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Ep. 61: Super Bowl 50 Hangover Edition w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal break down all the triumphs and tribulations of SB 50 prop betting, and then discuss Denver's all-time defense (7:00), Cam's unraveling on the big stage (11:00), Simms and Nantz's new show (30:00), Von Miller's urine specialist (43:00), and whether Peyton Manning would be safe on the rides at Disney World (52:00).

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Super bowl faded hang over my guess where we watch this came together. Yesterday we spend five hours together now or black ass, those good little group. We were there. We had a little corner in our cousins house that Tony organizer com, Jeffrey Ross are crazy friend Brad Eric ever men from jail Hey I'm a couple. Others in our friend Nick Santoro, who founded Santoro yea. He was wont to same high school corn, Heizer analysis to love s four hours to most of the second half a lot of fun Tony, might have been over served. You think so. Pigs, errands gray, who is gay using walking to the bar anymore uses like snapping his his people were scurrying, get him Jake's, so we I picked,
the branches to cover, and I picked the game to go under. I had them the cover and not in port the under, but that you, your God, you stayed. You are very far. Guess I was I you know. I didn't have the balls to actually picked amber to win in that's my biggest her ground or anything. I pick Carolina too. I was going to come down the last two minutes and then on Twitter. Like an hour for the game, I pick care. To win by one and the last. Second, I read, I just said Denver. I think that's our biggest win, not having money on the Carolina money line as all our friends did and everyone we did. I mean it seemed so easy
you now as it came as you like, but I like them, and then you see the stats. How many times you gonna see this that paint Manning as a worse Superbowl, quarterback of all time low grade stats leading up had they done you gotta get the staff like. Ok, both these defences are great, but that the differences in turn over Carolina is plus twenty in Denver is minus forth like man this could. This could be bad, but we did a nice job staying away from the Carolina money. Near, we we believed in the devil defense. We believed in Carolina being a fantastic com team that we weren't totally sure about if they were in Carolina we believed in frequent freaking, maybe even you in the second quarter yesterday when it sees Caroline was get limo met him. You are totally ready to do the on line in the moment. Gambling, oh yeah, to try to make your own other to make her own, and it's like that's what Danbridge did for five straight months. Just pull
these games out any were watching them go in this. How are they doing their centre? Understand, pate, meaning had twelve straight three announced yesterday that he twelve area was ripe, twelve twelve straight three hours and they won the game. And we were weird- were we trying to figure out as ever been a worse quarterback ever been still for was pretty bad. The attic there were worse Brady Brady in the first above a patchwork. He did throw a touchstone pass. To patent bag and others have was miserable whose pretty bad, but either he led the quick. Forty second drive for the game. I mean he did some stuff, but then the Broncos scored a tedious headed man,
we're sitting there and colonizers seen every superboss we're like has ever been a superpower. Nobody score to touch on is, like, I think, Superbowl five offensive dutch import or research staff. It was a really really ugly, Ghana, I don't mind the good great defences and I do think we should talk about where this defence stacks and in the annals of history, but three of twenty nine third down convergence and stuff. Like that kind of game- and I like it and get somebody I saw this untoward twitter. I kept my apologies to whoever said it. It felt like a Thursday night football game, interesting that kind of I fumbles and bright fumble that played a big part there. Three fumbles the Broncos got off rejoice house, but that's what they did all year. They have had their there d backs or mauling thee,
the Denver receivers, and they set the tone earlier and started away our side. The Carolina receivers started you over there but see it defends from a defence standpoint. I think Baltimores diva, Everyone always turns the eighty five bears as the example when they talk about the great defences, but I thought that two thousands ravens deterrent as January, I right yeah Ravens Data about the house of either but the ravens of this century. I think we're the best. That's right! I, by that I mean I was picking against them all away, Raiders Championship Game, the hope. Yet, how are they doing things killed jilting still curtain down way back I'll teach giants, and then this one would you put the sea. I wouldn't put Danvers D. Level. I think they're like a notch below, because you re remember: Leg Pittsburgh with no Antonio Brown in Denver Right,
Really we all felt like they should have one that game in their festering running back fumbles. But if Pittsburgh had China even a decent money back who just holds out of the bar, they probably when their game I never felt like anyone was winning unbundling, no one's breakin, twenty again My eyes, I owe the circumstances were weird and everything I think we're emanated. They have emanates seven point. Game, they had out, incidentally, this written down somewhere so Carolina for turnovers, but eleven games what's giving up seven or fewer points so that they face It well and then Cambrian wrath, Asperger I'd, say three, the top five sure who the other two Rogers in Turn Roma
but they held there can break in and wrath the spirit of forty five point. They're pretty get there and I think how many touch stands out of that. Probably the pats three touchdowns total in three weeks right that thing that I was asking you What defense was this dominating, which is two guys rushing the outside like this in this case more aware and some He said that we always said the courts when they had freely in math is there and that is basically their whole defence. Danvers defense was better cause. Their secondary was good to hear all over the place filled,
about the passes into Asia, they do I'll join. You aren't getting man like you had a nice little. Thank you pick Danver. She might hurt everybody. Somebody endeavour has money on em the Brady's legacy verses Manning, not that it would really lies in, but you know would definitely not doesn't take ahead right. There debate the guide took the hit was the Pats offensive line coach. You got fired the next day and then they did so I wonder if you buy the Broncos yesterday, mother was unbelievable and when you know that I get. How this is, how mainstream sports Many Ngos and man he's gotta, be the storyline, but I just can't believe that on the stretch and then right after the game that should have Miller via mirrors. The best can the field in single hand they created. Fourteen points in are there any remaining first? I know they have too, but they found by Miller it felt alone
What was that move? Varsity city blues winner running back felt like John Boy wooden hurting call the cops tightest employees, widows go to the the wake I, but it did feel like everyone's Dunbar Kevin? It was like my melons Marcus we're just getting shots to the side, so the washed up way quarterback and get all the wheels of this game seemed a little after I beg Mcmanus. As we talked about last week, we talked about astride type, hesitate, even so important filters, but yeah he was. He was second in line four M Bp. I would say Manning was fourth or fifth. I don't even know where you put em, I may add, sixties Then you're aboard ass. They have, I wouldn't put him in the top, is a fifty five minutes. He had like eighty yards passing and that first drive like sixty three yards or something we were watching this game in the third quarter wondering why they were having him through the bar on the brain. I thought when they got to ten points of that. That's it. I just run three times ahead in just do play action.
