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Ep. 60: Friday Rollin' w/ Joe House & Michael Rapaport

HBO's Bill Simmons welcomes Joe House to discuss Curry's electric performance in D.C., the ceiling for Curry's highest scoring game (14:00), the farfetched KD/GSW story (18:25), Cam & the Panthers (24:30) and a SB 50 pick (31:00). Then, Michael Rapaport explains why he's not on FX's new OJ show (42:00), then talks OJ & CTE (48:00), Cam Newton & race & media (55:00), Straight Outta Compton (1:04:00), his only Hollywood boner (1:07:00) and the Knicks & Warriors (1:14:00).

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space. This episode has also brought to you by private eyes, from Hall Oates, eighty sign that also became really relevant, the last twenty four hours. Let's go, has data to pack, didn't you I've ever cumbered privatized out, sir! Now I don't know, but I'm glad we're talking about, but I warn you right of pride that thing in mood today, my brain, as I have, I have music in my today, not first of all, you know we further Olympic, as I like, to listen to my Moreau playlist yeah? I profoundly that playlist yeah, of course picture me Rona Stuff Park but then right below I got. I got my limp biscuit yet I got my Coolio Roma Dahomey. Yet. I got my Adele Rowan and deep yet again, always always make sure often Mahone featuring Becky G than there.
What about all right, I Rowan. What about private as by how notes what it better to fit the role and feeling better you're not fit another thing. They were right, somebody's house the parents house. If you'd private eyes outside the House of Dick House, your father and in your lovely mother, whose name and blinking offsetting better every house a little concern right to private eyes, just No better? They they call the cops first thing they would answer the door he did. Long tranche code, yet ducats would shoot, does private us so Wednesday that Marine Wednesday, Will you finally to see the magical gone. They were at the minor d. P marriage staff carry you got to see them in person in chocolate city and
You were beside yourself. Actually texted you'd have time to make sure that you had it at a stroke or something tell us what that aim was like a minute and all caps. Why is this? The pilot is, don't do it just as the non incredible it not extraordinary it. Depended it's it's better than that it better all those it is incredibly stupid, unbelievable it at all Why we do did you believe it? find yourself cheering for carry those going at your team. I mean I I checked this. It happens to be true. I had involuntary reflex. Every time. Got behind and started to put in a position to two stroke. It I jumped up at my feet every time, seven for a time he was by three point, lie in the fourth quarter. Madame I'd, be they time he made seven threes
first quarter like if it. If we had said ten years ago, like some is given ten three is seventh reason: a quarter. We are inviting the way nobody's doing that J as it routinely not people they just they don't in blank now z, get the these tax, like curry twenty five points, Seven threes in the first quarter and and. Ten years ago. That would have, I would have fell down now it's ago all right, I'll turn that they eyes. These were watching it in person, I fell down about Am I see, jump right back? There really is an endeavour, though the burden to the crowd. You know it was a good home crowd, I'm not sure how it played on tv now people over there was good these secretive.
Like a little bit like a soccer game, which is how those words games feel like where you have like twenty five percent of the fans are really rooting hard for curry and that everyone else has room for the hunting, yeah, yeah and curry. There was a pause. There was above every time he touched the ball and it was like a a collective breathing. We were all I is synchronize breathing. And then some cheers and an end the chairs. You know that the contingent that is, though, impressive with curry. That makes the most noise or at a kid the kids love the curry day. Really they love chef curry. There are so many kids and gone state unity. Sure! That's, though good for the league, its grey, and interesting is the last time this happened was the M J Pippen balls after M J came back when its felt like it was an event
fans are kind of rooting for the other team and that there was just a level of respect that I can't remember seeing before just for what you're watching like wow, I probably never going to see this again. You do that in the moment and then Shaq and Kobe came along, never quite got there it was awesome to see them in person, but I never felt like I don't know, amber seen them in person, nor at both to him. That was a tool yeah. That was something different about their shack and Kobe. Never quite got there. I think if they had peaked in two thousand during the regular season. They pay peaked in the play off. So what I got there, but it was really just play, I think, and then Leubronn and the HEAT thirty August, twenty seven game winning street. They got their briefly. It was cool, but but temporary. This is different in this. Has now been going on for four months in our February now, in these guys I d,
Like the balls, like you said, it's a barnstorming tor and that's what that's why this is so special. I think what is also different because of the thing your talent of of the best player in a league yeah. You know it's such a unique talented though, unlike anything that we ve seen before In the hot street that he's on- and I know that I already kind of I went on Twitter Wednesday and express my disappointment about not being able to get in early washing- can figure out a way to accommodate the fan did as worrying warm up, but you know that that other somehow or not, I saw the next day. There were two hundred people in there, but that those were not you know I have a body has been a long time didn't take an older. He wasn't invited in there. So I have no idea who they lead in. That's came up with an exclusive crew in
typical washed in fashion, but yet you know that the whole experience of him there was a line of people on both sides of the tunnel, loud fans to mine, that the warriors Entry and and people were taking pictures as the warriors entered the court curry came out first read in an empty fate. I we were there for the entire shack obey experience and we are therefore the brain and the heat and the brine got like eighty percent there, especially in the cap those less two years and then, when my may became a little bits of the bigger, but there's a villainous. Stubby Debbie aspect that first, my aim is it. This is the last time I remember something like this happen and was that Jordan Pippin thing where people were just wait for them to come out for the pre game and it was like everyone's I'm pins in NATO's. It was almost the best whack.
Paired. Is it it's like being at a concert when you're waiting for the ban to come out and then they lower the lights and everybody starts cheering. We know I'd I'd, better, good comparison yet and re part of it is because it so joyful yeah. You know what I mean is that both the current vote, the war, the warriors don't insult, higher, like hatred. Rather, I don't even know who the villain on the warriors is probably bogot. I guessed right, we were we, meeting yesterday with that some of the people that our work with me now- and I was joking about how the autumn hot tea can go, would be somebody trying to like create the backlash against this current thing. Her joke about what that backlash would look like. I don't even know. I guess it be leg staff This kind of boring off the cord. Maybe I like, where we're doing now? Everybody just loves this. It's fantastic! I don't know how you would
get apart and we live in a society where everything gets picked. A part in this is the one thing it's unpick are pick a portable right. If spoke of a genuine and earnest, you know that what a rare thing reef dna. So when you watch the warriors, did you feel any a new car the minor goodnight yeah you do. You know what I would say we call I caught the Mona. Unlike us, seventy five percent night, like on a kind of a b plus nine. I didn't catch him on a puree. Quite often didn't have a great great game dream. I got to a triple double, but also had a bunch of of a book. It then they are found out in the canaries, aired third into your defence. With, with with thirty I mean they really had no answer for John LAW. That's all fine but they're not losing a gamer staff, curry scores over fifty points. This
what are you crazy constructed are not losing the things that I found myself. Thinking has restored, quarter, went on and wash and made it really competitive and fans were into it and war with. Why was going so hard and making such a town yet, and if you know it's a shame, is being wasted the season but it meant that for sure step was going to come out and play the fourth quarter, we're going to see Stephen the fourth quarter, and I was thrilled thrilled about that- has the fact that the game you know the Washington, It was playing hard. The one thing I will tell you there was not one second from the moment the ball was tipped and until you know two minutes left in the game when the warriors world, by thirteen or fifteen or eleven or whatever it was that I thought that they wash and send a local professional teams. Not one moment in the other thing when you go see carrying person special night light that nobody's going to get food
the bathroom or get beers or anything you can in your seats until he comes out, and then it's almost like a concert where you know, you gotta see whatever band and they put their heads and then the guys I guides time place sucks from our new album and everybody runs through the concessions that likely curry comes out. I was made without Kurdish. Did me a great did my bladder a terrific favour? The second quarter give up Dave, Korean ICE nice extended seat on the bench I ran right up, ran right back down and and caught him right in the second quarter. I wonder how high he can get from a point standpoint, because you know it if a defense tries hard enough, they can make it really hard for him to score because it should become stupid because he's going to make the right play all the time and if there
trap him from thirty feet, always get it passed, an open guy and that's it you're. So I don't think there is a kind of feeling to how much he's gonna score, because I don't think the warriors would indulge the idea of letting him get to aid Are you now try and crack ninety anything like tat? No one had taken their dna, you doubt it, but it's like you said it. Ass to be our semi close game. The other team, and that's why, in the first quarter, when he had the twenty five the fantasy Inn crescent we're kind of watching the score like a man if they could. If the wiz can keep this to like seven or eight, then curry might actually play four corners like this is conceivable. I was more interested to see if he you know. What's crazy is he he doesn't have the record for most threes in a game.
