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Ep. 58: Tom Thibodeau

HBO's Bill Simmons talks hoops with former Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau. Topics include: disrupting the Warriors (11:00), best 21st century teams (21:25), Team USA's 2016 roster (27:00), defensive wizardry in today's NBA (38:00), Celts-LA 2010 (46:00), D-Rose & NBA title windows (59:00), the Cavs (1:02:00) and the best team/player since 1989 (1:09:00).
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and let's go our action is our first Monday with cousin sound on the be ass black ass because render the superbowl props by guest, later we probably Wednesday, and we need time prepare. We need to figure out what the best props I want to talk groups there is a gap in China get to come on for awhile form go to the boss, had a cup of coffee, including two thousand a title cup coffee with the South x and has been in the league forever and I enjoy Talkin hopes of them. So that's all in due time figured out. How are you doing thanks. You have a mere different put up. During my time. Are you so see twenty six straight years year. You immersed in the ambient air and then you leave Chicago last summer. And so what happens when you do? First.
Yeah yeah if take a step back from still about with team USA. So I had that last summer with the new powers, the seizing you decide. You don't like. Ok, what what do I wanna get accomplished in for me go and get more, as is the battle we charge we entered busy with some people go on vacation do some normal things watch a movie ennobles. You would unfold going forward. So use you in the training camps. You hop therein and in went, visited a bunch of different organizations and tried to learn some staff. Would you like an hour billows? It was obviously when you're approaching it from this perspective. It's a lot because you did not. One fees were you're, trying to figure out. Ok, how can you know
maximize the strengths and weaknesses in cover up the weaknesses of your own cheating and prepare for the season. This was you know, taking a step back, much broader view of the game and look at how everyone else is approaching the season. It was fascinating because each team is unique and each team has their strengths and weaknesses. There are also indifferent basis. Even take a San Antonio who competing for championship oh you know out in Vienna, Lamarck assault written David worsted, it's a well oiled machine in or to a phenomenal system. I spend a few days, would then go warriors defending champion, then you're watching how they approach than you turn around and go you talk to young teenage building a great foundation insulin when you look at it that way, and then you have some cute that are sorta in the Middle EAST, I spent some time
Rick Carlyle was terrific in dollars, and you know it the year is by get it done in us by parliament. Who's been Charlotte. The clippers course good with dark, so it was terrific girls adapting busy with Serbian Gandhi and destroy bread, Stevenson, Boston, So, who are the most jealous of you know it's funny. When you were you you're sitting in this position and each other, like you, always happy the notion that the latter will be like Germany when you get there and you're looking at the kings, and you don't like it, you gotTa Golden STAR, and you and it's just phenomenal, and obviously I had the chance to be around planned stuff with ten USA, but just watching how they Do everything in their high character team? always worried earlier. You wanna get a look at
Are they going to approach the season after winning? It big wonder their unique in the sense that Bob where their best players are really young. They want the championship and when they come back with the same hunger to do it again, and obviously we are the through the resounding yes, you know that you get through failure and we see like it's just that. It's amazing just They do it. You know that I give you set me what's, but one thing they do great. You know, I couldn't tell you that I can tell you that everything matters. What San Antonio every little thing there's nothing there goes on prepared for, It is not well thought out, so I think that any of the championship calibre teach them. Things are trying to get their shows. There was a lot of fun. When you do it that way, they learned a lot of things:
and then you get the chance to start to watch at the beginning of reason. In my biggest take away, that leaves a great shaped like I'm watching the east and the way things unfolded in there's a lot of really good young teenage, we'll competitiveness greatly the employed every guy. I think we have some really good young superstar The league is a great shape right now. So when you saw Golden stay in the back, your man you're thinking, I went through this in the summer and the followed two thousand eight with the South ex we win the title, sure how these guys are going to come back, they're going to react to it. Are they again it because staying or they can we be hungry for back to back. The case of the subjects super hungry,
and did you see that when you, when you're watching gone state that they remind you of the two thousand its ethics? In that respect? All that that was the biggest thing? What I was going out there? I wanted to see how they would compare in Boss did in with the challenge. The first year was: how quickly could we get everyone off the same aid? Lavishly? When you add Garnett and Ray Allen, Paul Pierce that put you in that position, but people were tell us well take more than a year and we felt like we gotta, get that right away in those days were terrific in came back the next year and because of the make up of those three guys, they knew that they would have a chance to repeat, and they were for novel. I, in the second year we actually started decision are better than the first year and when the first was worth it,
when Kevin got hurt right after the all star break in that sort of. You know that we ended up losing to Orlando in the second round, but that I really felt that the second year we were better than we were the first really for them, or even without Posey yeah yeah poacher was big yet, but I also block we got some good young players on that were still grew. Why? Because, when you look it like a rondeau in a perk England Davis like we felt like hey we're losing a little somethin there, but we still have these young guys it to get better and they did so. We intend to do to stop the weight of the big three approached it. No, I knew with that that year was gonna, be really special in dark, and I talk about it all the time. You know that their here I think our death even only lost policy,
which we had the confidence that we could do it and then in the younger I should really come along nicely. Put a lot of type glassy prepared for the other, the chance to read so you saw it you around the warriors and you just see that same. Look in there as well, but interesting thing for me is that you will like in Boston. Everything came together at the right brought because you had cabin criminal. Lottery season in in a soda, you had re, coming off a lottery season in jail and told them about the lotteries decent in Boston and when they got, because you were they Werner careers. Really, the only box left with a check was the championship and they weren't gonna. Let that opportunity pass and should like that in the same thing the second year they felt like. Ok, this is Archie.
