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Ep. 8: Week 6 NFL w/ Cousin Sal

HBO's Bill Simmons discusses the Chase Utley slide, early NFL surprises, Week 6 lines, soccer-watching confessions and the Patriots in F.U. mode with Cousin Sal.
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Really was a well, we got through it, and now I can talk for bargain. You had another good weakens sports her I did. I was too and one for weeks around until one, but that's good that wins. That money every week. It's the only thing keep me going this season. I really feel usually I know now- juices Louis get sadder and weak six football. I village, like I'm, talking you into it, because it's around and bases in Europe had jumped ship, but you're gonna have to talk me back into the season. I write. The quality of players is poor. I'm looking at the slate this week there's like three games in which I mean trusted in both quarterbacks right, honestly, it so bad and and- and now you know, but calls by wraps and everything else. I feel like the good divisions. The competitive divisions are already settled. I think that's the problem too. I think the annex Ii West have no doubt the cards going to run away with that. I really don't
really have. I have a tiny shredded out. What further? Who do you can I please I'm not ready to cross the sea hawks yet nearing its early and they had some chemistry, stuff gonna. I would say the if she were seems just done they have. U, S has done that usually compare Leviathan North is done everything or does done despite Pittsburgh and have seen north is done. Yes, that's done, and if this the Carolina Lana, that's fun. That's fun! You early heading of Seattle. You be behind the newspaper there that offensive line is dismal. Town he's been sack twenty two times a day. Russell Wilson, he had seems like they can run the bar, but they can't black for any pass, which is our problem in Attica, it's hard to tell if he's being nifty in the pocket or official collapsing autumn, but I think it's the latter, I'm amazed by how many quarterbacks that had already written off mentally we're actually competent.
The last seven days, Manhatto back right, is he like the US court irregular way? Yes, I think so parties hideous biogas there he was the good, and they gave me a couple like really really nice place. Macao was ASA, I'm not even talking fantasy wise. I they mcgown and bottles are top ten quarterbacks in the Lee portals. Yet let's look at the numbers insane I so what are we like? Then? So we, like the Patriots and general near we like Aaron Rogers. We like the Rams defence. Definitely we, like Denver defence You have no idea Arizona Just general like I like that they took care business in Detroit Games came out. Alas, they beat him up before they start What else do we like? Pittsburgh has hasn't weapons well like they? They have like fourg?
Who can make a sixty? I touched her. I was gonna falsity this way, which undefeated team, which there are six of them now right, which is remarkable, does point season? Are you most excited about against in the play? I'm excited a bet against any age. She sat in the class ass. He sat here because they're gonna be the forest. Right there can be own against the number one wild card and probing getting three points at home and I'm taking the road tat inside agitate Irena. So even more so than will any dialogue by possibly so you won't say it's usually the bangles our excited it could be. The falcons I dont have any dont get so by whose so, how do we know Denver difference is going to keep wrong. Yeah guess outdated. Denver and knowing what the thing with Denver is Manning looks many and breeze. Both look just horrendous and with Denmark has a matter because their differences, so good yeah, but my question for them:
is what happens when we get to November and December always the weather gets cold. Manning asked to make a couple throws right, but their defences I mean they got. Six guys on every attack has been impressive. The their division is poorer than ever attack like the raiders. You want them to be good, but always find a way to blow at the end, Riah the Chiefs nowadays Charles out, can't you can't think they're, gonna wanna hear member games. We were talking last week about while the chiefs, who knows they put through the forebears teams that take care business they lose so that their citizens over ass in the mafia chargers or what one would you ever bed the chargers there every scenario that you take them, how bout so bad rotted Phil Rivers had to use this silent, cow last night at home there because of the stairs answer. So a right that is at that you should lose your team
and areas you might have to lose your team. Thirty minutes they were fence, are still valid and protect your home base said to travel. Well, but that that's insane what that's embarrassing, the quarterback as clapping furiously breaking, as is his palm China trying to get the play off was so here here. The tough Brigance left Green Bay Home Sunday night is at India, tough game. I feel like it's not. I don't think it is good. I just don't think they're going to New England, at home, on a Sunday there at San, Diego at pit and and home for since that aim and in a delay of five tough games left young hears, Here's Cincinnatus stuff- I know they ve always did at buffaloes Matt uneasy re should be harder than might be. I mean they're wrote games are tough at Buffalo,
Pittsburgh Adzuma at San Francisco on a Sunday night NET Denver on a Monday nights at ease, and there are also ACT Cleveland which you now at least clearance, could make you where they re, won't get a by their problems and they have the Rams in Pittsburgh and then Baltimore weak. Seventeen, I would say Debars is safe. But would you think of my team reading into reading its maintain my? So if you look at for like a quarter yeah just now to say we're not we have demonstrates what out why it's on expect much to happen offensively, but you have to change the game plan. It feels like it feels like brand and weed and goal is to set their completion percentage mark and it's just not good like their gaining three yards on. First, our second down on a path and you're not going to score points and obviously out many times have you seen at work. Team chicks feel, go again, shone forth into a new account,
we got him now now want to come back and score touchdown and stupid to do against the patriots, but as a MAC hassle this week, maybe bow to buy this week by next week. Here, looking like a could be castle, who are the bathroom decision by teams are all gone? Dallas saint, Louis and Tap obey The rims, my I am not giving up on the rams, here's the problem, a rooms play Nick falls and he was atrocious and should be blamed but there, So they're receivers are terrible. Yes, it's it's, the rare combination of a shaky quarterback, with probably the receiving crew in the league right and not those guys were open and he fell again to make a plain like they were right there in that packers gained their believe me. That was my best bet Hackers minded decided that I am asked at the hundred different way again. Nay, they must feel goals, they turned the ball over and in the end, to read sands and
hackers receivers warrant open now, weren't open for Rogers. He gave us he's in trouble. I again that defences solid for their ends, so. I I don't think I'm wrong. I say: there's some smiled red flags with the Packer Spirit is daily put together. One stand drive and that game the Dad sixty five year, touchdown James Johns, they gotta pick six right and they scored twenty four points right. The way for that in the great either again San Francisco, I dont know if their as explosive visit seems like they there. I think they're the Superbowl favorites right now.
