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Ep. 1: Week 4 NFL w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons makes his triumphant return to podcasting by breaking down the 2015 NFL season, discussing 16-0 possibilities for the Patriots and guessing Week 4 lines with Cousin Sal.

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on ice. I have not been heard a heard from for almost five months. I would call it a sabbatical is being kind, I think, has been kind we're back man, I'm excited who are vague. We this three weeks who gets in the lines every week since two thousand and eight the year, two thousand seven excel. Yet as seven every week, people her lesson than last year. I got suspended for some unflattering comments by Roger get out by my old employees. Paean. We miss three weeks we actually miss, for rather we came back triumphantly and now we had to miss more podcast and now we're back we're. Finally, back October. First America has a lot of questions. I don't know if I'm going to answer all of them right now have a lot of thoughts about things, but I don't think this is I'm in place- are now talk about football either who guitar footballer. We want to do to integrate the Big Bell bottom, what's in San Francisco, the Bell bottom
I'm sorry about Burma has not bonds and permanence car Niner stated, I said how about you rose the big buy outs, you get a day off on Burma. Again, the latter cheaper, analyse, let's let the things you get to do, go out what excited to account excited a poke fun at some of the European AIR Tat right now, Allah laugh mostly, but I'm still kind of employed by them. I know said yes, just not and pretend you aren't. You aren't really It was now a thing whatsoever for, but listen plenty of high costs, and we should mention ass. I have a new show coming on HBO. They aspirin HBO, going to be my new and player and very excited to us to work with them. They been great place that cares about creative people on freedom of speech. Very excited about that. Everything's favorite things, creative freedom and freedom of speech
what, if they name Roderick Adele vice president next year? What would you do? Is you can run right trump another vice President HBO? Can we say that would SEC? Can we say that tat I was vindicated than of the flag state. Either you I feel like I am I officially vindicated outside what you're joking about the whole thing you really seriously, which by old thing, though defending Brady, I hated biased, a gun to your head. Quickly cheers. What I think is the irony in this whole thing that if good, EL wasn't as inapt as you and the Pats man's claim as it is, I think Brady would be in trouble. Now I think I am dead to rights, I think they had on the head. They said he didn't know these. These club asked eyes, and then they had a hundred text between them. Then he drew out his phone like if they would have dug deeper if the, if they invested
Asian wasn't half ass wasn't led by Roger Fidel. I don't think he's playing these first war games. That's the irony, I think so, first of all by your tongue. Ok! Well, I let me ask you this. So would you agree that quarterback is the hardest position point of sports jirga? Ok, so he's preparing to play the courts and then the sooner the next week he studying game plan system. In defensive, he's gotta memorize? What four hundred plays he's gotta know and he goes to the line. I see there's some doing this all his doings thinking about football. So in his spare time and his spare time he's organizing a ball deflation scheme with mirth, and so the too quickly manager guys who make ten dollars an hour and then and then, on top of it, there only define the boss by nine percent. Ten percent righteous that just enough like that, makes sense to you
I see that make sense. The well he's right now, the boss field, ten percent heavier than they share. Can you can you take a little more there's? No way this happened, makes his blood idiotic as the lead. Of the NFL conducting a witch hunt against them. We're one Jersey, sales guy, the first three weeks of two thousand fifteen one what's in it for the NFL, if I turn around, I need to go after him like this. So Is my counter that so the NFL, his screwed up, multiple things over the last few years they ve handled down a gate. They handle terribly. They handle concussions terribly wrong. The eighteen game schedule they're trying to get through re race. Jerk me agreed, they butchered rare agent Petersen was butchered near. We just did the the pattern of bad conduct and bad decision making seems I
It just continued with the fake read. I agree. I should read with these paean outside the lance theory that it was. It was payback back for Spain. I think that's true there. I think goddamn, let them author can two thousand seven. They destroyed others, apps to make it go away and I keep around the league we're like wait, a second. What why did you help them out like that? Your crafts boy? I think that was a big part of this that he was like you know. The perception league was craft was like the the puppeteer and doubtless his puppet rise, trying to prove not on our side. Through my own man watches someone who have to Tom Brady GonNA, for I had there, you go after Tom. Brady he's been nothing, but an ambassador for the national a leg. That's gonna what I'm saying it doesn't really make a lot of sense, but- and I will say this like either- you are
indicated on all counts, except for three years from now and we find out the equipment guys were paid off more than your days be ideal by the patriots tricky quiet. Then then we can have a problem, but it so you got what you wanted. He's back he's babylonian if we're gonna record an alternate podcast, Whereof Brady was disbanded and taught Tony Roma never got hurt. So look for that too. I have one more question yet so Brady goes into a federal court. Defies that he knew nothing about anything testifies under of snap. These Bob boys come out after, and I checked my comic can from sports. Illustrated has been excellent.
If these bad boys come out or the equipment manager they come out after they sell some story to TMZ four hundred and twenty nine here's the smoking gun, we did help Brady, he knew all along, they can actually go back and that and like Brady could get in real trouble for that. So he went into a federal court. So you, basically, if your premises that he actually did know, is going on so now he's risking going to jail over this. Over just admitting like air. We tinker with the Basel, but that's one of the reasons I don't think he did. This browser like are its What, if you said, hey guys, I just the Basel a later keep it on the low under whatever is one of the things that came out and that with the jets things they added to it sixteen PS. I read Then they very real measures to have you what the hell's Goin is yelling at them. These guys, like all my God, terror, radio, that as we gotta and that's kind of,
Are they delay this right as they never measured the balls in and even though, what standard to hold the two? So if anything, now they're measuring at half time, they have a number to go up again if they want to suspend them next year, I think with, which is why I was kind of pushed which why they did and push it. But doesn't it upset you that the patriots didn't fight their fine their punishment?
