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Ep. 24: Guest Hosts Chris Ryan & Andy Greenwald

Stepping in for HBO's Bill Simmons, Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald weigh in on Fargo, The Leftovers, Aziz Ansari's Master of None, the 30-minute TV model and Jeremy Renner's most recent candid interview. Also, the guys announce the launch of Channel 33, the upcoming pop culture/NBA podcast from the Bill Simmons podcast network.
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Hey it's bills. Today's absurd that bs package is gonna, be guessed hosted by Chris Rhine and Andy Green Wild. It has also brought you buy, seek, are presenting sponsor as well. My favorite app for purchasing tickets to sporting events concerts and whatever else I have to do is down The free seeking gap is promo code. Bs in UK a twenty dollar rebate off you first seeking purchase every take it, you stand seeking is backed by one percent guarantee its the best the smartest way to buy tickets then download the free seek a gap in a promo code bs without further Ado, Christianity, low those are my bike ass? My name is Chris Ryan. I am not Bill Simmons, but I do. I was the podcast call the watch with my friend and grew more when we talk about television at all. If agriculture, this is part of the channel. Thirty three feed. If you want to check out some more bill, Pike, has never clock ass. You can go to scrub shale. Thirty
Ray it's myself and eighty on the watch, Julia limit will be on and he's gonna have zone show the intergroup bald show, I am sure, will have some more prizes for you guys soon so make sure, describe on Itunes sound cloud sticker where we get your bike ass, that's channel thirty three for the Balkans pack has network. Let's go new episode of the watch. Thanks for listening to buildings, podcast a low and welcome pseudo watch, my name is Chris Ryan. I am apply Gaster on the bills image by gas network and on the other line. He just liquidated is for a one caderousse get a shot at life spring. Good to hear you shout uncomfortably loudly in my ear body. What's going on in I don't know what you're going to say. This is our first does their previous showed that the first time on the new you take that like is nothing like a deep Margo season, two reference to just group, everybody in Andy, this new podcast we're doing called the watch. You may remember andean I, from the hollow prospectus, pie guest. Or long days, you, those were the days
those days are gone now works for what I knew it. I knew there was to come. What are we gonna be doing on this, but Chris we're gonna, be I wish I could. We organise canopy bantering to the best of our ability to work and talk about tv. That kind of thing we're gonna. I think I might starting movies again and they do a fuck about those we're gonna talk about thongs that we like people that work best with Jeremy render interviews, but really are older versions. Are gonna come back to the four? Yet, let's not waste any time. Let's get to the television stuff. We talk a little bit ly than was last week we were on this very same postman's Pike asked a little bit about some of the shows that we were digging right now, but we wanted to get into a global more. Moreover, survey of the landscape more granular with it and no better way to talk about like kind of the state of tv right now than to start with. What probably is about show on television that Spargo either The affair. I thought, because we were on the bill similar billion on Here- is out of the dogma of merely ass, though K really what's up it out. Fargo is so good.
You boys, Spargo good cause, I feel it here's. The thing is like Fargo is the classic like online. It intelligentsia and you just your to deeds. Online Bialik men, Fargo, is so good. Bro is so good seize and no it is so good, and nobody says why did you know? I am I in my two weeks and by stopping a tv critic, I gotta tell you at another being not explaining the people. But here is our opportunity, but you know you stand on coffee shops and doesn't butterfly guerrillas is poor over coffee is so you know. My life, though wealth, even though are separated by a country, is a thing about Argo. We used the words situation in tv, a lot, but usually in reference to combat right. We talk about the conscious situation comedy but situation, they very rich word. It is not used nearly enough or drama the hour launcher Katyusha thing about tv for as much as we talk about the golden age. Are you not the eighty it dizzy
that a high of shows like the neck, Elinor Wheezy, here's the thing about duty using that heavy at that could be the name of the biogas pv still because of the nature of how we get it, because we're sitting on our couch because it comes in or home because we watch it week to week is still have to create a world that we want to visit or hang around for a while- and I was joking about the affair. But here's the thing about the affair I don't want to hang out with those people in the horse like. I think I think it was a bad idea for them to have an affair. I, like you, should know that by now and with closed the book on yeah Argo because of the nature of the show and for people who don't know you know it they beloved in Berlin,
on brothers dumping, the ninety, then this guy know how he did a very unexpected, incredibly risky thing where he basically adapted the tone of the movie, the Spirit of the movie to a limited theories. Last year it was a huge success, one enemies and then back four seconds these and that only tangentially relate to either the movie or the first, these in it's kind of a pre quoth only seventy. But the thing that he's done here is that he's sort of Trojan horse thumping brilliant into something familiar. The show field like nothing else on tv right. It is absolutely funny, and rich and vibrant and surprising and off, killed her in a way that, like I, don't know what the best movies that of novel die right. But here too familiar we get to invest in every week and even though the stakes are very much heightened and a little bit little bit wacky emotional core of it remains true to its just becomes it becomes cured leisure to watch it in a way that, I think alike,
the tv that we talk about a lot of tv they built like, like the affair, has gotten away from yet is a joy to watch. I definitely is like a complete package and in its own there there is no sort of access and there's no filler, there's no fat to it. It's an hour long show that doesn't have a wasted. Second, in an that's incredibly impressive, One of the criticisms I had about the first season was that it was concentrating on all the wrong parts of the movie It was a sort of sprung from where it was indulging in some of the kind of like layers this guy kind of a root beer in only mean and a lot of like over Corky Ness and all that stuff, just been stripped away. I know and he's just got. Holly's has gotten down to link the real core weights This thing is Fargo season to actually reminds me a lot of us of another cone brothers movies. Actually my favorite Color Ambrose Movie, which is Miller's crossing this in very inventive crime, epic, with a lot of really weird
interesting human moments infused into it. This is a very lean and sinewy kind of store. It mean that, as you are right then there is a lot of their crime element and the first season, and there was an early buckthorn character. There was a big menacing bad in the spirit of them, other common brothers movies, honestly, the spirit of a new country for old men, but this season is a crime story. And you know, people who listen to us nearly two Peter note. We love crime picture. We now of John Reflection and one of the things that I particularly well about the story is that its celebrate the era that it then it doesn't hide in it or hide from reality or heighten the present in its celebrate that, though, everything from a direction deal sort of uranium like a greenhouse film, but also create this world in which the syndicate you know, which is eight, which is the name for the mafia that was using the old, the Parker novel. Yes, but I love so much is indicative Powerpoint presentation from Kansas City that had,
take over regional mom and pop mob shot the network going on in North Dakota and in the thing, and if it takes familiar idea than stories and add it to build them with actual people, people whose names like Bare and died in the kitchen brothers in the kitchen and there is room for cork, and it really is showing us- and I know you know you went down to the wire depending through detective beaten to, but darkness is best when you let a little later. Yeah I mean it's funny. You mentioned the idea of really embracing the time period. Is it and there is a scene in last week's episode where Patrick Wilson's Lucifer some character he's going to the bathroom next, do Ronald Reagan, who is providing security detail for who is at that time? Just running for president, for the first time ever they meet next to each other at a urinal rest offer something ed. I've just my imagination, it is a lot of historical fiction features. Scenes were the protagonist bumps into major historical figures at the bathroom did not happen
