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Ep. 43: NBA Holiday Special w/ Joe House

HBO's Bill Simmons brings on Joe House for NBA/NFL Holiday Friday Rollin' w/ Bill & House's 2015 All-NBA teams, Draymond Green as Warriors MVP, Kawhi as MVP (13:00), LeBron vs. Bird (18:00), Spurs' sneaky goodness (21:00), Anthony Davis (29:00), KD-Westbrook's return (32:00), Clips-OKC (35:00), Bulls' chemistry (42:00), most amazing Warriors stat (48:00), the fall of Dwight (50:00), Jabari trade scenarios (56:00), Xmas Day Picks (1:00:00) and NFL Week 16 Best Bets (1:05:00).
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Do you have it so we named the Joe has pad Friday rolling and we did the first one was Friday rolling on a Thursday and then the second Tuesday. I don't know what to say other than I thought specialists the U tied role, yeah love how they screw. Everything up eventually will be on a Friday scheduled for Friday rolling, but right now we're taking the sign a Tuesday, because it's a holiday week and on that path, If people are listening to park ass this week, I guess we'll find out, but we are a real, indeed MBA words at the tail and we're gonna pick three games of interest for weak. Sixty which we have not had a lot of time, the prep, but we do have three games, a peace that we like our intact mba. We are at the pretty much the two month mark, I guess eight weak marked the nine week marks and buy them.
The thirty game Mark Standing isomer word away two month to month words: it would have been a burden. Try me what was that thing you in jail in recalling that Bernhard Master, the bird master? Is it a bird master? we were summarily burgomaster valiantly aims, are thirty one game. Then only eighty two gave the schedule, some of whom are played like twenty seven. We can't do that, but still it started, but still a two month words. It said such a catchy title: Christmas award. I wanted you at first team, second team, thirteen Allenby First, let us get yeah, they choose the rules so that it could be three front core prayers and it didn't have to be a centre. I'm ok with that. I think I still have a vote. Did they rescinded. Might my vote? Ah? How about that hour ago? Am I mad and be eighteen team
They were sent my vote. The cameras in I don't like this weird of that, but I still feel like if there's somebody who plays the five at least a little bit that should give priority over just taking three fourths cause. I e in age Tumblr Branca wine and the rain. Is that as the three forwards, but that doesn't feel like a basketball team to me, Where do you stand on this? It is a basketball team, of course, in the Basque about him. That's what the current iterate of a national basketball thirsty- and I know that, if I did, I think somebody to have somebody who could potentially guard German and on my first him, albeit like calendar, absolutely- I would go to try their given the rank and Garda body guard while he made a vain this binding. So here's my first name and you can disagree. I have dray mind in the first time I have Leubronn and quite I have come
and I have Russell Westbrook and many many many apologies to Paul George- Ah, those tat was my guy who's going in for me in place of dream on. Ok, so I'm not making it position specific! Ok! Will you could talk me into that? Talk me into their No, it's the, though the way the league is right now and I think you'll be accommodated. That's why you just said so. If you actually have a vote would wish it should just be the best five guys and am looking back. We know ten years from now, fifteen years, from now twenty years now, in whatever version of the game is being played, it will be helpful to people looking back to say. Oh, that was the era.
Of pace in space. That was the era where they valued. You know guys who could shoot reporters as much as anything else, and it will help folks understand. You know what the game is. It was all about in twenty fifteen, I'm cool with it. That way points is my counter. The where's just had the greatest start in the history of the weak. They on twenty six and one right. Now they have three a league eyes. I think they have three, I would say top twelve guys in the lake. And I want to reward at least those guys with my first team spot and now the Dreamer things instant, because heart and saw the team leader I watched by post witness multiple games where he just wouldn't let them fault. I think the Boston Games are really good. Example is the best kind, the court that game and had, though I think it would be if the five fives blacks, five steals whatever their earlier that game
swagger that he brings the table, the the add ons Intimidation budgets that competitiveness and he's the alpha dog that team is an unbelievable defensive. Where is versatility, allows them to? everything that they that they do, the lineup of death. Only ex because he can play centre and play the five and guard all types differing as he can guard really any type of prayer in a team like applying the Bugsy other night and at some yeah. That was really catch fire in that bucks, whereas gimme those both those games really getting yeah. That was really starting to take overload, been they just Jamie J'Mon. That was it so that and then also he's averaging basically fourteen in nine, but also averaging seven point one assist so I looked this up. And this is only happened. Twenty one times at the history, the NBA, where of work
somebody's average forty seven and eight in the guys in the way- they're like will ask her. Leubronn Larry Bird Greenhill MAGIC have a check fat labour three times, which is this gonna be even though brand is in there too. I think they're Walker had seated like Now that fat labour is the only real random brainwaves. You know seven assesses afford the special I bit the problem I have, and it's not fair, but why we're trying to come up with the most outstanding players? This is a player award yet first place he's not in it.
