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Ep. 40: Abby Wambach

HBO's Bill Simmons brings on international soccer's all-time leading scorer Abby Wambach before her final game with the US Women's National Team. Topics include: 2015 World Cup experience, her evolving fame (7:00), Women's WC vs. Men's WC (13:00), gender pay gap and fixing FIFA(16:00), turf vs. grass (24:00), a possible TV career (30:00), why she thinks Jürgen Klinsmann is the wrong US coach (37:00), concussions and youth soccer (42:00), career disappointments & triumphs (1:00:00) and her last game (1:09:00).
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The microphone at the top of the homepage and type in bs and were also breathy by HBO, because they were nice enough to give you. My own tv show that launches next spring, and now I present to you the one back. Do you have everyone back her last match Wednesday Night Fox Sports, one eight thirty Pm Usa versus China, So I why now? Why is this over? Why are you ending this. I don't want some thirty years, I'm excited I'm happy. I'm closing. I have ever closer that content where in early may, and I think that as a priority
you gotta know when it's time to hang up your boots and for me I probably been feeling the term prelone while, but without that World CUP and hard nor were when you say pretty long. While I come on, we talking, I would say I was probably about two years: it's been it's better but of a struggle. I've been I've been traveling with just, not in know your body gets older. Your ear. Slow down your passion, birth. And that you know same thing over and over and over again becomes a little bit old. But the reality is not one that World CUP was like the only thing that comment that, like kept me coming back in and kept that fire still wit inside me and in and of course, as you get older, eerie you slow down and
the young kids, that artists but not your heels and all they want do, take her spot and scores many goals. Do you have and have all the things that you ve been what to do in and the things that you've learned throughout your life, but the reality is that they have an entire career that they need to go through tickets. There were a map, I'm? Can I'm happy? I'm finally norland my family here you know It's gonna be an amazing name, among really excited you say the plan for thirty years? What went? Do you think you could actually do this do you not even realize that it just kind of keep going, keep going all the sudden you're in college? Oh wait, I should keep her. Was there a time when you were like seven, eight nine we were like. I could do this I mean there were thoroughly like nothing to look up to in our like that. That's lightning or so
all about were I've been able to go through my career kind of her. I have let it like evolve in an organ why am I think there. Nowadays, you know from those kids out there that are looking up and they used in position, maybe do what they want to do and be what they want to be. I think that that that that value is priceless and and- and I didn't have that growing up- I didn't have the ability to look up What am I I don't like Michael Jordan, you know until I got in the high school when a national team kind of got in a little bit more recognition and then, of course, cause when they wanted money. Nine, I was able to look up to me and truly county Lillian all those women bad, but those now pretty
wait. You know, like four five six seven, eight years old, to look up and see many doing why. I would want to do or even that, like what I could possibly do like when I was five and six that wasn't even an option. So It was early literally just a dream and to have come to fruition. As it's been a pleasure, it's been the My honour gosh, thank you so much for everything you ve done for the USA and, like all Eileen, let's be honest, like I'm, the one that's been honoured and has had all the pleasure unable to give you that ninety nine team was the breakthrough team. That's been covered a million times, but career has basically spanned this whole century? Do you feel? Could you feel it? Even as this century was going along with more and more girls between five and eighteen
he's coming up to your day after day, did you feel like you're, becoming more famous as that century Marilla yeah? I think that I think that the same thing really took off and he thought eleven Yang out. He doesn't even worse than the barrier breaker for this if it came to you, no ninety nine with a huge deal and me obviously with the faith of that team and rightfully fell because she not only one of the most prolific, all scores. This game has ever seen, but what people don't know the most about her issues? really one of the best darker mine that I've ever I had the opportunity of playing with, though for me, after that, he doesn't eleven goal that that had happened. Most people think that we want world cup that go against Brazil, but we didn't. You know him, and the irony I think, in the whole situation is coming home.
Why we actually made huge positive change, became home more and more famous, more popular, and in fact we, new and when it wishes, because the way we want him in that quarter, final batch wasn't even though, but so I find it was just a quarter final match and- and I think that that funding has been at that, I'm really proud of, because you know having the opportunity. To play for my country is one thing, but then you know one a fifteen year old boy comes up to man, and shakes my hand and says you know what when I grow up, I want to be a women's professional soccer player and play in the World CUP, and I think that's something that like kind of transcend sport for fifteen year old boy to say that I just means that ass girls, we win and that's a day when they love the fact that we win- and let me know thirty five year old daughter
Burke faded and running around the house after thy full growth than we did podcast that think in March you mean out Morgan and then a few four months later. You guys, when the World CUP and most ouch soccer match in history and ye, The whole team was like a bunch of rock stars after that. You especially I saw you at the Espys and you were there a lot of celebrities at this party we're at, and you were probably the biggest did when you I came back just let's talk about. How is your life different did? Did you feel like there is a different kind of spotlight on you, yeah you know inexact really interesting, especially when you gotta, like the FDA, Sir, I like glamour time. One hundred dinner in and to see some people use. You watched whether, through.