like in the alien eastwards leg. It's like the William Taffetas is go to the bathroom next. They were like Teddy Roosevelt Zig. It's always happening in the end in the the men's bathroom. Do not go down that when a human life is great figure, does it serve the classic literary cropper of great men, draining away so one of the things you mention the darkness there and and- and I think that a lot of modern television, been about the evil inside of all of us are the evil it that works just outside of our door, but I haven't seen it so oh subtly drawn ever before, like haven't forego in the way that you know. I think that we're CERN again do apart, where I dont really ever need to see a a tip, usually I am ready to see as a moment where a guy who usually is not in touch with his feeling suddenly has like a soliloquy about evil and the evil. That is
That is outside of aroused by this stuff about Patrick Wilson and his wife put paper Christine right, yeah, Isabel Audio Miladi, it's good Chris, its Kristen Christian and then it develop because it sort of exploding in excitement and married life. We already rang, vulgar blogging aldermen yielding body than its. Illness as like a metaphor for everything you know, and the idea that he has brought something bad back with him from Vietnam. That's infecting the whole. The whole the his whole world and it this idea that basically there is this encroachment. The Kansas he is coming were that cancer is coming or that, who is come in the way that they like constructed that around
Everybody is really really quite moving, yet it becomes emotional, but it becomes the darkness upside your door. You can't you can't stop it approach. You just have to make your stand, do the best you can and after a little bit of a different way of looking at it, then the evil that lurks within Oliver in out of this sort of that development, rougher more hobby in kind of. By the way, you're something that deviate super, how do these needs are yet another knobs ones and a bathroom stone you would want to know you see, thereby giving really penny here. The thing is another thing I would say, though there is a joy to watching cargo, but I think that comes from what was evidently a joint creating of enjoying creation of Argo, because you mentioned that we ve always been
the bathroom next to President Ronald Reagan, his boy by Bruce Campbell becoming a hell of a week ago. Pretty good in that Ashworth is evil. That show to. I love that disease show. That is a major prestige offering by a network it wants to make major prestige shows, like effect, and it came off the successful first, these in the outer sturgeon blueprint and then a second season. There is room for iranian Breakin, cameo and the? U S photo, did his best or unexplained. Thank the alike. There isn't enough of that. There is enough of that creative risk taking and Dorie telling on tv in general, partly because you know been mechanism, the nature of the beast, you're gonna have to reproduce the kind of producing. Thank them, though, obviously know how you feel Free deserve start over because they had the name, but they could go in different direction even to read. But if you think about the chances myth like we're, had talk about maybe a little bit more layer, but we talk about when we say we want them as risk taking show and heavy right now. We would probably say about a further. We probably need a name.
But that purely aesthetic radio internally the way will again. That's it. That's a really good point. I was going to say that in a weird way, Fargo after finding its footing has really like founded voice you in the second season and kind of become this. Weird organic, I don't know what's going to happen every week, I don't know what it's going to feel like every week. It could be funny, it could be tragic, it could be atmospheric. I really love the Nick, but I think that if the Nick was directed by like replacement, level? Television director, I would say, This is like a bad amc, show note that what was so incredible particular about the first season of the neck, because you could be the thing you can't be. The standard tv seems a creeping through there were. It was the same type of pot. There was another: were there the hooker? There has been? No, I mean it was the same sort of situation with either the doctors and attic and we ve seen a lot of historic or we hadn't thing people with their arms ditch
Their noses could their noses fell off, but we ought to have been television directive like that, and I do like one of the reasons why Gothenburg did that it is basically like what you know. He remembered the scene in Rushmore when Window Marie than the phone anything the kids playing bathtub only like runs up Unblock the shot. Yes I'd like that's what sort of what we're doing to television and yeah and I'd he that did It- that's not uncommon for him to approach. Any number of genres in films and be like I'm just gonna do the bionic, but I want to turn the Bionic on its head or I'm gonna do their taste movie, but I'm an eternal haste, move beyond its area or or contagion amounted to go. It killed good at that Irish makes it always was like I'm gonna, take a television show and ever and a day a difficult man. Television show at that, and I'm They turn it on its head and there are still opera radically beautiful moments in the second season. I ve not that I I'm really into the laundry hollan plot lime, some of the factories I have several showed Venice yesterday, and he was like a kind of the problem
with this show, is at its gravitating of the first season with so much about climate and Andrea, and they were the engines of the show, and it really has spread out a lot over during the Juliet violence, detective story in there's a there's so much stuff going on that. I feel it gets to democratic, yet that often the problem a tv, especially tv, they want to stick around for a while. I did feel the second phase. In particular, we like in respect of Baden Premier, the writers clearly were writing first, these may already with the pilot they are ready and not knowing what would become of it the second season. They knew what sort of what we're gonna do it into. They wrote in like a thing on the boat towards him, though he could dunk a little more freely but in. But let's talk about like that that there is a tendency in tv, the arc of tv
bent towards conformity, because the longer your on the more people become familiar with stern thing. Is that the more like it isn't any enterprise you go towards what working so each obviously eight show that is set up to be an involuntary theories are limited series of can have more opportunity to take risks, but if we're talking that risk taking like, let's think about the walking dead for second, because this is a show or the like this- the Bible of the show says that it's ok, that corpses reanimated e people- yes like the world- has ended. America is a disturbing healthcare and people have been accorded, eat people, and yet every episode for the most part up to the season has been about b as grim and serious as possible about the awful this topic health gave us if they keep having to prove to the world that like this, is what we're getting away with. This is what we do, but, like young people are eating faces on your shovel, get twenty million fewer, that we could take more chances, dig
It is in the end. I think that the two which aids they seem to be really willing to take as a will win I won't say with whether or not somebody's death rates and what that said, I will say I should have spoken up for this. Last last we were talking to bill. This season has been a lot more interesting, not just in the is he dead or to me dead, which, by the way, is naturally interesting but interesting because of the more formal chances it taking this entire, even so far taken place on one day, there's been an one episode is essentially a flash back, and I was the Morgan episode, but the rest of it is essentially taking place on one day when would have Rick. Plan, which, by the way with a catastrophic we stupid plant great when they receive see we're gonna plantings, reaches those planning they yadda yadda at their bad. They haven't really could at any time to dwell on the back of how ethically he threw up, but but that in itself is interesting that, like it, these are just cause.
