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Ep. 51: NFL Conference Championship Lines w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons talks to Cousin Sal about the crazy Cards-GB game, Peyton Manning (5:40), Car-Sea (17:15), L.A. football (29:25), hanging with Tony Romo (31:40), Andy Reid's new TV show (37:37), Round 3 lines (42:22) and a Royal Rumble preview with a surprise guest (51:00).

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First order that simply safe bill dot com, a fortunate sound I didn't get complete protection from a beautiful Pittsburgh that we may dish are actually, let's start the packet, I recall that Pittsburgh game with such a great weekend create such a good job. We now that everything then happened. Pittsburgh Overman twice with a one point laid down the thirty they go backwards, its third and thirty, on the set in the really seen offensive linemen face Basque Pont, the bar that should awaiting for, I feel, goes like a fifty two, the ardor earlier yeah get the ball back driving again the seven string running back fumbles. I don't blame him dead.
Goes down Manning finally put together. Good drive up five to point, get to two point: four: the push credible. Then they take the lead then the Steelers come back to the matter thing get to feel go in. Pushing, though, is bizarre, was a bizarre weekend to it as bought in fear of fury, aided and delighted too. One one and one on sport center, but so you know where you live ass, the card slow that Arizona Day, but there's thing if you had Danver, which I had on sports and even though we bed pittsburgh- you are lucky you are lucky to push a menu were unlucky and then you are lucky fewer Arizona. You were lucky to be in a position to push and then you're so So, unlike you, that Helmer just unbelievable mean second ends money at your for your more likely to lose by nine than you are to drive the field, then score touchdown right! It's one of the five, worse gambling losses of all tat right, if you
Arizona minus seven, although it about a point, So I guess it's that one of the morning always crazy play before and twenty they ran the same eggs play. The pats ran in the Superbowl. Forty two only it was to the laugh, but design, roll out where the guy has a chance to play and his feet naturally chuck it and Jeff Janis there. Who the hell is that of rounder rather yards away to a passage in the same drive, say: thou I'd I'd feel either play was. I called on core lucky wasn't just like he by hope this guy catch in there. I now think Rogers, really he throws it to that exact spot on the go line and guys know to run that spot jump up and catch it writers, real skill involved, I've seen some many. And in a really is? It is more than lock and its to appoint. Word now on a hell Mary situation. Just like you don't want to kick off to lock it on Seattle,
You don't want to throw sermons way or what used to be Rebus his way, you should rush zero against Rogers anyhow merits yeah zero. He's gonna alluded anyway. He's gonna have just enough time. Yet it to where he wants just put your best athlete right there at the five year, airline line or in the end, It did seem this solve the age old dilemma. Why don't they just boots on Hale Mary right way, accede outputs because the guy might get away, and then he gets. The throne is a wanted to chance I'm always amazed. You'd think there would be a guy guy, like on the five there's gotta, be a better way to defend him errors, the other guy, like the three put another guy to his left and right and put three more guys on the go on and the three more guy. You basically have nine guys all within five yards I don't know how you would score or other sounds easier than the explained just play zone on a hell Mary could you you may do so once they admire your guy. You should be Gibby enough that you just cover your guy, but should cover a spade,
for cryin out. We were shocked. We watch the first game. We watch together all year right Oh yeah you're right now and asylum thirst, and I dare say it out loud but yeah we were, we missed his. We had the sound off, apparently Michael's Collins worthwhile out of their my good. In that case there are at a great year and the distance between them and the other teams really advance this year. I think, more than any other, but apparently they were lights out or Michael's. Yet again, Michael's, yet another famous gave rise to call NEA we want that'll be wiser. Remember that as the two helm, arrogant, bright red and I don't that'll translates the cards this next week Palmer was pretty shaky there I wasn't impressed with, but who was the least impressive winner this weekend lay. I was impressed really with
of the four like. Did anyone blow you away the Carolina the potential and then they just fell apart and had a few times a share yeah seems like they take their foot author of the pedal, which would be a bad. That damper was the least impressive, Denver was least impressive. I'm gonna say this is America as a second just cause Palmer, in Romania, the fact that the gadgets has abandoned big games- and I think, there's a huge difference between being a week there cleaner Sunday at or whatever, but then actually like, do or die stiffened speed, different intensity. I'm gonna say this to America. If you like, now we find that route against the pats deflate gave a bell check: a hey, Brady, good luck, insuperable, fiftieth temper and Carolina Gazette. And will be over in about five minutes. Data Danvers off
It's against Carolina right today. Scored ten points were no thoughts, not forgetting it I think, but I think the end of is better. There see the path to have a chance. Just cause they're off answer: did they could hang in but from what we ve seen in December this year. I dont think they could get her out only they had said ten points gets Caroline would have to be like a tender attendant. Nine type came from They have a chance. We spoke on the phone yesterday and they took down the beginning a week. But then you see our internal brands are plain, and then you just really think about. When we spoke on the phone yeah, we Conversely, I had to crack twenty points to cover seven or eight too. We'll figure wins. Oh yeah yeah I was now assault on ruthless burger? Being that hurt and then it just a word was cut out,
