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Ep. 31: Michael B. Jordan

HBO's Bill Simmons talks to 'Creed' star Michael B. Jordan about his bond with Carl Weathers (4:00 mark), the 'Rocky' franchise (7:00), Stallone's Oscar-worthy performance (13:00), Cotto-Canelo ringside reactions (21:00), mimicking top flight acting talents (28:00), 'The Wire' vs. 'Friday Night Lights' (34:00), Ryan Coogler's creative touch on 'Creed' (44:00), future projects (54:00) and a modern Rom-Com starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence (1:04:00).
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Do you like that? I love this is like a three hundred and eighty seven didn't. You can be sure that this will be one of US rumblings, Madam Rapporteur, rest, to reduce this. Is it's a wrap up? This is a rapporteur as well as the glass. The regiment is where we ve been going strong for a few few weeks, but to three weeks, and you really: when did they when she did the geek? You think Jake you, I mean we shot that a long time, yeah driven at length. Three months, yeah solid, is this the most you done by far, I think with answers, for you know, we definitely did a lot of press without losing more condensed and Loki if that makes any sense, but this one would what would definitely be the most work in the most stops that I've been through a fisher? I should mention that your name is Michael Jordan, nervous
of creed, among other things, stave done in the past, but creed is the big lion creates a year and the poster creed is laid down like big, huge, led by Eddie transformation. Yell film is gonna. Take me all over the world. Yet most eyes are gonna, be on this project in the other product Fisher. So did you did you consulted? athletes about how to add muscle two year, physique possibly nefarious ways United Network. I think I've got lucky. I got lucky in teamed up with this guy Corey hell yeah he's a train. I met him on the set a fantastic for, and we just literally just got along great, you didn't like where, for a rat or anything not run out, I got that not an idea. Moreover, Ellis you, guy than anything, went on banana acre. Not as another thing I want to do it, you know straight up
like I want like, I want to put the work, and I want to put the time in another one in short, cuts lay whatsoever. Is another EU body would eventually tellin. So so for me, we two thousand one thing that we never talk about and we want to be as authentic as we could and to look like a boxer so right we The change my die completely teach it adds, originate growth. Again Brown raised gallon half a water a day and different variations of that would be like stake. Asparagus brown rice like fish Spinach brown runway. That was literally all eight snow. Pizza, two thirty in the morning only on Sundays, We achieved the one she day, so that was the only thing that got me through the week was like the little results that you would see an sheet day on Sunday. I would get up early got french toast in own failures in valleys of village, mistakes were deaf. We on the menu two to three times a day, sometimes on Sundays, like I literally ate my signals other. So how do you get feedback as you already handsome actor? It's not like. Women aren't gonna like you anyway, but
Finally, I know stuffs workin the bad formation like the album their resolve, our area of. Are you deaf? We all see Chickadee several fully Marilyn's divide it up that you have the obsessive over your body to see roof. Israel change liking, especially if you're naked in a mood half naked in a movie for forty percent. The movie Oh brochure? Amelia atta, like you know, have other rules can be there. I mean to have you seen car weathers, APOLLO agree. You know and rocky you know four years ago they were ripped to a t, so I just want to come close I didn't need. I was you know who doesn't feel this way: Eddie Lazy and the green, but TAT S belly was was jiggling in hd this week I mean he was like he's built for durability, in the long run from again tackle. Both I've got exactly so Carl Weathers. Do you feel like you're related to him? Now, as I work I mean, I think we have a by now that it will be. You know, that's that's forever didn t die and say it's ok
calm dad? I do not think that will be dead at the premier. He said, listen, son! You did a great job and other ok parts, the first we actually may, but it was of course a moment of years time. He saw the foam, and that was the first, real conversation that we ve ever had. So it was gonna. It was kind of cool for him. Tell me about the movie and they re delight is really our menaces such an on. Is he still mad at you? Get killed off Iraqi, for it has to be. I did a pike S or the means, and I could tell you still salty bad, I think of the other. You gonna let it go now that he saw the finished product, but that he was, I think, even now, the useless they couldn't he just couldn't gone into a coma and come out of it at the interactive would warrant. Will she had watched from the hospital better? Something would happen. We wouldn't have Cree one eye: again eyes. Eyed him looking back at it, I think he's losing remove is the best for me. Selfishly, I'm actually glad dead pop had to go racket or how old are you there now? Twenty eight
Oh you weren't, even I was out there I might says, there's some birthday cheating with this movie like just by like to our year about two years by about two years you'd say maybe met some where we can give away some of the flat rate put me in a little bit on a related, a creed doubly related decree, but I remit nor knew my father. Yet emphatic were given that aware at zero knowledge. So you think, like two weeks before the dragon fight, which was supposed to be an exhibition yeah. They too were supposed to pay an exhibition. It might have been in the night before you. Ok, let's put it all to the limit and that stared at him can it turned a new disaster? Yet pretty well said and racket, for I think so the night before he's some lady China on wind
then you have the way. This mainly vision. Nine months later so now put your birthday in light than nineteen, oh yeah. Guess, where Ladys here near twenty nine to twenty eight until February there were more than eighty seven, so technically ready run. It works because the rocky Series has taken liberties of math. They have Rochefort Iraqi five. The kid aged Here's why Rocky was in Russia. Not a lot of people realise that no come on back in their kids. A teenager for Rocky five see somebody when he left the kid was sexy was gonna fudged every once in a while. I think this is a cool. This ok fledge. I think this advance will be ok with I'm totally final there so yeah by the way. So what did you as decided do about Rocky five like in them
We as an actor. Did you prevent pretend ragged five happen cause I like to live my life. I could never have idle alive. He was at last La Dudley Field that he's one of the most honest guys possible, especially with himself. He keeps things really does really look at five like it counts in, but one of the good things you know about Adonis is that He never knows that an economic at sundown that world complete right. So for me and actually into it didn't really happen. So, as you know, I'm probably the biggest I mean I was like Rakkeed Rocky One ever seen the theater. I was six ok, so that was one day I took you does guy what you know its wits in shape cause. You don't realize inasmuch as I receive a million times, but in the theater it was really confusing whether he won or not, because the reason
