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Ep. 45: NFL Wild Card Picks w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons wraps up a wacky Week 17 & makes picks for the NFL Wildcard weekend with Cousin Sal. Topics include: AFC playoff picture, Tom Brady injury (6:00 mark), Making of a (Manning) Murderer (10:00), Jets' collapse (15:00), Super Bowl odds (21:00), Cousins vs. Rodgers (25:00), "red hot" Seahawks (32:00), 'H8teful Eight' NFL QBs (36:00), NFL in LA (39:00), coaching vacancies (42:00), Wild Card line guesses (47:00), Pats/Belichick conspiracies (58:00) and Aaron Rodgers' relaxation level (1:00:00).

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care. They wait a snack away with their smart by scanty. If you get a snack, you know like their old place it in your next box for free nature, backstop com, slashed bs, go there and get fifty percent off. Your first box make my wife happy to welcome to the round land mega pad there. We are. I love this problem. My favorite part of the air, so much going on is a lot we have around one mines or you have arrived Superbowl that stuff that's cousin, so fresh office. Thirteen for best bet Record Sport Centre, that's good! He hit with that mergers? That was scary, rider one laughed at me in there In last, when that game I wasn't laughing. I actually think if we like a couple guys,
hurt for them and their game, including at least one offensive lamb in the matter of even last, a second one by a guard Jesse my day like he had no time the interception was preordained, who's gonna happen they kept bathroom rabbit. I was gone. Crazy catches, the patriots for the second Kate decided sheet irregular sees a game like a preceding air costing us. Some vibe with our long process yet large, unless I like. Yet we didn't, we had them in teases, impartial everything they just didn't care. Peter King wrote that they of four corners. I or somebody did. I thought that was a good way to put it. It's like they were taking the game but they weren't China win the game. Brady was for four five in the first half, in about twenty one times. There is a little urgency in the third quarter. Fur men and again both would swear to me
If you're not trying to win had, is Tom Brady still get her absolutely hook? You can't you have this buffers. I think there are China when, but but they did look like they were half asking it and there was no off that's a fly there. I don't have to tell you now saying I was there. Can sue sues out their Suez like that. Haven't a handsome brothers out. There try go after quarterback, you know he's gonna wanna, step on earth. He s inhabitants, gonna, have an illegal heads, are devastating, so yeah keep right are there if you don't want to win, but there's I once again with our friend Kevin Hedge, big patriots, Now can only imagine nothing about it. I'm watching a patriot some with him, unless it's actually better, if you dont have tens of thousands of dollars on the patriarch, you said, but hatches like I can't arose a market can and Mark is Canada's out. That's why these non existent? If we had no one out there, it would take too long time for the defence of tractor. Get degrading basic shopping. People into Brady TAT is sue her Brady, because language
Sue, I think of his carriage german headstart, yeah it it's it. They were taking the game now, but if you're not going to try to win it just plague or upload a fugitive Brady throw five times at the first have just play grapple, oh sure, care. I'm happy the to cede. I think I said: this to you to pack ass ago baby said Joe Ass said somebody at it. I think they wanted the to cede real added. They played the last two weeks like it's like. I will take the one seat. If you give it to us, but we're pretty uploads a juicy, I hate. This topic is, though, How great didn't work out for the? Why, though, at the play danver at Amber and Pittsburgh Venza your thing? Are you a weighted average birth, but it's the same thing like, though, that you saying that try to avoid Pittsburgh Teresa, I'm saying in round to right they play Cincinnati since then loses. They would play either Hughes dinner, Kansas City, they pay Those three teams at home and ran to rather much
here with that then Pittsburgher the jets all right, but they'll still have to, and then you say they go to Denver, you're saying and that they're you like that better than playing Pittsburgh Bait, maybe Denver losses and ran to to do so good about Denver winning ran to, but it would be pits but, like the other, your voice imposed where it can play its birth. Its give their devereuxs paint. Berger can't sitting around to see the girl but it s a rose whereby Pittsburgh, which you try to organise I was gonna, be my thing is I don't know what they are trying to do because, ultimately, if you, if we can't it does Mary, they put their lives anyway. Here I just didn't they than any inside there like we need the once it now. I am also, but let me ask you this will go over Superbowl odd, but yeah have those you would be surprised right now if they are to make the Superbowl who you patriots Oh, I wouldn't be surprised at. You is wide open. You do! Ok, I don't ever met a more wide open air
well, I got my writing. I went opinion a month ago, like they were plus two twenty years after we would allow like not no one's bidding them here, but we're tune. Or in the last six years that they now I'd still, Baroness yeah, they didn't even use grab the last two weeks they threw over the better, in two weeks data. Fourth, in that point, that was it Amatolas come back elements coming back, need. Soldier Jackson are in every way Bowman Guy back soldiers out his boat everywhere, but Gc Stephen Jackson, the first half their. He actually was looks like a better Le Garabin. He had some Papua waits that bad as a third I'm back. They really miss Louis, but you know, I think I'll be healthy in time for ran to new jails. You made for my boy, Romo, absorbing here today and then Brady, the next Beranek he can get out of his own way Brady hit. It was almost like watching Willem defer, get shot and put tune like it wasn't just so
going into Brady's body lurches, hands or lurching. I just I was expecting tat has been my heart stopped immediately. Is tat. My dad, because my dad is now sixty eight hours wanna make sure he'd in just have the big one I'm a diamond, William devotion to have incited. We faced ironic that one's realise that we have a lot to get to you today, but Sweden save the lines for later. We do so boards. What are you what your mother, we and I have a couple weeks- seventy things are going ahead, error, sock matter, Kubi adventure, Manning City needed a spark. Do you actually gave her so half time comes in Tracy wolves in there hey Tracy, worthier Cuba Vexatious, like she basically said, cubic
