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Ep. 11: Week 7 NFL w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons guesses Week 7 lines, and talks Seattle's swoon, Cam Newton as MVP, Indy's 'Snapfu', Kimmel's first pitch, Andrew Luck voices, and Pats-Jets with Cousin Sal.
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Jimmy come alive. Shows there that start tonight, and you proud have spotty self service, but we're gonna fight through this out. How I what's happened, embody our things by you. Will you wanted to Metz games? I thought that they're gonna kill the Mets in this serious. This is why don't bet baseball, though, old, but awesome right. There was called it with great yoga became the now I like brag. I rode up about gained in a way we were miserable would like. Ninety two degrees- and I we came here to day- was a high of thirty eight last night or lower thirty, but there was a terrific feeling and I really do feel bad for becomes. The decision does not over by any means, but it does mean why? Don't you go from the deck and weaken October to the third wicked October? It really could affect teams that somebody teams to to the point where he had zero across the board for want em in the cobbler, unstoppable him by the hand and noticed complete
every night. You know Harvey intended Ardour great, but I really did not know or you could blame a result on the weather more than based on away and then on Friday, night and Colbert show our friend Jimmy went on there, your cousin, MIKE and in our age. James, baby, Dowd Dixon came out and they made him passed. Then he had to pick which passed those better and he pickle bears and I've never been hurt. My life. It was terrible which should have been able to bet on that, but on the other We didn't really even ABBA defence, but other than that was Colbert, show and authority going I'm off the depict image possible, but it got physical at the end, if you can, I went there, the wife of the seventeen of analysis, it's worth taking a look at the baby, really cheap, a tooth
happen there here that he added the near in only last night, when you know I'd pay, two thousand dollars to top up around here and I got a little tiny, yellow teeth on the need for the edge of the transport market lump another year. But the table There was something where it happened. It baby baby. I think it's I need to baby came out like ie, was really ready to do some comedy I like, when babies intentionally trying to be funny, as always, when he's the funny it's out for that reality, eggs It is currently on body like buried, but he is here is used, averages dying and like half asleep it's midnight on Friday and I immediately woken up just started laughing the almost methadone segment. Let me two minutes before his bag. Many decide they haven't, figured it out in the cold and then I like, I'm, not even stop and in fact I think I'm in a law come out here
right. When I have learnt a lot about. You know what baby I'd buy. Maybe I should stick around here said he. I made it very she'd sticker for alive tape, so way to say one last thing about that comes met series, you ve won. The first two now now goes to Chicago. For three and four right: what is the line right now? You're, not even Jack. I'm lookin undemocratic, even think that I met a minor good morning. Oh, my god, you're my there were twenty or twenty o goes to three too, though yeah yeah they get the rain Chicago, be warmer
Mine's heightening keep waiting for the young arms. You got that ice water in a bank. They really that the ground the party in the guy by it reminds me of this, because that would be a Barton year. They had only young gun like up three one is no other than a blow it, but they did. I don't want to. I want to take the two, but we're looking just as I told you in the other MEDS vans, I'm friends with the Cubs have, I think, of mortality team, but then one hundred and eight years of baggage- and this is right around the time of baggage start surfacing in baggage in karma, and all this weird stuff starts going on and falling down to nothing
if they can get a leading games? Three, I think I think those transit me around nervous and there's gonna be a weird energy that and that their part I let's talk about on, I feel, were limited work better we're doing get what that guy, but were dome of that point out glorified best Murphy Bun. However, it gets done much better done. We'll Murphy's now like Rogers Hornsby, yet they is, is, is the best basis for our rural told the perfect, both it and why I, like you, gonna, make contacted the play maker documents right now. You need this kind of whether they found a game, but here is like golfing amount I'll, go one way: Brown and Bulgaria, and I find that well outside, but another menacing. My buddy gases, Son Jack, is twelve than this is his first They offer Rodya customarily. I haven't been involved since o sex, but he was like a baby,
I tat, we were texting on Saturday and I was just saying like lucky: you gotta savour every minute of this. You know that the red acts when I was a kid they made it when I was six and seventy five and they made when I was sixteen and eighteen eighty six and then we didn't get back until ninety ninety nine, when I was thirty you just down now and it's so great bright, so almost jealous of army twelve year old, loves baseball like one of the few kids under fifteen who actually legs baseball area just like when you're in Essen, just every pictures, swaying with just every moment and every momentum shift and all that like what's better nothing's, better, there's, nothing better and there's nothing worth right with you and I thought about it. There's nothing! There's, there's no elation! Those deny leaf at the end and it says that may not dead. They show these people being interviewed after that.
