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Ep. 41: NBA & NFL w/ Joe House + JackO

HBO's Bill Simmons plays a special edition of "NBA Trades: Who Says No?" with Joe House starring fake trades for Dwight Howard, Memphis (14:00), Carmelo (22:00), D-Rose (26:00) and Boogie Cousins (28:00). From there, they discuss the Rondo/Kennedy incident(31:00)and make NFL Week 15 Best Bets (38:00). Then, JackO discusses the last Republican debate(54:00), Chris Christie's 'John Kerry' candidacy (59:00)and the potential of President Trump (1:02:00).

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you get free shipping, North America and money back guarantee. If you don't like it first pair, don't worry, you will use it. You'll, like your first pair mandates, Decamp slash bs. And we're off with a new name for our park. Haslets do tape joy, ass on the line, Joey I'm going out. Find rollin. So has we gave you we gave you a logo. For me, I'm Humboldt, I'm touched. We have. We have a Friday rolling logo that if your she it unsound cloud or I'd or wherever not watching, but if you're listening to it in that little pops up. Now you see a car. Friday, rolling and Joe has his name because we decide, even though certain sum for the holidays. I really appreciate it way. Cooler than in turn I deserve near, looks like the kind of
people would think you a driver actually you're driving like many there, so we commenting on the minimum thing we we're gonna, get to NFL lines and a little bit and if our best bats and as usual, you tried to cheat with the lines which were gonna talk about, but first on taxes, MBA the wishes into White Howard. Would you trade Dwight Howard, because there's a trade. If you go through all the thirty teams you're through the NBA trade machine, there is a trade that works out there as for your team, that matches without salaries that actually makes sense. Is Marcin Gortat we just signed. The name is expiring contract and I think you have to throw in a protected two thousand and sixteen pick maybe like
five protected and you get yourself some Dwight Howard. Would you want to do this ass? They look. I feel like you're trying to bait me you you did this like a month ago, and I responded in emphatic and unambiguous manner sang absolutely not under no circumstances that my interested in and White Howard, what about his Reza may over the last four years suggests that he's the kind of guy that's gonna, come into a situation and improve the overall prospects of a team he's not reliable health, wise. It
see my keys, that you get along with coaches and he's not a great locker room guy, but other than that of Sir Simon UP, while he was a centre in a team that came within two ends of making her three ways of making the NBA finals last year is the second best plan that team thanks. We was playing at seventy percent and he didn't play in every one of those by off game. He put up sixteen and forty two point: three blacks in seventeen Plath scams and was planet like seventy percent. So when they gonna be playing a hundred percent, he might not his ease God, let's see what area
she's in its year its year, twelve for him, so he here's the thing that that that the main problem I have with the ideas that looks like we're just shuffling the chairs on the deck yeah. I dont think that that Dwight Howard move the needle for this Bush and in professional basketball, franchise Europe taking out court harden and they may I just did it doesn't look like any kind of an improvement, For Washington and I'm not sure what Houston gets out of it other than getting rid of Dwight our young sailor cap flexibility for next summer and the fact that the way their team play is you. You could argue, maybe maybe they're drifting away from doing our situation. Make me now would be an argument for Gore taught his peace. Very good. Pickin role is a decent finisher in war. Have added a really nice thing on my face and yeah struggle the little bit to get going again a season, but will is, if you D,
Why Dwight Howard did? How are they trade into it out? I think they're stuck with them and in taking trade hard and neither is is more the best ten poisoned the league, even though we spend disappointing the share. I dont know what my boy Darrow does oil. I really like a situation out there for Howard but where Miami Goethe go through teams. No, my aim. It is never the salaries. If you go through other teams, its, it becomes increase It clear that they're they're kind of stock with them unless they can get your boys to bite really it's just washington- is counter borders closer. You know the behaviour Brooklyn, Philly type teams, but you know if they trade, what's a brick Lopez for Dwight, sometimes that, if
the way to my happy that gonna Brooklyn. If your Brooklyn D want unhappy sulky, Dwight anything but hardly matters cause he's already said that he intends to opt out. He had it guaranteed twenty three million dollars last year- and I am pretty sure I saw this week in Thanking- intends to opt out of a contract and got down the market again because of all the created, the money that flowing and as somebody will probably overpay his dumb ass. Well, I may or may not have had this conversation. Let's say you are, Houston and we knew each other and you the same Dwight Howard a couple years ago would have told you do it immediately. I think what else would I have told you get a nice big fat insurance contracts? Now I would have said you have to do this, but just now that you describe my get fired,
Sure, ok, that's right! It's yours! I you it's a risk that you have to do it. I got you know Chris rather were prepared for the HEAT Twentyth anniversary Pie cast its running next week, which I have to say is one of them. Pads I've done unaware inserts, really feel like that. It's really get were really read out later yourself. Yes, really! Guy! Now justly we went all in either of you to do. If you to celebrate the twentyth anniversary eat you gotta only committed you gotta be into it, and yet we read it a rip off quote some lines and weird theories and we were ready both of us brighter. We brought our against. It still stand the test of time. I mean that the shooter sequences feel like that they could have been shot. You know this year there stood the rather there mortar immortal so there's a scene in that movie when they know the heat is on them. And they all have the meeting its its Deniro Sizemore, Thou, Kalmar and dainty trail
and they are deciding whether they should proceed with their plan to rob a bank, even though they now it's become much much riskier and Thou Comber says the bank is worth the risk and during the bank should of course get shot and almost eyes and shatters is clavichord, was worth the risk for him to take down the back, even though he knew there is like a fifty percent chance. He was gonna fall apart or be territories, gonna die or go to jail. I think that's. What have when you signed Dwight Howard from the Lakers after the unhappy years had with the shoulder stuff and you just now. It's like there's nobody in league like this guy, but this house on may not turn our and now turn our, but last year there in a warrior series and in Vienna the very close to get into the final to play this this
out Cleveland team. Basically they would add a chance to be clearer in the files in, and you know if you would ask that in this hypothetical conversation, if you'd asked that GM we're going to take that view, the addition of this guy is going to help the franchise get to a place. It hasn't been in Rome fifteen years from a credibility, timeline, competitive standpoint. Now you have to franchise guys in your team, now you're a contender they had to do right but think about all the good things were saying about them. Eight, six weeks ago, eight weeks ago, near with that they're gonna write sixty four games, I will say it Wade rubber, underpants, Dare I made a mistake, I think he, I think I think he thought that this J B Bicker staff, can be able to calm everything down and. Give them a, and I just don't think I think, is a very tough Tina coach. It certainly not a team that
somebody who's, never catch an mba team before can handle, I dont think or whether it was a mistake or not a mistake. I think it's. The low early still were only twenty five games in twenty seven games in and you know it, they have a talent to rip off. You know a streak of of you know they could go twenty two and eight over the next thirty games and all of a sudden, you know that the ship has been right it. I dont disagree with the idea that something had to be done yet chains, the chemistry and it's always the coach that the easiest Pisa, of all the tests wipe out J B so far does not have a very distinguished record. I don't like that. They're not shown up for games right. That's that's bad with the way the season started to change your code. You can then also still mail and games.
