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Ep. 26: Week 11 NFL w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons brings on Cousin Sal to discuss Week 11 NFL lines, Ronda Rousey's shocking defeat (3:50 mark), Giants-Pats (7:00), Manning's injury (17:13), KC's AFC West contention (20:20), Romo's return (29:13), Greg Hardy's WWE career(30:30), Cards-Seahawks (36:50), Cam's TD dance (40:01), Bengals-Cards (50:03) and two must-see TV shows.
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that we may have to put on Youtube. Video of our friend Brad favour backs hats. Is, and just and just having basically near heart attack as he would love. We box back, loves hats. Pay you to go to wake up, backs that c o in use code bill for ten hours after First Box. That's Fagel Box that C o promo code bill for ten bucks off the best hats us, as you have probably never heard, of and rough very excited for this is that more excited for this Monday pod than any money applied within so far, but why incredible Pats Giants game you're cowboys had completely fond of fire. The biggest upsetting female sports history or just open, can, talk for a second while I closed door YAP by the way the big upset. Obviously,
First of all, how is nine to one the biggest upset and you have sea? Has you have see history? It didn't even say women's ninety one, the sportsman around four four nobody's ever better nine one favouring the word sounds crazy to me, but everyone reported that and the biggest absurd, not that will live in Spain. The men on this new me The girl was a thirty nine, a half point underdog two boys estate football. In what attitude and one and so does the going is reviving, were not in the lions beaten packers at about the right that we quickly before we get in this package. Some has quiney. You can subscribe to the Soundcloud or Stitcher and by the way, if you're in fear in Itunes, Geier leave US review, in the park ass, you can praise ass. You can and sought he complained about by us for the bosses port seems, I don't care. Actually I do care
I note that using crazy, you think, they'll give a review. I just keep some reviews. Will all these other Pakistan reviews are? These nerds are reviewing the Mp Archive CAS people like to stick to themselves it, and I don't think they like to comment. Let's talk about, let's talk about rousing. First, really, quick. Did you pay for that fight, so well depends how you mean now. I didn't. I didn't, because I figure It was gonna to be over and catch the six second divine. That was vine around of her knock out near first round, but I put together substantial parlay. To to football one like Michigan Michigan State than a golden They money line over the nets which, as rousing, was coming ring nationalist and regulation, but they want, and over time I actually saw that. Thank you didn't write. It was a ludicrous went right
next, when that day, nine hundred on green takes three Anders stoop Samite, that's it! I got this round arousing engineer you just gotta crap kicked out of her like like no one's, but I dont know enough about a mermaid and know what happened in that fight, but it really did seem like she had. No game plan whatsoever Vladimir MIKE Tyson in Japan just stumbling around with like his two bodies in the corner. That's what I was designer. I just hate her over and over again with her left, but that's kind of what we always thought that Mamma would be done. We always take. All good box will take out we'll take out an all around fighter. Just just add a quickness everything. I know she hid urgent actor out a spinning back or something but which it all toys connect that hit her hitting our head near, but as with the failure before that. But why can't I dont owners enough about him and I am sure this will make people mad cows, Mme people, like anyone, talk about him, a man ass, you know other moves, don't comment on the dark. I am Evanna. I dont know
stand if, if I thought the person on the ground could always beat the boxer like how to get them on the ground and that they can do so if they could get him on the ground. But why couldn't rousing just figure out how to get a few and total yeah why it seem like she was totally happy to boxer narrating get shit. I want a lot of one before just total, but this this denotes boxing chap is erroneous. Well, I'm back stated for the rebate, This has to be the greatest thing that could happen in the USA, rat and near the thing we talked about we're text him at this did fell says we talked about it yesterday were attacked I get tonnes, tweets and area and say we may have ruined for by for people who have the watchful sends out twice a week, just thrown a vote since it may be over frail. He really, maybe over the past DR yesterday, intact about had Tom Brady played it perfectly areas play the driveway,
was a throw to two guys in the guy just travel. I refresh it sounds like one of the five workers is career. I was bad because of eating. Get the guy behind him again reaches Loretta, so we talked about yesterday on texting exam. We talk. But this that you have see it's like they built up these what chance and then like right around the third or fourth fight where their totally immense above ages get upset. They lose, and we should remember this for gaming per year and I think it's because thereon their game. You have say because they are not like Paul, boxing, where ill spread out a re match or or just a great fight for what what could have been a great father know if it was ever gonna be great, packing may weather, but yet I took ten years like you have seen an opponent than you have another one. Four months later and at night you can't go two years without being undefeated, yet does seem in boxing. It seems like.
