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Ep. 14: Week 8 NFL w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons guesses Week 8 NFL lines and World Series futures, and debates Pats-Dolphins, Broncos-Packers and worst NFL coaches with Cousin Sal. P.S. featuring our new theme song!
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Join. The thousands of investors who have already registered with over ten million dollars returned to investors are ready to date. That's really shares that come Slash B S figures. Well me: we did Its view was that, oh, my god, to actually Corps he is really back. This diet really him. I actually got him. He came to the studio and he rerecord irrelevant- that's very exciting, get it took. It took a few months here too, to clear up this now and I'd like to think about seventeen under different people
but they were very nice. Lettuces picture me rolling, has read off the names I maybe maybe later in the week. That is the official theme of the bill. Summits pack has very excited. Gets me. It's such a good mood. I we're gonna work cousin, saucer, he's here. Both of us are on fire with pics issue they reached on fire. We're doing very well and last week we were apprehensive as at the word, we have. Perhaps a lot of the lines fell on that vague zone which year who just you just want to run away from four to six, but by those favorites came out on top and wasn't even hard right, yeah we'll get to football. A second, your teams in the World series which has never happen. We started in these parts ass in the form of two thousand seven yeah and then what goes on it, two thousand and one, and it still wouldn't have happened yet right. Eight, the year before we started in the pact as Beltran took the cod third strike and now is the closest Eve
you ve been sense, and now you have a world series team. I had fantasy fantasy, who I recently hired from Grantline is a giant Metz band was was saying how this was the best, even jokingly, saying not really! Joking is the Mets vans are further by the, since this is the best young rotation about time or Bessie pitching staff. Ever I vaguely ino eighty six people thought that way to member. I love that Jim. It's funny. I was looking at the two thousand six we looked at and it was clad in over the hill Gladwin, whose screwed us the following year. Oh sixteen me right John Main, and I think I'll ever gotta start is really really bad pay. Now I love those eighty six guys too, but this This is. It remains to be written by dinner. Harvey Grom send a guard. You ouch. I mean good in eighty. Six was not good information, five who is just starting to feel the effects of maybe some other stuff. He was doing. All of that we are talking about where you darling,
Bobby Reader, who is over twenty five percent by EL said: Elsie was their Aguilar and yet but this team, when you throw familiar most heavily, it's our closer feels really nice. Really nice to have the guy just come in a show, people that it really is good and I was taught, and obviously the Dodgers ears is rough one to five games. I tell my ten year old time like this is not play off baseball. The Mets are jumping out on these teams. In the end, the cubs or not that did not have in responding to the latter. Reacting should take. Two hours should be six pitching changes and be biting your first off and I've had none of that. So far, no ass, we can you had in the dagger soon the Dodgers vs closer its emanistic, eight example why nobody should ever better baseball player. Oh yeah now cassettes egg going into the annexes. I address that the Cubs are gonna, stop them right, the bats, the and then it gets cold and then area. He just feel like he's waiting game to a can't, even hit ninety four in the gun now and then
said. That was the whole series for the Cubs, like he had to win their game. Those it came to with big. So did you wanna play Toronto, Kansas City- I wanted to play Toronto utterly really matters with, but I wanted to run. I think there were more like the cubs at the big barbarism. Maybe we could silence reigned in the cold and and the royal base it you to death and they have a great seven, eight, nine and that's what's terrifying about. Play off baseball right in the score from first than a single maintained, while these little stupid plant based but things yet. I agree the rails, our little frisk here, but to run out of steam, when they, when you hit that part of the line up words, they protested Donaldson anchored ass soon, randomly of lead to us ever read sacks, which was that a great work, serious team to win. The title was probably better than that, if as thirteenth, but mainly in poppy, just got hot for tender, is the name on the World Series and I, the blue Jays, could have right done that, like those two guys just get At the same time you not beating them you're, so the work-
At least you know deaf hardware, hedge and I had has run or legal Turkestan fur or for that, four years of his career, just waiting in waiting and then finally near forty started a commodity come on a, but I still feel an attachment to decades is just money delay that that's may the guy in that team that it comes up. Second, stand around and the seventh you just terrified terrified that year, the Monroe cocaine and all these guys. Yet it's just it's just weird watching his Mets pictures like this, the fourth inning and are approaching double digit strikeouts, all of them it's just re, never seen anything like it and which makes me think the hammer is about to fall any second, but with that say diagrams Harrier still dear still upon man, here of Europe's at its the housing arguments, Holloway Legged, yet it's a big big cell in New York. So you did you read I and broken this week as a whole, bunch of Jimmy come alive, shows, did awake and new attache on Friday night TAT was against the world's blue
his game, so you might have missed this when it ate it one of the great made any day, because everything starts laid out there. What we like watch TV, very one of the great rain delays about I'm alive by Miss that party, I would think it was thirty. Five minutes of a rat and PETE rose AUS. It was in credit. I can stop tweeting, I never go, and three pages anymore PETE rose had talks on an resist staring out in the distance. Like I said it was like somebody who is like watching a five hour blackjack table from across the sea casino, and then a ride is really good, real, really good. You leave a guy like a ride Erika I gotta like IRAN, Ruth I did it to take medication. I can't believe that, but I think that a baseball gobs is made rain for third environment just to have those guys together, just ass. It was to fill in
the great tv night was one of those dates or we had as screener picture of straight at a content, so my wife was kind of waiting like put the kids to better, as though a desire to game and like I will watch the movie, but then the base rain delay in there, and I was so into it. But it was such a really felt, like the royal said had Joe the way their world series chance now and then and then they get the run and back in the Deva shuts down here we are Friday night, we had the Grom Harvey Flores and right on Jimmy him alive. Oh, I get to meet them, you get to meet sober nice guy meeting? All you're here is really rather weak, like Marty Mcfly, those guys and is everything going on, but it was weird to see and I one cell anyone out the Grom like pacing bags. They, like he's nervous, though my Jimmy's, going to ask you two questions Reforms can be about your hair and that's gonna, be a you're really nervous about those. That's funny. Fifty five thousand people, twenty