The Timor launches the awful thing came, there's another Mars to Brooklyn, nay, you can lose the broken. I just lost a broken ties. That's that's fine all right there? I think when they knew there any error Mikhail an initiative on additives and made him a huge offer who says they did not think they did. I think terminated, maybe may may have put my put it out. Enjoying his break. I don't care umbra, I'm finally Houston and I'm offering them thirty million for four years, and they like save us tapes comes in, does
he's gonna hate him, but he would have gotten an awesome. Awesome performance from their defensively again today would have run back on defence team doesn't run back on defence at how the Jerry's bona oh, I likely he wouldn't he's too old and cranky to be able to handle her garden and how that raw, but maybe, though, those guys me that he is, he really earned some respect run the league. You ve been out of the game for coming up once five years six years now. Would you trade James Hearted? No, no! No! No! No! No! I that was six men- was in a row now now yeah, I'm no desire for them there. I think. I think that I think there are real dangers on their own. They need to get our now. Chaz wanna be seven or eight for seven or eight you made
I'll just play for the latter. At that point, you have been in the words of the sports use. Not so, unless you get in the top sex and and guarantee yourselves top sexier skirt the west, is First, bad western, while I guess when you have the eastern teams are picking the lottery for seventy five straight years. It's gettin eventually term, but the west is like a
Stood endeavour in the play off right now. It turned into a super duper. Top heavy cover. I'd, ok, see deserve to be in the conversation. Now they really look like they. They found something there. There are six game went straight now and they're, not just winning games there. There Durham beat down aspect to this little many street or on right now. The time you know I'm excited about what I'm saying out of them, but yeah that, but the west turned pretty quickly to so excited that umbrella get their last six whence trailblazers, jazz, jazz hawks grizzlies kings, not bad tat. The best thing they have gone for them is the western Durrant. Just like as long as those guys are healthy there there in the conversation Doesn't it matter who the supporting cast us? There are the Cairo
heart and it always to be like that, and they are like that anymore and it's still a good supporting cast surges. There. Surges there like search, I'm that so that some of those other guys, it's amazing to me that they didn't they don't have a d in three guy. Where were they with Nick Bottom? Where was everyone with may put to you and, I would add, traded for Nick better? I do I loved him and import linen two of them. Yes, RNA of Houston at twelve and fourteen the seven seed in Denver it eleven and fourteen as the aid seed and you get Memphis at fourteen and thirteen as the sixth succeed in that,
aims miserable, which brings me to my next fake, who says no trade union like this. I hate this might get a whole Zack ran for Papua yeah yeah. I absolutely love that I have been reading out. The positive press on policies, and they are committed, is performance have been great for the bull so far, it's a contractor to walk year- and you know the idea of him by his brow- is like the coolest thing ever and I think there's. Third, their games are so complimentary. It would be really really fun and cool to watch. That's! That's! That's! Yeah! You're getting a new out of me, yet the Chicago added have drawn a small contract to make this hours work, but listen. I've this for a few years of Memphis and never made sense, but I think now makes sense because- you saw Indiana realize that
our style and that hall, like big, big guy bang, I saw the game like that that stands out Where's is the ruin. Those teams- and you can't win a title that way anymore in Indiana realised at last summer and they change their team that that their title ten now, but at least stay there. They ve given themselves a chance to compete in the way the games being paid now. Memphis does not have a chance with the style. There have been no chance to be the team. You know these three the Gulf states Antonia that no chance so were were entering toward my dream, which was for them to judges, just get other spanish gas there could count around is still available yet so Rubio unit Rubio Get the GSM brothers just started snap at em up man bring. Remained as back, LEO, lay or lay a gases. Bethink tickets, a market the, whereas Z, China. Yet just just that's narrative,
spanish deeds. Man, those guys know how to play together. That's your chance. I really like it They tell me I really like power and about the rest of it is just you know, a curiosity. You know, however, the boat makes sense and mixed and as bulls, it really makes sense for the bull. Well, that's the thing is, I don't think you can play Noah and Gaza together, but you can buy. I don't love it
and around a hundred percent love now and ran off here there, but in my head it makes more sense. You know I I I think the bulls could really use that extra bit a tough the labyrinth. Yes, I'm not comment thought by any stretch. Now you just it well, but there well position to like him in the both have been cut off to me, but fifteen and eight they transition pretty quickly. I thought there we're gonna have a little bit of a hard time cause you the unknown constantly of of knoweth health de roses, health, an oyster covenant of Earth yeah, but fifteen of eight, which it we look at their team rating, how useful don't don't don't get fancy on me when I got back by reference to open, so I was there and if they do POW Rs Act, there's a father
of trade with kindly Rubio, but I think I need a thirteen the same calmly to if I'm Memphis I'm trading commonly I'm training and re. Now I don't, I dubious that he's gonna resign with me, and I am also not not share. I want to pay my kindly twenty seven million a year, whatever he's gonna end up getting in this crazy summer. So what move him. Now Minnesota. Clearly just wants to take this issue. Because that's the only explanation now for say middle still being the head coach. Like me, I again why what what he's a caretaker? Now, but that its wrong, you have to have a real coach for this day me of towns and Wiggans. You two possible franchise prayers. You can't fuck around that sorry for the language we don't The greens. Have you don't know how to carry out these post a pivot? You waited color had coached died, know what was the pivot move? I know by the day you know I get it. I get the whole thing, but
that now those guys needs it near coach, we're headed toward the holidays here, they're gonna throw the season way. This guy's plan towns like twenty five, that guy I haven't done this yet guarantee like if you go to the red at timber wolves board or whatever the timber Oaths Message board, is again to others. Fancy go crazy about, say, mature right now. I don't think you can mess around with the formative years of good prayers, Why? If I am not liking about town, to throw a twenty five member states are now. I don't. I don't feel like that name is well coach? When I watch him? Ok, they remind us just not have evocative say mentions. Don't ever coach just have a player coach vacation prince your pleasure coach threat, they won't ok,
there, they d like they went on David David stalled. You know veteran a group of veterans around this. This you that's exactly there nurturing the team in it does make sense for them to throw the season away and acquire one more. I said through the lottery good, you know it's their great and good fortune that they had the youngsters are proving to be ahead of the curve in terms of development. Wagons in towns are already formidable. They are formidable and, and Ruby owes you know, been healthy mode. Billy, though you know their their interests, they were really find. The watch Rubeus need that. I think he officially clinched being the where shooter of all time fur. Like somebody taken you look that up we wrote about that recently unease at thirty six percent career shooter.
