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Ep. 21: NFL + NBA w/ Joe House & Bill's Dad

HBO's Bill Simmons talks Week 9 NFL best bets, his new favorite NBA team (not the Celtics), Clipper flaws and NBA power rankings with Joe House. Then Bill's dad comes on to defend himself for briefly turning on Tom Brady, and to recap the Brady versus Bird argument.

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Today's observe the bill. Simmons pack is brought to you by the procurator that your you're companies, as is good as the people you hire when their short staffed, there's no a deal that the different job sites Till now, thanks to Zip recruited outcome imposed to one hundred plus job sites of one click now have the best chance of finding a perfect candidate. You can instantly be matched to candidates from over six million resonates transit recruited for free, a quivered outcome, Slash B S. Today's episode has also brought by HBO, because they were kind enough to give me. My own television show that launches next spring. Thank you HBO. On November, seventh HBO, showing a boxing double. Had the header double header- double header, that headline by Brandon Rios battling Timothy Bradley, that's followed by a brand new twin
for seven episode for the Canelo Koto fight, oh yeah, who does not twenty seven it's on American HBO Saturday night, be there, let's hear it of your house is on the line we gotta get Rhodesia. Are you Jacob. I resign because it pays. They have good. So finally last week about how is killing for Bob Picks and then proceeded to have one of the worst weekends. My life and foresight did not wager on it. You big disagreement was the Broncos versus the Packers Year erect
now is just dead. The Broncos we're getting points and chicken parent tasted so good. But somehow that was good enough. Congratulations. There was good enough. The defect was the real rush. Now I'm at the first came through defence did come through. Thou art account number Broncos having their Beth offers the performance of the season, which was Bonus, but well I forgot this. I she remembered cause. It was basically November. First on the Sunday gets happened November as when stuff shifts, there's two seasons. There's this attempt October season in November or December. That's what we find out. The good teams are. I don't know what to me Green Bay performance had been taken. Metaphor couple days might just be a throw away. My be a let's not get to banana shape, it happens, national tv them we're got off to a good start. They played world Gruber last, don't don't freak out when you think we're gonna find out they're playing another very good football team was coming weekend. You and I both have a little bit and action on this one, and I don't mean to jump right.
To it, but the thing that's concerning about Green Bay as they give up a ton yards on on the ground. They have one of the worst rushing defences in the league, and you know this split These and thing teams running the ball you know here is the weather gets cold and starting to the euro, the play off coming to view a little bit. They need to figure out a way to stop the rush. Yet Well, I'm in we're gonna get to this game. We have read rip through the other ones fires, but I mean Aaron Rodgers, relax mood, I'm relaxed I ride with me right now he's these make that hang gestures and relax relax. We got beat on a sudden at its fine, it's November. Member fifth were good We should mention were taken this on a Thursday, because our producer, Tate is going back Carolina for the weekend and That means that we do not know what happened on the stairs.
And there's possibility. We might not ever know it happened, tat because who knows if he'll come back so this could be the last Pakistan or do I hope take. I would do it again. I'm going back to see is always come back to do. Think he's Tate Europeans, you argue, I love Carolina Moliere if they said anything about about me to any of his friends there, any personal stuff that turns up on Twitter, I'm going to fly to Carolina and beat his ass is what's going to happen to take some telling you right now don't get drunk, don't make TED say things about the new people in his life or I'll, find all of you what do you think I mentioned? We did a pack ass, India, Pakistan Gladwell an hour, and about Grantline all that stuff allow an image it out there Three editors and Juliet Mean Juliet Lippman and Tax offers. I Juliet wasn't superimpose Juliet's like the most important person in my life other than my wife right now and she's she's, a strategist, slash
picture editor slash all these things, and I heard it after the fact, as I damn I kind of it almost unlike our marginalizing, Juliet I'm not going to give not. I don't want you to do now you have on to see the cultural avant yeah she's, the best I loved you. So I just wanted to. I just want to make that point. I love Juliet And- and I obviously I did cuz she was one of the first four people. She's either employ one two, three or four arena we had to do in the start. Up through the employed number bank, they had forgotten who is employ number one. Two three and four should draw straws anyway. Earlier Life and Juliet will be heard from on a pike ask as we were going to put together a low pop culture, pike ass, that we're starting in November, and she will should be on that you get there. But there's a new challenge season coming up, oh goodness, Javier. What? What year I don't know, will never just remember, will never be too old to either get it
If you'd seen on each out or too little side for the challenge, those two things will always be in our lives: don't I've done ever. Let anyone tell Iraq about I'm good for about one challenge. You know perceive them now. I watch one or two of them, but I'm worried excited for the new one. Do the format how many new scenes are excited for, like a hundred Tajik fifty infinite, I would say again and I will end with a thin it inside of it. Let's have a laugh and pick the Thursday game wrong censuses features they pay Casper AIR, France. I think the bangles they're gonna kill the brands. What you think, I think the brown for going to cover on eleven have points. But Ok, we're the Benghazi eleven I will say. One of us is right now media, and neither of us knows who this Sunday quickly Patriots fair by fourteen over the Redskins seems away to hide and awaiting bet, this I'd be shocked if the pats? Lastly, of any opinion, fourteen is kind of exactly the number. I would imagine that the thing that concern,
me with Washington is that's our teams are playing any realize I now, but what? What? What once did he see groupings if, if, if Tom gets Roland, the patriot might rip off fifty points in Ankara cousins at add on his best day is gives good for you now, thirty thirty one thirty two like I realize I urge you to stay away game. I dont, like the patriot, given all those points, but I wouldn't touch it. I wanna be a by fourteen and then I tell granted guy follows pads and just get away from the field and get away even from the part of the field where, but some attack there might roland those ankles you get him out is sitting on the delivery of eighty year put em in the stands for like the second row saints take, The saints giving nine of the Titans newtons coach. I should mention you guys out. There should in ever forget the part that huge idiot
I added wrong with the kids with ten when risen her records, on Monday in Monday's podcast Sally said he was six and forty four as last fifty games I just added wrong he's actually for you, foreign thirty one in his last thirty five games. I counted his tune. Fourteen season twice because again, I'm a moron has even know me since eighteen there's futile joy at a diet, buyers drunk boot right. So yes, his foreign, thirty one. Now, he's gone, no tears shed, I'm sure by the titans fans. That's a lie. A point. So would you like an hour, I don't know playing quarterback said Fisher one way or the other adding its vision. I think he's back, if it's Vince yeah. I like the points I'll take the point. I've got a bit of it in January last year grabbing the points, I would also be interested in the German appointed Marianna
blank or buying more warmth. Earnestly I quickly three more giants. Two and a half at Tampa I don't know yet. I want to talk myself in the tamper for this. I do This has checkers match potential between coffin in Lovey Psmith his coffin for games a year just goes into a coma and love is in a coma since two thousand thirteen, so that that scares me. I do like the bucks team a little bed, there alone, frisky, when you think they are four square like I like the bucks. Also, I would not. I wouldn't take em in this situation the gave to important for the giant they can't lose back to back games yeah with that position therein and the end of the east. You know it's it's a pretend you with first put his hold that they have at the moment they can lose that hamper. Yes, it had the chance of form, for they have attempted this week next week, New England than by weak,
go at last in jets at Miami Carolina at Mass soda Philly before going into the night? in the end. Brady might wanna get too confident. I just I put this way as I watched you, breeze scored seventeen Dad's gets a giant I had to my disc: that's all I'll leave it at that falcons minus three over Blaine Gabert in the forty nine years, and what making about the current cap. Her neck era is that I feel slightly more confident picking Blaine Gabert than I do about common capron echoed this plant, which is just a cry for help for everybody involved. I feel bad. I feel bad for cap her neck. I feel bad for Jamie Fox. Is really being in was really the prototype the cap her neck. I feel bad from Niners fans. I don't feel bad for Jed York. I don't feel bad for Jim ARBA, but. Kind of like the forty nine is in this game. I'll talk myself out of it. Don't worry like so way. Second, this was one of my games.
