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Ep. 29: Thanksgiving/Week 12 NFL w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons talks to Cousin Sal about the Cowboys' mini-resurgence (2:06 mark), worst NFL teams (8:12), Thanksgiving games (18:40), Cam for MVP (22:21), handsome QBs (29:47), are we sure Matt Ryan's good?(34:01), crossed-off NFL teams (42:00), Peyton Manning's demise (54:25, Cotto-Canelo (1:00:15) and WWE Survivor Series (1:07:15).

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sent off finally a home security system. You can trust again that simply safe bill darker, the cause, as for the first time in two thousand and fifty We are doing a bee ass, black ass after cowboys when congratulation on Believe boy S remit the first two from because really do in September and yet doesn't feel right does until I got to do, is there anything else you could be sad about? Is abnormally you're in a Monday fog, slash sadness, Slash he's latin! Whatever that narrow you seem uplifted did our right when my bats and and and Ramos back in I would say, even in a below average performance ram and stole a double digit went on the roads. That's pretty good killer, dicey in the first. A little rusty, didn't really matter, go legitimate, murmured suspended last year for the first three or four times or suspend the last year we came back. We were rusty right, we'll call Reggie
Randal carbon back, not doing that sailed over, but beer. And ideas, the rigour Panthers, four and seven we'll have to talk about that. He had to play the Panthers on Thursday four days threat. Yeah. You can ask for a better time to play them right. We're act Ebay, otherwise we should new knowledge. We should take care of business, but we do have to win one or both of those games. You sure you can, ninety seven new scoffed at this last week, where I still think we're there's a loss in there somewhere, but the giant tyrants meant that is worse game in the year and we still we still lag or someone by double digit the defence and give up many points in the fourth quarter. It is exciting, have a faulty back yesterday was actually a very interesting for body and, and I from beginning to end, which I can't say I did now said the time, but their games are their other games. Wait a couple laid enters. Our fine green in Minnesota was an old school Rogers performance.
Thousand you now affirm. Had been waiting for him to be Rogers and I've been waiting for Minnesota to turn into a pumpkin, and then it happened Course. I pick Minnesota and Anne and thankfully not actually wagered money, and then you can kind of feel at the last two minutes of the first half was when the game flipped yeah, Bridgewater gets Hurt, Rogers comes down, gets, go ahead. Touchdown tat, tear that play or at sea might there can be a holding permanently than us and was off setting penalties in us and therefore, in such tat, James hysteria, really bother me like I said how is always open he's gonna hoodie. I can't somebody you see. I have already on in this day and age, get your fine for point. Our ip when your mother dies, that there is good gets or a hoodie is much more rocky Rocky three
what happens when somebody tackles from behind with the hoodie basically decapitate, some bread and ban is psyche thing. It's dread locks every time. I look up on my way. Grew. This will usually just over the weekend. Grew. These dread lives is insane, but I know James Jones Day Tone Jones on defence. At that events was rock solid for Green Bay. Irreligious shows like it's like. Ok, it's called we're. Gonna turn it on nay, lazy. So what is seventy five pounds? Overweight is going to go out there, there's gonna be so did you they had a so motion at some point and in his his stomach was jiggling. He should just embraces Rome, bicycle actually refrigerator pairing caught in the refrigerator. I was derisively calling and fat Eddie better in the game, which I, should catch that adding Eddie Lacy their cause. We we did that with our dog Olivia, whose Carter FAT Olivia and then, when she we actually need. My wife actually started inserted her feeling
what did change late. She tweeted additives, hurting her feelings are now living in tweet that my way why my wife was mad shoes, I don't car fatter Libya. She knows it's like the dogs have accurate, FED, there's no way. She knows a lot of therapy and also she changed her diet and realize fire path. Now a car so for not so fat Olivia like that, so Freddy lazy. We can't fat Eddie right now and then he loses the way this summer. Guy, that's a feather, that's pretty good! It beats a page in the Superbowl go up. What have I done here? Just the whole system that worried about the packers I gotta be added. I think this is what we we should have work. Bout. This is real at this time of year. They they heat up in the cold and they're just day. Just show like we're just tougher than everybody. That's not the patriot, some say buddy and see their they're going to rise right there. In there competing, for I add a by Rogers. That was the best player on the field game yesterday, which I think happens from time to time.
An Petersen. Had I better than Rogers wasn't that game registers is better. He made seven hour, in place there, you know only three quarterbacks can make Petersen. Wasn't that great at a really big fumble one point I don't think there is ever a moment, really call my got Adrian Petersen. There will lazy our russian three one, and I think you have to get to that point point the Vikings where the Petersen seven yard round his neck, and I heard you and then the Packers always didn't. I can't that this they refuse, to let it happen, Bridgewater he's not terrible, can do a couple. Thinks he's. Ok, he makes his eyebrows throws yeah. I I don't. I don't love em. I don't. I don't feel like when when these shut down Petersen, like that, that Bridgewater Beggar guys I'm gonna, throw for three fifty in three tedious and got this he's not there, yet he might get their year from now, but once they fell behind I just in
They're gonna win now deal with my ten of us like out man out and out almost all right away. I got even in the second quarter. I thought this was a package game important thing. Those quarter out Petersen showed Mason Crosbie quarter, Patterson Currer Patterson. He showed Mason crimes, they did it, I don't care about the fifteen year old pennant. He proved this point though smart is plant was don't look at me after I just had a great ran around come overhead. By now I M an event that again made major errors. They might have been the best player on the field. Yesterday, he's pretty girl other. There are some really fun things that happen. Yesterday and then some disturbing things and then just a minute things, one of which was case Keen M she's got a basic
He was in his bad shape as the guys in the under card in the Canelo Codify guy who's is said to be the care to his corner. His his line was trying to pull. But it's like he's a dead body who just got fished out of awake, a staggers to his feet and they kept them in and the Indiana made all this big deal less couple weeks, but these guys in the stands with binoculars these spotters. Now people have written about it, but in a moment he was killed we really can cause Nick follows is already warming up on the sidelines threat in this case Canaan kept playing. That was amazing. I think Jeff Fisher was more way. More can costs in case came at that point, like I dont understand for the last two minutes of these ravens game its intense it's like the wire season three. If we want to see it as something straight gave something cringe worthy you gonna come across and so
the rams that I think there are thirteen three or sixteenth, not thirteen, three and pretty late, and then they together, the Ravens tie it forth and five from their own. Forty five a minute left its tied. They go for it. The airspace came out these circumstance and Canada has case. Keyed can cause case. You do your best cases that the Rams defence somehow this game for use. Airline who used to be good, MR feel gawky, I don't understand why they went for, of course, they can make it, and then the Ravens and Joe Lacquer, like them over the best quarterback performance of all alike leading them down the OIE needed first down, but but what the torn Asia like the man of the said for that guy, you never misses a game now, sadly, lacquer you blow for what has he knew he was hurt. I thought at that point. He walks over the courage and says Tucker to Missus a blue meciar. We should go for the first pic I say, but he didn't you self screwed up now I mean he when it,