Movies, the earth or through whatever it is to have the have an admiration, or what you do, what you ve done for fur country. There is something some really special about that in Ireland and when you walk the red carpet of the FDA initially take time and I fell. Players big time and be a guy like you do that curly Lloyd lies here, then that file game and and and for me I love that, because this means that they were not seen as just women. Thorkel players like were seen as soccer player. That's that's. That's the whole point here and asked us, but what gets me fired up, because we as athletes play train blood, sweat tears and I've done it for so long now and then infirmities her kid. Hopefully you can do it for the length of time that I have
oh dear, and hopefully they can keep winning because the winning is when the respect come from from from across dial from from the men from from the guys who who who make millions and billions and billions of dollars in and those crazy, crazy contracts, and I think I think of that. That's one thing that we can do to improve and and push that needle a little bit more towards an equitable form of payment and then and yeah. You know the same is something that has to have to deal with it. It's all part of the package. You can't ask to have one of the best jobs and do one of the best things in the world and be the best in the world that it can expect that. Without having some side effect without having some some things. That may be aren't the most fun you know getting. Getting interrupted in an airport or at dinner made by during their
dinner in O K That'll mean interrupt you, but can I have an autograph and all that stuff is all part of it and and if you want, if you want to grow your score, if you want to grow the game, you got to take every bit that the game gives you and then you got to go with it, and you know it it frustrates- may lie when people, because it can be annoying for sure, but a fresh british afresh rates may lie when people you know away a fan or or get. Shaded by anybody What are you too, because I think boy, but we all do- is profoundly inspire and entered and entertain people are not here is important, but you also had this happen mean not like
famous years ago, but it's a different level of fame from this share in the last couple years, but it happen in your mid thirties. If it had happened, when you, twenty two. Had he handed it, I don't know. That's that's a tough one. And I think you know when I was twenty four we want gold medal on other old lady. Now that I'm off, I can state that their old they were written there tired and I wasn't nearly obviously paymasters NEA was, but I felt like gosh. I need to make sure that I do something that I cannot keep grabbing myself after every world championship the more time he play for a country, the more famous you gonna get, and I just didn't wanna get. I didn't want to get myself into a position. And where I was looking at myself differently
and I found tat- I was my that I was famous in I- don't I don't feel famous like you a new light broke. My hair looks like when I wake up in the morning. You would under and why I don't deal famous. Could I dont look famous when I got out of bed in the morning after me and like that's? What people don't get lake peep famous people are normal in Alec. We all living Some are monitored by the way, but most famous people they do normal stuff. You wake up. You eat breakfast. It is doing every person on the planet as an end and the is definitely a part of what we do for our support. But if you're twenty does it does, does it affect you differently problem,
but I know myself, and I know that I wouldn't have had any different kind of level of fact I do know now that at thirty five, very very passionate about wanting to make sure that that twenty five year old in getting the right kind of formal payment, so that They can do whatever they want to do and I do choose to retire, retire and another something I'm getting and growing even more passion about every day by day and you know, come come the last second ice I play tomorrow. I will be even more passionate about it. My paycheck stopped coming from your thoughts, Just for the m. The math is pretty interesting and this is something you ve talked about publicly- that they share a few people at least to listen to this done other math.
You guys, one fifty million bucks as a team, for winning the World CUP in two thousand and fifteen in the men's World CUP in two thousand fourteen Germany, one. They split up five hundred and seventy five million dollars. So that is thirty at times as much the runner up team Argentina get twenty five million dollars, so there's theirs separate, are, it's gonna hear one is that either Is it pay equality just for the World CUP and you know could make a case. Demands is bigger. The ratings are better across the border, something that it should be higher or you can the case your God barrel game in the. U S was the most watch soccer gave in the history of of twelve, I soccer here it should be the same. My question is: what had is: how is it thirty, nine times more? That seems insane. I was like shocked when I saw that when you, when you guys here that
What is your reaction? Well, here's the thing so so, ever since I was announced my requirement, I've been able to have really cool conversation, you being one of them and and pick pick people's brain, the child really figure out what is really going on here and why there is such a disparity mattress than my my sport, but in other sports also and also indifferent, industry and theirs. Is this link in neat thing that I think is deep seated in all human beings, that women are less than that women don't deserve, treated fairly. That women, if in a negotiation with thereby are seen, as you know, the beard he see each word And if a man goes in and emphasise the exact same thing, he's them on the girl
negotiator for himself and his family, and I think that of our society is pushing towards a place where We need to really start looking at each other as people and not an end. Put each other and all of these boxes and and and this equality thing doesn't just go from for me between men and women. This equality thing is, in all now talk about the big eager, I'm fucking complete equality. I feel- and it's not because If you go down down and cut down to what what what the real really, are that the men Haven way more than women in an thought. Yeah. I understand. Logically, the Argo
and about the ratings in and the men and its more global and whatever, but what people forget, and I think what people don't understand is that that doesn't mean that that's right, but that doesn't mean it makes it right. You know equality, isn't something but actually cost anything, and I know we're talking about gender pay gap differences here, but to be. Treated fairly, doesn't actually cost a single cent, not one person to treat somebody humanely to treat some fairly to make a decision that lessons that gap payment and that gap different it wouldn't it would have cost anything. It would be just a decision and I think
It's so it's. So it's so funny to me, because when you say those numbers I I know they're staggering and when you're in it you don't want to fight too much against it because thankful for what you're getting ray? I want. You don't seem like that's the reason, you're playing exactly his in the reality is, is We do well for women athletes. However, when you look across the Isle, and you look at a J J. Why me look at em, Aaron Rodgers and all these guys, who are my friends, don't me wrong? I love those guys and I'm a huge fan of what they do, but lay are getting. So much money I'm telling you like, like there. That was what those going leg is evil.
