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Fantasy Playoff Chaos, Taylor’s MVP Run + Fake NBA Trades With Cousin Sal and Kevin O’Connor


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Saints shutting out Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, the Lions getting their second win of the season vs. the Cardinals, Patriots-Colts, Jets-Dolphins, Falcons-49ers, Ravens-Packers, an early look at the playoff picture, and more (1:44). Then they guess the lines for NFL Week 16 (40:57), before another edition of Parent Corner (1:07:28). Finally Bill is joined by The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor to discuss the NBA’s rise in COVID cases, replacement players, and NBA Trades After Dark (1:14:55).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Cousin Sal and Kevin O’Connor

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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I'm here Thompson long time right it with the Atlantic magazine on tech, culture and politics. There is lot of noise out there and my goal is to cut through the headlines loud tweets and hot, takes in my new podcast plain English I'll talk to someone.
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as regards my talk, but that when you NBA trades after dark with Kevin Oconnor first, our friends from protein were taken this by the black ass a fifteen specific time. The bucks just got shut out by the saints died. Nothing tat bring committed. What are the biggest fantasy football players murders in the history of the fancy? Playoffs end, it was just the coup de Graf too. I think the weirdest fantasy football player, we can, we ve ever had so I don't know why we thought would be any different were screaming for games to be postponed and then when they are postponed, the move to choose
were screaming about how unfair that is, and do not ten fifteen guys a day that we recognise have covert like what would this week is so so bonkers and then get out. The lions while for others beat Arizona and Brady Get shot out on Sunday night, and what were there was another big went to ride out enough? Go down the list of nonsense. I went on tat I but our surprise and while the big now Kyler Murray who somehow had a much better weekend than then Tom Brady did. But those are the two bad ones CHE said. Had three yards, comrade and do thou well and then the bucks guys freakin Godwin got hurt. That play that we hate when the DE back dives raided at the guy's knees at is somehow that's the fences receiver thing at that council did a good job that but a lot a weird wants, as it turns out the guys that came through the case
guys on Thursday night. That was the gay at anybody say: Lego gas right, that's Casey, Green Bay at the top right like this is after all, this is gonna, be the ones that you don't you you should have Canada, the first by Jack, Brady, turns out, isn't as good when God ones out and Evans's out and Antonio Brown is agonies and foreign. I Miller camera ready for not went out to sell those guys, gonna have to get better or some of them or otherwise it does look like green by added allied. They green base the head and shoulders above the rest. In the end up saying and the chief the same in the area of say. At this point I have a thought on that at a seething, but to stick with Brady for second, he has this particularly game. Once a year, the body language go south couple guys get sir and eat can kind of see he's kind of mentally figured out. Its second happened for me today the saints were in his head. They cut this week. moment near the end after through that last pick, did you see that
any kind of rain over to yell at this stage coach I, like that unease, he's kind of and the like our wives as he gets older, like our wives, just start, yelling at random people were submitted, their cut them off Brady Cycle old guy energy. That kind of like it is a cranky old guy yeah. I wish she could crank the ball away from the vandals, yet six passes deflected data. Of course. Of course I had them on a Monday one I live in a catch up more, but signal that I will say that the same steep adds really steps it up for this team. Re additives damp back I'll know why, with a guy like they do this again, like Latin Caroline in those seems at their always glow. but but where does it has the same recipe? It's the fair guys
rushing and then everybody I see there in a zone or pretend to be a zone and boosting from a weird Al Gore drop back and that's what works, but you need the four guys and he needs the weapon see now. I think he's like a lot of these basely every good quarterback, except for Rogers, where he needs eyes, Rogers is figured out how to be good, no matter who's on his team, which is why the envy periods probably swung today I don't know where they were talking about the job that it's not up. Yet they don't have it up here on fanned order I will lack, will look in my twenty minutes, because I bet it goes up that others subject: Then Taylor possibilities the Others Cooper CUP possibilities the right you're saying, and I will the Kobe asked I beheld against him
wrap satire boy. I was looking this morning for job and tat. He was still seventh as of this morning and obviously they played last night seventh at twenty one. The one does he move up. Orders Rogers Rogers will get this point right. Well, a couple things would Taylor is by far the best running back in the week this year, I think if year, comparing guys against their peers at a position, it's the only one where there's like no argument whatsoever, his head and shoulders. whose even number two is you have now you can live with.
Injured Henry out there you can't, you can't be everybody always got like the five fastest. Russia's like, I know that run against Jack. That touched our until Johnny did the wrong thing by not going down at the two hardline and bleeding the clock to determine a warning and they could have taken three knees, but the way he cut back there for was August. Sixty five yard touch thereon. Thou is phenomenal kind of kept them thought it was a check. I guess you have one seventy overall, but you did a nice job before that, but you gotta dosing your own medicine there. How well he waits complete five passes. What was really for and they gave him. for what was a dumper verse hand off, which somehow candidates, like his second largest pass a day I'll just say I ruled against Taylor. Yesterday, Radiance Rogers today cause I bet I bet I bet against Rogers today and then had care The item bet against Rogers. I was going to get scratches and fantasy says they rooting against. Like anything good. for an entire yesterday Taylor.
even when you have em, he still gets like four yards like. One of the all time he's always falling forward that you you hit him the latter scrimmage, and he still it's like how the fuck did. He get five yards out of that and then just waiting in waiting waiting, firmly break. One violate happens, the Pats cut its three, they have, the every tease possibility they ve covered. It's all good. The courts are trying to run out the clock you're so terrified to have whence do anything. You just know towers getting in every time and he gets it and high heretics the wrong Angolan and seventy yards. I think he's the I'll. Also, this, I think, is the best player I've seen this year
so did that mean he's damn baby I don't know. Well, yes, is the best player, but I don't know how Cooper Kupp- and you mentioned him and he's like one hundred and twenty odds or something coming into this week, and they still don't play until Tuesday, but he seems to be able to do whatever he wants. So, if that's a measure of an MP paid, then he's right, two I mean he's gonna have thought two thousand yards ridiculous. What he's doing well, Vigo receiving adds he's two hundred over Jefferson right now, but they both play this week. He has twelve tidies Jefferson Jefferson as eight, so it's he's got some distant he's. A hundred thirteen catches. Jefferson is eighty five, so there's a distance but sat like insane. Taylor is five hundred yards over the next running. Back
and we got your right right. Henry's Henry's, it merits the to them, but Henry got hurt. He's got seventeen touch mix and, as twelve and five point six yards carry, but the most important thing. For me, his quarterback blows. I'm just telling you what brooding over the courts on Saturday with my theme, you're dying for once to do any like please have went the bar, please, Throw out. Please have whence try to throw deep. He was our best chance I would say I believe it was for him. They even chatter assert itself and then finally the called said fuck this we were not lead. Anything anymore, but you know when, despite Whence Wentz, yet you and I always look for quarterbacks and we have a mentioned yet. I can't wait to bet against blank in the play of right. Yeah. We usually by weak fifteen, have that guy, but I would say that guy is whence, except I like everything about the rest of the time How does it out that they could go far? They make it yeah. You know they're really fast, to Pats the game play.
was, I know the game happened. Twenty four hours with the gameplay was bad. China's do sweeps with them and they just have so much speeds the outside and then finally, once once they spread it out, they tried to lead MAC Cook. We moved the bar really well, and that was I think, what the game plan should have been. Think you can throw in the courts. I think that's big spread them out I think eyes are open, but what the paths are trying to do is try to beat them with speed. Was Just don't feel like you can do that, then, on the flipside side, terrorists terrifying whence has the whole field and the courts it seems like they vastly between. Should we take advantage of these mismatches, but if we do that, then whence by put us in some trouble here- and I was also your guy- was- do not play so bright lights outright, twenty six or forty five that he had closed the three hundred yeah yeah nearby bad first. Have
I thought good second half, but look a block punt touchdown. How many times does your team went after that? Have no against you that, as anyone ever won by that other lesser Bela check any good figure it out, but a young he did and he he gave the right at the press conference we ve been blocked the guy The reality is that these rules will you barely gonna, get an answer from anywhere in the masks like just warm along yet had eight penalties any for fifty yards, but every penalty was like devastating. It was all these Eichmann and some killing all the sudden, its first in fifteen or was the first thou getting called back. I was just so one of those games they just didn't play well and that the court's I'm with you, I think the courts I like their team, I don't trust the queue b and at some point you can't get through player France about the queue be having to make a play. You look at them now. I heard about written down here, Thea the culture, either in the five spot, there's fourteen and sixteen, but the
sir, the drivers and manage Jabber see now because there were conference records and if their five seed very their play, probably Tennessee or whoever museums you north. He could make a case that might be favoured in those games Five of these guys could be that has likewise for bright red, so neither be huge either sincere. Does the Indies guy at zone next week, which is the perfect we to catch so another really on Saturday than Vegas at home, then Ajax Jacksonville. So there could be there in seven eleven insects and yet the least that time when temperature yeah I was in private, then I thought I thought they were really physic
I mean they knocked out. Two of our receivers said that its image there to home atonements, but would you see from the paths that made you think they're not gonna, get there the Ricky Kubi thing or what I see. I think that's it I mean. Maybe we should just. There was just a spot that MAC Jones didn't need to win in and tell the truth as they had a by. He had three passes on the week before, like now you're talking like three weeks before his actually thrown a series of meaningful passes right, I guess forget about being a rookie. Just anybody, that's gonna be taught to come back from so died a few and it wasn't gonna be his best game and but the cold stuff we needed more blood. Emulous neural season comes down to it. It's not over. If you lose this button home against Buffalo Next Red ya wanna, it seems a good excuse to say we were rustic is indeed also had employed for two weeks. You know
they weren't rusty. They came out in their wild imposed by game. I'm I'm nuts that scared of it, but it does make you think again. The play ass for couple things go wrong early and now I have my Ricky Q be started in less than twenty aims and we have to really reliant him with. Second, I feel like dinner, makes. Whenever I know I should be given more shit for those people gonna get on my case. For now. Using gives you let Simmonds. Obviously they got people called the other down twenty nothin, but I'm not going over. I like that you're still very good team. I thank, and while we were honoured, I said I may we, I think, we're underdogs for reason right that lines. Data tuna has basically the guys we're all in solving all patriots fans were saw, insulted all week that you get points in it. They came out and crushed her. That's all say where we almost covered the tease. That's just tackle Taylor and all the cheeses cover tat was like my one big loss of the week. I was able to reach
