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Ep. 55: Round 3 Rehash w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons brings on Cousin Sal to reflect on Pats-Broncos, importance of home-field advantage (13:00), discuss Bill's all-time Pats list and worst Pats losses ever (16:00), the Sheriff's final shootout (24:00), shaky Carson Palmer (29:00), Super Bowl 50 line (38:00) and a 'Royal Rumble' review (44:00).
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Bless set at that. I refer team that that one for superboss word about this. That made the final for five years in a row. Every year came down, couple place, sometimes it's just that you day sometimes the sheriff just has to come in and get eight first doubts over the last three now quarters and then get other credit forbidding. Sometimes it has to happen. The sheriff did that did not the drive over fifty yards, the last three and a half quarters That is all you did it again. It's like now. The breakers defence killed this therefore- and I laid it s, that's why we last rate there these stats today, Brady had these Brady got hit like twenty times like three times twenty three times, and I in the last ten years, since they start to keep in check a hits. It's the record regular season, reply ass. He had annihilated, we couldn't black, then yet couldn't one at the end user.
Right. I mean it was so lopsided and and was still your game- Patriots Game Dan. Yes, If we just near, we knew there were red flags with this game. I called yesterday we making a savage bed on Brady completions, which reward by half completion bright, twenty six and a half completion. Renewing Poland's attempts and yards off What of it round hit? So, in the moment, here's where they live the game and in the moment I didn't realize that I was fine with it when they went for fourth and one thousand six hundred and three to go right channeling the same play ever Renda yet therein that one of the worst forthem. Place I've ever seen in my life. It was a misdirection lab screen to add. Had three guys on him and caught Clodagh. Nineteen things could gone wrong him getting tackled behind. The latter. Scrimmage was the best outcome yeah, but I think we re wind at a little bit because I think that's the key play the game because
Famine dollar doesn't break that tackle. It was worth very eyes. Forty five for sure Gopher feel as stubborn as Belen check. Is you go for feel, go there, but because its fort them on and by the way breaks to tackle and then loses his feet like him, yeah losing his feet was as mysterious says, in breaking the tackle. Yet it loses his feet. It becomes forthem one and it just a bell, Jack wait. You're gonna go for it. I don't think it's a bad. I was fine with it in the mine, it was bad move and that pass might have made a tube Brady had people on his face, like you did so we had a lot of it and then all of a sudden there are three guys on settlement to block them up behind the wire scrimmage. I was fine with it because We needed a touch on anyway. I'm like six minutes left, kick feel God thou five. They can just run the clock out because
in the game in the moment it felt like Denver's offense, was doing better than it was, and then I looked at these stats, so Denver had an eighty three yard drive to start the game. Eleven place, here's the here's, the rest of their drives. Three plays for your but to place for minus forty yards backward pass that they ruled dad even those clearly a backward pass or risk in Rome for touchdown. But let's was so that deadline. Six, is forty. One yards point three plays for sixteen years, TD off the VON Miller Interception, thirty four thousand five hundred and thirty four forty six thousand four hundred and twenty three field goal. Three slash. Four, five point: seventy four! Thirty four point: thirty four one point: ten forty eight field goal three hundred and forty three punt four, zero point, they're gonna several humbler, but we should have. We should a kick. The failure I differ. He's doing game in really totally real out at the time as Nansen SAM's were taken, turns with the manage obsession why how they were
You have to say I M your hands tired. Let me take over ten minutes, it's their contract again one can hi aid marrying a hundred and sixty yards to you. Their reception at a past that went backwards and should have been touched out. Oh my god, what it provides. The share of the sheriff he did make to greater. As today stay down our Jamie twice any through a past. That was a lab up for grabs. That Macro butler should a pact that Sanders for some reason jumped the foot higher caught. I'm getting a lotta responds on Twitter, saying that you jinx the team saying we get every kick under fifty yards. I sit under fifty five yonder for divine a man doesn't have a white tightened throat do yeah. I said both of us think that that's pretty bad, I take it.
