile, but the thing is: he wasn't very good last year side on that sound, a ovarian, tasting thing but, on the other hand like, I do think some like price. If it's three years for like ninety two million, whatever he's got left verses what's left on the market and if you don't want to spend three hundred posts maenas let it be if you're the angels and you have money to spend on Europe I see the world series hero there. We need somebody, thirteen hundred in English or market insular, it's a shorter commitment. I think they're going to be able to move him without attaching anybody to the contract. Maybe, though, and I attach a lot of money there, I don't do that. You're not gonna, give up that. Nobody think about all count. Romanian pay, thirty million of it, but if I was you angels and I could get. I could get praise and
K thirty million, and I have him for twenty million a year for three years like I actually think. That's a pretty good deal, cuz he's going to pitch not a lot of starters. Men did the starters and the markets many weak and then there's it's just funny how? When teams need staff market goes at a whack like there's two third baseman, but five teams need a third day. And so the markets are granted insane for the two third basement. Would you its due disaster. I mean that's why I was a perfect storm for coal because they think you were in the market. For a start, air and once Strasbourg Signed- and he was by you even bigger name- even then Strasbourg as his younger and listened very prone knock on Would, but it was observed or bring him to get the idea to get West Coast teams involve like Boris how to be like this is working out perfectly. I was good for him boys, Boris is therefore the head or message of art of our lifetime.
Because he'll have some other ones where it's just is the apple of how everybody thought it could go to with that, it's pretty embarrassing, and then I have these one right or when he just plays a perfectly and he's got the three bidders, there's desperation on all sides. The angel, seems like the agency. Might they ve lost their minds? They they paid three hundred and fifty into by the angel Stadium and all the surrounding area for in it obviously one of the most pressing places to go to a baseball game cause it's just like acres of parking lots, that they don't do not aware of change that. That's all I've heard is when he let me buy it now, you're gonna develop it have like a whole area. You now basically like turned with a patriot around Gillette, where they have like a whole city that built up around the stadium, and he wants to be nicer to inaugurate out with a big splash. That's why they thought they were gonna throw
bag. It call or run down and try to put some, but people try to gain some interest in building contender me that that was when he kept saying that's. What made me nervous room perspective, David he's a thing you would just right, crazy check. Thirty have trout to be the face of whatever the fuck they're gonna do there, and also like you know, when you have development around Fenway. That makes a ton a census, downtown Boston, P, have immediate access to it, they can happen a cab go down there. Whatever same thing like the Mets did that we share stadium. Where now people could beat the trafficking, go it like three. Thirty four o clock have. The dregs did not think nobody wants to spend, like more time, a pig, like cool nagging you'd more hours, NATO a go early time I just
I don't see it. As I've said many times at home. Is the western Massachusetts of the West Coast and with VE theme park, but I don't see how that would be more testing the team? That would be, if the it, the team that, if they did it would be I'll, be really. She died when the Dodgers, because they have that therein that Big Hill and if they put some fun stuff. Basically, you're just going to address stadium, and then you go in nothing around there, there's nothing! There's nor to me she made somebody happen basically meet them right outside the stadium. I think that's the smartest thing the Red Sox owners did with Fenway is turning the whole area into just eve. Forty options when you down there, you now We now that it is good. That is a good thing and you can you can go and come out on the wild, not Yogi way anymore Jersey, street or whatever it's called now you could go in I go into barley, cannot be transferred handicapping now, they'll kick. We can call back
there they attack. I forgot here He said to himself in nineteen thirty, eight the good thing around there and there is no equivalent to young anywhere, I dig where America, they have like a hard rock thing built into the stadium, but it's not anywhere near the same goaded spars around Yankee Stadium generally. By the way I just to be clear, I think they should have cancer time Yahkuk. He has a very complicated history. I just think it's. Finally, when we cancel people who were dead and heads of themselves, Tommy somewhere? I like what we read it It's not going to argue. Weighty were dead right, said out of sight, You ve been even retroactively attractive. It gets out if they did not know what's going on There are neither baseball so by your excited about now. I'm curious to see what happens with the asked rose, I'm curious to see what happens with movie.
You mean about prison time for the asteroids are their actual off season. I like to see them disbanded actually, but I don't think that's gonna happen. I see today there is a road map to them moving into a different faith, This whole contending ran because lose call on others and eggs and then Berliner now heading is laid thirties and that is not getting younger unless they can keep work in their winking magic? we're going to lander. I think it's tough to just count on that dude two hundred and ten in Asia Year plus play out and others rumours they might trade Korea as they may be sort of rebuilding motor retrenchment mode. Because I mean it is this same. Stealing thing is a big deal yeah. That's me coming from a bitter, Yankee FED, but that's an enormous advantage and it I've I've watched that was a brutal like films, twitter of the of words broken down hooja jumble chum by where
its blatantly obvious that their banging on a on garbage can choose to I knew that I led a breaking pages. Come I mean method, enormous advantage and in others, videos from their own work, theories DVD were when L Cuba is running through the tunnel up until the locker room, and you can see a guy sitting at that are standing taking down a tv screen from their little nook, where they would then next to a garbage, can I mean that's outrageous? Dead cameras are method, and of the stuff comes out. There's these rumours about how they were bad days would like electronic buzzer's on their bad and gloves. I mean that's really egregious outrageous. That's why George Springer seem so lively and excited his being electrocuted by the buzzer is bad if a change it,
everybody is, if it hasn't somebody on the bad she's, Emery's Dunst ever used to be really good at it, and I guess Carlos Beltran. His notice is legendary at at that he could pick up the signs. One thing is clear: it your yelling out fast bawler, your signalling, but when you start to use technology gee at an end electronic to do as that, that's well above and beyond the normal, thirty gamesmanship out and out cheating. It's really are yes, I agree, and I don't feel like anybody really cares, because baseball's Turner Sport were really care about. Her on teams were like Eriksson and how elementary school, where we just care about our kids, we don't care about the other kids and get this being with the asters, where it's like yeah. If this was, Bob, where we care about all the teams, people would be losing their minds even forget. The patriots example Jim, just like the rams had been doing this the last three years. This would be all we talked about every day
John RE, what's gonna happen his legacy? What about the she tracing the fired. Should we go back can change. The results to games like people would lose their minds and have it out with you. If it came out that, like it out there with a there, was an ear piece in the defend the defensive team spam, it Coaches could say, and it's going to be a draw play. Two hundred and eighty three. You know like that. What that's a big deal, if you know add players, that's a big deal if it would go crazy about that, it's a big deal when you know what the pitch is coming, you don't have to guess. That's a huge deal huge advantage for their its outrageous and they want they want a fuckin world theories would because of it. Yet If that unhappy and there's a guy summit, the other guys just can escape aunt em there's going to pass the somebody s in the neck asking just circle around the net stop and escape. They must be the other way. The brown huge event have court walk into the game.
