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Friday Rollin' With Joe House and Mallory Rubin (Ep. 257)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to discuss the Patriots' deflating opening loss (6:00), Kareem Hunt's rookie breakout (11:00), Gronk vs. Eric Berry (16:00), the downside of Tom Savage (22:00), Kyrie's thoughts on the Celtics (31:00), and way-too-early NBA odds (36:00). Then, The Ringer's Mallory Rubin joins to break down the lack of offseason NFL story lines (43:00), Antonio Brown's 'Dancing With the Stars' gimmick (49:00), player movement in the NFL (55:00), the spiritual element of enjoying fish (1:01:00), the best bacon (1:12:00), and final thoughts on 'Game of Thrones' (1:20:00).

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Are the ringer not come where I brought back my Friday? Football com, it came back, it rose from the dead. It's about fifteen hundred words longer than I'm gonna try to aim for every week, but had elapsed. They about the bizarre. Our nature of the interval of season now has started to overshadow the actual season. Lay down some picks changed, changed my pick strategy, I'm just doing three or four bets every week in teachers this year so check that? it's on the ringer dot com. It's coming every single. Week during the season through the Superbowl unless it hit by a bus or something to check that out, don't worry about ring around a foul show which is heated out this week, with rather amazing camel clock on Tuesdays and fraud as Gm Street with Frazier and MIKE body and we people,
ask him when the next we watch was past. Is we might point. Today we are debating we that we know we want to have one up and there's like three different movies. You want to come in after the twitter poll to see what America thinks so stay tuned for that follow that food. Feed. If you have an irony When last thing, Larry Walmart podcast had old, Ringer France Jeff Fibro and and jam on it, who at least a host of keeping one. Sixteen hundred pack ass for us now thereon on POD save America, thereby ass. It was excellent. I was in the first half last night. It was good to hear those guys anyway. YO ass Molly ribbon coming up, but first the RO? How famers project
I know I just ass. He is that this package for five to six weeks- and there is good reason for that- has as its own package. It's called house of cards, it talks about food. Week he's out a bunch, a ringer staff. Resign said about celebrities and he's had me on a few times. It is already my favorite pack has ever has to see your dream country become a food maven, so kind of you. I appreciate it I was always a food maven I mean I'm bad. I mean that with all due false humility, but having the opportunity to share my enthusiasm with all of our pod cat path is possibly might my life's greatest accomplishments
Please don't tell my parents yeah now with demand it. I think you, competition. Greatest accomplishment is my daughter's always submits favorite Bacchus she's. We know what We are driving a soccer, and this weekend in San Diego two hours she just like put has carbs. I was at the front for choice over everything, even over jammed session, which is now her number two pack s areas in it. I've been getting a lot of great feedback from from from women who have expressed a great bit of of support, and I think it's because of Juliet Juliet really resonates. The people near you know and Jacobus mad cows we took food, is firm, grant language copious do Juliet. I just like terms Jacobus, they don't get fired, was my joke and now him in jail and a better running segments. I had to me that's an even trade. We get food news he gets. Don't get fired, that's fair right now,
They had to turn a drought. Apparently you shut up Jacobus House You came here. I think for ago, in my body still has not recovered. Do you procrastinating from that talking about this patriots came by the way I gained, I gains between four and five pounds not fit in two pairs of my genes, which is pretty embarrassing. How many past did you gain? I was. I was closer to double digit. I was in the eight to eleven downrange land of the of the weight gain where biggest the culprit. For that too big factors for that one was
the lunches. I don't eat lunch mainly that now those are those are like old school lunches, what I'm twenty three twenty four twenty five years old, three thousand or four thousand calorie lunch. Where you know it's the middle of the afternoon three o clock and I'm dozing off, I may even catch fifteen minutes of a cat. Now, back in the days when I was a young of young lawyer closed the door catch those fifteen minutes to have a coffee and power through the rest of the night. I'm glad that's what you're doing when you close the door, I'm glad that's what you're doing. I said I'm glad that's what you're doing when you close the door Knapik five dilution back there, we had one word night, where we had three different dinners and the same night, which we we were again we. Basically we describe the food weekend. I Neer pack ass the cowboys scope people in here, but we had a dinner
and then we went Christian took us. But besides place where they did. What was that type? A massage cod like a circulation massage, what's out there with a reflex biology air, so it was interesting gave you superhuman strength, I've ivy, the latter meals with you over the years. It was the first time I've I've seen you gain strength. Is the night went along a little take in Vegas when they pump the oxygen in the casinos. This was like the food version of that You may be, they ripped off a second me. And then a third male, our we're thinking dessert, which for you deserve. Is a pastrami samaranch, half a hot dog in a bag of french fries, and this is like eleven o clock at night. I dont think that helping your house or or your weight your weight limit that week, I would say that I was. There was a big culprit it. I was probably a three pounder Azerbaijan, that eleven o clock. Yes, I remember my body clock that that was two in the morning for me. Well, if people, if you love food,
the package for the hungry by the hungry again and again, my daughters but matters most beloved package? Speaking of three pounders and three pan dumps the news I want to talk to you about carry because we in that discuss noon. I have that discuss that in this partnership, but the Patriots took a three adopted. I am I'm torn about how bent out of shape. I wanna get about it. I was very careful the twitter last night as you call it the twitter, I I she thought they there's a scenario where, if grudges catches the second touchdown, there are fourteen nothing and they probably win like fifty six to fifteen or something instead it There there is some weird forth in short cause. I have idea. None zero zilch. Why, every time its fourth in inches they, don't just spread it out with five receivers and Brady, who has to be a hundred percent. That situation is unstoppable,
it has been unstoppable; instead, they will like conventional trader ram. The bog down, which did she said ten guy, stacked than the land their China ran the law into it. I have no idea why they kicked feel gone. Did three worth in inches situations and they got stuff twice, to feel goal which is like come on Brady Mess Brady whose really bad I'm not makin a panic about that yet, but you used is bad other than the long throw he connected cooks. His balls were sailing high. He missed open she was the whole night. He looked uncomfortable. He added pass. Eddie was two yards over the line which was unconventional and that the two things I am actually legit concerned about Defence was the about anyway, was worried about anyway, because they just don't have the lion backers in the address is the sheer and then hide. Gets hurt and I'll send those guys out there that didn't. I just of two days ago. That was bad
I did not understand why Andy the Red was waiting, basically, three rules of the game to run swing, passes and we'll rats to his two Karim hot, who I dont think we're linebacker good. Could a definitive that was. One thing I was worried about the other one I thought rock, like an old man. Last night he looked like a rather Chapman. China cover first base, he was dead. Now have the same explosive. This did not at the same coordination and just seemed obviously was drunk but seem like he just seemed uncoordinated and an aging Was you watch a game? What was your biggest take away, watching a team that you don't care about? The thing that I was most surprised by is how the path defence got pushed around and how thin the defence looked to me. I thought that the chiefs were deliberate in
saving something for the fourth quarter in terms of the way around? Here with your mentioning, I think that that was intentional. You know they kept running that shovel pass thing to healthy, which you know had kind of mixed success, but it with success more and more often than not and they they were able to get over the top a couple times with with their speed. In a way that was surprising to me, but if I were the patriots fan, you can chalk up nearly all of the you know the Brady misfiring and away they rock looked in everything on on the off. As I would say, you know not getting, not converting those for doubt. I would talk all that up to just a first game of the seas and stuff I agree with your point that if they've gone up, if they, if the grand catch had been allowed, they would bet that it would have been tough to beat. This thing is concerning to me is I got pushed around on defense and they looked slow on defense in the Hightower injury,