street that he was okay and the good practice on Friday. The Nissan throw the by say. Look at his drives me. Nuts first play the game and behaves at fifty yards down failed. It was incomplete, wouldn't say that again take another shot like that. Now I know the difference is tough and everything, but I think they need of one of those, obviously, and what we are doing didn't feel like they control that holding pulled away three diarrhea dead and you know the Denver tsar. Fettes manages he's thrown out. Sir STAR shore passes and there they were creeping up the whole game there, basically daring to do anything over the top. The middle any just. He won't framework, as he knows he can't in their run gay they're. Just try me at the ragged enshrining the right age and we get the regained could never really get going and the steel. Is it was just sitting there for them for three quarters there and their special teams returned
their partner really hurt them in the first half deed. I dont know why then go for a couple of fuels and higher two hours? I know those a question of the wind and which, which time we take the way in which it out, but their pun return or was it is asked her. There was really like all the little things cost them that game, and then I thought Tomlin just did some weird stuff, and I gave who you ruining for towards you It was so finding my dad, I read texting the entire game with no idea who euphoria it was like I want. I cannot now I Denver seems super beetle. Ray obviously want to play home against Pittsburgh. We when a home game that too close out the rape and onwards put them we're saying like I have we get Pittsburgh Brands back next week in this team scary and it seems like Pittsburgh better than Deborah Ann. I don't think it pits matters to Pittsburgh where they play right, whereas, like the pats, even though I think they're, better the number you know, there's there's been a little torture
history in Denver for the past year, the debtor that's a real Tony's in the safety rules Jones the year after we made the Superbowl the Jake Palmer. Bailey game when the probably Brady's worse play afghan ethic Saturday in iron, Superbum yea into their driving to go ahead. Hicks terrible past pics, six formerly got knocked at about, should have been a fumble there and then cut by it. In the last two years ago. There- and I would say the two places there Lady has not been lights out or damper Miami in every Pats Van secretly worried about those two locations. I what's real it a little bit. Can you remember a time going back to the Demo Pittsburgh game where a play I mean it's too hard for you, because you are so biased you're running at die anyway. Well when Peyton Manning gave himself up, and he
for sure gay rather was in Craven. They got out it aside and through the passage get near the best passes had all game. I felt like I felt like the country turned on him. I haven't felt feel like a country and on a player for something that in involving a cheap it or rather violence. Since that play, I got all my god screw that guy, you turn off than dived, and so Here's the thing. This is why this was been the cause, we're tariffs. That aim and they did a couple when it gets Denver for both for the most for whatever reason Pittsburgh Outbound, I thought to leap. Had they three pass interferences again at sight and that bias I didn't know the route for in this game so tat. I was over all common Pittsburgh leg, just I couldn't believe to lead them to get called for a couple
but your owning against nansen sims, that's where you wrote. I why ruling against their that that that's number one for years the thing when their, if you're not sing a main game at least have the conversation of hay fell? What can he can't do? What can and cannot do it this plant breath what throws can't he make like full censure quarterback? I tell us yeah. This is guy, who can only run certain past plays at the point of his career. Learning are not These drops, since I Brady had six traps in their Saturday again the answers and talk about it for an hour, but there they were bored with decades They really were boy and since our going back to the Fort coordinates like ok, so we better now that the fourth quarter and it's 13th, what whatever it was, twelve nine. I think they were checked out a little bit. We have them next week and then for the
BAR somehow Lydia season was arranged were then add three, the last for Africa lives. Thank you get the last one to another with that dive play thou. So let's say he does I dive many down. And then let's say so- let's say she's here comes flying in handsome know. Yet fifteen Year penalty railway. What's what if he runs over and touches of? I think it's. Ok! It's ok yeah! so they're saying eating himself, I sat me. She's here could have come an attack on the area. They would have caught a penalty and anything he did on the planet is about and it was a finger Tipps from being down by contact to rattle close But he slid day was a fine. It's an honor, their poised I'd. Never that was a huge play. That also would have been a ten yards, and it is I any second, in anything, more than ten and again there that the other thing I
perfect. It's funny how guys from aims that are in the game can affect the game. If they have Brown and that game, I think they win by us seven to TAT excel cause. I'd Brian dropped. The couple across the meadow plays a brown catches easily the returns are much different. They really did swing that came out of the beverage eyes grew more than twenty, and I was at an ever weird feel about the number of their make. The supervisor really declare the fifth or sixth best tame normal ethic. The Superbowl comes down like maybe two of the top three or four four in there, but the sheriff information by air Tetbury was better forget even about livelihoods battles ethylene better. The annual Williams and they're probably yet puts them over the top in a year. The pets a better thing, doesn't mean they're, gonna win, because the one thing about this chamber season happen again hang around the hang around. They look terrible. They take that they take either
crap out of it or the other teams crack cuz. It's so ugly. Their defense keeps them in it and then something funky happens and they get they keep getting big plays in the fourth quarter, but does that a skill? Or is that just luck week after week? I don't know, I don't know either this plan. The fumble was a great play. The guide punched got to hand Chris Harris being heard is bad thing for them the remaining at our heritage. That can be the same. The rest of the play, but don't you feel Bela check, just ass to put together bore game plan, whether score twenty one points. So that is a thing when the paths together in the house- and I went through this on friday- they're gonna get to twenty seven near every week. If they have their efforts again in a twenty employment. So that means Democrats discord. Twenty eight write, another Denmark and scored twenty in less weird stuff happens. You need get the pic six, you get the return touchdown like stuff, I asked, I know you had a non existent run a game against the chiefs, but it was ok.
