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Ep. 50: Friday Rollin' w/ Joe House, JackO & Bill's Dad

HBO's Bill Simmons brings on Joe House to discuss Round 2 best bets, catches up with JackO on Trump/Republican Party & Bill's Dad breaks down Pats-Chiefs matchup. Topics include: abysmal D.C. sports teams, Chandler Jones' hospital visit (6:15 mark), Andy Reid & Ned Yost (11:30), Pitt-Den (18:00), GB-Cards (24:00), Panthers-Hawks (35:00), Spurs-GSW(39:00), Trump (44:00), weird Pats week (58:00) and Celtics shake-up (1:08:00).

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never mind. My sacred thing when I visit visit nature, MAC visit Nature, Baxter such bs get fifty percent off your first box, again approved by my wife. Let's go what it has arrived. I grant is disappointing performance by us and around one eye. Was to now heading into the Sunday Games and then took the Two collar after I knew I was gonna, lose the Seattle game. What special knowledge decided not to make the trip thanks, Marcia thanks for that, but but you you're on your favorite team, the lasting professional football team daily You down there, let me down they let the the District of Columbia, down well, and he really was a crazy game for the grave again
loser that such a loser mentality one. So I started talking about when you ever want to title and in yonder What you say is always a great game as apply Ives our body. We haven't, want to play off game and e on and forget about it: idle Wilmas, isolated in title, the last why anyone? I owe the ninety one Superbowl, the caps, aid in the cup in ninety eight- that's that's the closest ninety eight. Ninety nine somewhere Why do you didn't whenever COM Washington DC sports fans? tortured even twenty five years? A hell I will read these? Are you a little bit threaten the black Disunited soccer programme has had and success of that very popular here, and I shoot him Let's recap: your points are play, a loss was gravy and at least we the disease added
gonna Gore game with woman, is left in the third quarter. Then it all went to Hell, but you know the difference was smoke and mirrors the whole thing anyway. I wish you'd tell me that before I picked it up first impression of a bottle. I wasn't gonna go against them. I didn't have any anger over insider points on on the stupid, deeply rooted, Listeth, I'm not picking to get them in the eye of a we both went to into. I had the big losers in both games worse than the disease. I do think it too shall Jackson just reaches out puts the ball over the go alone, which is what most people do in their next to the guy here at nine. Nothing and. Maybe they games a little different at that point. Cremated a truce through school, rather than one score for sir, Green, they really gotten the zone. It was all vintage. A rod, what what is it? What are you going to go by name Germany's going to Aaron Rodgers.
Have IRAN on the brain and we'll get to it a little while later during the discussion today, want to know that I have a personal thing. Maybe I'll just tell about enough, as I read on the brain, did you know that I tore my rotate, because when I tell you that if it's a full, I probably didn't twenty fourteen and then really did serious damage over the for Gaza here cause, I never really got it fixed for thickness tear of the super spin. Eighth. This is what I did the diagnosis, but guess what will have scheduled for Tuesday each stage almost platelet rich plan- but by the it's been castor, Cobby Tiger a rod. That's all my heroes, their grows, I'm goin in their body and doing it. In writing in Africa, be in IRAN is good enough for me,
doing it with a director from Canada who doesn't have you a citizen shipping as weird connections to bad genesis clinics? I I just want to let you know that, but if this treatment was approved for the twenty fourteen Winter Olympics Data, but it offers of exciting space and simple option for improving tenant repair quality in Europe, here. So how could I? How could I say now? Amelia said? I hope that you should just ask you. Doctor floated out about the age judge. Just ask him: hey man, I'm sitting in their land down just ass. He had taken. The blood is put the blood back, do what about a little shot with extra for the just for the effort So we're gonna zoom through these little bit, because we gotta bring Jacko because he's having a psychotic meltdown about the poor boy list. The fate of the free world is in the balance of payment and I'm in a calm down. The tail end just because he is he's really has
he's got medics in the house, twenty four seven after the grab, Chandler Jones, all stuff, so freaking out pats cs the first Saturday again, pats are favoured by five his eyes a vague and want to have. I'm going to have to point out that I did interest. I haven't up open right now in this form, I've seen five everywhere were regardless will, I will say it's five couple red flags here for further patriots. Their best pass. Russia was reported, shortlist outside a police station and an acting bizarre and and might have had got it down on his knees, might had a really bad when he call it reaction to synthetic marijuana
which, if this happened at any other time out, be making fun of this person bits it's one of the patriots. I have no comment. That was weird bow check out a black eye at the press conference, which he refuse to explain. I thought that was strange. Ascii went to the hospital yesterday for reasons that remain unclear. Adam is poor, tomorrow, but we haven't seen him in two weeks. Amatolas play him. It is a little bit banged up. We ve Seventy seven thousand different methods of land combinations. And their and people, seem to like the chief, a little bit. Where do we stand? Does a lot like with the chief? The run at thereon is is coming up on kind of historic? They have had great success as against the point spread. The season in terms the differential and the performance last week was dominant. Any I'm not letting the chiefs this week either whilst allowing here's. What I love about this game, immediacy
pretty much every year, somebody kicks somebody else's ass and ran one usually the worst team and ran one in their feeling. Good everybody everybody's catching the few. Of that ran one blow out. They get excited for that team and ran and they go on the road and they make up that happens. A lot of blood I am I'm hoping that that happens here. My thing is, I think the paths defence is really good, Really get and everybody back now and I just introducing an avid crap loaded, tribe, moving the bar, especially whether MAC on pleasure, not either he's gonna play or he's gonna play at like fifty percent, either way, that's great for the Pats, the chief. Have there are you know that the jar Kendrick where Spencer, where those guys are fine, yeah they're not regain breakers and that terrified of them the Titans ray,
gave Kelsey out. One thing the patriot my backers can do, and there are health is, is you know they can stay with the tight adds? I just think that chief surgeon tunnel trouble moving the by the industry, be Loris going again that people think asinine. Just people forget how good the patriots are when they have everybody, that's the while it's easy to forget it fit a long time. The whole offence revolves around. Crack at the line is a blocker but able to go straight out down the field. An outer do whatever grant does, but then these two receivers: daddy, their run run across each other in the middle or act like they're running across each other, then cut back out and you but up that whole middle. The field and in the defence is so worried about that it takes the pressure off the offensive Robin Vague. But my point: is you can't poet those people out of that and then expect the offence to look good.