Dribbling Jim started. Gonna stay at mid career for twenty seconds. Guided the trash gets their right of their play with James heard again agreed does for two seconds I before we go just very quickly, how we feel about the twenty two, an election, I don't know I mean I'm not gonna, be shocked to see trump. When I think at this point I mean this, impeachment thing does not really seem to be: playing very well with the public and it it's not like a groundswell, a baby. No people obviously don't really care for him, but I really like a groundswell of Berlin like yeah, he's a good to get rid of them and the economy be doing well. Unemployment is really low and animated mean looks like the Democrats are coalescing around Joe Biden in his lay their charges candidate in their bit in the Midwest Pennsylvanian states that they need to win, but it out and company Jos gotta get him and when push comes,
deer Lake, while well between two idiots. Maybe we'll stick with Eddie it. We have I don't know I don't ok, we're gonna do bears down minus one? Forty he's a favor. And what's even crazier mare, peat is the third highest adds right now to this end in everyday than a mayor of soap, and I made it matter of New York or Chicago or less Angeles year are duplicate Bloomberg Ass, a big case arguably or your experience enough to be the president. But you're. Being the mayor of SOAP and in Vienna is really like about the natural springboard to be the president. It doesnt failing by way of a game show. How does the president now? So? What do I answer is that it entirely unique species? I am a game- show host, is covered here. Yet it seems like we're gonna, twenty twenty, the nears gonna happen
And then everybody's going back also, this is, does everybody? These are other this. Is it does we settled then, and then it's completely SK in a sudden and trump we'll start who, in the hall they can't even fines, The debate me: can you may look at Helstone, denigrating them as well as a whole group where Limburg got into the race because he's like you know the innocent think war. Then centres can win and he didn't think you know he's more. Establishment guy NL like abide in there. They doesn't think Biden has remained invited to a gas machine in the other day. He was an eye. What are you know? What's Davy? Was it well gotta go you and I were there's a lot of states that I'm in his defence What are you proposition both these data? Now you gotta go you and I Gotta know that yet bags like we can. We can elect somebody's as all that out of it is bad. It is by the way
Seventy nine to that, and what did I tell you that idea? Eighty three data, my first term herbicide, forget it I know I shouldn't be allowed a driver kitchenette about him back around the country. Would it what a year we have in store for Us Johnny did you have successfully What success in that as your Christmas present for me, I well that we by Christmas present here by Christmas. It is actually to be a picture of me watching succession thou be granted. Have my wife, picture be watching it at a medicine that view gruesomely of my Christmas card ass. I have another show for you to watch this one. I really encouraging this. It's faster wax in succession succession of the wedge, twenty upset, it's called MRS Fletcher. It's I need to Catherine Hon. She's a mom whose king Gos after college and the we'll start to come off energy. That big favoured of yours should approach.
I guess this is a very good show. I can't believe it like it just came and wet nobody saw it. It was one of the weirdest tv shows of all time I loved it. I thought she was great in it, but, more importantly, it is just fuck workers and I recommend that yet it is I it is backers. Kyle's bent over, has a couple times added in the sun in airport, cast as I've been watching it, and he just like What's going on and say that it is these things happen on the show, as others here without context, especially I recommend fetching. I go. Congratulations. I gotta call. I hope you get a year and a of Madame before his grandfather, part, and I happy new year Vera and talk to you on the packets, I'll talk to you in real around on the bag.
Happening here in a pot Castro I'll talk to you in relation to share budgeted by ok, thanks to win worse than Jacko Mallory thanks to state farm thanks to AMC, alpha coming on Monday with three watch was a pm. Thanks to our, stylish comfortable sustainable. They come in a wide range, of course, inspired by nature, a variety of silhouettes. Keep you look in your asked him. Whatever situation find yourself this holiday season, the perfect gift the holidays, a little less uncomfortable for ever and on your list, give the gift of comfort the saudi season or get a pair for yourself at all birds. Dot com thanks to square more than a little way. Credit card reader, all kinds of tools bill to run any kind of business pay world. Mine stores per square I should also be asked to see all the ways you can take a business from square one to whatever's. Next, I will be back on then in a car will be imported, Recon hope was still alive.
A ladder, rumours of Jim Cunningham stepping in four one part will see what happens producer Jim, I may I might have to produce this, for myself were saved. You will see. Tat makes it we're trying to become is very busy. Man and Joe. The bacon was the answer. Ways.
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