I've done is amazingly imbuing guys get nervous about when one thing that's out, but then the other thing that should be there were no rest, their ledges right. Like my daughters, I bet daughter and soccer like pennant, making payments kicks in the state no nerves at all and then, when she does math like pools of sweat under her feet ray I just freaks out. It's weird that people can channel pressure. Does your action guards when she's doing our homework, maybe should maybe that's why I should just serpent exaggerated from thence a great idea I had so we, who is favoured in this world, sir, it's dead even minus one tat, Louth ways. I think that's pretty fast did the lab that what are the laugh, stats, five, six days or bad raids ban any over five heading five of the last five of the sixteenth of had five. They lay offs have lost the world series What are they stats? When am when you're teams in the World
seriously in the same week when two packs on becomes a theme of a pack ass, then it's an immediate loss, only right that I am always right. So take this with great sorrow, bear on plant based on, but I would bet on the mats. If I had to pick a team marilla me, I just think you which is better now we're neighbors to two once every games can we do to create two with just said: don't ever bet on the world's here, but on pelt play baseball stupid now we're going about crazy, not only does anyone and adds, I just think it safer. It's safer to bet on the pitching in a pitching defence churn out death by what's which your biggest sphere, I am afraid, familiar, get exposed and game one. Are you weren't you deep down worried about familiar interesting, colonel you might be too much attention a little too much he's been overwork
than ever, they I love em, but that at the neck and end the serious if he gets exposed and game on quickly on the back to the future, Jimmy can, I ever happened to be there for that, and it was probably the greatest moment in the history of the shower. Just from the standpoint of, if you had told Jim, that that was going to happen thirty years ago. I think he would have been more disbelieve for that than anything else. The bombing Letterman never actually came into the away? Sat right, now is little more than ever on the show he was on a New York by those it stern stir in Spain, and that would have been a big thing for Jimmy me. Love that too, but my roommate I and dark, and that the warriors Comin in Brooklyn. That was so that's insane you watch the edited copy, like the edited caught. It's the dough. Or in comes out the smoke Christopher, Lloyd and Michael J Fox come out, and I was like got three minutes standing ovation
if we cut it really was co, afford it lasted a bit. There is genuine genuine, genuine euphoria in there in the stance and so then, even matter if they pull out the skin afterwards, but they did they really out that there was. There was great. I have already had like a crazy man, respect for make a jail MAX is clearly he's been aiming for a long time, but to actually see him backs. Age and how he's able you know he's he's. Not great shape, logically and but to see him get on the stage and is able to kind of lack in nurseries. Is game fur he like some and some crazy right around concept, asian or something is like God that guy's amazing, you would he'd, be, as nervousness Jacob. The ground was for re being come, and I for one question, but such a problematic think he does a lotta livestock, and now I like seven minute this get somebody. By their legs. Seven hundred eighty eight hundred people on this day- another thousand upload- I am now that's my word
however, as China, if you show me a group of people, knowing what the number two as always way off. I got that Letterman studio was like three thousand people on baby that I was soon like now baby, it's five hundred zero yelping as an alarming yeah drove with him in Brooklyn, but we drove from New York to broken cause. We had meetings, James Baby, Dove Dixon Supervision and the I think he measures drives by how many cigarettes Ignatyevna Dr Survey hell. I will take twenty five minutes for his eye, was a for cigarettes, draft engages in a most people and they smoke at least in the last twenty years there in a car and you're in the car them, though, you should put the cigarette like kind of near the window. Sure now smokers and smoke Hence it is right for radio, This is getting bombard every second Doesn't care has cologne their heads really like sums? that just only exists with him he's a kind of selfish titty letter.
During your drive he lit aired. He insulted people, how let's cut people off his he's very exciting a Peter Lugers Stake Ass in Brooklyn, which he loves, because he has appeared, Lugers credit card nice and they may your only allowed to pay with cash or the pure lugers credit card there except Amex, Mastercard, and it's like sought out anyway, but he may see my kids again. The Soho House or something I am an I did a research and it's ok. You just have to go to Peter Lugers form to get a car credit colonel, tell me ruined em. He makes it seem like it's like the players club waste of our eyes fill some forms. He was amazing. Hey, I was good week for you, guess yeah, it's good to be back and words exhausting, but maybe it I mean is need a little bit of a farmer Kimmel when you know when you on the Yeager Master, Bardell cut it out now that our animals- it that was originally my badge if it isn't
that blame for that uses and Jimmy Fascist, clumsy, PS, clumsy yeah. It see that's three three injuries in the span of five months is very clumsy guy, apparently bad luck is eyesight. Checked herself it'll be good for it. I can't talk about it. Take us. Let's go to the railway lines. Yours, ok, do this story, talk cowboys giants reset now we'll get to them. When we ought to your team Munster. So we have four teams and by weight this week the outflow Jacksonville Fill in Washington We're about doing very well. What you're Sportscenter record up to I'm like five into my best beds and to know this week I close attitudes with Arizona tonight so doing very well. Five and now in the house, by catches on Friday. There, my best bet on Sunday and Instagram twitters like to him, for I like having the extra two days you dailies after right, my foot
on Wednesday and Thursday, and make the picks there's been a man. You know what I did so much happens And I will say I did change my called saints pick, because the saints corner backs were both that you took the cult yes switched to the courts and yet May Pegana just a bad coach. I think we all have to come groups? Now the fact great guy, some guy five battle cancer that stuff. But this team falls behind by twenty why it's five times a year he looks lost and at home till I got no one. I would take them giving point again. This calls very slab while it may make it the sloppy Kurds. Teams are rather Jakarta sloppy through the courts. They look superstition the other time you write that she's always sloppy, but you can't fire him right. Asian stone, first place, Pegana yeah there three and the air. Unless luck, I'm not positive lux healthy right, I don't know, I didn't think you'd tell them