Forty of p are not appear again is is the only measure, though, at the ear you're, giving him you're putting him in the top five of us of a player award on on what he brings to the table with intangibles and an enormous contribution makes chemistry wise and- and he is, I think, it's fair to day the fuse like tat that candle that's sands, moreover use Marvin envy pick, then first him on the epic. That's precisely when I'm get mad,
I was actually a good argument as to say that he is the envy of the other, the Dubbs, which is a kind of a crazy thing to stay brightening up. You can make the argument projects twenty five point, five points in games and point eight ribands forces, twenty two point: seven pr which is good, not unbelievable, elite defence spending lunchtime guy. That team is flawed. But they're there. I think for five game's over five hundred. I'm sticking with my dream. I I don't think he's gonna end up as my first. He might be a guy, because Anna and only the where's can sustain this pace, but if they do I really want to have to work on my first him on beer. Some just gonna learn it that way. Secondly, to to go ahead Paul georgian threat. Drummond has to be on the second day right side. We put There's thousand eight sixty
driving times. Uplifting legit pay off to you, gonna be a tough out if I breathe healthy and let this predicament. You think, eighteen and sixteen why that's does or does a really good stats while they haven't happened since Moses Malone in nineteen. Seventy nine nobody's ever eighty. If it wasn't so that that seems relevant to the discussion is pretty good and you other guys who have done it and it's a cream. Will they basically are there? as from the Seventys and earlier because there were more rebounds available. If ye go look at the stats I prefer taken taking hundred and twenty shots again stupid but the rebounds aware so nobody's than that nobody did in the eighties Nobody did in the nineties. Nobody did in two thousand. He's doing right now, you argue that is free. Throw shooting is, is the at the turn the punt. Both of the edge and all things like thirty nine percent, but aid
I have him in that spot over cousins, argue the eurozone. We need a center, but I do feel like he's, been him and cousins. Then that the only to really dominance and aside german George Durrant Clay Thompson in parallel. We think of that c p, three butler, the you know it bunny is very quietly Houston's been roll call. You and little hearted, sniffer hardened, yellow battle level smell of I'm paralyzing em for being fat. They include carnation that plenty of my three things you're given him, since this is only the Christmas award you're gonna put yeah, that's their hit. You didn't show up bout that big. The Rockets didn't show up the first fifteen gay. He'll end up becoming protests from Seattle. An opponent three themes, but it's a two month mark and you gotta coach, fired his teammates at least first by the season, just like the absolute miserable playing with them,
is bog at those out. Oh shit, I think he's rallied back, but I can't I can't reward him. Would you think we re in the middle of that run? We talked about by the way we talked about the possibility of Houston ripping off like a twenty two and eight run. I think their talent for over the last fourteen Wow they have a couple things going on money and is finally came back Clint Capelas four bench guy the year when we get to that, even though he started in some of the games, but they have some wrinkles, they have some weird lineups they can throw out and they have a great big move waiting to happen. The big shade? What happened? They ve lost some awful games. I did they last December at least twice. Maybe even three times have less to Brooklyn, twice its and by various just indefensible saga. German George Doran, Clayton
Synod skinny calorie marauding color came at once again, congratulations calorie, forgetting it shape this is it were our really pretty for making a marriage was, was not out of shape last season and had a pretty damn good feeling the earth the contract that it God he just made a commitment to be lightly different body type this year and it is, it seems, to have paid dividends. Third team I'm not attached to this, while Anthony Davis, Blake Griffin C p- three whose having the worst cp three year, unwise seventeen- and I forgot- a person. What will talk about this a second and then Jimmy Butler, who I think has as really busted, ass. I really screwed up Chicago team that is very poorly coached and the pieces dolphin. That's another team, the needs, a trade I bug as the centre and that team, but is there anyone you'd, want to throw in there instead of buggy
now listen camps that have fun white fighter, but I'll God now saw house now please set up whereby no first adding anything yeah exactly I got class. Why teach you we shall we that will not build a house point there. IRAN as well. I give you try and stick with a centre aside. What are the options? Its Dwight Howard, Hassan lifestyle? You know who else Howard call Gregg Monroe better. Like those tell me, I want centres uck, you write a guy great. I agree with it I'm saying I had so. Nearer. I don't really know who else we throw in a now- and I bet you can make a slight bash case- he's been they get to Miami.
At times I like that. I doesn't quite correct these teams, but I just want to give it another shot out. I did it won't last two weeks darkest just out of his mind and Annie as much as anything he gets so much credit fur theft of the Frankenstein that is this. Does the Dallas Mavericks, you can't kill em. I love it non korean duty, yeah. I know my answer is early. You can choose from the Bronco I Westbrook Paul George drama. Why ok go I I owe you an apology. I talk to you out of us putting a fifty two That is paeonies sees in the MAC they'll man about that near by I can win anyway carries gonna win in the sea, get hit by a between equals; yeah he's,
they gave me a hundred hours earlier, but on the other hand I could have been five, but you gave me a hundred or so thank you for that UK genuine Agri. I am quite twenty one trillion point, seven point four ribands, two steals and his fifty one, forty seven, eighty eight and the percentages but borderline man who's the thing did you think it in the bud your last night? This makes me what made me want to drop all George by the way I made Norman or maybe maybe I'm in a ring had put J man in their common Jamie and the jury battle. I wouldn't put dream on in there I might actually busy honestly five dominant. I would prefer Drummond. I I me I'm just then I cannot see what I had both buggy manhandled German. In that one game I watched a second afflux. He can't take it home a bit odd. Fritos are think too much about the camp. Having some forty percent to check overshoot under forty percent,
Will you, in April this to go under forty percent? Is it? Is it I dont want by intentional, yet just awful anyway, broad yours, but one for fourteen from the field with Calais on near, and you better put him on the first thing. I have my non career path, Leubronn, dank away. That's fine!. And then I have gained angry it doesn't make me feel like a jerk going against the brine, I'm just recognising the continued descendants of of Calais in youth. I was fight, prefer preference for the ascendancy of a player. I guy that's grabbing the mantle, but but the Brown has been speck tack, yellow as ever I love work. Work we want is an carries back.
Sudden Cleveland. Does this this Christmas game? Is gonna be the life? I know we're gonna make picks at the UN in this sad got mad about apex. The five game packs. We're gonna, we're gonna, make the Christmas Games Edina. Aubrey, so the bronze career stats, Twenty seven, seven. Seventy seven! Basically, fifty percent shooting his stats this year. Twenty six, five seven have six and a half fifty percent shooting. Space lab in the same year, he always has. The only thing is, is three point: shootings been really bad. The chaise twenty seven percent three points, but we ve never seen We therefore say now never seen anybody put together that thirteen years that Leubronn just it cause Karim cream. At a run, which I think was eleven years where year eleven was right up there with all the other years and they ended up, they want the title. The whole thing, the thirteen straight years of just ridiculous. This
with no really is no real drive ass. They that's the point that I like you. I, like the Karim comparison because cream is is the only player that comes to mind is a guy that that might have played within you know ten percent of the same number of games as run over this period a time, thereby IRAN themes have been to the finals so many times the broadest played on gold medal teams. How many now three near me he is playing international games is playing in the Olympics. His season is absolutely year round. Now I had an idea. What makes him so legendary to me. Yet just not breaking down is, is fino, We're in this modern air of these guys can take care their bodies in all these different ways. Don't laugh us and all these different wars he's been the beneficiary of die