at Breakfast Weiler Sack didn't any wasn't. Having Bob I mean. That's you just let it go. This is the story of the weak, seventeen its I well. We assume she did their porn unthinking he's gonna remaining back. It's going to happen. First drive the running back fumbles and now he brings vainly back like this is somehow Brok asked why restaurant acquiesce to interceptions and like two hundred twenty yards and fourteen for twenty two's up the like patent would have to do a lot worse to get better. And I have five turnovers. I think one that might have been his body through the past too hard. They get interception, one he's, throwing the barn again say it, so he must have been schooner bottles, so mainly comes in a new is like MEG ran in the winter met, Sally Delhi Scene, just like it's like a when at long nance, gas and they're, just they want it so bad. They want me to do well, and woody was three four five at one point for thirty six yards, but they had scored because they just kept handing
often seems as complementing is oddballs their great art like now what s in the week inaudible separate many, are not mentioned in the aid age cannot all be. Then nets, as afterwards I have it here princess. I asked them on Sunday morning. Would you just ass. The Al Jazeera thing during the game near said: no, why would we we talk about it? We would only continue to breathe. Life into a story that, on all levels, is a non story. Why add another layer to it interesting? So now you re compares the deflationary now I d It's a nun story, though now you're a nurse, it's something new, but I had to watch the Superbowl with my teams, China, to drive for the game when in touch Collins worth is doing. Is Tom Brass, it look at my ass and I believe that, unlike the so so why
Did we go so far with that story? And then this directive is to talk about this one great meaning there is every area and your integrity is is a notch above embassies, I guess worse keys. Tweeting, you see, the George Ski to yield is a man who comes in, and yours gets here becomes the share of people. Take it that tweet. I do feel is it you, George, is cheerleading for Manning disease. Pierre guys is that they go after Brady for night, but they're, just cheerleading Manning like left and right everybody exciting for the game. Good for the game, when he's back its great shared sir Sheriff is back, go pay in actual fact, work well for Roger S, advice that if our guy is it possible, Maybe it's because I'm all into conspiracies now at this making of a murder thanked you for getting me to watch. I go to bed furious every night now and now a knock on adequate for the people was kind. I just
out stupid everyone is and how, though, in this everybody is, but it is just me crazy. But what is that at that time by William the phone term, a foreigner, I'm sorry about your phone everywhere? Is it possible Bray Manning said after we towns like? I just need a break and need a month off I'll, throw to picks up put my for my foot thing on piano and going to look into that. I just need a break in and give me a month off. If we get the to see, they point out the pages that we get the to see so be it the Patsy run away with this. I just need a month off and eventually, Brock Osweiler will trip all over himself, and he put me back in and it was about the best moment. You can possibly do it and then he said I'm going to murder somebody in my bedroom there's going to be blood everywhere, but yeah of magical clean up. All the blood may not use the car crusher right in my back yard, their crushes cars.
Here we are at a fire boats and put the rat right outside their home and how we think that identifies me with a vehicle. The key to leave that my room here to find that the eighth time you went in there is many a murder and in the murder victim has is the only person. America who just carries a car. Key no house case right. Isn't that nobody s there is one person. America just have a car keys is show I hated. It was ten up, some five and set out the killer. Although my wife read all the Wikipedia and everything afterwards, it should have been six episodes they'd they strung out an extra forehead five and six of the best that the trial, but you it's it's. A ten hours show that should have been six and it said it was sad. Sunlight Manning did some hand. Offs did some models,
I think it's the charges. Horrendous defect is right. The charges head, like nobody, left their defense. He threw, I think, three deep passes. All them overthrown too wide open guys. The key was lights out are like Myspace the recalibrate. My thoughts are dead birds of planting. Nobody had that fourteen yard out down pretender girl pop on it and it too throw another guys Megan wide open for wider. Before you figured passes. More could do that if you had a bet down seven cents, ex that when he came out when there are doubts, are not seven six other than they had seven right, it was seven times more. That's why I had to tell me the charge you're gonna lose. It was seven six and eight at five turnovers. They weren't. Even when it exactly that can work, they need eleven turnovers. I still thought they might have: they might win with us while there the chargers, what a grateful river season
best foreign twelve seasons, I've ever seen had no no receivers now writing backs. He ended up. Second, was breeze first and passing arts. What's what's their record combined most Hannah allotted she better gently, and so this brackets team I was keep track of legitimate. The jet losses and then either word. I would say yesterday was in either working right. Jirga was an illegitimate the charges are so the net. The branches with four legit wins three legitimate. Susan, nine, either or games, and somehow they're the ones say it. I don't think that's a good omen for them now so I a super bowl odds the once it should not be. What are they sixty one? Nancy, since that was one most hilarious broadcast and ever listen. Mr Deva has almost doubled the funniest hour of the year, a meaning we don't know where countries are coming, but it was she's great there just so desperate to praise They married Manny. They were so happy
Manning wanted Nance wanted to call the main touchdown so bad inches. Who kept His long runs them. They couldn't figure at a massage return, but it won't point mating, had the happy feet for like eight seconds and then almost got strip set from behind, as he held them out to show the replanting goes. That's a great sack by Peyton Manning Red tape that Sacrae there would every says that what he by God, I was dying for the PIC sixty four, the charges when. I would have alma. I wouldn't have traded a pat Superbowl for it, but it's close, but this requires great for your. Doesn't it like why? Because Another Brady Manning Games gave here and it's in Denver. No one could talk about deflated balls. It's on the road Peyton puts together to big big, let's say to get to the to championship or one. What is it now? We'd have to win. Don't forget a bad who, as the first seed, seventeen interceptions around ten weeks, a farm Casey or Pittsburgh.