It really huge industry. Gas is James White Release valve running back He's he's like the third down guys, I actually think they're gonna Reliance, Stephen Jackson, that's what I want The here. That's though body in the first place they were, they turn it s a kind of exciting. They took him for testing one week. Seventeen look good the as only thirty. We still in shape. It's not like he's he's a quarry down in two thousand and five or something, but he can pass back. You can run and get spa the backfield and Wait wait, wait see as him out there with you I gotta men amygdala and it's gonna, look like the patriots again.
When the patriots have other guys guess what they score points here tonight just think, look at it in the pay, as you go against Bela check at your peril fora in one against the spread of back to back losses that, since nineteen eighty in the conference that we finally teams that la la two games, the thieves and thick and against this bread, I mean the I just You can't talk me into the chiefs if, if I'm not getting a full touchdown, here's what they did when they had therefore affects twenty eight points against Pittsburgh. Forty against Buffalo. Fifty wanting its Jacksonville, thirty against Dallas, thirty four again Cindy third against the jets? Thirty six against Miami twenty seven, it's washed in twenty seven against the giants. Those first ten recesses d never had less than twenty seven points it again. So the question is
now there are based back. I would say twenty seven is about where they're going to end up in this game, especially of jesting used, doesn't play so can ache and achieves get over twenty with MAC. On her. With the Pats defence, which again is a really good defence and came as far as the season went along and be candid Please get to twenty eight actually win the game at. I don't see it. This is the thing I like to when I'm envisioning a line in this segment to this dead number four and one slash two five. What what's the final score that I like it. I like something like twenty seven, twenty or twenty five and twenty one hundred and case for the chiefs Rainy for
are all right. Grantline, baseball writer brought this up to me die hard. Casey fan feels like his life has been here. Vocal be altered by the by the world's world series every area, everything he looks at now. He looks had differently his point He never thought they could win the world Series with NED used sure he looks it. Andy read in range at any rate- is basically at NED used his eye Weird is such a guide? Weird things happen, you think you don't the chance or them, and yet there is really no difference in those two from from you know they they get I like that they make you nervous, and he's just like now that I've won the World Series with NED used. I feel so much more comfortable with aid. You read in the play ass soon ass. I think actually pretty good. I like it, but it still belgic against anyone. I think I think the Patsy pissed off. I think this is
be a pissed off Pats game like without the media stuff. This weekend ballot checks mad. They did in the season. Well, they haven't looked like themselves in a few weeks ago. I think that this is kind of funny that media stuff it it would be both alignment on his knees. Please basis. While you can judge, He couldn't really speak. You decided me with his hands crossing prayer? You don't know it regularly by what was wrong with them. We do not happen. Let I enjoyed that a monster most males have been in a spot in their lives where they might have put something thereby that they should have and had a reaction that they were proud of. That's manifesto Chandler Jed's. I hope to be doing without thought. My bedroom tonight after the meat low, find them regarding my dinner, I remember what as Livin in Charlestown the mid nineties, we had a baseball draft murmured the baseball jack.
The agenda you caught the blackjacks you Jack, Odin came people realise that you and jack our like. You know you like boys were thick estate. Then- and it's not coincidental, that without identical everything without alike, but the reason were boys. So we had based budget we went to a couple bars. We ended up at salaries in Charlestown, my favorite bar shattered, is out the jacket sallies. That's my dude where are they are hanging out new disappear? You just gone That's where this house has gone radium has begun. We immediately sue me where to find food. Maybe now at half past no side has go back to my apartment, which was a five minute walk from says I'm on the second floor, Walker, the stairs and you're just passed out like a
corpse in front of the front door: diminish welfare, you're, missing, Tiktok, two crucial Can I do remember it? I remember it acutely yet well or one one crucial detail, one of the visitors at that at that I know it was the occasion with a baseball draft for all of us to be together there yet. But we had what one of our near dear friends the blue boy, whose name many apparently years, things were living in Portland at the time, but was back on the east coast at the time of this draft, a matter back some stuff from Portland. He who ride for poor limits right with the whip, speaking over Nature box, double the boy had a major bag and not a person. That really can
there's so much about you know. I'm doing now I get under the influence of dabbler the amygdala, the blue. What was in his nature bag did something to me. It rendered me speechless literally speechless, while we were out at the bars- and I I had to leave, I made a gesture to somebody that I was leaving. I came back and sat on that stoop and waited for my ability to speak to return and it didn't. I couldn't. Words cannot come out of my yeah, so thankful boy. So if there had been the facts for a police station near by, you might have ended at their share this and on my knees, yeah. So that's my point, river, its we ve been there. I tell my story next week year by year, stuff happens chain the Jones hit by late, I'd say you know of his them in my maid forties now, and that really the synthetic marijuana generation and I do not
Dance said that it would linkages. It sounds like paper, GIS, smoking, poison, nuts. I this is a thing: it's very harry to me how the Hell Authority quality control. What do you know you're getting? Does I think what what blue boy gave me had something funky added to it and he gave me above a pc p bomb I think it is just or organ the jungle they moist. My system was not ready for that anything like that we're in the nice per smokin skunk we'd one- I don't even smoke, I'm just so. You know that's vanilla. Kid from washing in these That's why I retired, when I move to California it was gone from single, aided the majors for fur fur for that kind of stuff, sir, but yet kids at their don't smoke, I mean our model. A port at me. You might have a peaceful battling. We learn
free lungs, you men and of speeches demanded by new needs and the facts by a police station to stay away just just doing very drifting beer or take your listing distinctly. With with no no stuff, I cranberry Jews soda like that. Just pay for your liquor, clear liquor. Watch you bad way. Another year when you get older monsieur you go with a splash of water and a little woman of the wonderful drink. You feel all the mistakes made in your twenties when you hit you forties, leave it at that next game brackets Steelers, and on that note here, the least, we still have no idea who have plan for Pittsburgh until we have some idea, Antonio brows, now out that just how little I'm going to move line is now Broncos nine year you had to buy it at seven early, it opened his five and a half. It immediately jumped to seven. If you didn't bite at seven your ear about nine, I don't like to get myself
picking Pittsburgh, but I dont like night. The good news is that Ben wrath is Berger, has ripped up shoulder and he's gonna play anyway to the problem with we're. Taking Pittsburgh is putting your fate in the potential hands language out. I gave it said, that's more than a problem, I would say: that's a terrifying proposition. I do not on the road yeah against the best defence in Vienna, foe. The outgoing redo either of us, really think embers the best defence in the interval. I dont think that our debate over the course of this
yes and I now, but I can really help it together in a way they really rendered the inefficiency at quarterback, which had a pretty interesting accomplishment in this day and age, where quarterback is by far the most important position. In the end, in the entire game dame they were able to overcome a pretty abysmal, quarterback situation. So with that defence, let me ask you Ben wrath his partner with a band up shoulders at any different than paint Manning with his current body. Can he do that and that he he might not be able to play? Yes right now, my play. I come out after one answer areas, the first time you get knocked down and is going to happen in the first. You know: first, possession
I think he's playing. I did that guy's indestructible. I agree that he's buying. I'm just thing might be re injured in a way that really limited effect. Very early in the game and then you're stuck with super injured, Ban or Landry John than we thought that last week. A good tambo. The other issue is with Brown out like aid, that Pittsburgh receivers are excellent, but one of them, Martavis Bryant is excellent, as he's the number to receiver, with the Antonio Brown and they're worried about Antonio Brown he's going against the second best guy in the other team that all thing now, the defenses can actually try to take him out, which leads us to Wheaton who now has to actually make some plays, and then, on top of it,
You have our what's a at only minimum. I can remember the third shimmering backs name, France, La France, while to the art to appear Trudeau, chiffon yeah, that guy, if they fall behind like ten, nothing, you be, can say now. Here's the case for with their number, waited to play off switch means a key to label believing the game in the second quarter, with an injury in every return, because that's his move and I am bitter at about that as a password, but Pittsburgh Defence might be able to stop them little bit here. Bab, like the fifth or sixth rank Randy fence, Might be higher than that, and I think that this right defence over the one thing that their bad at is stopping deep boss, meaning can only throw deep.
