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Giannis Goes Down With Big Wos and Chris Ryan, the Streaming Wars With Matthew Belloni, and Teen Culture Half-Year Awards With Zoe Simmons


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Wosny Lambre and Chris Ryan to break down a wild Bucks-Hawks Game 4, including Giannis’s knee injury, the improbable success of the Trae-less Hawks, and predictions for how this series and the Suns-Clippers series will play out (2:50). Then, former Hollywood Reporter editor Matthew Belloni joins the show to discuss whether or not movies will ever fully return to theaters, what the future of moviegoing looks like at the hands of streaming services, and more (43:47). Lastly, Bill’s daughter, Zoe Simmons, comes on to give her half-year teen culture awards, including best TikTok star, biggest disappointment, and best publicity stunt (74:41).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Wosny Lambre, Chris Ryan, Matthew Belloni, and Zoe Simmons

Producer: Craig Horlbeck

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Full court fits. Is the ringers new Weekly MBA video series hosted by big wise acre, wasn't Lambro each week see your round the world of MBA fashion and share, can't miss Hale choices from her favorite players and keep you up to date on the latest news and releases and sneaker culture was also acts of experts like demon Willards, personal Silas, to give you behind scenes, looks at how the NBA biggest stars choose their outfits. New episodes drop.
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sacred Non, withdraw withdrawal expires. Forty forty days restrictions sports book that female dot com for details, game the brown coal. When an hundred fancy to forty seven hundred Colorado it under bets off Iowa eight hunt, you down with it Indiana eight hundred to seventy seven one went seven for confidential Michigan aid under Gambler in Jersey, Pennsylvania annoy Virginia Tennessee. Red line is, eight hundred eight hundred and eighty nine nine thousand seven hundred and eighty nine or visit one thousand eight hundred gambler net in West Virginia We are surprised by the ringer dot com, as well as the Ringer podcast that were put up a new re watch on Monday night. We did the thirtieth anniversary of boys in the head. either one of the most influential unemployed movies, the last thirty years they made the wizard may shot fantasy. Logan Murdoch had had a really good time do now, and that's a great movie so check that out, if you haven't heard it, don't forget the chicken green room spot, a family,
lab audio up. We ve been messed around their alot, especially right after games, Samuel casting stuff that eventually goes on the Ringer Ba Show or the mismatch so we're out there and some good work on that staff. If you having checked it out, sign up it's a pretty cool app, thoroughgoing The official launch will probably be a little bit later this year. Bahrain, ass, a soft law, so we're doing look experimenting but check it out green room, download the app, and now and you can join one of our weird rooms as we break down basketball and eventually football and pop culture staff. Everything so take that outcome. It up have a hotchpotch package, for you react two bucks hawks game for with bucks super fast Ben Thompson from their store, techie bug, who is we'll see what kind of free bodies and after that game and then Matt Balcony, who has been on this package before one of our
Hollywood insiders we'll talk about what's gonna with Box office, his share and that some of those streaming staff talons fund as well and then finally, my favorite guest, my number one so a summons, my daughter who just turn sixteen last month but did her team culture awards for the end of two thousand and twenty and we are doing the half season awards for the first half of two thousand twenty one in if you want to hear me, get made fun of your death, my hair there in that part of the package. So that's it. It's all coming up first, our friends from project we're taken. This is eleven eastern time,
Tuesday night, then Thompson Super Bug span from MR temporary blood was supposed to be in this package to talk about Yon S, books up three one, no tray young just have a name. Easy, breezy conversation, Zionists, underrated midway through the third quarter that took a dramatic turn for the worse yacht us on the ground me and Ben texting back and forth and I told you understand this is a sportsman is like. I don't think I can come on and I get it I boat, we vote. In there with our favorite teams. Fortunately, I was able to recruit to doctors from the ringer read out. The gay Chris Ryan Big was was yadda city that Leubronn Zone, where AEGIS this in there is no way he could ever get injured. Nothing could ever happen, I'm whose superhuman, and even if, like you know, a chainsaw, his leg off you just go walk over put it back on his leg and just go back running up. What was your reaction, as you saw? He wasn't getting it up. You know I thought of it
an angle furs and put lake the the price them is that I assumed carries ankle, was gonna, be fine even as bad as it looks. It is always Philip guys come back from echo injuries semi hobbled put come back fairly quickly from those in the past. They did anyway, I took, Cairo was, but Miss one game tops than do. The crazy tape and injections it sort of limp around here make it hath been kind of like As- Thomas did background eighties right leg. I assume that would happen would carry, but then Cairo. Does it come back of course, the brown? Is it the example beforehand? yeah, it's a nome. So now I'm kind of I'm scared the equation is now go reverse on about because of the these past few months with to complete. huge superstars, integral to everything that their teams do go and have an equal injuries? Take them out for extended
the tassels idea, but this was the ankles diaper extended neither, but they didn't like ivory stakes in them, like that's kind of better. Oh, I don't know it's crazy. You just reading body language it up when you wouldn't you expected a bench you're, just like all yeah. Well I mean they give you the torn like dad. There's no way is standing by the bench and if it was closed, would have gone back in. So it's like we're just tea leaves at a certain point to watch him go down, though, and thinking about all the injuries that we see, including even tray younger wait and ate. It reminded me of that on them, the goes around with James Franco. From that call, brothers movie, where he's got the noose around his neck, and he turns the other guy next to me is the first time it's like that everybody in illegal, just like in your star, its eyes player go down with a debilitating injury join the club you got a pretty well with the and bathing he was able to play with his debilitating injury. These other teams
think. My injury was more like a sort of ambiguous psychological, emotional injury to the effect that I got a broken brain events. It is, I think, at this point, was visages fair, Devon, Booker, just ass to sit out, so everything can, I have a star. Maybe maybe this is how we remember the playoffs everybody's missing a guy in then it's like aright rested. Let's go, let's see the campus, I mean I know you're joking, but it's really been that stark. You gotta think about eighty Jamal Murray Co. Why landed now yeah it's hard to control its? Is it's been about Jesse James, hard and career regimes. Hard inquiry Irving like these are the best players game as to George Mitchell? Compromise is it like does not leave it alone
a lot of times when we see injuries in the play off the sort of contrary take us to be like TAT, always injuries every single year. Blob of blood, which is you know, we're overly emotional about it this year, it we're being prisoners of the moment would not taken histories get. This shit is unprecedented here, then precedent, and it's not all that it's like it will be. One thing I think if there was a lot of wear and tear soft tissue injuries, which I think is what a lot of the load management conversation centres around I bet like when Jamal Marie Happy nicely. This is just a guy's been playing way too many games, and too few days and weeks it they're they're gunning for us in its just landed a near the end of the day. I was already in a day or two, I teach cries he'd been likely, we would be around out there, but tray steps on a rough but here I mean, like the honest, that's a rebounded that happens what fifty times game. You know like the bronze step, look, I really yet carries studies summaries. What these are like freak accident?
It happened any game it just so much it just so happens that they ve all happened in a five six. We propose stretch, I have said this before? I am actually surprised. Stuff like this doesn't happen. More, you think, is just big jump at around in the air, all the time around feet and other people's. dumping and people getting bombed, and even you think about like the Gordon Heyward Injury. Where a kind of shoved them a tiny bit knocked him. Just our balance and all of a sudden is ankles. Breakin have It almost feels like this should happen more off three years at night theory, but a question is just slake because I was thinking about and some of the injuries that we ve seen. Is it just a matter of lake every play every rebound. Every bucket is just a little bit more contested, there's just a little bit more physicality. It's not that it's like nineties, physicality, but like a shot, that you were just an ordinary somebody would make a business decision ability to know a man's February Garden Dunk that
is now like a loop. Maybe a guy's underneath of you when you come down and you had a guy's foot or there's somebody a little bit tighter too then they worry. Can we workshop this? Take like China I really like those Greenland galling does increased competition breed these kinds of freak accidents about this are the NBA players to athletic S, company people are gonna wanna hear this, but I think that MBA, more strenuous than they have ever been. I think the diagram of physical and exertion at these guys doing on both ends of the floor, where do the digging in on the plane on at in the pay, then sprinting out I was not shooting at nineteen feet. He shooting at twenty four twenty five feet. and you gotta get on a dead spread to cover than it did. Of course, this chasing around this curries and the clay Thompsons of the world
game. Long, like the level of physical exertion, I think, is higher than its ever been in. You know, look I'm Margaret, I am one of those guys who likes to say old, Michael Jordan was playing against mechanics and you know basic. Neither the broken crawler back in the eighties right light, ass, meticulous thing to say, If you do watch those games, they dont differences. Don't look look like they do now don't play is hard for the few her corner that, like they do now everything- and I think that's definitely has its effect on how often guys are getting injured there. They fit their exerting themselves too higher degree. Now, there's also envisaged and brought up a bunch of times, especially over the course of these plants, but indeed when he first guy you're against the wizards TAT was off like a one. He had a ball fake from outside the Ark and then like. A glorious stride into the lane and Daniel Gaffer was there, but, like seven, get two centres
are usually not doing that they were not do that in the nineties, like you know, your bill, Cartwright was not doing up a one. Had a boyfriend, and then durrow stepping into the lane for a dark and that's what that's, what these guys are doing with their bodies now I just checked Lebruns Twitter feed because I wanted to see if he was a man of my prayers. I think you might not, for your men should somehow sixty one sixty one thousand rhythm and input is you're not on twitter, but then I just checked out just for that for them for the content on file, everybody Butler Bron, Le Brad. like daily Haifa tenacity. Ftp gave his boat in anything is again would show young and his foot Blake. That feels That's very serious. It feels like that's something you're unlikely to come back from in this short span. If you go from, I can't even move right.