Who's, the others in them I play. Don't you want to root for a good paid manning? No doubt you do. You want me to there is a patriots van I'm not afraid any these teams. If my themes healthy, we have the best him. I just don't know my team southie. If they're not have anything, I beg you lose two of em they're. What team couldn't be? I guess Houston is the only when they're probably couldn't beat them, so the other. What the other big than happiness there was the jets there, which I I I, personally take responsibility for because last Monday and this pike ass, I talk to you about how to set all the makings of Fitzpatrick turning into Fitzpatrick at midnight, turning into a Fitzpatrick pumpkin and We declare them good, then we did it. We said he's good. So please just please he's been doing this and then he really turned into Ryan Fitzpatrick. Three straight interceptions work order, including like a it seems I was thinking they're going to
because we had a man like jets too and had long conversation yeah they morning about to an average of three buy off the three or just take the three of them so much better than going to be done right, who's, Rex Ryan. This is stupid, but if you'd like to build it's only because of Rex ryan- and he hasn't done anything and yeah, then we had everything on the jets. Weird game. Where at that, though, one of the worst place of the season was when they brought in January. For that. Fourthly, three: any: I can in the end the guide, jumps, offsets right, say really, who obviously they brought him just to do hard counts? Are they gonna run a fourth and through the J Manual, having laid in a Mohamad Wilkerson broke his leg events when I started get word, and yet the jets are going down, field It seems I think, in a score I'm thinking like while they threw down to right now they score. There are five: maybe they go for the two point, though be of sex and were in and then I'll send interception so bad,
The neck on a year we should have known like the dead, still would serve it up on a platter to the jets and they and they blow it. It's just that that year we should have known and then meme, hats are run in the four corners offered to Miami India and have a chance to just steal the game. In the ten and then they gave up like the distant bastard. Third, cousin of the Tiree catch he's a fear that bounces off Logan Ryan Jane the ads in the air and the guy catches it, and they know it turned out that. Third, now it was terrible there is a third in twelve hours back. Is that, like we devote our lives? It is this league to gambling on this league and you got the look up in the second
quarter and the path to lose and they need to win the bangles are losing. They need to win that wasn't. A ravens stores are struggling with clear. Why, unlike all these teams, what the jets obviously losing F off what these teams honestly answers like this, it seems like the ravens only get up for the rivalry games, like this. Is it this way? Gonna screw us and the United States role heading into go, let's go to Cleveland, guys, Travis, Instead, it again their fourth filled all the day at seventeen as well as and when you do in Pittsburgh. It's gonna be gets the long overdue. That's why they're so crazy about man one more day about Manning. The biggest thing he did was the army has Gradual- and I got a lot of I like the old like require common in poking you in the eyes, and the latter are not much to do there, but an insane As you know, pudding
guys. Online Manning audible, Zadig arrives great audible. Nobody us would have thought that are both a guy's of the latter three receiver spread out you'll, never forgiven nets and since the best there I loved the sea at the jets that was out of the jetty vs losses that they had jets, seest. When seen in history? The jets add enough, it was a tent. A tenos agony and, after nine presenting the real jets fan said their guard up you now. I don't think jets fans regarding their game got word be Buffalo that I didn't there like. I hope he Buffalo, I feel good about being above a rabbit. Let nobody had bought in now kept us. But in a two and a half with one and three bought in literally we are late with that. Was that for Bunny Colvin was that it was week seventeen Lass worse than when he Amsterdam we fell, fell apart.
So I would ease alma. Oh yeah, right, coach, Bunny Cholera, every about that. Yet I think in Amsterdam, where's the as I do that of an entire part about tomorrow. I suggest a football us. There was this bed, I would ask that we have more. Let's do him what's what's right, the plantings, but first I want to do you like this one, sir, I'm on top better friends it square space, so many friends, They build fantastic websites for normal people, you're normal part. I don't know many more people a year at the root of a normal person. If you ain't thirteen and for our best bets on sport centre the seas, you know what I would regret a view that a website really that had the picks and the video you dead and all that stuff and square space. They could do it so easily
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here. The your best bet, sir, together to her to find so its agencies, others ass from a nice and easy So now you go Superbowl odds are Savio its December bites. I think they threw their hands in the arena. We talk about the vague zone being four and a half six points. Bread is that, as the vague is only for the ads Think for the odds. They did the same thing as I have three teams right around. Ninety two was I would you have to know what you yeah, so there is on and I dont ever remember. I dont ever remember not having a team that was in three to one or lower right, usually theirs, The team that see their favoured like me,
It is when eighty minus two hundred some by that or somebody like a plus one, fifty plus two hundredth penetrates sediments words. It usually at this point the Patriots plus one fifty right now. So I break the path teams, unaware thought: gonna go backwards from twelve and I'll get the sublime to a new term rethink coming in number twelve, the Houston, Texas, their seventy five to one to win the Superbowl anything that died. Think that's fair at the guard buddy Daniel, has them. He thought it was at a year. Seventy to one odds, he D, really they lack the force aided he didn't like they might be there like a month ago. Did they ve got out now didn't go down so tat would so that they have a home game and then they Yoda Danver if they want now. That's all that's gotta Deborah. Unless the three seed Lassiter they gotta patriots, yeah, that's along. That's all! I'm just trying to take a few took them individually. Each
aim for the one five to one might inconceivable that they could win endeavour for me now low scoring game rush rush manning the thing It's a little bit scary about them in the patriot, certainly demolish them, but they have a receiver who can just make all kinds of place like he could put up a ten catches. Two hundred twenty yards to tee designer- rather they have why, in some as other as in the past Russian, if it's the wrong, a game in there The lead in their common after you will, let me ask, Fraid aware Anon screw up your writings, but let's do it this way, which quarterback down thirteen three or which team thirteen three down. Do you trust the least to ever? Is Houston's advised yeah, no question, that's whether twelve that's gonna, how I've been ranking? Never so my number eleven controversial,
five to one adds Green Bay. Dare the all time are, we sure, are we sure they're getting me? I am not sure they're good. Now there were foreign sexton, their last tanner, were urged to inform their last gonna meet three. It was goin six in their last ten June between seven, if not for Thou Mary read yeah, there geyser never open, never that match their defences did. They threw us off the scent when they, when they beat the how to Minnesota that game. Illegal, ok, green base their here they come now that really I just it's out of a week to week with them anymore. It's it's carried a carry like anyway. She puts his head down yet seven and then the next one is always stacked up for minors. Fourteen they like. I can't I don't know what the wisest of eating as he's getting tat. I have
I still ahead of them at ten, their thirty eight to one I'm in a low game for you, Sir, do you take in Washington, overgrown bathes? Why am I haven't decided? Yet? I just think there if your life depends on, I gotcha does Kubi one four thousand home when I just six sixty yards twenty. Ninety seven point: six, seven yards per pass hundred and one point six Kubi rating on that Saint Hubert, Cuba is absolutely idiotic. This is carcasses Q b to also ok, thirty, eight twenty one yards, thirty one tidies six point: six: eight yards per pass. Ninety two point: seven Cubey rating, which one is correct: cousins in which one is erogenous law you'd have to of the one. The first one with the better gases, Kircher semi better season and is only around resented quarterback, but man. If you took out that Hale Mary yeah he's under thirty seven years for the season you played the entire,
he played the entire season there I dont do they make the playoffs? If it isn't retail Mary, they do rage there's. Nobody would manage. Basically motorway ass. There had been a sixty there, but. The worst in playing? I wanna, we ve got a line, yet I sent you my guess, but I do think that that's not their debts it's a legitimate home dog. It edges hard, because I don't think we and I sent you on and off. You saw the list of I'll card match up civil and years and every year I was Gung HO about at least one team, probably too, and girl, Gunnar Home Tamar. Just out of one one of the teams, it was probably a home to him long away like last year. I love the Pittsburgh over Baltimore the year before who do we love at last my favorite iron. Whenever was women grieve over Pittsburgh, what about fair and live a barrier. Dial of them
and we love New Orleans over Seattle that one year like every I lose. A ton of money ends up like that, but round have that the chair, but this year we have to look forward to the second round like who do we want making the second round soviet bet against them? But you you just said you and even go. You don't even know used in Denver what there's no easy bad. Some saying the rest. The way. I don't think I think her cousins on the road and ran to is pretty tasty right. I feel it similar him, as I did about Fitzpatrick, that it's gonna happen is going to rise again at some point, possibly go to Caroline unless Yadda one near here do aligned with the rankings. I know since he at number nine twenty five to one I'd stay there saint down my play this week, who the hell knows, I don't see how you gonna be effective with a broken thumb. Helping take care, replace addict there, almost like yes, it out another week here, be diet immigrants, her red Minnesota at eight thirty five.