Getting moment in a really really shitty day. It would, by the way you gotta they would have to be one of the hideous ears in american history, What I want to see a lucky dead is worthy Rick goes under arrest, our bathroom and all the living president's or hang on their Zena gay. You felt, like President TAT. I gave you a longer I'm going to get. What here like I just dirty sprightly girls of anything, I gave the fear the walking that's a pretty good review, because I thought that you know after having suffered through the strain which may be the dumbest show on television. Yes, you know the relatively unchallenged at that point after watching that show just totally screw the brooch, unlike actually ending the world, because this is a shovel where, where it were disease, vampire monsters are run. This way. The eating people with their neck mouth said: Europe is the one you are going to break out begin like the mayor's cutting ribbon that mall opening
I think it was under construction today, leaving aside and travellers solving afraid figure the bobbio by merely walking dead. You know at least what they re doing don't at on the French, Monday like China. This is how you in the world, the problem is, the only other show like if they could come up with due in the universe is like the nuclear family must be. The other issue, which is what all shows are like. I, the I think they should do like where the living, where the president's where's the data like what they do started, go down and the I came down the panic room in the White House, but that was the day like big, B B, two thousand nineteen Duke we Devils Championship team was visiting and clearly rejects something I don't know like their ultra there with the present and his wife there. If I what you need them heat or you make the White House like the set of like access Hollywood today,
The word out, the two thousand I deem blue Devil devote Elles is raised that whoever wins you did for me that the way out is actually happening happening behind in exile, like of approved, to do tat we all have, vision of american leadership. There are nice parts of animals and boulevard. No doubt no doubt, but the point is not. Every like tv is limited to be feared Maybe the mechanism of making tv and producing TB is not set up or people to be like we're, making a medical Joe, but YO. There should be a year Oh, we never thought now. Here's the thing, the men, here's the thing about tv, Gub Gub! Couldn't you bet it's not always tv small. Because we are spoiled little brats and when something to traditional like its. If the Nick is veering towards this week on the neck, but he does this. Somebody is at best steal some money, gets slap prostitute and at the Inn, Thackeray kills a week's cure syphilis like its. If, if it does, that were like a man,
This is so tread and then, when it something like the leftovers and there's like a nine minute musical montage or a cave man seen or like a five minute interrogation between Nora and Erika, that's like the master you like, with what's going on my work, where it gets worse, where's Kevin, you know like it's. It's all I feel like yours is really difficult to find that that that that compromise, between being progressive and being conservative and television as that not politically. No, I think, you're exactly right. I think you're exactly right and I feel like that's why our reaction to the leftovers has been what I'm out.
Oh, come on carrying myself here, like I think it's been problematic. I try to write that in my in my review of this second reason, because the show is not trying to please it's audience in a way that is the very discomfitting like we are not used to that. You know the like that of the brilliance of show like madmen, which was undeniably brilliant. Is that if you take away some of the foremost ambitions you take away the most performance? Is you take away some of the really deep emotional places that met winner with
with early into the workplace comedy, and we are used to watching a show where characters we ve grown to lover bantering with each other like that is this. That is the safest way to Trojan horse that stuff to us. Even though that I would never characterize the chosen early faith, but I think that the most interesting thing about the leftovers is it that Damon Wendell has taken his you notice is, is tat your and is his bank account. Everything else was built up during the enormous mainstream, successive lost and Gandhi. Be own is basically them like. Ok, I'm just gonna do this now I may go over here and data, and I you know what I wrote I dont have yet to enjoy watching it. But I've come to appreciate that no, this is the point. Did the point sometimes should be with arched should be to be unsettled, and I feel, like you know. As you said, we are little pointy babies now with a building things that are fingertip and it's hard to
to that kind of experience. When you have so many other experiences that are going to be a lot more immediately, please you see talk about the stitching shilling on something like the neck, where you can kind of just see the sea, the workers or too much in the screenwriter sometimes. I think that, in a way that the leftovers might suffer from the same level of their opposite problem, which is just like there's, there's not enough of a map, Evanna can feel little bit like we're just it and in some ways I have to say I I I have enjoyed the second season and AIDS. And of doing something very suddenly with the last fifteen minutes of each episode, which is its really. It's really YO slammed dumping home like those last fifteen minutes where, even if the first already minutes are agonizing or or or punishing or whatever, when you get to the last fifteen minutes, it's Kyle I homeland, in your like. Oh my god, what's gonna happen next week, you know it's not exactly something. I know that and will thus bombers something about how it left a resort of the anti binge watch show
you can't you have done. I clear your pal enough. Do not read the by you know when why, when I finish studies of zone, I was definitely like I need. I need to see. The second accepts them right now, I'm too to have stood behind it and I'm absolutely gonna catch up in an unfinished business. I think one thing that interesting about watching too is it. Maybe this is just because United, but enough time with the stuff to be watching it, we're trying to be watching onto Evel. Is it with a laugh is like the best? There is at at story, misled pure way, and you can see moment when he specially moment that are actively addressing the failures of the first, even doesn't terms of like numberless pursue episodes. Are they basically ship the entire perceiving plot and excess baggage and has moved all showed thousand introduce new people got? That was just elegant. You know like that
that he did extricated himself from the corner, the heat put himself in and so then, when you watch the season at the mysteries unfold and stuff abode of the water in the vanishing, vanishing water and and what's going on here like no one is better at that, but he is he's really like he's, throwing basically every play. He hasn't playbook right now I mean there's the guy in the tower above everybody there's what's going on with mad Mary, there's really does imagery left right and centre. There's the burden, the box there's people's ale that may or may not be cured. There's people can't sleep and can't wake up and there's a lot going on. There's lots of religious imagery there's a lot of question. In its unlikely that, like he'll, be able or once duties Frontline said, I'm not answering these questions, I'm no. I think that the thing that's what
The only that would always gonna be a little bit frustrating, not frustrating in the way that any unanswered questions on mass market, entertainment or frustrating, but specifically, frustrating because he is so good at stitching Bethink together in an it he's intentionally not doing it felt like watching great player play left handed as something which is technically impressive and definitely admirable, but sometimes it's frustrating want to see them. You wouldn't want to see them made. It goes back to the spoiled thing I mean when you have all your questions answered answered for you like for the most part, I thought trajectory season, one answered all of the lake who were the who's, the looking what's carcasses and you find out you're going out. It was nothing it's a lot more men go by when you get to something like this in its asking pre profound questions in view. Invoking some pretty mythical too