For this. I almost picked ever before the Friday Pike ass it as I tatum laying out the whole case, I'm just gonna own and shudder averse to Jake's the hell out of the branches, and I did the whole case. And then at the tail and as I got screwed up and take the path I just that was his to make the line was three. In most places all week and in every directive, every sports book that was interviewed that we're getting pounded patriots money, all my god we're getting killed and then oh, what a move to three and a half ago. No, no! No, the sharps gobble up the Denver. If we move to three and a half a year are right, isn't that out business work? Who care? Don't you want equals, but why they did eventually mood at three and a half and they are hour before the game. People pounded the hell added Danver, so we point where you could get no England minus three plus one five and some blouse NASA nance. But so we talked about this yesterday and the fund we did- and I was asking you was
saw a conspiracy by the sharps to just keep Betty New NGO minus three. Until I got two three and a half and then there were just going to double their bats and Amber three and a half and it seems like that's what happened. I figured as one atom Vegas. You can't stay away I know I've been around this game so long, but I still still can't figure it out. It did seem like we were headed for when we miss the extra point. In my head. I was like we're going to win by two in Denver's going to cover. I still didn't feel like the pats were going to lose I don't know- maybe was gonna- give us the Balikh three times did feel like you, weren't gonna. Get that two point conversion me too. I did to study. I thought like the SEC fourth down, and even those just on the other side of two minutes. Maybe kick the field all their like. This is maybe we kicked the failure and are being completed, grant yet three guys item JANET Autos, fastened variants
so, but if you kick it, why did I think, has passed on average two labors holding him in pulling down when you try to John have is wouldn't my reaction. You throw a triple coverage, a guy, but I really the vase. They do not have that against said, but he got interfered right now, but the thing here's the thing with Denver playing in Denver, the kick off is gonna. Go through the operate, so they're gonna start at the twenty, and yet you have to stop them. They get a first step so over, but you, like you, just read the drives when we're nodded and worn lighten the world to find those drive. If we kicked the field, will we make it which gas casket Mr Groundwater, who knows where to have five six minutes left they start from the twenty. We have three times, that's in the two men and warnings, you're gonna get first one and on the second floor down that they went for yeah now a form of outlines the work. On that point we had to go for there's two minutes left was fourth and ten. Yet three time out, you saying kick it pint.
Oh, I see where you're Sayer Idle that didn't even occur to me. I d like to ten laughed or something oh yeah. I was I twenty laughed damper. What started twenty would didn't Cincinnati do that were in the Pittsburgh game right. They they kicked. It feel when it was like what the hell are. You guys doing I, and then it actually work rang out the ball back and they scored so that what a minute near our only because I thought there weren't get that two point of order, but you, like you, were very upset. You actually called you haven't called me all year in you called me. The guy back ever, I doubt Norman, I record it will do so lucky. I recorded Gerdas Cousin, Sal Sports sky. Here, I'm just sipping mad, Greg used in sunny delight, jello, shoddy it trying to watch his pats game can't believe my eyes that cheating juice
Guerrilla, unhappily single handedly, destroying Tom, Twinkle totalitarian. These legacy and I think the paddle ever get affair. Trial manage why county hashtag, Megan, murder, I tell you what I'm doing. I'm turn the game off right now. Put not my favorite new drama about cars and Palmer's Greer after football. He works a hardware store in the PIG department, cells, eyes, picks with Steve. The bird tom tube untied debt it streams on random, stoplight, strap city, it's called Delong Depot alone depot, yet it biomedical finnish watching them I'm depot! Hopefully, cat pages can overcome is garbage referees, an apparatus sports guy over now gets Gaspe both job back down of it, though Home Depot beloved depots, pretty good below
deeper is, is always steps fired the shots. Hurry so they just was unpatriotic football from the beginning. Obviously, Brady thrown the pigs He was under siege Zol. I await but gave out assert. That was where thou ever do that ever. Why are you not bumping receivers of the line? Scrimmage? Why on third made at first drive or ten years are dragged off the ball here? Many things were strange, we're playing LE fell or key shambles. They had legs, ninety stabs, combining through downwards writer, but yet we- James away soon die. I call people bad, but he's just not that good. Is that equality running back, I like the Lewis thing, really hurt us. How many times did they throw deep them? I backer that had no chance like six times I'm sick of that are always couple times did have a chance, but he's not
Cosette play like he doesn't take the right route. There is one of the Amazon phallic he could copy was running the wrong direction yet the game Sixteen, we really messed chamber in again really really really messed, and now as a Brady scarcity. Blank or maybe the moral story, as you can't do without running game. I'm inoffensive line has its problems and everything, but you have to have fifty yards on the ground and thirteen Campi from your quarterback right. If the year I mean Denver basically said said we're not waiting. We dump believe gonna run on us now we're just gonna arrest for with a great need to Brady anyway, enraged can throw defensive, backs all over the place and worked Wait Philips. He was your co, China. Now he outweighed about check yesterday. I don't know what to do now. Wait Philips in Denmark, aware the markets where other I thought they should agree on single back Amand, though grog in a second time and vast pain.