RP repeat and because of where they were. You knew they would approach you. You know the hunger of ok, we're not go, let allow those opportunities lie by could we may never get another chance at it and with gold, state that we're pulling out there is. I was one of the things I thought about was wood, which staff planes remind have that saying, right and hunger because up like the back, so yeah human nature would be able to feel good relax in the summer and they now you come into your in it. If we miss this year, we can get it that ship yet and to their credit they were they were. I haven't yeah they're, one day was right after they had lost the Lakers appreciation game they have one of the most incredible practices that I had ever seen really exist
oh yeah and stables there. He was run in the practice that they have a terrific staff. They did a phenomenal job like you could just see like this about the whole team that the attitude of the team- and they have them- it's a really good mix the guy here they have begun guys better obviously the start. But then you know too to say that you can't look it up. A guy like you It is a policy that is now star. Did you just without a weird, and he saw unselfish with away. He played it all in a Barbosa Livingston. Well, It is equally they all do their job just heard a great deal to be around in day. They knew like appreciating was sort of winding down, and I knew you know how they wanted. The approach that the practice was the beginning to the end was absolutely phenomena
is it fair to say that J mind is like the ultimate tips player? like the one guy in the leg you would have love coach and most well below. The figure is like any coat with love. Yet I think if you went back to your own Michigan stay, then you can tell this relationship with Tom is low and away Michigan State one when they were there and then you'll? He gets the golden stay in its relationship with the soldiers there and its key made in the way this has gotten so much better is the great fit on any teeth in any system remains probably the? U motion neat player in ITALY because they can play multiple position, including the centre position and when they go slow at the end and egos the centre position. Most teams. Why? I would say almost all the team
be that they sacrifice your people rebelling and when golden State does it with great bongo into the center position and Andrew Beckett article or position they sacrifice no deepened and no rebounding, and then they are incredibly dangerous in transition because they all combust out with it and put in homeless pressure on you d, better trend So it seems like the biggest mistake teams are making. This season is trying to replicate what golden state is doing because they feel like that's the only way, they're going to beat them, and yet I made this point a couple pack as before, but you have courage. Who's the greatest shooter of all of our time and one of the best offensive for it is about time you have quite tab. Who's the second best shooter in the Lee Great now, so they just based your fluke. They have the two best shooters in the league on the thirty team, thirty team, thirteen leg and then on top of that, they have the only guy in the league who can play the file,
I've when he's really a stretch for whatever the hell dream on is at an even the gears position, and then good dollar complete power foreign and, as you said, they don't defence wire people trying to replicate something, that's impossible. Replicate that's great, then I guess I'll leave. You know you're. The only state like about went the top of the league. In some cases I think that holds true in the NBA as well, and that's what I love about the way part coaches, you, I think part. If we look at his career on no every every year, each play to the spread of his team and he's covered up its weaknesses and that even went way back to the beginning with Robinson in dark in there was a very much power team that play great
Ah, then they found a Jew. Then, when David Robinson retired, they went to more of a page push play in emphasising the spread of Tony Parker Manner. To nobody that, of course getting the out of breath bore and they shot more reason opened up the game and now that the acquisition of biomarkers altered David lasted emphasised in the spread of quiet Leonard, it's become more of a post of shooting, less threes, but still highly efficient, ah pensively and plan unbelief individual and defence in trying to do with their why they feel that their best chance of having the ultimate success right. So I think that that would be a good team do like they. They look at the spread of witnesses other tee.
Try to play that way. I think the whole trick is is more to be efficient, obviously to be a top five off into the deep anxiety to be in the top five with your rebounding. And then you look at the scoring margin to me. Those were the markers that emotion for I had. This is a tough question ass because a you know, you wouldn't know what type of Russia we have in this scenario. But let's say you had the ability to go big ad. At a good level or to go small good level, a near playin, the warriors playing. What kind of things, would you try to do to disrupt them? Why you just sit on it because,
Will you have to give golden stay? A tremendous amount of crop credit lay. The organization is put that roster together, because they have the ability to do both and they do they start egg and oftentimes by big most again and then let's go down at the end. They have the ability to go to a small line up into change everything and if he went back to last year's finals, engage three.
In their down an illusion, big aboard border lately, you know they went without center, they had put the David lead and they found shelter network, and so then I just kept downsizing of there and it worked very effectively block. So they have the ability to do both. Who I think, when you play a golden stay, you have to have an understanding of who they have on the floor and one match up and then also what schemes are you gonna? U lies with each unit that they have out there, because you can't play the same way when they go to the small you line up, there's something she could do differently. The big lion up any other, the big thing which that is, he can't get steady diet of anything. You have to keep adjusting to make reading the ideal, and even if you do that, he still has the ability, as does play, they make incredibly pal shops and transition right. So as a coach that that's it
the team you lose the most sleep over, because you may do everything perfectly and their stuck in her crazy shouts and beat you anyway. Why that link with the euro with any store player you prepare putting your game plan together. You have to decide. Ok, what are we gonna? Try take away, and what are we gonna be willing to live with any time you put to one ball? You them He bore in another area, so I think you have to determine how much are you gonna? Do that how are they going to Connor and what are the shots that we want to take away? You know if you want to take away and all the obvious just to lay up in the dark, and then he got should threes quickly the core of three and a lower limit. The free twelve lie to me, Those are the three areas that you lock into, but the thing is is like with play in Instead they play so well off with each other.
