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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to talk Bucks-Raptors Game 4 (2:25), the Warriors sweeping the Trail Blazers without Kevin Durant (39:50), Magic Johnson's comments about the Lakers front office (1:32:30), and one final edition of [SPOILERS] 'Throne Game' (1:50:30).

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Let's talk about the Ringer Dotcom, the world's best website, where's the Likud, our wounds after game. It runs as finally of restoring peace is better and you can listen to binge mode which is coming on Thursday morning the biggest binge bone pack S there is speaking abridgment Jays Concepcion, where those binge mood he has another show gotta be a desktop for us, the one the sports at me for digital innovation on Monday night. So congratulations to him and to Jason Gallagher and to our whole Ringer video crew, everybody that works and that share we're very excited, love, seen the pictures of those guys Hoddan NEA trophy on Monday night shift to fund show it's nice to see people about it very happy for everybody. Congrats on that. Come up Rhine, reseller, an eye. It is
Tuesday night we just watched bucks raptors did not other where we thought and now we're going to pack asked about a perverse our friends from project I re Masilo is here where everything was perfect. Today, the sugar fish order was awesome fire for some games of game for historically, where my favorite games at any serious really shows a lot about both salute blues saint Louis Blues taken, their cup finals brilliancy longer. Seventy red acts yeah that
Sunday made it blues yeah. I guess I just saw unless something is wrong on every as eight months old watching Bobby you are sore through the after scourge and just going nuts, you are locked in early. What's the earliest sporting manufacture, remember Ok, I used to think my father and my grandfather you to take me to Holy Cross Football Games yeah, and that was the first sporting event I remember being at, and I think I was three or four and I thought because they brought the sticks out to measure and at the same time they took a guy off the field in like a wheelchair, oh Jesus, and I thought that man, if you screwed up in the game, they brought these spears out stuck in through your feet, so like three or four like fucked up on a plan, this game. Now as the end of game, thrones, coincidentally kept my first one was the final flyers. Bruins game and seventy four x, you remember that
Roger one nothing. I just remember I remember in the US, but that sees embedded. It was watched sports, but I just remember the one, nothing so for some hours old. You remember, I was a foreign three fourths, ok, yeah that's when you start remember it. I could have you ever like You know your first memories. Can you remember like ok, this sort of was conscious about. Seventy five is on its way that when I was nineteen, seventy five says like five and a half six. They I'd really do remember some of the seventy five red Sox stuff. But do you remember stuff nursery school in your for yeah, like burning lag in the radiator yak. It's like that. You're bad, extend the area of punch in the face by girl. My nose pledge like that was really the good Bob. It's now now just relax in which areas the yes sports, wise football, wholly crossing the first thing, but I wasn't car, I didn't know what was going on and again. I thought they used to stick a spear through your foot when you made about play, so I wasn't real locked it. I would be that setting cried the excess hell, yeah they're, bringing their back room
there's back imagine talk shows the be like? What are we doing? What are we doing? Why are we naming players? Raptors bucks? We bought that the bucks we're gonna winter No I've got the rafters in the series. I think the ceremonies go. I injured collide really that their raptors gonna win with quiet not only in this way. I just don't know to believe. Until I see what was gonna look like India was there twelve, and he was only three of eight for ten point for ten points. So this is the bench game, so no I didn't take. It would happen this way but I thought everybody was is greatest. Milwaukee looked in the first half a game too, and I thought that was like an insane stretch, a basketball by any standard in the entire blouse ice I thought people were a little bit like losing their minds of just printing up church from a Milwaukee championship. Here, I'm lucky championship remark: if finals appearance,
like I was excited to see to run on home, I got to actually thought they were going to be able to get back in the series, but I don't think they're going to do it this way with a bench. So I know we have a bunch of stuff to go with the guards have another rough game for Milwaukee, and then none of the bench guys really come through there, but it goes back to me with the guards that was my biggest fear. With this box thing. I thought they're going to win this series, but heading into next round when the warriors, when that spot lights really bright. I just want to trust my guards, and this has been an issue. You know you suck Cleveland, had it that you're after Kyrie left when they just had a bunch of dudes, nobody really trusted and that it manifests itself is her with police. In this with other platforms, I don't trust Bledsoe. We talked about it on Sunday night with with Sal I just especially on the road. I just don't think he makes good decisions.
And I think, when he's bad, he can be caught a shockingly bad and then brought them was the one I trusted the most. He was terrible night than George has been traded seventeen times lest it sees its and those are the people that are really hit on the bar. If yacht ass can be contained, which ratifies figured out how to contain it and how they contain it by sagging off those guards W, I think teams not to see every new start. This guy legacy is bad as it looks in game wanted.
Boston from a walkie, Ugo, ok, but if we're all right about who you want us is one of the three one of the five aspersions League and BP he's gonna go off he's gonna have a nice religious, not much! You can do, but I I do think with him because of the way they run this Phyllis way about hearing of it. Now, if you are using the separation goals at using, is it the more you play at the more you kind of EU soon a little bit? I don't, I don't think that that's that revealing a thing in that it's not figuring out yonder, it's just not losing shit about it and when those perimeter guys are hitting everything that it's all connected and broaden was terrible. Bledsoe now in the series, is three twelve three, a ten three sixteen to seven today was an improvement, basically he's down a twin.
Minutes. He won't. I mean he was he didn't notice bench, the bright him and he's nine percent from three on five attempts in the series on when I read them on Sundays, bad and said just basically like this. I been worried about this specifically along with this team, because I just don't trust them on the road and with the spotlight as bracing for bucks twitter, one guy or all of the bow of bucks. Twitters salty. Like that. You know they ve got a lotta losing and their journey ass, their vicious vicious vicious like so wait a minute super sweet if you're on their side.
No, I don't want it. You can pet certain people compared to other people like stay away from that dog right now, and the even bucks Twitter was like yeah, but so the problem fingers crossed one of those things. So you know there's a couple things going out. Then one is, if he's not good, first walking to get through the series, then second, if he just continues greater as his plans go along, they ve already given in the extension yeah prevail in the seventy mail. I think it is very little organ yeah in any below what he did, or did I mean he was really good this year so Seventy mill extension in today's world is shades of I hated compared to anyone to Andre Batch, but when the wizards, J Watch, the extension and then when they had the amnesty chance they invested it, but it had kicked it yet. One of my favorite or to growth forwards
I live in Ireland. Large contracts acrobatic play off. I position he is a greater right. I found come on Twitter. I think I still may he's not a high volume content guy, but if you go back to some of those tweets we used to do this wizards daily shove em. There are really bad was all those duties were short, is a rough career Crawford and then I think what you veils on the team Nick Young was on the team unbelievable that that team existed and then there the story, so we started doing these segments wars call wizards daily, where we would finally stories. If avail Magee gets into altercation, because that was the wizards weren't recognised in they had to pay cover. It wasn't like anything, nasty, the Julia added wrong or anything, and it may not be totally fair. I consent I wanna get this wrong. It was. Other guys on the team. So may not even about him, but there would always be these things. It was just there them.
Delusional guys ever and then black would just tweet out there, like just walk in the beach alone, gather my thoughts. What what are you doing here surprised that he missed its cause? twitter. It was really rounding in the form that it would be. My actual air would have been a magical to anything because there are always things were always going on with them that had nothing to do with even the bad basketball is gonna. Arenas specifically was about five years to early cause. Even he was one of the first in a blogs were kind of starting in two or three remember. He was writing a blog. For somebody in was the first one. It was kind of tapping into the multimedia connected the financing, but it the universe that really exists like it did now. Nowadays of it he's a go for arena sand. Just put him into two thousand and eighteen I mean he'll, be calling everybody out, you'll be challenged. People he'd be crazy, be writing, be like a combination of five crazy guys we have now. I miss him,
It would be funny, though, because then you'd have people like you would do something just wrong like you would say something wrong, and then in today's world you'd have somebody saying, but is Gilbert Arenas right to say that all thirty owners judges give the team to high school kids right. Yale thing doesn't have a boy. He was always straddling the line of complete insanity and then the guns in the locker and thing happen, and then it wasn't that much fun anywhere. Now, that's when you The latter Aramis collars not allowed a comedy that By my brain I will have you I find I wanted to look at everybody's, futile attempts. Jordan Crawford led the team and shot attempts had joining even though John Wall played sixty nine Games Joan Crawford, he was for the season on sixteen attempts, a game- I guess he didn't play for Crime- Sixteen shots again yeah, but he only this is the season I'm looking at here is
twenty nine wizards was the crazy. When does the team that led the genoa yeah Crawford that you shot thirty nine percent and twenty four percent? The events metrics led them Yeah he's lad. Is it really lead to more real offensive ribands in any guard their way? Coming back the bucks raptors, I don't feel like I've. I just want to make sure not leaving anybody out here of the crazy Whizzer yeah, the rain Nick and created in I mean how concrete and be forgotten,
he doesn't get him, he doesn't count it in their nerve, Cardio Martin. He only it aims at one year, Cartier. My remember her number him, but I'll Thornton member althorpe everybody people really liked him. I like them for the draft. We talk about the bucks yet so fifteenth fourteenth boxer different team in home than on the road by slight the south excise Jack. I'm sure defiant of show that the crowd ban them. I don't really trust rhinos guards either at the key you guys need to come through in the road. The one thing I didn't like these past few games beyond just how bad the sum of the bucks poorest played was, gotta, seem mental retired. To me we're talking about it there in the game, I didn't think it was physically tired I'd there seem to be you there's a weight on my shoulders now vibe to how he was carrying himself tonight that I didn't like, because I think that certain at dawn on him, that whatever they had during the season where it's like I got,
shooters around men and they can only do you wanna one, because we have all the shooting and agonies be deeds out the job on I'll, just fine people. Brother, the rim in this is easy, and now it's like those shooters aren't making shots anymore, and now it's not easy, and now it's like oh shit, now, what's plan b, I don't know if that's going to carry over Milwaukee or not but who's. The first time that I saw you could see in his head him trying to solve whatever is going on and configure it out you're better, detecting that stuff than I am cause idle. I think I guess all Wagner yeah, but I don't know that anybody when they're losing like put their down fourteen they had arrived, nice stretcher. The boycotting was twenty three to seven stretch of the box, or they get it up to fourteen. The seven in anybody lingered rounds. I said, though I just think there's a second guy there like, I think. Sometimes we see guys losing and we think this was to be had Ernie like when you learn that talk about happy sad thing, I'm just saying like I've,
like all year watching him. I was always amazed by how he was so mixed up the way Lebron used to wear when Lebron really start to figure it out. There's like you're the problem answering me, I'm solving it, which is what made the twenty eleven finals meltdown. So weird cuz. You could see how far in his own head, he was with it, and this bucks thing Giannis wasn't as bad as as Lebron was in the finals, but I just could see in his eyes he was having trouble figuring out. I was the answer and I am but dont wise, because I don't think there is an answer. No, I don't think there's an answer. No one's shots, if it s so their offices we create space for
I see I had shots at the shots on going and I don't really know what they're supposed to debt Middleton at thirty. You think in Miss, and so it's weird like Middleton has one of those knights and he didn't use eleven fifteen in that's actually after Missy a couple shots at a gag aid of nine at one point and yon us area and take a ton of shots for him. Seventeen it's a lot, but they know they don't worry about Bledsoe Lopez, only too shots they don't worry about, broaden it all in a heap of rank. Them was good earlier seriously about understanding about the eye. So, like everything from where I saw from like a basketball strategy thing, it felt like the court started shrinking on yawning yeah, and so it's it's like he. How does he think usually figures it out with a had esteem or with base. I had a dream Riah. Yet so it's! Let's just I mean the thing you just gotta make sure people shade over and then you get killed with guys shooting outside. That's why that gain to thing I'm going, you know what I like. Maybe he's gonna be here. I still want to see Toronto go home,
You know like. Let seem go home and see what happens here, but that game to first halves. Get the hell out of me that I was like. Why would even hang onto this rapturous pick it all, but there's gotta be nights with these guys like this, this Milwaukee team is. I spent a funny that way, because when it's right. It's like men, what an unbelievable system! Bondholders! Incredible! Look! John! It's perfect, perfect, perfect, There's a night like tonight, you're going like whom I really scared it I really scared by then, will they weren't even guarding Bledsoe in the attic and ask that was a red flag? So it's maybe more connoting harder, maybe more heard her. Can they trade further they have a MAC slot available. Why did you vote first team for him from fur erecting a carefully? We did that I can't believe I'm the only one. I am why was he tend in rookie vote Why would we last of any the rookies, so we talk about the difference in yadda said this stage of his career in the broad and the differences.