And that's the defence. I would again let us and make us that make them take some of those de backs off the field, and then you can do other style at that. Our gameplay were at that. Our strategy is bad. I hated Ave Maria Jackson Vano that they all have two steps on and that I was young Things are playing on the road. I'm sure you happy, you got the to said Bella check, tanked all those games, but that was it. Those plays night Brady's outdoing hard count, their interests. Painting the snap, the whole game, it's even where they, it was like twenty degrees in Boston yesterday. That would mean good. There. It so tat their agencies is now must freezing meaning is on the record of saying I can barely feel my fingers anyway, but when it gets cold passed a certain point, I just can't feel my right hand bright right. We can I had it. They gave away. We Sixteen weeks, seventeen or the pats aren't that good, and maybe they fooled us the Sultan because they couldn't black, they could run the bar we're gonna, like our fifth string running back, we had
guys on the off. That's why we're like God, I mean, can and played one of them worst games in the history of those big games in the history of the patriots yesterday and I've been watching picture game since one thousand nine hundred and seventy four it's in the it's in the discussion for worst ever she couldn't on Miller she's going around on every time. It's like you can't shuffle for forest steps Vertiginous stay in his way. Every time he's gonna do this and you can unblock who had no plan b, normally black eyes, by somebody else. As I grew, they try nothing, nothing! with all this said. I feel it they could one sure that's the weird thing about that gave us like. We were terrible we had a resource. Their defence of line was better than anything. We did it. We started as to it just bizarre either again, good del gets the last lap big smile on his face. Rule shrank, rule change with the extra point moving back and I guess Cowskin
This is it. I don't blame guys. Caskey one iota: well, you should because a lot of guys make their way by Mama little bit but He really is one of the twenty best patriots. Ever I made the less yesterday aridity nods, fair. You cat. I made a less yesterday because I was, I think, he's a list here. Less? Let me just say everybody was excited to changes. Rule. Allow the kick me so much more exciting from the thirty three that's terrific, and now now we have the sixth best team gonna, the Superbowl That's good, however, is about thirty per hour, so excited adulation. We still mad at last and overtime rights areas, my less they probably forget one per, some years ago, quick as nobody really provocateurs Tom Brady John Hand. The best lifeguard about a crack. Will it Mcguinness, Vince Vincent Fork, Andrea Tippit Banknotes, Teddy Briski, Tray Brown, Adam Monetary Tyler, Bruce
struck. My who is amazing. I let him get open. Rainy Mass drew Bledsoe. I gotta put em on there, nay, I gotta get tickets to simplify games. Gas Caskey stand. Morgan, the steamer Jim, they add, Sam play running back in the sixties, Gina Capillary and then I had my grable twentieth, he made there might be somebody forgotten, but Guess Caskey Adams sixteenth raw tat is Raising some amazing kicker, whose made long kicks over and over again must rely like we had vanished, tearing Gus casket. We ve had those guys for twenty years, and you have read it whatever ex. Where do this just the list or another? That's one to twenty right, yeah, we're admitted area, tenth, tenth and Gus. Garcia eleventh, is an ad and like sixty and sixty we ve had to have like the best six or seven chequered history for bar no Curtis Martin ways. I in the team for couple years, junctures Turner,
We quickly take like learned: Malloy is right on the bubble burst gives Andrea near they only as I think ground can go to to. John Hannah was eventually I mean. I can three years here, John here when we, Finish playing. Everybody is right. That's the greatest guard will ever see in our lives. There is nobody better luck. I saw its heart attack for Meda grasp away was incredible and but he's gonna. Remember this game. Five years from now from a patriot standpoint, but for the past Brady made to grab unforced for this, and where they know we're going to crack. He got stand the meadows to play ever does round. His could two guys, I'm his open by half staff for Mendous Ambrady makes one of the three best or as of his entire career, and completes it. In the touchstone was equally may still yet the bring it in an alley age of the girls are being that it in a grand, and we saw something which I think was his knee. That looked like you might get the Gallagher what was that, but now
and then your right and then the touchdown. We thought, though, that is about three votes or how do you know what I've been out about their idea and not to kill you but everything, this morning says wide open on two points: never read anger. He Brady's never tunnel time on that. Now wait another at all times when there is no threat to run it. On the two point near it's a problem, I think they're to point play was probably boy the throat annulment on forth and one I think, that's probably was going to be there to point play. It looked like a two point blank. But that I said last week on the the gas Bella comes up with a plan, the score twenty one. They should when I'd stand by that what people button. I said ass on Friday, I pick the pats because we get to twenties. And every game and as I and other branches get twenty seven, I have to take the pets, and yet we got to
