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Ep. 10: NBA & NFL w/ Joe House

HBO's Bill Simmons talks Week 6 NFL gambling plays, Pats-Colts blowout predictions, and Lamar Odom's tragic downhill spiral with Joe House.

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would be playing our sign that I thought I had cleared, but it still not cleared. America's nightmare continues at our interventions. Is it but I do have Joe House it's our annual Friday and it fell pick slash. Be a slash? Whatever ass pack asked how I our weekly Friday look, I ice cube had something to say: ice Cube wants Keeluk about Friday. We use here he has to say declaring that they said, Mr Langen, everything pop it already one day with everything of problem was ice, cube linen. The Canada. I think you ass. They would definitely memoranda. I like his action movie, chases Ayscue so I dont even know we're gonna. Gentlemen. I don't know where to begin, let's begin with this year,
a busy week, you're all over America you're the airwaves on the EAST Coast top and bottom right. Yeah finally get to do make France, as the show is through a z. It was a huge, huge opportunity for me. I was very exe, he's the best. Now is gaiters, it was really fine. You know The shame of it is, and I get, why is pain, does what they do or they they steer is paying people just to the is pin radio pack ass right he's, been radio shows and always painting area if the media, but princesses, like the guy in New York and he's been met. I therefore twenty five years now really New York and always up to knowing it means that the guy in New England, but rather presence that extend all up talk anew mile, grantline friend, Jake hang about it and when
He was say now you know France S as the guy at it, but it's not just that. He's the guy now it's that he's been the guy for that long and it's really rare to have the title. You know I think, like in the eighties Loop oppose Canada Guy cuz I was. I was gonna high school in Connecticut in the eightys to read the posed in them. The Daily NEWS out of time. But I was back when the only way to consume loop occur was by reading him right and he was a great columnist and he was the guy and dead. The decade beforehand again was the guy in the near post I think you wrote doing daily NEWS, but two bit France S Owen him in dog, took over, they collectively became the guy, and they only your fer. You know up through the the two thousand, and then split up enough France S, the guy, you know. For me it's is it's good. Me to go on a show like that, because I'm reaching a whole bunch of people that might not even know who I am or might not read me.
They know who you are they hate you crazy, like the other I bear. The new workers are the new Yorkers are surprisingly kind but anyway, so that was nice and then ass. It did embossed than it did touch her rich, which was this morning. Show that that pretty much heated up waken the late to thousands and became Canada. Shout Anna and I was I to go and that either so that that was fund so that they do not have a couple yet the also speaking about Grantline, friends and and and zip recruiter. I really had a few friends and I join mission right. Yeah, we didn't. We read out a few hires heads better able to good deftly, interestingly who's, the guy and washed in disease to be tony
for years and years, but now he does red anymore. He's got the local radio show, but is. Is there a guy? Is at stake are neither, whereas in the guide it is tony guy. It's it's still tony guy he's here for one thing he's been around now for twenty five thirty years and it went from print to radio. He was the guy on radio what he was doing. His radio show Ani as paean back in the late nineteenth and early two thousand ran the tv gig necessarily YO made him divided world. He live a bit, but I still the guy here I all I'll put it this way. Everybody my age and older listens then supports junkies Eartha wildly popular here in the empty air, with good reason cause the Hermes role it proper. I mean the apron added now for you, gotta be like fifteen years.
Maybe even longer than that. Stick to you so that's another China gone, I wanna go you sports die was allowed to go on now and neither are you you ve been on the junkies want It will go on then use remote, your book, Yannick, one hives again at one time, unlike seventeen years, but that the junk youth bring it home. My love, the jobs of about a bunch of local die. Peace that do it proper down in insisting on blog column like who's, the guy in every city. Could some cities don't even have a guy and lengthy delay? Has a guy right, Cavell ages does all of the kind of cereal? Don't national programmes right now. It's it's the first of all your way off. That's the das decide I thought it was all national figures now why is like relentlessly and painfully local like David rather too Lakers could be fifteen and forty eight
and in their name a local shall thus been the first hour talking about the Lakers over anything relevant. But is this? This is a good I've been out to allay probably thirty times since you out there and I want you to have. I ever heard the local radio programme in your car of that. That's all my friend, check damage. I gotta Dr Times four european radio I'm radically? Ah it they disappear? this is again two thousand seven hundred and his whole for the show was yet not only do the local stuff, what were you gonna go national or even a low, broader, like there's somebody transplants ere, you do. We can reach all these different people in and we don't just have to talk about delay teams on time and they were like great. That sounds awesome, and within three weeks there, like hey talk about the local taves
the way we don't like that anymore. You took over the people just when they would like Sarkisian the the coach you who may act as a tricky problem vigorously coach just dismissed yeah. That's that and the Dodgers that's it right now, and the chosen rose and a little bit of that that atomic alarm except the Dodgers, I tried to tell us how this on monday- and I think he thought I was being dick- the com the ugly side it had to come back to haunt the Dodgers just had to that