The great awareness, requires multiple effort. You know you'd have to be able to challenge shots and then also finish your teeth that I think challenging shot and something that's a import the finnish Louisa is equally, maybe even more important because they get a lot of reasons scramble up into three bout. Also I play but you're, not the planned and where you need to be there are gonna, make you pay for that and status. So clever with the ball, you could put him in a box. He can we just enough space to get that shot off and that he gets it off so quickly is almost impossible to guard and you have to do with the industry. Make them work as much as possible for oil day. That's a team! That day the most success when the game goes, can a walkie especially leg dead, though
long offensive rebound, I'm sorry, log defensive, rebound, offer three or something and people running back and somebody lose and then I'll send steps making a twenty six foot or so much of it is transition, some sort of screwed up players somebody's over. Oh, I forgot all your, oh, oh, oh and then they're making the three. How do you ouch against that. When you go in into the game against them? Yet let your team understand will take the same averages. Thirty reason they go a lot of damage in transition, defect of transition and so political. Then you have to ask yourself: ok, how can we get that number that, like what you don't want to do is take thirty five or forty reason that they make a hypersonic? So I think the first thing is: how do you get the attempt now and then
What do you get the term scam haughty, how welcome the town and what are the ones they do absolutely dont want to happen. I would say you know the answer would be the to foreigners and you don't want to be catch. You three from the core electoral. I gotta think that deciding that is probably the most important thing and then you have to say: ok, if we black, let's forget about the ten, were they put their people and then maybe blitz in certain areas of the floor, but I think you have to have that disappointing. Your team has to understand what you're trying to take away. What you're willing to live would like to me at the guys if you're on his body in your person in a certain direction, make an pull the ball back to you you know what you're shooting here you can challenge that shortly make those Hollywood live with both the day, but the ones in which we deal with it
it's a pass out at the rhythm shot? Those were the ones who you're probably not. Are you wanna take those out as much as you can so the best three teams of this century, just from a ceiling standpoint, I would say, were- were the Owen Lakers, who are just unbelievable, the glass I think somewhere. The oil south eggs from the conference finals all the way through doing cagey got through the next year. That was an unbelievable run by that time and then the warriors team? Now and you are involved with one of those three teams, the subjects, so its have put the subjects in a time machine you get get the November two thousand eight Celtics and playing the workers in its one game when it takes all well, what's strategy with that Celtics team that you had
Well, I think we'd match up quite well within the honest with you, but is being one half of the game, and I would say that the decision would be really important, because that home court would mean it all up. Right. Would you we would say overend of of two thousand eight cagey versus two thousand sixteen dream on alpha dog arguments where they have to be separated like at least three years before that ass in the war, but it would be a good you ip and stay enough about cabin
Obviously you bill, you arrive. Topics were alive. What he meant that aim in you know he gave the team that harm the fight, all both states and I think that's exactly what drama brings to the warriors. It is spats are impressive in other seven assist, the points are not all belonging or anything like that to be binding is out, but it it's all that he brings its. You know it's the fight in love. You know the Eagles everything to United inspired at tea ran. You know his play mating and she, like
and cabinets is a desperate player. Cabin did a lot of those things that you, probably your colleague, doesn't get enough credit or like each sacrificed. The most likely could have been leading spore that king and he was the third I think in when the ball needed to move side. The psyche gotta go even if he had a decent shot for him from the top of a key, get the ball hop was at once. He started to everyone else football, and then he was in all my. I wish we had been locked rival. Outbreak lose a great great practice. Blair in that your bet player is like that. But then you ve got a team that practice as well in a keen that will place George Bush is needed yet funny. You wouldn't think that dream mining cagey that you gonna think Dray mind as this decades cagey. Basically because he said since a shorter different,
it's a games but but really he's kind of the legacy guy for cagey like the way he cares absolve game after game practice. After practice. The defensive intensity in an excellent said. He brings and just how unique he is. I would say that an Irish Harrison here that the thing that similar, I would say is the will to win happy. The thing that me makes cabin so special is to combine the incredible talent, superstar town with that will to win, read so rare to have that combination? Patrick was like that is welcome. Ah, but when you have that it's really special in that intensity, is it because it that's maxim
Then I think you could turn on and off, like some guys are great fears. Competitors engaged not that way you will in practice but when you have a guy, who did you blow that? I think that list, your entire team in you know with what cabin did there for that was in the way you think back that the employee got there. They had lost eighteen and around so to change, but to change everything and to do it all as quickly as we did in the first year. It was just tremendous. Obviously popularising and re deserve a lot of questions as well along with your. We had some really good young players. Well. That I want to talk about this. Is that in sixteen limiting? But first I want to talk about my buddies. It square space. They build gorgeous websites for normal people who don't know how to build websites. My friend,
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How do we leave J mind off this? Two thousand? Sixteen olympic team- You don't know how he's not on it. Well, yeah, that's the deal the top is playing in the report. Would you say is picking that's that king pile twelve be in it. You know it such an incredibly top job in coach, gay in Jericho and love take that responsibility very seriously in other arable, put a lot of time and thought into it again and unfortunately, there's gonna be some very serving glares. There will be left Bob, but they're not entirely out of the board- is always be up to the next time around. But if it's not be an easy task, yeah. So the boy the rank, Currie, Westbrook Dream
Co. Why Anthony Davis Chris Paul Carmelo Paul George Clay Thompson? That's eleven right! air and I did not even mention Tiree James Hearted, Audrey, German, Jimmy Butler Chris Bash, Boogie cutters, it's the markets, outrage or Blake Griffin. I dont think we ve ever had a tougher roster situation is a nightmare it is incredible that it's all employers do, because what they ve done. Is there a restored all the pride in playing for our country if it's a great honor and it's a privilege and the way they've conducted themselves in I know, even with the World CUP the alarm The other guys did not layer, stop I'd. Watch practices were taxed in the dial. It really become a brotherhood. You know that in its it is this. Actually it's a lot of fun in it, I think it's been great barley,
Usually you know it's. It's worked out quite well. From being around that team and just being around the practices in some of that stuff wit. You know you, have a chance to see these guys up close. These are guys that you just coaching against now all the sudden you're in or around them day to day and how they act with each other, watching them in practice. Was there one guy in particular that just jump daddy. You like where you were saying yourself MIKE. I didn't realize this guy was blank ro? The funny thing is good because it really is an interesting experience, because you you're having all these guys were no dominating players for their tea.