square cars and the goes far cry one fifty and warmed or when every cell in everybody wants in the Windsor, by only they must the one in China. I got up and got all excited about a year. So we I sat in the debt, a movie theater, don't ask me, I remember there Massachusetts and we left I'm like so he didn't wind. So, but then you knew I d because they needed the sequel. There were smart enough to now give it up, but God all the way through racket, direct threat. For so obvious, I watch the epics doc energy about the rocky cereals, or else it really you narrated near, that's when I realized side can be given up on Rakkeed five you through under the, but even so I think I should have directed it. I shall I realized after the values we it's a full distance there, a man because he the army knows I'm sometimes I think when you get past the third one and if you're not making them movies for the fright,
Yes- and you know soon after the right reasons, but the same heart, I think we can it first Rocky was a love story. You know anything you try to keep trying to keep on their hard as much as we can, but you always gotta try to outdo yourself one before so. I think I just it's a natural progression when it would have went to film goes to three thousand four hundred and fifty six. It just kind of it's hard to keep racking whence it ask a winner. Rakkeed too, was move then desperately needed an editor and really doesn't going until agent comes out. The calmer you in the audience goes into a coma she's in the calm of potential comes out. It's one of the best. Twenty five minutes sequences ever love. It rakkeed three. I think the best ok now the cleverly I mean I, as I just think it's about satisfactory, beginning to end cleanest, most modern rocky movies at thunder lips finally got it. A real theme like about celebrities in fighters. Athletes being domesticated. Look. I would get in a lot of success in you. You get soft law. You really do not protect corner Yo R. Us as exactly
They now that's mirrors relief so that the model that stuff Leah Rakkeed for ends the cold war. There was Abby literally ended the cold war. The bought the wall came down two years later. Storm does again of credit for that. Ragged five never happen rocky six I ate I've come to grips with, Ok, so what do I mean? He was allowed to be fighting for a toy. But nobody about words, creeds get thanking Craig, is it. I mean Ryan, an incredible job. I it comes from all the right places. In only then, where the story first came from his relationship with his father and becoming sick, you know seeing somebody that he thought was so strong for me all these entire life and then to see him not be able to do the things that he's used to you. Don't have an idea of you don't buy, ran you're right, I'm so I ran cooler over from realise. There were parallels well with his,
family situation, the move. All for sure I mean that's kind of where the story all stem from was rinds relationship with his father and his father's relationship with his mom in the rocky films are not too. You know rise been talking about it, but I noticed that reigns in a dead used to watch the rocky. You know in the rocky franchise the rocky films with his mom when his mom was was passing way. So is a very special in our film to his dad and as his dad got older, and I Miss diagnosed with a less. It was a film that Rhine used to watch with his father alot before football games and before Craddy matches the summit. That is gonna get a motivated till I gonna go out there and compete, so you know the one is dad got sick. You know a kind of spark. This idea and Ryan's heads to write a story to tell story about his father's hero, getting sick and in how you know how you would handle that, and you know how it
How would Ryan be without his father, like you were kind of relationship with? What can a man would be? You know if he didn't have is? Is there I ve never knew this guy that that was not look to be so strong, and that's where it came from, and I think after you know he pitched for the original idea that died. Did you know slide. He was very standoffish is first knee jerk reactions to say no, you know right like no rockies done, it's put the beans, but you pissed it before your movie Ryan pasted to this line at a minute before we started shooting for veal stations and asked me if I want to do this before we shot one frame of reveal slammer We did our with the first Semi came on the pack ass. Yet you talked about a creed project, the up very vaguely very ugly man. I remember gone something I did my redesigning. The license. Silence gone so what's going on, but I mean what everybody was escaped ago. Nobody really thought it made sense until you actually see it and then I think it because it in I wrote you at first glance,
Others, like rocky, seven or eight years, lie in Iraq Rockies in over the rocky characters backing in his leg. Now. What is this all the time it yet another one is in the ring fighting again, but I think this one is, you know, is honest as possible. You know we're we're paying. You know the respect of time and the time in the arts. Character. You know to being in the ring to make in their transition in Vienna somebody else corner to being Mickey, which I think is which is pretty cool. When I wasn't therefore was how affecting so eyes in the movie. I need beget. No the girl was, but she was great odds us yeah. I'd say before bad, ever really gotten the full movie expansive. There, then, but sly was honest. I came out of it and I'm thinking like I love. As the earlier among outside, but where is he a possible ask your nomination. Eight. I don't know what else he could have done in that role. I was really affected by a. He was very bold.
Born again. Is that, as far as this, as a sign of sly and rocky that nobody is really used to seeing innocence compliment, I think the last women's, exemplary good. He actually move toward that cop plan type of work this was very sorrow. He got he basically stripped Iraqi of other Lou. Just in do that stuff, no, which is the biggest problem Rocky five. Was he down that too much iraqi six other, but this was he just played it very stripped down which I, like the lessons. Men, you guys are great chemistry May I ask what usually acknowledgement of angles As we know, ye has the same minnow rough house story tell in sit down? Grabber beer, watchful, ballgame, no just ii- has that cool kind of old uncle like feeling to him. So here we go
great. I was worried, I wasn't gonna like it and they would have to the Pakistan. I'd have two legs laughter. The NBA tackling really lie ass. An average has been the ETA creed I haven't seen here by us, as is, and how about the warriors guys that curtail nosedive career serve it alot of that, but where I saw my report on a couple weeks of him and he had eyes. The monsters, ok- and he said cop land into rap reports like level with me as Iraq, somewhere. I think anyone of somewhere between three It is of legs. Forty three and forty, nine, you that's the rocky we'll aspect as you you're old enough to remember the first one button when cable
early eighties duenna ladders movies on cable, and it was just the rocky Marathon ragged three record. There is always, but Sir Airport said hugest every time there is a break and compliment you just fire rocky questions is my head: is the love and slow is totally fired up to today? He loves it. So he said Mickey you Burgess merited You said he was a world class. Stick man, daddy! Is this guy, Then, with the Ladys are all saying he was a you know. You know about birds, workers to man, and so he told the story and Pakistan people went insane why Burgess Meredith was a stick. Man who are? We actually had a pillow.