there was this love I that is law based. I totally agree with that. I thought maybe that karma was delivered in the money, no game, the way that the Mets hit seventeen and a half home runs and one forty that whatever the score was. I thought that was the baseball guides Amy evening it up, but you know last night was pretty interesting. I dont think the Dodgers rig it. They had to gray pictures that was a did. Did you think I was in town to team like the nature eating when he heard them? They only only guide line up that scared me off at the loose just enter here. That's a good bye! about what you just said, I understand that without the problem you pig ended up, not for whatever reason, having a great theories and- and that was you know, that's kind of the different. I love diagram plus one. I tweeted this
like the Grand plus one thirty five with falcons minus four, and one of them is gonna, lose out in bed at the vacuum that scared yea, the Thursday made a rule this year and it's one of the better rules of ever made in my life is just don't plan on the Herzog aims just out, so they were. They gave her out of the boat. Atlanta invented seventeen way, beluga game. I didn't see you at it. It was people the watch I switched away upon each mistaken. There was a dozen mistakes diet. I did kept turning a wake up call and go back into the three above any spark mistake: misstatements they got turn it off put back on the baseball game, I'm into an auction leagues. I'm sorry, I'm in action. They, given once your day May EAST Coast Fantasy Football, which is like my all, my friends from high school and college and then and then the West Coast, one which is the auction league, which I care about a little more cuz, the skills higher
those two leagues. I spent a combined one hundred and forty dollars and you can't frigid action. Seventy one, and a leg leg. Six of the other. I got in the way Because the guy, like a monster team- and I was- I was just thinking like this guy makes it- I win the league if this can be Eighty per cent wench about Charles's I win, the West Coast League the EAST coast. They maintain terrible and I was like I am. I need America. So either I mean the myth that chick conjugal s business to contract to contract. There was a Sunday, the thought of me, but these are there
as its wing leagues like that right leg. Lou, I have about device Everyman League. Are you divide, but he was you get drafted the right, oh yeah, I drafted the right means you're right. He wasn't a free, aided pick up, but it wasn't. There were still some possibility that the tavern was gonna, be the primary preacher back for it. Man I want to see who started. That's why fancy for by seven reasons like I remember liking like interactive. And going into my draft and like the day before it seem like having common or one of em. They all the sudden. There is ambiguity with the stars and they now and then some millions of getting it within the draft and he's like the best part of finnish football finishes about, even though the dumbest of dumb pursued knew so array of dumb pursuit. Yet gambling, what's dumber than I am so before we get to football quickly, the baseball
Oh yeah, blue Jays, minus one, fifty five over the Royals and the rules have home failed and that serious and then, minus one sixty over the Mets, then that seems like I don't like you that I like the road ahead. Matt. I feel like I know a lot about baseball sports was last time the covers made the World Series I don't even know. Why does it happen in our lifetime? Not they get. It have not made the workers and take I'm calling at TAT Hour new producer or new producer. Take Frazier, who sitting there staring at me. Can you find out when the cubs last made the world series takes on it? He was very
There's really take twenty two year old from North Carolina, buttered, be it by claiming that it one of his favorite ACC Games was Marilyn, mercenary, Caroline him, though he was like minus eight when it happened, but it still. I never told me that obviously striped my heart, the I figure so I would say blue jasmines, but I've had enough. I bet it, but it just seems to improbable that comes up the World Series how that happen. I am I'm just so happy that it met cubs at a great rate or Serbia for the story. It's so good. I love it when it starts. When.
Nineteen, forty five, the Cubs manage Jesus. My dad was important in eighteen. Forty five was Dick, has ordinated forty five. He would bear yes, he was four years old. I met a young ducats here they put that a trade tigers and they obviously last signal have about it, but we have the Bruges outwards tonight. So well, if I had to pick, I'm gonna give you the ads for the match up to wait. A second. If, if I had to pick, I would say, rose bushes and- and we you'd say were at times I am blue Bruges. The green. I know I was they met royals. Why do you like the rest? I like that they reduces the dumbest of dumb reasons. I am also prepared
for all the criticism. But how can they were there last year that that is that all that is the dumbest diaries? As I that's crazy about it. I won't wait a minute trumpet I've done. I liked the blue, Jays Chemistry, Thomas J, parties there. I like incarnation of chemistry in baseball, so important. Now it's great it's an individual sport where your team game plan its inmates in any way, and I love their chemistry. Its chemistry is about important in baseball that isn't swimming right, but I loved him but tat. They had the bat for Palmer and