So this might just be like a ten seven game where they have a chance to steal it, and you know who now manning Irish. Remaining research paid man's good guy was reason, seventeen picks when it when he got when he bench for fuel disease heard. We have no idea whether these good night, I just can lay the point with all this. The Pittsburgh Alot of points man, well that the difference between seven and nine, which I am going to go back into the combine later in and try and come up with a mangled. I like Denver, pretty well at seven near the pick that that appears on it out in a public place as the pick that I'll be making there's gonna be one want gain this week in this one has the most potential. I think I could totally see it's broken in this game and, like everyone, teasing Denver with everything from them in every parlay and oh yeah, Antonio Brands, I rubbed varies her cross off Pittsburgh. Meanwhile,
we could go where same Pittsburgh was the biggest sleeper threatened, the F c. So Well, I totally get the reasons are my point, eighty we'd, from an extraordinary sequence at the end of that Bank of Game, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory again, like the which you know. I get it. The just nine seems higher and I believe in this damned within nine seems. I would congratulate them, though, for being the luckiest team ever, I think the luckiest Anna, in actual fact Van put employment the horse that lives up. Danvers ass is, is like in I stayed in little diamond studs, it's unbelievable, yeah bitter you are better regulations, I think paint. Mainly men have killed Al America. It did. There's little cause and effect there right talk about a w. I want
see you but just shut the whole thing down and will begin at like that, never denied that his wife got each year by the way. Now life ever got any hd age. I don't know anybody who has got needs, judge I've never met on person. In my life, who has gotten hd age, except for Jacqueline's, grandmother, Jacobus grandmother lecturers out right, so I Do something crazier go ahead, I'm an it. Take the Steelers. I thought that crazy, big, big bang, obviously has a really good record three and want to spread as road dog patrons terrible at home with rest during the post, these unwanted six against the spread, five against the spread of the teams favoured by seven or more. I think it's I digesting it's a low scoring game. I think the disappearances control this game.
Pittsburgh super conservative and they try to have their due Fence make plays in the end they try to get meaning to lose the game and that sir gameplay I'd like the narrative. I commented- and I dont know the answer- your google I'm gonna pick by like I saw where would abide downward seven to this morning. Here's my ears, my money, Denmark, then provided the moon. I, by the way, I think this I wouldn't bet on it. I wouldn't do right, I'm sorry! I just have to pick it, but the move I had to do anything in this game. Is Pittsburgh Puss three hundred to win our yeah? I like that that stretches does are good at it can. Unmanning could just second this game. He could for three packs and single handedly blow it for fur damper. I let's go a Panther Seahawks for last cardinals Packers cards by seven You have it at seven. I haven't seventy up. I just think Arizona great, I'm that thrown off rob.
The weak. Seventeen thing, I don't need the packers a good. I think, The latter Packers games this year, the three core where's they played and washed in the second third or fourth quarters had relation to anything I saw for three months from them other than, the want of one so loading when Bridgewater got her. That's I just the grim is very good and Big Arizona, great, I think a meal. That's their home to you, and I and I just in taking a roll over AIDS feels this feels like a forty. Do these fears, One of those games were Rogers is down twenty eight in his kind, a rallying back and you get worried about land mine at seven in the fourth quarter is gone for cheap touch, dance. I don't. I just wanted
any chance to beat Arizona. I agree with every single thing you just that I have a tiny angle tat into it: teams that lost their last regular season game than one in the wild card cover ten percent of the time you have gone up against a team at that, like like Arizona
it's my last where your season game, but I've been through AIR Arizona, number one right off at them. If I break defence, the different in class between did, he sequence and there's only cardinals is stifle, and am I was impressed by green bay- was a good lesson for the disagreements to see what kind of a seasoned out said: the combination, Mccarthy and and Rogers they they put. They gave ran across the ball in about fifteen different positions during that game and in Washington can't figure out a way to get the challenges in the ball was a deal with a good lesson for the disagreements, but but lesson time play, you have gone up against a team like Deasey Grooms, who you make the play off once every presidential election cycle and going up against the Bruce Arians
the good ethic coach every week. I look at the numbers for him in situations like this in these that you just kick his ass and taken aims was yet different in class. I levers on here saying I track of the street when straight losses and either our games as had twelve legitimate wines to legitimate losses and to either against decision that we, the best record in the end I felt, was not yet was up there at an inside in seven of those wines which I was. If you just kick somebody's ass, I was right. Ass kicked next to it. It says the twins were asked Ex four thousand eight hundred and twenty three Chicago forty thousand seven hundred and twenty seven San Francisco four thousand two hundred and seventeen Detroit. Twenty seven, the three Rams for the seventeen Eagles and and they killed the packers only sixteen six more months. That's him! Oh now, and they killed the brands. Thirty forty Tony my
it is they poured on when they're up. I think they're, that's a crook, A to remember him as pressing ran to with, like seven points out that lot certainty. Just turn it up when they have the lead in that this is one of those teams. As I love, though, the running back the Ricky running back, I think he's really get the sitting. Well they're on their third running back and all other running back to seize and have been bad ass. Yet so incredible by contrast, Denver who had for legitimate, wins three legitimate losses and nine either or games is here the margins that they they won this year, six point: seven twelve thousand three hundred and sixty three in overtime, nineteen over the packers that was their biggest win to six over the pass and ot to beat the chargers, one thousand seven hundred and three so fourteen, Week, sixteen they won by three weeks: seventeen they won by seven. This is now
in terms, yet it didn't blow teams out, I'm taken and I'm taking Pittsburgh, you're certain minor nine and at what I want to see if the line goes up, I'm switch at nine or we did. This was breaking news that the language from seven to nine of Brown was confirmed out little that Pittsburgh Watson we're, whatever. Let's take pity proposed agencies like Pittsburgh, very hard for damage to win by fourteen place like they just don't, have the track record the seas and fears, if, if it was Pittsburgh in Arizona, Billig, no effort WHAM taken it Ticket Arizona like they their report on members, is not a port anti laskin but no Arizona has the best. So bots, plus three sixty Patsy plus four hundred Carolinas put five hundred Danvers plus five hundred now