The right person wins almost all the time rat you might get the lucky punch everyone saw, but for the most part like may well, there's gonna be a pack of eight and nine out of ten times. You have seen does seem more random rat. You know, but residues messed up after their fight. Her face was really feel bad for haddock. They should fight the remit should be like a black black Friday thing. They put extra eriksson, enzyme. They just go for the last overboard on the shelf last woman standing. Do it giants pats, tough, tough spot for you, two teams, you like the pit pod Gaza, we so much better if the page its lose how can I leave room for these giants? I dont understand how Brady was able to pull off a final drive with no dm. Yes and no adamant area is the I mean you re entered the draft with a draft interception system that can present too much dad had to have been
one of the only drives in his career to win a game where he had no third down back thirty back things are real at an antipathy paid enough annex it took you, have Amand dollar fill that void, devilish fell and grown Cowskin, that's good or better than most aims. I beg Ellen, found one that's by a below average one to come about all these other teams or what are they doing it with? That's true, I guess Let's get his errand and cook forgot. I took out Brok their triple Timmy of near them, but your king of the hell you're the best team. By far there's, no doubt you There is the paternalistic season. This slung season is over for many of these teams. I figured I see nothing, you do is an angry you, that's that's always gonna be like this, but good the graves. Last, that's good for your good use, the time Tom Carbine ran like four plays and nineteen second tranche. How do you not know you're leaving Tom Brady too much time there? Why do you ran the key
pass timing pattern with two o six left until the day it was impossible for us to get the ball as fast as we got the bar. We we, the timid, many a time, our first down with two six laughed the first outbreak has to for the two men who has got it, and I want the play as you have to get to the tomb and second that play you run it. We have to call time out now and then third down whatever happens, should you shouldn't have played out the way point out. That was terrible? There were actually had a lot of faith that they're gonna screw that out by a wee watching their men are thinking to myself. If anyone can give us, the ball back, would like a hundred seconds left. It's the giant and- and I did I get dozens of these, so you must get thousands of these people telling you you're so arrogant, thinking you're better than all these cultures, while of course we're not when I got it scheming and were not good at you know, player place it would stuff like that, will never be as good as the current coaches but fires time management, girls, I think we are, I don't think it is being arrogant,
we watch every game. We watch eight games in the morning. We watch thousands games, that's what we have. Over these other cultures or or else what what's the ex explanation. Otherwise, I think we're going we than robbery and the near. I really do think I could ever better defence If you re not going to be like guys so Kurt Cousin, so here's what we're gonna do. I felt we d better. They let him go no longer like an hour before this body cast a but you'll, be working in five minutes. Boys shit in one of these two be networks. Throw him on immediate idea may be an ermine. I take it. You do that Hermitage rob he's got the look, for it must politely, give them a better offer. I don't know where he's going to work this guy. But I think what time management you now and we'll get ready in the morning and our kids are going to school. I raise running around and get it trying to feed the kids Craig. Did your memory Zack all that stuff, and occasionally the wife will leave the house. An end. Somebody's knapsack is still in the house that the maybe that's what it's like for Tom Coffee
Sign he's trying to figure out these different things. Oh, I totally forgotten not run planted a two minute warning, I'm so stupid like that he got it has where's that are going to school- I know I understand, did you think that was a catch now now and I'll takes up here? thing I idle bigger, was based on everything else. I dig at some point. It should be a catch and they need to change it. You ok with two feet down in possession, because I'm ok with that. What I don't understand is so oh running back is is getting tackled yet and puts the ball over the guideline first split. Second, in such, as is a runner yeah yeah So I guess it makes sense in principle that to catch the ball, you have to establish the possession of the bar run in Euro runner read, it would seem like Becum had the boy Longer than came Newton did that play a state when you re.
But the girl. I forget what second, in that the pilot and right. I know I know one thing should be a bigger touch it. Yet just one understand it like, Do you know when you are legally part like if you're six inches from the curve, and you will to turn the right way or whatever, like yeah, can legally part. I note that looks I just want to know what a catch looks like an I'm. Ok with two feet down and possession. Now they say that changes the record books and everything, but who gives a crap like word there, so many pass interference calls I weren't made twenty years ago. I don't you I made, I would say, the rules or your little bare, because when I watched it I never thought it was a catch, but that's because in your head My headway at other instances of that not being a cat rose like that sign a catch there can overrule this threat. What was weird was the reps really wanted to make it a catch, because then they all gain their screw. The patriots lesbian they try to look back early hours- some really Shea because was down ass, come
was he in there there was the at the game. I was wasn't a lick which calls remember, I saw the giants. Gettin Breyer isn't going to pass interference or Malcolm bellowed. Even becum night I was bad Butler verses back home was fantastic NOS one watch. So I had on my daughter's last Hocker game of her season was yesterday, and it was at to twenty two two paths: giant stared at one time, India. So what do you do for me? In all these days I watched my kids like football game, and I had the following, and I was just watching the end of the cab was game on the app watching dreaming near so I decided to go to the soccer game that from karma purposes have I just said size and that Goin threat pass. Louis I went- and I was I am not going to check the squire while an shrift these there are french shifty giants Van
in point has given me the operates, a happy jack and we're down twenty tan, and but we got in the car, and I got to see the whole fourth quarter Went back and watched ran the Ottoman heads, but it's a kid cycle, friction and attack it here about your anger guy, I think bangles earned the driver see now the panel. I've never felt worse about. I note and undefeated team MID November. My lays really silly to say that you're, not the driver's seat by Let's thoughts taken by collecting the bankers in the driver, soon teams which to a seat teams, are you most afraid to play in Amsterdam budget, but is it the bangles whatever in the Brok or that the Steelers amendment, including the Broncos, the Steelers Ben wrath, this barrier is foot. I thought it had to be tat. We had I watch again as it my god he's gonna lose his foot a caravan Eric is, you have to have like a fake boot and then he's back