But it's not like a six year sample size is basically the Anti Steph curry. I would still trade farm still like Rubio carefully kitchen, but are now eight that's another team that should just say to Tabs work here. Thirty million. Maybe they will, but in this next off season, when they have another lottery, pick another top fourteen This is where you- and I disagree in this- is this- is what bothers me about what is doing to in some other times I dont think its when you have young players in their formative years, to put them in a bad situation at Seattle, helps them. I get the whole yea or building for like there's a middle ground. It doesn't help those guys as to have the worst coach in the league and it's either Forbearance- God is the worst coaxingly, I'm not sure which one, but there are there in the final two it just doesn't it's not good for them. It's not good for towns to not learn from somebody internet
he played their learning from cagey he's, taking he's going all its inspiration from cagey the work ethic, explain this to me. Has he played eighteen had sent Sunday in Spain is. How does that help anybody or not look we're not inside clubhouse there? Who knows what? Whether he's got a nagging injury? You know we don't know anything about the circumstances on the ground. In inside the Minnesota situation, Dama gonna sit and look at. You know cherry pick minutes play the dead man you play. I agree with that. I may add: Wigand's play those guys, but anyway I think there's Rubio, kindly some sort of thirteen route, rupees. Thirty, four percent right now, oh my god, twenty six percent! three. They should probably they should electrocute him like that, not like to kill him.
It's like a every time you should set three just put legal browser at his leg. Babylon did Jason kid to get us a reasonable shot, a reasonable shot, he had to be traded twice and and faced a serious domestic. Violence incident and somehow he was able to make threes. After that, what happened? I haven't more tracery, so let's say I call the next right now in a paper that I for them the rights to my two thousand. Sixteen Brooklyn pick. Protected James Young and my David Lee and Jonas Jericho expiring contracts for Carmelo Anthony is just put that on the table for Film Jackson, Hager, I'm giving you a top pick. James Young is only nineteen and some expiring x and I and you're gonna get you
give us Carmelo needed, get caps basis summer and you get to me you're on seem worse, which doesn't help. Do you because you have your pic, but whenever I think it's a spectacular deal for the next, I really do. I don't think they're gonna do better than that, and I don't care about the subjects I dislike the Celtic Tiger operating against the Celtic. But this is not me jumping in your homer boat. Yet I would, but I think a top five pick for mellow is: is terrific value for fur, where mellow isn't his career? What? If I said it back about five pick, what if I said it's its top one protected and are now I wouldn't one, I'm not sure from on the next, I want to have any impediment viability took two took to really drastically improve the talent. I mean that medium Unloosing, Pencilleth, I'm losing
I'm on a shot of instruments and that with that would tippit for me TAT S out there that I was the next in the south eggs make these do violence that trade. What can this out the grenade, these fires, if they traded, basically expand contracts and James Young for colonel? You just said: if they add mellow, can I make the final? It may be the eastern Coast, the Eu Eastern Conference finals yeah. Of course they can are women second best team. If we make that shit sure, does yeah I've and in to place and apply says if we're trying out every Bradley. AIR Carmelo J crowd her and a mere Johnson entrenched I've. Let me that that, but it is the poor player of mallows. Caliber is too much to dream for, but that's the kind of player that
this topics team is missing our missing it last year as well, a reliable scorings threat in the fourth quarter of close game their missing it. Now you side in the where's game, as air has been getting crunch sound but miss to game winners in regulation at tea, then he saw here's. What worries me about and maybe somewhere makers the sets out a title container, but I say Thomas Kent, wagons. Emma jumper, it needs is as aid now. We have now giant sample size of him being terrible against Cleveland because of their size. The thing with clear and this is why I think there you nine everyone's given Latin this to the workers in this burs renown lightly, and rightly so, and I know I ruined as us be impatient with the calves. Are we don't know their rights when they re comes back, but that's the thing that's interesting, but believe me, is how long they are you now they there just
they can just throughout all these six six, six, seven, six, eight six, nine guys at the same time, except for guide me. It's precisely how they level the playing field against the warriors and that fund was left the ass, what made the final foe, intriguing and and and by extension, so disappointing when carry got, hurt the very beginning of air. Yet he might the outs they just not being Cleveland and apply series really until they get
I didn't ask as currently constituted. That's exactly right and mellow by the way is a guy. Well, it was a guy. I live. I like a lot. I just I don't take. The next could agree to it. If you try protects the top, I pick it all, but otherwise it's very fair as a lot of value for four mellow, his one more three way for you. I know you like three ways ass. I left it alone. I left alone sites get ran, Anderson Chicago gets, drew holiday, Inn in Jericho, Jericho, I still can't say his name. His expiring in they would I've about five million bucks on the cap and a tax which is key for them, because I think they're, like five million over the tax rate of New Orleans, would get Derek rose and jeered soldier Senor on space They would give up, drew out and ran Anderson's expiring and they would have to rule the dice with there.