being dieting advancements. Sleep advance. And straining advancements equipment, and we have both the beneficiary of of being a genetic freak. He had the genetic lotteries. Two hundred sixty pounds yet seems like his natural carrying weight and in terms of body type in the durability thing. I if I understand how silly it is, but Carl COM, Won't have has the same kind of body. Typewriting com alone is pretty effing durable, we'll Chamberlain, Saint AIM, but I work did blow up something at some point, but Yeah, I always wonder, like you, take some of those eighties guys like Larry Bird, who was think a beard or in the summer and didn't really start working out till the talent is prime fee at all the things that these guys have now I wondered: does his body break down? Does he have like a dirt Kanak? Rarely! Third, perhaps seventeen in seven you know borderline fifty four
Ninety club is this a year, seventeen eighteen for him. He is in the same draft his paw pierce through to refer bird bird. Had things available to him. I just didn't take advantage of, maybe not a guy. That at any point, is clear. Even in college, you thought Bessie L B can walk around with a shirt off. I don't think you ever wondered bird to walk around with a shirt off. Jordan worked it ass off today from the minute that he hit the leaky within the gym there within the Jim to Airy, was shooting M J was due in full body work out from the moment. He hit the door not Andrade. He started that it leg in about all this stuff started and they in the nineteen Andy's, because I think journey Jordan and calm alone. With the first area cause Jordan started doing it because the pistons were being the shit out of they were it was like some or ninety he's dead. That's what I've lady yeah was like. Ninety ninety one air range and calm alone, you know,
come on in the mid eighties, and he skinny, but still had that biology. It see where his body was headed, the eye unless they went through the Coopers, thunder game, which I want to talk about at some point, but I watch the whole thing I enjoyed it so much the Gaza and such the gadgets built so much differently. Now we're tired out tone retarget Mallika back at the ranch, Westbrook Bleak Griffin, these gases rip now the I want to talk about the game, other thought. So Coach of the AIR Karla Right, Cosette. I don't! I don't know what to do with the gold stating really really gonna give lukewarm coach. The earth like he goes in the locker and half time and steep purchase tells him seven. Things is lukewarm that here the funny thing would be to give it the curve for staying away from showing the world,
it highlights gotta be run away with a minute that you have my head about Rigi her eye MIKE. I like it honourable mention turf, damning Gandhi. Ok, I really, I think he contributed to the idea of getting ready Jackson, they're, ready Jackson, I've been off the hook. I mean the EU average thirty point last week you one Easter com, fire the week in his is not afraid. I got a matter of ISA. The better version of what the south examined essay. Thomas other, that's not working out that great this isn't, but you need it one guy nor team? Is that afraid to take shots? And with what I mean damn mentioned, as we do the same way give give it guiles enough death s bt a little bit ahead, because I just really think that Detroit is built
The long are I have the ILO, I'm gonNa Karla pop of each second, the sure sure sure the leg at Greenwich sneaky tough team he's got away that out Argent Duncan his make sure Duncans. Okay with Sudden Aberdeen nine points a game he's gotta make should Davy West is fine with just being completely expandable. He's me In June, the modern thing met mine has been or land six main in the year. Guy. If those eyes TAT Sancho today's coming in swinging close game still, which is amazing. I am not going to say anything with the intention of the meaning or diminishing part contribution, but ok think you just described as spurs.
System, stuff, niner, better he's been easy. They deliberately witten good guys like Weston and outrage of those are mature, guys we're gonna, have you know the patients to work themselves into this system? The thing the pop gets the most credit for, maybe it they do it on a team basis that amount, but is managing the minutes for those guys through the rotating cast of two guys that out in a while each game which, yes to meet breast, it's just been backed accurate. The thing that that I dont know what'll, who gets credit for this, but tiny Parker has been on night and day healthy, different in terms of of the way you books from as recent. As the international competition from in the summer. We look terrible for France yeah, failing to the other, sneaking with Papas I'll judges,
in Asia coach. I don't think that there are a lot of our body scuttlebutt on him well at a bad guy, desperately two seconds it, I'm not sure that he ever wanted. It was ever comfortable as lead dark he's found exactly the them, the safest, most comfortable place. It's why I thought Phoenix was it was kind of a ridiculous situation for him now as a potential destination. This disbursed team is, is the most comfortable situation possible based on you know, things like me sit and how much games thinking about league. He never looked at me with a comfortable top banana, except for it. The Yahoo, the Big piece Edwards or Ask wrote about him while judge laughed it seem like. Really resented how much they pushed Damien lowered in Portland and the billboards and sub. So it's like he's not comfortable, stop thou but then also wants all the spoils of being attacked, our dog of moody, complicated guy and Anna and
whatever reason in this bears his ease cool, so guy you kidding he's being stroke to being groomed. One thing: loved I tweeted about this- I sweet they d, but he was saying that the embargo was saying about how Papa, which was Tonker, why the most important thing for him is like when we run a play for you, the As for the spurs to score enough for you to score yeah that reminded us. We yam Pavlovitch, as I once he understood that he took off. I thought that was really really really cool way to put in a cool way to think about Basque once a year a guy, but our goal is to score on his play is not for you to score enough for you to take your dude wanna one. You have to create points
ass, an collider when I like think about that. I q of quite understand that and executed with kind of wanting to hear it in processes. But you know it. The goes to again at that spurs system. Is the right kind of guy with the right kind of you know? Grooming from the moment he arrived is a rookie to understand that and implemented pretty good biggest disappointment of the year here. The candidates Anthony Davis's envy pcs. I feel this up in that, as well as our New Orleans over bet that I think we made all we want to have made that bet the clippers, the rackets dare waves being good, again, disappointed, disappointed them? He's gonna get had Adela big Spiteful, the kings, that being funnier
I thought I was gonna, have more laughs with the kings is share they it's it's gotten the other way and in fact the Bill Kennedy thing was probably the darkest moments of the last couple season, so that a lot of laughs of the kings and then I last but not least, Phoenix who had a really fun weird team of competitive guys in young guys and assets, and they had the Lakers pick, and now they don't have the Lakers pick. They have this night Bledsoe thing is fine, but not really something that's gonna. We need the title and they dropped others money, enticing Chandler, whose leg you know. I don't know if he's just banged or breaking down or what happened, but that that is a red flag contract and a half they gave him. Lakes were digging sixty million or somethin fifty million if Phoenix has been on a curious run fruit. This is the third reason going on now you just like a what's the plan, would would cheered right date there, when Spain, Ireland, one planting yet
spend our money and chain their partly because I thought I was gonna. Let them get on average than any get outrage, and if you'd watch Thyssen Channel and closed the last couple years, he was in the same guy that he was. You know that map two thousand eleventh him never get over. They started my season with three point guards and and only one of them, Don T and dragged guarding small forwards. Ah, so what your biggest disappointment to me? It's Houston! I just you know if it's it's indefensible that they should.