It was all right. I get mad at the only thing. The only running play you need. It must be nice that, to count on that, you only need one yard from year to year running game and its from brain on the go line right, that's it then why you need nobody to fumble and the five pledging to hand a half or whatever I was wondering why they put it that way too, and I actually think it's cuz the offense of line inside so much turmoil and changed all that stuff. I think they just went in that. Came there, a gas just block just passed by run back so uneasy we're just get you gonna passed black every play and I was a classic braid again. This is just ran the show, and it was you know, Casey kept hanging around because they kept making these stupid play right when you thought the path or that was it pattern cut. Their harassment gets like here in the plenary. Began sacked he's running around wrapped about made a couple and saying catches if they pay their if they put their gained ten times, though they the pats when by double figures in at least eight ethics,
annex our boat. This Casey win in any scenario at another, sovereign, yet Smith, the overdue Chelsea Indians on twice he did in other the couple where Things Z, He felt that was the right. You think there is a real shame. It's better had to go into New England, some like that chief severed a chance to get blown out here and now, and then I did like that. They hung around no Houston denounces the talk about that right. Yeah now he played the Eid think less than ten. Now, most nothing which is which is bad for the needs of shame. I'm seeing on twitter now, I'm in dollars suspended this week in the first four weeks and next year for the cheating head, but I was tired, I'm not going to defend that. I actually that I'm kidding by the way is not suspend if he had been thrown. Out of the game, I wouldn't have been shocked rail and I was really bad. I kick at an that guy out
That's exactly do end up whether China TAT Hotel Jack said it was legal. I didn't like it. So TAT was the first time in eleven years that offer hope teams one ran round the week before all for road one. There is a bizarre way There were so many signs for Pittsburgh upset. I was tweeting couple of Overmastered does always the weird game and ran two and now you know why this burger. How do we know he's that her and did it shouldn't? on your brand really swing again turns out he candidate swing area endeavours. Kicker was lights, That was the other thing that happened Many are my pay. Five areas deservedly pay their five four five with to bomb so solid, so so so Seattle, Carolina, incredible tease cover for us. Us down thirty one, nothing in half,
don't look at half yeah, don't love teases, but for me I'll do a tease. If I feel like I have a one hundred percent chance, I'm wearing one of the two games and in the path of sight there winning that we're not losing a Casey. So how do we undertake the six points and put it on a game? It's like our Seattle night in both of us like that Those are two of the employees alike, on Caroline we're, terrifying, everyday yeah, we'll get eight and a half nine or be kept close, come down to the last drive and didn't exactly work out like that. Actually, all a team covered oddities or this weekend All I really and almost every eye was that the case last weekend to reserve boy now terms guy, that's right, Texans we're so unite. On Sunday morning I was saying to you the only thing that way me about. Seattle is this year for for them in the past. Wait. At least two games every year. Did they play
games over. I haven't had their avenue where those everything goes wrong, games yet bread and then that first half happens. Unlike that was the all time. Every single thing goes where on gambling, though you do just got pushed around like Wilson, didn't have a chance to intercept junkie way, just like he couldn't even see over his line that arose. Get the Athens face immediately still about, pass bypass Wilson I tweeted yesterday, that was it was like, is basically here like a rustle Westbrook game. He was like eleven for thirty from the field, yet twelve assess ten ribands rat eight turnovers. He was all over the map and that game, but still was able to keep rob he made some terrible pay tax and bad sacks was in a great in terrible game for Pierre. I thought that's a good team to the good team, the picture that up to one word used and I'm gone further on forth and five dad thirty one, nothing. Instead, it kid just kick in a field or getting through
what's errant now another remembering that's what I'm gonna make it right didn't get it. I was actually ok. Withal hushed ruined along field or you are not in that. Second tat began to fires forth and five right. And then I can't believe they, the Panthers than catch on forth into and discord anywhere Seattle and effect upon. I now was the our time fake point there late in the third quarter away down yet take a chance was shocked when it was thirty one, thirteen to kick the phd or go for to credibly then go for two. Had he not covered You'd make an interest gorget here, because you're not gonna score five times so hard for in one higher needed five scores, and in the second half I wanted to have, but you gotta get like a pic. Six are especially rains that shares had stopped twice, but I do so. Even if you don't get you down eighteen, instead of seventy three score.