Pats game. It looked like he was like forcing the ball with, like some messed up, shoulder he's not thrown while they just don't look at that. Let's go to em. Which is go through the games and we can at least be while we have a nice Thursday game with my team Miami at New England, three and three six and now you want to go and did not send me your lines it just what is my machine to send the lands on Monday? As I said last night, what do you mean but then is the matter I didn't make you send the lines you. What? What does that mean? You don't see that you're not gonna see them. I didn't look at your line scenario see the radio era. What what do you think? What do you for this so This I was to answer question that you have asked yet. I was legitimately scared worry again bigger yeah when third quarter jets rob one. We had the pint jets at the bar. And it was scarier reminded me of the planned game- mean a couple play games,
we had when the third quarter, all the sudden, we're down at eight and you're, like oh, my god, we actually, if the score here, we don't lose. They got to stop was amazing. The offence of land was in shambles right. They didn't who ever run game peal of late team and run here is just like we're not going around the bow and no interior blocking it. Ah, and it was distant amazing raider game in the NFL already made a big deal about all the drafts, but to the jets, have a really good defense and knew he was going to throw every time. I thought this was all going to be Drops and I swear- I came driving airs. Acceptance goes by three touchdowns lady routes and when you win a game of that playing. Well, that's pretty good cuz. I think the jets to get Fitzpatrick really helped he's just not that good at play we're back, but a lot of things are in that's eyes, are managed values for two and a half corday manage they ve been good in that game, I think we lose and their special teams is terrible. Now is a big difference. Ages have a bad special teams in his back. If you want to
in New England, you gotta hammer that now it that's. The guy made the fifty five yard figure for the incredible cover. That was something now it is actually a portion. Those places, Cosette Cause addressed, dropped, and I had I added seven, but so- then that the random on side that they catch like it. It's like the China kill my dad better. That's three Addison when this year, for the pats where the last ninety seconds of the game. The other theme covered the spread, bizarre right, yeah Steelers last week, courts and then the jets this time or covering the two minutes left and then the editing gets the backdoor its remarkable too, because twelve pick a line for this, so we talk about knowing a little scared, the dolphins, Siad paths seven and have just cause our better landlocked and you're gonna. Get that I said eleven and it's a now. I've anywhere
We're about to talk about now his undefeated team at home, at the animal care who it is. I think it has to start at double digits, especially this is how you figure lines. We can get a power ranking and then there's like a home field advantages added in and then I think this should be another factor. Patriots games, a bill. Bela check, does not care. If he's up ten points or or one porn or seven points he's got going to run from the thirty yard line on third and seven killing the clock he's going to go for another touchdown. That should be factored into this that will see out and I will go the other ways and the fact that we ve blown three big, big, spreads and Not even Zol objects, not trying to blow the team out that through its Iraq, the grand touch downwards, sir. So I'm concerned about this game, I think the dolphins are fair.
They talented and they're gonna be able to get a push. The de line they can run the bar. You can chew up clock, we're enough. The boots ten hell. I dont think the Patsy Ragged right now the camp lack you run the bar five times, that's out of it sign for me that Cambodia Louis right that stuff, Mason, three o linemen notion. In the outside I'm a little nervous like they're gonna win, but I just think you may take a coach Campbell. I looked it up is never lost. Bilbil check arose waiting for this code Campbell to have ten Saxon last through games. Dom against wasn't enough that it gets paid four billion dialogue. They had a promote coach Campbell to the head spot, but will awaken Basket for their united keep track of leg you there when you lose in either a game or its and allocating the dolphins
for games have been ass, kicks they get their ass, kicked by Buffalo and the jets by weak. Then they kicked the ashes of the titans in the texan snare. That's why I'm that they haven't played a close game and in a while, but here's the thing with them now. This is three straight road games for them: Raina renewing on Thursday at Buffalo at Philly, rarely tat three straight row games is rare in their day at the London trip to this is a rough stretch for them by the, like, you said, look, let's see them beat someone under the new tutelage other than Tennessee and used in anyone that South division. I'm scared The terrorists Landry, I think Miller, can run on us and- and I think, if the two key- it's funny like the queue at the pats, you have to get the pressure with the four guys. You're gonna do like boots, and gaming saw that's a radio just you'll figure it out rat being pushed with the four guys and then drop a room back. That's when we have trouble
I wonder of Miami, can do that most teams, boxing schemes or just awful against Brady, anyways latter hoop, and he just stares at the line is, I know, you're going to do this are in a more thorough here. Well, that's good! That's good Thursday game! I there is that our first good Thurston games, as the brok again leaves now it's over I'm excited for is their world series gain, then eight they stay away from a foul readily another Tuesday to them. What you have thirty days and off they Fridays virus under that's again became five, goes up against Broncos packers I can't wait to get to that when I allowed a trouble of branches power eyes. I was up six point. There are Sunday Detroit Kansas City, London. Their rights. I was going to remind you d: get it you're gonna get it just because you know in London in looking forward to this game. Mosses and its Andy rate against Jim Caldwell in London, the home of last year Jim Caldwell make Smith class Clack mismanagement. I asked
showdown and I feel like they can trumpet this should be an annual thing in London, where every year we send two of our worst clack mismanagement, coaches and just we on this ensues. They should bring big ban to the actual stadium and say I dare there's your clock. The greatest clock of all time, you still get less arrest airing interface. I had the young. The thing was interesting. The well read it did well but in the mornings I always have my pad and I'm doing all my stuff for my power, but then add the game on the Ipad. Then I figured out with whatever the new version of the Ipad was point two wherever whatever the hell it is, you could actually make it a full screen, but do I or other stuff and then have it in a tiny corner in the bottom of the railways area. So that was pretty cool. Don't you have apple tv? Can you just don't you just
threw up on my tv, I was a calf awake was accepted in the morning. My kids are run around, but I cannot like that. There is. The other thing is here's. The thing rejects were buff, we're not watching a minute that game unless design at six thirty in the morning, I have no other games right. So it's like why not put that on the internet that respect the worst came, the weaken that's Senate to London. You know what they did. They did it again. If you pick that. I beg you ass soon ass. I like to watch this and then there was a good pick, a wildly that here's here's. My main reason was dead, already lost two in London nights at some point: team ass to get fed up, and I almost think the same here with Detroit after blow and at last they lost last year. I did so here's my thing with Jacksonville ate it.