Baghdad the cowboys with two? I am never betting against our bedding, again. and then and then the Niners and, of course the jets have to do their thing They pretend they're gonna win am, I am ass, come back, but I never again with never again can't do it. Well, I know that you're gonna do it. because he's out New Orleans at Tennessee Inverse Gertie himself, maybe not never again, but not again. This year, the Jura you're. One of those fibers passes of the season thereof, seven middle. The fourth quarter out pass. It would look like an eighth grade flag for Bob Way where it was so clear where the quarterback was going and in slow motion. The hour passed. The quarterbacks, like thinking, picks running toward it, as is catching it is like you'd, never see those plays anymore. I admit that one now, my god, while I think there's all we were
our hearing about, is how accurate he has eased the most accurate bass during the last six weeks ago, my oh yeah explained the jets of fossil put up a garbage numbers. Sixteen for twenty seven lesson, two hundred with two two dutch. He knows where he's going when the bar snapped and if that's that, what's gonna and I dont know if he has a plan b- is I'm new threats. We gotta get the bar right through the sky and really the right way, which is great, but that still hanging around when you look at the age of sea, which I think is the lad easier to figure at the end of sea, cause we about a covert stuff, but right out of case- Suddenly in the driver's seat we have doing Tennessee we have since he is the foresee you have indeed chargers Buffalo as
free Wildcards in Baltimore, is the same record as the other three, but loses a lot of conference stuff there. Also eighty six Baltimore went from. If we get the two point, we're like a two seed. We don't get it we're out of the playoffs if it ended today. and that's where they did, and I want to talk about other drunk in a linux in a second but right. Our planet match ups are new income versus Buffalo, Tennessee versus the chargers and sincere verses Indy. What So I feel, like the shaky game, is comin out of one of those. Lastly right through since he Andy that's a good career would have patients and since he India feels the first game, but now he had screwed up, as we have six play games are ones that on Monday night had suddenly now right even have shaken his game with confidence
as the lines to an end to their games. As we heard just the lines they are not considering. Guess the lines when they make these blasts brag about all those years. You you, you scream that I've been called them incompetent and now he stole back at the Tuesday game he so spiteful since he's got Baltimore home next. case it on the week after at Cleveland, so they are certainly not a lack too to advance. I like the way they pointed it. You know they re. Really. Why they're they're uninspiring to me. I think that everybody seems to like them a little more than either they get to get the Jew lack gift Is I got this guy's come in and we got it. Then Denver takes the lead in its ten nine drove down avail twice and then I thought it was a good check for since its occurring. What do we have? This is our wholesome
Rather we can we drive down. Do it we're endeavour attitude. It's weird was like your classic weird destroying to Broncos game. They were able to take action, completely and the bangles came back out attached outside that. That was a good sign for them, a list it. What the different points, very rock, solid, you're, not gonna, put up in huge numbers in Denver, as is the case as we saw, but Denver out gain them. What to ninety? Two to forty nine, it just looked like a flock had come in a drive earlier. Maybe it was terrible, though the circumstances that Bridgewater LAD, but on that looked like they did. had need one more bounds to go their way and they will do whatever you can tell I bet than herself, while you data yet guideline since in the air I came in and I felt bad for Bridgewater, but it's really get a seizure lack when you have money- and I am yet I'd say- go good he's in any. play where he was scrambling and the defence of damages took the ball from him
scramble wasn't even like being tackled right, he said I ll twice a year. You know not possess the worst day for quarterbacks, I'm looking at all the stats round here. Rogers Avis Mills might have been the best quarterback today the aim for a job, it's Roger, was so bad register. Alright we're going to take a break. I'm going to come back and talk about drunkenness, latics finished the football season, strong with new prizes up for grabs in the ringers million dollar pics game on Fanduel. For the last two weeks of the season, each weekly winner will take home a custom Ringer branded Jersey, in addition to a share of five thousand dollars, just had a fight every Sunday to get one million fanduel tokens to place money line, spread or over under bet on that day's game. When your bets to rack up
don't tokens and climb the leaderboard. I mean who knows what's gonna happen and who knows he's playing and weak sixteen, especially with the Topsy turvy the league has been this month. I would just gravitate through the teams that stink, like the lions, are playing their in Atlanta. They need to lose for draft position same thing, for I don't have the text since their home, for the charges should go against the teams that probably don't have thought of incentive to win and you'll, be fine hit the fan, dotcom, slash the ringer or download the fin to upload pics and no purchase necessary age restrictions applied depending on location, Boyd were prohibited. She fainted outcome for terms and conditions are right. So, Our by Baltimore loses again because he's takes his chest out. He plays the analytics and it doesn't work out again
and everybody has to do the whole. Well, that's what they should have done. They had forty six percent chance. If you went far and forty two and now these percentages again turn us. I realize because this hasn't. Add two weeks in around and yet were not allowed to criticise harbour because there is a slight statistical edge based on the two choices. Coaches are in the spot they were rebellion and their entire lives in any sport and papa. I thought it was just whatever the analytics, go, and you can't get criticized anymore. So while I know people who get enough criticism, I'm sure I'm in the might not make the plants because he went for two point. Your version twice once again to stay Once that I re, but I do it all basing our people are like now he made the right move. Look the percentages, so it's like. Maybe it is more people. Are there. Thou sergeant depends you you're talkin about like on Twitter. Forget it he's gonna, get annihilated whenever you, but then there is the backlash on twitter from all the people. I know this is. Why was the right move here? It is a key word for it. The begin
the game in the first quarter with bluntly the backup who is fantastic today for backup, but it's it's for down and go from the four and it was I barely inside the forest. They centres, the tribute, is really the four and I don't. I just think, that's a really hard spots score. I look at it, two are one you're gonna get it, but once you get foreign back, you definitely throwing the runs out. You can just blanket the answer. You can just double cover, whoever the best guy neither team is in the quarterback, so is rolling out one where the other others asleep, the middle, but it just seems really are to score and I would have taken the feel go draw three hours. You trust it's what I want you to do the same. with the overtime two straight weeks were, and then the excuses start about now I wanted a winner right there. Well your bill, over time you have the best kicker. Ever again,
You have a ton of momentum and you've been driving down. The packers defense has gas, and then they cut the converse side would be like well, the ravens are secondary is banged up, it's Aaron Rodgers! I got right well, I would rather over time and having the best kicker and the planet versus the pack, a shitty special teams and all the momentum. I have verses. My guy Huntley come through a two point. I I just don't think you can compare it. I think it apples and urges you can compare all these situations as the same situation right buddy. Using the momentum argument and you're not factoring the momentum. Man like out and harbours defence. You just saw Huntley, run in from seven yards untouched sleight of hand. I can make it from two radio. I let me let me just certain they they roll them right. It probably just shoot him in a design draw but rolling on right and making Andrews. Your prime target is in a bad plan.
Now you dont want to throw it in a way where it had to Green Bay defenders. It did you seem clear boundaries off NBC. Her then the quit the safety pretended Is it the middle and as soon as above snapped he be lines or dangers? So I was like the ball was still going to hunt, in the same these running so about it so edges, basically but then they knew how managers that's why it should have been himself handling. I don't think it's I think it's really hard like you and I are sitting there being like right. What player is Baltimore tomorrow, probably got rollouts right and it's like what Green Bay to. I don't know it's a tough one cuz I don't know if you want to check analytics or not, but what's Rogers the score. That said to kick a field goal themselves. Are they probably going to win either way, whether Baltimore's up one or it's tied right under our minutes? How much time is left, now think of his like forty seconds? Mazowiecki? Yes, so you could say I Rogers I get it I get out of it. I just I just liked by chance.
Is it over time and I momentum when I've Tucker yeah Zeb, over to dance score, an event that the large acts, in fact simile now, but they can't score that twenty two last week they that twenty or fewer the four weeks before that they were in the team for the most part. Until that last play the game like day, you can count on them the put numbers up with or without Lamar Jackson. That's gonna be a problem, but it like you said if you go by those apes ignored schedules, ones worse than the other matter. No, who gets a break you're? Really, since he's got Baltimore chasing Cleaver Baltimore got Cincinnati, Rams bits. Bird flu one's got Green Bay Pittsburgh in Cincinnati in Pittsburgh in either I didn't love, I didn't like it, but I guess this is why I want to talk about. I just think. Coaches now cages fall would be with whatever the numbers are and that just sobs any sort of issue its he's weird. It he's gonna lose piteously through our business.
but now he was Adam and after the game is thy hey, they said to his wife. We do in that area. That's who is the other coach. Does that, alas, daily yes charges those either and they went for three fuckin. First, that effort for TAT. One of them was, I got what was the first when they went first like four, five from God, everyone who is really lad and it and they were drop in passes to an hour and then the Chiefs did in the same way too, but there was one b: we have work first corner points, and yet this quarter, I better riding on a board. I bet on it Yes and I'm like, oh, my god, they're going forward on forth and go from the five. This is great since the stupidest thing ever that steel is just just adamant. so we go, I don't want you. Is it about a list that the top of the list for coach of the air now is nowhere really to be found as a goddess gonna bite, a mini ass? All these all deserve our boat decision, sir. I like it, it's it's a game.
Alex after two drinks is, I think, I'm an average shot everywhere to go for bear before the two forty six percent. If we go forty four percent, if we don't, let's go said advantage. Come on. You guys go over there I would love might regard. Did you use analytics, at least as a name for what he's doing you know like up, invalidates I once again why? Why don't you call time out there? It's like we gotta go now. I can today be guided interception for Zeus recur these greatest spoke. It had Sir David you're gonna wanna for anything. They had to decide ladder, Mccarthy's holiday, a red flag with your reaction. Fear effect with dismay. Where do you think I'm like, I hope he eats Rodya wiper wipe your brow or your dear, live with it or something said, never One last thing on the ravens. I think I've seen enough bread. Hardly at this point any cost me
money with the browns last week when he was threatened, the NATO on forth and thirteen to Single Hayley ruin my cover. I should think he's pretty get there. I do, I think, he's a starting quarterback and obviously there you know that team as them. but do you think, like he's good enough, our he could get traded for a first round pick. You knew rose. Fifteen good quarterbacks in the league. Outrage first round picked for that guy now I'll I'll. Do you need a transfer from you that you need to first proper forbidden Neither is it goes like two years and I think he's make it back. in bucks a year I find like line. I rather have him then Darnel Board Gender Fisher while she was, a new and thereby yeah saying. Could you actually build a real team around that guy for the next two years? You have a quarterback at one million and he's doing basically what jail in herds.
fulfilling baltimores down from the mire. We bear specific or fence around him, and I think he could do and I You think he's got really good touch. I'm impressed by, I feel like he has a good instincts, but now maybe we need to see a little bit more people first, I think I bet be overrated. That Brad's gave listen if Darnel can get a second round her after showing nothing on the geographic forever And he was where the second round her house certainly not worth. I don't know alone first and maybe second high seconding. Second, the next topic. What the hell happened, Arizona, not enough when it happened. Tat game besides, besides I found out, I bet them a May. I don't know I don't know. I can't imagine what else Did you get killed? Three, you seem especially sombre there. Of course I got killed. I got beat on everything. I bet that stupid Jimmy General Ball. I bet it over. The girl went on there by thirty.