makes its inevitable. I mean human human beings of asking these questions and trying to find answers for thousands of years, and we ve penalty like we're getting any closer. Knowing then making either aren't that many emotions that are hardened upon TAT are left over for tv unable to play with vague, generally play in the same and the same fan Box and though it is actually making a show about dissatisfaction and frustration and sadness like that is lame and given responsibility at heavy. Stop it admirable it's hard to watch on a Sunday. I want it actually give it from that the half hour stuff, but I feel that we should say one more thing that farmers and forgot away from it, which is the Firstly, it out of its kind of its kind of weird is you're almost like it's hard to single out anybody, because it is just a perfectly cash. If there are people on this, to single out anybody, because it is just a perfectly cash. If there are people on the show this season, who are always good and their put in wonderful position with exceed, though I had damp and is one of the greatest tell
actors of all time in that is soon. If he's on the train, or did you just happy and he doing wonderful, nuanced work, and then there are other people like Nick Oppermint, who is always good, was wonderful partner creation and getting a chance to do something a little bit deeper little bit darker ear, people like yours and done too I've always thought the great actor has a worthy part, but is also a on part. You know the kind of part that you can actually think your teeth into and, like looking in Smart, for God's sake, she's great man, God she's good advice. She hasn't been available for your my boss, characters in the last twenty years. Television, but the person that I feel like a lot of people are focusing on, and rightly so is blocking would buy yes, Oki Woodbine. That is a name that have that we have known because the very nickname for what twenty years now on dial the booking, Woodbine Imdb right now, just fire that up a dude
has been acting for a long time. Generally, in the same sort, the role I any personally I'll is a huge fan. Invoking would binds Workin the rock member he was wanted at Harris's dudes. I first of all we need to do now that we might be doing it like a morbid, deep dive episode every week. We should just be sure we should get it like that early to early nineties, early, two thousands Michael Basin of a movie- maybe we want our genes with thirteen hours. The true story of the true Benghazi did that There are two hundred pit helmet money, Pokemon Dead President's them, yet just what it wouldn't. Ninety five we have with that and pants He wasn't Jason's lyrical Brooklyn before that. He does the right Ninety six gridlocked and ninety seven, although and
have you go on credit and gridlock? I mean you know he was in the sopranos. He was in more and more into life. He was in a short film from the witching plan for gravel pit. What I'm saying is in his soul through television series right. He is a successful after he has been working for twenty years, in the twenty first century has been these anomalies didn't dunce neighbour to Europe S good because sniper one with a lot of what a threat, unanswered loathing them, because the crews Museum yet hooping. What's up with this paper by wiping shooting people yet bookie whereby has been working steadily, is pretty fair to say that it's been a long time since anybody's I mean I've, never seen and like this, and he gets he's been getting some great scenes
He is such an interesting character and giving such a great performance it, who give them the chance to do it like this is the thing that obviously this has been a lot of good. There's been a lot of conversation about this this week of these, I'm sorry wrote US markets about at times about casting on television and about diversity in general, and it's really you could talk about opera. You can look at it as a social justice and casting people who look different, who act differently from different backgrounds than the traditional three white male
You watch Borgo Easy Booking Woodbine. This role, MIKE million, which was not necessarily ridden other, maybe was for an african american actor you see which brings to the viewing experience. It is a completely different, take on a character that we ve never seen before. I've never had an accident like that. You know, and this week episode allowed him the chance to do it. All I just want to do which is hit. You know to go from basically benign and charming to absolutely deadline terrify yeah in one being made at what happens when you know everybody loved Raymond brothers had did something about it, but if I don't blame him, but anyway that it was terrific about that show. But what I want is day was we were talking about like flogging, not blogging through the leftovers are basically getting getting up for acting like okay now and invest in this
It's gonna be my Sunday night, and we talk about this a little bit with the last week to which is like it's Sunday night. We had a nice, we gonna, we gonna, watch Rick's groupings up again on the walking dead and just watch point just bleed everywhere, especially when had the half hour. Format is having kind of. This is your criteria. Now is that aid is shorter. It is more in order, which is a big deal if they left. It is a smaller commitment of time in that make the huge difference, because people want to watch stuff, but people get the onto you know if I suggest the show to them and they like ok, but I have to watch twelve hours of it or if they try it, and you can watch with five or six hours all told if a lot you are not being prepared can create order about how time works. Here's the thing about DV thirty minutes is less than sixty. This is really what we the show the wash real he who really about chronology, but it's a different commitment, but also because of that, because of the way we did he of these episodes in and out. I think the creators are taking much bigger chain.
In terms of storytelling. My language, you I do, I do feel like a moment- be maybe quickly with you, but I am saying that so I I talk about you're, the worse and masters and none master doing because those are too it was taken and nothing broad city to the same thing. For that and there's a couple other other ones, it's like pulling up and putting back together. The thirty minute comedy format, togetherness, transparent, yet and I think their arguably like. I would also venture to say that, like the thirty May, the outcome is something that you and I probably don't, spend a ton of time. Talking about you don't know, but we probably if we actually You know we're monitoring are Davy. Aren't we probably spent a lot more time watching a joke because their very enjoyable right anomaly? Why do you think there could have been like a whole season, we're late, big bang theory whistling darker than do darker than the affair, and and and was doing time, jumps and stuff like that?
by Jove there. It is. We don't want to be like if you ever heard of twenty eight minute shows blow my mind by liked it. This is high water mark right now for what you can do with these comedies. Yet because the thing is, we know we talk about like the chances that something like a walking dead could take because it has, it has dombes in it. Like they're zombies. I watch it, so you could do anyting. Similarly, a sitcom has jokes. It's going to be funny. It is going to be what I mean. What's the fluid, in which case you never know what's going to be?
in writing DE as Israel Reagan in a bathroom with a zombie exactly which would I would watch but not a static funny, but you know it, but so shall I go the worse, which has an effect that now is unaffected last year, first, even one of the funniest most enjoyable comedies in recent memory. My number to show of twenty fourteen this year started with a bang very funny, and then the joke stayed there. But the subject matter took a very dark turn where one of the characters grudgingly by a cash basically says that she is a clinical depression and she's suffering through it at the moment and her boyfriend. Jimmy cannot fixer and that's just awaited, and so that has now lurked in the background then been brought painfully in the foreground throughout the last. Do episode, and it's been pretty remarkable- we ve been interested in its gonna, show a lot of just just a claim. I think the way to retrain depression, fluids juggling online the weird thing emotionally critical.
