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Ep. 28: NBA + NFL w/ Joe House

HBO's Bill Simmons talks to Joe House about an incredible Warriors-Clippers game, Clipper flaws (8:01 mark), Curry & Draymond (20:00), Curry as an all-timer (29:44), Week 11 NFL picks (36:32), Ben Simmons (55:17), the putrid NFC East (1:06:54) and the abominable 76ers (1:12:11).
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four November story in a long time I love it. I love the fact that the street is going We have good that game was last night between the streak, The rivalry dizzy aims to shoot and mean that much in MID November. I know your watch it of course, though, that it's funny used the word rivalry, because your boy, Blake Griffin, been opposed game last night made it clear that he doesn't consider it a rivalry. He he's he was very direct and very candid, the Cooper not as good as golden state to camp you rivalry tat. They can't beat him. I saw he said that I thought it was the code that but he says when, when they ve been beaten down, and then I believe in in their team anymore in agreeing that first by they beat them to Springs ago spring two thousand fourteen
let them interplanetary, so it is a rather it's like they ve, never beaten them modest latest adoration. They haven't been able to deal with the equation that the warriors represent right now, so I'm going to babble for a second, I took my daughter last night, she's ten and one slash two. She loves basketball. She plays basketball and soccer She has spent the last two months plank soccer Bernardo Plan, Basque, buffers school team and they had days where there is games and then she had to go to our soccer practice. As our word, I took her to the words came over my wife, who I dont think was totally happy about that decision. Just for the record, but Madame fired up because my daughter love staff, curry because there's a little known, ruin in America right now that our kids under thirteen loves deaf, carry more than probable anything at an award.
Is about him, but little kids loves deaf, carry about middle aged man. I love heads to middle age with who doesn't love, staff carry great pointed out last February, but with little Kay she's like catnip there's something about him and there were sir. I would say thirty that thirty, percent warriors fans are last night, never allowed so and the building stub see geek beat GIG are those places on the secondary market. So, I'm in a have to weed out the stub take market down. We hate, step, good. Play it, so so they carry gets too stupid fowls in the formats, and has to come out my daughter, starts freaking out for some reason, she's really into the game. The clips take their bigley, they do their whole clips thing, and am I just wait? Just wake us? Don't you
like this worse team now, starting to feel a little eighties Lakers. Eighty celtics ninety mid nineties, balls Ish, where they're down twenty and you still think they're gonna win. I feel there are there. Yes, they are saw my just wait just way and then the clips have to do that sing a couple cause go against them. They react like somebody who's getting apart you take it. You just want to get a coffee for a minute and comes out and made her maids that have freak out to get to technicals pop here sues the only gelli real, in other words the real g and his team, whose
looking around like what the hell's going on with you guys he's yelling at Doc, rivers after gets attacked. He pulls off five. All is forty minutes on the court over to yell at them to be like come on, dudes, keep your composure, but that's a great thing about this clippers team. If you're betting against them is they can't keep their composure, they just can't they can't do it. So, of course, they give away the weed in the fourth They fall apart, same coopers, game. I've been to a hundred times. Where did the offence is bogged down? Blake doesn't know what to do in a double to wake. You been in the leak forces.
Years, you don't know what to do, and there is a second guy thrown at house. How does he know not know what to do with the double team? I feel like it looked familiar, but this is a different team. I'm prepared to defend the clippers. Ok, please low light, please outside down thine eyes. I know it looked just like so many of these that we ve seen ovary overlap with they twenty four month yet, but I had a slightly different kind of character to it. As far as I am concerned, it was kind of two twofold. First of all, The clippers had absolutely no answer for the small ball line up the golden state throughout their only to say anti. They did have an answer. It was just at the coach shows that to employ he just stubbornly stuck with the address leg. Think Jack was dying.
Come into that game in the last six minutes, then, at an unknown quantity right, so that there is an answer you could try and match lineups. But if you know what what what are you conceding by by going that route, are you able to defend? Does the warriors any better by by putting out a small ball, I like, whose who's the clippers best mobile line up and listen? I'd like you to have your Smith, it's gotta be
Stephen thin, it maybe Austin Rivers, maybe it'd cp three Riddick didn't play last night rabbit. That ban, as I saw in the fourth quarter, with a small ball line up that the warriors were running out there for the last five minutes, and that was when they won the game. What I saw was four guys every single time down the floor and these on these transition. These critical baskets the warriors made for guys from the clippers, stand and ran the lane and not defending that three point in court. The report on the corner. Well, that's the thing. First of all, we have a big enough sample size that I'm not shared. Dandridge burden should ever play crunch time in big games ever and, if your reverence, where's game seven. Last year they sat his ass in the last six minutes late. When push came this There are other guy. We have to go their best team, his free threatening other. We made a couple last night, but I just think there
better. When he's not on the core and crunch time used to feel from watching them play like eat out, the rule is: don't go small got drunk or small bog. It's a team! That's mastered small by but this case, the warriors, the lineup they put out clippers weren't gonna be able to stop it defensively That was the issue to me. It's like it. If you do little switches tap repair. Burn you have deejay guarding step curry step careers, gonna score you now and if if they're, shooting threes and he's allegedly China protect the rent, the Andrei it doesn't really. If you have him protecting their own because they're not dare not drive into the basket like that, you know I just I don't get it Chris isn't, but that's just one one player it mean that the warriors, but listen to the stats. For for that last five minutes and forty one seconds, they were two for two on two thousand five hundred and forty six on three thousand six hundred and forty six on free throws and it recorded his two on every one of their made that about
I arrived. I you know right recognised plain, really hurt and I just listen. What is this year five of the Andrea way together. I just don't think it works if you're China, when a title- I don't see it. I dont see against certain lineup said that I think so. You might work against ITALY image this line up. That's right! I had a group were in The whole league is going this way, and this is why I didn't think it was the worst thing in the world if they didn t know if, if the You didn't come back for the price tag that he is. Now it is bad because he's an asset and they were losing an asset, would know it or a place. At least now they can trade and do whatever they want, but fundamentally disregard. Couldn't get on the core for them in game, seven of those barriers. It behaves like circumstantial liability. They have to play eighty to Regular Stephen Games, and you know you are hoping that play twelve to twenty posts, season games and under certain circumstances he can't be on the floor,
that doesn't make him that doesn't diminishes value to the team over the long diminishes is value if they're not ever gonna eat him any differently than they did. The last four years and that support an owner stand. They did a couple things over the summer that I thought they would then use October or November December January to see if they could foster a little bit of a different identity right. So you, the mouths, make a big play at the Andrea They tell him they're gonna use in light. They use Thyssen Chandler in all these other guys. Over the last four years. Words like, basically your fourteen feet away your constantly role into the basket, I'm lapse and dogs. The Andrews, I sounds great, the don't. Even use me off away. The sounds awesome you guys are acting in a try. Chatter make me grows up where some changes, mine the Cubs bring back another using exactly like they use them before they haven't. The girl morality, you know you have some illegally, Stevenson on the badge either he's a basketball player is now, but if your neck,
find out in October or November over Austin Rivers, dangerous, wave M or Trade M, or do I have her? You know that had its own. Happily ever Austin Rivers, we learned that doing concerning in confounding thing you just made exactly the point its October. Now is the time to be finding out about these rotations and so forth of Europe.
