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Goodell’s 180, Biden’s VP, Old-School Football, and the Hockey "Code" With Bakari Sellers and Bill Burr


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by attorney, author, and political commentator Bakari Sellers to discuss the "perfect storm" that mobilized the current Black Lives Matter movement; people and organizations making statements, including Roger Goodell, LeBron James, and Patrick Mahomes; some history behind the civil rights movement; the political climate leading up to the 2020 presidential election; Bakari's book, 'My Vanishing Country'; and more (1:55). Then Bill talks with stand-up comedian, writer, and actor Bill Burr to discuss the pre–Super Bowl football era, the unwritten rule book in hockey known as "the code," taking a break from stand-up during the pandemic, his new movie 'The King of Staten Island,' working with Judd Apatow and Pete Davidson, and more (49:19).

'My Vanishing Country' by Bakari Sellers

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chance it runs on Monday nights and Thursday night speaking. Pack has three watch was, is coming back Tuesday, night say anything we take this couple weeks ago, but we want the time it for when shut up tat. New movie is from now the King Staten Island. But I he said say anything was the that influenced him the most his green ran and career, so we go into it. So you can hear that were put that opening Tuesday night And then, and then say it I am of a billboard coming aboard a bit later because he has a prominent role. First were attacked, Bikari Sour, who I think it's fantastic. You might see you might have seen CNN and other places, butter he's really get, and that is our common. At first hour,
As for projects, I put myself with this wrote a book tat came out with my basic country, my baby, setting about seventeen days ago two weeks ago, a kind of bizarre timing. And you never want to put a book out during the middle of a pandemic However, you know what we're talking about the systemic injustices related to the disparities with covert nineteen. And became relevant to the times and then with a mud, Brianna and George, you know it adjusted retainers became a book that people go to trot. I understand I mean I hope when people pick it up,
They d get some sense of understanding of what it means to be like in this country, so you broke down. Nine CNN was out about a week ago with the I was last week in the way it happen. Is was actually won right after George Floyd's brother, And hearing that man's pain in his voice, it was tat. And I was only Dantes dollar than being all Dante. Dantes like I knew, is a new political commentator that that we go to off. He has a really really good boys had a wealth of experience and a different background, and they asked me you know what I was going through and I read a quote from L, a baker and then I just begin to think I will not conceal my children. Have a fifteen year old daughter, and I have empty model twins and that is just became I'm here emotional, because you you, you re
I see that there is a group of people in this country who you know, won't do in the benefit of their humanity, We'll see them is always being less than human, and people. Maybe I what are you talking about the car? I don T, you know anybody who can put their neon someone's net for eight minutes and forty six seconds. Human being that you can see a human being, is human and do that they dream. It was like a doll they killed him like a dog, and I just became overwhelmed and a moment thinking about my kids and I actually out, After that, I became kind of re purposeful, saying that I have to create a better environment. There are countries that want to grow up in poverty, and this on Monday morning, so its little more than week later, how you feeling today, the United help people to being blackened America's interprets perpetuals state of grief and am am hopeful What could you had Taylor Swift come out
You have Roger Goodell, leaving gifts, give up the mean. The only way to statement could have been better if he would have said coming outbreaks, nay, but we could do that not only that, but I can't get caught up in what he didn't say. I can just be very happy about what he did say you know you have statements, I've been injuries and Palestine, Mitt Romney, even saying they were giving Romney all of these crops- and rightly so, but you realize he hasn't come up with a singular initiative for black folk were people of color for people who literally just said the black lives matter. Like that, An aim that is it that in itself is an achievement and accomplishment, and so I feel hopeful Georgia's bodies, not even in the ground, yet again the question is: where are we in two weeks? Where are we in not, as the NFL have more than three Blake jeez into black James Ryan. Were they ever? Let anybody black cracked ownership rights,
you know. How do we meet this moment and you know that the biblical, the aid without works is dead. I had a lot of faith and I have hope worked. It goes into making sure that we eliminate these systems are injustice and oppression? Let's see, let's, let's see that be done. We ve had almost like this in his country before I'll. Be capitalism is its where to think that, like calling something a victory that George Bush George W Bush and Mitt Romney, just by expressing like a tiny bit of disgust toward Trump and then a tiny bit of support for the bad guys. Rather, movement became like such a huge story. It wasn't like they were out in the front lines, but it was like wow look days and it did make me a little bit hopeful that the the Republican Party,
That leaves gonna. Try to look at Trump objectively know what I mean. I hope so, but I'm not the person to write this book, but I hope it some psychiatrist or psychologist write a book about the power Donald Trump making other grown men and women white, like just melt. And around him like? It changes people, people get in his orbit, good people, generals etc, and they lose Has I put a date? They lose all their testicular fortitude right. That I as our labour? If they don't see in it, I just call it a stickler fortitude. They lose all their courage. Just an amazing waited me. This pop even if the from losers in November, which operated happens this republican Party will be here for the next decade, I mean he is really put his in front and you know people say is true: thirty, five percent of it.
Public aid donor support when Donald Trump, no matter what testicular fortitude was that the phrase got me in trouble on my way out, Aetius Piana was like the last straw cause. I've been interviewed, the Patrick and I talked about Roger Good now that way- and I the Tipp to I thought that was like this way. To put it was it? Did you is, it really said, is that Europe ought to do it or that you set it about Roger could do I think both because I think I was like quintuple secret probation and I think that preserve it up. I I made an obviously it's it's easy to be cynical in these times when the NFL gets involved, and good, though, is going yeah, ok and the end seeming to show seeds of of progress. I'm just kept and the fact that he didn't say captured exclaimed the fact how they handled as three years. I think
I've seen a lot of opportunism over these last ten days it. I don't know how generated as and with them, it almost seems like out. This is a good business decision for us to pretend were embrace in this. I am sceptic what about you using a lot of performance forms are as what you say. It's like Can you see the videos on twitter and social media like them the girls getting dressed up an ally, and they were the size, is to take the picture like their marching and then they get back in the car and Rob also we seen elaborate woman's are, and then we see that's like Tiger Woods statement, I'm a huge tiger. Woods ban can be more, when it in what he said. I mean he could have checked that, but in terms hope I wanna be hopeful. I'm trying to be helpful but, like I said we ve been here before me in the country and maintains it divides with the death of them. It's him. Or are you listeners who who may not have ever seen that picture Google? The picture limits will go
his face for allegedly whistling in a white woman, and we found out german riots on her death bed. He was trying to get it. I haven't lie price They brutally beat him and then they drove in the bottom of the Mississippi River. We ve been here before the end in tears, bridge where John Louis was beaten. And you had the water hole in the attack bars country was watching in bed. Recently, I write about it in my vanishing country. You know my experience and trusted with money, frankly, I think needed was kill along with eight others in Bible, steady Wednesday night in Bible Study. In the country and remember the president's thing amazing grace, and at that moment you know, I felt as if. The country that I write about its vanishing the ideals, not just life liberty in the pursuit of happiness, but also like love, trust, justice, truth Yes, I felt for a moment in their moment, as he was singing amazing grace that we would be able to recapture those
deals, anyone be vanishing, a fleeting force, and we miss that moment, and so I'm afraid the woman is this. I country you has never on the issue raised, we ve never met these moments head on it is going to require a lot of work and a lot of policy in a lot of you can't change policy without changing bad policy makers am, from sports in entertainment, I hope, is consistent mats and we gotta have followed through one of the things about me. And we gotta have followed through one of the things about my generation. Is we not known for being consists some right? That's what we have to have well, what's the difference between two thousand to twenty? In two thousand fourteen I've asked multiple people come on that question it. It feels like the infrastructure And the maturity of some of the activists, who just add more reps now at this stuff, just kind spring into action in a different way than it did in two thousand fourteenth laugh because it took no sports, no concert,
everybody staying at home, like literally laughing your house for White Felt to be like are we are racism in America could I just took the world had to stop and we're. This moment. So what happened? when people started work again. What happened when people started having these different distractions, the difference. This moment? Is this? Is it big moment in history. This is like nineteen? Eighty maids nineteen sixty eight with a little eighteen, twenty eight great depression about my breath like we wanted a reality. So president, now we're all in survivor right. Nonetheless, this this, is where we are and we had these. We have These moments, where we're meeting where we were kind of at the bar, in terms of economics in terms of jobs in terms of growth and how we rise out of that, I think, is gonna, be the question. I I guess it's gonna take a look
Time before we actually can look back at this with some distance, They try to figure out what were the causes? Who do we blame? I may obviously trump is one of the biggest people to blame, but let's say Hillary Clinton, one in two thousand. Sixteen. What is different about this George Floyd moment that we, over the past two weeks, soda two things one: we not we're we're in a pandemic, but the pandemic would not be nearly as bad as it is. We do not We want to shut down, we wouldn't disbanded the pandemic office. We were kept our inspectors and move on, I'm we could have actually Then it much of the death in mass that that we see so that's first I do this is not this is because true, it's gonna incidental the trap, but since you ve been like that, you know we ve been having these conversations about race more often I d, say it's incidental to him being elected in that's actually healthy for this country. It's one of that one of the very
who's that emanated from a trunk residency. We would not be having these same conversations if Hillary Clinton was left right, but now, You eat Charlottesville and I ask people this question all the time. What was the Was the moment stood out to you? What's it to you, the most about the Charlottesville protest, it wasn't the fact that they were saying Nigger when the fact that they were saying Jews will not replace us in blood and soil. The fact they didn't were heard they didn't were mass, Racism is Stokely Carmichael to sign defined. It is this and are always had to defend. Racism. First cuz people don't even know what we're talking about. He said that if you to Lynch me. That's your problem. If you have it, Our two led me: that's my problem raised Racism is a social I'm construct its power conscience.