No is low bribery, low breadcrumb, Diego's, Logan Liddesdale I'll. Give you little tidbits like that about the about Syria that were you we badger, am between takes a religious. I worried about your online since that will be rooted out more worried about the same, but naturally he's a storytellers. Yes, so many stories tell em, I mean he's lives so much lifelike, yet his one his weeks as came out. Somebody's like year in Russia like he's, always down to tell a story. I mean our don't. The story is definitely pike. Has the proof with partners in preference to crush. You really want to tell the now he's not as great as interference nervously. He always that different stores? Are that much bodies allowed him? The kind of you know just say: what do you want to say about it, and We give their you kid I was in here. But once let me tell you something
I give you like the words of advice. Tough, not now I mean you a basis, they may look you as a work into hard. You guys work hard and added. I do you owe you did admitted allotment spars, like the boxing training. I did almost stance in there was- there is no standard? Will you know in our airily wanted to you know, become a fighter? I didn't want anybody to hold anything back and give me special treatment. Don't throw me in the ring with the guy and you don't listen to see what happened, so it was definitely supportive of that and I encourage the real hits that I had to take. So a lot of the real point is that I had to take you. Could thanks laugh or that what he did? lucky, for I think Duff laggard actually heard him all. We also the jobs they heard a making earlier the hospital and almost died ISA being hard yeah. That's exactly what happened here. The almost it almost gave him like that. You know you have sepia. As the airlines restart the hardly he almost got hit and his heart almost restarted on him because he figured out, I think Rocky one is that age, while from a boxing affects kindly you'd, like
Miss punching officer, you could see the empty seats in the background which, by the way date when they re areas, they should see GM seeds. They should help can already much here. I put some fake fans and they become a filters and rocky too. It was clear that day about the satellites really start hitting each other and then that kind of kept going until rat S glory. I think I actually think that actually fought and rocky for that. They might have just said just a moment. The real fight fuck it lets you wanna know what I'm doing another one right now I don't know, but I'm so I am glad that you fell to honour the creation of actually how many things like. So you is actually the video which I must really me actually getting like This one slow motion, was the one we spent the blood. I remember that yea I shall zone. I know what I saw I saw the movie. Nobody show that the actual hit like in real time- oh no man, it would happen. I mean, will the first couple times we try to do, which is to do it with.
Lips and innocence Lamotta. You can see that the misses the space between the punches. So are you. I'll, send you to hear the snickering from a corner in areas like what the sly lights and gotta take. It would mean not gonna. Take a real puts my pretty much like. I had it.
We get hit and legally Ryan. He would definitely this as a director. He can't legally say you know, take the punch so I'd like one like no step up and look I'll take the hit, but I never got peer pressure I'll. Let me see what I thought I saw my favorite movies man walking happen at the start of the signal. For the first time we have the first time we did the pines. His left glove was in the way, so you couldn't see connect, so we had to do it all over again, but this is business is the second time
see you guys are practising the writer. Oh oh yeah, oh yeah, who was apply everybody in areas that are taking place in Cuba. That was great because they replayed Islam on the jumble Johns. Everybody can see it to see whether there is not enough in this area. Since they are in like the way they are not us. Honest, whatever anybody but now is the head is pretty abbot during one of the fights and there's couple fights of them, So, in that same with you, but it's pretty so did he takes The other boxer we won't say who yet ethos with their specific Sparky Party or face that he had to punch year. You went high like how so like your cheek by creating over jaw joy, beggar job. Exactly be go here. You may be a low shiner, that's it exactly, but if he misses by
A quarter inch, that's my ass yeah, I'm out smelling canvas though I mean it was it was. Did you go punchy, but nobody NFL, concussion spotters, sort of lay on a film in the scene. I mean you, can I deeply know them what they say we Beastars stars now. I know that expression right. It's not looks like little. I mean the best we can describe it is. I believe you put Lena something under a microscope and saw a little like microscopic little things like floating around in like in the future. This that's kind of which you see and just dangle towards the light I d say dongle towards lay so how how much scripted boxing I assume leg you sit there. You're like you're gonna, go one too. I'm gonna go left hook, it's almost like dancing, it is It is learning a dance routine for sure like that, something you need be good at year. I made it up.
I would like to hear about it. I can't remember sequences sire, I would have been a lot of trouble. Yea deadly would have an inch looks out of you, Wanna Freestyle, with these guys who the knock out artist, Yamlang Canelo. I can just do what it wants and I cant do. Ok, we'll watch name I rarely Samara we want is so much more out of it as well. I want him through just one sequence: yeah Chemist S, M punch sequence once and twelve rat and that's what I love about codec as he would throw five punch combination, yams and even only although more clean and like he was doing a lot of work. You know you said no steam on this. No, no wait! I sidetracked is remember the sequence of the signals as well. One of the things about you know. Our film was right. You want to shoot the fighting the fights different than any other five, whom we are. We were saran bushes. I love one is like one is. I think that is so just as a shy. It disconnects the audience another that did you just Judas locked into the seamen
Alright I'll explain what that is a wonder. Isn't there there aren't any cuts sand from either the first brain that you see you know carried all the way through whatever the scene is that that there aren't any castle in the first phase in the movie you had one. That's I two and a half minutes. That's and I was wondering how he did that how ended up, but that was all one shall know, bury cuts in aid that it's it's one take we'd, we we we got it on the eleventh of twelve take. We did maybe twenty takes of it and I'm pretty pre strenuous but- from the time I get into the ring to the knocker till the end of the five It is his eyes, is one take and it takes months and months and months of rehearsal, you know, learn the choreography with a camera guy for in our camera, operated been Clayton bar barber, fight for equal and just learning where we're gonna be left for people in a ring right now it is one big, huge dance and sometimes you do get hit and you get punished in the face and for the sake of
not cutting you have to stay in the moment. You have read budget, so it's like. We have sections of choreography, but then we have pockets of playtime. Where we connect the will is the connective tissue between the other choreography. So like. Start off one sequence. They will play around goaded a body a little bit. You know Sandro punches like non black. I let him go it s all about. I contact as well as long as it locked in with other person. A gauge when somebody's come. You know what, when, when somebody's going to start the sequences and not Anna them deal with providers Massa literally. They allowed me to throw real punches. Try really hard to hit them in their its second h them, so their blocking their catch punches. Their role would they they can take body blow. So they really allowed meets a really like sell everything and they were totally okay with it. So the ear in their head? Really there there gloves up most of the time, but they can hide Imogen hide or their catch it right here right before it gets to the phase had taken, handle any body parts. I mean
no, I mean I put some weight, or rather that I'm right, but little by little, the other side's deaf. We did their their totally. Ok with that, and it is all about punch placement in comparison to wear the cameras The cameras over my shoulder, shooting you know over my right shoulder he's, throwing all this punches to my left eye. You know supposed to make sure all the punches are at selling a me as an actor. I have seldom as well So whiplash is a real thing. You know, when will I a man from the base of my nose? Based on my neck, all we down to the middle. My back were sore pretty much the entire time. We were filming, really I'm because you never hundred percent. After that, first, you know fight seek. And you know year, you're sore. The entire time you fell meet only had their many days off to really get a break to fully recover. So I mean it was like Vienna if we do want a real season and they have to be tariff,