Why are they had alighted? Seven, you said three: where did you see three item that I wrote? I rode hold. That thought. Would get down eagles minus three cowboys, I mean well. What is it Eagle, same Bradford, Verses, Matt, Castle or same Bradley with great awaited, lower and lower the this is often it doesn't matter, poor, Dallas you hate those I of course you know you're down. I hope they will be that we gave it. If it is, you know unfortunate. They came in with a footprint. I was gonna, be successful. This shit, I kind of like Dallas to repeat, is a division winner and enter the injuries, derail the whole season, and I hope they lose every single game. For the rest, the season and I'm picking Eagle will at least have some good guys in their team. I am I talking
often the cowboys by send out or not evident, penny. Let's get to the games. We do like. Every week we pick five games, I think, went to and three last week and fortune, those only two wins out of the entire slate. For the week you haven't, you took it on the chin on an old late at a red and the chin. Let's talk about a game we met in falcons. Forty Niners seven point plan. The forty dollars you just you just got an extra for points of brain gabert. I loved what the crazy figures line open it. Four and a half and the public went bananas and pushes up to seven and normally you stay way that so much value being pumped into the line. But I think that public exactly- and you know the pure contrary in play
absolutely positively is on a forty nine is. There is no scenario under which you will find me ever ever: Eber wagering Ongoing Garrard. He is three and eleven straight up against the spread at home, the starter in the National Football League. He has a nice losing street seven straight straight up and get this bread losses in a row at home position is one in ten showed up and get the spread in those same game against teams that our five hundred or better, like the Atlanta Falcons afforded eyes, often is dead last in the NFL, and there is a great man Ryan angle. Matt Ryan is eight inelegant. This bread pudding with revenge
you're a straight up both as a favorite gone. It all went on without a cat, I'm staying away. If I had to pick I'd, I'd, probably stared for wound, then realize picking weighing gather in go the other way, but I dont, like anything I've seen from they just seem really mediocre and attain that's A lot of mediocre, too bad teams can hang around week after week after week now for five weeks, the Titans game stolen a mouthpiece, bad still, there near still feel bad. Aftertaste little like haven't like that. Second bloody Mary, where they put too much pepper, and I just can't get that scant taste I'm going with this is one of my pigs the bills. Man is three over the dolphins in Buffalo, I, like the spot for Buffalo, come off a by to getting low more healthy. I ate my old thing with the dolphins. Is this?
I think, if you throw weird, looks at ten how he just completely falls apart. Nobody is better on the earth at coming up weird looks that may or may not work, but these gonna giant anyway than Rex Land and they are to be this team. Once I watched a game, I just think it's a good match up for them sign taken Buffalo in Buffalo when you think I'm taken my Emmi, because I think the line should be like one and a half or two it at best of Buffalo has been crap tactic, though ass you know month or so the defensive not been anywhere near what everybody expected it to be. The season, and I, like my Emmi, playing with revenge aggregate near at hand to open week, one with the old Yo Phil been at that. So I am just because of the
I think it should be quoted. One Africa, not when you're better known to do here is one year bets Green bank airline, and we talked about that before. Did AIR Rogers get you relax, he did he didn't happen back. Could he doesn't play defence and, as I mentioned before, they have a bottom five rush defend the seas in the Green Bay Packers, I love Carolina getting pointed Carolina, is eleven and let me repeat that eleven and no in the regular these numbers laugh eleven game and yet they're getting points at home. I like that that position. I like getting point I wish I like to anything I saw from them on Monday night. They gave up like twenty in the fourth quarter. Andy, seventeen and twenty and man, it's just their scale position guys. Did you see that stat how capper neck by old school traditional
Its had actually better stats decision. Then came Newton, no items, but that again dropping the game when he touched on that day, you can have like that and deciding positions we ve all seen takin. We watched again that can't be like a guy who needs to make big place for you. I'm telling you this bit Carolina team is ass book and think it s the other tremendous run of of winning games against bad team. This is the first
now she at all be winning the game in Seattle. The way they did. That was a legitimate. You know wow kind of win, and I love the way that they wanted. I am taken Caroline here, though, the best rushing team in the inner fell. There are ongoing points and they are gone up against a bad ambrosch and defend the method. But it would not surprise me one bit if AIR Rogers with his settled down everybody approach to it. And and get the hell out of it. Do you use babbling for like about twelve seconds, Sir Andred lay in a matter that you might comes around anything the possibility to tear I'll write that guy. I took him it's one of my top five this far on that making one of my five. But I want to make this prediction the pact, years ago, when win their next six games. Seventy six camps Carolina
for the trade at Minnesota Humphrey Cargo on a Thursday at the trade on a Thursday home for Dallas, thereby gonna six game winning streak before they had that add open at Arizona, weak fifteen with weak sixteen bored. So that's my little pretty only way The Minnesota game is at home or feminism, then Agnes, so that minister, here's how unfair Minnesota this is one. My pigs rams plus two in Minnesota. I dont get me so our understand it, the sixty two or they six into their six and to us diamonds. What another five I do five into is ridiculous, for them are respected in France, long suffering bunch. My best manner when in Jeff Gala Diehard Viking fin so life, I was hoped good things for the Vikings. I don't see it. I can't imagine big six into from one I'm watching. I don't see it
so all taken? I got zip rap last week, I will write to the last minute: give Rob had the game over Seventeen on the nine year deadline for Teddy Bridgewater goes ninety one yards. I like this rams team. In fact, what's my our little announcement house, but the Rams o o blowing outweigh most through. This isn't gonna jinx it now Emma Jane the mountain you may in south have formed down. We formed restart of company. In that start up companies cod, we're all in, and the rams at twenty two one too in the end of sea, We we are Yoda. We have made a venture capital investment in the future of the two thousand fifteen ramps, not insubstantial now we are in and the rams I built. Even the rams. I think they can get there. I don't like any one in the USA, you can't tell me there's a good and a seat in is like eighteen. Second,. The Superbowl Nancy right now. So why not? The ramps? Rams D, tat? Girly
TAT grows most exciting running back now that let me about that is most exciting. When back in the League of Hometown Girly yeah fairly year before they stand, Crocky moves and tell- or maybe doesn't. Maybe this is such a great year, then abstained. So I get the rams. There are very good for him. I don't love the quarterback situation, but I that way about half the teams in the leg at the deck and run the bar by defence makes a special teams Anna and can get go in and get better as a season. Guzzler daybreak they really have to skill off at the players in one of them has not been made man either Mr Quarterback, yet to ratify the concerning standing near with it was fun venture capital static man in making Take the rams as well since we just took them twenty twenty minutes when take out in, Next we went up stairs raiders at Pittsburgh, Nobel LAD, a buzz thou, but the writer
they apply them while cartoon raiders. Again. Oh my god, look at the raiders. They could throw the bar who'd you like innocent. I love the steel was dying. You you would confer accurate predict. Are your packs now Well, I really know yet you teenage aunt, Jane me. If you can, if you can, if you can pick on the Asian you should use, should be made. What can I do can imitate why you took this one guy. People are way too high and the raiders and people our way too low in the stores and people on the stairs cause burger, wrap. This burg is run and embrace and they do their game last week, and this is a perfect spot Pittsburgh in home He probably some sad about how good they are at home after Lasserate, pretty good yeah, you got it we're gonna. Have you got most of it here where they miss? I think that you didn't