And so we are not dealing with the chance and people saying Nigger to know what we are dealing with: those our system, systematic and systems of oppression and systems of injustice, and so when you have these people in Charlottesville? Who don't were heard? These aren't facts, Who is sitting in their Grandmama basement eating spaghetti out their stomachs find collar duty right? These are, work in loan offices. These are people who teach our children. These are people who work in dental offices eccentric. They are part of these systems and we you have three people in that's why John Watson? That's why Patman? That's why they found Gilmore their words mean so much they are from. These communities they ve made are these communities, where you had these systems of oppression, that for many Vince them from emerging he said with systemic racism.
We are seeing a play out in two different ways. One was with covered in what was with George Foot that load a question, but a hearty. How do we fix it? Like we ve made little baby steps police brutality and I do feel like from police standpoint. Their sides. The real progress here, though, at that and I do think, there's gonna be momentum. I think where it's really hard to make progress is a historical background, in everybody's own head about what happens like what happened here? Dad come up fifty, I feel like I'm pretty up on a lot of stuff for free Give me the history- and I didn't even know about that- the Orangeburg massacre, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, like I literally to know about it, and I am not ashamed. Like shit. Had I missed that one, but the point is: there's been some. Things over the years that you know. I think that the history of this stuff really matters so you're right, emeralds Whitefoot,
give race through the lens of their lifetime right, and so is it It's not. A dishonest critique is just not a full critique of how far we come in this country. Will tell you that we made progress. This is a comma after that that was not a period because I also will tell you, but we still have yet to waste ago. That's the sentence: that's the phrase: My father got involved in the movement in nineteen, thirty five and ten after him until was was was killed. He caught himself in media those appointed it there cogeneration and you know his first mission as we call it to go to Philadelphia, Mississippi, had even been Philadelphia. Mississippi again, Mississippi is, I don't even think they stop light into the doubt it, but he went to search for the bodies of Goodman, Schriner and training what you're doing freedom. Some registering
my vote. I talk about allies, you know and you're gonna make sure they paid the ultimate price while they were registering black folks about when back to Orange were ending up to organise and became a part of the most deadly civil rights demonstration. Is countries ever see. You know people forget origin. Nor about the orange were massacred. We know that can state that happened two years later. Why did that no about Henry Smith, Samuel, Hannan and Domino Middleton in that's an injustice, because the should not be in vain. My father was shot at night. I write about it in detail. In my country he was not only shot, but when he went to the hospital he was arrested. When just arrested, he was charged with five felony counts. Looking at a maximum seventy five years in prison, they didn't. It is banned in when they denied his bond. They housing on death row because they d, seemed to be an outside agitators. Are they want to be not normal speculation with other inmates usually gave must a thousand dollar bond, which nineteen sixty eight was a whole hell of a lot of money in between the time of his trial,
in that sixty eight all the officers who fired shots into the students were all tried. It was the first time that federal charges- I brought against law enforcement officers for shooting or or harming blindfold They were all found guilty. My dad was a trout, what's to blacks, lead in bed. There is any misplaced all the evidence, but Do you remember and was an eye witness not only eight, but on the sixth day, my father's dead If I had shrunk lit a beacon, said, burn baby by his indictment was backdated from February. A different February sixth, you have you, you know more than most people. I know the random fat. My father is the first, and only one man right in the history of this country, was charged trading, bigger riding. When their knighted justice it mothers without their sons. They let the pages. As you know, this country's history, stained with blood and my sister I was born about her father and mother, gave birth to my sister well it was in prison and he's ever minds. Re yeah,
its elements of hard labour as they say back back, then it is a picture, a big picture of her. He has it the Africa, She has a big afro, remember the polaroids that you had to shape. They got it in May to take the picture is beating Mamma had existed. I was the first time that you seen his daughter and when you, when I look at my dad today, people alive What does it mean when you say like perpetual state of Greece, I see that my my dad's eyes down had the same glow that they used or his shoulders on his upright and going to all of those things and losing so much. But then you have the images that we see as a model boy who was hunted and a girlfriend in South Georgia. Lynching just last week that the last two words he heard were fucking nigger I, and so you get in the sense of rage, today. We're gonna bury George flew away, and you did in the sense of kind of celebration for his life, but Greece and then
cycles over and over again, and so hopefully we're having necessary discussions. And I know your asking: how do we fix it? For the first thing we can do is I'm not the right messenger. For a lot of these messages, I mean bill. You got had a conversation with your white friends right to have a blind spots, the size, the size of the Grand Canyon right, do not racist, but they just headlines. But, unlike You know. I tell people that you don't have to march all the time you don't have to protest. You don't have to write op ed pieces. You sometimes you can just read a book an attempt to gain some level of understanding. In that way, we can get to empathy, because, right now we have the empty deficit in this country, but better About Miller laid the original lay bare, it's always been there to bring. People together in real life through maritime and You getting together with a few friends in life, isn't an option for everybody out there, though it as an option for some it can still be enjoyed with your people.
However, you want to do it. Small gathering, zoom, maybe you're, no outdoor bar what everyone I found. The Sosa, distancing drinks, which I took part of a couple times as we can have they helped with myself. You know it's fun, seeing other human beings. Well, when I do with the Miller Light its original, I bear the taste great, it's less filling. It means it won't get in the way of enjoying time with your people, thus out my personal favorite beer, goes down the easiest and the smooth. This is the original lay bare why home enjoy classic available for delivered today, celebrate responsibly, Norbert Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ninety six, collars and three point two com, per twelve ounces. So when I was, I spent like three years right. My basketball book and threerd
I spent a researcher Reddit. Yet many of us seven hundred pages, was too long, but really gravitated toward a lot of the information in the sixties, which I just didn't know where you're talking about This leak that basically starts changing color. You wonder: Russell comes But then really start changing in the nineteen sixties, but they still have all these biases and place ray it's like You can really only have two black eyes at your top ten. You can't start five then read our back starts five black as a result. What doing, he gives Bill Russell the coach job, any steps down and you go back, and you read some of this stuff and watch some of the questions. Yes, how are you gonna tell way for what to do in his equity being
The Coachee in Russia was like the perfect person for other stuff. I e the moment that the league had a couple differ moments in the sixties and when I talk about like the historical prospect when things and you don't you don't think of the NBA as believe way back. When guys like Elgin in Oscar and- and you just know that mess like the first wave of legends right, but you talking about and one thousand eight hundred and sixty four. They come up with the players Union in nineteen. Sixty eight Martin Luther its assassinated as the six or south exercise are going on and Boston almost in well, and they don't know whether to keep playing or not and Where's are all trying to figure it out. When I did a documentary about Russell and two thousand twelve- and I asked Them- was the right decision to play and he he thought about it in his, like, I don't know he still to have an answer. We're talking
Greater harmony is forty five yearly. You know right now that they're having a discussion, because many other players will have two players not want to combat right now, whereas date They don't want to miss this moment. They want to be present And so my answer to that is, first of all I mean I'm six Bob and I am sure you know I'm still a readily Gostar right. I still, but I don't have the audacity to tell you know crystal all of the Brons AIM, whether or not they should play, but it is unique, because I think statements they can make, while their captivating an entire country. Does everybody wants to play ass ever Gonna watch the files, unlike a more interested in hearing the referees, talk because there's no, I don't know audience. I will be able to actually here the place called out in referees talk another. Should they talk on the court, but I think that the statement that you made on that platform much bigger than anything else, they can do interesting. I remember when you talk about April for the sixty eight.