Gonna lose touch to, though the warriors in this way, and if a tough loss right Europe by twenty Harry Lass- and you know the onslaught of coming here at home, you're trying to break a streak. It's kind of a statement game which is really weird for four minutes member game but October and November is also the time to experiment and they have all these new asset, some of whom have some genuine play off chart like last, even than had played meaningful play off games derived myth bathed Houston last year against this very thing, Quimper theme, those guys and maybe need to see the floor in in crush time. Just so, you get a feel for what you what you ve got with this new integration of the clippers trotting out the same old, Dame old and watching the same result.
Before your team is, is, as you know, an unsatisfactory. I give them a u night. If I'm a warriors fan, I don't wanna, see judgment than the six months that can cause Josh Josh Eastern, that terrible and I think you might have been nervous whenever GIS was configured of Fidel. But then there is a point that guy where he started a look. I Josh Smith in the rackets clip series last day when he really got going and justice fanaticism and his size. I want to see A boy playing together, crunch time of equips game again in a big game in a big moment, just to see what it looks like. I know a blight, Blake and Deejay look like, but you know There are so many little things that happen and equipped in that aim that You know I was there, I mean I'm in the same sexual bunch season ticket holders and listen to the reactions they have its eye Groundhog day. He asked rivers is an appalling,
Aren't you can't have em as your backup Ankara the gutters impasse diseases and try to create further prayers? You basically. You playing a shooting guard. Is that as the backup appoint you are, they lost Barnes, who was up and down for it but when you, when you watch again, my glass eye like pierce, might be too old. You know. I think is at this stage now, where he's just kind of the old guys, the better and occasionally he'll, come in and make a couple threes, but I'm not sure you can have a main games. Eyeglass, nine anymore. It's gonna knock. You can't keep up with the banana war athletic Liese. That is not the same guy anymore. It's true to have him and Crawford out there. I know radically, sir, but that was a game to me, Ray experiment. I also take our talk about this before recorded something about Blake, Even I played thirty seven minutes, it's like a hard thirty. Seven minutes. He always seems tired at the UN in these games. Here is central.
It is completely spent as a player Meda, I dont think at the like, I think, as I said then play in thirty two minutes and Amy of two minutes brought his plan C ten minutes, a half. I try to try to get em peeking in the fourth quarter. He never peaks in the fourth quarter. He's always like he's always dead. Like the back of an attack, I totally coach neck really
while radiated hedge, it's unfair, to say that he got out coach he D day there. The warriors are always at at this moment with a girl there, their current as their currently constituted there. They there's there are very, very bad match up further clippers. If the clippers insist on trotting out the guys that came out him in the fourth quarter, yeah clippers might be a different team as the season progresses and as Doc finds wrote rotations that he likes and experiments and finds things that work, but the clippers can't beat the warriors as the warriors are currently constituted when the warriors put out that stuff curry Clay Thompson,
Ie eight Barnes dream on line up their third. The covers have no answer for that when it, when the doves run that lied about my lab in the great joy Schuman, the US that guy NBA dot com have in that very nice piece this morning about how efficient and devastating that particular line up is for the warriors and how no team in the league has any kind of answer for it now I like this compared me. Maybe compel him to the Marianna Robot Rivera like that, yet at that their clothes or line up and any it gets the job done. Well and the biggest differences Barnes went to another level and I now stats have been up and down. I know they're stats don't or their, but I thought he disappeared, a lot less couples, because he was a young prayer. Tat game, yes are. They really needed him Barkley set it after I watched the post gameshow when I got home
Barnes Egg, Doll and J. My green were the reasons they when that game, because they kept them in the game. When staff was found, trouble you can again groovy wasn't gone. Chris Paul had the autonomy of the Tec heard that first court, all my cause, Jazzy was there. I was telling where I was talking to my daughter about it at that and our say now you know these guys are gonna be good. Today, cuz Jay Jaycees, their she's, like I don't understand, why does it matter of Jaycees there and I was like we you know how our huge Jesse, as these guys are idolized chasing in there like a bit. There are and she's idea, but there are famous two: why does it matter and as like Zoe Jesse came near sack again this week, and would you play harder and she's? Oh yeah, I'd play I'd, be crazy idea. That's how these guys, feel Jaycees at their game. There excited so Chris came out and played probably the best order was attire life. For that you said, I don't think it was just a visa for hours
Those deity was a moment there trying to stop a streak. I mean you know he used a player with pride full player while they wouldn't autonomy with Africa. About dry moment. I'm a cave I'll. Tell ya forgot about me: here's here's! What I can do tat, who is forget about dry crossed with I'm tired of hearing a great stir from areas watch this? Yes, it will use that word, and he, staff curry in their game ominous, say two hundred thirty times. It's the only way to keep up with them. At this point, hee hee treated him the same way when you watch defensive backs from the nineteen seventies defending receivers, he was the EU is so hands he? It was unbelievable. It was like, like me, sophomore year wholly cross. He he it in its work, has the rest
Jesus. They just say to themselves about six minutes and like while I can either call all these are not any of them, but there's no middle ground and I'm just going to have ignored this and staff which is getting crashed and eight in which great about him. I thought the most important game he ever played was game. Seven warriors clips in two thousand fourteen, which I went to when Chris Paul was still the kind of the alpha dog in that position and just beat the shit out of him for four quarters and that game seven and Steph kept fighting back and fighting back, and he just it. The way he went Adam made me think he had chanced to be really special and advocates at the guy it said that wrote that afterwards, like there's something How they went at those like I'll have to recall the break. My ceiling for this guy. You know This is really showed a chance daddy is back on the new watch him last night he's entering this.
