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Ep. 47: Friday Rollin' w/ Joe House

HBO's Bill Simmons brings on Joe House to discuss NFL Wild Card weekend starting with KC-Texans (5:00), Pitt-Cincy (15:00), Seattle-Vikings (30:00) and Packers-Washington (44:00). Then talking NBA with Celts (1:07:00), Suns (1:18:00), OKC future bets (1:20:00) and more!

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how did anyone care because nobody listens to plan casting our daily other people? It was like eighty percent of what we normally get, but it does seem like mica. I and other people missed us that much, but they would miss us this week because it's random my dream and life is to go Levin no against the spread around one have no other dreams. I have one titles and all my sports. Ah, my oh, my boy, In terms of one titles tax. Do my daughter when a stake up and soccer that's a dream going one thousand now against spread. They that's a dream. Much laughed house. Have you ever gone, you haven't got eleven omens spread right now. Think I lost one game three years ago, I'm one of my hot shriek per year. Now that the other Seattle beat the pants off Denver. I lost one game that year, so really weird
how come and then now its foot, because it seems like washed in his banana being favoured against Green Bay, prefer, unlike Thursday, off for road teams, were favoured and ran one and I immediately tweeted out the history blues. Makko Conrad, let's be careful at their lake, is nothing makes me more nervous than road favorites in the play off suggest pretty aiming in the wild card round, which It started out on us somewhere in the mid eighties. Lady is whatever the early 90s one of the wild card start. I remember home dogs, twelve in eight straight up, and thirteen and seventeen spread in the wild card round. Now, thirteen and seven If you're bedding, a million dollars a game. You, your in your mexico. You live with our above her somewhere. Wherever our publics, road dogs,
I've read favorites, are you scared of the road? Favorites is weak ass against the bread? Yes, I am. I mean there's two different things going on here. I like very much a couple of the road favourites to win the games outright, but I'm not gonna let needles yeah. I dont like lay and point to our native there's a couple of these that I just me. Maybe three of maybe four of them. I dont like land. The point will let's go one at a time. And will go in order of how the games are being played, the shaky special, Saturday at one point: thirty one thirty West sometimes I guess for thirty's Gus time right, K C is at Houston. In case. He was three point favorites all week, which I loved another three and a half my favorites, and I keep waiting for everybody to jump on Houston
at some point because a dainty red cousins, the chiefs J wide at his cast off, used in home all that stuff. Just can't trickle that line three and maybe even ideally, two and a half dozen. To be happening. These two teams are combined. Sixteen in two since hollowing Houston's defense is pretty good. They ten points are less. They have allowed in six of their last nine games, the patriots torch them and I think that's that's relatively important for what we're about talk about their only good Cuba's that they ve gone against the share Tom Brady. Andrew luck drew breeze, came Newton therein that power. Your debts by six games again say of sea South, including one. Where luck wasn't there the case against them in the fact that their Houston, No Dwayne Brown left tackles out re tackles her
my play, my I haven't seen a definitive answer that centres gonna play, but had a concussion Brian horrors had. What you concussions this year, the seem feels like, whereas picks where you take used. And you feel like a more out about halfway through the second quarter. What scares you about taking used in other than ever. They imagined everything you just mentioned. I mean it with a special emphasis on a moron pot part, because that's exactly where I'm going to find myself in this game, I'm not willing to concede three and a half to Kansas City under any circumstances with all of the in the red angles at play here, Kansas City. Oh and ten against the spread and its last ten wild card games- and he read three and eight against the spread in the play off when he's playing
A team is coming off back to back wines, oh and five against us spread when his team is favoured, though I this is to me and immovable object, verses, unstoppable, fourth kind of situation, trend for that chief at a trend that helps the chief they Houston, Texans, have held their opponents to stick six and ten points at last Regan variant. President, you have that works against them to a nine against the spread as an underdog of more than two point lad a Numbers house, you just see highlighted as item and angles, and I, like the angle, will you left out? The cheese abbot The chiefs have a runner were a road Plath game since ninety. Ninety three, then, to do anything season when they won in Houston. We basically which a fresh out of college. At that point I mean that almost twenty five years ago,
J and his wife were still married and maintain any theory to put that in perspective. That scares me there's a lot of any red? Casey just happened times have we been burned by the situation to separate with Casey separately. They d red men together. It feels like the perfect storm of oh yeah. Kay see there's so much better put my mortgage on Casey and then here. And somehow ends in you just like. I can't believe I did it again. I can't believe I just in case I can't believe what did I actually think. Instead he's gonna win, I'm just completely unwilling to library and have well I'm gonna make you feel better about that. Just in Houston, back, that's good. Casey seem totally lines plain well, they both play while there. Ten straight Houston. Is is it safe even and are we sure, they're good payments? Are we ensure there have decent the patriots, killed them and
It was one of those things were if the patriots play them ten times. I think the pictures were beaten and ten times and when they did a defense was: you just assume there had thrown Malcolm Butler and the Andrea Afghans. When I M shut him down that match up, but aside the game they just double team. Translating amused by learn, how they use double ten most took Hopkins out of the game and they put butler he's in second receiver? And now he is thinking throw the bar, and it was Amazon. Why, when the chiefs do that? Why, when the chief do the attitudes have excellent secondary excellent, secondary double team Hopkins take em out Put put Peters and used it, Receiver, which I think is still make Washington. It does, Impossible so, whose beaten Alfred, blue brain horror, what if Nora, gets hurt. You don't realize Brandt through.
Brian Hoeyer hid away from brain and weed and coming into this game. That's another reason. I can't take used to think about that here: and tend to three in the second quarter- horror takes a huge here from in Houston and on setting up and then To end up, there's brat, brain and weed and warming up- oh my god get me out of this bet. If, if I've used- and I just can't do it, it, is what I think the movies with this game. If you're better, I think the move is to use the Houston, the Kansas City money line which, having Like minus one, eighty and eighty parlay, that with another game you like and then you're pathetic outlines, then you are protected against the line, but we have to pick against spread And I'm gonna take Casey minus three laugh because I think I did.
It up. Seven, the game's over I just can't it's a half point is that is a big decider. I think that I would be thinking very differently about this if it was two and a half or three, but that have point I'm completely unwilling. To light so the plan manifesto, which I kept riding over and over again from nineteen anxiety as if it ain't it started with ten entries and ended up with year, kept work and effort one of the rules is don't really look at the spread. Just pick who you're going to win? Who you think's going to win? Don't try to get cute because just pretend your life is on the game. And if your life's on the game, you're gonna be murdered. If you the wrong choice and just the line out completely, who you taken you taken Casey right, I am so the only reason you taking Houston his cause, that extra half point- that's true! That's not it! reason to put your life on. The is my point.