Play crazier than then what the the difference between the World CUP went by like link. I mean people to have no idea the difference between the men and women and work for men and women earn. But at the same time, though, you talking about, soccer and tennis are the tooth. Or its eye and its ended shifted in women's tennis were for a while, I was just insane, especially because the woman's tennis poison in the latter case were bigger draws than the men and width with you. Eyes versus the the men's soccer in the last couple world cops, it's really starting to feel like it's even but then you look at. Like the WMD versus the NBA. It's hard to say that Dublin Bay, where should make as much as MBA, whereas when MBA players are getting you? No fifty two. Hundred times the attendance in and I saw that stuff so happy. The caddy fix that totally agree an end.
The irony with that is in the end on that of the earlier right out and- and I think that there is this- are you there is no perfect fix? I have. I am not in a lot of like a professor there's gonna fix the problem, specifically, I think with who's gonna take time. Do. I believe that women deserve even making more than their making yeah, and you know, I think, there is a lot of women out there that sports, nation and in even hear him w they're trying to do their part, but I also think that their prophetic version of what things really need to be. I want I want
I myself to something that is: look strong and, and beautiful and powerful. You know not just painting, shrank and and and and and the that box check, like that's, not my version of what I want to do in my next. In my next life I want complete, already in out- and that includes man, I'm not saying I won't have a company or business and a structure that Only as women empower women where need to help each other, and I know that women soccer antennas kind of trend set in certain ways than those that the structure of how much were we get paid. But when you ve, beaten down so along and you're in it it's hard to its hard to really understand what you're worth a year now and- and I think that that would really important and Adobe NBA where's after overseas to supplement their income for
or will at though I was gonna ask you bet that so harassing who's, the? U of basketball and the instead, the NBA pirate, the best woman's basque, more power about time, leaves the w last year cause she can make like five times as much money, Russia. And that's enough their reality, you know- and I know that and I think that that was a really hard choice for her, because she was the girl the game here, but if you're being offered five times as much money and indifferent That's a hard, no, that's a harm, that's a hard thing to turn away from and and and I think that people get filth focused on the money and it's not about the money. It's about were and what you feel internally. What yourself with that and I think that the more important thing quit breaking
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no sense, but that also speaks to some real problems with FIFA which I'm shares dominated by men and they don't give a crap with the with the payment quality is but also Visa is the most screwed up organization. We have solved Where's they're gonna screw this up, but it seems like to fix that. Payment thing in soccer. You also have to fix FIFA thank God knows we ve had way way too much trouble trying to do that. Did we ever fix fifo? How do we do that? Question and- and I think you know I am lucky in some ways- in energy deeper, probably fairly unlucky, because they know I'm not scared of them in all. We we see them before the World CUP this last year, because
and ended up being too late. We found our lofty too late, so they are gonna, slow play it and it would have been a waste of time to continue doing them about the tears. The about the terrific, as the judgment would have come until after that, after World CUP ended, so whatever la firmer working, less decided that it would endorse the time or ever but wages quickly. You had somebody ready to replace the turf with grass before the World CUP and they held it up and made it so that the timetable got screwed up and aluminium and happened in TAT, God, God was ready to give them free group right- think a resident have to pay for thing, not for one cent and they're like all what we don't have this and that you know they make up every excuse and whatever people want to see if it does,
and so for me, my long term goals and equality and gender and whatever diversity, those are big time goals, but in the short term there needs to be especially right now because there's a lot of reform going on a fifa and obviously a lot of corruption that we ve seen that's taken place, which doesn't surprise me why things, and why that Neil has taken so long, the kind kind of pip towards the even even get near the middle women, and then involve women, have been involved, infirmities decision making possess and that's ok on some level for ten fifteen twenty, thirty years ago, but now that women been playing woman football for a long period of time professionally and that they can have a voice and they can have the education and they can go back to school, done playing or have their education and then play professionally. Women- are given
and have more opportunity. So one up Well, I'm position, especially with an organ, nation that has so many women participating in it from from the ground up ages. They just makes no sense M m. Clearly that something I'm passion about, we, Lhasa talking to seventeen in a month for the nine and I work up, and yet how does that? in five form and soccer in that. Launch so much momentum in so many different directions and now you're Talkin, my general two generations now that were affected by that tell me of the generation that was any girl between six and fourteen when that team was doing their thing, but now you have the generation after like do you talk about some of those fifteen year olds, Eighteen, ninety nine are now thirty two and they might have a five or six year old. So you know
just feels, I think, should be different. The turf thing just watching from afar, and I really am just read in the stores and stuff was dumbfounded to me, because I dont Know- people realise how hard turf is. Your body, they give him my daughter, soccer team, they practice centre from. We had a parents, this kid's game. You know I wanted the last practice for the out and we played them for like an hour and a half which was great, I was taking out. Kids would have been proud of me, but the next. Like my back her my legs, sir, my niece, her not in a tip away they come in pretty good shape. As I got sick planet I and the fact that they thought that was a good idea for you guys for the World CUP. Was insane, and then you see what happened last week in Hawaii when it repeat I'll get her was at last week or two easier yet out laughing only require further afield turf. Whole situation goes to the worst part, is not every field trip
is the same and and and the argument can be made for grass, which is fine. However, if the field Turkey has not been waste and ten year or seven years, in other words the length of time that every filter field need to be replaced and having been replaced. Then it's a more dangerous, the blades of grass are more mounted into the into actual turf stunted. Open, yet load dance yeah, I mean it's just you know, is that all around and the worst part about it- and this is what frustrates me the most is that you go to high school or any ass her or him. What would you prefer to play on grass fields or filter filled? Melick I'll, feel filled. My jaw drops, unlike like Holy Lakes in house, can not be the case. It is because in high school, the grass fields- never taken care of they don't. You know nobody has now no high school has the money to take care of
