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Ep. 56: Charles Barkley

HBO's Bill Simmons talks to TNT's Charles Barkley about ESPN vs. TNT, the NBA's broken lottery system (5:00), the burden on young NBA stars (12:00), the Bird-Doc fight (17:00), Blake Griffin's latest saga (20:00), Kobe vs. Duncan (27:00), GSW's invincibility (32:00), Curry as an all-timer (40:00), David Blatt's firing (48:00), Boogie/C-Webb/D.C. (54:00).
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ninety nine cents a month. It's the only security. I trust for my special ten percent off discount. Please visit simply safe bill dot com. In today's package is not brought to you by the restaurant in Toronto, their Blake Griffin Punch equipment manager rough Do you have our aim as privacy my time. Warner Carl colleague were buddies where we're teammates. Now Charles Barkley, what's happening it's about time, You moved over to a winning team now well, and you are always the smart one you you always needed to stay where you were an end to turn that mess with placed. I gave you. The freedom that you enjoy as a creative person whose get where you, if you're gonna, do
If you want you, don't wanna, be a company man, you wanna be own person. Listen, you know four, as I like. He s fear you got here. But now they have an agenda. He's gonna like I was somebody recently it was on. We also gave another like today's and they all, because I got a lot of content and be as too on a radio network. They have already started the black white being paid in camp good versus evil ass he does. One of the things that really annoys me about Tom Radio because raised is too important to just talk about it. Flip ITALY, or make up stories about it, and I say, I've already got pay very close attention to what guy fate and you can already see their already start black verses. The good versus evil, which is another way of looking at Raven. If we got two integrative quarterback ever, but I won't be asked as well,
got me mad already that we still got to more weight to this crap. I and you have a special attachment can because you you paid on legs, ten million dollars to go to harbour and right. How much did you ask? What was the final check? Where are you don't give him anything, but today certainly enable imitated issue, a legend we gave him two hundred thousand dollars that that might be the best money was spent in the history of college boy. I my father People, if I give you two hundred thousand thousand yards turn it into Camp Moon YA. Gotta the life right we with that money, which was even money like that to them. Degree floating around in the nineteen eighties now. For why wouldn't holler recruited yet, but I haven't made it before I took some money- present problem agents. Bulgaria proposal. I think you should be able to do that in August. I think we should let these it players bar money. I beg you and I'm not about three honey
now the bow that big, my total, was alike care. Remember, was suit us eighty, eighty four, dollar eleven. Eighty four, so eighty two, eighty three uproar, the part about thirty thousand thou total from ages. When I'm not act, we could tell him from his seat at the draft. Was you know, mister? Whether back? Don't you? U pole but we have so little money laundering on poor. We will all. You know a sofa and look at it goes back like a car belong to the kurdish issue. Was his suit? be worsted. My yeah and now you see these guys come to the draft and they all a bit out. I have got a six month. They went to throw a ball of foods, I've changed yet, stylists and stuff, and it was so much more find the eightys and Ninetys when nobody knew nobody. Nobody knew this stuff was gonna, be on Youtube. Nobody knew at Youtube was You know what do, but you do noticed a difference. A game is not, as is a
I'm not some Olga guy hating, the NBA. I don't like the level about Bobby you look at the today to get the warriors. You got a spur. Oklahoma City the Cavaliers, you got Toronto. You got back the change in the entire NBA and that's not for fans, I don't think it's it's not fun for me! Cuz! I don't want these first. I don't want to watch bad basketball, but I don't want to see these pants playing all this money to go bad things play where are they male bear to makes we'll make obtain fifty million dollars. But I don't I give good a fan, so my biggest grave man, we got the farm away keep these kids and cards at least two years we bring today in Ba? Who do I have any clue how to play basketball? I have a team wind and adjust sucks It does seem like we're we're trapped in this life. Very system now, where a rewards failure
Worst, you are the better. The better traffic you're gonna get and then were putting these people in situations where you now Ten years on your Carl Anthony towns, you just on a young team, yeah yeah yadda shaky coaching staff. What are you learning like? I look at you you're. A great example. You you're one of the best twenty five players ever, but you went to a situation you're in Philly, you're, a kid and you have Doktor J and Moses and MO cheeks like nobody. Has that now at the end of my biggest ripen mba. You saw the sixth just bought in Elton brand, which I think would be great united, nay, models gotta get Barbie Jaws ran through Tony. They Clement jobs are Clint Resolute. We're like Father. They taught me how to say my money. They taught me how to address at any talk to me about things in life and Isley Thick
give you anything about me. I talk about it. We don't like kids Dana's, go, look at ten greatest split ever now: Cobbler Brown abroad. They bear but legendary yes, but, in my opinion, Michael Oscar be aroused Karim will No doubt that the top five dig a magic umbrella the term dug it already gas paid in college more than one year yeah I caught like always: exception him and Leubronn gave a d rather not given Barnett that situation, but what's wrong with gas, bad in school. It really did back those guys and ages and their family members agree to pay if they want, they want them to get to the contract and get us a contract as quickly as possible. But we ve got found a way to help the league, but this is not good basketball right now they gotta go to stay warriors one, but a goat. They worry. There really wouldn't be a reason to really watch a lot, a basketball we
