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Ep. 9: Casey Wasserman

HBO's Bill Simmons talks to Casey Wasserman about Los Angeles' 2024 Olympic bid, the NFL in L.A., Los Angeles being the next great American city, and the evolving role of agents in the NBA.

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guy, says yes and we're ready to go on Friday. But for now knowledge is music, but I do have case you Osterman, my old friend you want. Pack has once before, how many years ago, that most men, five or six, but nothing- has were elevated. My popularity, like your podcast, always lecture at some believe they have is a bump among eighteen to twenty four year olds. I got infinitely more valuable unpopular. Oh that's great! Well now you can be more popular because so I saw conflicting. Because I dont think any air considers should have the Olympics, except for LOS Angeles, which is actually built for the Olympics, and it makes a ton of sense I was in the middle of this whole thing because I'm from Boston, boston- the bed over less Angeles. And I knew it gonna- be a disaster. I know you can't say that much but Boston, most your place in the earth it doesn't have any the infrastructure needed,
and it made no sense whatsoever and ever in Boston, realise this pretty much immediately and got rid of it. They threw it out like did it with the british, and you are sitting there waiting you read in the ehler bid for fur the two thousand twenty four summer Olympics x and they have a chance so. Do we have to take out Paris first on one for saying all the things you did about Boston during the time. Tat was all I was thinking I couldn't say it didn't infinitely better daily. Someone was right was saying that I was being politically correct in you could not be, which was very also its allay against, and we are the official you, a city, yeah, Paris, Rome, Homburg in Budapest, so european cities in us and number of two down seventeen. I think we should do the podcast from Lemme Peru, which is where the announcement will be now how good, as that a programme on that swords, big ass if you had so we have to
here's. Basically, do you any six months corrected two years and its really two missions? One is over the next two years to develop a fully baked olympic bit in every sense of the word venues: traffic security infrastructure, venue agreements, all the stuff that it takes to. Actually, but a games on debt and on a completely parallel path is roughly a hundred I'll, see members who we need to connect with be humble or their trust in their respect, because what they decide into done, something to give you their most valuable asset for seven years and once they give it to you, it's yours too, to bring the life and that's a big decision for them to make its arguably the most important decision. They all make. And I believe that they're gonna pick the city that they trust and respect and that they believe will do for the Olympics. What they want done, okay, so let's go through the air. Cities, so Paris hasn't had in a long time. Crisis
it's one of the great cities in the world and it would seem like Thoud intrigue them no question same for Rome I was in London. Paris in Rome are probably the three most famous, not american, Citys Budapest on that I put it on the outside, looking to look at a great city. This is a big undertaking for any city, but firstly, I Budapest really massive without the economic infrastructure that you know a hamburger Roma are parents have outside of L. I obviously looked up. The interesting thing is the hundredth anniversary of Paris from nineteen twenty four: that's not good! That cuts both ways, though ninety ninety six was the hundredth anniversary of Athens with We think we have an obvious choice here and they took it. Do Lana right, not exactly use Atlanta hurt this because at least I think was said it to be
maybe not a roaring success, whereas in eighty four LOS Angeles was considered to be a success, it was two thousand two. Despite the hiccups they had getting. There was a big success in salt lake. Yet Firstly, the nice is an important market for the I'll see. That's not why they would pick us, but it is very important. Is the puzzle in Paris is clearly the favoured today and our job is to be consistent, relentless over the next two years and make a few unforced airy. Frankly, if possible, the air and put our selves a business, exceed the dynamic of you on a sort of play: game theory for european cities. There are forty five. I have seen embers in Europe also saying they may it's almost at the Oscars, where you have three people from the same movie. They take. It showed his words that that's our that's part of our hope and and we need to do a good job. We do a good job in other matters, but you know when to be sure your non typical american bitter. We need to do this with humility, which is important
yeah. I know this. Isn't we can't assume is America's time, the frankly there's no such thing right and we need it. We need to go on this in its competition it'll be an interesting two years, it will certainly be a wild right. That's for sure see how many? I see, members in the ice data, I just thought of how many hundred total they have. The hundred total liability two hundred sixteen, so the next time they will move some in and out is in Rio they ever if they call it a Congress or on the Olympic, so some people age out they bring in new members, so I'm sure you'll grow a little bit, but roughly a hundred members and more. Votes whence most knowledge wins the low vote getter until there is a majority gets removed from the process. Every round of voting in a Lincoln Chafing view Republicans The other Republicans could good could have discovered that saying to myself to be fed last American american Business on the first round,
They were removed on the first ballot so to speak, and we need to keep down perspective. It just shows you how much work we have to do so, but this isn't like fief array like FIFO, everyone knew at all times was the most corrupt thing going on and they made no sir. This is right. There are real rules and regulations and laws they have to follow right. There are any. I oh she's done an incredible job of, I think, distinguishing themselves from visa, the other differences when fee for votes for world cups. They do it through their executive committee, which is twenty to twenty three people. You don't need to influence that many people. To win an influence you can there be whatever you want it to be, and whatever was assumed will happen. Gaseous every member gets a vote so hard to influence in that kind of way. Fifty sixty people, without it being really obvious and the public, and we should mention just your background. I'll bet you grew up here. I did.
Recently I was ten nineteen. Eighty four, I remember those games well I'll see you went to those. Do. I'm really embarrassing pictures of some Michael Jackson ask a tie. I was wearing an antivirus awkward short shores. The vast crazy here there is a vast yeah, so you re I mean your grandfather was one of the most powerful people and how I am sure you had good seats for Sunday was one of three co chairs of those yell and big, so went to a lot of answer was in calm again those least traffic has ever been in LOS Angeles. Over the funding to be here, seething people cleared out. Did it was a may? You can walk down the four or five naked, nor did you, God, that's been a dream of mine for years to walk down the four or five naked. Is it so? I was living in Connecticut that summer cuz, my parents are getting divorced and my mom remarry, my stepdad, and so I was in Connecticut kind of going back and forth
Boston, but I remember watching most of those games in Connecticut the Russians didn't show up they didn T boycott was people forget that that her it hurt, but also on the reuniting the gains for such names. Ordinary success in this country because a man like because we want every that so you know, Bang is good. It's good for business, but interesting is the Russians. Boycott was the first time the chinese government sent a forty year. Also the graves expansion and an idea for a women's participation least actually limited. How much the world's change these too limited women couldn't do distance events and track and field and swimming the first time the marathon was in the Olympics was an idea for four women, John Benoit one around, as they did think women could run amount as crazy so I'll let sexes back then, in addition to a lot of other things, it did for the Olympic Movement embrace the chinese team warmly expanded the women's program dramatically.