to being the lead engine of this often specifically, this Helio Sedgwick office. That depends on him. Everything dim there, like that's for me, that's even more dire than the hourly situation of a young come back with that. I, for extension, tray young fills cooked We both that we are all three of us know where this is headed, and this is headed towards cam reddish, verse, Nick Bitumen, Andy MBA. If I can wait that's not good at it has been a little bit. More years has been doing for years and years. Wait: let's go back the honest for a second. Is that thing ban and I want to talk about today. You know bed, the two bucks and the bugs friends or touch even before this injury, but I think they basically fell lake. No say what you are and I get it they go. We're the only team that, as the superstar left, but you guys are kind of under selling how good yadda says yeah this has been forty men the game. He's done everything you capacity ass for everybody's, focusing on
fact that he can't make a couple free throws than it takes them. Dump threes everyone's throughout this guy has been. You know balls at both ends. he did everything everyone wanted from him in the broken series sees actually got. Better, as the plants have gotten along his added a little low posts thing that you now he's and spurts, but feels like you know. Way way more reliable than usual and he's just a guaranteed thirty two and Fourteen every night is basically putting up shack in the early two thousands play of numbers, and it's like So if you, if you want to do the laundry list of all the guys, have been hurt and why this bucks title of they managed to win, it does manner these give yadda credit that he's a great guy and not very good team. This seems good. It's that great he's great and given some credit. So You think like this is all set for Janius, like sons, clippers the sun's Katy
and decide whether they want to take that seriously? You know it's coopers like here. We don't have quite she's bridges will you play booking cousins leg? We don't have any fucking clue. who's, gonna show up, gave the game and the sensor lag. What do we do And it was all lined up for the box, and now it's being pulled the way it feels cruel, try this one feels this is rule injury at a crucial point that series for bucks fits. I tried that, anyway, I would think about these plants in five years rate, and if the box had won the championship and bend yadda continued this procession, I think I would look back. We would look back. We would have said TAT was when ya to join this different echelon of NBA Star. That's when he proved it. That's when he he sort of
like sealed the deal on those two envy peace and I think they even no matter how many like Astor axes or footnotes, this display of what I had Yon is winning. The finals would have fight kind of like felt right. It would have made sense in and he definitely performed like that was going to happen. Like he's been. The I've seen a lot of shack comparisons and, like he's basically unstoppable deposed, put the way he accumulates. Those numbers kind of reminded me of Duncan, where you're just like kind of law, king and watching, and then there is the greatest thing it does. He have twenty eight and twelve like that yeah You know what I mean you're midway through the fourth quarter, tat and that's what I was making me think of well, so wise member, two thousand twelve. That was when I wrote the footnote title article for grassland about dear grows, goes down that was delivered without this year in the brain Well, there's a bunch of injuries that year- and it was I work with this year- whoever wins this year, theirs
there's gonna be an asterisk allows like I don't like torrid asterisk I'd like toward footnote. I think you know the footnote, depending on the injuries and whatever bit that every title as some sort of foot. No two thousand two It is clear that can have a major footnote. The balls were the best, even dare grows, got hurt. a bunch of other injuries in the west. Nine years later. Nobody remembers, then it s stuff. They just remember. Leubronn was great. Anyone is first sight on. I do think the sage with set for that for your ass, and now it's like I mean, was a day Are you able to wrap your head around a Hawks finals parents with Bogdanov edge on one leg. trade, young nursing, a foot bruise from a ref, the first man in a while. I refer to player reddish in the rooster. It's that it's a buddy movie I've gotta broke. It knows that looks like he's something really bad happened to him at the end of the game there and their second coach, and this could be our champion.
First of all, I want to ask Chris Rights. I want to make sure that we have settled on a euphemism for quarters. Redhead nature like what what what are we go with I'm personally wrong injure but, like I said it in apparently those lake. Doesn't it that's frowned upon now, because Ginger is frowned upon exiles, yeah that really well in the Uk Isles, like in a greater degree in great Britain, and so there's ginger, shaming, wickedly high leg. Yet but like I has, as we have already had a redhead an uncle and we ve been making you know. Ginger. I like you, so that now I can't I have to come up with something else here. do we really want to dig into this way and we and we can we can?
ignore public. Are we still it allowed to acknowledge that he's got flaming, ready air Absalom now yet and we're not know we're not allowed? No, we are not allowed to measure we get. We can. We can and knowledge that cave on has read her for sure, you're, ok, one of its definitive answers yet ok, who so what voices link may now the cause, because I made the mistake of call in red mama. Apparently that was taken button map now and then I'll say is indeed a red rifle and they like note at Sandy Dalton, when what is I am personally I go with her. She wrote her too. She wrote Okay, I go with. I can't believe this guy didn't make the olympic team over Kevin. Fucking love. That's fine with me, for him as that, eighty three zero years are under their sheriff. You like mine, more yeah, maybe there's some agro, infidelity shirt better and allocated jumped back to yawn is really quickly.
said he honest was great. I just felt like the books were not maximizing. What is able to do with somebody? You help some create, but I think you ve seen as this series has progressed his him on the pig of role as the guy setting the screen and not only subsisting on all China, you, no one will want to general jumble drivel his amazing for them, particularly against the hawks, and I think, he's found something something about this players has loud yonder, to kind of figure it out how's the best that I should be attacking. You know, based on opponent, based on situation, based on whose out there, as far as my teammates in the lineup like he's been allowed to do that now. Box vans are gonna, be about. This. He's only been allowed to do this because they d get cracked by real deem right leg. They played a severely diminished, Brooklyn team in the second round, it barely eke out a victory there, so we we told him arrives out the second round right now, not learning
all these hard lessons in the eastern Conference finals right now like that can easily be. It had been the case so, like Chris said, if you would have went on figured this he's out. There was the championship and we like, we all understand how crazy this season was in this championship was because this this was. This was deemed the God said it was sure and guess what, though this this play off as prepared Yon is for what he's gonna have to do in the future will continue to win championships, not a bit fine with that story. Honestly, it's not like I'm gonna. Do I'm be like well you know like Mommy's to God should say Poland's You got his personal record book. such, doesn't have this many challenges, because a dark and four x y see I wanna done that yon is, but I think it's you kid tonight, that, having played these diminish teams is what has allowed him to learn these lessons. Critic it's like it's.
So does ask her years when, like Adrian Brody, wins best actor right. maybe I'll, Yes, you do have a better performance words when the marital rape in the iron lady. I guess I guess we couldn't talk that one and they just kind of move on to the next year. Oprah better ask her. So this this Yonder championship is crash. Quite literally, are we like, and I guess I do want aid I would imagine that the box players tonight just how the wind taken out of them, you mean, like the hawks pour it on. You could see. Yon is goes out there, just probably thinking like dad do towards Asia. This is. It but there are to me that feels like it. I guess this is also coming. I start PTSD from the sixth or series with the hawks and I'm sure and expands dues. Well, there's part of me that feels like Drew and Chris should be able to beat barks value days, especially a hawks without without tray young. This is this secret sauce of this Janius injury tonight
there there ass, kicked polarity, got her in The ten t guys did a real good job at half time being like what the fuck is going on with this Buxton, like that Charles put a perfectly. This is a very, very good team great team, but they had no killer instinct and if they were a great team, the step on your neck. You I'm tray young, we're take it you out and going to end the series in five and they didn't so even before he got out it was, I thought, an embarrassing effort by them, and you know it goes. back to the issue that we had with this entire playoffs entertaining as its ban and unpredictable its ban in his. Where does its ban it just there's no greatness Do you know and the only thing that had real greatness, I think was Brooklyn. I think there I think couldn't hit a level with those three guys that really would have a memorable once out was taken away. It came
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pick up summarily pretty much anywhere. They sell beards maritime sorbet responsibly Miller, Brewing Company Mukoki was constant. Ninety six galleries, three point: two carbs per twelve ounces come back on the greatness. They would this play ass, who do you think is watching this unfold. What players, the most kind of bombed out. like Deniro and midnight Ryan. After the do it gets taken away. I've got to have its your boy, it's mine, it's abroad is different like. A deed doesn't go down with small so my fifth and we'll get our future, you know I always hard and he can hear the clock ticking, He doesn't have that many more years of being reported on. I know that it's hard and hardens like shit. I could have put on even more weight during the playoffs. If we would have went, I could have been two hundred and eighty by the end of the end of the final. So we would have one in five
Leubronn when I think I think Leubronn wanted that. Second on, I wouldn't you wanted the back to back one. I thought you wanted to silence all the asterisks talk. I think you wanted to show everybody that he still, he still got it did? They were well under way before I D gets hurt I will I wouldn't disagree with that. I I just go back to Denver Cause, before monetary, but there I just thought they were about to put something really spent together in the play of Chopin. Design legitimately thought they would a second best seem in the west. Healthy Denver, verses out like his team in, and I just think they were on They were building some magic after they got Gordon in their no pun intended like they did, Blake, it was all coalescing in a way that I was gonna, be electric in the players Murray goes. There are no Jamal Murray's Watson is like this is pathetic, like this is pathetic. I wouldn't be job and thirty a game on these buses.