It's true. I was stunned by the I thought I'd just assumed he had, and I saw you I was sixteen or something, but it's right right, work, rewritten twenty seems so doable Frahm, but soon, as the will realise that they actually had to start trapping M, which, unfortunately, that happened in the first quarter, it you know, the suddenness ceiling for workers can do they did the cobia. Eighty one point and there are good our histories about it were the two biggest factors were. And who is a close game where they had to come from behind and then maybe it's the image on the other side lined the single teaming up and He was red hot. They did with violence answer for jail in Evian. You know, so I think it's going to be. Hard forever, especially the internet era, where you're, just gonna be roasted,
delayed in Youtube clips and gifts and others that nobody wants to be embarrassed- that that people are to be embarrassed. The two thousand six, but now it's like the stakes, are higher from an embarrassment standpoint and people Perry. I don't see him getting over sixty two sixty three. I don't think it's conceivable. It doesn't make sense for the warriors. I still think we can speak see somebody in the families be approaching 80s, but it's going to be in a situation kind of like last season, where it's like Melo and the Knicks playing somebody who's already shut it down for the season like they're, playing, Brooklyn or they're, playing Phoenix Or- and an mellowed. It just happens to be hot. He makes his first foreshadow something the beginning: the game like AIDS, the school ran, so he just keep shootin and shoot and inhuman and and fulfils it up. He had that sixty with five or six point game last, even you know, and in March or April I actually think of you
They tell me who has the best chance of getting a seven out said the rat, because your shirt part of what needs to happen, as the other team has to step in and found trouble and somebody's gotta get stuck in line with the ran he can get to lie, but Silken Westbrook and they eat out there, play a team like the chariot and just fell out german and air bans. Are these different guys- and I in you know by the forthcoming it's just a show of a team that that's the one thing that hurts curious, he's not gonna get light over and over again it's our jump. Shots at your own. Only realities best aim, but you know I like that. I, like that Katy theory, because ok see definitely allow either one of rusty or Katy if one of them has had hand to shoot every single time we come down the floor. We should mention speaking a vat of K, D. Both of us, wanted to see him play for two straight months. The hour where
so they re to believe in the Oklahoma City Thunder and he's he's done it now. I think I'm looking up his stats as we're Talkin, but he is played now. Forty four games he's up to twenty seven point. Four again for points his January was fantastic. Twenty eight time by five points, nine point: three rebounds, oh, get an alliance. Seven point: seven free throws forty nine thirty, seven. Eighty nine splits I created back. That's that's threat, that's it! That's why debt to seed is so important because the how wants to play that team in round to its ears by opinion? No thanks I don't want your big eyes, yeah, that that's by at my experts-
I don't want to see the re Westbrook in any any round, but especially ran to, and would then I would have to pay the warriors after that. No thank you for their those their presently third right there there. How did how Kosovo per I'm looking right now, whether the dispersed skin interesting with the spurs right. There are five gamely than Oklahoma City I'll get thirty one games left, but maybe we just went out in a million years old one little injury to Choir Aldridge and then in OKC? If they stay healthy, I think could make that gap up. That's that's! Not a lot of games supposed to disperse has the spurs have a couple more games against the warriors and all that stuff. I want to talk quickly about the rent and I know it. We got talk super bowl This there's a story that came out couple days ago.
And it was I would ask- is new website. Where was it was a two pronged story during the warriors planning for therein and then another article about how that how they could make it happen. Cap was all due respect to the two to that site in the reporting. I thought that was one of the most ludicrous stores of ever read because for this reason, the warriors or forty five, and for why the hell would they mess with anything there, not thinking about next year. There are thinking about the ranch. I think it's absurd. I just don't believe it. I dont believe anyone in their team in the locker room in front office. Anyone who owns the team is thinking anything other than let's keep this together. This is a once in a generation, teen they're, not thinking. Oh, you know we should do. Is get really Harrison. Barnes, a renowned Sean Livingston and renounce Festus Israeli in trade
good darling, get Kevin therein in here. That is the most adriatic logic. I've ever heard, I'm not questioning that work, ASCII, wrote the story because he had information. My questions whose feeding the information if I'm on another team, like disperse o, K C or the clippers urge the Cavaliers I'm faded, this stuff to reporters Abyla, hey man, I heard the words are and hard after what it should do. If you're one of the other teams, I dont believe anything about this story. I think it's being fed by the other teams and, I think, have an agenda for it.
That really is the right way to believe one word of it. I were worst, though, passed the point where there there there there's any legitimate reason to have to make speculation about work having to rent might go next. I stood the the conclusive peace was written before this even started by that glow. The thing that makes the most economic sense the thing bed that and still preserved Katie's option is to resign for one year yet say without Casey, with Russie with a banker and and then come out the following year. So all this is it remain. The topic. Does your you know in and get as many look there were at the pointless, even where you know getting eyeballs on stories that don't involves the games.
Games. Argo. I gotta take you so far at an inn staff shop and fifty one it's it's is complete. Conjecture, nonsense, talk motivated by yenoki interest in instilling, stories that the one thing and we both know for sure it is impossible to forecast. Well, what's gonna happen a year and a half from now, while NASA? I don't blame them for writing those stories. I think it was smart. They got than some traffic some attention. He knew idiots and was gonna race to talk about it for the next ten hours and hold their programme who better than other shows. I never heard anybody, and maybe it happened. I just missed it, I never heard anybody made the point that this is fundamentally idiotic, Dan the workers, have a chance to break the bulls record for seventy three words
in every possible way there thinking about hey. You know I know the great this year, which is to go back to back and go seventy five and seven. But how could we get better Is it just idiotic? What are you talking about? Nobody said: a conversation, and if Joe leg of the warriors owner should come out, he should give a press conference in it like look. I saw this story and I am just flabbergasted has stupid. It was because all the steps coming from other teams are people who tried under by what we have I can tell you is. This is the best experience of my life as an odour as a human being I would never want to break this up. I hope this goes on forever. I want to resign everyone. Why would I break this up? We're about to break the record for best team ever
wake up every would shut up? He doesn't need to go out and do I decided to stretch answer. I did that's pebble. I can only team. I picked up. Probably right. I read it. You know they're just hand on their business. They all of this is nonsense, stuff on on the margins, for the end, what I should have said. Something Cosette article so basically said that J mine was already think recruiting Doran stuff J. Much that I am not doing that, but it's too it's too dumb to indulge. Why was it was? It was a thirty six hours story was the main story everywhere for thirty six hours, Lord surprising, about that Donald Trump has been counted as the GEO p front runner for the past six months, the guy who is best on television. The tv celebrity I've been doing really good on television. I can't believe it. And then is actually a moment where people vote wait a minute. They didn't vote for the tv star. The tv programme is overdue voting time now,
and allow the theme deal here like you know, let's get eyeballs, but let's create stories. We have to have stories to fill up these hours of of media and these these pages of content on the internet. Who cares if ludicrous it ludicrous to sport? Media talk, Psycho is at its all time. Dumbest I dont even know whose arguing and wrap airports gonna come on a lower attack, but I dont even know whose arguing against came Newton. I love came noon. Who doesn't like came Newton? There had been this rumble Orpheus long about sort of emphatic nature of his celebrations in the duration of them and a dam, and I was only under current of like act like you, ve been there, that's been going on with these long. There is only one time at it
like it when they were away up in a game, and he kept doing it next to four guys and on the other team- and I forget what game was in the four guys get pissed I've felt accuse resident in not a great example. What game is it the saints game? That was the one time as like our outcome like Rio, Ray back a bit better cricketer what he's doing a when he scores in football and some of this stuff has been doing after the touchdowns as we see it in and thirty basketball teams Ceiling College. I I just I don't get it at that I just don't know whose arguing the flip side- I came Newton and why this became this whole giant race thing. I had added think he's from you in your dinner.
Answer. You understand the conversation you and Charles Bark we talked about this a week ago. It's so stupid, it so stupid. I love can and here's a hot take about, CAN Newton. My mom, who knows nothing like two weeks ago, walked in our house or the whole thing me. Pausing Cheesacre, whose ask Newton he's gorgeous. That's a high tech. I haven't heard. I haven't heard women in late sixties. Talk about how gorgeous Cape Newton is a beautiful teeth, he's on the roan, gonna have banned, but its teeth or he's a handsome. Man, it's feel like the camp. So let's talk about Superbowl that both the site to make picks both the site to gamble. I am six and for the season against Brad, I'm five and five. I didn't have the balls to take the Broncos two weeks ago,
even though I thought TAT I was going to before the package that I had my whole case laid out with a good case at the last second, I panicked and didn't wanna go against my team, and I would leave me I knew I knew that games was scary. I knew a bunch of dumb stuff was gonna happen. It basically came down to my kick Miss the extra point, my best offensive, where got burned twice by own Daniels? and there is a passive ferrets. It wasn't cod and most important. My two tackles could that black, the two best: ass pressures on the broadcasts- and we all know that the most important factor Brady honour that twenty times that probably the factor that really decided the outcome of that that game, I think we deserve to lose. But it was also one of those games or everything went wrong for the pats and other than the backwards pass. Nothing went wrong for the Broncos and my question:
the fourth and ten Hale married a grab that he actually cot was well worth it might. I would say that when we went well, you and I have been talking all season about how the branches of employing games out of their battles we have and also how they its literally impossible for them to get over twenty points. We made an observation the Panthers have favoured by six the brok. The brackets cannot scorer more than twenty points. Unless they get special teams. Tat stands: defensive touch stands whatever and Carolina scores over three points and like every game they play is fundamentally. This feels like a thirty two twenty game. If your judging the histories of this teams of these teams,
why is the line only six, and why am I so afraid, TAT Carolina? Why? Why is the line? Only thick, though, want one interesting thing: people love Carolina, no big, surprise. They scored forty nine points in the inner. Their conference gave a pretty and unlikely thing, and it doesn't happen very often they looked great doing. It is not just a day. You know, scored a whole bunch of points. They ran the cardinals, the F off the field. Carnal did not belong on it and on a feel for Palmer em. You have Carson Palmer come back from that. He doesn't he's gonna, be he's gonna, be an his pack s next year, this cat, that our bodies at full plaid Cyrus, It was by DV away standards, one of the great plant performances in the history of the process of building the analytic supported. So people haven't banging the hell out of out of character.