whew jays like charge dad the dugout like it was literally quit that never happens. That was honest man, I'm intermodal. So what fan base would you be happiest for cubs? Honestly, I would become the Ferryman cloth. I was gonna, try and make an argument for royals, but now it's gotta be the Cubs. I couldn't. Ninety forty nine is that eighty four five it's like nineteen o eight on own forty five of us and therein, I was talking to a type of this or France. S actually were. I think the cubs are different than the red Sox fans, in that we were so tormented the whole time Red Sox Vance, whereas the cub seem like at peace with the factored cubs fancy. Might their peace with that that never gonna win all their regional, tormentors, r, r, R, Saint Louis, the cardinals regret at their local rival the way the Yankees are for you, but by their name the
gives every they arrive Landmark has dominated the censure. We measure. I've got some of the other teams that regulation a speaking a measuring by last week, I'm having a good year in general, but I got a little. I lost last night so right now, forty two thirty two four for the season with picks. Ah I didn't, I didn't pull my thing. Let me see if I can figure, I went eleven and three last week against here. I've had to really good weeks at my sunday
aspects of job imposed to scream and twitter ten foreign too, but last I made when you went three one and one I went to the online, so I'm I'm now at between August on this paragraph, five foreign want on best bet, which is not great but well what would ruin wrap it up this week? Let's quickly goes through the games that we did not pick sure I thought about taken the cardinals minus four in Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh. I gave it a long hard look as well near cardinals might be good either I dont think might be I like them. Quite a bit and wicked impairment on Pittsburgh heard so much the watch that get him near Monday night, but I honestly think that the home field thing is what kept me away from Bang on the cards, and this week
But I think I'm picking the cardinals either way, but other they're, not one of my best yandah in the thing with the cards, is that I am so the Steelers is that they have so many geyser scary there on the field it just they make me nervous. The other guy bowed a bride they get Antonia branding at these guys it can. But these sixty five year, touchdowns at an eye at around the great about better now and so vague that Bell was unbelievable Monday night. By the way, I can't thing is praises enough. It look like he was a video game player and that gave us an email. They'll, a sudden southern home to his vikings era, minus four at home. Against my dude. You can't request in the chiefs. She can't resiny is get have nine, areas for eight yards, Emma Famine, people who may find me that's why I like the teeth to this one. I am probably taken the Vikings. I never feel for it
almost took the bangles monastery and half in Buffalo Ajay Manuals plan. I'm not sure the bills are even good, but in something something just scares me about the bangles. Even Areas: twenty four seven that game where I don't know what happened to see out on their game, but its decision fear. I couldn't you see like bearing the bangles and then Andy throws the pack and Somebody right for seventy. I see me wagons, whose bitch and work in the Bothers Wiki makes a planet. Somethin scares me about this. I could see it, which is why I would under way taken the bill. Almost. They were in my my small back for potential best bet, but I didn't I didn't put the men, but I love the built getting free and
name and decided to leave the lions or minus three at home again Chicago, which is basically Vegas, is just like lick. Whatever these team suck here's to hunt him gets a few. Go good luck! Good luck! Everybody! I have no idea. I have no idea what happens in this game and I don't care and I feel that they might have errors or through our little bit better than they have appeared there. Defects is pretty good. They have a couple deeds per annum against a good the season, yeah, I'm without problematic the bears. Why would you tie in Kabul Matthews Stafford? Ever? I will be taking the bears and we met you sacrifice. That thou coaches. The last week he really dead wearing the game. Lazy young quarterback await he's been like seven years. Broncos, minus five half at the brands. I like the browns not enough to bear on them, but especially who's out on the branches I guess where he's Africa,
as it is, hardly I redeem as their pass rush hours. That's that's their their whole. All of their success has been defensive. This is the first time at this stage of the season, or this is a good dumb thing. I'm about to say, if it so obvious paint have more picks, didn't touch them near. Did you know that They ve been winning cause their defence and the deeper dvr way with their aim. The thirty second off its bright couldn't believe that Forbad Siders like this is this paint men thing, but a week after week, I think he's due for a game where he just as five picks and single him. Who is the game? I don't think it's a sweeter. I don't think it's a freak either take a problematic in the Bronx really at the deadlines, and maybe a point too. I feel like it to be brackets through half but Jim,
ex tax since the detection of reprehensible. But I would say that people think the jagged. The worst is ready. We getting three in homer, giving one I'll pick em in one that well whatever I undertaken the jagged, but I'm taking the jagged as well. I'm not taking you didn't. I gave until they said. I think I did it can't. Take him hurt me. They stink, titans, dolphins,. As you know, a lot of await their debts, one of my pigs. So let us get get to a real picks, didn't even our there who are there. We ve
with only fourteen game this week right and we just did one two three four five six and then we have amiss in a game boy were released on that prepared we do is, is ravens forty, nine as one in your game. Yes, ok, whether one of mine is falcons without my throat we'll go with it. Ok, first game: we both agree that this is a game we should pick. The jets are home their length, six points to the washed and professional football team which you take the defeat Rudin uprising right. I I've been slowly warming up to the de seek written to the sheer out gained or other five opponents, the sheer defence.