is concerning so I dont know how they're gonna shored up, but I always liked the path getting ten days before the next football game heightened or is probably the only did indispensable and am that defence for everything he does, but then also just a lack of debt that at that position in general, but their front, seven it out again patriots have been here many times, and people panic, especially defensively in Belgic, ends up move people around in acquiring somewhere guy from another team nobody's ever heard of, and then some hours out, but that they scared me about last night the chief scored forty two points. Like the head about twenty penalties, genome set, like David they were super sloppy. They made a ton of mistakes, they shot themselves in the foot over and over again in this, discord forty two points: and I d feel like point that well other than at the outset, myth connected
passes in, and then there are often got gone in the second half, but your cheese fan watching those first three quarters you like, oh, my god, where it completely blowing this game, giving away or your blaming the rafts the causing pretty fair for the most part, but there how advantage you at one point was like thirteen, the two and they stole when the game by fifteen points and if in the area of sieges, guy e you're keeping your fingers crossed now they're Brady looked at A forty year old man last stand aside and accident kisses forty herself up and I really authority I They really missed, Miss datum in last night, which is that the last time I will say that this season, but brady- did not have that receiver out there tat he just had the complete one arab saint confidence connection has and through the wars with Amatolas, probably the closest but you now. You saw what happened amygdala last night, like
He doesn't stand the field when you play him all the time you gave a thinking I can cost, but You know he got nailed another time over the middle and adjust easy. Not as there are both gentlemen- and I think it's it's risky due to x asked him the point. Nineteen games a dead as it gets. Offered thirteen or if you like, he's EU them sparingly. You know that you, you can try and get that kind of workload. That element workload needs to be allocated across a bunch of guys, you're, absolutely right bad. They looked up slightly, they combine violated by you, know TB, twelve, not having his number one guy, like you, know, surprise, surprise play with her two or two at three weeks ago, like yeah, they don't already have the answer, maybe that that prize by it, because being goes further than that, though. The most important thing he's had for fifteen years,
successive failures? It's always been that slack slacker, that it completely dress, and first it was Troy Brown. Ran out. An awesome run Then they really have anybody for a couple years after Dm Branch left has read them, its for one year. I guess so try Brad the branch d and leaves you really did that year when they probably should have won the Superbowl and they just have. The receiver welcomes and he's great work. Her gives way to Arrow man he's great. This is really only the second season in the law. Fifteen years abraded, as now that one guys like up its third and seven, do in their sea. Just kind of look, so red is dude in that guy knows exactly Brady's. Thinking than that, and then it happens, you would think you'd have that connection with rock. I. I don't know whether Bronx banged up, or whether aired bury just as great and shut down and air Baron again heard at the end of the game, but grant was now
open and that game he's wasn't. Even place that he made there. Is somebody draped all over him. Every time it was an atypical grab formats. I did think that she could come brain cooks, and was frustrated that brain it in our brain, don't know many catches in a book with, but he also drew, I think, three flags, but just in general leg. It seemed like a game just on these Brandon Kirk's may be brave as an feel honoured, so comfortable remit are concerned. I think You know between Brady's age, in the defence there people say the pets are repeated. I think there's There is real reasons for concern. Now. The good thing is there for the pats on the. If seized- and you know it's not like that's going- a kick ass, the vision, but we a sound I did. The part on the guest alliance is weak It was minus five. Fifty to win Superbowl, all thirty.
What teams in the patriots he could have every team for minus five? Fifty that seems like one of the great Betsy Malta have now right still available now in the house that I want right now the ads. Therefore, he shifted about What what is, number one thing you said about this for purposes other than gambling, how you re that our only gambling I live for the for the gambling anymore, because I dont have a local team. The route for, though, all I route for is my bed. The single most exciting thing for is is rejoining with cousin fell on a superconductor yeah about for this purpose. For you that brought it. Do you have you pigs? Yes, I send me his and I sent him mind that we have five pigs. Should we talk about a year we could go on. What do I want to talk about about carry with you, but we should. We should definitely at this.
Good idea the idea this in the car. To I, like the rams, minus four has escaped tolls. In he's scattered Zena Road getting less than seven amid I'll, take it or leave it. Did that was one of mine guide. I did Raven sewer, plus two and a half in the contest in Cincinnati. I just like the ravens is sheer and one of my September gambling philosophies is I'd the teams that you like or don't like, and for me the courts alright, I want to short the colts I think they're going to be terrible, which is why I took the rams. I like the ravens I like what they did. I like how they beefed up their d. I love Jess Tucker like the special teams that have good home field. It's why I wrote to AIDS there. The team in your fantasy League, that with ugly every week and you to understand other winning, but they keep winning starts this week. I have them and they had a fair wind power.
We do every year and that's the theory that that informed you that I was the thesis as to why I selected them. I'm I'm concerned about Joe flak goes back it Joe Flat goes back turned out to be a bad back, then it's gonna, be their bad feeling for the raven while he's fine, it's not like you get hit plank, are oh shit. I took I took this hawks plus three Green Bay. I just like to say acts. I thought I had a good game here fair line day. I think they have a fifty fifty chance to win. Maybe even sixty forty and I'm getting three points. I just grab that I like the tight so I dont really like this. Isn't it was though, but I dont like the raiders as much. I did not pick the raiders to make plans. I they ve been a little overrated. I think there's a little too much. Smoking blown up their buts and I think that. You know too many people in the bandwagon. Basically, I liked the fact the plane in Tennessee
those early September games in the south good luck to everybody in the south this weekend holy Shit, Hurricane Irma, but the usually the weather in the south, those first couple weeks. In the end, the opposing changes just well is the game goes lies with attains Romanus two and a half an hour. Like the one in the last one I had was the charges on Monday night plus You're dumber, I just the devil, better team we had coup Pakistan Wednesday, I M ready for to sanity, feel river. In December. And, as is the same thing as the Seahawks, I just I just think they have a really good chance to inelegant points. So what did you take other than
other than either ramps air. We both the current I I put in the Texan, so I'm going off favorites I mean I it's just the beginning of the season. I don't have any got what, however, so my three elections, where the taxes that minus five, because I just love, I told myself into debt, Houston story, line of them coming out, yeah he's goin out gangbusters yeah, it's a good one and at anything less than a touched out against the Jaguars, with a Texans at home, the first game in Houston yeah. I like that, and I also took the Viking minus three on Monday night. I just like them at home. I think the vikings are good good to two very good at yet at Bay and Seahawks are kind of the class of the annex c I mean we bid Genesee EAST you can assorted
thought I'm I'm leaning towards the Eagle Fair, but in guideline I like the Vikings Packers in the ox, so like the Viking at home three against New Orleans and ran. I I really like him too. I almost have am I like that team and I, like the Ricky running back, who ever paid for my fantasy draft Kirk. I think You can barely get. I I actually think this gonna be like the year the Ricky Running backs, and I, in my view, The jackdaws I wanted to end up with at least two of em, but between cook you saw Hunt last night, was after the fumble, just fantastic record, Mccaffrey Foreign HAT, pretty loaded, they re really as it in and its position that needed a little invigoration. So anyway, I'm with their Minnesota, but I'm sky, I'm always scared of breeze. On Monday night, it's just a by it
an allergic reaction edges. The is one of those guys you hey gonna, get someone in AIDS, as I oh, my god, you're raising, afford and fifty yards stating that I am right there with you any therein. A dome would also help, but it's just. I can't tell you. I've been seen too much that Norland defence and every year all its improve, Aver improved us. By that point, then they come out and give up. Forty eight point, so I just like the idea of points at the end of the game, the Vikings at home at all, and then South South doing on the ringer he's doing his best better. Week were making awesome videos added I'm sick and check that out. It's on twitter feed, south the Steelers minus nine, which I love, I have them in a way that was one of my pixel, my car, my teeth, the stores with the with the chargers. I rely on the Texans, the Steelers like the browns its.