then I think the crab bad and the craft they had an understanding. You know you lead Brady off here. Let me pay disobey pay back for spying. Eight in will make this go in and get double cross them. He obviously double cross them this either so much weird stuff with us. Your guys playing the best him in football again, your Europe will have some statuary God later on. I get a term Para says really high tech stuff, her right. So here's Brady since half time of the F C title game right right with the with the faded balls that were alleged. They help in his ways, dance and second african, twelve fourteen hundred thirty one yards to touch. That's superber, thirty, seven for fifty three twenty eight for touchdowns topics
week, one two thousand five hundred and thirty four two hundred and eighty eight forty two suite two hundred and thirty, eight to fifty nine thousand four hundred and sixty six 3td. Last week, three thousand three hundred and forty two three hundred and fifty eight to today's seventy three percent, one thousand five hundred and seventy one yards into pics in four games and a half No one can, thank God there to find the Bosphorus, because it's the only way you can succeed. Gilias brain reading these these status actual smiling ear to ear. I level able to get the numbers out. Allow me to say that timber the greatest. Thank you. Why do you want met. Anybody is the greatest we ve seen in the last twenty five years, Bilbil check, probably the greatest coach, and yet they they love to cheat. They love, they have to see they have their wits at em, they're gonna win anywhere, but they have the G Annunciators Brady's gonna, put up with a pancake is gonna work
There's going to be able to answer with a medicine baltic and be able to throw for great numbers. He's gonna be the greatest, but when you have these running back No one will ever hear from again in the Middle EAST back in January. These ants one Smet's never fond you'll never hear from these running back again and they never fumble that that sought that has more to do with it than anything we deal. Louis is fumbled like three times a charity. There now is everyone's watch, the balls inside him in gold, I love that the pattern everyone's head concern has grown up, read our backs. Ethics are like this, and people thought the lack rooms or buy bids great glad. The courts are taken out their game bf admit, though this this thing operation by the info- and they did this good say this- is the NBA and somebody beats the calves in rats in the team complain. Boroughs right did something to the rims Madame
over, wouldn't set up a sting operation to catch Leubronn in the next game. You go. The Cavaliers Hey guys, this team complain about this and we're gonna, I'm innocent three guys and we're gonna check the rims, like a really hope. This isn't true cadeau those the other way He s got people dressed up at all black with scheme ass. They China catch people right. Why? I think, I think those pressure from the other owners who no question H its that's it, that's it if it is in fact the sting operations like hey. We, we hate the patriots for all these other reasons which we're gonna bring up. So just get him on this and will keep quiet for a while and then, of course, it goes about the wrong way. False throws them well, it's been grave for the Pats because- and I said this before the season- I didn't have a pie cast or a com The schedule is really easy before the season
look area go out. They get through that doubts came and weak five out of the by then it's like courts that no other loosen the courts where those are. Seventy in the courts in Denver was like the toughest game left right, not ember, looks pretty get I've been. I've been surprised, damage defence, but you know they. It they're gonna be favoured in every game, the rest of the way, except for the demagogues so you're you're about to compared to the two thousand seventeen now to do this. I think I think their schedules really easy aromatic that one year where the court's just we're in the bad division and are the said there are like.
Fourteen in our own, we're like without really there, so I don't know how to have an easy go there in the first place schedule, but yet did work out who's. Your top three Rana. I think it's cardinals, Packers Patriots and I take cardinal- saw yeah what what's out the like about them, the hours and palm that that defence is good ever return. I think they ve ten returned touchdowns in the last twenty games. That's astounding! It's every other game. They ever return touchdown of some kind and cause a bomb is one of the few core backs. It throws long anymore in our brain, as this does maybe three or four quarterbacks it throw down the town this problem yet further about deep, Alex Smith near I love the cardinal tune with we via we'd benefited financially from them. We d a couple times a season at including a packers cardinals teasing. We three that looked away too easy guess: Kepler
for somebody at injured or something happened. I never sweated that it so get question before we get to the weak four lines there. I think here's, the top seven and some order come a few great good patriots cards. Packers Broncos bangles Seahawks falcons. Seahawks are one just saying: if you make it seven. I think those are the seven now it's interesting is the drop off like who's. The eighth team I might for the time being drawn up. I was going to say, is eating. Tibet are the bills. The eight passed him. I think the bills loss to the best team by far the patriots and they hung in there. You were even surprised. I wasn't. I I I was their game, but I was also insulted that the patchwork road under rags we're Brady's, twenty three and three against Buffalo and the ten days to prepare retire at tat.
Which yet- and I mean they ended up hanging in there, but yet I would put the bills in there and I think we'll get a better censorship this week. So you see that you have a tap eight. Then yeah you'd put the votes I had. So that means your nineteen ninth best team in the week. Would you pick the Steelers, the Panther the cowboys the Chiefs, the Vikings, the courts or the jets man. That's a motley crew there. That's that's for the Knights best team spot in the league rise very top evidence yourself. You know top heavy Mihai area and that's how you Christine Hendricks. Oh I'm, talkin top heavy member Tooth and for that glorious here we had. Yes will we just did three team the two team, and I would like fourteen weeks and then Brady decided to shave points in Miami game. I am again we. Finally last the TAC Manila shape. It was evident that I gave rise of money again and we had one like ten straight weeks of three thing: Theseus it we're like wow with who, the people that somebody some stock, like I figured out ashore,
stocks of rolling and muddy just keep anything I ever get maybe I think so, though I look at both the lines every week and not not not counting teasers. I don't like any games this week. I know just straight up. I just can't have to pick for a while we should mention am within this very week. The lines every week I make my pigs for the spread. You make your picture the spread and we compete in every eye, be you and we pretend I don't it operates I got beat knew every area we have our aid there, you d be Thou, unlike the pats on the high seas there by This year you ve been a little frisk ear to the one you're being demanded. Eighty one, but I barely one, but I feel like a house of cards or now I'm the jet.