They come in. There is being asked to sacrifice you. Maybe they come off the bench and none of them are playing a lotta minutes. It's all. Your pilots lay a twenty minute again. So it's not. You know where you're you're playing a thirty six of the forty minutes. That's not gonna happen, until they were anxious their willingness to share with each other and bring the best out of each other. It is really interesting to observe a u oftentimes after you guys know playing one on and work it out working on their games with each other, and you know it. Beginning time you could be around other people, litter great doing something You're gonna, learn from this situation, and I think that I think our guys have done that they they learn from each other, They learn from the international gay in its legitimate dinner, incredible
it's, so was I one guy that changed their perception of hammer Eric had appeared a guide and bodies about was good in terms of like you live until your round. Somebody, you don't really know one air was the great work woke up and macroeconomic nickel metal game. He was dominant David had gotten into early ball rolling wherein they place. Rapid came off the badge in played unselfishly play hard, but I think that the biggest thing is beyond doubt is the willingness of all the players, the sack She guy chaired geyser on the best cure, in the guise wrought up more time now that reading the guys from the floor,
love the gay that in their respective gained about that really stood up. Didn't you I'll be right. There also sacrifice there's some older or giving that up to represent their country, the NBA. There are thirteen themselves, it, sir. It's quite an experience. Somebody like cousin, too. I am a huge fan of you see this happen in the NBA so many times where Mrs Roth situation, Rebecca said: five coaches are ready and he said five GM said a couple owners and turn roster turmoil year after year after year, and this a common thing with the NBA worry. You know you have young guys coming into a team. There expect the decay the team right away, or is there a high lottery pick, but their nineteen and twenty three changing year after year and social
somebody like cousins. He goes to a team like that and its First time in five years, he's been a great basketball situation right, a mini, it's good that he's thriving in that way. I think about all experience, real positive and I think you have to keep my till, you are you're right. It is you, because I want a guy comes into Lee, uniting all then, after guys been in six seven, eight lack I'll, be the same. He's gonna, learn, learn from past experience is the people that he's been around and he's gonna grow he's got the same person. It's it's funny like this work, the few summers now and each summer you could see a different you, I think everyone words as you go forward. Think, when you around other players that have done it,
As you get older, you learn from someone mistakes. The debate you will be different in, I think the truly be great. You have to have the ability to bring up the battle of the people that are around. He was well right and I think that that something that they they take for me, I think, there's a there's, a big leadership component team, USA, there's a communication component to it, and I think they all learn from that. You had five people. I talk about the bump that players get post team you. I say that the season right afterwards, because they get it's that makes of not just the games, but the practices and you know people like the rant and Westbrook urges maniacs and the practice ends and there still out there for an hour and a half afterwards and then the other poor start to feel like I will. Maybe I should be out there and then you see these dramatic effects, like somebody like James Harden, was the
we're too heavy p last year and people are saying You know one of the reasons he did so well. Last season was cause. You is in that team, USA Mix and he was measuring self hymns against these guys. Do believe in that result, in old wives till now, I do believe thought first, be able, during my first year in Chicago with dirt Road and he replied the tin USA in the world he came into camp in. He was in great shame and I had the afternoon go. Watch and practice there, two different setting and that's the first thing you take away from until everyone is a little bit uncomfortable. It's not like you with your team. You were you know you might be the far the team. Will you your role is defined by everything being built around you, and
then your responsibility is to to bring the best out of your team made blown the setting it. It's different you! U, everyone has to sacrifice the demon and you're gonna have to sack by your own gain by a different role and so Watchin the players deal with that and learning from that and all gone from Saint back and not about. As I mentioned, none of my plan birdie six minutes were everything is gonna, be cater to them, and then you, what coach gazed Odyssey SAS them all the players to learn multiple position, so you might be an off guard. You know in which I'd be eighteen. We might be asking you to play the Power Board, so you have to be comfortable in embracing that. Ok, that's what you're asking you do, that's what I'll do? That's what Archie needs in, I think
national game. There is theirs that versatility devoted by two three or, in some cases, defy the shorter gang. When you get a metal rouses like Dnc double. They turn minutes, one young, single elimination or you out. So I think, like you, have to know what you like Look at it that way, and you start your: u, you realize how important starting again basket and how important it is covered a three point. Why raw? Then? How do you want to attack offered me when you see switching to know what your gun to what awaits? Did not let black white down it show how quickly he could adapt is so important that the international game quickly for asked disappears different rules,
There are two different game: it's a shorter gay. All those things away. The game is appreciated, being able to tap because one day might be a little more physical. The next game might be morbid whether called touch Bosnia, you gotta Eddie. You owe you to eat what technical files, because of the shortness of the game. It is more difficult to make make up. You know that the technical files that you were you give em points away in their also personal in international players always by bowed before you, by its interpret dynamic in O four, we said that team they lost and it was kind of aid end of that era. Basketball which is really stand in the nineties, would join in the latter. One on one and two. See the bomb of around that is made not nearly as many three partners as we have now, obviously, but it's,
He might. That was a transformative moment for basketball. This country, just getting our butts, kicked with one on one basketball versus the beautiful way. These other teams played in the slashing kick then NASH. His sons come in and that next season- and they usher in this whole new era- basketball- that that now has seen the effects and the manifestation with the warriors and all this stuff, The reason behind this up is it was much easier for somebody like you to devise a game plan to that. One on one stuff and now at this Bob Movement or the passing, is always ahead of the rotations. I guess it's much less on two coach. Now, if you're defensive, wizard like yourself for my everything in this, you are really can fit in well, he recalled the ninety. It was a much more visible,