Discard by the Joe Philbin losing his job in London thing in the back of my head. I'm like wow Jacksonville, stinks again the probably firing Gus Bradley. This is the week to do it. So I had I did it from that prison, but then I knew in the back of a heavy J manual. Is thanks SAM. I say me wagons that plan Careless Williams is in playing like way so stupid to lay more than three points or the bad after The latter regrets about that, and you know what I have regrets about. We always cross off. How may teams did we had five teams that where we said we're out of it here- and I want to make it eight, but I even with the Jacksonville when two and five I can't drop them from play off. Their one game out the grant you that as option at first and go from the one. They ran Toby Garrard four times as ITALY and is still in the play off rod crazy, the AIR Sea South verse, whose favoured and have seized her save Csf Justin. Like a enough
Nobody, knowledge, basketball, the classic the area. The eight may attack to match man Diseases like minus three and a half years. He sat via the giants better than ever of seats satin. Unfortunately, maybe The Redskins may be better than area of society in the EU I don't know what to make of the Eagles and your team, if you, if you just hold the fort for two more weeks, ignited seventh gonna, win your division and makes me sick as a killer on the sidelines here they well, there he'll be in jail Thursday s now, In addition, I tweet how miserable it to true for this cowboys team and the only thing worse than bruening. Further, the Ex players like Dwayne Harris is written for the current. Try being a lions, fan Van and try being Brownsville. I get that, but it is a different kind of terrible when you're the best team in the division- and you can't went again, we like four four weedin and castle to come with him. One play of one
every single game except the Patriots game. It's it's demoralising, can't take it anymore. I think it's worse to have tasted success, sure and then have a yank from you that is, do not know what success feels like Red Army now miserable like you, cowboys run in the nineties, and it was basically like you, you just in first class of people, feeding, grapes and now you're, like back in a Middle sea like way back in there now forget the liable you're. Looking longingly a first class are two weeks were tuna: we should do our duty, which run away with this division. So I have achieved by two and a half a minute get this. I said I had no idea what to do. This has the three and a half minutes for Vegas is not
love the lions at all. Why did they like the chiefs TAT stupid out if the lines by the three I'm just taking the points, the air like? Why not we haven't? I can stay pretty good the vikings to have beaten Detroit, whether Viking for legitimate wins, a share you now that they are now in their necks, Minnesota Chicago, either kings favoured by one and a half, and I want to know where this defined digs came from I don't understand it were. I had two and a half in its three somebody get that and I don't know where it's one is like might, while Frahm Pick from Maryland began, did he have some crime in it? master. Now something wrong with him. Now what's wrong is defined eggs.
Tat so TAT says: big Recruit, never told me about a nice tat. They like that it's areas, keep alike Minnesota there. So would you say there a the first wildcard or second wildcard, I dont transport water. But there's enough going on with that team that they're in the conversation further plants and they seem well coached yeah. I think there is something to be said for that could see how many bad coaches we ve seen, but that you know peers and they seem to get like one or two big plays a game which is important and right they could break place by will make a tenant sakes. I think we, fire on the bridge waters ass, let lashes said he. I sure bridge waters good, show I know I'm not sure, look what he did that mean we can do this. We should do this for other quarterbacks, like
he's just our airspace for later this for Cutler, let's, we won't even charge worker we're sure we're sure about his deep. This peer, serious negative pressure is neck. It so too tough scheduled all Green Bay, twice, Seattle, Atlanta, add Oakland and that our resolve so an ad oakland, his Allison, our game, you're too cocoa I'd have to be an hour who has a chance to make the wildcard conversation, possibly among them up I would also urge Arizona, Cleveland man. I think I had this exact, I'm sorry good cards by for now I said five five and a half. So we were there for an hour five again at Pittsburgh couple weeks ago. Yet so, when we talk about this couple weeks ago, though the Ravens game, they put the brands by the charges in the ravens back to back weeks, score and score
points headed through through a vibrant off their sandlewood, a bet that their offense might actually not be that get DR causes defenses think then they put six points up against the rams. Yeah. Now Arizona weight of its home in Cleveland, its inclusion, tat by the Arizona shore we going not cross country but must much of the way cross country in Arizona on the road versus home I mean because goes without saying, to different team snap. Please a little bit of a snaky. Maybe something happens here on his Anna was way we guarantees it. That's for sure we are a bit by Landry Jones, beating Arizona. All right. I don't think we need adequate stairway Landry had bad luck. Yesterday, I don't of either of the chiefs and stares play.
Ten times that are, I think the Steelers won for even with Landry Johns yeah. That was a good game Cleveland, actually not that bad ass, though they started outside their ten to almost every gun. Ramsden defences. Superb, so they just faster than everyone, San, Diego Baltimore. I had this want exactly I'm sure you will to really. I have ravens by foreign half, who went to heading three ravens by threatening to go that far larger stink charges of to win the charges are down like fifty two nothing yesterday in their readers can but the chargers, rivers capacity like six thousand yards and that's ravens, that's their that's their profits, chastity fence. But it's it's a lot of garbage time yards from red. Can they ship this game the London to the two eight? It's weird that because the ravens might
good against Arizona today and then there s line should be minus sex or they might sack today. Now that's the re run. This is. This is a loser already left town Macedonia. These two teams are done. I about these teams, making the playoffs We are told my doubts now really do San stakes hampered pay at Atlanta. Temper had a terrible tear, eyewash. This morning and Shortcuts Alex shirk their activity that GAD cousins only had they he had to go the length of the field with like two minutes. I'll tell you that when the game I now uses, I think Levy Psmith, retired nowadays, retire that a year ago, while hint anybody who causes is just stirring. Eight, I now our doubts rat two guys just running out a bands, and it's like the bucks gave no. Idea, this is coming their protected moto. The field is only two minutes left because doing better. How do you like cousin?