Austin literally almost burned down idea about at even think that the fund can remember the files were going on then attacked, and but for people like your Russell, for people like James Brown, the city would have would have car flames. Well, that's why I brought it up, because I think the sixties, these guys had some really important moments. Tat outer nothing credit for you know all these years later, where NBA prayers were being put in this position, what they did publicly really mattered and it actually really affected stuff. And now and two thousand and twenty we're seeing this similar moment where the players are coming back. I've heard, but I'm like you, I've heard various reports about this. Everyone come back if they do come back. What do they say and I'll be honest, I thought they missed the moment with the sterling stuff and in twenty fourteen
when I was doing countdown that day, without with ironically talked about this on a package of Voicecode, Barnes Jackson in it for their warm up in the middle of the court. It was an opportunity for a much more powerful. Men- and I wonder, are they gonna take advantage that two thousand to what they are? I mean I because I would like to know a lot of its performance, because people are afraid of being shame gimme use all we turned your agrees into a corner. That, right I mean, did you say? Have you ever seen a bacterial cells asked in his life? I didn't know that thirty seven. How did you know that? I do I don't know yet any speed whatsoever on the way back, but but you is, waiting to see me solid James Jump on you red. Hold him accountable The level of accountability going on right now cross taught me bubble walls but while as is picking up in NASCAR right now, you re, so you had
you had these voices. These moments, in you know, I do believe, though I mean a lot of these players want to say something in some of them. Just don't know what to say but at the end of the day, like these black players, they black parents too, and they were not when out when they reach out to me, and I will carry you know what should I say at this moment? How do I meet this moment? I am I let you you. You asked the same question. I ask why How do we raise a child during this time? You know the conversations I have with my kids are different in the conversation that White forgot with it I my daughter is now ready. She just gotta. Permit I mean about. Article find me the paper insurance with big guy pudding city on insurance in the lab, but you know to tell her that when the police do behind you, you know down one, especially this night, go to a well it area, I don't follow. Because I don't want you to be Sandra Bland, but let him know, did you not running found, and let him know that you have an officer behind you want to put it now, leave it on our. Talking to the officer, even if you didn't do anything just get home safely,.
You know when she goes out with their friends. You know any Cooper I people have, propensity to not mine, damn business like Amy Cooper. You know what about myself any Cooper harassing the border. I thought about killing bright, who facilities images She not only used are privilege, but she said. Then he told them she lived on the man in in Cinema, call the police and tell them that you threatening me like appeals and danger in that could have ended up, you could invite. Like George Floyd's up, you know these relations that I'm having with my kid him up my child today on this Monday, they were having a she's going, will March didn't she wants to march, went out with their ma. Am I, Can't you just can t, I can t Had the innocence of being the t, I is my what is my daughter now have to be a civil rights activist telling people in her life manners. Why? Why are we so worked up in this country? That,
eighteen year old now has to be on the front lines of civil justice, and so that's what I told the players as well. I might you raising kids. In this moment and sell them, ok that they can be unapologetically black tell him them. They can be proud of themselves. Their life manners, and then you go. The world about the conversations you're having with them, because seeing the same age images everybody else's We notice that he has changed their policy. Our good about talk about this. Go on talking about this, that they actually I'm your first time talking about this, And I always like thank you: because it was me MAX, Kellerman and and and down a password and headed, discussion about systemic racism on his feet. At eleven thirty, I mean that that is like it was a powerful moment, so people now
it is a mere again. It's against a pandemic bright, a pandemic. Everybody stay inside and its eight minutes in forty six seconds. I think people really are seeing how George Fluid die and Are light wait a minute? So when you tell me that you get nervous with your interactions with law enforcement, they don't all go well like you, just can't cry and get out of a ticket You tell me that happens like date, there more likely to believe that bad things can happen because they saw George Floyd handcuffed. The man was crying for his dead mother one the ground in two and a half of those eight minutes, forty six seconds he was unconscious and the knee was still there, and so I think minute, two three four. You started to see the country awaken during that time,. And again the question, though his light, we're in like weeks. I, where are we in two minds? Where are we doing
more like owners. Do we emerald like partners? That's a good question. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing or both, but it seems like celebrities. You're going to have an immense amount of sway. And they already have we ve already seen it. We saw with their swift, we saw with the reaction of enough upwards to drew breeze. We ve seen it was some of that some of this stuff has done a great. It just seems like Maybe it's because of the social media era. Maybe it's just because of the power of fame, which has always been there forever, but people are gonna gravitate and follow the celebrities. Do you think they are well equipped enough to harness that power That's a good question. It's a really over generalised question you Eddie over here are some are like a title. Is you just shut up like
Yeah, you don't have to say something right does not even worth the paper was written on the tiger? Basically Toto's like last matter my what? What are you writing tat here and I think that what is this the broader occurs as it is. I have theory them I'm glad you and I are chatting about it. I think that Lebron recognizes that the true measure of his greatness will not be on the basket. I think that there are always gonna be these these low. I hate her dry, who will never give him credit and the reason I give the Brown James Credit for being a brave, ass, well player? Is it no one in the history of sport? No one in his report has had that level of expectation set for them. Since a child admitted. Yeah met every expectation that people had now, whether not to want to tell how many finals he lost whatever he went. Ten years in a row nine years in a row, that will never I mean that will never happen again. Right
he's married, but I also think in this goes to the Jordan the broad backing. I think Leubronn recognizes. His greatness will be off the court and he also recognises that the only person who chasing off the court are that are the bill. Rustles are the Kareem's he's going to stay on the forefront of these things which is really nuance, because what you had now is especially after the ten series on with Michael Jordan. You now have Jordan recognising that its different between being the guy Right in basketball and being remembered, his great human being and so Jordan. Now I think, trying to realise that his life has to be more intentional. It has to be more purposeful, he's doing stuff behind seized. Rather honest people know about, I mean he's helping people, It will help centres in doing all of these things in the Jordan branches gave a hundred million out. Yet his statement was power.
Would you ever imagined Jordan in nineteen? Ninety three, ninety four, ninety five and the most famous person in world uttering other about systemic, about like we're out Dorani did you read, write, tops and wrote a really good piece about how Jordan grew up in North Carolina and all this that shaped organizations who made as a proud? I actually I thought it was really interesting and I read all the Jordan Bergson I've read everything probably ever written. By anybody who had any sort of weight, and that was the first time I've ever seen. Even tackle that angle- and it really did make me think, like oh yeah- this actually make sense that that his career evolve, they did, but it still evolving. That's what I'm that's my point like Libya has this head start on Jordan in this little cabin really that's not so tangible, like greatness and contribution to society, and I think
that's Jordan, exit and ass. We leubronn excels over Jordan, but I think that in his soul. Competitive did everything drives them and I think he wants to be greater. Remember for that too. So you see him, you see activism evolving, involving. Are you it's funny, though people always point at the bran as being the guy? Who can the most change, and I actually think it's him if you're Talkin athletes. I think it's my hopes because Patrick Mahomet Personal Info, owns a day of the week, about one another. When its college debate they basically two days a week, it's the most popular sport and he is the biggest most port player who is still not even in his. You know I don't as even twenty five yet united the glare the crazy. About? The video, though, is that you had. You have pat arms, you don't think, is larger than the brok, but not I am that cities. Lebron, I'm saying he still at the beginning of his journey and if he had been
Brady for this generation and, as is becoming the brady of his generation, He is also laying the groundwork from his mid twenties on. That's that's a completely different level with the bigger audience to yet he and I guess that lot accredited as well. You have you have done your more and you have. Perhaps you had the best of tension in the best, even the player in the Lee coming out in saying something, so the owners rely more here we gotta they literally did something that we have been able to do. What the league and four years, which is make them. Listen. So you're right on that point that have a home waste a meme is more than just head and shoulders commerce right it's we're going to raise the level and talk about justice and they do. Their own way like one of the port, one of the people, while I'm listening to speak other things they d Hop Hopkins, told you in that. Say him a country's way exactly how you feel a bright red, Michael Thomas might,
Thomas holding drew breeze accountable, is important. You know, I don't think it was the Lebron James comment. I don't think they re comments that major breeze back, I think, is the comments by the person catches, a hundred and thirty balls from you every year. Who makes you look, extremely good, who felt some type away about what you said, and so these at tat. The bottom, I think, are more. I during the sixties. You add many You seen the famous picture of Jim Brown and Ali in and sitting at the table, though ass but yeah yeah, and so, but I think taught the bottom. This generation, I mean I'm looking forward to seeing what my guys and baseball saying I'm amazed to here with what might drop ass, to say, for example, I, like that you know when you were the best in the world, has to say and again up. You know kind of weird. My like in December, is more woken tiger, but that's where we're. I thought the breeze was so fascinating, because.