have interesting Seattle plus five, seventy five and then it gets a little walk after that I ll ask him: Panthers Seahawks, it's been between one and a half into, or just called to painters were fifteen and one this year did not losing aim at all there. They have two x rest. They have the best point. The league they're playing a team that just play one of the all time debilitating cold weather games ever and should have lost. If somebody had made a twenty two yard fuel and looked impotent offensively, except for the when the bog at snapped past russell- and he picked it up- was gonna, take a sack but realise nobody's gonna, sack em and ran around and get a fifty play out of it. That team is is getting less than three points. In Carolina. I don't think I've seen it
nobody believes in US game like this in a while for Carolina, misjudges flat out insulting higher than a favour by three ass. You know, I think at this stage of oh, but you know what we do a full half decade with Seattle and a success, but they keep showing in the past five years. Now, it's four years here they play that they played to play games in two thousand and twelve. They want Superbowl the next year and they lost and though Ass, many of the Superbowl after they played, I think, aid
nine playing games in the last three years and all of them have been close them that got their aspect once, though, that that run us to sustain stuck fast in the play off makes the search that you know. You want folks to Vegas once people to play the Panthers. They happen tight people now I thought had a Panthers that seventy percent of the action at at three, and I guess because on that magic number, but I every body every like for you know commentator whatever that I look at in terms of making picks loves you
idle in India Vision, and I love Seattle in his position that different Seattle team than the one that loss to Carolina midseason and by the way did they had from fifteen different ways to win that game. They were winning the entire game until they laws- and you know, panthers missing to the top three corner backs. The owl has now a whole bunch of defensive guys that they didn't have the first time they met in include my mother, my boy Bobby Wagner and my boy, Jeremy, laying too to the great in I I'll I'd like they. We talked about this last week. Seattle has their starting decent fell asleep. You know we call that almost perfect did you go took the adequacy of the March Outline Lynch. Thank I gotta, be ten seven anyway, I know it's gonna be to name but two As an eye sierra with the under
and in one, but I don't feel good about it. His blouse his life is rooted in the end, I like making stance- and I did you- you thought Mogadishu. The story but watch was with the first graters. That's nice, poverty first greatest wrote him don't feel bad note and anyone visit with them is. Ok. Buyers are right well before we give our pigs for the best game at the weekend. I want to talk about her, but is it square space? They bow. They built fantastic websites for normal people normal people like Joe House. Let me normal you just launched extra unit. You just launched a new squares Bayside. It's called how from these see that come at the fact tat. Ass from Dc Dotcom check that out what's gonna be on this site, past did square space. Easy for you to build beautiful websites, regardless of skill level. No curry needed easy to use tools and state of the art technology. A middle aged. Millennial. Then I have to tell you. I was able, with a little bit of help from malaria,
the gate around figure that thing out their pictures. That bears there's word there tat. I too there the website house from DC that counts. Might be some food and their there might be too late to Friday role in and there might be some linked to them all out the path, and out of that thing you know the place to go in, enjoy silliness. That is this character, tat from anything how do you realize you you're getting twenty four seven online support and a beautiful website for an eight hours month? I did not realise that Did you realize that you got a free domain for banks, whereas base for the year? I did realise that that, with that made me happy did other squares based on common use. The Africa be asked for ten percent after first purchase. I don't think so. Member of the gas darn. It like a ten percent, and we ve been great, has from Dc Dhaka check it out houses,
my computer literate person I now and some as functional website, and we look forward to putting up pictures of of food the other. Our lot of pictures of the last six months of my life disputing there's some delicious land molotov. Then there are the prime roast. The primary that I could for Christmas is up there delicious meal month Poohpooh here they see that there is a good text in the Panther Seahawks, so this decides caught HAWK blogger shatter the hawk blogger, ten facts. You should know about the Seahawks and Panthers written by eight. I could go to jail, By Brian NAM, Hauser Good job right after I just quoted from you like the beef, so he The sea hogs ear that just facts from him. The sea accepted the Panthers five times in the last four years to form one of those games.
Carolina, has played just fourteen of winning records this year in two of those teams or nine seven Houston washed, and he has thing you mention about how the entire defences back Bruce windows, seven, sacks Saxon for career games, kids came Newton. Carry Williams, does not play for Seattle anymore. Somebody can Newton, pictor paint are missing to their top three corner backs: Caroline, His only played one gained this year, where they failed to force a turnover and those against Sierra Canyons pass passer rating. Recorded in first game, is fifteen point: five, the Panthers only shared one team at half time and at the end of three quarters the season, and that was Seattle, Carol
this year, has only faced one top five defence and one top five offence, and it was the Seattle Seahawks, thanks to HAWK blogger for the report by our blogger. I mean you see all that stuff and you think this looks like this looks really get foreseeable. And yet until we are like the same season in our revenge, Angola for the against the spread of his I like it, I did too I'm taking Caroline I just want to get out of the whole case at their. I get it. I tell you get it through Perpich, I I think this is a nobody believes in this game and I believe in CAM Newton I think he's been the best player in the league this year, and this is a cam Newton, I'm the best player in the League game he's going to win this game. I believe in Kittanning at the hearing on or other logic at the window. I believe in came noon. I think he's gonna win this game at the keys
Eighty four big plan moment I like would have seen all season from him. I'm glad we're on opposite sides of the year that they take in Seattle. We need one that will run out and, if TAT danger, the fifty five year, touchdown that screws me over and leads to Seattle and I'm gonna be angry. You should prepare to be angry with me, Carolina. Nobody believes in you, except for me, dose emits so we have pats minus five. We, that that went over Casey. We have pits plus nine in Denver. We have Arizona matter, seven over Green Bay and you have Seattle plus two have Carolina minus two house: the good fight, no MBA talk for us Other than did you see, Croatia, Download, opera therewith everything an impressive beat down last night. Did you see that, just as the best they can we just announced? Antonio is the best him, a basketball, I'll be respected.