Points. I have uniform parlay with everything else, and then I mean Kyler was: will you watching that game yet, like everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong with that aim, but it but, as is to be respected, like expected, he just gonna flaps injury or not the last month of every season, I need a heads up. That's what's gonna happen. I wrote my notes to discuss today. Is Kyler married. The new Mr October. this register many that you no longer play baseball. Am I right? I don't like what nicknames just get taken. Bedad spin, like thirty five years since wretches, Mr October, You look. A Kylam worries October said the last two years he's the best quarterback about them, but he looks how about I now know Hopkins and the game was just. had a weird flow to it from the gecko. You could tell something: weird was happening, gusts and a key were doing the announcing just ages had divided. It really felt like
oh boy here again and that our minds Rob Brown hope. What's his name, you knew I was rather many of you- have my Matthew, vanity teams that guy's open all the time. I didn't realize till three Gus Cliff right right Cotter Pass and Gus, as I am the wide receiver from whole across the I went. Dolly better than a lad had said it anyway. What, but, was on the point of detail, should be trying to lose. I know, there's no pain, our number one guy, but what the hell are they doing here there now they don't even have the odds for Besta for, but I mean the jagged were nine to one this morning to have the worst record and now, in the driver's seat, what Latona, what their driving the driving a broken down? Seventy seven shabby Nova, but there in the driver's seat yeah, but out of the bad teams. I think that trade is by far the best bad thing, because there There are two eleven at one and the time they should have one. They had they lost Cleveland by three there s the bears
by two they lost their eyes and by two thousand and likings by two. You know that team, even the Rams game is twenty nineteen that seems hung around in a lot of these, and I say: did you sit down Campbell after he was great he's the batter anytime? when goaded trite, lions, twitter feed and go out whatever Dan Campbell told the team is awesome always they say like it's like teams, each cliche or their legs down. to win the two went guys ever see shift in its. They just say this nobody's ever leg You're fence, one, this game, defence. You did nothing special thieves, nothing good, human culture, the ears. If he gets like for wines, can the coding,
either. Carbines gonna win it because, even though they blew the lasting games and for tat caused, the analytic said they should agree that EU aid is not here today, but it just so they were not allowed argue about chasms as a two percent. Of course, we could argue about it, but now that everything is taken into account, momentum in momentum included, I think they they had momentum is the problem. I don't know who the coach the ears at an early, reappears your guy got knocked, I mean offensive rookie, the air was lookin like your guy MAC Jones. I also get chases chastening grab it today there, the allowing arsons Parsons is the only one that site you can lock down its Parsons Friday. it's over again to regulate minus five ass. Yet for sure, that's only was your when different supply earlier, but I had, but even for ballot check for when skull, I mean
well for the culture the year? Now in all this? What? But what does Rogersville like a look, looks like they surrounded him with the ripe players? Again, I gotta know what what his complaint would be at this point, I guess we're out of candidates. No one is the chiefs finnish. Thirteen enforce Mohammed is just take it off. Hey Bosnia, VP candidate. I think he is like a live ten or eleven interceptions what it, what does he have already if which has gone backwards for is the most important player in their team. The eight I still think it's Taylor now to courts, have to finish. I think eleven insects for that down- could you can't sell my god they in other ten in seven he so important, evident sex noughts. Now we're talking this first When you have a quarter back, you are, is shaky, I am as thirteen naturally thirteen interceptions of that two years. Work for him. Kay Em Newton Josiana his work today,
I don't know why? Doesn't it anything register in your head, like when you're Candleton in Uganda score from for ya, doubt but you're losing or you know, you're gonna lose, doesn't a register that you're gonna lose was why don't they acquire gone crazy for they were not? be an embarrassing moment in a few minutes they would drive and for a garbage time drives any just like an eight yard pass directly to One of the best. Then that was yet earth about areas like the most humiliating and again. I can't believe you still blank we gotta we go Michel to fire was back. You know you did this. I don't want to make light of this, but you could people who disappear. You can maybe bring them back into it. That's it we're end. We really did it is we're having so much fun with that last week, and then it became like a serious. Do story the boy was she, I wait. They listen to our partners every week, rapid fire, Merla, ok, there's a conspiracy theory. They took her up whatsoever, but she came back. I I still think it's hilarious that
NBC who, as the seventeen, we schedule that people need buys rest escrow its Third, in the year, seventeen straight weeks were what the hell is going on. The battlefield ended up in. It was good. It was just that or that, but then we'll see was safe seas next year, but knew how lighted it you did it. Man got all the data, but even thought to bring her back of youth and bring it up last week. I think they should resign or for five years a monolithic say, resigned we gotta. I don't know how I guess the lads, but while there lines on all these games out there that can actually have either you're gonna win out. I was awful again where we're going to talk about the games that are coming up. Guess the lads read after this.
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we're back with his sombre cousin, so I can tell you got, shall act today there was it like a nine out of ten or attend at attention. I'll just tell you could tell because I'm telling you right now it's what happened now again, aid at a time, but this is our last week to which a man, Vanunu, destroyed. May so I don't know I don't want to do. I may I listen. I know quitting is not an option. So what what? What the hell? I do I dig out somehow. Can I tell you a couple: my bed right there, because I got killed. My only if they lost their, I got killed by the no one of unless they had a Titans, Bengals, parlay and eyes. I'm still not positive how the titans didn't when that game ten points, even even watching it. It was uncle how they were losing are about to lose when Bennett Ben in December down the balls are just adding one of them
stopped in MID air and like went backwards. Here is the opposite of a first rope. It is like a it's like watching a balloon. Slowly go up in the air come down and I just kept open over again. They would move the ball. Somebody catch Bonci whatever and then tat hell. You know I just. without DARE to Henry he just hours. When a girl like that year was yours, they ordered he shouted down. Look it bans. Numbers were bad again. Sixteen for twenty five one, forty eight Niger Harris had eighteen yards, rushing, What are you up? The due to win that game leave aside well for sacked three fumbles law created law and gain, and one interceptions exactly what happened And it felt like they were running the bar, the Titans format. Like pretty good in that game, but they just really they couldn't. keep the money you go into the Steelers there
under one you, drudging army, you look at these numbers at nothing really makes sense, but I hope that tides and aligns as a difference White Pittsburgh doesn't apply outside to be so Finally, my last I want, but my most fun one I was I was on Twitter before the games, and I saw that though the Panthers kicker was, crashed right. I got like excited cool, no field goals that I've never bet. I've never bet. There's someone a to about the under, and I did the alternate line for Panthers bills. I took it up to fifty and a half. And I'm like a good one. No kicker, there's no way. This is getting there. So, of course, like it's, a media like seven hundred and there's just it drives left and right came Newton. I do in Cuba, Are you? Are you kidding me they're gonna score. Fifty employees escape, but it enough covering sites that I put that with a bunch.
wherever you're bear. I may not in those more exciting store in the way, your town that they had forth into right, where they should a kick the feel goal just to go up. What was it wait? Did they kicked him another when they go in for yells? and they get it to end the only way. You're gonna get that as you get a touchdown, they get a first down there on the clock out then only cover the regular spread right and they score to touch down and then but the champ still I'm the come down, they didn't know, does when it voted. Upsetting bills come yet. I was good. So I had that with a bunch of stuff and I had aid not dead, Niners dolphins, cowboys and knowing that too, I was gonna be nervous. Who is right, but that the nine on one, the Niners I just sweep, we talked about his last week, seventeen one who in hundred and forty say and now you look at it, and it's do I like the more than the cardinals. Yes do I like more than the box from what I saw today. There is at least a conversation.