No sir. I just let your defence when this, but we member there is one possession. It was the possession where he got strapped Corazza was, I take care of him through arrive, they just care, then it gets distributed. We all went nuts, but at that point I thought he could then more damage than good. There were too big to. Obviously the strip sacked for the touchdown was huge. Yet I also thought sixteen seven, their driving a momentum, Gyn overthrown off his hands. T J Ward picked off fumbles it yeah that was huge and they recover their own recovered it and it's hard to believe as bad as the Panthers were the drive and the wind would for online left at sixteen. Ten may turn it over. You bizarre, like with ten minutes after we were saying demo,
three out Pilot Carolina three now plant there are three: not pine camp can have this ball with four minutes. I've been a gentleman rain with a touch. That's what it was was very, this t J work. What was really interesting. He said afterwards, we didn't want the happy fun spirited, jabbing dancing can now we wanted. The sulking upset talking to my linemen in running backs. I don't know what's going on camera, and that is what we got like that, so they- that whole last two weeks they thought they could hit it. Can you get a couple drops gave his head and he would kind of unraveling. It did feel like an rap a little bit that game. We were watching him. Do the pregame thing where you, you know where you jump up and you meet hits with the other guy. Yet we know that before packing lively, try not to do that, but he was doing that, need with every linemen and not on a whilst came to that tunnel like the elegant exhaust himself, this candidate and then the proposed wording would about
the national anthem. They showed him in his like eyes, were rolling areas in this weird. I don't know man that debts we were talk. I was judge of Tony back to sort out. It is taken the Superbowl unjust for a big stage. That is right. You now in its it's one thing when you're in Carolina and you're just walk on these teams. Your hard and fans are fans, but ye that game. It really does feel big its high to explain and that you ve, been a superabundant really does feel in Vienna. For sure everybody's there an hour before. There's no float away like those times last forever and that's another thing how long that first quarter feel for four: oh, my God, the first half of two hours. I remember in the past the first but ever been to his pats ramps and were fourteen three at half time and just going crazy. You too comes out and put beautiful day.
And then it was like forty minutes, Sir thirty five minutes, wherever it is and by the time they started a plan, and in fact I follow, goes a different gate era is a guy like another header, something now, but Is that game add no? No, they superboss have flow in it. You see my camp can ever going to flow. They travel of big, pass esben and add to the Elles, but add to the fact that there is no flow that the two weeks off her Carolina yet damper got a healthy, our growing on out there, but I think the two weeks off heard Caroline aid. They drop ass body, think of cams big baby performance in the Post Game press conference you know minor. I just know what I'm like yeah, that's, not good, either yeah! That's! Ok!
That's why I most referred people her hanky wet, but do you the CASA millions like? I think he can't be the face of the NFL, because of that right there is that this was in its first year. This is fifty year hedge. You don't have to do a lot you could be like Aaron Rodgers can be like Tom Brady in just reflect the questions, and you answered, Are you, after the Scorpions Nick Santoro made it? Maybe I paid a great point about this Hugh Saint thirty years ago, when Mark Ass, the nose dancing after sacks alright and everyone is reacting like mug gas, and it was a terrorist rarer and people went crazy and it was the way he was treated he was like. So was that, like a french canadian bias ass, those containers like people just hate, show boats and that's gotta, be a little people
Can there came a show boring little. Guy was most over think. What drove that match our reserve ratio to me that the Divine Millard, the markets, where just Gary shoved decided yesterday views were agreed? Yes, but we can now that at that was bad for him, because he did the combination of didn't come through, the game rat, didn't deposed, came press conferences, guinea at all, like the grizzled media, people just mention about him and then the fumble woods I haven't decided where I stand and that yet because which one who, when he didn't on the ground for the funds allocated in people love to do, though you gotta, you leave it all malign, and are that near It seem weird watching it. On the other hand, I watched it from a couple different angles and I think he thought the guy was. Can it hid it with his hand? I could see him think any wasn't gonna get that. Oh, I thought I see. I thought he saw the guy reach out for them
any jumped back, because he thought the ball was gonna, be tibia toward him were so it it froze him for a second, because he was waiting for the ricochet, but the roots, and the guy just grabbed it, and then it made him look bad, but there wasn't a sense of urgency at all for that team, and I think a lot like the end first half and his first. I was out at that time. I think you take the time out before the third downplay with thirty four seconds left. Then there is this too much for rather era yeah rough challenge. First quarter know about that yeah did you didn't go is way and in the first half was bad, never really seem to adjust to the fact that more and where we're just killing them into second half. He brought some extra tied in
but the design run for care more pretty well right again, they just as they do not seem. So there is nothing they come up here to try to make one more time and might have been the difference in the game about panting, with two minutes left to oh nine, to twenty well aware that the fourth in twenty four hours now there is like three minutes after those three days to time out two minute warning right: they punted planted in getting the ball twice, and I can't log days yet it with non sidekick with AIDS. They fired that scoring twice in two minutes. It gets divers. Now we have a better chance. It just doing. The Rogers Hale Mary play right now is my biggest issue with their offence. I just would have thrown the tag in Russia. Great lion, throw term play to labours and was it was a penalty waiting to happen at all times One of the worst face mask is in there in the history like the worst, mask ever was went on whose Warren sat.