Does it make sense to meet their damper on Sunday and then their at Carolina the night there were I'm sorry home for the rams. Now they tried at charred home for the chargers by weak and then at Denver at Carolina back to back in that's homo, find out of their defend. Their offices got an idea. It's hard to tell sometimes of projects is going through the motions or no one's gonna open form, but I think it's either nor was opened. I thought the Rams point solid enough. The four main we're didn't wanna division? What was your tv watching on Sunday? Because there is a. A tv on Sunday night trying to think there is? I mean Joker Senator for, but I know that was a good son and if a bug in the air joining eyes. Rwanda enjoyed that right and then more visible baseball game was a baseball, was gonna and then we had. Homeland in the affair project green light, my favorite show two thousand fifteen right at ninety minute walk
that was just completely occur, hair on. I have no idea what happened. Persons was. It was I supposed to take drugs before I watched, I walk in better what it was. Don't you all my part, as five thousand extras make up and how they did with changing colors carriages grams. Normal episode, where what is this? Those allotted tv I watch like half of homeland and then decide I might be out on homework. I might be done at an watch the end of it. So don't tell me, I felt the minutes for three straight seasons? I've been watching it, as I do other things. It's just kind. I just legislation, your gunfire, just look, there's no way you can watch as do other things and understand. What's going on with the with the all the factions are involved, but the affairs really liked, like the affair, hits a good work.
Lotta repercussions with those affairs, no united with the old lady AOI. Do she likes it? Why she likes it interest near and oh and then last man on earth last manner that watch with kids ass. They liked, at least for the most part, America's favorite kid show that nobody thinks is a kitchen. Iraq is love, less editor, simple enough. Every episode, you put in a scene when he just break steffens, been abandoned mansion exactly my kids think that's like the funding it having ever and wide I could ever vases, of course, there and Malibu. Why? Wouldn't it be it now? I said from day one should submit where. Why are you in Arizona, Gerda, Malibu Gerda? counting eyes looking good well before we talk about football, I want to talk about them it's in your eyes about Chase Atley. Ah what this I know you don't want to do this yesterday, while I note Colombia
Deborah. Columbus was a degenerate, a time gamble guy, I'm I'm sure, so he would have. He would have appreciated podcast yesterday and I'm sure the fans would too, as I was bemoaning the cowboys laws, the an awful awful chase outlay call. But what what did you think I mean I find that new chose you get right, I'm that demands I've, Dodger fairness buddies by both sides. I don't really care in bet on it. I thought it was sanely cheap play because filthy, yet you know, Chart Nixon used to do this, red Sox. Sometimes I never feel good about it, but he would at least try to touch the bag, as is just completely taking auxiliary. How hard is it just looks like she still let's get our finger on the bag right in that one. It's like he was by the bag and then just a thing is: if it happened in hockey, it would have been a fifteen gave suspension yeah
He would like that was a boarding and happy they. The guy would have an out and out for the whole month October, but here's the thing I do. I do agree with this defence. For my dad, your fan, France of Chad figure, has been this thick. I did turn his back honestly, like what're. You doing. You never turn your back of the base runner but especially like you know, at least on first base it in your head. You have to be thinking like there's a double play ball that guy's going to try to take me out. I know that I thought it was like saying when you go to a restaurant, make sure your backs not to the door, because a gunman can come and cheer you I'm with. You said the other way to its I'm with you. I just thought like if he doesn't do that the play doesn't happen, but at the same time, I thought that was one of the cheapest plays I've, seen in baseball loudly really just wanting to hurt the guy it seem like I was at the game and that not exaggerate its modern miracle. I'm here didn't get murdered. I was so loud and so stupid in defence of the mats there and the Dodger fans were not having it
you're not going to believe that, and I was like I was in the first base side, so that was going to be a double play like I know he pivoted, but I think he would have seen that he wasn't going to get it and it would have thrown it whatever regardless, and I don't even care that he's suspended. I don't even care, he's gotta be out he's gonna get all about he's got his nose, that can save him on their well. It's like you can't start your side after the bag that you haven't touched and then be safe. You back foot lands pass them for the first time passed the base. It's insane like you didn't you didn't touch them still hasn't touch the base, there's an instant where where to Hoddan lands on him with the ball, so you should be out right. There is off the base there. So many things like I don't know how you call that guy safe, it's it's Just as we. U amazed that sweaty erratic met Harvey didn't start just starting dodgers less that yeah well we're classy team Miranda. We get it done. We get it.