Certainly the worst tune. Whenever I feel you have a better grip of the league right now, I think the I think Vegas is on top and aligns more than they normally are usually the lines a little loose first, three or four weeks, but there they ve caught, and I think it just like you said, because there are only five or six teams are seven that are going to make any noise in there and they broke up there. For those. Let's talk about cowboys, really quick, forget the lions and so you lose DES, but a roll call like there's five different emotional swings already in three weeks. Right guide you hold any, have Roma goes down, they lose dazzled Emma losing the giants game and that we will win and the last second rate that was awesome. Ok, then we still in game too, were up on the eagles. That's nice. We lose Roma, but still one
that game, like all that sucks, but maybe we can go five and five of when Romo comes back, and I could be enough to lead the division, then, where you could do that beating by two touchdowns three times its twenty, eight fourteen and and and we just just blow it defends, falls part well, here's we have them U turn were at new. Orleans. Must wear Wikipedia eyelids by gas? I wouldn't do that drew breeze. Maybe that's why they don't know. I swear you, let's go into the matter, then you get the pats by weak at giants. Seattle, home Philly, at tamper at Miami Romo problem. Comes back rate, ran home for Carolina washed in some that, after Thanksgiving near the end, anything for that Green Bay. Jet scientist added at home, at Buffalo in washing, romantic of five and one foreign to at least two to one a division by
did you go in the saints game, a cable? They were doing this already you're in trouble. I now we have to base our joy Sir Eagles tonight is at all in the annexes. I think eight and seven going into the last week, possibly can do it. Am I who lose the battle bettered of the three talk me into alienate within that vision when add. But why are you so the giants or a couple? away from being in the major major driver air there they could have been three now and then they would have been the team on foot their coaches. Ninety seven years, oh yeah, that's right good for him vision, we'll about in a wheelchair forgave such as to really emphasise how old is he is rough, haven't, do alive red before we do it do the pact's aka they guessed science Sal loathing a website can be
darting. Even if you know your way around coding, creating something striking inefficient can chew up way too much of your time, weathers for business, a portfolio or even a fan paid for south gambling pixel in two thousand do you need a good looking website. Even if you don't know nothing about coding, so I can't squarespace help you for just eight dollars a month to get twenty four slash. Seven customer support a beautiful website and even a free domain. If you buy Squarespace for the year Start trial now sign up, make sure use the offer code bs to get ten percent off your first purchase square space build a beautiful, are withdrawing lies there. Yet I find I like doing live reads. We feel like a Broadway ass, all the website and then do. I would have built one on squares ways: here we go Europe two weeks to one. Let me just point out: the favorites are twenty, three hundred and twenty two and one with two pickems, two thousand three hundred and twenty two and one very close and then there's two Pickems Andover's are two thousand five hundred and twenty and
has anyone in the first three weeks really screwed up. It is just that one since, when they're the saints Tampa that was the only like tease break around, I think so yeah. Yet I was it all that's not. Last January everybody loss in their suicide pools. Secondly, right that's true in this the FAO have every single person was who lost their tea knows it and it was only vaccines are, did it was like the colts over the jets can remember what I had to James I'd, say one more thing: we should mention road. Do the lions next week is the only other screw week. We have because my schedule, I have to go at a time for a couple days right. So what to try to do guess the either Tuesday or Wednesday four crack next week, but then, after that, we're gonna, hopefully Beata Monday schedule from that point on lists: theirs: again. This is first of all, we have to buys pats and tightens, or off already soda, it's a cheat free week of football. Be nice, disseminate this for all year. I just this week. Why did the pets have to have a by now? This
except in their so healthy stupid. I was on this Patsy Fred with some of my pats bodies this week that I almost want to destroy the thread because the overconfidence, rail and then but he realized it. And then we talked about how our worst case scenario is. Every week, Safety David Grand Caskeys needs so yeah and every Pats vantages, Our task is in the hope and fear these safety can tack on and they ran in? They go at his knees and he always jumps just in time but like too, years ago. He didn't, he heard his ankle, but that's our fear with the season is just gonna cost came running in the wilderness, like a beautiful, beautiful dog, just looking for birds, and then somebody get some hunter comes in just takes agony. I could see that I could see that lot, the Boyne Roger get out for that. I am happy to blame, have resigned it yeah that'll be good. We have on Thursday night, which would be tonight if you're listening and first I'm Baldwin
Pittsburgh. Now we have Michael Vick here and we have the Owen three Ravens who really should have beaten where a weak one in that tiding pass interference. Those bad twice, many colleagues may drop the boy had his face mask ray the bangles, last week. That aim was weird and what was their way to less the raiders which are either there's another one. There was weird so I dont know if the ravens are good or if they are actually of on twelve team or indigo, my god they are trying to tell us in that he s three weeks I wouldn't say their good. I think they ve given up like foreign and fifty yards a game. They are never pass for. Sending was really tough, really tough without Suggs, but yet this is not what the NFL network had in mind when they build this game, Michael Vick, against their own three ravens, I feel like the bangles are the team for you there, like the girl in college, that you know you're not going to date, but you keep Canada hook up with
and you can't you can't can't get away. You always said Billina Bangles, a tiny or their rosea you'd have yeah, I'm just an amount of money and then give me an Stds dies with them altogether. You spend a lot of money. And the beggars over the years. I have I believe in your bed. Can we call the AMC right now? Can we call each division winner? It seems like we almost can. Patriots dangles, Dude we three game weight and that sort on the court's I'd have to ethical. I know it. I was families averaged such garbage when a terror I said a Broncos Inga, two to one odds for those four, but I know that called me last time. Our chief spat where the season we bent on the reactions to win the division, which looks, gives good chiefs to win the division which plus three hundred. I don't even think you did that. I think on the added that a good idea, rain ravens, which is gonna, lose him. What was the fourth line up? I have all kinds of pats bets, yeah, you're out of paper. It's I half of it all over the face of the path I can
We people that Brady was actually get a Miss games. I maybe cause I was a psychopath it as unemployed, and I was just following the case you were out of control, gave gonna spend. Just though all year: tweeting about Roger, get those nine eleven truth or that a I have for this game the Steelers minus one over the Raven soccer, I added as a peck and the ravens are actually favoured by three she's out, because Michael Vick Asthma,
get it for barn that for years now, who does a short we benefit here, like I know, VIC in other, the backup quarterback should would normally benefit from more time but ravens on a short we travelling, not that they should be a three point. Favorite. I don't agree that line. I didn't like that. Steve Psmith caught out a butcher teammates at that. That was a bad sign area. I don't know what to make of this game. I would not wager yes, they were due for a levy. I bow to adjourn forty five yard three tv game at some point out, and this is the weak and the ravens may be done. I mean if you look at the raven, Yeah that I sound like it, he has been talking in guys if you look at the ravens you're looking at a team right now that is desperate, but it failed this game? There are four they it's over there. They are gonna of desperate. So if you're ever bringing
the kitchen sank and running weird formations and doing your check plays and whatever you need to do. This is the weak. I my problem with the ravens that I've watched them for three stray weeks. Flax throws the best deep on the wheat bread. They don't have guys who can randy Brats him where they had really think that mystery smasher drafters of think first run impact, but he's not has really played the tide, our pyramid yea. Yet on the other, I guess they gave no deep speed cycle. Flatterers, not gonna pick you apart, like part of what makes him flat cosy, throws as forty ardors either catcher. There's a pass. Unfair, yeah, but I don't have the team the shaven they ve been Behind early. They can establish a run game forces both be a lot better than his. He showed the first three weeks but yeah you want to say thoroughly, but their own three and that division mercenaries running away with it. They kind of need this one. Let's go to send a Sunday, six. Thirty in the morning Am Pacific time in London jets TAT.