Even in the seven away range when the broad support of caste fell apart around him and there was a war supporting castor. What Europe has right now way. Where I mean that was a that's an unbelievable abandonment, but he could kind of. Become a one man offense and I don't think Giannis has that particular set of skills, yet the totality what he does is great, but in that terms of our shit, nobody else has it. I got this, I don't they can do it but think about. It looks sometimes, though, to when a guy that we are real tough on these guys hey you know what solve it and then there's. Of course, why who you dont think has ever been labelled a selfish player other than yell disperse thing, but I'm saying is actual approach to the game. I think anybody sent it selfish, but look at the end of that Philly Series. You re only one that was comfortable out their other than a box and games. Seven anshar janius feels like he might be two years away from. But what can now
I'd be saying, though, is it like it? If you wanted yours too, maybe figure this out or carry that burn or do some of the safe, I think. Sometimes it looks terrible and then we start going like these are just bad shots, and now you shooting to be able to say that there are guys, city shot shot has has been disastrous for forestry games, carrying over really a little bit of the other series. I dont know if there's a a lot of thing. You see no or try this big line up, which I think would actually be interesting. Just to see what happened when my. If my guard suck, then I'm tryin, weird shit in the trunk are to have a gene, is completely position supply. What play my point like just if none of my guards are shown up, don't plan of a communist The barn have yadda scarred calorie like I'm.
And for a game or nothing's going right, I would have thrown more shit at the wall. Then I think coach by didn't this game, but the reason every up, the auditing it's gonna circle around until compliment he when I voted for friendly, be at those best where the sheer I don't think he's kind of close to being finished product. Yet you know like the branded whenever Soyuz out in two thousand and nine that was his first really great year and then the playoffs. That was another situation where his supporting cast didn't really show up and Lebron. I think he average. Thirty five thirty. What's your Lando, Zaire has lost the whole class. He he did everything could and they started. When I don't I'll. I think the honest probably two years away from having the offensive weaponry to do that right now. It's like, if you see him off, he doesn't have a lot of options. If there a double team you the problem, is you just have to stay locked to seal him off that whole time, and then guess what happened? You had a Milwaukee bench without scoring
Toronto bench by almost twenty game in the first three games, and then by the time this game was decided. It was a thirty point advantage for Toronto batch now. You have guys like how whose plan more now Lowery was, awesome, which is somebody you know. I have to remind to give credit to any deserves it because money, I'm like Lowry was when it wasn't I was Lowry TAT Year like tenor level. Redress read a lot going as good penitent yeah. I mean it up with twenty five overall and only took eleven me twenty five on eleven shots. So you get that what was the other one? I don't wanna do too much be up above, I was really good. So when all those guys are growing guess what happens now, everybody's paying more attention all the honest rules. Would you post up yonder elsewhere, If I weren't hold item that, I don't think they do enough, I would system in that go, go and double cumbering. That double and see we get somebody going, but when you, when you talk about like throne, should against the wall. I'm not saying you wrong, but I think there's always
in the we overlook. What, when you're the coach of a team is that if you're losing Bledsoe for the rest, series at that maybe I'd like I don't know how that dynamic is. Can you answer guy it's something out: a hammer giant idling they back they D pension, though he pay twenty minutes. I mean only play ten minutes like he wasn't playing him a lot, but I'm sure deep down- and maybe maybe coaches should be tougher about this stuff, but each players- different good coaches, know that what motivates guys it's not the same for everybody, but I'm sure this part of him, I'm sure of it, is like this. Guy's been a guy who's been really good this year in it sucks right now, but I'm not sure that I can just go away from him forever because he shot of support for a week. I do you think gun gone to the bucks front offices said if they had for drinks in them, as I too in the morning at the hotel buyer, and he said if you could have access and that, but so seventy million you in there
is it the day backs. Maybe six strengthen six drinks, it maybe a shot. He shot screws pacing like Heaven really good, and then maybe I just brought a shots. Goddammit Kyle Somebody my eye that I'm not gonna name drop here, but it was just a nice steady day. The other day was at a bar watch and some sports is at the Scientology Centre. That was last week and it was a non drinking. Wasn't like hey: let's have a few beers and have some fun this afternoon. It is eight a let's rest up. I don't want to drink have a night tonight, don't want to go to have this, I don't want to have some drag out day deal for. You know: Nick's, email, your listen to dirty bastard tracks in your sweatpants, your shirt off your house or like wait a minute I was supposed to supposed to go out tonight, and this guy walked up at three
compliments shots in the middle of the day it sunny it was hot, was beautiful and you're not drinking, and you just go. I get the the spirit behind. This is really admirable, but I don't wanna drink and only want anything resolve our corner. You do Barker, I am, I am don't bring shots in the data people and the guy. I was with looked at me and goes. Does this happen? You are your yak hind it, but this is aggressive. Like I didn't know, one drink this when people trapped like ways to make fun of guys it order rounds with problems, Is it a sponsor on anything right? That's not at an, even though it is. Is that, like your master, it's in that family of Le Cores A real heavy mitigate the thing you gave to pledges right aggravate the protests it. So strong. It's like a hundred proof. So that's beyond
Finally, a word on this story is TAT became a thing where listers now right you now with another. Now is a bad now heard the pie. I am absolutely its Ammonites thrown at you, nothing doing started bar firewood, Mozilla The Cairo jig, our three. This is going to happen now, Burnett. Now it's not like. For now. It's its check it out. It's like a hundred in. Is it one wonders at a hundred proof and is a hundred right? It's disgusting and it's not a fun. It's not a hey. You know what I feel like doing totally sober middle day with the sun. Our man watch some hockey money Solving the just a little side, corrupt elements, stuff submit shack like butter, but as the rumpled sponsored by Rob laments, the safe is GAD Elements is never got more pub giving his agent was
asked asked is assisted like hey that extension. We sign that re. That fact that, as we that's all done, he had back. He can we just double check that wasn't Verbal right, we actually are you being fair right now he's been terrible that that extension looks terrible? If not, I don't worry anybody should out in another year. It's not a crazy. I thought it was a deal when they did it, so it he's just ease gun off the deep and here the painter half what lowries getting think about it. What team is Larrea next Year System Phoenix may be firm with I stays he's that day. I thought it was stand after we made the game wondering in seven hours. Our people say look at reading, in that I read the ETA go somewhere else after game to sit.
Just look around the Eid Ready was staying emotionally tat from the city, I conic photo game, seven walk off and then after they got smoking game to its, I can use more help. Save us a somebody's in a spin class of them. Dennis easy and I got Annesley noisy and spin class. Georgia materialised damage control theory I do feel Danes stings act as a thing on his back ass, where he now warns the aggregator sir. Yes, where he's about to pass along something that is in passing? I do that our time on his body as the aid no to the aggregated sat there. I just got that And aggregator don't take this run with that. I, like that the pre emptive aggregator warning. Yes, I've got a big things plant, but Yeah, that's right,
Bavaria somebody. Yes, somebody thought that I actually said that somebody source was in a spin class. I added a kind of sacked relieved jokes. I I was a total joke. It was clearly a joke and then one website picked it up is real and then once the rules were broken, it was just like will now we can run with it. Could somebody or itself ran with it and it was like manner? I didn't. I didn't really mean that gene How did you invite me anything is terrible when I almost started a national crisis in New Zealand by mentioning that, if ok see was gonna shaken up, Adams was the most logical guy three, story dessert. The new led, the New Zealand they had to have a black, I think whatever version of the of parliament is rigour should learn to see parliament behind I had seen low. Unless we come from New Zealand enabling those out accident, could he do a good tax it boys from? So he talks that I has been great air and any
explaining that whole story term, and he is I, oh you can't even joke about that. You didn't even it wasn't. It was busy, like you know, hey if they're going to have to try to figure this out on the fly like Adams might be the one that has to go, and then it's like a reminder that he's what making twenty four and twenty seven million the next two years- and I still like Steven Adams I'll, be like in a powered This, I think, you'd start looking like big numbers and onwards only two years, like that's fine, we could do worse than that, but yet I ended up in DE ended up being bad just Imagine if your Australian, because then they would be like figures asshole yeah blame than his own guy. This is that the right thing to do a we're, gonna point guard roulette this summer, and our colleague who Celtics I hope. So what am I favour? One, though, is the people that think if the Lakers strike out, nobody asked that Chris paused there back up when he's got like a hundred and eighty million dollars raining now now something I don't know, it's nothing
much obliged. I know it said the much he doesn't have one. Eighty do him he's already warriors left no cause when he did he did it? I could be wrong here, but he did a short one cause. The new sudden trade deal at both a three with four here, like a male he got. He took the max while he had to give up. He took a lotta is three years left his three years and because it's a player option at forty four, so always that exercising that no horses, bigger, We gonna break that one right now, but here hundred. Eighty million is my point. It was Sunday as one of its one twenty one, twenty four three years, would you do that for you, the Lakers. I only moved around better when he came back from the injury or you would this gets. This gets back to my point, all the stuff. You do coups my fur. Chris Paul sets it like the Lakers go, will take em off your hand. Sterile
reset button. I really don't want that. Forty four million dollar staring me down it ass. I don't think I gotta do that, but I would have liked. I give you guys, don't do their sow leave in three years after this cause. He signed it even to icy leaving too. I don't know if they would care anymore arising. The browser I want a meeting with the two loser breast brothers, see hit the ceo busy getting Miller. Harris TIM hairs Jeanne. Bus and world wide web were again together were set rehash this out once and for all. Encouragement arrive as they have to bear to table freight away. My trade, the bed. One of these is magic, has to be there, we have to be their equipment. Magics gone. There was one of the way things were you talk about magic later, but when the bronze, Sarah MAGIC didn't com and give reds up, the magic was again that they did that whole thing. When you sign news, I come in
laughter magic he's either, and I think everybody in that was gonna line, but I really feel that I don't think La Bron came here, is a magic. It was a nice way to make it look like magic close the deal, but we view sign Leubronn into your stewardship right. Then you get to take credit for it. So whenever, but then Le Braun had said like he needs someone to make this up to him like. Oh I got is that was to me was classical abroad and light? If there's something that goes wrong, that I can hold against you'd make it feel like like to motivate you more to make sure you don't screw up anything, he got mad at the Miami he for not having a fifteenth guy signed one year, re just make sure you do everything you can to make us competitive in your legs are the guide. It doesn't even get a penny in practice like he's the difference between being happier unhappy. So what Brought it said after the magic thing somebody you know, I need somebody to explain this to
and I need somebody to make this up to me. You're all these different things. I thought, like you, don't care about any of this. Actually, I don't think you care, but it's just not a bullet for you to have he's very focused on space jam right now I mean very focused. That's probably the number and priority for our next couple months. If any Davis is still, I dont know what happens What do you think you know? I don't think it happens either, but what do you think we're brown want right now, the number one movie the summer or Anthony Davis Movie, casinos he's like any other Davis, The old man- I don't know he's getting any Davis here about as like this isn't happening. Whenever I run in Zone Chicago, combining in you'll talk about certain things going on.