So I lay has a lot to be proud of ninety four one and the other thing that happened was there's no other books and nineteen. Eighty is we all go. The one that have before then was nineteen. Seventy six which bankrupted Montreal, which yeah, but that was I said I remember from forty six now Why are you know? I was in a nasty accompany Jane, sugary, Leonard, Bruce, generalised stuff, but then eight years passes anything people had forgotten how awesome the Olympics was so that a lympics happen. It was just tv, constant I remember watching, like woman's volleyball games, that, like twelve thirty- and I think that this is a great deal of greatest
That ever happened me for two and a half weeks it was it was when the Olympics arrived in America. It did no question in it in it was a great moment for the Olympic movement. It showed what it can be both for assyrian community in a country, but also how much success and creative if operate and done right. My financially Ella big still generates benefited allay. Eighty four is a two hundred million dollar foundation that exists entirely from the profits of the mental forelimb pics that funds youth programmes all over the city. It's it's is unbelievable legacy. The legacy of those games is touching people. Every day, as opposed to legacy of the games in Montreal is stadium, you know that did they struggled with or or buildings that they didn't need, and we don't ride on how that legacy now lay- and, I think, is one of our great attributes is we ve got an unbelievable sporting infrastructure. Here I mean unbelievable choices. For then use there. Not just
bread ants, but which ones do we use? Could we have so many they'll be unbelievable venues we may not even touch yet, which is an odd thing and that's why I'm a big supporter this, because you probably the highlight of my entire stand at his pen was gone to the two thousand twelve Olympics in London in writing. From those Grantline took my family were there for three weeks, the weather, operated. Amazingly, your team handball stylus, pretty epic. Thank you yeah, eight times- maybe road, thirty thousand thirty, five thousand words, and it was awesome and You know, I think, one of the reasons those awesome is cause. London is a big city that was spread out and it had a good transit and you vehicle yet from pointed it was a lot of walking. I don't think I don't think anybody realised how much walk in there is good reason, the big village, but it was spread out and it worked, and I feel like as the only american city decadent capture, what London was I began
it spread out and Airbus awhile the traffic. As you said, people clearer the Olympic stay there run at their houses are they're, afraid or whatever, but the venues no other city, has his men event, cracked, and then we don't even about the Football stadium Ray. I don't think that's come in and it wasn't in part of our bid because yeah it's a pure bonus if they build it, which is not a thing to think about it. You know a billion two billina have to facilitate what one of one of which will get built in the city. There waiting for his part of our plan re underpin you're, not paying for how we're not paying for it, and so the other benefited being really spread out and that in this way, the infrastructure, not just of transportation we have here but of hotels- is that
You know if you got Aventis Santa Monica as as visitors, you can stand Santa Monica and never have to leave him. I can see half a dozen events or, if you only I downtown allay, you can see fifteen events within walking distance instead, those hotel, so it also does the other part where the traffic is produced is because we have hotels everywhere and infrastructure everywhere in restaurants and and everything that people do when they come to an olympic. You don't need to be taken across town, all time to go to events, and it's a really valuable thing is what happened in London, so we're going to have this new football stadium that Cronk is building where they have the rose bowl, we're going to have the state better you soon, though, knocked down the convention centre and build sums of other something right there next to it right. Well, though, Bilbil will the part the city's plans to renovate the convention or expand the square footage conventions enters our really valuable. Ferland Bixby go right, a lot of events as I didn't London, you have these big exhibition halls where you can have ten twelve event existing fully one big, some Paralympics.
You know you can have the the Colosseum are using the Colosseum ready for him the form, the new allay football soccer analysed in building a new stadium next to the Colosseum, which our plan has for swimming right. So you have. You sail a review ceiling which has little you see. What are you I see at the beach, which is extraordinary and beat volleyball in the place where was invent in Santa Monica began, you ve, Carson, California, fur we do Do you even use those in Rio? We add, are the plan. We propose You also had rugby asked above Zennor, their velodrome obvious, and they are innocent. Their tennyson wow, which exist downloads pretty, is pretty or marketing Eighty four had no events in the valley. We have a huge aggregation events in the valley at above all park, equestrian, shooting archery from really cool my water, kayaking, really cool stuff. We don't even have to use so events are used, mainly for because the infrastructure of Guantanamo Staple centralized extraordinary. Yet
four gymnastics in basketball, so the basketball gonna be therapy at staples basic answering, it's interesting basketball will probably be it staples for the finals. We ve thought about YO embracing California. More broadly, for some words like that, the ball. They doing something in Anaheim Anaheim peak. Do it in Oakland had gone state if they build a new facilities, a man? Oh I mean you know, there's a lot of infrastructure in this little in the country, the state that we can hear while men's and women's. I don't like that idea. I want to meet the staple centre for twenty minutes perhaps, if I promise you the final stage, but they are not that big and gymnastic, so we ve got a great, a great plan and will continue to evolve in developing real progress of art and the tv ratings would be out of control articles and be able to control. Basically are the prime time everything correct, and you can do
because the weather and the environment- you can do things at night in prime time here that you may not be able to do in other cities. Obviously free, I see as the broadcaster extraordinary opportunity does the icy. Do they even care about like American TV ratings? Is that a factor them or do they giddy linked? Do they have any incentive They don't. Nbc, has acquired the rights already right through twenty thirty two,
so there are locked in loaded philosophy as he doesn't care about TB rags now. What do they care about? I think what they care about is. Did the city's understand the values of the Olympics beyond seventeen days of games? They want the Olympics to be a positive contributory city. They are trying to make people understand that, so she was an aberration, not the standard operating procedure that this fifty one billion dollar number they got thrown around with. Sochi is not what the Olympic Games is about an and Thomas boxes, especially our sea, but forward agenda, twenty, which is a dramatic revamp of gains both in presentation and bidding. Reducing the burden on cities, which is really important, I think allay, is a city that fits that mould. Well, I'm sure some of the others were competing as due to and they look. They need to continue to stay relevant in a world where being away for two years between a winter or summer for years between two somewhere olympic or Winter Games is a long time. Much longer than it used to be, you know when we were kids.