Whereas for the sheer next year and then get chaired soldier adamant. Who would be, I feel, like the cargo, is the team that those noted of Chicago yeah I'm getting rid of their growth for them. They had their going into next year. Now it with like
ten million lesson in cap space, slash luxury, taxing, no and actually get somebody to that. That's the tension that their confronted with right now there, the second best team in the east by record and things appear to be cooking and de Rose- is looking pretty good is not looking awful now you know, but that there is always an injury risk there, but the same is true of holiday until Europe setting something that Eliza he coming into view here. I you, maybe you you're you're, finding this version of the bulls, your finding yourself, there's an identity that emerging and all of a sudden you're going to undermine that potentially sabotaged by gettin ready arose and bring in an hour that, while I did so, the bigger question fear the balls
do you cut bait would dare grows right now. I don't think so Knocker because he took I do we talked about this. A few pack ass ago, but the broken orbital bone, I think, is a bigger thing. Then fans realise and because it happened to me like I eat your terrified to drive into the paint when you have when you ve your faces, broken basically saying talked about a website. You still not seen honour percent yeah. I wouldn't China and I think that's the only type of trade that there make if they do trade M is something that would help them at the luxury taxes share. Given cab space this summer and give them somebody who's wake of forty percent replacement, which is drew out a basically we'll well. I will have on better information, as the trade deadline approaches in February about whether or not that, but that something that's worth trying. Last fake trade I'm glad I d batch your running Orlando and I
as a house I have three for you of the buggy cousins? Oh, but I won't keep talking loudly. I wondered ads back. I want to sandwich, what your number ones in two thousand sixteen to designated under any other riches. I can give you you have every budget under the ten paranoid and our exit Ellen has Zonia Vukovich, and I want to first round pigs for buggy what do the year. Sixteen and eighteen. I would do it. I would like to do it. I would do it. This is the thing right. This is it's. The same kind of proposition is what we just went through with there'll when a top ten to twelve guy comes available, it a risk, but you have to do it. You have to get the town, it's a league, it's so driven by the talent. The talent makes touch it all the difference you know the theme chemistry is is crucial in all of this up as a secondary to her
the very best guys when a very bad guy comes available. You have to go, get the very best guy. I would do it if I'm Orlando, but output protection and the pigs ago, I've got like top six protected for both of them. So that the I'd think Orlando gone on a trajectory here. Yet they have that an awesome young nuclear- and I think you know his own here- you're not giving up anything. It's a trade that you're gettin Boogie her loose to which end Vukovich. Is it a very nice double double machine, but the town of Buggy, the only thing you have to ask yourself of your orlando- is how you our begins, got scarf gonna go on. Did you know that book is gonna, get the ball easily Hayden we're gonna, get him the ball.
I, like Orlando, I think Orlando needs to make a too for one hour, three four one there like the south actually but a better version of it at the fact that has only I can't play for them, cuz only in Forney are then denied. If I was any other gym at Beach and China Trade for his own, you right now they still have a spot for him and then the voice of H2 Boogie is the obvious upgrade. But alright last thing did the thing was kind of crazy. Earlier this week right and I don't know what Adam server I tweeted about this matter Adam server. Could it indefinitely and it's a dead story, now kind of came and went, but that felt like a gay bashing, a fellow We watched a gay bashing incident, a basketball game and economy just came and went it disturbed me for some reason: no man Romantic Our pc with stuff like this, but this one had an edge to it that I just didn't like me,
the uncomfortable, and I was yet satisfied with how is resolved by got resolved. I think the only way it could get resolved. I liked your twitter suggestion that Rondeau do something extraordinary to disprove that this is his character, because the problem, I e the reason I think you're having a response your having in the problem that dead Rhonda was already got a reputation of being a dick. Yet it got in and by the way, want the big contract next year it it. It seemed wilful, because in all the stories that came out afterwards, he indicate that it was pretty well. Inside the league that carries gay and, though, to use a gay slur ways runaway that you use it if he knew they that leg, whereby the maid It was an who knows what he was thinking in, who knows if he knew, but the way it played out it looked at
he was using it in a way like I have information on you and I'm going to I'm going to believe you right now that information, that's what I didn't like about it. I don't know what Adam could have done differently, because it gives him a five game suspension. Everyone likewise the note. The leagues never done this before. What's going on then you have the added bonus of bill. Kennedy comes out so well ever happened. He felt like I'm. Just I'm just gonna announce. You know why. I think that a prize, its well, maybe he didn't want to do that that weaken. So whatever Rhonda said to him pushed him to the point that he had to come out.
It doesn't sit right with me either, but I'm not that warrants. That's. Why why? Your observation that Russia needs to do more is right, and I agree with, but it also to me validates what silver did silver Left Bill Kennedy, the option of doing it on his terms and with his message- and I think that that was the honourable thing to do the awful situation for the for the commission to be in buddy handled it with young use best judgment and did what he could do within the parameters that situation there was a shitty situation at Renault needs to come. Correct the evening. He ought not to be such a big dick if you want a great big contract next year. By is, it seems, like you, certainly shown the behaviour that exhibits it. I find it hard to believe you didn't know, because whatever happened with Canada in Doc six years ago,
I've heard variations of that story, but they are the same central theme behind it, which was he said, something they built Kennedy that that hit way too close to home and Rondeau played for that team. So unless he just gonna put his It's by Dray headphones on twenty four seven had no idea was guy of his team. He would have known in two thousand that I didn't like it. I thought it was, though them first Unwinnable situation for Adam and if I'm, if I'm gay, basque above fan,. And I watched that whole thing unfolded, it doesn't say re with they like Wesleyan our text and texting about it. A few days ago was it was really upset. Leggum Wesley loves, Rondeau, now was leader, My grandma I might have that have was at some point talk about a bit here today. Sit re within didn't, say right with me there you know I don't really know what the NBA could in that differently, but the one thing that should have happened and speaks to
you know what a mess that board innovation? The kings are right now because is where you need a leader in the organization where there is the owner, where there's a gm. Whatever this all unfolds, randalls gotta do better come out of the gate. Few doing who different apologies for the same things in it. You know you're fucked up. That's right! That's the point! That's the disappointing thing! The disheartening! Thank you have one you have an opportunity or when, when you made a big mistake like that to show your character to show who you are and we want, it proved everybody, but that's not what then your heart- and you don't do this- try apology that if you know there's a template for the for the effing apology now, just Google, you, though floor apology and you get this template new pop in you- know that the act of contrition and has total bullshit do something. Jan you win and be public.
