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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN's Matthew Berry for a fantasy football check-in after 10 weeks in the NFL season (1:50). Then Bill talks with Mallory Rubin for Mallory’s Most Intriguing, in which she shares her top five story lines of the week, including 'The Mandalorian,' Lamar Jackson vs. Deshaun Watson, Colin Kaepernick's upcoming NFL workout, and more (55:20), followed by a brief Million Dollar Pick (1:51:00).

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two new ones. This week, both anti colonial Pyramid pack asked, and then a re was package game for the two thousand for finals. Shacks last stand in the way here's, the last great game. In my opinion, Roper our J, a dandy check out that back. If you haven't already very proud of it, come up with, you talk to Matthew, bury about fantasy, but for power through ten weeks in a very controversial traded, my leg and Mallory most intriguing. We are going to actually talk about star wars and car Capron Ache and a whole bunch of other stuff, but first are free.
For projects are, I think, like four five weeks ago, when Matthew very was last time we promised tat. He would come back around the ten game like to talk about where we were after two thirds of the fantasy season. So now we hear that bearing on the line we are ten weeks into. The fantasy season had into the home stretch biggest as for you, those first ten weeks of anything well that that, fantasy, tombs, undefeated. I think that was who felt how that is valid for me. So far, this season that ended fast. I going for biggest surprise, I'm going to the law. I think working out where
people had in their heads that drafted him as the best case scenario. I think it somehow exceeded it. Yeah me look if you look at them, the priest and stop that I wrote yet we talked about the fact that, like we keep hearing rumors that this offense is going to be a lot more wide open than people think that they're going to throw more than people. Think in that, but you know what mark do you know Jack was asleep for me, he's asleep or for a lot of people, but I think if you had said, hey, hey the week. Eleven they number one quarterback and fantasy is going to be Lamar Jackson. I think I agree with you that even the people there like best case scenario, was like pesky and I was like top five fantasy quarterback, not beating the patriots that arise from the hut, not absolutely destroying. You know a previously undefeated New England team, so I they ve been. They have certainly been up there. In terms of surprising, I guess for me the biggest surprises some of the people that have just been brutal. I mean yeah. I was all on all. I was all in Cleveland, yeah
Cleveland High I had bought Baker and Oda Becum Junior and just how dysfunction What team is given the office of Talented has that's been a shock to me, Lamar as Food Thirty plus games add of the first nine weeks, which is what the typical with a really good court. Back for thirty puss games like foreign a year five in a year. He means been over over twenty four. He's really only had one bag game is thirteen against Pittsburgh and we five but man what an advantage and if you are not the Cleveland thing, the Dell part of it. He got. In my eyes and my west closely there's a three four to trade and die she got o dell in the shade it was he got to know, though, is the best for the trade and a couple people they upset about it. This is unfair. It was like of those other suck this year he's? The result damaged check is in the middle of the pack is Adele is averaging five,
it's a game, and it is about they're trying to get the ball. Yet he has one touchdown this year bill. He has his less touchdowns and make up its Patrick Re Timothy, like he's he's and I mean the whole thing in Cleveland. Is shocking to me battle mark for one. Second, we're going Cleveland, but one other point out as one make when you type Alomar Jackson. Here's the thing that's insane about Lamar Jackson is yes we see the running is a big part of it, but you think my homes is your last year and my homes was magical last year was the greatest fantasy quarterback season of all time all see currents of beating at this year, but Last year, at least when the homes you're sort of, like you kind of got it right, because it was like Andy Reed who got it. We had a top five seize on Alex Smith. The year before he's got tiree kill, he's got Travis Kelsey, like my homes, is all sorts of insanely towns that in just a special special a player, but there lot of skill around him. He asked about Baltimore like
Turkey's Brown MA Andrews wake like Willie sneak like it's a you know, it's it's a much much less significant amount of x Reed's talent than petrol homes had louder and also we know that the yet the watching it his averment both legs. I actually feel like you should have more points but they manage Robson just like his receiver, really that open, there's that there guide you make it right yeah. I know them, I'm with you, you don't in the Lamar highlights where there's just some guy, like with my homes last year, were you know, Tiree kills ten yards behind the defensive backs the fight that Lamar's like creating a lot of this, which has been with so bent so funny it's it's been on real and the other piece it sort of crazy about this and have seen other people make this point as well. So this now my point but the crazy partners, like so first of Lamar Jackson when at the
the first round, some thirty one NFL teams pastime, including your patriots yeah, which, having a lot of people, thought that they would They would take em. I we are sad, nephew Kyle and I we were going nuts we wanted and we thought he felt us didn't happen. Tat I were, I would have loved the, although the Redskins, why would a screwed up? But yet? So, he won't later than I think people thought and then kudos too, havens for basically it always been sorted this you know, dropped back pocket offence with Joe Wacko N harbour and great Roman, whose you know very well play collar and has at every step of his career, gotten lots. You know that certainly gotten fantasy production out of mobile quarterbacks. You know others Well, it's Tyrol, Taylor. In a severe the play, it has worked with right. But. He has you know they, they change their entire, Indeed, they were like look. I've got a talented kid here. What am I get
In fact, we can just go all in on working to fit our offence to highlight. Lamar Jackson does well as opposed to trying to fit this player into what we do. We're just gonna contribute we're gonna can completely change our offensive system and think will no doubt that's obvious, but I feel like more nfl teams than not don't do that. They do the opposite of that. Yet was the case for taking them in August straight because right off the pieces, were we have crafted this offence around the modern? I actually wonder if that's why the patriots didn't take em. And you know what we won't know if Lamar could succeed in, like a tradition, Conventional offence like what the patriots have or they're just doing other typical quarterback things, but maybe ballot I was looking at it going if I'm finished. To a Tom Brady offence that that the best way to use him if I was going have him. I'd want to recreate ha fence random, and I can't do that goes out Brady. So I would hereby did
I was great, I think, from a fantasy standpoint. The Kylam worries had a stinky good year. You know, if you look he's, probably it can the top twelve overall unease debonairly come on the last couple weeks five days a year later heard of him, the weird Pardon kylam areas that he's been more by floor player than a ceiling player, meaning like he always gets you a good amount of production. He hasn't had like you know the kind of crazy games that seen from some other quarterback rightly haven't seen a new sort of expected that from him like you thought that he would have let some Lamar Jackson Type games. Where he's you know, he's running we're, couplet touchdowns, it he's got a couple touched on passes and he's got. You know four hundred something totally yards all in and we haven't seen that yet when you look at his game log, it's the cat, season that I thought maybe Lamar would have where there can be some weeks when you know you throw for two hundred yards in you, don't really rush for anything I think would spend Isabel Lamar is just having one bad we got a nine. I did not expect. I thought,
be way more up and down considering how to. Did they were on him and also just defences? into Baltimore games going for it down the MAR. We take down their assets, but it's just hasn't happened. He studied his points while, and I mean the Patriots Lake That was a thing that that I was, I was crazy to me was I I had Lamar Jackson for the first time all season. I had him outside my top ten going into the Patriots game it has like yeah. I get it I said, but you think about Bilbil check versus a second, your quarterback, I'm gonna, take Bill Bela check. They have spent their they're going to. They have had as against mobile quarterbacks, and we gonna. We looked at the study of like what Bela check flood defences had done. It couple years against unicorn backs it gun decent under the Van two points from their legs and I'm like look he's gonna, be like what our chances Willis need he's. They're gonna contain him, and you know me more so this punched him the mouth
That was that was so. I opening to me, because you expected fantasy points, You know, maybe not number one plan fantasy, but again super for me support for a lot of people coming season, but when he honestly embarrassed Bela checks, defence, your like wholly mackerel, I owed me- and I like I've only crap, I bench them in both the my legs are weak, as I found out about gigantic mousie opposite another surprise, for me, yeah that Prescott forth over half would fit supports. Right. There has been great, as you know, is obviously his contract with such a big story going, and I think what what what was really crazy last week was? It was the first time I watch the cowboys game where it was just kind of like let tat cook. What are you doing? Let this do do is think, as I don't feel like when I watch the cap
as I don't feel it they'd totally know what their identity as yet and they seem caught between these two personalities and it for me, it just seems at the lodge go personality, for them is just too deco. So I was looking at him and somebody these last six weeks could actually go up. What do you think about that? Jack was. If you look at that numbers last year, like from the Amari Cooper Trade on back, I want to say, was the ninth best quarterback hennessy at the top. My hat Kiyomori coop, really Marco portrayed on last year. He finished the years like the nightmares, quarterback and fantasy, and so his production isn't that Prize into me, but I agree with you on sort of the split personality of the team, because green, yellow Dac, is a special player and do you know, listen, I think my doubt was really nice player. I'm amazed at what they ve got. Another Jason witness here. We need to know all about Amerika Cooper, but they paid Zeke
million dollars? That's I wonder how much that is as like we paid this guy for the longest time we ve always been sort of very run. Heavy in the office has been around as equal Elliot when he was when he was holding onto the priest, and I remember once that we talked about the fact that was that I think the year before Zeke, Yellow Elliot had accounted for over thirty six percent of the cowboys yards from scrimmage MIKE and by the farther the most of any player the NFL like in terms of one player, high percentage of their teams yards from scrimmage and so Zeb had that and so and honestly physique look like Zeke. Do you like he feels evil a b plus version of Zeke these days doesn't seem I agree with the other at the same, and you know you look at where were read the book carrying through the season. It was Mccaffrey Camara sequence,
yep, Nick Job, my guy, while the nitty emotionally in that makes the now, but he was for me here I was I was the only one who had that banks are that. So I wrote to you but the the we'll consensus was Barkley and then somewhere, depending on when you drafted and where Zeke wasn't his contract negotiations that the next three weeks, the interchangeable between camera, calf and as equal and I mean are to this end. I say I think I had. I had Barkley one Zeke to Mccaffrey three camera, for I saw out between Mccaffrey and pending on when you caught my rankings and precision, but those were right. For that. I had David Johnson at five, which has not worked out, but it's been a you know. I think. That's that's been somewhat injury related. He was. He was good until he got hurt and then you could think about those guys. I went up six as well for a lot of people. I'd say you just listed six guys, and only one of them has totally planned out. Mccaffrey Mccaffrey is twenty
five points ahead, everybody out for run, but there s a bit in injury. A whim Mccaffrey is having an unbelievable year, but the rest, her have ITALY, some injury, maybe not Zeke, but Bartley Miss some time obvious camera missed a couple of weeks there, David Johnson's with some weeks and he's out there on one leg, its clear that he's not healthy. Thirdly, the healthiest guy of all them is lay beyond Bell who coming into the sea, and had plainly all sixteen games only once it is out of the area, and that was in twenty fourteen. My point, though, is every year this seems to happen where we have a top five, our top sex and everyone basically plays russian roulette with these running backs. Yet again, even get hurt. Two of them are in the wrong off ads and then one Panza like Mccaffrey did- and I wonder, for doing it correctly, because eight as as we ve said multiple times. If, if you're in a draft league, I'm sorry you're, so and with a new dawn the high enough challenges internationally, but
but even auction irrationally the top six guys that people spent Many are usually running backs right into basically say. Every year I have a one in six chances of hitting a big here doesn't seem like a smart move to me. He abode We are also you go and right I mean, because you could do you can do that with any position. Think about the top. Why receivers for second put that argument verve aside for a second then think about the top wide receiver so of that sort of top seven of the big seven that went so tired kill, got and he's great since you ve been back, but he he missed. Like the first half of the season, Euro Michael Thomas has been great, but Jews been brutal. Antonio Brown that's been a disaster. Hopkins is better Bomber Hopkins poor. Would that be a talent he has Hopkins, has been a bummer keynote. Alan Keenan, Alan since weak for That is why receiver fifty six, Forgive me, I think, he's I think he's genuinely eartha. He might be.