I'm not saying you ready wrong, I just I don't you have Brian lawyer, whose one hid away from brain and weed, and you have no makers other than Hopkins, so that she can take out. I just feel you'd be really worried about your life around midway through the second core. I would hate my life if it came down to the outcome of this game blow with the Vienna, so here's the case against achieves it looks to me the terrible policies in history, their fans are will go in, who were expecting the worst mode as soon as something goes wrong and And this just feels like a typical Classic Andrea game, which you know last week with Fitzpatrick in that do or die jets game in the case against the jets was, if it's Patrick hasn't had one of those games or he just rims it up your butt. These expecting at the regular review
in their jive. Dad feel that its grey their vat tepelini them both three interceptions. Ten minutes, not my fault, that that you and by extension, fell. Didn't. Look me in on the discussion of whether or not to put the jet and everything I had to. I love the bills. I put them in the air. The F p m thing. If we had a third there, if we had been Roland last week, I was told you be careful way. The jets the rammers out there to arrange their hammer unity. Phone Polly ran right at there, so yeah, so they did. She sir, you remind me of that, but I just don't think Houston's good, that's really when it comes I don't think this is a situation. You know you can. Sometimes you can talk yourself in some. These teens bullock here, they're winds
the one you now again, if they lose the best team they beat and all at eight weeks earlier, what we're look coming to go through their wines for you- and you tell me if you feel good about taken that three enough, they beat the bucks and weak three congratulations. They beat the Jaguars and weak six. They beat the titans and weak seven They beat the bangles in that weird Monday night game whenever It was too excited about the bangles and ages crap the bed and ate it. It's a good way night, there was a really strange game, and I am not entirely sure would happen again. I remember being acutely might eat. My feelings were hurt because I was ready to invest and in Cincinnati into a bunch of trends against Cincinnati. Yet in that area- and I said you know what I'm not
with a trend. This is one round is gone with. What my eye Tommy wedded to my I stuck yet next week they beat the jets twenty four seventeen beta to refer back to back, which it wouldn't hurt bad. They bid the jets her they're getting for point. Second, the beat the saying that they get killed by I'm sorry, they D lost, fails. Then they got killed by the Pats last three weeks. They beat the call some broken down. Man ass, a back and I made Charlie waiters menu, then about again they killed the titans who the worst thing in the leg who have the number and pack and they killed the jaguars.
In a meaningless weak. Seventeen aim, when they basically already clinch, saves who says so those are all their whence to good ones too good ones will it casts, I'm glad we disagree this early, but God damn on taken Andy read. I can't believe it you you are. The text you tomorrow, I can't, I can't take his hair at the entire and you taking higher. I am not talking myself it's. Why I'd? I trotted out all of technical angles. Third, many think about used in the football team, and I like I just like those situation slightly better. What's good for the Patriots is the best case there for the Patriots, if Casey wins this game and then Cincinnati Beads Pittsburgh, because
the patriots would have Cincinnati Round to Casey, would go to Denver and I think that's a nightmare for Devereux Casey goes to dumber. Sure at that point is banking. At any rate, I second Pittsburgh at since he Saturday night, perennially, strange game, usually weirdness, happens on Saturday night, most famously yeah. I think that was the team overtime, touchdown, which, as the years passes with we're doing I'm becoming the most incredible play in the history of the NFL, considered TIM Tito through an overtime then Sidney rules started that year, twenty five thousand eight eighty overtime touchdown pass to win a plaque in that I stand up on our lifetime a single moment that a legacy moment for a guy that thirty two football teams have determined doesn't have can't have a career in this week.
I had a legacy moment at the Denver money line. I had them against the spread. That was one end. Listen, I believe in TIM Debo, you can't tell me he's worse than some of the duties we watch. The last three to four weeks, adjust unbelievable to me that he can't play Charlie waiters thou. These dudes I like Josh, Freemen, gets exudes from is graveyard. He gets to play worst in Debo. He must not want to play and there's something we should three should be investigating after some Muslim gone on their right, yeah feels like it so Pittsburgh. Add, since he Tom adverse Marvin, Louis Tom and always scares me tat money. Because it s weird stuff of talked about this before but he's the guy who hits on eighteen and black jack for no reason and issues, laughin, seven mixed drinks and in its fun to be it is too well, but at the same time his growing up the cards in your kind of annoyed by him beat. I want to leave the table. We their cause. He's fine
Marvin Louis, whose just can't win in the past has no platform Zira another one Another immovable movable object. An unstoppable force came to me, you have aging Mclaren, going against Ben Ruthless Berger and on paper plasma presto looking at the quarterbacks is like number one. So basic you take Cincinnati, are betting against Ben Ruthless bargain. You have money and age Mcferrin who wasn't playing until six weeks ago, career backup in an that's. Your choice doesn't seem like a great shows. It does not seem like a great choice. Scenario of approved are prepared to do it since he has seven straight now covers in the have. They have not want to play a game since ninety ninety they have one while care card whenever Roethlisberger Burger ten in five straight up in the playoffs nine six first spread great passing
check with Pittsburgh. I'm scared of all their receivers. Antonio Brown will be the best play the game since he's got MAX and who has not thrown for over two hundred yards yet in the in eighty starts right. Yeah he has not top two hundred yards in any start running backs are fine, a J Greens, great ifrits back, which is get their home. It's can be old and normally I would SAM I'm just taken the better quarterback. There's an x factor, there's two x factors actually One is that the angel waves is weighing of walking boot. That seems like a problem. That's a factor factor with big marked with a big ex marked on it right Sarah Frances. Basically, we have great receivers were spreading them out but one running back back there and you have to but the running back, because he is actually pretty good that that's the kind of often set the pace its have a lot of trouble, shutting down in Pittsburgh case
you have now removed the running back was pretty good, whose above average, who, Anna as dangerous as Libya Bowers, but was good, was crank it out for five yards pop, nay putting indeed I've never heard of who are good and you know there's a tip like, like you mean Fitzgerald Pierre Harry Trudeau, Tucson does coming back to haunt you in any capacity in the patriots were in this. In this I had this, thing happen when they lost the and Louis. Not when you have really ordinary mediocre running backs a cripples your office has now in those guys are, then the defences and worried about the Medea Louis was in there. He could run the by he kicked by the bag filled Deef. The defence head worry about him and that open up other parts of the field but with, but these guys know So now, since he's gonna this game thinkin risky to shut down there there, savers and wit, and Baltimore: did that and weak sixty? They did.
Weird zone defence item two took way out long plays Pittsburgh at seventeen points, so cannot happen again ass. I think so. I, like Cincinnati Defence, quite a bit over the course of the season. We have a very nice sample out of them. They are a markedly better defence than Pittsburgh Defence, and I there all the factors of the past history with thin fanatic are unnerved in, and yet I liked into that. I just there that team with the better record getting pointed home, it's crazy, which just feels like get on in your play off manifesto. Isn't that enough, in the top five of a rule, to pay attention to think to pay attention to yet the quarterback would be the reason to be afraid, as was the history, but you you
afraid of cases, history and you're, not afraid of since its history, which makes you a giant hypocrite. I just went out, I am afraid of Cynthia history. I hate cities, history, but I I I have been impressed by the body of work over the course of the season. The difference between you know ignoring the stealthy history in this instance and a third of honouring the that his tree of of the Chiefs is The dead body of work for Cincinnati over over the course of these. I forgot to mention the electors. Are regression moment here: they're ready to flip. That's great said. The chiefs I forgot to mention four slash and dvoa. This isn't six defense and sixty fence seventh, special teams. That's really their waited dvr way, which is a really good stack.