The line open for, and it is up to six now over eighty percent of the money, and there were some books that, where the money on spread, but with all we have to do, Eighty percent range on Carolina and that's how we're at six and there's some thought that might go up to six and one slash two. Nobody thinks it's going to go to Steven and the things that I've read, but you know that the phenomena the most recent you know, what did I just the Carolina? It passes the I test with flying colours over the Bronco, but so again par Jane you that's great private eyes: the teams with a better defence you have one body of the past forty nine superboss near
leading the NFL untold defend nine in two and super bowl history, and that include the epic colossal brain, lock mistake by Peak Carol last year. You see he made it office for the teams leading the phone total decent, did also fun thing, underdog of at least four and a half point getting less than fifty percent of spread bats, and I just talked about how much Carolina is getting banged on his back twenty eight in fourteen against the spread. That's nice that sixty seven percent nor ongoing with this are you are you taking take it by private as chicken report you taste so Gould Joe hath figure the week. I hope to finish Dixon five play out, I'm captain on Peyton Manning. I know exactly where that puts me, but
I just that that the old added adage of defence winning keeping chip it. I just get em old, now, don't fuck on stuff like that, so Caroline, it's now five and a half, so you take endeavour plus five and a half day of a score of ass sure. Yes, I did. I actually do. I like, while you now, I dont, have a score because I dont have a a good deal for who, I think you're gonna, win, yeah, ok, so much I haven't gotten the points. Twenty four twenty them recover Carolina wind timber covers interesting, so I taking the Denver Broncos as well. Ah now for a couple,
Jim Palm UK. So good, then, our very good privatized, a kind of adjusting the nobody believes in. As fact there is at an all time, high all time. It's it's not everyone thinks Let us get away- and this is a two week camp Coronation, Danvers lucky to be here, etc, etc.
Etc and Danvers defence. As a ton of pride, wasteful upset, it's the best defence he's ever coached. He seems to believe in the defence and here's the thing with all due respect to everything the Panthers have done this year at the end, came has been incredible. The kind of office they have is the kind of defence that damper should be able to shut down. I watched him do with the patriots right, let their short passes they swallowed up. They were able to. Oh, I thought really cover Grand Caskey effectively for most of the game. He finish with a hundred forty four yards, but the last two. Catches the fifth, the yard Hale Mary in the double coordinate again, and that was after they lost their safety's and then at the end of the game. I tat incredible catch in the end zone that it seem like he was out of bounds, but he wasn't for the most part they they they took him out of it.
Aim and I thought they had ever under wraps day. They still really nice job. In the. I think that a disruptive effect of the speed of of Denmark front for an effective Carolina haven't seen a defence like that this season, yet no analogue for this. For them, you know they can't say all we followed, defend, fight, Denver and weak sticks, and this is the way we steamed. Mrs way, we handle that until a beer- and this is what just proven out- we watched it- was borne out by what we watched them were due to the path you have a game plan you can come in by until you're on the field and that speed that appeal rush and the pressure in the pocket collapsing darts are go occurring. Recurring yeah, I dont think you can hear the best laid plans and a pet. The paths tried to adjust, but the best plan. You know the aegis after the hope for the best one. Then they can also. We know they can get a pass rash. Guy
with a limited number of people and taken taken pressure. Can it make a move around and make him after make plays in rattle, I'm an all out with four guys and they could just basically swarm. Neither, as I also you know take in you know, he's got a big drought coming contrary these guys, like aren't their scope position. Guys aren't grew camp has made of them. I think a little bit better than they are. But when you look at you know, they benefit amazing home team right kill people on there is a great point day. They were killing Seattle. Seattle came back to make an interesting in the in, and perhaps they killed Arizona on over the course irregular season killed. Tampa, I'm just gone backwards, kill tape about twenty eight killed Atlanta by thirty eight killed washed by twenty eight
beat Green Bay thereof in the top by twenty something, and then they came back, but you go backwards issues date. They were an awesome hunt him. While on the road weak sixteen lost in Atlanta, weak fifteen almost lost the giants. Giant said the big come back: weak thirteen almost lost to New Orleans, one by three they killed Alice and wheat twelve, but that was caused the quarterback situation. They be Tennessee. Everyone bids Tennessee Seattle was close in out. Did I haven't seen the track record of them when they're not at home, just rolling up the score, and then you throw in the fact that members defence is gonna, be fired Nobody believes and ass. We can beat, can we can get term Gregg all since that can be yes we're going to make your other guys beat us the whole thing and then they're history. This whole season of playing close games that you watched and you thought how the hell is Denver in this game
the other team is dominate in this game. How is Denver around? Why are they lingering, and I just think this games gonna be close I like it in, and we re imagining what more Thomas Davis I dont they either. I think he's going to be enough factors broken arm pill, playful quarter no come out what the team rally around HD age Manning. I mean when we know that now its daily manner to his wife wasn't was Paden sweater I might add that HIV Aids marrying his wife last neighbours manning maybe the right, around her cheek in power. You take so good. I also like I could What we see him winning a egg. I totally Jim Nance covered in his own body fluids idea, can provide a girl sitting rooms. The whole thing so there's two ways to go: there came a fag.
Similar to the Pats game two weeks ago were. I think I was right when I said this is a covered my basis, but either Carol outages blows about an Manny throws five packs and it's a disaster or Denver once again or comes down close, and I am I'm picking that's there. I think this feels to me like tat ugly. One thousand six hundred and fifteen 19th and seventeen like just some sort of weird score and it's in the end, it's below twenty and then can be. There camel have a chance in the last. Couple minutes, t their winter lose the game. First him. I agree. We agree about exactly the scenario I think work, that's what the game were about to watch on Sunday about clairvoyant bill. Yes do for one of those right with the Superbowl. I guess I to Seattle.
The path is a good example of how game my back ago, just kind of ugly some spurts spoke for the most part. You know better there was no more exciting for the whole. Fourth quarter. Yeah in their pets ended up putting up to touch dads and now a faint, but but I could see that go on this way, and I just you know it sounds weird, but I do feel like pulling out games and keeping games close, making them ugly age is being able to find a way to win over and over again that's a scale than at first specialty that even the Pats eighty, when where we had that streak with the twenty one game winning streak in all of those games, they were, there were no out a blow out in those games. You know well, I just kind of grinding it out. Somehow we want make in a play being clutch and at some point interference an appearance in the end don't come in a big at some point its scale and, I think, never has proven
over and over again this season that they can win close games. We've been watching it for six months. You got to give him credit. At this point. We both like the Denver Broncos to cover a five and a half point spread. I'm going to pick the Panthers to win by two It's like it. I am at twenty four twenty eight, which your score: nineteen, seventy, ok Goodwin near House. I resign as we did it. We're done. Take care that the Europe of fifteen Ex week, our sea, Russia, would suck about age, be announced the newest way and the best way in the only way, to stream of hp out every episode of every season of hp as best series put some of the biggest his movies, sometimes before any other streaming service. No tv
cages required come teach beyond our next week, fast Senate. Repeat that seven, the family is back coming to expand our later this month. This isn't premiers of last week tonight and girls. The serious prayer vinyl magic MIKE X X x out, in a dress, download the HBO now app and your favorite device to start you thirty day, free trial instantly just do it HBO Hbo! I forget I might go rap report on here. Let's take a break to talk about our bodies at betterment if your teenage the best way to invest for the features by trading a pair of rapidly declining future hot
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Managing billions of dollars. For over one hundred thousand customers, you could be nets get up to six months, a free, automated investing in more information as well, when you gotta betterment that come slash, bs betterment, investing made better again betterment, Jakob, sash, bs and now, with let's bring in my report, I, as promised mackerel port. Please don't swear that we pay its listening in the cars striving their kids to school. I know of our friend swear on their kids banana. Not ever in America does not do they do and then they will be just fine. If their kids hear me swear it'll enhance the boot. You know what you'll get a bigger audience with the kids decades will be like the please turn that guy gone on, so I might do saw my mind now. I'm gonna control myself, but if it's inorganic curse I'll do it, I'm gonna take the first course how the fucking and the soldier tv show effects. Where
where's your agent whomso agent well, did that the whose wage anywhere my that's hole of these countries Robert Card ashy and they had to go swimming. You can put it like a Wigan will last week and they would write a little right. It's a game. Juice, Jews, Jews. Don't do it Don't worry, you know what the craziest thing and in- and this is what I heard and then and then I actually got I gotta a copy of the audio. The audition tape is Corti, be Vance was playing Johnny given that was you decorative when you're, no, no out they weren't? You know this whole diversity thing in Hollywood, originally DNA I was gonna play Jappy Chiquita, Nobody was an initial edition was going good, an end, but the audition was like that: fucking glove doesn't fit. These hands. If it don't you could you come,
sucker you, he had the part until he threw that in their Danny's darted, say and I love- doesn't fit on these folk in it and they want to eat, hasn't say that any he insisted on doing that way and that's reason why DNA Ilo is now playing Johnny Cochrane Corny events is doing a good thing, but you know they were trying to diversify the cast. I thought you we could have played any of the cap's I think he's going to play when our firm in your heart, firm and, to be honest, I did get a phone call about more from the truth, has been revealed how you you're right about that, but but he's very wasps looking position even ready played We call my firm in a racist or you just made racist comments. Eased both already setting you may then higher learning. Yes already did that. So I mean what I actually did get a phone call about that because I saw a picture from, but I knew they wanted more of the day. The day the you know he's more around. You know he's a ship's he's a shit, so I felt I think, you're left out you got it.