and it was clear- something bad happened in surprise. They kept him on the field. Gentlemen, with no weapons. I bought Yahoo Bach, Alan and here again the what but the really does, though they realize pair in their first our impact and ass. The sun for several re? Rice is still out they're going to say- and I were not ass- I hear and then flak o the Thirdly, the worse team in the league in that win was really bad for them, because I think there's two two in teams laugh Tennessee, not San. Francisco, who is San Diego TAT, will say the egg us not gonna win again. I don't think poligized to you, too. I mean you like the chief yesterday and I like the chargers, and I said they just can't keep losing every game and home. It's sort of a revenge gained. The chief locked amounted to play off so weak seventeen last year, and I apologise they're they're, just garb Did you read through banged up? They have no fear manage it and we're talking about yesterday. It seems like that is now the most
pressing home game in the media, because it it's there's, always fans from the other. Two the teams moving. You know what we need and that they have the rest well, they're gonna have a game where they have, but the ok. So maybe a hundred percent fancy This is one thing that I Rocco's right: ok, Broncos, we twelve how many bronco fans are at that girl already thousand yet. But if you have a few of the bears coming to town or the Steelers, I understand those those fans travel well, but the G8 achieves. I saw the crowd. Someone sent me a screen, grab the it's all right, to see if they did, they fly the fans out there like what is going on now the charges organization it doesnt length. Answer just wherever that was one of my big take away from last week. Yesterday was yet we ve talked about a home for review doesn't matter, but you would have thought leg. I Minnesota Green Bay get a matter for this year,
Give fancier me crazy me rather like twenty five thousand packer fans and she's doesn't like a matters anymore forever reason I thought I was gonna, be a good home filled advantage. It wasn't like here, put him out in the cold and green veiled star when and by what you just said. We talked about that guy. I've come to realize it's impossible, that's our luggage, Gaza. Without saying we talked about absent, I felt, and we owe you an apology. We get away with this just or we through around, but one thing: I've as this is a new thing that I've got an excited about is how they talk about how they met somebody deny or when he came to their meeting Pratt. It got me thinking if we met with gambler like somebody from vague ass. He came to him
eating for the package era, and then we brought him up today really like. While we talk tar J about our meeting last, whether they re always very excited to tell us that there is a meeting and that this person passed through their lives briefly adopted at a really ever understand the bill, we arrange. So can we talk about talk yet degraded, paper view moment of all time. What was that an? I missed it first second, but then it was sent to me like twenty five times afterwards bet better than now. What's but bongo fiasco or went home and slammed Andre was when you were caught when you are now, by the HBO cameras during the Alvarez Fight and you couldn't no one was ever happier to be on camera Do you remember the jail yeah? I do. There is a cameraman next to me and the ILO in their like we're gonna, show you MIKE ok, and then they show you and it's like our. I do. I look. Camera. Do I look away so apparently way?
Who is you look you do like a thumbs up and then you just turn thou either, but I didn't do that. Dare to the care of a half way. Most of the guys. I do you mind telling me right. I mean you're supposed to a european noise that you're there like you're here that I think that I was really happy to be cool way to do it like pretend you're, in line at the Damn vague, that's what the cameras on you, but that camera. I think how long would you have smiled at the camera I think well, through the fight had taken captain. I didn't know what to do. I furrows serene scorecard that that you're still you're still smiling. I began it. It was probably for a SEC. It said it felt like one hundred and forty Please step fairly me, please that was so good good. I want to touch we're gonna talk about that, when I get too there's a specific point, the Pakistan want to talk about that, but we should mention the bills. Put a patriot night, and Iceland is seven. It's probably a creep, the seven app for the game and I had a partner
you did ever as the Seahawks in, and the Panthers moneylender guided avarice Seahawks patriots in now. Have to decide whether I try to hedge retired, tyrod and and buffer and others that we do have our offensive land back for this game too. Tough one Are you telling me close game? What can I do? I pick it as my best bet on the US pan, but seeing its at three point four point: can I thought they shortened game the bills and there on the ball and are doing all right things right now and even better, and all that Rex Ryan is under playing everything he's like almost given the patriots, way more credit and die. Nobody asks for an I now, but he's done stupid things in the past, where I saw it blows again before it starts. If we win S at Denver Summit, Next week, Brok, Ass Weiler was terrible, in this area. They asked me to do anything I play in Chicago Chicago is missing, like their seventeen
scale. Guideline is how we have to get used to three backup quarterbacks one. Yesterday we were gay, wasn't bad news good, so at Amber home for fairly at Houston. This is like weak fourteen, but at Houston. Now, not a gimmick khazar this in their defences, plain, really well judge your watch out of his mind again allow like ten points again for less through yeah. You now know Kishar home for Tennessee at jets at Miami will those, alas, too, I think that's where you run into trouble If you get by tonight, the under the billion in every one of those gauges for sure Carolina has Carolina is that Dallas Thursday, when I talk about, will get to it that New Orleans Madame needs again. No islands is at least gonna score points alone, Palmprint Lana they stink at the giants. That's a tough one week. Fifteen giants needed I until death. When you add at Lana Home for tap
I think, Carolinas gotta much tougher chance again under feet. They do have its offer chance, but that day there not getting respected by Anna I mean I re score: thirty, a game in the user. They forty four about onto now that the most or gains by double digits. I don't know why. I don't know why we're because I'm not. I don't have any sexy players aside from community of TED Junior and function and we talk them area. We talked about giving here's the thing in this Why they're not getting respect? This is a fantasy for birthing near because we I had taken Junior Revolvah, Jericho, Crabtree, Revolvah, Jonathan Stuart, and we look at all aids and you go. What had those guys, I guess, sack rat, but actually laid out, sack this year putting a points and Ruggles and other such either is now Gregg ozone. His buddies was never like a rock Jimmy, Graham type they had an who now is like. Basically, this
investment in other than the. Since, a guy Believer Eifert, you referred effort. Yeah yeah, shaded, firm after regulatory passes in there all touchdowns any always gets just I not know is, puts him in a position to just get annihilated by somebody debts, see Arizona game quickly. Last night Palmer sucked in the first quarter, then they come back. Then it looks like this when by twenty and then they remembered await alot of people probably bet on it. Four and a half roads. Let's get really stupid, aired for fear of on than just let them drive down and get an easy touchdown and twitter. I heads worked or up seven their driving. You like men, are gonna, go up ten and then give up a touchdown. Could I point defence when Europe ten in our, but yet they seem like a team that should score forty five points again.