I feel like I'm on an island. A lot of the car you just want to do tv shows it's all about this entertainment group. It's all about this, it's all about! Then you make the space jam joke a lot too, and I'm like you guys think he just wants to go. Get his ass kicked the next three years of basketball cuz. That doesn't really seem to make a lot of sense to me either. And I get a lot of pushback on that- I'm a theory that he actually would still want to be competitive and win game. Seven. I guess I'm a weirdo. I think he, I think he thinks it's going to work out, but always has. I just think he's like it'll, be fine, we'll get somebody cuz. That was the attitude someone didn't work and he had no real planet then seem like, but he just assumed a work out and then Alison. He had Rhonda those guys too shy to land Stevenson. The shot Stevenson. Bejean made us there might have been even side, but I just think he always thinks it's gonna work out, somebody's gonna play with them, but at some point this summer, if its not working out, I think he's gonna be in a four panic. If its actual, I tell them,
We got anybody, you because I know if we get, we get two layers, a little bit later, but that's another thing that I've tried to stay here throughout is that it may be blank. You can't do the job, maybe he's going to be bad at this and maybe he's going to get fired, but it's one offseason where I really don't like what they did after they got the brawn, but let's see if they strike out and everybody again, especially with all the different names moving around and that actually bring it back Oracle. That's what ends up happening with Chris Paul thing, cuz it's! sounds better? Like eight, we found the across ball. I don't don't look behind the curtain, but we get Chris Paul. If you do, I have to thank Carmelo he's after and then wait has to come back he's gotta. Do it you gotta get the four together ages it it becomes a rein in concert over like trying to actually do anything in the boy went away its guises like bonus, dvd footage. Yeah.
We didn't, sell the international second year rights to our whatever we do, as they weren't thing, but quickly, bucks raptors. What happens. I was gonna be surprised at a time when, in the series I really wasn't and women think happens after watching, forget ah interrupted in the series. I still think box, because I think there are different him at home and I think they went in seven They I'm not. I think it's embarrassing that I am a pounding the table about this, backed by the way, I'm just getting losing by twenty placing game for his pretty embarrassing. That fourteen that supposed to be really good and all they advanced metrics were really favourable to them. As a dominant theme that you know they lose gain three whatever, but then they come back aim for the opposite happened Right, I went Sacrae, it's weird to be a team that looked back at home and
no game one, they were down and that's all these things are impressive in different ways like, while at some real mental toughness came on- We are all very fine and then you come out even better and game. Two. So it's training in this direction. Words like Toronto can hang with these guys, like you, know, trust good trunk. They may not be as good as new walkie, but this good Basque, quoting there was some half corridor offence, red flags and game. Three that I noticed just. You ever gonna lose a tough one like that and then have your work. Our aim for like that's year, but it ain't scary thing in game: three: they the guys that in the Mediterranean, but so compost terrible. I didn't
of the shots are getting. I was judged by. Are you getting good shots? Do I like the shots? Am I doing your shot, selection and adding totally love the shots in the guys that seem to have open shots were guys that if you had wagered on the box, you didn't totally want them open from twenty five feet for comfortable, and today was even worse example, that I didn't love really any of the shots I had for most lacking, and I was I was bored, but was bored by their office she's hard, because yadda yadda send your team, our indian stay, fronting players and fans prepare all year for the plaster need to be ready for anything with a state farm age I knew a team. You can be ready for anything to that can help you prepare for whatever live throws. Your way can I can be a draft we,
Have an awesome draft got in the Ringer Kevin Oconnor Rags, the top thirty we're talking earlier about? Is it a top three or top for cause? You have dearest, Garland Bandy kid who hears groundwater. Right now. If you watch him, I'm serious. I now agreed people, listen in San. Go, watches, games, and you're gonna go wise and has got been talked about more. He had heard yeah get hurt, mischief game played like for Non conference games, but He reminds me a little bit and I don't like doing cops because I just think each players, his own person bill, You might be look very well, these weird they carry. Saved by describing a weirder. That would be a good way that we said that the draft guide not weirder than carry just leaving it there, yeah, but I think the top three is
How much is a rumor stuff is the same. Odor ants gone is gone. This is happening. I don't know why people still keep trying to put clay somewhere else. I don't. I don't believe that call Dylan Faggas Red Flag is last: everybody had going to Lakers Nelson, whose recently with ok say I never understood the animosity between Polenka and Paul Georgia's agent, but was it was Polenka CIA, something yeah, but they also were alike on Michigan together yeah, I guess the you of you dig around the league rail letters like real. Writing Paul Georgia, the unity liked Oklahoma City, a lot more than people realize to but you never met with them in never met with them and minced just lost to his clients and it was Russell and Randal. They jettison from the team deftly Randal. I've figured the ottomans right. I was Randall,
Well, so you you have, it has three and then a drop. No, I think it's for four people have told me. I should not adopt the combine high, who is the fourth back, the Lakers that have been garlands like the lasting many, yet labelling would hate biblical swedes. Gaza carry his carriage to point out and training yeah. I think I do so funny. If they pass came, reddish clutch quiet and it can take the candidate elbowed foreign than there lay a man. It's nothing personal. We still love you but were not taken it there's no way you can take reddish, for I know what the mark at the beginning of the year, and you think, there's anyway, pig contagious, called Warped whereby hours, I sure now with their market for that nope
No, but I mean it's even where they paid him with a bit of the reform is closer than twenty fancies wiggling yeah. Ah, I had so anyway check out our draft. God talk to state our major today about combining your home, an auto insurance and get a teammate who can help you prepare for the unexpected state farmer here to help life go right. Hopefully Gus for there girl a already trust the home depot for stud. She rock electrical everything to build. Your house now made that
your home by shopping. Thousands of the core pieces that suit your taste from surfers the airy rugs too that far floral you better marrying the home depot has all the pieces need to create your dream space from start to finish, the best part, free, flexible delivery, no hassle returns and everyday centralism more find out exactly what you're looking for from home debugger com, slash the core. You proof Tom is waiting for you, just a quick away for a limited time, save even more on this thousand loving use code, bs, whom deeper a check out once again home people come such the core and use the could be s home depot at check out down on site that allows only livery adds like that of forty five hours. More visit home Deborah com for more information, there's more cans, it doing it at the home. Deeper islets talk about the warriors: five, no without threat, which I thought was
both incredible and hilarious. Now that Portland tin they be was now you're typical western conference finalist, I think lower gets hurt halfway through game to ride. The head is just not the same guy that he was giving them and if he played in round to like you played around three, they lose them nuggets cancer broke down completely. He was shove himself by the ad. Why don't know that he broke down? I think that it for he was this. Is this? Is one of the series with him were? You could see immediately got? This can be a problem but he also he didn't see. Mikey had that kind of possessed him, why I realized double o t get a broken you think this is who is a certain black match? I don't think it's tired, I don't think it's any that's. If I may, I understand all of these going through, but I I don't, he was fasting during the period I did. Who is drastic? No seriously boy wasn't eating. These are the I should like this is why he ended up being somebody who got bought out, and I know this hurts as a as again
not just a keener island guy. You, you ve, been having a pamphlets. Listen, they were, they got to the western finals people on the court against Yokel shoe ahead as it as by number three VP Does he really nice ones, but these reasons. Why I mean it goes back to the ok, see stuff they if you look at his play off minutes of all those those runs yeah. Would be like downplaying warriors again believes the tank, should we hope, Against him, a cable again to compensation should be halted Exton that he's a liability against the most sophisticated office of attack, probably a certain matters it just so bad with him in this is vital and others all her, because I didn't he's also heard. That's us. I think you had some you you with Patsy moments in the last few weeks with cancer, where you felt like I'm a genius nobody's in India as I used to by pass guy. It's good to see you back to feel like a week
which is screaming at each other canter sigh. I think I think, all that's interesting to point out that they should apply everywhere So what do you say to work for their pension? Canter was a good thing. Yes, the blazers were actually weirdly in those seems like they almost one game too. That's why they receive is really I seventeen came for I really should have one and they just kind of fell apart at the end, but at the same time so much for the workers back sound. I talked about a lot on Sunday and just repeated, but I just really miss them, and I've had kind of forgotten
you know they ain't had this other level with the rat. Where is like holy shit like the ceiling of what they can do in a quarter or something is unlike really anything: we've had in history the day to day stuff wasn't as much fun and then whatever is happening is last five games brought me back to twenty fifteen two hundred and twenty five game winning streak and just like this crazy team that takes terrible shot, but they go in and Draymond was this. Forests that threaten centrifugal. I said that correctly, he's didn't days off now, he's the centre of all their and encourage this unbelievable player and then the way they are. These rob where's could step up its kind came back and I don't feel like it was a fluke enter the relation say how Katy gets woven back into this now who who, by the way too so we're say, was the best player of the league cigar made earlier amid the wise in I'm, and I didn't mean that all of a sudden, IE isn't those things. I think about this statistical paste that he was on Sunday
four and twenty five or more, with his shooting percentages Eddie best? Finally, and to see what is unions Houston, where you go and there's times it is like you are, I forget whose on Golden States roster, but there are times when you watch all the pieces there, I'm talk about with Katy. Where I be, Oh wait like the first two options broke down, they had settle for a wide open clay We re think there's this notice board in the corners of fucking stupid. Again there be knights, were it would just? It would make me laugh again, out loud, but would I this is a great lesson in and yet maybe Portland not great, but they swept him. Yeah energy like this thing went from an you pointed out, and I'm gonna give you credit for this casual. We D day of game six through like this, the they react in the draft injury which, by staff in game five, I remember just go wait a minute. This guy
familiar and a game five staff. Now this is not, and then it was terrible in the first half and then it was epic in the second half- and you said this is a great prove everybody who has proved a who we are, and it was the Ex athletes using no Katy, that's why I still like the warriors were failing to everybody in the media was completely right everybody off yet disaster. The tiger runs over, I was doing, although shows and in New York free us beyond those two days in every bab like ok well worldwide, who's gonna? Do this off season? I'm like your, I throw up three to and you don't think they can be used in one of the two games without you know. I didn't know this until two days ago for game sexting. It's the rackets, curry war has two thousand fifteen currencies. I went from thinking. Initially my thought was they're gonna win game six. This is a great fuck. You Katy Game, even if they tried it out of my eye. So you just this is aware. The Champs Game Then, as a one alongside you know what this
also what makes basketball great cause. Over the years we have seen a team lose somebody, those important and everybody rally around people. Chip in this is when you know you have a great team, now, circling back to the this feels like a fuck. You can't do anything that is at least partly feeling their slaked delay that dream on has gone to the last five days game on the show there that he has. Now, it's not just we want to win the title again. This is something else is happening. In my opinion, I again was having moments watching dream on a game three like grabbing. The guys I was next to I was Chicago having dinner at the bar, we set ups, we could watch. The entire game was with a bunch of friends and dream on was doing stuff, where I was like a no in guided watching it really. Did you just see what he did raise see how many different decisions he made in the same position and how like a gear
then we all talking off ass. He was also not talking down it's like my would. She would screw up everybody's thing like here, rotate on three different guys make the steel and then in the outlet pass, and, unlike my God, this is sick. So I think the Katy thing is fair, but I don't think that means that Eighty sucks, I don't think it means you're gonna like Katy. It means that that those guys backwater, really special in the weird way say Stafford, illusion, NBA finals, I'm not saying it's gonna happen, but this stuff shifts self. Ass from or they can't win without Katy. Oh, my guy women is deaf the best in the world now an were staff in it's almost like if you were to lose in the files or what you just did for five games. Five plus games would it remind people of how they ve overlooked him because it so he could Westbrook not to go here again but no matter who's out their Westbrook play one way. Yet it can really great, but can also be a problem for
stepped a kind of show you by the way you know I could have always done this if I wanted to, but the seven foot, guy who's probably better all round than I am is just a better option, a lot of stuff. We do so you have to do any stuff that I didn't fit. And dream same thing place anything. So I am convinced with basketball some as See if you ve already won the title. The motivation becomes as important as the talent and a lot of different ways, and I think this team just always knew that they had it in them both talked about the on off switch. They always need deep down we're better. We can pull this out. That's backfired on things in the past, but with this Yelling delicately, my Boston who's, never done it re howling, IRA haste organic guys, a switch from whose word even see what you can always really the sea of units which this, which has been created, both gone state. You know you take Katy out of it, and these guys were
really driven to prove that they need him. I had so, let's go backwards. I think that dream, I'm Katy argument this ourselves. First, taking Anna The dreamer Katy argument actually says a lot more than maybe we realise that the time Cosette argument was all about dream. I say no Do you live in any way Was that all argument and got super personal- these guys have thought Katy leaving all year. Who else thinks he's leaving everybody whose impact? by now you lines Harrison, do you in Chicago for four days the combat, if one person Sadia Hack, say here that Katy next things bullshit he's can going there when everyone says the same thing. Are to get a little worried. No one, has said to me: hey here's something to keep an eye on with Katy Pascal, maybe maybe one and one had they won moral psychology for tyres is nobody said that there's there's times were he'll, everybody's feeling, certain way like think about Kyrie at one point the season, and it's not just cuz of what