you're gonna, get hurt, nettle, Magda Foamy schedule back to three ways: re exactly so they were constantly over me like a shirt, no ice bass, recovery, stretching Giddings scrapings done basely with another. The old chinese medicine. Unlike spooning legality, selects greatly put new blood inside the muscles and stuff. I bet is excruciating Liza Irids trainer and is money that can do he earned money every year. Pallbearers bad Genesis Clinic made his garage out for them to get rid of that book. Look we're good, no documents. So when did your body recover for, though, that when we finished the final fight sequences, we front loaded the film of boxing and also I so we law the boxing scenes throughout the film were done up front, so we can focus on the acting in the work and character, work towards the end, the film and not have to worry about staying and Tipp Tipp tip top camera, any shape, which was like
the art? So for me, once I got finish with the championship fight, I am a body broke down as on better ass. For three days, our I couldn't little Lamb mentally one eye accomplished my goal that night Argentine three fever could not move body aches pains. I just wish completely shadow. And I got a really sweet tax and a call from sly, basely sailing good guess he knew feeling bad outgoing guilty for not being able to go to work the next day. I really wanted to lie in our more garlic and I ended up in a work, and he was I you know. The same thing happened to me during the vote in the rocky films they don't worry about. It is that the biggest problem is that your body can give. You is that you set your mind, is something you accomplished it and while she finished, I want you cross the finish line. Your body gives up it's over. It's done lucky,
Eve accomplish what you needed accomplished so sit rest up. You ve earned it don't worry about it s. What insurances foreign we're good girl. I've heard the brand talk about that to actually go as far as lightish advises that season ends and like the next day his body is complete. Crash crash, lay in a hundred and five games, and then it's it's done because mislead us has something to do, and once he advantages it bodies it ok mission complete. I can rest now I remember, the hardest average was in two thousand and thirteen has run aground was re. My com is Duma. Kasparov us on an Ebay account. I'm doing all the shows me on austerity policies. Are we did that ETA Kosher, but I had to do the playoffs, and I was just it's gotta, get through the draft, but I know I know I'm starting a breakdown in actually broke down. After gave five and eight we had two games left out but whose Saint damages. My body and reach a point which has no? They only NAFTA, compare myself to a box. Now that I know what you mean where it's like. There's a finnish on your head,
it gives you wanna get there and you know you're pushing it too far and yeah Travelin asleep in his most not resting on eight areas outside it, ain't travel. Try another road, serve tower. I'm on food is really hard equally on route. Did you feel an obligation? You're, not gonna bourbon tendency to my did you do feel an obligation as an actor do backs info. It seems like a bastard, Now the real actors have through one now me I come on deep down, I mean not at all. But in hindsight I guess the other. I guess it is kind of a terrorist attack. Jinx now look here does? Anyone ever did is Leah loaded me again or an everyday maximum put on a suit. Impressive, learning pronouncement eyes farthest severe, I knew that was another writer passage dream at, which was,
which is one that now it gladly do again. It was his eyes, may be an account with fan yeah that, for that was just a dream, come true pressure. Being able to play their character. How long hours after me, who shut the film for I mean, seems to four months three months: three, four months was you know. I always worry by. Why now, why, like you, I want you to do well pressure, but I was worried when that theirs buzz that movie house. I hope this does. Indeed they eat sometimes the movie their souls think it's on different peoples like he should get out of this, but it seems like you got another. I got out of that. Pretty clean and you know, is one of the things we. It was a lesson from me. They're really made me realize that things are in your control.
Ray, and you can like I'm still learning that lesser no seriously ray I'm a you know. It's like. I have Adobe that everyone. You can you can get up, you know every day and we, like you, know, I'm a give engine in temper, since it is one thing or to anything and then it still not turn out our people want it or are you expected to end? It doesn't mean that you know your failure doesn't mean that you didn't do a great job. It just means as a whole was a project of some of the other pieces that are moving. That has nothing to do with you. That determine the outcome over that's going on those things that can only come to terms with you a year actors like baseball where's, your neck and about a thousand I would note I won't let you just now as then happen in the north, that we were sayings like for a long time and my team would ago to now it right ban. And right now, my kind of good and near homage These events are much. I've been dab, dab stuck to the plan. You know we were A game plan has stuck to emit, made the right decisions, but you know sometimes you know nobody best. Here's the thing about actors. You have won one good
and then that said, people remember the last movie sites sitting, they're gonna have to go through and B Jays. I d be Dotcom. Today, a star learned and great deal. And there they dismembered the last move us. So thank God I mean people finally argued about the wire with you and I'm guessing now. Now, alright, let's more about the wire than I do still still today, while as character made it such a show that you know people like they love at me. Fred, then Friday, night lights was probably the two shows and parent has a close third, I mean it's like right there, like how many people like really are connected with that carrot. With the shell great riding with forty and forty one roadway parents. I think all of them have wiser for your wife. Then you got like the development thirty year old and nearly kids in college, school. They they watch. Those shows to man, as I would naturally in Hulu, unlike unearthing streaming, ennobling audition.
Their excessive winning a watch on a bench whilst another worry about commercial are now waiting that round next week, so I've been as a core elements that the stream element where they go ketchup when Ali shows and once that That was the biggest miss with Friday night lights, These are arriving too early five years too late, yes, and then we didn't have a home entire time. You did not ask around from NBC for a second, and then you get picked up one Directv in kind of like spans, nobly known where to catch it. It was. It was a little but think about that show comes out like nine months ago I netflix and its released all at once. It's one of the best revenge shows of all time for sure, and if it comes out five six years before, it's also bigger, show Khazars less tv on this very issue great became in this weird vortex of we want quite where we are now, but we had left where we used to be. Yes, that's a great point. That's a great point casino. I thought that I see so. I miss frightened alien,
Like I told you this, I don't watch it right away that I was gonna cancer, there's no embassy Oscar the said the shaggy other six episodes soil. My MAC Insect Eddie, I'm gonna get emotionally exaggerate. Now, not doing it. You didn't just u odor, so that yeah, I'm a garden you have so eventually was. I got my god. I missed it, and now twelve episodes late or eight or whatever was there's no way to catch up, as we were in the Hulu area, so I went on Ebay and I bought the japanese DV these after the season ended the judgment we mean that there are, I am in Japan, ok about Dvds and, although the I watch season with Japanese Subtile, a lotta, if only on human watching, my enemy is Leggum yeah unwashed, my enemy leg in Japan, in there in Japan, but the other sometimes the by products. Cut out by their, but the reason I thought of the bench watches themes cause relaxed like foreign around us, great Motionlessness, she's
she's hook up with Reagan's Gary, I gotta get one more everybody was knows, go nowhere. Against the air magazine, sure detective. But anyway it was the perfect binge. Russia is in a kind of don't want it to come back. I've thought about a more and more. I do think there could be another wire season. You d why him back in Avrigny back as a movie about it so hard ok within what season would you rapporteur? I may go although the familiar whatever the wire yeah, I'm saying you come back to Baltimore when was the last one, like seven six, seven seven There were seven or eight somewhere there connect to Baltimore ten years later, and you have a couple of the same people, but it's ok I'll Bradley. Let's make a work, he likes you based grades.