Gay and looked at the power forward. You know they were to do not often times the small forwards were really powerful it. We had a european maritime small forward only with our for Africa. He was the centre right. Teams will build that way than they were very physical. You wanted to you're gonna get hit. With a rule changes at me, the rule change occurred in all three and show them what happened because it physicality they thought it was crossing over which probably want and for our game a rule changes would very positive. She'll would dare to put an end to such skill. Again today, what you were saying now, the small folds will play a powerful to those much more shooting on war, yet at open again
yeah, you know like the, U N and then the emphasis in combining the wheel changes combined with the analytical, with the emphasis on the three point shot in the value of taking up where you were taking. My rob. You'll change started taking more trees, but there was a lot. Shooting of war in the nineties. When things frantic unrolled, it was easy to predict where everyone can go to your trap, a lot or in sight will there be a layer or role in adopting the weak side. I take a role, was basically Laval and replace or pick and pop. He knew where everyone was in a region to take that out now went with with more shooting on the floor in overloads in a movie
They involve much harder to predict and then, when you combine that, when you say ok when I put to the vote on the ball, what are we were? We vulnerable will now you more reluctant, if you think you're gonna be given up the three tickly a corner threat rank so like that's all factored into what you do with visa in there, I think, is in some ways with the newly asleep when the new world were put in. I got thinking with the I'd, always emphasised, to try to get scoring up and more freedom of movement and so that it worked from that standpoint, but it also help with deep as because I felt like there were things tat you could do by positioning. You know your weak side over at this phone. I am taking advantage of the walls that you could kill isolation, and make it a jump shooting game, and as long as you knew how your clothes
on your rotation. You'd be forced into taken Bagshot you could possibly want to. Then I think that that is, you know like with teens who were trying to do and then how you play the ball. I think the stolen port. That's why you're technique comes in keeping the ball out in the middle of the floor get it into certain areas where you can have. That is in how you play the ball as the balls be picked up your technique on it and your ball pressure and how you trace the ball critical I think that the biggest thing that's changed for me is, it doesn't seem like you can succeed anymore if two of your guys, who are out there out of the five can't shoot you know, I look at like the kings, and that the kings have a lot of players that I like, and I watch a lot of them, cuz they're on the West Coast. If they play Ali Steinem, Rondeau. Together The way the rules are now in the weight.
You can just sag off people who work in issue from twenty feet. It's almost The old breaker at the end of some of these games so makes me think, like an o eight, when the South exist Play Rondeau Perkins together now at the way the rules are now in the way, the defences. Now I think those teams of be defended a lad differently than they than there were no eight or whether you think I'd retorted, much harder today, a high to not to lose. You can have on IRAN also unique Rondeau. Why you have to take on the floor with whether you can start a game that way, What's the finish in the fourth quarter, you got to make sure you have shooting on the floor and you see now most teams are looking for any of the stretch for the power forward. Who can shoot to open up the floor?
and I think in embossed anyway, I've about doctor a terrific job with regimes critically Layton you know what you need there were a lot of things that it is. The ball Randal in hands. Obviously it's much harder to achieve optimum. We did things were oldest call to go under on him and then again the ball law. We would vision of down on the base lie and often times in our open. Barnett was the guy that will back at the top he's in. There was an area in which you so affected and shooting the boy was so we we like them that position to what we did, which was a lot differently,
teams in visa to transition. We'll have to go to the office boy. We had him get back. It basically take out the jobs of responsibility from him and protecting the basket and because, with John, was on the base line, we allowed him to go after up into rebound and he was a pair. They come from behind pop Laval breed, but the other thing that it allows us to do is to establish our ball pressure of war a lot higher and so that that worked very effectively. You guys, you guys kind of invented that move with cagey by gate. Weren't, you first team that really said skirt working a sacrifice, offence rebounding as we don't want to give up transition. Yeah. We wanted to make sure that our our deepest of transition was real flogging and cabin is cabins deepens until himself now like having. Back there and communicating and getting everyone else back
My job was to rip it up the floor and we did some something's on which good because of the positioning and also allow us in certain situations to deny the point God, because he did, he was falling back person, then become come up. He was already up to that. We found that the very fact that boy, so they were great again I was going to say that you know I know they had kind of an up and down history, but they they are actually kind of perfect for each other in a weird way, The thing is like the job. Every every year he got so much better, so smart any a certain amount of stubbornness that was probably gonna forget, would be the player that he is doing things happened can be stubborn, it is in the end
was. I learned a lot from gathered in. I think I've had a large barboza, yeah for that for personalities of those guys, You almost like centric has a central casting could have made for different guys right, cagey, the wages wired Roy. Does like this tortured genius who has travelled canoe. With tee maids, but sees the floor differently and re like this crazy OECD shooter. That's out, there are three thirty in it, are carrying a practising trees and then peers and is like the traditional cannon. Normal MBA are in those four come together and they almost when three titles and it was incredible, and you can't The job is doc. The job adopted getting everyone on the same page quickly It was a great job. I hear and
there is no other. I don't think there's any other franchise like the salvage with the history of the seventeen championships in Europe. How proud that branch I did, then you can feel it from the moment. You walk into that building. You walk into the practice facility in Amman you see all the old self it's coming through their woman? She is illogical and John, have a check or I'll SAM Jobs, Casey Johns about Goosey, Tommy Hygiene it's pretty special, so you and dad you and Jack are still. Shared by game. Seventy thousand ten would bring it up. I now and I remember he told me a couple years ago. You guys want to dinner words and for some reason up talking about that game for an hour. He had never felt every tat we have dinner at some point we're gone back there. So you I have no doubt that Europe, three too.