Why did we have the over and runs that game? Is there any doubt one of those two pictures who's gonna give up? Louis runs off organs or way over baseball game. So I told my dad your fan, France, I think from I'm a standpoint. There scrutiny series says that they play. I just think it's it's! You can't recover from that. And also the stupidity of taking cursor at a hundred thirteen pitches and the biggest. Better. The game and game Y know you think, so I'm a neutral party, I I I I don't care who wins if on the Mets I much rather have buyers come in. There then had then have the best picture of the decade, China, for five, more pitches, minutes ludicrous, but if he goes a hundred twenty heap Why doesn't pitched tonight? Maybe it would have on one fourteen like who, like I don't know, I mean grams up pitch in and I guess he went one twenty of I've known you fur, since two thousand too
there's, no way you like grandsire. Nowhere, if bothers you, if it, if one Harrison's grew diagrams hair, he would living your house. You would make him liveth grandparents or something could maybe yes and we'd retreat amid the low he could be Caitlin generally one. Please don't seventy five ass wall, and seventy three or ninety five miles an hour or more fine. Do what you want. Does the grand think that looks good at everyone's got crazy long, hair now Kasza drank everybody. His is the longest. I know it's pretty well we're gonna win an idea? Was he watching mask which share and Eric so that refugees can have their kid for mass hair so who deal with? So what do you think we're taken this on a Tuesday morning,
I want to say we wrap it up tonight. I think we hit left these. I think we had cursor lefties it left these, which is which is doesn't usually happen for us. We got this guy mats on the mangrove twenty minutes from me, Ward, Melville, high school, no else want their Kevin James and MC fully little trivial for mix all his father was the athletic direct or so we got, go on for us tonight that we close it up. The Mets fans were so up every man, Spain, I know, was so mad at you. Sadly, I don't think I had to go back to like thirty years, go and Lambert Cheap, shouted bird in the south of France. I really wanted they bearded die and then we will. We say we we tell pathway, will perish punching game. Five of the eighty seven finals era are find us. That was the kind of love of hatred for J, certainly but the Celtic shaded him to night The fans like I get that we are here. I get the idea that the Mets aren't too upset about it, and just the fans are besides himself.
You do need light tat turn things like that Milton Bradley took guy, get in who's your sake, I'm get you rat gonna, be during the series and later of the winner redefined you chase, I don't have that guy, you know about just the man about town college. Just get thrown out game like be upset like there's, not a twenty minute break for them to bring a stretcher on the feel they probably don't even review that play anyway. We you ok with him, walk out in the cane nay. I would have for wheelchair. Why not when I really oh yeah, like Pierce yeah? No, not like There's like really like this guy so hurt. I can't even walk on a crack. She has been maimed interests that come on. That's real body. Castnia then invitation to view the asterisk apps yesterday was really interesting yeah eight then took an hour and a half or not radio away broiled.
But why are these game fives I wanted is routines ones. I bet I dont know who the I've watched a lot of these baseball games that I have no idea the best AMOS. It just seems like its turn enough upon our you didn't like the Astor. I tried talk you into the ash, showed you are yet to get too many fancy guys on your team. You I was worried about their was worried about their bullpen benighted seems like that that was validated yesterday area, the blue sixty two led. That's really it isn't it it's out twenty two, twenty seven, seventh, eighth night things. You feel ok about seventh. Eighth night, I have no problem put Magala Cologne in or nor niece and those in the sixth, seventh any attack or smart. You know you don't want to have first, how many twenty six year olds we're gonna have out there. That advice.
Water in their veins. Eventually, someone's gonna implore, we get nervous, yes, I'll get Cologne and their get some solid earnings and that's fine with a good. This is U pitched familiar with the six run later than I had yesterday with tumor Plath Ganz come out if he s gone, Commentary Collins ACT like you, ve been there before for God's sakes. Until I get some have Curtis Grandison Pitch before we get to the weak sex week, six lines yet quickly, anyone that's it. Worked in a corporate environment knows how painful internets can be. The content is still the interfaces You can access it on your phone, while iii glue is an internet. You actually like I need collaboration till they have to do your best work and collaborate better through team. Also great way to share formation within a company was in the south, whether it's about the new office moved the changed, benefits, plants plan or even free snacks
The kitchen sounds like something you could use to torture coworkers Jimmy Camelot. Yet let somebody do more. Research on the ego is not just for traditional internet stuff, like h our policies and expense forms with. Equally, you can share files check the latest version of a presentation, coordinating counters, perfect, quick comments, status, updates for reform and manage projects with two dues in task. Sign up now get a free, trout, igloo software, Dotcom, Slash, Simmons, Eagle software, dotcom such summits for your free trout, my enemy of wood, doing that red when we were together Jimmy come alive in people leave their computer. They make the mistake of. Under the bathroom, but not logging out rare, and then you would go in there computer and send a nasty Imelda Sub Saharan ever do you still do that? I still do advice. I will say it: some people have used it to their advantage to if they send off like a shitty.
Now that they face and you did ok can you do me a solid just say that I was. You was all right, it's pretty specific and that doesn't include anything that island but if we can get away with it, then the person like Oh, my god, I'm so glad I thought you were man at all ends up working out, so you it's unless they good people blame the dog fur. Their own farts rank exactly see another dog rats and always use my powers readable right now, amazing. What was the most trouble you ve forgotten for that for once the most troublesome ever caused, I think I sent the president of the network from our executive producer jails. Email in summer. Ratings are never great for late night television, yet they ever just wrote. Ratings subject ratings its summer get over it,
We got there about still little. We are daddy weak six. We have Thursday game theirs in. It did not send me your lines this week, which me but you did not send me your lines this week, which means Who knows I have them right here, but what does that mean? When did you do that? Two minutes before I got it, I'm sorry more cheating and ever from you all right. I swear. I didn't look, I'm sorry. I didn't send them. I just forgot Thursday night New Orleans. I have the falcons by three and one slash two see what I mean it's exactly three now I said for, of course, there's gonna be three that have why not for the saints are terrible is drew. Breezes career ever hope, so they pick them last week Who has now has more mustard on the bar drew breeze, Peyton Manning or.