Like gas through the girl. I was with area his mother last, while I'm just not wired like that. I can't get anywhere near the vital that have built like just like that. The four and a half for our beating really asset. Bob just feel relief. After like when we went in a forum, we beat the eggs. When we came back the game for five like we had walk offs to win form. Ivan- and you know that's different cause. That's, moreover, release, but the actual process that led to the walk offs is takes like ten years off your life. There is nothing to find out how to get its. It's like watch you're two year old kid walking on a roof for something in our seas, torture. So, let's get to the lions cause a lot of stuff happen. This weekend is really especially this Thursday night game. We have the sea,
sir at San Francisco the sea of have in their last seven games. If you go back to the Superbowl forty nine, they ve blown forthcoming leads, let's see, sir, but already nine, the rams, the Packers, the bangles and the Panthers. By and then they almost blew the lions game. Johnson fumbled on one, each line so that and I'd leads in in the fourth quarter. Six of those games lost five and almost lost. That attract came the one game they did when was Jimmy Class and at home What is going on so going back to baseball, disappeared, a check now blocked dang, or at least that way you just can't order. First from second anymore, like T Carol, can't coach the four quarters. The ball is locked mojo, we'll have now times how many times did they get be like this allegedly incredible secondary.
And these allegedly incredible saved is how many times have of Teamsters beaten them right over the middle ground. Also was wide open yesterday or the Pats over over again, we threw over the men on them. Johnson was why I'd open over the men on that touchdown. You now I hear it feels like we might overrated the region, a booming, I'm sorry they re out for a while, but I don't think there. There is good, as we thought there were allowed at blame and like a kick at the radio signals from the sidelines too loud and drawn up a defence of cartridges and everything in the screaming and yeah Sherman Screamin and everybody, but yeah during peak hours, delegate for quota guys, I'm leaving for hey, get the other corners take over. I'm gonna go home and prepare for next week. Let me now turn to that's it. It will offer you there was an unacceptable loss. Yesterday you have to win their cause there too, and for They wireless, the cardinals last
So there are strict conditions to them, but just firm from a chance of getting a by now, the enough see that's that ship is probably sailed unless they can run the slate, but, more importantly, leg South Carolina team, and this is why you can make a case for kids Maybe the vip HU, the housing throwing too It goes in his rob, grown casket he's good is not great, the brown receivers. It just a bunch of no names in this guy's. I come back from double figures and find your nine point. Three. I picked up again because we are like seven doggedly than beyond it and I'll be played estimated at any. Barely yeah yeah Gregg open things to be on pop up a lot of identity, Barney Adrian I've heard, and obviously you have the best burnt out, be ranked gaming grandma and even then the conversation for that, but is the coach yesterday, at the acts that the court's did a good job in the first half of that came from a coaching standpoint until things things get shot, that just
doesn't catch the ball. It's pretty easy to stop a tyrant. Coming after me, scrimmages, throw multiple guys Adam Carolina. I don't understand just Greg Olsen. Let Devon function, beat you let tagging Junior beat you let that those these guys, great God, get a hundred yards barrister cigar ending to the end, and so every year we talk about the year from Hell themes, glass to your senses. The year from how you could just feel at the whole year, and I even think I met a picnic this early Baltimore as having the year from yet how their one five they're not bouncing back is yeah tell a year from Hell team. The two and four like I think this turnaround, what if they lose on Thursday night well, there's more than just Baltimore. No, no! You make an appointment, Baltimore, Kansas City, I mean to internal to team and they were there the terrible one knew our level do not, I'm eating the Kansas City.
Into this season with high expectations, though Baltimore and see our consider to be superbowl contenders right right now at Detroit thought the Detroit, the other one you can forget, there were by off their black there between all the more true in tat. They could end up yet they could end up thick and what twenty six between them. They honestly good will detraction. Alas, yesterday that name still going on that ridiculous regime. One. John Fox are locked in a checkers match. I have I have Seattle, giving three and a half points in San Francisco and if they don't take care bids in this game. I think our house gonna break loose I had it for I'm, gonna get us it's five and a half actually led. That's too, I take these days bird or way more evenly match the net yen interpret neck. We talked about this last week. If you're, not rushing M is pretty good.
I don't? U have Seattle can rush him and get after him. I think you're far apart, but I think we ve now established that he's too different guys and if he is afraid, if your rushing He's in a ton of trouble and if you're not he can do some stuff. I liked the Niners in this game. That's a tough one eye candidate to the lot of pride that match up I've and have not beggars only talk about what you do you stay away, but The I'd. Take a nine or to create also were taken this right now. It's like basically Nunez Coasts, time allotted I've could happen in that Seattle lack room over the next thirty six hours. You know a lot of finger, pointing some quotes. Someone named guys like I'm prepared for anything. I think that whole team is a powder keg here, just dating back to I was really strange that there were t guy.