Values like how the team is doing relatively recently right with the uptake is their second. In the week behind see, is he had figured the right time here. He asked in was eighteenth and De Vigo. A thirty second rank special tariffs, which I love. Bad specialty going. It's bad special teams in the playoffs cuz, it's like so much You have a sore on your knee and the plan. Just as the most likely place to just said that scab ripped off. If these you don't want to go in the placid bad special teams that neither have twenty fourth offsets by DV away. So to the three things they do or offer if you're picking Houston, you basically saying the defences when in this game and can be thirteen and ten game and Houston's Winnie Aunt they're getting turnovers again. I feel good about that with with awe with, since he put the resembling the substance in Pittsburgh.
Since his second individual for the season, the answer which I didn't realize and I will have a body of work Here- Pittsburgh was seventh waited DVD Pittsburgh was slightly better. It said Pittsburgh, he was 11th, for this he's in deviate where, but when I watch them for some reason I watch more Pittsburgh games. Unusual just seems like you could move the ball on them. You know why Because you can move the bald head, but they get. There were opportunistic Barnwell great Kryptonite column from this week, yet he there there is, if they don't create a turnover of their very susceptible there very vulnerable red. You could say that about turnovers help, every defence, but my thing, the Pittsburgh is Nunez, put
of play. Eighty are drives in them anytime. You want, unless again nothing as seems really easy to move the ball over and over again down. The Feel Baltimore was doing it for God's sakes. So with Sancy, I dont think maclarens bad you know it did- you watch this. Incidentally, game which is pretty excruciating for the most part is pretty. Guy did first. I want to do something first. Have that game embers fence another they're going all out macaron. I like the way he handled himself that he's not perfect, but I don't think he's a disaster. I just don't think he's going to be. How do you know he's not going to be afraid of the moment, which seems to be a little
the characteristic that I think we can fairly a tribute to DAWN Juilliard up to the moment in those play off gave in a cab. You never the recurring the recurrence of it. It is starting to feel like a characteristic. I, like I, like the clean slate in the current year, so that the Steelers Beat the Niner speed, the rams lost the ravens inanity beat the chargers beat. The cards cards is their best when plus six favorites Adam I was at the Laundry Jones game. He I think it was rather Spargo got her land Jones came in the week. Nine beat the raiders we ten browns. We thirteen colts did beat the bangles and weak fourteen vote. That was the game that broke his thumb right, yes, beat the bright eyes to beat the boy
goes at home. Black ass Weiler beat the brand sits up. I can't say it's the most inspiring Slater winds buried there good, though only nobody would be surprised if they went on IRAN, air and and were in the Superbowl again. Oh, I wouldn't be surprised if you just made the case against them. Because people think they're better than they are, I think and getting myself I was like. I don't want to play the Steelers out at the pats, got over the Steelers and terrify those are seriously. Why am I afraid of the Steelers? they got? Good receivers great can be zoo degrees in Cincinnati. How many yards a thing for over an hour, like since you're? Like the points, I think either team could win. If I could get three free points in this game in so doing. I feel that my rationale I like the bloody under these circumstances does well you know what I don't like in in a freezing game, where the
RO team has no running game whatsoever. I don't like that. Yet it Pierre Fitzgerald, Trudeau for thought to thought is that its name, that. I don't feel confident about this one as I do about Casey only because this is again that the big Bang cages when by himself it is, as you know, one thing we have met: Northcotes Pittsburgh, third straight road game, yen, there's a bunch of angles that run against teams. In that situation. To sell worst case scenario reached him since he blows his game. They Marvin Louis, has gone rang, may wow. Why. How many plants games can you lose his when he before it, gets fired that get some point you get a move on. This should be able in this game. I don't have it. They ve had a pretty impressive run of success. I feel like a change for change steak.
That that there's no word course thickness core infirmity with with the bangles red rifles, untimely injury. I have one more play for in this game. God, it's really hard. Beat the same team twice on the road, arrival rival? That is a good thing. I think Patriots could only used in and beat them again. Nobody be surprised by capital glad it may going into since he and beating twice in the same season within five weeks of each other. Feels far fetched me. Let me give you a nice little angle from my good buddy, bigger big almond Marty, that com and I fell teams are perfect. Let me repeat that perfect, ten and oh against the spread and play off against division rivals if they come
off of appoint, spread the feet and playing with revenge from a loss in which they gave up twenty eight or greater points. The units Burg beat the bangles thirty three to twenty four weeks ago five weeks ago. Yet and the Bengals just failed. The cover and taken. It's either. I don't feel awesome about it, but I feel good about it. I think it's a nice little site contrary play and they most people like Pittsburgh and they most people think about Pittsburgh versus Denver ran to already age. Emma Karen is is kind of a red herring for people in this game and I dont here's. The thing was indeed, great many playoff games has Andy Dalton even that good. This is the thing right. I like macaron as a as a fresh faced here, for we had the air one lasting and the Saturday smother protection, because I'm doing since he Casey The narrative of the day is people throwing out their baggage
Since the filing gets a win. Casey find gets a wind angel, abler road it just like it. It's it's the baggage shedding day and sadly the baggage shutting doesn't even hurt. My Houston picked because Kansas City can, when I just don't think they would cover the three and a half. I wanna talk about it, but is it square space? A good friend of art did bill. Fantastic websites normal people were at were relatively normal people. I under I look at our friend cousin sound and went through foreign is best bats and sports. Adding who made plans bets this week on sport centre and very hard to find his pics on, if you add a square space, I just go to a square space and finally, we picked he's too late to do that. You're, not as lazy I'm making you do squares basic. Down again. I have not done one yet now we talked about it ought not over the course of the day
near I'm, ready to do it you're going to do it over the weekend and you're gonna put it up on twitter and tell people it is I'm gonna? Do it doing do it? You you almost had a perfectly GIMP can games last month the chance to go. Sixteen now heading into the late Sunday Games and weeks explained, which had never happen in our pics. My mother had been Libya, and yet I can't find your picks and in the same location Twitter, poor, listen to them and this package, but I think you should build a website for your Pecksy six percent, so you're going to do do next Friday on this package, we're gonna say with the Earth Square space makes it easy to build beautiful website. Regardless of the level no Cody needed easy to use, yours state of the art technology, Twenty four seven online supported beautiful website for only eight dollars a month. It's a really nice say: go check it out get a free domain. If you buy square
base for the year. So why we start your trial. No credit card required go to square space that use the offer could be ass for ten percent of your first purchase, Sundays Games, funded, jerk, first know where the lake game all want to see you like that Seattle at Minnesota, it's gonna, be the core. This game in the history. They refer the true that's what they're saying in the hills. Deanna, faster than others. There have been covered, Seattle, minus five and a half now, Hence Minnesota everyone in the world wants assigned to be three, so we can take Sierra envisages I now or put in here Here we dare you take Minnesota. Oh, my five isn't enough or plus five we're in a bumper up to five
this game will be six by game time that America America's doing that America's doing their debt Vegas you just like ago what we want equal action on both sides, fives that can do it. What about five? Have none that's the more Seattle ceremonies document. Dammit, let's go to six. They just dying for us to take Minnesota their begging us. That's it six points he was point road under the home underduk and I still eggs here are finding out take a minute solar. I cannot imagine a do it, I can't do it. I can't take a team discuss the spread and you can't.