But that off answer so loaded took their foot off the Ganges. Think anyone play for them now he can play is Lou roused. The best I can live is lower as the best running back every week that child me, I played against them ass. They so you, like thirty seven point Awful Thomas Rawls. Some on is Thomas Rosewater. The fibers ready backs we know what gave Zack who's this guy. This guy's a major meetings, are just seven. Your chair year, like, if you told somebody you just got out of a common nine months ago, thereby coups that Thomas rousing. That was the number and pick up a draft that is for you went to Alice. You is amazing. They would that is why the cowboys keep to get back up. Backups Kristen, Michael than work app we have an urban now we're hoping had Lou rather Thomas roles. We on the team we donating you, my dad- got lightning in a borrowed MC fat fat, yeah. I didn't he always ends like he's gonna be heard after the play, which gets be nervous, but I d
but he pragmatic ran out the clock. Yes, there's big! Well, let's talk where this is one of our favorite pack ass to do because we have the three Thursday games There's a guy in your team is always involved and really single him determines what your moods gonna be, like others than a sure, allow the fifteen pounds of food you yeah yeah, at least by Monday, I know, but after they lost but too there are two very strange lines in the first games. First, one is fairly at Detroit. What did you think here? I had no fear for this aid. Why is the most confounding team of the year? I was fortunate enough to have picked against them yesterday, smart, but just because it, the Phillies, reach a point where they just should be favoured. More than three points are relatively via five and what they are so shouldn't be getting more than the six points against any team in the leg and aegis, narrow sages. Sadly, I think it's over, even I have to admit it. He beat us in a play,
game. I've been afraid him for five years since, but he's is negative about the air as surprise our defences as bad as it is, but it's a what happened so they sank happening over the over this spring Thou art it's gonna, be. I saw shy to rejuvenate inferred in there they don't shoot. Colleges goes back to college or go back to college. Now. I think you could both you know. A lot of that is played on Saturday and then the pros or on Sunday, so well and a great idea, do both? Is there a school? Could he coach like Temple? He doesn't sleep bill. It's these constantly, looking and scheming between two yet coaches. Born and eagles what other schools in the failure Ellen over. I get video like a did threescore here. I don't I go there and they entered a chip either
He goes by two and a half over the lands, and I can't explain why why I had that you win because its eagles by one lions by two. Why are the Eagles favour their foreign six at three? Eight save lions, a really bad and it turns out the right there's a really bad too, because you watch lions raiders in the lines are terrible in their winning the lie the only team, the score eighteen point, two consecutive weeks and when both those games- and I think there are hang a banner at half time on Thanksgiving for that, it's a barely. I mean these are numbers room, just never seen before very landers ten points silly silly, alright, Carolina Dallas here we go near lad, outline either Panthers by two and a half the Panthers by four and it open Dallas minus one is now a pick. You get that one as well. So let's talk about this,
was a three day three days. Arrests for Carolina, not good road game after three days. Rest must, in four Dallas seasons over if they lose Carolina, could probably afford to get rid of it. If they have some banged up guys may be just sit in this week. That's all I can think of aid to each should be at least Caroline about two and a half. This is not the basically you're saying what one of ok, where one of Weedin was a corner back here was Caroline refer by eight or nine. The Roma's worth like eight or nine point- and here I am- I think, you eight or nine points way Isabel. I just everyone, says it's on the road after three days in Dallas, also on the road there, their travelling from a place there playing into place they weren't playing last week. So you basically three days to get to this other place and then play in that letter that David your site they make such a
the about caring about where safety and other stuff and then they have. These guys point two games at five days. Yes, it's completely idiotic there. That's why have the by weeks before Thanksgiving, yet it could do that. That would be last year's stupid, but this is a tenant autumn that one by seventeen touchdown just aids at a sign. A fluke Carolina team it should be favoured here. That's done either Vegas and they give me A great reverse, jinx casing, Panthers ever really appreciate it. I think I'd Chicago one. Last thing: a camp has really been really really fun watch. I I really great you access highlights. I was watching porn time. I said it could sleep and over and over again
making the re play the bars and the perfect spot for the guy to keep running with it. We hatches it he's been out of his mind. He does up all of that thing where he slings. The ball is slings. It doesn't even looked Aggies Stepan into it and yet, in the guys, always catches at on the right right before the out about their debts. Spectacular. I think the knock on him was that he gets a late start every time he had. Four touchdowns sounds like midway through the second quarter. That yesterday is good, and the other thing with the envy p is you have to ask if you put different quarterbacks this guy's spar, horses and how to have turned out- and I just don't think, there's a lot of quarterbacks that that could have dragged this team of seven in three areas too much less tenedos through its there. For him, Mrs Breyer, I think it's dear that's private a little too early to to say the head at the dentist with those two and then it's everybody else, and now it's going to play out. Let's see if egg has has any say in this
Brady, though, is now you're moving adamant and crack he's had twenty different offers of land combinations yeah, but the schedules bending really easy. It's braided figure that went above replacement thing. I think it's Brady Yadda, I dont think any other quarterback would go tenedos. The team he said Rob Newton could Rogers have done this in Carolina. Maybe we could have done no single makes everyone in Chicago speaking of Rogers at Maybe this is the night game like that, like the Thursday night came on Thanksgiving no game. I went to high and this because we I walked set breakers bears game pretty close yesterday in the bears have just no skill guys at all and Forte might be back for the society of the dance, ten,
Fourth, quarter like it's over colors, been really get this money and joy cut. Don't you get a good sense, a him up with the two managerial like at the end, I I figured for sure he was gonna score or major clauses like I have a good feeling about him drive in this team. Seventy hours on doing what they dominated that game there I think they're in the Red zone like at least five times, you and I jack Odin score in the region. We bear the bears. An outline flew all over the place, always it wasn't like Manning was ever gonna play right, as we did last week's pie cast, but then- was favoured by one and then Chicago is fair by one a half and then and then who'd employed, Geoffrey and play in four areas play in two too, and we gotta too, and it ended up two and a half Will you they're gonna score, not get the two point or merger right you do you hoping that they would get the two point. Thirty. We want the push yeah. I was ours. The way there
employed out. I was like happy to grab the pushing get out of there because you see my their snake bit rat. They should had twenty five to twenty seven points. That game then ended up with sixteen out there, what he half of his I went, I went Packers nine and one slash two, that's what I said and it's nine. So we tie their all right before we get to the Sunday games. South I know you have trouble finding shirts that look good on tat. What yeah that's been one of the biggest problems of men's fashion. For years, not anymore on Tuckett that can solve the problem by making sure that are specifically
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these usually a terrible Sunday for body and really an excuse to spend time with their family. Both of us. Don't don't ever take that excuse, but there are a couple games on Sunday there are, but and I fell screwed us again, I'm in here you have three and there are no buys. I get it, but there are three Thursday games you could not. Maybe have nine early Sunday games. Can you see that I had a little extra. Yes nicer, one lake gainers to lake it late afternoon, gay about Jesus to New Orleans and use them. I don't know what to make of this used in T J J. Why can't be they're scared. Now I can't be the only reason that this team, that that defences, Zagat taxes by one The plan has been playing well to minus on ice at minus three. I had this one exactly Houston, minus three over neurons. Could this be the game where Jubilee history like five pigs in there's stuff, like that Sharm Peyton is going to alight there's like interests than telling.