Their teams in the suitable that actually thought that give the bottom Marcia Lynch for the winning touched at what a rare thing, the Think cricket, what kind of team chemistry have of their people. So thinking that then the rustle of incessant Roger S authority over the worst call- and I felt ass though he dared you benefited from tat- was a terrible, terrible car and then and then you know the whole story and sports illustrated by other, went to Hawaii to China, heal the office in the defence and came cancer. Can we call Chancellor Dick for holding out. It seems like he really screwed up that secondary to hold them just signed a contract a year ago, and you can do it in common that you do worse and I are age beyond although why don't want to beat me up, I just say bravely: maybe he could be pursued, if this being a little dick issue, I want to be able to get you up at this point that came the mass
Let's go to night, I now let's go to the Sunday Games: let's do it and would you have four Buffalo Jacksonville God there is that our second and again you know what I want agreement I am going to try to take over. I wonder if you even knows upon the gang Rebecca Wend spread from you here, but he s at the second London game. You sent them our garbage again early ticks thirty in the morning on the West Coast. I mean. Is this the way to get football going in London by just sending us too, of the seven worse teams in the leg, for over a year he going, let me still retribution for the tea party or somethin illegality. J manual like like portal cod. Does he had a couple deuces? Yesterday, man threw it Arab in the Amazon right before half time that was just offensive and then
data on one of the worst pick sixes at the year. His pick six, it's hard to throw worse pick six than the couple ones manning through the share better borders. He did it yet and then he did also like somebody needs to teach him a b cooler as a quarter back after he makes a mistake? The key react dragged the same way, of our sons would react in in a baseball game if the ballroom through his legs or something like a seven year, I am maybe maybe Landry Joan Kadijah there's a lot of guys. Who would the shocking that they perform the level they do? How sad is it that I follow college football. So little that I was shocked to find outlined, Joneses Weight yeah really railways ago led you Joe this way what is happening at no idea
You know why. Now I really didn't got foundling our car dealership in receipt of a pick us up a land. You don't see, it sounds like a teacher, so I have the bills. Five and a half over the jack's. Oh you when I hear I said three in its three and a half we. Now when I hear the jaguars a terrible, how did I go higher our thinking to boots Blake borders for four quarters? It does seem like that theme. Can't win just get their own way and but the bills, the mayor, the team that not Do we not now at their good but take another game they play they screw up, but I guess they're not by going into the year, but they being the first home again I don't know. Maybe Miami, while maybe they'll, lose the dangers that seven unwanted off shore for sure but the other night, what else do we have? What I like? I don't know I might have
that game on Sunday morning, but I'm that positive I'll be paying Taylor I may just have it on the background it sounds like you. I want to do a forty Niners, Jaguar, teaser plus the London aura for modern hapless. Nine I haven't done has been done a lot about the debate. What's quickly talk about it, Every year we we agree never to do three things in ts. Just felt like we're getting ten free points with the patriots cause, there's no arising and inadequate. So you like yes or vase, getting a to tease with ten points. Instead of six using the patriots for people out to tease is just jesting just too quickly say yet to move the line by six points, but both teams have two then cover that line if, if only one did you lose so in this isolated Kamer unaware that three tamer ten points, but the pattern of them so ruining that. So we knew we do. We mean
Green Bay? The second team and then we have Denver as the thirteen in one in Arizona the thirteen in the other, and we had sweat out of those teams that in that way, is there? A zone of Arizona loses two Landry Jones. We last Monday the Lander Jones, but wasted. We should know better yet away. However, we should know about like when you and I thought, I'd like Green Bay. Knowing when giving much of that somebody out like here. I should stop you right. They like green veil, knowing when they gave me. I don't. Let's do it minus two? What are those that, let's not even add and money line, partly on your right monument, you're right, but the welfare and then areas on us not conclude getting like five boys are and when he had been the spread right and then they were around twenty three eighteen for while a guide, even a field or move whatever, but deplorable that I was bad,
yeah and somehow thing I was sure of yesterday was that the patriots were beating Indianapolis, I didn't know it. The spread with the final scores can be. I just knew they're gonna win an eye and I went no money and that, because right now insist is lighter Joan I want us to have on Sunday, while Pittsburgh, along with one eye, wandered down, thought Pittsburger Candle City, you no good. I have read that a rather rebels burgers unlikely to play we seven and no it figured he would. While the Steelers they did a nice job of lingering here you now, because there's gonna be a couple wildcard spot. Open and they have seen. If you look at it, it's Maybe the jets in the Steelers would be the three things you would say have a chance right. The other area sitting at the dolphins could get how we talked about this last week. You know they Likud, they might just needed a new coach and they can't be re out of it. I don't think the bill.