The couch in the movie. That point, because I don't know- I really do this again- yea students, a guy I mean if they could find a clever way to do it like an old Peter Bergen, Cato Genocidal. I now make it happen film, maybe, but I just. I like the way we ended the show in a fire season strong in every by his comment that happy. You know it is very rare. Did you get in the show off whereby feel satisfied thousand legit great ending? I won't leave it alone, but what it what's? The ratio right now people the fight analyze first aware I'm a got slightly more aware, but it's like people, if you this ain't. If you talk to mother, why, if you want my writing, their easily mentioned the wires. Well, so silly humble year. These same people like both year is the same type of Saint ever feel, but then
eyes has a whole new audience. I think they might not have watched the wire, but I feel like people that the fact that follow me or or or fans of the wire that are also fans of this more likely that their fans of private life is work, has to say the feeling the heart was there. You know it was. It was real whose grid, even though for analysis was lot softer, obviously than than the wire, but I feel like now the same type of taste, a thing between the two projects so easily, bans that are fans of the wire easy fans Friday night. Well, what's the percentage of people say wins whence I come back as it ever come back later? This says a narrower, though maybe people must take a twenty twenty percent, as twenty percent of people might say is coming back. Just out of pure justice is to ask whether they really believe it or really wanted to come back. But I want to know what an assembly I take care of business there with so many different the accounts, credit cards and passports to remember it's harder than ever to keep track of your mind. These days even years. Michael, that's. What makes personal capitals free
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I was reading up on. Some of the visa gave cause our emaciated go over stuff you dirty tongue. As you know, our role- and I too have originated exactly, but you said why there in the geek. You there's one part about in eating. Only go there, but I've been interested in what you thought about this about younger black actors versus the Denzil. Will Smith type a generation who's in your generation. I know monsieur you, there's some we must say there is the greatest movie ever in their long black, our joint yet or why would I want to do the black? dispersed, but then overall age group, but I would say there some movie and it's the best grip. And he who ever seen and the lead actors of blackmail and he's somewhere between twenty, eight and thirty four who you worried about in the cap, succession whose on your corner, I know no competitive. You are another somebody on your corner mare,
Look it can no longer is looking around mean homo worried about. As because I was so. What are you talking about this in sporting terms? Yeah urges like dainty ass boys is called sometimes gives them should go array me honestly. It so crazy that role by broke down that broke down. That breakdown came out. Yet you would see every actor from eighteen, every black agri from eighteen years old, Forty trying to squeeze into that small casts a wise, the tadpole, because, did shallow, because I don't feel as though enough stories being told that they are being written for people of color.
You tell those stories to tell our stories did not does not have is not enough material out there until you get writers- and you know- producers that are producing more of these stories that are producing more of these these these these roles you're going to get everybody. You know from you know a lot of these different age range and categories coming and crab for this one role. That is what is causing the lack of sixty days. Denzil almost play the leading creed. I mean my crime on the same age as car, whether exactly we can't do that's pretty that car. It's kind of like that right now so bad, but I feel like with with creed and now hopefully success and other projects in the writing in the Caribbean, developing that there will be a lot more rose out, their fur renounce it act is to come on. He's elaborate. This was a shine arrives, is basically carrying ABC Year channels, Thursday. I was the hottest show last year here the odds Is there not just for tv but for movies, and I want
why Hollywood hasn't moved an internationally? even their story, you thought about creed. You got to get through station near you guys didn't have the the we wait even get that movie made, but it's like, of course, that movie should have been made to create a sequel with we built around Creeds Sandia, with sly net like it does not say I guess I would have had to agree to be in that. I think that was the hardest thing was given him to the studio loved, no studio, loved idea of it there excited by so that for the are particular case, it wasn't that wasn't the holdup at that was more of a a personal slide legacy. What rocky was getting him to come back cuz? That's the only way the film was going to work. If we had Rocky's without him, we had nothing but
that I feel like a studios were really on board, with idea from rank ass, a rise of leaving taunted braver, especial guy men. If you actually hard to meet him and now here pitch from something and not be into it, yeah he's definite charismatic year his ease, the is the guy managerial. Do you know it? I was thinking about new, I Eddie Murphy is my guy grown up and how different, as for lead black actor in your era, verses in the eighties causing Eddie Murphy. They were led him. Even kiss woman in the aid is crazy. He can the girl in forty eight hours in hand, goes the next couple move he's Beverly Hills COP, his friends on his bed like This is basically lie in their ready, ready for acts of forward and make a move never makes a movie Odin child they cut out the sexy did. This is yet another
college here, as I think I cut out, would here was that it like eighty six, eighty seven her, but now at least we ve entered an era. Where no I mean I'd, I would hope the executives in the people don't think about that stuff. Another the viewers don't think about it, but is not crazy. That was only thirty years ago. This yesterday. S like thirty years is now is a filling Eddie Murphy Release, Beverly Hills. Cap like three years ago, I made love Amr washing his army, big fear, but it is. It does feel egg things if she did any of the. Only that hasn't shifted yet is the or of movies on that prevail, creed, Canna level, for the opportunities? I hope that now change locking up. I think that within successive them, the more successful prized did you see out there that there is cause critics about. It comes down to the nuts and bolts of what's what did they feel like? Is fine
usually successful. Now how can superior exactly? Let me your house as equals, superheroes star wars. It doesn't that if they don't feel like there's a market for a certain type of foam that is really hard to get backing in you know, in and in distribution in ozone, put the money for the peony in advertising and without material. Is it like what good would market are guarantors like all these other things do come into play, but I feel like it that starts at you know in other writers, producers and writing more sophisticated material. Now, is that not ill material that you and everybody was seated, isn't alienating type of audience not going towards a specific demographic and I'll? Even you, films are no generalised that are still with people of color, but that everybody would love to go, see the not there.