What are you doing in other? Less death hands could be cartoon, but I guess the question become easy. The info is, it is entertaining in what do people want a debate, as he said, twenty minutes show anyway. I think there's a little bit attention that you're the worst at times where they are trying to graft the darker more serious parts of it under the one you're supposed to watch. You are the worst sort of do accept. These people are the worst in it. There's gonna be a lot of stuff on the show we are just like this is this is sort of more of like that, the curve, your enthusiasm, kind of sense, of humour where it's like the incredibly awkward people being terrible to one another and that's really we're comes out of an end at the end of these episodes. Typically you than this second season, we ve been asked to have empathy or find pathos in their behaviors that these people are exhibiting in. I think they I catch it and incredible job this season it needs of stolen, has really funny moments. It's very interesting to watch like in typically with relationship copies. What you see is either they
use the idea of marriage or child or break up and then get back together. That's what we ve seen on new girl. It's you seen on nameless calloused cut colleagues so that have something like depression, be the plot turn visits? I says whether the major driving point of the second season is: it's been fastening. The watchwords most uncomfortable in the sense that I'm not used to considering something like that. The way I would something pretty like superficial, like you, know, in a comedy like. Oh, my god, is just gonna move out this week. No, like that's, that's what you're
sort of thinking about when you're right and he shows yes, I agree, but I think it I think it's a testament to the good work of their writers on that you are doing is because from from or much or basically the way, romantic stories work in Hollywood movies, tv or wrong comes in general is happily ever after the ending. Of course, that's actually probably when things actually get interesting, but that also in the writing at a lot harder, because you have to get rid of the easier lower hanging fruit that, like people are meant to be together. That everything works at a certain point and then actually dig deep into the actual messy bones of everything. And I appreciate more than anything that these care that even folk who created the show has never sold out the characters the mean they do. They behave in they creative ways that time each other into the world in general and their little bit misanthropic, which is what drew them together in the first place, but he's never sold them out for a joke,
or for Turkey's ban surfers situation, and, though, because of that, instead of just saying what these are, just people like a party all the time and its great that they found each other their pushing asset and instead of repeating season one. Even at a time when, as I like to show, is so popular that the people were thick of the things they didn't. Even one like the one memorable thing that that show did was Sunday Fund Day where they just drink all day and driver, in LOS Angeles, doing goofy thing right and obviously you gotta come back to that they came back to open. It came back to her with a hollow in things episode that with Norway, or than anything on our every sickly like clearly like they are drinking, and do you trying to distract someone from what my mental illness more or less hundred crushing in Estonia, is dark and now with the episode you would expect them to draw people went on, but they were really appreciated their depiction of the haunted house on and then episode go, you are hot it. How do I was wondering now out of Emily, dig an experiment, experiential horror experience. I did the same thing to say: experiential and inexperience bite, it was there
very, very, very often addicted. I heard they have an actual poverty. The vital one of a girdle windy, basically ends up being James Gummed, like explained wearing luxury in a pit. Well, a guy with a symbol get outta leering. It is this goodbye horses, but you eat like I'd like you would pay for this you you would go to this as it it s an attraction like you'd like to pay people to chase you through corn. This is right for us here that I did. I did holiday ride this year, and this was the first time that I really internalize the fact that the the performers cannot touch you so like Knowing what are you gonna layering them? No, but I think that the whole idea is that you go through these hundred houses and there's like just always the chance that guy's going to stab you in the heart and that's like what makes it kind of exciting.
But I really listened to the to the warning this year. I feel like it was a little bit more emphatic this year, so maybe somebody had a heart attack last year or something and I was just like- I know that this dude, who is wearing lake up zip like back over his face and has blood coming out of his eyes can actually touch me and it just I just didn't ruined
but it would definitely softened the blue and the left they. The grantline were darker still up here's my question, and so it's a different way to look at cavy shows right because are you the show is just aggressively pushing forward and which I think that's actually aiming at smart from in artistic point of view. It might well be smart in a crowded industry, credit landscape, point of view to right, because they can't get Myron anything because the minute they start repeating them, so people can just click to their other option, though the idea that this relentlessly moving forward this coming Stephen Hawking told me that what he learned from from Genji Cohen, we worked with IRAN, weeds and unarmed black. She just like the story, the reactors more story, more storing, more story, but as someone who is a fan of the first these and are you
it making you it is the way to the show is deepening itself that keep the. Are you the same level of vanity or two? If you are in your what I would say that for this specific show, the issue is not so much the deepening of it as much as it's like. I don't know how many it's now like twenty episodes or whatever of of people being really guard? human beings, ear postal from attic stress, very nice to each other, in ways, but then there also just like agri your you're you're posted for extra syndrome is hysterical. Make me eggs. You yoni me like, I think it's funny, but I probably have like, I probably Roma eyes more at the comedy than I do, a drama egg. There are good, though Ector Important, their eggs or don't what about the issue of a master, none where you that yeah, so these issue came out, would last Friday and
I'm almost done and I think it starts really strongly the first you up, or like really really really great, and I have to I mean I'd say, starts really strong as much as I think that the S a format for it words about a topic with having some through one's is great. I I've bigots. I think it's a I it it's almost. What is its it's hard to talk about because it's gone through the over praise backlash backlash the backlash now backlash the backlash the backlash and spent on four. Sixties gopher, it's been kind of crazy. I would say that you know, and there are some points where I wonder whether or not if the acting was old or fluid emotional so the opposite would be allowed, but stronger as far as a comedy and as far as like an option she'll comedy. I find it hysterical and I really enjoy. I mean just because I'm an essentially an aging hipster, like I really enjoyed the leg than the the eating guide.