So make it takes a very critical making case from this and why I, first of all the weather thing is a factor I like. I have seen a bunch of evidence out there about the increase turnovers that occur in these cold weather games, and I think that lightly favours the team who is playing the Balkans. Oh game. Now it is kind of crazy to be talking about Seattle as they run and go we'll deal offered, but that's exactly what they ve been over. The last five weeks, Russell Wealth and has been spectacular and they ve been running up the traditional you know passing off and for the first time a rustle wasn't career. Hey is pretty good at and it looks like but I like the vikings with the ball control kind of orphans. They have been perpetrating all year.
Must take the you know, not mistake immune, but but often in intended to minimize the mistakes and, if I'm looking at this game from the perspective of the running back right, I'm not looking at which quarterback is more likely to have the best yeah. I like I like a p up against the, though you know just returning Martian. Offer points, and when it's that cold guy, I must just wanna gravitate through the haunting, because if I wrote in his bundle in general, but here's my counter I've a couple counters for you I think Seattle was one of the four best teams in the I love the way their plane and their healthy, like teams that are healthy, gone in the whole day. Without fear they eleven healthy guys now and defence like that, just
They lost him again, but the left tackles back. Oh, come! Oh, come: oh Coon there did you get that You know the counter is It happened them and weak. Sixteen against the rams! Viking, somewhere to the rams. Don't they had the same type, a team, swarm defence run game, but in the play ass like if you're Seattle, I just taken Petersen. Just move in camp chance or up please be thus Teddy Bridgewater Guide Guide. Take it if it were losing in the playoffs is, can be because Teddy Bridgewater threats for three hundred and fifty yards in minus seventy, whether I don't see it, what happens all vikings there behind what? If they're down seventy three, did you run the ball and run the ball and run the ball and run the ball you? But you can. You can stop that in the class
If it's a case of Jesus, I'm taking away with the other team does well in a football players. Game. Which happens over and over again this seems like it's. The easiest thing to take away running backs are Tori, especially up and down in the playoffs mean never winner, you never win in the play. Over and over again, because you run a vacuum because your quarterback tat back. You take out running back said the plaster I forgot. The idea of yellow wealthy Seattle. You know that the evidence to the contrary. I would, I think it's fair to argue that that Marshall meant was a crucial Ellen,
last year's run you, but they have Russell Wilson. I now that's the measurements, that's a good counter by the way to the argument about you're. Making this a running back gives running back. Thank you also welcomes ability to scramble is an unparalleled at the moment, and is there a reason to feel comfortable about laying the point- and I feel like it's just too many points I would like. I would be fine that it was to enact. Three Seattle favoured under that land. Five, everything not doing it, I'm probably going to money line, Parlay Casey in Seattle to wipe out the lines for those gaps cause. I think both of them are gonna win in there, just better get it in a few months. Back for this game, these, both by an he's been, did you see how being he is, looks. Good people do it. For me, May training yeah I've taught myself in this year. I really wanna take Minnesota in this game and I just don't
ES, Bridgewater and every time I've I've kind of got behind them. I've the game and been taking myself, because I just think they're pretty limited the office in I don't trust. Patterson mean what are the odds. And put in the barn granted special teams playing this game mistakes. Reset the little unnerving yeah so and I'm a businessman give me the Viking fans, because I, like Sierra couple angle, that support the Viking teams playing with revenge in a loss. We gave up twenty eight points or more fifty five and thirty seven against the spread of the knife angle, but I then, oh as a home underdog in. Instance, the Viking door on wandered out. I, like five and now homeowner less Ivan over the way resolution in the plan is a favorite. Had it look, it's a nice did a lot of contrary stuff. See Seattle Flattering went out in Ireland, bread last ten games vikings. Ninety want again spread his mother
Seattle, psychiatry, wildcard either one or the other one I like, though, is home underdog got back to back when there are twenty six and five in Non division games since nineteen eighty, if the coming in with a better than their opponent. That happens to be the case here between the bike, enthusiasm in the play off those Teamsters feminine one against spread. So you didn't, I just like this bread. I liked the five and half like the thick. I think it's going it even game. Emma Bent might be ten seven and six. This gave, while in that's that, that's where I was leaning fur alot of the week where issues I could see me freezing called and these teams are gonna score. Seventeen points combine in whatever, but actually think I don't know I just don't wanna, take Teddy Bridgewater IN and Minnesota's fats in this game and in the fact that Peter
a little banged up and he's at back issues, and he missed a practice, and he had a lot of miles put on in this year's thirty one years old is freezing cold to Kam Chancellor's, just He's gonna come up as like the the eighth guideline in another you can try, beat the shit out among four four quarters. I don't feel bad about Seattle, winning and kicking the Viking there. I just I'm not prepared to give the point that the here's your worst case scenario for this game. It's ten nothing. Seattle Bridgewater just going to pick and now they're, showing Adrian Petersen gingerly walking lack room. Let's go down appear miles or pamphlets gone out with agent. Is act is bothering me and he took a hard hit from can't sing, sir. He is questionable to return guys Toby get it's going to be in their letter. We get hurt back of death every day
that's it better. Nightmare scenario right at that point, you're, like others, gazing with thirty one, the three final and that might happen I want my money back home area, so member one, Jim Cincinnati in San were kids in nineteen eighty and it was freezing cold, but when, as freezing cold and nineteen eighty, it was like your life, was in danger. You like in that every movie they'd, never the shit there Now they had none of the clothes they have. Now they never going to fancy heaters on the sidelines. Eater Lama sideline they're playing out either playing. Artificial turf, which, back in the seventies and eighties artificial turf was basically they put the field over concrete and then just laid over his piece of turf over it. It is astonishing that more guys, weren't weren't heard you know in in those moments
Oh, are you were right? I don't know anyone who play that game was ever the same. I think all of them are ruined for life. In some capacity it took like five years of their flankers judges with all the concussion stuff. I'm not even make a joke about the one I'm serious, I'm saying about like they're, just like the physical abuse that their shoulders their backs their knees their legs. All that such is playing a frozen concrete field for for periods, quarters ludicrous and now like our right? It's freezing but I'm wearing. I have These weird little warmer things I had the heaters and I'm doing ass in the fields, fields. Frozen, but it's not frozen in a way that my life's endanger in every played. I don't know just thinking about that say that Seattle, since are the San Diego since again, would be a good documentary o, because. San Diego is like that the Steve NASH Sons, basically that era sir, and
probably should have won a Superbowl at some point in their just the way there play there so unique and so innovative, and there are critically acclaim team, which is a fun phrase like that site, the sons and adjust they never entitled with their critically acclaim singing like that, and they end up in the worst possible situation for the exacting that they were there in cold weather. Because this, whether ever therein, the coast there night arrogant play their West coast off. They can't throw everybody's freezing in analysing their sees its over anyone IDA What is it about it? With that? Its find that you work in a through your lot documentary document, as user point has eight: we have with the text, but our friends of frame bridge they make it super easy custom frame, your favorite items who can mail them anything?