Gone state aid. It's gonna, be really interesting. If everyone, the on both sides and it San Antonio has gone stay in round three with gone stay with home court advantage, and yet in probably going to be their favorite. Can it be dead even from again my standpoint and that serious, because when they throw out duncan- and judge together with co with chemical Tony Parker rejuvenated. I feel like physically kind of KEN ceiling of what we thought of the summer and and the pessimism the proper pessimism. From from how beat up he looked some combination of rest- maybe maybe maybe wonderful shipment of Nature Box rest his eyes? I dont allows germinated. He looks great. If he's got it, that was my biggest question for him and he's got. The happened had stepped back and they got shooters and they got lots of looks they can throw. But man when you throw it Duncan
oh Jack, together, that is like Cleveland, I won't answer as yet, and they don't have an answer Canada Leubronn a little bit last year as a guy. You know this is what happens. Is year twelve for him he's not at his apex anymore, this a different level firm and then all of a sudden. He click. This years and he was the branding at watching, share Natsir thirteen for him. The one thing I have noticed in they'll, be interesting to see is empty as the year goes. Along of this comes back but doesn't seem like his first step. They're, like you used to be seems a people can move their feet left her and stay in frontier more and you get a lot of cause that seem like they could charges are lot lot of, like no cause where he just kind of ploughing the guys. Have you noticed that that's been gone a little bit like the last year and a half but especially this year too seems like like what
kawhi last night. He just had to look like just got to stay in front of this. Guy can stay in front of this guy. You think about it. And that's I dont made three years ago. You do not see that so called special in that regard. Tudor he s I can't tell any member earlier in the Arabs Tony too, by fifty one, every piazza him and the other that now too much of a purse. I can't do it like market to do that is no way you can do. Is gonna be stuff Kurds, Antonio God, state big really has a chance, that would cover them already outlined chance. Yeah, because a day you know they're both that there are two point differential for both of them is like a dark about them like the top five or tat an old I'm. At this point, the fees- and I love you know the golden state sacked endeavour that GMO I'm starting to think
Maybe my number one and Bp Choice, o ye. You you were fell validated vindicated by the fact that they didn't look. They look a loaded combined violated. I like that. For by the way I like that, dumper tee, I like eyes in their team. I agree. I think they should go the other aid and make a trade to try to make the team better. I like gallon, airy and like this will bar. Causing a second. Rather this chasm Jim play Do not obey for red. I've always liked. Have deeds theyve, guys, moody, ay,. She's. A little tired guiche entirely ran is a brand new point guard the game. The key have you watch. Are you in the car tubes vortex yet, and I really am still circling- haven't, sat down and watch any game from beginning to end?
I watched nearly all of what was the devil overtime game last week Ok, so Gama triple Vieira now is often yet another due to Oklahoma it's a good year for car tubes So it's a rare good year with fund teams in that. What we learned- Austria, Ireland, hates Duke so much somebody brought up. Somebody had the late. Duke S, aid teaches one at some ran about. They. I've never seen anything like it. That great we could watch. Brain Ingram. My has could be a fire right now. Brandon Ingram could go in and pull my kids out of the house and take a bit like I'll he's a loser. As a loser. He never said he. I gotta go kids out ass, so much faster than that anyway, I weren't we gotta Jacko. Yes, please, please figure out a way to save amount
The two of you has from the dot com check out his new site. I asked forget. The Jacko have Little Tipp. That will save you a huge headache. Later. You ready anyhow security that says it's free has a huge contract attached through years thousand hours? Guess what your lacked in where there is a better way to proceed, yeah, I'm simply safe home secured? We have talked about them many times on this past, simply safe as no long term contracts. You get the best twenty four seven protection possible for just fourteen ninety nine a month. It's the only security. I trust visit, simply say Bill Dakar to get my ten percent off discount, simply safe Bill Dhaka. Speaking a security we met need security from Jack. It's gone. Complex regulation was John Johnny worried about less than a on twitter.
We were area. It was like here who is the gap in network and nineteen? Seventy six for that, maybe a game that is how am I gonna? Take it anymore, that guy you're that Guy Howard, something I've inducement, welded steps may but yeah, but little Therefore, our time by better that's an iconic see inside it. That yeah? I am that guy, I feel like I am that guy screaming those Republican Party, but that they're not listening to me so they're going to go off the cliff and I'll just be here in the fetal position, your die hard Republican, who can't believe Your party seems to be going to how right now and ask here that's exactly right. I mean I was raised as a Reagan. Buckley conservative proudly have maintained that mantle and I'm just completely.
Founded that at what should be a very winnable election, the party has pitched his will a large majority. The party with my kid ourselves have hit his wagon to Donald J, Trump Le Beth, actually lifelong Democrat, certainly as a financial support of Democrats and, more importantly, a blithering fucking buffoon, who is so a wildly unqualified to be president than it is downright frightening, and the american people are going to see that and he's gonna lose in the land But were but we're gonna go right, I'm his train their its frightening. He had like appointing moment when he talked about, european nine eleven last night in paper like I'll, a human, oh man from damage and that's a bad sign. It would that's the thing everybody today is like people that should know better giving them these glowing reviews, because he wrapped himself up in the mantle of of nine eleven in response to TED
idiotic attack of York. New York values are either there's so much more to attack trump on and the fact that the New York they now that I'm not sure what that supposed to mean every I mean he's babies illiberal as of like years ago, three years ago, so the notion that he is New York, values of no supporting abortion gun control or all the other positions that he held until five minutes ago. Everybody knows that and then they all seem to care. So I think there's ways to attack Donald Trump more effectively. The New York values and and even dumber for crews was trumpet gone on tv yesterday. I think of his yesterday before the debate, or maybe it was Wednesday, and there was some time prior to the debate and he had a basely some reporter in asking this question of charity gave the nine eleven answer then yet so he had no, he was going to do it again it. So it's like don't don't walk into his trap of giving him this chance to get misguided, Batman Levin, who you ruining for I like Rubio, whose disbanding Rubio is the most effective,
Republican presidential candidate in at least a generation and that it is young these forward, looking he can ease well spoken, is extremely knowledgeable on the issues. Now people don't like him because he can come across as to packaged or two to rehearse yeah. I'm an, I think, he's great in these debates. He always as answers on the issues and what harms him is that he he foolishly got on board with Turkey humor and submit a gang of eight immigration Bell a few years ago. That would have been a disaster for the country in order that a disaster of the Republican Party and he got sort o led down the road side on the vat and now his his semi repudiated that
but that's like the one great enow scarlet letter in the Republican Party now is: is immigration everybody's all in being a populist and being in oh aunt, I but more immigration? So that's his great sin, even though Donald Trump has twenty other court, unquote sins of of for supporting democratic in the past that we just shut off big flung off because it now he called people stupid and yet screams. That's wonderful, no eyelike Rubio! By aiming at this point, I think it's it's too late. Unfortunately, nominal trump in a literally lose thirty five states, it's going to be a landslide and the party's going to be a disaster, and what and all these people are angry at the quote: unquote: republican establishment, which is understandable. If you want a primary Mitch Mcconnell, I would give you money
supported you, one challenge all the entrenched Washington elite absolutely, but the answer to the what to challenging the watched him elite is not denominate. Donald Trump lose an election resoundingly and I think, will now be elites. Are gonna become even more conservative cause they're, not now they're gonna say: look, we ran your boy trump and he got his ass had to tell him. So now we are becoming more liberal, so that's gonna fracture the Republican Party, which will be out in the wilderness for a decade or more now it sounds bleak. It's terribly bleak and countries in a country the mess the world is a mess. You know when you have this week when the United States may be the most powerful military in the history of mankind and our sailors by this third are treated black like in a passage is by this third rate nation american sailors on their knees, blindfolded held overnight.