at the beginning of the year, but it just the message was very positive. The message internally externally was always very pause of Haiti's carry things. Work out is gonna work out now. I dont know if that was a strategy coming out of Boston because it certainly doesn't feel that way now, but the Katy thing his consistent ban. The only thing I've heard any twist on it in going back to this past week in Chicago would be that you gotta keep an eye on Brooklyn as being a posterity ending spot, but there hasn't been a well. You know the golden state. Still you're really good about your chances I haven't. Had anybody tell me that an did with the warriors envisages the age we live in. It's funny cost send a text predicted with Sal. I was like Katie's going to snap soon on social because he sees all this stuff and all this stuff about the we're shoving it to Katie he's going to twelve hours later he went to Broussard
for whatever all these guys read all this stuff and the narrative it can you tell me what he said is I just how I'm serious all really yak, as I tracked out precise, had something about on the show that they ran as a clip, whereas basically leg the warriors when the title I ran it's a disaster for the red, put two asters on the other side of the south. In this be the worst thing that could happen to grant and therein back and I'm really the worst thing that could actually made by those Durrant three days, a calendar as worst nightmares coming. True, yeah. It is a really my worst. Nightmare really did one as to its back the thing I think the word the other warriors, who ass a thing, greed and listen to everyone on the orgies there Gee warriors together. Did they hear everything to what was the narrative all season? This is the last run for them. This is the last year. This
He ended their dynasty, Katie's gonna leave and then it's gonna blow up and I think those guys her leg fuck that this isn't there anything if he leaves will just get other guys and we'll still be really good next year and we're still the favorites and that's what these five games were about. It was about. We know that these leaving, we know people are dirty less already, but actually we're fine. If he leaves its that personal I'm sure they have a lot of respect for him, I'm sure they know they have a better chance if he's on the team, but I think it was part. I think it was partly that don't put dirt on us. Yet we're not done these. The three of us plus a good supporting guys who know where to go and what to do are still. We really good at this, and that was what we saw. All of this may be true, and it it sounds like it might, but you know me like sometimes I'm like this. Is anybody just win or lose or is it
I always have to be some other things happen where you can either they played at a different level of intense tat dream on the intensity that he had in those games was out of control. But that also part of being an athlete where you go, we all need to pick us up now, because we have this. This safety valve that nobody else. Hey that part. What were you gonna pick them? Is there any chance? I know Saki hate when I do this in a pod, but now is there any chances? better than Portland and there have been in any way, is us two guys are so good. I died, war is gonna. Do you think I was all I'm I'm kind of agreeing with you? I just think it's always important. That might let me give you a personal snare, because I love you. I love on bringing you into this Vampa Lee. Leaves the as Vp Unreserve shall go to sport centre and as this three months leading up you're reading? All these stories message boards in turn have raised like will result has done. That's it for him. Right, he's, fucking finished
you ever hear from him again at what point db like. Oh, really, and you re like oil, ok, we'll say I'm going to show you guys like. You would hear that feel there and take that fertilizer ray. I definitely the heard it because it was excellent. Actually, true, it's a good analogy. I think sometimes only really here that out. I read any that style, but was he will you also covered like the fucking warriors? But you know you know me close, but yeah yeah, I give them the rig for the wind I had a guy reach out to me to be like I've always loved you on the show- and you know I'm sorry just listen to work email here but like we have an editing gig at this, this podcast company, like in case you get out you just. Need it gives a clear result, reallocate some people thought my career was ending Hope in our jargon, is no worse. Yeah paper trail, whereas I like by the
Why did you give it to you? I didn't have three years as staff without Vampa sell my address debut doubting meal of it more. I think they really took on that ship. Personally, I think we're seeing it here. I think they did I agree with you, but I also think there better than these teams to so. Did you think that those three guys. At the level they got to those less five games. So cuz, I'm not I'm not sure. I never thought I would go easy. It would have been game three. This is where your argument wins for them and game theory to be down and They beat him in the furthermore than seventeen seventeen p go out. Whatever music gonna lose us, one will be up to one will get game for a lot of these teams. Look at this shit and they didn't, and then they have it happening came forward like now is went out to replace Steph forty seven minutes I saw the measured end. This they pour them was up like eight or ten with maybe an assent. Minutes left in the game was teetering toward Portland uses. Let there be no doubt going by eight in the fourth right there Jane,
got a rebound and a really I became a slipping away and it was one of those things where people start. You know don't free form stuff. Wherever a drama got the rebound, he just went down as hard as possible and end up like make it supplied. Get fat found, and I realize you're win their down eight, as are these guys. They got that there still plan as far as possible the intensity competitiveness that there it has come and gone unless those first to the recent years we saw it. Six seven rockets in the second half of those games where was like their backs, were efficient to the wall and they all went to another letter I was amazed. They were able to do it for all four Portland games because they haven't shown than three years
they ve shown killer instinct and has not been there. They ve replaced a killer instinct with arrogance at times, but its justified arrogance there, the weirdest team, sometimes because to run their system, not that their running a ton stuff, but for everybody to be in this flow, it means are smart basketball, team there, defensive rotations when their Chris Smart Basketball team, but at times it look like the dumbest Martine I've ever seen, yet as they make the worse passes of any good basketball team. I've ever seen in my life, Just stupid, shit, Lapierre right right fry it behind your head right game: seven, they re they staff whose roots are really small player. This can help himself a stupid files. It isn't manages own vows well there, and I also think there's a level of arrogance that they ve had, which again it's hard not to be arrogant. When you're this group, where I think arrogance, came at a plan that first run against the clippers and now it's late
can't we can still have confidence, but we're not going to be got to make sure that, like our margin for error is not what it is so yeah that the arrogance factor with them, I would have thought was gonna show up and game three be like I, whatever we lost, big deal would take your Lisbon fire business and now to be able to sit back and relax, and the funny thing is after maybe games but then the drain injury news is worse and then you see the start. Milwaukee gets off too and that serious threat and it went from Gaza gone signalled state to obey. It's used, ok, where they get rid of them, but there is no Katy. This Katy injuries even worse, while they're just gonna Lucy on us, and now don't you like anybody. These storyline has changed overnight for about a week, it seems like a narrative surrounding the team and then the big picture, or that of men, I want to be in the game yesterday and Dorothy was reporting and she's like guy,
I think the warriors are you know that when they lost that game in the clippers in the first round that had an impact in them, they do not want that to happen night, as I was words other it is, and really the Myers Leonard. Just I mean he. Twenty five points, the first half that's like getting hit by lightning could never have I think they were ready to win that game by twenty and Meyers Leonard just kept making threes for some reason. So he stayed that off. They still ended up winning. He was five slash, eight from three I mean three thousand and twelve realistic Collins made one it's like. So it's one of these games where we're Portland centers are going to make nine hundred and thirty thirty nine percent. So I thought from a big picture standpoint It was so cool data foot, the narrative to everybody being like fact, these guys so tired of theirs leave already I'm done
the warriors steps deck, others that there were saying and then a foot in a week and people really appreciate how great this run was. I think five straight finals is, to control you now and the end the Lebron people that will Lebron made a. I, while he did it with two different things to different nuclear, says. If he had stayed in Miami for that fifty year, he does not make the finals. I don't think I think that team was falling apart. Bush ended up getting hurt that next year. The advocate, issue Wade was I'm that aims. I just think it's hard to keep any nuclear together, where your six, where you winning three straight rounds for five to eight years, I doubt without something weird happening fast track. Fires to me is old, timer everywhere hard and it's it's gotta be even harder. Now, though, you want to know why, because like these guys feel like they get emotionally drain in ways we ve never seen before, and this guy,
back to like you. Would I be in on this very early. I think we're like the first people talk about it, how unhappy all these guys are here. And look, we have a guy on this team that unhappy and now the media around him is- is creating another narrative to make him even more unhappy while the team, like that's, always want to things, I think as a great test for you. I give her. You ever think about the shit you ve. Never, anybody that runs through your head yeah, you know if you really like tell you the weirdest, I let it get upstairs. Yeah. When you are sitting there and you were like Durant's boy anyhow What do you want to have happened? If you don't come back and play, no carry didn't want to Celtics to beat abroad. Without him you sure right, there's no way of that is no way there I didn't go to gives every year, which everybody me excuse for yet nasal spray. Getting Ischia couldn't change the appointment, maize always busy for that come here, but
I don't I mean. What do you think they got? You think Katy would be doing. You think he's ruin for all those guys He's reading everything he's ready now he's now relevant and that the fund, where's are back because right, you and I dont- think that this it can can be both things. But where really good in this, this whole thing to me isn't about oh wow Katie's over rater all while they don't need Katy there still better with Kevin Fuckin Doran, but it's just a I still reminder of this is why we asked our minds about staff, and this is why, I don't get really that worked up when he has some bad shooting night and I got to watch some guy talked about not being top ten because he decides he wants to be the fun stuff all the time, because I still think PETE's death is probably as scary as anything we have in this game. But the other thing is he has the bomb or it's not an accident, that he did, that. Will you have thirty, six thirty, seven, thirty seven, they, whatever he's, got the most points in a sweep ever hear the bomb or
like anything else your mourner rhythm. When you have a versus like like in the back your head, you gotta shared a little bed. I get this guy more above. Their tinges falls in the place more when it's what we saw these last four does it doesn't mean they're ceiling sire I these are more I, so it's not as much fun the watch because they have basically the best I so gonna have to involve using now. Japanese and Kyle can really identify the serum bennydeck. Any dinners and my mom says yet, now my mom's rumble Boca those about dual now now, thank God for that. My mom's, an unbelievable cook. Sometimes my mom can make too many things, and so should do like the Italian you know the italian dinner social make like me. Pause and brochures should make big city. Shall make an awesome caesar, salad and then shall also make their the red peppers that she which we had for Easter and it was too much stuff and it was like
it was like ITALY, but I had to eat everything and I just felt bad after, whereas like baby, nobody Jaws, I just feel better after the dinner and it was The warriors are a little bit like our it's like. Maybe you don't need the five things at the dinner, maybe with three you're dead and then you can fit in the Mckinney the looney and Swedish Larry and yet really need a little higher powers there and everyday seven hours. Vipers minutes later. Guy these there just more fun. You replaced the ran with a better version and you know whoever the good. We're old guys who wants a ring a little shooting any build the team around those three guys and cannot do it. They dead, I think the work of the island,
are the favorites next year. I don't know if the odds are out for next year. If they win, this thing depends on what the ranch rolls going to be here, and I don't know if that was them misdiagnosing or doing kind of a short lie to be like. Let's give the best version existing had injuries a little worse, yet letting right. So were weary? They goods the dog of poverty. These are wary random them like away Another setback nervous about you know this is a language. Seeing those there's a success, is a strained calf. And you tore something in your calf and it's not a full tear, but it's a sleigh tear which means it's a strain in your. A strange, because I have you had one now, it's just like there's! No, it's it's a fake words strained. Is that even major means I've heard this describe before sunlight. Terrorists is tat. If you say he is a slight calf tear, it sounds. Were some people freak out strain is bullshit
so. I think he had a slight tear in his calf and now there's you trying to rally a back but eat. You just goes back to the question. Might ask you: how do you ease him back into this now? This is been like a fucking warriors gas, fast fer a weak people are so happy to have this version of the work of any loss. Game wanted Durant's back or, if their up to O. I think that a worst case scenario I had so what's on your own israeli ready when are we going there? Are you telling me lay when two games in Malawi and Interior shows that, because hey guys, good news back in their seven? No without him going against it. Where everybody so happy, this team backs. You bring him off the bench. Maybe you do you know him. The legend made two negative. He brought him nearly a year. He broke his nose
seven game winning streak without em and then he came back. They brought him off the batch for like three weeks. They, when eighty straight you six men, saw it as happened. That was always like that Celtic saying like we take lot provenance against sixtieth Mikhail, aggravates right. It's finished. The games I wanna be, will tell girls when I go on the starter, yeah, so this must I dislike the verge of more get clear. We re on more new book, but a clear, more attaches dream on smaller above curries, more involved, and it's like I know how do we fit to rein in were all four guys can reach their maximum potential together cause, even in the two title things we never a thousand percent saw, somebody was always losing something. Maybe that's just wait Yes, it's gotta, it's got a matter in some way the dream and has it been as good in three years as soon as the rain is out, but I look at that is simply effort, not movement.