Glee at Miami, but it's in London. We both gave I am the nod at minus three. The jets are laying two points I actually screwed up, but that I thought it was in Amy, but I deserve it. Should I need to remind you if I knew was in London, I think I would have taken the jets. I think e I mean a actuated this, but a couple A couple things really amused me like in the four weeks leading up to the season. One was at the dolphins organ. When the air Sea and as I was, really amused by that, because they couldn't Joe film in the last two years. I got that that might be Bedside SAM Bradford, being good in every peek. At it s really amused by that enjoyed that took cause courts being in the Superbowl, even though that their defence cycle Do they really do then improve it, then and improve their offensive minors confused by that the Eagles everybody marriages
in writing. It eagerly injurious team based on that half of the first quarter of the third prison game. Everyone said Alyosha, God Superbowl everybody is outrageous. I thought this was the year of people projecting things that they thought, but but there is no basis in natural ever another sign that surprised by the dolphins at all and- and I just wanted their regular football welcome. This is our favorite thing to analyze. I think, such as who do you think to be to be fired? First, Jake Ruin was running away with it before the season started. Joe Feldman's gotta be what minus seven hundred from the whole footman. He is the favourite plus two forty, oh, my God can we'd better than a job on a You ve been going to sleep there right, plus two, forty
as far as the other candidate. Well so Pagano is five to. One has been a lot of talk about that, but they're not going to fire Chuck Bulgaria, the seventeenth arena, division in the air, Caldwell five to one lines, kaluza they could keep losing for what, and who could aside that coming. We have Magua TAT and Philip Brown. Who can who could have seen the age of a german car was ahead in patent with the bronze patents, Then one and grew, then is eighty one which could be found number one one is the first coach fired that won't wait. If they lose the sun again, there's a by week, the next week for them, I think secondary there's a lot of time on that It's a lot of money on a team jets in London by weak, then they go at Tennessee Home for Houston at New England on a Thursday. Those next three are terrible of the north but if you're gonna, let me do in it now cozier these you'd be one in three these have a chance to saves, though I thought the two teams that just looks,
sloppy in, like they didn't care, we're poor. The coach wear that accessing that sometime I am in Detroit. You have said the trick game on Sunday night. I'm not share them. Is even better than their most Detroit stupid. I pitied dumb staff. You ve ever seen somebody load, seven people on the left side of the line and rat lose feel government. So badly. I have never seen that before it. Yet I did a dumb things and also their offers of lines bad, so they don't have the one Stafford to Calvin job. Don't have enough time from Non Oda Calvin Johnson for the either pass interference. Catch down unites you'd I live. There are, we sure, he's getting now cabbage Johns, we know is greater regime, is still common. Janshah haven't seen they two years he made a great play on the Sunday where they do just that he's an unreal
strong enough time. The platforms again did a K. Kick it open depots. Christopher. Doesn't have time, but Stafford looks to me like the easy candidate, for our myth is either Canada for that match. Our word this year, the cubey they just loses it yeah just loses confidence and starts to fall apart, like you did some really weird stuff in that damn it. I answer that I got the two guys russian in autumn. Phil Rivers is right there I called stags courts in double digits. And I like the jagged, but I pick calls by eleven. I think it's too high the eye when ten and its nine, a half still seems a little to allow one, you know, might not be good as by portals. I say, give my shot you earlier. The kitchen Scared of the other live as I know that you must have the wipe all patriotism, Packers Games out, the off your swayed right. Now, it's like dropping the lowest quit score when you get a semester grade or something
The USA has retreated as yet my feelings rarity prepared. We heard that's, that's always held them, but how about this with the call to think they want? Tina Euro in that terrible division. Here like that, felt, though, that division should be disbanded, they should get rid of those three teams and the culture be thrown in the east or something or and figure out those three teams play for one spot to come back into the league fourteen in a row against a team. That's that that's not fair, you can't do that. It seems like we should have for eighteen divisions for eight diversions, yeah yeah, that's fine zone, you jagged, Texans and trains are in there and with it. You know over the course of six years you play around the same amount of time, or rather it needs to be its. It's just ridiculous that the courts have gotten it being that division for this, but not as five stray games with multiple entry options and and they're gonna run away with this one also like the division is really at the city. It's the owner, urinating
that has washed in failure in the giant snare does are threatened, there are always going to try to spend money and be competitive, whereas a few individual, Jacksonville in Tennessee, like a small market. Now, let's give gharra Scale Oakland at Chicago. You had it at minus one for Chicago the bears: I had Oakland fair by one and a half, and I was a little weird thing in that, and then it ended up. Oakland is laying a feel go in Chicago has gotten that bad with this fire sail in Chicago, unbelievable. The raiders have favoured to do. I mean they flew to San, and did they flew to Seattle? points there. I saw that some rather as funding those it is as yet no ten points and then we fly home extra zero points. Ten five
well. What now and now they traded Jared Alan iterated, John Boss, Dick and it out, you don't see the fire sail in football than the middle, the season or in the beginning and John Fox We must really breaches. Ok, I have a lousy take your here. You train of all guys sign off. I sign of armed men after coaches, this terrible team in December? In soldier veal, like Gimme, a break? I like you facts. His last season Carolina was the year they ended up with the pick that got them came Newton, bread and they are just losing game after game down the stretcher, Jimmy Class in the air, and then he goes to Denver unlike pate. Manning efficiency is taboo ride. Peyton manning miraculous issues of yesterday, pygmies, escorted back its bananas background. You because I know is that what happened did during the last five years and they want to get rid of everyone now Forte is on the market. Apparently tagging. In the end, I felt we haven't seen it like that speaking the Panthers Panthers at temper,
never got a little preseason buzz. My my illegitimate son bill, Barnwell was was high in them was trying to talk him out of it. I had the Panthers by three and a half, and you now that you now that I said panthers by seven. I just got tadpoles pitiful last week, but it's too much to give on the road. Apparently three and a half his right. You you have that exactly, and Wit Winston have for games a year where her age is going to be horrendous and death row for packs and fumbled twice, and do though, then this could be one of em. I have a confession to make. My feelings were heard this week when I was when I chaired our end up on the patriot: oh really user, The market is just seem like. Can you seem for one year passing through the ballot check for attacks and there has been a great patriot and bow check talking Legged just felt right and then end up in Carolina, I think it's like one of those things were like, I think, a lot of teams who had given up more for Jared Alan's like when they give up in fantasy, like when you like, a low already trading, reassuring