Jordan kind of level of confidence on the road that, but I hate I hate, thrown the hyperbole but it really is in any different than what we watch from bird thirty years ago where he says I am on the road. I don't care if this started out badly, I'm going to make shots, it's going to happen, and then you make shots. I heard on further silly talk, show commentary on the run up to the game, you know the way that you get at these warriors is by trying to rough em up and particularly stuff. You knock em off the game, he's impervious to that bullshit you're heading EAST, tough enough, and he seen at all I mean it is: please call this the blind shoulders. He gets grab. It gets cold and n. He still there one in six minutes left in the game and the shots gotta, knocked out. Did you see the address found him? The words were up three in the last minute he got daddy, switch on staff.
A NEO laid him on a cross over beat him went down in the lab in the address phone number behind knocked him in the basket support. I think three years ago, steps down for like ten seconds on their way and this time aegis gets up. He does that crazy, his palm thing. He does you now like the fire myself up this palm screaming thing, and I just got up amid the free throws I loved it. It was great, is like find lacking Basket sperm and get up promised. Take these two free throws rain. Your face was awesome. He I think dray mind in him. The way they feed each other, especially in these road games. It's really reminds me mean absolute different sports.
Ali Baba Dini Brown. When you see those old video tapes of them just screaming at each other, they really do get fired. They really do fire each other up what they had to my classmates Andre Mine, or they have to bleep, I'm just the whole time, while they were very judicious to move in a peaceful way selected by amending that was really impressive and by the way they also had a MIKE on Austin Rivers, and I just won't make any comment on that. Why please comment you said a first. Why why? Why would you might ask nervous studied they did? What make pick up any this timid, saying, hey, asked and feel free to pass. I was open, I mean I I in comprehensible, almost as incomprehensible, is out of a job and natural battle suggestion, but
not nice, but the dream on thing. What was so impressive, with his leadership right so early in the game when they're getting there at any time and equipped around them off the poor like just stay on it, just keep with it again doing what we're doing a lot of time left. You know, and he was really doing a great job of of that kind of theme. The lie MIKE stuff they play last night. J man is an interesting gag. His he always carried himself like he was super important. I remember the first year they can't down and He was a lousy through point shooters his first year. Members say an answer is saying: I'm one of our are shows about how these guys they need more people to step up like these guys are shooting threes. I can make them my dream. I agree, and I said something that disparaged is three point: shooting any made a couple. I'm in a game with the next week and then tweeted at me and he's pissed off better- and then I heard the great by that he was mad about it in jail,
he was mad of our whole shown. Am I this guy's a rookie with it, but it was that's who he is and then next year, he's make it more than many state and then, as I saw him, he was. Friendly to me, it was like I love that stuff that guy him and Westbrook they care themselves the same wages giant chip on their shoulder, he's still that he got picked them. The second round is probably the greatest thing that could happen to him. Right blue is in constantly trying to prove Is that a second round pick? But you add that when I went back What's the last three minutes again, they Shame on the court are the other guys walk off staff. Craig us to do is Rachel Nicholls Interview in tray minds, like the president. A record company he's going down the court side shaking hands OJ c of the employed. All these other guys saying goodbye, thank it for everybody for common he's a strict and around keys between our attention. It work at the people with politicians. Slash carries observed legs like the big.
Hip hop artist in America is catholic. I had a swagger term, which I love I didn't eat. I the leader he area the leader of the emotional in other, rightly channeled, emotion, and that's what the brilliance of Kerr last year they they have a big they found in each other, exactly the right way to communicate and incur has taken all that energy and emotion. The dream on you know possesses naturally and directed it in a way that, though positive for the team and the competence for dream on, has been go paid off, you know tenfold twenty Fold Adam that the refining of him to the extension, the MAX Van that would have deserved and he's now probably the leader of the team. Right, I mean him: an egg is the things that have set their town to have his wife in their steps. Their take us out? Well, I don't know anatomy demeaning stuff, but yeah well, You have a player's transcended on your team
he's gonna, be though the leader, with the great ever better than the way they feed off him, and this is I brought a bird and brought up Jordans These other people, yeah he's gotta do. For a few more years, but he has than that, I'm not even sure Leubronn totally had, where is teammates judges, weight, for him to take over the bride was the brain. Such an unselfish prayer. I don't know why I am sorry that I have only a minute talk you into this right. The brown with such unselfish prayer that was never totally in him to be, the guy that guy guys, I got this, I'm going to take it over. He the wait. What he loves about basketball is being agree, T may an evolving everybody in being kind of facilitator like magic. Was it it was the same where men were magic at the kind of teach himself had to be the guy
And be they are, and I got this email I dont know if Leubronn ever totally wanted to be that guy, but he kind of but gradually became there. And that's how my aim in upon those titles steps that guy in the way that the warriors look at him here they did. This kind of for him to take over and they wait for him to do something they way for him to be magical, and now he is doing it pretty routinely. I I may we were
Therefore birdie, Jordan is a really any different. Yet it is interesting. I feel like in a waste stats. Take over ability is so complimentary to the group at he's around here. I believe it has the effect of kind of dragging along clay and and also each Barnes, yet like those guys get hot when he gets hot and hoping it. How did the faint Chauncey Metaxas, though so devastating I could have- can take over a game at any given moment, as the only needs to make two consecutive shot, and that's really it. You know he did, and one of them can be allay up even but right. It's really weird trying compared to compare him turtle la broad me that
circumstances of the round career I've been thought so differently. I said and great take over moments. He had one against the Celtic, yet grunted was a game. I think that their friend, so is that yet and the bran definitely has I'm not saying he doesn't. I need the different. So is that with the brine he has he's always had to just play. That way, for four quarters and there is consistency to it. He get streaky from the outside sometimes, but there wasn't there wasn t the same type of heat check kind of cloud lingering over him ready to rain, and the game like there is with staff with staff that, through this issue, I am going to say, I just think anyone who loves basketball, who doesn't see the word I said this last year, you have to go, see them guy in person because the shots at he makes people every glancing at each other in disbelief. You don't even think he's gonna get there.