About it, do something genuine and generous. There's plenty of organizations out there that you can make a donation to. You could make any kind of a statement to demonstrate that that's not in your heart. They just do it. Do that the obvious it easy. He be no human thing near it. It's a tough on Islam. Like it and in it was said with so much anger behind it that I it's like he was calm anyhow, there is a lot more going on with with how it was said, though it was almost a menacing eyes aspect to it, and I don't know very, very vague, dark moment. I think that's the first unwinnable thing from a pr standpoint for silver, since he took over there's nothing. You can do with that story that to spin it or how bad or whatever other than to get on the
one run your anti virus and step up, but he didn't Anna and it is what it is, but I feel bad for both candidate, because I don't think I think somebody should come out, that should be on your terms, one hundred percent, it shouldn't be because some incident happen where somebody repeatedly through the app for it at you anyway, right before we get to our week. Fifteen best bets. For an affair. I wanted to mention HBO, not just because they were nice enough to give me Manta with each other launches next spring. Thank you. Hbo go to W W W Dat, twelve days of age beyond dot com right now ass. You know that, right now, but baby after we what It's a little. How they promotion every day, you can send free ends and family members. The premier episode of one The twelve most famous HBO shed for free consent when you bodies Kirby enthusiasm,
first steps are right now for free, they gratulating Vienna, and we saw some mentioned. Don't forget about J calls. Documentary miniseries homecoming new Upso premiers every Wednesday exclusively on HBO now and news flash you don't need. Cable, you dont need, sadly, to watch HBO anymore, just download the HBO. Now start your free one month, trial today I wish they could. I wish you could mail any episodes from HBO now, like you could just pick twelve cuz, I would have mailed you the crazy eyes, killer, crazy eyes killer from curb the old man, but first I mean you go back It would be the number one come bill, Wendy Wheelchairs and their author with either too many. Really we gotta do you like it at twenty episode. Kuwait wish you just do create a career enthusiasm, but with so many do we have
Randy and Romania would be one let's get to four buttocks greek. Fifty we're tape this on a Thursday, even though it's Friday, ROD Review Friday runs off to a bad start as it's Thursday or whenever were together three zero. Yet I was frightened Fred IRAN of time. So I hear the game said. We pick two. We we both Vikings bears, which the line as five and a half vikings favoured at home over the bears Hooty EF I ve Chicago, bear me too, oh interested yeah. Do you have, I think the bears are these
and now there is in games- and I am not sure that I can do that. Get in this feels, like a three point, eight to me saying division. So you we, we might know through exactly the exact same thing, largely batter fit loss by a few or less. This game feels like a feel goal, but biking opened a four point favorite, which is closer to align that that we might be agreeable to another. The public went crazy in that report. Send it spread bets for the banks and the number one, always at the five and a half with a bit of value on the bare. Yes, his fears tuna points, I Packers rate We both have this wanted. This is an open, green based favoured by three and a half Hooty half out of the three and a half. I still have the Green Bay Packers. Ok, I've been out on the packers, really all see them long. I've been so unimpressed, they finally first time Syn
Well, I first time this season and honestly the research indicates first time since two thousand and nine both rushed for over two hundred yards and through for over two hundred yards in a game. The more important thing to me is the defence played well now. Matt Castle is a guy that should be playing in the arena league. He was he he appeared to be playing as the He did not want to be injured in that football game. On Sunday their heads, I heard play tat, play that everyone agrees turtle and every sack the best the best job in football, but is the third string quarterback in other a career third Shrink quarterback Tom at mad aspect. We talked about it last week. I went so sense but
memory. I picked the JAG solely because at that now has a back he's. Forty eight point: five games and arouse it. There's no way is that in severe paid right now and then what happens. He gets out there, while the others from good angle for packers. Historically Green Bay owns the raiders yet asked no straight up five and one against the spread with four winds by twenty eight or more Aaron. Rodgers loves to fund run in December when the packers are good, Aaron, Rodgers TEAMS, nine and oh straight up and against the spread in two thousand and ten when his own teams, when percentage, is over seven hundred in December. So I'll I dislike the situation and the points are seemed too small I wouldn't like it as much as we like, but I loved it three or three and a half I'm staying away NATO manner. Oh you like raiders before I did ok more, though that logic
Talking about the game. I realise that I have too much at stake with Aaron Rodgers Chasm invent the fantasy play off so sweet. And his bow and arrow. I don't wanna. Do it again address man so lose Dionne Louis I lose Julian Omen, and then I lose the there are. Formerly known as the Gabon, but at least he carries and skirt touchdowns. It runs around my started, many backs, and I did the best job of anyone in my legal rules can fuck off cause. You know that's how these broad guidelines fancy t. Might you to talk about Patriot, Nano yeah that I had our patron? What a surprise loaded! I thought that risk or forty points a game- Smart Adam in Amman, dollar the girl, but the Lewis and met him, but yeah I did
job everyone, my lead, those at south of others damage. I can show you all know. I did the best job the share and I get killed by injuries and am starting char, Cantrip, west and brain and bold than in fucking play off game really makes me mad. Fantasy for by. Why do we do it to ourselves house Why? It's not? Finally, let's thought about it as if upon nothing all do only thing is having the occasion to be in touch with your buddies, really it with any other kind of Zyobite. Didn't, let's walk away for the weak and then we will know. I don't have to be annoyed because legal black got hurt so side away this. This is the angle, and- and this is the future- these the daily fantasy things that are now in trouble.