The eating tour of New York, the is going on and all that stuff. I makes me miss newer city. I, what do you think I M ready meant than your? I love the show I, but I really love than your three part of the two, because I feel like we haven't ever really gotten up. Is a perfect example of it, but it's been very tricky for tv to capture of feeling that you and I know well about New York, which is when you are that it most magical. You can have these days or nights when the literally anything can happen. Yes, when it's like any Any one interaction can just tumble down like a Super Mario Brothers Game done. Some magical pipe blush
remember your whole other night. Were you rented a whole new? Another group of people or your world collide with someone else is, and has always possibility to find the other. The perfect Peter perfectly Soussio do something else that out there and then navigating our relationship with that possibility like how do you keep chasing it or do give up and try again and the show us that a joyful he all, even though deals with heavier things, which I really appreciate- and I think I heard on interview that as these did with his corridor own Yang Honour on fresh air. They talked about that summit. They both one from Lake are important recreation that there's just as much comedy and productivity as at the alternative. This show you is not necessarily a New York that that I know because I, when I was a these age I didn't want to get enough money to despite a national, or or be eating that, though it alone are causing a spirit flames like fifty bucks, you, ok, maybe so. Ok, maybe I shouldn't have be confident,
guy dot, com or whatever. That's that's, probably right, but or certainly like that, like the dating stuff. But I like the way the show is kind of capturing of spirit, like the show, is kind of about having a lot of opportunities and then being not paralyzed by it, but constantly perplexed or amused by it and that's a good place for comedy or drama or just a theory like this show could go for a while, and I think that you know I think, as it did last week with bill. But like you, networks has done a lot of attention for some of its noisier shows really working with marble and daredevil, which, with good or has the card. But to me this is really in many ways there but that will show today that it should be what it this is, what they should be doing. Fine, it's really talented people have a real vision. Nato will get out of the way let the next year it's like. Suddenly, probably one of the best practice shows the year means just got this gorgeous. Or of a body oarsmen York March towards part- was the directive toggery. Yet
yeah, and I he different as a job. I mean it's just like a kind of like the weeny Orkut oxen and in that and that my you, like that those bars and that doubt of this theatres and outside of those restaurants and inside of those restaurants it feels like it. You know, I also feel it they can go either way when you're, like I'm gonna, get a the of my friend and do something for fun, like you tat when usually get like the most indulgent albums and condemns do that. But in this case one of these is like when I worked with Alan and my other bodies and Eric where I'm like China hang on your city and be able to go to my Laguna weekends number to call bother done Misty for cameo like that really could have gone sideways. Yeah, but it up. We didn't. I really. I also enjoy the you know. I I I m, not big Seinfeld ten stupid, but I'm not By that I like how the obsolete your coffee in the way that like when, Denise and Arnold never sit around the table. It has that Seinfeld in Oliver feel just a few.
Can the dangling its, but not like being like yours more, but you know what I mean like its suffer. This is this. Is we ve got back to your thing about like, with the best deal the best things that either the older think that if we just like other my pals again, held near my story, you it's kind of cool, is the difference between this insane thought is that the disease character is not a comedian. I really like that. I like that he is not always the funniest Percinet table. That's a good point. I would say that probably the only difference between them find out literally every other frame. Basically like a remake monster, well we're gonna talk a little bit about one of our when our favorite sort of pastimes, which is talking a german writer. You he's not disappointed feel, like you know how we were talking last week about how they Wendell often the crew loiterers were paid. They said they were trolling us basically yeah. I know the german one. The best thing that Jimmy Render is that he has no,
idea who we are. What a pod cast is how to listen to it or how to put on her own, like you know that none of the German hasn't seen a dear me run on film in twenty years. Jeremy render doesn't know Jerry renders a professional agri loaded. I do and waited the the leg I remember he prevented her locker premier and he has not seen the film since then. No absolutely you'd, never you're, not gonna, film or television, but all that is today he's not throwing us, but he basically was very us to get back into the package that has begun with them behave, so some of you may remember raccoon GRAIL him back on Grayling. When we have each p prospectus by gas, we did it absolutely. We ve talked about your and our competence is a dynamic calves workmen, because we think that we can very rarely actor big fads work on screen and in the riddles deemed business. Because Germany Rudder is notorious house flipper. That's not a metaphor. He doesn't it literally flip sizes, he recently do you
an interview with Playboy. That was like ten thousand words long and is one of the great back and forth I've ever run. My life is one of the great literature of this new century this. This is sort of ie. You know like this the sequel in maxim is not a it's very, is that the writer call them on his cell phone, like as he was going from lake. The happy natural to the didn't plant store and you ve just what he, whose us know they were literally like no one toll Jeremy render that in order to have it What are taken in that no shilling coat. He would have to talk to someone named care. It yeah and also I wasn't briefed on resource. It just doesn't know the interviews go on print and then in the internet about that, because after a little bit a chat about? What's an essential eightam, he carries with it every day, which is, I don't actually know, ellipses a credit card I suppose the maxim writer asks. What's your favorite curse word, and why internally writer says. I think all then we're pretty amazing
See word is pretty good. Now, there's no, like the recent years an opportunity not much. I tell you we added to their job, but one german writer says that in your the interviewer you might wanna like just just take a second and maybe ask a follow up. The follow up there to follow up is what makes you think. That's it. Good idea to see that also, let's talk about pretty good, like pretty good, how pretty good, but in what context is a pretty good word to say when, like you know, you look bald on a spanish style, midcentury, modern and the owners didn't accept it. Is it a good words use when Jennifer Lawrence asking to join her in protest thing, wage disparities. We believe you get when you turn on the television seed. Byron. Scott is not blame. The actual Russell on the fourth quarter and the money you. What is probably that yeah? I would say that you skips one of my favorite part
oh no! I liked it but anything we're going down this one by one. So here's what I want to say among we read of many talent acting home decorating getting in part by claiming to never did invite he occasionally let whip verbiage that suggests he was not a native human being should like, because if you do not learn what a pity, it is a pity that we did and we talked about a lot playboy interview already with, like I love this structure. Yeah, like My dermatitis is in every time I have a great ceremony really because here's the next question wait, wait! Wait! Let me Let me finish because the credit card question: what do you carry every day? He says I have an elastic around my ring danger for my baby daughter. Her here is quite along. I do a baby's handwritten hotel,
by all bills him and year it will, while he pretended headphones Guide to say yeah. He said that I is the most. I always have that on my personal. Yes, do you talk about yourself Firstly, no pointed up so now. We're joint briefly here by by bill summits, are just walked in the door across the board crashing the board's, though, we're talking about this Jeremy runner in view and maximum. Ok, Jerry Render is, is one of our favorite topics by he's, particularly good, at destroying aims, is credibility areas. So we just talked about how the first question, and in this maxim interview, was what you ve curse word, and why and Germany runners response was, I think all of them were pretty amazing. Seaward is pretty good, which is just like your Hawkeye just think about the brand, their first second rate. Here's another one. What's