You gonna to LA when one of the last two Perkins gets hurt in the first half a game. Six throws the whole game at a WAC nay, I gotta go in a game. Seventy got no Perkins Goodbye simply have a six man, team and Rashid, who had just had now played a lotta minutes that year. Robinson, the you gotta figure out a game plan, so why Custer the game plan. Well. We knew going into the again, then we really our regular season that year was not very good, but the players we we played really really well in the loss of or with huge rise because of the lake or size and people like sometimes forget. We started off the game and we knew like with dealing with Colby and again said it would be helpful.
We have been gone. Ok he's gonna keep going so we gotta be ready deal with that in mind. We started off that gave great really early led by the great bird quarter. A believer up. Six at the half the thing. In the end, they did not shoot while they shot two percent, but I was alone gay. The thing we're, we started off the game, even though we had that leave in the first quarter, thirdly, that the latter can wait. A rebounding was really hardly more like argument to increase shop and two were up six at the half Burke WAR was back, for that we, both at Berkeley and quietly, will allow aunt you wait a second now you guys went into their game thinking that it was a game. Seven and call me, who's gonna be Cobby. A newer like what's double team on anyway,
maybe he'll, maybe he'll, try to beat the double teams and and and trade forces and to keep shooting right let the Gabriel yeah yeah. What you do you they do is due to think that to discredit. You told me that he would do a meter each that you know you got a killer, did not walk another building, Dana left anything, let big left it. Joe you Don T think he was six for twenty four. Yet it try to get we will as it has the game, would go off, was going I'm gonna get away from the help quicker Georgiana, just like were to help was coming from and how quickly you tab, and then you have to get back to bodies to finish your deepens, not a second shot dead, harder and the one
you'll like it it's funny, because he had wheeled about good this all well, but when I adopted coach last year, is really really good game. Seven nineteen point in eighteen reviled minor offences but they were really really law. As I sit you look, it and finally really played about twenty minutes. I think be it for five off its agree that well in Coolby Toby, not have a good shooting night, but his will to win being Reba? Yet he knows that the poor Bible offered to go about it. Then we, as there were two played, we're up for going into a board and we had a plan which we would low Fisher had a spot of three offer, help us with this all postal and then our task of three late in a board which is normally now,
wage growth is for her tat, really harvest yet are set at one point, ninety and one in the fourth quarter. There was no one plays on the restricted line, go either way it we just got. Yeah. Well, it's like that. We had a lot of bad thirty, five, thirty seven reproaches. I think he had some key to big discrepancy therein You know you when you think back of all the things you know you and your mind, you're saying what what is the game? Seven was in Boston, you know be a little the importance of having all good young and all those things, but it was a great day. You'll be all right had a couple, shots go within our lot on board, actually is,
Do you remember the under that game? Mama got down, by which I mean a great house like corner we back and it's a scramble reservation it up the floor, twenty seconds left the flexible ball, and we would have had a just be sidelined right up the sky, lively, You never know what can happen he there when we can end up when it, but it was you know I got a gap in the game- was not great, emphatically pork and see not just the size, though, because I know like they were. They had you song They had been in the old on universe, was terrific, but then they like our task play for forty six minutes, nagging Opie Playboy Bob, the all never came out this operate boy to get it he was in Burma there. Then
yeah, you almost all the title. I mean really it's it's a team, the O nine team should have won the title. The two thousand ten team prohibition of, but there came very, very close to stealing it and it almost as more and more tortured by again, six game? Seven, then any Celtic since nineteen? Eighty seven eight is ever was the last on the two thousand and ten, and it was right there was sitting there with the river, never get over it. Now you never get over. You just gotta get around so who are you. I got the elaborate ready to come. You don't like did the cabin deal, they were hoping we good years and it has been six break it yet allowed. I was just a tremendous moving. In course, the rain there were a lot of other guys that were huge bras. When we look at a posi to out Leon Paul David
all the more that dream was It had a lot of heart and then the king, GDP paid off a second time with that broken trade cagey worse, were still worse. The reaping the benefits of cage reserves later polemic, get it Take one break here. Are you ever more angry, more annoyed, more infuriated than a moment you realize you have been lighted, I like to take the producer. Last week I told them that I thought you and see hoops had a chance to make some noise in March madness and as soon as he finds out, I lie, which is right now he's gonna be angry. Well Here's another lie that makes me angry. I see how these ads from home scare two companies in other ones. It's a free everywhere, free system million dollar value, free everything he's a little. That will save you a huge headache later anyhow. Security that says free as a huge contract attached, three years thousands dollars your locked in guess where there is a better way. Tat, your home. It's called simply safe, please security. I trust no long term contracts, no hidden fees, none of the bad stuff
before seven professional muttering lightning fast. Absurdly easy to use and the best part If you want monitoring issues fifteen dollars per month, some the other guys are charging three times that so go to simply safe bill. Dat. Cobb too my exclusive ten percent discount simply safe bill that come back to tip. We're gonna wrap up, but I wanted to ask we're talk about what s with the with the South X and you had a what. If to that, and twelve begun in the playoffs out you're the one seed rose is playing at the highest ass the level and gets hurt? in round one game, one that's it and he's never really the same physically after that it just as, coach, like you're sitting there. This is your chance this the chance to make the files the leaks, can a wide open that year, Leubronn AD won a title: Miami at nobody, news gonna there on the way
on the West side, the Lakers are kind of fading. Ok sees not quite ready at. How often do you think but that playoffs There was a heartbreaking or ass for, in particular, for their work and Derek was an amazing two thousand ten eleven season which use the undersigned Bp History, ITALY. Ah, we came back the next year, which, though that was the locker european another terrific season and in a word the number one seed will we have the top five offense, the top five defence, and we thought we had a great shot that year. And unfortunately, that part of the game they own the hate to see it, but he gets Dacia out in no use to us.