The third strongest arm at your license. I now or Harrison he wouldn't have your son. His his arm is bad. His decision making is bad too. He gets caught way too much. I think he's getting protection and still gang slam back there. I don't like the centre or long for the season. When my count them. I think we could add them to a baby out of the play, often either the cross them off as well, and I say that other think divide the freeman yet again, another forthright running back whose, like one of those fibers running back, signal its terrible famine, the guy on the sea So I had never heard of in my life before we all go are the best by running back, some think about. If you, the top ten running back, only want to meet all, namely amateurs and about all the others are garbage like Charles was Charles is bad. Now I haven't one two three fan is sixty backs yet as bad who else we don't Marcia Ledge is bad.
EU leaders since been up down he's been idle guy that I'd take Petersen and and Bell. But can we talk about just very quickly how I drafted in our and Murray, and the endless for dollar. That was that I stump the room and then I bragged about it. Those now even though what was gonna happen was dead, moments. I, like you, said I hope this doesn't work out because we're in a lot of trouble. If it does, then you say on my that now did you say: Then it's definitely say that if this guy's a my starting line up, my team has brought you didn't, say I dont members we say that it knows I drafted inferred dollar in everyone had a chance to go to nobody dared. That's not fair. Any Denny pick made after two thirty in the morning should we're gonna Sunday Games, Danbridge Cleveland. Almost
trouble with this one, so the Broncos line was four and a half in Oakland and I beg opening cleaving right around the same, be it the Broncos covered Simum Broncos by five and a half on Wednesday, Vegas you're gonna get it. I said six and its five to Europe to nothing army. It fears they Josh Mcgown who had a sort of victory lab this week he had a big section, Peter King, the M M Kubi com. Almost became a school teacher love near and that now the Victor Latvian is get out as we will get an area. This is like the foreign reception we gotta say fifty one passes without an interception, furred browns quarterback unheard. Is he the best brands to point out quarterback ever as it stood there gander, I felt when we worked Michel together their innocence,
to play a game for the branch right. That's true suggestion cannot stop. That he's been playing remarkably he's better than the other twenty eight guys they used five hundred yards of, often on the road that that's pretty good, but this timbered events like you, talked about very good there. Even if the markets wears out there, this guy Shaquille bear two out of check. They just seem to move to moving parts and all works. The third knows tackle is good too, Chicago has a couple good guys, indifference that Pernod Mcfee, I think yeah he was a relatively. I don't think they like broke the bank on Cambodia other hammer sue, four hundred and fourteen million anyone. But so that's terrible cancer I bought our friend Tonia is big dolphins, Dama consume sweatshirt thinking like rather severe cold. It is now one of his thousand. I write Oh, it's all right! It's gotta be ironic, is a mess of Chicago to Detroit,
I had I didn't like this one at the lions by three and a half, but I forgot about it. Well, that's good enough its lines by three. I said the bears by two. What does anyone have to see from this line? State their terrible, just terrible? It's hard to that Jim cargoes and working up there are, we sure, they're good. This week's addition, Matthew, Stafford research areas get seems like he's, not kid. They lost both their home gains by double digit, dear seven for him yeah the seventh year you are, we are next year's year. Eight now his dinner last year is both be excited about it like to another scrub, whereof the forced to care about our electrical god. Thank the stone. It's too I did too. I don't I'm the positive. The bears are bad hold on a minute. Let's look at the bare really quick, lustily Packers Bay.
Get crushed by the cardinals, thereby got shut out by the Seahawks in Seattle that net Seattle had had the beat the raiders beat the Chiefs air above by those two. We too, we three then have Cutler right. I think they could be ok, never made. There may be seventy nine Houston Jacksonville I had the jagged by two and a half, and I all I wanted to go three. I think the taxes are one of the four were seems like. While this is going to stand you, this is gonna wanna go about the last game. I said jagged by two and I'm gonna get it slightly, but we're both way off its used in by one and a half that stupid Houston's, a terrible thought about them. They stick. Is it possible that they could just move whatever Fc South Game designed to one?
and I just make that the ones and I came so we're not even deal with it on Sunday the doing have ways- and I am sorry that little start. I think that day I think, every day, every Sunday there to be a six thirty in the morning West Coast here and there she just make it the Fc South when there's not a lending that ok, that's why I want to do that. That's good to Cincinnati a Buffalo who had high hopes. I hit this one exact your bangles by three. Nay. Did you really did? I said three and a half I thought Vegas would favour them a little more, don't know what to make of this Buffalo team. I know what to make of them. You'll like em. Now I thought Tennessee should be them. I had that on. One of the four TVS Sarah actually get to watch for by this weekend is my daughter. Soccer game was until three twenty nice. The bills were very lucky in that
I am tired, Tailor made a couple scrambles, but if wagons doesn't play, they just can't throw the bar they're, not gonna score more than seventeen points. Just gonna say just it looks good bills at home getting points and then you can be tired, towered Chris Haagen and who's running the ball. Nowadays. That was an important one for the bangles, because I think if they. Lose their game there back to square one with everyone's feelings and sentiments and Andy Dalton among Louis, and now it's like. I were five an hour. We came back, we beat their, they win the Superbowl ass, Jane we'd, be we came back from seventeen, and can you can build on that? We have this game on right now, the replay out chiefs there, but we had a. I still don't know how they came back from seventy nine, although home It is our turn it off for seminars died. I put because there is some games on. I just learned it and then also NOS twenty four twenty one, but it was
because Seattle they there. It seem like our action and short cuts. It seems I there there dealing just died. I want the dead, the depth anymore, I don't know enough about research like now left the chamber today just seems I dare halting got gas at seven guys made up eighty five percent on the payroll, Nan, stuff, Washington and New York jets. I liked the Bengals and then came. I mind either of these teams. These might be the eighth and ninth best teams in earlier the judge and the last and professional football team, either jets by four does want exactly six Oh lottery spent Agus lotteries bet. It's too high were Washington, God seven and a half from Atlanta, yet arrived fits, did their defences pretty get worsted rival.