Up with such a lack of an do. The M for this season ran after being a final effort in bright and Anne. Had em, don't you debate, there is only the window of opportunity. We ve seen this in the NBA is both short, so tight, yeah, you gonna jump through once you're through you, gotta stay through. This is us in a very small way, the same kind of complaint with my local team, the almost bullets you know they they now they ve been challenged by injuries, but there are sort of foreseeable injuries. Mayonnaise hurt, ok, strain calf. I don't know what that means. Is that a string cap, I think the last fourteen years and and deal with recurring leg injuries, but for four Houston you know that
You go from a final fourteen to mediocre five hundred team in the matter of really. You know. Three months is extremely disappointing and I don't follow what there has been trying to do. One bit, I thought that the dialogue, in addition was terrific. It seems like very have them sorting out to do still in terms of the spaying and and Chris shared his report about, your boy, why? You know not being happy and all the rest of it made a strange, never happy it right, never happy perpetually unhappy Dwight is easy, his mothers like women who just keeps having new boyfriends and just has just can't settled them, or vice versa, a guy who failing girlfriends and they just fine thanks to complain about with the new UN and just like it. You probably never getting married you'd say that
a man who has ever marrying Dwight. That seems right, I mean you know, madam, unless he ends up in the place where the pressure is completely off like Brooklyn or are you just the man and he just go then in collective interest exceeding dwells every night and his team think maybe that's where were you ve gotta be more comfortable at Saint, let's say the data four cassettes coming up in a second, I have my biggest disappointment, as Anthony Davis has not been that good this season. I haven't seen him with that, no way we're losing this Evan game type edge to him. When I the channel, he just seems kind of complaints. The wrong word. Just accepting of that he's not on a good team, and- and I don't know if it he's gonna, be an all time guy or one of the best? Gaza is generation, are no fees,
even in the direct conversation forget about like the Lebron Jordan, top twenty guys about time conversation, but just like one of the best guise of his general, in conversation through tough to think he's, gonna be out twenty seven, when team its automatic nothing why your data where's, I ended, guided defend a slight difference. I mean that bird the pelicans have been in disarray, have been difficult, come Bob related since really August September. They had so many guys hurt and geyser. There are now sort of rolling back into Hell, but they haven't had in that they imagined, maybe it like back in July, they haven't had a team, yet an add. On top of that, our budget, in with it, with a noose some new round about does not like him. Each bank Now a g when I need when I needed from Davis that I'm just now getting our are that the three games of my three speed somebody by himself wages,
Davis had thirty. Eight nineteen in seven assess and single Hamley beat whoever it that's. The hasn't been hacked. And I'm starting to wonder what he's young You know you give up on here, but I'm starting to one maybe he's one of those guys that he'd me he's better with better guys, which is fine cause. I think most guys club for that. But I wonder, if he's not a guy like to read, reached a point where If you just threw him with a mediocre team, he did so be able to drag you to four thousand two hundred and forty three wins. You know he was there for Time he was twenty three twenty four and any Westbrook is like that too, and really any great. Where can drag two five hundred or a little bit better and Davis's in doing that. In the end it down- and I am disappointed at five homeless- slightly better, so maybe he'll gonna run now. This is We know that two month, words because the semi fund, but I'm route for eighty eight, I feel
he's drifting during some of these games. That's what I do know is You might be there and their non competitive little too polite. You know tat at some point, be ok, Tiree governs the fuckin bar. We do it. Given the ball, I'm Anthony David, some on the fibers personally get out of my way. I'd like to see that a couple times most gratifying non golden states situation here, the candidates quite a crash time guy we covered that the project, come back. We covered that flip Saunders, rebuilding the timber wolves and leaving a really nice legacy of of an awesome roster that that those fancy and enjoy friend next twelve fifteen years, the Knicks fans, after just a horrendous Jerry really off from the moment, Jamestown by the tame, just one awful thing after another and then pausing is comes in. They finally have some hope:
then, finally, last but not least, Katy undress back during their thing again, so it yet. I love ok, see that that game last night reminded me. I love those two guys being back yet plan that, though the way that their plan, the symphony of the two of them and a barker, as that often threat from the elbow he catches and choosing one motion, those two guys. Second and third Beth P R in the league- and it looks like their rounding in the form- and I just love that that athleticism that unmatched unparalleled up by this to them it back. I love watching, ok, see if such chaos watching them. So I went last night I would have to vote for this a word I vote for the Partridge come back just because any time you lose A year and a half a year career, which is basically what he lost
and you have the injury that he had you don't know like like a rose rose, has never really been the same, since he blood is need different injury, but same kind. Like you lose a year. You just don't know, and I like that he is now back to being a top seven top. Eighty nine guy wasn't. I Had my guard up with it, I didn't think we was totally any back, but he did so. I went last night and Katy is I know I kept telling you that I needed to see two months of him playing it. They would have no one game. Yeah he's back, though, like you in person. Watching leg had evidently lackeys looks exactly the same, his enemies gap. Competitiveness and he's doing all the Katy things is planned, a hundred percent hard and God damn that teams breathtaking. They really are, they go place. So breaking ard- and you know I.
I would say this, I know look. Everybody's finances are different. We want to spend money on, but the two teams. I would urge people if you had the money and you wanted to go and has been the arena for a basketball game. The share the worry I have to say- which is now an impasse, but take it yet, but we see ok, see because no cell- on these two guys gonna play together like in this Cooper game. Yesterday you have taken back and forth crunch time. They run to stray plays for Westbrook, and then they ran the last play the game for Durrant. Is I gave to the to the four or five? ass crunch time, guys in the league for either getting the basket, creating a shack, creating whatever edges frigate, Jawdropping a watch. You know the idea that they're gonna keep on a Westbrook ass. He was hot. Now they run the last place, During a comrade for screen, he jumped up he's like seven foot nine. What would he jumped up to shoot? Moot loop
a bamboo day was China Garden, Durrant, just jump. Seven inches overambitious gets a nice little twenty four hour. It's like Jesus, this ludicrous it. It's unstoppable right that both the upper end of game sequence, with what I like so much and I'm some credit to equip. Let me make that was gutsy. Charlie me. No! The interesting thing I mean the Anna waiters play a crucial time yeah. I know I don't like that. Really does not exactly gettin in a plus right now, either he's urgently Empire review. Seen him in person. The Chinese Coaching league he's replace learns Frank, as the stories like this little guy walks around looks like a vampire. These worries you, it's true, waiters, a crutch, dynamic. He still trots outline where Kate Ear or a Westbrook or not. You know on the floor like one of those guys these beyond. Or rather young, at every level,
they know everything all you know: smart basketball person, every single person and thinks about efficiency says it's just indefensible. Do not have one of those two guys on the four it's Krim about. I that that the turn over that these waiters was really responsible for and Chris Paul conversion there at the end, was with kind of excellent yeah. The thing that that was so predictable they they had. They ran a great play with, as the p driving laid and ambition back, Blake Fur Thunder Dunk. You know why one position prior, what was the step back? Cp three shot that was straight out. A doctor old old, fell thick Playbook Fernanda Game shot. I have a news flash for dark in the first the league is caught on to the play were Chris starts on the left. Side of the court troubles to the right side goes to his little spot at the top of the FAO and on the right side and then shoots before people.