To one. Did they win you overt, I, as yesterday with anything they did. I think that defences, damn tough they're gonna, make a miserable time for any quarterback, but I still think Teddy to gloves Hasta complete three big passes the right teddy too, and I don't see now: I another that's gonna to happen if Patterson doesn't get strapped on that long return they when there came by to touch dance and we're talking about how good Minnesota but what about regular com? But I didn't get a defensive touchdown. The rate is down to the last drive, so I think Those five earn one tear the Houston washed and Green Bay since in Minnesota, moving into the seventeen that actually have a chance to win the Superbowl. So we do have seven themes that there are some really we have three, but we have at least could somebody from the US he's gonna make it I'm so what'd. You have for centuries odds twenty five, the one! That's a to see that twenty five to one three c, relentless area. Does Cuba saga damper at seven six to one I've Pittsburgh at six, their seventy one,
Kansas City at five hundred and twenty four to one odds and the pats at four four hundred and fifty. My top three are in a c teams, but KCS, two thousand and forty one the plane, Houston Round, one knave if it Three seed Cincinnati takes care of business at home against Pittsburgh. Casey goes to Denver Round to right, which is the all time went on one verse for match up for the forces that I can remember, giraffe vanity, it was on the sidelines, Agraea areas on the sidelines gap. It you gotta, get past. This game gets up. After Casey's dream scenario is as the three seed wins they get to go to Denver, Right and then, since he somehow beats New England and ran to show,
the play, basically not paid Manning and then whoever the since a few beers and cases are sending the Superbowl. That's not like her gray eyes, where's case, there's, J J watches did marshes Garcia, parlor dream has begun by use after eight straight way of losses. Has there ever better more obvious shaky pizza match up there now Casey used and we have our annual banquet, which Brad, who want our family, which is very excited about, and I have to bring the trophy since I one last year to shake he's. Probably the Saturday for the earlier machete pizza hasty. Is that I think Casey used in the last five years for the last five years has been that early Saturday again one of those who air space. No Matlin, maybe before censure, maybe it's rather he just as that up for it
I didn't like a ton of Homer Canada. No man could certainly on earth. I wouldn't you say he got her right. Tragic were well. Think offers teams could win any view just looking about. What's savvy wager their living Casey at twenty, one of the best, that's pretty good, double digit thing. I don't see why their ads are so dramatically different than the other thing I think Danvers x to one on remember one seated, six, the one of you in a long time now make it possible and not see that extra once per year at their once it who have you told me three weeks ago, I had the Patsy plus four fifty automatic site will do it. We wait for life. What are we waiting for me? So these last three teams are all about plus four fifty hours for fifty years.
In the last three Seattle. I am Seattle, ranked third about six hundred of Carolina ranks second plus five hundred from their supports, and then Arizona is plus four fifty. So I watch any the Seattle Arizona began because I didn't think Arizona was gonna. Try I thought for sure, that there are legal Carolinas get no one scene, damp is not bidding them wishes will go. Half ass, which seems like that's what happened in that area. Is like Seattle. They throttle there's did Arizona, try or not. I didn't watching it, don't know what happened, but here's what's weird so Tuesday. I have to do my ESPN thing, Tuesday, Vario, on the way cuz they're devoted to college football. So I have Seattle as a pic on a teaser ten. I was like that's going to be good as I was going to look
scoreboard and secure line is winning. Then I can have any reason, but I hear on the radio that carols gonna sit starters and then I look align the line jumps to seven years ago and taken our results on a teaser minus one thing. Charles starts off like gangbusters. These guys come out that their unstoppable Russell Wilson's run around like they did. They gonna get plants. The next ten years of dinner, when I dont know I'd that he showed too much there. If anyone could have snuck up on you, maybe Seattle can sneak up on Minnesota. Some of these play off teams now the that the most dangerous time again, we have to look out I have a question because I had to hear over and over again last night on various channels how Seattle Red hot nobody wants to play these guys watch out for Seattle. I maybe holidays. Am I too much might have imagined this amount. Hallucinated item whereby, like the revenant like I might have been in some sort of common, just saw Indians dancing, array
I could have sworn Seattle scored. Ten points against the Rams a week. Sixty forgot their essence character that man that have so where they read hat, and this case Canaan by thirteen brides and still less to the ravens, pretty pretty hand, though it to em ass it if you're not read had if you lost threat. Sixteen in you scored ten points against case came and Jeff Fischer in the ribs. Well that that means you're not read that be my overall message to gamblers hair, who all want to take up the road team or somethin just be careful and Carolina. Who is the best he Noah Season, who finally played a shit game in weak. Sixteen there and then killed tamper with seventeen and every Reside Carolina. That's it's! The road goes through them. The road still go,
through them, in my opinion, on personal, most afraid, Arizona for the Patriots and AIDS, a bad match up for later at the Arizona is the best bet for the Superbowl M might becomes year net? Now, that's a good game effect comes out of files. Lets us Tate, who you more most afraid of Seattle, Arizona, your tat said, is more afraid, Amazon Carolina. There are some parallels with curry in the warriors and there in the Hall Carolina can actually the workers the whole year raise. I can't take them seriously came when would jump shots in us and they want the title in the path. Saint there who are their weapons. The pan division that ever need with dollar week about four M Bp, it a hundred times it's probably taken junior. Maybe if we employs a couple last points before we get, we get to the ram on lines and Bp Watch. Let him unanimous right there is Brady Tale.