AIDS for years between eighty four, eighty, eight, not on what happened now in the minute the Olympics is over, there's their stuff going on in so that peace has as quickened visit. The world cup is on the corner, alot now to have no question every summer. There's something no question. So the Olympics need to continue to stay connected and relevant there. They are changing nordic programme in terms of sports. Tokyo will introduce new sports in Rio. Their urges engulf so Yonah have Ricky, Valor and Jason Day, Amerika superstar gambling galvani levies, which is really cool thing so that their modernizing their programme whilst ensuring the ideals of limp ism, and they want cities to embrace that they want cities to be sustainable and not sustainable, environmentally, but sustainable, economically and show in doing that. Well allows more citys around the world, have helped her to host the Olympic Games
let's go devils advocate. So if I'm an american, my hair on American Citys bidding for blank, your guard goes up because this has been screwed up a lot of times and in a variety different ways: whether its billionaires making people pay for air there be arena or something like this, the Olympics? Three? So it happened in Atlanta Montreal and wherever else where it's like, so am I going to end up paying for stuff here like is going to hurt my taxes? Why do we need this. Without delay. We have a lot of stuff already, but
would you say to somebody who is right? This is stupid, like we had so many other things, the worry about in America. Why do we need an Olympics? I love that need is hard work to compare with. Does it l I need the NFL did Ellie Nebula because not around need. I think we are a better city in many ways having hosted an Olympic Games and eighty four and I have no doubt the same- will happen. Twenty four right. We are unique to your point, a relative duplicity, Boston to be the host these games seem it was like Chicago. I feel the same way I think Chicago towards either in San Francisco would have been a disaster places way too crowded that place couldn't handle question so were unique. We are a true alembic city. We embrace the ideals we have the infrastructure or plan. Is you know the architects we're working within development plan who are doing Rio? Who did London and who are doing Tokyo? They said they ve, never seen a city more ready to her
The Olympic Games, in LOS Angeles from an infrastructure, prescribe cause you don't have to be raising leg in London. They had to build everything Jane eighty thousand seats. Eighty I read about another soccer play state to build the whole village and when they did not move
that down after all, are still trying to get West him to take over the soccer stadia or the Olympic Stadium to turn to a soccer stadium or infrastructure is really unique, and that allows us to focus on the athletes so that it becomes a games whence it of the seven years leading up to the games. People are talking about cost overruns and construction problems and security and traffic it for seven years. I think, will be talking about the greatest experience for the world's greatest athlete in a unique american city and look in many ways. Los Angeles has different alot of american Citys. I mean you know: Boston is an american city LOS Angeles. His kind of global city were part of California. This really unique place in the world, yet not just in this country and optimism and creativity that did exists in this city, and this state is unique in this country and were really far from everything else. He'll people think about America living, but the EAST Coast Youth yeah. Now we ve got near the rights of the coastline.
And the world and in its different parts of this country, and we think differently. We operate differently, our connectivity, the world is different and we need to embrace at an and show, though the Olympic Movement how that can benefit them. We say you ve, been here your whole life, I better for thirteen years It's funny you there's a wave now of allies, the next great american city stories because allies, the sex. Big City in America, news that that's just a weird thing to say, but I can feel it being here and you can feel like you know the way the city is now expanding, where you businesses that moved in Venice, Venice imply Vista like Snapchat, nor those people they moved to Venice imply vest as all those people, and now you have you. Like the Hollywood vine, sunset area of networks there, thereby com and whole bunch people s delay as feeds gonna go down there and it feels like this, It is just just kind of expanding almost like aren't like Michael Jordan, wings poster she's getting. I had a wide eyed, probably nineteen, eighty four yeah you feel
that, though, a day just feels like the city is getting bigger and more interesting. I totally agree, and if you think about the great citys of the world, knew your Tokyo, London, Paris, big global cities, Eliza Young City there and its also the only city- those that I think will look dramatically different fifty years from today, either Europe will look like it. Does. Canada data be new buildings, indifferent buildings, but allay when you got your thirteen years ago. You couldn't get arrested. Downtown now, people lived downtown, may have supermarkets downtown Venice, was re windsurfing. Now what most people can be in the world? Is there were building rockets at Spacex? You know right in allay so And maybe angle word: if the football stadium goes there horrible manner that limes yeah, that becomes a place? You think about that? We ve got. We ve got a billion, have two and a half billion dollar four pulsating being built in the city somewhere,
you ve got a ten billion dollar. My reservation positive, our airport yacht thirty billion dollars in in transportation infrastructures as metro being built here, having nothing to do with a limit another. Do they think else? The biggest cultural project in the world's gonna get built an outline a couple years with the rebuilding of blackmail. You know you ve got this incredible rebirth of art and fashion and commerce and all the stuff happening. Italy. The food seen a dilemma, big beauty, but the foods in an alley issued since in credit is unbelievable. Yeah. It's really it's gone to the strategy, our different parts of the city. I mean you gotta places, downtown and even east of downtown. It's unbelievable restaurants. It's here is totally change and I think fifty years from now allay will be a different sitting. As the mayor likes to say, the Olympics is one of those things that can elevate. The city in a way like few other things can what seems like. We have a good measure now. I know you ve been doing with them. My friend camels been friends in them for a while. You know
fats and bad bears my life, especially like you, minister, this guy actually seems like he's headed for bigger and better things. It isn't that bad for you. Ultimately, if, like what happens, if he becomes a governor senator well, he s mayor through for sure through if he gets related through the vote in September, to down seventeen, and there is no question, I'm workin for him on his bed. He is greatest asset Advocate here he's a remarkable guy makes you and I look. I complete failures. Guy he's headed he's gonna. Do that road scholar, naval Intelligence Office, Sir speak fluent Spanish. Mean: are you in our supper compared to this guy and his his ability to be a leader in the city and to be an advocate for the city outside this he's got an awesome job and I haven't had a huge politics guy. I don't mean one where the other really weird stuff, I doubt, but he's just really impressive. Many really seems he cares about the city. He data have em, stand for the biggest mailbag question ever
presented by our old friend stamps that come, you had gone to the post office miserable who likes goal in the post office. Nobody likes it. I wish tat. I knew a better way to mail and ship stuff, o stamps I could do on the internet at stands that com you can print. Official. U S posted for any letter package using your own computer in printer. You can have your assistant. Do this you I mean even better, be Santa for stamps that companies, the promo code bs you get a forward trail plus a one hundred ten our bonus offer. That includes postage and a digital scale. What did just gave way anything does that to be disposed of, go to stamps outcome cook and the milk fund, at the top of the homepage and type in BS that stamps that come under bs. Here's, the biggest milburgh question ever, where there is the olympic village gonna be a fella gets the Olympics. There is no question that our biggest challenge I'll see you don't have an answer. Yet we have. A group of sites were