With whatever whether he's heard or the the charges offices broken or whatever the reason is, he hasn't, he hasn't turn value with other. We talked about Becum earlier, the show in a market out of the body, Adams got hurt as well. I mean so I mean it's. It's basically the same. Ratio of return and because of tat, but my point is maybe it just makes no sense whatsoever to spend over thirty five, where's on anybody and gave here too is an autograph doing in an auction, maybe you're, just better off being in that fifteen to twenty four hour ranch and hoping to do load up on those guys over. You know you spent fifty eight thou. As on Odo back home, that you're in for what he's doing now, you ve just crippled your team, yeah, I got a sure but the cat. The counter argument. That is, that that means I write you we instead of it
dollars? You take three shots, maybe have a better chance of one of those guys popping but you're. Also like sort of sifting through the The middle I mean, like you know he wasn't for me, but, like Dante, Paris was a big sleeper for a lot of people like that hasn't work. Now, I hear them for receivers that that twenty two really was a spell out to people of carbon Ridley this year he's been very inconsistent. So eg, you know you you go you can you can do that You know, left and right I mean like there's been disappointments at every at every position. At every at every level right, and so I think, you're. Your argument is that there is less risk, at least that like if, if at fifty dollars out back junior banks. You know bombs out its more devastating. Then, if you spend right of in seventeen dollars on Dante, Pettus and he doesn't pan out. If I spent two hours on Godwin, seventy, nine, Paris and eighteen as on Julian element, and I got to four three verse:
you're. The fifty eight hour, though I be surprised me get annulment for eighteen poee at ease, and but at that kind of right that that's what rain! Eighteen on criticism, you right, who are you re buying hating forward into stretch rigs. That has have not been awesome yet, but maybe I had the chance like, for instance, A man it knowing him by the name of Thomas Brady yeah. I is that somebody you, see common on down the stretch, because this is usually when November's. Usually his month, so yes, yes, Unknown Tom Brady yeah, that France on care and the English exactly the sleeper Tom Brady sure look. You know count em out like eager by loveless. My love hate comes that letter. Danny has panda com gotta, get a plug in an odd what is on the loveliest for me this week, Philadelphia TB, there you go TB, twelve, but weirdly.
You look at what Tom Brady has done over the last couple years in terms of the fantasy plants so weeks. Fourteen through seventeen, he usually disappoints that the patriots I feel like once again to this better go much more run? Heavy! Yes- and you know, I don't think that's because the plaza- Mr recalled whether in a fox brighter know what it is, but we ve looked at it like that. Three or four years, wherever I'm ready was as a fantasy, quarterback head. Into the playoffs he's been significantly worse like it. The euro is number one and at the number one factor What in the the Plaza think you finish the fancy life like quarterback, nine, something like that Yes, I'm gonna weeks where he was lake or years where it was a Kubi. Eight, you finishes IQ, be seventeen and the fantasy plan, so so for the next couple weeks. Sure, but fourteen through seventeen makes me nervous, although you another, they do have a great schedule, so who's your biggest disguise about to make a leap guy, as we had in the last three weeks. Why illicit that near there by this week,
The giants have a very good schedule coming up. Oh so, you know could see, could see Golden Tate, especially within external shepherd out very slight, I think be inconsistent rookie and he's got a rookie thrown to him. But, like just watch that kid, like the towns guy, I ever giants found something industrious, Layton, so um. You know this week. We ve talked about the jets and their schedule coming up and obviously Donalds been very inconsistent, but I think Jameson crowded Jameson crowd or has a as a real. My schedule here coming up, think he's pretty interesting as well. Think about AMOS crowd. Her I'm coming. These guys, the obvious guys right, I I will say So, by the way regression the mean, like I abode, back in my guy, I'm a lot about overcome this year and a lot of Dobbin cooks. That's been able to balance out the Oda back. Here, but I like having becum having
come in the year on a monster, Streetcher, wow yeah. I M, like radon affair, has taken or not, but they're scared will get so much easier like it's not a great match up this week against Pittsburgh. Steelers defences really can arrive the ship, especially since the mink, a trade, but I think I think Becum look he's getting much Venza looks he's too talented bakers getting better. Their schedule gets a lot easier after this week. I think Becum has, I think Becum is becum the rest. The way I've been been, I have failed in my this coast been avoiding well, not allies been banished. My bench actually put him in the attic like through easy. I just haven't like Simone sweaters right, but it's cool. This goes back, the those stupid brands thing and whether how much of it is hype versus how much of it is reality, I'm afraid to wave them ideas journey I'd rather just keep them my team and have him
fuck all year over waving him and having somebody pick him up and weak thirteen, and then he goes on. Like a thirty point a week there. I don't want to happen it that's the worst it's one of the worst feelings and fantasy football. When you drop a guy, somebody else pick them up and it goes off yeah. I don't. And then, and then you get the emails from your buddy, whose aim is expert breaker, may feel funny. How right actually, where it is which which leads the West Coast League. Is that the one that you tweeted at me about the yard? Is that the one that, whereas Rob Stone, made the trade yeah we're gonna talk about the shady rob stone and once again, I think one break hey. Let's face it: Gaza terrible taken care. Their house studies show seventy percent of guys to experience tat his function. Don't get traded for it. That's bad thing. Most people realize is eating like a czech engine life for a man's body. It could be an indicator that there's something more serious going on like a hard issuer diabetes. Thankfully our spots or Rome and his crew
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Looks Michel and map Rita British heard this week, but ok yeah, so the three and seventeen trades Darwin Cook, for breeze, says you gotta get down and cook the three and seventeen gets drew breeze. She had Phil Rivers as well. Right gone against Kansas City so? It's maybe Bianca five point upgrade, but he loses diamond cook. She doesn't even have three running about. We start three running back snare leg. Okay, so he's We gonna get a zero or, like maybe one or two points from the diamond cook spot because our lead you have to get to seventy five point. Seventy five yards to get points for rushing while so based Clearly we are one, that's stoner who tries to play the good guy car, I'm justice, kid from the streets of Connecticut, but is cut throat as anybody with fancy abilities really like you know, who held the ill health trade with somebody's corpse. If he could
the trade, and so then we ended up the commissioner's vetoed it and now, I doubt better, hold texture. Our wording. Neo Nazis really upset it's great this the best, whereas they can you have interactions like adult. I should be able to make my by the way there there's nothing better when you are interactions like this right controversy, yeah, like that's visa the there's nothing better when you're not involved then the controversy yeah like a view so you're, not the three seven teeming you're, not you're, not the stoner right so, but Eardiston middle of this, this Euro email exchange a Texas as you know, were hung back and forth about some trade or something like that. That's the Bessie you coming from the sidelines, and yet you leap off the side, rope in your area, yet your sister, the pot, is sound which is that the leaves out another. This is the east coastal ease and we actually have the veto system in this
where the commissioner, if he wants with one other person they could just Billig. We, he gave a smell test that we had to put infer our friend camp in the nineties, kids when he was out of it. He would just trade. You know Steve Young FIR. But right? So we had to lay basically put in this rule and ever It was kind of there's a little bit of a code that give your adamant, though, make a choice free and german you're, not going anywhere so yeah. So it turned into this whole thing online and it's hilarious goes I think all of us are a fifty year older than that now right. So it's if you think, when you who any get old that have hit stuff is still gotta, be happening. Think again, now you get stupid, but I have a couple questions about this league yeah. Is it a keeper leak, not a keeper like not a key public? Is there a punishment for last, there is not, which is a very important question, because my West Coast League does have the punishment where you have to pay for the end of the year.