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Mom and pop and speaking to home home your tea. You like that, I'm so beside myself, now I've I've calm down a little bit. Two weeks ago, the village I was,
out there if we had rolled if we had Friday rolled you know right before new year. If you would hurt me, there remains song song. There would have been all kinds of stuff. The eagles were so bad. It astonishing how bad they were in that guy, with both day that was the live embodiment of a team quitting on its coach. We got to watch it in all its glory on National tv. I loved it and at the fact that it featured my home team for once to me that that the locals here that these the grooms make it to the play off like once every election cycle, though you you have to say, were these moments you have to you know what really enjoy take them up along a long gulp of of of what the putting out there in it just happened that this t miss them
likeable her cousins of the most likeable guy. The story this week about him taken in foster dog he's on the podium minutes. Starter jacket he's the guy that group wanted from the moment the prudent arrived here two years ago now that it finally come to pass in everybody's, be invalidated and indicated as such a rare moment of success for the wash in professional football team. I can't wait to play there, next Friday after you lose risk. Play it and listen to it, the directors cometary there are so many. Trend and bad angles against Washington in this game. You know I'm happy for even more than her cousins who that dangerous there the guidelines have not out there now deserves it. Carried out- and he deserves a fury egg to all as is he's done right with the with the Redskins fans fur.
Years and years and years and years, and it just to see him get rewarded right. That's it really warms my heart, I probably shouldn't, say this: I'm actually going to attend to the game, Does the solar energy so that, while he is absolutely right that part, I'm behind willing to say that no other parts you get there, the here's, the part that I probably shouldn't say yeah, I'm I'm lucky enough to find myself in a situation where I probably gonna be in a box yeah. I e mailed, a couple buddy of mine. Another couple die hard that if, if you know no matter what the outcome of Sundays Game, if my path were to cross Mr Nighters, I would definitely take the occasion to her to tell them that I hate has got here. You know
Twenty years of my life fifteen, ten years of my life of of ineptitude franchises from this function, I can barely speak The most demoralising cynical kind of behavior perpetrated against a faithful fan base. Here. I just can't you know some day I'll make I'll make peace with it. Maybe if they rip off this this right now at the beginning of the current cousins decade, Yemen up here, maybe I'll, get over all of the hurt feelings that I have had a franchise, but you know I had been to a game. I hate going out there, the stadium stings too, tired to get too hard to get out of mean I've been and there has been any reason to go so I thought I you were setting up that run into dancer thing. I thought I was gonna be like a homeland season. One Brody, if you get it
but again in the White House, is going to take at present lips at the scared. For a second, I told my do absolutely jabbering whether hypodermic here now God, oh god, you just tell me- you hate his guts, but everything just said, made me even more word for you Ashton, professional football team. Now you jest ironically, said the words the current cousins decade up what is possible. I like that the cousin decade become need only twenty seven weren't. They, I mean it. We took our fundamental gonna game plan. You guys really did good great job whereby chip they never based on with this was due to do. Your job is done. Their job Kurt cousins is, since the you like that game, coroner, Franco, Burma, twenty three, tedious and three picks
said that sat a money, but I say it again: the Redskins six straight wins as home, favorites in the playoffs six interior time in the wild card, ran nice Green Bay, no They road, when, since two thousand ten lay time two and seven verse Vienna seized in the class, But throw all that away through the numbers way. Cremate just looks like something's wrong with them in the end, they usually when your reasons for thinking it's gonna turn around the planet. You Sequoia, that's Aaron, Rodgers, he's good reminds me a little of Pittsburgh in did they year. They lost a t bone round one when, I think there were laying like eight or nine or ten points or whenever they, but they didn't look good and wrath. As bird was banged up. Whereas I not odds wrath, Spargo I'll, be fine and they just assumed to be fine. I've watched
a Green Bay Games cause. It seems like there, either on at night or they're, always the lake game. Words like the exclusive game, and we talked about this and welfare sensor Joe. We ve talked about this. His guys never open the never ever ever open to everyone else. In talking about that, for ten weeks I know the joint Nelson thing when they Jody nothing at her. As I got that's a tough on they figured out or be fine, it's not fine. Did. If it cannot claim in the autumn. Time everything they get big plays as either he throws it to James and whose open by an inch but the pass, is so perfect. You know it gets caught or nobody's been Rogers almost get sacked. He rules around scrambles by seven more seconds said somebody cuts off whatever their out was in full. The scheme in the end, then they could put it that way. I don't you like.
Mary had their best play, yeah I mean it: they they will do their best, pious, even bother field and praying for path interference. Yesterday they finished tenant six in one of those wins was the helm every day they lost their last two weeks of the season there last the last three winds were the lions cowboys and raiders, not impressive their due France has not been the same since SAM Shields took a hike, got hurt. I don't know I the net. I was trade think about like what what is a narrative gonna, be after the game, assuming I think it goes the way. It's getting out for me, this feels like. They lose in the tuna, as our Redskins, her cousins, things
Looking up, it's never find they. The Redskins fans have Bubba, that's one narrative, then the other narrative is MIKE Mccarthy time ago. Yeah me too deeply rooted really are the feel good team at the moment. Aren't I like it, which is an gullet by the way he always males, sometimes for people who say they hate when I, when I slur Burnett, where I'm spitting in the MAC for an hour and whenever I am actually drinking a kevita spear, in pro drink. That is, that a sponsor that does not a sponsored that and I think, to make pick something to do analysis, that's the That's just me being lad host. That's me moving far away from immigrants up. With. So when you insult me about the weird noises during the pack ass. It's not me like some, some good person who can't stop making advises, I'm just being consider it so few of you
if you get inside, mean emails about the weird noise and back on just insult me for being inconsiderate host, don't mean it. Microbial desired raises yeah, that's for the price you gotta get. If you will is too costly, nothing caution! Nodded so washed in his favoured I point, but if it's a pick and Green Bay was favorite at one point in just seems like its floating between one and one, and I think it's gonna end up my prediction: we're taken this on a Friday morning. Was coastal regions get in, wash them by one and a half as well I thought it was gonna end up Green Bay and have the money is going to slide in late for green by adding everybody first line washed its pretty good. I've been saying that to you for a couple weeks in you ve a new kind of deep down new. There are pretty good, but you did well. What can I was allowed to jinx the over? I have over bet on on windows with you, and I wrote an email, the beginning of a feeling that you I thought they were low but improved and that there were gonna get
the fixed map, so Harry Winds, he beat them and congratulations on that when you beat the ransom, we too, you could say that for everyone by the way, but you guys you beat eagles rat, you beat the box by one year later, you kill The saints you beat the giants, you beat them and then the last for you, when forerunner of Bears bills with the bills as a good when, because that can enact the bills out eagles floundering and then the cowboys, Well, is amazing and sound. I talked about this day. You are only favoured three times. And set in sixteen gives he here's one other here. The characteristic about that that was the teams you just read: not one of them had a winning record right,
but we do want it I'll hackers who are better than any those teams with a pair of ETA congratulation season? Yeah! That's what you get when you only when seven gate, when you have seven and twenty five, the two previous even read any answer is now I heard the question you just ass, the two who were that, whoever the book, the Packers most impressive winds all came in the first six games when the identity of a team, for whatever reason is right equally different than the identity of a team. At the moment we need to devote my friend I see at Seattle was number one indeed the away in their way, indeed the Ohio was fifty one point, one percent, which means nothing. It is impossible to explain, but trust me, that's like really good at about as good as you do heading into the plants, Minnesota was eleventh indeed you, for the tenth over I see
had the second off the fort. The in the third special teams and lack it was just feels like lack. It's gonna be a play off guy, though you surgery guys, you see like TAT S, going, beat fuckin already placer it is out of sixteen thought fence, fourteenth defects, geologists, better, so I'm gonna congratulations had taken. The points are, but then Washington is fiftieth. Dv way, Green Bay was tenth. But washed in waited DV away was twelve and green. It was nineteenth surprise So why didn't you dad we're gonna love watchman emission near their attack, twelve team The weighted, which is what we care about and greener was nineteenth and that actually reflects what I watched. It felt like Green Bay.
