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Ep. 5: Week 5 NFL w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons discusses shaky kickers, Pats-Cowboys, Todd Gurley's emergence, Kaepernick's swoon, Peyton Manning's gluten-free arm, NHL sleepers and "Guess the Lines" for Week 5 with Cousin Sal.
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I still do not have any music, I'm workin on it. I have a really good one in in in store. Hopefully that will work out and I feel I should mention. I found that crap cause, I'm a minor hotel phone in San Francisco do in his vanity fair conference thing it today, and this is the only time for the rest of the year that doesn't sound. I will not be doing them. It has been a Monday Tuesday will be treated in the same room, Ma Amselle how area good bill what's happening with you, man, let's see, You had a bad loss. Abed funded, eight loss. People were upset that we have a package next day because become the traditional breath knee I now and now they know dead. They don't get my my vitriol, my prince, my instant vigil. After the game by Dad's, it's better for me, but my psyche. Can you feel like, you had the rope pulled out from under you and get screwed over in a game when you're quarterback his brain and we'd like Canada. Would it? What does that experience like you know, want one?
The mist, fail goal that said unto me know where to start with this, it just its thinks that were at the quarter, Paul Mark or whether we want to call it and every single men and of every game has been a roller coaster. Like we said like week, one giants they went on the last play the game, but they lose. Does we too against eagles. I was wrong, but when the game that week, we three What are my misery I already forgot, but then the things I like David to get right now you had at the park in the founding United Cores winning gained by fourteen, and then they blow that game and then and then the same. It's that it's terrible stuff. I can't stand it. The watches games alone at Sunday night. It's a last chance. I have spent my and among locked in a room saying the upward over and over and over, but they have to pass this week by week at the Chad, the giant but good last week or again, the Seahawks and then home for Philly Sunday night. That's pretty tough!
Let me say that the possible buzek that torture is you doing this to me again. I get the value in it. You liked you like it, but I know I looked at it and we have to be five and five the time Romo gets back and that means either win. Against valley at that or at the giants and then beat Miami and tap. That just has to happen, and we have not been going on this. We prefer the Good NEWS is eight later. Seventy nine might win division near I'm worried the giants might be a little better than the they're letting on him and they could have been foreign or two with a couple couple plays gone. One where are they the Vienna was. That was the only team tat. I really liked. Last weekend straight up and of course, I somehow figured out a way to lose money at parlay with them in the over mad, but I thought that was gonna, be an office of bad on the bills can do anything to jail for good, though, that the giants her, I would say a top eight team right yeah. I think so
now there right now they are on a really how they're doing you're like back, comes out there. In the world on fire and United still not confident in July or their pass rush butter, but yeah it's enough to Hamas read them selves from the rest of the analyses danced and play makers. The defect is better than I think, all of us thought and their schedules that that hard right now, a days they played your team and weak one was probably the toughest game. They had lost the falcon washed in Buffalo that last week, but now come up thanks to go on at Philly Home for Dallas and the ground was backed by that add New Orleans that Tampa, then there the path and by and then they go at washed in
at my Amy Carolina, be tough at Minnesota, might be tough on fulfilling. That is not a tough scheduled marriage. They're gonna, be all right. Are you in San Francisco to walk on to the team? What what are you doing you trying out total? Let's that they were not about Capron ACT, because this might be the great gambling inefficiency to exploit of these? Next few weeks, I think there's some real chap now black hair, like did you watch a game like to throw that he was missing. It was like wide open guys over the mid on him just drawing ground boss. I actually think he came, he might be losing it like a leg literally unravelling. Did you see that I did? I saw a lot of it and you know our art. Coronation right away or the damage sports fan. Football fan is to say the quarterbacks thanks, but then I wonder to disguised guy's under seizure lot. That's bad enough
it plays with his mind a little bit but yeah his throws or way off way off. He Steve the net or not block or whatever you just said, yeah yeah, anything I think either a typical Kubi anyway, you like a little bit of a strange, got kind of a loner little centric right. I'm not your tip. Go like. Let me galvanise by teammates kind of quarterback and It just seems like his way in his own head. I actually think this is crazy, but their backups Blaine Gabert Dry arable. He can't be worse than Capron back there I mean they could have beaten packers the female throw thirty cents play good night came. But they did a lot of nice bank who was it Matthews who attacked them and said you know Russell Wilson. I, like I like to see like every week from here forward. Like someone sat cap inexact, hey, you know Manning,
blame gabert near when one is a light. A fire on there is ass. Was I going to do you know he came with its five yards of winning the Superbowl red tape. First down, I'm gonna go from the five and you know I didn't love the play, calling any. I think they they had one play that they almost got the treaty at the gate at the guy's hands, but man I mean then maybe that changes after his career if they were the two, but they may be. This relies on how we gonna get that close again as well to suck. But it's when you watch him now and you think I keep you know twenty six, twenty seven whenever you like. It is incredible that he played the typical wits, glitzy weak five lines, and we can talk about others that lets. At last. We got say sated underdogs, eight five and won the Anders were ten in four everything's, very close. The efforts are thirty: twenty nine into over thirteen twenty nine and farther to pick em games and there