Eyes? Is gonna shoot everyone now knows he travels to that spartan shoots. He was driven out spot. In case he was sending every target they had just running at the spot, cause the news. Gonna shoot like its idea. You need a new route, they need a new play. What was wrong with the pointer ran before you know. You torn and I went and torn and been away for two months, do in a movie, Sunium been coopers, gambling and watch it and we ve just watch the coopers, both so many game's over the last couple years ever. My section now expects it in their god- how they blow this even when there are three with a minute left his elder brothers and they blew it again. In like a new and improved way where there are down one but somehow got the steel for the go ahead basket, but then the ran scar as the member, the team, it just doesn't work, though it with the people have they bade the agitated really play crunch time again. Last night this money at night they spend on this the address in the end they still can't play, am against certain lineups. You know I don't
I don't know, if I'm not question the judgment of pay, the money TAT did the Andrei, neither but the benches still they start. How can they do not have a three? They still on Three of that thing you could say the same about ok, see we travel costs angler. The house can don't an remembered him, but I did I dont know what the clippers do cuz. I just think that nucleus, now, as is the league, has figured it out and close games. They just know how to stop at Blake's one guy for three slash four and another guy for the last six minutes Chris, we said this last year, I was wondering if he, if there's somethin, who is getting old, ever, but he does like physically and not a year, eleven or twelve for him at some point. It's gotta start fading. A tiny bit
Wasn't Westbrook emphatically just like that another level from him last night, even though it has had a good game statistically, but he wasn't the difference I mean they became, came right down to the end of a quivers. Had the ball, an old Dame winning possession of me with it and with the same care by possessing they always have. The coffers are not that far off. They just have been on this terrible spiral. Since the collapse again the warriors they haven't really been able to their stride. Their Huddleston, the great date the body language doktor had did not enjoy what he saw by the way the body language doktor noticed: Josh Psmith not not joining the huddles. If he's already there came in a week, I'll be suppressed, yeah, that's what I'm getting! What? What is the point of having him I don't. I do not share that from what I saw last night and I don't think he will be there, the policies and at least land. You know it's getting a little bit of run? He did really funny. Last thing military limiting. Lastly, did they show
Tv when they gotTa Stealin Anna Seventy year old, presented in past to Lance cutting Crestmont meant only its I jumped up and down and complete angered disappointment in dismay, frightful, please, remember it die in that we were dying laughing. Is he like a nine year old kid, it's that's my son out they're playing small forward for the clippers like the way his reaction sister. I will say this: three. It wasn't hundred percent excited the heavenly its guardian, and that's that's why dark has to play lance more because he does Fact the other teams the rounds, I add damask as GSM, and I fear that way to channel that by a nine year old kid to make them work to your advantage. There was one time he got mad at some? and started walking over tat. The rat First, I even matter it was near the copper badge and deejay Blake and somebody ass. They are John no, no, no, no. They like a kid walking
the crosswalk, when it wasn't supposed to walk with people. Just jumping for his safety forever Elsa safety. It is a great ongoing support. The lads Davidson it anyway incredible to have Katy unrest operating cylinders. Again, I don't really like the team they put together around them back, as I was so great items is interesting in Alex. I gotta call dragon Oh, you know Robertson's just backed by the way I heard last I e Pirnie prefers, does pronounced Robert said he's, not Robertson, spelled robber, Sunbeam unpronounced represent these back and remember. He played a pretty important role. Last year during the stretch were Katy out. He could be alive and x factor news for that three three petition. I wonder datum. It's gotTa Donovan will get better as the year gets. It goes along. I hope I've given up unfriendly birdcages seems like his, which has lasted space, but
No more. We do a quick being on annoy Bergen both you and I did. This pod brought a role and last Thursday. At that moment the balls were fifteen and ate with three games coming up against the pistons, the Knicks in Brooklyn, and we had a legit sort of discussion around a trading dare grows Nan. You know where I argued for a sort of holding the line for a moment just to see what the Chicago teams all about. Since that happen. They lost forever time game to Detroit, which alien am. I did Not only are there season every armies and and and Jimmy Butler Ethical after the next calls out the coach, and then they dont shop at home against Brooklyn and that glows peace goes up today about chemistry Issues ACCA, he despatched
Banks and low bad honestly, I love values, pain that come, promotes Barnwell Zack. Every time there maintains its is made of these areas. Making fun story of the year. I write randalls back, but I am Disco fire because the book everything was us otherwise story there. So sad and either he's taken gaze off you knocked against. They almost bullet the other night. He is have you twelve eleven in six escort to point against the almost both Millard and my column in Portland Then I went ahead of our anything lower than the call on both bridging twenty gave Maccallum is, is I don't know most approved, that on the one hand, what a war that is lacking in here I mean amazingly rebirth e- that reinvention the invention of Fiji, Macao and soon he asked We we loved him when we interviewed him, there's theirs.
Revaluing interviewing those guys jail, and I loved him, and we did the interview without even having journalist, enchant guy, we in Vienna than old, deeper ahead of my going ahead Bradley Bill. At the moment we ll get headlines. The columns got game, so but Walker Crunch Time guy in a him up, take out a boner tape. Put that thing, your boner, weighty Campbell Walker, crunch time feel vindicated, because comin out, you can just like that I've got some of the man he does. I e these. You now have fearlessness fearlessness year, not afraid not like having him in the mixed UR gonna. Fifty one team potentially put up a seventy seven borderline. Fifty forty ninety Novel and then Germany, we gin, and then I my vote for sneaky fund story. The air warriors worries, whereas, whereas twenty six one- oh my god, the spurs early,
wins behind them, the spurs twenty four five they also have their their deferential is also in the same. Stratosphere yeah. I hurried out unprecedented stratosphere the offence of defence of efficiency. The spurs are fifteen points better. Offensively than what their given up defensively, dispersal, plus fourteen pretty much read them in and that that's the thing with these hot starts: all it takes. Is you got you know one three game trip for Hugo one and two are only three and then all the sudden that that magical start you had starts to look like everybody else has record and this then a nice job of of cannon lurking. I dont think they care about the one the to cede, but what's interesting for me as a basque fan as a gambler As somebody who loves big pictures, I don't
play o k c and ran to the eye. I think they do care about the one feeder or or the tune. I pay last year. Do you wanna hear those wooden ran to be as this is? What I'm getting at the ethic last year was a wake up call for this birthday Becky. They ended up with a without with a bad draw and lost in the first round me I you know, I don't know, I don't think they do care and have up, as this is not good. I like someone. They haven't lost at home this. These, I love, is matter that you haven't got you ve been wiping peoples without a rear end all up. Down the floor there in San, I love it so ok, see and then who's the fourteen. I guess we, like the clippers. Other rackets mean that as such to drop off. If on the spurs, I'm I'm I'm gone for the one seat, if I can get it because I don't want o k and when they parted at him. I think that I think the West might have the three