When he blew out J erases knee with the face mask on earth, nobody remembers is naked, any sever. The face mass was so bad. It literally broke Jerry Racism, knee ligaments, Half this way has aroused than they. I know any trouble with the four onward is, but the faces isn't even warehouse to the name, but he he made there too. Got to stop him from the answer is, like my only chance is grab his face basque and twist his head or a threat, and in a goddamn had this thing on Friday about whether to personal thousands get keep at it again about, say something nice about Roger Adele now, but I think we're close to where like the Yellow Card Red card system should be inserted in football and like to leave that's absolutely yellow card. Then he's I notice if he gets one more is out of the game, but want to police again that yet
good way to do it. I don't know about the two personal fazekas. What if it's like states is too easy to get a personal FAO well maybe I'll pay his basket, I say arrive there said to personal files and see if they deserve to be kicked out. It may not be a bad start. My very best will signal and took a better basis square space who build gorgeous websites for normal people who don't know how to build websites. I've been this out because Cousin South, it was very, very hard to find your sports and effects of the internet is very hard. I look Friday at three o clock. Can that's not by the report that the text you got me thinking, you could have just build a square space. I shouldn't did the lynx right to your videos. Then I could have gone to that site did ESPN would have been cool just me to put in just better links with links through now, you can go since the traffic, the European our friend Louis K he did it.
Launched at his own. Pierre brandy, business, which is called unprotected. How now that's what it's called covert, creative backup He is gone airspace, the star a Friday rolling, Johannsen Square Space for house from DC. Thank you should use it S. Grace based makes it easy to build beautiful websites regardless, scale ever know. Coding needed is here to stay there, technology it twenty four, seven on the export of website for only eight dollars a month union get a free domain. By square space for the air. So why wait? No credit card for trial square space that communism, Africa, BS ten percent after first purchase square space. You shit back to the game factor so Deborah had eleven first downs total. Yes, I think they were passing the day. Have, I think, in the Patriots game and last night's game they had as many first down South Carolina
combined than those door knowing went somewhere that their manning was twelve for twenty three four hundred and forty one yards he'd five sacks. He threw a pick, a terrible pick that they should have been at nine going into the half rat pick strip. Sack fumble through two, more picks out were dropped, twelve stray three nights, and yet I must have a controversial opinion for people who know me. What is it I really respected how he played the guy's washed up yet like we ve seen whilst a bath, leads so many times where just ends horrible interesting, you now men, even like Larry Bird. I remember I always bring a bird with many but prior to the ninety, two playoffs was just washed up his job back, brace and then call MIKE Todd. Are we going to make the finals with this guy's? Like done? is the first Geiger member who actually won something, even though he is washed up. We can say he's why stop where he was washed up and I can't leave retire. Please I don't get it
I got two hundred texts. Everyone's tell me should retire they're talking about em, like some dogma needs to be taken of the vat, but you know that but let's think about what he had a good enough, that he didn't, kill them and ask are the Panthers or they got the ball, and then he went right down the field, and I know they only had a field goal they desire place. It was GAD set the tone couple good passes and I just think he made a deal themself one. That's not gonna screw this up for myself, I'm not outside the potter trusted the d. I think it was more like two years ago that I'm not doing that. Seattle thing again. I can't be my last game. Just read it, I can't do it. So I put my game. In the hands of defence him and do what I can do not screwed up myself, but but what a numbering I'd like you to neighbours, urban hollers outside even like one of those games where first we ve seen a lot of super balls at are bad, but then there's a good ending. This didn't have that now and
Carolina. If you look at the numbers that wasn't, you might take their numbers before the game like Newton, two hundred sixty five yards passing the oh I'm in a hurry to dance over honour and ten yards with sixty eighty ninety, maybe a hundred twenty five yards rushing, not bad right. You know time possession thirty two minutes to twenty seven I wasn't like did pull the giants bills were they just dominated defenses, get just those capo guy. The outbreak near tat was bad at the end of the half now's bad, the Strip Sackful and much down that big play, even allowing us to feel go out of it. That part return were for some reason. Everyone stop tackling bed there just sloppy here. This is each is not a game. I wasn't good, it wasn't good with meaning, though hundred two penalty yards to fifty one adds another one
Denver was as it is in their super aggressive like Tito Word, got the one how Madonna unnecessary up this car can, but there is another one where webcam slid teach you I came in with the iron make shark elbow, but MR right down like a forty, odd penalty here, The one thing I say about Manning is especially in the fourth quarter. You could see it here. This command over the possessions where you knew there. Just gonna take thirty nine seconds for this, that the You gonna lie with eighteen seconds after the Roma and their need Hap out. Bone airline is like: what's he doing? Is he gonna throw this time there behind Africa, but he was he's getting into thirty nine seconds in handling of whose good was really smart, and I see my Carolina was just especially like around inside the twenty was just like. We know. The only play you have is the throw over the top down the middle wordy. There goes.