four buys as we Carolina Miami Minnesota and the jets who have Sheldon Richardson coming back next week and the two things I just gone forward like from a big picture standpoint. It really does seem like the Bengal man. I am so hesitant to believe in them because dawn, but in the cases that made by multiple writers, people, but they were taken block and he doesn't get tired and there's been stat after status that about a different. He is when you pressure him verses when he has time if he has a thief. Have time. All year he's gonna have Really good faith in an that's gonna be a really good thing, and it really does he might. They might have one of the best off at the black thought that jumps out of me. Do you put them top three the guy had Arizona Heather them last, where you have Cincinnati out of date, eight therein top five who is? I never want to overreact in September right, but if they're gonna be able to
for him all year and they're gonna be able to have a better past. First there last year, they're pretty good. Like, they're, pretty good, all around team. So I have to watch that one, because if that old line stays healthy, I actually to take us to stand. That's in any other thing that just jumped out last week and everybody talks about on Monday. But girly was a beast. Really it just abolished. Arizona. Fourth quarter and it's really scary and his built wegg is like a martian Lynch. Crusted Adrian appears that, like We may have to recall a break our expectations with that think, incomplete defence and run the bother did lose Ogletree this week, but if they can run the bomb play defence, that's gonna be a wildcat him. We have to figure out which of the games this year than four weeks. So far were an Enigma and you take away the the Redskins blew out. The rams
therefore, any re ever in that game? I'm wondering if that was the game that shouldn't count or maybe Redskins are good, we'll have to figure that But yeah, I didn't even know what I was watching with girls. I watched the back. I want to highlight again as it well skies are the holes just so far open or is he falling forward that doesn't seem like he could ever gain listened a yard the way he carries the ball yet again, accurate he so physical weight, which is the linchpin that your man there, but that the way he can be full speed, but he's not going for space because he can move in Juke is almost like watching and point out that the question Chris Paul or somethin his full speed he's going full speed right, but that what a great picture, Was I liked it when they did it? I thought it was body, but they need they needed something off by the way that came as always been impotent. They needed like that, one guy and they might have going out everything that the best Ronnie?
back in the division right now right now, air and the other thing that I get the other big storyline, that the vehicle kicker thing it is just been a shadow of every week in a fine way. You now, but you just never feel safe with any kicked out, and I do think those p teased have shaken the confidence of some of these guys there, some added the words kicking situation. There are others that Pittsburgh. I think this is where the guy red tape is a disaster, the New Orleans gas thanks and and Philly as it does the worse for ban. We were just from a gambling standpoint, the roller coaster, like you. If you had the cowboys on Sunday night, you win The guy makes a thirty yarder to MRS it and then the saints get a td in overtime. They cover it's terrible. I just can't stand it good for everybody who wanted the extra point moved back like them. Sorry, you were bored, but this stinks. I'm watching trying to fight watch like five or six games at once and I'm saying, missed kicks
It's not like it's it's worse than like thing too many flags on the fella. You no one, the kicker to beat that important. You just don't that's, how you gonna, U two concert and get enough forty minute, drummed solo. At the end, you no one here behind oh say who, who runs the each bid on nine to one. Oh, how dare you wouldn't do that They want to see a three episodes featuring nat. Now Maybe you now speak for yourself on it say it is crazy. It's like ends like I guess there are twelve, not rookie tickers, but twelve tickers or new to their team. Seventeen. Mr extra points worth. Those already verses ate all of last year, and I don't want to talk about Kyle Brands and Jason Myers on Monday. It's enough enough if we say that I think this would be the eight year term that we said this in the packet
it's incredible to me, that there are thirty, two partners and thirty two crackers in America. Where are the soccer players year? They it doesn't seem like. We have. Three generations have kids play soccer right that ever since We were grown up and their soccer every week, like uptake of my daughter, the soccer against our southern California, there's a million kids playing right like we can't find thirty two kicker, but about even the pro soccer players and someone who made like sixty five grand the year. Like I don't know, anyone take a chance here and step up and you could not be a hero in the inner fell. Then go black backed Boeing soccer. It would be you know lane and dynamism, retweeted at better any treaty, but it what a great story that will be a flame
made a data like skirt and when I try to be forgotten or because he will ye would be, com can do better? Somebody, big Zachary, gave rainy as a good leg like. Why that? How can it be worse? It can't be where it could be worse than that guy in camp a neck. I looked like a section eight now I just can't know watching more annoying the worsening. The other thing we should mention is that it does. Over the months that the NFL cares about women? A re run great near their fitness. Guy. We care about whether its October, it so adopted here, another greatly about anymore, but yet, one more thing with the with the job out your film, and we call that not that it was a great call. We urged every when a good cop plus two forty, we of course did not bad Joe Feldman Bogart that I hope he did. I hope I may. I think that would be a smart thing to do, for a coach annuities can be fired. Here's I'm sorry. My own severance package, Irina, Breton put, fifty thousand.