Since they, when the saints officially far apart, Jake Lasers, on right before the game start Saint guys. I'm here in that shall and is looking at the eagles of chip. Kelly leaves and report. This is why made start scrutinising you after your by the Orange six can't make em. Champagne will be the coach picture and that our I don't love you breezes their quarterback texture, it so strange. Where are these guys go and magic, breeze and cabinet? Not not starting? Next year, he'll have to start but this sheet. Let me ask you: this is possible and I have seen Sal Team gets a wild card. How is that possible? You say like you, if it's a night in seven, but, who is energy used and used in five and five culture. Five and five there than other page by bad teams arrested the way it could happen. You're gonna! Look, I don't knock. You are, you can't say, pick your pants
begging, your pencilling, the chiefs and right now that incite olenin? Never everyone likes achieves I have an easier schedule, but I just with this aim with the south we reserve so bad and now they're gonna have like probably two eight and seventeen going into. We. Seventeen, I think, achieves, can get to ten wins yet, at San Diego home for Buffalo, adequate home for San, Diego at Baltimore, Cleveland Oakland, yet not the chiefs and then an upstanding eyes, thou you're. Reading. Yesterday I am reading a slave Oakland. I last Sunday Evan. I flung at our conservative at Baltimore Cleveland Oakland right, there's, not a tough game in that Austria and other they pay the bills this weekend. What if they're five and six like that, then there on the outside? Look in it, but I agree I had there. Look pan stats. I know you love ESPN, stats. Seventy three percent chance of making the playoffs achieves but watched watch this Texans.
There is another thing Casey in Pittsburgh. I, like both of those teams more than whoever is getting the three in the force said: yeah. Brok, ass, wild plants game we have a chance to bet on this threat. Excited is very great hair and grit in great general. Look on that guy brought here one or more handsome court, bags of Edna, while using the handsome quarterback. I was to work as an advantage cassettes, a guy who right from high school. I had you spend the handsome. Men on campus, whose is getting any girly, wants these gallo swagger tone there. You know you don't like that. Their underlying my minute, you know, is not alone. In July. I ain't your legs scrutiny, I don't know who you are you mustn't snow, but you're right I give the chiefs went to Denver than the first round after having beat them. That's, that's a degree barometers by minus two through an app three. I never in it the chiefs.
Pinta Indianapolis fur Radwan, the other way they might be favoured and somewhat pittsburgh- that sad, its anti red. Then he could blow any of those games. You know the worst way past about why we well, you know the blow one of those countries where it is it's in his blood jerk right, Saint Louis it Cincinnati should we officially poor went out fire rams battered me? You could mount and want to see what that has now twenty two one hundred and one it's the way, but this I have something that I think we should do to make up for it. What is that on a chase? The money we lost than the ribs better? I still defend the ram spat sixty to one now. Well, it should be. We have. We have Ellis you at sixty. Two Don't know better than some of the venerable that's gonna, be
ten o and advocates the USA only between the three or five c of the Ottoman sixty one, but I have a question. But what are the giants to in the industry that do now, with the nine a one to one, the annex ii? Ninety one, fit to bet your life on a team when, in the annex ii who'd you better three teams, but am Arizona on a Fisher giants, can score man. There are no say in the USA is not even in this conversation you say a giant set Arizona, Fc Title Game, his is six point favorites town. We just lay the six with Arizona. Oh I'm not afraid of the giants at all now little bed, but I don't think that's a good match up for that matter. Like giants packers, I think that's better. I love this Arizona team irrational about how much I love them now. They're gonna make it a good Superbowl gets,
St Dot, Louis Itza, bring it on St Louis is, is going to be getting eight and one slash two points, but it's what I did and it's nine started seven and a half even after since he lost it, went up point two halves. You know one of things that happened. The rams is they laws. They haven't Robert quaint for the last couple weeks. Right now lost Ogletree. Thirty did play two weeks ago, alas, were now he is missed at least the last two. I think you might have missed the last through, but of its own. Defence anymore lit the defence. Add those first foreign, whatever they help the right ravens to raved, though most of the year, you know it is the Rams destiny. I think I've wrote this last year there, the best bottom, Like him last ball, you play golf, you Eve. Or good halls at eighteen, but if the guy who, out of your playing with somebody, is better
and are you really need to do, is have like four birdies and he gets care thus for hours and then the other guy you with care is the rational. You know in a best bought term it the Rams our best bought them that they play for great weeks a year now go and they gonna Arizona and they beat Arizona. It's like our their ads, then live friggin. That's a blow the game next week to whoever the need to score more, that's for sure and is not generally Adami whose often to procure the year two thousand is Winston number one. Now I feel bad for tat girl either Minis. Yes, calculated the name backup yeah, I don't know that's a tough race, tough race right now. I'm Minnesota Atlanta. I'm not giving up a Minnesota, yet I just think they had a bad game and at some damn stuff operated. The packers were fired up added or land as atrocious. Minnesota minus one and a half overland. That's what I said. I said my I said: Minnesota minus two. It LAN is favoured by to see you're getting that your you were less a troll that sound
I have a have a new episode of our sure they're good, we're sure their average now Matt Ryan. Their reassure is good. We sure about Ryan's, gave I remember positive, they use good really, would you would you want to measure Kubi for ten years ago will in this game? Who would you as you, you are Bridgewater, I am not sure that red tape is better anger. That AIDS is now I thought I had a good throws interest options and is from his own enzo you're not goes bad. That was terrible. Did they change the game and he Soulier Jones is it points out now. Freeman, who knows is, can costly laughter I yet it's bad for them, whose betting on them at this point that their favorite they that the addictive swings during the week has how many times in a row hasn't linen not covered
Lanceor three five or six enough, I have six them covered since weak for when they killed Houston. How do you explain weak for at land of forty eight Houston? Twenty one right in Houston now gives up ten points again, those our age ass. Yet taxes. Events just woke up by two weeks ago, but that lie in Atlanta called Sly Michael. And taken Atlanta anyway, but it went from six went down a three and a half yesterday like what happened. Why did they All that happened during the weakest hassle back got older. I cannot understand why that that line goes to three and a half and they still uncover. Understandably, the Heron Giants at Washington. Your game would rather have cousins or about re, adding my right to withdraw their cousins or by rain.
Now to go in two days time. So Kurt cousins is the is the line format ran. He heard that proper out about the giants by three and a half. I, like the jets I will say this is the type of game when the giants fans are feeling good. There feel confident de lie on the road in any legists, has distinct bomb in their panicking in the fourth quarter cause they're down ten year. We see that that happens. What twice three times he re for sure. Good. Now we got it. We're gonna, wait Eli what what's he like doing two weeks to prepare for this conflict and its awesome, really encouraging tape yesterday and the Redskins and Vegas made it giants by too so I so I said I said three, you say: Vegas sniff sniffing it out. Man, that's too easy to take. Giants that right yeah there there baiting us. Maybe they know he lies gonna sack in this game there they could Eli fearless they done.