Sean Lunch, for I will give you some four m o. What did they give up? Would let them was it s now, nothing. It was really frustrating we'll get up the Panthers. You know I've done this before retains. Were I've just commits myself, they weren't good and they kept winning in an edge, is progressively eight edges stuck to my noted and then by weak. I have learned every week it gets him yeah, I'm giving it the Panthers, you givin it yeah, I'm gonna. I didn't pick them last week, which actually was smart Keziah Cover, but they make us be pretty good. Do better in the falcons now know now. I think they battle to the end to get to get the division crown a here's. My I think the falcons are really worked there and as one of the results in a bet on them, but kits and love what I've seen from my format. Ryan. Now like some of his throws. I e would never calmly
so he misses guys under throws who make weird plays, and I never feel a hundred percent comfortable on a bed Otto. I do think they figure stuff out an inquisitive coach. Adding, frequent Kyle Shanahan. All the sun has every year as earlier Jones. Their plant he's like he's perfect right now, is like six three to twenty physical receivers totally moving around all the time gets a release. Almost every play and they're they're gonna be tough and they won games in the second half against decent teams to get my friend I make lombardy. He loves caution and when he went there, whose eye tat was the best move of the organic as really get a coaching quaint is really get a coaching gray. I think you know a good coachee staffers. What they had last year makes meant that's, got with four five six Windsor yeah, but I game used in Atlanta I had falcons biased
six and a half dying to be teased through both at six and ass. It is in fact six and a half, and yes, that's our first who reducing them with due care. We do a three tamer packers in the car, Thus later we can get them yet it SAM yeah. I think I think that's an easy when I want to use them last week and they don't have a lot that they're gonna go back and forth between now and then, who is it the Bretons Kind, o hardware software? Those can be rocket that good back. Maybe this is our second to tease routine giants it else. I have the bills by three and a half might be too low. There was two I had six and a half and at six Vegas believes in the bills as a home team. You laugh, I e lies Eli like a rabbit, doglike e, I don't even know I M just so afraid of him both ways I dont like betting.
On him. Betty again salmon are no. It is capable of rights in general, like the air. It likely that our I gotta go see them just going any light thrust. Five touchdown passes DEC On gets two hundred yards and I do think the bills are like a sixty to seventy one team at home this year. I liked I read the pats. I watch we goin carefully with him any basically just your d passes. The short scramble passes red and the Pats were they not. Our union through a fifteen year passes to beat us. You can do it, but then, when they felt baby, He started runner answer a couple depots like he does stuff. He kind of is the quarterback. We Wanna Gina Smith and those tat began to be sure that he actually is that guy and and his cabinet, like that's how they needed he's gonna lose games for them directs. As a good coach. Munich has always prepared he eyes. Teams edge over tv brought Mark Sanchez too. To title games beat the Patriots in New England. Sanch Azure Afghan, had they are
cast in the league yards allowed, why you wouldn't think TAT for the bills, but at is it because they put the patriots and they played a lotta garbage time against against oh well, call whose lad a secondary. I sign up to an interesting, I believe in the bills Nora Casey at Cincinnati, now Casey might be like the wheels. My come off air, focusing on how I'm surprised- or you could argue over the two games it ass. We had them Thursday night a damper, we're very upset that they will act as a and yet we should have seen it come and then they lost last week, you ever they so there as to the branches. In last, a green basher. Both games are on the road outside aid. The breakers game is irrational, useful, but me you could argue those were to the best fifteen we sure Vanessa wishing to get carried away. This chiefs thing, maybe not so you had my lad designs. Gonna,
messed up bad bengals by seven, and I have three and one slash two minutes for they don't want to. They don't want to back Cincinnati. Vegas doesn't as much as maybe they should know. Andy Dalton can't help himself can't mistake, free, looks great and then he'll do one damn thing in your that's handed down by the spigot doing dump we had Marvin Louis to get fired first at third informed before the year started. Now good ad. That's allow sure good. At Sweden, now Joe Film in the Duff, insularity quit out of a dog. Now since inadequate so you're, there Schedule Casey Seattle at Buffalo by and then at Pittsburgh, maybe big Ben back now, maybe they're, not one individual, so fast. You know they that they're always offered the medical diagnosis. Words, like does is forty six weeks and in its turns out it's four weeks wrath us Berger, I feel like is gonna, come back
sooner as vague Almah says turn just like can puts a tape. I went I'm in a play. An ex react in the second reading to exert thick as a beast: is it easy his quarterback Emily. You knew he was now here. I feel at Washington. Ok, so I have a feeling nearby one and a half at Washington. I said three, I'm beating you up pretty good this week, but I told you you have better feel right now. I said three and it's three and one slash two Eagles favoured by my round that I dont mind this washed in team. Well, everyone through our off their sank as they didn't look that great on Thursday night, you know, there's a must one game giants and was a Thursday. It's a g! It's the genius jostle! What's chip Kelly's a genius dance night as a genius? What's gonna coming explosion, this game? it's just. I don't know what to think he was ingenious. Joshua wasn't who had receiver Tabitha thinking ETA stint in every year to stay away betting
I'd like to stay away, but washed in does some things pretty. Well there there! Ok, That's out on the Ngos that are, I think, same Bradford is below average court, but I can't we bottom ten late afternoon Games yet Minnesota Denver. So I had them by eight and a half, and I dont know if I would throw them in it. He's been Minnesota scares me a little bit given that Sunday that Monday night came in Cisco. We should remember this next year that weird start its. I can t these costs time and my way wondered playing football, and it's like the team always looks weird maiden, throw that out next year near neighbors they may be decent. You Nor have I had six and have it seven danver favor by seven. Had your crushing me. I don't know Is that our second team, who do we like we like Lana? So far and TED I, like Packers cards, I only have an entire network has, as you know, the Broncos kid
could have easily started out. What could they ve got on three year right? They could, alas, ravens gain the collapsed chiefs game, the lions, if they, is that feel. Guidelines are down to with seven minutes laughed and they just had kick official in the green O. Connor spectacular covers two there there, one oh yeah, like them, they should have even covered. Maybe tour of everyone was give me crap that I went in its paint manning in a game in lost. Yet with the chiefs I didn't bet on it and the lions Lassie, but I'd pick them and and might have says: have you watch Peyton Manning the guy Liddy can't move anymore? Will I think that is why I throw anymore. He can't feel thing. It feels fingertips because it had fireworks acts and are right. I get confused about this. The stories by now, I think they're gonna be belonging to get over this, but they're gonna be like the Panthers ignoring games like one thousand seven hundred and twelve going to get mad, but that defense is so good and put so much pressure on opposing quarterbacks that they're going to get it done and he's.