Hours on myself being fired first, it's so funny we talked about it. We talked about it. I did a podcast with house on Friday he somehow single handedly stormy from the dolphin from the Jetsons Dolphins and was like just what we'll go with the dolphins and we'll have to bet on Joe Philbin. Then we never been on penny. I think they fired. A messy was like flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Now is it yeah? There must have been there You know, I don't know like you. Did you watch all the game. Sunday. Six thirty start out here in July Watch I actually flu from a lady Ashton and Virgin America, nice and I time the flight. Though I had the game, and I was so excited that there is a London game, because my flight was that, like eight o clock good, and this is great. I at you now get the I'll get you another Dolphins jets game and it was just a worse gave way
started thinking about audible, to bring to an end of? It was a pretty thing banana than the next game and it was the dear channels re read. An aversion to the next came was giants bills. And they had to pre empt whatever was on whatever the other. China was those just giants bells browser out. This is a great game to I'm so excited the bills are awful near is it still find, but that as far as a kid event, I turned the game on its six thirty hours ago and ominous sleep. It's I can sleep in a little bed, not only that the thought of a game going on in may not have king. Aware of it and and watching as is ludicrous. I turned it. But no sound, I'm in bed. Six thirty, the wife looks up. She goes back, sleep and then she wakes up she's, like oh, my God
I thought I was having a nightmare that there was football those early I since no though it it's a nightmare for the dolphins, nobody else, it was a great that's great. I love in the morning. I yet should I put it, there just go and they say and addressed the airplane moving. I see that way. I have not the worth it. I mean it's, it's my daddy's to call these movies five o clock hers crystal dead. Like movies, you stay at five o clock when it still matinee back quickly enough to. That night, Meda, for money, but the rock is ex wife in the movies Karla GINO Gugino, I've always loved right and then their daughter thus impair the home movies. Alexandria outweigh Andrea Doria. The girl from sheer detective, seized and well right at the internet is maybe the most beautiful woman in the ass, and I I didn't realize this. When I started watch movie, it was excellent. I'm ready for
seventh Ziegler I'll, get rid of the rock and its focus and the moment daughter why they have to get rid of him when he could be there. Now, it's it's. It's get their beds. Embodies an apology, reminding us best. Anna any gives up about to Saint then and just start doing, invested out sketch I'm staff its get, I recommend Santa Jane. I will watch it When you add a week, I've wine, I guess the Thursday night game its core. Is there the course in Texas? Now you no luck, he might have a difficult it show there might not. They pick up quarterbacks like there's no line on this game. Right he's taken most of the snapped and there is a line on it and I picked three and a half call. You said three and a half. I said a pick up my eyes that through my hands in the air with this whole thing was locked starting or not, and it's cold by one and a half and.
Sometimes you in that starting. So I get that one. What! But when I picked the court's three and a half I thought luck was play, I didn't realize he was like banged up What do you mean you thought of ASEAN play last created? You had a thing, you know for sure he was playing right. I just want to say this: beside American, having era it still up in their courts or own forgets to spread the code should be fired. Just for that. I have a very important point to make. Yet after this game they have ten days off and then they play the new in a patriot that arm on Sunday night. I think the patriots against her ninety five points back it yeah. What's the rush four points and again I don't know what you're going to see it. You think so here you see the record that I I was going to say this. I don't think there will ever be more a few points work into a line. Then there will be next week. I went out there to be a five point. Could you think that's a little bit like? I can't even imagine
What an unbelievable break, though, because you have at Dallas this week and at Indiana Senator next week and like in July those looked like a really touched. Yeah then added like brain awaited in one hour of age or lack of it. They have three games at home and abroad. Berman had any balls of this move would be interest. I now case. Why would you say that would you MA am add mood. You know it's true You got that right now to tell you have to take their guided launch or somethin terminating an honourable man. How dare you Cleveland Baltimore the Sunday slate that maybe you know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna amid which found there.
I'll tell you know you ve arrived enforcing phones in your hotel room good for you that better somewheres think worth trying again that force at them better way that this court, this one's gonna, go out. That's a better life. Clearing a ball Cleveland Baltimore! Here we go down. This can be a push. You had seven and have I had seven have right now: six and a half I don't like when you tell-
America. What I take no honest, I get going into empty, that's darling, my picture ain't! You got the time I was like the Ravens brands came near, there would feel like are, It feels like that. It should be more of a robbery and hatred between them. There is, but the browser frisky just a wee bit. I was impressed by down aid in that thing, Diego game, and and Mccown has been on fifteen teams in ten years did drove them down, they get it, they get the touchdown they have to play. It was pretty good like that. The chargers last that game they would have been in trouble this season, did you can't lose that game and make the path I don't think near? They are really in trouble. There really banged up. Then there now to get there and I don't want a lot of these close games, but include screwed themselves there, but let me ask it: does anyone on this Ravens team scare. You, I think, there's about or teams in a league that don't have a plan
that scares me Two of them are in this game: Cleveland Baltimore. It does seem like Tory Smith the Niners than the Raven shoes. I beg you know at this stupid those you give us back Toy Smith and will give you a psychiatrist, forgot, Capron, right alike and a third wrapping. I want to do that as I go against. The collective bargaining agreements should be able to eat at the sign a player as the psychologist than your fifty three main raster, but the raven should take it between my megabit unity that could be went there, but they should not want that. Should it not at one that Pittsburgh it then, and now the third another to be two and three after this brands game it they get through the brown, maybe and then they have at San Francisco Capron at that point will be like wheeled out there Lecter stretcher, the two of them move member we play in the Superbowl.