seems like the guy, like all three of those times better than early Cleveland, I don't. I don't, have a problem of video at equipment. I honestly think of clean and healthy gives the warriors that the best challenging the league- and I think the spurs- have a slight edge over Cleveland that's why I rang it. I'm with you, if I know, carries out the view that there that's it. Would you take this powerful? Carry? Are you come on now know that the reason is the difference in a country has played a full season, a basketball Cynthia,
seven years old, but other than half at home, I mean just got her right now, China download the package's broke his finger, but what he can do offer of Lee by himself and in what he did last year. I never ever never forget that performance against dispersed last year S gate. That's that's gonna! Stick at my head, like Panther, given benefit up. Quickly, just just some stats. Most amazing where's that twenty four foreign owens for most amazing where's that so far subside new staff is no longer in the thirty two, five five and five. What the fuck club? What happened? Now he dropped down a third One point: eight points in his eye, making four point: nine threes again now so he's gets to do yeah, yeah
matters at all that James had simply when assists with tact, but that the workers are still thirteen for thirty every game from three point: land making. Forty two percent of the good number yeah, that's pretty at the Red flag stance of the year near you boy out, o Porter, shooting twenty seven point, four percent for three. Oh, I did the party or travel of british leaving him open. Please take our earth zebra when your favorites impose Lamb is dipped under thirteen points. Again, that is forty. Six percent shooting man good science Knacker days been in the league for a long time? I think I think, replied hook some point the grit and drank catches up yet Gorgeous cigarettes right during draggers samples, ninety mania is put up an eleven and five right now now part of that they use them, but I'm still worried about that. I find that their situation lightly, confusing I don't it's the right
team form they should. Actually, it is raining ever like a spot up, shooter guy right and it's a bunch of teams that need the report card that he is. I would take em. I love my dreams like there's a trade out, their Dwight Howard. We talked about the far away, but these averaging eight feel good, attempts again in six free throw attempts again. You know I, like you. Looking at that stuff was centres when, at once, no stopping active the first thing that dread, the things that dropper blacks filled, low temps, free, throw attempts and someone who's trying and touch widely on their eyes. I not on that and yet to wait. Reached a point at enough. Anyone has done studies on this yet, but Dwight is reached a point where statistically b, is now very improbable that he returns to an idea level. This, a germane, o Neill fears, guy member writing about it. Maybe ten years ago, when there
a dramatic drop off statistically, it's really tough for the person and then come back and make it up. I think that an unfit rattled of but here's the point right it that the thrust of Dwight complaint with the with his situation in Houston right now, if he doesn't have the opportunity to take more shot, seedlings eight attempt a game because Dwight Howard, I mean changed, harden is holding onto the ball for forty eight positions, and you know that the people there eyes after touchable, without allowing light, if you seem to run while the things that I would say forget how he runs. I won't forgive him the seas, infer that that play were used running down the Ladys halfway inside the Frito line with his head, looking straight toward the basket, I remember who pass and the boy hit him on the shoulder. Could he wasn't looking were at the ball? Any entered the lay that its answer that finishing around the room and explosive dogs anymore. That errors just got his twenty thirty buddy.
Feels like a very old thirty like when Larry Bird was thirty, he is winning advocates sex. And they pay this story. This debate has age that almost child actress, from what we see now that I'm that total ready to write him off completely and say he's never getting it back, but the evidence is starting to mount that it's just not going to come back and if he opts out of his contract this year,. I know the sailor caps gone, but I dont, but just wouldn't feel good about giving and twenty million a year somebody's gonna. Do it so much and do it can be stupid, Kobe, Bryant, thirty four percent feel go twenty four point: seven percent from three point: zero gave no is taking seven point, two again, twelve point: seven Pierre! You think that's what bad right, Derek right is really bad. I know your guy New De Rossa gonna be like two fifty forty ninety that we ve come to appreciate with Steve NASH, Dirk others Gus DARE grows, is working on that
Thirty, seven twenty two seventy club ears Thirty, seven, twenty two: seventy he had his I bet it's just talking about. I know that he would send a renewed dark room for two week. Then don't play I I I'm not arguing which existed at that marriage or go play de and get it back here Pierre appears under ten nine point, seven, which would be awful. Historically like oh, my God, member the year, their growth is pianos under ten when news was named thirty years old. Yet but Joe Johnson, thirty four point: five minutes a game. Thirty five percent feel go percentage. Ten point eight points again so for every three minutes he plays scores of point. Nine point on p r he's basically a corpse he's basically dead, he's a dead person running up and down thirty million Dollar Corp.
We have their pick and somehow there in twenty, and I can't figure it out. It's like fatty savagery, Jack and broke Lopez. Just made a made a pact to win thirty games together, I'm so pissed off about eyes. I do think you're gonna win between twenty, seven and thirty to do so What's your red flag status of others? Probably maybe drag it just cause it's so weird. Allow me, as a drug is thing is, is so hard. I dont understand it that our folks are putting some of the blame laying from the blame is seems, like its proper on coach spoke straw, damp fur for running a system that doesn't allow him to flourish, but I'd there's a personnel cannot issue there in Miami they got somethin
Firstly, as a guide for yeah trade will not happen. Kenya CHE dragon after gave em eighty to ninety nine over the gave her. I don't know what the rules are. We have to ask some smart, like meat balcony somebody we have two. I read through this most fortuitous transaction, the next, not making a trade with their teeth as fifteen lottery, Peck game and getting up singer The matter being devastated, they didn't get the andean and they get Zaza their lambs, which a z anyone makes that trade great size. Everybody's basically matching door, basically matching stats, Charlotte stolen Nick Bitumen talked about last week he's only twenty six years old is good. The Portland fans. I got a couple emails from Portland Pupil, good. I don't care, if he's doing while screw that guy socks, let it sucks and then, a collegial, though taking over the six years and in getting to be the hero of things turn round, and if things don't turn around, he could just blamed same Hank average. I had that job things are going to turn
of course, there's only one direction. They go, they fit bottom. There is big o any of our work better job than the b, the guy who replaced same hanky right as this is not about outside blame- am availing of our most fascinating. That play a sub plots. Can the lake stay in the two spot for the lottery, because if they go to three becomes very easy for them to get jump. The threat to two teams that have to jump than the loser pick much less right. I mean they're they're there whose I mean there's nobody else with them. Then the nets and end the pelicans the narrow, the clothes, the nets have the brick Lopez, injury, possibility or trade. I guess he has something If you're New Orleans do you pull a ninety seven spires and come up with a fake injury for Anthony Davis, an answer
away discharge is tank, Rhino, Jan and trade away or lowered idler. I kind of like that. I really do for your pelicans that they have to do something about their guard situation. To get the best out of Anthony Day with you can't have, you know, fifty game in a season drew holiday and you know not sure whether he is a small forward. Shooting guard or point Guard Tyreke Evans as the guards stearate nineteen in the fourth worst record in the league, boss, that offered the broken picked him walking frigid by packard, is Morgeson Estralla interesting it. If I was running Milwaukee, I would say yes. Ok, what a boy! Why will throw ensure abacha, fine, drab cow in the broken tech? What would you say? It's it's it's! It's! I'm not sure the bucks needs by.