And our leaders say thank you ran for being so wonderful. Thank you may have another and that's the vision of the future, because that's what we're that's! What's that we're gonna end up with renewed for a more years of that, so that by the Republican Party like down Trump, because he calls people stupid in the Uruguay and your stupid, that's wonderful! That's that's! Her at all. Bets are wonderful vision to put forward for the country. It's embarrassing Who are you? I? I disappointed increase Christie that he never got it together. You never thought out. I don't love Christmas day. I like Rubio it was my guy and hopes early on four Scott Walker, who is the governor, was counts and who I also like, but he was too milk toast and then the problem for all these guys is that basically, Obama has have clean the Republicans clock for years. Even though republicans obeyed amazing gains in mid term elections would have you, but they haven't done anything legislatively. They have challenged him then fought back up, so that to the base is extremely angry. What they want is like
red meat? They want blood, basically an you guys are trying to be like competent and positive and knowledgeable on things like that the count anymore. All you have to be paid to be screaming and ranting and like forming at the mouth like Trump and that that's like you're, fighting back against political correctness. So when you see the Democrats, yes they aren't you. That is much but like good. They were. It seems I killers, Ghana, take it right. Is there any Bernie Sanders chance? I don't know if it's funny Riera that was simply to their main, were watching Uptown Football National Championship Game and I was lamenting these its trump brows doing this Trump brand, lamenting the stable Republican Party and either he's a liberal Democrat he's, let not really down with Hilary, but he doesn't think Bernie can win yeah enemy in. There is really no enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic party doesn't seem whether the real enthusiasm, the Democratic Party now, which is essentially a been out bid
I believe egghead, essentially socialist old. It be that you know that they have taken over the party. They love Bernie Sanders. They loved ninety percent, confiscatory tax rates than does the greatest and read a reads: dribbling the wealth. I can't wait for that, but they don't think that Bernie can win them in their heart is really with Elizabeth warn. You haven't run yeah, but all these Paul tellers should be like weapon the floor with Bernie who's, who isn't even really sort of only running, have asked and gets like enormous crowd, and these are had enormous fundraising. Because the Democratic Party, their heart, is with him in love, Hilary Hillary, the same thing that happened when it when Obama better in two thousand and eight there heart was with him and he know he. He was a much more viable kinda than Bernie. But what's gonna happen,
she's, not careful. If she loses eye when she loses New Hampshire, the party's going to get together and they're going to say we can't run her. She can't win and they know Bernie is not really a true presidential candidate. So what could happen? Is I mean the party could get together and have Joe Biden parachuting with Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. In the end, they wipe the floor with her fitbit into Hillary. They have to drag her out, kicking and screaming, but I don't think she could get the nomination circumstance I think she's in some trouble. What did you do that, though, the more agonizing for the Republicans to be fool Trump, when it's a totally winnable election and would do it but ads are out there and Joe Biden right now. You get from every other day, which was surprising for the state of the union He said you know the reporter said Durham. I was actually Kitticut report. It was your local Connecticut, interviewed she's, a direct de regret, not running and he's like every single day. While I had pretty strong statement, obviously
so we you know in other stuff, where there has ever been a weirder political electioneer than two thousand sixteen. What's topped it allowed. This one is pretty crazy because Have you told me you gotTa Donald Trump was really a rolling favorite tv, the Republican, I may add a said what you know what you smoke in. It's ridiculous. Ngos like three months ago, where laugh at exactly it was like a joke. There's been other odd years. Certainly I mean a lot of ways. This is like nineteen sixty eight without because I'll be J was sort of improved with not sort of whose completely embroiled by Vietnam Yeah Democratic Party was wildly against that already thought that he would crews to the nomination and he suddenly announces that he's not gonna, but he's not gonna run Eugene Mccarthy who was made their war senator for
You have made things from South Dakota winds. New Hampshire, almost wins New Hampshire. He caught fire in the regrets that he can't possibly when that's when Bobby Kennedy got involved in Hubert Humphrey Elbow denominate, because Bobby Kennedy got assassinated, but in terms of like strange things and surprising things and people getting at the last minute, it sort of resembles that I've known you for long time. This is the most upset. I've ever heard you about anything. I mean I've seen you upset like say it like two in the morning in college, win somebody would lessen. Our party is not of a keg. You ve deafening flown out the hand our or like a late night Pinnacle game, or somebody made it a likely give deftly I've. Seen you throw some tantrums. This is upset ever good motorway, the future the countries at stake. I mean it literally I mean Donald trumps. Ascendancy in may already be too late. Is it really? It has the potential to destroy the republican Party. As we know it I mean.