All the signs are there? There is little hope, therefore, little bare and then I'll help or a crystal has today is Garrick at her and just seems like their headed for another browser. But I looked at that Since I had for a long time Tom. Your man, Tommy Savage, just just scares me that I'm not really your item yet I just I wanted to dad. They are the same reasons you had. I think the Texans defence is gonna, be terrific. They're gonna run away with the ass. He sat by two wins. I just couldn't The children and much of my time is. Sadly, I want Watson being I'm waiting for Watson, I'm right there with you. The thing is white. What how I got over that reticent was Mr Blake Borders that we are debating a plague border facts here for those who Tom Brady have six m bp- God yes shattered the blame
or else facts twitter account water. There were the best. The cancer tutor Edna House give you a recommendation and Instagram there's an account cod drunk people, doing things. Tat is basically somebody took all the videos I took in college and now they're just putting up fresh two thousand seventeen versions, three or four times and it is an outstanding and re upon her they are not. Experts are queuing up to half of God. I want a sponsor, though, by Alley Islands answer them it is. It's just tremendous its people jumping off jack. I knew a pool, but some are hiding a table in that, like nobody, nobody really getting hurt, but like people just drawing up on each other in it, just all the stuff from college that that we miss that is now captured on this account? It's it's hilarious anyway. Speaking of gambling house drafting Swim
fanciful by their hosting on one hundred thousand our contest totally free to enter one big ray this year. If you Jeff the perfect line up, you can win one billion dollars jacking can, with a b yeah lots of ways to plague cheese twin. Contest, big cash prizes, private contests, written pity, gets a group of friends or my personal every single entry contest each person can only enter one light up their beginner incursion. A contest where your play against people of similar skill level as well. The best part by drafting drafting new team each week without any commitment, gotta draft kings, dot com right now or go to their app. The draft kings app is premature citizens to play and draft kings free week, one contests without doubt, store prizes. Member. If draft Jeff, the perfect Gonna become in one billion dollars, that's promo code summit eligibility restrictions apply, see draft kings, dachau for details. I d Jeff kings every week, but I'm in
I like I like fantasy and draft kings more than I actually like real fantasy. At this point fantasy register with everybody has the same pigs, the same sleepers in the same opinions- and you know the draft add on Tuesday night, like levy a bow and for Seventy one hour's David Chancellor for sixty nine and somebody took. Fifty our receivers and it's ok, everybody knows has the same information. You who do you use for that league? What service be used? I don't want to give applied by MS interested so we use CBS Sport sign, for it for no reason you pay for it that for us too. So this is what I wanted to ask you. My very favorite thing about CBS sports line. Is they give commentary on the quality of your selections? Any end your draft and they do a weekly email every week that that ranks the teams and so forth, based on their own, you know, metrics, the fur
Where fires should have been drafted and then what pyres you should have inserted into your line up. Yet it's an automated automated right about your draft. I agree I injurious to my very favorite thing is getting a bad grade, Miss Phoebe S draft I always knows I did a good job. If I got a bad great from here tonight by their ratings to be, short, narrowly terrible? I think they're their bad at it, but I love, I got it. This year, I was about to say steeper championship. Mother upwards I also love when they they try to guess what the score of the match ups going to be, and there scores they assigned to each player usually way off. I go to in every week go to it. I am, I can enjoy mad agreeing I'm getting man it's of automated system. You know, I will say it p. Currency be CBS sports line? If your listing it's there, an accident that when people go to that,
a party or menu and their China click like my team or standing in o accidentally. I've cooked and add you don't need to do any mouse chicanery you're better than that CBS Sports. I dont dope. Don't move, don't shoot quickly switch the menu so that all of a sudden, I'm accidently clicking on an ad. I know it Europe, there don't do that. Why am I M complimentary of them on balance idle? I like very much. The weekly Marquis comment meted out my mum, the name. My team is my son like, like she's, my son, like your dollars, because I am in a league with a bunch of guys that daughters Are they my fun? That's how I love it. When it comes up my stomach, your daughter's could have one this. We could being a monologue, my lad, to say grabbed sooner or later. What that one of the teams in the EU who disputed grab people,
we could say that the euro would be if Israel, He followed the advice and put the Uno Travis Healthy and yet ahead of whatever that. That's my favorite part of previous birthday. We are, we switched two different service I think two years ago to court on, could save money and where all of us just hated it and we had almost a revolt against Jamie, the guy who is running the league who stab in the back. Tuesday night and tried to vote me out to win a connect falling yeah James has ever had a bit of a size. Did you do yesterday? The grandma who got kicked out dear, I beat a big pile. Connect for to stay in the week is Jamie, who have learned, since he was sixteen and have helped every step of the way he D decided to ram. The Arias soared into my back, there be pay back. The way
tat, I ve ever do anything like tat to me. You may that run you ever in a car would suck by Cairo They quickly give us your thoughts. I was wrong, they really really disappointed that it turned out that Cairo really did want to be traded in Cleveland really was inclined to accommodate that because you know how much I love a conspiracy theory. Yet when I saw all of this, my my conspiracy, theory and ten I wear were raised in my eyes were going back and forth. I prefer to think that whole thing Was a play by the worldwide dominate her Brown James yet who create the narrative key? He learned at a very important lesson with a decision and he was not going to repeat that mistake and he now has all of the infrastructure
place between his management team, the agency with the representation of players and his own pr firm to to put out of a story with an intended desired? A fact. That's gonna put him in a very bad light. I thought he was creating the story by what I was gonna, give him permission to go to allay next year. That's what I thought that all thing was about, and I thought at the end of the day, Tiree would stay in Cleveland and that there was some pay offer purport Tiree behind all of this, but that you know some inducement that Leubronn could offer Tiree. But that, though, the intended effect of showing the the cat
management to be bunglers, which really does need much in the way of further and that after the summer. Yet what happened with Griffin in all of the union to make any move, but I'll, be God damned if, if, if at all, remember the young man's name? Who who is the successor to Griffin off the top of my head, he might be the GM of the year for that trade for this further swindle that they pulled off against the sound the swindle, pull tremble coolby, Othman, swindle, ok, environment, let's hear anything what's that was, I guess
even a monologue leading you buried the lead. You thought it was a swindle. There was this window this three though the swindle is because the Brooklyn Pick was supposed to be the compensation for afore, lower, guys, hip varieties hip. Everybody knew that I t had a problem you didn't play in the play off because it is a problem anyway. We knew that it was something that was going to linger into the beginning of this disease, and so the only reason that the Celtic had to include the Brooklyn pick without any protection whatsoever was for the purpose of you, no sort of buying Cleveland Agreement told their nose and approve the trade notwithstanding. Whatever came out of the physical yeah, the point of the unprotected Brooklyn pick yeah, not so they got to the point. They were right on the brink of a narrow, like you know what we want a little bit more
wait a second round and gave it to a man again. My second rather, who cares, work big? They got more, they got more, that's the point. The whole thing was worth were. Fine, I was willing to you know concede to the cell pigs that that that when pick on protected, I think broken gonna be terrible again. This year, I don't annulled by the the narrative that they're gonna, be there slightly improved in the east is much worse. So Brooklyn might end up that. Take that not be not be a that take pick gonna be a tough. I pick once again. Let there be no doubt do. I think that that was a really really valuable asset that Cleveland now has it can move in so many different directions that, with totally fair compensation for Tiree I mean the fair trade was just carry for. I t straight up and if I t didn't, have the injured hit, that would have been a fine trade but all the other pieces that may come on clean coal because it well. If I, if I t, was completely healthy identity, Ben Tom