ten. Is you look like the working classes in the bow check, Brady ERA, every time its cause the offence couldn't score? Rep Ray Super thirty six, seventeen points. So when I saw the tune against them. Forty two, I think I was out like twenty two to twenty one you're somewhere score. This game was eighteen points, the Baltimore game and two thousand thirteen. I was thirteen points rat erect, my worst. Each losses ever since round the solidarity that yeah Tiree number one Superbowl twenty against the bears number two. Just because it was over and like five plays in India to watch it for three hours. It was really when there were three hours of my entire life just terrible or so we are timid destiny in its like within a minute, we're down tender three or whatever refrigerator apparent, in spite of all to three hours later
it resist. It was a three hour asking just mammoth purses super forty six giants, the wealth I can still see it over said. That was a ring game's over catches, it we went pats, raiders, nineteen, seventy six one of the first I almost cried from sports Sugar Hamilton reference passer, two thousand. Seventy, the title India, which they showed this weekend. Just a torment pathogens Gazeta fell hates Essen, thirty three, when the game and I'll get it, give up a blood. We point lay in the second half. I have this game rank sex gesture, six, worse, Lhasa, my entirely Marilla for path for football here super thirty one against Green Bay. We kicked off the Desmond our still blows at that J Bugs brothers, ass, others, screaming as the balls in the air like just new, is gonna, be Turkey tied on the spread that game figures Turann, but as a moral. They closed, two thousand thirteen apes, eternal Baltimore therein
they fumble had the momentum that I'll send their up to touch stance and as the southern? Oh, it happen again right. Eighty six Ratan we're alive Jones at damper were down three. He saxon in the answer and then in an unheralded one. Ninety seven ran to Pittsburgh, we lost seventy. Six Blitzer is a really good pastime. Most talented things whereat and which is funded. Who went to the suit damper? What does Vallejo Denver went to the Abbey Green Bay as at thirty year? Ninety eight is in the air Ninety disseminate Zambia. That sort of here we pay Devereux anyway, that's what and what was your words you Ravens Unum put their ravens Re Rice Ray and when they ran all over that was over his hours. We tat he was a mere get remind will put the eagles of this year because that really screwed everything up there was a battle.
When they killed. This was my enemy. We, seventeen, it's like, maybe, is done there eggs or pan, where we let them hang around for deals through their plane? These games, like that in Cairo. What was your worst less average instead of curiosity? Was it Roma job in the extreme there are so many of that was terrible, but I remembered crying three years and are all the cowboys Lawsy intimacy champions. You go way back a catch was it anyway. Titus near the catch was a bad or many servants, just in the last five year just sweep. We should both feel fortune in our teams have played a lotta begets no now mother We should mention in. Did you think greater political, a as Sir Leon under the circumstances?
You did very well that that, whereas the throat of vanilla was bad until he was under pressure, I know that's a great VON Miller Play, but it seemed like Vano are broke before he threw the ball. So those bad September was six. Seventeen thirty four point: one year its purpose: twelve first dance, total near twenty points. So now, everybody's like I, don't mean that some like sour grapes, their defense was the best thing on the field that game. Defence won the game Farm football defence when Superbowl they say I've never been so stunned to see a number one seat in the Superbowl a bright like a view to making any now that that was the idea that was the eleventh Twelve game this year, twelve June this year, that either team could have one that they put,
bout either or games. Yet so it's like at some point winning those either word. Games is kind of a skill near at hand, atom bomb, Caroline F. Tat said behind us, but Carolina fact regrets right. I'm worried about a fourth quarter, I'm down to an I'm playing this team that is pull games out of their bundles all year. You now they that's a scale to win those games. They definitely is. I feel I am not yet morbid on anyone, but you know like when your grandfather's dying, yeah and there like this- is it he's in trouble? It's going to be any day now, and it's like groundwater really good day to go while loud and like there's six hours later is gossiping made his grandfather as it is, but the greatest today this is a death rattle resign, his his company back just for one more in our. He knows what he has to do to keep. Gambling in it? The also knows it's over so if he wins the Superbowl, do you think.