After much shit, I don't see Palmer. There is talk of palm or but Russell worse. In first six weeks of the season has the count Josh Freeman. Then we pay Came in might save Chuck pagodas Jabba as a vote you are aware. Is exports were reject? Raymond bangles call me he's only like twenty two years old shut up now. Twenty six Wilson was twenty five tedious to pigs in the second half of the season, and then they last Jimmy Graham and its, I made them better. She may damage while Charles through the biggest losers in this, is it right they lose both of them in the team falls apart. Where's idea, Louis, I think, is the big winner. The sea gets hurt the pats like the offences. Never there a levy on Bell can't be too near. Now, come
about a levy about. Where would the angel waves got her? Regenerating Pittsburgh regret so Cuba's their played and weak? Seventeen Josh Freeman ran Linley, who selling real estate callin more for your cowboys. Foreigner. Thirty seven yards Austin, Davis, Blaine, Gabert Ryan, mallet case keen him in a J Mc Karen. The hateful eight. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. A bigger away. Carefully, is only the hateful aid that has to be the way week, seventy we ve ever there the hurtful a hired fellatio. I think that is why and Johnny Manzella, probably download them It seems that talk hurrying em, but the dynamo trading him do. No one can pick him up right right. That's nice
have a back up what the name, whatever it's fun he runs around. But now, in this day and age you see that a backup quarterback, it's like having electing twelve presidents in a row that get shot and you have to go with the vice president, like a backup is gonna play. Its couples are gonna get divorces. What what's gonna happen, a backups gonna play. You can have Johnny Man's all running around. I think he's done. I like the there is enough, who knows of its true or not that he just wants to play for Dallas. The air and he's kind of lead us
of go the last week to make sure cleaving released and that's it gets a great strategy, Janni very professional. You know he signed up for it to tv. Did you hear about the show there now about this either? I guess we talk about this yesterday because you can be done on Sundays. Now is our playing football so he's taking over the the Pool Party in Vegas at the hard rock on Sunday morning, Sun afternoon and he's doing it with the Montreal Canadians. It's a weird Diana why he would have been much our Canadian, yes called rehab and it's it's Johnny and its eventual Canadians component,
our combined age tricks with, like God, he sticks and parks and everything but yeah, that's what he's doing on Sundays. Rehab, rehab, Langley, Captain Morgan sit a reality showers lightly. Scripted reality shows that a particular reunite the ribs sick it as a chicken ever here's another they now. Why doesn't Cleveland ally doesn't want a team? But ever you could say people what we do want a team, but we should have temporary teams like the Brown should be like look. We just need two years to get tan we're gonna Will the team just for two years to allay we promised, will be good those two years, but what do we have? We don't have a quarter back. Why receiver running back, to get excited about cleaving, we'll be back in two thousand nineteen. We take two teams for two years: that's it almost like teams for higher near here they come here. They didn't, they need a break any to decompose. I dont idle Dealey Ella team that I think she come back as the Rams cause. There
and yet the raiders should stain O Connor in its I like having the Syndic chargers. Now you know they ve been their fur. Ever and it s very come to allay like who cares that kind of like ours now to use both be big. News is weaker for something there's gonna be no attain, because that's what the legal Anson censorship a bowler occasion to charged on sale adds can be the change their stay. I mean they're stadiums of mass. It says they can't stay there and it doesn't seem like it just seems like that's that that stadiums at the worship of the state, I think it's gettin termite tended like too, What what's funny, though, are not funny, but you really can't justify building of football stadium and there she have to, and it fell to him because I was again my friend Nathan show me a list of all the concert. That have happened. Another different stadiums in the football state they year average for boss,
unless it's going to New York, has like seven concerts ear. Read so. Let's say you have ten football games and seven concerts men, one soccer game. Its eighteen events is that they are like. Maybe a paper you up Paper viewers on Bulgaria could, even though, in these faking billion tell the tell the towns The cities I would ever like ours can be great free, guys, how's. That great. I like that like where that Dallas Stadium is. How is that great for Dallas it's in the middle of nowhere, where we went to doubts that time, we're at some weird bar Q place fifteen minutes away for a stadia in any sitting traffic trying to get there and how is the same Cisco stadium, good for people in San Francisco, Kazanovitch Services, it's like mad, even in that same Jose, where the hell is that way. How does that help the community? Now? I don't think it does, but who cares like you're, Dallas Fanny live here. Yeah I've got something share, attic
we did it. We don't need a team. I wish everyone would stay in the same place, but I had the rams moving back here at on totally ever problem. They were here would make rural happy lasting Cleveland. The owners fired three coaches, three jams and two presidents. And like three and a half years, that's pretty get three earlier. He should ever Hulu share very active of Ilusha Jimmy Haslemere, open cutting jobs right now, my Amy Cleveland Philly San Francisco, and we also might have the Saints Tennessee Indiana San Diego and the giants I was just going to say, has been announced, but we're gonna do this podcast and then like an Alec, seven coaches you're just sit here in silence and just this rate wetter yeah refresh profile, Bartok that and you know what I'm Thinkin Tom cough Wanna. We may find a moment everything, but I think we ve been