Her lunch ETA at shaky switch erotic at two hundred and fifty our pizza day. So did so people do care about not finishing. Last the nightly Ok, so that's important as well. Is there any benefit to improve you're right, other the just pride and you want to like you always want to try to get a plant, the string that it it matters. Everyone is anything else, meaning that Europe like? Do you get a better draft for where now finish, nothing like that, it's pride only and then the here's, the other peace. This is the tat. We ve talked about many times in the past, where the top for teams make the playoffs right and you get to keep the plan guys and it is key, going all the way through the Superbowl. Oh yeah wax six plus five guys and they draft from the teams that did it make eight, which I still think, is one of the great rules about time. It's a very cool ruling This is why Dobbin Cook is so important because Minnesota is gonna, be in the pious and their arguably like an annex ii title team- and he is one of the top five running back
he certainly one of the best place for any backs and going into the place he might actually be the best place for any back so that's why we are kind of went so. Here's so so Your league is gonna, be a little surprised by ruling on this yeah so and you'd. You tell if I've missed anything here yet, but I would say, just in general, hearing everything you ve said it's an awful trade right, there's there's no logical reason why the three and seventeen who needs it three running backs who doesn't have any. Behind Matt, breeder and has a viable starting quarterback this week and Philip Rivers should trade Dobbin cook his best by his best player for drew breeze. Not breeze. Has a nice match up? It's on the road, a temp Bay Breeze has traditionally struggled outside, but in a bucket your sacked sector has been brutal. I think in a breeze
consensus, top ten play in a lot of people having top five this week, so in theory, breeze should bounce back from last we can have a big game so, but just on the face of it like because that debt of the position at quarter back in the one quarterback League Dobbin. Could, if you do, Draft today, Dobbin Cook would go many rounds ahead of drew breeze back. We atop three peck of you if your drafted day parentheses agree. So so it makes. No logical sense is so I think that is the three seventeen I would say, there's a reason, your three and seven since I like there's literally no way to justify the trade yet have- said all that I would not have waited vetoed wow, why? Because what? What you just told me this guy, you have to let people coach their team even if its badly
I can sit here and you can sit here and a lot of people can say like. I don't understand why you would do that. That makes no sense to me, but if the guy is sitting there in the text chain going, look pay. I need a coach, my team, the way I want this is: why did this trade if he can come up with any reason why he did it either agree with a reason. Even if it is like rivers always stinks. And stood against Kansas City, and I They're just gonna run the hell out of Melvin Gordon. The way that you know the way, the tent, see, did where they just you know, gave the ball the their country. A bunch of you know much time. That's the way you became city. By the way we saw what Marla MAC without their country just run the hell up. Also, I think rivers gonna, throw it, and I think I can in summary, the waiver wire and I'm worried about down? getting hurt like I'm, you know yeah whatever the reasons is whether we agree with him or not. If he has a legit reason, then There's no collusion, and you can't you can't veto it. You have to let people coach their teams, even if it stupidly if it's badly, even if it's in a way that no rational person would do
and this is a guy that I assume it's been in this league for a number of years. I know the Series Coast League has been around forever. So here's what he was his defense guys know that I've won this thing three times in the last six years. Right, if you think I need some sort of oversight or parenting with their track record than what does that say about your fantasy abilities? Pretty However, that is a vital encounter, but I'm going to drop began Ludovic traffic, I liked it. I mean it honestly one of them a strain of ever seen at a year. You take his IRA with at your third running back, so you can upgrade by four points for one week before Easter, rustles, again right and as Russia, Wilson right it it's it like. I said it makes no sense, but what was his name? Did? He have a football reason why he did. The trade I mean like track record is great reason was I want I'm three and seven. I wanted to shake it up. Let's effort, that's it! That's it! That's that's taught that
Dylan Mackay that are too it last time, I money, I've just could become a gigantic that what a shake it up half way through does it doesn't exactly pass the smell passed here now I have a question for younger under constant pressure. Senor is costly for you yeah. You think his when I've known robs, don't rubber, not I'm not as long as you have, but I've known him for whatever fifteen years or something like that and I dont know merely swells you, but all my interactions of them have always been nothing, but in a pleasant gray, I pray that ink. Do you think he has done so and shady here do you think he has said something to this kind of like was at all or whatever. We have my wedding now he wouldn't do that that robs down. Great guy fantasy? Football brings the worst out of em right, a register, ass. He would very would run over family members to win his leg. Cages is very cutthroat, it it's a side of it that, frankly, I am ashamed to tell America about so do whatever it takes
that's an island guy! You see in college football soccer. That guy seems like a happy nice guy Betty as it goes back. He does in the yes, he's in your fancy verbally and then he will get you, You got you, I absolutely no people that bad air, like a hundred eighty degrees from how they are in an in real life, but once they get into a fantasy league. It's just it's just insanity, I think it's like they get to enter this new world where they get to be a bad person it's a break. You bad costs as they break a bad, it's his famous if a buzz breaking bad with great bad. It's basically, he selling math in New Mexico, but on the side, the best part who's, the guy who is the original commission early camp who he's the man hand rate can read out the standing in the scores and mail them out every week e I want- is the most committed fantasy owner
and every time we have some sort of package of mercy. It circles back where everybody starts baking. Funny camp has two hundred said he eat texted. This is like at the end of it three hundred texts thread because can't manages his team, like he's out event, lead the later a real add that business with him ed, then that led to a bunch event camping on events later when he is an event later, forty years from now how right o the difference. This train is italian at night, his his he's always at the door by shooting spire right then they cut. You can't go unlike what I do. Trade just get shot by a stray, but yes, so I see both sides. A my thing is idle like when I dont think it too. That's out of the race should actually affect the fantasy title after we'd like ten weeks when you really have no don't worry I've, never trade deadline so that their needs and other than
unwritten rule there needs to be a trade deadline or there needs to be a an incentive to keep trading open. Like were world so this deep dynasty, like that, I'm in that I mentioned actually last time yet other data Kelly's in right. So actually having this debate internally among ourselves about a trade deadline which had really been set up and almost like I'm of them catholic. Why are we a trade deadline and, unlike I'm in second place in this league air but they're like well cause you don't want somebody affecting like, but it's a dime. See league where it's a dynasty, were you keep all thirty three players for the course of their career if you want yeah, so if, if three of your team, it's out of it and you want to do a deal you should like we literally just had a deal last week where a guy that's like and second to last, traded, Tyler, lock it to the first place team for like, like all twenty twenty one we do. A foreign rookie draft everywhere
rob and all of his draft picks and twenty twenty one form of four draft pics and twenty twenty one. We do a foreign rookie after we are so unlike I'd love, the trade actually thought of it, Tyler, lock it up on the on the block. He'd gotten a better offer, but whatever like That's the guy that realise not going anywhere and he felt like this is the best offer you get for dialogue it and I'm I'm basically competing with his first steam. So I was annoyed by it but fair So we're having this argument, but I argument is pay if you're going to be trading like because it will always affect your team. Re write me like as synthetic that guy's gonna he loses tie lock at his ease, taking, but he's playing for, You know today ceiling so his fortifying. He got tropics for next year and or twenty twenty want. Berwin. When is the right time for a shade deadline, has, in my opinion It's either after we gate or just don't have one at all. Oh, I would go deeper than that. I think
you're not going to have it after like we would have been just now have it now. I think we can laboratory after week, eleven are twelve right, so I think usually think the Standard ESPN trade deadline is next week. I think it's after week eleven like heading into we twelve, so you actually have cause most play start weak fourteen sea of two weeks. You can you can yet ended by that and others there's give to to the play off, and then you get the flap, so teams, It can make a deal, and you can sort of you can make a deal going to go into the stretch run, but again, I think there needs to be so sensitive for everyone. You want people to keep playing whether aids to avoid the last place punishment, whether it's your draft order like I've, been in leagues, where the draft, determine like say sixteen may plants right yeah. So the number one pick the next year goes to the seventh place team, not the twelve placed him, so they
like you, the idea would be, as that you want to keep playing. The seventh place gets pick. One eighth place gets picked. And so on and so forth, so that you at least even redraft league. So to give you some incentive to keep playing brought the season, because, even though a teams three and seven and they're out of it, if they're playing a team that you're competing with for the playoffs. You want that three and seventeen two to feel the good line up right. You want them to try because it matter do you you, we would like you, don't want a team that you beating would have a a lay up. I can we do a quick, buy and sell before eager yeah. Let's do it and will make this legitimately, quick, as I want to save two minutes at the end. The talk about the Nana too ok, I'll, buy or sell Josh Jacobs. Here's the case for selling huge workload already
that face this kind of workload in college and he's on peace. Now fur in a three hundred carries in twenty five catches, and especially this is a team that potentially after him a buying or selling, I am selling that statement they they they want. In that the argument is that gets you never had this workload in college, so he's fresh raiders offensive it is played well and to get that kind of guy. Like I'm as a top three play this week, he would he was my Josh acres. Precision, vanity, or die the guy that sort of thing my flag on the end, any people thought I was crazy about that, but I'm just like guys, talented guy who's, in the end, an insane workload actually that'd be more involved in the passing aim than he has been so far. But it's a it's. It's not a schedule that scares coming up the obvious this week at home, again Cincinnati, and so now I'm in
I'm, not worried about hit him hitting a rookie wall or anything like that, Sayer, so you're buying, just Jacobs and I'm buying just shaken zone are selling this. I was selling only the idea, gotcha that he's a that he's quota cell higher. Something like that are you buying Christian MC. Free being able to do this for six more weeks. Yes, article into question a kind equivocally cases offsets. Are you buying it the rest of the way as being the juggernaut that we thought there can be heading into the season? Yes, Billy, they, I believe, very Hosanna, hesitant now and yeah me. Look. They haven't looked exactly right, but they also haven't had their pieces altogether right today they gotten the run game going, the way they wanted to and that's a little bit of a mess, but so I think in terms the passing game now that hammer homes that they have hill, but they have lock into being. At the time I had, I can remember- I mean it made it's one game or two at the most, where they had their, what they want
starting line to be tired, kill Sammy, walk and Travis see patch me homes under centre like how many times of those four guys played the same game together this year. I dont think its many Milk is walk. Is meted out in line upon biogas is, I think, I think hard man is terrifying juicy that play last week when he He caught her pass and he had three defenders around him: he just kind of depressed zoom button. Oh yes was gone, and you're. Putting that guy in the field, as your third receiver now with Kelsey with wagons and with hail and you have leg, and I was not allowed from his knees and you haven't you go back or a dime back cover him. They, I actually think he's a sleeper down the stretch cause it feels like he could have a fifty are touched every week. If he has the re match up, he certainly could it. I think, he's going to be a better and I fell player than consistent fan player, assuming the health of Watkins and everyone else. Just because, like I agree with you
link between now and the end of the year he'll have to games where just has kind of monster numbers- or you know at least one big play, but trying to figure out when those, you're gonna be as much as they like to Marcus Robinson there, and he gets some looks as well, and so, if you know her cousins, our eighth highest fancy callback right now, almost as too Your points he's been great recently he's, like shockingly competent, for I would say, six to eight weeks are you buying in there s the way, I am because here's the thing about her cousins. He is one of its not the best play action quarterback in the Indiana He is amazing off of play action when the running game is working the way it is in minnesota- and you know, cooks better. Relation and gear, adding Gary Cooper actor, that staff talked talk, what does the priests and has been has been fantastic Madison by the way Europe said this for a long time, but listing
like Alexander Madison needs to be Rostov in a hundred percent leagues Lake cause Dobbin Cook. If anything, whatever habited Dobbin Cookouts Inner Madison, be a top five hennessy running back anyway. But so yes, I am look I've even putting up numbers. You know that go to bed, but even putting up numbers in with Feelin banged up. In always he's got the obesity Johnson out there the ghost of local on trade. While, like well, so I buy him, I buy him as a top Twelveth guy, the rest, the way TAT, Twelveth FISH, that's what I would say they still want to be run. They still want to be run, heavy unite all other Richmond home this week against Denver like there's, you know, there's gonna, be the schedules. Okay, so yes, I would say at the time I had ranking for us a season.