Do you think they're gonna hafta Hosni it's down what happened so what happens to Nansen says do not get it at its. It's almost gonna, be like first I ever were in a gnat, sir, took girl without taking back while it could before hours for her he meant to go, see doktor after four hours. Jenin grows. Thank you! So, south two thousand, sixteen it's time for a starts Naga been this. Unless you're the profound forty european medicines are broken, you need to stop overpaying for great shaves. You need to tell your face Jeffrey Therefore, the good people Harry sent me a shaving kid. A few months ago, I've been using their blades ever since I swear to. God doesn't really look like it. But why haven't shaved and two weeks out when I share values, areas close shave, no shaving cuts everything I wanted to get his when a brother.
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The credit movie and he did at least six seven years before, but that's Jeffrey arouses I. Why does it I've written as european gaily fantasy now splash after that near tat space and then to their credit, the dairy, fantastic Kennedy reached out to me, in the kindest possible way, to tell me about single entry. Anna was unkind. Another really mean that's fine, so I messed around with a debt with the more single entry. What is that on that China seeking tournaments where there's only one entry per user names. So it's like a little bit more of a fair playing field. Cosu knows how people they do these scraps of their draft kings to say now that they're getting rid of the scripts will inevitably somebody's put in twenty seven variations in the same light up so point yesterday, I won't say where and
and I went eight hundred dollars new day in a hundred utterly again. Why here? I had this line at that. I can't do that Kubi I had the Carolina defence. I had Crack Gregg, also by Flex guy and, if I had put, if I'd than to lineups and had won with TED gain in one with any amygdala, which was the one I use five years taking our one. I think, but I used the amygdala place to do come, and I came in third place third place that the ice, calling for that. Now, that's our agent. Who knows that we take this package my day at this time and cause every no baby. I don't know. Maybe I don't know what time it is really to brag about my weekend. You gonna take this call. So, yes, it does This is fine as it as the forty nine to fifty gave like of words. I think they let you back. They. Let you- and you know it led to my guy he's gotta- be kidding me, but Daily Fantasy
I don't know I'm willing to reconsider. It seems like sing. I E. When bears a thing I like fantasy and I love gambling. So now I'm kind of the targeted lie like beating you guys. We now that's what we should do. We could Colleagues, I gather where the attic that's the fund, part of it near well, it so be putting candy Ahead, abrading, yesterday's game was probably the Mental Zion move was probably a sign that meant deep down. I was worried about the demo defence right. Anyone a minute. Let's talk about. Tat was the film won't have as much to say about this game, but I I I I hate saying it: What are you so? The anchors I'm wrong. All the time you did tell me
I was really worried about this game. You loved Arizona. Now I mean I picked out a zone of starting a week. Three cells, I myself take them use, went down ass, gay man, but you are right and I don't. I can't even point to play that like no Patrick peers and interception and fumbled on. Seventeen seven had driven and score I ve been seventeen ten somethin buses had other making the whole time, then matter they Palmer nevertheless comfortable. This hope laughs and I wanna be shocked for mean if this, if it was manning today, Adam afterward have reported that paint. Manny was playing the whole policies and with a broken hand and seven broken ribs rare, but Palmer. Doesn't seem like anything you know he's just again, my finger is fine and he didn't seem fine now or you just wasn't that good the whole time- and maybe they were,
team that was just really get at home when they had receivers and they had the crowd and all that. But now China hid or miss anywhere else. I think they play the best. Damon Topple happens in those line back wreak havoc on you and you don't have much chance to get rid of the ball. I stood still through some good path. As bananas at Delong Depot. That advantage matters when have a slightly better team men, you have play makers, Andy and you have a quarter back. That's melting down a little bit on. That's when it does feel like they played their crowd could smell it. Right lifted fell into everything. I don't know why I was afraid of the line. Really. That was three all week. Tools like why, again as a home team, given three that's that's seems to fishing, and we
the Patsy of Sea bed. We had a patter ozanna seventy one year. We they were already too to hedge, were the Carolina Bet and then the pets in a blessing. I'd have more thoughts on this game, but I put myself in the head like fifty eight times after the pattern and I was semi back and I did not pass the concussion protocol ass, they are friend Nick was asked me like you and a lot of money on the pages that new you're you're walking around days. I like tat same thing and a paddle was. It was low risk high reward, mainly those whose smart adds that we made a while ago. We checked it, offers a win by the way we should mention after last weekend oh Jesus and Caesar's or Harris they did away with users. Amazement you know it's funny is: is people I give a shit about doing teaser Zeiner there are yes teasing either get lawyers. I it into the desert, MRI there, but now feel that because, one last week
it is their school again. Modem call again, and even the patriots cover on a teaser plus two and a half year, but but to casinos, did away with them probably stupider they would add Arizona, Teaser Dumont, that under on a visa? Is it would it have been a better soup those Caroline and illegal inner Carolina damages for the whole hype of the super bowl of two weeks of people talking about it. And all that would you rather the sheriff in there and you rather have the deflate gay pats. Now I think any prospect of of Brady on the podium with with good out that's right, I don't unbiased not to it would have been the first super bowl with murder, on each chain, convicted murder Aaron Hernandez, he's not entertain any more. What I know is out on the team, but having adding a new Carolinas Recruit, Rick Ruth mature you, don't you think they would they were about them after the kind of guy with than offering animals. So that is true that two tenement aims at the wheel.