their grasp field in a way that would be possible. In a way that old, naked, flash and and- and play well on. So the consistency of the field. Ter fields is actually more important and more reliable from a high schoolers, but as you get older and for me I, I want that generation to want this filter stuff, because I think you know I'm crazy. In my mind, and I'm not afraid to say what I feel, I think that in ten fifteen twenty years it's gonna take somebody get cancer through so many little black pellet, some big time athlete yet cancer. From from these big, like the little black coat that you find in this field per filled for this sure to actually become more of an issue here. That's that's a real, that's something I don't think a lot of people know about, but like give your parent who ass kids playing on these fields, the pellets
once done- the whole Google deep dive on those pilots and how safe they are and they come from tyres and they may cause thing in there's been a cancer cluster. A rare and all of us have read of those stories and to be I don't know what to think, and I know it's true natural. You know yet what on earth in a study in the northeast that, at the end, up coach she's on the package is when a bunch of cases are women, female goalkeeper that have been diagnosed with one month- Roma and requisite diving, skinny gettings they're, the ones that are diving there on the field of their closer to those for those colored and an edge, is scary. Just as a scary thing in and
and the reality in the irony of the whole situation is that people think it's more cost effective. That's why they're doing it and, in fact, if you actually do the research in the data behind it, if not it's not more, it's not cheaper to have these filled first to take care of, because you need to actually take care of the field turf field problem is if people aren't taking care of the field turf field, that's what makes them really dangerous. And in a grass is the way that soccer is meant to be played a leading. Why was, though, adamant about? before the World CUP, is that this is our senior tournament not talking about. I will state championship. Came here we're talking about the women of people, women's World CUP, championship being played on filter. That to me an avenue and care of the fact that we want it on filter, but the fact that we had to do that,
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go the whole night legged. This was that if there is a basketball equivalent in basketball, Barkley would be the one that kind of grab the reins and really really pushed it. In that I think, You know. I know you want to do a million different things, but they hoping make, especially with Fox, as are the tournaments coming up the next few years. Like I want you on that said, I think you have a chance to have a voice. Forum and the amount of eyeballs that around those games. That now the gray for you, but we just be great for people who, like watching tv, is that something think you'd want to do as a great question And you know we part primarily about this before, but I would love the opportunity. Could then Do you like to talk- and I am opinionated heating- everyone to everyone confirms that you like to talk very late by I, I'm still trying to say
exactly what I'm gonna be passionate about in. Oh I'm, I'm sure I'll give it a try Oh, I will. I will figure out avenue, in which I can be and have a platform to in the game and then talk about soccer and and and maybe some of the things that people don't really talk about and maybe I like it- maybe I don't I'm not sure, but among I'm I'm pretty opened anything right now. My apertures really wide. I'm just trying to make sure that I'm not closing my off the any idea or opportunity, because no I mean in cash, I can do now a countdown I but essentially lose my job, I'm I'm John. That's right. You know anybody that size. Look infer for somebody to hire me now arguments the name. Might be one of those people even the best part about you is that
You don't give a shit and you're going to let it fly and that's what Berkeley is like, but I do feel like there's going to be moments, whether you're doing a woman's game or meant game and they're coming to you at halftime, and you don't like what you saw from somebody and that little voice in your head is saying: Abbe don't hold back don't don't say what you really want to say and a new just gonna say it it's gonna help. I'm gonna is there a yacht biggest here's the thing- and this is what this is all pissed me off from whatever this world cup similarly our there were, like God like we're, getting crushing the media labour killing us and, unlike they should be killing us, we haven't been play. Well, we haven't been scoring go like we haven't been playing like we know we can like if you don't think that yourself, there is something wrong with you. If you are your own worth critic, there is thing really wrong with you. You shouldn't be improved worth if you're not you're worth critic and for me
I've always been my worth critic critic. So if anybody say something about me. I would be the first one You know what I actually probably thought worth I myself in that in that position, because I could have done x better whatever it is as though, if, if any guy or girl feel like I'm in a abusing them in the media. If I got five given given that position, I dont care, and you know it. I also going to go to toe with with big big name like you bill big names like Alexey like big you like it. Women, although like, if I disagree with some of their assessments, that what's goin on here and I'm not going to try to positively spin I'm afraid I don't believe I do not agree with you. I think that I think that you're just trying to make a statement so that your voice is heard them that's right now and I don't care let's The test run right now, so the man's demands now
nothing like this fat dissatisfied in the last few months. If you could fix one thing about that team, or would it be. Oh man. I would fire, your game, sorry, honey, I'm sorry, you're, soccer, but I don't think that urine and the litmus test done him has worked think that I hasn't worked just that he's tried to change or first of all, he has a really focused, I feel like enough attention on the leave programmes. Although he says he has. I dont think that he has had an agreed, and I also leave the way there He has. Changed and brought in a bunch of these these foreign guys is just not something. That is not something that I believe in part. You mean I desire guns from other countries, basically ignored. Finally- and I don't believe in it- I don't believe in it, my heart that doesn't make you knows this and I look
germane Jones. I love watching him play you know, but- and I love Avian Johnson and he plays in in Germany and is actually killing right now, after being sent home for faking, an embryo couldn't go faking an injury, but you know. I just think that I think that this experiment your has given me again, isn't one that personally I mean, and you know it's gotta be interesting for those guys to see their coach. Take off from the helicopter and fly home to his home and then back to training. Can I be your agent I want your facts. There let us negotiate my back there, Is it a key to the? U S is, the key to the? U S: team, speed