Well the Texan, luminous again outward Amazon. I went through it, it's it's it's bills. I know it's jets. Steelers dolphins. Are you right? terrible and then that's right, but given the charges matter, why, in us across a salad Well I mean we didn't say like it is, but this late and you're about to see the rest of the only game that makes for the most miserable or always played in a while. I think because three of the undefeated Cincinnati Denver and Green Bay and Chicago as well but Pittsburgh and the city O Reilly. Actually, how then it's time for the biggest mailbag question ever presented by our old friend stamps that I'm gonna pay,
the office is a miserable experience from start to finish. For God's sakes, have some self respect just use tapes diagram at stamps that com you can buy imprint official use postage for any letter package using your own computer printer, even better, if you sign up for stamps that come used a promo code bs yet for we trail plus a one hundred and ten bonus when a ten dollar bonus offer that includes postage and digital scale, gotta stamps that come click on the much vaunted top the homepage and type in bs at stamps that come under bs. Here's, the big question south: who can we crossed off? Who can we just cross off for the season? I have three and I find teams on crossing off, and you could talk me now. Three more at the guy had five all good Detroit Baltimore Jacksonville tendency in Kansas City. For us and our muff yeah. Well, maybe there was no one now, that's it
There are three other possible, as you could talk me into the saints you can you talk me into the bears for some You can't totally talkative brands. Yet just has nine in seven might get the ABC Wildcard Beth, but that that ain't right in my favor bad dreamer, near competitive way, though they a fan of the guys who were numbers, one bad habit, the ravens being across off dogged added Raven Assembly line, yet that the ravens aren't gonna leave line brain something crazy. I let's
It. Has the residue ok to have drifted, burger canvassing, ok at the chiefs by three just cousinly Indigence Chiefs by three while or you should jump on the chief them, because I said plus three, the chief are getting three and a half point where you have sex a point that we wait a second, so you tell me, Landry Jones is favoured an air had stadium foreign through at one in five still, we find a way to keep. It was highly dangerous, later Jones is favoured, and air had stated. Ok there there is spirits like lucky week. I'm gettin ready for us that we get but you already, you already have a nice underdog, teaser thing go and three times already you like. I used to him. I am it s why we are due for the the underdog weak and has not happened there. That's true
Pittsburgh, but now I'm saying I am, I have trouble with this. I through this in the vaguest, so mad Miami by five you're gonna get it. I said three, it is, it is born and I'll tell you what that that aim number sexual overload this game. I would say right yeah, but you know, there's some signs here that Miami might come on because they they did what they then the whole season aid they ran. The bar camera wake I came back and started doing camera wake things there. They did such a little more engaged and others like the perfect game for them in a lot of ways for her. They played here about the descendants of Campbell this culture, like that he invigorated the day the act and everything but they're sending in the candle higher up to some of you, and I had two weeks to prepare for the titans, often think which they within the thugs
and can ten was, it might be the worse couch in the leg, whose worse than him now the Joe forbids gone after, really look at a closer in we'd outside said whether in you read, has now deteriorated to the point that is in the conversation, but I have some say about Bob about the became wasn't on things to think that people purposely trying to take back Marcus, Marianna Atta gave the dirty way now. Do you want him in that gave birth to that? a benefit. Your team to get him back, kicked out rang on us on the guy's fell. It was like he had seen the cliff by their added. It would definitely was an intentional dry on right. Will you wanted Saint Louis Do you love this game? This is a good game and can best game and that this will be on my tv and one might think. We believe that apply to even by land development now automatically what they say about that.