History, murder, boss, JANET Jackson's, nipple, alright, and the air was not a bad stuff in there now to lockdown you'd. I forgot to mention the path offensive a total disaster. The pets never spend money on free agents like they're, not gonna, go out and buy like thrice Lufthansa. So the Good NEWS is at the very least we can use our first round pick on at oh no, we can't they took it from us, as God, either. There's no evidence. The past cheated Keyser, as we now have a first our pick. It would be the point. I think we don't have it for reasons that It is still unclear whether there is any evidence that proves anything and we lost. Our first are pick a million dollars because our owner made some sort of back room, and shake their thinking that there in Exonerate Brady, and then they did in, and now we have no first round pick. Will that that you should look at? more widely made that handshake deal. I don't know, I think thereby
yes and he just wanted to go a crazy. It's terrible. We don't have a first round, picks out your where we might have markets can and starting up laugh gave next year but to shoot lesion. Oh, let me ask you this: if p cow doesn't do Bela check a favor and throw on second down second in one week after Belgic, runs all Brady's time down to nothing. We have no Superbowl lined with this.
Is the narrative that the game is passing Bela check by and they would get a little that there he did not coach again, MR at it out like how they catch that get Kubi AK and weighed Philips Coach Balch Economic Data. That was not a good Mcdaniel Scamp needed twenty one points. Twenty one avenue show for you of your comfort secret. Let's break out, let's break out the sadness sign. Hulu time travel show James Franco, James Tracker, divergence, rank of get sent back in time through a cup board through
through a CUP board a cupboard cut bird, a cupboard get it's always come. I answer their covered to prevent the assassination I've J F K. The problem is that the past, as late to be changed and it dispatches dangerous drivers, Nay fully opponents, an army of cockroaches to stop frank. What do you think he's gonna be able to stop the shooting and prevent the present Vienna's ass now but which it just keeps happening. It's called a white guy, yes, but Lama. We all get me a second James, Franco, J, F, K, yeah nation time time, travel, trying, travel, weird shit keeps happening
It's not gonna happen. I'm sorry! When I caught eleven twenty two sixty three, this is actually a real show. You thought I was kidding. That's an actual. The scripture I swear, I swear to God They show James Franco Eleven twenty six now is that I swear to God on in their its base that Stephen kick book. Why tat boy break out a trap tied through covered to prevent J of cases? This ass, a nation? surely have prevented the ninety hosted the Oscars worth worse moment in history only says nation as happy. I saw that as they are that's a good one. I was excited one Sally Valentine's day coming up. For my wife, we don't hear of this is great. I have some valid
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report than the USA to make sure your pair arrives in time for Valentine's day had to me, at least, Calm, slashed bs right now you get free shipping, it twenty percent off your first order, Superbowl like power like sweetheart gag idea. These there used me on these. I bought an item on Ebay. I twenty percent off from the problem Now, you actually thirty percent after they do the podcast. But now it's it's a thought that Canada they wouldn't be used new, an arm and the buyer museum and after getting even better about it, that's how much money you are there used to be any sovereign or find there. Maybe I can only warn one time their hats, five super bowl. I ok said six and a half carolina. You said five minutes, I've Carolina. I don't actually know
the answer of telling me that I tried to like what is it four and a half minus one? Twenty, so you hid it. You know I environment, I know, but you baby, I might be, for the area for the area, the east that David you're alive. Now seventeen out of an has taught me beat me for the year there was before we ve been over this. I had a dream: the bees. Are they not that line in the vague zone, which makes total sense because the Patd realize wreak havoc with all these scores. Every scar has been weird that we had a freaking two hundred and twenty eight, in score right to win set aside, who goes to the Superbowl now, on the surface, also Moby Dick to cover Carolinas line backers. Even the ones would broken arms we'll have a field day on pay manning, but your things that you should know about this game corollas
