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Ep. 16: NBA w/ Juliet Litman & Chris Ryan (guest hosts!)

Guest hosts Chris Ryan and Juliet Litman hijack HBO's Bill Simmons' podcast for their own action-packed preview of the 2015-16 NBA season in a special edition of "Sources Say."
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This package is brought you by each be out because they are nice enough to give my boss bills. Evans is on television, show that's launching next spring thanks, HBO News, Flash Maloney, cable or satellite to watch HBO anymore, just download the HBO now app and start your free one month, trial. Today, hello from the other side, I'm Julia Lippman anchors, really our guest housing. The bill Simmons Podcast today, yet would probably have our own pockets futile. But later the NBA season Moraine our discordant bills, feed we cannot wait to get into. It is the first day of the sea. Then, let's go never fear billowy backward. This replaced into it. We're California Dream of MBA Gaza, forges it or were sounding the alarm, and I were reconstituting M are back as its first in the NBA season and richness alot has got on my hotel. We discuss how it is kind of like Christmas for MBA, as it does just jump into,
that's great point over the weekend to notable Pauline parties discuss number one. The official team of this kind can the whole city thunder had their annual birthday, slash hollow, Mean Party Nicholson's house. Now there were were without Andrew sure. By filling this, this can become the official tied go together. Under that it wants to be it's like California, top thunder pod gas. There's probably wanted like bigger, more important in the same Ogle Homa Washington might have a good dinner pod gas today. Might they might still be pulled, no hope, holding down California anyway? because every year has eighth how, in party yeah, it's nice. How Holloway in an mba sees hours coincides like really a festive weekends like we all recall the redress up and then and then the guy's commonplace. So the thunder came out with him for he good costumes Mitch carry out here. Jesse like he's an dodgeball. Yes, let's talk about how like they'd so specifically like targeted their own demographic. Yet, like
when you're kind of like a sea of Mr Macsharry dressed up as a character from dodgeball, which is night like, I think it's like a really good re watch, cable movie. Nope, it's a classic of America now- how many? Nor are there very many iconic characters? It's like Niven Olds. I mean like old school hours ago through wrenches pupils knots in that movie. I have now it s report, but I can't remember his characters. Name I actually just as long as in that region Your movie is probably not iconic starry brow of so yeah. I bird measuring aerial angle. We leave them intermediaries, train for wild ride out. He was heading three increases and who knows it's? Gonna, randomness, Gordon Yandah Thinking costs. Do you think he makes it really season? He seemed Andrew Brown, but without you another concussion or just in general, now generally, and this time, Mitya Mitch place to heart, thou heart that I love this ban dirty and they ve got so much higher. So then, you had Rasa Westbrook, going asked
even atoms, that's the best Regis like so many so perfect, Tommy even got like arm tat used to be like seven items and actually then I went back and look at seven items sleeve his tansy. I leave heavy say now: it's intricate. It's like really fulla. Does it have like a narrative tutors at more just like impact not to share I'm not share. Stephen Adams is like kind of reminding me of like MBA Justin Bieber, but like not of all he just seems like a genuinely good do. What did he say about his look the summer that he was letting himself go? Let himself guy doesn't Enzo Roscoe Liquor away till I have long hair he wore than ever. Twelve Jerry Diane mustache yeah- I just I think that, like Ross, do asked costumes, also sort of mere that he goes porn stars from oranges, knew by ass, yeah yeah face it at the same cost. You a thunder tourism. There might have been the second wegg that the great by ETA Katy when, as
more than words from Blue Street here, which I never see any other way heavier. I've seen it. I dont really remember that, like the character like that, I'm Netflix streaming like how far I have his way to the cabin door, to go to see that movie, why do they might live video stores in Oklahoma City? That's check! We held the day when the vote was theirs there and then I didn't notice. The Deanna have did did geometers have yeah costume and Louis Pinky from next Friday, not even the original Friday s right, you don't like three picture, so I don't know we. Obviously, if listener of mba after dark. You may remember that I am too weak yours, I ll end as the last member of like like tat, is my Florida Gulf Gulf Coast D. I would urge you to crash. I kept my apartment, maybe I went over to elsewhere, but I kept my real estate and now like the market is coming back. You're gonna, like dear waiters, is your
I'll, say it in your Tom cruise and cast it out a glass too. I guess you are beautiful idea. Let's go over Dionne waiters is sovereign shore, first of all, coming and your contract you're a contract that good like fish We see the waiters get more money like Kristen Thompson, buy items we know how banana market at the waiters Eyes Lawson. We wish reverse muscle watch shouted the wing Whittaker. Then he got sir we're who is shooting coach when he found TAT his fell, shots were going to the left, so he does Did you just move over to the right, and now he is almost to the far corner of the right hand, side of the fence free, throw. Why have you seen video and direct is like teasing about how he is going to start getting like infractions firm, over the line, so he's got that going. I like restore once again. I, like never two reasons I feel like that, like I'm a comical window intentionally into Durant's like mindset roar, he really,