Three years later and he's in the middle of it his legs in the middle of it, and he even here and seem to understand the cabinet thing and this is what happened to that seventeen it's like! Well, you know I did the honour and the flag, it's like it's not about that did. It was never about that. That's not my cap productivity did. We did all this amber. Where were you you're? Not that any conversation about it? If I know Will you not? Will you not paying attention and even more even more than the framing of his statement, was just here. I am. I do realise that Blackfoot foreigners what would your grandparents too bright, and you realize your grandparents were able to come home and take advantage of this, marriage and dream, whereas blindfold went out in fought. And they came back and we're second class citizens. They fought before your freedom and then we're second class citizens. I, what are you talking about? Droop? That's, why, at the beginning of this you know it's a shameless For me to say, go get my man she country, but
sometimes you just need to read a book like drew like pick up a book. I that's that our asking why, necessarily have to be a social justice, Warrior s not for everybody, but you, and have a level of empathy. A little understanding, because what happened with rules, put an interesting position because drew had a then had a direct face to face with Donald Trump? like our shit. This is about to be interesting because it doesnt support did your breeze does not need right now. Write his tunnel drums, so then we had to tackle that. To the last thing you want is for people to think paid, you're carrying the banner for their White House. And so now you he's clean it up. What was in his ear. He s the best part, Given the busy movement tat, he move fast, shrub trumps like a ship, swimming around the ocean when there's chairman the water he just goes right through his ago, drew breeze, just go right ahead, feminist in a culture where that he doesn't like Danny you Idiot,
the culture war and only an empty. People are like. Why are you protesting in the streets like they explain it to me, I say: one project is messy, but to you try to take these into account sons of bitches you. You do remember this right wheel, An american traders, sons of bitches were taking a peaceful me And make boy you're actually agree, meaning they had the conversation in the had with common property. Taking me in that sitting down and doing all of these things, that wasn't enough so now you're in the streets- and I think hopeful that we begin to see some of the change. We needn't scratch South Carolina quickly because that's at your place became the turning point of the democratic primary
yes. Example proud about and also by the best moment, Cosette that that speech had he gave that night fer, you know, is almost like watching old athlete summit in Cairo, a great twenty six. Twenty minutes make couple threes and he just kind. I was so presidential and perfect this one time right when he needed it most. Why was South Carolina? Why did that become the place that turn the election potentially because my mommy, her friends, are the people who is the democratic nominee black women. The democratic opening and I kept on people at the New Hampshire the eye, what we don't have a new front runner it's over. His Anderson, do something he wasn't able to doing twenty. Sixteen, which is to get black what about for him in very large numbers it won't happen and I knew the level of familiarity black focused.
Investigate vote is voters. People in mainstream media give them credit for yeah, it's a level of trust that goes into it, because people know like we, don't necessarily have to read a history book, but are we who is go down and we can talk about the people who bled and who slept on jailhouse floors, etc. Inside history is very real and we know how difficult. It was for us to attain the rights we got in this country, so we're not going to vote for unknown quantity in there, a certain level of trust and face the goes into the ballot box and pain it goes into about Mars. And you write in Joe had summoned every ounce of his being for their speeches gave another one a little while ago, our own race firms basin that was really good. And then we need three solid hours. From Joe Biden in the fall during these debates.
So I don't know what he's going to need that man, some of that ginkgo biloba or whatever they take, give him some ginseng. Three hours. In one hour in each debate, for him to go out and be a sharp is possible because in the days when we really really difficult to be Donald Trump and everything I had to go right. Can we give Meiji age? Can we put him on a programme What about you? I don't know where you, I guess we're gonna, get him right. That's a good question! Well, approval rating stuff for him is is a bad as significant. There is good piece by Harriet and about this risk a very those more in leaving here? He knows better than politics, its baseball, so right answers to them The aid you ever wants money on. You show you. I got it for genuine baseball's that they're here your guy, but he was saying. Biden was over fifty percent approval, which is wrong
which is rare. The lady, as is rare and trumps disapproval, which was, I think, fifty four percent was Lama. Storing it is so you one of the things people forget beggar, two things in one item explaining why don't I get the Trump Hillary Clinton election is is a sin on, because is then we had the two most unpopular candidates in the history of this country, In the morning, had the head go ahead and there's a stat said really weird, but here even thought about it. They pull people who disliked books. And when in two thousand and sixteen the people who dislike both candidates was really hot and all of those people, a large portion of those people voted for Donald Trump. You don't have that dynamic in this, but for those people who dislike both candidates, of course, Joe Biden, is winning by us
we know by large margins as the first kind of weird nuance tat. She asked. His bidding represent a white whenever you're, Donald Trump and you're. Looking at demographics, college educated white women are gonna, be the demographic they can show you who wins and losses and yet it has my cousin, you show to talk about. Why that's the case? Why did fifty brings in a white women both down from? I don't have that answer, but That is what got him over the hop in but while states. So I was conscious. Michigan in Pennsylvania. I dont think that can be the case this around about it. Ass, you think she's. The BP also you can learn a lot. I don't they. Which are used in the running any more at the Minnesota Gal, say out. Across Europe. If anybody has more historical, bad luck, the net would be her. Actually it's a parallel. Orange Massacre reign of history know I thought about it.
The overlap politics government near was supposed to be the vice president in nineteen sixty eight, but the orange were massacre, have an airline. We can't have you vice president from South Carolina, even though you I that we can have a vice president, where you have all that racial unrest in your officers just shot. Thirty kids in Cuba So that is a direct parallel between eighty club, which are now and then in Minnesota, like we can't be BP because of that unrest, so I think that the final choices are art I am as April, We are, I know a little bit are here is season rice about dealings, I'm the one Britain met the governor of Mexico and you may have tee, so he should bottoms in there, but I think that it's a lay up for them to pick calmly here is the carry out, though, is democratically
as all the time I can't imagine she doesn't get it at this point. Where how does she was the biggest thing? Could you dollar, with the biggest thing she brings to the table with Biden like as if he almost think of like a sports team like await and the broader said, they had a she compliment him other than the obvious reasons why they do? I think she has I think she has like energy out the bitch slices, instant, she's, instant bucket sea. Like Denmark, Cropper Bright applied, they ran guidelines. Were you fifty? That's it like any House Jamal Crawford, was my- was the shooting guard from on the microwave of any jacket Johnson, like she's, asked markets right she's on the loud she's gonna, and people like well, black people about said Joe Biden anyway. That's kind of true, but you need them to be. There were four million people who voted in two thousand and twelve who did not vote in twenty sixteen
four million one point, one one point: three million of those were black right and common is going to activate the base white Mama, so now she's gone beyond found. Trees, she's gonna get her sorority system, They have been charged every Sunday because Commas, uneducated, if she was it, she just go well but she wouldn't be out there bringing along all her friends that one point three million need, I say the common Instant, buckets under the bed he's going to shoot me It provides a lot of energy and she sharp is here, and we saw the debates I mean harbours is my pants is not be, must watch tv must watch tv, that's gonna, be amazing. You are here the youngest black official once upon a time would like what happens to you next ten years Keziah. It seems like you're you're right books you're on tv, but I'm sure I'm sure you make another run at this whole thing right at some point. Have a conversation. I don't know. I gotta like that when I was twenty one years old,
somebody who was eighty two years. I would have been in office for twice a year and so young people that are listening. That is like asking others today of gay questions arctic question did not me and would have not now than when light you dont have to be forty about, respectively, To be forty to go out and change the were right, you can be eighteen, nineteen, twenty you'd be fifteen. Sixteen! a lot of things well in South Africa again soon enjoy my job as seen in this book is, New York Times bestseller now so we doing great work dared travelling, again my file at wines that seventeen months also live man plans on defence I don't wanna gives any better between now and the other from the friends I better has. I think it's better or thereabouts. Seven, right now in his graces and so Yama run around for office again soon. Ideas we
If I we oughta, we got a great about exactly the way than we have now far showed, but that's the last November. The book is called by vanishing country its available, wherever you buy books, which is, is probably not in a bookstore still but we'll be at some point, be, could just get it online, Bulgaria. This is great. Thank you. I appreciate now thank you for allowing me the platform, and I love your workmen to keep iraqi prisons. Ok, Bilbil coming up in one. Second, if you been dealing with acne redness dark spots are wrinkles. Finding treatment that works can be complicated. Needs can care that actually perform but getting started could be overwhelming. Thankfully, their solution, Roman, makes it convenient to get customize prescriptions can care that really performs grab. We found a computer can put a free online consultation you're here from a U S, license physician within twenty four hours of appropriate and actual prescribe a custom, blended treatment based your skin type and priorities. You'll receive your customs, can care treatment
free today. Shipping, you also get free. Unlimited follows with you doctor, if need to make a change for your treatment or have any questions with roman no commitments and you can cancel any I'm going to get roman dotcom slash bill for a free online vis and start a new scheme carotene today, once again get Roman calm, Slash bill eligibility requirements and additional terms apply. We didn't, talk any NBA today. So if you want to fix for this, twenty two team turn and some of the outcomes that were finding out about that in some of the sub parts I would highly anchored you check. Bigger mba Shout Show Kevin Oconnor Chris Vernon. They have been diving into all the stuff. So if you need your mba fix, do that Bill Burr coming up just an fyi, we take this a couple weeks ago. We were just holding it for this week. Cuz his movie is coming out in F is for family.