he said today was because he drank lot milk, a drag melt, age angle Adam allow. Yes, that was good luck now that great relief performance by quarterback ever like to underline something crazy, come and honour release They were obviously trying to get through that game without playing him. Just could add. Brands gave up three weeks ago right. The Brad's gave up three weeks ago Every week we don't bet against them, the other men. We said there were good, first half team. Yeah. I know they're, not even that anymore dollar. Add the Steelers and packers on money. On pilot, I lost our failing. You like eighty, partly isn t. As long as three lawyers that thing you and I in the middle the way you again, we should take all the mid range dogs money line. We should delay. We now like great, let's do it, but then- and I was even a bug you about it yesterday, but I like They know what rouse he lost. I gotta go at the short things I gotta Packers and I just stop myself there on a Monday line with whoever and that's that just kill me. But let's take a look at those mid range. Underdogs Jaguar
give us the fierce and set up the guide you do. What does it say? We talked about those, red gender dogs earlier in the week- and we are talking about Talkin VAT, jaguars lions, we talked about the Titans bears dolls. Giants. We will know the land so well, mines were six at one. I don't open the dolphins and their debt, those six foot of online there. Almost all three two one hives were cheat chiefs around there, but the chief scientist that initiative Geezer. I guess they were six I figured out five out of those seven winners. We would indebted three point: seven one million dollars that warehouse not like a fan Doth agreed at. We have to split up it. That's what we wouldn't want. RO. We were saying that if we hit three of the seven noon, and because all the ads and be like, plus one eighty and higher and then and then turn to be more than that, the broadcasting. So yet again, this happened last year to paint and he was awful and then Monday morning, Adam Shifter sore
this time of shaft there, some injury that explains why pay money was so terrible, and then it happened today. Last time this happen. They said he had like. I was like a torrent, quad muscle rat and then the Denver beat reporter said not outside rhetorical my my sources say: it's just a strain, and there is like a. Said she said thing about so that seem like Manning. I don't blame for this, but every time he's terrible all the sudden. The injuries comes out twelve hours later now, but it was on it came out like Friday or saddler. The line went from six and a half for became correctly. There is little banged up his ribs, and now this for now it scientists torrent, he's gotta torn pointer for scientists, thing that no anonymous foot he added the whole time. Why do they even have injury reports threaten everybody's hurt everybody's, but please tell us unless, when I tell us earlier, this is what gambling's that legally Serbia class action suit against pinata Brok. Us new right now should be, but let me ask you: D is Peyton Manning
most overrated and underrated player of all time. I put their cheater and Europe your Larry, Bernier, Jeer, Larry Bird either he's your thing. I've ever able to react. Are you talking about most over eight, and I remember tat people say the greatest of all three. As is evident right as everyone, a more than thirty sire tops. Play is greatest forward. Ever until o Brien started playing a hundred times. A year so let us all its outlier birds out that most overran on the rapid either. The jailer case could is not bad and because right, there can reckon Junior, I think, is up there firstly overran under by interested with meaning I mean I r blow away with surprise and shock that paint Manning couldn't last ten weeks now, no money for it. Yours are these add forward next
trees in his any at can't move anymore. I mean this is where this was headed, sure, but two weeks Oh it demolish the packers who are not known great, for as we say, but you now he was back like that footballs week to week with us, but I member we were saying how they should just not even plantain of November. Manage sit him out to sit amounts out September October. Over just go, go foreign for rare and then try to get ten weeks of man, and I think that's the move with him yeah it's it's like when they asked rose with climate. The last two years and everywhere just bring him in June that smart about it. So we should be on a pitch cat like like Harvey, was for a little bit like four passes. That's Am I allowed to start getting excited about? The chief save see West bet that we made in August for plus three hundred now, what I'm not allowed to get excited about, has who back what others three Barry, but they beat Denver right and they really should be done that, for it was at that the air fares- and I came- we-
two three, I gather so they split with them the San Diego catastrophe. Writers have now been exposed and sure whose either to him oh yeah, Denver in case why can be easily when that division there could be good. Do I need to go through the schedule donate to bring dog? I think we're out already thou. It's ten wouldn't be rivals. Pate Broncos play the pay It's all over the Broncos got out. Will you allow me to give you the chiefs, San Diego Sunday. That is that's out of Sunday night anymore, so that's a late afternoon book I tweet got move because because a charges that bad- but that's any- I go home for Buffalo at Oakland Home for Sandy. And Baltimore Home for Cleveland Open, run the slate while ten and six eleven five an umbrella, I think they go five into out of those seven that seven left Danvers got at Chicago next week with
Brok, Ass Weiler, where his name, what's his name etc. Ass Weiler. Yes, Hustler Brook Ass Weiler, watch, and when the king, when Brok Bracken Weiler he's starting next week. Their home for the Pats at Sea, India, home for open at Pittsburgh, since Monday night player first belong at ever then seeing data they could lose the Chicago they lose the pats thinking they end up eleven and five so Chiefs Africa, ten in six, ten and sex, maybe whose ass game them home for the San Diego chargers. There could be an there could be the one they need to win. Can't you escaped Bayliss heartache. Yell had to pay me Stephen. I know I'm not accusing Peyton Manning anything I'm just pointing this out paint many knew he was hurt. He needed form yards for the record.
And he played anyway. He put his team in danger. He knew he shouldn't have played Stephen, I he knew it selfish act by a selfish guy. I like that now we have to show a cut away. That would never appear on any other tv show of Skip Bayliss. Listening to Stephen as regards before we do the weak eleven lines, so many people try to protect themselves as home security systems and then getting ripped off the red huge checks. They sat long term contracts that dont give them any ads so why get ripped off so should we got ripped off all weekend with gambling? How do we not get rid? Tell us how we got to get ripped off, but you don't have to deal with pushy salespeople and outrageous price tags. If you go to Simplisafe I'll pay that much different from all the other companies, no sales pressure, no couches, no long term contracts. It won't take you months and months to get your home safe and secure to get twenty four slash. Seven protection for just fifteen bucks a month, that's less than half
what most companies charge even better? You get their award winning professional manner and they sent me a box super easy, really wasn't it big of a box just set up here, a little whatever. I feel pretty safe right now and you have to say please thank you, protect your home than alarm. I trust visit simply safe a bill that car and get an exclusive ten percent off. Just because you listen to the bill. Simmons podcast there, our friends, they keep you safe, simply safe bill. Dotcom are weak. Eleven new Rio I didn't do that. Well, we ten- and I think we have now had the point of the season- were pretty much everyone if everyone every week and we just have to be prepared emotionally. For that I don't feel good about anything TAT neither than these lines or they fly all over the. Is, unlike we said there, no longer on the threes or the sixes and sevens arm like one too. I do want to ruin it for Burma.