Yeah, but our gallo allow momentum. Would you ve gone fur Green bay? Would you ve gone for two after the hell Mary? We never talked about this when we watch again The interesting thing about it, but I don't know your porn as I go out what if this doesn't go for, for whatever reason we do and talk about. We watch it buddy. I think, maybe I may add on its final, you if you have to figure get the ball. Maybe in overtime at some point and byways toss or a coin flip. If it's a coin tossed to dislike or whatever happened, there that could have been the biggest scandal- oh my god, and ask him for a year since the flake eight, but the ago I mean Arizona withstand right. That would be the time to go. For too, I guess there was a good exam
for what may be momentum is overrated, for power have gone back and forth on random momentum, like you sign in Pittsburgh, damper that fumble, if it felt there was a shift it spread was goin theory, they're gonna be up for there to be a bait nea, and that was a good got punch and I was the first time there events lead up and actually gave up someplace. I felt like their debate. We deny when eighty reads clock management. Should he just start apology infers clock magic before the game did you hear a press conference? Let's go by the way. Now I don't know what I'm doing with two minutes left or two hundred and forty left to hear his What would the right? do you know what to he had a whole thing. You say how now we practice that we know where we didn't want them to get the ball back. So what we do is we run as much clock off as we can. Then we get a step and then what
score again, there's no way for them to get the biased, glad resting. Why don't you run the clock? The second time after you, ve gotten, involve active. That said, and there were some there was some pinball passes that chop, dropping Brady. They want the one at item and ended up catching to kill the clock. That's a problem! You can't kill the clock. You have to throw a short passes, to kill a clock that we add is interesting so that one almost could have gotten interception. We could have in a picture it out their that was almost a worse moment, yeah in in its entirety, catch because they there's this air. Where that Bob bounces sure five feet to the re that guy's got a running start has got an error on the same thing, Malcolm Floyd's, touchdown, or for but to go for that. Put him up for yeah tent, just pinball offer to two different players. I can't tell of weak. I can't tell
we can t just didn't think they need the run a game and that game or if we can't run. Maybe the latter should be able to run as much as Pittsburgh. Does this Fitzgerald Tucson isn't heads and shoulders above? We don't have that guy. It was my dad and our talk about Saturday night about the chiefs have like now Davis rate so that their running Deb chart was Jamal Charles spits aware what ass to his hurried, Andrew Glass and now they have now there's a forced stringer, however, that a great year last year in replacing he's he's an he started on fantasy teams. As competent. Like you look good in that aim is a kick fraternity does staff there. Every teams forced There is better than any running back the like we just throw brandyball than every year. Security is again. We
we can't run. We ve done this for five years. We never have the now Davis Guy and that's a category. It seems I condemned those little short shifty, guys right James, why? It is not that I read you don't need much Maybe we will see this samoan guy without the vowels this time. Oh yeah yeah yeah that Gioia full of life he has not ratified and like a month, I'm sure Belgic Gladsome. But we have. We owe any fear of Carolina not being able to closer sure I mean that as I come back to haunt them at some point to play. Games laughter Are you happy with like Arizona wheat with they look poor? The hall like through and bad balls? I don't like the way for advancing teams are probably looked at third worst but back game, or do we just that trust him there, but they they scored onto their last three drives Carolina, that's great entire second half, so who's got who's, got momentum here right so Arizona terror
weeks- everything seventeen by weak terrible for tuna court, but then actually got their mojo back. Let it and it's where the terrible do and have called today may score on their opening drive was seven other can draw up seven other. It's weird I thought one of or two of the home teams are come out flat and they didn't exactly come outflow. Caroline of assured, in Arizona, scored, unwanted first drives pay it's gonna wanna first through drives and amber, went up three, nothing that they were good or away they. Look these in early they look. They there can be around the bar strange wake me keep saying that, I've worked Carolina lad. This error, I really think they're good anti. Another newtons great, is flat out great, but their weapons are awful near, really offer its. I can't leave like. Why would you ever leave Gregg Arson uncovered ever. What I said I have a new and I fell
There is high time that they had one play and I met when also MA's out and they just kind of show the people that were out there like fun chosen. And in June the accent is active addiction, gotta biggest all at once. I got they. I've gotta watch out for addicts it on the straggling, a huge pass to extend that drive, but he's island he's doing something nuthin near at some point. That's gotta for sure. Throughout the play from behind at some point in the plan, I thought he could take off more to help himself. Alan, I came was getting close early laid. I'm needs around four seven yards ere. He listened to it as much as anywhere do it now is him, and Winston have this reputation as like these scrambles and is actually royal is the one that I felt like I could have done it the whole game. There did, you think you know the patriots. At an ever on the offence. Only
one guy on the entire efforts was drafted in the first round, Zara Stephen Jackson, while they should give him the bomb or so it has got a kid a chance. I dont know if he looked offer, we care black but now to Steve Jackson, moments in again now, for sure, maybe and be coming up, for them would have you know at least You want to guess what the Superbowl line they have Sienna see before we start. Yet, let's do that before we do that, Thou South yep, you don't your credit score as slide tours is coming from. I don't know what it is either at an all my credit score ass. Most people are now take. Certainly does enough. That's what makes credit card so valuable, free credit report, no strings attached. No credit card required Incredibly, as it is the million members using credit karma they just don't.