At abounds or or the guy's gonna make a grey catch where he leads is it they can? We know you that your throat to the sides has weakened of those that we know where you jump every screen pass on their ready for everyday ends on yeah, maybe had the goalposts it may yet may be mad at the patriots who knew that was all he had somehow their own Dana's beat them down the middle and then to the re right. But you know, is a big trappers websites, as night country had that dragged down it through that perfect out was ruined. I saw it. Sidelined and was at that they have to settle for a feel. Go there always are anti monopoly. They might have hit the upright on that near the discord. There should be discussed on some of the property that I'm in this to me. The biggest we'll wait a SEC firm for they knew then we gotta make for Tate. Should we go to oh yeah, I'm shot you, of course, taking tat saying is TAT our producers, a big moment firm date,
Do you one minute Rana what happened my one minute? ran. Is Jericho Gaucherie? First of all, my carry came on and said. Contrary caught that pass, then I knew that he didn't get so new. Those coming back at which is terrible. The defensive second over the Broncos mean there is holding onto guys rubies hold on a guy's. Taking can't get a copy of Nazi and taken needs. A cop yeah. He needs a cop, he was getting. He was getting handy with Asia and with you take on Kim I don't know why we didn't do any Kubi draws hit him up the middle net. That wasn't that wasn't.
At all, gain that in calling you that in the job and stored those first down run place, I mean he would they were running right into the light to the glut of the Denver team. He never got more than the yard. Only those first own runs any was hurt to the Hague Bent backwards and that's yet was maybe a different dared. Wolf gutters got his ankle and is put his foot. Back at me like he was like fell back early game so tat. Do you feel like the wrong team when that game? Yes, I like that. We wait twenty one week to hear tat. Now we finally micro Albania's, no voice is family. Greed and get all the way through the barrier? Maggie, Tate Levies, Gretel Caroline, appear this little dog but the problem. Well, I feel We should just do a whole. Our on my father, Whittaker, Prompt, was amazing eyes as
Well, you d say it was decided right away. Writers border has always get it out of the steward went backwards. Added, take em out for a couple player, and I had it all. Five and a half rushing receiving combine yards. It went up to six and a half minus one, forty who the hell's betting this stupid prop, and then he takes like a it was like a pitch play goes were totally like eleven yards. May I had forty combined way over the five and a half and other you is the Panthers envy pay the honour that began to give them every day, maybe Coney easily. The worker. Yet who was the Panthers envy pier I would say there wasn't any one, our efforts now what TAT will who'd you get me, would have to go back to come down to analyze had oppressor. Back, though, is the Carolina VP, its deadly gonna? U economy! We had the interception and this trip second, the far more out of it, so but with the proper gradually issues to him,
to be a proper. Who is the european illusionary? We should ever better this. We did no good pay. Also, the problem at source by the Superbowl is very, very few. We're dead. Minus tend to have you got plus six twenty five, so we should have talked about that. I didn't see that one. What then we believe there is a scenario where debars ages when this game- and it was a little too thousands ravens as plus six twenty five added to them or by fourteen you did now, but I would like to add the discussion right programme because of a defence has led like that then they can get something else and then I'll send Europe fourteen. I can't believe it like that's right. Past six, twenty five pretty good ads for those total sacks was over five blade. Double that I it was ten miss. Go happened- Miss feel, go out on one three straight scores, which it seemed like a ladder.