Got off and then all the son he's taken in like a twenty six photo within his face and ended swishes or the thing that I find so remark ordered the due to my size, like I not affect three and pledged to o five. He ate ethics, three at all muscle, maybe one. Ninety one. Ninety two yet mean that dude. If you bump into mine, is treated in recognizes faith is just a guy. You out, I mean one thing about him: As this look there's this guy here here comes the better player in the NBA down the street right now yeah language in the brain it at that, So is it my alien test where, if you went to the game in Egypt, some alien or some foreigner neverbend again any use less than the pick out the best poor was. They always would have picked out Jordan and the breath it just recently about. They care themselves whether there is something bad than they were picked out. I don't know if they would pick out staff curry until they stop watching him do his pre his prey gave: shooting routine
so in our watching their last night, even the shooting in his insane, you know I just his release and how his body doesn't move at all, it's basically just his wrists and cheese. I think he's figured out, it's almost like it. Golfer figuring out how to just read Kate the same swing every single time and he's done that with three point shooting from from up to thirty feet, which makes sense that the great point that the opposing team should be marketing. This please come to the game, forty five, early. So you can watch the curry go to his prick. It is amazing that we ve gotta, that is good at anything you're going to stay in the first quarter of the game, and then the thing that I think he's really improved and I'd love to eight people have Her report on this stuff, I'd love to read a piece How is he improved his runner dame because I remember Two years ago. There is a story about how improved like his the Steve NASH, shooting off different feet, typist stuff, but now
a whole. Other level of years is left the bank runner that nobody in the league has f why this where he is he's doing down on his left. Sees a bigger coming inches floats this kiss off the glass from like five feet. It's like what the fuck Is that not only does it give two others? This is now that this was the w p a moment of this week. We have one w p a moment away. He did a play yesterday in the second half he dribbled under the basket like in happy like it was like Angie cope better, he went under the basket, brought the guys with them curled around like he was gonna shoot a richer only. It was a running with running floater direct and my guess. My reaction was what the fuck was that where does that? It's, like all the stuff, Steve NASH with, was doing in the mid two thousands at a way way way way way way way higher level of artist.
And I thought I was I'd. Imagine any way that mean come on remembers. Diana lobby sizes drive was a very nasty play. I learn how to play. The other thing with curry. That's incredible is how praise on Dino wow speaking of infectious. He fight Do every screen now I call them and his foot work is like a, I would say, he's an above average defender, any, is actually a really sneaky good rebound enacted. This turn into a staff parry the jack off ass them sign out. We did one last. We too. We have to take it down about buddy like a whole other week of validation for fur fur ghetto for all of the up, and stroking. Well I'll, tell you this much. If you make it lest of Jews, guys who can just murder a crowd that I've seen in the last thirty years, like bird could do it, George could do it MAGIC Gatt. That point in the late eighties. Ella wasn't totally what he was about blubber.
Obviously cobby, no question Dwayne wait for a little while there absolutely t MAC. I think he has be included? I'm shared liability three guys out, but steps weigh up there like step it once it makes one of those twenty eight voters and it feels like he's gonna get going like you can actually state the other can get messed up out by you can see hack with good reason oh shit now we leaving right cause, you know what common it's the best. I am. I've just so excited that we have a team. Might this like they were real stakes last night and to go thirteen? No, after winning street fighting at their best. Sixteen game winning streak now Chipewyan, don't come out of a championship with leg angrier and with more to prove never happens.
For the first time it's happened a long time, but it is at the wind tonight to tie the record right who they plan and ate the plan. The Boers oh yeah in Chicago, that's a good one. Both at home. So yes right right there back and gaunt data, so my dad had an awesome time. It was so much fun it actually I'd. I really feel I get mad embedded. Had been play for her for known a Basque about which you rooting for one team or the other. Oh my gosh, she was- rooting for the warriors like her hands, were ready. She belongs to have. She was at keep hating or not to clap. I was like you were. That kind show come on shoes. She was so happy and I kept talent or light though I they're gonna make a run. Just wait. Just wait the evil, at a six messages way. Just wait: it's gonna happen. Then it happened anyway. Congratulations to the warriors Vance because I think there's Ben
couple special teams in the last thirty years- and I really do think this- this particular team as a chance to be special. Why will but the most important thing to me of continued good health Luke Group on continuing to manage in its properly again yeah yeah. I mean it is thought to be bad when you have, although that is not on the collective confidence that team I mean, they're swag is like an eleven out of you know it's not even the levels of fifteen out of ten right now, I don't know the one thing which I will say within that on that share alike, as could ahead is he's com, ensure we by the way home and we'll talk about like lessons to learn from that game like for when she play sports- and I was just the maid thousand- The main thing I take away from their game is how com that I am stating their dad twenty. You now images
Not now nobody is making faces. Nobody's shoulders were served, their just stages. They knew they're gonna, make a run their just ready. They kept their composure dasso. There was one moment like after dark out attack. Curry walked away and just had real disdain for the clips. You could see it that key easy shaking his head. He walked with a shake of his head, like these guys are crazy. There was one of those things is like one of these guys. What you could see him thinking. One of these guys waste energy worried about this shit, but you knew You just tell he loved it, because it was great for him because he was gonna help him. When I looked out, if you ask about it, why don't you get over the boat with the whip with your daughter did resonate Hunter. Sound collected hooker. She played a school game on Wednesday and it was one of those
Is it the low ceiling in the weird and she configure had a shoot and she shall couple airborne early and a gardener? Had he could see it half time in us? over a relay: hey, relax, you're gonna make limits can be fine, but you forget, you know when you anyone who is put back by knows this when it falls apart. A basketball court, it's about his it is. You can feel right can in your opening in its like our shit. I I I remember how to shoot and IBM Feeling law yeah lost a memo ahead. I can't remember had a shoe and then you make one in your fine serves a year, make one it's gonna, be fine. Bees with the warriors last night: leg, the composure, the whole time. That's something this fix used to have those were my favorite quality, those birds ethic teams, who is that they be bolder laundering, money, they're, fine, all those great God why they belong in the same breath. You were things a bit about looking about the rivers,
he's playing twenty six minutes. A game is averaging one point: one assess which has to be a record for quicker one point: one is s, feel free to create a shattering teammates acid? Let's stop Foma! Ok near! Did we did we did we masturbate, though carrying the, whereas enough there did. You knew you finished. I know you did not have a cigarette good year for lack of a bell. Ass, gay thanks gas thanks gas. Can I get you a drink? I ever We talk about the games that we actually picked. Ok, you, as usual, you cheated with the lights. Go out. I just put the lives On the one hand, this is a very good thing. Every week I was helping summer so that, through the one day lead to one day