of all pit was bills. There was bills oilers all over again, just like everyone was open. Alas, drive of stupid. It's embarrassing, like any fear that if you getting your ass Kate, like that on a two minute, Dr Becker cousins, time out and yet the defence again the Hague, as We regret, however, that a balance and then I'll send they swung the other way and covered it, and then they are guys over. The media was that we coaching malpractice in if the cowboys, though, when I'm written for the Redskins to when they end up ceased, they could do it really could do it it's past. Just hold on date. They can do stuff now, on the other hand, Atlanta Everyone had Atlanta value Airline line yesterday against Tennessee, one from three to six and a half
Everybody that was the one that if you stayed away from your good and they made coach Quinn, made some kind of deal with vague, as in the inner founds door will win, but we won't cover this laminae. That would those crazy that they then cover that game so which, which latter it s an attempt at Atlantic. Atlanta by and I actually like at land. I think they're, due for one of those thirty nine to ten year, they ve been kind of under his control for the last couple weeks. New get added. The line is seven. I said nine. I think there has to be higher than you know. We have a rookie quarterback on the road, I don't care for dinner. Division and land is six and one that should be nine or double digits. Seventh, you get, will hear a lan as a destroyed your team and weak three but Lady Roma right to destroy them now, a moment in the second half there was, I remember by, were Rob ten within their sunken. Have they tracked you
We have had to structure the one drive that take Russia Houston turns out Houston's terrible, weak five barely beat the skins annuity. Anna cousins pick six, and I felt like this Genscher one that game next week are those weak, five, so weak six. They lose to the saints pretty commencing. We seven, they barely be Tennessee which brings us to another edition of the Atlantic Falcons. Are we share their get? No, we are not sure, because what you just imagine what you just did with the schedule. You could do with every team who has four or five or six winds, and nobody has impressive wines. Nobody has more so because there are so many bad teams is double digit. Bad teams is here this is they just put up thirty one points in consecutive weeks against the scene
and the titans. And then, if you go to the other game, they'll escort nineteen, now the over ten touchdown snare attack at fifty points in three weeks against this scans. The saints and tightens does aren't exactly like top five defences. Do should had. There should be records, like your power ragging outside the area of Sea South in Annex II, threads, your power against teams that don't exist in those divisions. I would love to in this game. If their coach was alive, it's not place him. I just say we don't. I don't know Lasher, maybe like giants at saints, the giants, man, Eli he does it he's Saxony game in everybody's convinced is terrible. Then they win the next game. What is that like this? The seventy? A time that's happened they're in the next game, after he sacks than alike it. But let me tell you, take on another guy
fancy celebrating get not mean on twitter and everything, but you suck too, and it's gonna be bad in January for human ones I'll snakes in or whoever even Lana Team in the wild card? Then this is your team I, and so you waiting for Victor Cruises, coming back yet J P using it to find his fingers. This is your team and they're, not that they're, not that good. Sorry who does not know pass Russia's Gunnar, say it's a quietly one window, if being formed, we're right through night or whether three four ran out of sand live. They win. This gain their five hundred. I wrote we wrote them off than we, but both these they're, both whack job teams and how you pick the scale. What would you think I am saints by one and one slash. I said three and eight day make it three and a half Adding that have point at don't that confusing to me. I don't like that. Listen you know, bets on this game is is has again my problem. Yet even
when it bears. We do stay away from Saint James S. No eight in a bid to increasingly like? How could you like, I know it's gonna have to it's over the next two games. Don't have lines unfortunate tendency at Houston was hurt, my feelings, I looked and looked and looked. I promise I looked tenancy used and I guess because Mariano off is playing tenancy one in five used in two and five. I said he used to minus four. Where would I add, Houston tune? Ef? I actually think Houston's the worst team in the week. Why they're really do I think they're, the worst team they want to games did beat the bucks a week three, Nineteen nine James was just thousand shit show and then in weak six they beat the Jack's in Jacksonville red. When so, I guess you could Did you make a case the jagged or worse than he is? Then? Maybe I don't know about like now that fosters out it's bad
We pointed out in the Agri Hopkins like how are they going to move the body of the worst quarterbacks issue? in a week and Hopkins and have a good game and that a ton of garbage time yesterday that nothing but day and now at Mister I was nine as the fire. You wouldn't even put a man like o Brien. I wonder if it's like the day, the hard knocks hang over, where we always seem to like a team that HBO does a good job. Us at a team is gonna, be the pillow brands, good co, ordinated, satellites, yeah, yeah, they're gonna, maybe they're going to compete in this division and, like, oh, my god, look at them. Forget it I'm done they are the worst team did they gave up forty eight to Atlanta, they gave up forty four to Miami in both of those games. The teams are up like twenty eight to nothing midway through the second quarter. With that to me, that's the autumn red
why, when it when the game's over with eighteen minutes- and then you stink and other that's the worst thing is so late. I cease pretty bad too hard to think of them, so they have it the end, our side chance to get the number and pick again. Yet it's true. They lose this game at since he Humph the jets in the saints at Buffalo Home for New England at Indy in the last two they go at Tennessee and then home for Jackson. This we may look at this game. Is both these teams tenancy one in five used to five lives? Elucidate the number one back, we'll Tennyson US five right now, but to those actually three of those like the code, when they should one and we three then in in weak five- that your bills game that they were in the whole game, they lost by point falcons. And they could a one in a convert on third down. I think they're better than his dictate that had one third down conversion. Yes, there has been like that all your another bad coach with an end. We always have eight backup
What do you do? An arrogant vision, fire there, coaches Doyle Line or Pegana, which do you go, but but both of Amr in play off convention? It's so who are the countries that vision per Ghana? o Brien Gus Bradley and with her. That is apparent. Rushmore, that's good! That's really bad there! That's the checkers division, but today I am ass codes, that division and even now is Pegana. The best coach in Indonesia used in these areas pagodas the better he's been in the play ass, whose Houston's defensive coordinator to somebody in there? That's that's an old coach it is a bump. Philips sees a ladder, get a bunch of body right. One films help out that division come back tat, its horrible the Romeo Cornelis, allow a carefully their defences and get out.