No, that is not notice. Birds got a good team exit, oblong city, I pick them the win all thing, but but there's nothing happened in happening. Western conference ended in Asia got Cleveland Toronto plan terrific, but nothing happened right after that, maybe maybe both are valid, but the rest of the teams of media your great best. There is an easy thanks, you're talkin about the agents wanna Russia's gas into the Lee because they can get the second contract faster, and I don't they people realise how important agents are in this whole thing. They just want to get paid agents. Why? The commission's? That's all they care about that they are not for the most part, working for the best interests, their clients, but there's an easy fix right, because these rookie year contracts you come in. I think ass,
like your third year. You can start talking about an extension fourth year, whatever I think they last five years total, but they could change it so that if you stay in college for two years, maybe you chop a year off that rookie contract so either way. You're country you're eligible for that check in your contract at the same, I am, and I think that's an easy, fixed, thou Workin, for whatever reason they won't do it well. Like you, I don't think like the kid DO, Brandon Ingram why things can be really good? I don't think you should be. In the NBA. Next year's six ten and a hundred pounds he's gonna cut the NBA next year, I agree with you and you look at me. I look at a key area unless you sermons by EVA good Player, my son, it's not gonna, do great an mba next year and I don't want you to Kentucky who was supposed to be the best high school where the country last year he's a man he struggled with yeah down like wait, a minute. This cake marked out for themselves
the Duma. Cotton, basketball, research now getting rid of Mars. Man like ok, but the best way to contradict, gave him Oklahoma the wind clarity, the sham yeah he's, but he's been the best player elected this week. An exciting tournaments, there's, probably twenty times hours, but when this thing, maybe more, but it can be won a most exciting tournaments ever because there is not top heavy at all and any big, it happened so that that makes it fine but then I want to do was best for the game up legacy urban making a lot of money. You picked a very simple, but we had dinner with greedy people. Though, a greedy people is never that simple. Well, you know you look at Chris done it. Evidence whose really get and he's also in the running for the candidate he's he's twenty two, teams are looking at him like he's a lottery pick, but also, if I pick him, I lose
three years with the guy I could have picked. I could take a nineteen year olds and three years from now that kid will be the same age is Kris Dunn. I've been you flip it around. You look at somebody like you. Let's say. What say they had the rules that were, let's say, college basketball, in eighteen. Eighty work like it did now. You you there's a chance. You would have come out after your freshman year in college. Just didn't know. I made it easy for me to say no, but how do you know now? No you're, not good enough. If you can't be really to have you wanna get paid as different. Even allow people out I'll alot of people. Don't know that down that year, more self aware than some these other kids I decade of Kentucky shall cs whatever his name is not ready, and he's gonna get him out and he's not is not self aware enough. If he comes out, I don't think we'll have to surroundings. Of what a note people was now. I think, for it was not until we can get.
But Margaret you now we shall have a rule. We can't stay for three years because your first year, yes, Certainly you? U struggle, because big big out about more swamp, but it's really not have found more slop sample. Slobber. Dear people They just know who you are now they got tape on you. Yes, so you struggle a little bit Giuseppe so be. It is up to you per year to make that adjustment right and then add. You're, not gonna, get allow between a junior sing a year. But if you make adjustments watch yourself Your junior year, gotta things have happened, you stop my year and I think you're ready we can get three years because my mind but the way I look at it is ok. Think about this the guy's a one year is really just six months, not don't get out Better or stronger or stronger as a player in six months, but if we keep running costs,
two years you going to get a lot better as a player he's going to get a lot stronger, physically stairs a huge difference between six months and two years, use different learn, who I would like to keep em unguarded for to two years in us and from an image, These standpoint how many, when you're nineteen year come into bad team like look it. I know, I know, I know Buggy cousins. I know you have a tortured history with, but usually situation is. Then in Sacramento I'd? I think he said five coaches, or five GM, probably eight or nine point guards to owners. That's a good situation like imagine if he had gone to whatever the toothache, in nine equivalent of the nineteen? Ninety nine spurs was David, Robinson and Papa vaginal those people whose careers completely different what s the problem
NBA now, because when you draft for eighteen year old kid you're not going to get better habit, good bet, I could the Minnesota get when they got Wiggins. Right? Ok, now how much better it would call out of the town, the not so the cycles gonna keep repeating so they gonna be in a lottery again. Next year resident you'll bring another freshman out of high school the play, not a twenty year- twenty, so it just like. So there never gonna go to a good team As a good enough, they have put looking right unhappy, look at point. Any Davis rain and I know he got scrutinise GM. They made some damn damn signings and done trades and now he's he grabbed the money. He grabbed the extension and now he's on this too that really has no short term future at all and he's term through domain name, do not apply. Tender endless list, be realistic. Leslie hypothetically make the play of next year and not a contender now and April a night and.