feel its waiters mindset? Words like? Oh, this is easy I'll, just move very dear to the right, and I don't like a correct, my actual shot like do something different must have already Anthony Mesa had moved ears like moved his whole body like you started like projects that will inevitably the bond antelope. I personally o the guy like a very good jobs, Dionne Observer anymore, because I just keep picking on things and they d, Arnault, mayberry or worse, younger Anthony Slater, tweets words like Chris Pass from Deanna like well. This is the reincarnation advantage on vat and other more like an understatement. Debt at that. Here be writers are all in Indiana diseases. We would nevertheless also deal continues to be exemplary. Philadelphian abso names you making made in America. The festival happens every summer in Philly into his own, so we had a lovely party. There would meek no party, would make the Zodiac he's keeper with me grab a storm of meat. Seems like he's he's like behind every on the bench. He likes
way and Billy Diamond system, I'm a big Billy out of supporter, I'm relics over thunder either on the finals, while a few other things, but the thundered. I knows this summer Dionne was part of the group that came together much like these storied seahawks team dead. They came this having California for their work acts. And now in this over the summer, Lena like Artificial, but Katy in rascally orally. Remember. I just feel that their commitment, a team chemistry seems like obvious to me, like one of like their strategies was like like Tina, because you have to have like an old gloomy, see, there's not a lie else. I mean no offense, but you ve got your selling the nightlife you're, not selling cultural. Instead, You should necessarily are really try to set us hotel yea and we did it. We always looked at this team lake as if, like it was an was graduate school. I was like an extended college. Experience were equal homo is basically like a very collegiate atmosphere for these guys, speaking of
mystery, dumbwaiter, waiters, tweet on the twenty fifth of October. That said no lie. I have the best humans teammates. I could ever ask for no bs, it's real love and brotherhood. Just something I want to share with critical. Of lightning bolts up which I assume are Thunderbirds area, and then I looked. It is twitter because I haven't in awhile and his background is still his picture from the calves, giving you managed to intervene if I just think he may be just like nobody has ever changes background. I feel image. The angelic was looking for half a minute. He got Obama City like Katy Unwrast, try to bring him in Europe by making sure he wasn't have good locker room placement, and I do and as a member I like time, tweeting like him in Avonlea more our like talking trash about Panthers Eagle Soya, and they are not just filling. That's it's good violet. Do I feel it actually, this thunder team like now hopefully Katy Satan.
See that's like ripping, but I'm most excited about as having Durrant Back Moscow's any like fifty two points and to gain the arrogant twenty of China issued idea. I think this team, like is kind of a return to the previous, like beg the two thousand ten thunder, like the only first moves ever that all its they sing on by video games the other. Now that there are saying humbling Games, but like they ve grown up together and unlike ready, what makes them already crazy how young there like this is the first time the Katy says he's ever dressed up. Perhaps we should look at odd and also Russia he's narrow, shaved, yeah rustled maximum, never shaved in his life. He says he doesn't grow. Facial here I mean right is not a great error. He really has to get married. Sigh, I think was, would did Roy Sir, who asked him about Taylor Swift. They asked him about. Basically, if he had heard Ryan out of his Taylor, Swift covers record and rice like whose right I was broke. I love it. I bet it. I've at rest loves a new doubts on ice thing in his car to himself. What sort of another team is very important to this pica TAT mass
also celebrating hollow, in the sure they, when is a basketball team. Finally, warriors late hour, Daring Williams is finally arrived on the man they landed do well. I was I trolling mouths money, while the explanation bog and die out rolling like rolling you nearly always sorry. As lurking like you know, I gotta get internet term that kid's use like when you like. What's a meme speak out, there I was lurking just like over the matter. Seeing was still getting ready to emotionally ambition that squad on the internet, and and am I read seminary- darent lamps. One the reasons you on decided the maps was because they have a good story: medical team now, like half a danger say I didn't know that was a case and then Many of them are Ross right now, Chandler. Whenever one, you know your fracture micro rapture server that was kept secret, also Marser and Westley Matthews new acquisition, the strongest middle
apparently, because obviously we interview at our bread our previous job background we interviewed wisely Matthew in June. Right grass does not to spoil homeland for he asked yes, I hope he caught up isn't easy is at your disposal Now what is happening on homeland right now, I've downloaded now gathered so sorry Leslie out these you're on your own, so he came in wearing Malea sharing, which was not the most shocking thing. The most shocking thing was that he said his. He was like moving along faster than usual with his rehab on his achilles. Yet, but let's be clear like when we were talking to him, he was like just out of the part where he could get up out of his bed by himself. Like, he was like I'm doing suicides and slap on the backward and that this was indeed four months ago. Very that May Achilles usually is like a year long, if not represent a career under its like takes a year to come here, and there is always the question of whether somebody will be as good as they were when they come back and was about the use of such a dynamic player at boat to a player, he was too great defender and assuming a good guy is dissolved the alley