anything. There's there's a little angle here. The raiders are just too an eleven straight up and against the spread in games after they won two consecutive game, which is a pretty rare thing with less than the rate of wanting to get that give a genuine was couched steel defence, pretty good now, just help the bank of to the lowest yardage of the season. I gotta say. Like second aim, I had offered tvs going in the bed, the luxury change that game a little bit sure it? Was this classic punch punch in the Map ABC North Game and the Bell thing, which is better bummer. It happened right in front of one of the sidelines. You knew he was hurt right away, and then darted through that pay near the end and lifted the stairs renewed momentum. Here's my fear. This, and this is why I'm taken the raiders, even though I know it's an anti contrary pick- and I agree with your logic for everything: first by them-
the raiders might actually be good and and people are. Again! This is one of those. Are they look good? Oh, it's gonna get excited! Ah they're! Gonna! Kick us in that. Second, I dont think wrath is burgers healthy. You look terrible that game. Did you watch? I came here. You know that for her, if there is this has been going on, we talked about this last week on or on the pod. Raucous burger in his games back from injury is now to add five against the spread of ie. There is this tendency, I think, with him cause he's such a big bury budget and so create a bit. Does I love him? probably comes back a little too early. He might, I think, that's what that's that's all about he stuck in their game. I was not impress, but I knew he was hurt. You could tell us just like lack a couple weeks ago. You luck was heard the way his throne, the book. So we I agree on this, but I will say, think the raiders are pretty good and in one things that I like about them is that they can throw the bar making come from behind if they're down ten, they can
actually throw the barn try to get back in the game. I have the bear plus four, in San Diego and I gotta sat on totally understand the sign. I don't think that bears or maybe maybe I'm on drugs man drugs I think you, my will take measures by water. I don't think the bears are bad Luther last for games. They beat the raiders, which turns that's a pretty good when they beat the Chiefs, chiefs have in la sense, lost the lions in o t, and that was a stupid game I watch I came. The bare should one that an and then the Vikings The bears in the last minute and made the bachelor when they put were forced to eight weeks, so I can't let you make me yeah. It was just charged by two and half then, and I could talk myself and taken the charges, but you did it the extra point. The half to the birth doesn't seem to make any sense. I liked the bare loss of it.
Others, their bank don't be mad at year end if it goes in the other direction we talk about at each and every time we talked about the NGO it. Oh yes, it's it's! Not it's! The euro zero points: it's not two and a half for the charges that it should be the Euro. It's a home, This advantage yet here's this year they beat the lions by five at home, the covered that did not cover brands say one at home they got killed by the raiders at home and they got killed by the Steelers. Now wait before we have any more picks. If you're going to someone's house for Thanksgiving Christmas, why not bring I'm at the wishes. Porch pay. Are you kidding me pay at? That's, that's our elaborate porch back. It's, my god. It's a southern delicacy that may change your life as the ever been a bit
the situation for the word southern delicacy, because I can't think of a little nap house. Do you like buttermilk pack, I I I You ve got me speeches. I had no idea that I mean tat. There was a surprise. Here's the thing, pray about our friendship, one of the things that I like the most about our friendship. You when you when you introduce me to something like this, you make sure that it becomes part of my life of every single time. I've been there, lay since the german health and port pile guy area. There has been a porch pie in the house, but I can I come in favour. You made sweet love too many porch place. Firstly, buttermilk buttermilk have at the chocolate chess, always always always one a butter, mountains number one. You know it. I really the southern began to great Won T category one.
Berry crumble, sweet potatoes in ensues, and now these are despise. I've ever had house did you know they even have a monthly pie club. You join a pack of he pay them ship, and every month Amelia Pie, and they were so. I know what I'm getting recruitment yet ship anywhere to the United States, so good, a porch, pies dot com ties. As my favorite lively, do everything really relics time mind through and I had no idea will come as no surprise that current interjected up right into their money back on its prices. It is by the way, where we should have to wear like special coward clothing, like we do doing they, Vienna Feathers during October. We should live prices, and we should after where let what would be the color for Pisces, a beautiful chocolate church or you know something the color
Of crust we'll crazy, like crust, color yeah yeah, we should work crushed colored ribbons for pie month so delicious. I can't wait to have a porch I can't wait to always gone again, like four pounds everything's giving which- which sometimes among above me by the month a couple more picks and they will do MBA Denver, Indy in he's getting sex I'm not gonna sing this week. It's any inaccurate. Its entity and inspired by then I find the culture that Gmos are the offered the coordinators, but it's not his fault. They gave up. You know what I'm take it easy. I figured to hide their any points and too many points that it luck is. I was too
I think that this is how sad my life is and sending aid I was. I was on Youtube. Looking for songs that had backdoor in them took to be like ends like the music, and I came up back, I'm afraid of where that took you search for its they didn't take me into I had I I had that things are ready. Exiles, who is undergoing experts on Youtube but backed our man, by the doors. I think should be intellects. Themes are pretty because he has gone through the back door and covered. I I don't know what the exact numbers, but it's gotta, be overturned right in four years. I'm sure that in the last few minutes of a game, ten cutters, how're stats for me on this thing- EAST Eminent One straight up an eight, no against the spread of the home dog. I like that. That's a good angle. Eight! No again
the spread of dog in any dinner members, paint Manning Old, quarterbacks and general guideline. I talked about lab at this weaken our pack aspect. You know they can get every once in a while, but there is also can be games. Were there no quarterback and maybe ass will be. Why am I didn't like it enough to picket, but I respect the pic generous offer one you know Peyton one or two straight up and Owen Three gives its bread. I guess it already
Yes, that no, I looked it up jets jellia, like, though jets jagged, I mean you're gonna, be mad at me. I'm a watchful eye on this, the line that I like very much with the line that I sent you this morning that I saw overnight last night with a stick and use that me back thing. They jumped all. We have to seven and a half, and I like the game so much more at six and a half I actually, I'm not gonna play its sovereignty to jump on. My bears, Peck plus four, together, ok I'll be over there with you embarrassed plus four. I like I like the jets there, the power ranking has them is about my customers have point that you written situation via the six and a half, as was the action that rose gonna jump in with two feet out upon the bears, unlike the bears in this, but I had so. We will stay away from Jed stags at an who, if its Patrick's hurt buddies that makes me nervous
some may mean me nervous. I can't he's he's tired after his is sex scene in the affair, if he saw the affair, is therefore really vivid sexting with Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick plays everyone faces, Joshua Jackson for dozens crickets, it's not its action. Its petty cleave call, Ryan Yeas Correct riot fits easy topics. I have Man is three at home over Mammy and I have the Rams plus two in Minnesota. We both have the bears plus four. San Diego. You have here, disagreement of the week. You have the Steelers minus four and a half. I have the raiders plus four and a half in Pittsburgh. You have the Falcons MM seven against Blaine Gaubert's forty manners gotta should take an hour. We also disagree on Packers Panthers Erasmus has convinced me to relax. I'm relaxed you're, not as relaxed