Doubt because the greatest thing about this OJ show anything I enjoyed the most is that it's basically eight pop culture cornucopia canvas the of the last twenty five. Thirty years you have Ross from friends playing Robert Shapiro, not you have part four I feel like there's a good argument. Not a great point. Did it always got the who's? The guy, who is sopranos to the wallets only war with all their unholy walnuts streak streak? Can we have a new? That's out me, you got him. You have Malcolm. My Werner. They seek out actually our former colleague and our families you have Cuba as OJ, you have read, TED rose OJ simply up. You have John Travolta as ravage pair. You have share a lad Robert Shapiro Way, if I didn't know
oh yeah, I didn't catch the earlier. I was too mesmerized by Shapiro Interval to an end when it goes to pop culture. Like you know, we ve talked about Stallone, yes, revolted he's he's right in their women's forty years, a Travolta. So that Acta Backwater point the plastic bubble, boy, the placid bubble, Veni, Bob Moreno, Terry Minero and Greece, but totally after totally Minero, it was a rat for me. Like I love him, I think he was the big winner with Greece Life, because the guy who put the troth apart it made me think, like that, will never seen
about not yet said, Michael Jordan. I totally agree. They hope that he's the best Griesly ever period, you can't duplicate what he did he had. He had the looks he could sing. He could dance. He loves to sing in this, and I mean you're judge of alter it. It's a guy. You know you sort of take for granted in you, you, you know, like he's up their release, a little bloated, this tumult of saying this from the bottom up. You're sixty something yeah forget the hair, for we will, if you don't have any of you still juncture Volta. I love Mary. Every every move, your tv show he has a different hair to its great it's. Not even the movies is every time you see him alike. When he's in real life. He has a different here. Do. Did you see them He made with Deniro where there is about is like a Russian. Yes, I do. The name. Is it's almost like? He had a to pay, but it blended into a beer.
It was like you just think it on. I want to stress here was like with my someplace legos in writing. Put different head heads of hair. Suddenly the Lego characters are you so you're digging it, but I love it. I don't want to bring up yes, paean well, believes there, the thirty four thirty that was made. What was a June forth they about seventeen nineteen, and for that that is also what the OJ that cap. That was the best thing that was the best so throughout France, ass, thick document or thank you read Tidwell. Yes as OJ, yes, I was thinking turf, recasting first choice. I guarantee Eric Herod right. It rose praise I five seven. No, I know that the physical size he's knighted samovar size to physical size was the only thing but but the essence of who Cuba Gooding is. I guarantee you. He was the first choice, the essence of who we use and the kind of act or use and the way he looks and the sort of the way he's looked at him.
Hollywood. I care to you. He was there was it he was the first choice they think they went to so I would have gone with Dennis Haze Bert nine years ago, Dennis he's working world now, but Dennis Haze, Bert nine years ago, the shiny juice. I need this side. Yes, I agree. I they moors chest that shot fantasy suggests that would have been a nice on somebody with some size. The just let us diesel he's he's ripple he's not that bit physically big like OJ. Look like his private six three
the aim. Is the EU was the Jews using shoe? You need the giant head had the biggest head of anyone who, like other than the three years unbearable and set a giant head? Yes, OJ had the biggest had anyone's a rat right, and what about this thing about other than the see tee guy saying that he thinks he would bet his license, that the real OJ absolutely has city. I've been on that corner for fat, close them in our talk, but then pass like five years when he really oh, eight, that he's the most obvious see tee case ever and those fuckin. Sorry, those helmet said he played with talk a toy helmets. Talk about. Like you know, I mean, do you don't even have a face mask he one bar to warfare,
mass and it was play with a helmet that they sell it like target for, like Halloween costume in Ezra Ottomans giant documentary about O J fur is page is apparently great parent laid. His head was so big, even back then that in those talks toy helmets they had to remove the padding from their helmets to fit his giant head and really talk about that yeah. I think seduced a watch ESPN. I you know, I don't like those sports talk shows what are you? What do you want for sports talk? Show I don't. I just don't care. I argue that that's why we have the internet. Are you are you? You know that I don't I watch. Ptsd lies the love Tony MIKE, probably now. If one point it was every day, but probably twice a week three times a week, people ask me the last time you weren't Simians Henry
but they did now famous Zapruder Simmons tape that he play out of pocket. What did he's a lady in the umbrella people ask me all the time and announced are coming from the second up shit like listen I'll, tell you what he said: yeah she's, making up stuff. Vibrating from this take liberties, I'm not gonna, just tell you. What do I get? Take liberties hermit, I'm glad we didn't talk about it, the when when when we were in a package together, I like the focus to be at us, not the past. Absolutely forward, I hear you, I hear you I get with that said. I love reliving the pastor, though J, because That was one of those I have written about it. I have a big com and from o four I e is pain that come archives which m industry. Yet there was one of the last great pre internet moments and I still think that Friday night during the next game would you might have been at that? Next I wasn't add, and I was watching at my mom's has gone. What would they are cutting back and forth to the OJ? Dns is was like the J F K assassination moment for the nineties
everyone remembers where they were when they have absolutely and when I clicked on it like young, it's happening. I remember who I watch it game with what house. I was at a meeting with what our plans were for that night: yup, n, N, N, N N, the fact that wasn't it wasn't OJ in the small green and then by, like you, know, well kept going on in OECD without a couple times here he and the Knicks we're just like. I was a foregone thing yeah. That was that with such a fund, I was in Connecticut stating somebody at that point, but we spend our time in Connecticut hot ok, when all they do is remember, advocate wacky bottom to save member the Tri State area. Ninety four: yes, you, the next day the Rangers yup you in the OJ thing, yup you at making the mad dog taken off, It felt like a midsummer you now over the cow that the Black
summer in the seventies whenever they made summer. Sam, yes, deaf rocks is burning, the call take the call, not sorry my lad, you got you scotch tape on your phone I have had the scotch tape politely. I will read the Bible for E mails and keep drop in the black baronets. Breaking my getting at you, you, you really as it has. I have holes in the glass and so on. I will Simmons lays down the street. You break it. We fix it. Sixty seven deprive you discount ass ever data. My car Ivan fixed that I can understand why you are forward duct tape, guy dot net dirty. That's literally, you have scotch tape on all your blackberry. I know I'm one asshole.