Back in this game moment a better, not I'll socks around our by lobbies on any minute. Do a nineteen FC back and I'm betting on you in the negative, raising, don't tell anything we use sack in this game, Eli umbrella. You do that you wait till Superber. Fifty to sack fourteen was born the giants easily, yet you're not rational about the giants. So, ok, giant Seattle do if I ask you do you think Colbert ratings are now, is that from now on their way through the Taliban in the camp of Bay at Indy could game all the sun has hassle back there. You pagoda caused by two and a half I said for and its three, so you get it. You get that box. Frisky lately other they. They just have a guy fail, PD test and then claim it was an energy drink. Aurelia Kwan, chancellor, I believe said he said, he's appealing it
but he didn't realize that this energy drink he was taking cause the positive task we don't have. If the test was for testosterone or stimulants, I'm guessing testosterone cause, what kind of stimulants would be in an energy drake allow, but that whole team was on it yesterday they yeah they were on fire. You know it. You have to do to fail a pity test for statutory right body to be valued. Testosterone has to be four times the normal level as a right in your body to fail test. There's no energy drank the put your over that. So then, if it wasn't just ass drawn, then it with stimulants, which means he was drinking energy, Jane to basically have again. Feder means. It is something that my guess they have of those are. My point is
so it comes out, is like it was. The energy drinks far will tell us what the energy drink is, because I want to make sure I don't drink eight or man, it's don't drink it. Can we find out what it is really a seven eleven like aware. What is this during the FDA needs to know about this loud children are in jeopardy, where's where's, Adam. She turn make Florio with the name of the energy Jack got. Well, that's a tough one, but I think tamper, another five and five. What's the wild cognitive see, seven three vikings and six and for Lana that is that the wildcard my mission, somebody tap, Ziad, ask anyone Abkhazia Minnesota's their vile, I'm just saying that same record and that getting excited about us. It bubble good, temper Bay so that their add Indy, Humphrey Lena home. For New Orleans.
In one of those three games, Jamie's Winston, is going to be absolutely atrocious. Keziah AIDS is he's out run right now, but his history in college just that he can have games, are here is where he just throws Bob for grabs a couple times. It hasn't happened lately, just read flagging up what the main point is. Gonna burn some burn a group, a gambler, Sarah had an away rookie year budget. Last week he dove and fumbled ball. The goal audience cowboys if there was a dumb penalty that they had been ass, covers head, remember, right, Buffalo, Kansas City, good game, good game or Buffalo may lose by forty points today and then suddenly, Nantucket media, I've cheese by five and a half. I owe you one high I said for, and it is for,
I guess will learn more tonight. I guess we will learn something at everyone. Foreigner robber, learn that Tom Brady is the man? Listen a yo, your confidence. I am confident ballot checks that lays interacts re. Let me ask you this, because you have the patriots money lying near it made me met the bills on a three team. Teaser plus seventeen now now No good hears the problem with doing in remote areas, and I and Cincinnati over Saint Louis, it's so not fun. I have money against routine eyes. It's in the back of your head, the whole time amateur, add the pats. But can I read you some time we got a tweet this by this guy Nicky tea at Nicky T t twenty seven bill, Simmonds cousin, so I went on three and three team teaser washed and filling Minnesota zero name for that. The corolla save a sow, but maybe look
it did this disease tease or somethin curse the worst who's. The worst gambler that you now that we're friends Daniels get not there. I was caught the Kalis are. I will call the callous and his in traditional producers, but it will take a week to think about. Let's, thereby because I've I've deaf, we ve been an opposition, Oakland Tennessee, poor, raiders fans. Such high hopes right three weeks ago, It's an I almost started their car yesterday, Aaron Rodgers and then the rafters froze before I actually had to make to suit it. Looked like an there's like an eighteen point difference the lesson is: don't bench Aaron Rodgers, just now you just don't ever do I have the Titans laying one and a half points to the raiders thou, either raiders by two and a half minutes.
It is by two coming across half teams quickly, as this reminded me that way through cross. I think we can put the raiders in Area Cleveland, Cleveland, Tennessee, tuna crossing them off Baltimore San Francisco to trade three and seven crossing our them off right at Foreign six Oakland Miami Rams New Orleans Tampa Chicago, I'm crossing of oak. My Ok, Miami Rams New Orleans across in Jakarta rose foreign, seven orthodox, giving their therein there to me. I guess we could cross them. Unless they somehow went on Thursday, so you Crossing Oakland, often dealt not progressing open days. I've in six days they could be five and six I M, so mad Ethel. I we learn how we give up on teams affect Minnesota's great glens, great
I know that's that's what we have done here, that if you go back and you actually look at opens wins, it makes a lot more sense. Read they beat the ravens by four. They beat the brands by seven, they beat the chargers Bay and they beat the jets during the week when Fitzpatrick got her. Gina Psmith came in whatever had I that game. Those are therefore wid, sir. I thought they hung with sometimes a de la, How would the Steelers a little behind with the Brok as a tiny bit hung with the bears, but last out- but I mean it's not like they have a good when you didn't what then FC salted and cross, they have these out. Things are not, however, sadly cynically now across the Tennessee cause too. There is another matter but there and they blew that Thursday game. I thought that was a weird weird line. Jacksonville minus three in Tennessee too, to blow the cover, I mean just the fact that it was an approach. They were up late in the fourth and not just bad teams find the way this indian APP
What team did they snuck out that Broncos? When it then really shouldn't have beat the Vulcans their words? I think they're down, fourteen and nothing, their game hassle back was looked like a bilateral yeah. You Tom, I forgot that they did that near. I guess they d be the falcons. They ask us stuck the Jackson, weak, three member that one over rat and then weak, Do they they snuck at that titans game. They have five winds and thus I've Windsor by two points. Three point: seven points three points at three point during a real I'm that soldiers by pulling up well- let's just hope that I mean so who do we want to bet against, and I guess it doesn't matter for seed guarantee for the agency's out one or I play portals. One big, orderly, the green scenario. Yeah, that's going to be a disaster.
The Jackson there in the red with aforesaid, so jagged, let's say against the Steelers Houston at least has a decent defensive and you were an app also have a healthy look. At that point, I guess it's just gotta, be the jazz receivers scare me little, but Herndon Robinson Unhealthy, but they did not look at those that a t want. Then the Jackson played better than those than the courts, the less five six eggs well, they're gonna be five and six for their home again San Diego, and I want you to just kick me as hard as we can in the knots. If I bet sand egg over the next four years,
that aim at the jagged by foreign half over the charges are probably went to. Let you know what I am I had three and its force. Are you you get your closer. The seventh race poor fell rivers, Europe. I want him in Gateshead words they dead right. You know what it's. Whenever people have words, there is. The thing like were brothers brothers argue which I totally get yet, but I'm always waiting for the one time further like what happened. There look Antonios it dick steam, those it has been a degree of ten years, and sometimes he makes me mad with our brothers can imagine like if, if your show reporters after every show like when Jimmie Dale snapping and some of them have to talk about it after I like it. Listen I love J. Subject, he's better for twelve years. Sometimes brothers argue Damn sure we disagree. Artie, shout out to Numa Joe Letterman.
