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Episode 0 of the Bill Simmons Podcast...

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Hey Party people its bill. Simmons. Remember me sports guy, I'm back with an all new podcast. What he called you ask. Well, I reckon brain for many months and finally came up with the perfect name No one would be only right to honour the greatest boards journalists, slash pop culture guru internet sensation of the twenty first century. Back on it. The bill sermons, podcast, Catchy her. Days during the football season, because in the NFL lines with my pal cousin cell due to one in our guests, aligns contest after three weeks is now it's out yet well, that's because you cheated Taos right absolutely cheated and then Friday's may make it my weekend pigs when my buddy Joe House House was fifteen and one against the spread and weak one, that's a lie course he didn't make any money because he had the one loser on always parlors those I've you'll hear,
every week on Mondays and Fridays plus they'll be one bonus, part gas during the week with a celebrity, and if I can book a celebrity. I have my dad on. If I can't my dad or celebrity a book tat of celebrities and then this spring I'll, be debut in my HBO show. But it's not a talk, show its. Detective season three have his kin actually going to be stone is a new driver in a taxicab confessions, reboot, that's a joke to know! ass. You can it be Robert Terse personal audio guy and keep on Jameson. That's a joke to I can go on and on and on back to the path. I guess as you are well aware, I haven't done anything and almost five months, so I may they're gonna have a tonne to say, or I'm good We totally mailing it in either way it's gonna be great. Forget dont, get fired. I can't fired. It's my show, our finally able to make fun of announcers and swear. I could see it, f. Word DS, word from time to time.
I might even throw in a few h. Double hockey sticks, I dare I to kick me off the internet, anyone who says they aren't going to enjoy. This podcast is a liar so until October, first sports, guy over and out Tom Brady then Jane, he was framed
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