Coming out as well. So that is why I think of this conversation about here, something that happened two weeks ago, before the world started to change. So keep that keep that in mind. As you listen really enjoy. Talkin Emma's always hear this I've been thinking about you, because we're heading for football season and nobody loves a road trip to account for ballgame more than Buber, oh yeah. It doesn't pointed out that happening every Abbe reckons outermost Is it not happening? I haven't been watching you right. Maybe it will happen. I have haven't watched. Anything. On the news and and then just want people who, like don't have Apple degrees started telling me that these stirred the centres for Disease Control did know what they were talking about and yet somehow they did with
any sort of medical background or not even a petri dish. They started telling me what was worded Everybody got near egos because they couldn't handle the fear of the unknown baseball's yet has yet to take out I'll drop. This is the fuck all replied. Miss is the bottom line. Is that China paid out just like I shall not tv smart now, so I shouted. Often I've been having a great time. I've been delving into the free super bowl. History of the ETA fell having a great time written a book on Bobby Lane, Lou the tow browser, just loving Ricky supervisor, like pre nineteen sixties, free nineteen sixty six season, while my my son was right in his whole giant book report for school about the history of football brought, the topic was taken off. His idea is twelve, as I do the whole history of Amerika, but we do.
A whole chapter about the air fell and he was. He was just blown away that there were two leagues. I was trying to explain its own return to explain its would probably like loud and these other guys that they should have a league so that there are just two legs than they did on other players, that you know that where did emerge. That was. The third area fell, a lot of pain. No, that there were two other fails. There was the all American Football Conference see. The thing is when I dont get, is why the patriots in the Steelers with six titles and a hundred year old League are at the level of the Yankees, the cell picks and the Canadian it does make any sense. The Yankees Canadians, whatever of the NFL's thousand, is the green backers. They one likes, nine or eleven. So I've always forget people. They want like a kind of titles yeah for suitable survey. They have at least
since being in the league in nineteen twenty. They should be the benchmark. They want NFL titles. They want super bowl right. It's like go fuck yourself, I mean they said they won in sixty one sixty two and then they three peated six hundred and sixty five six hundred and sixty seven They have made us in the sixtys, but because a free of on we're just considered NFL titles, it didn't chap. I mean I'm just playing guys like get back here, scale stairs and Jim Brown SAM off yellows, guys, those guys, but by those those world titles bill. I dont blunt and any other two went Winnie. All American Football Conference joined the NFL.
You'd all day. Nineteen. Seventy! You know that was now the are the only one that was nineteen, oh you're, going back further year. Fifty when they came in like they still counted, Anna fell titles before that it just eat just doesn't makes. I think it was all like a marketing ban and I was. There was finally a league that showed that they were just as good, which is it true. Has the browns won all four years of the American Football Conference with Paul Brown and Otto Graham right and in nineteen fifty they kept calling in a Mickey Mouse League in nineteen fifty they join the NFL and they won the fucking title and they went to the title. Every year, like Lebron was six straight years. One slash three lost three Is we should use the way you wrote that book on passport? You lot to shed, because they were the ones that showed everybody. I felt how important the chicken game was busy right, LU, Lu Browser who is by accurate beyond forty yards and could actually had a fifty yards in the goalposts,
I don't go lines. Have you got to the forty two yard, like you were in the skies we'll ask so they're gonna fuckin, these guys. In it every year and they started crunching numbers. They thought that they were fifty percent of their games because of the chicken game. So he in a way is the first Adam its area by when they, when they nineteen fifty nineteen, fifty the winning the winning when go when anagram with a minute. Forty eight, ass did they try to act like before. Johnny united with three yards in a cloud of dust settles the modern day, and I felt it was just drawn from a drawing all right. There feel the difference was the goalposts right on the AL on the girl had which it's kind of they were decades before they realise that maybe became would be a little more fun if they can run pass rights over the middle.
It, then I think that is a scandal that said they did it. That way, I would say the sea at Bell took too far, but they got parking lot. Fernanda, that's you! It's been really find it might my son just really got enough about this year and we ve been watching, might be America's game and you know something like we watch we're watching this sixty eight jets, though, that the team that became the sixty nine genuine support, but that all year that this crazy, when it gets raiders toward the powers like this is stuff like we knew, is key it's, because we are both for us to do and you just read about the has proved everything there, but it's been fined, though, to redo at any rate, like teams didn't throw as much as they do now, but did they were capable of throwing down the fields I was only through idly in Reno quite a bit later, then it's fun and look at the Steelers who just couldn't win anything and you saw that they had. They had been laid fifty.
They had a rocky they Johnny Unitas, who they got rid of because they say out lobby laid every broke. His broken leg. Many made a winner, but not too Nevertheless, we also had dad blend Dawson. They drafted lend Dawson got ready him red you're. Just I mean they gotta catch up. Leonetti would have traded. Terry Bradshaw went wait till I like that. This was one of your quarantine. Deep dives was pre dated sixty. Four bar I was doing. I was already into it what I just said that did you are married. I bought some football cards up. I like complete sets of years, and I find the ones that are just in good condition. Could you get for radical but as opposed to attend The thousands of dollars is. I want to look at these things. I want to read em hold onto them You know that's a good job as a classic car. They never drive it. It's like what the fuck did. You get it right. There were some dark times with the Patriots Europe, eighty seven and ninety four
May I again: tickets and eighty nine. The rod rusty also want in fifteen year yeah. What were they fifteen, I knew it was the barrier. I remember when I finally try At my money back, I was, I thought, those elected the sacrilegious thing I bet against the patriot and they showed up and they beat the gym Kelly Patriots and bills in eighty nine, the one that went to the next four super bowl which, by the way is another thing to use. When you talk about losing the big game like they, they are the benchmark with football, the losing four super bowls in a row and they took the monkey off the bat. On our way, loosen three out of four with branches. The added by went back to back of course, and that before that it was the Vikings who lost like forcible over like eight years, but is something that I learned with Anna fell titles. The New York Football Giants, pay forget they lost in fifty eight. Fifty nine sixty one sixty two and sixty three
They must five and six years- oh my god, and then everybody. What y know right away tat all was the porn back and sixty one sixty two sixty three and I lived in New York long enough to know that the new post daily news at their ran back then probably had fun with the headline hobby said why no titled tittle right silly like that, but on the acid, it's funny I used to know other stuff, but I I was like your brain is like a nightclub. It has a capacity and then, when new stuff enters it, it just goes get in because to reset to get thrown out. So by basically by Pre nineteen. Eighty sports knowledge. I feel it is you spend the night come again, you lose a lot, but you gave the butcher wrote a book on memory. I was watching them a boy documentary again that won the item in the garden was even right
He was in there and he'd like develop his own language that he used to speak with bill. Bradley and Phil Jackson be looking over the weekend there on PIG Latin. He had this book. I was going to buy it cuz. My memory, I feel, like you, know your brains, a muscle like I gotta get wrote a book. He had an incredible memories, so I also think dad, I'm back like a lot of people treat their brains the way they treat their midst section. You don't owe me, were you not doing this? You should be doing set ups everyday keeping. Your call you some squats and get your old ass up and out of a chair and people. Just don't do it when you do the same thing with your brain, so I think it's actually a good thing to try and like a I can name all all the titles from nineteen forty, eight football right through tonight, just reconnecting knowing all the Superbowl watching fell film, a being a kitten and watching from suitable eleven on, although
We ve got a little cloudy after the patriots. Wonder third one, because I got real busy my career, so they said that bookends stealer thing work goes. I steal arrival giants Steelers yet saves packers, something like I was confused in there for football. I can go back to probably seventy but Basque, a bike, and so God way back and it saddens me that that what you wrote a vessel, yet it second grander my brain, it's well. You should have on your part cast who you dont, Gavin One of the legends in Boston Comedy started the whole friggin scene at the Ding hope he went out on South games back in the day he used to go and watched the Celtics win a championship when it was at the half old garden, and he couldn't down like he earlier. He was there at the beginning of it, and I had a partner with them.
And I stumbled on that. In the end there was like- oh my god, vote, if, if you ever just wanna like she's, going to talk about the old school hoops all school hoop with a guy who was there during the day like remember when building there was a rookie, an eye ass. He was there at the game on Tuesday retired in that guy up. We love you goes right, you're thy eyes out again, will you I knew all the ushers lays down? No, it's crazy. So my dad got season tickets in eighteen, seventy four one ticket for the seventy three seventy forces. These had him ever since he is now seven seven in the pecking order of all time season. Ticket holders there's only six people that are older than him, whose have selfish tickets, who are still alive and actually go to the gates. I made myself that that all these seventy two but he's Sabbath than the pecking order.