Got worse as the year went along. I think Rogers knows it. He knows it! Rogers partly is deep down. He never met their say, and I don't even think he knows this. He knows he's not one in the Superbowl disdain not this year, I don't he's going into this guy guys, we're gonna get hot water for straight were defiling and with three and the road. Sometimes you know when you have a shitty team, you eat, it would be ended. Weak seventeen with him, say: well, I'm not sure how we're going to write the ship, but we have to figure out a way. Uranos. Put this way bet. He has as a Sundance Terrorism on hold, His adventure near the fire, an idea, the bawler yeah he's. Probably not chemist, have been the place. That point. Can you reserve that Sundance Autonomy for me I think this is this, as are the makings of one of the great Ray sports. Does your life please
Culminating with you telling steady, you hate his guts, the the or could be accommodation or Oh really really emotional scarring terrible day where the cousins era apart, you lose your stuck catnach there for three and a half hours. You not handle eleven thirty and knew just you hate everything it kid. It can't be any worse than the way that watch and lost to Seattle. In two thousand and twelve I mean I was dvd. We had. That was the last great moment for our two three, the first half of that game. Never to be heard from again Robber Griffin? Third, why really like lashing skin two games, I really like art. I liked the chiefs and I like- and I like I only like one game this this week. I'm going to bed unwashed in I'm going to bed,
Chiefs, Seahawks Moneyline parlay. I like that, I don't fault any of it, I'm not going to bet on any of it cuz. I don't love any of these these games. I don't want to double down on the heartbreak for the Bc Gruden's, but I'm really excited to go to this game and to root for this team and took revel in in a playoff moment with ghetto eighty thousand of my the envy PETE. I have a wager and the patriots through in the sea a plus one. Seventy five am I in on that one. You can be it's not too late. Subtly, here's my reason if, since he wins and Casey Whence Casey goes to damn around too, I think Casey beads Delmar not one Cincinnati and adding everyone sleeping on the path, because they played Possum less complex when airline and aim adore back in there with crack. It's a team that scores thirty five points again, that's what they do when they have her. But what what's the story?
Today, after a Friday, Johnny's act there, our practice and on Monday, that trains back right here, it's fine, they just wanted to get around. They are doing everything possible to China that cake as injured and be careful enter they just in care. They care if they're the ones either the to sit in the day was a bizarre left, two games with fever, and now and now meaning is in there for Denver, which is incredible to me? It's incredible! It's incredible! What a panic move by Cuba! I can't believe you did that I am not sure even called a panic move, though did. I just called just a panic move, I'm going to say it again. It was a panic, move, the rather may of of peace experience has already had sharply it slightly better, though that that housewives, he had nine seventeen turnovers and seventeen turnovers. That was season. He got he got healthy. He was able to rest,
several weeks, elsewhither me and maybe maybe there's audible stuff guy and that we don't know but man I just. Ask why there is a patriot fan scared me where the paid mandated semi, maybe his wife got a couple Shipman. In the last six weeks is that she had shipments from blue apron, healthier, wonderful shipment, Hell food. She probably loves to healthy food blue apron, yet chicken farm tastes renewal. Yet in the morning. Ass lately mecca nothing till next week. So anyway, I think if it Briggs this way where its Casey a damper and then Cynthia at New England, then there's a chance? The pats could have Casey in round three possible. Seventy five, I like that better for, like posture, Why are gonna they're gonna be favoured and ran to re subspace register,
they have round to round three go against, but what is Superbowl bowl, as have other. Have all. Oh that's interesting. And I'll tell you. When I set the cousin, I did cards and plus seven hundred what what? What? What do I have to do to get it on the land, to talk to believe we can? who already did it, whereas where's my boat, while with you can be in it, I mean I'm frightened Roddy role, and we, while we do what we can talk about and I fell wagers an angle of them. Things have been traced items of interest. I like to do that that that honest to goodness, is my story go back to my other negative yeah, yeah yeah. That's I I I fear, the out along the road community. They played on the run last week around out there on the road this week, they're going to be on the road again next week. I think it's some point that runs out and I think it runs out its potential use in Arizona
two weeks from now. Cards and chiefs is less Jani firewood cards and chiefs is plus twenty five hundred and kiss your winner in Ireland, but Thou last thing. Why have you on the phone? Please? We have talked NBA for five minutes. Ok, people like our India, so it basically to recap our plastics. You like Houston, Pastrini, violate the Chiefs monastery enough? We both like, since he plus three we both washed in minus one pick em, plus one wherever it ends up, and you like the points in Minnesota, I'm taking the points as long as it goes up to seven, I mean I'm laying the points his eyes. It goes up to seven over seventy, wouldn't do it wouldn't do it so I'd like to apologize to you, oh I've been appalled. Do you think I'd zig scenes two thousand sixteens about cleaning slate nude new beginnings, news
arts. Admitting your fights apology, As for talking you either coil entered and vp better. I feel bad about fifty Taiwan. I don't think you're gonna win, but there's a chance of curry may play sixty two games or something what if he's keeps getting hurt or something weird happens and inhuman J months, but the vote and artists and unclear. Why, on this, sixty seven wind spurs team at that in the feel bad. I just I want to say that it fell back. That's nice of you appreciate! I could have done it anyway. Obviously you could have done it again. I could have occurred. But I could have gone ahead. May that bet, Cavaliers Cavaliers thunder no magic possible. You, I guess the ads for that.