think it was asked in rivers was probably them again. He said So close, I could I kinda one one before my dad got. His second does Kai Leonard get upset well now so! Well, let's talk coopers sons quickly. I was thinking about after day after day sons lose last night there's so much pressure. on the sun's right. Now we rarely see in basketball like real pressure. They keno Chris you're, beautiful, boys, you had pressure and game seven, but at the same time, since he was broken and you're, not one in the title, Ailed, whatever was answers ever played, as well as the sons of played in the play. Also, like my right in my mind, I was lake I wanted my celebrating. Do you know nearly went way if we ever hit the heights that make me think that weaken the tale at their best. This sounds like a title to well I'll, tell you there's nothing more, I mean them. devastating, as if you lose and elimination game the mercy
the devastating loss is the home coronation. game. We know it's gonna go awesome and then it goes sideways. I remember one of the worst ones was the two thousand twelve south eggs owner. We felt like we're gonna steal that he sees game six in the crowd was just so ready to you now. as have a part of the five, our party the game and then the brine came images murdered. Everybody blue eyes I'm so happy that I have you here. Is I've always wanted to ask you this out in the sunny, and it's going to my feelings I did when I just had to ask you, because we have you here, like I remember, reading, which wrote right after that game and with you can on the page, it was devastation and dislike yet Falk would like in there with those people as this. This is having like you know the brain, has the melt down it's Wednesday eleven years like it's happening again, we're gonna its we're going
We cannot twenty. It was three straight years. A Europe without cut his heart out, gonna cut, disguise heart out and they gave six have is both dead like it was over two minutes and in the second quarter gives new. It is like the thing that SALT Ex team was it was that was the Ryan, either way that team had they were never getting. That close again. The Chicago thing was a gift. They barely got past Christmas, crappy Sixers thing and then you think this Miami thing where it's like wow make us have Lebruns number like this. This, just be one of those things that caused the path said Manning's number for years and years, and then he put it, and I think what I saw from the sun's last night and if you bet a building like that words just like This is Eric. There was a Rangers game like that, ninety four, when they were going to win that pick either the cup or the eastern finals, and then they blew Game five, and it was one of those I like, and I'm going to tell my
kids. I was there for the Stanley CUP fires that doesn't happen. Yesterday that sounds like we're. Gonna make define us we're gonna win and then Chris Paul, it's like This is amazing. Chris Paul he's now five more wins away from now he's in the conversation with. You gonna, say in the great point guards about time and if flips, which leads me to the question the matter pressure on him. Yet it on this sons team, with the three one lingering with his baggage, and then you throw in the entire franchises baggage on top of white, the clips, nothing to lose There are, of course- and I just think I that's a real- tough thing to overcome when you're, not that good
the sensor good they're, not great. It's tough to overcome the fact that tie lose the guy at the table at the win. If you like, I need to be down, eight thousand feel some second. So true you don't know me. I need to have like that. I get Citibank. Texting me being like is their fraud on your account just southern eyes, just so that I can start to feel my blood moving the what like Ike you beautiful clothes. How do I get a cocktail, glass and cutting himself? Remember with aid is no in end, and the thing is Chris Paul specifically and is that talked about their much, but he has had some crazy moments in big elimination, games in places like the ok see thing is probably the the one I remember the most vividly words like your crisply. You blew this year, the dead? You blew that there were more
last year in their game. Seventy gets used in the last few last possessions were Chris Paul up my yo. He kind of looks like he's: still for that, I wanted to much yea like he's here he's messing up is so slight out. I want to start a Chris Paul is: has quadrupled choke it s what I mean, but it's not like it's beyond him to be in these moments, and you know things go haywire formed only that also died. I don't think he's a hundred percent here. And been good. Since it came back from covert- and we saw with the south excise Tatum took a month Chris I don't know. I guess he lived on a shot and he's not a lot of working hours and coming up short. It was alive, is jumpers, we're coming up short, but it is also this weird thing we're somehow the clippers go into series is with with eight usually with quiet at least, have a top and talent advantage, but have managed to play themselves into scrappy underdog growing each series where's just like what here we gotta have like those like the
visual lobby city kind of reputation that they have as like hers or like runners, visual lab cities of beautiful ray. You don't have that when I see them. Gsm, like like, there's, still guys there from that. And when you watch the now, though there just like the junk yard dogs like they're, just like all these guys in the scrap heap due to having like incredible contract your games, Reggie Jackson, unlike somehow the sons who should be the feel good story. The year are the like. The favorites and clippers are upsetting them. It's just doesn't make any sense. Well who do video just on the sands? They came No building is now. I have to deal with that idea. Word. Reggie Jackson is like the Third S garden. The enemy is basic. Honestly, you could field and game for, even though they won. I was like I I guess I trust Kurt, but it also feels like you can play a pretty good defence on our message, poker microbial Unreason, his nose rate there. I know it's like I don't know what it's yet and then
That leg is their whole season can come down to a J K, are three in the corner and a cam Johnson, three from the other corn early breakthrough in their own home. That might turn that series is- and this is the sort of like we talk all about- like the top twelve tip top eleven players who got hurt in these players. I do think that there is a ripple effect of guys, like Dante, even Renzo, and data green and campaign, getting hurt that Fox people's rotations also is like there is like an equilibrium problem like when those guys go out. This is good. Take was like this. This is data, agreeing the most significant injury of the plants coming up. Next, that's what I'm saying it's like these things, like sort is get. I knows no, no, there might be. Some is difficult. Injuries that we have been sorted talked about enough pedantic green
for that is the way we live till data of lady. Is that Danny Green black rubber lambs? Who knows what happens then? I done but candidate legitimately, has been a spark plug. We you right word all its on. He changes everything they do. What's he comes in the game, they are playing faster there more frenetic, it's it's a different team when he's out there and it completely lose their. Limits- and I saw campaign at summer you get twenty nineteen and our ever, taken myself like wow, so sad like we're like it was like a petty party, does not bring a breath of one minute. You're westwards back updates the next minute you're back at MBA Summer League. day was important question, so there summer if, if dames, really unique, traded or later this summer,
Reggie Jackson sign in trade, for Dame has to throw in picks which side do they have the throne Covington to Sweden that did it. This at least Simons just to just to give a token extra something out is Reggie Jackson if you lay, did a spaceship too its ago and you're, just watching basketball. You would assume he was the best gardener leg. He done more- what I'm one stuff face, then we have seen since I joined at any could shoot what about when he goes left and does that hesitation double Clutch one handed Rightish what the fuck is either be born yesterday, but how long you been wherein the glasses? the glasses research knife was. Is this like the leaders it like a limitless thing? It's a previously granted converted tactics,
he's got like twenty five vision, an orange Sassy ever even they re really he's been legitimate. So the point of dislike of your team and you need a guy. You can go I'll to get you shot like legitimate shock creation. You want Reggie Jackson like you secondary play, making shot creation ball head, if you need that, like obviously he's not gonna, be your Paul George or Why or Leubronn or whoever. But if you know, maybe, if you need a scientific reggie, Jack it is their God you, that's that's kind of death is a crazy development. Let me ask my clipper clipper day ones here, both on call me why what's the violet staples r R, the sun's walking into a cauldron like these words. I am proud that the crowd is good. I went to the floor and sexual minorities grandma's good. Didn't you do you guys? did think of me. I find it hard to believe The signs are. Gonna lose three eroded the corporate world.
and I gave can I make the case for at least ten the loose game. Six, sir. Scott Bodies, zoo bag, the zoo, bad thing where It's like, oh, he can explain it into a standstill. Are that they realize pretty much. One faint game. Five, like oh shit. This is what we What we did against you tat. We can actually, let's do it again Phoenix and might work, and a kind of this Bob related the signs that I think they did stumbled onto something and then the other thing is just if palm book aren't lights out. think it's really hard for that some steam, the score Those guys issued forty percent, then then it's like who s who has to step up. We are relying on you think alike, campaign that. One. Twenty nine point game in the series, the kind of through you just take that away that the Tyler hero we're gaming, adding Celtics last year. I think, when push comes to but I think it's kind of hard for the sun's Discordances Cooper Team and I think game
six they're gonna get energy. Terence man, you know who, bigger tomorrow night, he's a great staple centre, guy, that's what they ve for years we have, but I just think that debt, This has to be clips winding quips, when sex and then we have this fuckin cornbread, movie. Seven workers paw re at this end, and the thing is the thing is what bill says about the crowd tomorrow, that's gonna factory. I used to always make the joke on Twitter that, like you, every year a club was getting louder than on a second free, throw in the fourth quarter when there's a chance for free cheerfully, save record Lariviere Nature has allowed as he gets their bill. I want to ask you, because I wasn't around during the lab city. Stuff army literally came around during the first actually, the last back half of the year before a wide when they made their play off. Running Katy yielded Chris Haines at the end of a play off game
press conference for no fucking ends in, but anyway I would have only been around for this sort of innovation of the team and the crowd to you. What's the difference between what they were doing, the Chris Paul Blake Riven stuff and what they ve been doing, these last few home games good question, the in twelve and thirteen. They were good enough. There are fine, but you, just deep down they really when it gets a good thing, they did their work of ever compete Fourteen there were good. There was that was when the what took root was that whole kind of whiny bitchy, weird energy that we're just every car, Doc Blake Chris Paul everybody just bitching after everything, in the fans kind of bought into it. And then they would bear chapter everything and it was like. You know, though, the they go into. What what Premier League team defends just cut
irrationally crazy about a recall for every primarily team that team Betty was this tat. Energy was really where the energy with this current Cooper team is really just kind of more genuine in organic and happy in it doesn't have that people, just like the guys on this team and I think they're more find a watch to daylight the guys on this theme. They would dearly They would join. The call that Terence Man started outside Terence, notably clipping crowd, is obsessed with tyrant, every cleverly behaviour. Beverly you going down the line there, just above like we'll guys and by the way book he's gonna have a moment in game six. Is they figured out how to match it? We insomuch and he'll score a points in their venerated. Crowds gonna lose their shit. I think it would be really hard game for the sons and I think the a pressure standpoint it wishes. Let's just really walk this through just first but second like if they blow the three one we we're talkin
What's the legacy? What's the legacy? What's lazy, this is fucking devastating for Chris, unless it really would be, this would be devastating less blowing. Three one leads the new lake with the crucible. You have to go through, to be sure. The next year, like the politically there, never going to have Chris is never going to have a good chance now to win the title. The way this is thy Father, where you lose, they use Davis you lose all the broker t view those Jabbar Mary in it. Then you lose collide here for the whole series, then there's the end. They're gonna lose you're right and also the coopers couldn't the final without quiet letter, yes after being down over the fire- and let us think about that now in same- would that be there's no correlation in the history of the lead. To that end, the thing the saddest thing about the sun's not doing this is that we know for a fact.