flooring that the site we talked to the Usoc about was something called piggyback yards which is owned by Union Pacific right on the La River, which would be a great location as part of the La River redevelopment. So the program is, you have to build roughly forty five thousand units to deliver seventeen thousand beds So a bed for every athlete for seventeen days, plodding Paralympics, couldn't just use you say away so That is that, like a possibility, is that as a possibility were exploring for sure you see lay in U S, he had bought dramatically increase their housing and the ideas for that is what village, what you can do any more for security reasons, which is obvious. The athlete experiences fundamentally Olympics will have in one places, is vital. I think both use your annual your real working closely with the city of actually got twenty site were looking at
we'll talk real openly about Uncas Middle, want someone to go by them and explain so they care little bill. But having said that, it is clearly our biggest challenge. The good thing is two fold one. There is clearly a shortage of housing was handled, so a private, develop or partnering with an Olympics to build housing did at least in some or in whole. It's for low income. Housing is a huge opportunity for the city and a huge need. The second thing is: we have no shortage of developers who lives in doing this if we are to pay for it and finance and all ourselves without an outside developer without after use in thought, we couldn't do it. So we have the use case. We have the need and we have a lot of partners who are interested in doing with us, and so now I ve got to find the best site that works. Fortunately, we have a few that are really interesting there in the city centre
the close to where the heart of the games will be here and now our job is to put together a feasible deliverable opportunity as by Robin item- and I have to ask this question who's paying for stuff which part that the bid part shit just everything, so the bid is completely privately financed. So we ve raised thirty five: as sound as we got. The call from the also see I started getting on the phone. Thankfully, for all you know somebody s key biting get to you. So you know I'm here we raise in about a week which is great great leadership from the community, so that will fund the bid us the next two years and a paper everything in their bid. Would you need to get to
Do you know probably a little more, but that that will take us most of the way? That's good! That's really good, and then here's what happened when the icy pics their city so September, nineteen, seventeen, hopefully to labour whatever city they pick, here's the proposition they deliver you they give you their most valuable asset, the hosting of the Summer Olympic Games. They tell you for an Ex seven years. You can exploit an opportunity in any way you want. Your commitment to them is to deliver those games period, and then they give you a check for one point: seven billion dollars well, and that is your share of sponsorship and television revenue. Fur games kind to day they told every city to two budget, one point: seven billion dollars. So you take all that money in that you pay for the games in your goes to not go over them now cause. Then we get to sell tickets and sponsorships and torture lays
so it's even more honour and ere. I think you know a city can generate forty five and a half billion dollars revenue while, depending on the city, depending on the environment, you're selling in you know, just for some some markers Tokyo. Their budget was really got a guarantee actually for one point: five billion sponsor revenue is not for a long time in their already well over that we'll do about one point: three billion and ticket sales, so those are very realistic numbers, which is what gives us a lot of confidence in our ability to deliver these games with his little risk as possible and you're ready for this all like starting around a year before the Olympics. If it fella get said the Kay Z figures, I was thinking Billing Casey's ticket broker House could be we'll get Nathan Red. Nathan Harbours, not job done hug. Just be this just on all the tickets. For that
I mean you're gonna have a lot of people heading for a lot of stuff, but you're ready you used to that already. Will you have Clinton on your side? With this? We do he's a supportive honestly. His wife is a focus on a job search right now so yeah we'll be respectful for that it would be wonderful. She was present to downtown tingling she'd, been unbelievable, ass it for us to convey. I see, voters to trust, Trust, America and trust us and so we are linking Jaif he's gonna, let him in do you ever they should we link a J Ai and we do you may want to build that we do joke about down. Tramping present that might be a little scared hits. Am that it's not as much of a joke anywhere else. It's fangs as the Babylon Sound MID October. Talking about a humble american bid and Donald Trump is the present doesn't quite work. Do my network may be in trouble now what about sober, This can be at office and, like a year correct that somebody who could potentially
involved with this Obama has a complicated relation with the icy given that one of the first things he did when you gonna, like the present, was go to Copenhagen and speak on behalf of Chicago Bidding the games marathon sitting. American president goes to pitch for the games for his home town and they got knocked out the first round. So there's a little history there cyber blame it just a fact. That is what it is. And so into an seventeen a measure that alone will be at the top of our list. He's oversee will be our office Let's get to want to go to the games. Who knows maybe live in hereby baby Ruby in Hawaii Arena or solidly. You think, I think, because they watched him for couple years because of the kids and then maybe who knows. Maybe beer who us do need what other? What other power brokers, I think
The good thing about allay is we have a lot of people here who have connections to the world in very meaningful way. So you are our ability to reach people around the world and and connect ourselves to them is always a place that I ask members to Vegas dancer ever loved, we'll have to go visit, yellow telling me our shared evacuate area, nobody, I'm not a good idea for the poor you haven't had well I'd like to be I'd like to loved. Ok, I really think the Olympics is gonna, be a huge success, but I dont think, as I say, I don't like any other city. It would have worked with Ireland, really think it would have been you pick. A city would have gone badly and and just from what I saw in London. It so- hard to pull off the degree difficulty and people valuable. The city has to be how much distance you need from different places. You know, and the thing with the Olympics
and I realize realized- and I wrote about it about halfway through and I was there and doesn't twelve is you're, never gonna get everything in the EU. Realize that eventually it's like, oh, I can't go to the gymnastics and then the boxing and then those cycle and because they are in three different spots- are our away from each other. It there there is distance and that's why, in other words, more than anything the football stadiums kind of a godsend. Now you have to admit it could be read to a built that stadium pallaby Non annex. I article thing, is if, if it's the stadium in NGO and if they do in fact, but a roof on it allowed, you do some pretty interesting things in a place like I lay in a facility this that new and that unique with a roof did you otherwise can do. You were always rumoured with NFL teams here and now every getting two teams for three or four, so we football their costs last Saturday and Sunday. You are not enough
do any of these efforts to offer you our. Maybe personally look the thing that happened, which is a thing that all we should have happened, which is, why does more traction about the NFL conventionally now than there has been a long time is? to turn to attract a team delay without actually owning a team is a really hard thing to do yet, and so now what you have, as you have three owners who said we are moving our teams delay and the proof that the Anna fell understands it now is whether sure not this sort of concept of a flip tax, they want these owners to move their teams and almost hemmed in those markets and if you're an owner, if you own the Oakland Raiders the sailor was rams, was indigo chargers. Why would you move to arguably one of the most valuable places in the world and insecurity it illogical and so owners have now exhausted most of their opportunities in their existing markets. The teams it in theory were in challenging situations before have resolved their situation.