That movement around. He doesn't like his in better shape. That looks like I would, if I wouldn't be surprised if it came out there before the files as everybody's writing about this for weak, where James I said, yeah gave up drinking for the playoffs or site like or I gave up carbs or there's some. He looks thinner and more explosive something's going. What if he was like, I'm just I pound vodka surgery. He bore right, I'm drinking more, with less I don't sleep every word of just jig. That's the way!
but it soda water, tonic man that quinine it's out calories, I've just pounded Vargas, others all the time to look at us much. So I do think its line for the where's. Oh, it's interesting as they were minus twenty five to win the title thirty six hours ago. Neither minus two hundred the lines dropping and I think it's because it is a good thing and uncertainty about Katy and all that stuff, but I just feel really confident. They're gonna win the finals, the matter. What happens I'd be shocked if Katy ready for the final another week. Unless you have a torn calf, get what it at all for weak injure it'll, be the part, though, for katydids like this has all been fun. We all, but I can't I can't go too far down this road and say like you'd, rather just role with this where is it to be if he heard his calf in the rehab and just never came back I want the title: what they want the title on many sides somewhere else there is there,
more pressing than ever. The NBA history there would batch said that would be one of those five years later, you dont, podcast new belike I'll, remember Victoria laugh I mean it would seem in the moment. Like I'm, never gonna forget this thing, all the stuff you forget, and then you could go sat warriors. It's ok, we're! U give commentary and his ring now. In the Euro zone instrument in those versatile rounds. He would would you take it so mad it be. So how could you not be mad? We'll that's gonna get back to that point like he can't. He can't want the wind without him, if the fees really hurt and he's not coming back now, Ahmed, only childs out just be reading for myself in any outcome side be like out. Those guys lose. So you have. The idea is an only child, no question. It required a little differently. I will be voting against the workers in all five of those gaps. Actual room for them a game six, but they were the poor. The fears of a lack of these fine words, so if we can bring it back,
there is a month's vampa took off was the first time it took a month after the ratings. They went up in Scott Web pages. You can admit, I didn't know in that way, which was the greatest line ever that we were close enough where he was like what they went up in prison, like then you're making excuses while its full policies- energy about it. You know I'm always hot around and behave in theory. That worries me was desired, lies yeah a good Leubronn month. Do don't worry about it? We debate all trade deadline eaten up it's to figure. Out of closer that causes a play it is a great and Russia's, like three teams in on him I don't remember I'm sure this has happened over the years and we ve seen it with like this teams, definite legged, NED the ninety five badges they beat, am jav. They beat the paces. In these terms,
as their going rather than a weird M J year, can come and yeah, but when they went to the fires is gonna, make sure no Jordan fence freaked out here what they ve straight out, tapes from where they go the fires there, minus four hundred minus four fifty the rackets like they crawling back to back China over the backed by chance it keeps getting old. Everybody's like Orlando. Here they come shack in penny. First title: it's gonna happen a week it's over, it's like, while kings keeps Shack Shaq than have it and it just flipped. We seen that happened the play I dont member narrative for being where we're like Kevin Durant, the best supporting the league. And then a week later take the warriors: don't leave covered the rent. This is insane it's insane. Things change what I always thought to be fun, and you could do this. I almost wrote out the full tweet. I wanna do a thread of like how the stories changed every few days in the NBA plus yeah we're. We go like you know. The brown doesn't want to see the first round his wade,
and when you deal with Cleveland Avenue, I look at zero like if he gets weighed in the first round, like Wade's knows deal like that's, probably, that's probably match up they're gonna want to avoid and there's like or that team doesn't like or no it doesn't matter, and all these things all these different things, it would happen. This is unpleasant, that's a player who we thought who I don't think we were wrong. Look at it this way, and likewise been great yon, as has been great, but it just beyond around was right yet, but buddy. Or, if you currently in great you taken Durrant over at that point in staff, had like a weird kind of your below our standards for staff stretching the middle. Well, you know I wouldn't like it felt like it had more bad games than he actually had looking back at some of the stuff and then he's on this tear, but. A week later ago. Do they need him to one another and be a championship, but that's why the math
always mean we're not always great with math on this stuff is we'll go out. He will how they ve been replaced. His thirty points again will you have to the guys are the best shooters we are seen in history. This game take more shots. That's it! That's a nice little salt problem, solver. You know you re when you can incorporate these deeds? Ike Mckinney? Who added even know officially what his name was until about three weeks ago I was, you could have told me, was Bryant and then the last two weeks as I got stuff on enough. It was with his ear and acid. Now I know it's with a but they're just turn these. Deeds in and that's it. Of a great team, Michael made eighty south x and the modalities Lakers, you could just grab the random Fred Robertson. You know or make the final with Fred Roberts is playing that's kind of what they have and go back to your point about how to replace the date that Katy points. It's pretty replace bow and you have as long as you have the three
fit everything else about any good ol shooting Agape surveillance Euston like that he kind of paid for his since the right that was, he has a gay, either got hurt. I guess he got heard afterwards, but the demand a time that he played in that last year's was what we talked about a cop. We ve gone the pod. How did he to put the parallel metal and that serious, like the ramifications of they gotta. Nobody us nobody, asses nobody is shooting, is when you sit in IRAN or gave his wooden how to defend its and enabled all its those kinds of shots. It keep you in the game in the first half and stuff has done nothing. Would you think of Anthony gets in frequency alive, I think he's really good. I tweeted that yesterday I don't know I didn't check their replies. I discuss genuinely get at the really good, maybe an exaggerate. But I am also going off the southern have a genuine. They get a good any can do. I want other seems was small and you can always tell it with an answer. You go disguise locked in a disguise. Not locked in
when I got loses out, there feel bad match up in lieu you'll get switching to a smaller. I actually lose pretty good at the aim, on a smaller players so that any yeah- and he just you- know it's gonna default thing like all the switch we get the garden the centre, this guy's gonna go right, I'm! U! Like now loony loony fighters, ass off man, an loony. I made a bad joke on Twitter. It was actually good job, but it was. It was nasty because I was like in this year and in this year's guess Baker, Tristan Thomson big Man Camp is given loony, will help us understand how to make easy shots way harder, because you know that trust in the habit of of around the basket like he doesn't go up is quit, but he doesn't have a quick first or second jump, so you can have more time to come like a bigger loony, is to bring the ball down or return wrong foot end users. So they must have worked to them. A magazine knew that he doesn't do it anymore. Absolutely really good around the ran like a most shack, there's a complete difference of
one thing to be almost seven figure office aboard, but if you're gonna bring it down, everybody Alison, everything's awkward, so I'm blown away eyes, approve men really good hands with thy tough passes around the review clause, which allows not only that stuff. Now our agri curries career way: ass, thou, hundreds, six games, twenty six, five sex with the forty five forty one, ninety shooting splits Becky's
talking about a hundred games and more in the black sea, is now one of the ten best buy off bars about them by any statistical metric. I would say I won't talk about poor longboats equipment, but think about simply safe super safe from security. I like these guys, the from Boston, great security system, awesome protection, very easy to use, and once again there from Boston, simply save got started after harboured engineers, friends got burglar as when they went to get a scary system was a hassle too complicated, too expensive terrible contracts. So here build something better, a comprehensive, easy to use protection, no contracts in fair prices keeps your family and home safe. Twenty four slash, seven, probably one thousand four hundred and ninety nine. A month, its engineers keep working power, outages down Wi Fi. If Kyle smashes your keypad
Stanley, whatever happens thoughtfully. It is. I never knew a protects against fires. Carbon monoxide, water damage caused cigarettes, wary data protection for everything. Go the only homes carry, I just simply say, go to simply said that come such bs today simply saved outcome. Slash be ass for the home security. I need supersaver to a specific, come such bs. If you're poorly you're, the Portland GM or you D, never Scheherazade resistant GM and he says hey ryan- do have to move now, you can do it from an average. He says he ran. Do you think we can ever be staff and clay with Dame in Sea, J R? We always at a disadvantage with that combat. What do I do with it without that we have all of us back or Zambia. Maybe second best thing about
excited. We all were he get a lesser conference finals we know are grown up against. Maybe the greatest group ever assembled, so let s start figuring out ways to tweak. Let's not give up and that's always been busy, I'm all out of there anyway, cuz I've talked to those guys in the past about it, where they have four more patients in constraint or, however, you want to frame it. Then I think the outside world does now. There is a lot of thought they were able to get out the first round because it would Oklahoma City had done against them over the regular season. They swept them and then they beat Denver and I still think then replaced. Forelimb game, seventy have begun. Versa, sat on the table, Denver, she not have lost that aggravate series, but we both big Portland. I feel like I get that series wrong. So this happens. It sucks all this excitement, goodwill and then your swept by a team about direct. But I will just go. We need a third guy. Is it's either Gazette Collins getting a lot better?