Have the rams by six. I get this one as it five and a half in its five big zone. I put it in the big zone Let me just say this: I don't have a lack of confidence in Josh Mcgown in Saint Louis and I think Joshua I got a lotta shits that may be it'd deserve from the fact that he lit up the Ravens Hereat terrible team right now. This rams defence. Look, let's not forget. Josh. Macau is thirty, five years owners. But Antenne teams in the last twelve years, and now he's going it's a top five defence in the city that rightly fence place out. Be careful you right, but I think what what's remember why we like them, rather than the first flight they obeyed baby to Arizona right, wasn't Seattle. Now they beat Arizona,
many points of light, green back and other arrangement, but still Atlanta fantasy. I hated this game and the falcons by foreign forget about it. I said for as well it's four and a half wild eyed. Oh I get it all. This is a vague zone. Weak did this is this is bordering on a let's be careful at their weak. Harold pick any of these batch absolutely bargain about everyone down on Lana has Atlanta with bad afflicted selective, still continued, winning and they're gonna. Do you get slap in the face here? That's a state. That that it coaching staff with ten days to prepare goods can was inherent, makes me nervous if I'm better, but inside Europe every day at Washington, temper Bear washed and so house, and I both gave washed in it
pick on Friday, and then I read on Saturday that, like washed whole team was out and actually backed off and ended the rare, the rarely in Sunday at which to the jets yet why she was missing like three aspects of life in both starting corners- and I mean it- maybe we should know that on Friday, but I want to back up the blue jacket. Stick to that. You gave everybody now either as a courtesy felicity. Aren't they own six day? That's technically true. Yeah, it's a long season. South is eighty. It's a data to game season. The last time I checked had thousands of people check to see if there even its aim- and they are their bedroom and now they are not going to get much. I have this act. Did you really quick hockey tangent? I took my my own daughter to Fridays Kings game. They pay Minnesota, then at the last second son decided he wanted to go so,
had to go online and buy a ticket from from seeking which is fantastic. Took him he sat in my lap really boring, for the most part MID October, it's in all its guises, guys whatever and then it's a tie. At the end regulation goes to overtime. They play three and three. And it was like the most lighting four minutes, my life area, it was on. Leave how exciting it was. It was like nothing. I've ever seen it was. It was almost like watching kids in a parking lot. Or something and just all kinds of creativity and at what point they pay Back to the gully in guys we're staying on, they can get off the ice and it was just break after breakaway, bereft bragwaine. It was incredible and that's why you won't believe you you like
a happy names you won't believe outside you is. I love the mother tat, no one. I am perfectly, I almost think, nor what they did ever Papa. What they found was like a perfect like football formula like seven on families for overtime near illegal. Do you know, made me wonder if they should, if hawkish, during the regular sees it should just the second period, should be three and three to the second pillar. Is put this right nobody's going to get a drink or food there in this compared if it's three and three right twenty minutes to me, it would be an amazing I let's keep their everyday. Why shouldn't? I have the wash and in professional football team by four and a half and forget about it. They should feel good enough. It's for and I said Debray for you, you get that one, but so that's another age answer now that's another! that could edge into the vague that's true, I could get up. There is alive
right and five first have a monkey. We want anyone, just let us never take them out on the road because they they'll put up a fight and then they do they just crumble like no invisible, Minnesota Detroit State Bridgewater, good, I'm sure he's get on old watching infringe yesterday and like a man on Bridgewater we share these ever going, be it makes them. We plan to know about his receivers. Elliot are not sure that make for Health Patterson, never never pan out and he's, like the opposite. A general around this quarter, corrupt heiresses, Pizarro, James Jesse, James Giants as the athletic ability whatsoever and some hacking catch passes with seventeen guys draped Oliver piracy is, is either hasn't it
on his body for two speed and kick it open and kick educating love now lions I have. Can't believe I'm doing this. I have the lions giving one and a half points to Minnesota. While I said I might use by three added June, I like you fight through and I well. I think you have to look at, but I know what you're taking air, but you have to look at the record that point and this point forward. Then I'm going to make a one in five of but even if their home against arrival in the vision you have it, the lions ran to the lions, figured out something at the end. That bears game. The entire offence should just be Matthies Stafford, throwing them sixty yards down, feared to carve a jacket that should be. There are often just do it. Recently drew lots to review them. Their team, your like fac, there did you do this. Fifteen times these gonna catch form were with three pass: interferences.