Minnesota yet Buffalo, and so now you got three teams really focused on this challenge. They all have interesting connections delay in different ways, so you don't see any of those teams actually selling if they moved there. I don't, I think, it's important, that they dont be good. I think those Tell owners want those people who move to LA to be committed in focus and not use this as a way to enrich themselves. Cuz, it's very hard to convince, I believe, thirty one owners to allow one or two owners- maybe thirty or thirty, one owners to move attend la based on your boat in your support and then go sell that team and keep one hundred percent of the proceeds from that opportunity. They want their owners committed in focus on this for the right reasons for the long term, not as a means to just get rich quickly. So, what's your prediction for what
Team still have one. Of course I have one, which is, I know you have way too much inside information probably saw, but I think you have an interesting dynamic to owners coming together. Obviously you know the animals are three quarters vote league. So aid donors can stop anything. Having to owners together is an interesting boating. Dynamic stands economic position and ability to eliminate allow the risk. The building stadium is obviously fundamental, with the Rams and Rams Dean. Spaniels is a highly respected owner in the leg, and so he's got a lot of friends who would like to see him benefit from his commitment to the league over a longer time. In doing this, the right way people expand Spanos, Do I dean and he and even of a wonderful guy, so I dont think you seen the last move in total, which teams come together at which location you know
It is a bitter sweet for you, because you would always wanted to bring a football team air and build a stadium, and now just seems a crock is doing it. Well, that's it it's bittersweet, except I grew up going to football games. I love the NFL. I love professional football and there's a whole generation of people the city of never gone. Do a professionalism days. It's crazy! It's crazy minors. So crazy that people think that it wouldn't work here. I am the opposite. I feel egg. First of all, the sweet and all that stuff would be sold out to the gills like you're, going to sell all those, but then there's a whole blue collar middle class element and those are people that would love these games and look at friggin soccer and think backers right. Nobody in LOS Angeles, has ever seen a professional, football game in this city. True, in a modern stadium right, the only two locations they've ever seen preventable or the rose bowl and a coliseum, not the greatest experts
is it not me? Why rose by always a great experience, but it's not it's none, the less we modern experience here. It's basically just rose that go up for a million rose and and to me the proof point is your favorite team. The clippers clippers went from begging a thousand, What about Gabriel Seem health area at the sports arena near to selling out as Naples and are so? I think people They are cynical until they're not and given a world class experience, they will be totally embrace of Saint now. The other thing was to do the math. There's fifteen twenty million people. Of one year. If it's a semi, Tansy Stadium, everyone buys too, as we take it. You'll need to weigh down people to buy tickets is not that complicate the deference sell out every day. It also opens up. Superbowl referred gear. Symbols are important if standards who the roof you'll have a file formulae which hasn't been here since the sick. These some think about that. That's amazing, it opens up we're. Ok,
possibilities again massive passive event opportunities. You could have college football kick off games which we don't have an allay, there's a whole host of things. Maybe there's a way to get you ceiling Useter play some neutral site games, which will be really awesome, Oh yeah merely do another big rivalry. So there's a lot that you can wrestle mania Don't we are recommending hosted by Dulcinea yeah, really, absolutely that are probably meant ex job after HBO could be worse. He would be great Recital reporter Rumania, the oh and then we left out. There is one other thing that happen in a giant stadium, o boxing boxing and then concerts and mass accounted massive concerts. Eighty that I mean you know an hour entering the area where who could sell out, and eighty thousand seed stated there's only like four five people, at least one Taylor Swift to it. You do and you too, I need you to come. Workers in wheelchairs.
Facing variants time. We had a tug hoops really quite I'm ready so year agency, Wendy start: when did you make here, MBA run when we acquired on towns business nine years ago? so we had no business seven slew of MBA players. Now that everybody's heard of we do included in annex grape, where Anti David, your guy, the reason so much by the public and right rose. I was telling you run was dare grows. We ve got an unbelievable roster by Parker, of talented and the marvelous largest cashed in the also it's an unbelief. Or do you love the guests ass? I happy not of the dishonest those desert, the you can't pick them. Rates, but you love because I do not love Agus. Are you loved Agus us? positive offer Anthony though yeah he seems like it
like a genuinely nice guy he's a wonderful guy. He likes hanging out with my kids, like common over. I mean he's as good a person as you can imagine, and museums unbelievable basket. Poor laughed at me cause. I was saying I thought I thought neurons be considered a logic and tender may like fifty to one or something on the ability of drive like neurons get out here. It's like Let the love the league is when somebody's be great, like all time great day, a year before you think the years going to happen. I'll, send their like in their conference files. You wait a second, this guy's twenty three hours is happening. I think that could happen for amnesia. I totally we happen to have. I think eight here's, the pelicans we represent so right cycle, Osterman EAST a little bit duality ain't Irene, we have the whole holiday and they re going to represent their kids. We do and Lauren near so we ve got the entire. My favorite couple drew alone
And what do you see? Eliza her bag and they be well but like she's, the eighth best woman soccer player in America and he was a point guard good enough to get traded for two lottery picks and our livestock in their kids. I completely agree that link I mean I want some feels like they might produce the next great american child, because we can never. Convinced, serene in the brain had like two cats, because that would have any doubts over and certainly not the broad and just say screw it? We need to win every Olympics in two thousand forty four Yes, I am not in a mean drew side. The family obviously has his brother, the Basque, by Parliament's, pretty remarkable family. So
being in this whole agency. Business Fer a while you ve seen some shady things. Some seedy things, some things that private turn your stomach all about. What's the biggest misconception about sports agents that you feel like well, I think the one thing that changed a lot about the business and I and I try and tell our agencies- I tried to our clients at all times. The value and agent in many ways, isn't isn't about success when people are really successful, things are pretty straightforward. Yeah they get paid well, they earn dollar off the cord. Rotherfield devalue,
of agents and the experience that we have and that in the history of work that we have about one things dunkel well and things don't always go well there they dared Russell Escobar's. There are lots of ups and downs and be able to be consistent over a long period time with your clients and give them advice is in their best interest because I own this business were selling this business. We have no pressure to do things for financial reasons. We do things it in the best, the kinds period yeah, and you combine that with the experience we have in dealing with all sorts of situations that were you define value now the challenges when you're twenty years old.
No one wants to talk about the bad things re only one day about the great things that are gonna happen. You and the truth is its very rare that there's always a perfect straight line. That goes only one way that up and so our job is to be present. There clearly gonna be athletes. We're not can represent cause, that's not what they're looking for an agent. We think that the kind of players we represent across the board we represent fifteen hundred athlete in thirty sports around the world, have the character and the commitment the perspective that we share and that's why we represent them and ask whether relationship works so you're, not like you not on the Louisville, can't Louisville campus like open at the hookers with extra staff, like that's that you're, not on that site I think an english day, far far away from that and locked it doesn't mean those aren't
of weird things that go on in the world in, but it's getting weirder I mean you're talkin about Highschool juniors are getting money now from agents in high school sophomores ended, it seems like the whole business is shady a shady shady or shady it. It is it the print. The challenge with the business is agents are the only one to a regulated kind of an odd thing to think about India, advisers, friends, none of those people are regulated or monitored, there's, especially in football there's just so many players on so many campuses in basketball, the differences for the first round, you ve, not thirty, picks, maybe there's forty people who end up in those thirty six. Thirty, eight four hundred people who become those thirty. So there's a lot of scrutiny and a lot of focus and a lot of attention, so I would like to argue, while this crazy stuff happens, it's maybe less rampant basque moment people assume, but football there's a lot more opportunity. So I will not really represent football projects have been
but there's a lot. They happened out there and the challenges. Then you got other sports. Like tennis, where there's no rules you can, I can go, recruit a twelve year old in Croatia today him or her whatever I want. You should do that and do their training yellow. Fortunately, I will stay with me. But then that is what were the nobles, because there's no college infrastructure that no changes their eligibility, and so it's a really uneven world soccer same thing in Europe. You know professional team, forgive us agents, Chelsea signs, tenure, players yeah, it's crazy, so you ve got a lot out there. It's really uneven. It's really nuanced and you double down on soccer awhile ago. We did. We know Therefore, you gotta, you had a lot of those deeds in there
this. We have. We had eight members, the Yosemite National team, which were very proud. We are really strong women's sport back as in general, I think it's hard to get a sports business ignore fifty percent the population yeah until we're very focused on in our Sylvia vows, my a more from the NBA champion links last night, but soccer. If you want to be myopic, you don't see this, but it's the biggest born the world, no question, and so, if you want to be in the sports business and you dont want to be the biggest born the world, I'm not sure what you're doing and for us that's about the United States, where we have a really big practice, but also we represent a play on. Primarily team, every dutch team and and represent for her players playing in Europe and is the biggest born the world and its only getting bigger so wearing what happens with american soccer. May you you're involved with a lot of stuff, and it seems like it's. It's deftly across borders. Respected people still care more. I think about Premier League, and
but all that stuff, but it's definitely above triple a baseball, not quite were maybe hockey is it is closer to a happy than I think people realize, because now they're getting you know they put the way where put the stadiums and the teams they're getting good crowds. Getting as many as like a hack it as a hockey crowd. No question. I think a few things about soccer in this country number one Americans like to be the best it thinks so too me am, I think, a true inflection point as one or two things happening either the best in the world, an american which, by the way, means he's in Europe or but we can at least follow him now and he has paean to six in the morning we can release whatcha, no question or the. U S: team has an extraordinary sold at a World CUP assembly.