I feel, like you, start to see a gentle breakdown of that clear as day you know, yeah was avoids, were a sportsman of is a good way to do it, because, but that's, but that's that's going to another clear stereotype I was at the athlete you know what I'm saying like a sports movie hits all types of peoples the superhero slash. But then you got a blank was lashing whatever than you gotta black guy, that historically great at being athletic in sports that are in what's I mean is that I am saying that jail in our these two boxes, to argue that the nice Austria, but by talking about black now Talking about yours, about opportunities, about movies, that movie house for how hard it is to be inventive with movies nominees, but then also talking about at heart, how hard it is to be invented to have a blackmail Lee true in those guys, if inside of films, that towards a specific group that are towards everybody, most miss price,
I mean I feel like half a worse, Miss moves and mean this state is amazing. Yeah. I really like they're moving love, it's kind of hot held up as it cable movie, now notices whenever on high guide job way, not only whenever they want it. You don't turn from it is open, Amazon background noise. In that we painted to do it. I just I would love having that will be on all the time the realities we just Moran Cougars. I think that is it. That is a harsh reality, because what he did, especially in creed, there's a lot of subtle stuff for it's almost like for a good sports movie. The director has to be, as they hate this robot overqualified workers. Yea, isn't Hutchison them over its idea. That's that, like typical hook, this is it Julie out. I'd like a realm of my exact end in a healthy super competitive, any low sports. No- and I think that that's another thing is soup is very often it. He took like box and classes for a few months before. Just like really understand the vaccine, the excellent thinking now will clearly go back and go really badly. We haven't really good.
A trainers and fight reactors, Rob sallying my box and trainer an arm and a Clayton Barbara Radio out West lease the blaze leeward. What was he's nice a lot, and I really really really talented and we wanted every punch that we through an fights represent a line, so it was like a scene. All the fight scenes were like a regular person acting scenes. So what is my intent with his job and I where's my intent was left hook to slip the me getting hit, I? Why am I reacting? How I respond to it? So that's kind of how we approach to it, and I think we got this very layered fight. Where you see it where you can see a clear,
and I think, that's pretty cool. How did you add a jeep kind of master, the attitude of being a boxer understanding who is Adonis was you know, and it cuz? I think he carries his personality from outside the ring into the ring, sometimes and just having a lot of. I think he fought for it with a lot of rage and frustration. You know in the beginning and then without a trainer in the more he finally found out about himself in about his father and just kind of you know, I learned from rocky somebody having that father figure. That mentor should, I feel like he, he started to refine know what it, what kind of figure out what he was fighting for. You know, and I think that that's a super important, but you know what you find out the character part you can figure out. You know who he is physically
As a boxer, we looked at a lot of Timothy Bradley. Ultimately, Bradley was a fighter that we really, I was gonna, save the thank you. It even scouted a couple different boxers at your copying: the indirect costs, the entering personalities, a big part of maximum big deal activity Bradley in porno, ogre sweeping were the two that's it given that I really like focused on inside the grab. Little things, cause car weathers. Inane rocky wanted to ease just doing an alley, impersonation pressure. Now that was Ali you're, not deaf everything. That was, I mean they can. You know the crowd of, into it with the US deftly some. He say inside a measure and an idea I want to know I don't wanna be like APOLLO. Could I remember that in Finland was gonna running from him? More than anything, they probably wouldn't want to be anything like his father. So, if anything, he would probably picks Thou China fight, like somebody wasn't like him We really wanted to do something different scene. I can give you one sly, Stallone story. I mean
you're, not gonna. Give me one great learn from actual video. I know you can't tat. Stick man stigmas as Virgin Mary here or stick their that's. That's a rough lesson, rough one! It's up! Lucy in the meantime. I have a very important subject for you also so my sons. Name- is Ben Simmons, Benson Ben Simmons heading into this college. Basque buses, and they just started the number one draft pick he's in our knowledge of yellow export Tangier, he six per ten, he six, four ten he sees floor like burden MAGIC and Elizabeth L issue Yeah they have somewhere to Australia. Pipeline thing nobody's lie, worry that there's gonna be an outside the lines. Investigation the whole years about I'll bet, you're, probably we'll both lover, weary massaging. What did the eet there's something special by the lab in this? said about college parent nine years since the really yeah, like legit
yeah yeah, I saw an item. I saw you at Yale Ass, simply one game. It was pretty like phenomenal maize, with you don't put up thirty points, but we oppose that he's a facilitator, he's yeah, he's again makes everyone better gear, which doesn't those guys don't exist, really loved, so he's about to become really famous he's can be better I'm sorry, I'm gonna change, he's gonna be basically Kevin ran in my son. Has the same name is: have you been in this exact situation? Exacts, Michael Jordan? Yes, then, the other Michael Jordan, you added, B, but it was something you heard earlier in your career. So what two of my son? I mean it. Belgium is busy Bee Michael, your arguments, eight. Is he gonna play basketball now hockey he's a hockey player. Arguably with as another he has his own lane. I guess the hardest part about me was that I was playing basketball right. Bathwater young age move hours late. I took up, you know, painting
bad manners ass. I am I the great Yama Picasso of lean on the issue of you know, paint whatever how old thing, but the fact that I was you know planned Basque wanna dig into the arts and acting and stuff like that. So was it came with that. Celebrity tag once you're in the industry in any type of way, whether it's modeling or acting in commercials are bright thanks again, they all kind of bunch. It up is just celebrity or whatever. So I kind of got that You also come in that lanes. I couldn't be the the almost Michael Jordan that was almost famous and almost did something gray kind of game that ship to like it. They'll be great at what is good for you. It was all for sure. Did you take shape when you Like six, seven, eight, nine ten out of omega, join you not Michael Jordan. The rumour eradicate boy, whom all that all everything any any thing you can think of. I was deadly, did some. I set it to me as a kid and then, even as you know, is a teenager yet mid twenties in order and peace in the early
for what was the name. I will join you, though I say what let me guess apartments twenty three in, though, hang upon I have to have me numerous times, so it's like in the funny part is people with like tell joke about my name, and they will act like it's the first time. I've ever heard it The other thing that does the first, where Scotty? Here I go out of those like the as yet but two, the weird thing about your name, and maybe it is because I have been following after a few years and even on the part of that, but I feel it Michael be Jordan is its own name thanks.