For ten years ago, were fourteen months ago and have one that was o. We should talk quickly by the stupid Monday night thing when the guy bad it at a bad and then everyone S pay basically turned into the bad at a bad bud, As chair of the next eighteen area, one forever energy said on twitter, we ve seen forty five potter's do this in the last five years. The everyone does that's why. Why was this such a big thing now I get it. I guess it's different because a change of possession, everything that that's a bigger deal but an because if it your own by you can. But let me do that how many times we see guys back on side kicks out of bounds, and I know I guess the sidelines different from the the enzyme, but it seems infuriating that I could get bad and on side kick out, then you get you another kicking team doesn't get to redo it in the big winner in that thing was Cavern Jackson, oh yeah, who fumbled that, like the one inch like rain, that everyone spend the time talking about the bad at Bonn? Meanwhile, that was like it just a horrendous form, of course assets
look. I'm gonna get shit for this, but I also think, like some rules, do you have to the other way like what tie goes to the great play. I know I have to have to make this personal, but the does Brian Catch was a great catch. I don't care if you're gonna extra, the way that that rule that nobody understands and same but that's not gonna, see a better defensive play than Camp Chancellor made weeks through the end of the seas, and that should be. That should be what we're talking about another. The ball the ball, was going out about the guy. Could a grab that and now it's
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now build it. Just a these crazy about building website to get these things in his head at the let him ran for a minute. That's fine! So good guy for known it ronicky looking I now have saint Louis, a Green bay too two rams foreigner packers need might be to the fore based in Vienna. We don't know they could be giving the community he title previous could be the sucker better the week to the high line. So we concerned at all that the package that the much troubled by appointing the matter, yeah, probably a little bit with Aaron Rodgers my fancy car back in the League of Bulgaria? but they always seem to be in control. I thought the air I mean that's an present. Double digit went on the road and still still get at the pact
by eight make. You were the I said: nine half I headed exactly so I get that one. That's a lot of points, then that is I think, a lot of people going to jump on the remains of a good kid I now, but We are to your already you already behind the ape all because AIR Rogers is knocking the throne interception he just not at Lambeth, so you have to make that if the to turn over some other way and I'm just an anomaly that tickets in ten point game right in there. Now you here's what I point out that the package therefore now have covered up or spread right at some point, that's gotta, that's gotta overcome yeah. Maybe maybe I hang over game now for the rams let down yet that's. I hang up and saw the young king legit
Off a giant when you're, really good at birth does potential through the packers, though they stand the egg or next week and then a by taking away the standing again the deafening went by which this man's thing you know they get through this there like a pretty get bigger at them, wrapped the by a Caroline, that's the pub stretched and are now. I don't have a feel for this camp that would stay away in aid of ethics, but stay away. Three of its twenty fourth the second quarter by Galia that that sounds right. But I Buffalo Tennessee. The gateway to quickly and the packers. The change Jones thing bothers me, but then I got him for adopting an early. Yet up other me,
but then I got him for a diamond early, yet up other than the fact that, later on to other teams, who could avoid figure were used incorrectly, but Rogers, the inner Jamestown can't really get that open, very catches. Everything the era in Rogers just put the ball near him and catch it. Where were the patriots than this all? Thank you. Tom Brady love to put the ball rate were guys. Are the games Jump, integrate featured a mad about check there about the only two guys can make that guy good, brilliant and mass media, and almost like a basketball like that, though, the power is always good. Outages, interesting alleys, nice pass great pointer, I wish Tom Brady, it was as quarterback right with you'll be all right. I think you're going to be here, you'll be fourteen until you won't even think about James Jones will be fine, Tennessee
you had a vulgar had say. Would you have a guy that either at the built by three ethical did you did exactly. I had two and a half, so you know when this man that by half a point bills by three on the road I just think the bills are gonna be late, at least for me, they're gonna be the team that I'm just not going to be able to make money off of bedding for or against them. I am. I watch tat gave very carefully as trap that an airplane, nothing I ran up and get some weird anchoring bit really doesn't seem like you can move around that while earlier that, as well as you supposed to be mother s, I will say that I really like that Carlos Land, the bills running back having taxes
well, I can cost now. So I don't even know if he's playing I mean they're gonna have a little trouble offensively if none of wagons in shady Mccoy that now the other bandit I deem it black. And lastly, because that deal with the media, I forget it the other guy, the date they just I can't, but that the penalties I have had a pilot, tighten ton of penalties, the bills. I let the giants in a giant were letting the act and that game and holding up the holding out the holding go. I don't mind the tight eight they easily could one week trying at the called come on up by. They have a really schedule the Buffalo Miami Atlanta. Next to it, oh yeah yeah. It pays to be terrible every year, the near rewarded with a nice schedule that the following season, like the New Orleans Philly,