mean this guy three hundred forty get whatever was. If I were him, I'd like straws who everyone, what the handshake in the middle of field, I drop my drawers and just run just run out there, you see in the twenty four hour. Fitness the old man naked just run about no don't say a word to anyone. Or waiting for them to fire him, and then he gets another job. I know so jams gonna go to ship care You, gotta have many division. The time when the best coach in the end. If she's got to keep us up now- and I'm glad I don't know it's a devil, you know I was never has never afraid of what Chip Toyota offer. What do you think happens and I think he goes to San Francisco San Francisco and had the key rejuvenates com cabinet
And I think tens if, if I'm gonna see where I am afraid that there he'll learn from some of the stuff that happen and fella. You know I like, and people in their second chance minded about. If he goes, a Tennessee you'd be passed when you, if he diffused Marianna Guy, like that that just worked out too, while also it seems I got really reading today. It seems I Tennessee may be able to turn that number unpack until I got godfather yeah slate, a pair legitimate may be pretty it there and I like some, they isolating bad division. If I was, if I was a coach I'd want India Indianapolis, that's a job in more Nick as you get luck right. How do you feel if you're sure Peyton, where that's already common now is that your team would trade you for a second round pick tat Azalea granted. It was wasn't a first year no conflict like it's one thing. If you just don't get re up, but it like you
Actually, no your value yeah, it's kind of a real slap in the face of surprise, the be in Chad. Do those me trade me? There sat graphic. Knowing that I would have been itself that it wasn't a lottery pick, we gotta do they should by the way this is this. Is they call this black Monday enough and avail? They then? I would think like Anthony Anderson, Asia, just be it a poem all day should be blackish Monday he's at a poem in every like forty five minutes. He announced as a firing and Anna fell scrape just another event. Black day sounds like a Hulu share of thought. I don't know, I don't know what that theme is by black mud, permitting next month shadow to sit beside pump security. They worked with me to put together a massive security arsenal. Far listeners entry, sensors motion, sensors glass break every; they need to stop criminals from ever
to your home, it's not how it is used in any more, but you can still get a hundred dollars off the special holiday package from simply safe guarantee yourself, complete protection for your home, they'll contracts, no commitments and again as your special post holiday, offering at a hundred hours off my hand, PICS clarity package could simply safe. Bill dot com and save a hundred hours of my security pick that simply safe build their cup. I wish simply safe, when I was talking to yesterday about teachers in india- and parliament other stuff, because I feel like they ve. Maybe they could save me. Maybe I need motions there's from our gammarus, they should be able to intervene. Good Lord without further Ado. Oh, I had one last thing for you before I get to that picks. What is our winner best record against the spread in the two thousand. Seventeen regular season was two dozen seventeen two thousand fifteen year residual Wild as fifty.
It was Minnesota Minnesota Vikings, thirteen and three against spread their they may and they were awaiting cover around one hour week. Why are we going in San Francisco after sailor, Jim laugh at thirteen into the rest of the way, I'll amaze good for where, where we are now in about an hour, but no instead on this week, number two Cincinnati Bengals right, twelve, three one against the spread. No one's taken in this week number three, the Carolina Panthers, no eleven firmness with either, but that doesn't apply. In five and went against the spread and then a debt everyone's in the middle, the pack here are worse teams against Ispra, Baltimore five men and to Miami five and eleven Baltimore Handsome closed crazy feel, go on stupid Tennessee for eleven one. Last but not least, zero Dallas cowboys their covered for
aims, a share for eleven and wanting scrabbling number four pick. So there is something to be learned from this, though, because you ve I used to read about this and he has been that calm when you go into the season in you think I'm in a back these couple teams these teams, and I'm in a kind of short these other times. If you want, the season you said, and they feel is going. Sac, I'm not buying them. I think Indianapolis is going to second and Baltimore is going to suck. I think San Francisco, like you, would have done well and if you went in the season you said like Minnesota Caravan, he pursued them. You would have done well now you have to go at this. In knowing you about an iota of that's our lazy, seven, eight and one last year. But can I say One thing about shortly: yet great man, great cowboy gets a two million dollar escalator bonus if he plays yesterday right and that's
two million for an escalator. I don't know how these walls of surviving, but now that's two two million dollars run around the pre game says I feel it hamstring sat, sat working, I'm sit now coach a good machines that can pay a paid under the same I mean at Mit- might do it anyway to share gents, have a production cup. It's got a match on. They document referred to million dollars, though they might just pay I'm because sometimes that's what they do, but his leg. I can't help you here couch and let them set now give guy that John they're, like that Charlie Penn, state and state round one lines never been less ran worthwhile. That about that's good, that's good! What do you want
go by the time of the gay. I go about. Ok, so Saturday, one thirty. What Channel Casey at Houston Sissy is Pierre, yet the SBA a spear great I have had this can't be right. I think I have the chiefs favoured by six points. Derided cabaret. I said I said the chief by for three and a half years, thereby through now Brian horror, the latter respect for brain or where there is a lot of. What's the money line chiefs like my swine, eighty or ninety, or something there somewhere there at what we're gonna feel this way about every rotate they're. Just better was the year.