Everybody would be nice about them, winning the chair future. Yes, you nobody. Was it on its people would be careful as to have all my happy for clarifying later them actually celebrated without being dicks about like they would actually do we will a process for Sarge. Finally, we desire for Mikhail bridges. We always knew right on of everything it, because this whole thing exit. Squander their golden opportunity, while relatively healthy as compared to everybody else, would just be a devastating it also think about, should exist, a game. Seven crowd was so etc
I went to my right now we go to the game, seven Phoenix Falcons, lots of diverse fingernails and that crowd I've been years ago band tighter than about himself. My eye are like: oh, we walked in like everybody's got our backs like everyone games have. It is ready to have a heart attack, Coopers team, who, scared on the Cooper side in a game. Seven, it's a whole rational confidence. Guys like this, I went out with right. Mentality and Reggie Jackson apply gods games. Seven, Reggie Jackson. The world is now ready bill. Can I can. I tell you why the Coopers might now- and I think they violated some karma rules- that their fancy where'd. You go miss season ticket orders and so for K. There already bought this final stuff. He added get lottery was today season ticket hold their seat because, God for they just gave us our seats. That we ve been paying for so get this lottery and in
and me in my turn away. We share my seeds, but then everybody else like you, didn't get the seats at you you ve had basically throughout the shitty ears the requisite capacity learned as yet they're trying to do the post pandemic dame but guess where there are also saying how it's basically a full staple centre. So it's just some shady cooper shit and it's not appreciated with the fan base. So varied. Look at fur karma reasons why it's gonna fall apart. I would start their change fans better coopers. They ve can stuck with me forever. I would count tat if you could count anything for the clippers clippers, justify all logic going down. Oh too alkali like nothing makes sense. They lose you back. They look better. They parents, man comes in he's incredible for one game. He goes out then Patrick Beverly into like the unsolvable puzzle for this entire sons team. It's like they get good ten minutes from. Cannot they get a good ten minutes from four to like Conner,
if I get ten, it's a ten guy team, it's just an dilute seems to know which guys gonna be on any given night. I kind of like a cards, one me back, he was getting deal. he's. Ok way. Now, he's got it now I watch of unlike man, because she's really it concludes that was Billy Crystal a Cuba, Gooding Junior, maybe what other celebs always Cinnabar day over the stars beyond what they used to do part. How we get made pad cares. I think he's a clippers here we are paying a hazy causing here. Yes, supervisory icebergs genes, abrogated be there. I mean they ve. No, I don't want to get inserted. Clipper crowd, I love the book cry hiding their heads? I actually issues. This is totally unprepared for the coopers if they somehow made the finals without coercion, Leonard, the guy that they traded. A hunter draft takes four and by the way,
There is currently only have noted, sit in the bed. She just go back to the doktor, but now we have no diagnosis, recoil entered re, no institutional, legal and the clippers there. Like we don't know, he doesn't taught us So I don't know his is the whole thing's bizarre, This is the weirdest playoffs and we ve had in mind in my lifetime since the seventies. When we had a came, probably the last time we spend this weird we that is currently that felt at sea sick. The last thirty minutes quickly predictions was Susan, the finals. I still think his the sons in books designs of the data to help these teams. Their best players are the most relatively healthy and so they're gonna get it just by participation just by showing up that's it did just going to get it by showing up. I still think those who teams will make defined like a trading is devastating. Sons guy when the sitting men they even if they got us in Kaminski out there like soup, Lex Reggie Jackson, they gotta do something
I will say, wrote if you make, The case for the sends you look at that equips back score. Paul George has one of the best games of his life Reggie. Jackson and Marcus, Boris have good game, usually it's one or the other, and they get both so I get to the three again at an hour. I just have this feeling the cook I'd, make sons box that I think give yadda doesn't play in the next Box hawks game. It it like drew comes back to life here, We are a little bit of a better holiday, gave a day. they treated. This is all set up for March last game, ex game. Seven. ass, walking out like I'm paraphrase they had done it bananas walking out like a minute for the game. In my gun here Comes your system and we have the will, is red car back and that's how we send marble. Phineas was Chris. It
but the pleasure and just of Mc Carb Way the Andersson he added another late night park ass, what fucking weird our seas and God I can't believe it Good to see. You guess, takes the same: gauze thanks: I met bone here he is, the former additive tottered reporter and now is embarked on this new venture, which has turned into one of my favorite newsletters. Tell that tell the people how to get the newsletter ah well very easy. You can go to practice. News are companies compact news and you can sign but your email in or you can email our guy, that dead administers the this letter last friends at pact that news so you're lucky saying I promise you
putting together this whole Hollywood that key year gone forward. I was in a similar situation in the mid two thousand tense worked there, ok for me, but I'm sure you do you're that you are the gold standard affair. I swear. We can be a third or a an eighth as successful as you will be very happy Well, I've loved the newsletter because everyone It's me, the old school you give me inside him fell by Europe, so you're weaving in like personal experiences, you're, not afraid to take a couple. shots here and there with you. You know I enjoy about. I wanna cumbersome Hollywood stuff with you, start that you written about but stuff. We can dive into a little deeper first, whether one last time you re I kept member may times you remember, we broke down way, we didn't think, he was, is going to make aid, but we don't want to totally rule it out, but we're like here here, the forty red flags and- and we were right what they re stuff. I know
like the evolution of things are now, those creepy shows are available on rogue who they know them off, and you can actually why some of the quibble shows on a platform that is on most. Tv that you have our rocard device. So it wasn't that the shows were terrible. It was that no one wanted to subscribe to something else on their phone that they had to go into to watch. This shows in ten minute intervals. He just didn't work, especially it tik Tok is rising and in general young people just it it was a big red, but that's papuans when you have a guy in the seventies deciding what young people want kudos that's a break. The great career is this to be a minor, but perhaps going forward, plus the right Romeo. They need more cuts at their stock as they give the high three enters the box office let's start there, you wrote about the Box office recently you and I were where were we
talk about it. We had dinner recently, and I was saying at that fast nine was gonna, be the first one european leaders bad? This was within. Why April I ran in you, and I had I was insisting. I thought the quiet place would be the first quietly too, has done well began now fast, nine that it's gonna, be the big one. Everyone's gonna come out for that and the seventy million and we're heading into this holiday began? Words, probably gonna run roughshod over everyone. It's up to or forty million, and these are not pre pandemic numbers. But for us, ways where people are sort of gradually coming back the real world alot of theatres, aren't capacity yet How many million honour on a June weekend is pretty darn good, yet First movie that heads basically every demo we have in this country, so that also has its fun. It's ours mindless it's gone. You know that the franchise around it- and you know that
thing. Here is not available on streaming. a lot of these movies and come out so bar, even the big dizzy movies and we'll talk about black widow, but there illegal on training for the most part if their Warner Brothers movies are Disney movies, and this was a gigantic franchise at you to go to the theatre to see, and I really do think that matters On the one hand, it is good that it feels like movies, are coming back. On the other hand, like I look like HBO Max, which are that there is really smart to just say we have these movies. Let's put him now: let's get him to the people On the other hand, now that we can go back into feeders, why wouldn't they revisit that strategy? Does that say more about Warner, media and all the other stuff guy? with them like like. Why would they stick to a decision they made nine months ago? Well that their it's only for twenty twenty one, so it's the movies for the rest of this year. Be a lot of people say: okay, now leaders are open. Maybe you should go back and, like say, hey, maybe sewers.
The squire and no space jam in some of these bigger movies should be only in theatres. But it's this week. In a situation where in right now, where to these Holly, studios they. Actually, I don't want you to I see these movies in theatres. If it means you will sign up for their streaming service because they can, that's recurring revenue every month that they got you. If you really want to see space jam inured to say you think LA brides, huge movie, star and Lebron James is, is meant to be seen on the big screen. Then you know they want you to say. Ok, it's worth signing up. Fifteen bucks, a monster HBO Max because they're gonna get you forever. Arguably and other than the other twenty dollar movie ticket. So it's it's weird situate where even a movie like black widow, which the gigantic Marvel movie normally think dizzy, would really wants you to go see that in the theater, no dizzy would actually prefer. If you signed up producing, plus and pay
thirty bucks at home to watch it, they get a bigger slice of that than they do from the theatres and you're in the ecosystem, you're in the dizzy plus system and they can monetize you in many different ways for a long time to come, and the stock market is really valuing those subscribers much then it's valuing box office yeah what's. This brings us to the real reasons are doing this and other more nefarious helps the stock because they can point to more subscribers. Can we be honest about how a kind of screws over the people who had back India's like the quiet place to stuff? I thought was really really really interesting. How proceedings dynamic black, the only reason they make a sequel, zag man. We do the sequel. Well, we'll do it, but we got have a huge piece in the back end, and now some convoluted either I added strategy guess you could say, but I'm not the strategy, they decide to premier it on the platform, and then it hurts
Can it does make as much money? Now they don't know Jack risky and Emily blunt as much and then point out newsletters like they're, not even want to renegotiate the deal's right. In the case of a quiet plays by backed off of that they gave them loosened window of forty five days in theatres they can because Paramount applies, is this streaming service services sitting they're waiting for exclusive content. That's going to draw people in but presents get enough juice had a paramount had an abuse within the company? You say you know what this is actually a good movie and we'll get people in theatres. Let's hold it away from there, but only for by days and then the presidency's went back to them today. If this move to Forty five day window is gonna, make so that our movie makes less money theatres we're gonna, be heard by that, and you should pay us the irony. The situation is that now, a forty five day exclusive theatrical window actually seems pretty good companion
some of the other studios are offering, which Warner. Brothers is zero there, all in HBO Max the same day. Dizzy depending on the movie, is either direct to dizzy, plus like the Pixar movies, or is this thirty two or up charge like Prunella black widow and these other than universal, is playing with. This is well fast and various gets the full theatrical treatment, but something boss baby, which is like a kids movie, but my kids into that's gonna be available on peacock the same day and the people I gathered Baldwin, who do the boss baby movies for money? They? arguably give Europe by that. So it's a whole. Their needs a total realignment of how these big stars and directors are paid in Hollywood, well, then you have a situation like the heights where it doesn't do it. People but being kind of hide behind the streaming thing a little bit right, whereas like in the old days your box office, that's it it's like,
with it at your dick and urinal. It's like I hear news, but I got you can go to add streaming, who knows like ie, even if a movie bombs, it's hard to really say bombs. I get It seems like the heights kind of bombs, but how do we are waiting for what they thought? I was gonna, be. First of all, You know this was lit Manuel Miranda's, other musical, not Hamilton, and there was this meeting frenzy. They paid fifty million dollars to get just the rights. Then they spent enough in the fifty or sixty two make it. This is a pretty in a tough. Years ago. It's not a big well known property, they can knowns and they treated it It would be a big summer blockbuster and we do kind, and now there are enough services out there that can join demand or viewers. on smart tvs, where we know that in the heights played nowhere, it didn't do
leaders it didn't do well at home. It didn't do well internationally get it started a backlash. and I had this old color rhythm controversy where they had cast more light skin, like you know, actors and there was a when you re using linen well Miranda apologizing for something like that. I that's a big deal and ill, I personally think that studios should be taking more swings like this making sign original things that you know, they're gonna, but with going to have asthma home runs. This one did not work at. It probably didn't help that it was on HBO Max at the same time as well. do we have hard core evidence that HBO MAX Paramount plus. How do we trust the actual numbers for subscribers, because we ve seen this. I given in digital media, we ve seen people do deals with it's like you sign up for a phone, you get this automatic subscription and then they counted as a subscription, but you don't know of it.