he's, never one best advantage. We're never gonna beat these guys that were in a balancing out of the room and plan and third fields, and some I don't know Colombia. Some these countries, where we're never gonna, have kids at that level, but we have speed and we have athletes, isn't that the secret for the men all here in absolutely speed and both of them. I hope soccer teams be better help. Soccer players be better but I think what that will find over the next fifteen years is that the more that fuck we can make in this country, you're gonna find are better. Athletes will be getting more involved in playing soccer. Now, at a foe and NBA and major baseball- are our big major league are getting arrest athlete because that's where the money is
Rather football, that's what's happening in football. Youthful pause, gonna help the soccer longterm became completely my generation of as you down heard again football with all the concussions and all that that yeah. I completely agree with that, and I think that you will find all that badly thoroughness they're playing soccer because their actual money like real life, money in it and and because of that speed the strength I just or the United States we should be competitive, no matter what an and because we have taken so long to bring up some of these. So many steps that can play on the soccer team in how we meet her? We need to put more money into areas around the and and really get some of those kids to be paid, in positions in an and wave much like. Let see and Rinaldo, and you only five
and a few those every generation and for our women national team are standard, is so high and it's been so high that that's the thing that's the culture of this team of the environment and in that the environment that it needs to be with them. But they don't have that they don't do not have that the mentality that every single day is it? brutal every single day, it's pushing yourself. You know we one hundred and fifteen World cup, but now we have this sixteen Olympics in it's like okay, we, we still have to be, better and that's the only way you kind of grow as it as a group of people and and grow the game and be the trend setting team the game and Anna know that that's what we take pride in as a woman, national team, and I and I want- and I want our mental when I'm I'm one of their biggest stand on the disappointed
when they don't want that last world CUP or the ones before. Do I think that one day oh yeah, like guide, I dream of that firm and team. I really do, but I also think it is the environment, it is also an ego drop. You know when you get into those big time tournaments people have to step up and play their part and play the role, but you'll have to drop drop egos and theirs is theirs It seems to me to many egos years men's program right now and I think the vigour the Bayer ego of all alone, bonnet, leading the charge six hours. Eggs concussions with you soccer for me, doctor, I'm concussion
This is an interesting one because heading the soccer ball, all the research points to the goal kicks right and that being probably the most head, the most impact I had to take on the field, but the reality is head to head concussion oh, it's not ball had its head. Her elbow right, two heads gone far ahead. At the same time, one of em does the head petard jerk with their head, but MRS the barn had Betsy Advocate exactly it on that were not happening, and though I think that this concussion ban with a knee jerk reaction that yeah soccer took four ten ten, the number and new. Only in games can they can they had from eleven thirteen I mean like in an then a created like a business Hermia legal loophole hold on a second link. We need to create a system.
Where these kids are properly taught that the actual tech technique of having you're not going to get rid of heading you just won't it's part of the game. What you need to do is put some of these kids younger kids, especially in an environment in a controlled environment, with maybe a softer ball to teach him the proper technique and how to do so that when and if they, do you get themselves in a soccer game and a ball goes up in the air like it will they will number, one had had the ball and over to how to protect themselves. One heading a soccer not getting that had they had contact or or elbow to head contact and the third and the most important thing- and this is what at all. Kids and the world need to remember or child I get it. You want to protect them every person on the planet we don't want to
heard. We don't want our brains to have any concussion, but sports are sport doesn't mean that you need to put your kid in a harmful Environment will my children ever play football? No, because I truly believe that putting them in too much of a harmful environment for my liking. However, do I think that soccer the harmful environment. In certain moment. Of course it is, but sports are me to put your kids in environments, whether pushing themselves their outdoors. They can be physical, they can be active, they can be exercising the concussion debate just going to get worse, it's going to be it's going to be one thing or or the next thing you know like if it's concussion for this for this time years, MN and another ten years. It's gotta be something else than and pretty soon we're gonna, be robots like walking around the streets with padding on not wanting to touch each other, because there is a fear
or family food you getting injured and entered and for me that's a lot of real life, you know I want. I want real life. I want happy kids in and you know I've headed the ball quite a bit, throw my day And, and and an ill if, in fact, at sixty seven years old, I get dementia in order that sixty seven years old and I've lived the pre during good life, I've loved everything that I've been able to do and I have travelled the world, though you make this in life, you gotta go with it I agree with you at the same time, over ten after a daughter who play soccer year round
and is tall and loves heading the ball and loves being in a crowd and and still hasn't successfully pulled off a header in a game. Yet, but it's one of her goals and she loves watching you and tries to Emmett you in a lot of ways. Are we there be a concussion cap. Could there be a little hat wit Have you seen any technology that would maybe make it so that something absorbs the bar at impossible. What people told you about that I work with a company called try a little
banned or a few play sport with with a helmet skull cap that has a little centre in the back of his head dandled skull cap that measures had impact and you can get even get real time information on your smartphone that that tracks it and I think that in a obviously the more technology as a profession. Lastly, the better, but when you're talking about concussion- and you actually have the technology with that that that you can, as apparent on the side, I look I'm your man, I can just took a pretty big hit the head. Yes and you can check it and it's over this threshold reading and you complete. Get off in a like. How are you doing right now like what's goin on
them out and or have like your trainer medical staff check them out before you before they go back into the game, because the oftentimes, what happens if the concussion goes unnoticed, the concussion goes on scene in and an end continuing to play after concussion right really when its fuzzy we we have the girls on my daughter's team. I kind of know like if it gets fuzzy. If you hurt your head in some way and at the end you don't feel told her. I just tell us it's okay, we're not mad at you and that's. A couple times and kids have come out here. Kid sit out again laid. It didn't feel just on upset right and that's funny I'd be careful. We haven't seen it like a bad concussion yet, but I do think them pieces once they face Then there is some sort of connection with the mouthpieces in preventing concussions too. That I think, is gonna help, but