Oh yeah, I delete a man executive producer of and we I rely bad. I bet five hundred torrent. She name their neighbors son, rack rocket like it rocket. I thought it was for sure gonna be something over the top Jewish, but it was not rockets. Not rocket. Lee is just over the TAT Rock ITALY after the civil war general rocketing. I like it, then together, that's good, that's good for my character. The year on down and since the character the years can be credible Roger that might just say, rocket that that that now is the character the year. Is there any way anyone overtakes Corolla at this point? It's pretty much? implies array he's doing great corolla. Try to read, tell me a story. It was drunk say about how MIKE August gets character literally to say he was drunk yesterday with girl. I'm sorry about as patronising, but I may have to give him Cody point-
how he told the story. It took him. Forty minutes to tell a story about how August should get Cody points. It's weird. It's strange, listen, corrupt, tat. Taking forty minutes to tell a story is that is that breaking this? Let's go see: Creed Friday, all of us after bash, giving our. Of that. I have already seen that value added Kenya. Ah you jerk where'd. You say I have Michael Jordan on my part Yes, I had two aggravated earlier. Screener, you son of a bitch, an Ipad screener watch them Ipad. That's good! That's good! To its Gett n, I don't want to get carried away with slice, the loans performance, because you know how I feel about the man, but I do think he can dominate. I heard from some really affect us crazy. Then you even yeah, it's really affecting really. You leave you think killing me.
It's just glad sized alone spent. My life for forty. Eight hours might take away from the movie. I could be journeys really get the girls get it's giving look impasse nice having now mixer for that we should go yet. I am. I am at the jets. We have a lot of foreign. Six is worth five five. Why they trust me. I read an abnormal Matt of full particles, the last twenty four hours for research costs. Wasn't have my performance performance last, the dolphin seem confident after that game, even though they lost yesterday that that he did somebody. Thanks in there still fear there still in the plant finds a user terrible fell upon their view of you, rushing quarterback, he just started up for grabs or how it is made me feel good about anything, and they have no fear of vantage. They have no. What we call on the business I the going. Do you the ball? The ball Lamar Miller, pass what what is your thing here? Lands receiver. For that that I don't know what what their deal I would, I would give them
now the bar every time and do everything possible in that have to know to do anything Anybody running out to try something let them a minute in the second quarter and he came down scores. That set now would fall bar, but he doesn't capitalize on momentum. So much ten hell. It's like you could get your first quarter tunnel, the Abbe. Same as your third quarter, even other driving. You read it against a mystery. Once you hit that guy, like three times and fold, sells it, so that's one of the reasons I like the jets this week is, I think they can. Put some incentives Adam in getting his head ass jets by foreign half you went to high set for in its three and a half.
Through these jets. Defence might be the one thing they were all wrong about: a grievous copied alot yesterday that they're, just there not lights out like they used to be eight. I know from from little birdies than the patriots fella they sold high and reduce the debt yeah. He he secretly got torch than that Baltimore Plath came and they really like Butler and until they were to users When he had got out, patriots always make the right decisions. Taxis find me, the guy has come back to haunt them. Read, doesn't doesn't really First, they usually when, when he cuts the cord they usually yeah there, they usually dollar ban. Think Jonas Grey was gonna, be a stand out for dolphins, but I want to pick them up yet. One move move he made that I, where he got too smart for himself, a big was Seymour when they choose It seems that for the first time papers that turned out to be like the seventh parliamentary term, you
they traded him. It was he had to really get our pro years left at home when they change right. That was probably the one they did so, but they got a great picture there. One move is not signing. Pollard was the worst, it take it, but he wouldn't hurt somebody in that sets True Arizona, one of the two late afternoon games? Thank you and I fell errs on San Francisco. Those of this even counts as a game cards by ass, you're gonna get the sun alive, said seven, but it's ten and a half opened at nine. Now ten and a half, I have a confession to make good. I dont think when Gabert so bad
they showed a little fight in them he's compared to some of the other guys reaction that give you just switched him internal. I don't, I don't think either themes different second quarter, they take the ball. The tenure Lyman a minute left and their running a play, and I like what are they doing run this clock out against Seattle? Annie almost gets act in the Amazon and then take them down the field they score. Yeah, like my father to conduct in this game. But then I think there's about fifteen different quarterbacks that are all right around each other from a talent standpoint he's on the higher and of those guys. Right now does Capron get shut down and if he's playing well like is not throwing shoulder. Why think what happened is I think he got the surgery. Maybe I'm
By the way I read it, then it, but now he elected to get the surging. I think they were unhappy about it. I say I think he was like a few guys and gettin get on my shoulder fix. I can be ready for next year. I want to find out what happened as they claim that three teams for Niners claim at three teams approached them last week about trading, can imagine what was offered stone, a team I use. I, he salvageable elixir yeah. I think right, co trade system moving around doing stuff. It can't be forgotten that he completely demolish greedy in their platter him, yet it that's for somebody who is allegedly washed up at age. Twenty six, twenty seven like I can't get that came out of my head right, he's carry. It is another chance somewhat. There's talk about most cinnamon and I said there is talk about let's differently than we talked about, but talk about that is heads not like. You might be the Johnny man's Ellen terms, and who knows we once boy for Baltimore New?
he's never been the same since we did our progress. That's right of Pittsburgh at Seattle. I, this is a good game- is a good late afternoon game to get one a little afraid of Pittsburgh. I will say this, but I'm always afraid of teams that could score with the pats now round to if they came in, We believe that in a half but I'd be nervous teletype now I've come off a win against Jacksonville or somebody bad see minus four of the stairs to we this now you get it it's four and a half. I said three and a half that you in the week here I have one minute: parlay the stores alone, The over fifty in a half of the Times Collins worth cause ruthless, Burger Ben that this is a embassy aim as it now we talk to Ben
that's eyes, then be signal hours late afternoon. Now it's that Sir there's. No. I beseech now you're patriots, dampers knacks at somebody said. Oh, I did all they flexed it. That's why rare Acadia what do you think I did TAT didn t love, yeah as ever lost on Sunday night. Yes, the short answer is yes, if it didn't pats minus five endeavour, we split this. I said I said sex, it's five and a half do you think Pate Manning? Should he hang it up or Are we to tell him when he should? Hang it up? What a fool! I myself playing football addicts both that you should hang it up and who the hell are. We to Ptolemy should pick it up if our package, this terrible twenty years from now, there's money, pods work in our sixties, Talkin, Montgomery lives and at his terrible I'd, want to hang up.