By a party had that now and now it's my fault, I convince people do that. I was my fault about this. One TED Gyn, total number of different players have a pass. Attempt was two and a half. Gyn takes the pitch goes to pass now so either we any ran. It is screwed people up because he doesn't, it gets counted as a sack, so he doesn't get a completion. Doesn't pass attempt so that's data to die, he doesn't get a rushing. It. To a shower to put that numbers over. Was it just a sad, a sack? Must they change it kept looking as a sacking kept sooner. A two point: convergence successful is plus two eighty. So there was a moment which eight we were talking idea of notices, but when the Panthers scored to leave is sides and the extra point right the ban on the one you are lying in the Panthers have can write. And it was ten. Six was yet ten, a sad Asea would you
you and I for one year to get, can Newton Riverboro River both were sunk as river ball right there. Thank you, do not get on that and that asking too I don't want it again, evident, jumping meditate on that. Take just not itself. We should go for that. He says yes, then give them Can I get a yard? is attending the good. Let's get always refer team. The score most first, that record most first downs, panthers minus one to have twenty one, eleven hours easy. What was the Thomas Davis? That was a dramatic one. He finished with five tackles he was under. Did he fought vintage vivier? Wait. We that was one of my favorite price. Right now we are like Hell play twenty plays and I'll be done as I now he played the whole game Instagram the photo of his two foot long scar on his arm and a leg of foot and a half really yet he had its game is photo knows from the top of his hand,
The way to is about the grisliest sky. I've ever seen in the fact that the broken arm that's crazy and they shut down embers run for most part, except for that. One Anderson, the innocent fire granddad. Ninety yards, a thing Anderson eating it. Eighty now he had ninety Antonia. How many carries, I think, other that thirty five yard runner was bay? The three adds a path, but tat we didn't know we were wondering, is twenty three for ninety Hillman? Did nothing yes allows at that nine CBS I mean He has got killed today and rightfully so fur just an abomination of of a broadcast. But now the little stuff like as Thomas Davis playing right. Can you just show? tell me about his broken arm is out there. What are his stats right? Things I would have been interested in were that is why our by democracy,
how many times did they rushed passer with their percentage, a hidden Newton in all things I was really interested in you got had thirteen times, you know, and it wouldn't known had gone find out all this stuff. They ran that first down stats once it was like fifteen first answer before, but they were super excited about hey Watch says: there's is big blue light. That's gonna come up and we're gonna show how the risk running back right crash. The girl line, and why now flips and look he did what as it gets a sombre through the guideline is spent negative point, two million dollars. I shall we had an either are often cities we had awful is always an and now it now there promoting this new show and like it doesn't even air on CBS even know it's there. It's too grows to talk about it since It seems in terms of finance and they're just watching their just watching manning footage the whole time in there, and I want to say what adding, but it's called fill me up. A ph I'll
is the settling. May I chaired obviates guy. They gets go, make its way as ways it gets its way despised or me up. I thought, maybe I think will. First of all we could all agree is theirs. Theory that doing the Thursday and Sunday games every week ruined Sims Gazette two straight weeks or it's she's too, you gotta memorize, are the prayers he had do. Others, research and lies broke since his brain. I'm actually, I feel bad fulfil sims, because we ve powder but maybe it just to hearted two games in a week, but our is an embassy. Now there is a power. That is that I am now Thursday thats. Why bring this up so embassy? As five CBS has five, I dont want than the mess with similar. Collins were made about something causeway, Michael's and girls and make us in Karlsruhe, I'm sorry because the first first week, bigger Thursday night first game and then Sunday night they something they do that anyway, the first we just the first we re now there.
I have to do that six times, right, yeah, I dont seems in cause worth where the big winners of the entire class other than bump bump authorities asylums and got ass. Michael's cholera, Bum Philips the biggest losers Eli made Philips wasteful I've had it with you to get a drink. The word, I would ask you to react Michael's in college, where big winners cause. It's like. It just feels like a bigger, better game when their car hire they called their Packers cards, gave Indonesia's perfect that those alone that you pick up a mortal enemy every year. This time is obviously Fidel Systems and I still get out or not- and I know just adding on that same one's got. I like citizen nets, I want in the bigger there were. Will we have to listen them twenty two times in a year it was just be competent. Monsieur there there's too much bias they loved Manning to marginalize again it was going to change.
And the way they were talking about, meaning it was like the way you talk about your grandfather, in Romania, desiring to put him down, ran their just, Well here you know they know their Denver. They have trouble completed. They could talk you better, it's not meaning is can after Bulgaria, there talking a lot Adam. Where that's why another fill me up, as can be very successful, wait a second. We acted talk about so far. Can I tell you about so fine near this is up Nels. I should get right, yes, You write your instincts are correct. It's a new kind of company that sending shockwaves the good kind through the financial world, and she had no about so far for this, and I did some research I like that they decide of banks are going to fix banking. Genetic is a fair assumption
so they brought some Silicon Valley. Smarts table nine shake so far about experts, unlike the big banks, so fast design for the twenty first century, progressive nimble, innovative. They don't judge their members based on a psycho score vetoes glorifies figure. Instead, they look at their potential if they show promise the back them for life and because so far is not a bank, they could provide services in rates banks can now. I don't know if this is further just stand, just back an emperor away like the affectation. Back my Superbowl picks ISM forestry, Superbowl picks. I've been Corazza right, yes, for the last one I burned out was Pats Giants while near have had the last for each of the parents. In again
I know- and I got a reign of terror- have say they pats lose. I learned that goes anyway. If you approve of our potential. My promise- and now you can do- is so five you're looking for financial partner designed for the twenty first century visit, so fight outcome, discover where banks are the future of backing anymore terms and conditions apply again, that is s o f. I doc camp. I my tv show there. I think, since just joined CSI again Orilla Year, because they just spent the last year, China trying to figure out what happened to somebody who had died. PIG Manning's right are they end? They figured it out and they did a great job. There. They saw there and they made an interesting and entertaining a compelling, and I think this is beyond the Shap judges. Adamant,
CS. I had an idea that I see, as I have a hard on for payment broncos by fourteen seventeen point. Twenty two one o the hair, was the one We you did the Cuba yards bad, sad that one I wanted that misery yard now, but I did. I did a few of one What do you want to one? Eighty was eight to one or two people were. Hundred or one. Forty was ten dollars higher yeah by a yard, yeah yeah right who yeah twenty nine to thirty five total points was five to one Broncos feel gopher score, plus four. Fifty. This is what our friend Donna kids every year. You pick exactly how many points a team will score. Broncos twenty four points: twelve, the one pretty good, any nailed it now that he knows that every year would like have survived. I will tell you now that every year he had Caroline and no one had this ten point. Thirty five to one I had one of my best.