an item. Every man should have in his wardrobe Andy yeah again taking his answer here. As he says, a baseball cap is essential, especially for me I can hide my face from the sun you're, not power. What are you doing tonight? Is Germany want or need to hide his face from the sun? What he thing if it can hide a face from pop Iraq, the ripening that it makes it is, if you some sort of escaped Greek God and APOLLO with looking for him I hear you Avenger defined. Fair yeah really, are you ever like german hunters in December to go see this movie? I liked him in the town. That's true was very good and the town? That's part of the reason. Why he's become such an iconic figure? For us it seems a kiss you just pay Boston people I Billy Billy have a good look on your face, which is. Did I miss the conversation about the affair now to look-
is. I was doing football preparation for tomorrow and lake Placid was on cable. I might have got any like placid and it ended. It went read into still Alice, so Julia Moors, Alzheimer's and am rattle that had to get away with it likely literally, were like a Juliet, more double feature of still Allison late Placid yeah. Can we talk about what kind of Thursday afternoon someone in American having whether does cuddling up with it up, but we thought wreathing, Alzheimer's drama, two p m, I didn't it was on and I was in paying attention. Then all you saw him were inlay placid wears a bridge to find a new job. And more is that in the past? So I thought you were, there is a jewel M were double feature now. Ok, no, it was late. Class was on its spilled into still Alice, which is what we have is the programme on that gave of shepherds gripping it's it's. It's just
such you in and then you just you so down still Alice yeah. It's like one of the saddest moves are seen em that even then with a positive yeah. I hate him really she's like look around for a bathroom now I was rather that had the comments I had so silly you had. It is the whole thing about when you're watching a movie on a plane, it causes it's because the oxygen or whatever you cry is more easily. I seen little room yet and I've seen people watch still Alice on a plane and it looks like everybody is watching like a met like the Matthew, Marconi, he interstellar messages from the past. Well the sun, about diet and uses like sobbing it that's what people look like when they were still hours on planes. Still our sun, applying those Andrea's is right there of all the things we can do in what is already one of the worst circumvent to be included on a long wait Why would you want willing, but also I don't know I mean it? Is it? Would you rather mostly about Alzheimer's or something about like blessings
falling into the Pacific Ocean depend row with wine. It's true by devised by east that'll, be though be alive. I decide their ministers when it Saint James to coming out and even need the rack. My just new college GINO Unaccented Darya. What lack that, because there is little doubt that speedboat still has aroused a gas cleaning. It quick question attendant re at the Seattle Collapse, because that's the next one riots, an excellent, gave in Essen Andy. I ever really sad topic to bring up that. Not a sad is still hours, but almost has said. Are you watching last man on earth I'm a few weeks behind, but I try just went back to catch up with you One of the world's second seasons in in a while, I'm actually bumps me, I checked out when they looked at the gas station. I'm sure I do
I just was one of those things. Are I just couldn't catch up? It's rough re like they put it in its third. If I get it almost makes, then that is not working right now, because the whole thing was never to high wire act like big, though the hope reason the pursuit and worked, because no one could believe they're gonna get away with it we ve been talking a lot about. Second seasons. Right now is a near. Is it one of those things where they just never should have done? One? I don't know what the answer is, but my kids, who loved last manner for some reason, because it's like the fantasy of being able to destroy everything into yea and at which is really what the show should be about, and they matter of these people and at one point like after four episodes. My daughter just turned me like completely serious as a daddy wise in the show funny anymore Which is bad at it says a bad place to be only too clearly
It getting more- and this is new and not funny anymore- they did they did the right thing that they moved to Malibu, which is where the you know. If there's ever in apocalypse, that's where everybody should try to go, don't be an heiress owner yeah. I met with internet thing about the show was here, the first epithet withdraw brilliant with the two key because they were all feeling that they are, they really gonna. Do that. That really really does be will forte than they bring increasing challenge like ok. They could do this for a while, but then I couldn't figure out if they were being brilliant or just being scared, because then they suddenly crashed everyone into it and the whole foresees and at the end of it felt like a normal, become is just different. Rules but I think if it comes to the walking dead universe, are you guys do you guys care about? Other rating stories are that people have been raining lately about where primetime ratings and just how the models change other stuff cause like. B C, had at ten o clock show what said ten o clock show and they beside him. He made wicked thirty year wicked city was: we can set a limit of zero point. Four witches
sickly. What ways to get for thirty, four thirty sunniest paean to right, so you you're. Basically the executive producer of wicked city using by your property, hits zero point. For it. So we can run this on a b c right now, Nude probably get a zero point. Four, I don't know what the hell is happening to ratings and how people watch tv, but it feels like the whole motto, is blowing a bright so that it meets again destroy, went through this too, where now, if you sell five hundred thousand copies of record in three months, you're like a superstar right near the differences with tv, that there is a way that people watch TV as out paved the way the industry to the justice demonetized. That gap is no question that everyone is watching stuff and more people are watching more things than ever before and like the really savvy network that data little bit ahead of it but you know I talked to your storm in about this because, like home, catch fire, show I really like
found a way to keep it alive for thirty years, and even though the ratings are terrible because their basically they own at which help, and that, with a lot of shows that help but they're making the bet that, if we invest in this now at some point, this will be in our continent. Library and people will discover it, and that has value but its. But when you add supported it's hard to make the case when you have a splash of burden sharing, that we do here. You d, better luck! I had some ideas for the Monday night ABC cassava love. Jimmy came only smiled, Bosnia, Buddy and IDA. I don't want him, never lead in. That gets a zero point four first of, just lost reruns Any lost rearranges does better than a zero point. Four, oh yeah. Second, lost reruns, but with J J Abrams, but with some its J hosted by J J Abrams that J J rooms, I let it always the window out and the by Linda, laugh but with like them
It is possible last message board person and the kind of guy who is an Wendell. I've said the whole time and injustice uneasy pity I type thing clang and add a break series. I pull high Nick he Impala mean TAT, was horrible images Linda thing really touchy bad, but but also what? If they don't tell him in advance, greeted me to see him sweating in an empty studio and, in the credit, go up any realises that the pilot had you at the greater in real time whether he is my third idea so lost. What six seven seasons, how many actual seasons were in those seven seasons of rear content where things move soldier, it wasn't just like a throwaway ads. You refer away. I k here's the back story of friggin carry like maneuvers near Marina, half way do you think I would say maybe three and a half, irrespective of the first three was the first season was great and the second,
who were kind of all over the place, and then they got they got it together. Have a limited, though charters visas to the latter became interesting is if they did do it, this isn't a godfather trilogy, which is where they cut it chronologically. So you a cigar start at the earliest flashback chronic glass and show it up to and through, as it is, basically the the in crash would happen in the middle of the sea. The series here's my counter. Now you pick. That means you begin with elephants, Janni. We regret that we have with you with that guy could you. Or writing all around her. I feel, like that's problematic, for new nuclear weapons a bridge last meeting up to the moment where Jack says we have to go back and then just ads. I think you could do that in a season they really want to herbicides of just shop and how better their wicked city yeah Actually, I might actually run back lost if they ever that other fatter would be the difference of a five.