This is a loser, leave town match. What do you think it might be mandatory? They wouldn't fire chip Kelly right now and I think so too embarrassing. I have be eagles by four. At that brief look, I know you did the game winning drive, but it's just that he doesn't look right, nice and five and one slash two and you're going to get it at four and one slash two four and one slash two c actual spread had Vegas zone. We talk about and near the breeze does right nets infuriating because it became apparent very early on and the game that he couldn't throw fifteen yards down, feel but Jason Guard. He can't make
just Mfa, maybe maybe a chip Kaliko, he's a genius go figure it out. I have a new episode of. Are we sure you get nice branding cook and we share he's good now, we're not sure. Does I ate I overpaid firm and want to make you fail to leave a great deal here. Type guy that Nigeria it's funny, there's a ton of receivers, Brandon Cox and then like that the four doll receivers that everyone keeps recycling. That's Busby great between Like Parker and Landry, and this guy as everybody and just
oh, my god, all these receivers of fallen off the shelf. But then you look seven wide receivers average over a hundred yards per game. They gets a first time. That's happened at this far, and so will you don T that job it gyrate Landry? I'm sure he's at some point. He's gonna find the right quarterback and the right to join him back as it beat No I've never seen anything like what that, whatever their office was no game apparently there on allow him the audible, so I guess I'm just putting like any guys in the liner any new year's guinea oppressed and they do not perceive respect you get open other than lay a dream, rainy, which is run backward and throw the Bob is backed by the worst. They have everything now terrible, I'm starved, thank Motto, hopefully with the De Margo Mari. Just that look thinking about the Eagles now maybe you should never sign a free age and other than neuron on your own team
Green Bay. Annoying when, for the most part, have a right, just doesn't ever seem to work out with his teams killing time it seems to work out it marshalling who wasn't there's a few. But while I get things like, the offenders work out more than more than up at the right, but definitely running back, just repeat, running back big receivers That great near our Washington in Atlanta, who into Redskins undefeated falcons. I had either falcons by seven, maybe a little louder, I don't mind the flashed in the tiny bit low eyes at seven and a half, and it is in fact seven and a half and we have them. Gender teaser, yet areas killed everyone on the cheeses. Last week we stayed away. We stayed away from that, but Baltimore
Ok, maybe overtly one and are now pointing it out now got near, but do we take it? Lan, I'm in Atlanta could be the what the Arizona last week, like everyone jump, the ban wagon and then they will. They want for one hour lose to Washington Nature or we haven't gotten the giant came here, but that the giants are gonna, be in every bet. I make this right they're good. Why Lana modulating can't new Orleans at Tennessee and at San Francisco three road games, but they could be, they could be eight now it is the two weeks left. The bet against cap her neck We have been that's running. I got Burnett, be forgiven two weeks notice Capron backers, as this is a rare situation, if it by your fuckin, where have taught me out of it but in time, either the dunes emanating off the body now take advantage of the gambler
societies are wise, were saying, Review, Lear dying to talk about that giant, came we'll, get to it or wait a second that yeah. I think the fact and there it by they had no respect last week, neither in the line against the Texan, though I went down like a point before game time, down a five five and a half now, they're getting a ladder is back but washed in good off at the wide, pretty good defence couple guys who can make plays the command bar. I would, I would be afraid, I'm probably and pick the falcon drive yeah, that's a tough one, washing and gets beat long. That's the only thing I'll say like those amounts. Eagles receivers were open and then that they did connect Bradford dead, but that that selling that's in Rio Jones in ever a great game. You know they destroyed Houston last year, so they step up but divide freehand, best running back and fantasy when
a dollar and are, we think, does seven touchdowns like that's. Why fantasies store was thing? We do it idiotic and take the day before there is there. Turn that have in common with doing it must be carried in the vital Freeman price drop twenty dollars, but to make it up now is a device that is a developed. The Freeman the Voluntary Adams, but the freeman right. RO right into the last name. It doesn't really matter, but just one does not back that's we. We bear the falcon too years, two thousand plus one ninety and therefore now and we should be going fantastic and Carolina out of our Ford, I think, for one the division last year
for eleven and one when the division or something I know Carolines were in place which do that came next. Carolinas foreigner defeat this Jaguars text him in the back, I'd like to wish them a hearty congratulations or whatever their offices, When two thereby awry we'll do the next problem there they ve got the add on the scene. Alas, alone at the Seattle Cincinnati Great Games came in a week. You know we did this last year with the arrow. We wrote them off the nay and they caught fire. They got Mama right. I don't thereafter divided get em it was really hard for them to move the bomb that lions came and she should not have been that hard to move the ball against the light, and I don't know how fixable that is. Would you take away from that
God Russell Wells and very nifty back. There is almost a magician like, but the lions defence gone the fort fumble twice and now, you know I have GINO Atkins and Dunlop there like three sacks. Each it's gonna be its can make bad for Russell else, and I think their often there they haven't given up bunny orphans of touchdowns into game, so first loud and in had while allowing them out the third accounting them out, and then do you know they were twenty to nothing and that in any doubt that by colonel I had totally see that happening right. At the other end,. You could make a case like this could be one of those magical autumn crowd dangles finally arrive as a book and tender type again right, yeah, I'd I'd like the bank and I'm gonna pick.