Net and your boy or now mcfee that that late head on Stafford, which I really think with the late, had bad Saint Paul mouths job. I think that it gets fired before we do this by gas, but that's not all, but at another came the vikings by a hundred more games and will be able to sell their goods are not new meaning. While the World Indianapolis speaking teams, we don't know again at the core by six, an ef. I get this one. I said six and its five and a half right now, mother megaphone game. So would you think of a nickname for that to the churches, fake, planet, barn? Why said step Fu Jakarta like good? I like this snap me because it was based in the law the snap version over here Mary, it was, the worst play of the last twenty five years, and I like that my favorite part was that Paganel got upset that they snapped. The balls
Why are you going to formation with nine guys and the rights of the fifth for no reason you're down six? Would he do? It? Am I the only one in the world who thinks that was a smart guy? What this snap out there now listen! You line up a standard was normally a white paper and you tell him a just. Take the first three guys I'm happy. And then to work it three guys would go bad. There is great. I am so mad that the patriots I know why they, It is because they are friends of mine was so banged up their languages, get at her when he arrived ridges Is there a way whereby thirteen they're not gonna, beat us where we had the bar three star
Syria's worried and get a first then INA ride. You know wasn't happy with that. Fourth quarters, our friend hatch. It was a decision about the call they weren't covering. There are gonna cover Angie. I can put a lot, but they didn't when bicep they became that was won by seventy I don't want anyone to classic a emails. One was hedge, a further people listening, I had she's just never satisfied ever, even though we have one nine titles and less thirteen years. Further aunt complain that Malcolm Butler can actually get in interception It touches, six pause, a game and was leg. Was this our pets leave for the Superbowl forty nine game waning papers. We'll never hold onto another interception again says we educate the first person ever to complain about the backward butlers interception that what the super their second he bore
aimed at three straight three out that we had four Matthews Slater getting injured, which actually really heard us, because you know that guy is the best special teams Gunnar in a league and and It was just bizarre that we had a second in four. We headed the leg. I'm coming added a game, we get a time out, it did seem like, the legal barriers and said, but we don't want to twenty point why there were detected for anybody else when yet when by seven, not only that I'm fine, I'm fine at the hall, get out of there with the wind, because you know you don't want to get her again over the middle. You know like a Brady's, get sack by three guys cause the force string right, tackle, missed a guy like I again it. But right, but if we, if we had had a healthy team, I think they run it up. Probably there I knew you gotta. Give that play was ridiculous about
what they are buying and I will come and opened the game, but that their say we would say we're always window that we're alone in the aim has never nervous you forgot to say propaganda announced. They know it and want to snapped Bali want there, maybe draw them off Bible. Well, what one is more likely draw team outside when their eight men on the line when there are three main? What what are you doing so stupid right and then they said they practise the play for a year, but somehow they got an illegal motion or what I heard legal formation I hate, can you have Hence my man asked danger lack what he thought of his performance. Last night, oh yeah, sure we'd. Take you now to the comments one Andrew Log Andrew, but coming offer defeat once again of the english patriots at the hands of New England Patriots you this week, Roanoke Virginia against the state
What he had to say about yesterday first arose in our programme more performers, raw IRA. I overthrew eleven I swear. I just sailed the ball over over their heads and, and I just felt like you could make a Youtube video pretty easily if of course, Oeuvre cross singing sailing, as my passes sailed over everyone's heads and also the patriots touch. Aid of my pass as yesterday and I just I just Wasn'T- got enough and Edward royally scourge, rare, the pictured France just work. I did make them nervous raw like bill sermons will was living room. Any just wasn't nerve. Is it all about what I was doing the whole game and I just have to get better. Thank you. Andrew luck. We appreciate your candor
No. Thank you. I really really really went out in the end you like this. They did what we're that he worried about what you're thinking Heaven in your living out should be concerned with other things: why has suffered. He should be a little worried that no patriot fan was like were Andrew, lacking score to touch stance. And beat us by what I never felt that way in the fourth quarter ever now? What do you think you think they're giving dramatic point this week. What what do we say? The landless saints we haven't yet. I have caused by six and a half on sorry, daddy, I said fix. It was five happier. I mean that we would normally put that in these are, but we don't you, the call for the rest, the everything is. Are we don't know how injured those two quarterback, sir? I thought luck. That is our last night to be ass. They could have been I now we get the jet Patriot, really the only game or watching this way. You know itself,
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The jets by you re going be good. You're not word. Word I'm a little word yeah. Oh yeah, I'm not even like You know me, I'm always honest with the Patsy. We we lost we're down or string tackle, play right tackle and were and are second string right tackles now the left tackle. Why shouldn't I be read for double digit winds for the jet? They are not something we train from, you know, ran Fitzpatrick is due for ran for its back again. It has not happened yet, but I will say that they have guys who you know, members here's when you would never have a jet sky and your fantasy team in March, Decker, precisely like those guys are actually doing stuff. So the jets are bad. They may be allowed. Cartier should bigger and bigger one hour and others too late afternoon of target elbows owing to wait up, we're all gonna die