actual subscription. How do we know how to trust the devil? streaming numbers like Disney It seems like? I actually would would believe when they, what did they say they are over? Sixty million out actually believe it, because if you have kids, you kind of new could afford it. You kind of have to have this class. I am a babysitter and its cheap, but like I trust the paramount plus number, what there's there's all sorts, birthday what they say. They say they announced these numbers on their quarters. earnings, calls which under heavy regulation from the government and lie on those things you can be held to account. So you know, masters and everyone else and listening in the stock is fluctuating. So if you're lying, then they they can come after you buy. said we know that they're playing games in certain situations. We just saw this as last week. The journal, What's your journal reported that NBC Universal, which owns Peacock their new streaming service. Remember you see they haven't,
Talking about how they that forty two million sign up for peacock but then the journal reports that the actual number of people who are actually paying for it is ten million. Around ten million it's like. Ok, maybe enough people like downloaded on their phone and then forgot about it or whatever and even Disney is doing these games to because overseas were dizzy, is had huge growth in their streaming service. We are basically giving in a way in some of these markets. like India, I'm some South EAST asian countries to kind of get market share or bundle it with other products. So there This number, which is the you know the at the average return for user and for dizzy, plus it is super low because they're using subscriber numbers by essentially giving it away ray, and you Don T you mentioned the stock, Think so I will go back to what what incentivize is a big company right in the old days. It was like, what's make
movies and will make the most money possible from those movies You think stock price is probably more important to some of these companies then whether they made a hundred forty million profit from their movies in two thousand twenty one, or whether was ninety million right, like ultimately the amount of money you're spending and they can crunch the figures right off. in certain ways and say this cost, creative accounting that we had with movies has been one of the most fascinating stories in the industry, though, for since forever start price does the lie stock This is basically what my perception of how successful this company right now as and where it's going to be and that's what they care about so few Disney I mean wounded, incentivize you to just keep this model. I really wonder everyone's, I think We are back to scare you business is going to be the same way. It always is agree? I actually think there's
much incentive for these people to drive subscribers to their to whatever. a platform is over a driving them to a movie theater, and I think I dont think that business, is ever going to come back and quite the same way, the greater the back, the pandemic sports. We'll be back, I think sports we are already seeing it. Sports will be act? Where was I don't? They movies are ever come back? What do you think I we with you, and indeed that is the kind of movies that are theatrical. Movies will be extremely narrow, and they only going to be the kind of movies that can do a billion dollars or the kind of movies that come from small companies that don't had streaming services and want to do their business. That way, but first for a company like this, they are getting from the stock market evaluation that more like a tech company, then a Eighty five year old media company yeah I've because there
so this narrative amene think about the Walt Disney Company over the past year, the two biggest revenue This is for them theme, parks and, distributing movies. total viros for them. I fear that the hammock I mean zero by react, really hurting the star it is going through the roof because they are so. this narrative that the Walt Disney Company is now a tech platform and dizzy plus is going to take over the world and get everybody's money and then raise prices and then raise prices again and they are going to be the new Netflix me Netflix change the model. Everybody in his face, but a couple like Dizzy was, pretty remarkably able to pivot and sell this narrative of we're, not me accompany anymore, where technology platforms is about, and that just puts all the incentives and the bonuses for the executives and all The things that they care about in this bucket, upstream, and the priority you're seeing it now Pixar movies,
Those are reliable box office draws the they get up into the six. Seven. Eight hundred million dollar reigned for original Pixar movies, the past two straight to streaming no up charge just trying to boost subscribers and they ve been very successful. In doing so, I am told you know at the biggest thing with this was mandatory and I think- Mandl, I am becoming a water cooler show and judges single handedly, transforming workpeople. That was gonna happen. Disney play So now the law, he whenever they paid whatever they pay, dont arrow and continued pay em, it's not enough that guy should have a piece of the entire Disney plus dreaming service. because we all wondered. Is this going to be like the Disney channel? Is it going to be like you know the crappy kids stuff? That's not good enough for it is no it with them. better than the actual STAR wars movie. That was indeed ears that Jason
Abrams spent two hundred million dollars on fabric. Didn't he makes these things in a space, imply a vista, I've been to its like a little warehouse next to a Strip mall He made a start show that was better than the movie? no one dares crazy and end that change the whole game. All of them. disease dove is going to dizzy plus now so what have and to give you two to Lance what happens to like blood ass movies. and what happens to movies like the way which I really like the effort moving, do those movies get made, or do they do the people just go right. The Amazon, Netflix HBO Max whoever unjust bill just give us nine I want to make this and work out a day like that. I'm just words: movies are going to go away. Tat tell me they want. I dont
they're gonna go away at least not right now and ultimately adding the models. Gonna shake out, we're alone moves. Will go away, but right now there is such an incentive for the streaming services. Like the way back. We'll be made, they just get a theatrical release or not a week in New York in Alaska, how do you get outlying wars if somebody like ass, like for a movie like that, if there's no theatrical release is almost ache with the alias stars, you have to We frame their brains and if I'm somebody I think I would. I would look at like kit to Kate wins a bottle of what She got out a mare, these town, in what it's like to just being somebody's life for eight weeks. Verses like this ninety been a movie that comes and goes committed, its money. To begin with, we know you back up a brings drug to act like South and east. Were likely to be okay, doing something just for streaming that stigma. Are they going away things to the money that Netflix has been paying up front to people? You can get the best can payments, but they they do a buy out. Where
They pay you your quota whenever plus a certain amount that you might have gotten on the back and so they're getting big stars to do stuff. For me, Michael Bay made a two hundred million dollar movie for networks and alarming people saw it is those six underground and it was pretty terrible but their spending money on big movies for networks and someone like applicable, just do it, there is just you know: it's the people that make the kind of movies that are better in theatres. That may suffer here, yeah Netflix like I want you to be my girlfriend for four weeks. Here's two hundred thousand, hours and then breaking up with you at the end of the four weeks and I never want to see you again vehicle daily life. I want to see a body in a couple years, an and me all come crawling back you, maybe with more money and see if you still willing right
Billy Netflix you wrote about them. Recently, people been afraid to talk about this. I think there's a real fear of their folks there's a real feeling, general of just pointing out when stuff doesn't work and these these giant deals that surrenders gave out all these different creators pretty makes result like the Kenya bears thing now. They ve got what halfway through it right murder earth. current show your ass out of his deal, but they were not going to renew him. I mean he's very successful, created blackish. You know with the girls tramp like these are very successful. Guy came that legs they wanted another blackish. Instead, he d Black F, which was basically a Kirby enthusiasm style show he put us out it. Can you as with Kangaroo barons. It is who has never been an act of war here, if your network sitting in really we paid nine figures for this,
and you know and another the downside, never is not alone in overpaying in the banking networks have overpaid people forever, but they made such a big deal out of recruiting people, like any barriers and Sean arrives and Ryan Murphy over to their service, really gotten mixed results me chonta, Grace anatomy has been there three years and she's done. One show now Yes, that's the best case near they get Bridget inactive area, so you can argue that paid for the deal by itself. Right. Got a bunch of other stuff, and she sees this more as a long term thing and ultimately that might be good for them. The right, Murphy thing. You know, there's been no american worth story or glee or nine when one or any these Ryan Murphy style shows Burnett Legs he's done much smaller things that have not really resonate or gotten the kind of awards attention that you might expect from him, but he's put out a bunch,
content. It may be crappy or since they grant these not for my taste but is not a mainstreaming, but arguably he's producing so is that where the who knows Ryan, if it's like, I'm meeting our buildings, I'm thrown library that aren't I gave you gave up. Five runs again, exact, He is like the middle reliever who can point to the outward with actually saying that you know he can strike out my trap, so did that models gonna shift a little bit word. Here's your nine figure due to create some content for us. Do you think these streaming. Services are going to be more gunshot or does it go the other way where it's like an Amazon thing where they go, hey we're gonna pay twice as much fur m GM is anyone thought would possibly happen, and now we have their library in its awaited. That nine, it's that nine bill.
and it's gonna be eight point five. We we cut the price down Do you think these that money, just drifting towards giant libraries versus creators, are where Zaga. Think you're gonna have to justify your worth more going forward in others. These three hundred million dollar deal site unseen? Are gonna, be replaced by smaller deals that have incentives for it shows much more like a traditional model where, if you can create a big in a bribe, has hit or Big popular movie, you're gonna get pay, but it on the Netflix model of giving out cash to people to come on over and do your thing and wood A thing you want to make is fine. I think Netflix needs help they ve gotten the audience there more like a broadcast network. Now they they can afford to just, money for nothing. They need you to develop. Hits if you can't they hammered out
they have a head created by Grinage cared me class of eighty seven Stacy route. Keyser, the SEC show that we have with that that new sexual, that's out with the sex, starved housewife right, that's the ever be overlooked the net legs top ten which Saddam? Who knows how real that is a lot of soft corporal. ends up in that tab, Dan first about it's, not It's just the reality speed as I think that all the time, it's always late sure crime and in some women with their like eyes, rolling back of your head and those are the great things they go for- go melon cocoa, Melvin I can show, but but in some guy. renewing movie that would like an art house moving from my five seven year, ago that was just basically straight up and it was yeah it was. It was like real, like a real sex. They said when they fail to do like dvd can total. Are movie that nobody, I never legs would ever be interested in, accept it
hard core saxon it and it was the top ten like all summer. I clicked on it and I have like. I was like a seventy and tv in That said, there is a giant male member and the entire tv set itself the burnt five minute. First, oh, legs under the network bizarre or metrics for whose watching them counted as a view, quoting quote. If you ve been opting for like two minutes right so xo, even a detour just to see the the bizarre sexting into an turned off. That causes a view net work television. It you see seems like the ratings just go down every year and Jimmy did his his annual ABC upfront thing and just security, everybody the whole time. It was like neither the living dead. Jokes that fight that, like what
we even have that works anymore. I is it just a late night, television and sports and morning shows what are the other raises. Fourth, honestly sports- and you know that do make money. You and I don't watch the ads, but people do watch the ads and its delay in a ten billion dollars a year, advertising business, it's going down and the ratings are going down, and if you look at what constitutes a hit on break as these days, it's you know, it's a couple million people and you know it's just not to say now. They argue that a lot of that stock, its viewed elsewhere and is delayed viewing and if you want to be in the inner fell, isn't going off receive yes and there's a reason for that is because they still deliver that huge audience that everybody has access to, so there's still a reason for them to exist, but less and less and honestly fuel the programming I mean it is like you know it is like one of those when you win the championship and then you just said
law by your players and next year. That looks like what broadcasts networking is its nature and bulls. Actually it is another thing I wrote about slipping slide, show their doing literally a slip, and these people doing slip and slides. That's a show and broadcast television. Now why that most faded, but the most vanity was when they had the diarrhoea scandal on one of those shows right now that's had hit. This is perfect. We're gonna call area and Bulgaria because they're making a crappy, no pun, intended India Slip in slide, show in the middle of nowhere on a farm, and they put slipping, live next, a cow pastures that Katy, my entire family watch the first episode of the Dating celebrity Dating Game host by so additional Michael Bolton was playing music, the celebrity basher at was Hannah Brown from the bachelor and the bachelor at so, and she was picking
people and the whole time my kids were riveted. There were like how is this on television? My wife was like, I can't believe, they're still making shows like this about. Only five minutes and we kind of gave up after there was another person, medium and watch outlined in its thanks that you and I were watching in the seventies, because Nobody knew any better. but now how many game shows RNA be seed either the thorough light up, and you- and I were watching them when we were homesick from school, and we had nothing better to do yeah yeah and there are then there were three channels these. This is I'm time a b c, and it's just a cavalry- aid of card sharks. The dating game and family feud and job like this is this: is the in times for network tv, but that's what the model is now their cheap to produce. They can get.