They say party people may just go and form of third party and then you're, just gonna have democratic role for as far as the I could see and end, the country can take any more that in terms of tackling the spending with nineteen trillion dollars and debt rolling and add to that, because Hilary Calories, China out planter, slander, number to pay for everybody to go to college, we're going to pay for everything, for everybody. Take all that. Take everybody's money, we're going to pay for everything for everybody. It's unsustainable in a country returns million people, it's totally unsustainable. So it's really up! You know. I have young kids. I have a soon to be ten year old in a four year old, and you know I'd like to leave some have some country left for them that resembles somewhat of a country that we grew up in and I'm not I'm not sure. That's gonna be possible frankly, when you're out with your friends and stuff on a Friday night too. They just not even bring this stuff up with you anymore, you're upset they're, just say so heavy tat, the egg is look in their Jacko fairly mood. I I have I have most of my friends are mixed politics. I never really
I never really thought about politics with friends anyway, but yeah when is brought up and said about Trump and dislikes quietly shaking my head. Looking down at my shoes may distort a move on now to say: Janni, nothing you can do. This Trump thing is the most flabbergasted thing. I think that's happened since I've been alive. He's don't let your stand it. It's really credible. I mean I posted a thing on twitter yesterday of some rally of his the other day and they may have these young kids in a mega, kill the young kids at her. You know rode up to this by their parents or whatever, but these young girls and like Red White blue leotard missing, hung the trump that was like, MR it other than Kim Jong he'll turn book, and this thing like a starts off these kids, a coward is not amongst us or something that was just like. Oh my god. What? What countries?
people who could people. These rallies like it's like a religious revival like these people were like or gas, make other african Trump rally. It's it's believable and he says things that are just stupid. I mean I'm just sit there go and he is so fucking stupid. No, I mean Jesus crises, so fuckin stupid. How can you be like waving your flags and singing anthems, damage its mind? Boggling. If making the mad dog restore together, mad dog would be like any Mikey. Do is take everything. The Barroso that you're fired president exactly this dialogue is right. May humongous humongous mistake the United States of America, it's quite a pickle. Well, we fight with the ideas of the greatest bullpen, based
That's good, that's good for me near you reconcile that that Chapman thing. As the old issues, but in our everybody runs into problems now and again, and hopefully those kids will work out and whatever his punishment is, will take that and move out who's the closer he is. I was surprised. Gerardi came up either. Danes are going into spring training Chapman's the closer. I was shocked by that I figured I'd go with Miller, but then he said they should well Chapman's been closer and has never been a set up. Guy and Miller Matanzas have both been set up guys used to that role. So that really is on paper, probably the greatest bullpen anyone's overhead. It's amazing bullpen There is a good one from the past, like Mandy, six for mad Romero. Mendoza gravity is effective and Marianna Wetland, but I mean that three guys three guys
were Miller Miller. Had I already said we had last year was like one atop reliever closures in L, but Kansas was phenomenally legal we might want to your rose like a hundred and Chapman throws over a hundred men, be eighty seven leaving the six the negative game's over unless you get that till it far too. As the countries falling apart like the roman empire, when there was like you know, bread and circuses, ETA get bigger, really bread had circuses, render tame it. Nobody knows that the roman empire was collapsing around them, so our centre to myself with the egg is built, and while the country collapses around me, you could check invented at Jack had twenty three. Twenty three on twitter: he meltdown everywhere throughout I'm sorry. This is happening to you, but for it to continue to have you on over the quartet campaign phenomenon, TAT December Gateway, bye, bye,
last but not least, ruin a collar work on my dad really quickly because is freaking out about the patriot. Am I on the package right now? Yes, your wake! You take it! A bit ass, you do that I am also she's really nervous. I figure just check any really quick. Emerging ceremony, patriots. Well, what oh, maybe the word, is weak ever get well accept that an end is being accused of murdering he's, probably Wheeler. But it will really would have an urban fires wave stabbing on with a knife in his hand, makin a malady and ever game now, as does pretty weird that forget that one, but the foremost pretty weird and then, when you thought it couldn't get whither. You start reading yesterday that grant the most
enable play besides. Brady is in the hospital getting some kind of injection, probably cortisone, and then last night they reached the second annual report. In the back. That is already operating on. Twice is a problem I mean really all this is going on. Now, I'm still taking the path and something in the past, but it s been you and I have taught us get off. If I know a lot of times it had injuries, you look Pittsburgh in other teams as well. I dont know than any team has had his many injuries as we have had, and it's been a really crazy season. You just look back at the team. We hadn't beginning when Louis,
running. We add the big back in the small back and she felt the same team Elinor scene. I guess there's firefight. I think we can win this game, I'm not sure what happens after that. Every game we have, it seems like somebody else get injured. So you worry about that. Even if everybody to Sup unsettling. I certainly was a lot more optimistic around weak, nine, oh sure looking back, I'm plan their bad but eight, our defence, really getting that's. That's all I'm holding up for the chiefs. What it! What is the reaction? Threes knows calling we would like in Boston right now, This stuff's going Belgic as aware
a guy that he won't talk about like water people talking about their well. Listen to talk radio, which occasionally I do this all kinds of conspiracy theories and the funniest when I heard was yesterday late yesterday afternoon, that dollar check when to break up a fight. We ve grown Caskey and Jim Jones. Jim were being out of his mind at the moment that punch drowsy tried to separate them in Grand Curtis back Belgic at the black eye and Jim Jones,
Let them ass little. That's a good one of em here that, as in other things, there are three things in this possibility, if you think about it, but of course not really, but it's when you think about, but not really funny, sat on the latter conspiracy theories. Black eyed Bela check, of course, that he won't talk about, went up I answer storytelling for people when you combine that with what happened with the unbelievable mourning for chain with John the Pats lose this game. Knowing our the city of Boston goes with stuff right, this that can be aligned next couple weeks for gender Jones
I gotta check those people, I think there's gonna be a ladder sauciness, I won't be shocked. Camera Johns doesn't go out there and have an unbelievable game. Maybe whatever it took, on Saturday night. Maybe he should take just a smaller amount. Now come on Clearly there I really like tea in there. I was bombed at that same cause. He is one of my favorite patriots. They might them up for a couple games a shared- and I did you see, I hear that one of the best personalities and the team great teammate, I love the way he played the. He had an awesome season me too that really exciting, that not a typical guy that we have a justice athletic pass Russia that a bright every other team usually has in the pictures in Iraq where it does, but you know we have in any case I think, he's a restricted or might be restricted created the show
as one more year might argue that prices down there is precious down that some, maybe maybe I'll, have a great game to show people that he didn't want to be a negative influence on the biggest games so far in the year and may be open the time has come to re up. What is there in your Saturday for thirty p m is a unity alone whose whose watching what's happening. That's good question, I'm encouraging Mr mother, my stepmother, my wife Molly to go shopping ever nails done, come back at what we have a family dinner at one of our favorite restaurant, the being won by my brother dawn at eight fifteen seconds. Night, so so you're should MR overtime is bad. So it's connected.