I wanted to get ruined. I very though so let you you do so anyway, the r J I love it. I can't wait for. I am enjoying the chick was plain: Marcia, hardiness immortal, hearted, Marcia, Clark, Marcia, Clark, more charges, egg she's, the best one surpass killing from studio. Sixty met, Parrys greatest achievement, yeah killing member. How good map Harry was insidious Jesse, yet that was it that was supposed to be his career year and then a man to pick up pregnant and the whole show unsightly and in, and he hasn't, cancel the odd couple you want some about cast Hansel like five. My parish was. He had the odd couple on C B, as I was you mentioned about like a year Matthew and cast goddamn right, I was asking Madison, they got met, Perry play. I noticed I, like my power. I did friends no disrespect to him yell, but when they cast met parry the plate, Asker Medicine and I've seen at home totally my dick
NL. I do, of course, is gonna get, cancel, ask or medicine for how authority I'd feel and ask her. That's a tear. I'm talking about is crazy. I mean Asker Madison, terrible, you Ben you got left Addison things that would have been grateful. You know you and then I got some things at dinner. Gracchi complain. I can't complain you now planned. Yes, my stories you find out birds, Meredith, Stick man, a real stick. Man like a real statement like no in the inn in supplies. Word you know. Burgess was a legendary,
Equally, I read a legendary stick. No a world class. Stick man! That's what he said. I was singularly he's when, in the asker I was Thinkin Vader in the gloves. Cause sly was their retorted. The birds minister, but also LEO, was there whose this generations world class the keys in a different level year. Whatever Burgess did whatever wore a baby, did Leonardo Caprio his topped records, whatever Jack Nicholson did in his prime and in an unlike in the eighties, in the early nineties, Leonardo shut it down he's like a tree. Man he's a tree me and visa he's like he's like an assassin like he's an allowed in there's no complaints and
no law suits and no one's blown up on twitter and there's no dick picks. He's gotta down to a science he's got it down. Tat is true: he's got it down suicide, Leonardo Dicaprio, he is its. I can't Lance Armstrong was the greatest cheater ever with leaders they just nobody. Could catch him yeah same thing for being a stick media? Now I see some of these hipster manifesto say wisely only dating younger, because he can't you round fuck with what don't you hate the player hate like all these have totally wise forty one you're only or whatever. Only dating hot models or twenty five. Twenty six, listen, you could say what you want. Is a Euro Merrymen happily married, but anyone who could be live in that life and doing it where people are anyone angry at you day would be doing outcomes shit what you say, but we we talked about this delay. Fine, but the amazing thing about LEO is now that he's in his forty Asia and he still added these clubs. You don't leave the club to three three thirty, four.
I am after you, ve picked, whoever your friend for the knights gonna be friends. You gotta go back to somebody how Sir Leah S house. Now it's like for thirty years to make everyone drinks, you don't really get down to business till five. Five, fifteen, nay, nay, Europe too late in the morning leaves a vampire ease deftly vampire, but he makes in appearance. Occasional LEO could fly fish off his office house off the balcony of his house and and and have the same thing I mean you're. Leonardo the cap was one of the guys he's on a different level as it as a stick man as Coxswain. If he's on a different level. These LEO had bought the Playboy mansion. That would have been the our time on laying down as the world the world's premier tree men and beyond that he doesn't even need to do that. Go much lousy. Second leg is like. It is like a like someone to make this while Odin there's that would be cool near annual keep half in business. Stamina have some
It is everyone's around like that. You know get get half format: Lamar Odom QC. Would you still made of sleep? You still got it. You laugh from me on my neck. You wanted to talk about, can noon so it's dark, but that he has. It came noontime. What will they turned the Superbowl, the Superbowl press week in tough? They, China, Korea, Fuckin race or its discarded Barkley was on my ipod last week. Predicted the sea was here when I call them, but he predicted it. He was like I see where this is going. This is terrible. I don't know whether do like he did all tat the area, what would happen, they turn it down there to their try to create into its attitude to a show- and I, like I listen, I love, can I don't think he needs to dance every first down you gain to this. You get to the end zone. Do you think I mean if I had the ability, the can,
I want to just be dancing. I would strip naked and run around with a heel, but duper beside the dancing, a legit. You he's a great looking guy he's, articulate he's charismatic. He plays the game like it's, never been play, he six six to sixty and he doesn't mind being black. You know he's not making excuses for for being black and like they're. Turning this into it like this whole, like he's not like, explain himself he's ex he's comfortable with whom we is. I've never seen somebody so comfortable, like he, like he's, praying and like you're talking to himself before he snapped the bull like he's like in a different planet like by his my question, whose making the counter arguments that took the media, the people at risk and the questions that all these pulls. Do you mind him dancing in like is the in european look, something like people? Ok, I'm just say
but to say, like you know, you dig some people that they take these Paul's. Do you not like him because he's these make up because he's black is the dead? It's like what the fuck are we talking about. I mean we're, we're we're we're talking so that a personality than Tom Brady, any probably looking than tamper, our guy Tom Brady Hangings. Getting great Chin terms got a great change, tough, the region, but he's got no personnel. He followed LEO. That takes a lad of Sir Confidence possible. Very handsome, looks yes, he followed man a merry LEO's or girlfriend who and don't think LEO was a China get her back at some point. There now now he did. He did try to get about it, so it that's what I and ass weekly, all cable. That true, that's like better, stars are just like us, yet illicit better than what they get coffee do. Do you do you do have what the previous speech, I'm sure I dare do. You know that my Wikipedia pages now saying that much.
You wish Mexican do money, that's what it did anything could go on, but I thought what the peoples, where you go for information ass, wise that I haven't looked about Wikipedia pages like six years, is the last time I went out and had like three things. I would like all my god. This is gonna. Jake can never come back. People go to wit. The p. Anyone can change it. I am, but why is it still would like we considered legitimate like if I'm surprised, whenever I show up somewhere, they have my with somebody was. If I didn't know you were Mexican Jew. I wanted to talk in the goats on you Wikipedia page, but that what we do. Molly went out of it could help. You ask your chances now that they're gonna reserves, city adversity should say. Yes, I am excellent. I could at least they should, and I echo to play China Cochrane. You know it's right here, because it diversity the pendulum, was called. The pendulum thing would pendulum, but put yet Pendel depend alone, pendulum its wings, both ways: yeah, ok, its wings, both way
like the candle? Yes, so the case you laid out about why people and why the media's trace, but doesn't this race would came even cracked, the top ten, the stuff he doesn't. Football games are winning cracked, the top ten of things we see an mba games and every loves NBA worse its cause. It's a quarterback, no one say shit when Aaron Rodgers does discount double check pop pop when anything which he stole from
You need to create that thing rent he stole, but no one. No one single word. When AIR Rogers does this thing and now you know and became known because he's a quarter back he's a black quarterback. They don't like. They wanted the kid they wanna keep him in his place and the race thing is so visceral and and and people want to act like you races in an issue until it's an issue and- and I feel like right now- race in sports and race in the country and is- is more vibrant and and right right at the surface, then its ever been in my lifetime, like there's so much stuff going on there. Somebody you know with the police and all this up I beat the camp did what's going on with the Prescott. Does a disgrace if I was Kim noon. You asked me this question this. Why say? Kids cover years, you say to me what he did I go want you sucked is Dick
and there they say. Oh excuse me. I said you want to set this dick. Like I mean he wouldn't do that because he's not me just like you wouldn't run around the arena naked, but it's like I do with due either those in what it's like it at some point. It's like that. Don't you gotta be like you. What are you talking about, but he's just he's got it all figured out and that's why he's can noon but I'll send I'll when one day dancers, questions for like a visa he's just heavily perfectly, but it met ale should be in their answer. This question: why did you pick? I Not that posavina, because I was only claiming where's, my Norway and the weight of my house no screen curses eat. No, it's kinda curses like ILO dead dead. Does that voice, so Speckly Bessie, the House, which is a really good book. I recommended yes prevent Amazon, it's it's specks, a big basketball fan. He I have a tortured histories movies, but, yes, it is actually a fan of the game
Don't you know like these huge supposedly when Ralph, while used to read his. He has been a calm way back. He this character called the road dog that he would talk to you. In that respect. We owe GEO society goes. I can read those Ralph while the Coms dog is Beckley, but so does it any bigger than spitefully. As far as a next basketball face lobbying in that book made this whole case about how Hoosier is in Rocky, are both racist sports movies and its eyes and say here's the wait here? Oh and now here comes the APOLLO creed, the black guy in COBRA Land, the black eye and then in whose yours it's like. Here's, this ragtag group away, kids in the middle of nowhere, and then they made the final game in itself. Ben. I may have a bunch of black kids. They raise this Yo Rocky Minnesota when kids gotta beat the black kids
the kind of ninety nine point nine billion who just for me, but like eight percent while I'm, I always I've, never been with you for it, because I know I think, whose is it your favorite sportsman, but we ve talked about it is, but it's spikes. In my head now Toujours Attack, But like the black coach and south bananas, get a four point: leave with no shock lack in a minute ago and is like running, plays yeah Citys Gerbil the clock out due to the idea that they think. I, though, the White Coats new, to do and ned hey we're gonna run around gotta Jimmy instead and the right coach always came through the black coachsteps gerner. I looked out far into it, but yeah. Listen. Why just Saint spiked made me think his age? He easy he's he's a thinker not as thinker to cool APOLLO, Creed and Rocky, be a thinker not a snake or now. How do you feel automatic vista you? How do you feel that services alone is going to win the asker for essentially rocky seven? I cried when you want the golden