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So I met at this point just paste. It just take your team once and then take him again better like that. Right, I mean patriots if we haven't done lines yet, but do you know what the superbowl line is? Tell you guys? I don't you think I would say at sea by three then of sea. One and a half thousand hatreds patriots are the suitable favorites, but the annexes favoured like if the pay make the Superbowl they'll be an underdog. They have to do that, though, because if damper, the supervisory, like seven point underdogs now I'll, go right area of say here does weird couple a couple more things before we get the staff Tennessee hired, make malarkey near to see that may now that during the past
the scale of the day. Yes, Elinor was. It was eight. They try to sneak by everyone, brats river, rather more uninspiring, a co chair in the Michael Archie. Now, what's it either guide right and then the last six seven weeks see a base and they look terrible. Congratulations as events. We haven't talk, sense play football happen. I know so you're more excited and Well, I'm excited for the Superbowl eight working superboss fifty five years yeah. I think every five years will have on I'm excited the carbine reform. Combine I'll be here that we will go to the probable we will go to the problem. Maybe I will go to the Proba some guy on its outcome. Here I'll move at all, I gotta be fun. I'm excited the area could be built up nicely its inglewood
that's kind of by my house- wish. That would be nice if it became like downtown away, is right now, but that's how they live, and it makes the eighth I think either guy in good, has a chance to pretty cool red flowers stuff over there, the forms over their legs and its location that makes sense its near stuff and near its. You know not that far or from other what it's pretty far from the valley, but nice and closed her. Basically, everything over in the manner bead. Shall that area I like em, about it, except I don't want to go to Rams game none of us here. The cowboy worry about way I once every three it would have for years, but I dont want people. Ask me for tickets that you don't want people asking you predicts, I'm just gonna Saturn have tickets. You are saying now say now.
What I'm going to do is I'm not going to do anything and then I'm going to wait for our cousin to go in on some sweet love like five other celebrities and he'll never go and we'll just get to use the tickets. I guess so it happened right. Yeah, I know Matt Damon three other lesters are getting is sweet. Tat will never use ever look I have already outlined games will be late so late afternoon, so the only be competing with like two or three other games. So that's good, so we one miss. I guess we want a couple games when miss too much right and then the other games and we'll never get whenever I have much rather watch football. The girl again, of course, how I go once it like. My team was playing threat to me talk about how we watched I football drama and we can't sure why not maybe to give you any Roma secrets. But Romo is in town. He was in town. You came along I am in a member state
Are you came along basically just to report back on Monday. How I was fond, over my idle now, I was Stetson that melting in front of a man. What actually ended abandoning is now he's your favorite player. In a week. I love Roma, great guy, I will say, after spending five hours with them. I think he's gonna, be the best media since Collins worth when he when he moves into that their. If, if he can harm everything we saw on Saturday night and bring them to television that he will be best guy since cards. It didn't work out great for me because he eat it ended up. Heaved, kissing, Brady's ass in the pages as a lot that all my God has said. That's why I really love drew my eyes loves raised there. Does it may be so happy teased us in a better way to my art, heroes is a Brady change the game for quarterback like what
you mean you gotta, don't tell about that now, it'll save it for dinner, hated even tell us humans for hours. I shall save and ology guys now, who is great, it was like a cliffhanger and rocky when one APOLLO kept saying remember after this, you owe me a favor, so it was all night long and finally it s totally worth it will. I this is not going to be worth that you problem. That way too long, as can be worded any. It seemed simple to say that Brady made it all now, Ok, don't give it away on every day. Now I shall give it away. I don't want people I just want us to know who is it Ellie case included recreations and imitation is phenomenal. It was really when I guess ten minute moments of any did ever had happened in the on Youtube. We would like we have the book this guy and and having do it on our shores. That really net out now now, I think, tat I think near there was really his ability to
tat. Other quarterbacks was incredible, not even putting him that news not negative. Now we aegis could illiterate, imitate the bright, but- and I mean the actual their style that like how their top right Vienna, Romo, now, have actually feel bad for I'm listening to him talk about the season where he really felt like Dallas is one of the best team scores cars like we got screwed and I got her and we should be here, and I think we could have played with these teams in Europe they're like I saw look in your eyes aid. Only piper Brad. I love my love and love more than seven. My top ten best, including you Fisher, appeared. Is so his brother less Chase Crawford near you, love J Chases, a good guy like Chase Sidebar dinner or Kiev is geared we're thinking. We even ruining Talkin got you a thousand tv ass it get? Is it you're Guy Texas Guy, be as workers
Romas brother in law is also a famous person right that I would say the eleven We live on yeah he's. I look forward to the bidding work America's. There is a one hundred percent chance. Although whether he'd be added, if I worry about an over, there, are one or two games or studio think I wanted to get these guys for years. Laughed you didn't want to super bowl. Does he said he has at least four he's gonna play Superbowl. Fifty five in a way for the Dallas cowboys. I thought that you say he's gonna come model, be nice to That's the one thing I was thinking, though, when it, when he was here and there Gladwyne. I talked. I talked about football for a the one thing I didn't think of theirs, kicker myself after Ella Football. I wonder if
it's going to lead to people wanting to play here, like it doesn't basketball wear for years and years it was like all people, Shaq and Dwight, Howard and cream. All these people try to get to know a if you're, if you're a famous person who would say your Aaron Rodgers, like five years from now somebody Japs they'd, the AIDS basely Rogers far reincarnated. They draft somebody in the first round this quarterback and he's pretty good, and then it's like all this guy. It's time to play air Rogers, shoving you out, like we shut down five new got like two years left now you want to come here sure There's going to be able to cherry pick some talent, I feel act like breeze when a priest six of this the Rams might be needed. Be away. I thought about this, and then I looked at the top markets in the country to tv markets and as a lot the it would make sense if they had the best quarterback
waste or one of the best quarterbacks in does a man who work as Ryan, Fitzpatrick Rat allay. Has New York, as it you I meaning to Nick fall these famous stature their view. I man, I forgot Did you like that etiquette back Argos, J Cutler? Yet Philadelphia has SAM Bradford, yet thousands Tony Roma San Francisco as Capron ACT, your number seven Boston, you're, the best one Atlanta has met right it's just weird right. There are spread out, but meaning when he didn't want to pay for San Diego vote. His way to the giants, that's true right Kurdish and Jerry Maguire. He forced his way to the bracket so that there is six reliability. I did the Niners like that. I think Dallas living the patriots now at Brady Detroit. Toddy giants, Houston, unattainable markets more like the quarterback prestige franchises.