I enjoyed so I, if there's everybody, I hope- comes back miraculously fast from an Achilles interest. Injury is lousy, math Etsy plying tomorrow late? Although increases and yeah, I think it's Algerians are opening phoenix over the limits I may or may not have been ever. Has new element Eric schedule up, I don't it's gonna be tough. Watch thou ll, give you an. Julia that he knows his hollow, so they had a picture. They were Sigma, just an Anderson whose, with a rookie Virginia away, I know that you took the picture, because I sent you a letter from Zaza for truly, I know was a gram of Justin Anderson was a party hosted by anyway, I'm who dream of his motto: man, Randy Savvy ass in the dark, just as large, should address hilarious in the jailer was who, like a cave man. I think really. I think you ve just Lindsey
echo gave me explains. I take a share in Africa. Sexy gave men sexy, but I didn't get interesting move by daring lambs, like he's just been like tat of trash yeah, it's also a kind of wanting to think about like when a new player comes to a team and immediately imposes their leadership, will he's from Dallas. Maybe it's like but it's not like that that doesn't give him like automatically first seat at the table and longest jerks around sixteen sure. It's a recall is a pretty lake conflicts obstinacy when we get so. I would recall our could recall, is notoriously like tat on point I've on point guards. As regime Rondeau would we can attest even Jason care. They had some areas yet and then you know another person who has men and impose their will on a team similes pop pierce. Now my lad are our LOS Angeles clippers. Let's get into ads
I wasn't rivalries are looking very early good summer for rivalries, and then there is no better one. Then the like hot stove burning hot singed beef between the clippers. The warriors and they have now. They have not let a job. That's only getting its only getting hotter so in a word just smoke them in prison, but it was like weird like it was like why're you trying so hard Christine Lagarde Jacket, and I am just crazy and they did have staff and His last game, like there was beers, pre chippy, although dream on afterwards was like, if you think that shipping we like and after that I am sure levies do news like really quiet like dude was just really steamed about Blakey. Separate Blake was wrapping up and throwing elbows, and it was just some goon shit and he was just like. Is up with that guy and like it. They want to play that way where you play that way, if they want to talk, we're gonna talk so many interesting Zack low agreement, it done an interview with Doc, Doc rivers earlier in the summer- and I think that's
all this stuff sort of started right was Jack was like it's. It's like. The luck is involved. In winning eighty title and they were lucky. They don't have to play the spurs or whenever you know the right of every day he said didn't have to play outside our right, while by relations Bertha, he didn't it You threatened area three out of four times and irregularities in both the old and new ascribe on the bench like elbow on his way out in January, mongering on national tv is like a pretty bad luck, fight that could be interesting like he'll turn for Blake, where he can goes from being, certainly not altering the keys. Been that's been and I think you know, do you go from like cry baby to aggressor yeah, I mean there's,
it's U channels, but I think that public perception Blake was like an end. Bp candidate loading, how he carried the team when you know when it went through injuries last year and like he was really the backbone of our team and especially to play off like he was to everybody, is just like disguised Charles Barkley, the icing it it's like. I'm he's interesting now, there's there's almost no one else, namely for me who, like that they're off the core leakages, seems- so fine little you'll have to hang out with my eyes. I don't mean he's really gathered, I don't enjoy. I see them in this respect the biggest star who is still does pullback Leah disrespect. That's a good question. I may harden sometimes, when people talk trash about harden in the press, others this was narrowly covered, but all the players chose heartedness. Aren't we pay our staff like the heart, like a players like these occurrences like these very socially claims, vandalism and who did not love him the people Malibu, because after he had them
They party, where he set off. I works like late into the night. Like you is being sued, I thought he was living elevations or with clearly there. I think thou proboscis, close malware initiative, lingering yeah, I didn't. I don t necessarily know that those posts to be like an accurate map of the angel wages go over the healthy right at the beach charm. So we ve got that that those issues and then inside the clippers there still like there is here's thing was mentioning the clippers a summer. There is that whole bit about the team president and dot clashing right, and it seemed president wanting to get involved. With like some more basketball issues remains after their legal background, and there is a lot of them. There is like a kind of like organizational chaos going on and then, of course, The de Andrey thing, which was probably the defining moment of our personal relationship you may get away like a terms of like I'll, never forget,