Think he's top twelve wish. Who is your number one defence, the rest of the way you know Pittsburgh was Pittsburgh really coming on? They ve been great. I still think it's gotta be the patriots there right mean off of the by guy knows scheduled its tougher, but I can't imagine like if I were drafting today, the ravens of We started to come on as well, but if I'm drafting today, the Patriots defence is the first one that comes up the board, whose second. Oh hey! This is interesting, but just gun just gonna from the fantasy live app, aren't you ve done? my fantasy life app. Yet it's free the alerts, crush downloader for two days Bell annual Tacs will say it's changed. My life anyway, fantasy life, after Simeon ALERT, bears coach, Matt Navy says Dave Montgomery lightly rolled in England, pray yesterday they involve an him for Sunday night came from big solar
so are you having adopted the app does? Is it as it covers? Like every report Never you every year in others, here. The chapters in the Morton gagging avenues breakers, the big name, guys field Yeats, your Buddy field Yeats, but it I yeah, but he is very funny. It went when field heard that I was coming on your show field. Texted me a whole list of things like hated, you know he's what's going on a bills life recently, like you just turn. Fifty, and I like it, I like any other party and other like He'S- got a wife he's a big fan he's a big simmons. I appreciate that I'm gonna have to have a man you should. I have to ask you to recall and then because things got rid of my Davis yeah? What to recall, and as this year's winner of the everybody, a rational legs, the sky and revise them, but he's fucking terrible. I ever had a good week ever he's here. One or two, but when I last year this year has been a significant disappointment from last year, honestly that
be the the more more shocking thing. What you know we all dump on the grounds but offensive genius, Matt Nagy and the bears you know who were whatever a you know, a chip shot field way from going to the championship game last year, yet and are you know, and they ve been awful? I mean the dead. Ski his regression, the office as a whole? Has looked brutal, Montgomery like I was there. I finally started piece of that office like that. I now feel bears the I mean I want their offence ate it, the same feeling I have when I watch the Browns offense, where they're trying so hard to be cute and inventive, and it's just like just use your players normally just give Nick Chubb just running up the middle. What do you like? in these delayed flip passes to amuse Nick Chopper. Why are you sending him? is delayed Wade pitches on the two yard line. When it does not have you know
Karim home, I don't get it! You get some these coaches, its. It will be. Interesting so bears play rams this week and that's like two offices like to different degrees, but too often says that we expected a lot out of this year and that just haven't haven't come together. Madden, I didn't ask about Hopkins, ok, as many points that shares decay met calf, yet it when the touchdowns, like he's, been fine, but he hasn't been the Andrea Hopkins and capital letters. The way you expected and it's weird because Watson's had a good year. Yet the throne for whatever reason that just the that's another guy that I think you could see just having a monster run down the stretch because he's to town he's getting the targets he's getting all the like. I just I don't disk in their view Hopkins. Are you Miss gag. On on the stretch. I am meeting, I think crossed in my eyes kind of squinting closed I got it, I don't it just like.
In a way which is how you, after watched AMOS, but look it's one of the things that, like just don't watch the games The aims would write a crazy sitting together. That's box, we're after like that's that's all you have to have A game is on your fancy team, but sound. I liked sound. I talked about a month Sunday. I have both TIM savers, so I watch basically off their steps on assets right Jake. Since the most exciting poor in the week, he really is every every single play, something great or terrible can happen every people in the field is involved the MID James play out when he took out his yet anyway, citing dinner, I would put Lamar Jackson patrimony than there, but the most edgy your city seat, racking, but maybe the heavy he'd, that's fine, wherever you got to say,
he's the only power. The legal involves all the players in the field, which I think is to his credit and his detriment. Yes, he said, and I dont know the is, is James was in starting quarterback of attempted buccaneers next year. I think he'd, if you If you just throw away the two terrible place, you makes every game. If you get. If you watch the game tape, the bucks in ages They did those two plays out. You would think he was one of them five poison, Papa and then, have a play where he just goes back to pass in the bar comes out of Santa goes backwards, twenty yards and they run and infrared touch them. That's what he does right. You're like there, moments. We are like high yeah, that's the guy, you know that's the floor. Day guy, that's the guy that was Euro drafted a born overall and others and other play that you're. Like you, you know that, guy that that was competition with my glinted here we note some cookies are just unlucky because stir
I've watched a lot of the Niners the share, including Monday nights, game blow has thrown twenty passes to the other team and they ve asked fifteen them. Fourteen of them Yes, I will. He is just as reckless with the ball is Jamieson Sieges, for whatever reason, time, J, MRS Reckless, it ends up being a turnover and with great below it's just he's that guy this year, where you watch me cause, it's gonna have twenty five interceptions, yeah minute and by the way, that's one of the reasons why I think Shanahan tries to protect him. Yeah, they know where they go so run heavy, but there are a lot of people in Annabel circles that I have talked to that think droplet. Do not be that much better than Nick Mullins. Daddy Niners on some level got very unlucky with grapple. Oh somebody thought. Oh, they couldn't we got left. Because whatever happens, the Patriots Allison Belgic, calls up and says will give them to you or to anyone retaining the NFL would be like yeah, you, bat, and so they do at any point.
A couple games and does well, and so I ve got a sign to the big contract, but with veto sort of more sample size, their people. That sort of thing you know what this they bade certainly you know it, it be a lot more cap friendly and they wouldn't be worse off. If they had Nick Mullins understand, that's true or not. I know that there are people there. There are. There are smart people in NFL legitimately believe that, so I guess I will remain to be seen if that's the actual case, but it's it's interesting we have to go you're very busy man you have allowed should go on, but before we go, they didn't bring our show back, then I ride out. And unable to get a real answer on this one. The ratings definitely dropped. Denied or to return in it was critically claimed multiple critics were like really nice pieces at the after the end of the Rhine and be like wow, the show is actually pretty fun in Thou Jack and I made sure,
Where goes, and then foxes Ike now, actually we're not that instead we ve decided cancer. So my guess is. It was probably such a pain in the ass behind the scenes. Tat Fox, probably like we get adding it may be, but it it also may not like you just don't know, may not for stoppages could be a bad decision. It could be you in of how it skewed dummylike, because you and I are basically fifty old white men. I do know that word what foxes looking for. He fray neither the exact I'd I'd I'd out, Actually, I think they're. Ok, if we don't watch their network, so man I don't know I mean you know, is the appeal: was their appeal for younger viewers. Wars adjust nostalgic for people like yourself and and me who just We grew up on a show and loved that show what I have to believe it such a passionate following for that show That one of these streaming services could pick it up. Having listened
Hulu has all regional, ninety two hundred yeah, could you could could Disney plus pick it up? Good Hulu pick it up one of these, the only streaming dreaming services, the problem, as they didn't have any the music rights for the for the shows from the night is ok. He faded realize they needed to do that right. So they have to like it rose place has issued to the after dub me cleared me. Over the Muse Good Soundtrack choices they chose, which, in the night ass though she were pretty here, put the music they take. No, absolutely, and now it's like dubbed it, this generic kind of elevator pop music and I gotta be recently and who will have to do that. It hurts error. Just go, spend Hulu how you warmly, thank God, That is one way up, I'm embarrassed to admit the number of times. Like I would hear a song on the radio You know in like someone who say look I advocate, unlike up, who is that
they tell me like. Oh, I know who that prisoners saw them at the peach. Pick lay like a two months before the peach fit I agree with you that they actually did a pretty good job with a musical and these I'm I'm sees a very upset about this. I thought for sure would come back where I had hoped we talk. Last time I was just a cam, I'm a little nervous. It's on the bubble. I hope Can we can we start a? Can the ring in some sort of, but you know pain here, rob you some sort of email campaign campaigner petition. You know I'll try to help amplify like. Let's can we take to the streets? Can we We lighter pitchforks torches. I think I think it's gone. I think the body is dead. I hears my hope, though maybe this will revive their interest in another sort of. Through an hour. We kind of idea. We can only hope. We only hope I dream. I thought it was
Clever, though I agree with you, I really enjoyed it I really enjoyed. I thought it was a very clever way to do to do the reboot, and and I I feel like a lot of people is in your podcast bill. Come on some. Money, that's an executive industry minister. Without their not pick this thing up, let's go Topshop, you you'll get my eight buxom other whatever. Is the minute. You are the minute you announced that by lad. Three by hung over college, but is in town on Sunday. We all were watching your show over. The other programme shows that congrats on that IP hey there, as I agree with you about paper into it, so keep around fifty years, That's our target audience Jesrad here. I know that's a huge advertise demo right now apparently ban yeah, well, banks, weight, we deeply appreciate this bore wherever there and he has been to fancy football Ten M eastern and ill. As you know, we don't get alot of love and so any promotion, as we appreciate very much Matthew
pleasure. As I said, our body bag Bristol. I will thanks bill Are we gonna Mally ribbon and one second? First, let about tell out of it returned to show time this Sunday re as navigated mean streets of New York. Everyone's favour. Fixer is determined to become a better man but pass threats. Resurface hate when that happens, that require the ray of old. Once again, cleaning up after his father Mickey's mess raise forced to confront a dangerous enemy from their families passed. While avoiding authorities hell bent on putting the diamonds behind bars. Will re do what's needed to fix the families I'm a or will you walk away and finally fix himself find at her own thoughts. We have travelled John Void start a new Caesar read out of in this Sunday on it. Eight p m eastern only ends. The time to try Fremont, though
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I'm sorry bs for a free trial. When you read it aloud, she's the offer good bs to save ten percent off first purchase of a website or domain square space tat come such BS offer code bs. Let's bring her in the mother, Dragons Valor Reuben by Molly. Ribbon, is here Hawaii Are you this week out? That's nice nice because we worked together. There is a video online of Lamar Narva Harbour here Talking Lamar, very special whistle inspired by the Mars performance, is the Bengals walked over time and had like a sportsman? Remember them, and just she's really just one time how special he was and that Kids are gonna, be wearing number agencies for the next twenty years and the Mars Cadillac. I just want to make the Super cocoa chance right. Ann Arbor was just like work. You don't understand this is