Firing out o the pistol formation on that site, you can't do that in December J. And then they knew that going into the season rather odd about, and now it's like right They ve already last three straight years, cause he's like maybe idea, Jane, Ripe, Adela, ten or eleven Windsor thing, not yet oh yeah. I think they go like twelve him for he You know the one thing: this year's he's just drawn it up for grabs, Thomas and centres of have made like five or the best. A catches in the in the season survivor that alone at the lock into one, these tied ends is hasn't been Owen. Daniels Joys, Thomas's, the man of their record, his numbers when he was in the lineup were great. Now is a jack civil night even playing. But since you lashes, Antoine is tied, ends I'll make the Athens for better. It's funny, listen! It is an answer stock. By remaining their gushing about, unlike his paid money for ten years ago, which is idiotic as we were watching the game, but the that everybody seems to be missing is like he's still good
even though he clearly has a very, very little left yeah. You now- and I was like reminds me: birds two years when you had the back brace uneasiness runaways at thirty pounds It is a game bend over and still like scorn. Twenty a game really impressive, really gained ladder, respect for me. This is a bad omen. I really have. I just think he's a show himself, any so freakin smart that it's like now, it's just his brain physically he's got nothing left over. I gotta do, may I too, but you say he's
all that happens is forty two? Of course this is gonna like the NBA Centre, how much the that thirty eight to thirty nine year old one year, the difference it makes and footballs. Probably worse, I been really impressed by his leg in that chiefs game there down fourteen nuthin, he threw a pick and the guy dropped it if they get caught it and went the other way. I think there I think it's different and aid scheme for whatever reason that was like a tipping point with an excellent just martyr, Cleveland Sandy Egg
Cleveland at San Diego two teams that I do not like. I had the charges by seven in they ever will stick to them. The share that, like diet, seven also at seven and a half, so we tie that one but not sure about make Mccoy man. Well, listen MIKE Mccoy! It goes both ways. This watch wicked encase. You thought cleave almost about to make a run. Here's your schedule at San, Diego at Baltimore, Denver at Saint Louis Arizona, Adsense and Anti at Pittsburgh. Live we jump on those pat nods because they could be looking at one and one in nine. I had a couple brands fans actually email me that the same basically look at our schedule, not to one another. I had to go through a further and to do anything we have Green Bay at San Francisco as you like this one in a teaser come yet at Green Bay by six anathema to go until the demand well. I said: nine, its nine and a half. You talk about that. Monday game Vegas they thrive.
Yeah, but it took two weeks like that cards. I was four points too low and Sunday rather Niner send speaking of complementing other quarterbacks. Its idea of yours, you told me that arouses was the best. You told private conversation I'll say publicly. Why This is a big moment for your bills. Him any Brady is grown up rate is the best quarterback about time rat. Adding right now and I watched Jason enough. I've ever felt the swoboda quarterback before now that you're gonna let the directions that breed for second, I dont know what he can do. He knew everything. It's like what would you say that man Aaron Rodgers, if you can only do this site with Brady, was always there his slow. He can't really scramble he's cagey, but Sloan Manning the same thing. Rogers can do everything? adding ambrady can do, but he can also move, ran and scrambled by time like wrath smarter than any smart. Any committee
live, and I don't know what you would change about him. He buys time like you. If the came out and said there were nine guys on the field. Every time you played Lambeau argue you wouldn't like all. Yet I make sense. Re looks like he could always find than opening could always find a robin, and when we look to bet the Packers like who, have to be hurt other than our Rogers. For you not like laces question, all the Varela out is manageable and Jordan. Thousands out like I don't care to Patty Shorty Nelson, it didn't matter there. They last Adams this week it didn't matter and added that's what he hasn't come with Brady his brain. The guy's change every year and he was always manage to get as that are best at making no names great yeah, but Brady now has reached a point where he goes to the line he reads and in two second: he gets a bar and it's always the right person. Ragists can do that, but he can also the guy that open. I got a scramble, disguised comment
just gonna move around him down. Rollin add Armand. I owe you do this, and now it's a thirty I pass rare. There he's the best as a good enough that we want to put them, were teasing the backgrounds and they have to give three and a half. I promise you routine figure that out the last afternoon Saint Louis, at Arizona, Jeff Fisher. Yet again there yet again, the Nick False, Amber four trade was really weigh up there on the bad trade department. La me trading Maya, my cheating, Volkswagen Car, further figure car that blows up Pratik, it's just who wins at who installs in Bradford, I thought Foles. I thought they would be so much better. They had to be so bad. I pick the Rams last Can I do to resume our to lose that game? I can't remember the tide ended. They dropped the ball, yet he dropped a touch on the lights and that fireworks explosions, but yet to lose. Our game was bad news. You have. I had the car.