Like them more than packers yeah, think they could give them a really good game. It's a really good, Annesley title game. I think the Niners this Hyperbole. I think There is good as anyone the say. I really do you imagine There was a second best running back in football in Abidjan, Tower might be Debo. Samuel really channels is monstrous and they're making Jimmy GI look good. What you're way out a few incompletion right, whose eighteen for twenty, through it Jimmy Jimmy was awesome. Today he really I and kiddo again when they really need something he's gonna make it up and hammered Debo. They didn't Mitchell. Yet they get Mitchell back next week is a far better running back than Wilson, some his other guys, but each week wrapper better the latter Niners for some reason, because every week it's the lake games are always there's always like three games, but I thought only half the seas in really shaken
and there were moments and he always felt like he was going to throw one of the other team. But I think the last thirty four weeks he's looked like the Jimmy from a couple years ago: Debbie seen that or my brother, spare me the most, and you asked me point blank last: we good rather play the rams or the forty nine this before the rams will get really got against the cards. Monday night- and I said the forty nine, as I still would I would want play- I rather play Arizona if out of one of those regimes right now it rather plants. I think I'd rather bears entity will right now. It's green bay in the top seed Tampa Dallas donor attended for rams are dying for same France. Eighty six says since it has guaranteed a sixty basically, but they do. the rams. Then he took out the aims, and here they are and is a scenario they alone are used and game nine will be enough together. Then I've seen seven soon. I think, but I think they wouldn't that be ten about will talk about their life, which was surprising to me
What's the point as they're gonna be, there are five cedars sixty and the ass. You may see them around one that that you're gonna be bundle. I know I don't want to buy them. I want to play I wanna resorted to keep sliding down just by accident. Get seventy backed his England's. Aisles of we learned. One thing this year is that nobody has like us a backup chicken right like how does that happen, that, upon their can't make an extra point, a central authority to yard filled all as it does that surprise, you, I thought everybody had one other player What did they have to bring another a whole other check this out? I would be so bad at my partner if he didn't. The ability of these kick like thirty yard. For God's sake, what the fuck is that all you do is kick yeah it be like. If Kyle could only do sports pike, ass, Papa
choosing, an American, we had Johnny hacker on consumers and against a grand and of the whole thing with the euro and on against all odds another. While you really could socially distance yourself from from every, but you can go the whole season. Aside from touching the same ball that the snapper I get to you, you could be twelve yards away from everybody the entire year, and I was thinking like further like you have a lot of downtime. Why not make yourself into a good field objects earlier, a bad feel go check your, but a good extra points. So what I say I didn't ask me for both the lot of the time they kick off with you know. The partners are in Africa, people right. I don't get it it's weird easier than the other thing is you would figure. Every team has like one awesome athlete. You know those athletes that can just be
do everything and invest in high school football? There are also the ones that kicks Hugo's, had they not have that guy yeah, like I would expect, like the fat partner on the Steelers available, kicks fifty five yards fairly, not the gift. Well, we could be in the big prize, the once it is great, but the two seed is also in the USA, because you get to play that New Orleans washed in Chile. Many Atlanta, though the way nor on spite today who knows now you got Dennis Alan, hasn't coach for like ten years Zadig was now that he's pretty gets islets to guess science. Every week sound. I we try to guess the lines that are up for the next ten per week, and I win John Harmon on our about said. I went fifty eight percent of the time, but that doesn't mean
you shouldn't pygmy Europe, seven six, two after fifteen weeks as I want, but I'm biomass, I'd, be shocked. You'd have to be miserable in your pact. Do not be me this week, but before we do weak. Sixteen weeks mention we still have one year. Do we have rater raiders France by one, do you like quick pigs for these raiders brands, with the latter that now I guess so I mean you really get screwed. If you had the raiders some at some point this week, and then they changed and on it will be fine. Sir browser now at three point favoured forty one ass the over on there. I want to say raiders jeez wonders agone writers, YAP Jack. What do you think. I like that the raiders or underdogs I like burying its baker may fear, and if I would not at this game, but if I did I'd, probably taken whence yeah considers raiders lose their down. This is
in a weird way kind of a summer losers found met, then the other one Vikings bears, which that line is now like Minnesota. Six and a half against. I have yeah near that fills upsetting. I'm going back to something here, optimist Ma Am, I am I don't for Tuesday to limit, because by their like bears, bears little upsetting that you never want the vikings incurred cousins on the road laying touched him. Then Tuesday we have Seahawks Rams which would make it a bit. we have been today drew near. We needed that game. We we needed that one war against a yet that one is rams by seven, but all touchdown. Now, as it was gonna, be like three tuna reaffirm their plated son
and it looks like the rams have enough guys back that that actually may be located to them, and then the last one is eagles. Washed in eagles is six and a half right. Now, that's Does it feels like a rams? Egos tease, looks too easy in probably not doing it, but clown as the queue before washed and sudden Those are the desert does therefore pretty and inspiring and let us say no, but once and I know they wanted. So this is a Monday game. Anyone it doesn't matter. Raiders browns, but- and I fell walks out again with these diggings. How do I get it? I understand that there are the dilemma. We don't want to start moving games, they don't give a shit, they love all they want is again The fact that they move on the Wednesday they would now they have to do what I think we're gonna have to use a games arrested here. What do you think yeah three more weeks of Tuesday?
we're gonna have to two. We have nothing Wednesday. We have a Thursday, nothing Friday to satellites are Sunday and Monday, so they thought. I think, though, what couple those games or get move to remain at the earliest that Zagreb? Well, let's go to Thursday night weak. Sixteen forty diners times by the way I I started: Roma J, Stephen Senator Fantasy plan against our crazy firm bread. in the only reason was- and I was so scared covered- We really have other options. If your body way, I'm scared skews the other guy could have started for dimmer, but if he got scratched I was basically a zero. So out I'm just gonna grab the Roger points and hope he does. Why do? I have looked at it like an hour before his like he's playing are, I am sure of her arrives. I know I know I have points in this.
I've never had thou fantasy before we decide grabbing the live body by Bradstreet alive bodies. Brad's might not be for various he's very upset that he can close the gap on you he's down. Eighteen yeah you now he had an odd when you went out very early, I mean I could have been raised Couple was the obvious. He has something else going to me. Had he had God winning drunk God, man went out early in Iraq. I double teams did nothing. I started the parade. The packers deepens the bucks thief. Once again, another good defence that's going to inherit the reality of ants and I agonized over it and, of course, what with the Packers, which is the worst possible move. I hate fantasy football. We do this. Every base me hate So by always, do the robot he's down? Jane, he has Montgomery and the Vikings defence and you're done so yeah, that's it.
I'm on here's another, and I say that I think that is up to get somebody was written for us is a gamble for that cat yeah. He needs the eight hundred I'll deftly road fat. I started Chase Claypole, au revoir, there's scaling and Russell Gauge and Chase Claypole how had seven rushing herds and for receiving earth. Why do you know what what made me think like this was the weak, bad Ben Ruthless Burger was contributor aspire of. This is why I hate vanity provide the next eight by Saturday there were seriously Thursday night, forty diners at the titans. What about this is a really good there's that came with the with some actual ramifications, because the titans had not locked up no behaves. He sat by any means.
and I don't think there should be favoured. I think, before you then have to be favoured a mistake, forty dollars by one- that's not really smart, but smarter than I am here. I said a pick and its three and a half well organised a favour by their, not our secret anymore, Simmons, now they're good Yep, that's a nice one, but I'm going to figure out how to bet them, I'm riding them until they lose that's a fun one. Saturday is Christmas: two Games Packers home for the brats. This is ludicrous that we have to get so and the play on Tuesday. We ve gotta know, but I'm going to my mind. We have no idea who is gonna even be there on Saturday, but with that said, I am going to guess packers by seven. I said sex at seven and a half year up to them.
I love the backers air and I know that the air amazingly shore wig its Monday to Saturday teams by Sunday that Thursday all the time, but they are just better they're going through the motions they know exactly what they noted, one due to win and whatever report rather ass, if they need to do in the long run it up on you, I love a man. That's a pretty brutal spy for the brands to play on Christmas in Green Bay. Five days after you, ve already played any fat a whole bunch of covert stuff, not great priorities. The doctors, the just such if they lose tomorrow or for them will lose the morrow like crap. We could last Saturday and had the extra rest at all these guys back up the other one is a fantastic game. Gardeners. Could it's in Arizona?
every, whereas every game is a must one for the courts at this point and then the cardinals all of a sudden. I remember looking at this two weeks ago. I swear to God and that I This is what the odds for the annex II westward for the Niners, and I think they were like a hundred to what it was something completely or they might well ago. Yet they were. It was something completely bad shape, crazy, like that, and then what is it now, I'm in an agony of the stolen gonna win. On another level data one now jump on him that fifty two and now I want the for nine years. I wasn't there didn't want bread, so there were hundreds of one, but let's say they beat the Titans. Let's say the cardinals beat the courts and then the cardinal still have at Dallas than home for Seattle. Like I don't get it.
speed. I dont think them cards are alike to win that division in the Niners get to play the rams in the last week and they would have every time vereker. Fifty to one seems I d a decent Oh, I might raise league in it the Rams play, so they rams I've, nine winds and for Games life, that's a different! So right they have. Seattle administers the Baltimore than San Francisco, fifty towards worth it. That teams got if you like him. Seven seventeen one window of safety, the ones fine for the west, you need the rams to win one of those Minnesota Baltimore Games at Minnesota about I had them lose. One said the Niners could rise wrapped around the slate ran. at the lose one of those that matters have to be three ass, any need the cardinal the Indian at Douse Dallas not impossible, not Fifty one seems wait till I were betting that when I went up, ok, I've cards minus two and a half against the court's. While I said three and a half its
two, I thought a bill and who are unaware still this team. I guess it doesn't matter if their home there better on the road anyway and the cold still need a more right That's, why that's our love and nobody will not, of course, playing way way way better. I would say now listen about that was nice news when they heard that Hopkins could be back for the innocent championship like and if she championship seemed a struggle to make the playoffs. Now seven yeah there there in a lot of trouble that Hopkins thing whose their best offensive and software that sucker learner. They are rather more all they do. Is they throw bubble screens to him? He doesn't seem like he runs. Any actual aroused Kirk seems too the guy that he leaned sound a little bit age, a green could get her tomorrow. I thought I would be more impact for not often once amid a trend doesn't seem like the running of the body and Sundays Marquis game. I think it's pats bills. It's in New England,
We'll see what the weather is would be funny if they ran the, but every time again I have the path by three over the bills. Do I get this? I do. I said two and a half it's too now we split it than we do. You owe you said you would have had still yet. I would say that you get me out of my mind, games its weight. What would it when the bills wrong for the train was? Henry was three with weird whether right will see the weather problems can be awesome on Sunday. The I'm excited for this had to give up, watches bangles ravens insincere, Is this a loser leaves too much. Now, because no ass through a look at everybody scheduled like you, could never were wanting a one in two. I think he's gonna Tonnay Seven's, going into that last week,.