crowd her there. The boss, since two thousand eighteen peck and a second matter were who knows, or maybe the Memphis Peck, whatever they had, but You know you're getting one year of Thomas And we have no idea what is coming back. That feels like a problem, you mentioned the broken pick. So vague, as has indeed I do want to step up our magical over under spike asset. We do a rear, vague Vegas has around twenty seven Atlanta under that damn sure I go under that at twenty two. They have set men are twenty seven and a half and phoenix at twenty nine. So either for twenty nine years it seems a little higher. We gonna get on that. Want somebody, somebody no, what we already made our bed. We should tell America we made the big one Philly
was forty one for some reason, and you may have forty one half you mean Sargeus. We pounced on that. Like you, pounced on wages, drama, savage and eight, we pounded it. I just I can't believe, nobody factor and durability with these wins out. If they get hundred games out of an bead for and Siemens, while hundreds love that it's a hundred BC. What's the over under won't whatsoever underwear you bet over Siemens, faults and am bead tone we'll games can bind one twenty. I like you like a hundred in de as the well. Let's make that bet right now I'll give you one fifty over right down right now, tying the law as another. Fifty Ganz, reachable yeah, I'm givin it too. You give ones if the italian debtor ok hurry did Great Kate recorded. So
Let me ask you this with the South South Trade, with this right now trade, Cairo Irving for injured as a time as J Cracker, the broken pick envisage would now so both teams with, of course, the third the circumstances matter. I mean you know the Celtic put themselves in the very best position to vanquish d in a cab did the very very very best they could do it when there was only one other suitor. What I mean there was already there Other suitor, according to the reports with Milwaukee in it in some in its answer with really bring in he they were really at the table, though, are the one team that had interest and cream and got the very best offer the very best deal I could get out of Boston concerning there were no other suitors. Well, I may I do it's fine things
When we have a problem with that, I still think it's a swindle. There were suitors, the problem is ones carry found out about Boston needed started, sending that still faces to the other teams, our chasing because nobody, give up a shit load for carrying if he sang like I'm, not resign their two years. So right here, able to control the market, and that's you know that this happens George to once. It gets out the poor wants to go a bit does become a little bit harder trade for them to train them. I thought Cleveland did as they could have done under the circumstances, and I was really smart trade for them and it allows them to keep their feet on both sides. Hence the penny. What Leubronn does I? think alright grieving. I think I rethought lab the Brown was leaving. I don't really think he'd like playing with labelling much- and you know I keep coming back to where I cannot share about that pilot Programme- got him to the full
three consecutive year did he was able to be on that very biggest stage and distinguish himself on that stage, and we were all through the getting that opportunity any graduated from it, and now he now he wants to play with other people, because, if you like the brandy was stayed there, there's no is firmly get traded. I, like I really like the way K D put it when I did the potter, though much is basically decay. Is a car. Like me, he like structure, he just wants to hoop and he was tired of every year. This happen that Ben this might happen used in one duly Martha made sense to me. You must always fair you- and I are a medium of for this trade, you and I were both in the what the hell is- everybody doing, Kyrie Irving is awesome camp. Were you surprised that so people out? There were kind, cannot downing him as not a franchise player, but as somebody who could be one of the two
and show pieces on any great team which is really have to look at this stuff cuz. There aren't any franchise purse there's the branded threat, but we surprised that that people were so willing to candid discard will he saw in the last three play us law that the problem is, and we talked about this little bit me you and Kayo Sea had a pod calf. We were trying to compare the merits of John Wall to carry yet. I did think it's impossible to separate carry out from the queen situation and get a really good assessment for who he is, and then you can run the numbers for how he looks on the court without abroad and how he, you know how we look from the court without Caleb, but I just did those are those are not in a great sample size.
This man? You can't really give yourself a warm fuzzy feeling about exactly who the player is, and what kind of your part of this thing that that's hard also with Kyra, is, if you gonna put him in that category, the top fifty player he needs to be a little bit of a leader, and I feel, like we don't know anything about what kind of leadership potentially ass, which is another curve aspect of playing with the broad, and you know another reason why he might want to get out from under the La Braun umbrella. So you go out there and show folks to the other leadership capacity. Buttered enough, I think the bees or cautious about it. I'm gonna give you the ads for the Eastern Conference are now. You gonna tell me what you like We even Cavaliers minus one, twenty five Boston, Celtics paused to twenty five.
The wizards of Washington, post fifteen hundred bucks, a walkie twenty two one. Incredibly inexplicably, the Philadelphia? Seventy six is twenty one. I just subdue provide better. It's absolutely talking about. I add dumbfounded, I don't understand it turn being operative. Word terrain. I was twenty two to one Miami twenty. Five to one These are now gets Walkie hundred once Charlotte's one twenty five to one. Philly twenty two. I so my Amy was twenty five to one, and I actually could see them regressing this share, but they also have the possibility of maybe making some nerve somebody becomes available. Who knows. You're was our at that the wizards emphatically, no one, though that seems I one you That wasn't me that their best they have a move to make because the marching or Politics
contracts situation, isn't gonna, isn't gonna go great and they have to figure out what they're going to do between the sixteen million dollar man yon. My foot feel soft behind me and TAT was making less money than that, and I think that the what you're gonna do with move or tat. So I don't know yet what the team and be or tat, was really important, is really important that this house effectiveness movie sense the best moving pigs in the leg, ass, the ethical God bless the League for permitting it. I dont understand my Cleveland is minus one. Twenty five in Boston posted twenty five. I feel it, though, should be a little closer considering we have no idea when I say Thomas is coming back and if you do,
in coming here to thing I dont like that account about Boston, then I think makes it fair: they they really gave up all they lost a lot of death and the thing that I'd be worried about the Boston fan is: when is the team than a fine, its defensive identity? Cadets? Really the thing that that distinguish Boston last these, and yet they played really superlative defence and then let the little guy go ahead and then just run a mocking afore quarter and that with a formula that worked last season at not the formula for this Kenneth team, can I remind you that
wash in was putting up my country. Twenty five point aims in the play: Ass in Cleveland was shooting sixty percent and like for the five plants games like will claim on is not the competitor, but Washington is a very good comparison. Yeah, you saw what happened washed and had the peer talent, but not the period death bought and beat them with defensive death Java had three straight bad game deficiency. Wise, could Avery Bradley within his chest and why the play MAX minute that with you that we talked about the will Nor will we ended up both via we have plenty of time to basque Mama Reuben just got here, someone audible before it's no secret traveling can be pretty stressful. He can have peace of mind in the palm of your hand, with the fly down to APP, which just used when the servants family away to find out? That will make your travel experience of form connected and similar since, with the every step of the way gives you information, you'd find compare but flights and the go check. Your scammers bad
They travel preferences, final fight, that's right for you, your time goes at the airport. Go smoothly with interactive airport maps, easy to access boarding, pass gate. Insane information in the Do you scan your passport there? I can get alerted importing begins. Rebook cancer delayed lights, and you can do everything. Even deliver real time bag tracking with our. If I d, radio frequency identification being on the guy doesn't have to mean being out loop, discover all the ways delta mixture easier, never download the file delta up on your Iphone Ipad? enjoy. Today I have been t delta for three years, because I think they are the most reliable I just want to get out. I want to get there in time of had the best experiences that Molly Reuben is here the mother of dragons allow She is fresh, Kind of