Have I yesterday when there is a will there? Is that eighteen, sixteen yeah? What have we read? Eighteen, sixteen game is run discords, a ridiculous. Can I just read before and into this idea, was a mess outs. Arizona was my best bet, my tv best bet, but I was so disillusioned by. The end of the day as like I'm not taken Emma this is this is a big mess of what so what everyone says, we need three and six in the first tat were so I said I see at all hours on I'll. Take it under that's my bounce back aim, I'm doing it first half under twenty two: it's five, not thing, five, not thing with eight minutes left in the second quarter, and that frickin five nothing with eight minutes left in the second quarter, and that frickin half goes over twenty two to seven. No one's China Gore Parts mother, handing off it's ridiculous saddles. Getting. To holding call the drive and punting five I and I was twenty two seven and the best bet ones hours on I like after a finnish
This package, someone were to be walking out near gonna, ask me for alone, because you get tomorrow so that we can do at the march this year I was a bad weekend. I blame round the rosy and simplicity Maybe there is seeking to protect, contacted me about it. They should add agreeably protection wing there too, the alarms yet Randy you're no longer that to throw a minus eight hundred, you have seen fighters into your Barletta gear on banning you from there might be done. Let's do our week, eleven thirty night is just in electric game that will be telling our grandkids about some day here, Tennessee at Jacksonville and the Colorblind suffered Thursday, and I think that the actual blind will be better off in the best case scenario. This is by a loved her bed car by people got about those uniform furious sailor. Really in I don't blame them,
How do you watch a game if your color by dark uniforms doorway the video file instead of being profusely podge added the edifice again, we're gonna look into that rather thanks as usual with three years from now have an answer to their cause. That's how we rule this is the giant this. What did you say? I had the jagged minus four and I like the Jack's. I said jagged minus six and its it's three, so you get this one, but I can we the jagged or three and six tendency to in seven the jagged or better. And their home, and it's only it's three, their considered, even otherwise, at that that's not right as it was there are worse last this year than Baltimore Zasada decade. I think now is in sad that the giants and weak
was the worst last year. In the end, the ravens. Nobody cares because there are like two and seven when six, but that that was the were like. If you had the Ravens money line and that game you, you Jesse you're, still walking round in a fog it at the era it had a it had. A professional wrestling element to it were portals, takes a snap and falls and they all like if he doesn't fit. Oh that's over to promote us. I don't forget the part it seem like they snapped after a little allies, but then they shouted and it was like a zeal slowing second, before closer got off and then do Marvell comes done even really need to touch. It manages Yanks em around by the face. Mass, puts him and feel go range, the guy who miss this Myers and he cranks it in ludicrous behave in it. Even if he doesn't face mask common borders, is running around trying to make a play than I would have run out anyway. Would it what is a good idea? Ragged a river ass Dwayne his feet, just thorough Hale merrier offer, but the real has deserve because they blew the whistle on the patriots
our bad things. For them, I approve of the Jaguar Tsar bad there there their face detail, they portals, as you were like about borders, secure a terrible pass and he's fine. The next Dr Yell, and I was back in herds and Robinson their big their play makers that not terrible these are the people, be deciding fantasy leagues and weak fifteen into everything. Hearns rabbits in born or again But, as you mentioned, New Orleans Giants Pittsburgh in Cleveland on the by This is the last. By way of the year, and that's it that our to the fell. They gave us nine early games and too late afternoon games thanks again, NFL, that's great job. I you, how are the pats on the giants that the national game? History I was weird, wasn't it it wasn't national game and yet Sims Nance call that right, yeah. That was strange and not as much as I hate the gene.
I think. If you lose in the last second feel go to the patriots, you should be given your division. The judge when the division, just based on on losing Adrian Alas, it is so funny in football dead like the first time we put them in the Superbowl was what eight years ago, Naomi and half years ago it near the giants in their France, though Phillip we can beat. The patriot as a matter who's and his team, there just sit in football. You have these teams useful, you can beat the giants going, they have ten a confident set, but you felt that two on there I was. I was nervous the whole time here. That's the one! That's our travel! Now, it's weird it's weird Evan Archer, on the other car you play every four years. Yes, it's a super. Why has he used to be the courts but then needed now around the court's terrible Dallas at Miami Mass only Romo back too must lobby
back his play. Armitage switch man, let my pick die Venza by three. I said dolphins by two and a half. We asked cowboys by one who the two and seven cowboys so you and that you have not one game since Gregg hardest showed up before that. Even now, he is like the last care there that everybody hates and the message boards and then they figure out a way to cut them off. That's Albion. That will be he will we be in the team over under ten and a half more days. JANET team eleven days from now. I think, I think deeply one game with Roma. Doesn't everybody just to see what happens and then
if the animal feed, as you meeting he's fighting with offensive line, man is he's doing all this other stuff during the week to that's in ancillary too, though, all the other horrible stuff, but when his little manner Do you think he'll be ready in time for RO rumble Jane ready to accept. I wanna hear gentlemen ease our aid, be a top three villain and have a villain is good- is great clarity. The true I liked as come in, I am not going to apologize framing I've done, does does. Does that weren't their hearty brought up in the debate that we have already wasn't He could be the new my hearty their hearty brothers authorities, long lost Brian. There are later that should be next move the there, because it seems I key actually embraces the fact that his about human being Bruce with it.