By eight you're, actually gonna win this one I had nine have and at seven I don't know. I worry a little bow cheap cover here for the Rams, but Arizona is so good, and that is where it. Hey it's time for one more library to go ahead. This is actually a recurring segment. That's going to be in every podcast. I do. I think, unless it's like with a weird guess, it's time for the biggest mailbag question who presented by our old friend stamps that calm as gas quickly come I'm going to the post office miserable experience from start to finish I wish I knew a better way to mail and ship stuff. What about stamps that com? It stands that com you can buy imprint. Official? U S postage any letter package using your own computer in printer, even better. If you sign up for stamps that com Commies promo code bs, he had for we trial puzzle,
one hundred ten dollar bonus offer that includes a postage and digital scale, go to stamps that calm click on the microphone at the top of the homepage typing, and it's that easy steps tat, can you love my library, I loved him area to do the biggest bareback, which ratings is a dyke and make the EU mailed in the stamps dot com. Promo now Roma, now you're, all over to half of the weight, is here's the biggest mailbag question ever for this week it comes from David Lippman, from to Virginia by the way, if you, if you want a male, a question for this BS podcast thirty three at Gmail Dhaka, here's what David suggests The NFL added a new scoring play that badly needs a name, the defensive score, botched conversion. Booze is now a thing, because if you miss that thirty Threerd Party, they can return backing to point so David says what if we called it, you know when you don't get it
you return it, but it doesn't happen. You end up getting tackled whatever. What if he caught at the failed attempt returned for two acronym fart, just think of the possible headlines, jets far away victory, raiders weighing on epic fart, dear afar, off like a walk home, run their one on a far off those engaged see that we're down one we blocked of aid, the pay a tea, and then we can get the fart. I like that. I love far humor. Congratulations, David Lippman, where it were our priority today that question data stamps idea like that you, like the extra point until I had to go and look swear to me. I think they should from the thirty. I don't know why they did the thirty three thirty three is actually like a little nerve racking, their forlorn arid. I thought I thought it was for you. Thought throws out into this agreement Those ideas way to make up a train, or even now
the noble when you watch and six greens at once, and you like. Ours is a field or an expert, but I can't I can't town and also that in the middle, the feel like us does kicker get to choose because I've seen it on both hash mark. So I like that, where a couple kicker save bitch too bad, like, of course cigarette Abijah Ray you ve, taken the easiest play of your life in re. You made it like slightly more difficult and we want a basketball players made free throws at ninety seven percent like they should now, and then they decide to move back like that, I would like that are now just just leave it. It's fine or you know what give him the seven. I think it's like you get seven or you can go for two. We won't let side even watch this kick. I like it because it's exciting when it gets blacked earth it Missus Zoo, yeah, like what. The game was it's Sunday night, somebody blocked in their running back and now, as that was fun, I had sent in a next week. Wow your team, while the saints
cowboys, there's going to be no line on this because we don't know about breeze. You said you said to that breezes playing so I said saints by two and I sent for, and I saw seven it so it's just throw it out because if they don't know if breeze is playing, can we recap the conversation we had on Sunday morning when my convince you that brain and waited needed to be bet against wage. It again, I was my reasoning. I know I was I look. It's brain in Weedin. We all thought we'd never have this chance again right and now we have this chance. Yes, he's favoured. This is unbelievable bet against branding and I'm getting points sang. This might never happen again. Let's do this era. Keller, they're gonna have short surpasses you are right and you get to catch the cheque, but you're now Sis was off. Brenda win was I came to you when you really interception murder, you the well that's, what's gonna help you out, let me tell you what murdered may and I tweeted about their. So, let's just there
up. I think it's twenty one. I don't know what it is, but they go up. They go up. Fourteen points with forty six seconds with forty six seconds left there at the one you are line and the clock is running and the cowboys or up seven, I believe now. So what do you do? Jason Garrett calls a time out. I was going to say: he's provocateur make the rupture, yet all the time out to get his big on the feel. You, ok, you have twenty five thirty seconds add two time our chief thirty seconds to get that play Don't get dont, give Matt Ryan and of course he comes out. They kick a field all and that kick started their office and there was by eleven instead of eight, not last DR could amount. If I don't want to hear about these, these call these coaches, that growth through three divorces, because their work in ninety hours a week like if you can't play sago genesis and figure out that you need to let the clock run then something's wrong. They're Sargeus in a coach is really getting divorced because they work now there's a week. That's supposed to be the the
Now that your film is happily once using more able to live in my Lord, if you guys are happily buried their wives above them just tell em it's only four thirty Joe Joe, you gotta. What are you doing here? I thought you were dead, it's fine. Maybe we should bear that before or before the hardware s pack has goes out of him and dot? Novocaine sue knows too knows on the sidelines in that area. Right. We'll lending wondered what did they usually bad coachee blunders and cause? I remember last year, was the famous Jim Carbo make Smith right. We ended up in the last two minutes. Arrears is, I was barely awake object coffee, encouraging boner left the rate of honour our end you read by the way is really stepped up has gained through this year. Either he is he a fit
in years of evidence dad that dead. He just has no clue with anything to do with clock, manage rain or anything. But how is that possible? Let unbelievable what about a damper game in the first half, when there was two thirty left Deborah had note, amounts any through about twice yeah, just run by what right the two men in warning. Doing that happens every word you agree games and like it's one thing if the quarterback like you can make, the argument like ok, aren't thirty two guys in the world that could play quarterback India get out and that's why of life, not worthwhile loggers, but it can't be the same for coaches like now, they're just aren't thirty, two guys who know clock man like you, Peggy, thirty grand some kid at MIT. You can figure out just numbers like that's it, no, no time out, yes call man. It's like they have been doing. That right is somebody. Has a clock assistant jam Henriette with that is an area where we have one does believer, hasn't help button.
I mean I'll never get down to the last two minutes when matters, but they do have this guy higher. It is crazy that they're not play Amanda well, I got one big you're not going anywhere anyway, like right, safe means as goods unless he's back, when you D You're, not gonna, win nine games or ten games are. Can people wildcard the vision? The only thing you have to figure out at the end of the year is whether we need to cut ties with Johnny Manzella right. Isn't that the only thing they need to determine and they're not they're, not in putting them in a brooding for yeah sure when I feel like he's a child actor. It's like Y, all somebody's, a musician who made it there's a Bieber. It's like have the beaver whereby, like they hit bottom and you know like fame and other stuff was bad for them and it wasn't really there followed, then handle it in that China reconstruct their life yeah. He crawled his way out of the Dana Plato were yet or life and made may be making, but with with singers, it's easier
it's like you, just gotta get producer and you go in the studio and you think some songs like we near quarterback, is the hardest job sports, as on top of all the other stuff is gone, and I only makes it therefore say he's like five for three were written for you Mozilla is try to get the game somehow Monday night, Detroit at Seattle, GAD, I probably went to low. I said seahawks by eleven. You said eleven ice attended. It is ten right now the only having better that we have the greatest on his shoulders. I really did ninety two with three ties: sobered tied to two after four weeks, but I have a controversial David, to make good enough to seahawks her out of the woods yet now I know, that will have room for them in your top seven alone, upload ivy. They are from a talent standpoint. I came chance or came back. They look that's it. That's fine read a lad of chemistry, stuff. I don't like that in an endeavour.