literally like I'd tiers of my I cried, and then I cried a second time when he didn't think ran cooler, megabits per thousand mistake, eight, but here's the thing he's old He's all he's all these, like almost seventy was intentionally she's, all Percinet cycling. My dad can find his car keys for half ya, know different yeah. I agree. I saw no beheld. Thank them. This first off the top cougars should have been nominated. I don't agree, I don't got rid of fight. Scenes were incredible to fighting we're chrome, I think, but but per traditionally oscars, don't nominate. Pop culture fills acted like why? Don't they nominate star wars? They don't do that. That's a pot just like interview as good as I love straight out, a captain. It's a pop culture filled and I loved it, but I just don't think it was worthy of an Oscar. I feel like the guy, who played easy, could could be a consideration for best, supporting our actor and, and I think the screenplay got nominated, but
for us, the best film. I don't agree to LE just watch it again. I did you watch the low version benign into the directors collared almost every hour. I watch that just because, like the information in their it needed it be fifteen minute shorter, but I'm not sure what should have been cut. I agree I agree, but about it, but I I love the em. Look: afford watch directors cut just to see what other stuff in there you know is amazing. Magistrate at a content is that you at these three parts, knew how to nail our three for that movie, where the up and they
ass. Three people that I had never heard of all three of them are awesome. Kick ass, a really great reason. They were good. Biggie movie, the big. I was good. He was in great yeah, but I never felt like he was biggie like these guys, an interview I follow. These were the guys I thought the piggy movie. It was too soon site like near, like the worms hadn't, you know had died in the casket, no disrespect to bigger, but it was like he died. Let's make a movie, it's like, let let let some time past let everybody so Twitter, like the Steve Jobs early, is much like that, but it's like as soon as he Donnelly production is started like they were waiting. You know, for you know, let let let some time at some point active, come straight at a cotton head through forges great scenes great seeing this seeing that they treat cancer it would she ina anyone who knows in and by their ban there waiting. That's like gonna, be the big scene. Yelled in it just delivers yeah great, but the no vessel in scene was right, even though they opening with easy going to end
break out of the house that was really good when he first it in did this scene when they are get a cost and then the sidewalk by them Robson that leads to F the police. Great it was. There were some really emotional stuff like when you see the struggling, and I mean it was. It was really good It was really when we letter than I thought I was way better than I can enjoy the matter work, but it was so much by night and the emotion and it was really good edges. Stana Giovanni, I thought he was good. I thought it was Little a little Jude out in us and I'm jewish- that it was a little bit like you know like it was. It was very sort of burning made off. It was peruse burden made of it, but told you minds a great act, but I think it was ok. I think it was ok. Ok, I'm not going to say I am out upset that he didn't get out the need for an asked. You see piece of no nation. No, you didn't see either manage I'd. That's one of the screen, as I did
screen, knowing. Why don't you guys? I never six inch tv year in the bill, Simmons Studio, better, be gas tv you need to watch piece of no name should get because those sitting or belgian stringer bells in it. He kicks ass and and there's a guy. If, if you ve seen, people seem beasts of donation, so people caught this or something but one of them during one of the fight scenes. There's a guy talk about a special consideration for an Oscar who's running down the street naked with a fuckin spear in his hand. I want to find that actor he needs. It gets a sort of special considerate. Ass, make it virtually they. If I'm going to find somebody farm in a war and there's a guy running at me, none that's it with a loincloth, I'm saying loaf swinging in the air yeah I don't want to the terminator style Schwarzenegger member but yeah Schwarzenegger. One is like I'm just break and my my dick out
I was breaking out, you'll be back of notation address. You were great, the kids fantastic, but that I don't know, are all be erected before. I want to talk to that guy and I want to give him a trophy great, fast banner move too and shame ya. Think he flung himself laudable, probably gave himself a little bit like Hitler. Yes I'll, have it tat? Of course you couple taps makes everything you don't get the flood seriously undermine the crew. That's right now you gotta couple but trust me he did extra leader, but that yeah guess give a little a little something there, though question a little urban naked movie ever no I mean have you how many sections have you been in a movie two or three sex? I dunno sex make out not much bill? We have your bad. Like I mean I know I am. I wondered when people you know your fate company, somebody that it's not it's, not anything that you. You know it's very comfortable as you people around. What's the best bone
story. You ve heard from like one year, bodies whose innocent and just popped, it's really an overrated thing. I ain't it. It's not really something that happens that much because so many people around at the baby I'll be honest with you, because it's the bill, Simmons Podcast. Thank you, ok at and ensure that guy at our people, Ellison coming people is in each podcast. This one or probably like five hundred supplied the five. I those like eighty five point: five. Thousand here. Ok, we're headed toward thirty thirty million. Listen! Daphne! I welcome Burma is this because you're you're that Guy yeah- and you know I guess he gave me-
stick man last I gave you stick man. I gave you a tv and bank gangbanger, yet that's you know spread all over the world. When I was doing, I meant to say this now I never. I was ashamed of myself and this was you talk about borders? Ok, when I was doing beautiful girls, the scene with almost Thurman this Thurman in her pride and your dancing, what I'm doing there, the dancing with with whom, with them yellow. Would I didn't get mobile the? What a little when I get the work? I just want to clarify that right now I bricked up real, proper wouldn't go down because we were dancing and you know we're rubbing up against other. Unlike holy shit, it's almost Thurman like she's, six feet, like a truce exporter and smells good. Her hair was never look better than that movie sick. The whole add campaign was just about a hard. She was year the whole our campaign was about our so I'm debts whither and I get like out to kiss and la LA and LA and I'll? Actually I too have a photo of that's like I'm like up orderly.
Sit photographer Lincoln Way back then. I had to move away from her yet because I was like a former Thurman feels my hard loaf against or what we're doing take night she's gonna be mortify like its yeah, it's embarrassing or maybe that's what were her goal was the whole takes us. You made a better monitoring and the crew she wanted to get out of there ass fast ass. She could not be witnessing what we were doing: the dancing a beautiful girls. I eyes out why Martha print that plinth and was so horrified at the bar, was for the scene and with a little short on yeah, because I thought it was the nineties out of nowhere. Some nice tain T shirt
you and build a highly when I bought it, that's died, they ve, never I've never admitted at any. By great it was. It was, and I know you are beautiful was it was I do her horrifying and I was like yeah she's. Could she stooped to some beautiful, beautiful, big breasts one and things are going to do when we finish building our package. Studio ok is on which is going to be covered with vintage HBO posters, which had been quietly accumulate. Ok, what you Labour ones, or for I found this one of the jerk from nineteen eighty and eighty psychiatric is coming to HBO and it's amazing day so you're not gonna, watch beautiful as a net studio. Let's do it and they're gonna manassa make them get the reds two beautiful girls, let's do it and where they do directors commentary on down, yeah, I'm beget arms already talk, but that movie and about my conflicting feelings about whether TIM Hunt was a petty fire. Not ok. In the movie. I got you yeah, I got it. Because now that I have a daughter within three years of now, we plan is guaranteed
maybe it's like if we had some dude living next door and all my daughter's hanging out this creepy guide ability going. I use my man baby. What are you to? What is winning the proof? As we talk you do. You do poetry when my thirteen, your daughter, can you get away from my daddy. I call that ITALY has taken to take a hike here. Why so much to my daughter. Yet every year you think she's cool, interesting, yeah, you're talking to me all about about like what we're going to wait. Five years till she's eighteen and I show up at his house for the baseball bat, but I k my daughter just told me that you guys were talking about him waiting for. You until you turned eighteen year, saw many hit you over this head with the bat near one, I'm in a key pitying, he's that breathing for better get the guy from a piece of no nation If you show up with, is a wire with a spear naked and be like your what that package, you do. Somebody socket you drop. That guy. Oh, that wasn't a greater part of state at the captain was what shit shit they should make character is incredible and his
he's intimidating, easy Ojeda Zack. I didn't like Ireland, a change you yeah, I don't like ours. I now that's like some that's ninety. Ninety nine bill as yet yeah those threats, Atta BC would have made the idea like now demi he Emmy should night. It's like it's like he's can be played by multiple actors in multiple forms like how out the poem was put like it. Glittered, like Deniro, did it all Bob Hoskins DNA like so we should now it's yeah would Jimmy hosted. There may words and like oh five or six animal yes wanted to render these as a camel. I'm sorry Jimmy and not be afraid to drop names here when it is dropped. I just say so: an erection seem within with thorough drop names, we're running around, is it was there trying to do the show from different location, yeah so he'd he does a monologue and then there's musical acts and black guy Jimmy go now into the crowd. You'll. Do this next bear in some two thousand six artist will be.