It's gonna be in a place like four hundred range right, five hundred plus nine hundred. Oh my good, you know I like I have an irrational, Thing for ok, Stena calves, whereas is minus one. Ten tab spurs, is plus two. Seventy five calves thunder plus nine hundred I like both the birth and the thunder. I would I'm gonna do, but I'm gonna hang up the phone and make a communication issued electronic. Oh, but I want to talk about me. I'm going to figure out a way to single, enjoy that's ok see I'd their deafened, a third team in the western now as a contender, no question, since he might bear that far away from the spurs, though, you still have to beat Westbrook Internet four times and Savage Game Sears with now
I have to do that in its way onto for somebody, it's gonna happen. Spurs where's are playing, ok, see inventive, dreamlike Billy Donovan Finally, getting the hell out of the way yeah thanks! Forget them We believe that of them ass their third. Thirdly, the idea that one of those who got it has to be on the Ford all time seems like catching on here's. What I like about ok, see just as a future bets I think, avid trade to make. I think they have many big eyes and there's there's a too for one earn something bad debt. Their one, more shooter waiting to happen Ryan. I said, really interesting possibilities for the possibility for them, guy crunch time for them. Oh my gosh kidding you know and he sit there and what teams? Why am I right? Anderson is gonna end up getting a nice package for New Orleans fur for something, but that somebody deck and really help Oklahoma City. There's a couple: Dorothy meet a guy like that
by the way I watch your team unadapted maintains a man, it's part of the process. They can't do can't take off for the season until I've said nasty things about them and have written them off. I'm just done. I did little to familiar that. They still can't score. I hate watching their trip down a floor and the ball stopping in and just missed, open shot. It hurts my eyes dev. There's two problems: one is that their their bills around the three guards, and especially the defence of when they have smarten Bradley in crowded out there at the same time right. That's the their identity as defence Smart was her for a while now Brad these her and they can't get those guys go together at the same time. So none of this is that Rising the but what's frustrating is, first lies item Thomas's in a crunched, I'm Guy day after day after day he's a guy's play. Twenty five minutes a game.
And you ride him when his hat and what is not, how you don't plan in crunched- I you know I mean- and this is the same problem of last year, what's the plan b what they data day down and there's a little James, Harding gone on with him, where I'm a Baja bow and he has a bar he's. Gonna do something with it in the Adriatic out it's funny, but to start calling a little James heart, I James when you that everybody is kind of watching him, wait and see what he does rate, and now it's been a full year of that- and I may say so- that's pretty predictable and what's happening as their certain teams that have the right kind of guy to shut and downright shepherd owns as it does that the tart who can move with them. They just take em out, and this have nobody has to create office. You know they end he's playing too guys, which is another problem. They have too many guys in the roster like their dynamic afore. For one- and this is the trade as materialise yet, but you can't play eleven twelve
as a game, nobody's getting it says the minutes. I don't think anybody in the team is really happy with their minutes, except for crowd her. I know that I have a problem with the topics when I'm watching getting frustrated by their lack of ability to score and wish him aunt. Em internal get the ball more you're Evan Turner is the second best creator and the entire team has actually been pretty good the season, but- she thinks Stephen should do the spurs motto of just certain guy said every game you now almost like what our has when they, when they have a veto like fifth grade volume, too many people on the team so that everybody has to sit out to gains a he's. Just try that with the biggest, but the the other problem is their lineup last year, that was really good, was when they played crowded the four and they when those small by action with the guards eyes of everybody,
does that now that it's that you're, not taking any one by surprise with that angle, use governing its other teams are doing the same thing and I do not really get advantage with it in them, It's better, so the cell turn this weird, no man's land where there to get the tank, but miss their window to go for the two seated three said: they displayed the two games, It's the nets, data Lakers game- you know that is they should have gone forward one in three. We did they still can we. Really really really need them to do this. When forty five games they still can do, I think they can do that. Not too late I keep hearing that nobody really might do. Nobody will make it this year in a look at these teams, that just seams my be dying to make a trade like Phoenix with the f. Are they waiting for Houston's dying to make a tree stand make a shade. What is is Memphis just gonna go down in flames of great grind but in any place? I waiting that we're here it looks like it.
Many citizens see there's some mighty needs to make a true. Your team deaf, net desperately needs to make a change, but what's the trade I want to get up on embryo unpacking wanna give about our porter back this dependence we get back, there's a lot of unpalatable options for my team. I read a good piece somewhere. Maybe it was Dan Devine the event as ETA: the comparisons, there's something he was sent out there. He loves John, was playing, but he hates watching the wizards at that. That summed it up. That's how I are welcome to my world near jungle Then you know yellows little iraqi start tabooed once, but he was hurt, leaves how it came out after the month of November that he d have either it was hamstrung, again leg problem I recall of TAT man anymore. You sure you don't umbrella dies Goin out, oh my god. What roll on roll the dies down the sewer I'm happy to do that they do
from the other thirteen million one or other nice. Don't like em, don't like his game. Dont know how he fits in with what was the last moment of extended success with White Howard. What team viewpoint to that? He has been on the last five years. They are, they were that was poor, pre formidable. They they were out. What's that, would you trading unaids expiring for Thyssen jailer, sure something like that? the dice with Thyssen Chandler in his weird contract in the fire. He looks like a corpse yeah, but you know that the pick a role with him and and and John Wall- that's cool amended at that time into that kind of thing. I would add there. I think you need to use the next expiring in I've burning complained about not having to gag gotten Channing fry in the off, even when the team knew that it was going to try and do this patients base often Thank you should save caps base for during the summer, because I don't like the moon
for him will beat a role at over. We, in China when your deal and expire, when was bricks, expiring and have those years going to two thousand. Seventeen he's not gonna, be a free agent. Next summer decided back vat low did that to the finish of peace on this at the very beginning of the seas, and he is going to be when he entered create and be properly at the same time as Westbrook and abacha a ten year service player at exactly the mom. That the cap explode rarely he under the current quota, barring agreement, will be able to command thirty five percent of the cap at tat moment. He is not do anything they thought this does this could upcoming firmer other than reciting with ok, see in his army you're, not going anywhere the talkin about T talk about teams that may make a trade the clip These are fascinated to me. First, I've gotta two games, a sheer night. I'd just dislike their games. You don't like it. I like it. I just don't like going. I dont like her is infected. The fans.
And I say this with love: unique Cooper fans. You know you know, I love what you been through and I think you're you're good fans and don't take this the wrong way, but. Every referees and against you it's it. Season League wide conspiracy to just call games against the clippers, like that. They were there There's a check in this area that team can't keep bitching. You know it took on that idea, three years ago now and announce infected the fans and when they had these home, had it's just games soon, just a of everybody think in the world's against them- and it's like yeah These guys are hard to colleagues, Blake Griffin. You could call found every player car found no plays and Chris Paul really physical on You know the answer. Its found other time issues its will. Had more fun go into the Cooper Games when it was like the TIM, Thomas AIR knows just weird and they'd, weird guys in the team, the enough somebody was stoned like it. Seventy we couldn't scarf
five points or zero. It was like I'll get caught him again. He showed up tonight and sir, just more entertaining them were wherever this is. I don't know what this is, but but A little tear here now gonna break on her and they started playing better, which is the fundamental problem with this team, which is when they have thus three guys together. Doesn't releasing the work even on the plus, my I've seen either puss minus them. As a minister Gama Crunch Time, the algerian Blake, a country. I'm just seemed like teams can know how to shut it down. Tate baby, but are you like? Do you like watching, covers across them? Tat, Cessna, TAT, loves, basketball,. Like I was a task, take one question rate as ever: make and there's a silence in the listed as though and haven't you will give me yes or no to up to. I would trade This is sacrilege, religion and I really don't want to
and up is like a blog post or something similar says: trade. Chris bog, as I know, the internet works like to settle down. I'm just talking to my buddy about basketball. I would shake Chris Paul right now. If, as a corporate are traded today, what could they get back? I don't know I wouldn't I would shopping around and see if I could get a point guard who could at least start for me and whole bunch of asset steady there. I could keep go for the future or may be flip into something else. I'd want to get a shooter back at those who are suddenly like no walkie that an interesting somethin. While we. But you can't piss off Chris Paul either right. You got us and no place, whereas now can be mad at you. In his eye, if you're the other workers in there, she's gonNA, Milwaukee, he's gonna be mad, and if on the box at one angry Chris, I want to give up my entire team for anger. Chris Paul, you know it's gotta be like the rate fit corner. He enjoyed killer boys, maybe but anyway, it's year eleven for Chris Paul.