a day, meaning that I knew we were out. A barn watch acknowledged followed. There is bad service and the viruses hardly refresh twitter by that seems to you. I think that that was supposed to be this real, like moving forward from that they got the Andrea back and it was like a galvanizing came event, but even even from that, you know they brought in other players, it brought inland Stevenson, they brought him pop your strong personalities, guys you want to use the ball and, if not go over perfectly everybody liked Jamal Crawford was reportedly like a little bit fresher. It would not be included in the clippers recruiting click that words are guaranteed. Yonder, like I love that interesting and also Jamal Crawford was like these other best player, but Lastly, there is one of their most important player is going to Wales it. So he was then who is being like blamed like it's like when they're, like the bench sucks you're like like, come off the bed frame, but he was only serves to avenge fire like end, would save them by being shooter through, like you know, they come to get out of the corner like them, but when people are rusting also as interesting as I have a theory mockery,
they actually pretty popular and link. I thing: that's a media I'll write, valid airy fairy me at my ease like no is being violated and dream. You feels locked out. I have a theory. The world is getting hotter. Two thousand euro blood, I reentered Paul Pierce, coming in like him just like, assuming he's a liar hooks in the kitchen via a lot less, they ve got lance, as I doc is like a shrinking. So there's just give me a lot of awake. I think that, because there are veterans- and because I mean that there already one of the best offices in the least and they have so many pieces and now like they can survive injuries who makes a very first, the next getting rid of mellow or the cleverest making trade predicts that I think that years ago, while Marquis than real. It will keep it together for one more season and I believe in the squad like I just don't know, I think there are down flood, unlike for all pop here, says professional as I thought they were unemployed last year. They had no players and they kept it together, and they didn't know that,
they d head as one of the worst that's one of the worst player losses of incredible implosion. It's like how do you even come at me, like I, don't know it's really bad and Chris Paul blankets, out of a preview Moody's, o user, he said to the raft like I don't really like a child after my own. That's that's true. It is sure under his kids are quite clear. Cameron's really getting you think, she's like three now, I'm gonna take our preceding game and Blake being more aggressive entertained, like maybe I'll, just be like even more hated like us. Among others. Will we don't like what is the Rockets like who do you think you're going to dislike Martha Rock into the clippers? I wouldn't clips Isaac Clippers probability, Lawson's redeeming he's bound to watch you. I, like, I mean really point four tie and I like Corey Brewer to meet around the front of the pod.
Totally Thailand in going that guarantee contracts. Also really interesting. Yeah, like that, is like a team that some kind of a contractual turning point terminal indivisibility power that ITALY, that you are you do suddenly research. I disagree. Injury watch can play it. I think you could be a mean while two way is alright. We're Here's what I'm not into further rockets, and this is why what are they reasons why I probably like a besides the fact that, like aesthetically, don't watch like what like watching them play. Basketball is, I hate Dwight Injury watch and I feel like when you look at the Rockets news page like if you look for an Rockets news results, it's it's already all like we'll. Do it's not going to fly? It is back her deutz is like giving him some problems or he's gonna arrest it here and it's just like we just do it call me in the play of striking a better say like Is it me another field and we actually just take a vacation. Another season of Dwight is taking it just taking it off until April
thing they did pop up under on the Dwight meter. This summer was a couple weeks ago, I think the Orlando MAGIC President, or no fees still, as our view is just the president when Dwight was there said that at when he was with the MAGIC Dwight Howard's that, like they said they could you comparison to undo. It, however, is like men Della and Ali and Jordan, and why they remain so. I would ask that somebody saying that also I passionately false is not correct. There was a quiet kind of quiet, Dwight somewhere that what was he doing use, but he was required and early no Baxter clippers for a second. I also keep reminding Josh Math is on a clippers like angle, wearies inland and so they have on the bench. They Paul peers, Lance John Movement across tomorrow on rivers breathtaking. That's it good for a good second. Does it it's almost like. You need three be writers to do that from like a view. As you have said many potential suddenly ass. Anything off when this, the coaches son, who was forced to carry huge loaded, the playoffs is like the ninth most in