adding the Carolina, big curls, Ireland, about it. I'll bet on the Patsy S friend, Daniels, betting, Caroline, a big, that's a tear, Combat fifteen and one teams in the super bore two and four thirty point conference champion winners or more or two and five and the Superbowl just be careful, be careful. Let's be careful! There had thanks I'll write. Em you you're gonna, make a picture. How about your leaning, eyeball, patriot fans, leaning Caroline anyway, because their mad, because it's the rash Don T realize that Brady in that conference championship weekend or the Superbowl Mccaffrey chambered ship. We can end the supra he's one in five against the Manning family. I saw that
that hurts that hurts my feelings. Forty, this one for Superboss paved combined one three patents, only one one any answer them. It is stupid that we give the Kubi just gets the win like the wreck. I think the record just goes to the Cuban like yesterday. There aren T is like the one that when that game area- meaning, I guess didn't turn the Bolivar except for the one time many through backwards and there was a dead but yet hurts the Mannings. I know that every time I think radius clinched Brady Manning reverie than some other stupid thing had lit up in the air style. Yeah. That's worth part of this. For you at this for Superboss Tennessee. Battle games and he's gonna play for another five years any rules or reverse yesterday. If you just switch quarterback, in those games. I think the patriots lose by fifty. You needed a game. The behind
You knew that game the be all near. How happy in place the oars and the second round big deal Humphrey maybe a little bit in there's a lot of spurs patriots parallels anyway, just in general how they do at year after year and now smart. They are now trying to cut corners and be the ingenuity allies stuff, but last year that the spurs messed around with the regular season and ended up that play the road and ran one with the clippers and they were one of the two best teams in the west. They just screwed it up. They got to lack of days ago and then, when it counted name, seven was here in a way right and sitting with the paths like they got to queue. They try to sneak it by an killed them there's no way Denver winds and twenty degrees in New England, as happened at the friggin one said we don't. We we asset in mentioning good bye Miller was napkin yeah. We data we should really like that was one of the best games. I've ever seen in defence of okay and he's amazing What? Where is that it was all sides? There were just fine
It is absolutely right that I now maybe a little bit, but there were timing. It just right. I've never seen anyone time, Brady Light that it was The usual hour there, like doesn't air, makes it up everything with a little bit off with them now Denver Subject, places that unites, don't feel good. Pittsburgh could put him away three times your game. Yesterday, Diego is beaten and weak seventeen, so you you are. We doing pod next week, clearly in come in, we had an idea for next week. We resume. Do the props area within the private you do like the middle awake or something an idea, fire listeners, yon item you can leave. Those reviews under
under the pack ass, which you can leave under the Bs Back ass would do in Itunes, Mailbag blog about that there are so would do the props and then we'll take some question Sophie gone. My Itunes page was Tom, leave questions and then we can search. Them, because I think it says they have their different searched haves and one of them is most recent, so just leave questions, and I will answer like the best five or six will give your little account a shout out near to really mean gay condemning itself. Kill us. We're fine will read the funniest one: zero lasting rail rumble there. You have read out to watch. I only watch the royal rumbled thirty man thing. May my son was the time Sunday role around it was like a Ufos landing and our backyard. I've never seen him. Railway fired up a more excited bathing, my dad some other here. My daughter, my I have myself in him. We had. We got that we wrote
the numbers with the hat tech. He picks out the first number number one. So he knows he's getting. Ramrods Cosette read it on the internet, so he, like flip salaries, is doing great. My dad tease in that he rigged the number when he throws it it was great. It was us so anyway, my dad got number thirty and then we're watching the whole thing and thirteen o Brien was gonna. Commanded number thirty and in my Sunday know about that, and he would have like hey is Edward of Export really airs AAA? Show you read on mother them, and that's what's thinks about that. You can bet these now. They have the stuff then I look and like triple ages. Mine, one thirty two. When the royal rumble I'd those gonna win. We could about this. It seems like easy money so over triple age within the parlor, so here That's for rains, an ad in the trip, wage, toss them yeah menopause