To you and then run over here, so we can. Running around this Nokia theatre, which I think is where was then we're gonna, we come out of the crowd. We go up this back stairwell to go up to where the next spot is coming down. The stairway should night with people and for like a second and a half he was like. I don't know why these be just said. This look on his face, like why these people are in my stairwell and we're gonna have to kill all right the via first second- and I hear you and then he recognized Jimmy and he loosened up and rights. But I saw you guys I've, oh it's more than a vibe dear. It's my life's in danger. No, it's the same way leggy in early life. When you already energy, we call that here when you reduce anything judges, Animal instead get in just I'm in trouble. I could have done away with your dangerous. I'm gonna die. Yes, I felt that for a second, I know exactly what you
yeah? Oh my god, what a minute that yeah he had! He has that it means locked up now and I don't think he's comin out near and an Erasmus Mundus menacing. Our second half of my left eye you. U I hear you dating from from the goes to have it all out a menacing moments. You haven't had a lot. Yes, I've been able to prep school cited guy. Like you not use that yeah I got you would say very sheltered life. I got you. I asked you what gimme something. Oh my mix, we hope tat. We have to go or or the latvian gangbanger as rookie the car. I think I'm gonna buy a little bit. How goodies is poisonous towns. Here's the problem really hard to win. Ricky the year teams getting your nineteen sixty three right. Nineteen sixty three problem: that's a price
as you may know, so does not turn on their tanks. Side Minnesota in Phoenix about perfectly happy to be the one of the top five worse teams could Minnesota care. They were fired, say, Mitchell he's it is. It is asked her, but you weren't sex that he got he got well. I don't know what Phoenix is doing. Things been, the worse for an team in the league for a year and a half now Booker pick, but there are like all they had tasted chain. Are that money? I rushed up. I think because he's a nice guy, if something four year, fifty two range. I mean I love you Thyssen, but yeah you, you someone, you can good agent or something or he's gotta know what he's doing. If you want leadership like the box, each Windsor, which I thought was cool, but that's what are those guys names to the moors twins? I found the body twins tat same tat. I was to hear whether they made them upset. So what this the NBA he'll get to pick and choose, or we we we do, we get a contract to get. I don't give a shit so business. You were upset because we're
defeating what, but they took less money to poor Roger averages via their age, it didn't get cases jailers agent in our trading. You d, like Marquis, firewood outrage from Kiev. Yours are you you're, always sick? I pod three times three times you ve caught her way through the pod. No, I have a perpetual snort because call being jewish Guy talk Browser Ba, so few Straight Phoenix Minnesota tanking. I dont think that translates to Ricky the year stuff, so I think for the zinc or if the next can make a late little run here and they blew at last naming it's a pistol. Yes, they're, not fig. It is the problem with the next. You know it. You know, and it turns out in a league where point guards are the king yeah in perimeter play in pace in space and all this stuff to have the worst point guards in the problem the assassins, Daniel Checking and what's his name
Jose counter, these guys are staying. Yeah holds the council's gotta go and I want him to go back to him in him. You know, what's the guiding the had last year, these the pizza maker who's on the clippers? Now, Well, I have to appreciate these appeasement with it: get in disease, a good he makes a hell of a pizza jemmy. Can we get a real New York? He can't get a real guy in here. Will all other delusional? Nick fans are like oh Jeff T wearing Jeff tickets? How? How are you getting Jeff T give to assets? You ve, no, first ramparts right, you ve Carmelo New, posing ass. You have nobody! S Atlanta was rejected. We ve been some views that we think, like we're, so happy that that this year is at last year. That's all we're happier is that, like our, our expectations are wits and abuse of relation lights and emotionally abuse in relation for an expense but but but but but but this budget's pausing guess he's a real delia we will. What do you see is is this is this? Is this? Is this ceiling like? What can he be? I
Would you this when we did the pot in November, I was Ali than the singer designer, I think, he's one of a kind yes do exactly what you want to stretch five. Who can make threes spreads for floor for and who can pay The revenue glottis out jump. You protect some re literally, and the other thing I like about him is that when I watch him run, I dont think can be Ivy League and five year. I agree, but I really like miles turn Indiana. Yes, I think he is. He was a great pick. A number eleven born. I watch him run. It makes me nervous. I hear you, I know exactly which econometric is feed its he's wearing slippers likely to see ride, that's how I run right. I've always ran. I don't like you know it's like we now watch Bogot Run, my back as I mean the weakened writers when I watch by known when buying them was around or cigar man. I don't like the way he runs on alike it where is buying them, but like Cagey, was always a gazelle. Always where are you
now recognized ass in cages? A hundred years old and Nike watch him run inside that guy's built to just do this? Yes, and I'm not sure a lot of these guys like. I think that the miles turn a tempo, my great body, great athlete, I think, he's gone places, but when I watch amount it makes me nervous pausing. This does not make me nervous. Murray, like one of the big things, carries weight in height. Well, I agree. I agree one of the big things that I wanted to construe Drumming Detroit he's having a great year. And I want to give him a public shot out, because he in the beginning the season had so much hair on his shoulders yeah. I think he decided to get either laser to offer wax. I want to give you a shot up gradually, showing you she's an echo and he's also gotten braces, and he got himself wax. He and I wasn't because it look like he had like some sort of tat, two or burn, and it was hair and he's fixed himself only this is why did
that is plain talking? Shithead shows where they talk about came noon and they try to turn race into a story for seven days. I'm so much more interested in LA bronze, Hair Andrade them under german show, their hair or Germany with dumb ass hair cheramie leads haircut poking somebody I like this is the kind of stuff I want people talking about my twenty four savage. I agree. I don't want to see your tone, but what what's the new in this new term that often of efficiency we fuck? Did they come up with decent bull shit, easier ways this every year they come up with a new step like you gonna? What does that mean? No one knows what that. Do you even know what that means in your bill, Simmons often say he's the most offensively efficient guy and they are talking about a nordic and algebra equation and I'm so I'd watch in basketball, Eden ships. I wanted. I like one, and I like allow the best
us! That's! I respect the movement but leg. I dont need stats to tell me stuff curs the best should I have ever seen you. I got it like. I again, I don't need to know what his percentages from twenty eight I just don't care is already now, and I don't let it. I watch Basque abide like the former opinion, sometimes, and nobody's ever been a better sooner than Steph Currie today versus Steve NASH in his prime. What what what happens? It is just they just go crazy on each other Snails Bruno, no Bruno states only other steps, better, he's batteries, but he's better. He can't guard him the problem with the thing that national rad is step. Just destroys defenses, just by being on the it's almost like have Randy MOSS on the seven pats he's just on the field that just changes the defense right there so worried about what he's going to do. It's that's the same. Even so? The twenty five point game, the other night and twenty five in the first quarter and the wisdom headed.