An extra year who would tat, will tell us when it gets bad right. How does he sleeping rigour? Cato belated, Adam chef, their bills, those packages perfervid sucked yesterday Keziah, restrained, vocal cord brat, might need surgery. They won't danvers right to start ass, wild and I don't even know if titans back, but it is get NIT. Picking with these injuries are really is like. The torn plant oversight is like that's all could be as torn its bid little tear, so you guys are they. I have seven indoors its common. These guys heard all the time. Brady Platy plays a key measure. Their guides one year never sent a sad cause. No one's gettin he's not get Macao, Ripken Marianna Rivera coming to go on tour and ever every where I go, there can honour me kind of thing. It's like you can't do that without throwing three picks again. So it said in that regard, we notice Well, first of all, we, U joke about how he should have just played
half season they Clement style and actually probably should have done that there they should have played Brac Ass Weiler for the first day policies and not just brought mania for return, but we notice yesterday We did win every game of those. You know that I know that you don't want to in September or October, like they could a pizza later been. We noticed yesterday that it does seem like the torch has been passed, a J J while from a commercial standpoint interesting near and theirs. I want commercial. What does it Papa? John state meaning and manning and J J Water in the commercial. A little bit of a torch passages shines and better keep waited for meaning to hit him over the head. With apologize, backer keepers, title load, the boot is J J, while the guy- now, maybe I don't know for the coup and supplier could could do it does- is to think in terms of kids watching in the fantasy perspective, like J J Wide is on draft a ball, and in that that's always gonna hurt I M kind of thing, but then,
data. I like my discovery, is then don't tell me Russell. Also guide where's number nine in Dallas named Tony Romo, swedish thirty six they're making crown ever wait, no suitable body of the visit Eli. Now now there's a guy, I think, of Rogers hold on hold on a minute. They can't double check alma. I guess it is Rogers Rogers! Isn't it? Maybe it's your good looking quarterback Brok, Ass Weiler had had some following its a man that Iraq as whether easier the eyes, I don't know, maybe Andy Red away. They read for adding last night, this is talk about hanging up the Monday night. Franchise impact be done, Baltimore Cleveland, the three headed monster shop book out and compare
again verses, Manzella, Isaiah, Crow, Ellen Travis, Benjamin the NFL. Really two european with their schedule. This is a really dead really got out, because you knew this this game, but I think I don't know, I think, about a better response to certain things that happened who's on the schedule brands minus three over the raven you got, I thought is a pact because my head was heard in trying to figure out a line for this. I do said Peck and its minus two clay, one so MAX job and started for the ravens admonition. There can be no fantasy games. One and lost from, in this game. Right, oh that's! I like where we went wrong. Maybe just talk area with someone suggested and Tucker The brown tidy I've spent german start for somebody who has got a bunch of injuries are needs Barnett. Maybe it's rough threats incredible. They should flex this game. You know you don't have the watches game builders anew show that that actually streams
ways at what I know about it. It's called the sex again its area, Lopez and Selma high in there and then of remote city in Mexico, like there's only two cell phones and all said he in there and their kids, it's like say by the ballad decades, the age of sixty each other back and forth to set. Can this extra Kenya is not on the ways up just on the ways out, just the two of them back and forth. As youngsters sexting, it's pretty good, our firm Brad told us about an actual, she called the river a river less right. He was I He was as gushing a bad loves it there, but is against every other show that son agitating half I get mad because it's it's it's like you're, never done with homework. They can't get dump me. More shows on it. I am sad about last man on earth, just kind of fallen off a cliff. What
what what is God just they couldn't? They can't really means and sustain it. I can't have it actually probably should have been a movie. The more my son laughs at it like my ten year old has like they had its that's. What this is. This is like a beer commercial for thirty minutes. We have to do one more mention. One more thing: on Saturday night HBO, where we are last weekend's fight between Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto. You can watch it after that on HBO Go and HBO now scout Canelo to see if you should bet on him or triple g when they finally have their superfight cuz. You know it's coming. You don't need, cable or satellite to watch. Hbo emerges just download the now up and start your free one month trial. Today I went to that fight the thumb from brine up. What do you think it would be minus one sixty triple J or higher higher higher? I met triple gi before the fire
did it's always awkward and meet somebody when English is in their first language is just so much pressure and interaction yet to carry it, but you had a meeting and he came by or you may know he just went over eighty whenever a seat in time. He was like in the fourth round watching it and I guarantee he left that fake I'm not kill canal there because a code, oh he was running for Canelo more than even we were with the bet row. I don't love, Canelo or fight him now, real yadda. I don't know if that's happened a bit if it does Kyoto was interesting, be in there and having no idea AUS being scored. A new attack were taxpayers, taxation idea, but it just seemed like I was worried. Kyoto was gonna, steal rounds, cause he's a little more active nervous canal. Only does like the one puts to punch sets a he never throws flurries or series of punch, designing and but quotas to all, like his
punches Edna Esteem, but then angles were there. That's what you're podgy must have side has seen as his watch Canelo landed, flush, thou, who ended he died a few times code is a tough bastard dinner. He landed. It looked accused. Many parents, every person that he was one of the things were as soon as they took off their clothes and there and there it was, I, oh, my god, damn scheming. This guy gains eighteen pounds airlines but cut out. Ninety six years ago I think, probably beats a programme with Freddy Roach yeah. Dick Roche has made a difference, but they day handpicked that they didn't. I job type in this fight is good. It was very entertaining it was one of those Canelo control the fight, but I never felt like he totally had the fight and I had a eight rounds to forward You have dared to go ahead and aid for, but you know, there's always those first to Europe does a tie round and their us. Nor gathers
there's like the thorough, ran aground when its icu and therein lies the eleven punches rent landed to tonight. I thought it was one round one good florry exchange away from maybe a rematch yell at some of those fights. Man. This is good at all that I can lol. I guess, beat him decisively, so there's not going to be a rematch, but maybe could have stepped it up one or two rounds and they would have been He ran out of gas around like the eighth ninth round, where the way he was circling and moving and it was kind of keeping a distance but his legs, which can do it for the whole hour and once he kind of got sunk, that was it vanilla can just kind of clothes in Canelo something missing with him and I don't know totally had a describe it, but it's on I think, gonna robot box. It adds up for some of these somehow
it's only a maybe that's part of it didn't fit. It just feels like he's. A robot leg is one to their want to, but is that there's no like artistry to it? At least still depressed over May weather The wonderful ever shake that, but after a while to hold on to their Larry yeah use yeah, but after watching coterie astray, amid total sense way, may Weathers IKEA Koto on ass, your part, but is really easy to move around and hid him, which I think, a guarantee to produce. Just like revenues, Pontiac Home, I kind of minus two, fifty or more, I think, would be minus two fifty, but it does seem like over as generates action because he's popular like other packers land gets skewed. He should have been a tutor one favoured in the corridor fight a three two one mirror the IRA yeah. It's a it bumped that by an accident, the hundred just cause he's popular, very popular