A number of people? I use families. I really this is on television. I guess we should check it out they have to pay the price for this scripted stop, which is bad anyways and people are watching Netflix anyways, my hat, is take made. The last six years, which I developed, I don't remember when someone the mid two thousand ten Was that when NBC move J Leno showed at ten p m, that was actually a brilliant idea. They act foresaw the future, of where this was going, where its I put, this guy here fix cost we, and half the like. That's one less show we have two pilot and worry about in today. So that's five, total that we just don't have to put on the schedule anymore and Why wouldn't we do? This is either. We know as well They did it because they gave the tonight showed opponent O Brien Ireland, J Leno, the reasons they did it
and then over such a backlash to air and then people kind of turn on Leno. But fundamentally it was actually the right idea to put something fixed air which is kind of like when I don't know when you see those days. Line. Twenty twenty type shows it seems like those that shows that kill their an Hulu. Those are always liked them, sweat, shows Twenty daddy! You fill you still flip channels, and I think that what I doubt gas networks are doing there they're going out for people who are fleeing channels, which is not our young people view tv but there's the market for that person is like something mindless in I'm. Just gonna live and it's funny. Netflix is actually introduced that new feature called play, something yet which is their version of a lean back. Call it lean back experience. You don't have to think about what you want. You dont have been ten minutes in the interface scrolling me what I want a wide data,
as for you, and it's sort of like a network experience where you put on NBC on a Tuesday night, and it may not be something quality, it is probably going to be singing competition or crime new show, or something like that, and you can just watch for little bit not think about it. I d never his brilliant. With this stuff, they did their main page, the top ten and instead of how they promote different things, how they study your weird patterns and then just shoot show Shows that you, like it's a t, shirt cannon, they're, just really good at it, like, I think, with Spotify, that's like with our apple pie, cast that's the thing that you know that I think that the biggest growth area for us is just the teacher cannon it's like? We know you like this here. Fears were eight eight and efforts that their great at it and it's all algorithm. Yet they they and the thing about networks. Is there not as creepy as a place like Facebook, where, like you know,
calling and ordering upedes. Then then I'll, send you Goin Instagram and there's an ad for de giorno like it's not like that Netflix doesn't know: doesn't even know of your man or a woman, older young. What All they know is what you watch and they try to use that too give you more other thing that you like to watch yeah yeah. like watching chew crime where Somebody is missing in the first five minutes of the movie here. Seven more here said more options for a great stuff. I ween get I would encourage you to read redo mats newsletter. I wish you did more. Would you don't like to week to week sundays? in those days when we were not officially launched until Labour day YO we are up and running. We will have more people and will have more staff, but for now doing the newsletter twice a week. If your interested you can email Fritz at park, dot news or go to put that news and sign up, did you see that
thanks, man. One of the biggest moments of the year. The me season, teen culture, words, my daughter's, always summonses. Here we did this at the end of December, you handed out awards for two thousand and twenty and frankly I was is that a network didn't try to pick this up and by the right by renewed again. This is for the first six months of Tita, in twenty one they're just hurt for the people ass. They, my daughter, just turn. Sixteen. She cares about this whole weird world of influencers n. You toolbars and tiktok errors and other things I just don't understand, but you understand it. That's important thing tell us why I'm here get here to explain: don't yell at me size I'm getting along recently, whether you like it married couple. We spent the last war like five days with each other over and he
has tried to send me all around Boston to fight him, a coffee and I nearly got murdered by five drug dealers, and he didn't even asked me if I was doing ok, emotional zoom by us, as you received her comes before me and my good well, once once you're like dad, please help I got up as a form of minutes. Anyway, we are, I do season words. First, six months, you're Tik Tok her of the half year. Is I M Madeleine, ok whose if so this take talk, just added this feature to their videos? They used only be sixty seconds long now they ve added three minute feature oh take dockers, have taken this and run with it. I M Madeleine my new favorite, basically just blogs her day from start to finish from morning routine. Getting ready washing her face to going out with
I'm going to launch going to them all with her boyfriend sister. She just kind of logs her entire life, and it gives me flashbacks to the old Youtube days when you would just watch people doing their blogs. Like short vine clips itches, it feels very safe, because she's around my age- and I am I like the way that she talks Andrews First It is shameful and, like orders should bring disable. I just I just enjoy listening to her talk. She's, a very soothing voice and she does very normal things that US teenagers do when it just feels like this. This comfort, in the sense of a world that were in right now, very normal. things. Are you teenagers there? You don't do anything for she goes to a coffee and she got them all, and he boxer outfits and, like her halls from before I do I do this, I could you get a job, I am metal, and how do you is it I'd that M Madeleine? I am Madeline, so she's metal, she's, madam, but it's with metal and with the tea. Yes with the tea, which is really import.
the hell, I signed a character she's in college. I assume from eighteen to twenty two range, great job metal and congratulations on your youtube or of the half years. An old favourite The chamberlain and there has she is headed mendous rise on the internet recently and has been reached, having some negative attention. People have been noticing that she seems, like her mental health, has been kind of plummeting and her last couple of videos. As we know, the world is, bound up in your able to do more things. More things are open. There's max are high we required anywhere anymore, but her video content is still very similar to what was when we were in very strict quarantine rules where she doesn't leave or how soft in and she isn't hang out with friends and We often mentions how she s mental breakdowns on the regular and she doesn't have a lot of friends, and although people are really concerned about her I've taken this,
I've looked at it in a light, as were living in a really difficult world, as teenagers growing up in being stuck in our houses and use. Everything that we ve been through this year and although she sees like she struggling a little bit. She is shown that she's trying to grow from this and she's trying to promote that. It's ok to not be ok all the time, so there's transparency. To this end, the bed chamber, let's career that you like nowadays, like you, toolbars and influencers. They try to promote this perfect life that your living like this perfect tear and make up and you're always out parting with friends and just its unrealistic to what real life is, and I I enjoy it There's someone on Youtube still whose around my age, whose raw and whose able like me not okay and been vulnerable with the internet, rather than just acting in this site in a fish and not real way. So as this helped her with views in and fans and stuff, like that, There is a pioneer she's she's doing the best on
you too bad. If any you two were right now I mean she has her coffee brand she's. She was, she was being promoted by Google. Like Google was one of her sponsors were like she, she's doing really really well, but I think this also comes with. the other, even though people can be successful, that doesn't mean that they're happy and although its cut, it's gonna depressing, the in the entire sense of it, but I do enjoy that just completely herself in raw on the internet and shows that it's not all glamorous results. you worried about her. They say I am worried, I'm I'm alive, worried about her, because I do love her, but you're content is is still pretty traditional entered as it always has, banning just Emma being Emma, she says, she's a character in herself, so it's always entertaining it's just. I appreciate that she's raw with her viewers figures of Roma
well, you need Emma Chamberlain, because this way through our next a word, the biggest disappointment of the first half year, you last I think I see things mean losing the NBA. You lost your favorite person church to pay taxes now on the council side she Yes she's out shooting Ghek its old she now, but she's, just a heavy blow up for their logging off the internet. So Tricia was a part of this podcast. Confronted me on three with Ethan client and ass, her co host- and it's it's very parent- that Russia has mental problem. She's open about it. She has like multiple conditions but she's, a very inconsistent person, and it was expected that at some point this friend of his podcast would and because of that Patricia her, they were literally freedom in front of me anything they were not afraid. They started off as just absolute like more enemies than friends. Really they didn't get along and would talk about pop culture and and things like that and how they
completely different views on the world. Ass Tricia has been indulging the internet for years and years and Ethan is an older kind of wiser guy would save the kind of like you dad thanks, you're lying Incline expert from her immediate effect, glad at first that I doubt it over time, they ve grown a lot closer and it actually seem like there are thriving with this podcast an Tricia just ended up having an entire mental breakdown. one of the episodes about how even higher, someone new for the for the podcast crew that she did not approve of, even though it's really not her company, and that this person request an idea for a topic on the podcast attrition like and that led to this freaked out about how Ethan is making more money than Tricia from the podcast, even though he provides all of the extra stuff to do the podcast. But now he has this five percent thing that go that goes towards the cruise, so she wanted to hire an entire new crew and it just and tires of reason s arguments, but this turn
Patricia saying that Ethan sexually assaulted, her or harassed sexually harassed her my bad sexually harassed her on the podcast unjust. She was bringing all these things to light that were just completely fabricated. It seemed, or at least out of proportion. Now, with all that said, the over under four episodes for this past, I think you told me when it launched was probably like fifty. So where do they get to forty three? I think I don't know. I think it was less than forty three. It was a weekly thing and it started back in December. Maybe so what happens? What happens that? What happens to your girl treasure, simple, here's, here's the thing Tricia is fiance is Name Moses and most assist. Sister is Ethan. Inclines wife
yeah so either way she is going to be tied to this family and she is completely just destructed, her relationship with Ethan there's. No, where this is a big thing. I mean it definitely could be a publicity stunt, considering how trust seems like a man of great now, even though she said that she's not in that she's imperfect mental health, it really doesn't seem like she is considering she'd. She talks by how she self saw the tallest herself in the past in this seems like that, but it just it's. It's really disappointing and although the people with thing at their Zoe watches every day every day, don't you laugh over to our? Hopefully make you laugh, why, then, should pay? Because, although I accept that she is that person and she has had a lot of faults in the past, she is truly a character. I think she's really. funny? Because she so just oblivious to how awful she is, she's she's human bore at and she is
humans Boar S, labour, that mere next fivek approach of the internet shall never go away, but I am extremely disappointed and new Tricia arrest, you Ethan. This leads us to another person many with worse come back of the half year, David Daybreak Cave, and he decided to come back after a pretty bad cancellation, yeah justified one. a justify one, the suit? And now he is she's kind of came by one day and was making Youtube videos again. Like nothing ever happened, see I have a complicated array of motions on this, duration, because although I am in no support of David Dough brick, I dont accept or condone anything that he did shy. Given this overview of what happened they also stood just stood? Is Google so that, if the allegations against one of his friends- and he accepted they- probably not a good thing? Look it up if your interested, but David, just one day after putting out to apology videos, the first being
pretty insincere and getting a lot of backslash on the internet. Because of that part, a second video which was more traditional till the Youtube like apology style, it was also the first project videos bad that it led to a Saturday alive. Sketch was already like David Dahlberg type character, just repeated. He puts the biology of it. That was really funny that whispered the internet can be funny, sometimes guy S, still in twenty twenty one, when everyone supersensitive Dutcher continuing on David just one day, decided to posted some new Tuesday video formats and twenty seconds as they usually are, and nothing's changed is the same cast minus the guy, who had the entire situation, but it it just seems like nothing is cheap.