I know you're a maze. I read this book on cosy bill. Russell is kind of a more on crews, because Bill Russell had no quotes in the book. Yeah says more about by accusing it was about, basically the inception of the league and then the racism and went out with these guys don't write, and I was surprised with how many people from celtics? Twenty one, nine in a row and like whatever eleven and thirteen years whenever I was surprised how many of them were still life and how long they all lived? It was incredible like it was. I would even have this
but the and be a where you have most of the greatest guys. Basically gone back to Russell and Algae Beller are still alive there like worlds dead but like, I think, like Bob penance still alive and like Asker, Jerry Wes. Obviously it all the way through thy Bird Casey, Joneses Debit same Jones, is eleven so on and so on. Its appraisingly high. Non mortality rate compared like the NFL. Aren't you going to do on a regular guy, tat Hight, because well yeah we get this. Everybody gets the same size hearts when people at that time, just even when you're in shape. How much harder your heart has the worked upon a blood dear extremity, I am acting like I have a medical degree, but help I read on are you always do you like you? I see little
and a little old ladys. You know, Dr Down the street. It's true said that that heart, you noticed, goes like this and it goes already under their toes with those he's got gotta be work like that. I would think so there I remember a time being used in the night I was at a cheese K. Factory it's on the road and Moses Malone was in there. I got to see him before he passed away and I was well. He said I would put the eighty three. Seventy six is up against the ninety six balls. I they don't be a great match up, because Doktor Jacob neutralize enough of what Jordan would do and say they would win. Then you got most Malone underneath against built. Right, it Tony was unbelievable. Air protein
the game in the in the files those two years when they made it without a three point like where the latter lotta converse right, yeah. Well, they had a three point. Matters is nobody used. It was like a third rail somewhere, so big with with somebody others, don't ask me why, but I was watching over the nineteen eighty Celtics six or serious his marriages in it. It's really where they met. They like six off Emerson thing, but somebody takes a three and need answers. React like it was like a mid court shot purposes we ve gotta get benched is like for a while. He cut it from five to two and eight there acting like it was like a buzzer bitter. All he did was like pop. Take a thrilling tops of undue at eleven times about where's game, but back and nineteen eighty was like all my god. You see were burnt, it
yeah. I've already made it, but it is finding out about the ETA he'd like globetrotters shots like six. Four eleven guys will pull up and take a three and miss it. I'd like to some of the shit you see in a game which is be like you get traded forget about benched, oh yeah, nobody underneath on a fast breakin, seven forty will pull up any ticker. Three point is this: but I mean I don't wanna go game of attrition. Now, it's just it's. It's were taken at the end of May Ogier huge talky fan. Are you surprised that occupiers, legit airily, the toughest people who care about their own health believes that a basically any press live forever already playing right? Now, I'm amazed their duchess, we ve breaking into ranks the thicket Scape Europe after jaded black. I I can't believe
They have a comeback, yet it's actually proud of them that they pay bar. If they read the newspapers, yeah, I'm actually read aloud. I just ran a bike. I was red like three books at a time. I just then these needs I'm reading another one now called the code is just a whole. It shall call these years, a watch, an unseen fights, and why did that happened just break in the whole thing down and they have all these enforcers and stuff? It's just fascinating. The soap operas that build up to some of these fights- and then Unfortunately, with somebody really gets heard how twenty four hours sports broadcasting you know and trust that the horrible hockey coverage in this country Bay beaches take the incident in just act like this guy just skated up, it did that, and that was in there just like no man this. This goes back years
It goes back weeks or months or five. Six game play off series. Lasher is really a year, a fascinating thing, I'm just the whole thing about this. I never understood that the players have the police, the game. Where they just out of like it's like when you watch those things that top jails in the world, and it is jails this so fucked up like some of the prisoners, have guns in presenting the break up of the guards, a sort of working for them and just just totally got nuts sort of an element of that. I always thought, but then, when I read the book, It's such a it's such a crazy control, violent game. Then you need this guy, just the press. That guy gonna be rescinded, guys will skate out there in this. One guy would just get out there and you say right before they were Beckley. The sub somebody's gonna get hurt, never resist like
shit that guy's gonna beat the fuck out of me. If I remember that it gave the devil's down and then added yeah to do something now, rules about not trying to drop the gloves with the guy at the end of this shift is considered a cowardly mood and then you can that shit will come back later regularly. Whack Billy Bass, the lady, if they could get made, are now bomb like it's. It's really really really fascinating. So that's funny like waited. There was more fight in the eighties
wasn't the seventies they may like. They may look like the flyers ruin. The Lee true well, I like, when the guys are like, like Mary Robinson, was like this and charter has been like this. You know for a long time the guys who don't fight really ever fight the reputation is, don't fuck with them and they can still be the place and without having a really fight that much good ass. She, China has thought is recycled Becker now he will do it like every so often, but but he doesn't need to you as this point where it's like you actually don't even really need a fight any mark as every year everyone's properly scared, Breton. Also you dont have a nurse trophy went to sit in the box for two minutes. It also get an instigator. While they have some fuckin, you know, guy just agitator is sick.
In all their goal, scores after the minor eyes that scenario Charlie eats up. It is ridiculous and you can't put a price on it. I still can't believe our traded. Well, you know the other thing. These guys are obviously amazing athletes rate that there's this clip of wind Gretzky. Is it in the super stars? Were you ever see that worries raising its sugar Ray Leonard and back to other great athletes, any disputes and by ten yards and forty are dashing just distress. A brass felt like Bobby are yet another body, or only has probably had less than fifteen fights total and add a five or six of them are new to accuse it of basic fighter, which makes sense, because these are amazing athlete severe. She fought he's gonna, be more coordinated and do some stocks. I was like that part through like that
the better the player I was. I was like one that would translate into their fisticuffs yeah, but is also this. Does the courage, strength to the Kurds think it make contribute talent, drop off an ethics, a lotta like sought? The Anna takes us to do that and then have a fight for twenty thousand fuckin people unseen, he's in trying to get a remedy came in a league, it's like you know, guys would come again. You tried to see if you were top a night and he had to prove yourself. Was I going to present something idea, I'm gonna look up. Is I want to see like the hockey five from the forties fifties whose back then, if you grab another Good guys Jersey for balance, they merely came in and broke it up, so they would stand there like like boxes. I regret to say that just like here, how did that were? They would basically trade until they were tired. The rest wouldn't come in. They were just spoke skate to the bounty box and I would be the right way.
I always liked the seventies fights if I'm doing a. U two bench, I like the seventys and early. It is more than the next phase, because the next phase guy started like put actual practice for the fighting You guys caged it. When I die, don't we Guy that I heard gets credit he was the guy cuz he was smaller was the guy that did this because it used to be when I, when I first watched some guy, stood right in front of each other. I grabbed your your your right shoulder. You grab my Retrovir, Bang, Bang, Bang Bang and he was the guy, the first guy that did this move cuz. He needed to, I think, for you, since only was the guy that grab here. What we want- and we created this morning when I get a benefit one time- and you tell anybody he gave me a big decades- has any Granby Adele and he was the guy that did this and then would come back.