I must say five years ago T J Aids started a road game. We have it here with Kubi AK and they want twenty two ten thousand, some guidance and adding can start on this thing says they're home for those games, but did for me views, since there is a match. Our bizarre t, J Aids played rat teach aids to me is the air in order to quality line for the world, one of the worst quarterbacks that has ever start around one Brett. I think the worst everything Chris Simms started a playoff game a million years ago for Tampa that was bad. The worst spend some bad with a worse one. I can think of is Ryan Lindley, who I was fifteen, and no I'm with my pics and I took Ryan Lindley on the road against Carolina last year, plus five and ass. He had a million chances to cover that they try to talk here. Did you definitely that didn't your team start Quincy Carter and Uclaf came on here? How they're gonna Caroline another one that
very well. Now, I'm writing against goods as a bad thing. Right so there's one favorite nothing. I'm a hazy beat used in twenty seven, twenty and weak one. Just be careful. These Ain T read man just aged reply of law, so this is what he does. He sucks people in the second main right now, eighty Red Alex Smith charge Kendrick West who's, the other guy, whereas lands are where can't candy west for this discharge procedure, glass, just used in Miss Thorn around that's big. If he comes back, it's a booth Saturday night near eight fifteen. This is NBC right. This is your boy Collins Worth Pittsburgh Cincinnati. They split Nora. Yours, in Pittsburgh, knocked and it all now the box- and now I have age Emma Karen, probably starting-
and the ten year anniversary that came of on all half at all right, but I took out curse upon Marilla and the first playing one of the all time. I'm super excited my team just go to touch and away my quarterbacks rather out of the ground, and MRS it's over. I wasn't good for them moments I have God. I have no idea. This is right and I have simply by two and a half your way off here. I had this exactly Pittsburgh by three. I thought that was coming back. Their spitzbergen ring go, the bangles? That's what I mean that they put it right? Where you don't wanna bet Pittsburger right, I don't want to buy pit
anywhere, but I bet my time went on the road. I know you have a wise there what's good about their defence, now nothin amateur emanated, just yellow since you here well now, just the Eba. They give up thirty five points, the raiders they gave up. Thirty nine points to the sea hawks they gave up. Twenty seven points, the Brok, Ass Weiler, just say whatever Ryan mallet numbers are another in scarlet, but that that should be. That should be granted on a curve of the Raven the other, though they less than twenty seventh UR internet. Like fifty twenty points, the right now, it's like, I needs a lousy defence that when they get a couple turnovers, they look like a decent defence, but they don't get any turnovers aegis
just have long drives on the bright side, fantasy players, why everybody likes Ifrits plan right for sensing tat. He came back last week after concussion. I don't know the bangles running game? I wanna, like it more than re, actually do that german I was can be better. The internet are numbers and you would think, but I now with staff when you watch and now it's like that, like air plan, I guess I got- has this guy get eaten. Seventy five yards, the age agreed in the stores we gay can throw him on the energy green right. Did you can't see betting said in this? They just gonna get a minimum twenty pittsburger, those players, Antonio Brown, on comparable. What's this since it ran streak. What is that their own five did they want? last year in the first. Yes, we have it here now they are killed by the courts as it is in doubt and he's never won. A plant came right.
Or they ve never want to play a game with Marvin, though isn't done. They lost to San Diego the year before right, Lhasa, Houston twice as era the eggs. I might add that I wanted to say Pittsburgh by three, but I I didn't know I live at enough. The gamblers would give them they're kind of respect, but apparently The vaguest feels like people like Pittsburgh in its further love Seattle, Adam away off. Let's do the year from her for me Sunday, one p M Seattle, Minnesota Crap. I probably went too low, and this I have Seattle by five I put a raid, the vaguest zone. You went to oh, I went way while I said Santa by three six and a half out now, but it open dead but did open at three and a half went to sea. And then went to five. That's been bouncing around six and a half, so we just saw two weeks ago we saw Seattle, lose to a team that isn't much different than this.
Then they saw faking stay right, Farragut, defence, good running back, didn't make any mistakes they one twenty three to ten the rams. The vikings are better version of the rams that land to agree. Seattle been thirty, eight seven earlier this year earlier this month, the somber, why? I just think so you got Casey Pittsburgh Seattle, everyone's gonna wanna bet those. I take one Obama issues like a red alert terror alert. This is what I'm doing be careful with these games. Everybody wants, is road teams, sets three road teams favoured feeling that thing I gave you the last ten. Eleven years we had to road teams favoured once some work on this a mega Conrad week here. That is the right about that. Guy has. A blues? Yeah million years ago, first great captcha he's to come out. Is the war in the car
spoke Obama why they would say, let's be careful at there. I think this is a microcosm radicalism, be careful actually, two thousand nine. I guess there were three road ferrets, the late, great Michael Conrad. Is he dead ear? He died on history blues, like you, re ready had cancer, one is on the share, so one thing recall that game they're playing it at noon, rainest soda time which, ten, a M Seattle time, tougher, tough, feel less glance, that's weird these despair and then I'm going to do next. We too, if they go to Caroline I don't know if I like that for Seattle. I also I dont like the fact that Seattle seems to have false confidence considering they lost to the rams. I think the cards that kid the cards just went the now on their though want to show anything. They knew there again the to cede thirty six to sex that doesn't seem or fight them of anything right. Then weak fifteen there
the brands weak fourteen they beat the ravens they killed. The vikings came back in that Steelers game, which was in the air that game can regard either or because you said it, but rational since having a great second half was have two interceptions to the other, got the play well up the second most Thomas Lou Ross right, no Tom was little rules, be smote might come back in practice this week. That seems to hire I'd. Have that a ladder, respect for minutes out at us, but here this is gonna, be like. Oh, I knew at weakness is the I knew it will also be careful. I may that bet this week. It's also the I knew, because if we stay off Kansas City and they win twenty three thirteen, I knew it same. Would Pittsburgh in Seattle stunt
they parlay anybody else. Last illness stay away from us: ok, Seattle, Alabama to team money. Why parlay can't lose their at cat for forty p m Sunday, Green Bay at Washington, so Barnwell and his calm today, which was led, is pinned outcome as usual, even though they never lead with Burma Zack every four years aground cousin since the you like that, gave the twins three touchdowns and three picks. While why you do like that, you like that low bet is odd, is good or bad Rana. Hey, that's ten quarterbacks ever show However, I know I know what to say: would you rather have hammered or Teddy Bridgewater
that's clause? Would you rather have him her any hasty guide, rather because their cousins would rather are either the Denver guys. Oh, you pause Xavier you'd rather yeah. I think so, I'm going to Sally MILES you out of the mouths really good. I might ass. Well, member em I genuinely believe that Bela check Jeddah my object to the sea hawks, to throw in the bar. I really do believe that that's what he did and then it was basically confirmed in annex I felt sure I think he Jeddah mine checked the Denver and going back to Manny. We, seventeen right. They throw away we sixteen weeks, seventeen they put it so that the brackets had to get the once a bell check new that the charges are going, have a big first half and get all those turnover as their main. He was gonna get back in because he is more afraid, broke ass. Well, this one actually doubly