against the whole. Just banning banning headers into their fourteen that doesn't make sense to make as yet he has once more. I do my fourteen and they don't know what they're doing right Eiger so, I wanted to ask you about this century. You been out Pretty much fur I don't know, I, when you answered questions balance again, whatever you're. The first athlete I can think of that. Nobody, even to this end? My question is so you come in you because you start become famous as a soccer. Prayer was in the back. Your mind like I always is gonna get out. What's gonna happen, that who were my role models for this, but now it's like almost seems like nobody hairs and I think this because care right click, the bailiff,
I don't know about me and an or maybe they do, and maybe that's why you know all guys wanna lifestyle bourbon with me and all girls want to just like hang out and talk girl talk which annoys me. I think it's so important that like for me, I just live mice in my life. The person that screaming on the rooftops about myself, you know- and so when I married a couple years ago and why in Adam get end up getting out and going on whatever you him any I say today and actually color, are our room the morning of I remember being like man. Who cares you know like this? Is my life? I don't have to answer any I you know- and the irony is I was asked to time before I got married- that it. Oh, are you seeing somebody
and it was like, and I could tell what they are trying to ask in lieu of actual answered during those two moments was no actually was single, so like no, I'm, I'm actually single. And if I were to have been king somebody, then I would have said yes, I'm I'm things on me, but the reality is. Is it doesn't matter when people come out, and I think that that's great, if that's what they feel a baby to do for themselves. But for me I kind of thought is more powerful just to be myself instead of come out because your Ellen came out like sheep, she did it there. There is nothing wrong with me for four: have an orientation that is not the same as the most people on the planet That is, ok and I am completely comfortable with myself like I went through it
so I would like all the man what is left like all at one of these feelings when third in college- and you know what I'm colonel those people, those people that you like me or hate me, and I don't care- I don't should either where I'm gonna be me. You mentioned big family pretty much. All of them are there for this last game, right yeah they all are. They are their flying down with, Where were you in the pecking order, with your family with brothers and sisters, I am leaving the younger right, so that was great for you right, cuz you're, always chasing the other ones, trying to catch up, trying to catch up, trying to hang with the one. That's three four years older and it's feels like that's an athletic advantage in some weird way and you know when you are young, you get beaten up little bit partner in your parents, thoroughly pay as much. Tension to you, you now as before
the eldest child or whatever, but the. But for me I haven't six older brothers and sisters who were all really athletic. You know my might by eldest sister, but want backbone played play, Basketball Harvard and my second eldest sister. She went to the Xavier and play soccer there. So I come from a pretty good soccer. Wash athletic family. Madam you just get. Bang Doran is a little kid yeah. You know I mean I actually just went to soccer gain the other day to watch my nieces planes Phoenix just up and that they had a game and there like a five to seven. There are really no, they don't really know, and obviously the famous augur player they dislike snow, her as an attitude which is so fond and an from these kids are just the just hysterical to listed on the sidelines and lost them play and I'm they have a young.
They have the youngest child violet two issues from the sidelines that playing at but Jesus she's way more fearless. You can see the her fearlessness. This is so much more pronounced than than the two older, the her toolbar sibling. So now that that was me and and and my mom to been traveling all over Rochester, just getting us those baseball games and soccer games in basketball game. I mean with a full time job for her An enlarged your sheep- he really did give me the opportunity of being a proactively pressure, funny that have have like these fields. Nowhere where there's seventeen of those games guy out at the same time, at the five year old, six or seven year olds around on this little fields,. And my daughter, our there. What's the probability, Let's go cuz get now she's Adam, like a of a private thing and when
thing so we're down and we went. We watch the games and, unlike let's go she's games I'll be able to pick out the door Kid within ten Second siege, each game we go to, so we were over There's always the one kid that's more aggressive and you could just how and he could tell right away and that's a mule watch for ten minutes and that's a kid. That's taken out everybody, but it seems like that's in their from when you're like five like that something you develop after the fact that you either have that? Are you down But my question is when so next level, because the eight you know I see it now, my daughter still in ten and one slash two all these every parent thinks their kids going to go to college and play soccer, but really
hard to know until they're, like fifteen or sixteen right, there's some sort of second leat that happens down the road. Someone was out for you. I defer formerly orderly weird, but I think that that the first time that I played a factory in my mom now really yeah. She knew I saw how I was out of five five in oh Anne, and she said this because I mean I didn't, I didn't they gonna tee. My whole life playing my brother's up until this point and my first three farther games, whiskered twenty seven votes there are like well more than I could put you on a different team and maybe some points to chew play you up a few years. And they say nowadays you know like some Gladwell book. He said not to do that, because
you want to make sure that you're on the best team and you get the best coaches, your ten thousand hours can be put to use another way. For me, I totally don't fall for my life and and and my natural ability is that I was that I was given an compounding that with my brother's beating how to me when I was young kid and not letting me land and link care by creating this competitiveness. Inside of me,. I knew fairly young that I was going to be a good awfully. And and- and I am fairly good- awfully at almost everything that ideas can say- you're one of the great female athletes of our time. So you may not be the greatest example Furtherso analogy, because you could apply to ask a bahrain- and I tell you I did play about war and I'm getting in the Gulf, which is a good thing. They do when you get older. But the thing that I tell parent is that here's the deal there's like one percent or two percent of kids-
in the world that will become a professional athletes like and then there's a small percentage representative, well, better gonna, make it and become a scholarship athlete so The reason why you want your kids are involved with borders because all the value and stuff, but that it brings kid exactly in the confidence that it can give kids and people their life. You know and learning what it's like to be on a team and how to deal with conflict them. Those intangible, you dont, get if your kid adjusted and fervour tv playing video games and don't get me wrong. I like myself from video game, but there's a time and a place for that and getting your kids involved in sport.