Show Colonel a man, these people they drafted off ballot Jack and got great jobs or things twenty years, it is unbelievable. It's like that. You in the balls one third straight tied on ninety eight in and then I M J. Wasn't it up the bulls broke up RO glumly bill. Anything and Steve Corral. These guys sign these big deals and other things, as I know, you're in trouble thought up. Poor pass. Bologna is defensive line. Coached Syracuse Scotch, promote Imre Romeo colonel. Since an area Pittsburgh also doesn't have a line. It be. Nice of big bang came back this big nice competitive game. Tat becomes some game, because following says that a bunch of games that on that that interested lacking the thrust of exile, its. Hollowing I'd say this is my favorite weekend of the area. Does it Halloween my son's birthdays, an ex downright nobody loves having a birthday more than my son? I know every kid gloves having their birthday
It's really like he's thinking about it and, like February so hollowing Saturday's EU be able to watch a games if the run Saturday Birthday Party, Sunday Mammoth and do the thing where just check again say yeah and show the gear, Pretend I'm involved, but that that every time so busy for me, I'm there over the tv receive adequate and a big it whilst and I said I said since he by two and a half I ve, no one on base in that line off. If I would have said with rather's programme since it after Nokia near I think tat, that's the right line for that can now sitting behind. What have I to do? We forget how good they were. We sure they're good, we have to be sure on them at least will hear their weapons so you ve look at their winds again. You know they killed the raiders and weak one rat when actually looks a little bit better. Now came back
against the hawks other, in that Emily they put the charging Ravens Chiefs and bill. So they know what happens when half the legs bad together, no impressive wines with advocating dab, APP Pittsburgh Sunday, but then they have home for Cleveland. On Thursday thing I too, in five days threat at home for Houston on a Monday night, they'll, kill them and then goes ads home for the rams actually went home for Pittsburgh at San Francisco Sunday night at Denver, Monday night home for ravens, weak sentient, so lamentable, we'll find out some near some tidbits about this teams in San Francisco at Saint Louis lot of cabinet, pinching buzz. You know it's the same thing we ve been saying for weeks. If you're gonna pressure, Capron ask can fall apart, and this is certainly a game where you think the rams again A sham and he's gonna have a terrible game and its in Saint Louis, and I think this has to be a lack of the week
potential here the lines under seven I rams by six and a half you're gonna get it. I went lower, I said for it seven and a half, so we had we should seize them. Rang out, amends funding. We just listed nine games, that's a first teaser that that's not good for us, We have the Seahawks against your team coming out. That's true. There are rumours that back Iraq is not back here, not bid in the sea hucks. Now, I'm sorry for me to say Saint Louis. I think I think Saint Louis is very close to being a team echoing like to play off games. I got really gonna eat taken if their due France can give them a lead there and they can just run the barn waste, the clock and girly girly. Without the kneebreeches dresses. You see a phenomenal And through the Mediterranean back alive, I think so I wanna we on him. Two weeks ago, you took a pact shadow managers, sports anything I did. See how tat girl in written form straight up for De Marries, Thomas
feelings- that's gonna hurt anyone see here is the problem near in a fantasy league with people who work together, as are the sudden the two guys who worked together trade in early for De Mao's harm and made a train. Even in that, even though no email nothing well come back to work with us to put this age beyond nonsense. You haven't said yes retire, I think falls. It falls we're just a little better he's, not like fifteen and nineteen quarterback reindeer like eleven and thirteen take. This is like maybe a superbowl team I am speaking to higher, but if he's like can Newton or Doll, Nora or Carson Palmer, even really good shape it's too bad. There's that that one every year I was like to talk about how this team should trade for the quarterback who's kind of in limbo, the veteran who would be good on that end, and that should never happen. Babbling about it. Rained there's no guy this year now,
unless you said rivers, but he just sign that extension Stafford would call five. We have watched him for seven years. Is that bring the union closer Superbowl in there? I nobody s. My question is: is mad ass, a bit better than anybody. The rams have mass back the court's backup, four men, has a big decision was better than I saw from nickel same Bradford. All these guys, maybe maybe there's you just put him in a military said. Gluck is obviously hurt near me late afternoon, games which is when usually do a red. You have to do a reiterating yeah. Let's give some love to our man to pack because they were gracious enough to. Let us he's picture IRAN, as the official theme saw. The bill. Simmons pack asked the yacht Itunes right now, twenty five at his best.
And Itunes. Only one thousand two hundred and ninety nine for the whole album and you get keep your head up me against the world. So many tears. Unconditional love hit him up the greatest diss song of all time. Brenda's got a baby. California love pictures on all the greatest songs that he's ever done. I thought the man was a genius. I love them. I ended the book. A basketball with with The story about picture me wrong. I just love the guy I did the only sign that I wanted for this package was picked me wrong, avaux, offending had it we're just work and he is music. So thank you to the estate for letting me is this and to everyone else who who helped us out. Let's get back to Papa Jets at raiders over some reason like what too late afternoon games now lately unlike that day day, so apparently, I'm no, the London it helps the ratings. If there's two to dry, it drives people toward names. I don't agree that I think it's
another example of the NFL hits a seer, they hate our gets right. And one at the watch, eight games in them in the morning in the early afternoon. I don't like it I don't understand why they do it. That way, I don't know I wouldn't have released for visit for should be the minimum is good, but when you're watching that split on Directv and there's two games, but they still have to others gray like they, the other two quadrants are still occupied with something else. I mean that's all you could go the other way and say maybe they're trying. You know this is be that has such a bad history of of respecting women they're trying to get us too to spend time with our and girl for our second gay well but its November, the rest Co Sundays November. First, I think they're done respecting women that eight year right here, while next next October, though then I feel fine they about it. On me, get my great cardio continues to run amok.
Obviously, when after a mail this time he doesn't discriminate, we're he's just angry other their jets at open. Alright. So I had a lot of trouble with this me to raiders by one. I don't feel good about it. I said raiders by three jets by two: People like a giant jets, you d, want, you like, as you want to look at a schedule like I'm going to see cowboys jets in December the week before Christmas. As I gotta, that's can be a game. We can win its easy. It's nice celebrated jets could be like ten three at that will they have if they can get through this game of the wind? They go home for Jack's com. For both on a Thursday at Houston, they stink home for Miami at Giants Home for Tennessee. They are heading in the last three years. I mean they really may be about it and all those eighty, three nine and three simply add that an This was a radius go unless
we as audio is Anna whack ton of raiders fans in San Diego. Now they they said it was like two thirds one. That's insane like one of the raiders move to San Diego the Rams to Oakland and bring charges Dalai just do that. Charges tell I narrators kidding about the second three, but but raiders, wasn't the raiders and went to the Saint Louis right. Now have that's where they were, the charges are out in there. And now it and we should bet against them Home game, because its red I dont say louis- was at a lock they're gonna get it they're gonna get a tea while the rams are going to move here right now, I know they're just so will, I think Saint Louis is gone like building arena or build a stadium and get the raiders that's what I was thou up and on the mild Ramstein so can see. I can't tell of Saint Louis it really fez. I did deep down would be fine, just having the cardinal sure the uproar, maybe I'm wrong, but they love the cardinals you now. If they be ok, it would have. I
feel like the cardinals Saint Louis, the cardinals I fancied, I was ass the ram Yasser here. I still feel like I wouldn't be like. Oh my god, I fit legate like when the kings or in a leave Sacramento. That was it. Sacramento now becomes Fresno without kings. You know and ancillary different. I guess we have talked about this game. Seattle, Dallas, MIKE I have Seattle by six at Dallas. I said sex as well at six and a half, so we Seattle, Ramses Lover. I give you my blessing, I'm not going to do it, but patriots Seahawks, as of winning teaser you're. Ok, if you term staying away from the pets, you are eight. When I can't name for my five offline, sublime and restarting in a game that that's when I don T the pets so Gregg Hardy, like what's at what point