triple age. Amber Ambrose and I got excited cause. I thought they d, I that this may Ambrose Paper moment the radical for forever. Where he wins it, then he turns on rains becomes a bad guy in that becomes the main event. Now now it's gotta be triple I now. What does you somewhat advance say about their own Boeing rings? The whole time does he did that thing range where it hurts restaurant or the table terrible move away. I hope when they disappear and come back and for like a half hour, then lady and there's no doubt he's coming back and goes back. Thunderous booze Yathrib always gets announced over the top cheer itself they're gone for now, but that they usually role with whatever their reactionary resume. Myself, I wish I had a go broke. His cause they're doing things bad wrestlers are coming out like gold dust, he comes, lessons at cross of off harassment as a barrier to be he's digs aviation
as was great, that I was a great signing by them now. I think they needed like that Who can have the forty million matches and they had Kevin Owens limping to the ring because he had a previous match with Ambrose is limping the fake. The minute I have to get the ring and as a house of fire to their forgot, all about the limp, I paid Manning yesterday when I arrive, but either therein a weird place right now because they re so many their guys are injured, that they have to bring cheerful age back to headliner main event in two thousand and sixteen variant I mean you know that because it so characteristic of cheerful age to insert himself in a big storyline and make himself the centre of attention never does out. You never puts himself over his issues on which were AG database after Wrestle mania, they ran abso after the royal rumble. They ran like the lead up to last year's rest,
mania which we were at the end. We were in a lotta. The shots were away, our kids after show you could they show? The law is a thing where you go to shop. There was the debutante mister. W W store but what to call the devil fan experience in this area there that, like just under the on everything you can see relay. Obviously, in the corner but you don't wanna go this year, I don't know it's in Dallas right, you wanna go I'll! Take my son wants to go dear dear. Dallas, you stay aroma sounded April. We could stay with Roma big time we get sky for years? Left people die, they saw him at the Broncos game. See that picture going around the internet, the some guy with a beer and Broncos second on sitting with the fans, and they thought there was Tony Roma, then seem likely doesn't seem,
since inconceivable. They asked any trouble you're wearing now, just a fake snuff politics. That is all the facts, have just that: the long Deep Albano Jimmy Kim alive tonight I hit the beach and throw snowballs it forests, taunting their family and friends back home because of Jonas also Chris Pine is on Lena Headey, Headey, sorry and panic at the disco, Jack Black Jack and Hannibal Buress. Later in the weekend, ESPN they don't. Let me pick the pro bowl so next week I'll be on and hit me up twitter, they cousin said Jack. Black Shack is at a rather as it has a tutor from people realise when, as a Czech, black Shack would be a good rather live on, they should go together. Thanks to me, Andy's response today show had to me and his dotcom such bs right now, the world's most comfortable underwear for years, significant other order before February forth in the USA. Make sure your perhaps in time for Valentine's day and if you don't have a Valentine, treat yourself this.
Merely do a little self Valentine S head to is that I'm slash bs now to get free shipping twenty percent extent after first order. Thanks to HBO. We have a new episode of real sports, primarily on Tuesday night January, twenty six you can watch an HBO or We are now download the free up today, thanks to seek the presenting sponsor of the Bs Pakistan, China. Thirty three subscribe, both pack ass on Itunes, stature, worse A and thanks to Joe Fight is in the House areas Joe Flat, this the team. He's kind in the house who, just just now looked up from his phone, our running bs paean. That's all some future or bs Pike S network against the acronym could be areas Thanks to everybody who sent me, nay, nay, CMOS yesterday about the pats in it when we had a weight? I didn't really got. That's fine, fine assist you re scared ran. It's fine
I get it where America's will probably I'd aid huh tweets. It said: don't let Simmons off the hook about blank and just biology for that lay the guy. I know at the cover I'm sorry that was a terrible, terrible, ass, terrible and then make a keeper. It's a canvas. The extra apply guys guys gay We back later in the week with more bs pack ass until then enjoy the rest of the Monday job. I get Ebby we about this because I want to see me again, we wanted Why you close pitch in Rome.
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