Gradual, has reared its ugly head to Sheldon Richardson's back here, but just doesn't look right them giving so many points that seems like a lap, Kansas City at Minnesota. I put this in the vague zone vikings by five. I dont forget about it. You want to, I said for, and its three actually was four and went lower. I don't know whose Bellinger chiefs at all their problems by debts way too much respect for the chiefs and- and I think they have a job out for sticking yet, who is also now now Davis. Well, is this you go for, like seventy bucks, an hour, fantasy actions aiming to have using overran, because I am but I have two more Charles. Not even be now Davis. Now they had this guy chart, Tantric, west and sharks
Andrew four, where we must aim to censure can't you do yeah, that's right or contracts eminence. Nowhere could spell have another one. Just have another one. You should do it. They, I'm gonna bid on this guy's and I'll. Be there not just. Let me my head Jamal Charles and I've been working on my auction money. Just for a moment like this, you have the most furnish our neander gothic. I have a good thing or two and three with the most ever really get team actually go. Sometimes our website just look at my team and marmalade I'll get. It is aware. Dude, it's real the good Aaron Rodgers, the UN for sat. Melvin Gordon Odell, Becum, Junior, TAT, Larry Fitzgerald that somehow Julian Adam in effort, effort and the barriers
The Arizona kicker in the Rams defends juggernaut, I'm looking good and I got bench guys to well you're two and three. Let me ask you, as my utterly Brady NEWS, wasn't announce when we drafted. If he was gonna, be playing, I told you he was irish. I know what date resolutely to another Brady I Hibridean Rogers and I have a small child so now to fill, is running back slot. Who do Trade Brady, Rogers Rogers betrayed Rogers idea. I think Brady's gonna have like forty. Nine touch stands in one pick near, maybe even the under his sprayed is locked in man. These new rules. New anywhere there? A couple years odd? I wrote this last month are as crazy. I really think he could play till his four five. What which knew he doesn't get hit? You don't get here. Let anyone these the wide receivers can just get open all he does. It
go to the lion he sees. What the deal is going to do. Is I got right there doing this minute or hear well You can do that first, seven more years, meaning could do for seven. Years of his arm was even remotely competent. I'm not taken aiming away because you beat us thirty. Six and everything will every patriots do work does work, but the pic plays or just its nessus. Its necessary, if you're not fits of coordinator and don't have a pic way yet in your arsenal? Your way behind area does not watching football. Like that, that's I don't even know I d rank these cornerback set in the complex and combine Zaga on forty times and and and leaping ability. It's like if you're gonna get picked, you're you're not going to dwell on the ETA fell and Brady. Has it all figured out Rogers as a figure it out, Palmer and obviously Peyton Manning gets a third and three forget about busted out IRAN. There you got it it's a first that every time well pick place when you
age where football college. Ninety percent of the Fraser Pick place. They are right, so it would make sense that in the end a father nobody's ever really totally been able to figure out who stopped the Pickwick. Now knows, twins, are legal, yet assuage the Africa. I thought you were swear, it's a touch. It doesn't matter who is the fastest corner, the biggest or whatever? Where are we air, Arizona, Pittsburgh? And so do we think we get wrath this burger this week? You know I saw that because they're playing our rezoning and Arians is old. Offensive coordinator brothels burgers really going to try to play because of that new. That's like you have to find out who is at the party before
You drag the girl again right, yeah. Well, I had why at made this pick assuming vicars plan cardinals by one and a half. I said no to it's more than that I said plus four and its five and a half. What is the cardinals are giving five and have already in five and a half really doubt go out on a view that that seems to other damn good. They don't care where there are no one on the road doesn't really matter. Just seems high. The Pittsburgh Skype play makers work quickly. Would you think of the libyan levy? An libyan libyan Bell play Keyser. There's no time left is no time get stopped right, like they're, not gonna, put us come back on the clock and now say that time can uses time out now, but I thought it was Merodach in their very lucky. I did too tired to criticise a play that worked but bread and it wasn't a straight hand off. It was just itches glanced around and found found them the white. The plan
yet, because basically you're saying disguise the best running back Emily he's gonna get in the answer given by the so worked under that resettlement of Alex it's always just raw VIC out any, he throws away. Scrambles are that's the only way you can do there. Finally, as a word, that's the worst car the year time on stadium, we're playing the chargers in their terrible and decent work. One word Are you scared gone over time with the chargers like I can see doing that appear play I have your in green bag, yet it your anger. We gotta when this game right now here is our best play, but not against the chargers. When you have two thirds of the fence there. If the Mets weren't winning by forty runs, I would have been out of an furious because I lost fantasy to offer an Brad when Heath Miller was held at the ends of the earth at the two inch line. If you scores, I wouldn't have something tat. I felt
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What is it? You saw the lines you saw the lines before I got it. I didn't see the chase outlay play when it happened, live because I watch the entire. U S, Mexico South now near Eddie do not happen. Really. I taped amidst dodgers to whitewash the last three. I had no idea the ugly thing happened ahead and check twitter cause. I don't want to spoil it in and I thought you wait a little aid on it. The absolutely because, as my kid soccer headed out hurt your feelings, is so bad. I there is a great game theory about they scored or something, and then there's a girl go together, three goals. It was amazing the fact that there is no riot slash fight Eddie the Dodgers Stadium or the rosebud. That night could sit in the event of what happened in those games is like American Obama was in town, his heart. Always, yes, he hardly get around.