The guy you still young and I'm still hopeful that he killed out back. It looks like he's he's getting his legs back now, so hopefully that will be the case, but that team was a terrific team and I thought we We have a good chance that year just didn't happen. What do you remember? It's is now four years later What do you remember from like the twelve to twenty four hours after he goes down or the hardest thing was ill because of what he meant the theme in the type, a guy that he is right, that the team is a big here. When you do somebody like that, not just from a basketball standpoint, should there be such a great guy. On top of it is now absolutely level so that damage that was tat. The next game, which was a struggle but then knows a lot of light and, unfortunately,
Joking went down with an echo in the next no she do watching strained elbow. Couldn't shoe We still we ended up. We want to see game we actually engaged sets. We had a situation in which we missed two free throws at the end of the game in came back at one, but we polychrome. That series it goes back to Chicago, so just the disappointment of there being injured knowing what he meant to the team and then, of course, you lose joking, but I'm going home. From there, we endured a lot of you, no heart ache with you know the continuation of Derek gone down. I absolutely love that pain, because there was no any criminal law. A lot of most aim to you. You know that when you wish
best fire? It's a struggle, and these guys they re there used to get there. Always find a way to compete, be competitive tonight have allow respected. When, when o k, C traded. James harden I calm about. The windows of Ba teams and how, if the end, as far as anything over the last forty fifty years. Is that you just never know when that windows gonna end and I'm always amazed. He either like now, with the words, the words are an amazing year and a half run, but who now She just never know when something bad gonna happen when you're in the middle of it as a coach. How? How aware, where you of the mortality of team, or is it something you don't even think about until something bad happens
I think you'd go into every season. They always thinking about you know you, you know you proprietor prepare for everything is prepared for the worst case scenarios. If that something happens What we do you obviously are hopeful that it never happens rare, but it's in that that's one thing about this league is that things do change very quickly You always, and it's about ways you can go for their great to be bad very quickly and go from bad being great, very quickly as the two thousand and eight experience another you look at the year before you held out about as bad as it could get. Then next year was about as good as it could get. No, so it can change very quickly on you and then I think when it does change, you know it's how quick
Can you adapt unless the charge that your facebook in, I think every season your face with no indifferent challenges, you never know what what could happen then you know like in love. We ended up after the new director we lost faster, too. You know crazy situation. Would use them rang, like you, never know how things can change something like going James harder, I would say, like he was the other guy that really stood out with you last night, I know that both guys come in everyone would say about what Europe may be by great deep adversity, demarcation, cabin demanded the same day. I think that those When you look at what they bring, the teams saw its pretty remarkable. That's why I'm watching
I Irving play now I'll be no played in that World CUP and Jane was disguise, is counted really Dad Dad Cleveland team who, got a new coach, but they have and love and carry all guys that you ve rub shoulders with a team, you I say right, wasn't love and their yeah. You didn't play the role that Europe battle from the other guys from the Atlantic, think they always turn Vegas that they come through their that check out. You guys, you noted, checking and wood Nigeria, glandular MIKE and they're just great to be around it. When I'm with a mini she that didn't mean anything Are you going to stay in their fell in love so that the it's a lot of fun dad calves team. Look. It added now feels
like a little bit of a sleeping giant, because you know that they were thrown off the first half the air. Who knows what happened with the coach carries not healthy life. Is being used in a way that, obviously he wasn't responded to thou now they're trying to fix stuff a little momentum Would you say that's the sleeping cannon giant of this season. There were already think it. Somebody else were all out dispute, the sleeping giant art, because when you talk about look wrong, You know what you're talking about a guy's been in the files vice great years, a ring- I don't know anyone say sleeping but I look here, hibernating tat fibre needing giant, but they didn't like it. It's really something that I think you look a labelling to people who don't even though, is you're, obviously blah blah
it's amazing. You know that every to the final thing you know you look, you. You look at the minute, the blade, for years the Miami as it still be, at the level that he's doin that credit the here and now carry Teresa biggest thing is this: how is he shall be impossible to guard? And then you know like calving gets comfortable in live the line up with Christian Thompson going destroying Wildwood. You made him a lot faster, replay Jefferson at the board plan Leubronn at the border with that ain't- that dynamic and love is a little bit of five as well. So there is a very real interest. The dream, I looked at him and I'm saying ok, they're good or more and there the question is: can they
bill remain an elite defensive tee. A great now, I think, you're stuck in an office of efficiency in nice, in defence of Efficiency Schiller there given up when you think boss got out of the starting line up your given up job locking at the rent, yet so The earlier pay time. Yet you know like that's what you're doing by gear. You also gaining a lamp or speak silk. Third, there's a trader, and then you got the ep. Ask yourself in the end, what gives us the best chance of winning. But I would say, having the bran on the team really helps. I'd have three quick. There sat laughter. I've always had a theory. You knew like this crisis is re Neuro asks that the title is always decided by who can control the five feet? front of the ram and around the room, and even you back, two thousand ten game: seven, they came down of those five feet in the Lakers one: the five feet and got the rebounds and protected all that stuff. But now
SK about starting a shift into this into sport, where the shooting is because in the dominant x. Factor in Europe I feel like when we get to the plan. It's gonna be about that five feet. What do you think the play out or different animal, because it's the same team over and over again gonna know. You know everything that, under their tendencies, erotic time outlays every action, but you see the shooting Pantages go way down in other the go down. So instead of plan children. I now becomes you oh eight or seven billion. The minutes of the star players in the play of quickly the worthy you go down there? They get up to thirty. Eight forty minutes game show it's a different gay
and then but rebounding come on. You can not overlook it that that that's critical Dan, like that's, why I like you, want to see like usually when you look at the final or cheese every year, if you went back last twenty years, there well balanced, they're, efficient, offensively defensively, but the banning component issued this hard to win it without the dominant rebounding. Take so I think the size does matter. I think that you know like we always felt in Bosnia. The daily when we were playing against were broad, yet you wear a patient high pickerell, and yet they were taken. One seven put her away from them.