Legally all over the country, yet they do have a capacity where you can create your own little thing between you and your buddies and do a weekly pool ran everybody might may or may not pony up a little bit. I like that quite a bit. I was having so much better than doing a draft at the beginning. The season in watching three quarters yoga of the guys get hurt now that other silliness, I'm figuring out, is there a way to split up fantasy football until like three try masters or something it sucks you get that, like in my EAST Coast League, a Angela, Jimmy, Graham I'm done in like weak five. What's funny about that, she never had a chance to repay a team. The big important I have a fancy for by vague with the church, with its traditional beginning at the ceiling, goes through the under the season. There there are, though, the guys who win other guy through our I've had the most time on their hands to pay attention to the way Rewire Yen
search and happiness it yet Good your team, who are these rights marks like whoever strife, Caroline and sick Jack's falcons, eggs monastery at home over the Falcons, the falcons I'm just going against them until they, when I did that I a really embarrassed for them, as there were six worse teams, the weak, and I really like the jagged. I think borders as good a mistake. Borders as good a football player playing. This is a true fact. I attempted to acquire him in my family this week and was honestly disappointed that I had that. I wouldn't mind somebody out bid me on the way we work. Borders makes plays man in and he has decent receivers. He's got a running back can catch the ball or a bet, they're put no points and they haven't. Outside chance to actually with the ABC southwards weirdly, a play, a game. Them and their only given three, I don't get it adjusting people just assume the JAG Zack. I thought the sun.
He's gonna be sex. I loved the jagged this week, How you I'm gonna, take a long hard look at this. I like what you're talking about here, Panthers Giants, panthers favoured by six in New York, who do you have it always Paulie Molly without foreign half, when I was looking at this last night, that was, after the West Gate to recount our flight yeah, I I adore the giants in it. The way there I swear I switch MA am off the raiders. I'm with the giants that land seems high, panthers weird running: act situation, geyser hurt. The right in the range of do, we really want to go sixteen in our we're just gonna play through the whole season in just play. The plays like I could see them stepped off. The
ass pet off they got behind in this case, but we also know the giants are always up for these big. These big games, these these situations, where you know, I'm teams with a awesome record, come in to lower. I was gonna caught giant stadium. What to call now met life midlife, whatever is called men in the giants are always up. For that moment, I e for no against the spread and is an F l career in games against teams, with an eight, no or better record yet also bad angle for Carolina here, thirteen and oh or better teams are one and Levin against the spread since ninety ninety eight, who, when the going up against the non division opponent, though
I just six as if it was three I wouldn't met with it fixed? I love a giant. Get six seems high in the giants. Can score points you now they can move. The bar girls are YO, is one home dogs at you know can put up thirty points it again at these behest, going again I have the skins plus one. At home by over the Buffalo bells, guess what I think Rexroth Command TV next year. Thank you so much near so thoughtful when a mind. Your team, you teams, that, makes you have some get using meekin. Do things on both ends? I don't think the bills a ragged, but doubtless game reminded me have of how silly it is to start investing in any wash them. Did he speak prudence and until there finally like over the hump until its weak sixteen and were playing Dallas further. But why anyone at home dog in this game that doesn't make eyes you but Buffalo.
Well, what's good about Buffalo, don't know, I'm not sure buffaloes last for games, loss to the Pats lasted the Chiefs beat Texans by nine last the eels. What am I missing? Stunted the rare get at it. Leagues kind of caught up with Tehran to rethink Tate tits down on TAT, It's like era we get you can run around in. You can throw forty yards down. He through one of the worst passes have ever seen in my life, last Sunday of the big third and fourteen and Sammy Watkins wide Open, and he almost killed the guy holding the third down marker. He missed him so badly. It was way off. I I don't trust that ride anymore anyway. I, like the skins chargers, dolphins, which is probably the worst, came on the board other than Saint Science what was the reason for centuries? Now what
why do you have action on this game? Pooty leg because we ve been talking about all season long. There is no scenario under which then the NGO should ever be favoured under any circumstances, get any professional football team at home and other just the idea of us and anybody coming in to stay in the egg on getting point, I'm in a man back and I'm all over that we still have to undergo, haven't covered at home since week, one there one in eight against the spread their last night games is a favorite. I like getting points, that's all that's the kind of guy here in his toilet ball, I'm taken Miami. That's pretty good can argue that logic at enough Cindy sitting, as maybe one and set home this year, and they have the saddest fans in football now and I feel bad for them. I have the Broncos. I really liked this week by the way like the underdog this week, I will draw, goes getting six and a half in Pittsburgh for copper reasons:
did the Broncos I, for I don't think us, while is as bad as people seem to think. He is, after that last game. First of all, colleagues, I would like to take a guy in high school, whose in a tone, two years old who stay back five years and demolishing freshman softwares that there is. Looks like a twelve year old played with with third greater. Yet it was like a fluke freak performance. He completely chain aged everything the embryo is doing, but if you want sat game? They had three huge, or they had wide open, guys, Thomas drop to Vernon's date, Vernon David strapped one. There are like just got: wrenching drops at the worst possible times And they were ass, amiss in there to running, backs see Jan Andersson decision Innocent come back. This we take Turkey. Does one of those guys comes back? something deeper and people are oft ever me why this is a must win for them, because if they lose this game
achieves a lingering now phrase. You asked you know the Brok as those to their last, We in the chiefs run out. I think that she can win the aims you s afterwards the one or the to see, because they place Cincinnati next week and everybody's just riding Pittsburgh is I go yet Pittsburgh teeming Wanna play like taking a lot of smoke blown up there, s an I just liked ever. I think this is where I spent many points out. I like them both well. I almost put them on here. I'm not ready this. I can't I wasn't gonna. I didn't put a monk as I couldn't after that performance last week by us, while that's fine eyes, I am your aim I'm not ready to get up on asked whether I further I figured out how to rush him up the middle and do some stuff, but I am not sure Pittsburgh that good. I I might appointed through its weight many points Tomlin he tried commonly and six in Denver, Deborah Slop three times then
asylum seekers are ad aware to me so anyway, I'm thinking the breakers last game. On Monday night, you have the same science by you and after other shit games as weak saints I went out her value. I went after my played by the way like to weak three into with the with the best bet fix them for sixty percent is putting money in your pocket, America, which is just I dont over the course of the season, but probably hovered around five hundred on the stuff. But you know maybe the verbal hot streak here we'll find out soon. Let me guess you like the lions, plus three and a half, because their parents ranking is better than the saints, and this is good value and you think they can win the game. Eric now now. What does Booby Corso Thing Nana
oh dear, I, whatever the it, was now. I love the saints. Ok, I love the same. Drew breathe, owns the lions, five and elegant spread in his career Detroit, for whatever reason, oh and eight straight up, one in seven against the spread when it plan the Annette these thou in recent history. Yet there is a terrific angle for northern from this game on Monday night, their home team coming off a win and are going up against a losing team that come up along with favoured and their this terrific angle, that's like eighteen in two since nineteen eighty four situation like this- and I just like you know- I'm sit when I'm certain picture myself for this game. It's it's Monday, I'm chill in it.