You're gonna, you're gonna join forces with that, taking a sign your best Russia, believing as one of the worst trying to sell it. So to stop a rushing attack that campus and then Iphone SE now making from the picture going to beat me cuz. I did this last week and that's one of the crime of the pic the great pic I'm probably run, and then you have the colts six against chicken parm. It tastes so good, ok, we're! Let's go to India, really quick, sure I've come a dead. My dad's upset. He is said it has been on the package. Yet he feels like I'm freezing about he fears out here. And told his side of the story about on July thirty, first two thousand fifty million turned on Tom Brady for one morning yeah. So he did you, gotta have a dock on Emily upset that the topics are war. Three now cuz we ran every game, a t want
That's really exciting, both of us to the point that It's actually I'm more excited about this than I am to towards the games. The nets are terrible there only five and we have their first pigments unprotected, and this Pretty rare situation this day and age has everybody protects pick so well. The subjects have the nets unprotected pig ominous swear years if you're in a car, little kids cover there is re nominal swear and to two one of the nets are fucking terrible, law there there their abominable their awful there awful team and Joe Johnson. Equally, the crows circling ran his decomposing body. I don't know whether he's just washed up or whether he's just intention plain bad, so they buy em out or whether he lost the will to live but Edward, and then those three choices and their best guys been broken and whose have their first pick em get hurt. We talked
is the creator. There is agreement that thing there's couple games go where the Sheen Larkin Canine, indeed answered, Rob, say: rushing Larkin, our shame, Larkin! That's. What are you kidding me? This teams terrible and we have their first or unpick- I'm excited ass. We talked about the net over under pod. Did you just let me use when fell Sims Unmake bill, but when you talk about the net we they talk about them at me. Didn't go Philip. I don't think we route literally talked about how we can preserve. We do. We did talk about them and we talked about Jack Jack. What yeah extraordinarily bad, regarding is only a dance mine. If he's your fourth guard yeah yeah, all the advanced metrics are extraordinarily unkind.
Might I did it is light ahead? Italy point guard yeah position. I you know I looked it up. I took over the matter. I'm gonna lose that when you take the over for the net side, why did I don't remember the thinking? I think I made them? One of my lacks you definitely could be under. I know that much a possible automatic, go through their schedule just really quickly, because I'm not kidding when I say this a more excited about this than anything else. It's it's just I can t go down in flames over the course of a season have their first from pick them. Somewhere in the situation. My dad and I we had. The sea at this is sad story is a sad and it should be prepared, get the out we rooted against and ninety eight five. Eighty six seattle supersize for the entire year they traded job- Anderson. There. We had their first round pick and they stuck- and we want did the box grows every night, and that was position.
When there is like seven envelopes and you could be any the seven their non lottery ads in the Celtics end of getting the second pick couple weeks later, they won the title near the second Pakistan is a bee, bread dirty our man, Lenny Bass You have sounding Anna and saddened, but though it was really fun a rude again, Seattle out of their horses, and so here's broken really quick. This is rough ready. I had so here's their winnable game that their plane, the Lakers and frightened. I went over to my favorite thing is that the Lakers are on tv, We have been on national tv for other recital Ellen Attack, whether that lucky
This is their road trip at working at Houston, at Sacramento at Golden State, and then they come back home for the Hawks, Hornets Celtics South Ex again Thunder Cleveland Detroit. That's in their month I mean there's like two winnable gave here: they're gonna be like to inflict really too with a first round pick idly there really bad and if on the nets, I dont really. We talked about the soul, but the last time. I don't really know what I'd do if from under the nets, because it doesn't help them the tank. So what do you do? could argue. Bottom. Add this union trade Lopez, you buy a Joe Johnson and me beef and trade. That is young, any just completely got the team and be terrible disease and go sixers for one season, throw away that pick and then and then this
or try to regroup. But I don't think there's an answer: do you think we have to use those assets they get picks because you know that their there is oh scenario under which they can re ability from from within. They can't wait around until they get picked again of four years from now, whatever it is, so they need to get his pigs back for Lopez and nobody's on tradable on a team getting there there. They they should trade, everybody and try and get Pen first round picks out of all of it, but they have been allayed they'll, be they should get to. They should be able to get to Brooklyn For example, I like a happy man at the something stingy for Brooklyn US, but I would not get it open their pick back form. I give him one of our other picks then, and that young and to the right team on all right circumstances could also be amid too late for Tropic Woodside. Whether lies. Ok,
This team was assembled by somebody who was in a black member No country old man, the guy, gets in the car accident at the end, the gout, the boy haircut, like his leg sticking out of his is bone sticking out of his leg and he borrowed some kid shirt or something you just kind of lips off. It's the guy who assembled this Lakers them, but he's basically as severe concussion. And thought it was a good idea to put the Angelo Wrestle. Jordan, Clarkson, Julius Randal with were Hebron, Kobe Bryant, a you have I'm a concussion. I think that's a good idea worth speaking of concur concussion their headquarters, patents, God and look there their stated goal in an intention at this point of the season. Is to win game redder and they're, not gonna, go out and let these young kids, these good young assets that they ve pulled together here, try and get some some wraps and and get the legs honor
A little bit longer journeys Randal Shap. Ah now love Julia. I want him get you, namely an unfailing dig. Him say my single favorite stat as it relates to the LOS Angeles Lakers at this moment in the season. Cobby have one more point then attempt so far. This visa fees is like you know, sixty attempt and sixty one point: the best thing ever they must have carry as war points. Ten minutes right arriving begin with astonishing Cobb issuing thirty two percent right now I had a couple yeah I've. You see. To admit this, but I have some friends who happen to be Laker Fence and a couple of them in the email me in and there like. Can you believe this Kobe thing and the answer is actually yeah? I actually It's a twentieth season. What did you think this is gonna end? Well, this is a classic,
you should a retired, but you did in and now this is gonna be awkward until you realize you should retire. That's where we are now. He sees plot put twenty years. This is what's frustrating if you gonna have. If the point of this season is a farewell poor, then then do it properly? Do it right? You know, announced at it that way and then play the dude fourteen minutes again you kid brought him out and play him like you're gonna, like you're gonna, try and when games with cobia there he shot to airborne fire. Might that were and grotesque awful awful shouting at the bottom of the backward with a shot last night and defensively. He can't move and he can't enabling in and whatever the guy's making. Forty five million a year. He deserves the red to go out and his terms, but to have I'm there and Hibbert is slow, but then you, while these other guys were kind of fun and dancing? Might there some light up that they could throw out there you bring that add three black
You know maybe a little leeway aims. I raised some sacred like by way of temper or where's that latter could write. What is that line up? Where is that, like I don't know so the go ahead for names, so maybe with I will say, thou within a week like you could do the blank testing and have a cup of thoughts. I guess we both for a big on Houston. Here's worries me when I watch them. You know it's too. Lessons team a lot of the time and in the last four minutes it goes into James hard and moaning, as James hardened things and some kind of runs over stands in the corner match it's the best use a tie. Lawson I dont know if I like those guys together, I, like Taiwan, income, The bank has like a change pace, energy as a crime. Time God or now. I don't know if that that when I watch him,