Point art history says this is a year in your past. Primary now basically used when your prime, but Europe run and the fumes of the problem and now he's about to orphan to a guy who can still get there, but it's not every night you watch West brackets. I pick as in his prime. I politically he showing up every single night You know: you're getting Westbrook Chris pause like moving this stage or that's physically, not possible without the MILES Eddie Ozanna? Oh I don't. I don't know any teams with assets that fit. Maybe Houston. That's the only way I can come up with teams with assets that fit the constraint you just put on, which I don't don't make Chris Paul angry in connection with the trade would be angry if you
to use them in the first like we have many varied with equipment. I can't find the Chadian that's the problem with this. I don't have the true with the premise. By the way, I think he is at an all time. High will not all time silly, but for this phase of his career is value is as high as it's gonna get that's what We need a mean you could do a Toronto with calorie that I live from Toronto, like what is I got for me right now. I wouldn't do that. Are now I dont my point is I don't know what the note the Cooper should do, but they can't win the team they have added she's gonna get all than they're gonna miss. There were no, it's can be over and I would not trade Blake allows them. I would I made that this is due to the window. Is this year I would shot the Andrei.
Well. After all, they were just when I got it I'll get it at least, see what's out that form doubtless have anything of interest coming back to the quicker. The problem is that the team that makes sense for credit result could be mad or I'm in a western. It doesn't make any sense for the clippers. The trade with somebody unaware here's the clippers destiny right now. Therefore, seed. That's where they're going to end up unless the ran R Westbrook goes down for a big stretch and they're going to lose to go and stay around two. That's going to happen three and a half months from now The book put in the back then lose D gone state and ran to so D. Just accept.
Each I'd do something! That's what that sir? It's it's it's hard. When we talked about the five weeks ago, which a cargo anti rose at the moment where we talked about it with the rose, he was still not able to see out of both eyes a chain of Rayner who cross Party rose. I think they're grass, I just did neither drink that wasn't spit I'd, show their grows to China. Get Brooklyn abide on. You look really good. Last night near Chatham right now, you're team could not get his way get trade Chicago and Chicago and clippers D, clippers de Rossa clippers to track record of guys not being at an elite level for like more than three, airs and then coming back and rejoin in that only level is really neck. It and- and there's no track record, there's no check her at her myths that description, though
and go on. Did it point eighteen minutes, a game for the south he's a real player. Yeas became anyone who eat an elite rope where my fair deal is that? Its opinion are the way tat the situation where pay higher wages from Orlando Phinis kids need surgeries gap is good for years, needs heard again and every bays how I know they're penny archways great any in great anymore and a couple years fast and got hurt again and came back and got hurt again and then take a tree to the next and it was over. You know that that would be my worst case for that. What would you do if your phoenix it that's a rational question? We are asking you try and apply rational thought to an irrational situation. I've been com, we lost by their game plan their em out their strategy since at the moment that they had for drastic
in the two years ago for traffic, someone in a draft that people lauded is one of the best. The girl left twenty years. You know it in acid them. They remember do hours. I think I passed than the summer two thousand fourteen do Mars was IP. Our time hid her Miss GM. Every move made was either fantastic, are completed ass to be in. There is never a middle ground right like gave me like this summer we signed a garden and Charlie Villanueva TAT our cap space. For three years. I just complete catastrophe darker Miller check over Carmelo yeah. That's great, but then he flipped around back. Yeah, we're intake Andrade, Germans, the best bits of the decade of irritation periods, as wretched, whilst trade, science transferability the on average. Another catastrophe, but whose Kidderminster mess Aramis enough
in excess assume that manner everything everything everything Phoenix does Is he their terrible or fantastic?. And they went when there are around out who what what's what's been fantastic, but heading into that summer. They had like in first round pick state cap space tat all these young guards. Things were looking great. They want forty eight games when forty Games Horn Sack give more ass. They stay lockdown, the Moors twins, two really good contract and then, without going into the yeah. They wouldn't go another point guarded pissed off Goran dry. It the biggest mistake they shake. It does a time ass. They should get that Lakers pick. The Lakers PIC is, is gonna reared its ugly head, so Marquis for Gonna go somewhere about will be a trade. I dont know where
can I would welcome the Washington by the way, I'm glad I people finally realising would happily murky did this is the most cut driving its ever happen in the NBA words I would happen in the sky, was so bad. He signed a deal with his with his brother they said will give you fifty two million hours or for years you guys split it up. Everyone there lay like great we'll. Take We won't even explorer mark a vague. We just want to be here when a play together will Wilson and this deal they didn't. Their agents didn't put a no trade causing that stuff and then they trade is brother a year later now he's got a bad conscience forward. His She was he's not play with his brother anymore or to the whole reason he resigned. They screwed Marbre is mad about it. They are well in and reasonable any offered his fault. Has never said at any rate, late. We want what's that would have more hoops next week. I wait
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HBO beyond our Veo girl. This weekend I heard spectacular its answer. It's pretty great, and then one of the better things they streamed than while they're outside the godfather number, they did, the God other thing where they they didn't chronologically lover yeah. That starts next week, always good stuff down HBO. Now so check that out thanks to seek the presenting sponsor the Bs Pakistan and China. Thirty three package, which create a bunch of cast out. We did this. We can put he added a bachelor pike, ass, Julia limit, yeah I did Harry about our jubilee who, every year they always have just one or black, but one or two black contestants, the bachelor for some recent, and nobody ever thinks. This is the worst thing ever, which really is like at least one year had, like eight already an accurate, but this When they had this year, really has a chance to make a run, and I don't want that. Twelve year, leniency relaxed his jubilee
She's, a war hero, she's beautiful and I love her name- has a chance to be. I was used to compare this to likened Zaga, making the final for just flipping the script and you're gonna run she might be, it might be. The Jew We pick up the week that, like all of you, believe you allows you only see Dhaka so anyway, janitor through a whole bunch of good stuff on there check that out enjoy the weekend good luck with your football picks and You can subscribe to the beers pack as an idea in stature or saint cloud. We're outhouse good luck with this. Yes good luck with the gain of an and try not to a certain extent. I'm actually rooting for Europe have not crossing genuine context, Rather we about to die. I want to see me again. The one is
Why here close kitchen me.
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