No, it's like, I don't even think of the micro join thing anyway, I'm thing anyone that sets the end. I think you reach the point. Where is never arrive on the is in place for twelve years he's like this. This is failed, Charlotte, honour now that you know who used to be the best passport whereabouts avatars that or the rituals they get released area. You know today weeks in that same is adequate trillion. Air non nobody's dairy, very much so alive and present. Now I know he has no, I feel a year. The Michael, be Jordan is its own thing that no relation of my gun that faintness, on which I am I am because that is there? We ve been a goal of having a really long time ass. If I was you say that that feels good for you on Fruitvale came at Amsterdam, It was lingering a tiny bit. Yes. Now me now obliges everybody here too, and be J now has its own, like acronym, Eliza people are really understand and begin than don't say. I M Jamie controversy M J B,
has led to sell you the same like letters and Jimmy lay not as murder was sea area me. I mean every day: yes, we want to work on it. This is this is cut. We hear that think we should be clear cross the boy she may. She is my son's been on a mid on issues like did, that is the boss Theo S boss, the Boston acronym Bostonnais watch any boss. I gave up wish or you this army or bus or the Barcelona, but as a cool, nickname the boss, the cooling me so Maybe that's maybe just be bosomed spot boss him as banned as pretty cool bus. He really is. The boss was, is pretty cool media treasure is what are adds that we need that me. The person loves, asked by the motor and name the book? The book, a basque one, any my son Benson, is vineyards and who is now get me the best possible per km at a college and nine years. Were you thinking about the initial, though, like
The hundred resell can deny. It is fine and oh, whose I owe an Oscar would Oliver. What is it so you like this lofty Oakley Oakley is pretty cool. That's that so I've been Oakley sermons their size. I agree, and I was that Charles ok is like the toughest basque bob, we're here. So how's, like meaning vocalist, middle name. Anything that is gas can be about. Well, I thought it was a bold and as yet browser, but if we she's made on this issue, is one of the biggest bad asses and about his tree near to Good STAR France and market is one of those kids like doesn't cry ochre like yeah, so is getting to be a laszlo, probably Prieta two days the happy guys it does a man what did lashing out. He plays the Lightfoot Bob, where many like six will ya. But said he could be five eleven and still play poker. Either hockey guys have gone gigantic agony
Your escape your ip? I escaped still, I give you a cab wages August or even five, eleven guys, like sixty six during future, knocking grants for it. My family, sidetracked, no is creed, is gonna, be gas movie also wears a come out Thanksgiving Day November, Yes we're running this on Wednesday, the day before, which has get awesome and always all we always say that twenty four items ideas anybody's on thirty January Wednesday, twenty seventh year- Do you emanate the posters? Did you still thirty five and I wanted it twenty framing framing the one with me and sly, the one with his hand on my shoulders that I'm deadly frame and now I'm out I'm alive, I'm frame it all went, happens. If this movie becomes a huge movie, they don't turn a known, ass or corn on that
gee about yours have alien imply that everything just like make sure- and I really I realize you're, going to make a long term when we did the celebrity gain together and Kevin Hard shot like every time he had the bar, and you were so cool about how it is lagging over one over here. If I put me because you know you are one of you, is there someplace coat a more he already But where are you going to do now? I'm done it. I am out Yet I was my one time I lost the jailing laws cause. I traded him. Schuyler dig as for our who, Fred Elaine Adela dime Dell it the way I need a more shooting. We did. We know it hadn't one. So the games, I am- and I miss my free Derosa Mama, visible and promoting mobility for our, we may say, five free throws now these dredge with gravity that I bet on us now. I didn't know, you rose early,
we're lay like a point, and, I repeat, rose: did I better better, my own team, psychic other how wicked man I'd like to let you down it I had Jimmy came, and his cousin sowed the three of us. I was like I stacked our team that so might be journey play the high school I get. The two best IBM vapours asked are not right Is it wasn't, If you know what happened, what that aren't it's, it's love, tat. Mister Harding, help us but That's right here, I'm talking to you. Yeah, maybe distribute the bilateral you're, not issue. First, if I like staff, carry or or us, but what killed this was the hour. Debbie, obey prayers got scared. They're gonna get hurt, also need a couple. People in that gave our may have a real see lying around like it was like this is the highlight of their basketball created in this game here and they were afraid, they're gonna get undercoat. I heard an early hour
Aren't you don't really cannot already? Do you hear me that was my biggest mistake is not getting Arnie. You slept on deck, I so will you do next? What's it we're next movie projects, No, I mean, I know you. I like this, you say: you're betting, on creed, clear will at all Look we re, not I'm China, China, I don't know just work, just a word, you know I'm doing, I will don't just mercy would destined credit. He did short term twelve and I'm playing the relief person about Brian Stevenson. Defence attorney yeah, I'm out of that out of Alabama and in the book is. Is it s amazing book and could I make some suggestions for members who asked him IRAN, I told you need and make a sports movie. You don't let it uses in. I said you had to do a sports year. You cause you look.
These are alien will review to mother. It is you did so that it was a man who did it. Wasn't you and that's why Super Herr Mozart, maybe not the best advice, not being hey Ray. You have paycheck debts, get here's what I want. I think you, I think, think about being a lawyer think about You think go Mokanna high time to kill level type of thing. That's why out of the tone of the big monologue at the end, where you you well up the asker scene. At the end and that it yeah ok stalling, neither that's one thing: that's one down here's. What you should do don't play Willie Mays. His is son. Look at me, in major league the come back. Ok, don't don't make it don't keep doing Ports, movie, sons of guys from thirty years ago. This is the one off. This was not a one off, but in others the You would have managed should be it in writing. Where's it here to you know I'm too now
Togo, my language in which you set your body can go through it. I'm gonna keep this new body. As long as I can, I may tell me: you got a hundred and three degree fever from the last one, but this guy right here this gas you're, looking at you stated J, I haven't taken enforced vignettes. I wanted to hold on to take on Again, you have some sort of basque about project in your life. That's gonna happen at some point, but I would add that at some point you vaguely know what it is very clear. It's up to. You know me in a body might here I want to be involved. We will make we're gonna something's gonna. How now becomes real yeah and then he had dibs so rob com. You half did it even totally do it. You did that you did it with tube this year. I don't either the one where it's like not yet year. I got some time now. Grew to be a reflection of things, and I like it. I like allowed a different thing.