Excuse me only like the hour no later than the end of the day. It is almost as big as a sex. Ghana's honour on ways is the sex again is. Can you binge watch, earth suggested, and we know it is the best part- is afterwards. It's called its actual embedded in the sex against cop talking sexting with Chris Hardwicke yeah he's irreducible thing. That's also on the way that I made to take of that making this up then an audience China whenever the Directv channel that is bright, anodyne, so there's some boxing show that they have or its I'm Sayin amnesia, dad it's it's like in year too, in the ad, was on, and it's like, Mme Maids. There see these staff going on. So it's a lot of like somebody screaming that you're gonna get me that body by buddy. It's allow an ogre. These guys parading some bar guy in the guys, like Canada over
acting in and pretend you scared, and I realise there is Jeff for us, you're right, I told us about the air Jeff Brasses played this guy, who just be screamed at as they so then I went on Youtube and I went to this deep dive trying to find the trailer to Sidney you Jimmy I confined to ever. I saw I don't love that anyone is ok the body they try to break his hand or something of aren't even air. They ignore Carter, robs among its up and Nick Jonas is under Jonas Jonas, is in one of annex v, actually looked like a pretty good I was kind of upset that I was watching it, but I was so excited anytime, Jeff process. Doing anything. I say among a watch unless Brad yelled at me for not watching HBO should do a twenty four than on May, whether rosy and its religious May weathers laughing the whole time before up spots? Just think weeks ago arose maybe she could be Floyd may weather
now at around about what that was laid bare. The nay dear of sports stock arguments are now, but there was some like people you would back to be kind of like you. I don't know if she got them at the right moment. You know: do you think she John ran one, that's one of my favorite internet, conspiracies doubts or their say while it and then they got debunked but nobody's seen, earn the way here. Swell gonna beat up bad what the fists, but to say that I would be surprised Did you watch the about at survivor series last night I watched the last match and I always have been the title and then she gets guerrilla, take right. They did the exact same thing today in your brain. They just ran back share, real moraines, wins, run, celebrates confetti than shame, shame is comes out and well, it's gonna like survivor, it's funny survivors, but one When its forty nine minutes past the our near tribal council, you, like others, can be a tiger is going up the river,
yea ears like it was like I'm too early and forty eastern time and reigns in one. The title and ridiculous american fatty comes down, yeah blinding like the ninety four Rangers and took a tape, can parade and have this much in fatty like round something's gonna happen here. So what do you want it? So what I like love ship wage comes out, another sector. Reenacted the dinner brand thing right, but then rains actually gets AAA snacks knocked down allegedly out the spear, but Seamus came running in and drop kicked. As an outburst didn't totally work, but Seamus is our. Debbie Debbie champion, there's never been about, illustration of how much trouble the doubly Debbie is a short term. A talent they ve described them can ruin they last set roused they last day new Brian seem punk, laugh whartons Hurt or insert seen his out NASA Ceasar assert.
Oh he is heard he's at six months ago, he's gonna demolished by ensuring its bad, and I think the top healers now is Kevin. Our knows that see. I thought with there Yes, dad that they're gonna have Ambrose turn on rains. I like Ambrose, I think, he's kind of weak. It has submitted his pipe Pretend I'm real agri No, they won't turn they won't turn by they did they were. They were almost going to write. It then, but end didn't, but the he's There is a he'll. Do have too many heels now that the hurting for he'll be theirs. Guy; they have on the next cod fin mailer, who I think they should bring up, was ready near there there that they're like two or three star short right now by that not by their father Just seems and thence thing got her to. That was the other all right. They thats thing undertaker is gonna, be like there s so many match. Do you know I point icicle football with Dudley. The vandam from the Dudley brothers? Now only boys as well Positive on use, Dave's a euralia them yet
look a little long in the Tuesday Visor Defensive, I'm. What does that mean? We're all them all now, the deadly boys just twenty years of doing their steady, I plug some stuff Jimmy like tonight is our STAR Wars tribute choke area, CASTOR, Harrison for J J said for Easy, Ridley Adam driver and Jump Brianna go right, that's allowed, it can be fun solve predicts that I think the star wars movies. Can we beg. You do yeah adieu, and these can do other sheets I'm toys or something I money. I think feel it feel it yet, but I think preparedness targeted at thirty million dollars in pre, sell tickets to citizens and people buying Christmas toys of characters. They don't even know what they are right now and we spend our entire childhood making fun of these kids. We did in feeling superior to them. We are now they ve had more kids, they had their own cancer in. There are going to go, see this movie, and now it somehow call right you're right, I was never announced. Ours is never
thou in no case average. Here we need to kids in. School assigning, seventy times there I never understood. Kid. I don't know how much fun we can make you if we just at ten minutes on wrestling but much less it. I am terribly vase and I just never understood the star wars yeah. I was making fun of the star wars, meanwhile buying like baseball for ad hoc playing with all over here. We are around twenty Miller. Emo resented became sex and set now Disney send it might do want a year the next few years. It's gonna be a lot I will say the third star wars in the theater when Darth Vader became, looks father, in that whole thing ruin a quiet. I didn't see that that was a great moment in the theater saying. Oh, my cat wow, those big music beer was, I was a big went. There was a good face, turned as we would say
I don't hear us good just about the plug. My sports enter my best. Bats. Are seventy three? I have the bills as my best bed tonight and there's a dog barking in the background. Take the dog tonight: it's a bad sign bills. Diamonds. I now the dog barking as you're about to your bills. Thinking taking the dog and follow me at the cousin. Silent were not. I would also encourage you to. Go on South Twitter feed on Thursday. In case this cowboys Gus, horribly raw. I just I was love. Have you angrily tweeting during cowboys games as your surrounded by twenty five family morass and your way through just repeatedly looking out for help when in you just not help on hold and family hostage with drumstick, and we make fun of that line? I say it's terrible, but I know the cowboys be ten points in the fourth quarter and some shortly entrepreneurs upstairs.
Then I'll bet you do you go into this little zone when there's too much going on, we are brain, can relax and you just get. This is a little like what happens. Taranto, who actually there there's mind you have responsibilities with the way for it, but the cowboys are blowing a game and say you can literally see short circuit. I've heard that before me have you seen his wife, though only we should feel too bad for I, whose well remember Gateway, yeah, listen don't think Brok Ass, while is now doing happy days, giving the right animals wife. What you said near thanks to seek out presenting sponsor that just launched a new platform called seek marketplace, allows you to buy and sell event tickets, learn more at seeking the complex bs and thanks to untangle backup for finally solving one of the biggest problems, immense fashion, fashionable shirts that are specifically designed to be worn untapped. If you live in Manhattan,
their storm one. Twenty nine Prince Street and so have- and if you don't live in New York good until I get that calm used the promo code, BS fifteen for fifty percent of all your purchases in there there was a place, a good job. I know about.
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