special, what's happening here. Because at the moment it was incredible, Lamar's response to their the line about how so many kids you can we wearing embrasures is for the next twenty years his exact court was. I can't wait to see it when I get older, but right now I gotta get. The supermarkets yeah. I'm lonely off was at everything you. If Umar had been holding a cat, maybe the only way it would have been more new rail has As I told you, I recently discovered the Marlon Humphrey maintains and Instagram for his cat to me. If Lamar had been holding snowflake Marlon Humphreys CAT, while also quoting lines from Harry Potter and the gobbler fire, and then saying that that would have really accounted for the bulk of my interests and if and if been harbour said, and I
they screwed up the last season of Ghana thrown adviser, heroic courage. I just want to make a super. I just needed, Lamar learn, say cut you just gotta know one thing: how did the any kind of four at about the irish fleet. She just a matter of imperfect bill. While I made a bet, you probably would have had a stroke if he said that the earlier brain would remove it here that it was really a lovely little moment and captured. It seems very sincere. The affection that they have for each other seems A genuine, very moving I find it inspiring, am online it's funny my homes. Last year I felt like his approval rating was bad as high as it gets four for Bob, where it reads like this weird stuff, curry level. And then this year Lamar's approval rating in a weirdo might be higher because he also gets the point all the people
on social media and the sports raiders were like they said he we should be wide receiver near the costume everyone as in so he you can get in those people, and I don't think my home said that crowd the example bitter crowd of just people pointing out how wrong everybody was, instead of just enjoying it yeah. If the member, who teddy small contingent of doubters that he got to to need a whole Lord, that his success over like there was the group of people who thought it was ridiculous to imply that the chief should have moved on from Alex Smith Young gone with the homes. Of course, you know we we tend to it feels like a different time and in the world where this was possible, but bathrooms did not play as a rookie year aid. He backed up Alex Smith, there's that and then there was of course, the slew group of people who still were saying in a system quarterback when he was coming out of Texas Tack, which must, if you actually been a second of his tape just objectively. Patently
sir, so we had a debate, but you're right I mean obviously with Lamar was a defining narrative around him coming out of the draft and out of his rookie seas and uneven heading into the sea. Are children delight in every respect, a swell our Lord. I have a Lamar Odom Carbon free today, oh I figured It was his bill, Poland and Bugger Macfarlane, and they are more that's for people and more people than that. There's more! they who are the main Kyle. You two have been there, the lack your team passed on and once you deserve a decayed and harassed over now You deserve a positive kind of lost in the course of the Lamar Ravens history, the factory and is you, are you fucked out and they did that air a dead by it all worked out that are worth pointing it out every everywhere: you do matters most intriguing, and then Joe Ass comes undermine. Our tax burden is Joe has as a real life. He couldn't come Arthur, oh my goodness here
I think he is a real job. Sometimes unbelievably stuff happens. He wins one world series and also by our place too bad you bear its fun. For America loves fantasy, proper, it's true. It's all good! It's your harrier fantasy teams doing its eye there, both very good. Thank you for asking. I have a decision to make there. This is now items, but I need to decide right now, if I'm in a trader adult outcome or if only to stick with us, so I have in my leg last week somebody find they gave up by them cause it's one of those things. If you hit that Mediterranean, I just talked about it that weird cause. I have Baker, Fatima West Coast in bed, and I want a waiver and just get him up. My team.
But I dont want away them because if I wave on and then he's good, I'm gonna feel like the biggest ass on the world. So you just kind of stuck with these guys that are just killing you. It's very unpleasant thing I had. I had the the where I met a desolate. Disbeliever have Adela was a snake draft, unfortunately not an auction, and I had my picks up the turn at the back of the first round, and I took Leone. Adele back to in its been candidly debacle. Name amazingly currently in the final play off position, but I feel like I can't afford to lose again. If I'm gonna make the playoffs and oh dollars every every week. I look at it. I just can't believe it I've. I won't even mid afternoon so badly people who are so there are already played. My guess is we'll go thou against the state were secondary, but was a mink a mega out there man manka, not everybody out, because I keep talking about how they should have done a top five protected, can apparently you're not allowed to do that's wrong sport in the NFL, but it's
feels like you are allowed to digest. The rules have to be different. I've been San wrong sport. Every time had been listening. He say that driving, but it's you can do. It is just a little different, then how you do the India it is different. It could. Basically, it would revert to a second round pick immediately and that's that's why less appetising for may make they are being offered real number, was stealing might make the playoffs. That trade and reliable there, like twenty I can indeed be away, doesn't seem right there b I dont, really one talk well get his tenacity might serve her five tidies look at what you have really every most during before. We do football, yeah sort with pop culture item number five, the mandatory and is here at last her people people seem like they really like Kyle did you? Did you listen to bench Rodya on the mandatory and now the past is three times the length of the actual episode of. How long is the dialogue with our forty five, our forty four but
Do you guys, like they re yeah, you know it helps soon launch Disney places the habit or some shit man why he was sure it was show funds. Oh good, and then the really cool thing is we had an we have sought to tomorrow, yeah like Already we get it there, too episodes in the first week the whole foresees a soul. This model from the book, a basque about two point: opaque ass, their rights. With some. Instead, we should still this for main Delorean. It's really call to think about. Couple different ways: the streaming wars, with the seemingly instant successive Disney plus surly reports, ten million, I would say that Ireland Breyer climbing rapidly from there
also the macro. What is star wars, storytelling and two thousand nineteen? Two thousand twenty, because we're coming off kind of a shift you know looked like for a while. We will be heading into this era of anthology film making. We had Rob one. We had solo. All these other things were in development, but solo didn't do well, though, that movie is under aided, and I would love for people to give it a second chance. Bobo FAT movie cancelled Benny, often Weiss not doing their planned trilogy. A lot of the creative minds share. Obviously Rice Skywalker, the ended Skywalker saga is coming in December, but it's about the live action. Television shows now. You know we have, in addition to Man Delorean a Caspian show, cashing character from Rogue one is in development. We're getting we found out is really does not zero one which ones. No thanks. I don't like that. I have only seen the first three there came out in the seventies and eighties
a true. You seem northern, that no that's on a future was never star wars. Guy. So, if I say to you, I don't know as soon as I have the high ground, you know what I mean. If I say we second upon cast, you don't know what I mean the boy Kyle, the system We should we should make build you a star wars marathon with us, anyway, the point being really Obi, WAN, Disney show already involved. I mean who does and all these television shows or in development, and it was important that man Delorean resin and succeed in it couldn't be a more auspicious start and in addition to just the state of star wars storytelling, the show itself is awesome and I think it's really cool to expand what STAR wars stories are beyond the sky workers and that it I'd back Homenas sacrilege.
When people which I now I see, you acknowledge you you're all entitled to your own opinions. That's fine! We're gonna have to agree, but to me one of the best things about fantasy in science fiction or, as is the idea that anybody can make a difference right. Anybody can do something and packed full uncool. Anybody can become the Huron, make the choice that matters and broadening the scope of focus helps to solidify and rainfall. That theme, in a way that I think, is important and call you should watch demand oriented like a Piedra Pascal, the Red viper abuse should save my son gets into it. I was very impressed by Disney plus yeah and then like some european people treated about an urban get upset areas, get upset about everything into those nineteen and it's like what are you guys
about Disney purposes? Awesome it very well without it. It has like every these. The puppy ever went nuts, is it the Simpsons, Pixar BAR bowed, and it's like sixty bucks a year like what the fuck you guys complaining about its delightful I love you can literally just have Disney Plus and not have any the other streaming things into be fine, but you get. Disney Hulu India's planets, like twelve bucks, ammonia. That bundle is pretty good. It's pretty good too pretty get. Why are people mad? I don't he put just wanna, be mad. People's human Oh, my God, Adam Scheffler did Disney persuade I'm sorry That is the tears see care when Adam she, after does. He walked into your lives. Would you care? Probably cool, that's out of sheer after ask him if cabin this cabinet things I'm not gonna be like air one or two things, but Disney Plus. Who cares what he thinks is nobody? You intolerable that machine,
item of football cassettes, what I care about that of shifter. Do I care about his thoughts, but this deepest now, ok, seed and wash demand orient now you're, not ready to engage with me about the twist ending about rejected, but I had. I had a fun game free to plague. They figure bring a mandatory tat, keep in mind. I know nothing, a K. I didn't see the last six movies, 5Movies on, if you're, counting real go on and and solo, because that would be seven, you wouldn't have seen the prequels, the two new ones who are they ology, for whom I know nothing. I read nothing, a guy. Are you about to spoil the end a mandatory for people? No, I don't. Men. Delorean is so here My guess is causing. So many or you can either be a character? could be like his last name. Don't don't spoil for me Ok, the his last name, it could be a planet
be like one of those flying. What are they do the flying, saucer things that have spaceships? They do not call in flying saucers. Patients more. Do I like that there does little many things that fly speeders. This is great swoop bikes through by whatever? Why did I got shower? Ships will do all that Europe could be like a political act, swing a tie fighter, but political, Eddie like the man Delorean have taken over K. So what is it the man what is mandatory, you, you are closer than you might think, early mandl or as a planet Ah, I should I guess there and the man delorean our people and the lead character. Pedro passing currently on named character. This is one of the things that I think. Actually this is my sincere pitched you. I think you would like it John favour whose making the show it's the dough.