I don't know if all the pieces make sense yet now. The flip side is that that team is just poised to make some sort of monster trade in two months, so I'm not not going to get too bad of shape, but just got the blank test. As I didn't like those two together. What did you think? glass. Half full. Well guess what they ought riding on it. We say my thought: in and I feel the same way about Boston, they're, they're, good they're, doing some dark spare mounting little bit, which is what the beginning of the season is, or I don't expect to see. Tat lost them, get all those crunch time minute as a season develops and as team by dint of the kind of rounds in the form here yeah I didn't like, moving all three of those first three games by twenty or more points. I do not enjoy any, let them by languished actor, did not like any that's half. So I Houston as I thought gone it can be won in Houston. Was gonna, be one better in the regular season at that use terms grandma mozzarella season?
how it looks like the warriors are even more motivated than we thought they would be about all the luck stuff in currys like out of his mind. Thank occurs just clearly the best guy in the league. Now it's not not even did the guy game. The game is just destroying people is, must watch tv clipper. Might be the second best Tina and I'm not gonna get to banana shape about them would happen in the in the golden game on Wednesday night where they had to be, then they look like typical clippers. Again, everybody got tight and Blake started over passing. Chris Paul was taken three years because there were no other shots Deandre. You want to get filed that I've seen that play before then that Broadway Musical Anna, the difference that that thing that scared me was so they needed a fifth guy four crunch, I'm right and they gotta get lance. They are paupers and take a big swing on Lance and then paupers veteran on that
Paul. Pierce isn't going be that guy, but obviously they want to ice him until April, but last they are once again we should say: Austin Rivers is out there. Crunched. Am I tweeted about it. That is this whole summer. Revamping the team! Actually Rivers is a pretty good like defensively he's been excellent. I can't shoot, but that's if tat, your number five guys crunch time had that makes me super nervous. Would you think it's the same thing? We said at the beginning of season in the over under discussion that that is the big vulnerability. This team he eat they dont have another option. Back. Appoint guard thirteen Chris Paul Yet- and I dont know what the idea was by having him out there with the credit crunch time crew. It must have been some kind of defensive strategy people.
I think they wanted every Mozart peeping, that's it yet, which is fine, that's exactly what makes sense and Earl its it is early in the season, for you don't need to be put in Serbia minutes on him, but why was my aunt what's wrong with land sea? I I I couldn't agree more because if you're not gonna, throw out lance in that game fragrance early November, you're ingratiate like just see what you have seen how yours bonds put him in a big moment: safety belts down something but. I wanted to seem in their game, and I I already know what a have elastomers I dont know what I have lance to almost feels I get in on state series lance. What could be the x factor? Betimes, I mean he remembers the worst during in the week last year for anybody who paid they twenty five minutes, but we ve Do it and begins here is not afraid of big gave. His crazy he's out of his mind is talk about. You know, irrational confidence. You talk about arrest
confidence while waiting time about last, even very recently that crazy, yes, I'll, go and state clearly best in right now he D could change in a month, but just right now, if you, If he did it turn him in re now, they'd be the one seat. I think the clips obey the to cede. I like what I ve, from Toronto. I'd like to the only the bow and the onus pile low birth rate yeah Johnson. There they basically switched a mere Johns. Four demise Carol pull more on your, I liked it play skinny calorie. Like the look at that time, I thought that was a good win for them. Beating out from behind on the road at ok, see that is a good quality when yeah and commercially ok see that events on them. I don't know now they can get stops the surprise for the last year- and they are Guys- miss him, but now this year, a their defence there
I don't care how good the rain was book. I used to get stops and they got a figure that part up early, though matter lap, that worried about ok seed, the eye other town, the Wizards yeah spread the pale making little maybe a mini leap we will try to have another one. You know that this is one right dude and Roger splits. Let's rely, ok, I just take it easy a little bit. Only because now look, he has picked right up off of the terrific play off show that you put on
last season a playing at a level where its clear that he intends to be in the conversation for the oft our game. He wants to be among the elite players at that. That should guard position. Any peace, certainly plan like it. That thing that's been. The concern in the past is is durability. His ability to log you, no thirty, two thirty three minutes game and playing to we haven't played eighty two. Yet, though I I am hoping that what we see over this first month, first thirty- a is bit of reduce the minute management fur for him, because the important thing for him is to be healthy, comply, but I it is very exciting. They watch a guy on the brink of making the leap american authorities making the leap. Ominously is on the brink of making send the break, as I say, low hat and he's only. I think we're going to write twenty two, always so young ass by a blow, but like your team,
You like you, don't text me and tell me enough how excited you are about your team. You've been waiting your whole life to have a fun backward, it's for games. Just keep your backwards. John, while Bradley Beale, like you, VE, lost Saturday night bought for the next thirty may, because we face insisted on having chaired Dudley in the line up in crunch time. Jared doubles legs under him, yet so he was throwing brick balls at the underside of the rim from three point range that ok at the schedule, Lhasa, without the backside of a back to back, they made the walk and beat Milwaukee came back at the end of last week, but in eyes I try we try and early on in the season air to take to just be Loki about it. I think we should be aiming at least be more excited about the bill while backward and they did nickname end of the year. The man come up by Friday s pride. I want a nickname for those two. There are. There have been some some efforts at all of this. Research knock em up my own spin
you got. It should sound a little chocolate city. I got it. I know I'm on it I don't think it necessarily has to have their names and there it should lend itself Ladys Causticum brothers poster there's been stuff like hot for women Oh you know getting. Don't worry, I'm not saying that they understand there's some by about their life while of baby. They had now that it is the citizens. There have been efforts at doing this before I use they. I sat every Friday. We talk about the Sacramento kings before he left could stand there. My favorite team to monitor other than the broken that their one in four they decided last against by double digits and on Wednesday. Car on that sees bench in bed Maxima, which seems like I MCA More- deserves to be banished yeah is twenty two years old and enhance the seventh picking the draft couple years ago, and then they traded they gotta tickled. The eight pick the next year and now
nothing to show for either pick because Ben Mcnamara's bench they shouted mixed. Ask us, will economy sometime, he's playing twenty two minutes again, I'm Tennessee his. He scored a basket. Yeah yeah. I guess he has his gay couples out. Yeah. Three three is shooting seventy four percent ass at four shots, so I think I would say about the lad to perform this, for the king demanded is guts strain Achilles though I mean, I can't think it too crazy about it. Maximov was identified by all smart people as a true vulnerability in this line up and the guy who could get could have the shorted leash and guess what it was a pretty short leash, and that would be a position that, secondly, because there is, they might go out and try and improve somebody out there. They rather.