Can we call this a loser? Can't win the division match Danes, everyone at the next week's are yet again you get their current Sousa lose. So this is a This is our lives at the version now this is it elimination batch for the belt right, yeah somebody's somebody- it's I must say, as simply by two and a half over the ravens, now that most ran ass soon ass, question. Why didn't the line move when Lamar? Was ruled out was it because everybody knew he was playing? I gotta move than to go tonight when I was a knight all day, thou, so it so people knew he went away and that it was an area death. I Syria right yeah moved the day. They knew what the lay at the last time they move. They know it. Yeah he's gonna, get rid of this diarrhea. Eddie. It's enough. I'm not sure the line should move that much. But do you think it's a massive apart from Lombardo, hardly heard this strategy
I don't. I guess I did that that nine points seem. Stupid? I drew near actually watching that game that seem. That should have been seven point. All the more. I mean that to me. I was like that like for secondary guys out there a lot of Yathrib Corner Basher rams our home for the Vikings Adam site rims or at the Vikings right, yeah. Well,. This looks like the kind of match that he murmured and try to fight it off and that could be able to number to bet on the back and oh, oh yeah, air, to see what happens Monday. Now
I just know myself. I don't believe in this Rams theme. In any time the vague sir dogs had taught myself in them, because I hate myself, I have the rams by two and a half over the bucks. That's exactly what I had its full three full three right. Next one is Catherine Tappin home against Michel to fire a tap and by eight, though she go missing now. Ok, I ate AIDS ferreting zombie show that I really do the deferred jokes Leslie, since, as we just have stuff, the purchase just for you that we didn't even carried out and becomes a big three. I would kill them had my job. Their names the article I help make that funny. Were laughing entire time chiefs home for the Steelers. Well,
Amateurs I'm going make a prediction. I dont think Roethlisberger can match scores of pat mobs Are you crazy, Rivah anywhere you re you're, like a show yourself, the star, the pie? You look a good well, I know, but here's let's get me upset. I there's a lot of nine and ten out there. I now I now than you know what we're gonna do well know. It's gonna happen us. The line for this game show b seven have, but I know they're going to push it out of the cheeses zone. So I'm an essay nine chiefs by night smile, I said seven half its ten soon got it. Well, that's a g that cities are right daily, living chair that Pittsburgh needs more. They do not want to Stephen ripe. What's would take a break with the rest
with some of the games I barely watch was rock and home for the lions. I Norte Norway. This approve factor, but I gotta say: it's kind of a jury this. What are you could this be ever I'm a comes on the red zone, units of the financing of the falcons by three over the lights, and I said six and a half? Now it's four and a half, you still get it. I now I'm stupid at another four four times as many way or three times many words, but it will come down to a field for sure. I heard that some unbelievable go land stance in the Falcons banners game and I try to think like How long will the Youtube video be now of Bat Ryan inside the five year by just getting staffed, inferring incompletion a ass? They have more of those than any quarterback in modern history right right here Edwin today, where he rolled out and for some
and thought he might be able to get it and role then, and four guys hit him and it looked like the Moluccas, Bledsoe head. He just got yeah, some guys you shouldn't roll out like they should just how they should show him those cuts by Matt our roll out your dad at via commanders formation. He should ever gets twelve twelve yard snapped. on every time tat. He was an accurate, I will say they scored first, the Atlanta and they took it off the board and I was Carson up a storm like. Why do I do it is everywhere, though it had been. three weeks since they screwed me. Why can't I stay awake as I bet the Niners. Much like you like them alive than they took it all make up, and now I gotta clean up the glass I broke chair for no reason they took it off, but I thought they were poised to screw estimated. I'm not sure I love pits the more I watch him does he have one touch them. Have a mind to my three fantasy- has ended like he's like six to seven a game and doesn't like especially.
Well, I thought around like the end zone like inside the five. I thought: that's what that guy would just be like this unbelievable Ben and they can't get on the banner of a directive on a draw draw pass interference war is gonna score. Randy, never go to him in big spy. Since we are now he's your eyes down days under one percent he's twenty one years old, but I really thought he was going to be more impact for then they went back. The college he's gotta go. He seems small like when you watch him. he doesn't seem like a tight ass. You know, like kiddo, looks like he's the biggest kid my high school football game. I think it's a jersey. Now I don't know why we are changing this, but the embrace it's gotta, eighty eight you'll see much number after they have to do if any I'll make him seem wider chart chargers home for the text since the Texans were God damn frisky today. I love that David smells, who I think her gather pats where the bats we're gonna take a better get back in the second round, and he said
a couple games or cigar this guide. There's something here. I don't know what these are. Not bad he's not values these games for them like ninety, four thirty or so real link. Is it meaner, he's Gallagher COM, this term him in fields both of them a MAC Jones like those three guys so kind of a com this to them that you talk about a line that move an urban Meyer already gets Canada and then the line moves to points, then that seem like whatever the immediate narrative is yet go. Go against, like oh Urban gone, all they're, gonna, they're gonna rally to team, because I hated him and they're gonna crushed its actions, who beat him and weak one like yeah. That's the exact opposite of what and yet the one up there be the crap out of it. We day we're the Texans in under parlay. The weak one. By the way we had Texans bangles so that when as our fifth one of the year- but I also bet the Texan Sue for that for what you just pointed out. may because we're getting older. I look for this more, but when people these fake narrative,
so that move the lions, where there is no basis in reality at all where it sank, while they're gonna try harder cause urban. That really are they maybe they re about this elegant therapists, you sit down with us like ok what I think about this. That is still the Jaguar What are you a repair? Because there are the current play ever anyway. My way Trevor large again shielded for his valuable lack lustre play by all this urban start feeling he's gonna the big winner and all this yeah. It makes a bad throws throughout the game. I don't watch college football that much so I don't I and have the expectations other peoples have, but he does a jump off the tv screen. When your watch and I'll tell you that my you'd have no idea who number of topics, I think it's funny, though, that the default narrative, They were gonna. Try hard work is what consecutive, They get to urban. He's got fired with cause like there's a good word there could you caused? The guy is complete. The earlier per week out,
the narrative would have been like wow. What a should show. I'm sure those guys just want to get the EFTA there and that's it the spring not lay our and stick to our coach, whether they care and get the number one pick somehow I will write that down. What's look for that? The next time that happens big narratives that had not the new they in fact, narrative alert Davis bills may have done what of many quarterbacks not figured out how to get the ball cooks can. Thank you. Maybe it up over a hundred yards goods is a big fantasy successes. We so I've charges by nine over Texans. I wanted. I say now. I cant find the charges are on the road right, yeah yeah, you got it. I said eight and a half in its turn, ass.
I would I would beware people out there. I know as much as a lover given David smells of the charges going, make the plans to have. This is the one right unless you just don't they maybe I'll! Beware the charges, I don't just setting Stanley. I know we were for four again on for decades, but this is our team. I know blown forgave this year, but this is what we do with it. mergers not to govern overtime. Next, one good luck with good luck, what this signs get in a being, but the Seahawks our homes for the bears, both of them having played yet this week, I said seahawks by six ed either they are you got it. I said five and seven and they are just crush him inherits by six. I knew I feel like you lost when you showed up
then either tat we start down. Another like gonna, be like one of the most problems, but there are not applied to last for wholesale great baseball. Marriage is dead, said Derec, murder, or will you go fast, Raiders Broncos Siena, it's in Vegas and out of it the lines at three. I think it's gonna be raiders by two over the brok. Us, oh shit, you get this one too. I thought Danbury would be favoured by your right raiders affair by one Well, no Bridgewater NET networking drew luck. Now I can't be favoured actual. I guess I forgot about that. So there done that's a loser. I know we ve probably said this every week last month, but that is for lose a week's time, and that I mean that matches be loser those times out to be out of it. Now poop factor we got three jetsam for the jagged. The jets showed sums. If I thought this week, even though then about losing that they kept fighting man solace, a work on his. I can't believe something good just happened face that he makes. Thank you my job.
Leave it. What are you gonna? Do I gotta see Vienna save more confident after something. Good just happened. You kids right. Oh my god, Had we been well, we better play. I have jets by two and a half over the Czechs. There were ready to have. I said for a new gathered: it's only one: half ok Eagles her home for the giants. I don't know what to think of the jogs broke work with that. With I mean, maybe they are the rest of the way to an twelve more and so have one good game at these next three right now he can You couldn't have been this good in college and Ben this on forget Ben this forgettable as a pro here's the thing at jets at knowing one for sure lost, verses, Indy
the last day right. This is one of the outer the Eagles home for the giants. I think they have not decided the teaser zone of eagles by night. I don't know what happened to me. I really need to go back to boot, champ or something spread butcher. I said eight and it's it's ten, so you got it Last one box Panthers: this isn't Carolina right. It is in Carolina here, and let me check this because do I I just this before the extraordinary law. by the year I'll, give you a reader. If you want. Now already know about the taking your petting fine, already lost guy, I'm I'm not getting change by night bucks by night. I did this has to be added the teacher. You know it's thirteen, oh my god, that's stupid and maybe that's stupid after watching came Chad a complete passes near. I guess you think of it.
James arrives at eight and a half, so you get that anyway. Good for you do, you think, would there be kubi meetings with? Can their legs? But now you look great, I I guess the one thing I my work on is like when the guy open like throw it to the guy and not to the ground and don't draw together team would be. Might your notes is again I'll get back to work and I myself better kissing freeware reward by celebration. Debts I gotta for you, scampered away somewhere, it's so funny when they're in the five any just now the cuban draws come in thirteen rather surprised every time to think, of course negatively. They have one move, not the last Sunday night cowboys your cowboys, our home for the Washington, I wouldn't say eight, but I'm sticking with my teacher strategy. I think they make this nine, so we can teach us
I lose us again, I said eleven and a half minutes ten. You were closer at a straight. I do it is where, with the cowboys and chiefs like they're doing it with defence, their defence- and you may not know that the chief so that charges game necessarily, but we beat up we beat the hell out of jail from an Hoosier you'd like learning with a long yak tonight. I have to worry about the giants game, anyone twenty one sex! That's why this whole thing the chargers words. I ask your touch on Cuba, the Chiefs, as I am sure that this she running, maybe you just try to get points in control. They flow the gap Monday night sucks Sates dolphins to oversee taste Tamil through the gimmick. Cuba's that we have, you could say, loser we ve found out maybe phone
Loser leaves tat seven in some respects, and I thank the dolphins are already like their their past and as a bus station disease Ivan them since by three and you get this one. While this might be the this is the most lopsided. We remember that I had to an avid strain, have two three four five: six, turbulent fifteen one, the one patriots the patriots was the one. I got your team while we ever had a July that by God you just listen tomorrow, the new data, goods do much that I listened and amendment six pod gas a week, I'm like we got to change that we're gonna re added that because lockets up like I said something about this guideline, we gotta take that out. I'm dizzy from all this data rigs! Listen! You have to cope with football Games metallic mission
The boys back, like things, are looking up tat way. I well Congo, asked Michel to foil where she was hiding for that They have to go and what we have here on a par that'll be great. A time share her slave repair corner. Today's pan corners brought you by car max when you buy a car They wanted to be good for you, finding it and buying. It should thus be just way wanted a car max you can shop at your terms. an answer any combine the two plus Express pick up in homes deliverance. market so learn more a car MAC stuck on Climax carbine. We imagine it Sal Europe,
I well, I know you like basketball, so let's talk basketball and did so my kids wrecked league, my eight year old woman aid. Next week, his right leg was cancelled. Did the whole thing was cancelled and I could see like two weeks but hasn't even start. They haven't even had practices. Are practices were supposed to start in two weeks and then it was supposed to go from one January to March and they can't that aren't, cancel whole season already. Is there not a little phrasing covered it? Yes, good guess who yet, which is acceptable.