Irene from just in an insane game of thrones which were not going to talk about until the talented estate. But I wrote my card today about. Add the football off season has just completely fallen apart and it started to affect how people care about football as a whole, and it Saint time this is happening. The NBA turn into a twelve month year, sport rent and we ve in it with the traffic at the Ringer and just what people seem to be interested in. We can write about the NBA in MID August and people read it. They care about the personalities they care about stupid stuff, I coups d, social media and BP, some rain pick. Em gave a pickup game that was being played a knee in New York City. The fact that the Brown posted come into the imposed to him working out. This is all staff that
is constantly going like I read this pestered about, has a highlights, which I think is a fantastic instagram account and kudos to Omar My two, your order, Maniac bet basically saying has a high, it is by far the biggest traffic for them, and what they go in Ireland on the most as MBA again Ba Ba Ba the NFL the last night in the pre game? They ran this clip. It's like touchdown celebrations. France showed like four five guys. I cares. My touchdown celebration was like the interface awkward way, the same person won't have a connection with fans and yet they down- and I look I wrote about in my car today's rainy about air, What's holding out most probably the best offensive wherein the league but having their and Donald conversation, so all either Karen Donald say they bet. That's not a conversation happening in her office, but Kawhi Leonard was holding out for, should be talking about this
for five weeks, somali ready. What do you think are the reasons why the interval of season is dying other than the obvious won't come first, just reply that last part first coil and is also he's on the spurs right. An errand Donald was on the ram standpoint. I don't care about the rooms and weirdly they care about them less. Health is there in LOS Angeles than they did before. Maybe Anthony Davis would be the right thing right. His attack. Where, whose on violence is now, can you do it right? And so even then, even if he, even if an mba stars on an irrelevant team, that player is one of a handful of guys our team who people know and care about and doesn't help re. That's part of it. The endorsement else, obviously or a big part of it. You just see these guys in the NBA. Constantly people read about football and engage with. Football year round, but part of the problem. Obviously, the Vienna follows facing, and there's no like easy way to talk about. This is that. Most of the NBA News and not all of it, certainly there's some dark and being used to it,
Dark NEWS everywhere in the world right now. It's dark time in our lives, but most of them Football NEWS, or at least a lot of it. Increasingly, a lot of it is extremely unpleasant. So suffer you're. Writing about in the off season is often going to be about the latest e t study or the latest domestic violence allegation against a star player. It's tough for fans too, engage with the support in that way and then, when you add the star power and the way the NBA superstars, like Leubronn or direct, are not only the best of what they do and fun to watch and rewarded for having fun at being good effect. Antonio Brown is gonna, get find or flagged when he's dead being the absolute peak of what in scoring innovation, touch on and talking rate or celebrating, that's socks. Hard to engage with that as a fan fully and so
break it when you know that the person whose participating in it is being punished and such like, that's really duff forget to put him in my com You just madam you when you brought him up, he had no idea the stars to become more famous it's really! Why else would you go dance with the stars, economic? I went to enhance competition. You trying to build your brand. There is. A top houses there, a tap thirty five player in the NBA. Who would go and dancing with the stars? Is there a tap fifty player? Who is what's that? What's the cut off line an MBA parenthood guide. The answer, the stars hundred a hundred could everybody run thorough. Show me, J R Smith is: is Twitter famous Instagram famous what what
Where is he on that list, yeah, meaning that they have to be like cow Corver? Somebody facility is like a rope where airlines no profile. That's the point, though right it is unfair to compare the two in and in this sense there are only you know, ten guys right, basketball court at a time and none of them are wearing clothing. That obstructs you know who they are and an you know there are eighty two games now you know they did. The basket boy turned out that NBA is absolutely perfect for social media, and football has maybe ten geyser fifteen guys like if, if Aaron Rodgers, how about that would be a big story. We would be talking about it all the time but This brought a Donald plan for the rams. Like you know, I can live without it call me in it. You know it only matters to me in terms of how I bet
great around here. That's really data point that I care about the NBA. Basically, as an institution, magnifies and elevated somebody's pre exist persona and the NFL stifles at were safely its very nature or, at times actively walks to obscure it and so the institution itself is kind of working against these. The pay of slots somebody playing and it can reach. You know Tom Brady, you tell me this is a crazy thing to say obviously shrewdly famous for being the quarterback of the New England Patriot and winning super rules, but he's as famous or to be part of it is that he is extremely handsome marriage or supermodel and he's been modelling and wearing org and being goofy and weird and also happened, have the underdog story because of the fact that he was under draft
they began and he's been around for a long time. They think that's another issue right right. You, priest homes for three years, is God he's gone, guy put three, the best years together, more than two years he's gone Levy Bell three years from now he still gonna beat at the Heidi is now I don't know. It was interesting on hard knocks to hear Doug Martin, who is like relatively speaking a person in the world a young man in and if all running, back standards, ancient your talk about that candidly, like especially because he s a suspension is here. He is basically the sub text of his commentary was wild. That's all that A lot of time off my very limited clock later, when I get back out there, I have to work hard to be relevant again and I think players are extremely aware of that. It's political, dynamic demon lowered can appoint well on this day Miller play for seventeen years, maybe eighteen years I mean at least another ten to twelve years route. They write. If he's a running back, He is added.
An awesome version of the. Unless maybe ways nine years, but these guys just come and go in there somewhere eternally about right there. I do think, though, the arrogance of the NFL, where they didn't these guys to become personalities. They wanted it to be came franchise in you, look at the way that they treated Brady with the White gate at the brain. The figure for the maritime, but I just don't think the Abyss do, that the NBA wouldn't be the NBA would never say, hey we're chance to get Lebron James like it. If anything, they would go the other way and cover up whatever the information, they don't want anything happened. Lebron James, like the NBA, realises that the market ability of their stars is the key to their success, and I really, I think, the NFL. For years and years believed the marketing they have our logos our cities and our stadiums and our franchises. That is the key to our success in all these guys are completely
changeable houses that is at the dark low it it's a hundred percent true, and I think it is that kind of I don't mean to be geeky about it- that basic labour economics right it in the interest of the ownership of the other fell to not, met, any any other players to you now have a basis that would change the leverage of that relationship there. They have a that's why they went after that, the very biggest pick on the block Tom Brady.
And took him down. They would doubt whether that was a show of force by ownership. Again, you know the boat, the labour force of their farming, Georgia, talented and I fell p- a might come over and and punch me and not for this, but I think that all thing was orchestrated for the purpose of creating a dynamic for the next collective bargaining agreements like every one of you players. This is what the whole point of of punishing the players, the way that they do now that this is equally or Elliot Fix, gave this bench and based on the animals own investigation, that, as is the apparently superior to what the police in the prosecutor did in a state of wherever I am tired putting on the state, but you know did that's why they did this. This concerted effort to punish the players. They are actively undermining the capacity of the players in the next collected by agreement to argue for a bigger share, the pie.
They're, all fungible, they're all replaceable and are all in the public eye capable of you know being forgotten quite quickly and that in the owners interest to parliament, I wrote my com that today was that for you only four years ago, it feels like a million. But when answering a grant land in May of today, has it and thirteen. I asked may I suggest that due account down to the inefficiencies in man and it was Different air was like everyone by would go away. You'd feel this sets a real sadness. Kind of power is going through game phones. Right now we go for two three weeks then free agency would start down, on the combine in the draft and by the end of the draft then there is a little bit of a love and now you're ready for football to come back and then, like MID June, the fantasy magazines would go in the newsstand ran. They barely have this dance anywhere on the internet, to those great days, new stance and by.