What do you want? The exchange form I'm worried about Denmark, Goma, because you know always only make for smart themes, the whig savage against steel him. Thank you you see. The spurs dealing a Roman, send this village ear year. The spurs like steel him for protected first or mpeg some stupid deal. And then two years from now his on the spurs for twelve years as like a like a centrepiece of him inquire into other guys these great Khatami's, nobody doubt be the very best they would have been much more. So your panic button for the kings, week doesn't sound like your ring a yet. What do you like? A four out of ten for not even close, so that we can look back on a kingdom afore on it and the vat meter one hundred metre? Unlike a six and a half, I They believe they benched on twenty two June and Guard after five games of sixty two half already, and I I just one
my twenty two years later, a picture you gotta month to figure at the end of may get healthy. The DMZ has got a straight to kill you wouldn't get healthy, deep sea needs to stand the court that important as an important thing for the success of sheer I'm looking at their looking at the book is tat. I love buggy unity. The south can get it right now. I don't. I don't think I'm ready for an area that at this stage now that fact most about trade what I want. We view it lets say they called the South X Ray now said they wanted the broken pick for where the celtic sir, and unpaid David they fire how quickly we kidding. I'm scared about the broken pick. The top ten count in a league, the broken pick straight up don t you,
and actually have to be. The broken pack and David Lee for Buggy been double capital, big apple, you capital air without hesitation come on land. Are you talking about making a place, my German of watching the broken. That's every night, my favorite thing my way factually asked me the aviation like: what's going on with you: did you bet on them or something else like now? That's a lobster is basically rooting against a group, a guys. I don't even know three or four nights a week for the next six months. Don't ask where you so much enjoyment: donors! Joy he died. I tweeted Ben Timmins after nets, lasses any tweeted back at me, a pick, a screenshot picture of him. Having created, himself. An MBA live video game in the team was the Celtics. Ah, that's a kind yeah. I love a very varied from it.
I love mass giant, distant cousin Ben summits, we'll be right. Today we know yeah exciting, because best was right around a corner, Erhead House. We're good enjoy the wheat. I'm thanks for the air thanks further the best bets thanks for listen, we talk about the broken nets and thanks for listen, we talk about porch pass regarding qualified in a minute and you to go to bed at night dreaming about buttermilk porch pass. I met with chicken farm last week tonight at Fort five Jas Peace, a good time. We're in com, my dad, who has not been on the past since we re, launched it, but first thousand of people who went home security systems get ripped off every day. The red, huge Jackson sign long term contracts that dumping them any out. Come people why deal with pushy salespeople, an outrageous pressed eggs.
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loud back on the on the bill. Summons pack ass, his name's also bills in its by debt. How I m good, but I dont like how I was depicted five ago, it's clean and I refused to go in the package because of how I was in accurately portrayed by myself. What was inaccurate about you saying: stop it well he'd. Where would destroy his cell phone? You sound like a homer yelled at me. You like scalded me out in an elevator cargo yelling at me, but I think you misinterpreted. I was worried that what happened when it eventually happened. What happened because of the destruction of us? found the people would misinterpret there and there was angry it ready for displaying the cell phone. So you re, really there you go. You angry Tom Brady I was
angry at him for putting himself from the position that people wouldn't believe him, because he, for whatever reason district sulphur. While I was never agreed, I never doubted that Tom Brady would certainly never do anything in appropriate with those for ports. I just wished he hadn't port hadn't put himself. Position where the rest of the country doubted him more because of the swelling that cell and that's all I have to say in the matter, I was never Agraea Tom Brady and I was believed in so will agree to disagree. I don't remember getting angry. I very flight I'd say boiled already tat. I was,
I M very excited to be a guest on you're loop. Podcast now call the postman podcast near and am happy to be very happy to be a member of the HBO family. I'll get guy. I'm glad to hear that I paid my my still abundantly you ve paid in environmentally. You just move in my house and am taken my family's take care before them when I was a won't, be that far away, we have the guest room ready for you, so ass an hour just talking about the broken nets How much I learned is that women are now how much it is to watch them lose week after week we just went through their schedule, looks like they're gonna go like two and fifteen coming out. Gate Anna
I haven't got too much about the net, but obviously it brings me back to the nineteen eighty five eighty six season when every time you when I talked whether was impersonal over the telephone we'd, we talk about what the Seattle do the night before began. The Celtic had settled number one perfectly nice thinking. If there were such a major difference at that time was no internet near hand Seattle if they were playing at home plate very late and we couldn't get the scores. Obviously, could you couldn't checked them on the internet or in cell phones or anything like that, but the Boston Globe used to have that scores, hot line, that you could call it six in the morning yeah and you can get the scores of all the teams that played late, and I can't remember how many times I would call that have lasted six in the morning.