Why? Sorry about that? I wish I had told you sooner. Miami Tennessee Titans by two and a half on way off. No you're right on car said three. Why anyone can't give less than of feel goaded. Dolphins are at home you, I am I the titans madly counted and which, in turn is an atrocity really just a bad coach, the fact that they should have beaten buff I don't like how they use Barry Ray? only mailing barrier is good. Don't they use him correctly? They d done things of them. He is but no more where we were the bills. Defence is a good, is a bad. Is it they give up forty the patriots, but then they took the score on fear. The dolphin goodnight great Titans near I like the tens, are there. But if I mean this is my under the new coach offer by
and I knew coach talk a lot a smack about bringing the intensity back in practice and Campbell. That's what he said. What is their heads or control or something? Oh speaking, increase chaise. So I was why and I never it's. A programme shows breast setting up the tvs and they in Britain and in her said, your thing watch you say that about the exquisite soon, it's too bad, it's not about the actors allows its gems and job. He said if you dare graduated set it at the Fox brigades, show it happened, I was sucks, I was like. I don't know what to do my son by China Tape and in turn the channel, he really save afraid he's really. He might just be a crochet karaoke machine that that's me, hopefully just rattling them off on the sidelines. Next week, and we now have to see them through three yard underneath pass over, I'm back, oh- and I guess I heard in an answer- Anti Vigo, you cannot break someone's leg were set up that were guides.
The other side, so he waited there that we get. That was my argument with all every dodger fan and mice. Actually, do you think you try to break his leg? Like I don't give a crap what he dreaded, they're ready you kid go in there like a wrecking ball and take a guy out like that rage. Just try just touched a bag. Just try to touch why the catchers, You're getting into a bag touched bag missed the bag. It doesn't matter. If you don't touch it, it's if you are able to touch it, you're, ok, nonsensical! Why am I always on the side of the good call, bad role. My dreams are wholly dehydrated, like that, it's just a bad rule. They might change, they might not new offices, and but when I was a good call well, I could just pay check next and try to take a greater like that twenty seven times from ninety nine and two thousand three and had he done so. I would, if a bad for a second and then fully supported there, isn't a villa with watch. Thousands of baseball games then more than football. Even we ve seen that double play granted on that.
Your time: every tat it like right again, Erlich! No, no, no, that's the rule! That's what gets me crazy, emeralds and expert on how now now that's how it is. Don't you watch here maybe, but how many Metz fans rat game to that addresses phallic forty percent. They go about thirty. Seventy thirty, seven There is a secondary market and when you think that your fans at the Mets game, MR, like twenty percent, there were drowned that why you got that He added ass to make their that they show that a lot of blue had every other good showing its a great say. It's a great series from events. Based empire and then met cubs. Would you ve just been unbelievable, tortured fan base match up? Definitely that's so get an evasive We were. There were one hundred eight years, but you're the torture fair base. You won the luckiest worlds. Areas in the history of baseball and clubs have how dare which what are you talking about? We want them, which was the luckiest game. Six eighty say come on
was over. We too, as nobody out in the night, you're crazy you're. Out of your mind, I remember surely manage abroad and Bob Stanley showing Blaine through Socket, though that's all you're talking now stop it. Caroline at Seattle between the lake aims. Yet I'm sorry this is like, and you have to read something now, I'm so yeah. There's the first lady. I'm excited for this game because steal your guy think Carolina may not be good. But they ve should share my face. Every week I have the Seahawks by six and a half profits of man to the now you got it. I said six. I thought that was a good guess and it's that is six and I gather what was the Broncos lines sixty four eagerly. The Broncos were five, though your thing in the teaser here now and I am afraid, Josh Mcgown what's happening
I heard your ninety arts eyes were very excited about this guy unclearable aunties in the sea hawks or somebody I dont. They Carolina kid score on them. While chiefly comes back this week, I think he's cleared from his concussion. Anybody thinks his name is frank, isn't of words of rank frankly, send for required from his concussion had cleared from view brains being scrambled your fine now hustle emboss laws can be run around maybe thou how many Domini, I didn't say I had a really back concussion between Madrid the insinuation in high school. I didn't forever like three months I don't know how they clear anybody like late would bother me and lay out there's no way we still live on their own. The Mets one, a lucky world serves, are still my right. How is it that world series, while LE why you want on a wild pictured in errors of yours over don't put Bognor out
As I was just the app and you're right. We ve blue this area. It was the biggest choke everywhere about that. That's Marianna, Acquire Baltimore San Francisco and the Niners by one and a half two I'm wrong. I just don't believe about two. I had the Niners by three and song the ravens are fairer by two and a half points here, but we ve seen this We see this every year in the shared the Ravens, the team that people just keep waiting for them to turn it around Turner answer at around and they're not get the ravens or not did I learn happening. They have no pass rash. They can't stop anybody on any third down. They have no deep threaded. Are similar, not a good thing, and they have terrible there. The second worst receivers and leaves so why are they so? No Steve Smith Gimme a break its terrible, terrible, give the home field team. You give the whole team at three point advantage for being home
now they're saying the Ravens or a five and a half point better than forty Niners that can't be neutral, feel I still think Cambric Haider well yeah Sunday did. I still think he's done now. The giants have now passed Russia rat, it's because their best past Russia blew off his hand in a fireworks accident so that no pass rash zones that totally there far better Capron. It was fine with no press. Your whatsoever he's Anglia pressure in this game either cause baltimores no pass rash, leading to the whole college cap her neck turn. It around And then they have Seattle at home on Thursday night They were matters to the fortnight s there and that's a gamer here. Seventeen interceptions yeah yeah, that's why they could suggest. Might that down Counter now, when he gets negative fantasy points nine days from two to one and four is how about super bowl. How many years ago, three they're both wanted for now yeah.