service pick. They just want to mention quickly the Pats Monday night, giving seven after the bills, and my instinct would be to take the points with the bills and to say you know their defense will be fired up. They can run the ball. Just want to point out the people. I think the paths are gonna win anything ruin handily, I'm worried about the cheap touchdown at the end, which is dealing with wine picket. The pats have their offensive lan again for this game and one hour, my people that they there there's a crazy Tom Brady. I thought you'd like seventy percent at home, with their favorite unless range. I love the patriot in like a two score. Threescore victory! Listen even I wanted my teams, but I can promise you I'm teaching them again, just primacy, let's commodities so
You have the cardinals at home, laying five and after the Bengal sooty, F o before we get on with this. I just one want to. I won't take it very quick step back because yet something weird happened last night and I am not sure exactly what to make of it. I want you to help me, though you know. Last night I send you an FAO, a note thing, I'm trying to find a reason. They took care about this game, there's a prop out their them huge step in on a little bit it it was. It was a prop that were the combination of our market, Marianna, rushing touchdown, plus a straight up wind by Tennessee that was paying out at thirteen. The one know either thing out. I think that high in the first place is carried out at a rushing to examine the season. When, though you know they were, they were the underdog. You can imagine that the big the great pleasure I took in the first half Marianna with his first rushing touchdown of the season, but I was not
oh over the top about it than I thought all either. This is probably gonna head. I'm I'm! I'm guarantee the money I didn't go out and start by Christmas presents with the money already and lo and behold. Game goes on. Hennessy has fifteen different opportunities to close it out and don't do though they kick a pine you know a low liner, the guidelines that we back the five yard mine, blah blah blah the game was terrible to watches this long story is turning out to be here's. The thing that made me concerned. The pack has, like the latter momentum, agitated out much per keep on privacy. Laws gave up the touchdown, got the ball back they're. Moving about another move, the ball the whole second half like this is the thing that, with a little bit, frustrating for terminated position like like, like mine, but here
play that makes me concern, and I want you to help me out just say no Tate already added zapper keep got they throw a ball to a running back. Or thailand I'll. Even though who advances ten twelve yards and then get strip and its upon shout and a recovery by the same player that players last name, they re really was the play. They had ended the game, for all intents and purposes, to get anything out of debt to the women getting guess with the guy. For Jack. No one last name was long story. That's gonna get added that house now like out a whole. Now oh my god, my God, that's very good story, really keep it there,
what was always they know, I'm not kidding. That was. It was unmistakable and chilling like what how still took money from our woods was was. Is what book color resist ass? He was a little bit more time because I don't think, there's been a White House or awaits him in since I've known you, boys, dil wait. Simmons was ahead. Simmons, I'm sure there. Maybe there's been another and I just haven't seen it, but maybe only white houses. The fictional doktor have yet that annex they don't even count. I'd say you have cards, bangles, five and a half and I am going to say,
Finally, I have a feeling of free and had taken these games this one, I don't know where you're governments or where you gonna good good. I Latona go map on pushing down on zone. Oh by the way. I know you have people they don't like it. I like that What's that goes on in Fresco the rest of the seas and had done and done there, the weird stat, the team, like them, tenacity coming off its first loss of the season, a terrible record. They play a good team that coming off of a win for the one seven and one against spreads that their. Yet it is also a historical weird that look out little helped my buddy beguiling on a couple of yet, but I already had the feeling I I didn't like anything though I thought out of sensitivity and it brought up from Monday night, and it really was such a reminder of the
oh, it is starting to be games that matter time. Of course, the Red Rifle turned into the red romp men, the data in the six points they put up a minute, goodness gracious there, the weird that dead, Fer, a good team like this and adding that holds opponents for a whole bunch of consecutive weak, the at thirteen point or less their terrible against the spread of if they're not favoured by more than three like, oh and eighty over the past. Like thirty five years, though those are the little technical Ngos I like, but the real thing is. I just think that Arizona better we went through this last week. I thought Arizona was better than the hourly wanted to Seattle and they beats the out of ass. My figures on a better than to thirty- and I like them at home. I think we're gonna beat Cincinnati that, though, I'm taking Arizona in laying the five point, five yeah, I was so mad about their game. They couldn't played out better.
Seattle. Had it classic conduct field advantage, the twelve man the classic not as good as the other team, that quite as good as the other team but home filter Sunday Night get a couple turnovers. Are the send your winning? It say. I've lost that by bearing the road team so many times in this house, add the whole team and the road team somehow came back. I was really impressed by Arizona I did. I want to talk about keeping her composure yeah, the other was. It was consecutive theories that that they had a vague shut up with this because of an injury they weren't able to block a certain scheme that that the ILO is bringing in twice guys got in there, no strip fact this trip yet fact fumbles, one of which was return for a time, down a torrent turn the whole part of the game. I mean I thought of goodness: gracious there's the idle. It's the classic. Seattle were back rattled back, but it turned out
to be the case, the legion of honor. I went to the funeral for them on Wednesday. I was grey. Some people said some nice words about rich, a german or autonomous camp Chancellor is get scared. The latter respect paid to a very good secondary from two thousand and seven and two thousand fourteen, hey House Category, Casper mattresses. You know a daily loss All they do is predate produce obsessively engineered American made mattresses at a shockingly fair price. I think I've ashes seminaries do sleep, I'm I'm kind of a given our guy. That's that's! Thirty percent your life. So when I get a good matches, Casper brings together to comfy technologies. Together, I sit together twice for better knights and brighter days, lay text
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I'm back and heart. Then the Vatican allay comebacks, like it just one of the seasons. It's a freight train cats submitted under thy way right off the bat and very, very quickly insert my Minnesota Green Bay PIC. I have today look Teddy Bridgewater. Seventeen in four. Let me repeat that seventeen, and or and the spread of the starter International Football League, twelve in one against the spread of a star Indiana, though in games where the vikings are seeking revenge, they are seeking revenge. I am. I love Minnesota. Only one idea that this disrespectful, that discount double check is a discount double checked disgrace that dream, I'm not sure what Green Bay does well
Any more their ride receivers can't get open. They can't run the board. I know the guy coming back from injury, but I loved Minnesota my position. I know I interrupted and derail, but I wanted to get in my own Minnesota, plug to add that game go hadn't. Tucked up about about the open the troika will first, my that line is a pick em now, as usual, cheated idle play. I still Dick the Viking. It was a good interjection, though, because I think, if you're going to take the raiders, he should also take the Vikings because part of the reason had taken the raiders. Is there a little undervalued because they look bad last week, but maybe they look bad custom Things are good, so I would take both them. I didn't pick the Vikings as my five pigs only because it's weird I'm still afraid Rogers isn't he does now single receive room, get open anymore. I don't they their defences that good not share that. Well, coached, I'm still afraid of them, and this is few lose this game.