ok, so you know I've been acc volleys, reinforced to turn over once in awhile. Anyone on this defence could do it to those who could sales. It was somewhat worth it, but is out of control. You see the least likeable player you ve ever written for he's gotta be up there. I didn't like Charles Nelly. Well, they seaward masturbating the lack, or he will know that. I like a lot but yeah. Now it's it's it's the same thing in the know how a ruin on the team acid defend them. His bed to the post came interview was just insanity comment: how can it be that much of a deck disease like other human beings? They? How can you be that much of addicted twenty other people and feel good? yeah. I have about well, that's easy, Craig, I somehow to go after the game. I was great, I was a complete ass. All the twenty p and there and I was also being found their savage gates. I feel good about that. Let's go get some pizza, maybe dash and me
an asylum. What is now playing? That's one thing, but I think dish beyond this airline, but in the Hannibal Lecter strategy with a metal mass. Able to move just rigid than at my age at again see out my view awaited the so you have castle, who the thing with castle is he'll, look, Furthermore, a bet and then the same need. Data teams is skirt. Interception touched, I do know the promise. He plays a better energy, then win. Yes, that experience has better zip on the ball yeah. But all these backup, quarterback and not just backup quarterback setting about ten court starting quarterbacks forbad team do the same thing. They telegraph that out route to take off or almost picked offer you do ten times during a picked up and probably run back once and that's that's what did it but it for turnovers and a quick return for a touch now,
and tat in the giants. Barely one I came makes me sick. It was not a great win now. I didn't see a lot of it because I was at Helena, so we can talk about it and I did see the CALL Beazley Muffed. Plant may draw the mediaeval ass before that do so add on called these. I hate it. I really want to be like this Wes Walker and Type for guy we're ready he. The long hair is little better deregulation that admiral had cases. You don't think it's Christine Michael's. Revenge against Seattle. Neurons asked me about Christine I like what you can do while they sorry am, I do we know is good anyway. It's Craig that Sea OX chose Thomas rolls over him. They must know somethin wondered anyone ever see Christine Michael play quickly and the sea hucks there, this game they win it than before for by weak,
Three straight home Games, Humphreys Zone a home for San Francisco home for pit. No, I don't know about those through my does it. Tough game is bad enough that they could be seven in foreign five weeks on landfill, pretty stupid, the up to date one direct Green Bay Denver land. Then I have no idea from red and this up against game five. The world series did, the rarely seen I actually switch my after, I made it with lack of four point swing. And I don't know if it was right or wrong, but initially had the brok as by two and a half, and then I thought about it more and unlike tat, if the packers or getting tuna points, I think I would bet that late then maybe to wait. A second package should be favoured in this game and have the packers by one and a half her pretty good analysis. I had Denver by three and I did not change it and its green bay by three. You get that
yeah, I mean it is when you glancing paper, you just gotta Danbury it, but then, when you think about that a gun to my head. Who would I bet on it's like I'm betting, its Aaron Rodgers Paint, meaning what is his dogs danver, plus nine on a team? Teaser, though that's gotta, be, is where playing or now these Effie right now see. That's another thing: is they with it. Without him, then you can. You can just block VON Miller what Peyton Manning husband been like junior high school since it was an underdog and home right. It's When was pretty incredible? Well there, the men sometime near the end with the court's, because that will generate the last copywriters, but it is paint meaning an aching. Is already burned us. The share, that's true,
its Rogers and neck. Now, almost one did the packers look good last, like really got a minority that good now they're good, but wonder they looked dominant. They did. They live Danvers, look sluggish for sure, but green bays and winning by forty. They struggle with the rams they struggle they down against chargers. They it had a by so we're talking about almost two months and say: look EL asking what this is really interesting stretch from them. I keeps inward interesting today, They had damper Sunday and then at Carolina the next week right so yeah. This was our member bather, tough, Would you take one in one right after Packer fan, yet Samuel anyone Dictograph favouring both games right, that's what I mean. I think I wouldn't take one in one hour I think the level of those games played. I think they should play the Cashman report. We they need divide to atoms back because he added
that was the guy's Canada, that that would be the x factor potentially near me. I'm really seen him in full strength yet, but I don't feel, like Roger says, is full team. Yet now, maybe not? We said that your Michael Friendly retired was I sad now more than ever, the IRA's felt like he was like bring it about. Forced eight years, a fantasy drafts, if somebody we are paid eighteen dollars form were kind of waiting here- is eight when the guys never really reach the potential. Here now it's like Corliss Rogers, who do a dagger old dollar, guys richer, Rogers, Rogers, really good and then Monday. They keep doing this. We're a team s boy to night Games, Euro India Carolina Why I see, I don't know if they screwed up or not with other times indies, been on tv near by what you need this for a tie up, sixty five or five to four, with one too
I had this exact. This is really the only ones I forget gonna hafta panthers by seven. We split this ice had sex at six and a half. Ah I, when the, why wouldn't we teach the Panthers with the rams. The colonies Ireland, arts outlining carolina- they got me nervous. Why had enough that they should have one that easily There are many receivers defences I seen. The still give up big plays strange, did Riverboro Rand. You feel good about him now, so that the other thing never never in the back seat beat me a beach. I want is a score for the season were now we may like law and for its four four up you up for three and I win. This is this: is it for your very good halfway through the seas for four. So how quickly? How in the south to How- and so let me or by just read the resulting at the same play back for the boy took my son and his is, but
Is the waves brother son on their dead end and we as we're going and we re in a Siena held about, took the pic- was Siena Brat, seeing as on the first match, you better get in there Jesse seem carbon. That about it says I this is going to go up and then Del Rio comes out bread, and as soon as done in nine minutes, but it was one mad glean pen right yeah- I was one of those That is where our fears vaccine is about. Take four months offshore pages. We do a job for the Rio and then going on in the whole garlic. I know I'm not going. Any time off. I have to be the first match. Yeah. They're gonna, be. I went, there's a seven, thirty plain how together so he was out and then Rawlins Kane was pretty good
Bray Wyatt against roman rains was excellent in the case of the best the problem with the cages. They don't have the tv. You know they don't have the feed. So there's a dead, there's partridges came, see that given him to have good seats, but my son was sitting next to Sophia Regard NICE and I wanted to raise casino. He gets a little motion other in these things. She would have thought he was adorable urban light, this kid's a nightmare get away and and- and she was ok with them- real issues. Ok, I was nervous that perceived, he might have had a commented. The lead that Thou re hour. I am, I may not have been great, he wasn't stare and added value would be proud of him if he was looking. The other way now my son, Legs bonds dog. He had no time for severe rigour, layered hammer daughter, thou his see hello, blue eye contact. They were so anyway. The main event was less an undertaker undertakers fifty years
and, as you know, from going to these things less than like really fights near the actually, they must do so. The lobby and backstage diameter really punch you. You can punch me and will be great here has had on the post- is bleeding like a game he's waiting in three minutes and then undertake her is bleeding and there killing each other with chairs and and I don't know undertakers for years older than I am, and how does any don't know last big matched any other way back to the dressing yeah so less than one but lead. Listen, Lester in person is amazing. It just is it's amazing somebody's about force, a nature. He sees martians, it's a! U have see match, but its throwing his opponent around there s two hundred fifty pounds. Nobody, he's going to the bathroom during a lesser match, those they attributes of popcorn I'll, be back to tell lesser net opinion, yet everyone's in their locked in a fashion that was over it like to forty two something was Latvia, and so there is deputy.