Diego. Do you think it's cause? How in the south is rigour? Is it really while allowing screw up the night game, but it might be on the cell or another how on the cell fans from open travel, ban, say passable now. How the cells and allay this weekend? Oh that's right! there I mean MAX added here, so I have. The chargers, giving six points to the it is, and I like the raiders we're gonna, get that I said six or have I was too high for now you can. The reality is the charges are actually creates, probably better for them the play to play on the road. At this point,
they simply looked frisky breed bade than they did on Monday nights. It only to that. I don't know what they're home recorded seemed like David, the probably end up five and through your six Intuit Hall at ten, when here but yeah. I, like him better on the road all the time, and you have the word another not wanting to talk about a bunch playing, but the Packers five hundred three hours, the rivers. I now that's, that's gonna know I would put an end to propose, That's where tax there now. I really think this is starting to feel like that away when Arizona and play in Pittsburgh insuperable moment area. It was the year Brady at the Brady got hurt, just there wasn't a great team and it was just kind of a weird season. It feels like we're here. I would this isn't like all these areas. There is a lack of care wine and I write that, but it's like we have formed
Faded teams right now feel good about any of em. I feel the best about the pats, but though the Pats defence has not look great I think it's five under greater rights and rename Carolina knowing what now we should talk talk, my Denver really quick, they have a bye week. The bye week teams this week Chicago since in Green ending is now a zombie manning here he is true good, yet he's he looks like Peyton Manning It feels like you're watching Peyton Manning, but he's not it, meaning anymore and the announcer just terrified to bring it up, but he said some of the worst throws. You know it s a below
every quarter back now who diseases is brain but scant? Nothing left. Many really doesn't. I think it's all experiment. I really do up this up the level every week how bad it apply like what? If I do three interception this, we cannot demand all that lie at the gate they make to deal decent or one of the markets. Where without right back up, get through sack but make say it. I had some interesting stats unease paean this week he said Danvers only scored on twelve percent, tedious and twelve percent of their drives, which is like madam tat bottom. Fifteen percent of the last decade, minister, uncertainty and ten picks of share which you can look up, but the last sixteen games, twenty five tedious, twenty two picks sixteen games? Eighty one point: six Kubi rating fifty one point
and Kubi Irene: that's his last sixty why so that's below average, and then the six cubist embers did defences beaten this year, Flacket out Smith, Stafford Bridgewater, DARE Car Josh Mccann So it's ok, I'm not gonna, I'm that. Can you tell the eighty five bears to stuck in word about the details of the team. Broncos yeah yeah, you probably don't out there, but it does seem weird that every time you look up he's like eight out of a walk in there were Barnes and I've been broncos in the other fantasy nerve. Eight, who scored Fulbright like it's a difference of course rude thanks, go for that red! That's it didn't know that starting in the Balkans, for example, middle third middle of they should have lost their game. I don't know if you saw that overtime, but you may There is a terrible, terrible, terrible, atrocious pick club.
The monitor cleaving as the bond, the forty they'd scattering of five yards, and they go Betty Finn, none of those outside speaking to going backwards. My my Dallas cowboys, we're on a bar MAC Castle, taken over at the New York giant, pleasant, Marchesa Leah Happy go somewhere, can register that come back or now, but anyway, anyone and.
Cabotage Aikman right now. I think I meant to good news, is it seems like ie, like you guys, always play well giant stadium right? You ve had if yes, a little frisky they're, both your media route for the giant tonight. Amid the record wise, I probably want the eagle for that. Everyone keeps knocking each other up, but I feel like while we could sneak up on the giant they when this week, I'm always thinking dumping. You want the eagles tonight. Keziah did they deserve better tat right at the giants by six and a half and forget about it. The gradually upset you don't like anything on it. These are so far you I'd only underdog, not not our doesn't fit. Our typical molester, I'm totally willing to heavy lie in a team, tease that he decides to turn into a bizarre early lying just completely right. Yes, I don't think I'm a ban on them in the school figure, maybe the rams may or for the ramp. I do like demands, and I came. The night came Philly Carolina Thunder night,
What do we do you, like the giants tonight, right money? He added that was my best bet on sport than I do like the hurried up. But the committee points about the five attack had you do in sports her I was one and one half an hour. The broccoli here. The colts via the call you you are like Mr Backdoor this year. I can make a terribly offensive joke an hour but you're the king about or this like, your fourth backdoor cover, what to do when right near hairs out. That's it. You should mark yourself as the king of the backdoor or the like, that bachelor president something horrible I paid airliner Panthers eagles on Sunday night and I like the Carolina by foreign half we're gonna get this. I said why had sex with three?