Western, o Marge and western troops, and also, as Jason, subsume pointed out on binge road? The samurai troops are an end. Nods are very, very, very present throughout the storytelling, so a lot of the characters in the planet, so he sees of our unnamed a lot of it is about the idea of this new frontier and what I did the means, so the main character is the man Delorean he's wearing the man Delorean armor the iconic bought. You know who above offenders divisive over fat. You can conjure an image in your mind right the original from the original trilogy, Bobo FAT, combine the signature, tee and thou You know if I showed you Bob. I honestly don't know, I'm sorry. Well. He Bobo fat and jangle fat from the
now again deepened our entire David and read the book smell factors, Jangle agenda, fat, bounty, hunters, and so this character. The man Delorean is a bounty hunter and he we don't know much about the motivation yet but rogue agent. Their there who the bounties is a bounty Hunter Hunter, does right no, but our animals and the learning planet. Well I mean Certainly in the in the first voted, he wasn't on met, Mandel or easier he's out there flying the razor chrome manner. Nor is the planet. Men, large, the planet and the main Delorean is out there pursuing its bounties and the the animal. He ran into two a couple blogs. There were some blogs and the first episode blogs are creatures that you don't do you want?
blogs are piling. I will move on past blogs. Would the diverse was man to learn the first free movies or they make that up? John five other, like no man's land area, established, Cannon, Learning more about Man Laura and highly recommend you check out clone oars. The animated series learn, learn more about the bioethics mandl or mandatory with a lot of war lot of strife. The mandatory answer fabled warriors lot of conflict with the over the years part of what was so interesting about this. First episode is Bhaskar steals. Their metal was introduced its like the valerian steel of this story. To give you an hour. I understand part of the reason it matters because it's it's so strong they can it can withstand the glancing blow from alight Sabre, which is unbelievably precious but also represents something about meddler in people and identity. I really liked it.
So's, thirty, nine minutes, that's another. Another sellers do men across thirty nine anywhere credits bill that included credit slam, Mandela, wonderful mandatory sounds like a casino in Vegas. Yes, it does, it say and the Lord I or less than I went to the mandatory last two hundred our landlord moon. There was also, I won't say what to what it was. I don't spoil offer people, but the end of the first episode. Really exception on incredible twist in hock that connects to love a story in a way that people who have really any exposure to star wars would be like holy shit right I'll, be awesome battle since two, We have incredible there s going to carry out our what you have been summits, the like it. Don't you think like a guy Algeria, it's it's it's like metal more violently, actually Sean described it and MIKE also on our side, is justified with blasters like it's, a gunslingers show is generally to bear.
Demanding a light Sabre remained the Basel that, not only if you get the lives, every thought almost certainly droid that shoots like forty, forty humanoids in one and a half minutes idea eleven great stuff anyway, Naxa number four: do the rams have a pulse? Is there any hope left for the rams? And at what point do we have to start thinking about where the Rams rank on the all time? Superbowl loss hang over list? Oh, that's! That's where I am. Rams heading into the Superbowl. Hang over is one of the most effective predictors said, and we have- and we all know so simply ignore at every eye girded this year, the Rev we almost it with this team. We did, but it's time I'm too it's time to ignore it
longer, were heading into a son in football match up right, calling up their schedule in listening to the bears or at the Rams year. That is a game that they'd, absolutely half when this is a game? Their defence should be able to win by itself, and now today there His word Montgomery sprained, his ankle twisted it. Whatever dead and they may there might be allotted to recover in this game. The most everywhere in the leg do Papa. Do anything three going well, the idea of three column, but he never lives up to. The idea of parliament is how to deploy him now anxious we love little guy we have little NFL gas, Socio Robinson against Shale Ramsay MASH up of former Jaguar teammates, so there five and for homes GO home Baltimore, that's Montana Football here. In a way, I can wait zone, a home, Sierra at those Adsum, Cisco, Home Arizona had already it. I don't think they get tonight. When one thing is there
Heinz the Niners embassy hawks in the division. The division is basically out of the question at this point and there are too many teams in the annex c wildcard mix if they keep playing this way for them to have a chance, they are so. Their offensive line is good water is a master and in their Kubi isn't good when his offers a wine isn't good. Yes, and you take those two together there are, as line is actually worse than that good, and I just don't think what to do. I think he's the wrong quarterback for the team they have re now, while the problem with that very true and accurate statement is that he has the biggest cap had in football next year. Thirty two million herself. So there is the question of where they are this year, but I think we all agree that the real question with the rams at this point is whether they can find their way back or whether it's already over, because year ago this I'm a year ago, we were talking about this team? Is the new template for delay
kids over sound. I we talked about this and Sunday there's no coming back from their state the amount of money their spending on five guys saint, is no. It affects us you have to He'd American in every draft on draft a frigid thing, but that's the thing that right there is actually the pump the heart of it, because it's not just at the cap. Space is tied up in a handful of players and that some of the people is tied up in or ineffective anymore, like girly, obviously injury as a party at or Gough They have had on draft picks because they don't have the this. I mean that after his leg, third, fourth rounders and underactive, they don't hasn't happened and you don't have a first round pick again until two thousand and twenty two year. That's unbelievable! That's that's really It's done regular management mismanaged, but the thing is Peter King wrote that peace in their like bragging about, like we figured out this new way to create a football team. We don't need first from pigs had said
I am positive that statue. That's definitely not guess what everybody needs. First, Europe eggs, one as Kevin Clark in and maize, and many other people have written the most valuable thing in football is quarterback on a rookie Dionne. They don't have that anymore. So was, I think I think, as always I like to think about the ringer in this situation, sure how much more fun would this be if golf Didn't sign the extension and we could just figure all these different things that might happen to him. He might even be he might have the many trade possibility at the end of October. Can't live that contract. Now, though, is that their stuck with em there's no way to get it in its brutal you would almost after the throwaway season and take the cap it put it on when you now they can rig it. Just big. We give up the season I don't think there's any way out for them and I can't believe they screwed up this bad. The raw starts with the girly extent,
say they will have to do either if they knew these teams have to know there's something wrong with the guys. Nobody knows better than the team? If I get tides got arthritis right, I don't you can't hide arthritis, mute even think not with you, like you came in today, you're talking about Are you complain about when you act in you breath? being out of jail lot. Act in any of it somebody was like it has There is a health bet for one hundred and twenty million dollar contract out back what she was out of breath today, walk into the office I know this because I work with is not a good note, note to self notice my rest before walking regimentals islands and I start immediately judged. You know, like girls, Kate had has the deities like my niece issues, arts, it hurts all the time. My knees are strong, but imagine it changes its angrily time Sophia better today. Now it s
doesn't feel any better. Also how they get the contract. Then I don't know, and that's part of what is fascinating to think it's. It's kind of the the ripple effect beyond just eve in their franchise, because the decisions that they made and the kinds of decisions that they ve made with the extensions of the given the trades they ve made the cap at all, either monetary or draft capital, if they ve, moved how they ve high themselves to certain people and for certain length of time, and then you couple that with things like, they were a kind of a poster team for the idea that health is a skill right.
That's a Sunday. You heard about them all the time I share will that that feeds and then, when it feeds and something that you can count on us, a differentiated your back in the pack will. Where does that? Leave you just in its debts, mass right and then something like Mcveigh, the innovator, the golden boy everybody goes and tries to higher. There are Mcveigh now everything it's a copycat league right, that's the point, and so the rams everyone was trying to mile themselves off of the rams because of the ways the rather succeeding. I think now interesting thing to track is going to be to team start trying to avoid mistakes at the rams have made, or do they not does not have that kind of an impact. This happens in basque borrow where certain start like these worrier style so innovative and it was so effective for them also because teams it at the personnel to play it. Small ball, Barletta, three slashing kick others that they're doing, but then, if, over the course of copyright, everyone started playing people get used to it, man
Rams. The way the Rams play now to me seems the opposite of innovative these only recently did even start trying to mix up formations and some people on the internet a written good pieces about this, but like in the supervisor aegis but the same formation, the whole game. What mess with? Ah, I was like the reason I think bow check is the best coach of all time. Is the teams different every year he doesn't have a system. There is no system other than he is depth any figures what his team is for that year and then they build the team around that identity. I dont know Mcveigh can do that. We have no, no hence, at all that he can create a different kind of often so it really seems like languages com. The overrated the court uncle genius. Again one great idea, But I don't know of his genius:
I'm not ready the sin that yet, but I think that part of establishing your bona fides as a genius in the NFL or any other sport is that you have to be able to adjust when people again Do you feel right at the next challenge? Remember buddy, Rhineland, eighties Lulli, oh my god. What a genius there is! I got his overdue against a defence and than those it right. So it Innovation has to continue if he should have one time thing. So that's the question. I think that the way that the season has unfolded us not impossible for him to make changes now, but it when you factor and how God displaying things like how God displaying specifically on play action thousand area of strength for them before now, it's huge failing for the offence again, the way he's pressure right now because of the wine hell things like not having Brandon cooks because of the caution on and on and analyse goes those factors compound. Each other, even cooks programme
that maybe not, but then it's like, can Mcveigh every sat in the offices and why it is the limit on schematic innovation. When there's only so much that you can do with roster ass, a fascinating thing, I thought them. His mistake was now plan that the rookie, Henderson and she's kind of holding onto this time girly thing Integration is not the same and they can't rely on reliant anyway in, but this is a consistent theme across sportswriter teams, not really knowing what to do with the idea of some cost I mean they seem. Rather, oil fan rape and I'm not saying cried out his Christie, as I'm not saying TAT, girls perceives he's not. That would be unfair and cruel. Chris Davies continuously and bad for a reason, and that does it mean that reason
make sense, the resources we will be making Pablo Sandbar scarecrow. Third son cost is out, and it actually was really smart, that they did lower costs and credible borrow money that they just made. The decision is not happening, I dont. They bear that and I think they're gonna get seven and I can't believe it yeah and that division I mean the Seahawks and minors are obviously outstanding teams this year and the cardinals, I think, can be really good, really cylinder. Customers come relevant. Woody free virus, you it's, let's take a break. I want to say about the vandals sports but gap, the premier mobile words: betting app for reason. They made it easy to set up a deposit, they ve got tons of Betty Mark, and unlike offshore sports books, where you like the eighty winnings at all, fantail processes withdrawals quickly, get you winnings in his little twenty four where's thy available right now: New Jersey, Indiana, West, Virginia and Pennsylvania Sofia and fairly for the fish knowing the game you can lab at the game right from your seats so that a thought experiment. This is for real, I'm just right now
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our back three lessons for you. Yeah superbowl fifty two rematch yeah wiser for me. I hated again while I guess that ports for me the idea every visiting our compatriots loss, but talking about your football teams game this weekend, Patsy Eagles, how old hatreds respond to their first loss of the season bill that'll be fine. Both seems coming off by a more upset that ash played for the sick, the Seahawks led to huge third down catches. I know that I thought you, but the five guys cow. What do we do run? We did We support them. You are Jersey every week, and they quit ANA, causing this couple meetings, these k in their way around him, that's waiting. Russia will signal, and Third Dan O the guy, who is always open for twelve yard catches. We talked about it on the part of a couple weeks ago that Seattle seemed like
most likely landing spot for him. In that you could use. It was so easy to envision Wilson immediately forming chemistry them it, a problem that the problem for them is they're gonna get. Storm and that's what you can do with Josh Garden. They use day by day in life in football, and it I give you start on war once we get to the play. I, like you, can count on us, but every gives you is a bonus. Did you see that he said he was trending up in quarterbacks? He said that he said that, while at her wow, that's like a direct attack of you better, I don't know what to do with the Cairo. Why we publishers, Brady quit on, because the paths deafening quit on the more we know. Now they clearly said: that's enough so yeah. My team is plainly egos, I feel about it. I just don't see how the eagles will have any receivers that get open in this game of what she was all year. They receive
don't get open? Jeffreys hurt now he's got Ladys her red flags that stone fantasy, dated eight unclear what his status will be spent he's been heard all years, an old man, Dijon, Jackson, obviously out so they're going to try to run the bar on the ballroom lot. Also, I mean Jordan Howard's on the injury or poor. I now jail, so I mean giving the bottom I'll centres more is actually a good thing off. But there's a lot of injuries on the office for them, and then I think the question of how effective can Zachary speak be not only in this game but in the final stretch of the season is pretty essential for what and that often moving forward, I don't think they're gonna be able to move the bar, and I dont know if they're gonna be able to have enough overpass rash against Brady, which is what you need to hurt us. I the idea, I like the match. A bomb attack by the military picture. Then you're not worried. I like the match up it's really good match for the Pats, the Eagles. Indeed, the game now been
the game I just another immovable because the the path second is so much better than the Eagles receivers. Yeah. I don't know how they're gonna move by well, that's why it's is key and wherever Sanders can do and whether Howard is healthy, Dangers as the x factor right if he has a monster game that will keep them in and Sanders somebody, I think, down the stretch laughing and for fantasy purposes to just in face. They gotta watch list area really explosive. He's asking what about Petersen, as somebody who may be has belch x number. I cannot say if thou having, but I did want to try out to see if I could say that without laughing and then I want to see your face, I think you got. How did the bark check table that window that site that I learn learn to live with?