Pushing them to be anything other than what they want to be. That's the real that's, the real challenge and parenting parents try to turn their kids into little versions of those cells. The latch, it's not real work and you need to be versions of them. Not version of their parents. Use you made the key point. You wanna be Vienna team because you're learning how to be a teenager a new learning how to fail. They people think like he play sports because you Chinaware gentlemen, the Tyler Jamie Scotch about that, but also a fail every once in a while. Might my daughter guessed it on a team last weekend and she missed apparently kick settled over the cross barley sexually, not a bad thing for her to feel a crap for an hour about something because it's gonna motivator the next time. I think air and my generation are real. Afraid to have their kids fail with anything there.
Constantly protecting caught them and prevent them from ever feeling bad about anything? I don't know if that's a good way to raise people, I agree, and I think that failure has been hillyer is the reason why I've gone to be the person than I am a about the metals and the championship failures are our character. Building and those are the things. Those are the moments in life that you get to choose one way or the other. How you're going to deal with stuff and you either choose to become a victim or you choose to are your stuff. Ok, you know why this didn't work. How can I make this better? How can I do better so that this never happens again?
guess what you can tell your daughter- I missed the pebbly- kick in a World CUP came against Colombia the before summer. What did I learned from that? Ok, we got another penalty taken that game and I punished myself. I'm the penalty can take your own. Let him I punished myself because I didn't follow through. So I give it currently Lloyd. What happens after that? Curly lids confidence rises. Carly Lloyd has the tournament of her life is good and probably become fifty four player. The year has the most ridiculous final, and I'm not saying that up, because I gave her this tablet. Yeah, I'm saying that, because I feel that doing something and Anne had the opportunity to go. Oh, no! Woe is me. Let me try this again, but in fact what is up happening with curly was able to take that to use confidence to cheap. She she got from bearing their penalty care. To her advantage and we win the World CUP in large part because of the way curly played in
you gave should turn and alone. It is crazy, like things like that, you have to be able to let your kid sale, because if you don't they're, gonna make poor decisions and lava. Parents they. You know you Thursday. I promise not promise. I would bet data, You think in tomorrow's your last game, you think about the breadth of your career, the three or four. Failures that heard the most are probably more pointed to youth than than the tramps rate, the failures thinking a crime or they think I wouldn't. I would. I would probably be safe to say that my success will people in life have that mentality? They don't think about oh gosh, are like you do like. If you have confidence issues, you have a few things in your back pocket they're like okay, no I'm good, but for the most part most
really driven successful people are thinking about those few moments. Tat brought you to your knees and an you weren't able to succeed, and- and You were in bearer about Gmos, yours one hour, not winning state championship. The two thousand and seven embarrassment of getting crushed against though, and in the aftermath with with with hope, all of that went down yeah, we'll just really embarrassing, breaking my leg and two thousand eight not being able to go to the Olympics and my team, in fact winning when in gold. Without me, and then and then in two thousand and eleven, not coming home with the World CUP. Cuz, you thought you were wet after you got the Merica go on two thousand and eleven. You just said it's going to roll to the World CUP, and it's great and it's over
I'm picking wild well. Here we go like this. This is this is what it's supposed to be like. You know it's supposed to feel like this, We are. We're gonna, win an end, and I'm having this amazing tournament and I and show you get player the turn of man and be clear the year and we come unstuck in power. Where the term empowers player the year and in in your prime at that point too right. That's a biography! I'm thirty one little bit older than primate around twenty eight tail into the members, but I'm I'm I'm plan some of my best soccer and and it was in my mind what I felt like with our time, but clearly it wasn't and I took that pretty hard at pre prepared and he doesn't twelve ended up being one of the best years to date.