That Superbowl last year was terrible. The sports illustrated star about how the offence in the defence went to Hawaii, and it was there in Russia was able to try and get them together. Wrestle worse. It seems like us range guy, just in general, like his performance in the entourage, move was just perplexing right using object. Take my shirt off yeah. Ok, Russell! That's great, as is our great on your part, and what about the black lives matter thing went one guy said one thing, and then the other guy had the press conference to refute the first guys comments arrives matter that was weird camp chance all the out. That was weird the fact that they actually thought there were guys in the team that thought they wanted. The worse than to throw the winning touched our past because they don't want Marcia than to get it. There is an actual thing that people thought that was weird: they have to figure out a lot of things out the work Jimmy Grandma TAT offence, Jimmy M is unhappy their March on Lynch. What if he's gonna, show up no forty minutes
every game? That's the problem can be great hit. I don't know what's been committed to that, there's a Jew. Is they have the trade which Selwyn, but then there at since he Humphrey Carolina at San Francisco, add down by weak, but then the second half of the season that debts when they play zone twice yet and that war, I think zone, is really get and nutritive yeah, but they have some tough games in there and I don't know I like Arizona Levu more. I do too I even have a better coach. I don't even feel like we're. Making like ballsy call here like this is like a garrison is better than I did right there in the elite. Now I began zone is better Football in Seattle right now, but also like the windows in the NFL use its three years for years may be at the tail end of this year. A window, he used are paying guy thou ya, get those draft bargains anymore and eighty percent of their peril dear. How are you doing on areas p?
and sports and two and one last week hit my best bet two out of three weeks and yes again. No, I dont like we could talk to users to a blue in the face of we'll pick, those but an olive any anything right now, straight out of four weak for had no can't you just teachers with the second issue that I just don't know that people understand to users of the NEO Liberal shaken his head. Yes, but I'm a much everyone's totally insane would actually driving my daughter from soccer practice on Monday. I was thus in the game. And she asked me who has written foreigners said the Packers, and you said that you bet on the pact. As I said, I teach them their silence. That just like put his advent like where you know they have again, they land were so now explain again, we lie the poets, it's stupid satellite such degenerate, I'll, protect us man inside so there's post to him by seven between utility down one and she and she just look at it,
this is a nice that lesson for them. At this point, I am speaking of confuse you. Were I gotta confusing phone call from you what I'm sorry Emmy night night it was laid. You did you remember now, but it hold on were hurt. Here's how one only play for you sow sports guy, long time. No talk a mere enjoy myself at the eight bill. Emmi after party now be honest, six or seven lemon drop martinis in, but I'm so excited about our back guest and a couple weeks, Hopefully I've silver up by then, and I'm calling to remain to remind me to remind you to remind me that in the first by gas, I'd like to talk about the greatness of one Thomas, Edward, Patrick, Malcolm Jamal Brady, the most extraordinary unhandsome corridor, backed it ever walked grid and whatever the hell that is now been combating all night everybody here, the party agrees he was set up. I talked Canny Bowers
Julia Louis dreyfus- that one guy used to do this negligence, they're all on board. They all agree to Tom, brain by that that that that that part face stupid, Ed, Roderick, Adele Tom, the best around nothing's ever gonna, keep him down even police. He told me that one of a baby dragons pleasures itself the time utensil dummy and why wouldn't it Tom, those nice bank lips dies as mafiosi, Tasmanian Kangaroo. Let's not forget that most goods utility of is outside it I'd rather be condemned to a life of valor, true detective, to on a continuous, and have my beloved bad experiences sees Tommy boy, what that sidelines borne out in the bathroom detective, its job, get it at its moments. The explosions or through procure bins. Put me down Gama Vegas, baby sport guy over now, Christa Pausing is restricted.
You have the cop after you do know honey com. I don't remember that lemon drop martinis, whose how can you remember, whose endemic him alive The Zimmer him alive is right at Thursday watch tonight. I'll call you Kate, Mara, music from andred day and follow me at the cousin cell and twitter and I'll be given out three locks and sports entered in an early Friday morning on ESPN worldwide, later and sports that that's a good cigar. I wanted to talk about HBO good. There are just really excited it's a great that I only five three. Gave a hearty Lange on first guessed, but actually do that next in the shows gonna start of my detest com and then from Pakistan point we're doing. Every Monday were we're inside every money. There might be a couple days or were offered day on Fridays,
houses going to come on we're going to do pics on for fridays and a whole bunch of other stuff and then doing try to do one other, at least during the week, at least for the next six months. See what happens on an hour busy I'm a to, but I really miss doing this Taxation is doing it worthy rate in the car, so much fun middle visits easier. Ojo houses when fifteen and one is first way, goes like a cage lie and talk about it with anybody. We didn't do super contest this year and we did we know that has did what he did earlier. He flew out there. Now he got some pride see. Ah human another friend has, and he cheated on you- the super count as bad as it is bad, he's gonna he's gonna get an ear full. For me. I told you how to fly out there to sign up. I realized something we probably should have gotten some
forty three zero college. Kids distracted, marries a register for us here, we're just a proxy solid than that. I know plenty of people who would have done that for uprooted, then the drive and got into pieces of late other gets to its too late and Fitness the thing is I were. I probably would be like twelve and three right, of course, because it is the first or you're so pretty easy. They have. It scares me about week for the cause great, that baggage by your job. I hereby we'll be back on the on the bill. Simmons pack, ass with more package. We Three other ones come in this week stating for those thanks for emails. Thanks for your support, it's great to be back. The first ever episode of the bill, Simmons Podcast, is brought to you by Squarespace Start building your website today at squarespace dot com for just eight dollars a month to get twenty four slash. Seven customer support a beautiful website and even a free domain. If you buy Squarespace for the year Start trial now sign up, make sure use the offer code bs to get ten percent off your first purchase.
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