He doesn't. Care of people have done what it I'm a bad person. I don't care what you think. I wonder. Vincent man would turn him down for character issues. I don't think so. A lot of that law already Jerry Feed, drew the lad red areas where we should probably be playing from draft takes at this point, but what's funny you're not done yet Ninety seven could stolen that. I do not find in the eagles our atrocious when a tear all that you will get the dolphins Eagles games, like maybe dolphins, are girl. Now now don't even count. That is any game that you just saw. What's frustrating about. The EU goes as they can do things. I like to have a good pass. Rationally have talent, I wonder if they had a different coach fears about be maybe an eleven in five team or something ship Kelly will get to that lie. Don't ever their ship jellies get, I think everyone's afraid of him now Vegas, especially that keeps making them favorites in everyday? It's very strange to me: there is no way they should have less to Miami. I watched the latter that game by Joachim arrested
we're watching her and it was almost a turn off at one point now and then my aim is kind of a lingering, but maybe it as they have camera wake like they barely overpass arrangements. On a team, you should lose two in Philadelphia. Bradford goes out which There is now a season. You know that you know that's gonna happen once a season he's gonna walk out, as studies show in this way greater the other shoulder and the concussion. But what do you think this line is because that is a different game and are we I have the eye of the eye, the eagles by six over a temper in Philadelphia, pessimism thou, I said four and a half and your right at six and a half but, like I said, really just seems like everyone's just afraid of chip Kelly exploding with this offence. I like camper, I think James has little Sutton. Some he's got even though he almost far more than the girl alone, I did fumble undergo line and they called oh. They get there.
They are even after, even though James had committed to running down and get me start yet, I won't get started. Noted is Jason. Garrett should be fired, but I think Jerry Jones, so old. It's like getting your grandparents go on a plane or to change from view. The art dvd player, like none on our or happy with your life, would be how much easier if you watching Blu Ray instead of these tapes at no one makes anymore. It's like just leave me alone? I want to be the way I wanna be. That's it that's. Why Jason Garriga job. I think I'm getting now. You are there because then started move in that direction. My mom as I thought, would, networks for like three and a half years, just wouldn't do Netflix where they ve got it in Africa. The movies are there, the radio's, you'll love it. Now I don't know, I can't figure it out should actually why Is everything all right? She's a number one like weird Netflix show person as something with
We are now I know now. I have any have HBO, no, no, but they have the old sears and there you should do it now. I can add, or not a log in the age people now then you just through and because you realize you're being a jerk with the Netflix. Now not love, Jerry Jones get HBO. Now, let's do it array, Saint Louis Baltimore, one and a half overseen Louis. I too have figured out the ribs, though, finally, to exaggerate, I had one half Baltimore by one and a half overseen Louis, I too have figured out the ribs, though finally, its exact, what I had one half and at Saint Louis, favoured by one ok, that's too road teams very slight. You figured out the rat. I've figured out there you're, not how we could sell off our rams two, when the end of sleep at that I haven't figured out we're screwed with that we're screwed with the rackets. The latter indeterminate. The rackets right now, there's a lot of bad. They were in bad shape, bad gaelic shape, but we have our patriots. Agencies
bet that we're gonna, that's that's Alzheimer Alot about as outlaws. We put a lot of money and thou in Saint Louis wait a minute now, they're thirty five to one. There were six while they lost their ass to since we better then thrown away our trouble. We have that relax. Third with a relaxing the packers matters, take a falls there. You get down ten points. That's it. That's bad! Second dollars! That was I've. U have to. I think, if nothing else given the game's over near. So what really there? The best real time gambling team they were in Vegas in you can bet on the results. As the green line, I had a sad shift, their dad three, nothing, you just start bang in the other. Two three citizenry hips, don't have the way so rather than of the boy and agri? save on Austin. They try to force like seven to ten, carries out of a break one, and then yesterday twice was called for penalty. It was brought back, but now that Robert
he's, gonna dig. Jan Fischer. Is the new wait a second? Why does he saw the job really he's been eight eight fer a decade and a half Now you can blame us as much as we could blame him for banning them. I think that's terrific. That was the problem with sad. Is that I love the though the recipe of really good red game, really defence, and yet I disparage the Minnesota Vikings for forestry. I who have the exact same recipe and do it better than the rams dead and beat the ram fancied the rams its away. Where was I in the vikings now you're out these bike, fancy. Now. Are you going to get says what I'm I'm on your side now see me now that I'm picking below me ask you this. Just. I asked about the F C Dear Annex Hulu than superbowl patriots who do the opponents of it. That's why it is absolutely Materiel Arizona.
A soda who you more afraid of Arizona Minnesota Carolina. I thought that was a really important cardinals game history. There they ate two, because they is there their best run back and guard? They loses a big leads to have a bunch of dumb stuff happen they're in Seattle that just had all the makings of the classic Seahawks turn their Caesar s wages they they really like, throttled them. I was so impressed. I thought we had a secondary, but suck is that possible? Well, I think, there's always going to be big. Hits over the middle always going to be tough guys, but then a little thin there, a little on the second there- and I don't have the whole field advantage and the ravens aren't good the packers. Don't don't blow anyone out there like five narrative, that we have to react just a kind of get rid of from from now on, but when, after the second stripped sack of sea ox, you thought there you go again by twenty one points right, that's a that! There's no way Arizona texts,
Eighty our drive to win that game afterwards. That was very impressive and also the Seahawks were like plus two with turnovers at home. They games should be over right. They take out a defensive touchdown, I don't know- I am writing them off from sire seahawks. Yet of the bizarre yeah? I gave them a huge benefit the doubt, but that there's something stinky with their team So I don't know who the second while card. Morning, United Man, anger, land and Green Bay, I dont think Atlantis get they might do to payment by their Lana, making the plastic six in three? I think they still play the AMC South in their development and others get home. I'm out of rudeness went home for Andy Home from Minnesota.
Tampa at Carolina. Add Jacksonville Home for Carolina, neurons cat. That's a terrible schedule NOS four, more ones, everything so if they beat into this week there probably making the pioneer they'll get to China is, can any let's and we share the bears, can't make the plants find the watch, their Omar damper at Green Ban, Thursday home for San Francisco washed and at Minnesota at Tampa home further right, didn't play at land at all like if they push ahead with one of these teams will help now then in play. The Falcons is sheer: let's do Denver at Chicago Ye Lsd, Danbridge Gaga. This would have been a great game. John Fox all aim practiced in Spain, whose who's the quarter ECB progress while in practice that let me save the right line workers by one.