I was there at impair languid by thirty percent of the Superbowl software says that This is rare plan, is to stop now I don't blame Adam completely, because our squares pool only ten hours, because it's it's hard to find a thousand hours in a room of forty people. Just cash right. So ten times a day, so we get him are always like. I want ten as a great that's great. That's a hundred tom collecting. Of course Jimmy are cousin, says to me like what did you write? You wrote your kids names in the bow. Right, you kids going to be theirs. I now erode mine and my wives names and there's like oh, no, no, no! No! No, you have to write your kids names in theirs. Announced too hard to start cross and stuff out is like Cargan another hundred and squares of like now that
twenty squares, so we can write twenty of one hundred twenty I wanted now is buying the poor, twenty percent of them in the first quarter, anyone's third quarter. What's what's the most? What what's the most boxes you should be allowed by how many times what's a most times should be allowed to carry on being a night before you're a whole? What I think I do You should. If it's a hundred square, sir, you should only be able to buy five five, ok and if their you need to sell squares, let alone now you can buy another five. I think ten MAX twenty who supply twenties. I now you do the daily fantasy thing, where the people are gonna, get the milliner poems equity and fifty thousand dollars worth the poor right. So yea, one first, the third quarter. Where were on the bright side, he did makes him delicious chicken. There was good scourge checking wings, so we were this. Wasn't it wrap it should have been near. You guys are you asked for by the Santer who does scorpion near?
it's a running joke about it. They, who has always make firm that none of you know nobody in the room, is seen scorpion him. That's one of the ten most and is, as I say right because the council comes. I haven't forty five seconds said tell it is their total. The CBS demo is sixty five like my dad, a new and you go. Have you seen scurvy toilets s telling Tony these seeds garbage tones, were what the scorpion scorpions nor be at work, better television news, I'm just love express militias they're, not Rembrandt, resolve its own worst show on television in our midst and much why we gotta hit show so that it gave a for the next two hours, Ed Tony at some point after somewhere between glass
in glass for the red wine started, calling it thus scorpion? Ironically right it is they that sounds. I bet you beyond the scorpion zebra, but here it was grey areas a meanwhile at sight. The ninth, nay Threeg, show. Next laugh day is he's I'm not watching before. Why I won't do that should be. The spit out shows the scorpion. What s the point of view more see, J Anderson, the score, the first, Ass touchdown was eleven one Denver defence to score. The first touchdown was twenty two one. You know, a profit that we discuss than some added bet on, and I can't believe it is the biggest lack of wholesome role was, might carry getting a challenge for the I now where were they had those like, plus one twenty five yeah? I was right about it and we are like this. The easiest money about time notices that he misses the challenge every week near he missed it, seven minutes in and I actually think they might have taken him.
And the stadium and shadow, because he has never seen again. He was never I'm not here, not Does it matter without anybody? I don't want to feel like telling a forty people are shut up, so I could hear what he is saying. You know that's adopting the Peyton, any retirement announcement was another. Only thought was a lack at I predicted. He did not give it after the game. He didn't do it because he's going, give it to Adam shaft around like Wednesday. He had too much talk about Budweiser and else. So they said he didn't get sponsored for that right, and so they said weird, If you drink a lot of Budweiser, we going to see him pass out in an alley somewhere. I have a feeling he didn't get sponsored. Thirteen completions formatting was forty to one hundred. It was pretty good and demaryius Thomas. This is a good one, zero to ten yards, receiving twenty five
one. Where did that I go zero to ten yards or see anyway fund, William nine. He had a that's it all. I got very sad it's over for then we got it. We had took about Callaway, really quick. Because nobody loves golf more than our beloved agent James Baby out there I am positive, he would love cow is new Ex our driver that they designed with the world's leading aerodynamic engineers from bowing to find the most be possible. We discuss this last week on our part when you're worried about when you're on the phone with Baby Dar, whose pretending he's not playing off. We knew that this, of course rang and his. I call that a second baby You think it's how waiting and then you hear the sound of a golf ball being here and then comes back. I'm sorry at their babies. Are you playing God
now now that you know he's playing. I fear the trees whistling arise. Magellan. Four legged figures are that another round you ve got cut that out this. It is too vague. I think learned at a hit paid a golf ball while on the cell phone dangerous, because it could do a rake just two. It's the right where loving it will definitely plodding. I think you would love calories ex our drivers as a larger head, how to face a streamlined shape and an extremely forgive me driver. I took the ex our drive to the driver range last week or two weeks ago and I felt like I needed a bribe Pon Miller's, urine specialist. I asked my drugs as in this case the
It's our drivers, actually legal authority using a filmmaker sent so visit, Callaway Gulf that count for more information than new Ex our driver. Didn't it's? U can brag about it! Press your friends, talk about! Eighteen, that with Boeing it's the new acts, are driver from Callaway forgiveness, meets fast, found, no earthly bribe a year and specialist. Three years ago, a dangerous google Vanderwiller, urine specialist real. Yet the girls to get, yearn or just the rule. We know for sure he did a test. He was worried about what would be the time to google it as your talking. He was worried about what was going to be in the test. He failed the test and then the league didn't like the urine specialist thing any had suspended another two games. There is time, although learn a lesson is clean. Now this is a temperate September twenty seconds to thank there,
yes paean story by shifting Morrison suspended Denver Brackets, prolonged beggar. Vine Miller unsuccessfully attempted to corrupt the NFL drug Testing programme with the help of a year and collect their before each was caught in a matter that will affect how the edifice collecting testing procedures are done. His initial deluded sample counted as a positive test, blah blah blah when Miller's represents, came aware that the Brok as lie back in the correct him above work together an attempt to help Miller avoid failed test. The collector will, in source star, struck If they be legs earn collectively say is well. You have me my time, Brady's Gary Boyd,
the super bar another as there is an emerging. I watched a copper besides Mister Robot, which was awesome yet it now, I'm like two or three hours hygiene and the thing starts its like Oj Simpson, Tom Raiders, all these people cheated arrival and as a compromise in this right for the ideal gasoline which was his fault and Miller where do the urine collector to try to flip, has dragged test, is runs here and love, it kind of say it. I was James Baby, that's weird Are you kidding I'll? Do the fault is the office, but I want to say something else: he doesn't have the office bugged because he asked me last week. You remember what you said. I asked you if he baby don't got one those clubs from you, the Amazon Avon you like for what he negotiate a contract.