same thing in, though team. It's pretty incredible is pretty while also like. Well, they try to change Dandridge ordinary, like after, like a crazy off season like what like, while they re like. Was there any kindly promise made to him, but I will hand player on AIDS or other play through him more. What happens? We should look at what happens when hackers yonder is comes back right Ella. He did spend a long time a summer think work on his Rayther us. I mean you think that even spend his entire career working as refers. The point I am also rather clippers fight before we move on to my hair feud is map our interactions, Doc River sat up now, it's fun summer from up man, it's a tough one. We will we didn't. Do a powder on Barnes Derek Fisher yeah. I may I think that it had like when it was first breaking and everything or when we were. The news is first coming I'd like a meet me into Macular via which was alive and people enjoy it at all, but obviously there are overtones. Do it like that patients do it that are disturbing, but at the same, by the same token, I really read much about it. Since then
but it sounds like it was also wildly overblown where he said. If it's way not like here, they imagine miles away the original story than he drove from Santa Barbara, where he was a training camps. The grossly is to use our dark fishers. Who is enough now or his wife's answer we actively still technically Mary by their separate Gloria Gauvain? That's why I have a huge amount of work over you are. I love her cooking Youtube's, intersect heat and hard. Never! Look that happy to be an them happy. Tears. Isaac hang where you actually it was like they may try to one day and they made some salmon the other like what one video and that he looked like he knew what he was doing. What you like you are in charge of this news, like I know, commentary there unless cocaine, videos, NBA lives being like into cooking, and oh god, if you guys, I use recovery, staffs wife right if you're married to an mba player, just get a cook gonna Shaff, it's better for that, like just like an elegant, seems like one of the great things are being re, Billy, cooking together as a family,
these families closer? I guess I mean my family here. Let me just it always is like a source of acrimony. Like is not widely piping illegals, together, seed, national J, J Rhetoric and like players like dad, who are like really obsessed with, like their diet, now Leubronn Bosh as the air like a bottlenecks, cooking, sure, ok and also Adrian boss of the fuckin, by Like I love her, so she did everything but arms by. I just feel like it better for your career in the livelihood of your family. If you have like someone who is a clean natural chef, I don't know what kind of on the really are those guys like a lot of the times like their wizardries steam. The broccoli gettin was deemed broccoli like. I can be a silver grey glaring of honesty. The clear lesson above I I know, I think it's cool of you. If you want to be like a shower fidessa, their breeds letterless really directed. I used very, I guess, she's
earlier on olive oil. Now tat might be like. You should use the large ass that you bring you get from being an mba player to invest in a really good cook who like keep your career going. Well. Ok, that's my point that origin have duly noted things every brown map irons and Eric Fisher play. I was just a lot. Is nothing new to add there? It was just like those just bizarre honestly like say they both have like questionable personal backgrounds and, like both like knows history, going into this bullet on a strictly basketball level. I don't want my coach three thousand miles away from the base of the teams operation yeah. I guess it's like it. It's a free country and if he is in a romantic relationship when it has every right there in the world, do I go visit like his girlfriend or whatever. But it's always strange to me when stuff like that happen at a time when you, theoretically should just be like all in. Your team and doing everything you can to be prepared for the season right Agri. Unlike us any like MRS Flight,
actually ever so, even though is that we again like he was free. It's like there was real lives. I get from the way that the New York Coaching and and leadership situ, It is being developed that it wouldn t shock me to see like a Christmas Phil appearance like I am just like. I think he's really to old, cogent, probably physically, to Canada Grind, but there's something about like a sum of fishers comments that filling verily I just worker, I'm Eric Critters boss and not happened. My employees operating performance Tabs fund are enemies there. Tabs right now lay on a tour of like sitting next to powerful Basque. While people understand that why wouldn't you right now is to get the great zones it. I think that if I was a coach of a championship, contending slash like high and play off team right now in the NBA and I had owner who is especially each year to get into the placer do very well, I will be looking over my back now my tubes and hunting for jobs, but winning black like these guys. You are kind of lake had
shaky jobs situations in the past? I would be like very concerned that one of the winning is coaches. In the last five or ten years it has allowed Ali just like hanging out lifted weights in eating cheeseburgers suspiciously, quiet, sour from black tail, no big, no grand commentary, allegedly giant just basically tried to play down. Expectations was generally and want anything. Yet so we shouldn't be expected and shouting or like right like we don't deserve to say there were favorites. I wonder if, like just because, like those broad industrial complex, there had been the whole turns to Thomson brouhaha like a third swollen, more like kind like contrive storylines about the calves and such I think, also because key areas out until Will we December at least out? I got that's just gonna, be like I've been that underpins shop halves, because I think if the calves are like a logo than five hundred for the first few months, everybody's Glinda gave away till the next emphases and yeah. I guess it is their lucky there in the east, but like again now that he's a huge offensive travellers in it.