I'm appearance now. Neither those things happen without the investment and the infrastructure that Emulous has built over the last twenty years, but that's not entirely dependent on the success of my last year. They have invested this board. The other thing that is essentially about the second, this country- and I would say, your kids in mine- are beneficiaries of this. They can watch the best teams in the world. Like you just said, it's at abnormal time of day game changer an end to waking up for our kids and watching Chelsea or a menu or real Madrid, or you then decide what whatever they care about, they can watch on channels or used to watching. They know these players from playing fever on the video games there. Their sports are now talks about sock around the world and it soccer as a huge advantage that no one talks about which is the times are indifferent to the best teams: the aeroplane Europe, the biggest untapped mark in the world, the United States, those games played it, there
more time showed that very normal times in our country. Take NBA, for example, the opposite is true. You play NBA at night in this country was when you should be playing it it's in the morning and wheeled times, in Europe and in Asia, and that's why they will never be a London MBA to correct it. Ain't really odd thing, and so you flip that for soccer, it's a huge advantage. So, unless has built a great basin great foundation, we continue to develop talent. That talent will then continue to play in Europe, and you will do other things out too, hd and the wide scream just the tvs, it's more followers soccer than it used to be. You are taking action. See the lay out of the formations and stuff and then the fact that its two hours, I told you is it that there are two hours thing. Is amazing image the biggest advantage to have you. You got no game and for people who don't gotta games were used to going to baseball games or for bugging you get up you about him, you go by some tee shirts. I mean why gonna talk we have in Europe, the team
north I'm an open during the game. Right because, literally you came by a beer in the seats because did they would interfere with the forty five minutes of the halves like you, don't get up? No one moves. It's this for american sports fan is a really crazy experience, but that two hours is on board. Viable and its focus, and you know what you're getting in, and I actually think what used to be a disadvantage for a soccer has now become a heated bent and also on its use. Two no with the baseball laughs, re lay Dodgers Metz tonight that might be one half hours of my life, they might be three hours, it might be five hours or you can. Twenty minutes review about a real and no one knew about like last night in agreement the a thing like there. I watch asters Royals game three and the eighth inning took seventeen hours to play and it's like a soccer two hours, I'm done unless there's extra time a penalty cakes which we had on Saturday, really said the extra time that was an awesome game
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Out. I would go in the make up of like all these cuts of my neck. They'd have to put all these weird bombs of me and then, like cake may faces, have eight so back to the age and they really quick So you see something like can we talk about the danger thing or now that battery? For you, susie, something that happening here but you're not above the DA correct. You have dared Fagin. Who clearly has a good relations with mercosur- and you have the Adrian papers, and then we all knew that that was pretty toxic. You have changed their parsons, whose basically the boy ok for the mavericks, which is somehow they MBA is said that's legal, somehow he's taking Andrea out all over the place and away he goes to a club or nightmare cuban happens to be there in the back room like this. Like one of the all time, shady things ever and he sighed they need changes is mind like when you
In this way. You just like, thank God. This is in us, sir doing To change the rules here, what's your reaction, or can you not come? It certainly happy? Wasn't SK as yet it as a good place to start the thing that actually most remarkable using things happen. It doesn't get undone like that. Remaining rare thing. You know that the thing happened in you like you talk about it, but it's from never under dues itself, so that you and figure out if it was shady or not, or what really happened and the fact that the ongoing I get a lot of credit for this sort of took a step back and really on his own. I believe you are to think about what was happening and
decision and how the decision came to be in the influence and all that stuff. He deserves a lot of clinical, most players. One wouldn't do that and to don't have the guts to do that. That was a really hard thing for player to do to turn your back on a team on your own agent rights are really. There is a lot that happened there. That was pretty remarkable, and so he d under deserves a lot of credit. I'm not gonna common on on competitive agents. I figure, but you know it was. It was a really interesting situation, a lot I with absolutely glad it wasn't me. Was a sort of like watching a soap opera from knowing just enough to make it really interesting? I thought the maps are really smart with cause. I saw a game, seven and whispers Cooper Series. The andred employ the last six minutes crunch time, the biggest came. Then you could see his body language and found the maps and I need a centre, and I have seen the process I'm spending time of the June gun Chris posit Dick Chris call told a friend of mine that they kids,
the bar on your free, throw sack and you come to Us- will make you our guy will run. They don't run place for you. They never posted you up. Each is due for a month and afterward the ages a year. Yet Chris posit dick you right, they never in place. For me, I should get and then I think, like you said These agreements are outside A day later thy grace, I want editor climate leave less dangerous and I'm a single Multi millionaire, in LOS Angeles, having a great time. Why am I leaving it's true, and I I give a lot of credit- was a really fat same thing and ultimately, you and I both loved the NBA was good for the NBA and there's a lot of, Some people got excited about it. You know, and settling Adam loves, that stuff like he like some day they had like a seventeen stretch, or nothing happened from basically the end of July, all the way through September. I think he lay he probably like having the com but the same time like,
remember a time when nobody was struck by the NBA for seven weeks in any of the other erupted in a module on tv. It was an amazing, so so you, STAR and tell him we may be lost wrong. Where'd you do use can leave Cyprus that aren't tell em was by far the best agent, our actually thought he could have been, like the president, Eight like if there is a sports are, if Obama said I'm and have a sports are adding aren't tell him is clearly the choice. I was ozone, ass by him, especially deals that he got four people that were just insane wow, they're, they're, paying fifty million dollars for a centre whose averaging now puts it seven rebounds. So my favorite communication, those of us ever those the armor? I just silent disguise the best he's getting twenty million bucks more for everybody, so he leaves that's good be bad for you right. How do you survive thou and so couple things in and one this was our decision
always had a passion and guarantee you knew as happened at some point. We thought it would happen. And he always has a connection to Michigan in Detroit- and this is his passion he's one of my closest friends. We talk all the time, I'm thrilled for him he's happy. Yet what matters, but as a testament Arn that Roget be J, Armstrong, dare Matter bar or basque morbidness. You think about any other agency in any other sport and the singular person left there would be no business left. Their none are business is striving our free agency. We did seven hundred fifty million dollars of free agent deals that after he left, so we have an unbelievable business, it's the business that are built. We are fortunate to have kept up in an after. He left. That's a result. You had no idea who's gonna, be this good right for you, I mean