The other day. Their paws highly needs to be in their team. I've been disappointed by the inconsistency of people forecasted that they were due for not being a downturn. I was stubborn about it. You and, above all, that I was stubborn, arguing the other side of it. Let me now I was wrong today. They are are inconsistent with the two games. They played against golden stages, the version of the buck, the expected theosophies along at the team. That's right there, the thicket things in the east; instead, they statist don't show up some night, and I don't like that. Quickly bench gather year with apologies to quit, Capella in his cancer in his can't there quietly averaging and eleven eight and twenty minutes ago you Zack Levine Kelly Olympic. We'll Barton answer is Robert The theme in seven forty percent from three who the hell's Will Barton better break every time I see the neck
Since I who is this guy were to come from, I will now get to see. Sneakily found a watch. Us goes back yet Dana Barrett Green Paper- and I are gonna- be awful in their night there actually late. They have good guys that he did not only seven would like the ceiling for wines for the third play hard sneaky underwater. Neither lingering in the eighties conversation cause the western, so it them Ask your word is down to two where the candidates This is the word I give out area to the best white guy in the lake. Not Europeans, you can't count prison is not eligible foreigners. You're, not gonna, Mariner white under this- is an american white guys from the Castle gate America. What does outside Kevin the garden Heyward it's a two main race, Raina, Gordon quietly with a nineteen and five every game in forty four four thousand two hundred and eighty one splits a little bit better than what Kevin love still crooked. Towns as it pretty much locked up the singer. Towns
sixteen. Nine is a borderline. Fifty forty nine two guys Pinon blacks, huge pr outlet stuff in his end, if a totally passes the ITA seizures the really really polish foreign aid completely are completely. Why are already using Is that in the conversation and then go to them, One other thing I wanted to mention just and I don't know where this stand- remember: Shack and coal. We might have been the last guys that did this Haiti and rest or averaging. Fifty two point two points again combined their fourteen point: five Bans game combine there yet in seven assists combined rest, his averaging it Five. Nine six only ask reactions ever done that yeah and Katy is put up fifty two forty three, eighty eight splits magical had caused by those who have so far. There is anybody else,
they got a five hundred, our parlay on the warriors and end and thunder over this gap. Say I good sees itself. I really interest, as the highlights for me other than the warriors are arcadian rest being back and in towns being good pausing. Being adjusting the spurs in the spurs and end some real drama with with the West, where you have three potentially just killer teams, You got two teams having to go to war. We had this last year, little bit whispers clippers, but the three teams that her in the makes issue, I think, are better than those birds cooperatives. What we love is, you know at this season starts in earnest and Christmas
not on envy. A really legitimately gets going and that's the way things are kind of shook out here so far as in a first. The eight weeks here in us great story lines with the word, the Rockies disappointments, but teams that can redeem themselves. I'm looking at you, you used a mother and a gun. Yeah and you know kind of a radical re rack of strength between the two conferences from Christmas on it's gonna bigger. What the Christmas The first ones power can see on his misgiving now and most under at eleven thirty Pacific times. To thirty is custom. That's a pretty good one. It had a good one because took the bulls really need to do something to prove to themselves. Third, they have such shaky internal com, hence the weird per guys that that is a big rise there, a long time near the communist states. May, since it's the butler as leader proposition that
feels awkward attaches really like a stretch for but he's not, he doesn't make threes and I don't totally know if position is, but you can't really playing with Mcdermott together, but no one gets all weird together, they've all these guys that can't doesn't totally fit when they're, together also look out for an annual Christmas tradition, khazar, something that I noticed it. Years that, as on the show, he game is going on, is an ape The game is going to enough hours later after that, the early start for the whatever, and they have the text. The pre game show a b c going head to head against real Basque Bonniest Pierre, which makes no sense at odds with one of them. Is things every sort of my favorite traditions, this? I wanted to. Actually just do it shirt list. If anyone noticed her was watching Cassandra, Beginner watches calves warriors five, o clock is called him. Oh Oracle, yeah carrying the house when it came out, that's gonna be
although the game is gonna being who stats far by spurs rackets and then clips Lakers, which will just be you know, Lakers. As of my own mood, Como Veto, but let the red, why do what it wants to do ten o clock at night? You know on the couch, that's my on the couch game, but the spurs rockets folly and little icy should be good for them, and you know the epic warriors I am. I am disappointed that the stricken still going, but, on the other hand, this is bit, it is. Stone, is no less fascinating. Now to be good and I'm gonna be be to see how the calves approach that go, bigger, go small thing. You can make a cases paler Braun at the five. I bet they go back,
I think I'll go back in China in this bird and the words of torch it and then at some point there will be a la branded. The five line at that will get. Everybody fired up the thing that be fun watches whether or not the dubbed get any often rebounds. At all. I mean if, if, if Cleveland controls the board the way they did in the first world, three games are the final. Last year Dennis dogfight demonstrate last possession time its old, it's the sequence. From minutes left until the end of the game ass. Before we do anything, topics picks. Remember you can subscribe to this path cast on Itunes. Sound, clad or statute, can catch up on any episode. You mess that Bill Simmons path. Casta come don't forget to subscribe to the channel through three pie cast featuring pop culture, pike, ass and interviews from form of grant, grant lenders and agreement
German and Chris right, as was some NBA Pakistan, even some occasional cameos. For me, where we will have that he'd package may increase, ran Twentyth anniversary, it's gonna be before the end. Here. You can follow China, thirty three on twitter action of thirty three and subscribing Itunes teacher and sound, but are weak. Sixteen pigs what's to earn a foe, picks really quickly. Sure sir work were narrow. Dennis games because we're there's too much time till the games and by the way I'm gonna make a motion that we only do three games next few, assuming we do this as well If we do this next season, we have to actually keep track of our picks up a doubt, or at least
best bet. I think we should agree on a best bet that we do every week I combine despot what why that as we? Actually, you have cards in the Packers cards in Arizona Lang, four and a half, there's gonna. Be when he five thousand packer fans of the house may be thirty thousand. Who do have fun with it? I love the cards. I would urge the members that is four and a half. I would take the cards always up to six and a half Green bay coming off the three street straight up against the spread wines against awful tee in Dallas, Oakland Detroit, and then they and it took a miracle to beat Detroit to get the against the spread. Think there is a nice, the angle out there, my boy, big I'll pay nativity, did a great favourite like Zonia, fifty six and twenty.