Just contents, the completely the same, and although I do think that he really does harasses friends needs not a good guy and what he did was just unacceptable. There is some sense of comfort and David's videos being back but you do have complicated feelings of both complicated cause. I remember sunny summer twenty nineteen when I got into Dave Dilber. Maybe some are twenty so many years ago so many years ago it was It was a really nice consistent thing in my life, where I go on you to buy a crisp Tuesday afternoon, with my with my crackers and my juice and I'd watch if these videos- and I got a good laugh for four minutes and twenty seconds in that field, and came back, you know some sense. Sometimes the register you just move out or another read, I was in fact what the next one, if they thought where's the bed, I was very moving about our next- the word favorite post. vaccination trends,
I always tell your friends are vaccinated and lack of understanding, and I remember yeah give us here Berlin, favorite, post vaccination trend. I think parties, my number one, and I know you, don't you don't like that, but where would I like that you're sixteen? I know, but I once it like my first like actual leg party a few weeks ago, and he was I had a wonderful time. It was really fine woman but then the trend. Is you nothing with the trend? What is the trend? I thought it was like theme parties only. I mean parties analysis aside ass, yet they probably do this and other places anything specific to allay. But I went to like it: what's. It called a casino night party and then there's like cowboy parties and flight. Just these theme parties where you can put together like fun, outfits and NGO hang up dear friends,.
I enjoy parties idling my, whereas none as long as you're going live like going to parties. The judge dad just wants me to A jail in May in my room and never Liza hurries just watch movies. Them is now a member of your yell at me for doing that. What can I do will so you did. We were taught with party thing, but I trust in you. I don't trust bed, but I trust you I I just want to make our own interests than either considering these Bennett Summer Camp for two days and already has a girlfriend. I trust you to make the right decisions I dont trusted ever get ready for anything. You have to do to pack correctly on time. How dare you re right if I gave this binding on all relevant trust, trust you will behave in a party, the other fun puss vaccination to infuse just classic beach days, which
the ties in some occasion go to the beach. Lest you know, I didn't, because you were all stuck in our homes and beaches were closed. You aren't really allowed tat. Would you go with me his hands and do the whole thing, and now the beeches or backward you can bring your towels and lay out and have picnic stuff and umbrellas and going in the ocean and Bob by and by the way, a few to end. When you go to the beach just lay on the sand that get ten a few you suck, If you don't go on the ocean when you go to the beach, I am extremely disappointed new and you should go back to your house and ever come back best. Publicity stunts, of the half year we have just every downright Riga, verse, Sabrina room. No, that means you don't know what that means will explain it. Livia Rodrigo, Sabrina Carpenter Yoga case some background on this. situation, Olivia Rodrigo had some involvement. Joshua sat her co host on high school musical musical series, and there was a pause.
in their relationship, Olivia release an album called sour with which we broke out with dear friend, our gas fired on his side, gas being established the half year. So we all know about this, just basically alluding to her make up with Josh you on how everything's horrible and she's lost Lausanne Bob. Ah, but then comes in, Josh was new speculated girl. From a couple months ago, Sabrina Carpenter, her released a song called skin. I think ideas into it ominous, basically just Like he's he's with me now, when he you don't have any more so stop talking about him like convict, alluding to the slightest bit, my Ariane, bigger to party are generally very loosely get off my man here. I now he's on my skin in my bed, Bob ah little racy to be honest, whatever so serene a carpenter
is that everyone can regard all rowdy about it. Considering that season, two of high school musical musical series, where Joshua and leave your Audrey go, have involvement on the show as their characters, so super uncomfortable with this entire situation, but obviously, Bolivia and Sabrina were pinned against each other because of this entire link. passionate love, trying old fashioned love triangle, but then there is a part, her support to us. It comes out that Joshua Set has come out as being in some part of the elderly BT to community. I dont think you specified if what he and I dont vice as extremely happy for him Love Joshua said. I think he is a really adorable human being and I'm happy for him that he is out now and he feel comfortable with what, with whatever he is and find out, which I don't know, sir, I'm not going to make any guesses Rachel fighters.
the EU navigated, that way better than I would thank you. I appreciate it really happy for him, but this completely debunks or a dozen the speculation against Olivia and Sabrina I mean they could have been with him before he realised that he has some aspersion Edward. The timeline Does it really matter it? Does it doesn't match buddy I'm. He could be buyer or whatever, and he could like girls and boys or whatever it may be, doesn't matter, but still it was just like walling their fighting over this guy, who potentially could not have interest in either of them, or maybe this isn't even about this guy, maybe was an entire publicity stunt and adjust. It rose a lot of speculation over the internet so for the people listening. This was out of anything you ve talked about in the first half year, this love triangle and the timing.
It was probably the most Eve discussed yeah we're like Alan people that were going on this. Is it so crime in our lives? And it's like it speaks this left. Wrangles have existed for what billions of euro since the beginning of the worst submitted ones on Greece, anatomy, yeah, graze That too, is basically a brass act alone, train I and Blair, and that other guy, that I remember his name of cause. I don't really like gossip girl that much better the two girls random. That's what I am forever man dies aroused Four ego rhetoric Sabrina, we don't know how much they actually hate each other, the possibility this was a work, as they would say and wrestling too, and if it was promised to them because did a wondering what they are best pop culture, crossover into your world, our if your winner is your home.
Britney spears saga, which you ve, you been your generation is a fascinating wow. I mean the reason that this is such a cross over moment is because Britney spears although she is still an icon to anyone, she's not as relevant to my age group, our she was to prior age groups and sleeping who, engineers ago, people who this deadline, she peeped- I mean I was more in the womb when she was here. my ears, I was diapers here, so I just. I think that keeping up with the entire situation. How involved a generation has gotten in the free Brittany Movement and just like supporting Brittany and learning and being on her side with everything that happened. It's really interest, because she's, not someone that I grew up, loving, new, like maybe one or two of her songs. I couldn't tell you more than men. I don't know much about her, but I do know everything about the situation that she's going through and horrible her
if conditions are- and I just I know- everything that has happened with her and she dont, not somebody would allow use day was now you D, what those were, I hope it works. For her. She has a whole new generation of fans, room for yeah, worst worst posts, vaccination trend, This is an interesting when so you have the fall of Youtube further Secondly, in this this could be a very varying opinions, for someone else, and you could feel completely differently, but I feel like, since he was suggested to her had observed. I feel it. sense covert, has ended, Youtube has gotten much worse, exe for Emma Chamberlain, who I feel like has kept her content coming weekly. The Youtube I've just been so
bad recently, I used to be you too caught a sewer watching like every every minute that I had free time. To chill and beyond my computer I'll, be watching Youtube, and now that hardly have happens, because the continent Youtube just so, looks like people avoid. Even why had such I'm askin too, that people are able to beef. we now when doing their own thing and like it this thing in the real world and I think that's really affected Youtube and content, because we ve been living in our bones and aren't devices for the past, what like a year and a half to two covert being stuck in our houses, and we didn't really take advantage of the fact that we have wonderful lives and we have this world all out there that we can be existing in the present. So now I feel like because of this, and because we have this new sense of of life and that were allowed to be outside and doing whatever. We want you to really picking up their cameras as much in filming things there just kind of existing which, for you
members and for people in general. I feel like it's a lot better that were taking advantage of This new knowledge that we have of lake, not everything, lasts and not everything is a thing deep, its it sucks for the Youtube com, ten, because no one's filming anything anymore, really like there's, no interesting videos out there and I'm just for you reminded in it rather have the pandemic no. I would rather get a pre pandemic when people were a lot more unaware of how important it is to really appreciate life. We lived. There were more culture cross over. What was I was giving spring this one. I knew you were told me. The boat Burnham Netflix shall crossed over in a tick tock world, how its huge, I think, Bobo, I'm sorry, I've, been watching Netflix show. Yet I love Burnham. He
think he is in our battle genius. I did meet him and he's oak he's a wonderful guy. He so smart. I loved the movie eighth grade. Num excited, watches, show, but I've been hearing his song circling around on Tiktok, it's like the monthly none in its on mergers and theirs, There is another one that stitches I really like the music and it's all sat making fun of the internet there's like wide woman's. Instead, and then anxious. Just all these, like things that are on our basic girls instruments, but people are taking these sounds and making take talks with them, seeing if they have these things, Instead, a milk stopping the video when I have one of these things, a man's diagram or just using his sound for videos. In the background to like explain what Tiktok is Tiktok, he's like video meme, so their users sounds as video means, which sets, I think, what he intended them for. I throw satire so so he did this autumn there for special, so
it's a streaming side and then it somehow crossed over the tick tock side. Every he's he's about the most modern double way, You can have good job. Burnham yeah he's always been like that. He's always captured the attention of my age group, so good for him. He's he's really intelligent. Guy Bob time to talk about people haven't done is good of a job cuts. where the biggest cancellation of the half year Sienna back this one. This one heard Sienna may was a big winner. less than twenty, whereas you regions very close anchored, augur well here is: isn't sticky situation. Give us that ten? Second recap:
Ok, as you know, I get bored hearing where people here, I'm trying to figure out. How did tat to do this fast sciatica castle? She she got cancelled fur allegedly sexually, assaulting her partner situations, ship person Ok, I'm an people hate or now I can't believe it. People after six months ago, she was loved here and outside everyone is now everyone hates her. Everyone makes videos making fun of her ah consistently. I wouldn't ugh cause she's if this, I'm just surprised the yen change so fast over six months. The internet so weird place man. If you do, if you do shit wrong people will find out and turn on. You immediately. People look for reasons to turn on anyone, and although this is well deserved, if YO