Wondering about being a bare team. You got a great play. I gather David. He just good enough to get you root out the lottery radar. That is like my last three or four years and fairly. I got it to the players, but then, when I went back in I like it because I'm not against tank it now, rather because, if you When I go away, let me get traffic. Has some good players and out, I think it's unfair when I hear the term taken people make fun of the stems of what did the Miami do when they got Leubronn they taint yesterday, every player on their team today, the New York next, it is actually emptying when they went after the broad also. I just think it was my wisdom tween taken trying to a big time free agents or take a tragic trying to get you young I prefer to go to rule of law, must do to get young stood that guy right there it is less drought, pigs,
one, I'm can flat out play and we had our agenda. Is this except for that Jas Eustace kid? Will you I think that taking is gone back to. I think it started one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, with whatever the I think, the Centaurs Samsung, maybe one thousand nine hundred and eighty three something like that. It's been going on for thirty plus years and you know the Celtics last year a good example. I really wanted them to try to go for a playoff spot, because I love the coach. I thought it'd be good experience for the young kids I wanted, then get a taste of what it's like to be in that big stage around one, that's my team, and yet so they try. They get the plan spot, but if they attacked Justice- Justise sit in their number ten and that's a guy who's potential. Tat time, all star that they would have had. They just lost a couple games down the stretch, its frustrating, so we got swept by Cleveland GINO and I see I told you I'm not against tank, and I actually agree with you totally listen. We just got barely make the players
and get swept not really have a lottery pick because you never know what was got old balls go about. You might, Equally, it always down a tan right. They would have been in. Don T, you re more likely, no question Well, let me tell you so now: you're rookie year, eighty five you play this. Takes. You make it all the way, the eastern fine, as you have a really nice series against the against Celtics Bird burdens Epstein far from Tony in the South Ex advanced to the files, but you got a taste of in some really big games as a rookie with the big stage was in the army. Wasn't that great for you? you know you just is: is over what browser you can't play it just a rookie year used around the edges. You, you can't you can help your team a little bit. It is better when you can actually toy. Will you asshole, I got control and could contribute. I got out
I was like a gown a tea at at every block tonight you kid put me out: there were Burma. Impairs the longest and improves the time and shaded we can beat the bit. Last of all time yet and at my guys, we're all to infer that there's no disrespect we're way past our prime Doc Moses, we're we're They were passed their prime but the birth in such a way. Rub April out. Another Three, IRAN and there I think you know well that we are ready. I didn't stop you from holding from you Moses. Holding back labored is activated if ever forget that. Let me just show you that me I was so mad that they find me a nurse situation. Avatar David tell you. I see time clip, I'm so pissed prefers why a whole somebody. You can't how the back what you know you want
by breaks out. You just grab somebody trying to break it up, but nobody grab doc. Like I'm old, Larry, wow never hold for global Navajo another player. Let him get hit I would consider that was how it but I'll arrogant head over and over about when I went to what's so what they call me for the commission offers I requested a meeting. I gotta find only remember much of what would I give us a eurozone diminute. What did I get firewall? What you have backed the basque bud? Jesus wholesome punches in one upright breaks out. You grab some body to break it up. Now so I was, I was really appears to be honest with you, We need read. It was, you know, is mad after that game, delay.
Larry Bird. He was mad that a robber perished in and grab that J rubber passages stand in there with the front row seat to the whole site that absolutely we do it, the God no problem alone rubber, but I play fair, is now but my file, my five, I'm glad you told me to their time. Austria, Rob so there. You owe me some money, as if we had a agreed buried will never would have been a fight applied. Not one another got but well. I thought I saw you Youtube clip. If you look really closely. You can see you and Moses screaming at Dac hit him here. Your whole gets approaches ed, pull Amazon, we Edison business. Let's talk about our bodies at stamps that calm here we have valentines coming up. That means you probably want to mail, a thoughtful gift or even a car. Dear long distance girlfriend your ma, I'm your daughter, your sister, your niece you're, significant there, maybe even your wife. They I live in the same place for reasons that are unclear. Well,
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Eighteen close their team? You got fourteen fifteen prayers, laugh forefathers, in coaches? Yet head coach couple, quiver managers train? Is it pretty intimate family type scenario when something like this happens had traumatized is it for the inner circle when it high profile like this is traumatized They travel anywhere. Where that to the point where there is no common back from it or how did you come back from it? I mean I've dreamed dream is justified. I think I'll, just employers. Why are you always come back from it Donna promise now everything's every every talk show the talk about it. You know I was watching TV as a we got to trade Blake we got trade, Blake Blake is to work. Person in the world hitting employee and like so. You have to deal with the crap. That's the part that the type of part dealing with the crap with everybody,
about you? You know what will use up as well as a star or somebody famous today, you today, let the internet or every talk show on fire. That just Dasso thing is how to navigate. Public enemy, column, public lynchings, who had the avatar, you threw up, there's gotta, be a public. Glancing amply got to deal with, right now, there's man Blake got to find what a friend I'm not gonna go crazy. Blake was wrong for cover. We ve got to us be punch in him, but their brands, but it happens. We got to find what a Fran right, because we're up Lebanon in vain for thirty years. I think coaches and players go at it. I've seen team, go added. Blake was wrong, but I don't think it's like the worst thing in the world. I don't overreact like a lot of people. Do I actually feel like, were the first guy out of our. Great MBA players, because, let's face it like seventy
there is no. Nobody really cared about Basque by that much it. The ratings reflected that and then bird magic, nineteen, eighty four finals, Jordan comes and you come in MILAN. Her came all semele takes off an you became the first for lack of a better polarizing prayer like you, got involved in incidents and Philly in their arguing about where they should trade. You enough for four years in your feuding with local media people and not I look at what you went through imagining now, and the internet era, Canada is different. Say now. What do we do? That? Don't do any net, because I don't feel the need to talk to these fools rather knows. Nosey Russell Media is a lot of people. Losers, we should even those were losers, go to feel imported in it like say: if you can, If you do anything wrong, you're gonna get publicly ledged yet add anything is. Furthermore,