I mean it is the best beat in realised that he was gonna immediately sowing the balance now in and what aren't did for us more living at the time we did. The deal was pitching people's perception about urban this year and will be forever grateful for that because it elevated us to a place where we weren't. We were playing in an area: inaction, sports and some of these nets- things that people in frankly, respect as much as they do today, but aren't Helen elevated our company in the way that very few other people could have he's one of the few true multi sports agents at success or baseball and basketball. Obviously- and you know, the legacy he leaves behind is an unbelievable group of agents, Adam CATS and Joe Wolf and our baseball team is unbelievable. We got some of the best young town baseball. I love what plans. Does the more young guys like hobby biogas, playing unbelievable is twenty years old. You know Jean Carlos anyone got these this unbelievable teen. Yes, we are presenting, sadly, and we can talk about that if we could talk about that if they want, but we ve got unbelievable thing and that's that Europe
and somebody asked that we'd weep, we publish and talk about somebody that might have signed with my favorite baseball team, my sweater with any time by giving it up. So you know his legacy is obviously the work he did, but in many ways his legacy is the people he left the best Asian ever. I think some people think David Focht was the best agent ever just cuz. He had Jordan, but I think aren't if you just went deal by deal what for people in and how loyal many guys really lose anybody when he was there. They seem right away with a few guys leave here and there after he left all to be expected yeah, but on believable retention of clients, all the agents are staying. I think we'll have a very good few years ahead of us and proved to people that you know what we built as a company has been institutionalize alot based on one.
Has left behind and that's a really valuable thing for us and now is it weird to earn an agency that represent so many basketball players that are that prominent, but you're, also close with Adam Silver, like I am a huge fan of ottoman and because I'm not technically agent in re use, Kyler I think it's good item and I haven't you and your inner circle with him a little bit right, mainly leans. I knew for stuff and early leans eye on me me
literally Linda, because he's only taller than we look. You can't have anything but a great amount of friend for Adam as a person and has now, as a commissioner, he's an incredible job there friend for a long time and look he is charged with creating success for the NBA in that benefits. Everyone in the NBA players, fans, sponsors teams and end for us were a part of that, and I think these people, who think that we should talk to each other or agents. It's crazy. We're all ready for the same thing was a success. A basketball and random is as good a person as we could literally have in that job and that's good for the business, a basketball and any way that we can help that that doesn't mean players and teams may not be at odds with the league and players. May not be it at some point, but that's natural and you can't being a business
It is complicated and connected and not have those moment, but my view, as you know, were not made during the miners here. We need to focus on the big issues in the big opportunities and ass good for everybody, and there is a real chance here for the NBA to Vienna Auspicious Vienna. Continues to identify, has never been more popular. Never bed, then, of are these different, weird obstacles and shady things: gonna nimby relate, as they have anything mean. The NBA, probably never physician in a better position, no reaction that the players, the teams, the ownership, the league of the importance of the League Board at the market ability the players right so mean So I would say your most famous Science re now Anthony Davis, Derek rose, Russell Russell, but like right, let's take Mercosur, whose EDA probably the best centre in the week. I would say more people would recognise Marcus saw if he walked in your place. I forget
but our attali is then MIKE Trap, no question and make sure it is the best baseball player prob. The last forty years offensively and yet Marcus. Not even one of the twenty most recognizable basketball players is way more famous than my trap. Look the same the same assets and attributes that made Michael Jordan who he is and is applied all NBA players, and now the NBA is doing an unbelievable job of explaining that for all its players, which is they wear the same shoes that we can go buy at a store. We see their faces, they play sports at accessible and playable kind of anywhere in the world and with the job they've done in marketing their players, forcing their teams to be better operators, the quality of teams and guns from Matt
better and obviously social media has connected these players to fans in a way that never existed before in some circles. Yet through internet sport doesn't even want particularly to be marketed in that way, he's happy to play Basque on do his things and he is very committed to their foundation and the things that are born to him and POW personally, he's, as you said, as recognised player may be the best centre in the NBA and that's a testament to the system that the India has developed and built over a long time and a foreign guy and as other thing is they they have this whole foreign population, a town Alec do of his own. Can't member who do. Oh, you do have a set of a mile away Tina one for rookie the year. I love that I can't get on it, but I love it. Is he gonna get is pay. Thirty minutes again. He's gotta right, I mean he's a unique talent he's on. Leave I love has only. I remember when you told me, you sign amazing alike,
skier saw my new to visa human potential here, human. I lay real in- and I bet the next fans. Why actually think Businesses- can be pretty good too cause he's. A Greek Smith's play, and shoot threes likely thing he's. Employee is Peter better holding we'd better feet, but I do think there is a chance that has only I will do a couple things in that first month and the next fancy Billig wait a second we wait. They went after weep the I could get. You have justice ones our now. Please there are and who might notice. No, no. I, like this draft glass could be really look back in five years. This could be a draft class. The people gonna have a different perspective on I think in, but given what Mario did in Somali there a couple of things, he did something that were unbelievable. Heed these a guy. You could win the dung contest, Annesley Blink contest. How worried should I be about there crows cuz? I I mean I didn't want to talk about the off the court stuff cuz, I don't know all the facts and you know the legal system at the play that out, but lotta hits here. He is
somebody that, in two thousand eleven, I think was the most popular athlete locally of any NBA. Where for their city and now it's like, he keeps getting her, he is talking about. A contracting states you like with like what are you tell somebody like that who clearly seems to be gone through a lot of stuff, but I think that the challenge is people forgot why they fell in love with Eric in the first place because of the injuries yet, and you go back to London, he was I envy p. What he did on the court was
remarkable and how hard he played. That was like when you saw him in person him and Westbrook, where the two relay Jesus after these guys are really get her off the stop it come down, and so look at Derek. Give him a full year of ask of all give him time to get back into his element of what he loves and does best, and I think a lot of noise will go away. The challenges when you don't have the other stuff people focused so much more on things that otherwise wouldn't be a big deal, and so we just needs three months. A good game correct and I think you'll see that from him. He isn't as good a shape. I've known Derek along time he's in as good a shape, as ever seen mentally he's really good. You know he's in a good place, new courage, new coach, who, I think has got to be greater. We also represents an exciting the mayor, the mayor, yeah, absolutely, and so I think I think a good year for the bulls will make everyone take a deep breath, Russell Westbrook as you pull the stick out of his by ETA Samantha Ready, we all,