Like somebody's always gonna, be there Horta back. The count was an authority worse, and maybe I lay as now like that I don't wreck raiders used to be like that. That was the case before before we get to the super lads, so last night after football. You know there's nothing really unless they scan of a we're dead, the godfather out, because I see that I didn't care is an age, be they ran all gonna answer stumbling random, Lincoln first shows to ash narrative, ah voodoo it's like some video channel was on my samsung, really add some them. Things ahead. The show called twenty five had seen it only five now, yet so Andy Red apparently he's been filming the show turn I've seasons and its from the produce. There's a twenty four twenty five, it's so he basically he gets.
By city over their jack power in every area. Ours is like what what twenty four was. Words like its sixty minutes right, but that but every area So when sent the clock, get screwed up and re when it's gonna be like Last five minutes of the shed, the show ends, that's crazy and they end in never has an any because Andy Reed who, playing himself his play city. He keeps screwing up the class. There is an error. It never ends on time. So the whole time, then you have to wait. The next show because in the end, from the last Joe didn't have, but it works out. It's just. The only problem is its twenty five right, so they had to add a fifth, even though its full data
access to add another hour. If Thou has to make up all the time than eighty screwed up the anxiety since that would Chloe turnip yea using Google, we gotta get there that the terrorists are gonna, be there are twelve o clock and loving shows up like twelve or sick. He can tell a lot of things blow up gravity back alive. Time see Jesse, but has never his far because he's seen as terrorist time. It's really good keep her son and here you may get in there. He sees in like for closing There is currently a higher rate. Lock Tonia made us in it. He is blown up Cassiope. It was twelve o clock, it was to be there at the other being get there. I wasn't his father there's traffic I heard about this element. I heard it's on voodoo voodoo your view. Do you viewed as voodoo as they have a companion shows where there is a strange it's with Aaron Rodgers date,
Mary J Blige, the mint in the writing whatever neared couple now, it's strange gazelle idea on the outskirts of Milwaukee and the internet. He'll dating, is not great except yeah. That's bad enough and I mean they're just evil people, but how but they put these two through and then on top of that marriage obliges. Us is a nazi sympathise. Yeah so it gets weird it takes some turns. You don't even know who you're ruining for any more than you do. You want them to fall in love to be able to keep it ran. It's called that's called Heil Mary she's, whom that's sympathisers, pinches Aaron Rodgers, I don't know a view on the very they risky raffer, yeah yeah. I don't know. I really met equipment. A drama who was really taken off figure for videos?
were so actually you know out before we do this. Let's go out came a throne system. For three months away, miraculously you don't need cable, satellite to watch hp anymore, just download the HBO now app and start your free one month trap they might not. Have twenty five It might not have higher Mary Blundell, they take a chance on our shows that they have so they have great stuff, including last night. They showed the godfather epic, which is the godfather chronologically I've seen the godfather combined seven million times it seems that there are never seen really there's extra it's in the guy five year, bunch of up like tat the tallies Shyer Conny when she gets a There has been really beats Arap and that leads to Sunday gone over their dad. A whole extra thing in there that led to the fight Y yeah,
I come now to the shower and she's young rape or for the buff on Google seemed. But but those are the sufferings I put settlement in their fantasy. Michael right after his wife blows up said the hot that treating them. They thought there. I was stunned, so Did I lighter just like those Sunday there like it's like seven hours, that's great so anyway, HBO now the godfather epic. If here, if your family guy, recommend gone through there and who knows at some point down the road, this pact, may be age. We never know just never Noah stuff. Do yourself a favor download the each be now HBO. Now apple Let's go to go to Alliance Sunday, three p m: your patriots travelled a damper. Sunday, three Pierre rating Lack West Coast timeframe Manning Seventeen yep fit this, but This count as a brave man. This is kind of like one like magic, Johnson and lay
bread, filming, Mcdonald's, commercial. Ninety three that allowed the aim proud of how about my dad being here for this always gonna, be my dad is coming this weekend. Oh good is that like AIDS, the air made the triple out of a kind of maybe they'll, be they have see title gambit deep down can hope for is perfectly good luck for you, Yes, there are typically does mean right this time, either pats by three. Ok, you came a lot closer. I did I favour danver by one I saw, but I was surprised its pats by three and a half as well as right now, and I did see for when I first came out, but and went down to three. Now it's up to three and a half, but here's why I had Danver fair. I thought about a lot and I put that these out the in the last thirty five years in the area of Sea championship game, the road team has been favoured, how many times
at one time pats called said. I remember I don't even have our pats called the courts are favoured in New England, one of those times right. There see title now: culture, favorite, son, knowing whether, indeed in O seven Andy was a favorite. It's happened three times in the local. Let's hear thirty five years, ninety two? Ninety three buffalo at my Army buffaloes a two point: fair it they tell them. I try I bet on that yeah yeah yeah. I love I was. I was an early turner, Andean Marine own plan games right sieges can move ninety three that was dumber than the bills best team. Yet at ninety seven. Ninety eight Denver Pittsburgh, ah Korda Stuart Danver.