can everybody? Can I give you the part to have new shea talking here, yeah side, to find this is as hey good news Dame will sign the supermax and you go. That's called Joe. Forget her curiosity. What are those numbers- and he says- We ran a lamp, is a glaring had this so starting two thousand twenty one do he'll be thirty one years old and turning thirty two during that season. First year in the supermax forty two point: six million next year, four thousand six hundred and three forty nine point four and then year for
two thousand and twenty four twenty five he's. Thirty four going to that you're to be thirty. Five during that season, fifty two point: eight million. What do you think we should do Ryan? Can you take it sign it now? Cuz, that's the reality of it. We just got off a week ago we were talking about this guy going he's. The third best guard in this league behind two I'm off and suppliers he's second team, all NBA, we ve gone overhaul and be a resume our that item. Fifty three million reasonably fibres out you know we need to do is we need to lay? I was not a website should do this you on how it is when the cap went up, we should have done like just the cap calculator where have you are seventeen five? Now, with this new cap structure, seventeen five just means you know twenty six, eight yeah, that's all it is so we need stop looking we're still, it is still feels knew so what the supermax we act. Needed to start. Looking at these things is the cost of doing business and I'd rather do it with somebody like him who doesn't have any
issues seems like it in Portland, whose his team, first as it gets an stays healthy, there's one issue: what they just skip over, just namely a little guy who age well into their methods in the history of the lake stayed railways over early from anxiety. Why we get tired ass, like thirty. Two right now is back on transit traffic, a little guys. Ah, I gave you the complete list. Yeah we value in Albania arch about right Iverson. Iverson didn't age well, but they had nothing to do with his size, maybe a little bit No that's. Ok, the would say the casinos and the others are proposing. A helicopter runs right after a game and Elsie S tomorrow. Chris Paul is not aging. Well, John Stockton, he was still awesome. Rather, I am yeah but day
My chat him on the thirty two minutes again thing from the moment. He turn thirty really yeah. There were very careful, but today's minutes that's fine like Can I give you all these names as I understand the position, but I think I will completely unrealistic that he is still an army, a prayer for the last two years, the contract. So what would you do as Portland wait? I dont have huge name guy, like a top now you're, not getting another talk to me. I had to do it now. You just pay, you have to do it, but it's acts which leads me to my second point: why wouldn't you? The supermax they make a and I know they have a new Cba coming up that the Super MAX franchise for whatever you want to call. It just counts for a certain figure, but you can still pay the player over. That figure, these supermax its thirty four million dollars or thirty, five or whatever, and that she is dead, but he can still make his fifty two. But it's worth thirty five now you're award people who get to stay in the same city for longer, which is alive
really what the whites which these in my third question, I'm not sure. That's what the league once I think they liked to turn over. I think they live. Yeah, even going back to the ladder, if you're going to say what they're going to fix the ladder that fix it, the next I'm not sure it actually might be better for them to have superstar prudential superstars go to small markets that they can then leave in four to seven years and then have everybody talked to you about it for 12th straight month says Zaire go into the next. Where he's never gonna leave. Do you think that workers lost their yeah? I just told you that also have right. Seven years controls we still don't have a guy. Like me, I was the first one rumoured ever was Tiree was gonna pass up all the rock extension money should a known. Then I thought that was said. Like? The first guide ever heard it now. I get is really seriously consider so it's too much money is. It would be abject insanity, its past. It up.
People who said that the first thing about the she remarked the unintended consequence of this is that it's all so much money now is that it doesn't matter. So the impact that it was supposed to have is not actually that impact for relax the power ship. So yes, we talk about it, it's really fun. I can't wait for the weeks leading up to July in an old adage light self, like we ve gotten, really excited about one dude in previous summers, and now we have like it feels like almost ten guys that are all they re air. There's sixty nine guys that were super excited about, but this wait for the weeks leading up to July in an old July itself, like we ve gotten, really excited about one dude in previous summers, and now we have like it feels like almost ten eyes that are all aware. There's sixty nine guys there were super excited about, but this is unprecedented. This one, for this July of, like the Russell as an afterthought who, if the Brooklyn gets an their point, car that career Cumber, whoever he's just done market,
somebody who might make it all NBA team, two years from now that you can use your Lando, you back I'll call, there's a point guard. We wanted for five years. We'd never get him in four years, designer figure out a way. Well, ah, there would have to emanate still have his his rights, so that would be I'll take. You would just be unless they had a renounced. To go get the other guys? That's what would have happened here? Do you think? Ok, let me just kick it back to you, then. Do you think the owners, like the players having all of this control now his right, so I dont think they like having to give them blurred. Fifty two point, eight million when he said Five result in is six feet. Are you saying that there's a cap on the figure you can give him or that it only count towards the sour capture, certain dollar and then they can pay? Moreover, they want that's. What I'm saying I sang I'm saying. The number for the cap is thirty, six say Thirty five, whatever and issues fertilizer that, but is that number be
because this has always been one of things- is come up by your cable. If you really really want to cut down a player movement, which I think you and I are agreeing, the owners would rather have it's not the place, they just want to control, they want to be able controlled. So if you could say alright, let's sign a player, we can celebrate ever we want to, but every dollar only and not as a seven day right right accounts for thirty five dollars. I can agree to that either because they're, not the. Others have all these things in place, whether it's the trade restrictions. Will they come in yet MAX, maybe the MAX's fifty million, but they only account for thirty five. I'm sure that GM here with that, but what the we are going to do. Is they just now? They can help themselves, so they try to collectively agreed things that prevent them for doing everything, you're saying that they didn't. You know they would do, and then I think I'll get back to the step that we can. I grew up with with some of the first MAX players where it was just default. The best player on all thirty teams got the max and then next thing you know you're, like water, wise Antwerp,
making the mats like always goes tough thousand Anton locker, big country, Reeves, Rafe, Lafrance Radio, The last six years are secured, the US seven. If the home team cup of jail- and I think that a seven year well, do we used to be seven with the incumbent team on the mat J J them was like two years before, in jail and those like seven years, ninety found it and go back to that. There be less player movement. Then be awesome. Disabled have trade demands Blake. I have for years off my contract. I've been here long enough. It's have added, I fix it. You are poorer than I would have not doing.
Then, but I do wonder if Philly call them was. I can we talk about C, Jane Ben now, sieges gonna get back as for the fifth street summer, I'm through military drummer, but officially called poor them. As I was saying about C, jammed bandits adversaries conversation about it. He will you wouldn't do that if your Portland would, you could be perfect for Philly Sieges, making like twenty five and bends bacon like seven year, but if I look at the the sheet here, Portland so high still because of the different Turner deal he's at eighteen six years, twelve, more heartless is eleven five Myers Leonards eleven three hundred and not they're, not yet, and offer this. Certainly there faint a major taxes and thereafter savareen, I think,
with every number. I have in front of me if they're like one hundred and twenty eight 127Th, that's it. So, even if you save the money on the money going out for Simmons in the or the money going out with CJ the money coming in, you know, that's like the old. I would think. It makes less sense for them. It's an incredible trade for fully with suited for fuel, he's a nice guy, I just We should do this every week, now a different caesium column, Trade WWW he ticket, I dont, think, I know you- and I know the game are enough of like how we do this. In the sea j fella, you was very person on him was it. I know it was. I know what I mean like I'd, rather see him on his own tv. Now I wanted to be personal, and I want every week you share your homework assignment. Is the differences EVA gallantry? I won't even like game, for I was bad. They ran the final play for days it's like I'm sorry. I was that bullshit. Fiji and the last play find out. They made the thirty seven forever. That was a lifetime again in the other thing Think about all the all the sky
in combo as we wondered like. Is this really the best way friends together. Are these guys always gonna be, and it works it worse for them whatever their level like this is a successful year for the poor trailblazer Shaer especially come off what happened the place last year and yeah. I don't know what the guy was wondering. If, if I would be a terrible gm in a press conference at cuz, I would just say: yeah: we lost to a better team and I know they don't have to ramp a like. Those guys are really good, and I know it's disappointing gets wet, but we're pretty happy with what just happened and to keep this team together or you could argue that it was a complete flute that the three best teams in the west I ended up in the same bracket. Houston, you talk on state, just randomly I'll ended up in this chamber get playing a free for all ran one and then the winner by Anna Southern by the conference files delegated acts that you could do that too. I got to take a year later we're looking at some of the stuff that happened to EAST playoffs last year, you like it was just not bragging about making eastern conference finals
happy all NBA's. I was trying to think like waiting five years, make the finals five years in a row. I was trying to put my head high. While Thou ass, the magic, nine and twelve years never gets brought up a magic Johnson, making it to nine and be a final. Of the west, was really bad. During most that stretch, I don't have the least was so much more loaded and then, with this where's thing, there are second first match up to the east grown up back than real. Like this. These are two good teams like no walk. He would never be anybody, they beat what Boston in eighty three, but yes, it anyway back your point. Just the teams in the prayers go and state had to go through for those five years is basically most of the good players, week. I got I went and looked through the air, the army or how many guys ETA go through here. Just like the best part.
The league are they in the east or the west. You know, and I am looking through the year by year, MBA, like last year, Leubronn Katy Davis harden lizard. We are first him, albeit for those five guys run the west the year before same thing, four out of five guys in the west the year before same thing, for the five guys in less than a one of them was dandridge or Internet, told a fair bit the ran with contain? Should the Andrea was first team, the accusations that Pickin Centre year before was Leubronn Davis, Gaza, curry Harden Leubronn, was the the guy from the east until this year, who was first, he might be a dating back to Joe, came Noah and two thousand thirteen fourteen. I love nor that it and then before that. Actually this is incredible. Then there's really four out of five two thousand twelve thirteen season.
Who you other were their growth, two thousand twelve with Leubronn and White House. That was the first time the EAST add more good poison. The west two thousand toward the east is bearing the west. That was the last time you could say that it feels like that. Only time you can see in the last fifteen years to hear You know I was listening to Verona Cassie today, talking about that grizzlies, where you're serious, when there are two one, The inverted is really passion about people now remember: Antonios, hamstring, injury and that serious crises like that serious when seven best offender Torres hamstringing game for and kept playing after and there's a soul narrative about how the worse far back came back from two one. That's how they learned had a when the two thousand affecting workers,
title is I've enforcing was not at that point. That's when I left is pm, I think they're in round to, but that title is a really weird title. I think that's one of the weirdest titles we ve had cause. Then they play the calves in the files and everybody's gamble abroad and the calves. I think that was also the year the Coopers loss to the Rockets. When Blue was really should have been the clippers, winning the title that you're a guy can that I had a basically was saying that to an roadie either like S team that year and somehow didn't win in the words were like a year early, but one anyway next year was the year. The warriors remember when the Pats won the Superbowl are made this abroad. Ninety six but they should have made it the next year and it was just a year earlier, some otherwise one anyway. My point is the West is like really crazy good,
and has been for seven years and to make the finest fibre users fucking hard. The rant, Westbrook Donk in all those states that have been hard and all these deeds. Chris Paul Blake Griffin, these were alike, top three top for gas. By the way I just wanted, they beat Memphis and six games. There six aims so size, Vernon, no I just I they're down they when the first game by fifteen. We will lose the next year. They start to get tight yet I remembered that, but I'm deliberately employs enmity lose right game for Memphis. They win by seventeen than they won by twenty and then they won by thirteen. I don't remember being as close honestly, not that sounds like some vernal. It sounds like you remember,
something with the Celtic said. Nobody else remember to howl of downtown. Does it get her there's? No, where you stand its inception, get designated corridor can go without hamstring injury. Nobody ever talks about everybody talks about M pudding. Was it Bogota, Ingersoll rescued me on Banana Antonio, and so they can help often the first year the, whereas when the title on the first three mba teams, you on that the brine you'd Powell Gasol second team in your Tyree one thousand three hundred and ten, the next year, Lebron first team. Nobody second team, Paul George Andre Drummond, Kyle Lowry, thirteen the next year
on first team, as a second team. Jimmy Butler John while end arose in thirteen Chamois Jamal Highlight Frahm, but the point is: seventy five percent of the really good players or in the western this whole run and its impressive has to be mentioned. Anything else, would gap for you wanted France, where we ve got a magic Khatami by our ship magic. I was magic site where you go first, you this was we weren't, even sure we're doing a party together this weekend, I got a text this morning. It's like really really want to talk about. The Lakers. Are you here, I said, give me the time I'll be there was in disbelief, your life, treating the whole first I was worried, is fully. If I could you know, did you say your day around it real somebody text to me about like seven thirteen was like? Are you watching first take it has. I know why magic sign, as I read in the tv
Ever so many highlights so. First, you have him bristling at the fact that She thought him in Genie had an agreement that he was I'll make it to work. Part time. Basically, I told I was gonna, be in and out she was expecting. Did he really say that about knocking on the movies on Sunday S? What the light he like even like, I gave up all the stuff, you know people say My car, like one of my favorite things, go to the movies and Senate. I gave that up using me. Cookie will go. The figures had said he writes. I stop doing that, but basically like how dare rob pulling the back. Stabber rob like question commitment to the Lakers. When I already made it clear that I on all these other businesses, I made a lot of money in this as well. Is going to have to be nose like yours, explaining why you were terrible at this job cause you're doing a part time way then
through his eye, you know, he ran only mentions for the worse moves. Ebay's. I well Russell you. Now we had to get him out of there. Khazar swag EPA thing did I'd, say: you're trading, the number you pick the giraffe two years after you drafted and because of some weird it's anyhow, with somebody who is no longer in your team, great noted that its I got Monceux bats. What were his stats? It puts backs cover, though the spot. What are over stats impacts looks like five points. Five in every beds is like yeah eggs. Equally by basically he was like mad that eliminate always been awesome. You're way, thank you, but he took category for those like look. I was wrong Miss Schuyler was Gonad, some shooting he did it and it's like this is why you are too by your job. You missing the point zoo batch, whether whatever you think was at least NASA thrown into journeys Rami. His is averages matter would wonder when you re air, so to do
that he better stay in that was an asset was crazy and then he is what was the other terrible move to Maita? All we talked about was the other bad movie made. Has he took yeah he's a grand you know rainbow and the brown that couldn't have existed together so his errand? in about two years, so we had to let him go and in another way, Randal Zion. Should they looked at trade? One of those guys covenant vexed Randal sampling won't work. Next, thank it up. I like that he just so that we can then Randal. You know with the broad it's like, but instead you gave up his body to that Casey. Why? But you could do more. You were like Michael Beazley, Emily be illegal. I like, and there is a Brooklyn. As yet? I was a mistake. The gout hopes of rope opium feel that was a mistake. I wanted undergoing no shooting big. I wanted it to be like either better, no Aki system, one worker and it, but then that would be great.