This week. Everything is go getting good and it's just going to be an old vintage saints beat down in on a Monday night. Yet that's what I'm imagining our successful first episode of Friday rolling is done. It's complete we're going to call Jacko, because I need his Donald Trump. That's really, Oh my god, I had to be so good. I can't wait to us Joe the weekend. Good luck with your picks. Thanks buddy, before we call Jacko mentioned our friends, a person capital, their free finance tools, make it easy to manage finances, track investments, courier network and its on real time. He made an investment check up to the fee analyzer sophisticated retirement calculator. You want to speak to a financial lazarev, get personalized were folio guidance at a lower cost. Do it with personal capital according to macro there, the best free
in its tracking app available head over to personal capital, dotcom, Slash B S, to link here cats and in seconds you'll. Have your own personal financial dashboard get three months of free battery services, a funeral right now, that's personal capital, Dhaka, Slash bs! In recalling Jacko complex litigation is John Janni, nobody Haven. A man made by its nowadays is being a good mood and in turn gaining steam. I know you said, and I felt the world's ending. I just want to give you a chance to vote for a couple minutes that you appreciate. That is. I am disappointed about the state of our country in politics, but it but yes, it is the holiday season, and I have my health in a beautiful family. So I'm trying to look on the bright side here. Travel the world is even though the countries go now and again,
get it, we ve go there smiling to say he had nine people on the stage the night here, which seems It seems a little ambitious for MID December, When we see we waited a couple, people out by an hour tom, I gotta. Absolutely that's one of the big big problems really there's too many people in the race, and I think what happened is in two thousand and four John Kerry came from like way back in the pack it through Howard, Dean was seemingly anyway. The nomination John Kerry came from nowhere. So I think all these candidates that are seemingly hopeless in the polls now
that so I can do the John Kerry Thing and these polls are wrong. Anything could happen, and you know I could catch fire and even though I'm at two percent, I could be the nominee. But you know that was a very odd circumstance. Carrie had a lot of things going for him that these candidates don't- and I think, they're fooling themselves. In the end, they continue to be in the biking to be in the race and stretching out the field. You allow trump to be no basically suck all the air out of the room and it computed me on top rather than congregating vision and in a couple of people like it, may be taken down what about at again take its tackles Ohio said he said air like his eat dinner, this family law? Again now you know this could heat up. Maybe
never know. Every letter read another's deep, there's created trading of December. You said the nine people on there on the main debate these, but then they have the under card for people that didn't make. Whatever the cut off point was, which is maybe like five percent national air somebody I went out with it cut off is, but you have guys, like you know, my cock be at George Potassae Rick Santorum Rick Santorum lost their running for Senate in two thousand, and six is nine years ago. He hasn't been a senator for nine years. Anything like oh yeah. What american needs they may Jim Gilmore. Who is the governor of Virginia for like a minute and a half trade ten years ago, the his own family does know who he is. He thinks he's gonna be present me frigate. Break George per tacky was governor of New York. He stopped being Governor New York and I believe, two thousand and eight
and was widely unpopular, anything so yeah, I'm what the Republican Party really looking for his George Potassae Command. I don't understand why these guys, some of these guys royalist people run. You now even ended Porsche Bush figured. He had the Bush name and he had a hundred billion dollars and a pack money, but nobody light. Nobody wants a third bush. Nobody no day was a third bush that he had. He continues to stick around because here all this money and he's like out, but I'm a bush, it's ridiculous, allowing you that charismatic you eat, you might be rapidly extends exactly tiresome. These people would wake up like us pack it in throw in the towel does not happen. It is other jobs. You could do a Republican when you can become an ambassador somewhere. Maybe you could get a cabinet position, that's pretty good gig! You don't have to be president. That everybody has to be. President are big mistake was, was
not running, we cannot just leverage your twitter feed and my podcast enough included like seventh right now would have been a springboard, no question you just Commander huge mocked and were sworn suspenders, o Connell toward his activity. That troubled man for trouble tat. He could it then that they can the John loved says Dukakis cheaply, publicity disunity groping, they shake your head. Exactly so is: does anyone actually have a chance to poor John Kerry. Now I mean that the reality is that we have today- and this is why I came to him saying this, but then republic about needs can be one of three people to they're gonna be markka. Rubio me TED crews, or it's gonna be Donald Trump. Oh, my god. It's crazy
crazy world were living in, but the dominating me one of those three people and everybody else. I do see the handwriting on the wall get out. No one guy who may be potentially could do something is Chris Christie, I was gonna say, is increased Christie than the one guy you as a little bit of John Kerry potential Asia may be ass. He may be helpful. Jai carried potential because he's a governor and he's kind of a put the poor man Donald Trump and that he could be blustery and blow baiting as well. So that's your cup of tea, but you'd like Trump, doesn't have a fucking.
They are. What he's doing can I can I drop in a bomb on the matter of absolute, especially his I'm a fucking idea was doing. You may decide to go now. If you want bombast, you may want to go with Christie, but he has lobbied negatives and the Republican Party, because, if that these two moderate he lashed Nanda Obama after superstar standing in two thousand and twelve people, sort of blame him for Romney fading at the end and some in some ways not doing enough around they. So I don't think he's quite popular enough, but if everybody everybody else sort of takes each other out, he may come up through the Do you remember when they people people thought the bridge thing was gonna, kill Christie here and now it's like in play. They take crews would say you know what internment camps for Muslims are in a bad idea again to page six. It can really get right now, really good.