The beginning of July, like football, four powerful, powerful papa. I dont know if it's me or Whether this is just the way it's going now, but I didn't I felt that way. This week I did I feel that way. We see our ten weeks ago. Twenty we see I did that exist and for the season now that season started on minute. Again, I don't know how long this version of Bee is a football fans going to last. But did you feel that have you been in the content, business, Mallory Fur I don't know, since you got out of college, did you I do feel that change now the off season, where people, the excite and just isn't what it was maybe six years ago, I think so yeah and no I mean I think it's hard to gauge Simon, because that is so specific and personal, and will very you now from one human being or Gore cluster fans to the next, but I do think it's
there's a correlation like it's a partially in response to the factors actually more content than ever right. So true to not have the option to engage with the sport you around the way that maybe you would have wanted to end neither should saturation there so much. Everything is covered basically like the Super bowl around whether its football are not all that, like everybody, where these articles this year by chemotherapy uncovered like the Superbowl. So it's not even just facility for bonus, naive and just specific to sport as a consumer in the world. You just have choices constantly so maybe you are now presented with more choice than you ever had and, moreover, should point choices yeah when you can choose between Guenaud going on it deep dive on youth soccer research were reading your. Wider receiver rankings a little bit early. Maybe you choose the youth soccer deep died,
Is it something you couldn't even done before? You know that if a boss also be there for you in the regular timeline, so I think people love I think it is increasingly uncomfortable to be a football fan and that's all that's a real factor by it. When the when the the Chiefs and Patriot playing last night, I felt like I only thing in the world. People cared about a minute and obviously there are out there were other terrible and very important things in the world happening in that comment does not discount any of that, but inside we, the NFL, just assumed its natural position as the dominant culture and sporting touchstone in the world and there's a reason that we have five pieces on the ringer about one game. It's because was really exciting energizing for people, and so I think, you'll feel out again very quickly. I think part of the off season is also determined by in the draft whose in the free and class what kind of movement is there. You know, like obviously, stuffed this year, Europe,
talking about how exciting is its hydraulic. The raiders relocating, sadly a thrilling thing to be talking about all off season click depressing for all its that as exciting as Shortlist Leubronn Razumihin instigated exactly. You can also literally get that exact plot line. Should you choose to do so on borrowers on Sunday night critically, literally, you can just choose a more condense entertaining version of the same thing so
and ass. You are you twelve month year for both in our six month year for bus in a gypsy just six month. Only six months, I I ran up. I rubbed up just like you in a last week because I got excited about betting on and I fell futures and betting on starting to formulate a perspective on what teams I like sort of power, ranking wife, so I could make train and not go oh and sixteen the first week of our picks, pool and try and have a point of view on what think they're, gonna went and games like a time when that poor, it's all personal to me and it ended. I love this idea of the creation that we're talking about here, because at the way that I consume Papa, I care about it only for the purpose. The fund of the gambling and camaraderie that comes up that, like all of the circle of friends that I have, I am still in one stupid- fancy football league but a stiff, because I love that retail pal marijuana,
Like you. I didn't say that story. I am I gonna get started. I just want to apologize to you in advance. Mallory was a winner and a loser story, tell you someone who you know maybe thinks of me. Like a balance, rational person, the funniest thing about Mallory. This two thousand seventeen was for years and years was was presented a certain way, both internally and externally, and now the last four months people have seen the Roma, showing you my true as the south. You ve cried throughout their very tired about audio video you, parade coworkers, think that their eyes. I can't believe Mallory that Are available for this pad cats if they ve built them, as were the better boss, you would be in Hawaii right now tried you like an intervention, not naturally with silently coming to see my family, China force her leave here.
You and me firmware drinking the delicious, Juliet beverage, absolutely who die enjoying a delicious Juliet and maybe even a little paroquet. Why a beach that the only way you can eat the poker in Hawaii on House a carved swale then, but I want to talk about food, but first, when it comes to the massive decision choosing mortgage lending its important work with someone, you can trust who, as you since a man with rocket mortgage you'll, get it in Spain. On my process, the gives you a conference make an informed decision don't waste time searching through stacks of paper, good racket Reggie can securely share your financial how to get a mortgage approval minutes. Mallory lives on. I D reads: cause she's like that she's honour found just working sheep trams, one minute a work into it. You could even just the rate and length of your learn in real time to make you get the mortgage solutions right for you when they are looking to buy a home or re financer existing mortgage. You can live the bird
getting a home loan with rocket mortgage skip the bank skip the waiting go play their mandate, Quicken the Stockholm Slash bill since equal housing, lender licensed and off the states and their mail as consumer access, dot, org number, thirty. Thirty Ok, so the summons fan went away, you are provided people, I know that love food, the most afraid, differ reasons. Lafayette, House ass, well, food like an animal. You don't you're not at that level, but, like I brought you a pie once and you almost melted beg you just the same level of appreciation allowed five, so we gotta why wherein Maui and theirs is part of of off America Payer devil play their postcard mama's fish ass. We ve been. To go to theirs in their thou that I realized that look awesome, but we go Mama's fish ass. We have decided saw they dead like
Some drank saw the start, but then incredible fish cook turn all these different ways of getting like the man he my crested in some sort of whatever house I know you love fish. Do you have my attention? I know you love fish, but When you're in hawaii- and you know like Dave, hold the fish shadow in there and they ve chopped up, what's better out of You feel how you don't feel like disgusting after you don't have like. After having up prime rib, or something where you're. Just you just want to let light out for three hours: fish you can actually eat and regroup. Is that if you could,
fish for the rest, you live from, give you no other meat meat choices, anything just fish. Would you do that? I would. I walked out the percent. Yes, I'll have to tell you- and this is something that have occurred as if I've got an older, because we know you can't do or you would, when you're twenty five years old with carbon meat and all the rest of the day, the cheese and everything I can eat so much fish and not feel any bad after effects, though I can still get that situation that I desire that my body is accustomed to an. I have the great good fortune.
Being a wake up the next day and get on with the dead on pay such a heavy price any longer, but the thing about where you're, describing in that Hawaii experience that I find stupor compelling and also is par. Why didn't hesitate to say yes because consuming fish that way, as this has had a sort of existential vibe to it right, yeah, like you, are connected to the planet in a way you're taking this great harvest that came out of the sea, you mean I can get spiritual about it because I think it is. There is a real spiritual element like when I e prime rib. I am definitely not thinking about what that poor cow in through tube, to give me that wonderful bounty, they found my plate, the fish I have whatever, for whatever reason this mindset that fish,
is there, for the purposes of you know, providing a harmony between us, the human race and end all those fishes in the sea. We are all working together for the same good outcome. This fish gave its life for a great great. We peace are great moment to help me wake up the next day, feeling energized unhealthy and wonderful. Where, my goodness laugh is that was beautiful, really beautiful. Little shocking here you live in Washington, Dc Sear man, then Atlantic. What about
conservation and sustainability, not our bay, how that our day in the crowding, the dvd in what's happening there, you just think it's just crowds of is never you, that's it! No! No! No! That's not know they're worth of harmony there, as well and in the great depletion of the crab population of the poorest backer fish, all blue crab in in the chest, Peak Bay, that sea offshoot of of you, no chemical farming and so forth. We are that the bay has been catching. You know tonnage of, of run off from state like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and you know northward coming down and filling the bay with with terrible chemical stuff that What, with heart the crab haven't been over overcrowding that that guy? You know that a shortage. Why do people treat buys water that way now that we are not thinking about a fish itself.
I know that allegation deserves so you're right about that. We are in agreement, and this brings me back to Hawaii, which can be the second home for the ringer at about four year. How man, all my man I mean, I'm inviting myself. I love the following things and I'm always afraid to wear them. I must so afraid to order them on post mates or any of those food ass, because nothing worse than getting fish like forty five minutes after the fact? But no don't do it. I love I am chatter, I love Graham shouted here, I'm always read the order. Clamp chatter but I know who I am getting the real crime chatter, which is what I gotta Mama's fishes. I love lobster Bisque Delicious, it's just it's the ass I really love lobster bisque when I know they just caught the lobster. I love shrimp. I liked the big fat shrimp That they obviously just caught- and it was like the shrimp- was trying to run away and they grab them. Does it things that you can't get unless you're in a place like that, and I think I could just eat that stuff
tat. I would not. Maybe nervous like even in Boston, which is known for the clamped chatter yeah. It's gonna say it sounds like you're describing in New England life to me. Well, but the problem Ray it's like a poky situation or like even crabs in Baltimore. Where become such a thing, I won't that there's a lot of shit. You are out of his lot, a short cuts. Well, it's just cause people. They know. The thing a place, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the best version of the thing. I get nervous that So do house fish we need in our fish. Has carbs upset at some point a great idea, because we already we kind of touched on a low that would, with David Chang lot think about who in a fish world would be the right Emma theory or Campbell people doesn't have to be just one day to normality to treat fish fairly here. What's what's the single best fit order that I should be the most excited about cause. It is the staple zero is on their. Rather, you see the swordfish
you'll see the mighty miser. Is there you it'll go through? unlike the salmon, which can be had her miss opinion, how fish it is, but I'd love to like from a chef, that's on the many you get that like that the chef, so I say like philammon Yon on the bone, is always fantastic if its Dunkirk, They may have a cup other states, but when I see filet mignon on the bone, I just no, I know enjoy it, I'm not a hundred percent in ass. I had a phantom to feel parmesan. The part in Beverly Hills this The tomato sauce was not typical. Tying terminus. Us is more like that. Sweet Canada, Manasseh, like nice, grounded veal the cheese was burnt and the top, which I really appreciate. Like I later as the Agrippina yet feel like they when they put it the cheese and the kind of big it in the grid, almost like they were big awash leisure. I ran out of court, do what they do.