Right in a thank you. So he was a guy to develop that so now then it became like then the big I started doing, which is why I dont use one of the greatest in top established, because then they took what was workin for him. Right, guide her like a then there was a guy is great. I dont mean fights robber. On the on the on the Buffalo Savers Yan, guys like right right now, the great great great fighter. They D was the reason why now you have to have your jersey tied down because teased if it was almost like a basketball terror way, sweat pants, you ve, gotta fight, the guy you just looking at his jersey. Everything would come off, including as pads, and then you had nothing to grab onto you. Brightness there
but he just grabbed your jersey and you were fuck. That means like you, were trying to hold on to something- and I remember this is great hilarious- clip a tie. Domi fighting him into the guy's jersey comes up like a fucking stripper and he's got nothing and then you know, robbery beat them and so tied down trees in the box, yelling at Rob Ray like making these these gestures about his jersey falling off and then rub. Goes. I all in three my got beat you three eyes: we're getting a lot of data driven him up the walk. The guys who likes there was some are key players in general, just fuckin hilarious. Once it I've been. Watch it enough to meet there really really funny, and it's the only sport where nobody's out of shape is not one fat hockey
player right side. There is the other how little pike filled castle always looked like he was played pick up party like a pickup party. Like regret, gonna guy, it's well not them. Does he look like the guys that raised me back when I used to play for when you talk about the code. I remember powders beat the brewing suicide. Ninety eight! and said O Reilly arriving galleys far. I think either every gamer every game, but one and really like they really see my they truly hated each other. And then we lost them. This is what I really cared about. Archie as subset. We lost when the handshake goin out, like a rat, is gonna crunch Gillies in the hedge, a glad I whispered and have this, and then they had like this really emotional. I can't shake their reception. There's a shoulder pat my mind was blown it out. I thought I was back for each area. You guys wanna kill each other for two weeks were what just happened, but TAT was the way was back then the clergyman
calculated underrated when people bring up tough guy, some that error to death desert fight. I forget who we fight. I believe it's under Clark, Gillies breaks so and so sphere. He's watching this guy and a guy just takes a really bad one, so he drops down and, as is bringing his hands down. My gillies just effortlessly takes said and throws in upper cut it out, like as one of those those citing very brave elevators gone right up to the penthouse home hits the sky, and this guy just went down like that, right and one on one's way. It's not an enjoyable fight to watch, which is an issue where we had the ruins could never be the Canadians we're growed up, but then we at least had stand. Jonathan beat the shit out appear Bouchard that time and there is a blot on the ice and Frank you sacrosanct said it is like it was like our Stanley CUP,
I bet it's. They got a pin point the bridge sharper and you know what it all turned around eighty seven and it's been goin in our favour, sent out like guys, except for one or two seasons, pointed out I would say that they, like I'm gonna, come off his sour grapes, but I've been I've been a pretty good guy. Up to this point I mean look: the Celtic stepped on what they ve done. The layers of the most successful franchising offers sports in my lifetime. They ve done what they ve done. Yankees have done what they ve done. You know patriots, Steelers Packers, you know if you don't come in, I felt I have done with data, the Canadians I kind of gonna, take you know dominating a sixteen league. I don't know I d go back with the Yankees. There was like an eighteen leaked out. You know it is the argument against Russia, though this is what you can't make. This argument then defend Bill Russell, because everybody said
I wanted to see that your lesson I defended Russell was an individual, but I dont, like every league, has those bad team that one a bunch during the three stages, Arab yeah, I voted yes to the canaries where, when and if they were never play, like pond hockey gets the fucking Montreal Maroon and ran another Stanley CUP. As last year? I, if somebody Argue that with me. The reason why I don't you that in the NBA is because the other dominant theme is the Lakers and there too come all the way back to the ba according to your book. So it's kind of a fair fight to me. I guess you don't use, I guess if you the Toronto Maple Leafs continued the wind which be allowed people to know that they were gonna cut for caught up until nineteen sixty seven was I fifteen to thirty, and then the facets, above then, it just shut off and then Canadians wanting in sixty eight
denying one seven, six or seven semi to rights. One hundred and seventy three hundred and seventy six thousand two hundred and seventy nine eighty six and ninety three in that was it that was like lanthorns, draw what he looked over his shoulder than just talk. They did that move your little or the made that not much, but that when I was growing up, the Canadians were the invisible dynasty. Is we had these little smaller dynasties like the stairs went forward, has grown up to meet the Packers from the sixties, Celtics from the sixtys, but the canadian failings dominates ended yet nineteen, seventy nine, but for the Berlin with continued for almost another decade in other areas they ve been with a vague our existence. Like you know, the intention was there were a number one rivals and they were the most successful team. Will they be? They want every time, but that than the outer shut up and eighty, and then it was just like the name
that in any oilers showed up and then they did their whole thing. The really weird Look back then the Canadians ran Patrick wore out of town we ve never met you. I don't know if you won't leave you look a gold standing before Patrick. Why it's it's ridiculous, the good guys just please stand up and they would try to kick their leg out. He eagerly brought that that butterfly thing in an ever said, standing on a path bigger, clutching grab knew how he's got to a lot of shit became way had to beg. That said, the biggest mistake I feel like they made an hockey is that the goal of pets, I don't know why. I know they have some limitations, that another protective gear got so good that you could kill somebody right because, like through those pad, you were unhappy, would like those that that hard plastic do any new skaters fast.
Is an NHL guy like taking an elbow like that that Fucking Stephens move over the blue line? If you have your head down and he came across, it was like getting hit with a fucking wrench. So that's the thing to about it: and I felt players are they were talking about like helmets where it protects the skull, but not the brain is its in the fluid. So I started leading like if you watch like it. I can't watch a bunch of sport. You washed away, they mix it with a hidden football back. In the day I mean they just leave. My head is a missile, yet ETA passed off as from ninety four is bought. Summary now is weak one and that their like fifteen cheap shots in the game from research. Where's gone over the meadow on the sidelines like the head, nothing he's gotta forget now, while it's gonna get wasn't, wasn't considered a penalty at now before the men want me. Did you ever see what no blunted
Golden Richards and that that Super is seventy five sees it out. You basically just beat the shit out of me people down a fairly with gravity withdrawal on the ground. There you're gonna be like a sweet to the other side and he would just be fucking like like wrestling dropping elbows on where we had. I mean we coaches in their game. Backards is amazing for the Pats analysis it was over and he takes like eight heads in that game is, is a weak one of the many forces and he takes its rush by eight different times. It was weird it's weird. Maybe we'll think this about. You have see twenty five years from now is reward. You have sea like that fight the bad that the main event from a couple weeks ago in the guy she's beat the shit out of each other for firebrands Mabel thing twenty years from now, like, oh, my god, I can't breathe.
Let that happen, but that's what I like about. You might also call again: you can also they have their submissions and then he also someone can you know Choky out or whatever and the other those leg kicks might bring about the only about that's work as I love that sport is when a guy's clearly knocked out the four or five hammer. First study then takes before that, though so lightning, quick, everybody's dangling job, like that's the one thing way when you watch it always NFL stop when you see a guy like it's over, he lost the fight, didn't need to take those last three or four about like on the great almost almost like the ref needs a weapon like when they try to get a lie and away from seals are here. Bear if something besides a covenant with a weapon it back, because they were taken. A quick break to talk about whoop are the poor.
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It was really really upset that added do better. So anyway, it's a good way to check it out. You do in everyday and also higher sleep and helps athletes and everyday people monitor their health and well being with amazing personalize insights delivered via mobile up get in depth analytics about distress. Anybody you sleep, you were gets his aching, get it visit, whooped outcome, W H, o p d come and our code Simmons for fifteen percent off a whoop membership. I had the minute, because it will help you sleep it just well, so there you must. And wanted to come on the spot, but I wouldn't let her because she is still watching your Netflix show its in his ride. My sign that, though, the biggest fan over
inappropriate animated comedy out of anybody like that inappropriate, but firm when you're twelve yeah? It's you ve made the short less so congrats on that season for efforts, the family that comes out on you, twelve, as does the king stand, I'm as I see it as a big wait for your team, thirty's yeah. That's that's a big big date for your yeah he's excited back, as is he has. That is big bow. He has Duncan Bill and then south barks at improving the HBO Mac. So he's he's been fine during the current. They don't worry about our isn't, an unbelievable air. It's great, isn't everything that go back to the? U r c you see, has done in twenty twenty five years, what big be all of the other for american PIG for Sportsmen I tried to do which is go global. I feel like they're, all jealous of soccer, how that girl, not in all
Can you imagine how much money is in there, like they're, all jealous of that shit. An arm bay in twenty five years, laughed all for the big for and just put him into the stratosphere were there. You know in the same conversation is like anywhere other global sports boxing. Maybe you could say stuff like Parker, NBA to a lesser degree, waylaid Emma, whatever major boxing There is, which is less and less as the years go on that people actually care about what boxing weird where they will. They were. The reverse of the ETA fell where they kept squashing out. All the other new leaves were just became more and more and more, and then they compiled there with like every three pounds, was a new light weight classes damage european and have yet another title fight they kind of like sold their souls to that I feel. Well, they had no
commissioner, any sort of any sort of logic or governance, it was just the wild West, which I think that's one of the reasons you have seen, as you know been able for I buy tat. Is there some cohesion to it? that's a wonder as a stand. What I love is the fact that its all under one roof, which I heard fighters, can grumble from time to time about pay. What what I do think is that when it's all under one roof that the best guy is going to fight the best guy, like you, don't have to wait. What else do you care about? When do you think you'll be able to comment on the stage again. Ah, you know that's not up to me to decide. I bid dollar for twenty eight years. I am confident that I can just go to a couple of runs its Small theaters out here don't charge anybody any money or whatever and just I'll get it back together. I just so. You can see miss it, I'm going to come back