jealousy Roma people out of fair opinion of mere about. Is that most of the stop his dream about jealous because their life sucks and like you say out, although crazier overboard, I'm never gonna. Do social media as a are down drag out maternity, like everybody, the social media. I wouldn't they got enough people on that anti. I'm never gonna talk to these who got it cause for joy, dress when our job? When we pick a team, the other team fan base go crazy, They think what they think we care? Who wins? I can get to you I'd, never care who will doubtless does my least favoured of doing MBA can't out for those two years. I had one series out who is the finest San Antonio Miami and I'd both fair basis, convinced that I hated them and no matter what I said, the other families come. Let em like how could I hate to teams interplay each other? At the same time like I have to have an opinion, one where the other, but you up,
european on all who's. Gonna win affairs, but if you say anything bad about one of the players, they go nuts, especially the San Antonio people, Oh my god! Oh my god! I hate them. They they there like soccer moms they just they can't handle it. They go crazy, dared got abyss, coach and probably artfully an mba history. They got great fan base, but they are so sensitive and like do I say you got a basket maybe an mba history. You got a breath franchise in history, I mean a model organization rapidly and if you pick a guest whom they go crazy, why? You think the last three years people have come to really appreciate everything that team is built, but I do think last decade they're in the shattered the Lakers in the cagey Celtics, all that stuff in it did drive them a little crazy there like a donkey. Do they want more championship right? They ve been in a play, all deepen play off every year. What
You say that but abuse may they just go crazy. If you don't see everything About impositive all the time, female crazy. If you can spend fifteen years playing with one of these two people with the goal being simply to win titles, would you pig Duncan or would you pick Obi. I probably would rather play with TIM Duncan. That's not a knock on cold because it's been an honor and a privilege to watch Kobe Bryant play. I said that when he announced his retirement has been an honor and a privilege, the difference with TIM would be number one. He's never going to bring drama to the table and you go back further cuz. I follow, and I've said this before to one of the most probably Quantity of Korean Shack had been able to just cordial yeah they product one. Championships its greatest? What, if in the in the history of young, amid
acted like babies with each other to get the best that the second best three, maybe to have what account Oscar gap. We got to approximate ten to fifteen greatest player. The call back I carbon adopt in and shag is after the MAGIC bird TIM. Yet though these guys could have been taken away. I think it legacy everybody out. Will you give me a chance to play what a Kobe Bryant or secure o Neil I gotta be petty argue with either one of those guys. We have now be kick in people s, wrath and eager to sit here. With each other and argued each other dumbson hell. I do the rest of us out. You don't have a championship. Whiplash would ban bombs, who had you guys got players that good I just can't get along. You don't have to be friendly. You know her to be best friends but just be called
let's just go up and kick people as its unprecedented leg. You look at Oh, oh, oh one, and no to Lakers and especially o one, which is their best team when they fought the beginning the seas and then they got together. I think they were. Fifty anyone or sixteen one in the past. They just destroyed everyone and they had really, unless dunkards in their today, to the best three players in the league in their primes. At the same time, like that's gonna happen every once every twenty five years. It's not gonna happen happen. You think about it called we want a couple more and shag, one one. So yeah enables leg Ex omitted Molly years later road. They would probably could a one knows drew together, but its people Wanna come to play with those two guys it's funny that they won't admit that they completely blue. That whole thing up that sometime,
I admit it, but at other times I know no is fine. We got along its. I know he didn't you guys noted here. You laugh come on we're not too large to prettier weight, so talkin about teammates, I back to break it, never felt like Blake Increase love playing with each other, and I did feel like the coopers were at the crossroads, where you ve, just seen for what years, where their best three guys didn't translate into even a conference finals. Appearance in this fella do or die season for them for that nucleus at least and well dating nobody arrogance hand they can't get to the cumbersome without Blake right. But I'm saying did you feel like this was a do or die We have to trade somebody after the season. If it does, it works, it can a year even before Blake broke his hand, picked up a fair assessment, because you know it if they don't win this year, I like to say they're going to be in the conversation it if they can get healthy,
Long way to go, he broke his shooting hand he's not about four weeks the epoch. Listen, they just got to avoid those too. Retains its gonna be about match ups, I don't suppose what plan great media. One twelve out of fifty without Blake, but I ve been planned. Batty play three times what a winner record doing that stretch, so we can get back and they can split being a top top four. Which is gonna, be right that they might still be in the top workers, as Chris Paul is the best Are we got an mba? That's what I been planned. Will you have a tiny taken up the words around two: they need to get to that three spot because they know they beat the spurs and applied how serious we are about to spur the better to get a minor, but at least they know they can beat this ban whereas the hammering out of England they match up better, you think dimension into the worse. They do because Donald
you going to be towards you got to have a great point: guard cuz. You can't let stuff just play offense and they got that in Chris, Paul and Blake and Beyond. Can them down low got a pound of warriors Download casino. They play small, listen I don't know two wars would ever get a rebound. If you got bleak and the down there, this date amateur they match up very well, I don't know they can beat impetus. Even if you look at it too, they play this year. They all went down to the buzzer turn me. That's a tough match up for them too. I it's his fears. Day. It would be one of those series where the quips had the lead and a couple games than the last six minutes. The words just them at the clips cannot close these game. This is banned well because he had a disadvantage with the Andrea down he's a great rebounded. You can follow him right, I mean it. That's why you need Blake but bleak and make free throw big go small em, a bleak! play down low end up. So that's what
need Blake, so I'll be fooled by what it all right now, They're not gonna win deep until they get Blake. I mean really when you think about it. Couldn't Blake be their version of dream on for you plan at centre and crunch time. That's tilbury, re biological yeah! That's that's my point and he could. Get dominate the low tax incentives that easy fraid to do it. I don't know why I would I wouldn't play deejay game seven last year against the spurs here, Nancy? Andrei the last six minutes and at that that was one of the reasons they won the game bodell, but but that just and give a piggy back. At all my point, I think you gotta take down, drew out the game and close gained an uncertain situation, but that all works again. It only works against the warriors and I don't think it where to get to spurs, because you can't this further those small, so you can't really go small against his birth in those Marlon small against a warriors. Could they go small?