Oh, so triumphs triumphs gone in high school and when the penalty cakes, when they threw a goal, that was good one. I saw that in the SSC story, value favorites, our us said the ball straight out: either left the irony of levying sake. The growing area like bang, in the goalposts trying to sacrifice the girl, but freezing of love they ve ordered by the yeah. This is cool story, the hell. I guys they repellent kick in affection, five championship game, but the reality is the girl wishes. She was probably tight. He hadn't moved in with her spot for, like who knows how long it took me to get the jury on and tried to think what you know what I watch out with my dad enough. I told the story. I watch that with my daughter she loved that part so much. It was like that her favorite thing should ever watch that they threw you go and you tried to save the girl out. We watch that whole thing. And she enjoyed it so much knowing that once it
at a time, you were basically her age because You know you guys reach a point. You become these mythic figures in its sometimes what a nine year old, our ten year old, realizes that you were the she's the same age as you were at one point in your life to big thing for them and I remember a car that corner the God created through three with, and I was like fishing Be a show she's beer how about how athletes became who they were because that was like the best part of that whole thing it's a show called becoming a Disney estate, but it's basically that the principle behind it was you jumpy and the goal in that game, So then I think any real royalty. At any rate, I should be getting royal, listen for the third time that get road as either, so we both get suddenly something. Why no corner and I'm gonna, have my agent call shed he's gonna, get ahold of skipper and unfair So what is it that highlight? Was the gone two thousand eleven and then went in the World CUP right? Does the top two
the house in ship called here it was cool or for gold medal game boring. Within my item off into into never never land and then definitely that Brazil Goal Brain soccer when the soccer back to life and the U S and then and then capping it off with an electric championship: beer after and then the World CUP, and mean this last year, I have been in vain for a few days in my own home and my own bed, he had to do it over again. Would you rather have won the World CUP by the fifteen to one score or whatever the final margin was, or would you rather had more of a nail? Biter, No, I wanted it to be. A hundred going salon apply it because, first of all like not getting as many minutes as I had in previous world championship, it is the most dreadful things sitting on the bench and
having no control over the outcome it. It is. I think, ears with were taken off of my life this last summer because eye I would like to stress what we do you sitting room like doing the thing right leg of jogging plays Rees. Sprinting worry I'm heading in advance, and then you know everyone from oil you gotta get up and and keep your body warm. In fact, somebody go down with an angry, though it? Is noxious I'll, be I'll, be quite honest, I'm obnoxious on the bench, and there was a moment in the final vote, the Miller who actually turned to him and would like we're up like for all the nothing or something, as a great enough like bobbed screaming and Japan scores and unlike Jesus, this is not happening again, because my Cambridge final game. My senior year, we are waiting for two zero yadda yadda yadda we end up losing and the game is the gang. So for me, as fast as we scored those goals,
I believe that Japan is as good as a team is any in the world could be able to do to do the exact same thing, so I'm I'm I'm like mindful of that. You know, like I get or sports are weird they're not over until they ever are over and I've been a part of some of those moments. So you know I'm not call me whatever you are. I'm discard curly avoid without my team that day But lasting and then I'll, let you go and get ready for the last game of of your career other. You might play some celebrity soccer games and stuff. I. This is really the last game. It's your last competitive US soccer sacrosanct. Can you just quickly for them? Second steer spiel for all the parents out there about how stupid is to just have your kid play. One sport gosh, I would not ok, so you can probably here here is the re out. The real does of true. Your kid probably won't play pro sport
Marie yet, but we are doing, is your teeth here kid valuable lesson, not just teamwork and all that stuff. We also teaching them how to be an athlete. Had a do asked. And when they get older, if they ve had more opportunity to be an athlete to learn different kinds of sport, the learning to have more opportunities to want to stay fit and be accurate. And be healthy and go outside and get involved and in a whatever wrecked league game the that you want to get involved and because you learn those tools as a young kid now for me as a pro awfully I was able to learn how to jump had a rebound when I was playing basketball and the only reason wives were so many goals with with my head that I have yet, and so, at the end of the day, I believe wholeheartedly that kids need to play multiple sport, not only because it will help them and whatever sport they
she's to play in thought or whatever in high school or college or even beyond, if their lucky enough, but it's important to play multiple sport. The kid just kids were all atv like you can't stick to one thing all year round and guess what parents, what those soccer clubs or doing out there in terms of making your kid not very for prophesying kitchen, and so that they can make money. Martin play December tournaments. Oh here, they send us a Czech exactly You know. I do not agree that when I took my dad, to you your practice in March with the? U S, team, and you guys ravenous scrimmage, since twenty the people on the field than there is like another five who, and the scrimmage like gino- cops or whatever of couple people are injured and- and into the five to my daughter nose, like those
that girl, her she's, probably like the twenty fourth best american sack of power in the world and she's over there? Like that's how hard this is your debt you'd? become everyone back that happening, but you might have a chance to get this game. Who knows odds are really against you. I mean really against the army, that error then you're here and for a moment, yes, Sap, also from what you got. So pray allowed us our dream, get out a sports. What is that I said, play a lot of sports plant, it don't work wreck, we might be good for you when you get older, play some hoops pleasant tennis. Yet they're gonna be those per cent kid, the mob, profounder kid that do make it and the air. Is there
and it is hard in this brutal in every single day, you're pushing your body path, limitations that you never thought possible and that would take and it takes consistent commitment and it takes a lot of hard work on those. Those are just the ways of the world and if you can get comfortable and then environment, you might have a chance. Are you gonna cry tomorrow night? I dont know I've been erectly. I'm not gonna lie you not afraid to cry vigilance and were no, I'm not afraid to cry. For sure I M just like late at night. When I leave my leave my staff I don't know? I want I'm either and cry or middle like to be happy and party afterwards saw exports will end thirty p m tomorrow night, everyone
max last game where the great female athletes in the history of this country I ll, be watching the Simmons firm will be watching. This is not the last time you come on my part cast by the way. What would I create my part cap? You have to come on my yes you, I promise you and if you create that Pakistan on that above them never talk, and you get so so others come on Pakistan that same law I'll be a world exact year that when they came in the idea, Lovey Adele Everyday savvy, good luck, player,
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We are about to die. I want to see me again. The one is tat why here close pitch in Rome.
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