allow depots did seems like the eagles get a ladder. Respect from from. I began their public dynamic yap urgently. Two and three at five o clock line, I mean maybe it'll be brain drain. Three Cowan just knocked out fail, maybe they're just reading too much into the hang over Natural average, while those that and then also get ready for an entire week of came Newton, is the envy p eloquent. We named the VP after sick we sometimes of unpaid, five Ganz out, came near their gdp by he. Had I mean if you you're giving the trophy way today is the envy p, but doing there This is gonna, be a week of we. We were China blow Russia, well, Saint, Andrew Luck and all these other yankee bees and meanwhile came newton- was the guy along. That's gonna, be like the heartache narrative this week. What did they were trying to blow them Yeah. Maybe that was the wrong verb. Fully
remember dry enough about it with you. Can I just say what else could I had written that I'd die, but I'm convinced now that Andy Red, I'm goin off, because we already talked about a cheap blown away. Go back that I was in a bar, broken watching the game than that. That game would like. On the other side, the bar two times I check in on it and afford border it? Was that look it was that shot of Andy Red full body he's got that look where each of these voting for help is it possible he's looking for our help what those like I'm not like you and me. I've got to get me a new whatever. Ah, that's interesting bird about what you were thinking. What is possible and if you wanna get our our cell phone numbers and text as during the games were happy to help we're we're the help you wouldn't want to be alone, always we're not all always about making fight by the chief mistake is to that that looked on. How much do you
How much did you enjoy that? I spent like seventy five percent of my auction money and shook hands request any gay and he gave me a minus two on Sunday and I didn't start all. I didn't even check, and indeed now I started out on limiting the start. Bugger up. That's right! Anyone should be known that you are point three points behind me emphatically and you have Odell back of junior. Does he get to yard die when or or where they gets. Three are, the more you were just first down catching. I win so hard. Dna odious at hard for you to get catch. One ball for four yards are to be done, but the Clayton we really are at all. I really don't sweat that out if they shone on the sidelines like trying to get loose further off. First, I asked of public so mad, but we do. I remarked on Wednesday wearily without payment oversight were called aloud,
Yes, I'm yeah. I went back and forth on which patriot to stare and then I suggest, skirt and started both momentarily. They re like an outline. Twenty five points here they didn't want, doesn't get just touched, our back on the beef and sheep near more than a year ago, a diabolical offer dog? I do not like to speak about the more I do not like to set out at night. Either. I dont like the spot. Arizona come enough. Alas, they lose the Lander Jones. Come on yeah, it's I got my. How could you I got up all the mind any farther plus Arizona get home whose good hold him he's. One of those I just let, let's see somebody beat them there. I have, I would dare do the role I really like this entities,
They have. We did era zone in the rams. I'd be happy, but hopefully this won't go overnight. I've Arizona by eight half your article b, I put the spend the night. I said, southern admin is that an arab- and I bet you this week, helping them what are you? This is evident this an obvious how near Brooklyn does your head is Jesus? Do when we talk about his first. That's gonna live in Africa. What was his first page, why didn t grow First purchase the now raise a union that I swear to God. I love that good friend what
who did an email go out on throwing out the first pitch. Let me tell you something: I'm an add something to this, that we had dinner the other night and I asked and Blue is applied. Celebrity that's brand new should think about this too, and he was nice and not or whatever you honestly. Not. He listed you amongst the five, among other things, the other than anyone in trouble. You already other Nord with me we're talking but a year ago again, but he may be made boot you from top five or not, even knowing that it throughout the first bitch? I bet if I didn't want the game, and nobody tell told me how would I know would have, What are my other resources for finally get well here and ask? Why is it by that measure? You should now at this end, that is too, I mean did David. I can't know David. Is it not now? Not only did Bob Way off play off a moment ago,
so we did so what happened with the pitch. So we went up and when I did at last year, it was in front of forty camp kids, who were so mouse round up enough money to go to a Monday noon. Games though it was a big deal, but this was freezing cold. Yet Betty thousand jammed pact with the attendant was, and it was windy. Wendy it really like he could it had a confession worker at the shake Jack your order at the club I get to know what happened then they reared backing through. The widow of outside variety and at the glove nice. That's excellent. Did he warm up beforehand or no yeah? Yet we went underground when he heard me and is getting a little annoyed, because on the left in a lonely, righty gloves out, I'm catching so the process of me drawn back with a problem, but yet you got warmed up an arm good, that's good. Do you want here? My weight are tailored to enter my. I have taken this broken trip.
I told him how you were at the game on Saturday in Baden, I sure I showed a picture of you and Daniel Dixon in Jimmy with they. Whatever picture you took on Friday, can you guess what her take was wont to thirty April we're out here to do so so glad to go for ten days he just left Melissa with the kids they're, all together Sattler our sisters. There are there. French other, not happy for you not happier in Brooklyn that happier tubes in the CS, not happier with your ads
Melissa ten days is value a terrible father here, but I had a pretend to be devastated for an hour. A phone call this morning. Could the mud boy had had to go to urgent, caregiver lobbying, but now what am I wanna make both its deeper than some businesses? You go away for like the fixed we tried a year or we re its listen. I defended you are right that you appreciate it. Maybe I'll come back half way through. You know what a fool Mars condition worth and don't come back as that Jimmy Kim alive in Brooklyn this week, and I had the great bill: Murray routes but arable Chicago Carpenter, getting music
Ryan, Adam later in the week, gave the Michael J Fox Bradley Cooper, Donald Brown powers burn. You kidding me and I will be on Wednesday night and catching on sports in a later, they airily Friday. That better did for the final like the giants tonight and that decoupling fell on Twitter, Howard, Stern, yeah. That's right! That's exciting! I gotta be good to cause kitchen the job I u buy,. Today's episode is brought to you by me and Esme, and his is the most comfortable underwear you will ever wear and it is insane how good they make you feel they sent me some and trust me. They were fantastic. Go to MIA. I can't slash bs and get twenty percent off your first order and free shipping. The game he'll be happier? Your first pair is free thanks as well
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