You know, so I got what I wanted. I want to take my time, but this definitely going to be. You know a time where you know people see the goofy carefree, no, not giving a side of me in his end is gonna. Come out with you don't know me know I have that were rats, it's it's eventually become a young play a cop. Yet have not political tab on four. You haven't plenty. A lot of the have chest pieces left warm over heavy, better warmer retails, but as legislators counts for years. You weren't, like one of the leading men, tells right where No, not at the end of the movie now, ok, so cop cap soldier, maybe be some went once I last there's been like a really good buddy. Cop movie, I mean boys. Last time we really did it. I love tat. We saw That was the first girl is a perfect Tommy. In another suggestion for yet we know about boys where Miami
financing of AIDS is like an dollars. Is in Miami like every matter with applied as they just of areas where water boats, women models, models, see God that you get anything else. I think you need to the abbot, steady, the Hanks. I am Debbie banks. Those Hank, said one leg: he hanks head now: crew. I wouldn't do crews, Hank Language said earlier. We ll get. I see I feel like LEO, got a little too weird too much. I think he tilted too far toward the act there, I'm only work with directors. I respect that thinking. Oh, I just make a rock common rules where we went out of every nine is one of their renouncing just be somebody's boss and she fell over there and she should know- and you might not end up together and then the end you're running toward her in slow motion. Their words too.
Just do they get nine would do a hybrid and would do a multimodal immersion onto the Mai will be version of my could be your version of all that to set for you and one for them that works can use its one fur. One soldier I like the soldier idea. I mean that whatever it is guy- and I have asked at heart to ingest or a villain and political campaign, develop, be careful that the fly his LEO ever played like a real villain blood. Damn it was like, as close as he came, was miss. Never quite a villain, Denzil trained. Yeah that we're afraid, but he did that later in his career here was that was like fifteen years in by the way We use possibly a villain and Emily, but you still The whole reform did he did at monotonous. Dens entails awesomely requires Lex. Is amazing, that's another one for you, you gotta do one would enter
because how many many more to say, I have left, I mean locomotor freeways goes at all, but then he moves into a different. That's a different phases. Career always itemised margins are being like. You know, like you, have let bandwidth to just be like the led out the he's gone he's not going anywhere. Denzil sinister he's the best he is. I did that choice, forgetting Jack's legacy. Jaguars yak assets contain important thing. I think blogger. You know May I gotta be a real, smooth, real impact and that seat play Hattie light? Why would you go about getting those seats? Will you how you have a vote? That's why I'm here from the sports are gonna. Things are in a vote. I got it. I got it yeah hi! Whenever America on? Who should get that see it's very important, since it is a very cautiously, it's the number one celebrity capital and you have to have somebody in that specific spot. Next to the visitors bench, recognisable has employed to four so how to go about it getting rid of spikes get us
next thing! Next thing, I go about spike way. You that himself over the leaves that is by ever scale back now Use is always Alan and they say here so I I didn't realize you next familiar from newer sad that happen. He was coming with that uses the nets for just out la me with a really this summit. Eyes, man dies and adjust. They both plant Jersey. So I mean homage and then yet the nets I was but a mixed Metz old schoolmates, not new bandwagon, met all schoolmates and then next, what's Goin on women I'm enjoy on my time, is this egg? I'm crew
single right now at last. I visited a big this. This is this is creed single, but this life man's life is happening. So affairs like is as a transition as far as your privacy person life is handling people. Knowing your name, you know walking empty talk. You like they know. You know just the other social network aspect of it. Are you not going out you know being caught at a restaurant with a frame that is legitimately a friend budgetary good you're out than almost ended? Some that's that's happened. I mean I try to avoid those actually as much as possible, but just change. The way you think the way you navigate life on a day to day and it's a transition from me in its light, so rather not bring anybody else into that crazy transit if I'm having a hard enough time, trying to wrap my brain around and figure it out how I'm going to bring another woman into the situation and try to make that work, which is hard enough as it is
future. You know about saying no to a running away from a renowned is enjoying your magic Johnson row was on this whole thing. Would was mad same rural. His jailer roses were just puts. I spent a lot of time in a small room with those guys watch intend to visit whence dont data celebrity deliberate too. But you can't make it here, maybe together nowhere Cosette cause celebrity naturally There, in the middle of the tornado, the world is revolves around them. Craig put aside, can tornado to do here and now you have doubled data, and you have some years ago the world around me. As I know the water, that's why, when, whenever actors date, once one of them starts to embed the other its oversight, s banana is funding a good, see, let's say you're dating, I don't know, what's picker, whose six for him ass an interesting, I would say a Jennifer Lawrence right, you in jail, or it may be, comes out its huge now oh yeah, the career wise year. That makes for an
and she has three movies in that bomb. And meanwhile you do the ram com. You get him warm movie. You're a lawyer hearing at nominated for the lawyer movie she's, are the setting down here. Let's get and offers to do tv shows she's matter. You all the time what said seesaw ships it's over city, they way from celebrities ceramic I'm amateur, Legato Billy. I know what's going to make this work, go right, a must go, get em. Let's go. Let's go figure in giving boyfriends, I mean: let's go, let's go figure it out. Let's go, let's go get you there. Would you would you need next? Ok, this figure out was that in our next moves, Nairobi, amateurs, gonna guile my mighty pieces adviser no card ashen family just now got just stay out, look what's happening, the rackets Raina! That's why James no terrorist because once it goes bad you're like five or science- and you know, that's gonna have to see that the directive really well. You background,
well I'll, be immortalizing. Now you don't wanna be that guy now shows that lit the savages and be J. She won't ever say your name. Ok, whether we have you checked aids should be allowed to you in. This are a people that I think is about my reader S, stay away from the careful Mickey making choices. Wizened me big movie, yes, Sir, make the Journey man this is almost as great as being on Ellen. Almost grandma goes I'm going to tell her that I had a great time here and she hasn't stopped. Those people think that we look alike me at Ellenwood. We actually do it, but I like crazy, we're due eyes like big bug, eyes, and I was short hair. You re actually do that local areas, because it would be a double gayer here, you gotta be my round. Come may now who has now left with agreed of that November? Twenty fifth when yeah. Well, then, a bizarre inferior, listen,
yet you guys now much. I love the rocky series I condone Creed mounted has my stamp of group as nice work bill. Some is approved. Take your mama thanks to personal capita. Great way to track your money with the best financial tools imaginable? Monitor all your accounts in one place, managed finances track investments. Plainly retirement grow, you net worth in real time, just go to personal capital that come slash bs to make your accounts. You also get free that's a free advisory services, a funeral right now, that's personal capital, dotcom, Slash, bs, thanks to see geek are present. Sponsor that just launched a new platform called seek marketplace that allows you to buy and sell event tickets learn more at seeking Decamp Slash Ba and thanks stage HBO. I forgive me. My own television show that launches next spring place to back. We about this because I want to see me again. We wanted,
headway here, close pitch in Rome.
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