Coronel stood against another. When I bet I love burying its court out after two and a half point favorite they one twenty four twenty remember well Threed, third time doing when it Pittsburgh, knowing when minus three whack sat in a corollas bar right pay damaged check. The Czechs storm down first ass, still still at showered its face store down. Part of it just ran for you read damage Jack. Why? What's that he's gonna hear about this? now he Orleans forty one twenty seven pages. Never though he knew he D got out, it was there ever the exact address bar He was smart, but so three times in I a thirty four years, something that the road team has been favour. They covered every time. I see them
Is a cold Pats ABC title located, as you show the title, two thousand three or four, where they were favoured than the land shifted sword. The Panamanian was home minus three, knowing when one twenty four fourteen. Maybe maybe, who is the rapporteur was achieved, though the game that we beat them. Twenty two three. They were favourable one may and it was snowing in brazil- at the game. When I arrived in the annals of that was rather than does around, I scared out so three eight three times and however many what about the intimacy, this probably more for entity entities that is only four minutes. A rare thing. It's weird San Francisco at Atlanta, two thousand thirteen senator shows three and a half point favorite. They want twenty twenty four remedies. That was simple way years at t, so that was when I play the ravens in the ok. We had Just grow a thousand eleven Green Bay at Chicago,
maybe three and a half their when twenty one fourteen Chicago had what's his name. Quarterback care. Remember, that's Cutler got hurt a good game by Kalen and a gale. Imagine any came in color got her young fish, In two thousand nine three have point: favorite, add Arizona, Arizona, one Kurt Warner yet God puppies and Pakistan. And then ninety seven. Ninety eight Green Bay at San Francisco Green Bay, when's, two thousand three hundred and ten that were favored by two and a half. This was the year. Together, the damages are lasted demonstrable. I think I lost Alan together too. I think I like, tat it was an yet like the last can ever the re Sarah Rat Tee so the road favorites just wind is where you Tony s near yet well. Couple things with this one is that if the pats just fine,
the shock aim in Denver. These games in New England in their favoured by seven and a half does frustrating right. If, if sieves snared it hasn't lose that Monday night game, the Houston tend to six since the two seed, are the ones who are right does what every there's three dumb, regular season games and flip all kinds of stuff that that one hears debating senses, never venezuelan Arright, pats, minus three three and a half their damper that'll got a three day or go back to their people, thought themselves in a day Thursday at some point now relating toward leaning towards a patriots, but I wish you could you forget someone who yet forty five yards? Russia? That's not Tom Brady. While you can't run a damper anyway, Kenya we should watches together because hands big patriots. Vanderdyke
you. May Corolla money on the patriots, we're all gonna watch games with curl. Pretty talking about man he's a worse luck ever I say where's, warlike region where a black cats in the game right my arm, second game yeah mostly ready for the second game. Forty p M Eastern three, forty Pacific Arizona at Carolina. I went Carolina by foreign the two reports that I have no idea. If three unaware, because you won the first game there Beecher Carolina by three It was three over Seattle to Arizona Vegas is respect for year, but I really did think of it tat they pushed us too, for I think, Caroline, it's really good, that was the first half they pointing at Seattle was one of the all time ass kicks Ino. They lead
but the end of the second quarter. They had the boughs like a thief. Insects. The writer amid it was after the air misfits over there in MID, filled their them, but less than a minute. It time actually go get, or points they just did the basic drawn from middle line. Here there was I, if they just gone for a day, I think think that could have been up like that for nothing headed. There was this. They just lead up. That moment on. If they were, Right now awesome they were in the first five minutes, Lear and credible. They went thirty one, seventeen do they are. They are three and a half or four point. Favorite elms Phillip, that last touchdown made her one day. While they can hold a lead. Can't make this mornin failed all Rossen. What hell I was also out that hurt them to ocean was after a couple series is about areas that really balmy out how he iced his own kicker. Giving Green Bay another chanted the ball, he thought
on second down barons, is all ran on third down, and it goes a two minute warning that kick your ass, the chick. To put him up seven hours at the worst thing about that on second down. Was it with such a high risk play? You know it's either goes out of bounds or the guy yeah she's she's Vienna, throw like tools green pass or those quick screened for them see, there's something right, not that play their area, oh that's who he is, though his friggin river bogus where he can't question him knee jerk questioned him. Just one other thing, I just don't understand the Carolina by three men. That's that's tough! To take