What has happened here that were cancelling seasons are at it. We can just take a week by week for a little bit before councillor, for maybe that's the coaches didn't wanna Coachman P, that might be it, but that on the other, but my other son, my middle son, who's, not as at Lahti, NASA all this to play football and the youngest place. Everything has decided he wants to be the manager of the basketball team in his school. Oh yes- and I have mixed feelings of now than out of a mixed on analogous knows that one thing I like a path it yet psych towels for them and he keep score and those other staff at the scores table and. The Czechs guys in love what what are you? Why do you say? Oh yes, like this, I think it's good prepare corner, ok,
dear son, having any sense having an actual job, I think, is a win for particular we'll do I told him out of it a minute now. Rather him just play golf or something now talk a minnow. It sounds very blue ticket not really weighing horseback riding some you'd tweeted out. I think you tweet it out, or maybe a text to me that you went to the Jimmy Ball. they ain't, you had your sons, there, but Harry your friend Harry was there. There was short list. His shirt studied the cry going and then it seemed like your kids also had their shirts off no. That was an, and that was that you toss stages in the next book die whenever I was Harry's punishment for convincing us all take the over but they're. So those are my arm now. I'd need to be talked into. This doesn't seem like a good spot, for anyone related to me seems to important job.
I love it. I think you should do it. You finish the fox said that was the last fox game. On Thursday you and now I didn't see it. I did I want. I want my last three ahead. I've got lucky, they want and overtime. Now, there's probably be three more fox games on Tuesday. So who knows what draws on? Oh, my god, that's my ah my pair corner is they resist secret Santa my son School and you didn't tell us and then He was asking us for fifteen hours on the morning of I think Thursday is. How can I get fifty dollars? I just got my word, I think there's a twenty in theirs ignited fifteen, so my way through now can there are ever thing with them as they are it what's going on. Why do you did fifteen dollars in his eye because we have secret sand at school and they give to suppose be like fifty dollars. So I was gonna just give somebody fifteen dollars.
I thought about words is a guy. I have an idea for a gift, it disappears, comes back and he's got some envelope. And my wife's like what sad. What's in the envelope and now I guide I had to give my wife super suspicious, so grabbing envelope opens it and it's my son's bracelet what if he were a bunch of from where brace of sea where's one Bracelets she was put the envelope like it was a new bracelet, and that was what he is going to give for secret Santa so my real intervened on that and then they finally figured out Subserve get, but he was gonna. Keep the cash and give a abuse praise was that it was done with yeah yeah. That's it. so we intervene on there and then we tried to explain to him the M despaired Christmas and go
of the first things which apparently my right over his head. You know what's good, I would recommend to him and I'm a loser so that this may not be good for everyone. Scratch off lottery tickets, People are excited decision, ranch of latter great. I guess you're right at any age. Rodya any enemies aim scratch of large there's, always a prayer. Let you in a hundred bucks, a thousand probably not probably lose em all, but it's fun. the other thing, my son he's now doing like a hundred pushups instead of to day and now has like an eight pack and walks around like Michael Phelps and of us just a thick. What's going on, I don't know, what's going to happen when he said lifting they might all be scared. Michael felt fell in love with the Bonn, so that gave the labour there, which did you did your son after live for Papa yeah, of course, had stolen. The acid did he was he did he get ripped after it
the changes by our nature. This again, we want some supper. The egg has he's by attack on next year, so it there's. This whole gang, and I I can't wait to scenario their impaired. You're gonna have to be the one where the helmet around the house that this is really the married boy Well, that's the thing he now like tackles. May, when I'm lying on the couch is only five minutes. They have the dog anyway, Jack I'll watch out becomes everything's Kyle's like attacking them in cow. They kick his ass of denial. Anyone right! That's it for particular praise pair corners brought by car max the car MAX love your car guarantee. Let you test drive a car for twenty four hours. That means you can see. Really shows when you use it for day like when you taking the kids to practice or drive around to the family during the holidays. Make your test drive count, learn more carmax dot com, Carmax car buying reimagined So next time ominous see you it will be after Christmas. That's right!
That's right was workin out we're gonna record after Christmas cause, whether that, let me don't take weeks or not like the desire of air we're here as well as part of pupils who iris I love it. In fact, I ever I Fox Butler, tomorrow and whereon right opposite the Vegas, collectively caves and always gonna watch, maybe for just one imaginary by watching us, because it's a to b, I'm out here. Sadly, the extra points by gas network against all odds tomorrow will over the money in a football game. First touchdown props all kinds of stuff well I'll, see you I'll I'll talk to you on tax I'll, never see you again for this house's forever for the zoom. I wish you beg Christmas, stay safe and- and I hope you do better.
So he gave was dying. I don't I held Amber sound. They sick. I want like happy life for the party. I just want all these bet sound next week. I know just the problem, as I can only afford scratch off lottery tickets. For my kids, good job? I've got a job. I have had the ringers O Connor is here. We are taken this on Sunday night and be a trades after dark. We like to call it. We should probably Carter. We showed you have a season after dark. I'm I'm not concern. They're gonna cancel the season, but of us are never seen anything like this, where all hell has broken loose. You covered a little on the mismatch with burnout few days ago, but now we're in a situation where they're starting to cancel games. People are wondering if they're going to just press the pause button for two weeks, which I don't really necessarily know how that help because it seems like we're. Gonna keep getting getting it positive tests and other stuff so
We know the answer, then just gotta put your head down and keep going forward. Am I wrong what you think I mean that's what it feels like gonna be doing. I mean two weeks the cord unquote plan. The curve is not gonna, do anything for the NBA so or for any of us and for the NBA this point: does it seems like my impression is bill that they're gonna just deal with the replacement players you have a bunch of G leaguers for our former MBA guys guys they autonomous getting opportunities in and teams. Who's gonna. U know plough through this next to a couple of two three weeks to three month, However, it might be- and they're gonna try to avoid as many cancellations as they possibly can to difficulty here is, though, with these Parliament's. All these arenas are booked up where if you know of any, shall games Collared graduations concerts, whatever other type of events, it's gonna be a lot harder than last season, when they were largely unbooked, three schedule of these games
now for the NBA Feminism, making a lot of challenges for the next couple weeks here, but it has tabled a replacement. Players are gonna, be ugly basketball, but it's gonna work for teens or at least get through the game. couple things, there'll be noon or one p M afternoon games. I think, just to move things along at a rate is there, but they could still have like at twelve o clock Wednesday afternoon game They have to get him under the wire. They can refund season ticket orders. Whatever second thing, this is setting up for one of the great sports movies about time, because we had this with Piana Reeves and their replacement, so that, as has been circling, three watch was feed. Now, first, three, four years: it's always on so people more people. They must like it, but that premise that was it wasn't it. while strikes is in here. Is this: he Shade Falco, the former couch quarterback, who went down a disgrace comes back gets a second chance.
This is going to happen in some of these MBA games a bit. I say Thomas is a famous example that, but we both know that there's just a shitload of talent out there, and sometimes it comes down to I just never got a chance. You know look at Gary. I in the second, you know him: twenty eight years old and has every team is stared at him, but now, all of a sudden, you know he was to find his way into championship rotation, but do you feel like there's some sports movie potentials is that nobody knows about their ready. I mean Thinking about that over the weekend, it's ours, taxing we get with an executive. I was like, do you think, there's any g leaguers right now who are gonna, get opportunity ever gonna stick in the leg and he says to me almost zero you said no, it's gotta be more like the replacement of a piano raves round efforts is gonna, be ugly, I'm not sure. If he does and showed his cards with dealing with three likes. But yeah me, I think, there's potential here, you gotta say atomic signing with the Lakers Bill and he looks solid in his first game. Those within to a guy like Isaiah Thomas stays on Iraq
entire season as a moment in the playoffs, and they got that opportunity because of the absence has now and I mean there's a lot of ways to discuss going down right now in the world and in the NBA. But there are a lot of people having an opportunity they are otherwise never would have gone weather aims. We know like Isaiah, Thomas or the aims that we don't know. I hope get a guy who you know cars are all, even if you like, a fifteen minute per diem player and they're making. Hundreds of since dollar millions of dollars because of the operating that are given earlier stretch. I think that make a pretty good story. Well, you think I got Dino gaffer last year, who was just an afterthought in the bulls for a while and then goes to washed and all of a sudden. I will look at this guy who's this system, and it was just an opportunity. We know there are two
two guys like there's our Bagley types that you look at it. You go right. Well, if that's, what would it be like if somebody just play him for thirty five minutes, a game fur three sowed weeks? Would he put up stats? Could you win with something like that, but I do think there's guys at that, and then there's guys who, for whatever reason, nobody gave them a chance to overseas. Maybe they come back they're using that twenty four the twenty eight range. Maybe they had some baggage in their early twentieth, that they ve got a set of their lifetime, but That's gonna, be one wrinkle. I think the other thing is if we miss games and shoot the plan turn him in and it comes down to sound so as seventy a game, the other team as eighty games and things like that, I think the playoffs could be really complicated to figure out their complicated and general. Like you look at the western, I don't really like anybody other than what the top three the top for new start. Looking at every turn me
Dallas Denver Coopers and you could put calls in all these themes, which is why I think the myths thing has been so much fun, but who knows yeah. Why? We will see about that a time whatever thought that's been on my mind this weekend is how much does and I'm curious about this, for you bill. How much does the last couple years with all the Covid They can be changed. The way that you'll assess this period Ba history. So now I get in trouble, but I do think the the bubble perhaps were both an incredible achievement, but then also something that we just have to sign an asterisk. It's just with such different way to have a place where everybody was able to get in shape on their own terms. And then it was basically this ten weeks sprint. seemed to rely allowed on how close the team was, how
you could be high can handle being in the bubble. So I dont know if it was, I would say, was worth less than a normal plans, but I just think it has no comparison that neither placer that there's no way to compare that to any others so I just got over here and its impressive. The Lakers one in Miami fought for all that stuff, but I think maybe the same end up happening this year in some ways. Just because we're going to see teams that are good that maybe because of covid or some fallback are going to be a sixty eight instead of the three seeds or they're going to be the plan tournament. Instead of being a for seed and the ops they have to overcome. I just think it can be harder. We saw that the Red, the Lakers Lester, game and will also see how the NBA changes the protocols Minetta fell, just made it. So what is it that only a vaccinated vaccinated players? but if they choose to or if they had a high risk in a close contacts, but their knives getting tested daily like on back
players were in the athletic. Had the story last week saying that the NBA thought about it, but I'm not gonna. Do it yet, maybe they'll do it by April. For the right or wrong, whether it s the correcting the do I mean that would also changed the way these play out. You're gonna be handled too, because you know, if you're, having a fully vaccinated team, that means technically you're not getting tested daily, like teams would be that have been vaccinated whereas I mean it further incentivize as parties to get vaccine, even if that doesn't stop transmission of the virus. Strange times ahead, funds will speak in a strange Tiree now coming back, and you know the story coming this weekend was like you know the nets of re evaluated this they need bodies, they need help they can afford to repression anymore conspiracy. Bill, of course, is going in a quite different direction. I think, they're looking at him and on that report in their so don't aggregate it. I just think they're looking
him as an asset they're trying to make their team better. They don't have enough for us to fight on you can't trade him if he's not playing rate- why else would you do one? Eighty on where you were to two months ago makes no sense me there's two options here. One option is, they know they can trade him unless he's playing the other option is the rant, which has been rumoured and who knows it is sure enough, but the rant really went to management and for the first time and was k, let the guy play what are we doing here? It's I think it's one of those two. I personally think it is the Kyrie trade possibilities than the fact that you can trade this guy. If he's not playing, what do you think? I think it's simply the fact that Kevin Durant is playing Ever minutes per game and he's coming off of a major major major injury and their life, we can keep doing this weekend. Sea Bass spoke about it last week bill he said I mean, like he's, been amazing. He wants to play every minute he's pretty sing in every man and his violent VP level, but we can't keep doing this, so I may infer for the night
here, I think it makes logical sense to protect Kevin Durant's more than anything. I'll, send I'm sure he's going to management is probably a factor, but for even just simply from their standpoint, protecting Kevin Giraffe is of the utmost importance. Either to find out of Cairo is an asset or not either as an asset that can help you this season or he's an asset that you can turn into an asset that cannot be the season, but one of the other he can't help you have is not playing. I think it's suspicious that in two minds they went from being like this is what we shall do. We I want to distraction the team to being like hey, walk back he's just gonna play road games. He's are smart before you don't just over one? Eighty, for no reason there has to be a reason. I think I'm Interior Point Bell. I mean, like I said I think short term its one hundred percent to protect covered around to leave the workload on him try to get as many sound, but that that be the trade rumours about carry Irving being gathered that open to dealing, go away with a hundred percent.