but, alas, at he's had a really good run of the table. Let's get that's a good self preservation tactic. I am interested to see how Brady plays a works against this eagle secondary, which is a nice source of rejuvenation for anyone who faces it. Yeah really amazing. If the patriots lost. If the patriots lose. That's a really bad sign that season. A couple losses in Iraq should not be, alas, here's the schedule ass to the way the favoured by three and a half in Philly, add eagles versus the cowboys at the Texans versus the chiefs and then at the bangles versus the bills versus that off. So there's a tough, a tough few games here in a row. I can't I can't afford to many stumbles because, while we're making the plants are you talking about, you don't want that number one seed, no matter what or do you just think, it'll work, you fear nothing! You're, complacent
think I think, played really really well on a Sunday. They got the wheat early and they just played a really good game and stuff happens. I think about this in the context of my daughter, soccer career she's, they lot her last couple games the season, two teams they were just better then, and it was stupid enough to emerge driving home like how did you? How did you that team. You referred like two balls better and it just like that's the thing at sports should happens, amazing to see what the I waited for you. You're gone from everyone bury the pass to shit, happens in sports, the ravens garbage and the patriot runs a habit of it. The ravens again. This is what you just said. The rivers are good thing. I don't need the picture when the game I just don't overreact. Irregular sees it gives at all about the blast, creates a very small sample size cat. Sixteen
aims of four minute quarters and weird shit happens cat. That's where I live. That's five landed in your team. He gets Houston, I would say, that's a more telling gave glass the next one on our left. Islets moved the two because I think you should be used in they ve lost them deeds and you should be able to move the bargain small game and, if you lose out be alarmed. Are you just try and get arise here, and you will feel more if the Ravens lie violated and belonging laws. Why would have alarming light. I just tried irresolute come on this you lazy, you should window he favoured by four. I to me, the main thing about the game: is the envy p showdown between Lamar and shown its an incredible mash up of your fanciful Paul? It's an credible match up in the year of our Lord two thousand nineteen. It's an approval rating showdown, two absolutely to them
popular. She Beazley that deadline, people like watching them aren't Champlain people like rooting for those two guys dare to of the top three players in the empty Pierre S, right now and obviously Russell well sending a third. I think TAT home certainly has time to get back into the the top one two or three. But right now, as may be just because of the time you missed with enraged, she'd behind them sure biscuits list. I'd I'd, who that's my response to that? The using only pay for the other team, usually on the bears, are playing. Are already has the head to head win over Wilson? So getting, head to head wit, overdue Shaw, would be a nice will not in the ballot. I think you know the way to the point that you are making when we opened talking about the harbor video and just how people feel about Lamar. I say this sincerely objectively. This is not a subjective fans statement. I think than this
it's true, I think fit. Lamar. Has the narrative led right now in the envy, piagnoni right so that's other better threats which about? Can you hold onto that avenues? about the NFL Vps we care about it there in the season, then after the seas. I can't remember who would they give? You told me who's the two thousand sick. In a movie, I would have no idea I did pack has every week while I totally cared about it. It's like we care with football. We care a moment and then, when it's over, we don't go backwards at all. That's true, though I think part of that is because so often in recent years, in the current modern era, football, the envy pure results, have just aligned. With this elite class of quarterback in there hasn't been a lot of new blood. There. I mean obviously gamble,
on the homes. Why so can I came as like felt like outstanding regularly in the home sends out you. I think the results of this one could could be similar if one, if, if any of those guys Lamar Sean or Orwell's in one, I think it would probably feel that way and also the fact that it does really feel like a race. Knifing probably will had it in through the rest of the season, is a little different and find him in last year. I think there is a lot of his a breeze tourism. A homes talk for the bulk of the season, but it was, it was always gonna, be my hopes I mean you don't cross. The fifth touchdown threshold in not whenever we pay. You know where I am inclined to eat it. There now ass, you game that job era was mergers and did you have to take a walk now because I, like a spot bonus, You know it was shot here. Also know it's true. I mean borough was at Ohio State for three years. You know transferred spin, it Alice you for a couple years, he's a that that happens and cultural ball. Lamar is a prodigy he's in his second NFL using these twenty two years old.
They didn't do why its reality. In fact today and two is an affair draft prospect. Part of it. While I mean it's a printout Baker, wasn't it was an old prospect and he went first and That was a thousand high about any MBA. We other erection in the NBA, we I say weak, summoned, a bigger we factor in the ages and a railway and sometimes to the detriment of the teams I deem lowered, dropped to sex because he was twenty two right. Well, congratulations. I'm glad you evidently peace showdown! I'm really glad that other joy Mars brought your life. I just wanted to last for as long as it possibly can he's very lack of cherishing every second of it, I think seeing how the Texans run defence is able to account for what the ravens can do on often does it. The Texans are good, should win? I mean I that is going to you. I do not operate from a position of arrogance and
predestination your diary is it Texans are good. I think I need to earn everything and I think my teams need to earn a too and I live, and I live in perpetual state of fear and in writing: fr the let down you know bill. I was the kind of kid I would go home announce in my parents, man. I like probably felt that task that way forgotten, nay, but there was a delightful their eyes right. You always want to set the expectation here and then all you can do. Is him bring people sure why you never wanted to wine and I dont want to allow anything that happens with this raven season to disappoint me. So I want to attempt to maintain some semblance of balance and patience and pragmatism, but also candidly, I've real I've lost the ability to grasp anything resembling rationality like this:
Just has my heart fully, it's really it's really. I don't get carried away and and regret this in a few weeks, but I just to this point- this has been one of the most satisfying an enjoyable sports experiences of my entire life. Like I found myself last, we taking where's Lamar, rang from all time on my list, a favorite athletes, and I think he might already be number two from efforts. More sport prosper athletes. I'm an area is forever my number one you're not touching agreed, but I think the MAR has passed Machado Cosmos. As a trader left. I just have to move on with that part of my life here. It's not a bad idea that pain was so fresh for so long. Adam Jones is very special amuse. You know. It's pretty motley list, Ed it being there for the Patriots game. It felt like a passing of the torch in a way that I didn't like it that the picture the complaint
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ago, nobody still from Kyle, go to simply say that cop such bs to get twenty five set off, plus a free scared, camera yeah he's the best. I'm scared deal Yossi, don't miss this amazing Blackfriars idea simply safer to. I simply said that council B S number one: let's go, let's just do it number one. Let's go why it will come of calling Capron Ex work out. I think this is. One of the most important things happening in sports right now, and we talk about it. I agree so for anybody who doesn't know just a little bit of background quickly. Cap her neck has a schedule work out for Saturday in Atlanta Currently, as of again we're reporting on Thursday afternoon, so Latest information we have, as of today is in NFL statement. Saying quote: we are looking forward to Saturday's work out of college. Eleven teams, Arizona, land.