How's. Your saying, you're willing to give all add up you. Never play it into a baking cheeseburger again, you never want to get the fried chicken from reliable stoneware who hundreds ever again, he desolate snow. He repeated reported to me. It is, would you consider this and the answer is yes, I would definitely maiden network unpleasant, fried chicken again table and houses eating, fried chicken believed he's lip service and the fascist ef. I can't Mattie, Frederick and one other point: on a about in Hawaii that I just think should be copied here. There's a place. Slap is it's a pancake grace they put, they put the the big giant griddle grill in the Middle table and they bring the batter, and you make your own pancakes. So you be our buttermilk or I want free or I want like apple apple whatever in there
you bring the batter out new scored it like you, had scored a catch, a bottle and fry the pancake yourself bet they brought all these sides like bananas, chalk chips. Are these two things a couple on the pancake as you're making it are they doing any guidance or they re shock, to say right away that that that's too sick its outcome, Canaveral Exhibition Centre. You can make a big giant fat pancake you can make like my son was making little tiny once right as well. That, is for breakfast place of ever seeing the kids out into this at all your signature, which were Wade's you, but you can order too you can we also if I go to Russia, because I trust the people in that establish meant to know how to make the product better than I could make you dont, like interactive foods, enjoy the the audience at a place like bad and the the vibe and little communal spirit, everything. Basically, that was missing from the Ringer fantasy draft by I
do not work. I go out. It's so rarely out even relax. You saw my seventh of bad or other. I like it. I like having control over the constitution of the and kick itself look I'd like to be able to say one more handful: chocolate ships right, one more like a cloud of whipped cream, but I do not actually have to do that house you tell me your son wouldn't like to go to a restaurant and make the paintings himself? So this is the big precisely the point. This is a wonderful idea. Her fan a b isolate the go. It s a great way to get a kid interested in food. I wasted existed here because they would be one way to introduce my kid. You know we ve actually every night natural curiosity for cooking and food not put him up on the high stool amazed at mayors, always pretty tall buddy can't reach our way up and looked down into the food as I cook it
we ve had a nice conversation about. You, know red beans and right in the roasting, a chicken and so forth. The pancake idea is a fantastic one and that's what this restaurant is is for. Wouldn't do it because you wouldn't not just mean you are adult yeah, there's pizza so now that are doing this to weaken make your own pizza around a kid idea here: what's mine pizza for me, which Two thousand seventeen food thing, your most success by matter how God what's been year, what then your most persuaded mated order this year Why should a bigger chicken farmers anywhere price We probably John Viennese, because I do that for dinner. In breakfasts? Oh, you get them would you get for breakfast at breakfast? Is incredible: it's incredible. They have like an amazing banana bread, little
salt, on the assault of utter its exceptional, the tab, legality, in all a trick myself into order some fruit when I have breakfast their rather Whenso embrace me breakfast from there, because they advocate Crumble, great fruit, it's basically like just you know they didn't more a bunch of sugar on the great burden them Barnett, it's delicious the PE cons seated granola. There is outstanding get that was some greek yogurt. I always so get an egg dish. Either the saw scrambled eggs with broader or fried eggs. Soft scrambled eggs with Parada incredible. We think that has absolutely outstanding. It's a malicious and they have become really LUCA Dick thick hardy crusty bread that they grill it. Delicious, also they ever among the best bacon I've ever had air. Would it what qualifies the best bacon you ever had cause. I have some legitimate bacon thought so for me personally, I like a crispy bacon
like how thick soft chewy baker thicker. We talk and I like a thinner career, begin. If it's garlic. Squirrel in LOS Angeles, has very thick bacon and then One of the few places that I really like white enjoy the thick bacon weather, Not they listen to my request to make it on the Chris Versailles just cause it's so flavorful delicious, but one thing by the figure bacon, as if you get a really fatty peace is not cooks. Let you ask that can be kind of it the tough experience. So that's it. That's a stake house thing. We're there let go, we make the bacon, they bring it, and it's just loaded with fat. You never know what I like the thick non fat, a lean cooked. I, like my bacon, cooked, have you? have you had Breakfast Republic, they have the bacon steak. Stay here and it's it's about man. I want to see it might almost be like a quarter of an inch thick white like it's like a tall,
I think, has pledged that cause he hasn't even granted or said. I think we have got to come displaying area you're, just not the way to enable us that's another two. Yet one is that the Bacon stake is interesting. I'm trying to figure out how to distinguish it from port belly, because that port valued, ultimately the bits pacemaker fail to deliver. A bacon. That's fine! I agree with the idea. I think you need to separate your bacon's if you're going to do a steakhouse bacon. I was at Peter Luger three weeks ago, a month ago, everybody at the table got two orders of the bacon. It comes out. It does have fat in in it, but that's where the flavor comes from. You can, if it, if it's not to your liking, to eat the fat and consume the fat, don't do it.
I prefer to rub it all over my face, because I want to smell like that fake, when I wake up the next day and I ate all of both types of bacon that arrived, but if you're wanting a breakfast bacon the go along with like an omelette or other things, it's his decide to accompany things. I'm in the school of of of Ruben. I subscribe to the mouse school, which is you know, of a crispy thin as a delivery mechanism for something that's too salty. And crispy to go along with something wonderful like eggs or his lips lets the crunch come on you and on China to tax shave. You come on. You know what I've come to grips with, the Turkey baking kazoo, thou yeah. That's how here come on. You know it now,
has anyone ever like the thoroughly enjoyed Turkey begging. The problem. Is it doesnt? It's never gonna Chris Popular wiser. The only way that I have found that I like Turkey, baking home is if we bake it in the oven. Oh that of using a skill it cause you're, never gonna, be able to fry it. The way you want to you design, it doesn't have the fat content, but if you beak, that's right, that's how I make all bake it at my house, We live in a four hundred agree gap. Where do you guys Dana candied Bacon, because I that it slap is they dead, normal begging and then clearly bake in which is little sugar happy, which of course Benjamin's between that and the? cakes and Sarah Benson was almost Cordelia was it sugar was chocolate was just like a maple kind of coding. Now it seemed like a maple sugar like they put the bacon and then they cooked it in the maple sugar, We shall only are willing, I would say, Bacon, crispy
was it was interesting I liked it have to made now It's almost extra. It's a totally separate experience like I still would want the regular bacon, and then you get it. Last summer and art of sorts foretold you had a choice between crispy Hash, Browns, breakfast potatoes or potato pancakes what're. You picking, I'm always gonna pick breakfast potatoes over crispy hash, Browns, always now their reason. I just, I think, all almost always better seasoning, almost always better seasoning. That's that's. A good point to offer with the crispy hash. Browns of you, write, poetry, nother, delicious, that's different equation, but if you're going in new diner. You want to try it out. I think that here rate, is higher on the on the breakfast potatoes too often crispy hash, hazardous kind of like kind of a just peace in Greece.