Gonna go away so with curbing. If you get a month plus of him produce being still at all and be a level that nationalism, make any other team say like a Dallas mavericks, a team that wants a secondary ball, hammering presence that is in a state that doesn't The rules at New York does so carry could be a every game player. A team like that find actual reason: the play area, because, right now we don't know who carries gonna look like on having grass more conditioning not playing for a couple months now he looks lean very thin and some of the videos that have been posted online. He probably needs to get back in about while shape we'll see level of player. He is I'm sure I won't take long for him to get back to the curving we ve seen for years, but the nets their priority now is protecting Katy and whether it means keeping carrier learning long term or not. It's about protecting car Kevin around so the fourth year contract when he's making fifty three million dollars,
not an albatross. They need to keep him healthy. Well, you said that Tiree is back to the poor he used to be. That also includes the player he is to be, which is a witches rollercoaster, run right right, so Katy his aim that now, for a couple years now bill he's seen that two. While this shows to me there's desperation in some form, the league is better right in they know that if they have no carry even if hard and even pay, better than he does. He believe we can make some sort of trading. There's who knows it's Joe Harris could be on the table at some point for, but they don't have enough. I don't think to enforce shaped by France in this current roster. They do miss that Tiree ad Lib, wildcard wildcard, show confidence could scores sixteen points and a quarter thing, but you also getting all the stuff that comes with it and he's been pretty well
I've never really, since the two thousand sixteen seventeen season, so the you're getting that it for you, don't think they have enough right now to get through the box balls. He I dont. They d have enough to get through the box. Unless the bucks have somebody tat get injured in the bucks had been pretty dominate with their big three. I just think if their, if their healthy, I'm still taken them in Unison, Katy at that you could just cancel them out, I'd, say: Katie's, awesome anesthesiologist is awesome for cancelling it out and now we're just going to through twelve against each other. I liked the box, if a barbarian I found a ban in the box and I think I think the nets need to look at the center position, all judges in pretty good breaker. If it is not same guy Nick Claxton? I love him. I love no klaxons, so much so switches. Nobody has proven that it cafe healthy the proven, then he can play heavy minutes with any consistency. Paul mill, facts, not the same guy thereon Sharps, only a rookie, all their other court uncle bigs are actually smaller guys. I Bruce Brown Sulphur Brooklyn. I mean they dig.
be scouring the market here for another big in their attention for the inevitable in our potential play off serious against the honest and of Brooklyn as his plan. For that matter it even if it as is the need for finding a big even more so I made for Brooklyn that there Are there not a complete roster? I think they should be number two behind Milwaukee. In my opinion, the great, but they do need some changes regardless, while the Good NEWS for them is that the easiest position of fine supper. everybody I lotta makes everybody is too many centre and nobody really wants to play their centres in general. It's five. Forty eight minutes for a centre, but then sometimes teams goes small. So maybe it's like thirty six minutes.
What what what what the shine marks and the net safe Dallas calls up- and I say, hey katy- for carry yam and then spend we ve been kind of certain down forever. I think this is when we get to fake trades after dark. If I'm Dallas, I'm trying to figure out a way to keep cape, he at least for now, and try to figure out how I can improve the tea, without sacrificing cape? Even that's. Where does they sacrifice cause, I'm not even sure how much value as I do you ve turned carrying a cape. You do it funds that's. Why am I doing that? Yeah vagary? I wanna, go it about Brooklyn. Could I just get Robin Lopez? Are you know somebody at that? Our burn rolled the dice with that kind of caliber play try to grab somebody in the five to eight million or whether by our guy, though meeting the life or by its gas Yeager Purnell Yeager Purnell from and how about that? I am a target him so he's. What's he make em like eight or nine
he's in the age of eight or nine billion dollars to your life's. Can't shoot free throws, that's about all I can do without gets the NBA trades after dark, though the one that I thought I was excited a spring. I knew that actually did some some heartwarming John. It s got to wait a second. I don't even know if they do. That was the Merry Simmons trade. That's been out there in cities, you and it's the shot. They marry and fad young for citizens and for scented Tonia. It's a reboot and you could argue from their side like there. Now getting a top twenty five guy on paper at least he was last year with a higher upside, maybe the Murray, but man First of all that I tested worry is turned into a fairly dominant and the game guy like if you're doing rankings of point cards, I think he's vault that a couple dude seizure he's got It's got a real attitude to him. There is such a game awhile ago, whereof, ages, Canada. They here last Sutton something a little extra
and maybe that's a two year injury that he had with sometimes it's year and have sometimes too, but then defensively, he's like nineteen and ate a game and if, on the spurs, I dont think I do it. I think I would rather keep him then deal with the seamen. Soap, opera. What do you think how bout Derek White and place of Byzantium Marilla. Now, I'm off your farm sexism, finding a thirty already be somebody get what a fantastic Zadig additional picks. In addition to that, is it just a go with their night and a deal? You need Mary. I need somebody that will help me try to make the make the final the share cause. I have the window with a bit, otherwise, I'm keeping since I mean I think of it. The point Fanny Tonia, with with Digital Maria he's improved a little bit every year as a jump shooter, and the last couple of he shooting the ball better than ever before, looks smoother than ever and will see how in other ways play out over the course of the season, but I'm with you bill with his aunt Amory. His defence has for a long time been all defensive, caliber offices
he's been able to pass for a long time now, his atom, finishing very good, he's gonna, floater much better for mid range. His jump shot has gotten better and he's come on a virtual, tripled, double guy every single night, and I if they triple doubles, Rasa Westward bubble bought from that, but he's putting up numbers. I mean he's not turning the ball over he's rebounding the ball and creating transition opportunities he's score with better efficiency. I think, for and you he's gone to the point where he's not in on tradable there's very few one tradable players, but he's at that. At that time or site. Do we really want to give him up for guided? Sat up a whole year that might not want to be here that only has one one extra year left on his contract over Marie. I don't, I don't see it Antonio doing that I think there are in a position now where it stood there. Looking for Yeager Purnell deals have that Collins come back soon
into a twenty million already for three years, yet very young or Derek White there to older young eyes, white, twenty seven pearls twice ex keeping all the guys were under twenty five years old to be my expectation for San degree. I don't think I would shade Mary for some in Sweden phase and imagine before the year. If you had said like gap Murray for Young for Simmons, that's the whole trade that beyond the table, you told me that in September oh my god, of course, yes to another, but now I think they're fans will be bad ethic. Murray has been. He felt that one of the success stories of the under twenty five as a shared. Neither thing is he's heading that the Mai kindly like ten eleven years ago range? Where he's just now a really good prayer on it? that nobody's early watching nobody's focused on, and there's gonna be about two years here, as the people on basketball, the best where universe like under
did under it, and I think he might be the new under eight a guy. I think he's pissed submitting its candidacy as some people graduate from that like the rose, and I mean to remain for a couple years in San Antonio he's getting better every year becoming an elite Athos score better as a passer and then Chicago and suddenly now, rather than face, please I know better than he wasn't her. Otto driver Amerika therefore see the same thing happen. He has some scrap it now and I'm trying to figure out. I have doubts about what go with your trade and then I'll do might, after all, I'm gonna. Go with something that relates to a conversation I had with a handful of NBA people over the last week. This is not reporting anything, but would the modest opponents I've been ass. Guerrilla, who seems to watch out for a handful of people have said to me. Look out for some years younger teams, teams that might not actually be contendings contending teams right now. So what am I mentioned? Think about teams that have an interest in him in the past so other straight
the city, the team that actually had him and drafted him Oklahoma City trading. There favours Andy now, however, many picks it takes would bear of four hundred first round pics. They have to get the bonus pairing him with shame, does Alexander yes about twenty five years old you're able to consolidate your picks now, which is gonna happen. Eventually they have. when he picks pegs you're gonna have to consolidate whether what happens on draft night or frequency or before that line. It's gonna happen, so why not do it for the bonus together? They ve been proven delight before considering they drafted him. They have all, pigs he's only twenty five years only fit the a position of need, he'd be an ideal fit with guilders. Alexander casts a bonus, can move. The ball can play with the ball. They run picking, together, I mean to me like it just makes way too much sense for Oklahoma City to at least to explore anomaly that bill they still suck biggest still get a high it with our own first round her wide think if you did that you'd eat at the higher the purse.