But then even with the rest of these, that you know, we dig coups, bear that sector. Who is this? He was so out to lunch in so many ways and really going after pinker and the crazy thing is he's doing. This I love the Lakers genius, like my sister I will to be involved in their turning. Its use blew up the Lakers there, a joke. You made them seem like any either. Bigger, train wreck of back stabbing people. He mentioned the two press brothers. They want a more power. He mentioned TIM Hairs, the CFO, they. What is see him? I would agree that business them ways I back. I now want to more power than a, and basically you leave this Take thing and you go well I knew there a show their there, like a fuckin tipped over port of John but you led the Lakers like and then on top of it that's in their coach today, so he submarine that either as one of our selfish things. I've seen I really like glass respect for him if your magic Johnson,
you're walking around this planet little different by year, just it we do not have a massive ego of your magic razor and helpers tat. You should have a massive ego. You have delivered on so many different fronts, so this has felt like. Magic looking at it lay how do I fix this for magic bags how do I do all of this stuff so that everybody knows it? I'm still cool like so that that cities to love me ass, a lake response to lend their always gonna love because he was not a player but That's what it felt like like him, going I'm going to go in here and kick ass on this thing, but I'm going to get the message out and get the message out loud and clear so be like I don't I don't take any hits. I don't take any hits down the road here but in doing that, but now you have more questions only anyway no one thought magic up this given the beginning. These can be grinding in doing all these different things. So
it was more ceremonial. I didn't they always right out. There was a guy to come in and talk to other superstars and get meetings with guys. You hadn't gotten in the past. That was where the Lakers are missing in meetings with be level stars in the attic okay. So if Polenka if it was understood like we can all make a bunch of magic just feel like this is the part where I'm actually a little sympathetic to magic. Is it I think we all knew Betty was going to be like I want to head up to big sky again. You know I'm going to be there for three days scout and regular season games and everything knew he was going to be doing that right. That's not what was expected of him, then fuck. Anybody for knocking him for that, when it was, sort of understood ahead of time, but the weird thing that happens with massive egos cause Polenka got an ego any should very successful agent in October guide at And on top of that now, you're, a city reveries, wonder if you ass, you don't know what you're doing, and so you want to stick up here. Beer and finance at either. Yet not at all, not all we need to get
because this is a real things happen with his liquors foreign office, and it picks up you know, being that Chicago this past week with combine stuff but ill polenka who clearly complained about magic. If you believe the rebuke, her story, which seems very civic- that there are these emails going around. Where were Polenka wasn. Removing magic from the c c complaining right, forgetting he was, and he MAGIC saw that which actually makes me worry about your skills about an hour, claim that wasn't true in the first take that I dont know what to believe that a meaning like a very specific thing. Maybe it's novel when something specific like that, like what. How would that lie like what would be the origin of that life that, if deadened really happen? So if your polenka, you ripping magic for doing what everybody thought he was gonna end up, doing like they become where those corporate things were. Everybody understands hey we're on the same page. We all know what the rules are an expectation of each other, but now that I'm in it and its high,
putting in your not working as hard and you're, not around. Maybe there's not an office for you being in it. I resent it more and now I'm going to complain to the bus family about you behind your back. So I don't think that's what happened. I think so. I looked at MAGIC's twitter feed last year and what are my favorite magic twitter traditions out of many of them is when he goes on vacation for five weeks in the summer, any post pictures of his vacation Jackson, others this just really enjoy cuz. I still love magic. I loved worked out with the bathwater, so disappointed that he handled this up in this way he was gone for five weeks last summer and he's just tweeting from like now I'm in ITALY. Now in France, Hammond, Monaco and I'm sure at some point. You know it's now we're heading into support. Member states are dead period, I'm out of here I know, but it's early September and I'm sure at some point it barely K. We're gonna have a meeting about talkin about possible training, camp guys and Polenka says something like other than that of any plank about Benghazi.
Well, you know magic stolen. His trip you down he's a little barb and then somebody, says that along and then you have the two bus brothers who were like where's, magic and becomes a narrative in the office. Oh great magics, actually here today, an heap at some point probably heard through the grapevine that this is going on and got pissed off that it would be my guess, ok, but how different do you think? What you just said is from what I just said. I think saying the same thing like in a minute when you're in it you're like magic. Not here again, I roll yeah that it gets back to radically birthing pulling up my points out. Hunting pinkos, I trashing am, I just don't think he was defending here's. The bigger problem like her sharp, ok and then Ramona has the pieces the bus today were jeez like a cat. Irish, I thought they were Le Vive Ramona is valid was protein. The pieces that one was Thou progeny no way, but it was definitely fighting genie, as all of this is still a shock to me, because I kept asking me,
hey! What's going on right, what's going on, he said nothing, he says nothing and then he goes on and trash the whole, though all set up on first take which I do think I agree with you here where it's like he. His calculations were off on that, like he went there to go, save him self protect himself, build himself back up, and then he ended up saying some things are like man, What are you doing here, but this is a highly of it was an absolute atrocity and you had to have been on purpose right. Well, You know that there are now in the coach TAT day you gotta, move the first take appearance at that point you can't be like- and this would be great if I go on first, take call replica back. Stabber investors way more going on that we don't know yet now, there's possibility that there's He presented story. We don't know and its way worse, in pointed at some really scary,. Shit, I'm gonna believe any of that matter. Why do you not believe that now I think I do. Magic, didn't trust them. I dont think I think he was tired of being ridiculed because the latest
then that gets back to Jean. He just didn't want to do and what that gets back to Genie that gets back to like ok. What was the plan here? You can't put two guys together. They don't want to be together. Both now and in the other, doing again, with the coaching thing I mean the world that we live in, that somehow we think Vogel is settling after tie loo and Money Williams and regarded as yet that it like. Oh, I guess we'll take Vogel vulgar verses money when you wanted my Williams, that bad liquidity and then ok, we'll just to make it really fucked up. Let's put Jason KIT on the staff that because it raises lowbrow, great and kill Jessica and up probably head coach. His libretto complain about voting some point. Like I mean this is how all the stuff feels, but The origin of it was always like their teams around the league had real concerns about magic. The tampering thing not saying I don't get tampering thing I don't care about. I don't, but other teams freak out teams are very
Inconsistent would like one another team signs where the restricted guys do an offer sheet. The team complained to me: God, you know what the hell are. You kidding me. They did this book. You just did the same thing. A year ago, like you guys all do the same shit, facile idle, but there is such an anti Lakers thing going on around the rest of the league, that this is the part where I dont think Genie fully understands it like there's a lot of people that don't love the magic power and now that he's out there's a lot of guys. Don't really loved link now doesn't mean they can't get a deal too. I must apologize
infringing their cause? Here's the thing I dont know what that's about. I never really understood it and now everyone, and how would you know, she's a brilliant business. Lady in bovine, it's like she's, been absolutely horrific, repeat horrific as Lakers are horrific. Their whole family has been the worst ownership group of this decade them, including Jamestown, are you including rubber, sir. Yeah, I think they ve been the worst. I think what we ve seen the lasting as there is the nay dear of any ownership group this decade, because the reality is. When you're the owner, your number one skills, hiring people or Lord deficiency either were like your job, men who you're surrounding and building or inner circle with and who you gonna, trust the daily decision making is the most important skills
you can have other than paying for players, and you know like Paul Gaston with the Celtics way back. Just didn't want to pay for players that leads to the Baker trade, if you're paying for players which the Lakers aren't afraid to do then the only other school you have is a Maharan, the right people. She thought it was a good idea to keep cup check. She, It was a good idea to put magic and Polenka together what the fuck right, I mean that's on her, because origin of it. That's her car. How we do in this area will manage to be this and then you're gonna be this. I will watch expert. I thought they were had a relationship and apparently they did it say: you're just thrown together old sounds a copy was like this guy up and our eyes we have magic is the face. We have him, as the superstar of the front office we know is. I can work as much but rob mounting an agent can't do the job and I think that's fair, but it sounds like
what then babblers shadow I think loomed over this, because by Myers form rage and becomes a great gm, and that made people think well why can't I get Babby left love every word you know really really for an more movie made analyse tat just putty by sought to expand at eight. I was reading more than anything for Kobe, to get bad about magics plank as comments and copied elaborate grenade it at magic, but still time, leading to a cobra magic, Lakers civil war which would pull arise that fear base. What were they have done that Is it the Yalta, mom and dad or fighting? And I don't know what to do moment of Ebby Affair based what's that movies divergent were out of nowhere? have only half way. Frent factions now got it yeah ain't. There were one of the different ones, car shit. Why does Divergent re. Remembrance is futuristic thing where these divisions, a gas, will be like. Walk around downtown. I lay like coffee guy.
Have like certain patches. Guys would have patches and like if they ran into job reduce at the same time I get back and go down because we DNA is library. I like Caille smooth. These right now threatens the maker flags but planted because the colony, humble keyboard, eyesight, wherewith copyright, the death, no matter what he there like. We, you think you want to fight yeah yeah, not fighting this war to win were framed for two. Never Andy. That's a land where you're going to the jungle with the covert fighters, if we compare it to think he's better than the bread they actually think like on it for beyond, say is the craziest fan base everywhere, people actually afraid to criticise or consider one that than the fence come at them. There's no sports equipment that what is probably the course Toby's, they always say, are added their minds. Yeah I had a their rights? I don't think there's another
I mean it is on the level of that like there's another ask that you can really compare it to think he's better than the bread they. Actually click on any lest he should be higher than the project's dick. I really think that we spend all summer saying I'm done with this place right and then said: don't trade too much for me, so the new team. Doesn't and then I'll have Kobe freaks get mad about that sentence, but you always bring that up like yeah cuz, it's funny how funny that, like Mr Leg like, if it wasn't for the PAL Gasol thing, you know that thing would have ended. So for where their gifts wrapped him, why may he made them trade shack, yeah, but he also shop one hundred million dollar contract, which I think at the time people a little scared and they made a move, is to just played out ever get his Phrygia just let him leave instead, they to better. They think that giant brand grand contract back when he got traded.