happen. The allegation is our trail. People turn on you and they look for a reason to turn on you. This is why cancel culture is so toxic because anything they just search in their like little mites and they're trying to find something that you did wrong and then bringing that's the surface and cancelling you, this almost deserve. But I just cancel cultures of a very strange, strange thing. The James Charles also got castle yeah James Charles is also in the same boat with that it seems like it was generally known. A sledge at Google. Jos allow another hour. I don't wanna talk about the Saint James again. Next, the words worst car dashing in imitation of the half year. The winner is third Amelia the stirs these big they work irrelevant at the end like at the started twenty twenty like when quarantine have been, they were irrelevant. I just
I don't I don't. What are they trying to do now? What are they doing in twenty twenty one to try to mix it up there making Youtube videos? They tried. Dinner with the Dimitrios thing and end there they're doing reality tv show that no one cares about, like the only people that know about them are twelve year olds and twelve year olds, don't care for reality, tv they care for ten seconds, videos of Charli, D'Amelio Dancing, and it's just that. I don't know who the target audiences for the the so called you know we were learning is that if you become famous just from doing silly dances and Tiktok talking about my not translate to actual no other reason, why, although you thought it was silly the girl I M Madeleine was my take talker was silly agile. I made fun of it a little baby you're just like, then she goes and gets coffee. Here's a day like this is her hair where it starts, because it's not it doesnt all have to be this, like Syria's psych creation thing where
say, really creative, although its great, if you are the creative and you're doing the fun things it should like at least she's, not do a silly dances. You know we don't have a dumbest, It's a culture moment. A word Mabel have on finding every cancel closer moment down. Next, we do have a heart throughout the year. The hard drive the half year, Vinnie hacker. He was them and in the wrestling match their Ben paid fifty dollars for without can so we forgot to make that would know that your work goes back. Strand is I'll shoot. I sat down you, China, my bad, I must have so many hacker leads to bidding hackers than when heartthrob right now for an partially. This is because of the wrestling match should basically take talkers are doing these wrestling matches guys their boxing, their bosses. Sorry or should the goes right dad, thereby saying take. Talkers are just boxing. You know whether doing because idiots like your brother, handsome in cities, Fred, looting, betrayed her paper. Viewers
take sacking. Melatonin crazy was crazy website that it defaulted there to watch other computer, but they were still super happy. I don't I don't Send it I dont care for boxing, but Vinnie hack is now just the females loved on the internet everywhere is extremely attractive. I'm I'm in the bandwagon he's any stay with my daughter. the relationship of the half here, half year written down, Olivia upon tone and coffee girl, but thirty living earlier tone, Latvia, Pontiff, Livia Pie, link and coffee girl, coffee she's, like coffee, I shall explain their so wise is the relationship with a half your arm, so Olivia Pardon had had some issue. She was cancelled lightly, like flash
She did this other Tik Tok Archeo and their entire cheating scandal, and I think Livia made a few mistakes, but she has she's come back and she is now dating this girl who does food or views. You goes deep sea allay, and there, like the cue to couple over matter, they just say may Theo's together their happy there, both blonde they look, on a similar, which is a little trippy, but they just their genuinely look really happy together and there are some speculation that their relationship might be. It might not be genuine. I think it is at this point. hey. There is speculation, where's that speculations use on the internet. People were making videos like trying to Photoshop, like the girl, say but she's only with Libya because of her sisters trying to get into a modeling agency, but this is really dragged out. If that's the case, I think that there really cute together and I'm in full support, desolate Pilgrim S, love reversing course, the few
The half year which you had written down as NASA and meds bear in maths I've. We ve talked about this before I'm sure you, those names ring a bell went off when you have no idea. What's going on you great names, this as a great name. Imagine like very memorable names. I dont nobody there. What are they? their tick dockers. Everyone I they I'm so mad sustaining this guy jaded, sir, they had an entire relationship going. Nasa was with Josh whenever his Alzheimer's dont member another take tuckered, really people that don't matter much. But NASA and jaded jaded asthma as was dating jaded we're doing like amuse, video together and they were just creating music and things, and then, apparently, I think there was like some sort of cheap thing or Adam MAD broke up with Jane. He was caught with NASA,
justice and carriages, and so let us rank or love rector gravel love, rectangle cause just what you broke out. Anteater. Yes, the kite us on this is kind of old news, but there still, really hate each other and now Nessus, happily openly together With Jane and mad has a completely new boyfriend. Qana would have an awesome if she got with Josh, but However, she has new boy, religious Lincoln. She she's posting the EU is like a few jaded entirely. Prettiest was like he, I don't really like homemakers. So I don't I'm not a finger So your data? Are you team that seventeen anti meds but I really don't care to be arrived at Moscow teammates good, two, more says this is by everyone. The fight,
These trend of the half year that will definitely be the title of a two thousand twenty two Netflix movie is. This is the the egg explained but if the egg doesn't ring a bell, I will explain it to you the egg. His is a thing when someone has a significant other and they see said significant other doing something that grosses them out or make some uncomfortable or just like is a weird thing that makes them. How do I explained this legislative ago like equally ill luck? Why would they do that? makes you unattractive that person. Therefore you get the EC for them. Let me give an example: if violence or about other many of us would serve the example that so, let's say Ben is dating his. I am your girlfriend. Let's say I am sure girlfriend sees Ben accidently trip while playing football, but in a really
uncoordinated and weird. Looking way he just troops on the ground. In its like really clingy cringe, that's good where it was cringing when he fell. Girlfriend sees this and whenever she sees Ben. Even when he's not tripping and looks nice She envisions him tripping in her head, therefore, she x and cringes, and can no longer be with Ben somebody unless they Becca it's like the conjuring, but when Here we have the evil spirit in your house that yeah Londoners, it's just the talking and bring it hardly taunting. You hunt you because, even if you love this person and even if they don't look like the way that they look when they gave you that EC, it's just you keep aching like us. Talking to my friend Dylan and She was like he opened the car door. Weird, I haven't ached for him now I am breaking up with him and then she funk well our doors man, the falling on the weird, but getting coffee? I I was dead, This girl, the midnight, is, what's in women, today's, and then
as me and then I found out after is because on one of them aids we're talking about. I was saying how I used to take baths Cosette bad back, but it would you say I love taken bass and apparently she get that from that. That was the only got. The acres existed, the renowned for ever I choose the egg, didn't have an official name. Now it does you know what it's can have an official hey, Netflix. Gives only royalties. When are you back your movie caught the Ak Party such a funny movie? She is right it right there should. I should write the egg. The egg is a good Finally, I can only say that on your nobody is key and no one can take this idea. I will see you did so is always claim in the idea. Now, let's Speaking of zero. The last trend, then we're going last word zones: this trend of the half year. Was you watch fourteen seas, grace Anatomy, thirteen, thirteen, the exact here's. The thing it's better dark.
As you know, I don't like grace anatomy. I think it's a dark show, I think, there's a ladder. Tragedian said this every time I come on somebody's lying in a hospital bed any their day, Lawsy build work or their about to die or they're getting bad news or thereabouts he put to sleep or whatever, and I just don't there's no way. This does not affect your mood. Watch two three Grayson Adam? Isn't that what you expect from a hospital shall I can mix it up, though leg work in like some curbing enthusiasms till they change your mood or something because He's not damaged, invokes things and me nothing else. Can I do it makes me feel like I could conquer the world here, but the we had figured urge and care that time, because you were like dehydrated. The anger was the best day of my life, but you got psyched out because you went through all your dress, anatomists things in your leg and then
talk yourself into some illness that you probably know. That's not true, I that did happen to me before, but this was not that time. I was actually really exciting. Ed. I not I ve in my arm in there was still all these m teeth around. We were to say that we will really nice. I saw people, people like being rush around in their hospital bed, something oh shit, she's going to guess, she's going to get an appendectomy doctors always amends. I will be helping your outlay like. I was in my element. I think that was one of my favorite days of the year. should be. That should be enough. Tv show of after you create the egg degraded tv about somebody who has no medical experience whatsoever, but just watch grace anatomy who now get caught, The duty during a doctor, shorted said a hospital and then comes through a couple. I'm with some red advice and they just give her a job. They did Patrick It have a medical lessons, you're, so good at this here now doctors,
from grace just from grace. You know the hospitals are really scary place. You had no kidding I was there and I was lying in my bed and I couldn't get a room for like ours cause the hospitals was filled and their wishes. This. Emily. Who is dreaming unlike slant on the whole, the hospital sucks. It's not a fun place, the girl tat. It was so riveting dues, it is, I would say now: you're gonna get cancer. Ginsburg Zoe summons lives, ass, banal. Guy right all. I think that hospitals and sad things out than people really suck saying from from like it's like seeing celebrity on the street. Being in a hospital because I basically live in the hospital for life, four hours every day on tv, so than actual grey area life. When you walk Arthur Television, like I'm I'm living it. I was tat. I was gonna, wait until you Louis Anatomy, how many more seasons you and died or left the showers. Meredith emeritus is
where the Walker, how is Mary disorder that I have merited, has been through a plane crash, multiple people that she love has has died, she's she's, Ben through merely anything, a person can be through her husband got down and they say somebody or spoilers yeah. I guess I spoke who is boiling for your suddenly there is telling you there's spoilers ahead, is merited your favorite character, no chimera. Definitely bugs me sometimes Alex Corral. Is my favorite character? That's it for them season words. So we'll see you back on this package, assuming we both make it at the end of the year, when my papa and hopefully you my Papa Ringer Dish a couple times. Probably we're not we're in a better place. Just and you're not letting me walk around with drug dealers? Not caring? Russia's be prepared, be more prepared, figure ahead here from point a to point B pack get your stuff ready
In don't realize minutes before your eyes recently visited the joke. We love each other. We love each other very much on very fortunate to have my dad is my dad would agree with in this park, and I really do I love you a lot, but thanks even better down over, this bar got a little. They spend great, but you have given me the can. We need to bring those recovery, listening for having me alright, thanks and Chris thanks to mad thanks to Zoe, thanks to Craig Hornback Phelan for nephew car today. Is our producer we'll be back on Thursday, with one more will save the cliffs.
act this holy shit we're play. I see it this way.
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