We five years I'm sick and get you get river that under the airway to days later, I got a call from baby. What exactly? What was the exact comment Simmons made about me in and the ghost aiding contractors I'm gettin, I'm gettin calls from people like I don't know, baby you're gonna have to do them. Ass one listened yourself. You figure out illicit arms, Faggot because I really need to know thanks bill thanks. Thanks was saying that every five years yeah, what am I supposed to do for you, it was that's great, we said, to three vampire get a veneer of the know. How was works man, you ve noticed matter what other practices we have now. Is it our neighbours, got some of our mba outstanding. That's what do we want to do so? football now there's. I think, that's a good thing that we are discussing it. It opens up no one's beetle,
there in the end, I I feel good about Tony Roma, my cowboys, obviously your patriots we'll be right. Back cowboys adds the coming up, I got it right now. I think the ferryman and of diseased Dallas. Sixteen wide riots about it was last year. Roma they're, saying they sat metal point there. Pudding and historic, shoulders gonna give him a hundred percent, there's gotta, be it when I say that with the red mark, your friends with them now, I know I was dead, Syria at nine, the one that's a favorite Carolinas ten awarded It has all the makings of this superbowl loser season regression season from houses. It's weird, seven, eight and won the year before fifteen and one I hate to bring taken here but- and I know LOS Angeles at what is that I just subjects to see them on the super bowl. Fifty two. What would Jesus do as I used the ribs
we might actually paid- maybe maybe they're Kubi next year, like campaign, why Rams or Texans was grams elixir? Yes, if he, if he's back next year, these for the ramp Gibbs for games against the Seattle in Arizona defences, That's what you want to deal with, how much is black eyes, while they're getting paid this summer, you think he goes to the browns it's possible right. That was in peer kings thing to do ass on air. I liked what I saw from a sure yeah. I want my dagenett better, I think they are bored. So if they used him like they used manning in those last few Plath game vanish, try to win with their defence out of, I think he probably could have done a lot of women
and I went, I wanna be a really quick, yeah. Well, there's couple aside from members here are outstanding. Plays we have the blue jackets than when the east? That's an hockey, twelve to one odds, dare the worst team in the league there to one who hunt it's one. Eight last plays a major part in the various actions that you're right. It's offers that at the last Emily tied for a couple, we have Rubio plus six. Fifty, I think that's good other o everything I hear is that he got pounded this week that so every goddamn bad it was because it was good everyone else is so afraid of them that they are guaranteed them and then in the Saturday debate it was bad because he completely far apart and it was Lloyd, Bentsen, Dan Quayle, Ash Christie just kept coming at him and and Rubio just look staggered right, yeah favored to win the republican nomination and we have no six hundred and fifty four that's good, all right now: basketball, Celtics
forty four winds. There three said at only one entirely were thrown patient. Forty eight that sounded gimme. Looking good I'll make a trade through their that's. It can get this one's alligators good rocket, stolen, a division. Before we were gonna lose some rackets monitor seventy names out yet balance has seventeen gives as problem spurs. You still like this No one ten one is high to win the title, that's good odds, but almost terrorism is an amazing there, like plus three fifteen, these employment title played away. They might just trying to get back You see my mortified again tv. You could sell off your spurs ten one bet if you weren't takes her yeah. Maybe you and I'll show you shit, salad. The scorpion the guy runs escort where used in over fifty six and a half wow that such a loser thereon pays for forty two, my God New Orleans over forty can I have one: that's the worst. Everyone got hurt. Faced with thirty. That's terrible Washington over forty seven
oh God, there in the latter a terrible job pay their thirty seven. These are ones you couldn't bet, but you told the house what the house- and I we took by recommended this yeah. This is this- is a long shot. I wear this twenty five to one that that Davis wins envy P and of pleasure there. That's all right and Anna House and I took off before an towns at three two one in five to four rookie year that we could have lain when you sure I am proposing is now tensile. In short, adzes amazing, that's good. I was asked Tain T today. I gotta take yeah yeah yeah yeah tentative get hurt his crackdowns heroin tempting to her again. Is there a lot of good crop this year? It's it's all! I have that's it, that's all what how much? How much more do you want to lose we're going to lose all that we can talk about one thing last night, which was my favorite part of the super bowl and you didn't bring it up. While I wasn't your first fat for some reason,