Sixth ranked overall, and I like the spot. The sixth point is just a hare too many for refer. For me. Oh it's out of here. It's it's a little ahead here. Support at a hare should be managed or an agreement on. If I didn't know that you are in agreement, I like that defence I, like their offensive Lynette did they can run the ball. I thought last week was really impressive against the falcons. What are the odds? Care? Cousins was gonna kill. You in big expect our right right. That was an all time. Low foe. We knew that was comin back, but still covered covered the seven and a half. That's really hollow. We care about on this. Others. Bog and it's her cousins verses, arrived Fitzpatrick. I have really done that. I like to trot out as well, and I fell teams off a win in london- are one in seven against spread at home in the neck
came the very dumb step, but well. I've always wanted. Seven is not good. I went to London for the Olympics and it took me like a month and a half to recover. When I connect America side at a. Can you imagine what it's like to be for Papa. I just think the item, did desert. These teams are relatively even that's. My maybe return maintains and right deadline. I don't see how the little six some grabbing the points and with the next game you This is just Jussieu, Packers, tenant, half at home chargers. Hooty, like I like
the charger ended. Just look the lighted. A few of these games aligns Mew, moved mused. The lies, move by huge choose swings during the course of the week. This is one of those games. There were thrown open that nine and climbed all the way up to ten and a half. I think it is now eighty percent of the early spread bets on the rebate packers, and yet this is just a contrary. Comply with a straight up contrary play for presenting a go, there's a bunch of great dad that. Port, double digit underdogs in this position and you'll be surprised to hear this little nugget, Philip Rivers, three and now, as a delegate a dog. Will you see anything that the charges ye actually either take them on the road. I absolutely they have the opposite of a harmful advantage and surcoat distance
I could use the silent count and amended game at home this week. It was terrible, of all over the house. It was out of going on out. There can be disguised, be so depressing, but add that your home home fans and forty thousand maroon for Pittsburgh. It would be understandable if the charges for like the disagreement here and and terrible for like the last ten years and yet, though opposing teams can have their fans come. They them, especially here up its burger so close to Washington. But what was going on out? There doesn't make sense, and you have I watched the last who Packers Games. They D scored seventeen and the Niners. The early can move the bother much and then they scored twenty forum on the rams. One long touchdown, one long pics, six at the daily at one other, like traditional multiplayer draft. I e equally
What we're actors is doing this year reminds me of sex with Brady when we had that Greece, They Caldwell and Jabbar gaff is the two best receivers and Daniel Graham is. Ty, then Lawrence Maroon is running back and Brady was so good. He kind of patched it together and was able to drag the team, the issue tat again, then the big Lee they blew it through the courts. I I just don't see any weapons for four rogers: it we're not seeing breaks deprivation not receivers, are not getting open, not open at all, and I think the reason he loves James, In this case, when he scrambling around and James Jones can can get open fur by half inch and he makes any make the plague
James out, but it's not easy. Frere Rogers And- and this is just a lot of points I waited outside, but I dont think the charges are getting on that taken about the to me. This is a stay where I could totally seed the packers winning by thirty year, honestly that deadline and Canada have. This is what comments made a puppet and there, the ten and a half number at nine or nine and a half. I almost certainly were taken the packers, but want to jump over time. I'm on a more than a year ago. Contrary employ that's terror, logic, and I look forward to hunting. I have the titans minus one and a half against the Dolphins in Tennessee and I'm taking the dolphins plus one interesting yeah. I think I think their coach. I think that was a really bad situation for them and ok, I didn't I thought they looked sluggish. I thought they look. Sloppily coached, I didn't think they seated
disaster to be plain professional football anyway acceding to have some town you now and coach comes in we're gonna knock. Some heads were now have hard praxis again. Did you have more talent and Tennessee tendencies? Coach sucks? I think that's a bottom five coaching staff and were like watching that cause. I pick Tennessee last week and I bet on them and I had that game. I won the four tvs and they should have beaten, Buffalo thou that that was poaching malpractice game- and this is the biggest came with a year for May Make- is. Right now. Miami is only one in three you now get out of this, there could be a wild card in the sea, ago in them at Tennessee Home for Houston, at knowing
on a Thursday night. Throw that went away at LA flow. Add Philly home for doubts at the jets, but they can be three and three for their pets came. They could be three and three, but about you know. If I aim and like come on guys route, we have two games again see see south. Let's do this for between three in eight days come up, so even though I am that around Tina fan and even though you know they haven't been impressive- I don't know I'm them just plain in the slick bodies, and I stand here for you I'll drop. It supports your dear dear ear teams off a loss in London who dump to spread by ten or more are five Elegances Breton. Then what about teams
lost in Lenin, ticket dump on their coach the his track record. For that at all I know, is we know the sylvan heads is gonna. Go down one of our gaming highlights a season. I still here before it ain't that neither one of us actual played on ass. It was how can a somebody Phidias guy can't member who they were like other senior podcast with house why'd you? Let him bully you into that dolphins pay Ass, a need that therapy play get over that I'm still you don't have to tell them that was very dear Dick Seahawks are laying seven at home against Canada.