Go further vision away, you're in a three game, losing streak yeah really looked at good I'll year. This is viewed as this came. This is a science he'll confession that you're not getting for policies and that you were there Could I ask, but there are no free game moving streak right now owed me aforehand, moving streak if they lose their sight, lack that they were not yeah, they lost a cook, Denver Carolina and Detroit all in succession. You're right, that's a great point and an I'm finding myself fifty dollars, so they have once a week, six did not good ivy. I you know last week was the game. That was the one you come out and restart yourself for youth. They look, we would we own Detroit at home. Detroit never comes and have to land BO and of anything meaningful. We're gonna we're gonna, write our ship right here on this on the troika time an end Detroit is arguably the worst came in, and I felt a glue who better to get help it again and they laid a big fat
keep think bomb. Turd is what they did and I'm angry at them for it, in the anything they did was to gave Peyton Manning. The last great moment of his sports career with that who is here with us, that's an area! his last good moment before he went five for twenty with four picks it did. You know he has thirteen interceptions right now, he's gonna end of decent with them.
Recessions get ninety days and seventeen there sections. I here's the thing I think he comes back and other colleagues especially away. I did well yeah, I think he's always you being in three weeks, he's gonna, so you go in the season with with twentysomethings belgian media potentially way so that leads to our next big bears Broncos. We both have this one bears getting a point at home against Brok, Ass Weiler Brook asked Weiler that would be a black ass. He Weiler, you could play this game for the Europe of seventy two hours, Stapi people on the street and ask them if they knew who broke off Weiler is black Ass Weiler. How many do-
think like if you either of you. If you stop five thousand people on the street, how many the fight that will be able to tell you brackets Weiler is though he said last night, then the whereas game she couldn't believe they're Festus Israeli was the guy's name, and she thought it said. Like a pastor and she wanted order. Festus Z lay with meets every there, doesn't ass. The wishes you kidding, Rayner low growth, chicken I have the bears. So do I knew I'd think that bears a half these it so do I, I think, we're going back and forth on the bears now we ve been the bears for a few weeks. I just didn't like the match up less. We good the rams at that. I thought the rams or better they, whereas messed up like there's a bunch of good road will now conclude. Adam gase, really seem to be eliciting a deal.
J Cutler season. So there's a really nice angle, Chicago six, in wanting to spread lately when the coming off of back to back straight up road when Denver with a very crappy one in four straight up, all in five against the spread record, all time again and esteem, nor teams they're coming off a straight up and it gets the spread wind or like these Chicago Bear, and again brought out Weiler near in using the bears are added a plan, anything by any stretch out. No, no somebody that I hold in high esteem. I don't remember who observed that they did in their view, the bears were the best of the forward by team, the best of those working for the world working and looking at the wild card operative, in front of them to stand there, and I don't have an argument against the stat. Nerds would say that Seattle is the best forum, five him, ok, that their data
Nobody in the fourth quarter to improve that out. Well in that top one team in the fourth quarter, shots made a good case about that this week that you know the reason they look so good in the dvd always consider only accounts to some degree about fourth quarter collapses. But yet, when you actually their season. Sometimes you just say though say to distinct Stop anyone the fourth quarter. They just can't get a stop. It's like the clippers, show the clippers Likud with advancing checks, but if I'm watching them with the nine point me in the fourth quarter, I fight their blood. So, have I had a mind. This bears do so if they were in this one there, five and five in their at Green Bay. On Thanksgiving, oh yeah, I from fighting from their San Francisco washed in at home and Minnesota at temper
for the trade. Thank you got nine and seventy tenants ash sure realistic. Now, that's a color color privileges Torres hamstring right now serves laying out those things we should mention next week, Thanksgiving Podcast, we're gonna. Take that on a Tuesday, oh next week, we're gonna just do Thanksgiving picks and a little mba in that sense and get out excellent and well have her alibi urban, I'm an ado about with Robin, then I'm in a common will to fifteen minute. Thanks gave him take some redundant Beth. It tat govern waiting, Frage Bob off these long. I've been followed is twitter observations on the early season. Yeah three by h. Bob, not a fan of some of the new coaches is pretty direct about it. I M really that, on back for kids but not a fan of the of the college
she's coming into the NBA and having no idea what to do with rotations or schemes. Anything. It is that of not have spent on guys like another couple: Gaza, FIFA Discursive near neighbour oh you know we have so we might. I don't know if you're gonna be fifteen. May San Tuesday or a full part, because we also have been Simmons. Ah Alice you, the best basketball player, freshmen nine years, in my opinion, to watch game the game. We both agree on that to an Techsystems. Did the freshmen were the most excited about since during a Texas he's at the end, I t next week, Monday and Tuesday, three we're broke ass. They about my boy ban same its has a stage next week Monday night, so we re already, may we were taxed about those he had already made. Every single issue game must watch it. Just like you. Eighty on taxes, we watched
We want to those Katy on textiles loved. It tat was when I think I've told this story. I love those direct game, so much to my daughter was eighteen months, Britain, eighty nine, he might somewhere in there. That was what I was watching the door game when she walked out of our house and the duty to go out. There There were three whether these went out an unguarded, her you know my daughter could open the front door. It was during one of those directly I wasn't paying attention for. Like thirty seconds, I looked up the front doors open and my daughter's out of the House of Commons, where it gets. You can't miss television. My daughter, wandered out of our house pick out for these
in reality, ass, one of the greatest Bob Rufus, every duty of course dearly repeated both of them daily departed near it. So we have sat get off track. So we have a couple more left. I have on a we both have this jets Texas jets favoured by three in Houston? I I know I feel it. I have a feeling you feel the same way. I am that I'm not by the Texan, some taken the jets minus and in that bind the Texans off cause. They one ten, the six on a Monday night against any doubt, nude ensure were a thousand percent unlock near by mad bunches tat, the better way again fused in their own, forgive the spread at home after a money like aim. This is a really funniest thing. Sports insight put out teams this. These are one and fourteen against the spread. The word
after playing the battles of the cardinal doesnt greatly. One wonder why we needed to physical or something here right, exactly if it was. It was a good one. I like that wouldn t like you didn't who beat and undefeated team the weak previously three and twelve against spread when they play it. He like the jet who are favoured but lost anyway, though much anger against Houston impact. Way, Houston socks, I still gonna say you- should have a staff when, when you have a legitimately shady quarterback situation. It gets a good defence that loves to boots bag. Quarterbacks teams are a hundred Zira good angle, there piloting this is just that jets, defence, winning this game, bad stuff, I've just hand off times and then make sure my defences on the field doing stuff? I lad I get. I got one for myself, but chief
at chargers chiefs favoured by three and a half. Look to me: it's I don't understand why the home field advantage Cora Cook gets factored into the San Diego lads to me. This is like a neutral field game and solve if, if on a neutral field, I'm getting three and a half What's with the chiefs, I'm just grabbing the charges- broadband upstart. The chiefs have again get a little frisky. They are of frisky there. There only three losses behind the Broncos air, but sound I talked about- did the Djinn nets Joe sound I talked about this on Monday is bad, and we were talking about this and we talked about this. So if they get through this Andy ago. Game was Sunday night from their home for Buffalo, add oaken home, four San, Diego again at Baltimore Home for Cleveland Oakland. If they don't have any readers,
I would say they were going around the slate. Are you on that that if the West but better, I think, fell down, and I know I'm on, I invented that bet plus thrown into DR number on man, Not only. I invented welcome Rockets, the rackets to which he well, every city division that their thus outlets division? We have that one for a lot of money. Unfortunately, he may be. They really this chiefs, one to come through the to pay off that awful rocket. But I'm so mad. That after years of being weary of James hardening Dwight Howard, as did the two best players on a team with just you know, who those guys are Then I finally put money in them and then and then they did what they did. Jake's I'd wait Mikhail.