The team jumper you'll be out for a while using broke his rest on a lab in practice, which is amazing, I think, have loves completely back yet so it doesn't use points I do here like because, like they're they're, even talking about a very important maybe the calves open up their season site Tuesday, night against Chicago and as if President Obama didn't have enough world, conflict, whose overseeing he's gonna like Gb Butler Dirt, arose to point out that I will not let this die no matter. How are these guys try to kill it? Maybe there it might. Very few in the NBA enable I believe it's free also three weeks ago the Chicago sometimes did a peace. They actually had the phrase sources Sayer according to sources, and it was basically like Jimmy Butler likes Derek rose personally but is not does not respect his work ethic and that had just been the latest salvo of a series of sort of just like you said,
but not so subtle reports about their relationship that really like fixed exploited during the playoffs were dare grows kind of seemed. Keep me was pre clear that those guys we're all like tips gone yet does encounter whenever, but they dare grows, wasn't really asking to hammer what was he doing not shooting. In the last few play off games, alas, play off gay. He was a refusal to shoot you like making during bottler carry the offences of us are like fine. You do and then Derek obviously had a pretty to Malta Summary, which reads like zero common on. I think I have nothing in here and there, but what is its relationship with Jimmy. There is also some stuff were Jimmy came out and was just like immediately was like I'm ready to play point our ray. I was that's exactly what he said or the adding appropriate prisoner, which I think with you could be taking a million ways:
These basic I'm ready to expand my repertoire, provided they fill in a minority avian. I gave you wanna, like trade over mellow rig like eyes, so Jimmy and Eric then did some damage control like where's, like an overdose friends, we're friends and like the three weeks ago it was pretty pointed report and I think the sometimes peace as I think as bull source, but it might even say, bulls player and I drove it's like exports, player or whatever, but only Jimmy does not respect derricks He wasn't busting that practice how leader should be. On the other hand, Dirk rose whose now wearing a face maskers touch, gives Gibson excellently: brokers, orbital bone, Gary's, really but let me have some deaf perception problems with the mask on just like it was just difficult to see, or at ever, but in terms of play and friendly bergs. Orphans is apparently he's just like it's the forces running me. I feel like I'm running down hill like we're going.
Also again VON over the bulls are definitely that seem. That's been like. We can't wait to get out there and run right, and so then you ve got all the nightgown now moving to them No one knows moon at a badge merited and now, but I ain't done leaving who's out right who, like you know with the crucial peace he's not like that we have a good team and they're gonna probably be pretty good bye. He so there were, very, like pointed leg, Derek rose, gifted Jimmy Butler, a watch that was like very expensive, we add tat related, like I'm still the down here, but also just like we're bodies are giving watch one thing ass. We haven't or notes that apparently sharing bottlers and blind people away with his energy, yet just thinks they got thing, they do tuesdays and he could do heard tons of energy interesting. I also the fact that the Jimmy butlers, like proteges, done Mcdermott tat. He took it took about San Diego to work out the summer, how my God, as I feel it, Jimmy Butler, is like expanding like what is his territorially attentively Chicago, maybe limits rammers dare grows, looks like chicken.
Son so he's like was he hang out with more my warm air, Beverly Ellie? I just like he's trying to like really expand the connection there. I don't know I don't know like is dug Mcdermott go start think their cargo operate like that's. It really. Donnie Walker totally that would really enjoy and Jerry Maguire, that use of the Chicago areas perfect area. There are married mutton, Marguerite, we're doing go to the wedding mouth. I lie just I'm interested to see how this goes. You Jimmy Butler Cause, it just seems like Amino, had a huge see them last year put like or how high the ceiling. I don't know if it's like
that he would probably online- and I think that's where the roasting kind of comes in and in a different way, because I think for Jimmy budgetary policies, the ceiling is being like a foundational and began four star, and I mean I'm a charmingly that but ass oral it out one ladder, feel you don't even have any urbanize. One dimension was Paul. George versus his team, oh yeah, Paul George versus the idea of positions, the calendar and came back, don't transmitted and let him be great- counteract came back, hasn't kind of overshadowed Palladora China because you play those last few games of the analyses yeah, but I'm really excited have like you. I feel it will be able to watch Paul George without holding our breath cause there's a couple of moments in the end, the last season. I think there is like that last year carried out of again
I carried out of game and it was just lay Christ. This is his awful Bialik. Please now we don't need another fragile man in the MID waters up computer. I also was reading the Indies STAR Profile of Monterrey, Allison and it's like it said like. If he had had a different career, he would be a fisherman, and Paul George also loves to fish. So I will love it if, like by some like cosmic, like weird occurrence, demanded and Paul George love each other and have lounging show a best. Fishermen shall my guy. That would be great I would like outbreak. It's my job to work on that. Shall I know you do wives areas, Montana POGO fish and revealing disarray, Appleby of Missouri Appleby of that that jovial I just wish to get ready Jackson on Russia. I found that team. I keep forgetting Reggie Jackson plays the Abuja he's too keen on the best answer is like kind of weird idle now of persons who were hurrying now, thirteen billion dollars of dead money because they ve got rid of Granger and Josh Psmith, an Brannan Jennings as not back out