A bunch of nameless, faceless receivers and the Carolina Panthers Hooty like this, is when your five year. This is one of my five. I loved the autonomous and at the position in his angle. Seven is it'll exactly the number were. Finally at a point: the season where the power ranking start to have a little shaped to them start to make little, but offence is enough of experience in a third of away almost with the sea than where you get a quarter of a third way depending on the teams and anyway I will, but I feel that in the power rankings, these teams are like six six now points apart and I just
love Seattle in this position after last week gag. I love Seattle last week and it ended up being a push. They had every reason: the world every opportunity in the world to win that game. Annie Dalton did the regular seasonality, Dalton thing which, as you know, dragged his guys from behind in a game or the enough in the seas. Words, not a tremendous amount of pressure has already occurred for laws that defining a digging insanity. Oh, it was a dig, so I, I like the idea here. Is I, like Sierra too. I didn't like him enough to bet on them, because I worry that there's something funky gone out with them. They were low. If I'm thinking but blown at seventeen point, eight makes me nervous insurance. He might they can. Black doesn't seem like they can protect leads. We sought to strict aims: thou where they had a double digit lead,
they squandered, which makes manoeuvres Carolinas four winds. This were Jacksonville Houston New Orleans in Temper Bay and I'd like to offer them a hearty congratulations for those entailed by their weapons. So we have no idea of their good, and this is the poor, the five words to use every year, and this is the path The time of the season where he just looks at the recording all for now and out of it, but I really think this line should be like eight now for nine. I feel the same way and you know who agrees with us, vague sharps near that there's a couple stepped out there that show that the majority of plays so far have been on the Panthers, but the heavy money, so people in other volume of places on the Panthers, but all of the money is on Seattle. So that's that's! Just the classic sharp sources squares gig! I am about to become the biggest hypocrite of our time with my next pick, which you deny Jamnia
the forty nine hours at getting two points at home against the Baltimore Ravens. A week ago, I had a whole impassioned monologue about how excited I was to better against car Capron at every week and how he was be a section. Eight in INA deeds are last chance. You said that about common It's a lot of bad things. Is our last chance eat. You rarely do have a gift given to you like this, where you can just bet on against somebody for three straight weeks whose careers clearly going in the toilet I was so excited. Then you watch him that giants game. If there's no pass rush, he's fine, the jazz singer pass rush. Russia has now passers the Ravens Baltimore aim here. You know us isn't good the Ravens Big data culpa, making opposing quarterbacks. They keep her offering not proposing quarterbacks record setting week. In fact, this is it
in fact the Tyrol tailored out this week for the Buffalo bill, my starting quarterback onto my fancy teams. The quarterback I picked up was gonna cap ethnic near so the ravens gave him thirty seven. Points on arms are thirty three points to the raiders. They gave up twenty eight to the to the bangles. They gave up twenty two Michael Vick, the twenty eight that they gave up to the bank by the way was with the game on the line they were up, lay in the fourth quarter and gave up a touched on a loose, the gate. The gave up thirty three to the brands and Josh Mccann through for like five hundred seventy yards. They don't have Steve Smith, I just don't think they're dead and anti too good a footpath and their bottom half
the team and- and I'm just gonna grab the points here, because I really feel like the line should be like Niners by one and a half or not. Is by to the matters can do stuff like Carlos. I can run they they have lamb backers can make plays they're not for renders, I think, they're her end ass. If you had a good defence that was just chasing now cap neck, I think it fall apart, but that's an amnesty. We keep things efforts. This goes defences, good murder, birth get a middle way up. It you're not awful, now they're, not so they had with a gave up now, You know it was an impressive was when they gave up the game when he drafted the giants when Eli meaning only had chambering further. I was there ever good defence. They had their moment that the better we I said which it I didn't have other moments here, speaking a moment's
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Did I pats giving ten at Indianapolis. Andrew luck probably will play good good, even better yeah. They can't make the line high enough and, finally, that it could be fourteen embedding pats at they. Ve destroyed the courts. The last four times they put them their extrinsic in this game? I just don't see any scenario. If this Pats team is a good team, this this will be the week that they lay the smack down. Now the one, the one for I have here need solar went out left tackle out in year. Marcus can replace them that's our sense of line has been a little up and down shaking in general, and that worries me tiny bit. That's it by concerns. I like how easy you're gonna do the calm and collected gig. I'm gonna be the one to get the excited, and for me this is it. I said the first week the patriot until
Are there notice you play the Patriots every single week, no matter what the line as this line should be, twenty points because stinks think they had been out gained in every game. They play the season. They are always thick straight up against the spread and elastic schemes against any of these east and, in the end they Andrew look era. The patriots are for don't have out scored. They need apples called by one hundred eighty nine. Seventy three points that might be the score this week. I love the paths who out of the path, America, America, annihilated the opening line in this game. The opening line for this game with seventeen have pointed at an I point. They have and re points, there's an f you history with the noon, the patriots, to proven history of documented. Yet they were step on your throat. If, if you made the Maghreb someway now the luck part, he is here's. The case you make for the court's, like love
Luck, has had a habit. We ve seen the courts. I can't even remember how many times in the pagoda where were they fall behind by seventeen and twenty points, and then luck makes the late run. So you know that could happen in this game too. Could happen and Anon mean that every single handicapping analysis runs in favour of it and it's just way too many points. The seven and a half would have been the right, the right number of points, but the public pumping up the tenant half make it like an all time, contrary and play all the money on the patriot. Did you hear that? Did you buy the rebellion comes? It did you know the patriots pay of four percent mortgage uninjured luck because they own it.