but his further, not gonna, go totally small right. So it's about match up to the same game series I hate compare in areas because the era, especially the eighties, nobody even paid attention to three points I think bird bird led the league in report shooting one year made like fifty three or something. So it is like the Celtics, their whole idea of how to score was to get as close to the basket as possible to pound the ball down low. You guys would like you guys, would just leave DJ open from eighteen ft, because it was. A better option than just having Mikhail or Paris towards somebody, and now you see that The spacing is so much different, and yet, if you had the eighty six out things playing against this warriors team, wouldn't they just pound the hell out of the warriors download. I, like, I, don't know how that would play out. How do you think it plays out
they are very well. I mean protests by the banana ticket in thing for way from the warriors, they d a terrific, often team, to rip activity. But if you get a porn guard and some big eyes, you got a chance against them. You do So is that the case for the spurs me with aid in danish play the Duncan card on Monday night, which you gotta get started? More was irrelevant, attacked him back in its pretty most Don T got out a ploy why ITALY so far. You say that to you, If you want to ask you not like everybody, no copyright has done here. Will you take action plan better, Is she a covert attempt at? I just think Dunkards and cruise control I brought you not also reported, I don't like you got a lot left in the tank. We spend one night for four years. I know about a different, but does it differs in organ donation? Think about this?
the dispersed, bring in Hawaii limit can be paid a final death defensive plan. Who d Legged break in the leg, bring in on all style a market who political legacy bring in Sudan, dunk again Can I see that's a different I need would a retired. If, if the Argentine didn't happen, because I don't think he could carry that only applies Jim no question, but now he get like. If I may add I don't think you're Marabella limp and take you to greatest power forward ever, but he can like at acting covered. Brad on average more pointed to damn damn Duncan, but it looks awful. They got linkages of awful day right. Why does not for me Duncan now playing on my Monday was more symbolic because I dont think Papa was going gonna go into that game going. We are throwing
kitchen sink it these guys in China, when I don't think he wanted to show his hand yet cannot when he does. No, I don't think I don't think that's what happened as we think Donnelly for those jumped up and go back there. You can't bladed than warriors big, come back again Anybody out there, so it for overreacted game at all damages leg. Is there was like a boxing match supposed to win. Well. Well, I just want to see what we got to do next time. We play these guys. We got to play up three more times in the regular season, and this is a better matchup. We going to place mall, which is why we gotta play I'm in a play out anyway. I will see what happens and I guarantee above says we got a while the shot, a ball six times in the market and have a good gave LE markets made, a key he's got upon his remind our low. He can't just go out and get like two points. He did the other night right up to talk about this
It's got a number low, there's gotta be a market. If you can't let them play small and market just gets what they get ballpoint duchess. He can't you gotta have a lot more points in that and at the next time you see it to be a better example of the day they got to the details, dangerous problem city Agri, no team got topic is performing to win the championship, put there's no deeper team and in the NBA to local, almost city, they got the most tell about foreign NBA but the two best players go one or one all the time when the game's on alarm and after one flaw that team the greatest. Are they going to win a bunch of games? They got so much talent, but they never use. After Adams aback enough and I've got up to Katy Russell does there the tower to be a map,
they're gonna two days could be built a state from a talent, standpoint, Oklahoma City, from a common standpoint. It's gonna be the spurs. Could they go make adjustments the game, the game, but as you would just wanna role, a ball out their Oklahoma City, a guess, the warriors it be. On thirty two to one twenty nine January game and affirm game series and see Russell and staff, though at it would be wrong worth the price of admission, I agree with you in the sense that the war, is going to that series and they know that the other team has two guys that can go at them for seven straight games for two straight weeks and that day that there's gonna be games where they're going be the best person, the court and that's what sanity it doesn't have unless co, why can go eleven, I have it feels like a tap the regular season, but I still feel I remember that quick, Series last year were basically he could have one that
there is for the spurs he wasn't quite ready yet to just Billy. I'm just gonna beat my guy every time. That's what he's gonna have to do. This and we just haven't seen yet. You know our delegation. Going to go there, but I told you that, but it didn't, but to commit to me the key is gonna, be quiet, knocker. Why, on the market, a market can be a six Levin jumped shooter score scorn for point. What he's plan against is undecided pop affords You know that they got dray, monitor the terrific player biggest Stevenson, not Stevenson Livingston. Yet when they got a little guy that you ve got to punish them down low quick question about curry, I don't want to compare TAT bird magic, Jordan like the time grades has not it's got lots. You gotta he's gotta, do it for ten years before we get around the conversation, but thank you from a from just an offensive impact, just being magical just
yeah. It completely ripped the heart out of another team, offensively he's at least in the Recession, rethink about like Bernard King in the nineteen eightys, the way, It was in the eightys the way magic I too, and the Ladys were Jordan. Dead were Coolby was doing for a long time. The there's something about What he's doing it feels like it's on that level, and I'm not saying he's the same prayer, but the way he can a team. In the way he can kill Brad on the road and the way he get his own crowd involved is is starting to feel historic. Do you agree with that? I think this year and a half and a have is one of the great spurts in basketball history, starting last year's opposite this year. This is one of the Greek runs this light, like Bernard King. I agree with that.