In a weird time. Right now, they're they're, like two guys short two main guys short, but they dont have I clean and they got lucky for a few years. Ere they punk dean, o Brien took off they then rains and Anna. Ambrose are those guys and Rawlins boy. They made their necks guy. They I like Heaven. I don't think it's just criticise Kevin Owens. I think it's like I've been bailed out from next. Really. I think that I think that guy's ready to move up- and there is no one to bring back again bring back flair and to spread art, and I started things really failed for them there. I think I in ROZ going down a bit, but sadly the reason, raw, going down his cause, it's three hours is often watch dire. Suppose you, as you have all than to that's crazy. I now it's not fund and its funding. Dressing for three hours and half of it is just follow through we beg for doing a pack. Just doing promos
if the time, instead of their actually talking about football, we're getting there If the plug shows this region we come alive, would back and allay Kristen Wig, add westward music from El King later, in the week really bow and carry on the way forever Noah and the great Harrison Ford we have our star wars show generously Fort nap. Oh, my cat can be good enough. Do a thing like with celebrities like who has the highest approval rating. Nobody cares for you rating, not just in general, like its. If somebody said, like your dinner dogma libraries ya like, and somebody like you know, I fucking hate Harrison forging deck wisely shock gave. What do you care? where'd they debts on american stand. I think Michael J Fox to be up there. You hit me Michael J Fox to be up there, but hairs affords in the top ex yet ethanol, everyone loves Harrison. Fort Derek LEO's weigh up there
Dicaprio, yeah yeah. I was thinking of you by the way people could see him as a dick, though I was thinking of you too, so, is that I brought this up in a pod before it always makes me laugh, but blood diamonds been on the cable rotation and creators it put it away. I always think you, though cohesive Roma fumbled, the pity he fumbled that silly Ball. They snap in Riyadh in Seattle and they last year, and then you have a date with your way you with the board that their data at least dying at the end in your crying Solaris Cashmeres were almost I heard you. He became your Romo pranks. For your tears and they're gonna movie after the gadget like myself of the room, I feel it they should say there in the dvr thing description of what David Irving South African record, it may cause the south crowd. Two thousand six would be great. Last, I'm around never crying out of the economy.
My cry when, when I lose my Columbus bet, Columbus Blue Jacket bad other turn around janitorial is in charge, will also Colombia's blue Jack and Joe Biden allowing anyone marker Ruby, other books. That ain't even run it was a fire was fifteen, the one that you call me. You tell me any banners and event for present I know it may not run, but the odds are too good to pass up. You know what happened by them was Byron was doing a Hilary play He was always weight and make sure the pause had her down four and then she did ok in the debate and he is about fifteen one look good. It really did. I have no regrets. It's gonna call gamblers right at the cousin, silent what are our sports and in early Friday I'll give out my picks and of ours
the covers one and a half ago. Three, no my best bet there we go. I have a bet for you, then I went by the time we do the pad by the time the pods up I mean you're gonna have to send for us. What is it sauna? It says: there's a bet for the NBA If he's gonna finish the best record, let me not write this down man. Now. There's a lot of things we have allowed when they started can as additives snouts tomorrow tomorrow. Surprise ever heard from here. We have a million things into specials. I not well will find it the racket signal in the most games issue there. It doesn't mean they're going win the title, but I think they're going to have them Regular season wines- and I want a figure- had a wager that, most
we already have over there over wins right for them. We do but there's some other bad. It's like who's gonna finish. Them when there's something that's who's gonna have, though homeward average, something like that. That's always better spent thirty. Depends on World tourism BP. Yet what's the Murphy Foreign after one yes, but a seventy one Escobar ten zebras ten. This is the grand Polling day mine, so it's Harvey game. One and Harvey's Tena One diagrams tender once in the guard, fifteen one seat Essentially you diagram and game tuning diagram and game five I too would be. Now. I don't whence to whether one's riding on Saturday Sunday, I think I'll do that so diagram two and six year, so the ground ones too sex and gives up by one ran to see when the envy pay her? If you win the war,
areas in game. Saxon he's one to starts wanna I mean I think bomb gardener had once been before. Seven man, that's interesting. Ten to one so many good could be familiar, could be what about? What's Hazara, I'm sorry hospital has Marzano losing team, so it doesn't matter cosmos. Ten, the one take a couple tend to one's probably worth it. I can't even think it so why? I'm not that I care about is very in the world Series in well. Can you go it's all I mean I can Friday salaries on that being a hollow, namely their kids. I think I might go the parade if it happens. I can't talk about this is stupid to talk about a parade, if it happened, I'm not I'm already Junction I'm gonna Royals parade of what had happened because good job job. I hereby thank stage beer for bringing us the bill summits Pack ass the day. They were nice enough
be my own television show that launches next spring. Thank you, HBO News, Flash! You don't need cable, satellite to watch HBO anymore, just download HBO now app and start your free one month. Trial today place. To we about these things. I want to see me again. One is tried why here close kitchen realm.
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