May I have your lighting Felix sucker, though, that we don't. We thought all of last season was rewriting the script at the new script, that old that old crappy be level out of them were movie that had had treated the two guys doing the same old bonehead of things with with flat corny jokes. They did make any sense. That script goes on the garbage, we're gonna newsgroup. These guys are winners. They face true adversity and see it all. The way through they were just a handful of of play is away from being really competitive with the warriors and then here we go. We start the season and it's that same old, awful smells like a rotten eggs script, we're so stupid and I think I also think that they may genuinely hate playing with James Harden there. I'm Swatch in the body language their teammates, some
Kelly moments in their Boston game. You know the body language doctor. You are self appointed by language so there's Israel, inventors and a body language, I am I'm paying Carson. I once decided to terrorists than an airplane so you know this nature now our fear. If the best plan, your team gets knocked down three guys rush over or to help him up which cagey in the south, it started in two thousand: seven, really really matter Did it really go joy of wanting to pick up anybody so now the teams this in its own to show their close in. That bastard gave Jameson got knocked down more than words and other the rackets like fuck you let him come and stay get up on your own accord, Cheapside areas that should do a quick youtube. You got knocked down and nobody would help him up and the anything is is
after he gets out on a play. Any walkin in line normally guys come over high five nuthin, line by yourself. James item will be over here. You think is currently cartouche you I'll it's gotta, be part of it here right this bumped them about bringing that into a myth. That makes the whole thing this boil that if a bad ingredient, I had a conversation with somebody who knows things about this. Oh Anne car dash genes to a certain athletes, celebrity community are the equivalent of if you're in college then there's that one girl in your class that everybody wants to be with, and it might not even be because she's the prettiest, but there's something that whatever and then there's some sort of status thing with with being able to pull it off in somehow
the card ash ends are like that fur of America with slab reason efforts, including Chloe. It sat it's like you. They pass through your life and adjust it gee. You far part within two years: stare about did even take our long through for James hard. Four hundred a month, the same six months that we put our ardor money, other effing Rockets, God Damn saying, has achieved three deaf having editing that bottle, obeyed, stay away from the game is a bunch mangles it like family. I go in this position by straight away because it at home field thing. It's so bizarre. How thou not our mad about touching
but imagine, veered charges you, Spain, ran out all your reading about to say your team can't decide whether it wants to move to car centre in good. I who are charged food for meat, and it seems like there might only be twenty five thousand up. Let's try. Their luck defence. It's like out there Anaheim Mighty ducks vans. There's you happy thirty thousand of them, but twentieth I knew them have season tickets yeah exactly. I think I've met five enhance the expanse in mind. Thirteen years and allay the phenomena began. Some message board rude people get mad, but taxpayers money. I don't care screw the ducks. I hate your team and I can't wait for lucid to beat the how Corey perry- that's not nice, corporatism, fight, yeah, of course, It is a fight when he does. It is cheap chap people from behind looking and then and then skate away and let somebody s fight for heat, the ducks you'll get down by
rather than sports aid for happy. I love her being hockey teams and occupiers. That's like the LAO raw motion. We can have a sports. It adds its vote through its basket. Rob ass by everybody gets all sensitive, but in you can Jesse go to that. Now terrible things in the prayers and great yeah Corey Perry. I ll ask him out before we do, though, ask him: how did you ever build your square space website? You didn't die now. I need some help. I need a millennium to come to my office. To doubt the plainest airspace is that you, even in areas like you, can build your own website of the part. I need help with a turn on my computer on and figuring out how to download go to the site.
Hey, listen for giving here, I'm giving you a task, you building or square space, say in putting picks out that your task asked for much demeanor Michael RAP Report, was on this park ass last week and confess that he used where space to build his website and that when he builds his poor Guess span say he's also going you screw airspace deleterious, Gangbanger port, they haven't Lithuania, very beggar, rather port directive four did he have helped now. You doin here I'll give it a try. Modalities. Rapport smarter than you without is certainly worth love with our friends. It squares space make it easy to beautiful websites that breaking a sweat, regardless of skill level, no coding needed. They provide easiest tools and state of the art technology to ensure security stability. You, twenty four seven. My support house get a beautiful website for only eight dollars a month.