Never did Michael mother had probably a tin twelve year like this. Could we had a tent where Europe Tina sat around like that. I agree. Ass had around like this, so it made is not the first abbot this last year and a half has been spectacular to think of this little wispy kid that David passed on him twice and then he beat he became the best three point: shooting late, but now it's you know he's bought it to this place. I just did not expect like when he's he's taking these thirty threes well, I think that is competence is so high right. Never these! It is a great shooter, but you know be alike. It would any sport when your competence kicks in. That's what makes you a super star like their gas, will really good cleared all stars, but until you're a cop
will you believe in yourself. So much like I can do anything and they can't stop me. That's what takes you to the Super star level. Yeah we'll have a deal Now how much seething dream on help? Some Khazar must dream on his Bundy Brown. I don't want no attack. The combination eyes met dead. I think they're t ever body like play Thompson might be to set up a shooting were already gives him that space and Danube propaganda benches underrated. I think that kid Levison has been planned, fantastic here You know, I think it bearded Sama they apart, I mean, obviously it all started with staff in clay, but right. Mind plays he's, come in at you the Dublin still and reminded company to be a big. It he's got a call. It fast break basketball and I have court
which we broke down like five of them plays the night and aid the team, doubled staff and dreamer is coming at the big guy and he got shooters everywhere. So they are better about a sum of all their part. They are like they step is a leader in the best player in clay but mandate their team, and at that They have a dream mine in his situation and they thrive. In chaos. I know well bonds bright, a couple, blacker games, Patrick gains, like curry, where the black are always China, transition fast breaks like where, where the game screwed out peppered online changes all this and they got a three onto an that's, what they're gone for other time, the, whereas I debt to the reason I asked about dream on more about a personality thing, because I'm that share of staff The traditional out, the dog in the Kobe Bryant,
Michael Jordan? Magic? All those guys were there just force of personnel, hurry and it seems like he draws some of that from dray mind, and I want dream on was none that team, if staff would be as much of enough about well, I great swag, but I think dream on brings that personality units, I'm dead too, like profoundly that they play tat. Well, think I don't go, see Nemo TB. Are you coming? joke it, but I'm serious, I don't remember, saying, played talk tv all year. Isn't opulence and Obviously, above it, I haven't I saw him do want interview. I have a Livingston in, I think most in view of that sort? Even after gains has been staff or a dream on but reminded the mouthpiece for that team
ass, so yeah? You point, does your point yeah me? I mean the animals remember play fair, might affect one interview all see the weekly, but that's it man. Don't gather, dreamily talk is dreamer and staff. Yet clay easily could have been a forum where lucky be from Latvia and just pretending latvian, yet good thing would dream. I e by the best, Sk Ballgame. I've seen I play our year where they went into Boston when they had their street going. Inquiry was off and they were too hired their road trip and J Marges would let him loose and with me see about him, as he carries himself like he's the best poor in the world that I think he really believes that well. How about almost disappeared? I watched a whole searches, gave the double just give away by the Celtic mad at him here we com, let's go in Croatia, but Dreamer, muddled, all over the place making it was.
What a place but that gain the absent metastatic add by chance to win- and you know that's the one weakness that you know ass. He drew near their closure. Is five four to be absent? Oh man ass. He does There is now or never coat, to allow. It never goes that game is one of them and the weak, I was game. Last night and see it would have it there Ten point laid with I wanna say forty five seconds to go at last, a game. And I'm sick man. I pull up a dead man. Go that way with their demand. Yeah. They had a tin, poorly, would left at a minute ago and It has. Three main aim is to further all he had another three gas They moved to more free throws everyday.