I don't know this is gonna, be mass. Here I said I said broncos by three and its two alone. I, like the berry, tie anywhere again Adam gazed at a great job. At that conference, Washington, Carolina. Panthers by seven. If this could be the game they blow, we wouldn't say that for seven straight weeks, but this really does feel like it, as did shall know the game you now that seven and a half I said eight and a half. You think this is the one huh washed and scores lot Should we take this with that ran around? financing her retirement. For me, I see and then change your man a month later she not retiring no way. No. Allies, gotta be ten and and then the cowboys have to be up winning by seventeen against him on Thanksgiving than blow it right. This is that's: what's gonna happen,
you're thanksgivings already ruined and has even have internet at least try to its import barriers to get us there. I thought I thought came Newton acted like a deck when he scored the aid, it he's just a deck too, and a seed defence, but Billy hey guys, don't let me score that security act that they could take for ten seconds. Just going to say you don't want me dancing the enzyme. What do you do bill? Don't let him get there, don't let it get their illicit afford sports Jos and they basically just reap repeated his comment but made it their own. Don't let him get their guys? That's how you don't seem dance giving you know at thou. You do that stuff and then all of a sudden, somebody's cracked. Black anew at a peck when you're not looking because your dick construe, I don't think, there's any reason is we the VP leader right now, I'm Brady re dead souls to maybe Carson Palmer. Let's say I love Carson Palmer. I really do think is,
Let's Eric Brady minus two hundred km plus two eighty Carson Palmer, tend to one ended on twelve Taiwan, Rogers Fifteen, the one fragile, cedars and and fifty one one, He isn't real Pearson. If he ran off a few more those eighty ardors can you get to two thousand yards? There are two seed and he gets the two thousand yards there. Fifty to one point, to do that as a good, where jinx designs, we could do that all gonna Detroit wait. Wait are the other other people who love to get out, about stuff Petersen? Rainier VP would be a good one tat you may be the most They require age and be you're, not the most valuable person today that watch a lot of them. Out outrage society, one man Oconnor Detroit or maybe you should donate your trophy Oakland I have. I can even find it
I have them favoured by one and a half and an arm round now you're exactly right. How did you pick tat they are terrible. I lost my hands, I say that's a pick. You said old one by one avenues. One hears why I'm not gonna relax the packers. The lines are terrible. They wouldn't labour of Gore stare at their now get a football lust another guy. Yesterday, you know what happened. I had my on Green Bay and that, at some point, as I was almost not that I was running for Detroit Buzz, I yonder Lizzie bad disagree that may make I'm just not betting enough. There's a problem but armed good, really good human being now not bedding but Detroit I mean Calvin Johnson never looked like he wanted to play for another ten more than when he dropped the onside kick check really. Just as I I'm We here in a few weeks why you gotta either there is a better idea of what is going on. Prater has the field record longest feel goes missing extra points, so how's esteem and Green Bay was right in it. I I've been
and this for couple weeks and I'm gonna say it more emphatically. This week I'm not gonna relax the packers, their receivers can't get open. Now they can't pictures. We had that game on most of the game every pass. It's like registering a password the guide jumping over the debts of back, like those guys, There has to throw it over the backbone of the guys I never ever ever open. It is very strange, but no one can opener the tight adzes rain and tightens I've never heard resolute zone. I guess the team of get over there. Like forty seven yards, rushing at home. You can't do that. That's a pack of football, yet the mixing up a little bit, but I have some gluten free secrets, ready, lazy, but what is it? really to get to get back in the age of citing, maybe maybe skip a few lines. She's roebucks juice. We seem beaten care juice, there I will gladly ninety bread of just get rid of bread now cut out like three weeks later,
shipping. I wouldn't overdo it. Eddie Lacy, there's so much with cheap in it and then was concept what're you gonna, do here's the thing you think green bays gonna write the ship at some point right now to really I really don't. I don't think they lack Ed Let's go to that gets down MID November in this is when we can really figure out whose good and not get in Green Bay needed when their game Esther Day and they blew it and they didn't look good and I'm not relax the new and that game there at Minnesota this week. If they crush Minnesota. We're back on Green Bay. Now, right now, it's like remains a top team. What do they, I believe in the way things I have them by two and a half only because I think Vegas half point just throws the Packers Way casino People have Tibet and wait to see what vague as this one, I said, we need more favoured its apparent. Do it it's a pic. What to pick right now.