Which is the same problem. Potentially they wrote last Brandt's yet with the aid of pancake. Now I mean I all speak as a member of the tribe here as a chosen person is, do you have it now quality control. Now, how out myself would Marian Reuben sign off on this lucky? You know, would grandma think This is a suitable presentation, that's my again with me pause. I always judged by me pause by whether may adjournment of approved I'm more likely to be disappointed by a potato pancake than I am to really enjoy it, even though I love them in general that so funny, I'm the outset. I've never been disappointed by potato pancake if their sour cream applesauce, I'm just happy Khartoum plant. Often the house tat breaker innocent onion in their well, but you, this isn't gonna be helpful. I would choose- and this is exactly what I would do if I walked into a bracket place, I'd never tried before I would order.
The current be asked round table pancake. I would leave alone the potatoes other breakfast potatoes yeah, because behind it could I it's worth the gamble to me that they could be ass. Brown too are done properly. Witches, crispy, install tee and potato pancake is a separate thing altogether. You gonna hit on a little bit my friend those events it a nice vehicle for other things that might be on the plate and if it has the right consistency and its cause, they cannot not a low bow, both sour cream. You know what else goes. Wonderful, pathetic! A pancake will have thought you could put it there, but you know that guy with the sour cream a little bit of key with a little bit of cool and that's a nice bite and you might have I am a little scrambled eggs in your mouth at the same time is that by that's nice bite a Fulbright there, and that's why I was both ass, brave and the potato pick. The practice Medina are the best vehicle for the hot sun
I think. So. If you're interested in their hearts ass experience, you have to get the breakfast potatoes I will say that I work really comes down to. Is I really like the sour cream and Applesauce Carlos our? Yes? that bad cream, not apathy. I like criminals to Kathy programme sharper obvious my wife and my wife will boil them first and then put them in the past sailor Brown on both sides. Our grasp Kids, lead that is, where hassle he's gonna corned beef ass, the best corned beef ass ever rams at the heritage diner. Mr Massachusetts, you introduced me to court The idea in the big thing done the diner menu down here when I was going around as a high school mallory that sound. That's how you know you ve been friends for a long time. It says you it should speeds occurred. It went off like a tree seduce third girl.
God. How sums I'm not going to talk about what girlfriend you may not have introduced me to fight the Corbett was better than all of it and I am very happy to have omby amby passion, my life, the last twenty five. Thirty years, it's it's a hit or may so that it can be formally asking mostly be in the wrong hands when it's done correctly People go too far with corn beef, ashen, actually leg ray. We try to make it with real corn beef like fried in Poland. Stern, and then it just ends up being two things that are kind of seven lay together ran I like when it. A little bit old school. It's a little bit on that share our long. It's been there, but it's fried ok, see you what kind of like did the tv trade dinner version of it, but work well done version of that interesting yeah. It's something that I as I've got no there. It's tough to start the day with Fixing corned beef hash. I can't say it's a big part of my life should I should invest in and work in an omelet, I think, is the most ensure you idiot interest.
No cheese. I think that the great entryway, what she's pairs of asset I would say provolone the nets that overwhelming I agree: a neutral g, a neutral. The choice of shipyards has it's the best thing. Even since I've seen you, or rather the great question I had I ordered booger teeny every single night I was down in Orlando Florida last week inside the confines of the mousetrap. Why would I died? Put my seven year old on a while. Then wonderful, Disneyland tore. We stated at a great hotel which honest to God, with saving grace of the whole effing trip. I wanted to kill myself the end of each day and then this hotel, we return of egg amen yeah a little bit of adult imo martini in a book attaining I ate the book attaining every single night. It was prepared without a trace Deanna. I buy back that everybody twitters get me out of here.
Briefly, I oughta witches with a with with a shudder with the onion, a little red, pepper flake. I would madam, I would permit a small shaver tool Amazon on TAT, but I mainly wanted it for that. Acrid by sea thought the mouthful and the path was obviously could perfect out then take everything all night, wonderful, wonderful! me. I had sat the list as amazing javanese excellent book at any house. Herbs we had, we you mean Ask me: Craig gains the trigger Happy chief that she is. We haven't ready. Yet it's about sports bars in supply. Casper realise Craig should be just called the chief home on an alley to call him dad
Dad's ass, an ideology is an especially when I'm with and in turn are a young person the office, and he walks, and, I like to say, hey dad, really enthusiastically and embarrassing. So that would us we have grown up and has curbs us the whole flew of gas in the clue. I don't feel like I probably shouldn, don't say: don't don't and Amy Name, but we have a bunch of people that you ve heard of before coming on talk about their particular, pursues an interest and commitment to the food game. So please check out last thing: you ve.
Thirty seconds to give your review of season seven of gaming threats to monitor all the hall. Oh no. This is hard as to what pressure I just youth advocates. I have to say it felt most to me, forced that's the word that I use here. I I didn't like. I knew that they had accomplished great big thing, but in each episode to accomplish all that they did should have been two hours, the two and a half hours. I would have indulged a movie liked version of each one of those An episode had to walk me along. I didn't I just couldn't get over the effing raven appears you no fly back with the Instant NEWS like it was a god. Damn, email really hard time when dude running from the to the big wall near the faster give me something I can work with. Let me try and believe it a little bit. I
they did a great job about all the way up until the season and they just like they crammed too much in though I'm sorry House ones I want to tell how satisfied real John and Daddy's sexy free Why are we attain half naked Danny interest to now that's, I think Benny often ways this is where they really slipped. Two years, like we're on in your sex, they will cross a couple ads. They just beyond your toes and now it's conventional there there, there, tiptoeing they have a really thrive gone down. I will tell you to turn it into self parity, and I understand that, but I mean Danny that far she gave in and she there were three with an eleven out of ten her Doth Rockies, Julia, unbelievable
There was great for the richness, easily life whose Baker puts Ricky sees it just about constantly I've heard the John Eager Cave seen from from season three. I think that the same way, you guys think if any scenes lover terrific seeing it as action and they did go little convention. Other, I feel compelled to know. Please voices people here that you just. Further to a sexy in between an ant and her nephew as conventional yeah we now they were the way they were splicing back and forth between scenes of Danny and together and the radar John Dad reveal the really hammer home for you. What was happening, what was transpiring there and what the flaws gonna be for those characters when they realise that,
sure, that's not like a clear shot at its Zenith and purses everybody here that we bring out firstly about that force to be shocking. Today, you certainly Jamie Blowjob this season. I know I'm too thing with light biker, both brothers sisters action of ever- I feel like here, but I was jam brothers sisters doggies down. The pilot episode was wounded ordinarily high by the target us, so an interior just doesn't like cookers brothels anymore. One of my thesis pieces, outgoing, renders it. If we had two and a half hours criterion could again no actions linked every minute, wroth and is in any event, this is actually like a big and sovereignly right to call the theory, The big line of the big area of discussion on the internet among the thrones heads is Syria now constantly making bad decisions because he isn't having sex anymore, who lay
back in the days he had made. It had explained Donald Trump, too thanks so much as a fly doubt tat. The fight that tat will make your travel experience informed connected in seamless from before your trip through the journey to the tail end It's. What the every step of the way give me. The information need you even book flights checklist about US balance check you eggs, you name it the flight. The tap does every discover all the way is Delta, make travel easier than ever before it download the fly delta app on your Iphone Ipad or Android. Today, don't forget to subscribe to house of Carbs, don't forget to read my they com has returned and the ringer dot com don't forget to go back and the benchmark game of thrones feed sixty seven episodes. Hang it up, maybe a hundred hours back at. Hi gasoline point lot lot alive. There there's been a there is banned,
Spencer meetings about what the next been stirred, binge murder Gas is gonna, be at you. You got my certainly cure, certainly shrunk. I can't wait to hear the reveal certain said that we need weedy Maori once she finishes heard thirty day stand at the How will we had placed her home? be their celebrity rehab, I'm ready to go through and then one when we see the late flickering back in her eyes, organ ranch, Benjamin, I miss Jason. I miss Benjamin every second of everyday him ready for me. A couch and we can everybody stay say a varying Florida thanks thanks Mallory and we'll be back on Monday, the aspect
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