Thank you bear a week last awful. Thank you last game, Monday night. I think the eagle suck there, neither laying for against giants, I'm so glad I just did. It is the case today, yeah. I know they one, like thirty, nine attaining its saints, I sake, but I must also do that. The states really stuck, I don't believe in the railway. Nothing from last might change my point of view. I met so the giants are getting for Monday night. I, like this giants, team now beckons gonna be healthy, ran back either that the indication will, you know, will see, comes Bundy whether or not it all the way on a percent healthy body for youth. I think he's probably right now right. My fear is that he's,
his probable. My fear, with this game is just that the giants have no pass rash and same Bradford. Who is another guy? Who you hit him twice and he's done for the game? You know get more comfortable not even be able to buy yeah power rankings have, or slightly had one and a half to two and a half point favorites. But that's the reason you bang, the giant terrorist is because it for that affords a crazy number yeah. It's Eli has its that's crazy, great dimension to him in in division games as a dog offer wind tend to, and one against the spread and five a note.
Straight up arrogance to spread one against a five hundred team or worse yeah, violently Ali angle. I like he, lay on the road in his own division. For some reason. Why no evidence to back that abuses trotted some stuff out, but it always filled. The giants are as frisky when there at last and have fully at does that I had exacting feeling so recap: we both had the western professional football team, Pacific's dvd. You have the chargers ten and one slash two in Lambeau you're, going to lose that one. I have the dolphins plus one and a half in Tennessee We have the seahawks minus seven at home against careless gonna. Be a push me enough. Physical push will just he's that will make money from that summer. I have the forty nine is plus two at home against flack on our bond, the ravens. I have the pats minus ten, indeed apple us as the EU, and we both at the giants plus for all. We have the power to ten. We know how maternal have now what
We have them attend, I'm giving us a blue near thanks, yeah, so it really genetic. She would just do it. The fake eight parliament just take forty manners and the patriots and a few deflate gay parlay about, but how much further we gave up earlier last year. I wanted to buy Lamar Odom, really quick, ok, what a sad story and you said earlier that in two thousand fifteen somebody who is in the NBA finals five years ago, it basically sounds like, like he had like a legitimate drug problem. Here he have a drug dependency broken. He hasn't been able to have the right combination of people in his life
problem and address it, but needs help while yet again that same men did that it really seems like he had so much tragedy is life that kind of broken. You know you just booze one thing after another in that car accident is son died and he had a tragic childhood in his. You know you just one thing after another in that car accident is son, died in here it is tragic child in his dad had problems in it just seems like at some point there he just kind of gave up, and he had a mob guy people last year that I was surprised reading other stories in the feedback this week seems like everybody who, whose life he passed through, like a like, just really generally cared about the guy rooting for him yeah. What I just can't believe it
two thousand fifteen: a LAS Vegas brothel with drugs in your system in my refined might later on for several days than it does at the moment that that's something would happen and Michael Re Richardson in nineteen eighty one in our just as it is not something that happens in two thousand fifteen. I feel really bad form and you know I saw them pelts, monologue about how he's not the guy from the card actions which still see that I thought I was now. I must I heard about it. You know, I think what would people forget? As for a lot of people, he was the guy from the carnations lotta people watch. Basketball is a completely different audience you know, and that that was why I was kind of depressing to see him on that Kardashian show, because this guy was the third best player on two straight title. Teams
He was deafening when most unique forwards of the last twenty years. You now and it got involved that family in any just doesn't seem like once. People passed that vortex, it just doesn't seem like it turns out great for anybody right. I men and he had the best kind of framework to be able to survive and ease the cheap, genuine professional success in life right really should have been able to withstand a member that year. What was it like? The word basketball championships in two thousand ten, when he was kind of one of the leaders of the team, is like the riots. First think that was or maybe three it was. Two thousand twelve one of those years in international hoops he was. He became one of the leaders of that time. And there is a lot of scattered about the mature Lamar Odom all that stuff. Here
he was really get a basketball. You know I I think to be the third best player and a final steam back to back finals team. Some real thing you would feel like it, it's kind of a shame if he was lightly ahead of its time. Like the kind of player that he is yeah you're right, he's a stretch for now right, every end in and could face the basket and shoot and if it really focused on report could have been diminished stroke of perfect. He could be devastating it in the way they gave the employer right now. Yea! Look at that right now. Has it that Lakers sound conflicted, Annette Lakers team, because in two thousand nine I thought the south said the best in the air and engage went down half way through and then you know we are thought Leubronn was, can be there in the final member Lando just got tat, they start making threes into
Howard was doomed White House and there in the files I never felt that oh nine Lakers team was like a monster team- are anything but One thing that was interesting about them as when you know just have a and buy them and item. Set with such a rare thing items flexibility, his ability to be able to play by small farms. By the four. Now, if you took two thousand nine Lamar Odom and put him in the two thousand fifteen away stance, a you might even play the little five re are a five for sure. He s one of those guys that he definitely had had bad luck with teams for a long time just who he was playing with where you'd think like. If, if you like, I say he was on Phoenix in the MID two thousand, so whatever their great for him, you know brightly, it could have been
I'm sorry, you could have had all that error, shouted architecture that John marrying Tanner. Second banana forward bended, meaning offence runs through him in, but definitely a it was said that have you thought about all the stuff happen, but definitely unique player. I don't even know you compared to you now his what one and as one of a kind basketball player CM up that multi dimensional, he felt like he was a little bit evolutionary smaller than their common, but I always thought of him as a logical extension of the scope it common at year end. This is gonna somewhere, but I was far accuse, I left hand billions like arbiter of M did in his career. Kind of what I wanna billions to be doing alert. You ve got a funny yeah, but Billy Windsor Yea never got there.