It was like forty cents on the dollar when the Miami he Phoenix Trade happened. I thought it was a joke. A member work in that night of from area the Epp and they go hey check, are traded. I went what and then it shocked is Robert sorrowfully, fingers me like fuckin right here. I actually like that trade for Phoenix you did and now now I I still feel that son spurs two thousand aids areas if its by ten times they win five of them and then, who knows, maybe they beat the Lakers that point. I remember Vampa ripped on Bieber once when that went bad like ended up on you. I say today, like sports personally, gets in a fight with the believe. The believers we haven't sent me. They now made the cubby fans mad cows, it's more like there, listen to account yet you're, fuckin right you're right. We have copies back, which a point which Point Boston, guys you're, probably that giving harmless being fancy coolby, what whatever,
like Irene yet has you had your boss team? Doing has at sixty The in her doing had let's take a break Are we going to play throne game cuz? We're still didn't get to do it on Sunday night, so we gave him a shot to give his take on the end of game of thrones speaking of
The series for now of hashtag talk the transcript primarily ribbon: Jason Concepcion Emulator noon, P2P on twitter, so three o clock, EAST Coast noon, P2P Wednesday may twenty third, you can listen to them, wrap up everything that they felt after they can ratify a couple days, ridden other stuff online, all that stuff so join there. You can go ask some questions. What everyone has to talk? The France three o clock, eighty nude pity they go out. Don't forget our you to channel by the way, because, if you like thrown game, could you do that? I'm slash ringer! All of the throne games. We played we ve pulled out of this package and made little especially to quips. So
if you're home one night, it's two in the morning, just watch like eight of them in a row and have like a big help will be great, with a great weight in the night check that out. It's that I thrown game you an unbelievable compliment for my wife Sunday night, but twenty minutes to the final. Besides she has as for in his comic relief there in the episode I wish she was here she, dairy cow is a witness. We, Mr Comic Relief and Senate cause. We watch here. There's runs upsets with you. Yesterday was the same watched it today, This afternoon, but after the gym, not like the seventh Fair Now? What do you guys? You usually have a couple good lines in their errand and Ben swings by just as surely as life had ever seen. You know it's always with a guy pause you to reset the acts are dangerous fired in left. I had so worried that,
a great shows, borrowing the hardest things to do right movies. To get the thing made, you probably have to come up with some decent ending or it's just one movie that somebody wants to do. I carts, I started thinking back alike, shows and how I light how they ended. I've always look the wires. My favorite show that's not a small group. They ended it just cut by being likely dish. It just keeps happening over and over again. That was David, Simons Point, which I love, that he wasn't trying to give us this ending that didn't exist. Yet I think that's hard to get made that way. But you look at the history of wire, like I felt like, I was going to cancel that for every single season anyway, so it's kind of like this weird thing and how he's always able to like get HBO to buy back in, which is awesome. So if you trying to end this, being in a way that works for everybody when its or even a season that everybody's been dumping on, and I know that I have a little this in me to wear of everybody saying something. Sometimes I'm not here.
Basing like hated. I enjoy sitting down watching these episodes while yet some things at issues with, but I can't stand kind of that that Bay Hive protective game of Thrones Group that takes it way too seriously as lost their shit, started a petition to, redone, like I start to hate them so much that I start to enjoy the episodes every more than I should grant. So I'm so in my own head about the whole thing is at the end that I don't even know who I am any more the finale. It was a real, simple test for me. I kept getting distracted during it
Look at my phone or I pulled something up, and I got to really pay attention. What just happened there rewind it when he kills Danny. I thought it was really cool because you there was a little bit of suspense of like who stabbed. Who did you hear the blade go in and then it's this breath and they're both are looking at each other and it felt like if you were to have Jon Snow killed Danny like what else do you need? What else do you need in finale and I also think they were trying to do something? It was impossible at what was the going to be the twist and we've already had like two amazing battle scenes and just a six episode stretch year. So what was going to happen? I thought the beginning was really cool all in all it, it didn't didn't, have a moment. I guess I was asking for them to do something that I can't sit here and tell them what they were supposed to do so that even as a writer As a writer, I struggled whenever you reaching the stuff. It's like ok, how's, it end how's it end and with
It was like. I will figure it out. Here's where have landed. I realized afterwards dead with every serious finale. Everyone is just disappointed afterwards cause it's happened with every great show of our lifetime, except for breaking bad. I had so people disappointed breaking bad cuz. We knew has we knew end when he we use gonna die at the end, and I was it it had. Then that way among seasons, five shit, let's go get scared for a second, but with that one it was like we knew I was going to answer you could just enjoy the show for what it was. It was in like seven other variables, anytime, it's open ended for how it's going to end. Everybody wants it to end this way. This perfect way that they have in their head. It is just never yet there I thought the wire season finale where we feel about season five. I love the season for now. I thought
the best season, flowers ever if that my favour, one at that, their rather buried, they wrapped up kind of an awkward ply with the journalist framing stuff, but the way they had circle back Can you no more allowed all that stuff, Carlo, loving trying to go real, but somebody taken his corner. Basically, just like the cycle of life from Baltimore, I thought it was brilliant people, fuckin pissed after that. Don't we usually we like these episodes like I'd and see that common road like this is amazing as they ok. So if you want to do that game like what would be them massive twist, but then you could also ended. How could you end the storytelling process? Because if you give the audience, crazy twist than as they will wait a minute now. I want to know what happens now, because I wasn't expecting this in John Snow killed Danny because he felt like he had to in classic John no way and yet there are some boring stretches really have to.
Dig it a little like I just don't want it: Brown Moorish, just I don't wanna, be the coach analogy. He was mighty coach. P carols been really when we only want you started their history and you just can't do it says a patriot smelling bottle. I don't know what we're doing. What good would it have? whatever would you been happier if, if stand the JAG in seems a he's, gonna kill jobs now after realises Dan is dead, and then he bore he blowdryer the throne and whilst the throne, the ed, now goes cheesy to cheesy. I thought the torture of the throne was kind of like so what'd you, the dried has been paying attention, whole time. I start dragon their homes going. Ok, but he didn't realize, like this John Snow just killed his Martin Reform School, He did he really get extra wraps, wants his brothers died. I hear him Danny had that is p thing going. Yes,
now. It is category blade, Ass, the now he sniffer around scene. She still awake and injustices sit narrowly torches. The throne, instead of the gods killed, is urgent. As the target area in red car can't kill, submits hungarian bud. Ah, smart I thought the more I thought about it. I watched a second time and make sure it was the re reaction. Carrion, basically sobbing everything, while in handcuffs was just insane. I can't believe they did that. I wish to ask anybody. Whether that was a good idea just stage. I do this out of Tyrians enhance like at least not I'm in handcuffs in he, exonerated occurs, Danny's gone and now he's not gonna go to jail or wherever he didn't. He did a great job selling, how rough a week it had been the case I get it. I know sometimes have said to match rough times.
And then in a grey worms. I shut up or solve the world's problems in a quick soliloquy here, and then I think one of my favorites was was the first guy get nap. Haven't seen him forever yeah they dwell the uncle. Wow were here in sciences like sit down, and then I love that I really enjoyed that. I thought that was funny and SAM got up. What does it? Everyone have a vote shut up loser, but I, like should have my horse get one too fat ass? One of the basic values of I liked that port, I thought, was funny. There's some social media stuff about how Tyrian makes his case, how brand the broken you know what unites us is stories or he is the best story, and some people on Twitter, like I'm sure, he's the best or like he broke his back and can see things, but is that better than area story? Who can change your face and killed the night king and was this orphan girl who did other
a half dozen figures, sit down here. People stories movement, rather the area stores. Now, while anyone over his any many stories over his any hang with bran yet willing. I kings gotta be like these inspiring or a good hangar. Fearful like branches, Canada, a freak is weird: they instinct choice. He never got fun genie, bus or French. Our brand. Genie, Eugenie overran, please. I know I'm getting with her, I'm like a weird stories. The wild card bikes whole time, you knew that's got he said, tell us what's gonna happen cause. You know everything here. We ve been sitting here for an hour yeah and you I will. I came back for a reason, will then be the king, but then it's kind of like they were going to make him just a straight up, king, because
song says like a by the way were out again. We like holding dreary, that's our deal, so I'm gonna have a queen roll up there and you guys can fight over Doorn Doorn not of use factual. Ask of you is, I just. I think it's really easy pissed off about all this stuff, but whenever anybody think about, is anyone walk around right now and you go? You know. Great show like our construction, the contractor site, so he's crazy stories gone on and on the shenanigans- all you know it be really good is, is a show about a make up. Rome is oh, my god. It's only create now the gospel stuff like ok, but what's the story, just a collection of funny things that have happened, you on the construction site like who's, the main character? What are we watching and where
this going. What season, because nobody wants to hear season one and then I'm kind of our ideas, because no one makes any money until a season three and in real money until season five. That's all the shit works for the first time you ever need just meet. Knowing the basics of this is that you're at her, as as a writer producer no, no one. No one cares about your clever story or cool idea until it's like warriors. It's going in season five, we can all make a lot of money on this yeah and some shows suffer because of that, but I feel like the landing. This thing, with a way that was acceptable of everybody was basically impossible anyway, with fifty two characters that you've established over the over the course of the show where entire body stores can't so now crammer great piece for us today, action the ringer about the forty loosened setting through the seas and how many of them are actually tied up, and it was like thirteen of the forty and yet
go back to the Russian. In the surprise, us, like Russian Roger said that, because I was just thinking including me, do I remember in the November mad people were that had ever got resolve. That's like a kind of think that was the point. That's that he's some. Times you put people on a show and you think it's gonna pay off and it doesn't, but it made your brain move and wondered thinkin. That's he's trying to do this. It is working at best buy like a scarf. You want an email receipt of printed. We know
godfather saga, the guy when Michael Corleone gets married, spoiler ninety seven to move, but he gets married, Apollonia, beautiful Apollonia and then that the one of the bodyguard set em up and the car blows up. He kills that bodyguard at the Inn. At some point in one made in user and then in two and eight, it is either they had to differ revenge scenes where he died, that they took out. The point is storytelling, sometimes a dozen. Sometimes you can't resolve stuff a boot sense. I can't believe you browser rushing to the first thing I thought of of of Gaza forever was like what's going on the russian guy in and you like, why does everything needed, besought, wise everything and I started, thereby he did it. I started by the spanish finale. Remember you know I was in a hotel was doing those Connecticut shifts and I couldn't wait. I think you know what I don't want to know anything about you know and it ended, and I was pissed I listed. I was like what they can do.
Any resolution I can give his anything and then years and years later was another viewer got whacked on Mcmanus a really cool theory, and then he ended up saying: that's not what it was at all, but everybody kind of want to run with it like as if we got shot at the view or were taken out of the story. Thank Tony I was torn hamstring. You forget as I could people forget that his hamstring was healthy. They win the certainly as do more rings, yeah. Kindly maybe a curry at that point. Right is done. Who knows. Yeah the sopranos. They made me really mad and then I re watch the whole show this year and the final episode after knowing what the surprise is that the end sexy and amazing episode really great, but the ending through people off, and it wasn't what they wanted. Everybody got mad Seinfeld people got mad mad men, nobody probably a little more favorable, but people still got mad that it all tied around to what it did at the end
while that one but I break imagine when I remember people being happy with mash them altogether Mammon Saint elsewhere, Naomi go way back. Ninety sit come the cheers, I saw it. I remember I remember people being a hundred percent back their diet. Diane comes back at the end. They people rapist about ALF can allow a good point out that are too, and I was probably one of the best when Sir I'm kidding wasn't. I do remember that is the way that I think somebody get married sensibly. I know I've been David Indaba filing a bare. I'm not reward that catalogue here, Their backing I never do it every watchful Ivan Bertie Lonely. At times I've never gone. I wanna banks are these dvds for the next. So that's it! No more thrones we're done. You had everything
Yeah, I don't really think I have much else to add to it. I just I feel like the stakes. This is a warning to everybody. Whoever does next great show that, no matter how you end up people really pissed off, because the expectations are so high that so clearly my profession, more sympathetic towards it. Back next week. The finest preview done great talent. I thanks to a zone of kids, go to De Asia and our com thanks to simply safe. Easy is protection, no contracts, fair prices, engineer, keep working during parishes down Wifi hand there from Boston
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