But you know someone road or tweeted that the patriots fans on defending Bela check the right. You goes down thirty points out. That was outraged, it's more like fifty seventy five. It is finally that egg I pay I see that the dead, the patriots were more worried about Us Weiler, gaining momentum. Really, being good than then broke down Manny there. Many was off the whole season writer. But if that's what's gonna beat and what, if it's a damper defensive steps up again and you can run the ball yeah, that's fine, then mags, I'm in effect his out a buzz of Bee Somethin Acetate, Loma HA turn off side, Green Bay, Washington, Green Bay, Washington that mean I'm so off with all these other games. I've talked with this when I've Green Bay by three and one slash two. You are off with this. I was off as well. I said two and a half the Washington scan to favour by one point: why? How proud of online
proud wows fired at to better causes is an underdog whereby one one by two, I thought for shame. Vegas sets these lines to get people to bet equally at that for sure they would rigour with the Green Bay guaranteeing basic public team, and they couldn't go for tat. I was Conway our road favorites they couldn't do. It beggars clashed him by one. Now I don't like that we were oh excited the bet against lawyer or cousins. These other guys- and we can't do it now. My chair and one of these guys can be terrible, dissuade I'm looking through Ashton's, so Washington favoured and weak seventy eights, I didn't cover, favoured against the cowboys, weak thirteen didn't cover favoured and we seventeen its doubts to cover they ve only been favoured three times the season has up. That a separate yeah against the giants at home they ever know now? The giants were plus
where minus two and a half we twelve well yeah. I guess those agencies teams, I wouldn't so the skins were only favoured three times a year and they are now favoured in a random Plath gaming, its Aaron Rodgers, who can get anyone relax right, relaxing now, unless anonymous time, the ads bizarre. Are they all tat? I would never told anyone to stay away all weekend, but this is a tough one. Is a tough one did round to what you are. What do you want? What do you want to bet? You wanna bet patch over Washington. That's your best bet right now,. I'll see you saying we think ahead: yeah don't even know where to look at like gonna wanna bet against Cincinnati Cincinnati. It New England has. I need three four days to really look at this. I don't feel good about anything other than Casey winning in Houston, which means,
better than any red, which means I'm not gonna. Do that red meat you set it up by now. I feel like three or four days is going to convince scatter. A spar convinced me to do some stupid when you have to have your support centre, pick spires, We will your square space I'd, be ready by the ECB. Could they do it and they that good, I'm gonna, take a sign of a Tom cough on first and think things over that what he had to promote for sites do a gimmick him alive tonight. We're back Jennifer Low, as bachelor Ben Higgins later in the week Bill MAR Bree Larsson Kate, Blanchett, Kevin Durrant, basketball, player it'll beyond the show, and follow me, I d cousins, our sports and Thursday night. Thirteen for with best bet, I try to keep her gone, but an authority
really get near how many points of view in the charges. By taking away we get like going to half not over yet nine and then, when Denver needed to win, it went like ten and a half last speaker, the bachelor on the chin or thirty. Three pike, ass, Julia led menace, gonna launcher weekly bachelor park ass this week with a bunch of guess I'll. Let us scratch that, thanks to simply safe home security, remember right now there are free, my listers in absolute incredible offer. One hundred hours of my hand picked security package. You get PETE Protection for your home. Go to simply say though, that common save one hundred hours. My security pick no contracts, no commitments. Simply safe bill decamp thanks to square space, use, offer
could be asked for ten percent of south first website, thanks to nature, backs visit nature, Baxter COM, such bs for fifty percent after First Box, thanks to age, be, oh, you dont need cable satellite to watch it bill anymore, just download the each be a now. Absolutely free. One point one more proud today, thanks to seek the presenting sponsor above the Bs Pakistan, China. Thirty three subscribe to both than I the institution or saint Cloud we have more pack, has come in this week in the house and academic upload pics on Friday. I really hope I have a better future for this lonely to God. I hate this. I've hated this season. It's been bad, really bad or the quarterback Scott heard the flag gay can actions just lingering over everything. As other concussion movie came and went you see it s, not in Syria, not a good half fast. Balanced. I want to ban the poster half ass, real seven's, yeah yeah. Just I didn't need for you to do it. Do it down.
A vast version that I wouldn't be surprised if their hands were tied by the NFL themselves. Away deftly would not be surprised by the media. I just didn't love the sea like it now that you know, but let's make some money and get an. I waited those bad yet that high picky vat in twenty five years, a number for let's try. Have used, as is the year you get into the draft. The ethics are like the draft. I really do especial draft partners in his align background bam. You sail. If we trade now we could we could. We could do somewhat too poor Notre Dame Guy got her dad. I was bad
that was a great in your will have fun. I wish you were watching that organ tc, you game, will organs up. Thirty one. Nothing had half is probably the greatest over ever Anders. Seventy three and a half thirty one, nothing! The organ kid gets area to concussion he's out the tissue quarterback already punch, the cops are he's out there and that happened, and then they come back and they tied at thirty one, and it goes way over just touched out. That's down feel go, feel goal like those over and tissue whence I was fun. I love have set people got about the new year's Eve ratings and twitter idea. Here I might give up twitter for today in sixteen why what is only guide? I thought you would like that he has been a big hit there now. Just who cares really? Will be ready to talk? My ratings are the ratings around. Who cares about game ratings? The thing that sacked was that the game sucked again
it's a bad idea. I dont mind the idea of having games on New Year's Eve have, in that kind of lingering around at thickets. Plough super stupid from college football standpoint, but from the second half of the Clemson game on was all shut up. It seems I became, should have been on Saturday, the guy his own Saturday's right Saturday have those double had her and then there would have been a whole thing nears we again next week the NFL probably neuron all games on South Africa's christmases, Sunday yeah, but he has been locked into this framework for seven next ten years on the ass, if in paid for certain rating that they have no chance again. It, though, though, thou make them move that the new data area than cycling, claimer, alot of people, on the up. That's always get when they start go with where digital things that cannot be proven, I should be fly otherwise is pain. Watchwords got here. What's funny is
People gets I've said the SBA which is like one of the worst and most corrupt institutions we have and, as ever, wrong. Given what does he say? I think it's like these guys are terrible retarget about did, though, plant variety thickness. Who do you like for that game other? When is it its next week from today? Also we can do the picnics we will do in actually does degenerated job. I hereby we'll be back later in the week with more bs its place out to back. We about this. Because I want to see me again. We want to see Why you close kitchen realm.
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