the region have to go against our Pats, Arizona, Superbowl bet? It looks a little bit. I mean you have to be a little nervous. I shall go and deep in the second half aerosols got better receivers. I could stretch of failed in Seattle. Does the safety's then show mail? I therefore Caroline loud it did seem like I guess you could say their defense was on the field for solar Eurostat can have yet they lost desire. So that's it. I'm sad were down to three aims: sure go get myself for rail rumble. Previous, oh yeah. Let me today, ok yeah! I royal rumble is this Sunday and for the first time ever Roman reigns there really trying to China. Take the title: firmer fits with mental. Do this sometimes sieges becomes a mean person, yeah put that's. My son of an rains is has to defer
and his title in the rumble against twenty nine other guys, don't seem fair ban. Does it then that's, I think it really is egg. You you're a keeper itself committed. You hate, Seamus wood shavings, one, the title you you actually started crying. I did what you each AMOS. So much credit, be nice, don't swear because he curing oh yeah. He turned on and her he turned down in the Roman Roma rights. Yet he came out. Sheep shouted up. Ben likes, Roman reigns there. Why do you like him? So much more, she broke up now. I, like him, cause my sister like Sir legal. Well, there's. No one here as Lefrank is John Siena got her dear and arrive at her Randy. And renewal, the people you are hearing basically stuff, said
people think I'm a bad at Calais. Now they nor are they knew the hood hit the right. They they probably data. So what's your product in his room arranged lose the title. I yes even losing again changed, Seamus in Roman Ranger, due to be less one victim, advance gonna go out and throw our oral and written that can be brought closer or maybe rock lesser So this is a one worth day. They ring the bell, there's two guy start and then area where every duenna to memory comes out. One than ever What anyone then every one minute: ok so where they start, where they put him in the otter like a lot of ten somewhere. They put him right or they may put em like SEC if they put him out their second and then it's a miraculous staying where fighters way till the end right. That's never have before that as an hour of other than the nine times its higher, but always any surprises. Could we see how Coggan, I think. Eric flare, icy rip where thou be trouble, interesting,
burns. Werner requires time Broadway as a rival, apologized, Venza, big, macho man ray Savage, ran right now he s yeah the Youtube clips. You saw the jealous eyes clip jealous ass. My son, as all over Yoko, sooner and bread hard and their feared and everything, and we found you two volumes: chubby yeah real Chubby, We are now that Yoko sooner not buried in Japan, bear it empowers VERDI's. California, not far from where I live jack want to go back. Steady thing about the stories that yoga suit is dead. I don't think I knew you knew it really. I guess I should have assumed a giant fats in rural areas palace where I was Verde, Sir said his jacket. He likes you, ok you know, because he likes longer than I had wrestlers like I had a by a big, daddy
I had get him Vader. I guess he's not dead, but there there's a barbies leondre some of my love J through dictators that data. He has but like big ass, a man is energy hungry. So about that right. Yeah is here, you think, roman rains loses the title and then, what's that ass, a mania main event, rocking roman range for shame is Tripoli, interactive and they'd have to have a title, involve their right yeah case, I hope the new they lose the potatoes with to the users and then suddenly the title to what's their needs, Italy, shame is suitable line of attack, T match at an it. There's a entertainer natural rumble to erect Cavenaugh Adversity Ambrose. We both think dean. Ambrose should be a bad guy. There
He gave me a piper like bad. They really learning ottoman those laid Gray Roddy Piper Roman may. We were radically actually said to me, is ideal. Ambrose reminds me a lot of myself. Paper said that loved ambrosia, so maybe they're, just save in it. For the perfect I've ever they are south friends with ready paper be good. Impressive aware rumble. So this could be a sad day for us if the peace she's lose and then romances detail. The flag could be at half mast at the summits ass. I would you rather have. If the would you rather have the patriots lose and roman rains when or the patriots when in roman rains, lose Patriot he's he's already he's Ellie Ramses Ready fulfils anywhere. Just remember. I could always kick you out. You don't have to live here. You have to go. I have to finish a package that your leaves project was banned
out of a real Rambo previous from a mayor outside what he had bought. Jimmy Chin live tonight, Sir Elton John performing Whitney Cummings there. I never figured them for a couple later. No exact Alfin ACT as our reply. We are Casey Afflux ACT, African, Efron, sorry or go and Ben Harbour and the innocent criminals. I hit me up at the cousin sail on Twitter, sports and are one one and one last we are yes to tease one. Everything else was weird and that's it catch it Thursday night Friday morning and check out the China thirty three past, which you could subscribe to on Itunes, teacher or sound cloud, because we have some good stuff common up there. Cutting the watch with an agreement and Chris ran, which just got a shadow need embryos, one of their ten favorite things sometimes prowess thanks to credit, grammar responsive. Today's BS pack has free credit reports, no strings attached, Nook
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that's right, that's our big private, see back next Monday I'll, see you next Monday, the job I could we about things. I want to see me again. We want to tread why here close pitch in Rome.
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