Bright, odor more was interesting about autonomous when they would run the often term you now and then ass, any good out post up, and it just seemed like this guys in the NBA who, He always wonder in a pickup game fun there would have been ever play with and how many things they could have done by an integral mba. Just like you use randomly play with them in the playground. It seems like he would have just been amazing right, but all the skills that led to him being guided by teams trusted run the often through would have been extraordinary on a pickup basket.
Court, so much one. You know any also a couple good whatever with them like you know, he's he's there in on the clippers he's about to resign with them and that age and build Duffy is supposed to renew Anthony Carter's contract gosh. I think this is two thousand three and look at it up. Yes, summer, two thousand three: he supposed to renew Anthony Carter's contract and forgets the deadline past. Nathan Carter becomes a free agents. Contracts wiped off the maybe sailor cap. Pat rally now has enough money to make this land second run at Lamar Odom and get some gives them like cheers sixty million or something scenario on a team with Dwayne Wade whose ricky- and I forget I was was touches on the team. It.
I don't think so. Yeah it s. Okay, so a team Eddie Jones refer Austin Brand Grant Dwayne Wade, tough Jews. You. Data has received butler than a bad little Betty nearly went forty two and forty. They one first ran, and then they lost the papers and ran to a buy. It now make them. Pretty good situation for the Morrow Autumn right is there within Wade. This is great with all that money to Cobain Shack far apart now Lamar Odom get straight to the Lakers. Now it's just now, seize him tuft using oh and copies in thirty five shots again mode, four like through airs and you could see- Odom cannot checked out. That was that the aid being. Is there where situation forum that just being the appendage for Kobe Bryant right? What a shame that they are? The teams like, if you'd, better,
Am I a meeting with weighed and in a tough Jews. I give that Jack Trade never happens. I think that's a much better basketball situation form per annum. Absolutely and then, finally, when they got a saw, that team fell in a place, but it took a couple years, but Missus Prime yeah he should have had. This should have been won awesome the murmur. So his best year was the guessing o five his slickers years. Fifteen and ten seventeen in the seventeen and ten for the offer he
and oh eight Lakers. He was fourteen ten point, six ribands, three three emphasis. While in in o six, he was fifteen nine in five and emphasis, it's pretty it pretty good p are always like in the high teens arabic, so I dont think you. Is close to being a hollow famer other. Nothing would surprise me anymore, Ray I and some of the piano getting in their yet right I mean cheese with we will we ve had our discussions on me baby twelve years today, maybe off him now never maybe never memorize lighting career, always a guy that that you know I was up with a plan for the things you played on never made Eurostat in politics. Situation never made last acting, which probably prohibits itself in Kansas.
I guess, if they're going to add seven guys a year every year at some point, everyone's going to be the hall of Fame. What wizards and bullets do you want fame is there. I can make its function here. She rarely get in their death rate, but is Bobby Day and a half in another answer that I don't think so familiar yeah, I like the way- I hope, Lamar and arouse aroun form, and it makes me sad that there may be said that he see clearly seen be struggling for years and years and nobody could figure out how to get home and you just disappear off the radar. That stuff, I would say, being found in a coma in LAS Vegas Brothels, is almost is almost as it gets MA am
de I am guy he's survive so far me that that you know that story typically begins with you found dead of drivers is ninety nine percent of the time you still got a chance in a room for that at thoughts and prayers. Lamar Odom I'd has we're gonna call the Jabba really quickly better. We will talk to you next Friday. Thank you off a member. May I ask you to take me out in his written he get they get the give good alright, alright, it's time for our biggest mailbag question. Ever we left tracking statistics with players and teams. So why not do with our cars automatic is a small adapter that plugs into your car's diagnostic port and works on nearly every car made after one thousand nine hundred and ninety six with automatic. You can keep track of any relevance stat from fuel economy, to trip logs to how much you're spending on gas figure out. What that annoying check. Engine late means take your driving and commuting to next level with
magic, normally its name, then any five, but with the discount code BS its twenty percent off. That includes free shipping and a forty five day. No questions asked return policy just go to automatic that come slash bs. I add my buddy J Bug, underline he's in Massachusetts, longtime Patsy's and take it all there- and here is the biggest Millbank question ever how many points of the paths gonna beat the court's by the Sunday? Are you? Are you asking me that one yeah, I'm asking you and put you in this, but I'm a home or mad seventy two and sixty sixty point. That's from thinking, can you can you described the attitude of of the city