Think less team going east on ashore weak, it's what we usually like. You said. I said by three cincinnati, favoured. You said what one if it wanted to have. That is three right here, so I get that. What is it it's three since and I minus through now. Do we teaser plus nine? What do we do? That's that's! The only thing should be close. Let now I bet it becoming a bit the Bank of Chicago, at Kansas City. I too, what do we make a came, the city because they might have what I'm gonna get us. They lose two brackets packers and the tangle their losses to the art, to twelve and teams right If those maybe be three of the best fourteen the week, then they lie out I'm consecutively and I don't want to read the mafia. I just don't
see their defences and those last three games and they have a pass rush. Never allowed thirty five point, two game: it seems saying to me, Alex Smith has been sacked like eighteen times this year. I know what that means. I mean this will be a win for them, I'm pretty sure, but Chicago score points covered. The men a lot of courage. Man, you don't matter, gifts keeps rallying back time used by eight. The EU had eight. I had seven you're gonna get it because it's nine and then man, if I trusted the chief thirty eight percent more than that seems like a large hotel near near. But I whose eliminated, who we think is out of the play out right now. Do we want to do that now are either only already is We last year we had our talk with whose eliminated, who we think is out of the play out right now. Do we want to do that.
Now are either only already these teams that. Are we sure we can rely on an empty Fatima? Now I think just Tampa near Camp is out they tap as out, I think the Niners or out yet, even though no one for now and that the vision of the Niners or out, who else would you say, Cleveland? I think the way wrap, Cleveland and Alliance yeah. And we must provide the window right that one in three who's that. We want the Cleveland, probably up I'm cyclical near those fourteen out, then I looked in Jackson ill temper. They both I am. I am at the back by three and a half and I'm not surprised, but our biology.
Well, then, turnovers that lead to teams- currently I mean it- was they fell, inevitable. Happy birthday was gonna get near. I thank you
done this line, and this is football one or one game. What picking lines tap a minus three and that's what it is. So I get that one can provide a great yet just enough to make it really that but two and a half you taken tap at three and a half you'd thrown Jacksonville on some red eye. Before we do the lady who did awakened have one more for ya. How should I manage by money whether multibillion divested just starting at the answers betterment five years ago? Betterment create the first automated investing service to help make it easier and less expensive make better financial decision from building work? This thing on track for retirement betterment, smarter necked technology, provides personalized less, but invite your financial then build and automatically manages to customize portfolio for each go with automation,
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demoralized limited they want them one more thing about the camp. Chancellor thinkers. I know everyone going to say: rules are rules and you have to stick by. But let's say in the Patriots Cowboys game is weak, Brady throws to annulment, and in March Claire born tackles element, but the ball is overthrown by third five yards. What are they going to do there? What do they do? They pick up the flag? They call on catch, but actually patriots probably get the cargoes are getting call, but they pick the is the rats or able to pick up a flag. It say that was on so one this tv right is going after the ball to say, hey that
is unattainable by any lion who wasn't even thinking of getting the ball the planet. You you could do that you could flood the rules on back I've given up with the hearing it you feel like going to be just never gonna figured at it. Daddy, never gonna Poli were eating yesterday that Yankees Asters game. The whole thing up here. The first three names like grisly, cut straight the game. That is the idea, but it big it gives it just. Said the momentum going at such a bad place near now. I just tell him poor Jerry. What's a name that came on Re Luella, he looked a terrified of rain. What did you watch em who's, the official highlighting happy terrified array, Louis wandered out of an old age, home
Did they do? We ended up on the sidelines, and now I can't blame we. We have all these pirates were buried bed and there in the wild card game again take area, and yet again this year they just kept crashing. Jerry added only given up like one run in the last few months, then I don't know what to do now. I don't know what the solution is, but this I don't like the two wildcard thing and let him play for one games ago cannot make sense. That's that's great. These guys didn't when the division, so it should be one game and they should have to read figure there rotation and in accordingly and that'll screw up the rest of the series and that's how there at a disadvantage, but it doesn't seem fair with, of ninety eight winds and now the yet the Cubs so far led with their second place, wildcard that they could stack their voting
since that area could didn't have to go until this game that that really does doesn't seem fairly. That's an outpost work but always really get that. I still feel that my car not that last couple months it not as great but aren't Arizona detroit- may have any good picture. Now, it's not like you. Now be good I'll, bigger game. Then a licence plus four here I said Arizona would be favoured by four areas. But you're gonna get it because it's three, I don't know it will be all right now, between net, it's right now. It is one two three four five six and one slash two three hundred and sixty five, it's five to four with one tie, I'm winning.