Porterhouse stake that has a ton of fat now got a really work at it. I used my stay the night. How could you do that now it with Itunes or whatever in and you wouldn't needs it to sit through commercials on a Monday night now, but I have somebody cutting other fat for me, it is true that would actually be a pretty good. Job would be like the tv. Come here. I wanted. I want a game there. What are your last name begins. Condensed games version of lost Andy, this should beer eat. This should be one you're new jobs, tv, concierge yeah. I deliberately the like what kind of experience would you like to like the boring and regret that one? Would you like the lean like power power back, because I think they could do the same thing within my pity. Blue, oh yeah, right I think it is a pity blue may have not aged as well as we remember, though it over. There are now two photos. There did with different thing, though, because the we never shows what does ran forever at twenty two episode. It only in hindsight that we see what were the important story, though, if you go
when you look at what the boy the are like eleven years, your info, what were the actual storylines the matter and what we're just like? We love the show we like hanging out in Chicago trauma. Word like they were. There are. Probably you could take me make three. These are our most important story, that of the long running how you guys again, I know to save money nights where we do you put together a Brennan en Bloc, oh, where it's just Brennan on Nypd Blue episodes, judging Amy Brennan back the brave lack, the first season of leftovers, where she doesn't talk there and and then go round a camel quite quickly. Regiment if it gets one came off and the referendum in as a guest until we often talk really had the idea so E. Clun is on that show, including becomes one of the biggest stars in the world, and now a lot of people proverbs twenty five, an underdog, really remember, yard uneven. Other colony was on it. You go back,
just take off the Collooney scenes in you make a vcr slash. The dog, Russia only obviously pretending it's a new shown he's just in every see yet, but there's like plenty of it if he wasn't big enough starve it. So when the first season of ear there's plenty of scenes, we're like the extent of his participation, is plain pick a basketball. That's fine! Then it's a lot about it. Like I don't know, I guess commit to Juliet am arteries of that with that without it won't like very Juliette immediately but get it. I mean it. Are reaching the point where these networks, you're gonna, have to dig deep isn T mention Chris mentioned the record industry at the catalogue that kept things the live right, like the fact that people keep buying like culture we'll by Bob Marley Legend every year, no matter where, in that, keep an entire need a mega corporation alive that these networks probably should keep going back to the well. If that person he showed they don't own like NBC, doesn't only are Warner brothers. Can I ask really stupid question?
you do better than the five stupid questions I just ass it, and in this way, can we stupor than Brantome Unblock what is done. In them. From abandoning Nielsen like why not come up with a new rating. That's just like! Yet no one like this plus this, because this rating in this show is doing acts busy. I think it's because I don't have the letter of the best answer, which is a boy was saying the accurate answer. I think it has a lot to do with advertising growing also they might not like the numbers they get back rating might not like the numbers, and at least this way I mean like the network's exists because of ad failed. The bills are still based on the open and that's the way it locked in, but never like it. Network: like effects is abandoned, traditional rate it they do not. Report are released. There life anymore. They only report be the helpless three in the Alps. Seven be they feel like that. The lab were telling us is actually watching and why, in that their basing their vision. Of that. We should add that a grantline hundreds I didn't say refinancing from release their ratings and our own
It is our duty and we are less ratings for the sake of post. I have the best idea to save the ten o clock: Manette, ABC Old bachelors. What are they have like twenty five seasons worth O Juliet's, not watching season three yeah when I was his bright, random, back added them in a different way and add like a couple comedians and stuff, and I thought you might like old bachelor place, cocoon their weekly bachelor master, the bachelors yeah they people over seventy or people trying to find love a deal I can guarantee is that my mom would definitely be a rich man really leads a date barely house near or the new, and you like to drink wine, my mobs available. Why has it not been explored as it like? I know. Old people in general are like anathema like they don't put them on tv, because they think that audiences will be horrified and run away, but, like the company
what why not. When we saw the bachelor here, I mean there's a lot of distance to cover between, like twenty six and eighty by, we could get what gets no boxes in there vat or of Agro thirty? One is eighty actual universe. Dream was basically a dedicated court that you are over the age of thirty and that world, but like white out that one of these shows in like Palm Beach, something bad Pompey, NASA S, great old, Baxter's, incredible I was thinking old bachelors, but I, like old bachelor hears about giving up to make that an excellent shuffle border. In my spare time I like to listen to the edges games on the radio and make peanut butter, sandwiches and right angry comment on pay about how the president of the Muslim, like people, let her publicans loading resemble do. What's did, did you get it Early bird specials differs dinars and Pompey flock. Would you like to go out to dinner with me it at work? Where do you live
arose surveys it. Six threeg is Bob's gotta go to bed where have they were old bachelor in the real bad sir there's always a couple girls. They turn their one of them as a kid right of em was was the husband died, and then one of the engagement got caught off your guys? There's no time I do actually writes about you. Don't have to feel bad fear snicker, it's a terrible shock, but it's a big part of the show is when they dropped the bomb and the bachelor, because it s like the one real point of influence. They're gonna have over him as he's gonna feel bad they're gonna connect, re she's, start crying and then what engagement got called I was devastated, was so humiliated, puts the arm round her with that with all. Bachelor you'll have some widowers meal
couple my husband died here and then it will be like. When does that card game play or like my husband left me for a woman who was twenty five years younger than me he's a snake, it drove our family there'll, be all these different cards that it be so tomorrow. It still fresh, Bob's like I've. What one here the story, but I have to go home because energy, I ask, is ninety eight o clock like I have to pay her, but I felt it has just stated in instead, it to record, obviously might might put by harder than play, but though, with my bladder like the girl. I think we can rigour, pry rap with old bachelor, goes nobody's ever going to have a better idea than their Andrea was great talking you again men. I guess so. Next week we're gonna be on channel thirty. Three, like we said to beginning the episode. It's the end, the new Pike s Feet here. The watch their pads on their very shortly, thanks, which often bible. Thank you,
risk, because all the ass in her Uganda is a ten grand operate, gave great coverage.
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