ass in the state of Massachusetts in their region of going on right now at this and an egg. Ah I last year it was half human right. It ain't hurried over and I you know what I think we're overconfident at the same time be ever walked the cold jacket and where two month away from being declared in this decade and with walk at quarterback, I think that this is the beating. I say we I mean the path does away. I like when you say. We, though, so I think the coarseness beating up play off game. I think it was like twenty one point. I regret the causes that that what assuming you start, you might not be starting with weeping by over twenty point. Every time we play by the path upon by over twenty one point every time they played it. Certainly here- and I haven't really want this decade thought so that's just you know, regular all ports have now this week
Near the thing is there taken grog out they been taken without, though, or you re about run, that from a running at the square perspective, yeah yeah. Well, the last time pages fans, Ben. This overconfident about a game was Superbowl forty two. So what could go wrong and I dont know I could go through a good little bit differ, but yeah you're right All my way way way way overconfident. So so, let's talk about things to worry about. We lost our left tackle. We did. We had spent the hour. We are very, very thin. I think we have an end and we have all my and eight hundred million has like Williams over to TAT. I don't know what you're gonna do they're gonna go. If it can one Williams, I gotta get alot of buying time I'd. Imagine we have a couple
as in the defence that had never heard of like four months ago, said, that's, maybe a slight problem that a major and never never a good thing and from what I understand round is thou art not buying within a quarter of an hour cornerback. Do, though, now I powers got his ribs. I think you practice this week, but I don't know Europe is gonna, be there about male step in and are now and then the other day
minor issue inside even that aids less than minor but Brady gave you know, give it mildly, Centric interview on Monday and got who talked about a coke as he will forgive us of acts. It grew that my thinks so too terrible forgets, but it is again not you now. I dont know how much behind the talking he does so specifically said. You know, look look at our Superbowl you'll be advertised, thought I'd boys in oil and for our kid- and I thought oh crap is even preaching the staffing and I'm not a big conspiracy theories but
when you're, tired out and if he did, that intentionally because of the boy. Eighth, often by guide, all fight back do not go out of our sponsors, but man when I download, I didn't hear it on the radio, but I downloaded it. Does I heard about it and it was I. I listened to the whole thing with nearly was forty minutes. It's the longest, I've ever heard on the radio and he was passionate. I only use the word passionate that of another word yeah. Some others has described that conversation an end not to get on not to get off track, but speaking, You know, radio rate great job untouched. Oh you, like you, ve, been you. Wanna meet a guy that show for seven years. I know I I know they come on like Ray I'm where you are and unnatural often get the listen to him, but day day
literally almost killed me once a week on my way to work there there that there that's funny Ghana, again, I don't need any. You don't need me, but for me, but a bit they like do they. I guess I'm glad you like a meanwhile in pushing for years. I saw it you, so you like the pats laying forty against the courts and what about the South Ex over under four winds is forty four seems low. I liked the over I like the over, but again eight therein, the east. You I mean it's not like. Does anyone who they even Cleveland is honourable right claiming that the bronze gunshots on his back and they began to Billy open up against billion now, and then you, like you, ve rooting for Theo Epstein Data JET, who I wanna hear one urbisaglia would honour amazing. I know people of me
this point, but man. If, if Theo brings a world series to the Red Sox in a world says to the Cubs, that's like the autumn might drop as a GM nobody's ever topping that ever, if you just get walked into the hall of fame I'd, imagine right yeah. I think I think people his feed you grapes for the rest of your life issues, Walker Anna's as servants feed you grapes. What can be better than that? I love you. I thought it was great near the breaker I mean he got. Fourth, I think you got forced to do a lot of things that were You know, based on the civil factor in things that he might not have really want to do and now you're seeing it with the cops, but he brought him last year about, but the mere art is making smart decision
and would like John Lester to a room for jam. Lester actual. Yes, of course we are for love laughter, but we have to go. I just one gayer quick! Take that dead man. I think at seventy two tat things better talk decent the about. That's it for today's biased report, thanks to automatic data for sponsoring today's package with automatic, you can keep track of any relevance that with your car, from fuel economy to trip logs damage, you're spending on gas. Take your driving and commuting to the next level, the automatic, normally its management and fire, but with the discount code BS its twenty percent off. That includes free shipping and of forty five day. No questions asked guarantee just go to automatic, dotcom, slash, bs and don't forget my pack ass listeners. Can you promise
could be asked for the seeking gap and get a twenty dollar rebate. After first seek purchase, he can as a pack ass listener. You do your listen. This package, you count, you should do this. Every ticket purchased and seek is backed by a one hundred percent guarantee its the best way to buy tickets, to redeem your promo code and get twenty dollars back with your first purchase downloads, Creasy gap and enter promo code B. S enjoy the weekend, enjoy the football enjoy. The baseball enjoy everything we'll be back next week.
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