is that the national anthem, son, and you go online and you study them. Their practice. Performance is everywhere in Europe. Bates Lady Gaga was going under. She was under by twenty five seconds and, although you to play, you had your Iphone out the stop last year and we just got there in tone- is like. What's what sowed doing my colleague bets on the national anthem, which delighted Tony no end, and then You told us you went under both of us recoiled we're like it always goes over his eyes, gonna milky like where there was a high risk. Just in disbelief. No, no! I studied this. It went like twenty five seconds over. It went so far over that they had the fly by cut back toward. She was still singing. I would aloft anyway, but she stopped and then was set out in the higher up again. Well then announced some books are paying in some aren't I lost you the way. The way I gotta go, I gotta them at a bad number budget
the bread, bread, she stopped and started, but I got killed on that. I will allow set on to you last, like twenty five seconds s back, Come on. It's a super boy, you kindly with Lady God, you I like Denver and the spread of attire, easy, you're, gonna roots Christie thousand ordering a burger. What are you doing? Pets and profiteers alive, I am really I've made you mad, I just the anthem. I was that I was at under eleven soccer. I will go. There had looked at it. I should have looked at its added and I had a nice thing to make my with a definite about my carry Mcmanus friendly Budiman Fund now over. If they had one nineteen, oh eight, and he had made like a fifty sixty ardor environmental I'd never had the second sack we'll figure was in play. One of even gets up. This pass interference in the Amazon, what a crazy announce holding any answer, but it was thrown into it.
And through and that keeps that DR alive. Otherwise, we're Grannis gets his fort feel, go the addictive, would ameliorate, the modest still bonbon. No doubt was the when that's the patriots catch a bull bar, yellow and that's anyone else in the week was vivid holding it doesn't matter of its own casual, but it was her. Then when the balls in the air, though the air, and by the way the crackers did what he did on their play. Fifteen different Carolina receivers and again, when that other getting here what about the Gatorade was Orange yet, and you of quick to point out that Ruby. I had a heart attack now, at a stroke, why does on rural area? They wouldn't you two years ago, at a stroke and there they gonna, don't call Gator IRAN. There was a bad idea, get nervous right and if you could somehow find my bed online were Jimmy Kimmel ports for tops of gatorade over my head ice called I almost at a stroke to or not
getting adds really call that adds job very shocking, goose, positive four times I grant. You could see me grab his leg between the third and fourth one out gasping for air, so worth it. Member George, Alan near the famous Redskins CO tells us still happen. I know he he actually die, develop Pneumonia yeah that weak and died yeah from the gate there. I thought they were. They were convinced you gonna, kill, go to carry out that many good colleges in the late owing kill them with gateway, does like for good cultures lets. It should have been weighed Philip Should we got it yeah there needs to be a different. I mean you stick fire crackers down their hoodies liked what it's stupid? How did you feel bad man in getting the Disney Lanka? Oh, he did not really an hour now. What now he got, he was paid. Man he's gonna, then other make every discourse with
Maybe it's not the envy pay every year. Not this year, I can't even solve you're kidding around knocking really wow That's another one: should he be on rollercoaster with four neck surgeries, certain VON Miller, Monsieur and vat as for his fire for the urine collector read this catch Russia Red ever thanks to square space for spots. Today's package that squares Beijing at twenty four seven online support stated their website for only eight dollars month, even get a free domain. If you buy a square space for the year, start trout, no credit card required and square space that Communism Africa
yes for ten percent off your first purchase, thanks to so fi their transforming the world of finance, making the big banks lose sweet sleep because so far as in a bank, they can out their members in ways the bank's can't visit, so fi dot com, s o f. I Deca discovery. Banks, art the future banking terms and conditions apply thank stage being aid. Only cable satellite to watch it beyond were download the HBO. Now app start. You freeware Montraville three thanks to seek the presented the summits back Ass, Jennifer three and thanks to the cause yeah. Let me just as it tumultuous year for us. It was. We didn't even have a pie casper through for the Three weeks lies through a preview pack ass. We rallied, we didn't look like Jimmy, come alive network tonight, Pre Larsson. The markets where is coming on the show which the former cowboy regime may really is gonna, be easy com, a trader and see it as a super nice guy. I know that I was expecting Brad Corporate, but we got too much
later in the week bill, Maher Sacha, Baron Cohen Owen, Wilson, Khloe Kardashian's good week for us I'm on twitter at the cousin, sound, that's it. I know I'm going to miss you buddy. We have to do in March madness, something Well, you get out you. Is there really sad? I there he after football, this kind of wander around near we get that you have the OJ circa. That's good Theo dishes really get you watching Galvin Axis. That's a good one! You like the gaff, an actress, you don't like it baskets. That's a real shall write. Outsmart, ok, you're, like the baskets, is a clear, blue and align its anti way through data remind you of Jews and one of Jimmy came alive when he call hosted a nine percent.
Like has good debate we have had. I want to see me again. One is tat why here close kitchen road.
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