What's the matter on their not done bending Green bay, but TAT. One thing about Minnesota: Perfect called weathered him yeah it's out or stay on the body, I dont shows Bridgewater even a little but the Packers defence like it's, not that's the that's the eighty five bears you're gonna hate the them. Sue you. I could tell you getting along at a late hour that no, I don't want the Vikings to delete your back on now, you're gonna, I gotta say I I think I got to Irrational Bridgewater Adjusted. I thought he was going to cost them the aim of keeping any re aid is now to do that. My jack he's twenty four two thousand modes finer defences rocks island. I really like the defect set, calls at falcons waiting. This one it now. I don't even really want to do it. You just said that we could skip it. Falcons by threats is the one. I picked exactly minus six. Oh! No! Luck! No luck! Yeah! Now! Let none not given your redo there near. Yet
a rather maybe maybe healthy man ass, a back is better than injure. Did your luck and then, whose back they have Charlie wider stay abroad- and you know When I get a cause of eighteen and two thousand tat, he did Member I may, when I was in the house, can be the top five and the super contest I just needed saved it. I'd rather ass, set before he had simply his way, but more had simply safe. Yet eighty thousand hours rams Van is three at Seattle, not weeks seventeen o Reilly right, I'll, write, em right, the first time same Bradford, really really her right hurt my feelings with it was either. Back when New Orleans went, there is like a nine point: wildcard fares rather waiters China. Here he cost us. There too China whiteness cost Gamblers Grass America like
we made our doubts, who accept the lock, as he looks like Jesus jets at Houston jets at Houston cat. These games are awful. What's the best game, you know the better gaining mattered and his gang virtual cargo with the giant ox thing, but now ass Weiler and add the jets by three by three at Houston, and I like the jets. We split this I said to its two and a half. I think I like most three after Houston loses by thirty point. Sedated Dan love is that what this week since and I are probably those by three tonnes right, the way this week is current either this is Darwin, that's her down, but this judgment and crazy round the rascally wake the jets defence twelve hundred yards, sing. Allow do you still have your house did rather here ass people are movers Booby referred to read our thing: Mayflowers move on the move
family my lifetime, trying to play it off that that the they didn't hurt that my child, I the pile AMS? I know you said I put it we remained ever. I didn't know you to throw in the high time rather than already lost with her by the Kansas City at San Diego, like I said, this was originally Sunday night Game now move back to for eastern four or five chief spanish. Three, I think we read the chiefs were like. Straight weeks and then during one of those four weeks, Andy read will break our harness and we can complain about him on a Monday park. Ass will get our money where you get this its chief, I said Jews by to have it is chiefly by three Andy Red Fit. Seen in two now offer by shouldn't, be dug just hired by teams to coach. Thereby like Marianna, registering a man like that idea? Like drop your boss? and a year ago, in a tap others, wake there we're just gonna buy that's all. I could do right really enjoyed by weeks now. What do we do? Thou coming I mean annually.
Coming off a stunning win it's a San Diego at home like two things that what what do we do? You're sending us on the rodya? Diego exactly there they make. Though I I can't imagine the chiefs fans really travelling, that's at a game or another Yossi thirty thousand chiefs failure to get hold of a bigger matters any more than an hour. I speak in a home failed advantages. San Francisco, at Seattle I mean, is that the afternoon games what're, you gonna, do what do you take the kids? The mountains might be this weekend, Sand Casey it's an egg o San France. Yet on the lamb doing those are the afternoon games. I have the sea favored by nine and I'll feel good about how you just beat me there. I said eight and one slash two: it's ten. Do you think there'll be legion of boom? T shirts for for fifty percent off on the NFL now confirm that thing I went and start wearing them. Ironically, rail legion of boom. Girlfriend the yards and us again is rough, but
Sherman, rather first person in Canada. The legion of boom died for M M Kubi families in a bomb, I think we will find out that I resign as much better than people think. Why was impressed Giles are going back in Algeria. Linkedin continues to the best pouring the league during the seven placing a year that he played error and I have any running backs. Could it turned the corner and that run a guy on the sidelines like three I don't get already hook ease her right now he just got hurt either of his car. I thought he should stop short, though, that the one he almost gave to me. Well I'll. Tell you one thing and feed then that Chris Cards or threat of Had accounts Gazprom columns against all live thing land Collins, Collins, gas, I'm going for Brady Peck yesterday. This is a game. They flax, too. Then I'd Cincinnati at Arizona, that's a great flax is really good data. That is it.
Flexible that some really good can generate Amby stay at regional, like really really good flex huge works with the cards by three and a half. I took this, isn't a Superbowl fifty preview, I get this. I said three and its two and a half laughed fires on at long last night. I would I would love, I would go a loved them this game I still like em the Kaiser great at home. Why should I trust any doubt in Arizona? Now I don't know you party being AUS big, but days these already clear to play. So by their bill. If you don't know, this is a good Sunday night game, but if you don't want to watch, if you want to catch up on a new up, the so called daylight shavings
it it yet extremes on Google images, it's very strange daylight shavings when daylight shavings its Zack alpha, Nackerson Rupert for from survivor and their bearded guys. I work in a clock shop, but they there actually fixed Games W Nba game. So that's where the shaman it's it's a drama that sounds like funny, but to draw it's really good check it on Google images bets adds great daylight sharing, I've been waiting at Amazon, Prime James gained Phinis new chef. What yeah how's that I now as a bear out wherever that senior Nancy thing about he died in a show and Amazon Prime. I have to say that the apparently found they like that yo he's a college professor, aiming as an affair. Oh yeah, ok, student, I say, and then
It's kind of like a Germany, be. I was found them like to the design of the bomb. A lot about. It doesn't go on affair, not allow easier pie. Professor, it's got Polly Sigh but its s. I e g h eyes that, apparently the titles were killed that I have the watches Nazism much Polly size, dynamic approach to the late James, Finally, as I had episodes, of course, he didn't have time to table anymore caused. Did you know that we created the bill summits back ass network? I heard there so this week we launch our second channels called chain or thirty three. It features former Grant Landers Chris Reign in degree wrought in Julia Lippman allows some players to be named blade maybe even our friend, mad Brad. I love those files, you cameos, Meares, truly you'll get tv breakdown from Christianity and the watch you'll get reality tv with Juliet and you'll get pop.
In view of the Andean the into green, while showing you might even gets a member gossip with Chris and Juliet on sources say you can subscribe right now to channel thirty three, an item sound, clad or sticker. That's China! Thirty three from the B S night ass, network, what do I get? Thirty only and mad Brad, three in honour of the most over another into play about lacking. I rarely said that. Thank you give it to second, the thought and yoyo agree with you the whole time I wanted to talk about how Ache win is one of the five worst ETA, her family care. That's why I mean they paid for eight years. Pay for eight years nine years. You know, I don't know what quarterback ready you go by those who most accurate passive, all times Square a yet five. Our protein supply may make urban programme at Smith. While I allowed you like.