Houston's, one thousand nine hundred and eighty against spread in this situation. I, like the Zona cardinals, I'm staying away only because I think teams get bummed out when there's thirty thousand of the other teams fans in the stadium hose makes me nervous egos airplane year. I wash confessional football team because Lang three points there are they, the eagle stinky? I think the patriots were about to beat them. Thirty five to ten. Until they did the stupid, onside kick and then, and then a black banner on Sunday at three return. Touchdowns and everybody thinks the Eagles might be good and they had pride and really that was a fluke game that probably going to happen once every five years. I, like you, out of the in the Superbowl but their low frisky. I, like you, I get points I think there bad shape when the favorites and when they're supposed to win, but I think when they're not supposed to win and they're getting points. I kind of like em.
Then, but now I just figured brings benefits is much improved for the defect rooms, and that was the thing that had me so like a delicious over I'm just on the seas in total six and a half was the number seven through on Sunday cash winter for the daddy yeah. I like, where the rat, I honestly, have stayed away from wagering on them. The entire sees along caused such a disparity between them on the road and at home, and ominous stay away from this one, as well as their on the road by women. Live animals did fuck either side, yes, yes outright when they I think it's over the earth, bad, as is the NFL rig. This game somehow, so that there is a weak seventeen giants eagles gain the manners and then down Swashing game. It matters
You have the bills cowboys the cowboys getting sick. Some Buffalo have no idea why you would select this game picket care about. It would suit which your incentive here I had two of these last week and lost both of whom I buffalo doubtless by anything less than a touchstone. I just take the other side that were at the point of the season where I'm getting lie left untouched down buffaloes at home. I, like just a plain old touchdown cover funny staff, the bills, thirty three and thirteen against a spread when coming off of back to back against this bread losses recently, seven and how, in that end, in a spot, though build led by they were by left for touchdown over cowboys. I take a belt, I d say stay away and I think you had done ass. Frida going again
Jets, pats, pats, laying three and a half in New York must one for the jets there suddenly and the outside. Looking in in the playoffs the patter banged up, which works, me, but here's what worries me? Even I'm not positive One seed makes sense for the pat near. Why is that who's gonna be a mystic spit or Denmark It's a Pittsburgh five in Kc. Six, we have. The two seed were guaranteed play the Fc West Team in ran one unless the Sixty beats the ABC West him right if they have the one seed, their basically plain. The best our car team and ran to you could argue the best wildcard team, which is wrong. Defiling it'd be Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh this set best team. There see right now that there, the two seed.
I'm sorry if they're the ones seed their guaranteed to play Pittsburgh. In round to investors succeed upsets the three seed. The six hundred categories. I'd worry said they would play they played member or Casey who but so that we could use, could really upset the three feet because of the three feet: gonna be Houston or Indy. More seed is gonna, be Houston, Andy as while contracted whose roof that's right. Ok, my point is the ones who really matters, and if the paths are banged up and they have em hurt and grants blow at length. I could you see them through, in this game away. I that doesn't seem like about check way. Now he's dense, weird stuff. In the past I dont like three and a half. I like it better at three,
I don't care you like this, isn't like hey guys. We got to win this week, lunch the one saying it just went and something about it scares me and I did the jets play them really. Well, the last time they have a good defensive line. They can rush Brady at the middle to patch. A really bad, like now, chunks hurt, but I'm in here as we can resist, feels like a three point, eight to me, their job bunch, a red flags with this and and I think the jets at least cover the last one. We both agree on. Let's make this hour
That is the weak Seahawks, our lamps? The rams are getting thirteen points in the land of Seattle. Yes, I had to see out of the ox. I have seen enough over the last five weeks from them. The pedal is to the metal. I took the brown last week that was dumb. I don't you know fourteen and have just that like too much either. You know that the EU and with man's though, and and you know the obvious frailties of of Cleveland and claim it kind of hung in there, but Russell Wilson is on a tear right now. I don't want to get in the way. I just unhappy delay the point I want to see your eye. They run the rams, Adela Electorates taken, arrive there. I would rather not afraid to lose big bye, bye, bye, they, the cavalcade triple, did it by the way not had enough a fisher. This do nothing-
I'm gonna stay away from now. Are you going to make it a best bet, but never took seahawks them? take the rams as gonna get excited and take the rams are there, but that you didn't take them. So I'm not taken yes, I'm gonna take a backup pick just kiss she's, not gonna, get to be utterly more private, you're, probably in good shape. With that strategy, I'm gonna take the Giants Minnesota, seven, oh sure, son, in a game, no out, thou becum, you know whence screw it. I can't and yet you swear you see, I'm I'm gonna take our Monday night. Oh.
The Brok us only laying three have points at home to age? Emma Karen I looked and looked at this among and hard. I felt like thing and causes holiday time if fat, but while recur in the air If you accept since again closely last week, I get that dad allotted drives. They just cake, manage the game and they put him in a bit like what, if they're down ten, nothing and he's in Denver and he's got to actually start making some place. I don't know if we're together and I've heard back. That land seems loaded me. I thought I was gonna, be broncos by sex or something so I'm gonna take them ass bone in Riverboro stay so good. Yet primary time is not on the menu for you. Man Christmas Eve Dinner Chateau MIKE I have core chateaubriand go ahead, I'm sorry and support
That is what about you. It's on the many fuel all our night, a delicious ribroaster Roma have them loose lice turkey. Low slice am delicious. This is gonna, be the coup de Robin cook it for the first time. If you, Many recipe than of your fancy meet people Jimmy camels, a fancy meet guy. Your beer, Adam Perry Lang, can send me a rib rose the recipe. I greatly appreciated. I'm jumpin right in the pool prison Delicious primary about Christmas dinner. Zimbabwe listings. Take I close off after yes, red wine, rib roast and the clippers Lakers pants down ass? A fascinating did that I guess we have one more two thousand fifty impact straight. We got one extra current thanks to seek the presenting sponsor the best practices our favorite place to buy and sell tickets go to seeking dot, Slash B
ass to learn how to buy and sell and seeking don't forget the free seeking gap and are promo code. Bs seek was any twenty dollars. What you been first purchase. Thanks stage be other nice enough to give the amount of each other marches next spring. Thanks HBO download the HBO, I've set you free one month, trout, they dont forget about the channel. Thirty three podcast into Green, Monte, Cristo, opposed and best of the year stuff we're gonna. Do my heap podcast David Chris Ryan. We can do that next week. I think cuz we're going to need that more next week than this week. If that changes, I will tweet and that's it. For the day, Pike S happy out thanks for spread the word it's been a bear. Interesting, two thousand fifty, but I'm glad we were able to get the pack s gone. You can subscribe to an eighteen stature. Poor sauerkraut enjoy Thoud. Merry Christmas. We about this Until I want to see me again, we wanted
Why? Here close pitch in.
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