The close- I don't know about that, he had no, you know, oh and for the province of doing anyway, but that was the moralising loss than seem like they rebound physical team blank. I also think the cardinal are good and the Rams just played really well. There Palmer missed one throughout that it should. The best relate tat connects with the guy they probably when the game. I want the late start area. Danbridge Oakland this item. I had the most trouble with this line at eight they because We urge you to joke about Pate maidens nude alarm, but the thing is that, like a friggin good trailing greening arm, may it is somehow his passes in their vikings game, which is the churches in the once they had that led. The game should have been over one third of financing. That should have been any, but you got them that I don't know what to make of the broccoli
where I had broncos by an app. I put it. The big well said you had so much trouble with this that you cheated and just looked at the line, because it is five and a half. We got it. I said six, so you gonna get that exactly. But the idea of big it down your right, though it it's all those years like Manning would die. Devotee defence like this, with the call to all the earlier the Amber now, going to gonna lose going to make it to Superbowl because of him. It really doesn't really does weird, but they are seventeen o against spread and road games versus the vision. So before you take it considered. Super duper, winnable game for the writer now just had just Haiti is just so hard battle against Amran division, and now we come to you know again: oh god, you have given that you know that a zipper where Bulgaria is that Patriot, the cowboy her I could get good and confident. Let's say
back up, we, I can't be marked hardy. I came back now to make a statement here. What do you have passed by. Who is making a statement we got hardy coming back with Maclean go going on better watch out Tom Brady TAT can be a walk in Aren't you at nine, I had eight shot up to ten. It was seven Monday morning. Now it is ten points. You learn that on a two teaser or the problem, is it the path or at twenty? Four to fourteen in the second half of wheat and asked the scarecrow and the Baltic it that's, travel The lifting, if the cowboys fourteen and nothing and Sweden has hidden hand off the ball, had trouble trade defence, Brandon,
one such for the nice people it does. When do you see it who saw once he threw one He threw one in that same game that was pretty far down the filleted, Nay Forest fire. You know they were picking on that. Cornerback Bro, who was covering Terence Williams and, like ten times in a row, was unsuccessful, said at what point is picking on the guy on offer, Eddie and then nanny connected with parents, volumes and diving catch, but come on it's not looking forward This guy just say we Joe grant a lot, but can I give a shadow to my friend? I dare not had some tough times last couple days: print debt body down. You met him from New York when we just let me take it. Take you through a couple. His last forty eight hours is as big. If not a bigger cowboys. Then may added suffer through that nonsense. Sunday, night, then Monday, his fantasy team is up to unrest,
Wilson running out the clock on thirty two to of fifty yard pass here? is that an he's, a giant answer, he's a Yankees fan and they lost yesterday that been tough time he's gotta cocaine prompted onawandah. You know we don't want before the wagon and gets what they We get a bend in Asia nodes. It San Francisco giants This is the one I had ever game. Yeah giant by eight might be low giants by aid is high, but you get it. I said five and a half its seven and their young, There's a lot of problems worth going. I guess I just can't cash it is easy to those who believe that call for a car Lord I love em, but I'm not sure he understands the pic plays. As well as aid for someone who talks about it. So much I could see,
on play, and I see what seems like exactly the same place like arc armor. They gotta call that and then, as you know, is, can actuating them the play before, but one thing is for sure: yeah need to find out how to do the pic plays not get called for it, because all the good teams do it Arizona, the Packers, the patriots all they all. Do it get away with the saints say it that's one, should I fear nothing. A coordinator for you that up Michael's cause worth are by far the best broadcasting theme, and I like Lynch and Bird cart deck amongst the guy. That's really live in it. It just bizarre to me, because I used to think you ve actually pretty good ten years ago, but feel things just as nothing now, while thanks. I like it. I just I don't know anything about the game from ever allowed. I got big player big third down here. For them he waited for him. To tell me and another concord. You asked again in a play,
and doing ally watch the left gardener, notably by calling about do you think what happens? Maybe I could fill sims as the voice of men to Kay sixteen. What is our that's called for the football yeah two case. I think you take and they get all. These cliche like voice? These drops in the sound bites? Maybe they just run over and over in your head. You just let you like a radio dj, you're, just saying the time and the trash, go over and over, and it ends up being nothing big, big, huge playing. That's a killer! they carry Oki. I get again little Morrison because I watch inside the NFL. I you gave up on it, but I yeah I could go out.