Diego Green Bay, say diagnostics. Green Bay by eleven, I'm probably too you're a little high where you gonna get it. I dream by our United forgot to justice. After last night, I green Bay by seven, it's ten, so you're going to get the scream they by seven at the thoughts and egg owed, thought there weren't as offals anymore, but yet we'll Green Bay was what they give you. The Rams nine. And I thought the charges role better there not better this. This is a game where Rogers could put out by the six touchdown, no picks twenty nine for thirty two four three hundred and nine adds can again aggregate there. So banged up the charges, young our charge or got hurt listening to me talking about their injuries just now children, of his ipod or something that when they are when they're here next year, no way we can nurse them back to Hell. That's right! That's right! The sun!
I came for this, my god you're New England, patriots at the Indianapolis colts from what we know. Well. Actually, let's ask em right now we tell you now to the comment, of one Andrew, the giant lock Andrew you take on the patriots at the MID, Hudson Civic Centre in Poughkeepsie New York, everyone wants to know. Classy, Freddy Blasi, Captain Rob Animal like no. Are you in fact play? nor do I know from play or rob all entre this matter also buckstone a great great job for us in the aid will read the GMO Gonna, be in great hands as work. It out
go over. Thirty percent have seen alive. Thank you have been hassle back. Put this way is easy for a tree and send it out openly net. Do they get tassel back? I think local play actually says. Luck has been Pratt practising we don't know how much buddy is definitely been practicing extensively. I would be very surprised if the pages last this game without sending overconfident. What do you think this did this? We talked about last week. This game has the most f. You points build, than a line in years. I don't remember the last time. Oh yeah, I so I said Patsy by aid and on probably to le you are a little low. I went high. I sent eleven and a half. I thought they were real. Have now left this day, nine as the number, so I wages by not yet you're gonna win the whole week. I beg you ate. I think the patriots properly motivated for this game wont. Let me ask you this and that
the narrative all on patriots, patriots are gonna, kill him wait till they go the call to they have something approve, but it was the call to loss by fifty points, the pages, don't they don't? They have on the proof, don't they have any pride at all? Like they're gonna wanna keep this close ma, I mean they're, they're gonna have to come up with Some sort of plan for when they're down twenty eight have time now think and act that come up with some sort of conspiracy to leaked Bob cravats. You love it out. I know what I really love is the fact that the patriots kill the courts and return their plan that I now that's all I'm saying what they pay their differences, terrible. It's like cherry picking for Brady, I'm very confident I'd be governed tuba. Let's remember you're! You want against three or four quarterbacks title or bottles and Brandon Weedin, yet it could be a shoot out, I'm just confidence, the pictured scoring point. I they got that courts defences and has been an abomination. Really you, a member that achieves game the chief
convert whenever when they before, unless we ve started getting hurt in the plan. Came my current pace give up like FIFA. This team is over in Oregon just gotten destroyed by decent good offences. So it's bad you're, very confident. Now My fear is that they're going to try to take our brok low on play and her on one of my patriots and then that I really have to give you a little nervous that we had five sacks again shoe the cowboys You know something. I talk to my dad about this actually think they were. They were really taken by surprise what that three to six year in Belgium Ben said after he's like we didn't know what to do like it and they figured it out, but yeah. That party was insane is a monster, he's it literally monster and they couldn't they couldn't keep them off. That double team on Friday
red come out there, but you know you were afraid the endless yeah I know, but you don't have to make fun of my team where we obviously having funding. We have a disability right now, it's. Why do you do tat Homeless, Ghana, wheelchair on the street and spit on em, like what you gonna do when a Roma combat have some compassion, probably round Thanksgiving, but that? the cowboys. Offense is like it's like. When you know a guy is not throwing downfield, it's so much easier to defend. Obviously right, the safety could shoot up. It's like being at the company picnic and and the boss's son you're playing softball in the boss. Sun gets up. It's like all right. Everybody move in right. We know exactly what we need to do that. Brandon Weeden he's the boss's son and you called me by the way. I don't know if you remember you called me after the pats. Yeah, rising driving for my daughter soccer game. I hope not because you do not use aloe worse with aware, actually has a rough loss.