Glad to spell this out for you I'll, come for dessert. They can all meet at eight hundred and fifteen and hopefully I'll still be alone watching tv with my trusted golden retriever. But I don't want overtime. I don't think my heart can take over timer. I want two thousand seven hundred and fourteen green I want I want to see Mechlin doesnt player. He goes out there and he's limping so badly, doesn't have an impact because they don't have much else besides man Look at that time that another Thailand is good, but I don't like your land I don't like your Saturday plan. Having I have. And a lot of time and then ass uneven written about it and maybe that a cartoon about it. At some point, your add, your wife has the ability to to
You send her out. She's gonna come home, would like six minutes left in the game in the glass and closer to home, in on it that when she goes out shaking the long enough, the thing it can wherever she go, she can go directed at dinner at the restaurant. I did that like an as yet and see that her history. Her history says she's gonna, be back with five minutes in there's going to be some question, their pop that that she had to ask you and ruby rate during a third net, the possibility could shut the door near unit that they knew the bad blood inferred. Next leads you do that either but tat, but lately one ass. I have, as I have said, the stitches way watching the game citizens, but the doors open a certain way. You know you do the same year, little worse than I am. Maybe you have
You had your brother is visiting weak seventeen and you let him much a game with you, but only if he didn't talk unless it was a time out which had thousands to move here, which we set ground rules against. Third is any different while at the same time we started to stay up and Mr Grech Greg remember the gradual and he waited until the commercial people across the state of Massachusetts. Similar ground was well. I think the move, if you'd dinners at eight fifteen, the move is too send your wife out for drinks, a leg salmon, Lightheaded Julia Pre dinner drink with somebody I'd have. Maybe it have yea China hook her up with somebody, doesn't care about the game for low pre dinner Genk and then you're off the hook actually lead to a better idea, but could answer Yeah I can I can I can I tell you
suggested this idea and I don't have an. She won't: listen back ass if she were now, unless somebody brings it up on your dogwalkers but yeah. I think that the move that sound like the move, because, like I said I can see you're coming in with five minutes to go at I games. We have the ball in the forty yard line and she wants to know how's the game going or what am I? weren't dinner, like we had some classics where you're we're out house where you could see the lights in the driveway would come in, and it would always be like the eighth deigning to add spaces loaded with Pedro child Energy. Under the lights. We certainly believe they were in the window. The face the driveway was next to a tv, was building The good news is that my wife does all that same stuff to sir.
Adding its hereditary boy. Maybe you were like football little bit my what you, as you know, you step mom, doesn't really like, for my wife doesn't carry our exporters basketball. Fortunately, now that helps the with this ethics, whereby the Phoenix Sons game tonight? Oh, that's, a big Should they be welcome its maybe the last game. Marquise Mars was gonna play from Adam reading those changes. There's lots of rumours, imagine being traded. I'd take a minute heart beat, but I would say Vienna Windsor at we need package a couple guy neither changes. Celtics team somehow match our. How, but do it but here we are with too many similar pieces at each position- needs its It's like watching a movie where there's a bunch of guys. I've heard of it's like an action movie, there's a bunch of guys I've heard of, but there's not the lead guy and it there
I movie it's a cable movie, it's fine, but like you and pay them in the theater, that's the south axis is gonna. Get the guy had of any trade well worth. Seven rumours going around about illegal, but I need Mars is just an example of somebody. Retreated to for one year. We need to make it would help, but the log jam we have that forward every time broken wins a part of you. A little pale dies right. Anybody May we lost the next on Wednesday within arrogance, yet the men I saw that the next plane, but when the next night, but of course I forgot TAT, her mother get injured and our game and you didn't play against the nets and I look at the box. I cringed. I lie. Whenever teams were twelve, when I now
thought when they, when Jack Jack on her and then they fired the coach. I was expecting like a thirty lost tailspin for them. And yes amounting in IRAN, who type today that I didn't realize this. But three nets players were quoted as talking about how hard it was to play for HOLLAND and how much they feel we leave to be playing with some freedom with this new coach. Yet as I wish they hadn't fight island, I didn't know that was gonna. That's a good. My fear, for them is that they're gonna do some trade, where they trade, Joe Johnson's expiring contract and get real players back with longer contracts is what are they care they their screwed? extra years anyway, so like if they traded Joe Johnson to New Orleans Fur Tariq Evans and AIR Gordon. I just got both back and Terry Contact goes a year after this one air Jordans expiring, but for normal.
They're getting rid of the type of contract, and that say neurons to do that, but the what a type of trade like that were there. These two bodies back but longer contracts and they'll, be slightly better this year. That's our worst case scenario. Please tell me that Jade Brooklyn, I think it's more up either ill betrayed took contender or they just gonna buy em out If, if I was running nets, I would trade the Joe jobs and pick for players like, I would be calling Houston. China, Dwight Howard, Anti Lawson Fur, Joe Johnson Ledges, basically throw them a whole bail out fur their whole lives tax situation of the Houston second, and when the title, the share, I be making Those college train it I'd, try to get Marquise wars, but maybe they are making. Those called like that. I can see where they could offer tastes and they could get Thyssen Chandler and Marquis Morris from Phoenix for Joe Johnson's expand basically give Phoenix a reset button, bright,
That's what I'm worried about the nets or we could do the same thing with David Lee contract we witnessed a couple. A similar position is a much more. I mean I thought I thought he'd be more helpful to us. The sheer I've watched them. Pretty carefully answer has said he doesn't have the leap in his leg. Cities have stories, you probably have noticed, is getting these short shots. Block yeah he's below there like a major is a great came guy if you watch him on the benches terrific, but any king on Ebay TAT this places- and I- execute that plan on Saturday night of Bee texting during the game, good. That gets tired, thanks to simply say for sponsor
Today's bs podcast remember it's the smartest way to protect your home, no long term contracts and the best twenty four slash: seven protection possible for just one thousand four hundred and ninety nine, a month visit simplisafe bill dot com to get my ten percent off discount simplisafe bill dot com. Thanks stage period, only cable or satellite to watch it beyond emerges download the age. We are now ab start your free one month, trout today, thanks to seek for presenting sponsor of the best path cast and shame Thirty, three, China. Thirty three was awesome this week, the premier of Amanda Dobbins joining. Juliet living they're gonna have a weekly podcast Christine. And green wild. We had Juliet bachelor pride with care ran Julia Lippman, Dude sources say about the NBA. A loaded, weak ass, subscribed to that as well. Enjoy that we can enjoy the football and we'll do back on Monday,
because we about these things. I want to see me again. One is tat why here close pitch in Rome.
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