In everything they had to do to stop and edges opens up every day ass. It becomes impossible to stop them. Any is barely sweating and it's like he's lolly gagging through, like his disposition, is visibly so relaxed. He so calm like. I feel that they should make him stop playing with his shoes. Untied like make it harder. We remove the three point. Land back to have, you think are like when he's like, making shoop on the bench and gets an extra point. Something like do. Do you gotta? Add you gotta do something out of it. I don't think you can move that three point like because it only really worked for him, but but I mean the other day he made a steel verse, the wizard and he could have waited for a lamp. Any said, fuck. It almost shoe to three and from five feet behind the three. So I have. Some people have been asking me:
why dont teams rough em up for my friend Davy name, it asked me this: can you catch it? Went on teams knock em around Chris Paul is the most hands either ye. I just be handiness get annoyed Amity, Ebby, touching them constantly inches he's hardly touched them feel on push him. That's Chris Paul Dead, Chris Paul game. Seven getting has afforded more member coopers, whereas games seven secretly great game. Yes, was kind of the birth of the warriors where things were gone for them because they Chris Paul, found him fifty eight times that give but an he aegis, kept come and encourage Finnish would like thirty two- and I think I was Don T be at that point. I think I went on them whenever anti next time, as I do, that game show me stuff, curs gonna
great yes, Chris Patten, Chris Paul found him every single play that game they could have Karlov than this. I look out of them and he was mugging him bright, courageous, kept coming and come in, come as I that's what I needed to see a net brute village in over what the Hell's Isla DE though it above all his name is every time. I think it is an ethic of at Pinckney in Vila Nova De Eleven over delicate, delivered over yeah. Whatever he tried that crap last year and then he he couldn't wasn't up to tat. Member like they were like he was like the Jeremy Lin of the play off last year. I want to see he looks like he is bad breath tell us Just look as is here. I don't know it just some about me. You know you just does not take his breath. My teeth like smelling mayonnaise, as is my instinct, so the clips who play them and ran to do not have the type of players to refer Moran except Workers Pa Chris Paul doesn't want to get too close to him anymore and I love careers because he's at their ease at talented, prime, no because Instagram
this doesn't want another incident. He doesn't want now to pledge it. I know that that bothers that would bother anybody deck every time they show stuff card for the rest of us, like one of the things are gonna show, is in making Chris Paul full with I've ass one of the most over eighty things, any lonely, I think the whole package culture egg. But what is, if you don't play defence Ali. The elegant coral quote cross over. If you're attempting the play defence me, I never got cross over my life. I don't play defects. That's why I never was made to fall down, but if you're committing to de tat could happen, if the night and if the ninety two next played this worst him in what game would staff can be carried off the floor and one of those stretchers like these with the NFL, where they have to extract a man and put the Chin Pat on, and you hope they give the thumbs up yet just hoping us all. We gave the thumbs Etheridge Game three game three
Yeah yeah gave three New York, who does it Ex man acts oak, somebody somebody's knocking them some. Somebody's gonna have I heard and would have been like they wait for him. The shoe to three and extra goes underneath them like a d. Now you think that his legs were not trying to block you shot we're trying to like fortnight Laurent driving area like you knock you on your ass, a great red, you that's what what do you think Mason? Oakley and x. Men would have got an argument before game. Three of who got the herd. Steph carry your. Why did you get him in the first quarter? Yeah like a likely they only
of pursuing Riley put a bounty and staff cram saloon. They would than others David. I got all that, but he's hard to catch up with the other neighbour. In the celebrity gate I tried to get that little did you? Did you try to get it for an hour? I tried to catch. He I tried to catch him in, and that's me with Bieber, but in the thing about curry, he like he knows all the tricks he he's bit. People have been trying to knock em down like the way he looks in the way he walks or casually, and yet he doesn't brush. His hairy looks like, He should like you want you. He wants a Blakey on the bench he may know. What's his name on the spurs, what's name that within a partner, no genetically, no quite quiet, they looked like they need, but let us instead of giving the towel in a bid to give a low Blakey, they could take a nap like a white looks like he should have a Blakey. Quires is
the legs best chance to step stuff in the past, because I think it has to be somebody who's, four or five inches taller than for sure. Somebody who has the length to catch up with the little he's gonna take him out ass. It did the next would have. I think they would Clay, Thompsons career, and that involves a short they got. Him first came near the take him how yeah he's like the guy, the action it has taken that of an easy. We ve got him right off the top step that an ex me. I wouldn't dream on green would have been laughing joking. They like right because he would is that the only what is sent his mom into a twitter spiral and I loved my green, oh yeah- they would shut that there were they d get, so they get dream on into a fight. We're doing It has to be suspended for these three games for sure at random. And now it is bogus Currie who now knows his it's like the purge, the Yankees gal guy he's gonna get shot at some point, it's gonna happier and then that's it. That's the ninety two next one in five visually. That's it it five days tat. Nobody left for the next round right there
when, in fact that's it? Did they ruin the workers? The other ways to investigate the dreamer green? Isn't it? You know an institution somewhere right now and I have to get your eye I'm sure you talked about me, adding that this attitude took it to things quick who wins the NBA finals right now, everybody's playing everybody's healthy right. Now I can get you do do love seeing Kobe go off when he has flashbacks. I love it because I want them to pass Brooklyn for TAT more when so broken ruby in the number to spot the ping pong bus but call we looks at a time coldly does good. I mean the last time we talked about. This is terrific was sadly, we fell back, always Eddie, which put the switch a few times. He lets these anomalies rebounding, With the same good, really We will now in play for co becoming back for you don't do it implied all do it, as it were
I know I thought about that. You last night, I came up with what I did this for three more years twenty minutes ago with unravel the nexus say nothing here in just take over to eight minutes, It is perhaps going on ass. You look good art, so right now who wins a championship. I still think the spurs in the warriors are dead. Even for me, when that series depends, I need to know south. I know it's a cop out, no right, my uncle, I wanted to say a man who comes back. What did you get a bull busted the other day? squirrel in July this year, during the last round, are allowed to make fun of that yeah. No, not you
is everyone. Can, though, karma make you for making this point or injury yet make a financially the internet black eyes? I now know everybody knows that, as well as at the end of the worst thing like the any internet didn't getting on that without ball, busted sounds like a year that up in a crumb fisk in nineteen, seventy five without Tipp ruptured, testicle She broke his cup ruptured me yeah, that's insane! I shared nay thing like eminent change. You, let's with their fathers on refugees, has to go. That's not funny, so I would say if I have one hundred percent healthy spurs to him, but I dont have home court. I don't think I can be gone. Stay there talking aid to get my home court and I don't think they can get it. Unless some Burgos stake gets hurt. The wild card is ok. See because doing.
Break, hinges, beat them they're, not gonna, be who they can be anybody. Nato may be in the scoreboard. Aims you get it for at a seven year, two giant drank aims related link is assembly. Unbelievable you're gonna get one great Westboro game. So it's gone. Seven. And now I'm in a seventh game with the rent in Westbrook you're right- and you know- I have the best player on the foreign curry, but they have the next best, two guys in the floor. That makes me nervous. Okay, I gotta get them out before games have right. I don't play the rent was broken again and I hear you dismayed to cause the Ritz Back door. Aunt is better its back. Scene. I need to see the rain is back and and, and talk about, like you know, Westbrook is like you can't stop him he's a kid he's. Only Germany kill Billy. You thought we'd, like he'd guys had so many injuries that ye a one point like he had like half his foot chopper. He comes back. He doesn't miss a be normal people, slow down from
there is like that. Just happened. Embryologists. You said whom Thurman Authority with a boner said Simon. It's time to go you ruined thurman. For me now, I think of your boner and every time I every time a harem with their first my life. It's you like pointer your body away from her, so she does enjoy under yet feel my father. No, I need to just ask you quick, I sure you covered, I listened Tyrol, Loo and the whole fiasco and David Black and they shifted Alma data black. Not that I gave I gave to says did tough too. Israel is turned against the calves. Oh you know. Although stories on, oh, my god, we, Israel, Israelis, your writing to the other. Israel is all I am glad. Oh, I am sure that, but as the country actually we are, there were stories about. Oh, I didn't know that had the calves are out either down. What can I do know that day day they stab Dave went back all the stuff. We already had a bad job. If you can forget
how to use Kevin love, you shouldn't, be. They bear coach daring, canst Kevlar in the corner. No kevlar needs to be in the maximum serbian top. The key is beset screens most of my right about a panel offensive. Personally, I agree. I agree, average twenty six by a great he shoots: threes, compostable em in the corner, neither realistic and in what is it. What is it? Wouldn't? Let me David Lee is easy is done. Why he's a good players and it's over my dad sage dad my dad? Is it season tickets, and I did said before here who wanted the David Lee thing. Why does anyone reminded him of cow What about a fairer player, saying he's gonna left. Second shotgun Blackpool other emmets over hurry near great teammate, though yes, reanimate mighty needs to make a trade, but I don't know what their trades and what does that? Coaches, like seven,
He now bread Siemens turned eighteen team. Turning tenaya and his balls six months, goats get yeah, he's good, that's good, aren't any then plug ya, wanna plug your pack ass. He I am rapporteur, stereo podcast. All this is the pills in his pockets in Europe, led by some. Weren't stereo, the word Harry'Ll podcast. That sounds excited. You have an open invitation. I knew you the Deva, let him in a park ass, you don't leave. You know you're you're, studio and less stuff here, but if you're ever gonna be interviewed by somebody, don't feel by one of these drip dry guys you come over to me. I get you some coffee. Whatever you want, we do it right. We ask the right questions. I ethical. I like how many times we D shave bill cause. You look like you. Just came from methanol clinic. I say that with love and respect have achieved that decoupling. I don't worry. I'm just saying I like these are the questions that the people,
no, but but other than that. I'm happy to be here and I'm looking forward to an exciting, Superbowl and, of course, an exciting, but also our anger or leave it. I'm gonna go twenty four to twenty one can can. He is he's an animal is a beast Teddy gin icon, Teddy GIN, thanks for being here very young anytime. I appreciate it and No thanks to HIV or now for sponsored today's bs back ass. You don't need cable or satellite to watch HBO anymore, download the age be now app and start your free one. My traffic come in this month. Fast. Seven San Andreas invite all the new show scores I am excited common later in two thousand. Sixteen, maybe brand new content from yours. Truly each be allowed, go get it thanks to frame bridge tat com. They just frame fifteen posters from my garage and let them dearly did they really Pisa good people
Look fantastic! Yet now you everyone sitting in your policing here, look great! Thank you! Use Africa BS for fifty percent of your first scrambridge that calm order and thanks to seek the presenting sponsor of the Bs Pakistan China through through subscribed above package on Itunes, teacher or saint Cloud, plug your pact formerly I wrapped port, stereo podcast. I get that an Itunes or where we get Pakistan show that we can enjoy the Superbowl good luck to allay United. How good is that vital, she's gonna be already notes, can unexcited score Daisy, Coke, rock and roll in the seventies and have a David Simon student Seventies, Porsche. Yes, now it's gotta be he's gonna be
Serbia in Vienna. With generally we about things, I want to see me again. We want said why here close pitch in Rome,.
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