Yet you want for Christmas, some said Amelia sending out what's eight times, twelve, maybe, Thomas any ninety six dollars and take you to square specimen of pay pal to you right when we hang I've even get a free domain by squares base for the year start shroud, no credit card require squares. Based on me. Like the name of paper, I open it up a mobile operators who views. The offer could be ass. You get ten percent after first purchase, sewed ten percent, ninety six dollars of nine hours and fifty cents admire park, Saint Amis, India, eighty seven dollars and pay pal, and you can start and square space. They both of dirt now deserve square space. Tat come use. The Africa would be S last game, and then we get a goes alarm. Packets, Keziah! I basically what Jim did furred the paint mania
that never happened. I basically did that for staff carrying the warriors encourage. Ok, last one Dallas, my pick em. We both have this, who do have doubtless meter. Now. I love thou near us off. Duration, though the best Tony's back or not out of the play off yet. Is that you too quick, but he put out for major league with spectacular, yet it is the young men of the budget technical. I also that I I will thank my my good buddy, bigger for to the one that I like the best Dallas lately very nice ate one against the spread on the road against the F C, I love that little angle to give up a did, began and anger about that. Maybe sex at my everyone, my
yeah. I watch it. You know, anyone who is they want is fairly. Sacks really does Billy fill us. Sanchez for this typical Enzo improve sandwich. Then they went out to you is to tell you, because you next year are that's a good question which we could gamble on that. What's funny about Chip Kelly is. We we have proof over and over again that, like ballot check, you think everybody be like I'm just gonna emulate were Belgic does and bow check doesn't have a system here. Goes game the game and tries to figure out what to do chip Kelly's. I've system. It's gonna work. Does one new and every week at any price, Sanchez in it. He basically both this race courage and then, and then, as same brain,
for in March Sanchez is core backs. The differences in TAT town evaluation. Belgic has a pretty good track record of of he dabbling out geyser gonna fit. What he's trying to accomplish guys have the flexibility to work. The game plan and he's gonna have that he individualised as customize is reached him that he plays each week as opposed to Dumdum Kelly, who thought that He should completely renovate is personnel to fit his own eye of what was gonna work best and they? Why wed. Why would you do that? Marco Murray contract? That was one of those is like? What are you doing you didn't kill him better. I didn't do this. Don't do, though no smart franchise would do that. Did I ran math is where they now, you know overpaid Marco Murray, this iranian Matthews, who, by the way, is their best running back much better fit for what Chip Kelly trying
Actually, I'm somebody had a very little. He had arrived at Berkeley, he'd math there and sprawls whether you pain, the Markov worry we're doing so. I don't need the dolphins a ragged and they got killed by the paths to get beaten pretty severely by the bills and they were about to get their asses kept by the eagles and then kind of came back. It was a weird game. They did not throw me off their sent. I also have Dallas and I think our asses defences gonna give them trouble in the skin. I wrote that if you boots ranking inhale documents have been decent, there hasn't been export crow bull near the probability of them, so the Celtics play the net
twice Friday and Sunday grudged great game. These are now like playing games has not only are they did for the south, the wind, but ah, but also on the other there through their force multiplier. Neither games that that, but you know they have an exponent attached to the nets. Look just Ischia enough, then I'm starting to get worried. They're not can be one of the one of the tourists teams. I think we need, in the top to think I'm Basque has Philly, is just thrown away and other season. You know I went big thanks. NBA buddy. I went to that Philly Jaspers game Saturday night. Yes, I have to say: Philly is not that bad guy thickness.
The date that they are. They are. There is bad, as every statistics suggest the turnovers or off the charge. They have like pieces Jeremy grant. If it is not that bad he's really interesting athletic, we know an oak afore, the court at the same time as a lot of at letting young fella, neither to super long guys they move great problem is a just can't gore. They can't gore. They just can't make Basque I have a problem in the NBA yeah. Listen, I think it's a great learning experience for ogre fur, nowhere to lose every game and to play with the worst guards in the week that a definite opened it better of it is that there is a design flaw, but I was really surprised by your yea alot accredit per gum, coach brown- that's that's allowed. They they play hard and they mostly play the right way to just the guard. Thing is, if I know
thing tony rodent, but that shouldn't you now you see at ironically. Yes, I did missing Tony Ruben fine with the whole thrown away a couple seasons, but you can also damage the the players that you're gonna build around for the future doesn't help out compared to being a team with her, this parameter guys to them their their plan. Didn't countenance the possibility that impede may never play a game it with. Why did she why trade, Michael Carter Williams? Why can hear and understand it it still it's still befuddling and befuddle does no good explanation. It was smart in a vacuum. If I was on a computer, just not dealing with actual human beings, but it is not good for micro cargo aims not to be and this team, especially like if I'm okafor, I look at it and I go well to years from, a shade mean because they want to have three more years, a terrible picks now if they get banned Simmons,
next June then say make his genius in the sixties fans they get to throw a whole party in and make fun all the people who made fun of them the last three years. So those are the stakes now they are now They are now, in the final hand, a poker all the chips are in and this is now seven street- is never they caught on whatever this is it it has to happen this year. They have to win Benjamin's. They have to pay out to invent them where bed sentence, then they basically thrown away this entire decade to get oak affair, who, I think of the drafts, done over again he's the third pick, nowhere whose fine so care. If good he's. Ok, though, arguably guy
in the end, the tap the thing that draft, when he play twenty minutes ago on ok, see out for sure Euralia super he's terrible shooting under forty percent in over thirty feet, on shooting under forty percent, but in the right sort of circumstances, with with better players around a baby very effectively. He moves great. I love the way Cities to defence will be equitable rights situation. He'll end up. I got some other team for years from now begin. Yeah yeah, he's good after the successor disbanded, Aurette Joe Ass, a way we have to say goodbye to some of our friends. I want to say one really quick thing witches
big big banks, the porch pies, oh Don T get some money I speak out about. Would you get up buttermilk, o guess how much of that had left, Zira darted off to see them? Does this all winter season with the bathroom intensive I'm going to do something different lack, an aid the damages eat from November, the first until March, the first but God damn it. That's all I've done since weak with Arby's to gigantic growth based with fried chicken in it was a whole. Bought or milk ports by in two sittings come on go out two sittings: did you go to a diabetic coma readjusting games on with joy, port, the mouth port, the mouth, porch paths that thanks gave his next week?
of its it. There's no time, no word thanksgiving pie. Unless you live in the area, but for Christmas you could at least be set up. Trees, observers bracky by square space, start building your website today at squares, dot. I see if we can build a better one, Michael Rapaport and Joe have. Whose doing this this week, you're building website, I'm sending you, I said old eyes out on pay palliative, enter Africa BS check out to get temporary after new website square space, build a beautiful thanks again new today's other sponsor Casper Mattresses Obsessively engineered America made mattresses at a shockingly fair price after the official cuz of my son, get fifty bucks start any matches purchase by going to casper dot com, bs and using code bs thanks to see car presenting sponsor that just lost a new platform to buy and sell event tickets learn more at Siki
such bs. Don't forget about the Kyoto Avarice Fan and each bill paper view on Saturday night. Don't forget about our newest pack, ass from the B S pack ass network chain of thirty three, features Chris ran and agreement. You live in a, I might actually do apart cast over their next For the week after a minute, do where's. The moors about movies are many dude over and the chain of thirty three. Instead, this one because inscribed chain of thirty three on Itunes sound glad we're sticker right now. Thank you, Joe House. Following the pleasure. Thank you step, curry unawares everywhere to get time last night place out back we are about this and I want to see me again the one is tat. Why here close pitch in Rome.
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