You know you have the democratic nominee, putative democratic, nominated, like under investigation by the FBI embrace dislike air. Whatever, then it's close it down a bridge by comparison doesn't really seem like that big of a deal it feels like it's gonna be Rubia I don't know, I don't know I'm taking the last couple days. I've been thinking, it might be Cruz, and actually I still can't talk myself out of fact it might be Trump. I mean you look at these freakin poles and he's like double and triple everybody else. He's the crazy or stupid or thing he says the more. He goes up All these tea party people are so ridiculously naive or or see him as their champion or whatever it is, but if they actually come out to vote, I mean if the number these numbers are true I don't know, and their establishment day of the Republican Party such as it is, is so stupid and they should a nip it in the bud long long time ago, and now it's gotten like two out of control.
I don't know if they can stop it. Now. I really don't it's it's frightening, but I just don't know if they can stop him. Hillary Clinton and tramped, debating God, has the Tatcho for some of the worst moments in the history of this country life yet come to life it it's unbelievable speed, fear the whole time till l, Daphne go he would go chauvinist pretty early right. Oh yeah, I mean look at the statements you may just in the primary. What's he possibly cave glove and a general election. This is amazing. It would be really hilarious if the future of the next four years the country was in Panama, play that kind of all its and play whoever wins it gets to run the country as I've come to be ready to accept its days that he may actually be them that reorganise I've been wondering to myself. What like! What's worse,
if he beats Hilary or if he loses two Hilary like what. What is worse whatsoever from from that for me for the country for for the earth What happens to your team? Do you move to move to another? country. What countries are you thinking about Another problem better: now I guess I can. I guess I could take the family to Ireland. Italy had railroads need me.
In Ireland there be great the Yankees Games to be on really late there. That is five hours ahead. Now you see I've thought about this. I've given too much thought now have an american American. I wouldn't leave America, but it would just be just so utterly ridiculous and risky if he gets nominated at what has actually happened. Both ITALY would definitely happens is is the end of the Republican Party, as we know it alike in it, just will not be republican Party, because some astronomical number of the party is not going to vote for him. They're not gonna, come out to vote and and that he will lose the electoral college convincingly and overwhelmingly and the Republicans, probably is the Senate, and then they recrimination and finger pointing will last for a decade, so name did nay now and now I'm just confused. So this really could eighty can end up Eddie, fundamentally change it. Yet,
the party fur and tell somebody came to save it down the red deer exact. It would be in the wilderness, as they say for four years and years, because people can look back, they were born. You now made that fuckin idiot for President did know what are we doing? It was completely clueless and said a rages in hideously awful things. Dear God, help us. God did you see he went on camera last night. Somebody you sent me a picture of cousin sow with his make Amerika great had again next trump. Yeah, I think, give us it ironic picture. I would think so. Why is which everybody understood, except Donald Trump, If you're Hillary, you just have to really be enjoying all this right. It's the I'm going. I mean the evil.
I don't. I don't think they ve Clinton's is much credit, but maybe there machiavellian enough where they actually put him up to this, because there's this mystery phone call for Bill Clinton dissolved Trump right before he got in the race. Yes and he's always been a big Hilary supporter and and donated Turkey and paying these donated almost exclusively the democratic separated like the west. Years or so, and he decided he's gonna be republican. So it's very shady in an odd his relationship with the Clinton's, and he always seems to in a collar republicans by name in and pass them on Twitter bash them personally about their looks, and what have you would never seems to have the kid gloves on when it comes to Hilary and is totally bear knuckles when it comes to Republican. So what could happen if he might just get nominated to be the republic? Can it for President Inez decide to endorse Hilary that the possibility to
I'd, be amazing. I'd seen my favorite part of this whole cycle is going to be when you talk yourself in a trump which I think now simulated might ever ever. Gonna have, in my hand, I just happened. You touches of an era pretty well rooting for baseball team is different than that, the leader of the free world, or is it I will cut a fan. Am I will let you You watch a hundred and sixty two Yankee Games a year. That's five hundred hours, almost as important as true, but the country is in twenty four hours. Three hundred and sixty five days a year bell the moment. This is what really schismatic the Czech presidency's is, if you think about it like in sports term. The moment he takes office as is currently the most vulnerable everyone that ever wanted to mess with America anyway. Just comes right at us, of course, because he was not really a day. What he's talking about her? What to do if giving it the best people is given. Have people look about the delays in early May? Look at that best
oh, my god, this is a guy who hired a vodka trap to be his number two for the apprentice exactly near them and whose went bankrupt in the casino business. Oh you, when you open up a casino people, come in and throw money at you write with like ninety nine percent chance you get to keep that money and he somehow went bankrupt multiple times running your casino near he eat, tempt fighting back now. Everyone set out such a business geniuses genius. Will he inherited some like two billion dollars from his father, who was in the slum Lord of New York City, or something and made all this money which he gave the trump, and I read things that have trumped just put it in an account. Basically, savings account or for one cares, some sort of investment bearing account he would have like me. It had ten billions, that of eight billion, he decided actually do things with it on his own and actually lost money. Through this immense Egypt, brilliant genus business, Billina, Gimme African Break, we
and she knew love the Republican Party. I've never seen you marred disenchant em in Gaza, saying this is more disenchantment from you, the apocalypse. I know it's been a notion of him. An idle said is every time we talked about this, but how anybody could watch him for more than thirty seconds and had like run away laughing at screaming at. But people look go to his rallies watch impound his chest and say, like I'm number one, the poles say these completely ludicrous ideas that just like spit out of his head as cure wildly and early enraptured. I just do not get it in the slightest. Well, I'm glad we gave you chance, demand Janni thanks a lot now depressed for us today. It's my kids and Tom Christmas with careful he got by some gives her kids are some idea cheer me up progress. He sat at the mall
What we will check in if this were more interesting, whenever there have concealed mirror political correspondent for their public, a party of the task that gives great good time. If I don't talk to you, for thou this on the pad happy out. As my friend dodgy veggie, meretricious you're doing tourism, Aviles parent I'll be here down the bunker tucked. Is it back? That's it for today's episode Friday was brought to you, my personal capital. Managing your money is like playing football. It all comes down to having a good play book. Please check out personal capital, the free mind financial dashboard. Easily easily manager finances and tracking net worth in one place, visit personal capital that car slash bs. Just do I've asked you multiple times. You still wants thanks to HBO for being nice enough. To give me, my own television show that much as next spring, don't forget to give your friends free episodes of icon.
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