Yet another three, and if the one poor game but didn't hit, one for you throw no wait for this one. Three people have rejected at the three at above us from the sight of it from the corner. A bank did from the corner so that The coach ends up in the hotel bar for like three hours after all items budget Mercer Europe layers. Man. Will you a coach and look people why livelihoods in the palm of your hand, and I'm cinema example, but dad Manning and blow it It won t with less than a minute ago at home. I made the crowd like. I don't think I just saw that. Did I say with awful, would you David no, he didn't deserve to get fired, another Gm Leubronn wanted to fire where it. Oh, that's, really unfair. Take this elaborate
version blame Peri Urban deserves and blame and David Black a set of last week on our show they given the Red one dimensional Devon Lovey, given last gives me stand up issued breed together is a hell of a pulse player. It reminds me of what happened in my I first year, what a black everything on Chris Bars, good data incorrectly yet abroad with so great Baghdad in matter? And If you had a little bit left in the tank, so they got through it, they blame them. Paying all spoke. Remember the first year, is there rather coming down here? all year. One point what now and ate it, but the whole it was like one is piranha common down or blame. Today on Chris Buys, are seated anything happen. Now they blame Airbus, other using gave leveller way above the broad ISIS cabin go to the box. We're gonna go to you
ten times a game or I'm carrier with cabin we're gonna go to you. Can that I told guys sometimes hey you're, going to get this shot, I'm going to get double just for you to get this shot, hey I'm going to get double just for you, it is shot. You know, they're gonna doubled his gap, but they may. Though, may I blame blot gallery and the broad? But now you then came a love. This guy become a bomb says he went to Cleveland, Maybe they have been win and actually, but they still, use a minute right away: half phronsie, I I I was worried when they got him, because just I loved Watch Minnesota, even though their team stuck, he loved, have in the bar on the top of the key to the left. That was his spot or he go down low, but when he had the bad top of the key, they run little high screens form or he that's where he was a really good passer? He could shoot from theirs is favourites bar and that's us on the bronze favourites bar
but you really never made sense, nor that's what I thought. I thought they would either go high screen with both warm or they would alternate. Instead, they just room in the corner and they forgot about em left. One. A reversal blame blood for that to a certain degree, but also a tale of elaborate. I'm telling about do go to that. Download. I tell you about Get the hell out away we're going to care in a box it'll abroad ever done as recovery. Hey man, you I'll get the hell out There's one abroad that, in a game of is carry a gallery a cabin yogurt. Locked away without a care on a box now blah blah deserves a blame. For that will can we say no if the bride- and we saw this last year and everybody jumped down anyone's throwed- who mentioned this but the brand didn't seem to have a respect for glad that whole season last year- and I agree with when you forget it, but when you're the player in your
showing the code. Second respect any did it was supposed to does not trickled down the other guys and follow the leader at some point. Re Luella brought, it could have been a better job, would be an inclusive, called Black Beard River disrespectful, this entire time there has. Could you say that Lebrun is harder to coach during his entire career, the maybe he's gone credit for what I can follow hard to code, but all great play hard, because they won't do it their way. But you to put again not intimidated by Norway a black? Don't come our way from Russia and get handed. The broad day. They're gonna be tough on Lebron James. You don't look so so that That goes with it. Also quick break to talk about audible, dot com they provide over one hundred and eighty thousand party or programmes from leading,
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Not really. I think that is what I got this. We have to ask cultures and envy. When I got there What do I mean by that date in care? How much money you made? They were going to kill you gotta have what I got to the NBA. He called to me. He made me a better player in that like today. What is this result? There's only three continents Nba, who got power as not intimidated by their has paid player, and things like that. Yet who are the coaches still half of it part of the problem, which is number one I think derived products. The type of power after much longer, I think, I think, Bradstreet its does spreads David Jazeera, either lab superstar make and want to buy me a de Villiers, easy only coach in the Lee Cougar, often Steve Its repeated they in the last two minutes and just set eyes and treat them right there in college
You can't do that what he are younger than I like gratitude. I, like whatever their age, doing up at bottom that do I like what they're doing and you know you really war baby tail until a guy like when you get a temperamental superstar, like every superstars knocked him back in and Tony Parker. You know, maybe even when you get to our bread Stevens do with the market. I want to find out. Can we find out how do we gave a busted You know be careful what you asked for eyes: ammo. They believe in the buggy. I just think when you're bad, like this happen to you, you got paid an old and Philly Barclays, a pain in the ass. I can't win with Barkley my had shit teammates, all tat, no for those lieutenant well listen to the true, but that but the but the thing is it.