because he as a normal recovery time from an Achilles injury me, which happened a lot earlier than it January injury. Wasn't it I, although this different variations on Achilles in Germany, was shortly after Josh Math got wave because Brain Jennings, like seemed freed it like he, was placed in a row and hid Jennings got hurt. Andre drumming giving up money in Detroit were like putting off his extension yeah. They can, I guess, sign other people, I guess I'll play off run. I don't know. I'm willing pointed the way I feel is standing on these kind of waiting into hanky territorial level there like doesn't really out he's doing even what he's doing, but they don't like number one option on the UN's office. Reggie, a gas Alec Stanley Johnson is not going to be late. Now. People are excited about hamlet, lashing on duty now he's, certainly not their Nyc he's. An outcome of the she's regularly. One see now they have taken. You harming, I hope they gotta Moura, still didn't Morris's have beef with Kitty Discover put Pope did that
oh great, was theirs and we like he, has every heart my making this. Oh I don't know this is a missile region is roster either. This is like really. This is great hold on one second giant. Any Aaron bans steeply Reggie before can Table Cobble Bub Spencer, Dinwiddie, Andrey Drummond, downhill, Ard, Ursa, millions of refugees, then branch unexamined Johnson Jody makes Marcus Morris Avenant. Oliver, that's now is really made up entirely suffered. Really is an admirable is like the last three guys you draft affairs, MRS, when you're like I have three three dollars left. These really people who had like re good gains on their former teams like found home, like oh, my god this, everybody's island as refugees, island of Miss for toys, I'll go up to them. This is what we are really we're: a team to watch I ate, I just can't get over it. I don't let them run, but if so, excited seeking. Seemingly aside, what sums
there is no God there will be talking about like this. Sixers will. Probably when they twenty aims is year, maybe more maybe less. We don't get about asking us to do. This business ass these uri over about you look, I I'm I'm I'm via the process, but it's dark. It's dark Renault and beat We learn hotel room drinking. A pitcher rush of assurance example of patterns of surely temples is up So there is a penal we now enjoy them about a month ago now create the air was about. Why we're in beat that, unlike how this all went down with lick his reentering his foot? whether or not it was done because he was not where his boot enough and he was partying and dumping in lay up lines in Vegas during Summer League and how they wanted him like they wanted savings in bright brown till I stop him from going to Vegas and he was just lay dead, set on going and sort of way
the first really big public statement about like a lot of rumours. You heard about, like his diet, being like alert like now. Entirely healthy speaking. You have your personal chef. His personal data is definitely Applebee's. It's not it's not like the healthiest stuff. According to this article, The latest successor refuted a lot of that, but he's in Miss the season, maybe comes bachelor last five games or whatever. But if I'm be that this point, I I want all the sectors not because I got that this system in the process, but because the only way we know about these and be problems, If someone sitting you guys, is there an example of somebody who, just like tat anything approaching like his injury problems for the first two or three years, Their career then just have a grey area like now. Now I'm like rain, arose Greg Odin lay dead, that's who I think of when I think of Brennan RE, actually are pretty decent career but yeah, but, like I'm, trying to tell you who else Mister, Ricky, smirky seas and then like did learn. New Orleans did. But yours have like a normal injury that you did they they fixed innocent. He took like delight
time to come back from here now. Is that that's why? I think the six years are proceeding with caution and they keep saying is not about the next ten months. It starts, but the next ten years right and in the meantime, the actual work before who skin he does position is John Bid. I think I would have rather awkward posing as it's really good thou. Well, it's you ve got the six years. I would like to ask: is you heard about him? I'm really say that is our task. As you have indicated, a rookie again rookie again decided that he gets to have his work is even over he's your back in his girlfriend he's free of bug you. Why did they break up after nobody ruined somehow ethical problem by bacteria, so the sacks they should like part of their status is like rock and Second Ricky season. They should go to that schools homecoming something so anyway, back of his girlfriend finally learn to Adele. As this Guess brought you by landmines about a week ago he was lay out a week I never heard of Adele but damn and then like
he's liner now posted like the statement. Adela put out her announcing her album and then like a couple days later, He was just like damn Adele flames and had like the the hello video I love it. I mean he just out who put outlining a twig pick of his notes. From is Iphone. Understand is just like a poor. You gonna do Reading here share everything is theirs tree and adults we was wow couldn't name you want to dance on with. This is definitely worth the red one hundred emerging, and then he put Sid, like some really long note, like you said it started with a normal enough, is open my followers, but I don't think it's true. I felt we know a lot about next. Our seas is emotional state for someone who claims that that open, but I have some good bad start. My saturday, don't judge me, allow kids stop with the ILO else, like only use actually appropriate, but actually left to go away. I like right now at you neck, a street. A few lines