Everything. That's amazing to me. Is it had protected their order back all the gotta group in terms a man all these guys excuses, left, Ray and the way they announced his paint man again, like you still paint manner, bread and every type of elastic I really admire. The way paid meeting has been able to play all than cancer anymore, and he's told you so frequent smart is making it work, but for them for not acknowledge the elephant in the room and is paid made again. It's it's crazy to watch like watching it's like watching game with two people yeah they'll. Do that also they get it both ways, because the ape man in the semi like that that they pray quarterbacks, left and right, but then it's like back in my day. They never what a call back right now, they'll, do that also they get it both ways, because the ape man in the semi, like that that day, praise the coroner backs the left and right. But then it's like
back in my day. They never would call that a date that would have been a penalty, yet they protect the quarterback. So much these days, I like tat, I think Burghardt Nature really I really like that the annulment them in length and when she saw disgusted by them they call game there has to enjoy that part every day, I'll buy. You know any like What or Liner Annette their rough their friend s task is back in his day. Road lay people out left right. Eleven, well Monday and I ran the giant and confirm the giant and everything that happened next. Yeah I know, but who, with what were we go? I have to go. Look at college games The latter, if you don't know, I guess Green Bay the way to go
A little you know one of the Baltimore you're no into getting there the chiefs little high, and we know that the patriot is your patriots are now losing he added TAT. One score. We away with you one thing we could do because we achieve giant and you'll be over quickly. If it I mean, if we did keep add the chief games, first of anti it painted murders as that game, we could still by the giant after that's true straight up and every time we can, we protect each other for three hours about how we can't we eat dangerous than ever before, and I went to dilute the money that is by nature. Thirsty Well, there's no, no one. I like Betty Betty, got hammered kissing him. It's the same thing as I pointed out, and I had a few drinks and somebody had cigarettes and the yellow cigarettes. What's the rush to elect their wake up, and I have like I'm coughing for three
yet for the individual and its built now that last shot, I don't think we're seeing the same shod from like two thousand alone in evaluating the last minute of a game. Just that perplexed looked Jason Garrett has a delay as if the from my catcher catch, a predator just. Your house- I guess you don't even know how to react This is not in the danish value. I would if I were them out thirteen Danny Danny, because I just don't think it's gonna happen without Psmith. I think we are now it just deciding to happen. You not win the Superbowl without Smith or with the point of playing listing were Chase Daniel. I always like this data, like his arm, nay draws a throws. The deep origin in seeking to be allowed in the city chiefs Advent get island
and we got Pittsburgh San, Diego and another two eagerness she flappy coach team, distilled latest it did the beast and third flappy play that lead to some sort of black recover somebody in another I had the charges by three and a half knew now that exactly our lower us and one at that is three and a half and be a bolt team should be a good. Better than they are mainly Pittsburgh as excuse with ruthless burger. But I don't trust and entrust to everyone. Well I'm sorry you want, if I don't mention it, you want, let's just say that nine to eight to five to one and new, you take it three to two weeks after five weeks. I wanted a measure. Now we didn't really well and with dammit. I can't let that power. I thank everybody for
spread? The word press, please. Let me know if you have it. If we had the foremost downloaded package, I can at the same time we had one two, three, four and everybody has to take place in the world. Which was exciting top for his eyes. We could step up and do better by the ancients. People are very, very night ass, the night promoted at me. I can aspect the actual anti subsidy per spread over those ass, an end to reward. You were persuaded the word for us than helping us out with all that stuff. I have a hockey bet
I'm giving to America now that you're a hockey bet. I saw this email as I was driving over to hear. But what is this well from the producers of the movie of two thousand fifteen Stanley CUP finals match up that which we won lightning blacker criteria. We had that when last year, yet so, whenever we dirty teacher bet, I was I like to get value right. You know it's not signed. It he's. Gonna win, win the title or their or that conference that whatever you're just then those are wrong. That's me different! That's what you're, better so Columbus Columbus's, plus five hundred to win the east and
the other things they hamper the Rangers Montreal other up, Broadway lower. I think this is as good as anyone least I like to talk to one thou ran for top level, I will we'll do that, but I just addicted to slap in the face. This is your thanking the subscribers for listing in town, the bet Calot, the blue jacket, we'll get that. Can a flag of affordable play? Second, would not gonna rank on Itunes, as we now know that I try to give back. That's good will, but the other thing we have to mention How do you Jimmy came a lab, but now you Jimmy Kamal advocated tonight, Ghana, reads You remember I'm right. Bobby hurry back Bell. You can meet him. Beyond Gammell Del Toro Music from Thomas Red later in the week on your HBO obeyed, Lena dynamism and Darby Stanfield and Don him lots. Lots more catch me at at at
Sal on Twitter and on. As paean Thursday night Friday morning to and won the last three weeks I hit my best bet three out of four weeks at the vote. Plus six and a half so watch me their place and you can check out this package. He can grab out. I cant do gooder bills in an accurate doc. And you can get all the links as they go. We're gonna go to a more traditional schedule, starting next. We have package coming up on Thursday and Friday this week and then next week what are we gonna do as we did on Monday on Mondays that when the two studies do I think Monday. I know people complain, and so you have to talk about the Tuesday game, but then it seemed like everything we talk about has already been discussed. If we do a Tuesday yeah. I always liked the Monday near one more time. Next week we will go to a Monday
we'll let the Columbus blue jacket decide all the players vote on it. Just don't ask me more than five to eject before you got it. I can get to five and that pay
cause. I don't get your baby. I got job I u ballot and before we go down that road is broadly by square state. Didn't you know nothing about coding? You can tear building a beautiful website red square space. Tat come an opera could be ass, a check out get ten percent off square space, build a beautiful and thanks also to Burma for patterns. It is absurd for automated investing service betterment has revolutionised the best made easier and less expensive to be a smart investor, precise advice, investments, perfection across judicial services penetrated six months, have free automated, investing Fulton and condition that betterment tat time, Flash bs pyramids and that made better thanks died for the weird bone situation. We will pick that tomorrow will be back in the studio B. Great until then,.
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