After you always wanted to have the second said and put her at the basket Joe, like the avenue tab in that. Second, second, guy would size, I think, is important, but I think that the one thing you could take some good. The golden state is to have the US that they have the greatest versatility. Play a big airplane, small right angle, with bogus whose terrific casually, whose terrific and then the wild card is, is trademark so not remind both by the now see the thing. Is it enormous pressure, but they're gonna put on you when they go to that line up because now they're gonna voters which, in the bigger role now? What do you do? If you hold on to the ball at the clock, laying down settled book, you know the junk shot, long junction.
Over a dream. I am now it's a mess. Now you put them in the open. Good work is rebounded. Eight, they got title that had been a byproduct, be there when they get it there. Flying at you they're, not this is it like all in all, I walked up to now. He's not gonna, be a traditional first big to the rim jacket, big trail Bullshit you're gonna be fly into the corner. The floor is gonna, be open and then its wide open riding kick or the open. Three four euro player staff- or you dig a dollar if they did they get re mine on the role is played making ability? You know it's it's not. It is not an easy transition, so you have to understand what you're going to do and then how are you? Gonna handle the pick, a role which there then grandma General, are you gonna switch that are you ve been a blitz there, because that's gonna put enormous pressure on you as well,
since one thousand eighty nine. Esteem you, sir, I think of eighty six were you in the leg and eighty six now, but I was in Boston. But listen I'm so this is it your question because we are now. I mean it's, it's a foregone conclusion, eighty six out ex, where the greatest him, if I type so from eighty nine gotcha assent from eighty nine who, who is the best him you coached against her coach for that day, you know the golden ball were that suddenly to winter was. I was a Greek weighty that was a hardest team laughing to coach against how come just because you liked it
Jordan could break it down so many different ways and he made everyone else a lot better than what they were like ie as early as great a polish pillars and get enough for our great, though you make obviously the case today, the greatest ever know, along with Bill Ross or whatever else want, but in that that argument, but when he did in the busy county that was in the league that that's, why you owed edge, remarked to do it you did it you, six or eight years, and who knows what would happen in those two years in between but he made everyone so much better and he was just such a killer. You you were He was going gonna come at you, I'm going to be off the dribble in Vienna to be
in the name, is gonna, take your best player and he was gonna guard it, making it possible and then giving the same thing. You know then whores grant than Rodman. You know, then your great role players it served out there that that wrong was incredible by them in their day after that, take any one of those persons but just because of the balance in the way you deal with David Robinson, it can Duncan right. You know you see it's impossible, that he was very, very difficult to get a good quality shot again
Ah, but you probably happy that checking Kobe optimally couldn't get along and in part, it weighs cause that that decade probably could have done if they got alone, you could put them in their too, because yet you that's probably I'm you check was, is dominant. Does any big man ever like you, two possible to garden with blood all be off? The trouble was impossible to catch. You guys that virtually at admit your whole team to that that was difficult to play against the men, but offers You know I was with was obviously the resulted in red eyed. So you you taken this year off your added a loop but then next season. You think you're coach again Yeah I mean this year has been great for me as a much broader view
I will wait till the end of the season. I do miss the competition you know so I know the right situation comes along. You know love to get, into it. Isn't there like some sort of local Eleanor High school team? You could moonlight out for a month, and I sat with the guys shapes area that it will be ready. So we think it so fear little effort now thou right now. I have by the arrest of almost breathless vote. You know at its body. Would you look at it looking at it, but this perspective so is about the clippers replied at our margin stock, and if you don't like it, you know so. Well, you go with a look me in it. There man, a whole body with like When you look at the next job last thing, are you
yet away the variables. Would you we're You put a fur. Ex five years of the roster or GM front office infrastructure, this city ass player like what site the number on rare, but when you're looking at an extra, that's a good question, I think all of the above. But you know you want to gather the information, evaluate the weaknesses of it and then try to make a good decision. Were you feel like you're you'll, be a good bit eyes were you could be for an extended amount of time? Nothing the make up of the rosters critical,
Obviously one one had the right type of guys and I've been around long enough. I've been in just about every situation. I've been with young things about with old deeds that them within between things. So then, I think it's what you make it if there is a shared vision, you know where you have. Things that you believe in as an organisation and a commitment made, by everybody. Thing go in and try to get the most, each and every day and hopefully have a chance to build a championship, calibre team, that's what I'm looking for non awful, but that's what what whose opinion devalue more for this next Job Vanguard Dear Dac. You have to pick one. He one throw out the other guy gets one of those guys report life pick them. I have to get rid of one now that I have a board of directors
ok, smart, don't go? the board of that relied wandered one, the boy I am either plan to be in the board. If you need any Murat Iris you're all tabs, This is a pleasure you dead at your lady of higher sir. This is five appreciated by good luck with your aside. Thanks are by the IRA, I think. Tibbs and just for the record, I didn't want to ask him a whole bunch of questions about the bulls and what happened all that stuff, because you know he's he's taking a year sabbatical here and it and he's been very, very private about all that stuff and I'm sure he'll say whatever. He has to say at some point, but it wasn't going to be in this podcast. I just wanted to talk hoops in them and down the road. If you want to talk about it, we're here anyway, thanks to tips text has simply safe. They have no long term contracts period. He get the best twenty. Four seven security protection possible for
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Back later this week, the Superbowl props, cousin South it's coming be patient. We will have it maybe taxis about these things? I want to see me again. We want to try here close pitch in.
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