yeah few bars, if you well, I was the middle of a work out the other day with one of our coaches working my way back into shape from injury. He, the dream, was even that bad by the way he like he's playing with weak. I was pressure with myself because I wasn't reforming the within whom capable of coach Sammy them over the work out and said man. Look what we're doing look at our lives right now, we are blessed as I began, to shoot my free throws. I really thought about what he was trying to save me, Friday afternoon. I was alone in the arena, my code, but we are playing all caps, basketball, its current he's found God, but he's down basketball yeah right. I've been after your rug, you see your modem buggy, I know of the purpose of life. Has given joy like the little things I M excited for him. Authors task is, as you know, does not drive so being in an urban city, is huge and have a good
He has not got laden with public transportation lobsters, although I think it private his price range occupied, amended over the better service without it. Now that we have in Sacramento yeah, I would love to ride over pool all day. He wasn't lotteries, heck thou he's out that bore. No. I must these poor. Later pool hasn't drivers who are poor weapons used, then I'd rather go up and down the Gruber AG. I just I really ivy brim villages landing in their right spots. Gonna be better he's he's dead, I think, was leisurely funding
China and on such who are some other teams that were really keep an eye on this issue. In the west we got quite a few teams. The lot like online clippers under you talked about yes, burs, I think, are interesting. The for sports, illustrated like like New guard, covers as an eight hour of the he weighed and Winslow of the timber wolves, there's Garner Antonia and then Lakers, there's Cobain Ross. All economic sounds like really on, but Van then look about our an aging better and like a serious injury problems in the Heavens in Indonesia, you got TIM Duncan largest I'll drink of art is a hundred is thirty years all the league of our long term year. Differences are girl at the seams in a region like they like, they are sensibly. I couldn't playing the other for ten years. We re so it's kind of way
did I say like the new Guardians Antonio, the thirty year old, but I just think shows they don't have the same amount than on the same leeway analytical. Why? Now the new guard, Briac, probably they were just like. We can demand interview inquiry insane if mother, yet justly we can't areas. Why he's already one files and bp? It's not like he's a ready like some ground up, we're like at. Actually he knew that I mean the last season. Maybe what's he wasn't like as dominance? He bore expecting Blake yeah, he's really good he's gonna be for a while. The real, like change our there has to be the point guard. I mean it's like everything is looking good down there like man who, apparently is just leg, is had like, I think they became noses. Lastly, or whatever had apparently he's playing really really, while in literally fresh modern energy, functionary, bottler arm and then voyage tone its turn it and look at Euro Basket right now, and it's really like the two dimes that they want to buy or levy is hang outgrows burn, thou, which is pretty cool socially, though she's forever, with
we get all alyosha, faggot exotic, wonderful couple, but yeah you pay. You never know sure, I'll url it out, but I just think you like what kind of point our arms and legs they want to link their system is in some ways more specific, we're point guards. Unlike almost any one else, I would say yes and you know Patty Muslim Freedom player than Tony Parker so? It was entertaining those either to point our is happening. I naturally pavlovitch, like always seegars figures, canasta popping out of the USA. Basketball hold wars over its great, an interesting if they do not really like people, they know about register on the Richter scale. The bride, picketing cervical Angelo Papa, vaginal hard core hoops headlines. You know Jerry glandular. I was such a road story too, because it is just like everybody. There has like served in the military now, another patriot, great pomp of which and then a great man who else are excited about who you really watching the must thunder inbox
yeah really save for the box. I'm really you cited for the four dark jihadist combat. Having a service suspension for blowing up my I'm really exciting. Bari, Matthew, Mari back, resign RO. There is a good picture. The other day of my grandma Neuro, hugging Yadda, says I like this tomb lot. Either there are verified by and coach can get an answer is to see what Michael cartoons looks like under kid. Has kid gets a lot of guys right here, early days Am I concur Williams like it, but likewise item And their share an agent so like who knows the repercussions for if he doesn't play la hunches, just wanna darted out there were just aunt Mary Zonia, like how excited area I bring a pre empt Umbria for that, for that magic, team
Erin Gordon Marriage zone. You dead, I'll, Debo, Peyton yeah that that Europeans really Guide has a crazy quartet, like one of those guys is definitely in reality, blows antivirus Harris yeah, that's a guarantee us looking boards that I'm just not having the immediate back. We will be doing this past summer, ungulate, who does one, but one thing before we go: I just want to highlight my here at social media posts of the weak, courtesy of LOS Angeles, very on earn new adopted Son Plant Siemens and some sort of the city itself, it s sort of angels who city of angels, land, Stevens, em, so lances, here very quiet, does offices and not another really Louvois Susan. I remember you he's just he's gonna wrapped in the regular season, and I know that these motives because he did this incredible sweet that I texted seo over the weekend cause it's just phenomenal, and it's a youtube. Video with the caption lance evens incomplete highly.
Real call in India pieces all caps. This is for everyone who says lands is trash. If I thought you'd be urgently for letting his entire season and Charlotte. I have lost your didn't happen and israeli Purdue overweening dreams come true in LOS Angeles, that's true. We were living proof. We are testament. Stuart crests been great talking to you, the exact analysing resources say: cranky Adele Biogas.
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