To hear one score, the piano basketball score, we had so much fun that sees in voting against Seattle did. Why hasn't? I talked about that and as a sad ending love me very sad, ending it not only for the person involved in this family, but probably for the careers of bird and Mikhail, and maybe it cost us a couple two or three championship Nan some amazing games to. I still haven't gotten over that we're heading toward thirty year anniversary. That draft- and I still feel like I can't believe what happened to me, be the last things I think about it? My death that well, when you guys with your former employer, did that terrific reflect thirty four. On the whole unbiased story here,
really hard for me to watch that, for the reasons your mentioning well broken, I hope it as a happy ending with the actual draft pick, but it's it's. It's just find a route against the team. As you said now we have now. You actually have league pass and they're on tv, sometimes for where you are you, I don't even remember if you have league pass, but it's it's really fun to just gets broken down the stretch of joy. I think somebody was gonna, get a Christmas present for his father black I haven't seen come away. I shall take care that I condemn every is as payment for this package since, since the last time we talked to pass on to get lost since we ve talked Cosette Dick. I talk to you after the superber and then we must adopt couples
when I worked for my old employer and narrow back in the patriots, are seven eight now, where eight now will be they'll, be no after the Sundays game. That thou is way too confident and like that. But it is a tremendous amount of excitement appear, but I have to say appear meaning Boston, but I have to say that there are also some concern because we seem to differently than o seven away. We really have had the injury bug we yeah as you and I have talked supper on several occasions. The amid the often of why I know other teams have the injury bug too. We just seem to have a centralized and in this the offence of line and that exasperated, obviously, by the complete change of our cornerback situation. Right. Everybody here was assuming and hoping that they make a couple of deals this week
before the trades deadline for both the corner back in and an offensive tackle, even if they had to give up a couple of high draft text, but, as you know, no activity anywhere about Jack, he just won't make a chain unless it's the right track. Yeah some settings visit. I made a couple of offers in the other teams did want to participate, but aren't you a little worried? You know the schedule we ve had. We didn't have the tougher scheduled this year. Seventy Denver games gonna be difficult. I think New York in New York will be difficult, yeah. Another couple of end at the end of the year Games with Buffalo in Miami in the gaps in those royal wild card, but we haven't, we haven't really
I bet Green Bay type team- were the quarterback- could throw consistently at our corner backs and I'm not sure how our corner backs with fair people word about that. Yes, well, are you worried about that everybody's flood? I'm worried about the blocking. Does one of the reasons I took my aim in that Thursday came was edge. Can figure out how we're going to block them, and even this week against Washington Larson's, not very good, but they have a pass rush, and I guess when your quarterback gets the ball into seconds, maybe it doesn't matter, but I am always wear it. Clearly, they gonna win the division, wherein he D need, keep radiant rock healthy out of everybody, and I had an out the DEN Burg's I went from thinking that we had a real chance to go sixteen an hour just because of the schedule to really being wasted. The damn regain condemned, look so good on sending aid their defence than they were
really made a lot of stuff happen, and I got scared me too. Especially after all ads, are ready at their defenceless tremendous yeah, really good in all three levels of the defence playing dimly well and in I I had watched Manning before during the season and he looked pretty heavy, but he certainly didn't look after the other night. Now you know could be the tenuous playing buddy. Certainly, look very confident. Any obviously like everybody is seen, is able to throw the longboat. I think you know this was kind of the situation. Here ago, though amended during the last eight games of the regular season.
I ask you to wear down yet, but we do know we might see some of that. I'm excited over that that Damned Pats game. I was excited Telephone Brady Manning Fibre. Now, especially if the. If, if there's some, some real reason to be scared. With this offensive line over the next two weeks heading into that game and its in Denver, it's been done very. I wonder if. A good say we win the next two, but we don't know that good, let's say Damn ruins next to a wonder whose favoured in that game, I would say the toilet playing at home near you. Greatly damper by one and a half or dimmer by two other now use once a year. We get points on the road and it's always
stake in an already happened this year buffer, so painfully other. The other interesting piece lose a discussion in Boston radio during the day today had to do with Cincinnati and in a way I don't know how it happened before after seven games. The three three sittings are all on the feed it- I don't know I don't place tonight, but I think that the does yeah so something more
obviously transpire. I think they play them, though after we play them. Some call you you text a million a day, you're saying there is a Brady verses. Bird argument was edges. You in your friends are, you are then in the media- and I always friends of mine who texted me a simple question that was being discussed by a large group of habit. Sports fans in Boston question was simply Burner Brady and it's a tough question. You you and I think, gravitate towards bird and always will it's not so easy and answered. Do you think? Well, it's it's comes down the length of the career versus ceiling, which is always tough. The ceiling a bird was higher the gate. The point he hit and eighty six was braided never got to appoint like that. But Brady's now begin
since our one and two thousand fifteen's fifteen salad years bird bird played nine years missed a year came back was an hour star, but not the same guy and then was banned up for the last two years. It was done radically. Some of that goes back to something talked about five minutes, I heard was the death of one bias. I mean I'm convinced birds career, not only would have been extended, but you wouldn't have played the tremendous number of men it and eighty seven and eighty eight remember only in a gale internet would not have been Kinder Casey Jones and eighty six The heavy aid for it is these rare games in January birds. By like forty seven minutes, it was lacquered they d We put a lot of miles on those tyres bit, but he did we didn't really ever bench. I mean if you recall what NAFTA eighty five eighty six, when he came back and get hurt
again for the eighty six eighty times. I would want to learn more Fred Roberts remark, acres, I was ass, a red can, alas, the tour and then that's when we started the bramble has type of acquisitions rapidly. The idea it wasn't too only after that there were was for five years of five or six years were now read, didn't take them Burke tender without his way after but they're the ones tat the red flag. One was Michael Psmith Overtime, hideaway we're about to have used by that. Whenever I regard we were more confused death I remember I was I was at Davos, restaurant watching the door. And you- and I had talked to you- had you had championed art away, I dare to bottom and all of a sudden we supposedly took the next Larry Bird near here. Only lasted about a year is, it is now covers Nancy yeah. Think out,
the thing with Brady, though, is how long his prime is tired. Chris carded Talkin Bout, this on the radio. I thought I was smart. He was there's a lot of gray prayers, but only a few, a few yards a great, whereas now have prime like a peak. He was idea. The amazing thing about Brady is that his prime has lasted. This are at that. That was a good way to put it like birds, prime, was basically I mean you could say was eighty two, eighty eight, but he really peaked in eighty four. Eighty, five, eighty six, eighty seven, the best warrior stretches enters a rat in three envy: peas and his staff were better and eighty seven were better in when than the other he didn't, but Brady's peak is basically banned from oh six All the way to now casinos, was the year we almost made the Superbowl Roget called Lodge bar gaff me. There's were Brady's greatest years where they now and its annex extended. All the way through now is now a ten year, Prime, where his stats in year, ten of them,
I'm are as good as they were near, one which just is isn't realistic, so interesting argument, because there was a similar discussion on the radio yesterday, where they were talking about current they quarterbacks that four years ago, you might have said that Brady was the top quarterback and leg, and nobody would have expected that four years later
it probably be saying either Brady or maybe Rogers you and, I probably would say ready- is still the best quarterback near an illegal. All these other quoted back to have been drafted, and I have to have major flaws in it, and now is thirty, eight years of age, so he had cut up. It's got a funny when you read when you watch brilliant viewed in this as they want one point two more years. He wants to be the next George blamed for a map. Putting any I think that is better at any was ten years ago and I think physically the same guy, but he was a defence. I'm not sure what I would do not know what the with the answer is the way is able to read the offences which I think is better at any was ten years ago. Physically is the same guy, but he wasn't. Events, I'm not sure what I would do