Then, who try to injure Tanya Harding, to try to just take em out like a cavern during her six weeks, Sophie written plaque I have heard him get him Where did ass? She actually figured out. He worried your when it had the stretch but what I did he really had a conversation, Lutherans, bingo! That's did you see her? about three about him, the other guy I love Bobby and back on twitter nowadays, now Adele, three more he's agree. I would have reasons yeah he's easy binge is a dead weight or through a thin streeter who get fired up about saying This is great iron about loot, balloon Dorothy asked like that is, figuring out. He hasn't. He knows the shooting is still not consistent, but it's better than it was when he had like the offer aid and in the play off. There's between ok, see in Houston, copyright attitudes I would merely twenty point for game the tragedies They didn't think shall go with that. Peck and I can't believe they did because they are in the upside business re nets. I thought that was the ultimate upside down the drain,
the kind of roll them over to this two more future picks. When I added I just I just wanna taken it says the bonus on a young team. I like it at the same time. I I can't. I want him in this year's players in some. Whereby I keep looking at the South Ex trying to figure out how to make him happy fence makes sense either say you don't think, there's any sort of a smart robber Williams Type, a thing that could work for both they're sure yeah, I don't see why not a Boston is a hundred percent wanted the teams that I think make a lot of sense force about us. No doubt about it. I guess For me, I don't know what Carlyle ones as well. no Carlyle is like a virus. A bonus here, pausing guess, you're, some sort of centre that, like said the Bali their way from the basque area, to run he's not a huge fan of that right.
The fan of like perimeter, guys were the office. Can robber them was shooters in the bar moves, but with wait about a bonus? Is the bomb moves us a bonus? I would have thought that would have been a Carlyle guy, but doesn't seem like either. He can't figure out how to play him with turn or he just doesn't like it. But I don't know what your take on me I mean Carlyle, either the same thing with precise, posing as an rightfully dates and posing a sunken pose stops a couple years ago. In any minimize, it needs a good three point shooter for his size, Simone. If it doesn't make sense, he's a pretty good post play our pretty good elbow facilitator in a poor, three point shooter and they just as it is, if not a fit between Carlisle and a bonus Sophie am I mean I think about it- has been a little bit undervalued meeting throughout Therefore the way people are talking about him and he's twenty five years old he's a two time all star has the ability to generate offence for you. You know that those five last week when I was out of exactly the point.
The ball in the type. A guy worry like whips the ball around the forty likes to hold it, and I think that's true, but It therefore ensure in Indiana I'd love to see him when more talent around him. You know, if he's on a team with, well I'll tell her. We ve seen flashes of the bonus keeping the ball moving fast enter he's one of those situational players that in Oklahoma City his rookie year He was a good dear and headlights, they hadn't do and simple stuff. Pickin pops Russell westward work in Indiana he's turn into an all star, but he's in a situation where he's needed to facilitate so much of the offence is developed. Some of those habits, I'd love to see him fall into a situation now. Said he you a couple weeks ago, I'd love to see him on own state. I may I don't see him develop twenty five years old in a situation like that and see what he turns into. But honestly, like I said, I think what the young team are, these contending teams there are twenty plus themes. I should be going after about us, twenty plus teams that should go after him. So, like these deal ideas we have. I wonder how much
The bidding war Indiana would be able to create if all these seems to go after the bonus, how serious how many very serious, the point that that price gets driven up because there's not many other players available there anywhere near the calibre of him VON Celtics. I want figure out. How do I get? Tatum Brown is a bonus on the same team. I don't care who us is on it a figure out the rest cited. Let me start with those three guy. And all that figure out how to make it work around them out over Paper Simone's, I'm a huge opponents guy You know you mention how he's like you said he was a pretty good above facilitator. One thing that he's really good at and places with this over and over again with them, especially lading games, is when aid when they would inbound off. You know thy ten seconds. I have seven seconds: I have failed in bad to him and he's almost like an hour appeal court back where he can pretend he's gonna hand off and they'll just take off and go to the basket his easy kindness
Gee, I'm always disappointed that they haven't figured out a way had it's happened to that because I think there's. This is like how we talk about like gold state. Like somebody I believe said goes there and had sent out. He makes sense in this thing I don't feel like the bonuses found. The team he's made sense on yet and if I was you dont, like, I think, like views on Chicago and the views of its spot. I think he'd be rely on that team with the team that they have. I think the right teens gonna find it maybe it'll be ok, see amid the question is what effect poker had? What do we do hope? Our point I may be the case he can't take away Poker Smith familiarity you that I'm grab rose figure also have a problem: maybe that's their lottery strategy, pokers, two important too, that team for their water. I hears my trade. There is a lot of Ben Simmons, Dallas Buzz, which eight there was a faint trade out there and see, but as trying to figure out I what you must Hugo infer that I'm just
was on. The internet doesn't mean in other words, but that it does make sense for douse. Thank you think. That's a typo guy could supply Luke Dodge rate on paper. You think you keep pausing us and have LUCA, and you have siemens and posing as imposing is twenty five you from the basket, and Siemens is low. I kind of like those two together I beg LUCA, be twenty pounds later. I'm gonna put that in their as this forty pounds later more out of the key, no matter what the hell is. Your book every bill, LUCA, getting the better of his life, is the key less hooker mostly knives out. So could there be a three tamer where we get see outcome, abaft and fairly, basically ends up with the outcome in Brunson Dallas ends up with citizens in Toronto ends up with Maxie Kleiber in TIM, hard away in travel for tonight.
Now, though, we want to go home and there's a pick another taken, another pick, there's gotta be more pick them after Seattle Bill yeah, I'm giving them other stuff. It's enough now is not enough that. Why don't I view the arc of so much tat. Trot trial is gonna get more than that for Seattle. It means it is super young, I know, is expensive. I know he's got the big contract. I know I have a bunch of wings and forwards and he should be a guy they consider trading. But for those names you just listed the whole. No, I don't think so. I think the outcome heat has become a little bit underrated, Harebell, it's like! What's a bonus, yeah he's, not a perfect clarity. Might not avert would be worth that contract ban and these are shooting the ball as well. As you did a couple years ago, but he still got talent is not a bad place, is only twenty seven. Twenty one in eight December, eighteen and
in November, the three points shooting has gone off a cliff, the add as their down to thirty percent. Since I think ed the nineteen twenty season, the Babo here, he could make a cases add one dysentery point shooting season than other and that the economy is in it. Other than that would worry about me why there is less of an asset that emu is he's the guy that, if there's some guys that, if they're gonna pay thirty six thirty seven minutes are gonna, get the twenty points posing ass, a site that posing as always gets the twenty points. But he also is point thirty, four thirty five minutes on this. I just think he's less of an asset, the new out. It's funny. I was thinking if I'm fillies that enough, the Cassio shown that there's is enough there, like he's twenty seven, you know he's not young anymore. I kind of like he's he's where Wiggans is re begins is the best version awakens areas
in this year, but Wiggans is kind of a this binding as he is. I don't think, there's a leap firmly guys I being get better at a bunch suffrage. Did they share, but you know he is what he s sight whatever, when we thought like he had a chance to be Maple, Jordan, all that stuff I bets on happening. I think the outcome is. Who is this point? He could give you the right situation, eighteen and seven and some good difference- foe, your assessment of this trade for trial, your party, he was looking that that's his likeness is a guy making thirty million dollars who isn't necessarily worth thirty million Fourthly, we want to build the fame out bingo, I'm getting out of some money and get hard awaited. Cheaper price and I'm getting you don't get kleiber. Who I feel like I can play. centre right now, cause I don't really have great centres or I could just put them in a different shape is on basic cutting back on money and I'm making a clear like I'm built around Scotty Barnes
and in the end we in a couple of their gas gather peace? They need to figure out as the dragon, because I think Dallas his kind awaiting a dragon. She get body That sounds like a staring. Can it? Maybe you ve, heard aside deal a bio raise where the Dallas as a part of the deal they buy em out in the hours picked him up. I only were less lukewarm that I can't figure out how to get Benson Misdoubt. Could somebody's gotta get excited about Hardway him, even if they do get better and as the Dallas. I hope, Jason. Kid is able to figure out how to use the key posts because of its way too often when they have to big on the floor. Lightweight Powell in key p, Paul or whoever might be as a non threat, and they opposing is near the pain and look at doesn't have driving lands to get to the basket and Lukas already nine shape? I liketh always fatuous coming gather. If you had been summoned to Katy, they're gonna really have to have cavy back in the Carlyle style role. Where he's spacing the floor a lot and can't post up is often, but he had a lot of blood flexibility, IP pretty sweet. Imagine like a front court. A small ball line up with.
women's and LUCA or Simians POW and LUCA. Are you provide size, versatility, yeah, it's its intriguing for them to get a guy like sentence without fit out on a horse. I'll give you. I don't think I don't either about three way: Seattle, undervalued for Toronto. I mean I understand your points about the salary aspect. I mean he's gonna make him thirty five million dollars in the last year of his contracts, but I think I I have your move at the academy. I'd want a true big, not clever. In return, the most bunch aid that solves everybody's thing is poisonous inquiry, and heavy itself on maybe three elements, and there are three when I had but something's gonna four dollars, coregos colleagues, pausing discuss the broken, that's happened. There will be a great the sunlight thou. Rather we need. We need a massive deal, just like us to Kay style deal to happen. I'd love well for the free play of purposes
and Antonia decided in Chad. Marine young for citizens is the most fun plan. Frankly, cannot because I think that it would be really good at that point. I think we're learning that back see, relying on him as I gear thirty five minutes again point. Our problem is the greatest idea for trying to win the title, but if he's coming up the bench as he checkpoints and stuff like that, makes more sense but Murray and the big stage of the sun- and so I think the Philippines love him, I had fallen off, but that's why he's probably net contributor? But once again we ve tried to shade Bent Simmons and that we came up with a good solution so bonus. Who knows you might be right? Maybe its young team will see though I died, it just seems I go He just wants to collect picks. I guess we'll find out what it is sending out a good case here and the mismatch get the boyd as well, and I hear us read for the Ringer COM, a great website good, to see you. Thank you.
That's it for the park. Ass thanks to cousin South thanks to cabin Oconnor, thanks to Cow Creighton, who produce this package as always and we'll be back, and this speed on Tuesday, don't forget, we watch was is moving from Monday to send this week, so irritation, that is why I see antics. One way.
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