I have the merry paid the best human in the in the leg and unanimous beat them really the Galaxy team, and where was this and ass my gloves amply just go now so his team here earlier drive and far yet, but we were told to tell it that there are some signs real feel good about that. I read the fake goddamn voice message already outside ok here this issue. After yet causing sow sport sky here I just gotta watch and Tom terrific Thunder thighs Brady finish off your cowboys. Thirty two section I also just down my eight p passion, margarita. I was going to call and gloat about the win, but I realize we're pausing. I know you must be feeling down in the dumps. So really just have one question for you and here it is how many cowboys fans does it take to change a lightbulb
None there all happy living in the patriot shadow, get it didn't have to change light bulbs, one more question: what did the Dallas cowboys and possums have in common? both play dead at home and get killed on the road. I love that one hears Walmart what does occur, boys Van do and his team has won the Superbowl. He turns off man Sixteen, the gills Barrack thirty two six ran away insects, big play sports guy over now Lucan Babo Day well that's the first jerkily very, were actually to cut out the pirate cut that would who cross the line you cross. The line at your call about
Here I believe I dont worry. Cutting jobs are at one more Monday, jaw heads it Billy and the EU by two and a half, and I have no idea, it seems like the eagles- are still offer. You kill me this way. Let me just add a mob its tender fork. Is you in that one? It's it's eagles by three and a half I said to the giant or that much. But I like the giants. I think the giants are solid yeah. I just think it might be the same day. You point out the giants. Don't ever good pass ruggedo saints didn't last week and that's good for SAM Bradford Death, more about There were at that's it and that's a pretty much then we should mention our avenue shown HBO coming on April, very excited about that or may somewhere in the spring. Hopefully maybe
and also that there is a news we I mailed grew Lange coworkers shall fantasy Chris Ryan Mally Reuben Julia Lippman. They they're leaving Grayland to develop a new project with me. Now is written about it, bring a group good for them. There might have been a couple grantline people that that said, nice things them on a Pakistan. It might have been edited out by people who work on there's a hassle on those sentiments from some of the people ground. Until tell me who was who was maybe one of the package that half the era which grantline writers were unable to get that Europe, like the check Its will see will see how this goes. Booze gave so your pigs are Friday, Allow me to say Jimmy Kimmel Gerardi Hamson from Hansen from Empire, Matthew Fox stand up; Byron, Vow,
tonight later in the week Nathan fill in just and throws God FAT Folly, and IRAN's ran me up at at De Cousin, silent twitter and Yes, late Thursday night or Friday morning, three more pics, two hundred and one against the spread for weeks in a row. My best bet is four in one, so let's say that's great. Good, I'm doing well with passports as well on Sundays. You are at ten foreign to or something you know my daughter praxis right next to your stage. Oh yeah, and there is a video yesterday and I thought it was the ash mode, so was that they were doing this area, Elinor was depend mode was playing and I to Jimmy and Jimmy got mad because it wasn't it. Murders. Whatever the ban was Esther. They're playing at the benchmark sign got mad that there were covering keep that, I did know, wasn't the passionate event, but the implication is that it would have been crazy for depression. To be playing the show, but now you have the random ran right, which was also from that,
eighty so I'm gonna go back and oh I see. What's yeah, I wasn't a passion this lack of sorry, I thought of it. Set a push. Mother sing, independent boats, we sing the stay right say stage: did the girls respond to the practice in its way, really interesting with some the music because it puts a little happened there step. Sometimes I think, like Demi, Laval, I was playing whatsoever, just fly and ran off. You have our lunatic audience warm up. Guy Don barest can hear him.
By doing so, Thou is gonna walk before we go and they think eagerly in internet you'll. Actually, like ego, is an easy to use. Collaboration to that can now be do best work in Calabria, better with your team share files check the latest version of a presentation. Coordinating counters, provide quick comments, status updates from your phone and managed projects with two dues and tasks set up now. Get free trout, Igloo suffered a calm, Slash, Simmons, and now that you're done listening to today's observable summons packets check out how that affirm. Yet for calves of gray package like debited from comedy bang, Bang Stanhope, comedy specials, an exclusive audio content, including hardcore game, thrones, super ego, classics and Joe stands for
round with me how cuss Fernand that promote, but my listers get a full month. Free, knock them required, go to Hell, Dat FM and a promo code bs at check out the cause. I'm gonna, France, as I was they say, one more thing: yeah you're allowed to talk by right. You know not tomorrow, I'm so jealous, I'm so gel is gonna, be huge. It is a good idea. The inversion till I just have two: oh yeah, I'm the eminent out the other dogs, I dont be dog, is he's out without any measure. I'm really get a bad dream about him, a dog any back together, tat you should. I think that what would you think? Well, people proved that they can make it on their own synaptic. Aren't you proved? It now gives us the best radio show of all time again they might hate each other too. Much, though, claim on just out of four to they got out of our work on very excite. I've been waiting for you know, wasn't had to go ESPN, as is weird policy. We are not allowed to go on any naughtiest pinches right, it's their way of like choking the competition
but yet I am allowed to do this podcast with red mountain. Seventy percent, that's a given that as Europeans been Nina whose good the word. I do also about fear. You do three hours or the pod gas and then Yahoo will take one single line from one of them and then that'll be the big. Then nine pack ass private eye to be his pen for fifteen minutes, but we were talking about mad, we're friends how they wouldn't hurt you, I can never gone the Boston stations, I can never gonna France S can go and then Patrick and yes, I am, Do they do a couple of those? You should bring an air horn if he falls asleep cuz, he tends to sleep a lot he'll be so ill. Ain't gonna have like, as sixty nine stack overflow writer from an early age can be a huge he's. A man, France S at four o clock Wednesday, and we have two more pack has come. Sweet on Thursday and Friday next week, were gone till Monday schedule, and this may well because catch up a job. I hereby.
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