Oh what that with the answer is cause it's like whatever you throw it on me, then the odds and elements Download cut out toward the sad minor crops grown up. The men are late, there's always an answer. Brianna! That's why I'm so excited for that Denver Game, because Denver's defense is good enough to really throw some legit things on them and no bitter since day how he finagles that don't you feel like with Grok been very careful like there's, never been a moment like in fast and furious when, whenever we know they hit the noise button on visa lacking is annexed to push its fight. They ve never had the nice button with rock. Just very careful
driving him through the season, but we haven't really open them up on the highway. At don't you get that were like I do, but I hope- and I hope that its intentional, I think I am very comfortable with them doing it that way, but it, but does, I think, there's a couple of things employ as we talk about the offence of line being beat up almost in every game. In the first half you'll see Gluck more often than not staying in to help block yeah, then they seemed to frame up a little bit in the second half that might not be taking place. If the often the wine was not doing with these injuries, but I think the other thing you
but all of them every time it makes its particular plan is going down. The fields were father was fired and when it Father glad about because doesn't seem like these defensive backs, yeah over and over our going low in the knees ran his kneecap, and I I guess, there's a part of me that stop breathing until he gets up we had that with Ben Coates wasn't as good as Brock, but in the mid 90s have been cold sore the same thing where he would be dragging three guys down the middle of the field, every time and usually just come down just stop and then sudden he got old overnight. Ethical is done when news, like thirty one cracker at the action I really believe that, as soon as they are, like to have the game in hand, they don't run certain plays for him anymore. I don't think they wanted
suppose him over the matter. I think one of their goals. The season is to get him nineteen street. Games where he doesn't take ahead like that it does seem like Very rarely do they send him over the middle, where multiple guys can go Adam, whereas the last couple yeah? That was a staple play in They just send adamant over the middle, so he can take his daily headshot as it gets it were held. Every gave. Did every word you worried about it now you might think I think his name is Julius now, but yeah. He takes one with You said every game and it's like date. They just refused to throw flag and Helmut down and hits, and Julian element- it's like it's his father, every time that he lowered his head at the right type of thing,
there is more than enough. It's the post, the fleet gate. It's it's us against everybody else mentality. I wish, as in the games where it's very clear, we're gonna win these games. When the fourth quarter take everybody out, please yeah it out. We don't need to invite twenty more Jimmy Wilma Jerry gave a little whose our for strict get him out there. Yes, I mean exactly, but they mentality with this team, that I fully understand thing building up in Boston, but they really worries me when you see the way there hunters another teams in, as we talked about grant by their really going after him. Low legs, hey I'm just quickly, because we gotta go
Tyler Sagan Hatrack in Boston, real okay with daddy, you just so focused on Brooklyn. At this point, urinary care. Now I was very focused on. I was watching the Ruins game and Emily discussion you and I had within ten seconds of that trade being announced. It very visit the hard and trade This is why wait training a dollar four quarters and dimes what're you doing. Why do you give up? when a twenty one year old kid, what those kinds of skills and the kind of power, even if he's a mature given time to become more but sure, don't give up and Is it evolved into the player? We all thought he would be an. Nothing really of note back in return for yet it's killing? Most of us who are defends in Boston are you I ve been in the brains? Are you had to wait until the patriots? Last again?
yet on the broad skills early depending I may. I watched the Dallas came to be candid, because I was curious about Fagin. Obviously, a man on the subjects we went to the game Sunday against. Tina Tonia. What would you think of our auditors, Duncan together for Bob? I had seen all judge on tv before with Duncan audit was terrific Sunday and they senior much very well. I understand that. Maybe that was his best game to date for this season, but that's it that's that team as a lot of pieces inquiry when it took over in the fourth quarter object was very good of you. We will we always have like Tony Parker I mean that unless they have injuries that they going to be there at the end of the season that you think I think regular seasons probably spurs clips. Then rockets in
I mean I m sorry. I warriors clips and then rackets spurs, probably like right underneath, but for a play off said they dispersed both for that. They won't care, though, throw a regular seizing aim so who played Duncan Sixty times. Believe, you're gonna, says you're still, gonna sit TIM darkened by unbelievable. It is unbelievable, but some some day they had a special cocktail party before the game for season ticket holders who have had to
more than forty years. Oh yeah, I'm glad you brought that upkeep of yet another. You put it on the facebook page in it. It was a very nice function and it was funny that read some of the comments from people who responded to see man upon the Facebook page. It was its forty three wonderful ears with terrific murmured and hopefully enzymes displaying for the Celtic next year. Courtesy of the book on that and were in the mix again we're in the next year. They had this hall of fame thing for everybody. Use had taken for more than forty years now wondered heavy out on that yeah? There's one caviar- and I do kind I want to get to the bottom of this- has in some cases
whose families cuz it would be like somebody who had the tickets and then pass them on to his kids or her kids and where they died, or something like that I feel like you have to be in, like the top nine or ten person, people who have had the tickets and gone from beginning to end for season ticket alders, because What do you like your like? Twenty six? When you got the first ticket? Twenty five? Twenty four? Twenty five? I agree with you. I think this should be a hall of fame, asterisk work, continue, continuation of which were the same person who is sitting in that seed or whenever seat, maybe see a change, but in our forty years ago I think it would be a very small group yeah, because I'd say you got you taken when you're twenty four so ain't. Nobody got a season ticket younger than that that me
You might have gotten, maybe twenty two and is it has to be in that range where so then, at a point now year, sixty eight Heronry sixty last month, but this month year. So any buddy who's been gone in the games for as long as you year after year after year would have to be. Like around sixty eight and then older, people you will you see those people at the games if they still in their own right did see them games, they'd be older than you, and they d probably have awesome seats. Considering that part of the great thing about having seats for that luxury, keep moving up closer and closer the court, I did get to meet it
a man and his son, who is that the game is name is Andrew. Mar firmer was the shrewd barrier he got his tickets in eighteen. Seventy one and has begun ever says it goes to a lot of the games is now is now going with. The sun was turning some musical venture, and so you know that's the kind of person like to meet in a separate kind of event, where there's a car annuity with the same person, only states were adequate, so you want the cream and crop of and a guarantee that have somebody there is, but who started gone when Russell was there and is still going now? There has been a person, as I'm sure so I would bet so also can imagine avid tickets.
To see Bill Russell, unlike nineteen sixty eight sixty, nine and then Benson ends in two thousand sixteen m in it brings a tear him. I really. Thus we could add good luck with the patriots this week, finally, making your dramatic appearance and the Bs Pakistan. I like you, type ever the weakest, the best of luck with the new package. Thank you. Thanks in simply say for sponsoring today's episode, thousands of people seeking home security get rid of everyday huge checks and long term contracts with no way out. Why get rapid when you're trying to keep your from getting rob. Try simply save its the best way to protect your home, no contracts and twenty four seven protection for fifteen bucks. A month, less than half of what most companies charge visit, simply safe bill, decamp for an exclusive ten percent offer, and thanks the porch pious for some
during today's upset. It's the perfect gift for Thanksgiving Christmas, the tastiest southern delicacies you'll ever have my favorite is chalk Jes, my second favorite southern peaks, on the positive wishes they ship anywhere in America go to porch by that an order, some holiday pies. For God's sakes, I've never had a better pie, place, epoch, We are about this until I want to see me again, the one is tat. Why here close pitch in Rome.
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