This use, tourniquets numbers would have been better of it and I have the greatest running back. You know I don't care, I don't care if you care, let em a Roma guy, Buffalo it knowing on Monday night its money Buffalo annoying when we're deathly that covering this really, with a by nine and the bills of already covered. I said: nine also started seven half its seven now seven come on. They're gonna send the house a Brady. Every time come on. What are you went in Buffalo, even by double digits? We won by a year in the Echelon Buffalo, the big comeback, Riah you and by our car, so This patriots is their nine it now and yet there five and forgets to spread yeah, yeah, maybe spread all too high. I just think its double digit, sir. Oh then,
one more crazy, gamely software Minnesota eight Neuro right. RO against Red yeah eight and around that's phenomenal. What I would add that to know at the record is oh four consecutive interesting. It camping, anyone's hammered line in a row and football. Someone Sometimes it has set us up with that. Now they their teams that have not not covered ten. You and I both like Minnesota heading into the year? They lost that stupid game in San Francisco week. One we had ended. I like two in the morning, late Montague area and through through rode off their sad, but everyone love Minnesota. I think that's what scared me all right that everyone said they're gonna, win. Ten games are gonna, be definite, wildcard team and that's your right that week one thing killed it. I'd like to apologize, formerly and officially for talking you had to do the Rockets being good the shirt. Thank I don't know what happened, but we forget the blue jackets,
Well I've gone again that I think they're my comrade of they want to game here, my camera, so my son Saki Team, there they played after the first period the kings game. When on satellite he did say twenty kids out, therefore, like formula that's great and he almost had a break away, then he almost had a break grey. Many did get a break. I came out of this whole pack and escorted the staple. So why is there no eight? I was there. My son, I was thirty hours a day. It was sad or others is that's insane and then lucid, scored in the same game as for his new, fair repair, and then he met lucid after them. In this isn't even like one of the seven course things. That's happened. I am like now my own spoiled brat. Is he really is that he's had so many great life experiences the highlight of my entire childhood, whose, when Jim Rice went to assert the game and
the most certainly way possible, autographed a piece of paper that ever looking at it, but it was the best thing that ever happened: methods as TED, thereby said skirted the staple centre. That is a major ass about these kids are too they have too much near. I had buddy Elsa. The former met shortstop great on the banning cage round the corner for me, and I asked him what it was like to fight repeat rose and he said, oh and talk about it, allows the highlight of my young sport running, never lead story. Let me just two more thing out of here, but the patriots, our friend Adam Corolla, then all time Jenks that a substantial amount of money on the pages to win the Superbowl, a week ago, idea that he didn't last year and we won the Superbowl did, but it can't it can happen again. Let me just say something else about our role as a driving here through the podcast. I usually four boredom on Sundays, but I would still caught between games. I watched my kids flag aim so said here
I can be able to go to the studio to that most are in a watch, but someone else will open it up. I got a call that there is a bloomer say he's their left overnight by some. Who signed in under my name. It's gotta be Corolla Lid on Manchuria, I'm saying it right now left the car there, I'm sure our about on his part gas or about content. Here he led his left eye. Cars on all of the car there like a part of what they did have to now. After now take era this or we can watch football anymore then been watching his new show on Hulu. What is it you know, action new sick, come on her little much when it. What does it say? It's! It's very autobiographical, it's about a guy who are who how supply gas and other wacky people in his life. How should we go to the vehicle it's. It's called the atom Croatia that
hullo, but check that out, everybody Adam has shown Hulu. It's really get also check out. Jimmy came a lively and lay a man's word. Sorry Tracy! I was wrong and jewels again we have our mash up Monday, jewel and calm again later in the week, say: sexy Josh Hutcherson, Joseph Gordon love it Amber heard more Mccarthy in one direction on Thursday and check me out at the cousin, sound twitter. Bored senators in aid Friday morning on these cars. My best bet setting seventy percent to and one last week you two in one of the JAG The job of the JAG zero dead should deny mid range, we're trying to think of a name. Her Juliet shell and I wanted to see if, if Coolio could be There can be Coolio Julia, giving we get Coolio I'd, think you're probably get going on. We just have to heed the tape like the insured. That said, and Car Coolio Juliet that's also there Could I get it out of the latter? now we are on the show a couple years ago or
if there is somebody named Romeo out there with the obvious Romeo and Juliet beget been aids. Unless I too easy janius, vs IE something like Mason,
Juliet or not little Romeo and Juliet little Romeo and Juliet is little Romeo. Do pack ass, his bays, really big, now not ex again to simply say for sponsored today's absurd thousands people seeking hopes care to Europe that everyday, huge checks and long term contracts with no way out. Why get rob when you're trying to keep your home from getting rob, try simply safe, suppress way to protect your home, no contracts? Twenty four: seven percent protection for fifteen bucks a month, less than half what companies church most companies charge visit, simply safe bill dotcom for an exclusive ten percent offer sympathy, but that contacts to seek the presenting sponsor of the bill. Summits, Pakistan, my favorite proportion tickets to sporting events concerts whatever us thanks stage be a man of my own television, show their launches next spring: enchant subscribed to China. Thirty three on Itunes, Saint Cloud or stick your back on Wednesday, which have close remain cause,
good debate, a job I about a reed, we're banging the Viking. So just so, I was just thinking they were take Petersen, fifty Twond instead of bedding and the Vikings. Why can't? We start puts a think correctly used to fund this movie illicit crowd. There are you. Why can't we crab fund from the Viking fans to get us not to bet on the very good thing if you, if we raise two thousand hours, cried funded thing. We want better the vague it all goes out near Viking spans. If we put even a dollar on your team, we should teach the Vikings with rosy. Come live blue J it's in the rain Iraq us thank you. We about this. Because I want to see me again: one is Why, here close pitch in.
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