Too late to change, but your cousin, because at some point I won't take a player, can change. My fear with him is that He goes in little runs like rain eyes and runways kickin ass, his plan really well, but I've always loved or, like last, I forgot about using good enough shape. Mama why I got but in the like it comes out, master gave it, for hundred twenty one last night, I think I've condition I seen him play in person and he doesn't run hard at all. Yet and, as we know you could, he goes crater demo says about they give a hell of a player but he's not in shape anyway. Mickey mouse organization would hurt him. Yes, but my question is: will this affair perquisite? Is it too late? but he doesn't like hard Cochin Can I give you an area in this union
This can be your favorite yea. You feel free to steal their son inside the NBA anti anti demand that about that book. Don't I think, head cases in the NBA, and I think it's fair to Cambodia had case or we could call erratic personalities what everyone essay enigmas you I think when they hit there late twenties, some of that they shed a lot of that stuff and he looked back in the history. These like sack Randolph Rashid while ass, you know Bernard King, they some of the greatest where is it just takes them a while to get it they their little more mature? Maybe they meet the right girl, maybe they're not going out as much, maybe they just kind of a boy out a little bit. I would take a chance on Boogie. Well that works both ways. Member, I can't remember somebody got wrapped up ahead, but I will say it is about an mba for thirty years and obscene twenty five, HU, I said man when I got gives a winner
don't have a chance in their common bilbil, That is why I am I've always say that they got their cold never got it. He was the most talented him and where the two best most talented power forwards, what is this? I never got it, but where, however, the Hall of Fame and now why it took him. He wasted six seven years before he got it. He threw the nineties Can you get an early? You gotta work with them. Not only would wait a minute, ok fitted this is our. We have always argued time. I think Chris Games gotten screwed the last on the hall. You'll need a holler agrees or famine in the beginning as its credentials. Here, ok, What do you want to look a year and then and then got himself traded to a terrible thing he really going off to a bad and they made the players who was looked away. What are you gonna get away like a first round and out, but the end
were irrelevant until he got their size He was with TIM Art away. The trail spree well Billions Chris Marlon, and he pushed his way to washed in who had nobody that is up to the boy ass. It did again to the play off now They were. Never they were meaningless. Ok, ok, they're gonna get a rather than against racism. The matter will we heard before right and then it makes it gives them to the point of every year, yeah Some five year run he's one. Yes, Bible is couple years, but let's get back to their commentary, one of the few gas than I ever said that gas scares me right dear. Yes, if that guy I got his top together, they would have to do that. They would have change the rules. You can read it all eager shoot, raising upholsterer Bhikshu able Amber dexterous that Gaston this is a handful right here I'm tired without delay, to give com alone in his Brad up the best whereof ever play together,
have him again. Yes, but but they're comin. That guy, I said if this kid ever gets it together, but that you want to make him out organization to buy, and that's that I hate about the NBA Ladders system, a reward. Failure. It puts young kids in a position to fail, and tomorrow other people real unfair and is all sports reward losing but basketball, the worst cause. It's like ie, it's twelve guys, wanna talk what ship amazed ship uneven arms at the one year causes to the NBA. I'm with you will maybe Adam Sober, listen to this package. I I like Adam Silver. I think his hearts in the right place and to me this is the most important back for him. Right now is timely because that Ben Savings is going go to Shouldn next year and he can't shoot and he's really talented and he needs to be with great team.
It's on the re team, and neither can I know you gonna do about tat. We re worth one thing about sport. You gonna go to a bare team. That's one reason I think we need to really consider more people to make audits for two years and with it will not ok, sir. I now hear that crappy fill it in you have a limit is up to us to take your people too. Hard on the sexes are diverse sectors, don't get good quickly these efforts. Are they a jeweler, be they inhabit outside chance of making the playoffs we reached a carpet, got away, gave a couple gangs, now it I mean he isn't. I mean I'm a big empty, there does it, I thought it might not even taken before there can be. They might have taken. Another guard, I you know they will Russell was Russell is gone. I guess paused.
Yes was the big prize that they miss, but I think I'm pretty mouth aspect of that amount to take them. Neither Laker said too. I thought here six or said three murmur because might have taken also for though I Lakers took Russell. I know, but they might have taken also forget any the big guy to bank. They just take Russell because charting like it, you can argue that that was agreed. Pick because the way the league is going, you can't play more than one big guy. At the same time, I can't believe all these teams, who have five six seven big eyes and they lay the Cavaliers. They have Kevin love. Moscow Thompson version that gonna buy one of em at a time. The whole league is shifted you now. Why don't you take that but I don't want to lose by small ball, stop it. This is just all these teams are measured themselves. Their China replicate the warriors. I owe you can't do that. I agree with you that suddenly to lift with cluster
and on the championship here about that I'm not ready to. But look at my subjects. They play three point: three. They play as an autonomous five to every Bradley and market smart. That's it french time line up with J crowded with small forward, and then they place. Under six six. Well, their credit Atlanta work, that's what again cried stand good lad up there with the game on allow duenna plug inside the Abuja matters tomorrow night. You know it now in the reserves which gonna be interesting. I thought the fast and do a great job. Does the dream dream on Greenacre? Why limit should be starting Agri Jimmy we should be starting Agri, but if Galway is always interesting, today, I was gonna, leave off a couple guys who deserve it. Do you want to to give your daughter's razumihin to try to get our job in New York City release a job it
dollar. At some point I want to retire, doesn't want to work for ever. I can really what kind of set up you have for your daughter, New York City, what kind of awesome studio apartment she has betting, it's nice to you today. Created a. Whereas you don't look here. I got so she she set out. She's she's gonna, get at some point. You gonna get the key to the castle. Well, chance, daughters, avail for work. Yes, he is pretty soon, I'm about no come. Siri knows she's going to say to me whether the Mcdonald's can I please how to get a job at a visit wasn't Mcdonald's. Can I ask you, please learn as practised on that, because you you leave door. That way, right now, Charles chose. Thank you. So much look for watching the mandate with the austere reserves attack decent. Ok, my brother taker must work in a best reaffirm what I thank you thanks to stamp stock for sponsor
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both passed on Itunes, teacher or Saint Cloud back tomorrow with another mba personality. Mystery to be will be back. The Bs Pakistan.
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