Cleveland Denver, Detroit Miami New England, New York Giants near chats, Tampa Bay and washed, and have already committed to attend pets, We'll see how that list- girls from here the other this information is that huge Jackson will be the one leading the drills it filled in will be assisting. Then, if Elsa, reportedly sending video of the work out an interview to all thirty two teams, after so Capra Neck, obviously has not played in the league, since two thousand sixteen has been has been one of the central stories, not only in the NFL, but in sports since that time filed the grievance against the league sobs. We know the Capron story, okay, so what do you think set it out. Why was this so rushed and is a legitimate and well? I didn't really do this in July. Does my first question right? Why now right wide week, eleven
So in time of it is just so bizarre to me and then who is driving. This is a excite as at the end of ours there. Somebody out there some white knight that we don't know about. I dont understand anything about this. It's very strange no, my very very strange. Yes. I obviously hope that this should have happened in late June. What should happened three years ago. What I'm saying like who's gonna happen into those nineteen. What about them? off season is people putting together their team bright. So this is part of what is so bizarre about it and nerve, and I've been comments to that effect on the record from plenty of people this week. You know our creed, who obviously was Capron, is now listen with Panthers, but was Capron Ex teammate with San Francisco protested. Alongside him, he said quote, it feels disingenuous. He also said it feels like a pr stunt. Well, yes, said the nine inch knife coup which at those great
Malcolm X could now calm. Jenkins. Sad quota leaves me little sceptical of the motivations behind it. We don't know where it came from war, not there with there's more questions than answers, just even how this happened so report. The various reports, including from Tyler Times on the ringer, indicate that the NFL the lead office to Dal reached out not good ol directly, but the NFL Leave office facility as reached out a cabinet scheme on Tuesday morning to save this week and said we want to have to suffer Saturday. You have to tell us today, if your and now the reason that notable it there are few reasons, that's notable and and and kind of help fuel. The question of why is this happening in this fashion? Like I think
clear. I think, calling copper neck be getting back into. The league is absolutely something that should happen and should have happened every step of the way between when he was lastingly and now, but the nature of how this is happening raises eyebrows. So first of all, workers tend to happen on Tuesdays and the league okay, so a Saturday work out is inherently problematic for the participant because games or that this is all obvious today, because it's worth just thinking, a thorough games are on Sunday so or high ranking nfl executives and personnel for the teams really going to be able to go to this work out in ITALY, on a Saturday when they Belgium's on Sunday could be there, of course, so right away. That is bizarre. The rushed nature of getting a report we require requiring his team to commit to this day of instead of being able to talk through Thee
emissions. The circumstances, the timing. All of that very strange, so my counters I didn't have counters presented. This is bizarre but trying to put myself in the head of the NFL one of the worst entities and while. Maybe short timeframe, because they do not want this to be too big of a deal. So the shorter the window, the less it's basically forty, four If there is beginning in beginning middle end, hey hey three weeks from now this that's happening by, but then The Saturday thing is just so fucking confounding here I don't know in that at all? It's, as you said, it just seems like Tuesday, so logical, yeah and lick, I'm a cynical guy, but it just seems like a doll. Was a cocktail party with you know, make will be
Jordan or Venza, washed and or somebody in there. They hey man when you neglect cabinet back in and get out should. I then, and there like yeah, you should have a work out is like ok in law. In the end, it was honestly that haphazard how this happened, so USA today had a report that the jazzy arrangement with the league was, was it right, so maybe was jazzy thereat some dinner and Jesus. I gotta get cat back and just peer pressure, That's some dinner and then good. I made a call to Tipp to your point about about, this seems it it's very strange but here s what about not wanting Munich timing. I want you to become a big story. I think league
there's no way it isn't a huge story, literally any I'll, come any time frame. You know this has been again one of the defining stories and sports for three years and in an beyond sports. You know national affairs, so if captioning ends up back in the league after this which he should be, that is the story in the sport everyday moving forward, and the thing is the now that this work out is happening. If he doesn't end up back in then it's these story again to suggest by the nature of setting this up. In the first place, it was going to be calm. The primary guess invite you think I don't doesn't change if we let him wait till next Tuesday to hold the work out. I just don't like it at all like anything about it. He should to be in the leg ass. If they were gonna make a concern, effort for being the leakage about me off season when people are doing their teams and then I fucking watchful,
every weekend and allowed at its core backs are terrible when this was always the fundamental problem of his cabinet thing, I don't think he's gonna be in all program, but he was clearly somebody who can at least play football and the fact that we should we spent three years people pretending that Frank. He was better than some other crappy. We're watching his nuts to me ye. I agree now and now that their kind you're in this back, and I almost find it's more insulting because they kind of speed rush. This. Weird process that has no parallel to anything we ve ever seen. They put no five time or energy into it, and if anything, it's probably gonna make this whole story worse. I yes will, then that's a pilot again part of me now. This is the season of the backup quarterback. So the fact that you have all of these all of these guys, STAR
across the league, where everybody in the media, everybody in the phantom is gonna, say, is this guy? Really someone who should be out here instead of cabinet has has kept that kept this going and in various things, have kept the soaring on, of course, but the two to your point about just how odd it is and how really with without without camper peer. This is like the idea of making somebody who is starting quarter back in a week from multiple years in essence hold a Prodi poorly thought out. I almost can't believe it baffling banana like the coups ultimately, who happy about the star, and I mean people happy that this might lead to the road that is coming back, but I think,
even the most I heard, cabinet fan or supporter is still insulted by this process. All because you know to go back to the agreed comments among many others, it there's that element right now, tat you can ignore where it feels like a. A bit of our staunch it's hard to know how to change their pandering. It feels like honest. It feels like a whole pander of five days, pandering and then the kind of secretly hoping he that good in the work out they re and we we tried, we had to work out, and you know I was not accurate Thou interview thou be an awful outcome, and then, if you is good in the work out say, while you know it's so late in the season and now I've put somebody pick him up for weeks Why wouldn't? I think that that is, that seems likely that ruling it into the off season is. Can we what happens? Is that it's not like your picking up?
Which again, then, would you say why did this happen examined you're picking up a nickel back right review working in a quarter back, you know in we, twelve of them season and they're gonna, learn, hope way back and learn the chemistry receivers. It's pretty hard to do that anyway. But then, with all the scrutiny, that's going to come in what team is going to say like hey. This is a good idea unless it's like a team that is, has a chance to make the playoffs in his fuck the quarterback. That's the only way I can see this working That sometime gives him the chance that he deserves. I really really really hope that there's a path forward here to something that feels like.
It's hard, even call it progress, given that it just is three years overdue and we should never have been in this situation the first place, but I hope that we somehow I wasn't not take a further step back from here, because this has just been so disappointing so far. I can't believe he's that these better than ten of the guys I will watch this weekend. He is absolute at least five he's better then held Toby physically. Edie, I think, to the point about play books. You guys sign off practice squads people go into the league in uncommon ways, an uncommon times again. The nature of how this is all unfolding, just exacerbates things that didn't need need to be exacerbated, baffling mishandle. Of the central Highlands humbly boat obey if the Bare signed him. And then he ended up playing like the last five five games or something was really good and they must pass by one game. I could see something like happening, I mean I think you're right, it has to be either a team that has boy
any team really could consider and obviously, by having the most likely suitors would be either teams that have a shot, but are not content with our current quarterback situation or teams that are out of it and know that they don't have the quarterback in the future. And are interested and experimenting, you know what what's happening in Washington that mean it doesn't seem like anybody use in that organization. Right now believes in the quarterbacks they haven't room right now. Is that ITALY is gonna. Take a chair to read: crap you are, you are. He mentioned the bears out there that what's Goin out colts when, as per second it be healthy, the whole thing was tough. I swear cause that that was a situation where a better quarterback they probably when there came. There are a lot of lessons from this and I fell season, but one of the absolute primary ones is that you can never have to any quarterbacks you're gonna need them right. I do feel like this was never just about talent. This is about the scrutiny that he bring
of course, and also in certain certain cities. They just don't want to deal with it and that's and let me know something I just love a collusion suit, but I'm saying like theirs. Bobby eight or nine teams that made sense in general anyway. That could, though, would have said all right. This is worth it and now it's week, eleven None of those things are gonna relay I now it's gonna be worth that they would have done it in June. I just I hate the story more also, they would have me. We would presume that they would have reached out to his team directly like that, that that aspect of the league facilitating this seems I'm so tired of of finding new ways to like hate. The fact that I love the NFL monitor. It said it
like there's day I'll ever any road, a vague man. Why do I like this league, but that's one of the greatest bad people that is one of the access tension, dread, inducing aspects of being a sports fan right now. Is that whether it is what you're describing now about the NFL. You know whether, at something about player empowerment, whether to minimise concussions caught, we ve talked before about how to help how gross who can fail to be a college football fan because there's a part of you that loves it is addicted to it and others a part of you that cannot really believe that you are just by the nature of your participation as a patron endorsing the exploitation of the amateur athletes on and on and on the list goes. You are complicit as a sports fan when you watch and we have to make our own choices about whether or not we're ok with that that's a real thing,
now this place out, but I know M like we're like the outcome I now cause. The best possible scenario is he's great in the work out somebody signs and then back. I want the factor we just do the who yeah, we're saying that any nobody be there, but I would make a worse we're saying anyway, but if he's good in the work out and then its clear leg holy shit. Like one disaster, I dont think that is, and I fell fans or human beings. Any of us have the self control or discipline to avoid the temptation the constantly relating to pass by it. The only way that there is even a remote prospect of that is if he makes his way back into believe, because then people have something else to focus on, but what you're describing as always gonna be there always. Yeah, I don't know, what's with the best case, there are really belongs in the NFL. I hope he gets there. I hope it. I hope
there is even a mini franchise that is pursuing this with sincerity, because if it is, if it is just a farce, a collective farce for everybody involved than that. That is a tragedy. It feels like a farce that emerged down the tragedy, road, which is fiercely, This is cooked and I dont know whether doing it. I think it's fucked up and I feel bad for cap her neck. And on that note organ in the past these criminal valor, hey thanks for having me Bill Miller. Our pig quickly, I am the courts to Israel weather in Dallas last week, wow Dallas- you had it. I don't know what you were doing, but I lost five hundred and fifty last week, I'm down one point: seven hundred and seven million for the sea
I'm doing something that I should have done a long time ago? Kyle deserve were taken our paths, their minus one? Ninety two in the game. I'm going heart, I'm going All in I'm going into the deep recesses of the bank, I am putting three point, three million poli crap on the path at minus one. I did a win one point, seven of just doing it whatever it takes to wipe out our debt. If I lose where a lot of trouble down, for the year or of whether way, we're in trouble. You yeah, if, if we lose em down five nine for the seas and if we win a clean slate, even heading into lasting pats, minus one, ninety Pats winning beating Philadelphia. That's our million dollar pick thanks to stayed farm thanks to Marian Melbury, thanks to simply say if you ve been thinking about it
obscurity no better time to get at them. Rain ass. It was safe obscurity. Giving our this is an amazing is too so black Friday offer twenty five set off. Any new system was afraid she scarcely second camera gotta, simply saved outcome, such biscuit. Twenty five percent off plus a free security camera the best obscure deal Yossi, don't mess. This amazing lack fresh ideas, submissive that I'm sash. Yes, we are back, Sunday night, don't get to catch up on the best. My pack, I.
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