love. You Westbrook, we love waxing, play basketball staff, it. It is what makes Russell tick he you get on a cordon heats like coconuts Superman. He becomes from Guy and but he's not like that and in private, though he's like the nicely sky ever aided the opposite, the nicest humble he comes to our all. I mean the Ossetian literally Colorado's everyday ended. Hang that literally hangs out and said, I would people in Germany a chinese food orders for lunch, for the staff exactly and then you get on the board is like it is like a different person and he's he is a remarkable town. I thought I think what you saw. No you talked about it last year. Is that team really rallied around him when when Katy was hurt, he put that him on his shoulders and did stuff the people of India possible and got the team closer to make an unpleasant anybody expected here. I wonder I M really that's the most fascinating, no question Durrant Ed
researchers last year, herbaceous pencilling their men as a title container. I'd like to see him play for two straight months and by the way on the same injury, which has always see everything for players it was obviously misdiagnosed and they rushed back in its like the does. Brad thing these people they break there. For Oh yeah, you back in four to six weeks since I what his foot you'd that damages gets worse. They take your time, take twelve weeks and you know think about this season. A team is so talented. They have a new code which will be built on will be an interesting cared. I wasn't gonna great staff, but they seem very tense already there that the pressure around the Durrant situation will be unique and then doing what he does is not just about him. Could it will have implications and anonymous or what they are for a whole bunch of other players, including Russell There's a lot at stake when they ve already showed us that,
hey man we're not even the season yet and he can't handle people talking about it, and you know this Steven a thing which everybody focused on the part that he threaten them. What you did? I now have just bizarre that was in strange that they didn't disappoint him or any of those who and how is this happening, but what he was saying before that happen was actually really good. Points like these guys are too sensitive bad stuff. You public figures preparing to talk about you. You're on social media. You have shoe contracts, you have all these different things, you're gonna be discussed, you're gonna be criticised and it seems that team is, is just kind of had it with everybody. You know stop talking about a stop talking about were Kevin's gonna go inside now, work
He's gonna go is the biggest story. The year were, are gonna, keep talking about this site you get used to it. I think what teams oughta do is, and it's hard understood, tired of your gloves who founders hard thing to do, but you gotta give them a reason to stay, not be insecure about why they might leave, and yet, in the NBA his anomaly will jobs. What the NBA has now is thirty competitive teams actually operational in Kathmandu. Rent is as big a star. There is any place in a global city. It doesn't matter what plans they should embrace that the added own that an end he can be a big fish and his pond is not a gloom city has ponder the NBA and maybe even bigger than that, given the kind of person he is, and so viruses under I'd be embracing this year, because it's a year to show Kevin how much you love him and humble you can stay and, as we all know, that means a lot of others and also like thirty years ago. We see these guys four times a year during the season therein,
to see vs games and maybe one USA Game and Wendy S, pen, game and that's it now we can watch them. Two times a year when Russia westward server. Somebody it's on my twitter feed in five minutes in divine does matter where they play. And, as you said,. When the season ends there in LA anyway no question or there LAS Vegas or the New York. It doesn't matter where you play. If, if there happy there. There are gonna Stayin, ok, see my thing is a I've for them. I think the hard and trade The fact that they both bought in and they sign deals in there. Ideas under certain pretences and then James hard and over eight million bucks, or ever they trade em. I I debts parliament should receive that rears its ugly head, because at some point that's a real thing. They owe you went to the two thousand to a fine us, those three guys. Hate those guys, those three guys are get we lost to Miami this time, but work
The rest of the decade do our thing and then they change the terms and that's the part out be worried about a fuss. No com save him but if they, when the title this year there, not least durrants, are leaving no in and it'll, be very interesting this to see how this all happens in and what people forget, as if your player will manage to you is your teammates. Yes, your coach and winning and winning and your practice Sylvia me where you spend ninety percent of time. Is that thing it yeah, it's not all the other stuff and so getting that right, which I think Billy Don has really negatively to do there and change the culture a little bit and embrace Kevin, maybe away that's different and may give your comfortable that's what players want cause, as you said, and he always and having to live in a light, no problem and have a great life, and then he gets to an environment. Where is completely comparable? Happy, that's what it is! No longer city,
that's what I think make plastic when you remove the stuff they used to this, which is of necessity, city, is no different than Elaine York now yeah and their there. For seven months, but there on the road, half the time crept season and so they leave. So it does really matter, I mean what is they possess mean there may be one and is there mate it might be time for both those guys to have their own team way. Westbrook might be like you know that I just want my own. I get to shoot it then again, I dont want to defer to somebody else. That's in play its possible they might decide. You give me my best chance to keep. Sixty eight zero in the title would stay together. I don't know it's gonna play My point is, I think we should be allowed to talk about this magic. Maybe just in general. This could be a dominant theme of the seas. It is where is he gonna go and whether we like it or not, it's gonna be that way, so Ella, two thousand
when you for ever website? Yet we do Ella, twenty twenty four dot, org or plans are up their ways for people to get, engage and excited our work. Excited to be on this journey for two years and I will tell you that one of the most important things at the eyes he looks at his public support in public engagement and so people in the community and allay being involved in passionate and caring about what we're doing is a really important thing for our success. While you Norma Board, I'm I'm an unofficial sponsor, gives you have official sponsors it we don't think Samson com. Maybe we could, like sin metals to people when we win totally measurement and digital scale. Do you agree with my idea with limping metals that they should be different sizes. Depending on how important the event is. Not just a government overload the icy, like a few in the one hundred euro dash dash. That should be like a flavor flame now, but it is mainly leverage desire to be like.
Beach volleyball now, maybe a little bit smaller than the hundred year dash. That's figure something out that. I believe that the thanks again to Harry's, that conference Support the bill. Simmons pack, ass, good, a hair is that come right now get five hours off with my could be us in your first purchase of their awesome razors age, a r r. Why asked Decamp coupon code bs check out five hours off their starter set start shaving swearing today and also thanks is what a stance that come forward trial, plus one hundred tend bonus offer, including postage in a digital scale, gotta stamps that can't click on that microphone. At the top of a homepage type b, s Stamp Stavka enter bs case. You thank you so much will be back on the bill. Some is past Marwood Joe House and fell and the air, and I think, we're in a coma dad because he's upset that I'd. He feels like I'd. I libelled him with my my comments about how he felt about Tom Brady, but he did turn out just for the record, relates to an economy and also
check out. I did the MEG princesses Jonah did touch rich in Boston, in those links are online. Those really fine. I was finally able to do a couple ready and abuse outside the whole european Umbrella, saved you from L a real ass? Yet about Martin Olympics, like Austria, was too, agreed, thou ever in Boston, one for nobody, emboss Avenue, epics, thereby Casey. Thank you.
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