crash when I get back on, I gotta have a killer factor. Member that ninety minutes. I got what I needed a breakthrough. I really did not always like you know, I was torn up to inspections, are doing cartoon we shot the movie. Last year, I got a podcast network producing specials, I kind of needed a little bit right. I did. I just did not to take one, but you Now that I took one I'm I don't like you do like, but I will say that there is something I am also when something makes me sad. I also block it out and just say I dont chair something I learned from my childhood, so I probably do really method on some level, but like I just I'm sort of I got it
german irish thing we're in psychology, painful just bury it. So I think I can't you see I dont Missin subconsciously, probably crying someplace. I thought that suddenly going thing is I'm on my tattoo, I always get times or whatever. I was just kind of I get laser. Focused on other things, because I don't want to think about the bad. Then I told everything everybody's overreacting, I turned it down. Fucker relax should be fine, The idea I got outweigh the german IRA said Tom Hagen, your guy, who said Tom from the godfather, make them taste of the Mai Crap, my friend godfather, you wouldn't get it now, as I was right and they saw tat, I was like those I didn't get the german Irish can't the topic. It's gotta be up there I'll have to watch the godfather again, it's been a while
God. I thought I would. But what are your movies? You read about good fellows before you read about Billy. That's like two separate is split: yeah he's good fellows people and their godfather people Like I machine I worry about, how can I be both? Can I know it is I mean it's likely like better Deniro Pritchett UP, everybody leads there. They are both on fuck, unbelievable everybody. There there's somethin fear Deniro guys where it's on it. Now I am a comedy guy and I will tell you tat. Good fellows he's one of the greatest dark comedies that was is ever been written. The amount of king hilarious lines in that I agree is far more movies. Gal, I would maybe said godfather. Part too, is the second movie. I never see ok, but as far as like the personality, the care, the character. All of that
Obviously there so many like and every time I watch it, I see something else: did some actor did that was hilarious. Like the last time I watched it, I became obsessed with the guy the club, a dandy burning down, yeah adjust these jerked. His performance in then is justice of itself. Fucking unbelievable, see, you're, saying that this report should know what the asker over the phone Now that's the game, because everybody has to wait, there's so many pay. Everybody thinks they get and fought. Yeah guess is that your self centered, then, if you look scores easy when you realise that all those movies he made that they didn't finally open up a space form until the day that the party parted everybody, everybody wins it like
it seems like for movies after they should have one, unless you knew, I think you do like a hot topic sort of Unless you're the guidance in that hot topic thing, that's you know disease. The group of people, the story, the assertion that suit of armor and when he the whole thing is gonna silly, when you think about a man I own eyes, wiping trophy should be for kids literally trophy. If you win like her being if you like. I like, if you know of your championship box, you get a championship felt that makes sense them arrived, but, like you, don't give their speech at the enemies. If you went further than workshop images do this exact speech. I know I should launch a genuine paid myself into a corner because you gotta play the game, If you show wins me, then all you writers have written fora and
a ward winning show in the neck and makes them more money. You gotta get to be the team planet, while the longer the skin it goes on the only thing we're going to have this animated chose this and this will be at sea. You actually Your odds are increasingly money, always wins. What they'll do you still fuckin haven't doktor there, the lever fast test, you'll get tested and you don't have a fucking. You know anything from your on the show. You shoot net that take your temperature and that's it so they saw the stand. Our movie on its is the biggest role you fat, like in a big movie like the most lions, both screen time, all that stuff, Did you been in big movies, but is this the biggest party that is probably the most lines in something? That's gonna get this much attention here. Am I did a movie, a black or white. Where are really good role? My finer Kevin Carson,
Ah me Anthony Maggie and then I had one now I guess it would be menu. It is. But as far as like something that I mean, I didn't want the front runner a great movie buried by Aqua Man. I like that was right. When we were like that movie article, movie hearing your movie and the amount of work that he put it those shots yeah in like how much of a passion project that was and then Apamea comes along, which I have to admit I watch
movie, I fuckin like demands a coup, lack of it every not have any other members call S pocket drinking that, like a rota Harley it should I like it. I wouldn't like it if it came out a few weeks after hours dead, but that's how the games plague it's insane with those movies like the far right. I guess I just an hour when it came out like that those are the kind of movies we grew up by fire in the seventies and eighties. These see that your movies of gray, caused by good director look back at something that happened in an hour. Now it's almost like people, don't wanna go to the movie data as much to see a movie like that, but then of seeing it, I felt most people have seen the front runner just not the way. In the all day I went to the theatre. See it. You know like if circulated Merrill Street came out now I dont think its a signature movie. I just think people find it eventually honour, yet there are no wherever they in a trance
period, and I think this pandemic with stuff like art movie, is going straight to streaming down on. I think that that's gonna become like ours without one I'm hoping in this and other thing. I hope with this pandemic thing is I'm hoping that the meeting becomes a thing all of these poor bastards having to go to the Fucking airport. All of TAT music way, just gonna fuckin? What is it about having to sit across? That's an old school business thing a cynic grass may look mania. I could tell you, I bet you get her while you be able to tell you be able to judge by these things. What do you trust me enough? The fuckin you know by my company is not about like I'm, just hoping like pitching shows. We can just do that over soon, as opposed to one
one group of people having to frass under over or go onto the four or five at around five o clock in the afternoon. You just don't need another six spoken cars out. Why? I think we talked about the sun on the spot in the past, I guess it's been amazing. What we ve learned in the last three months about what we need to do not do a new, even stop. I pack ass. It was always so hard do, pods. Somebody was in the room with you. There is more than two people, and now it's actually carry easy is ugly resume record on record on your end. Then you it do it. We didn't know that three months ago, I don't know, I was always always try to work from home most, which is, I could, even as my life got more complicated because I was biogas, more productive vacuum control, things more. I just got more shit done an appendage thing to watch. Other people realise that over the past three binds I never like to travel for anything I did because it was like. I tried. I go back to new
that's an entire day. Flying back. You know it's nine hours from going to the airport, the time you'll and all that stuff. So I lose a whole day. The WI fi might not work at the air Then you go, you got to get cranberries and then you got to fly back and a biscuit last two days and now I think people are realizing yeah, let's just hop on Xumo bang it out. You know we just joined Spotify. Three months ago, we've been all these people and zoom, and that's it you need the herd took like. Whichever way the herd runs, I'm just hoping it doesn't go right, back to normal and, like I think that everything has gone on environmentally it's better. If there's not a with, is less people drive and unless people flying and but just the weird thing, how money works like they'll say like it's fucking disaster that may be, airlines have to have less flights, like that's more of a disease
so then having fresh air or whatever, but our? Maybe I'm just being selfish, because I have to travel for living and be my overwhelming. Welcoming thought when I go to an airport is where these people gone. Ok and I'm not talking about people and businesses, still I the middle of a Fuckin school year and you see, like a family alike. Fine, I got these possibly in school with a fucking around this. Is it break that I'm a vacation is that the holidays? What the fuck are you here right, another fuckin, seven people, standing like. I said it's mostly selfish. Why, like the love of the level of of airline travel, that the average person does compared to when, like? I was a kid like, nobody like it was like there was that there was a guy.
Big thing? If there was a guy in your neighborhood and a suit and got a company car and occasionally two or three times a year, he took a business trip. Where is that I go, and what is he doing so he was, it was like borderline fucking, James Bond, and now I like, like this soccer minds with no jobs who have higher status, are dealt the airlines that I do in actual fact, instead of pigs every week in a society where the fuck are you going like a madman, when Don Draper would go to LA was like a big deal, I'm going to go to LA to get some business done, so your own la. I think it's in the whole thing where you watch the travel channel
like the food network in the showing you all of this shit, if you didn't know, is out there and they're really just all of these commercials to just go to all of these places, and also airline travel became cheaper and shit like that. But like, but I'll tell you it's completely changed LOS Angeles, the air is unbelievable and it took like within for Wii She could actually like, feel their friends and see a difference are either with the last march. Immediately like I think, like the cleanest days in the last twenty years, were like those few days after eleven when they grounded all flights minute, just not there and low led fuel, rain. All drivers would chicken up does didn't you do and all that stuff it, sir would be a. I would be a really great thing if some positive stuff like that came out to where things go, cuz I'm also room for people with small businesses and shit like that. So it's it! It's a tough thing
well, I mean going deeper gone beyond moving about my pay great here. This is a step that I try to avoid thinking about because it gets to frustrating everybody start screaming in type enemy and capital letters whereby we can learn lessons from it like we could have weak standard designated to be like no travel. What's it, let's try to get the earth back for a week weak and things like that. The rapid things What are you there was proud of about this movie? I may I have fun. I think I bet I finally had like legit had fun. My last few things that I've done acting. I figured out how have fun because we owe much anxiety about am I doing Right is going to come together, Ryan, oh my god to do that to do this. I did so much stuff like by people always like it.
Credit to comedians I'm gonna, my god, I the nerve to go. Do that that's like okay, but I also totally control how far. I'm gonna go if I d out about their just stand there and just tell jokes. I can do this, but like you're you're acting all of a sudden. It's like I, you know your characters. Gonna have a dance contest in the sea like I liked it there, but also use, have two fuckin dirty. You take your shirt off or your character, as you have just somebody you somebody just yet. You are your comfort zone and I think that's what took me such a long time. This new thing of letting go of that and being like okay. This is this. Is it made? This? Is this guy? This is what the hell does and I then all of a sudden. I think I finally went through this portal, like all this is the fun the fun of acting at sea,
sat opposite of of comedy where it's like we're stand up, I'm you know right act to wreck whenever wherever they say this thing here is I let go all that in just be like What do you want me to do and If this is something that I wouldn't do, I have to figure out how this guy would do this in. How many get out a you went into this guy was like a real sort of. New thing and then also always heard like great actors just keep reading the scripts like doing that and really tried to think about it. Think about the scene. Ok coming to do the same, and I hear you say this, and I say that when she says is this: I was gonna, look like all right, so here my scenes in has all the story where
my energy need to be so it goes like this or idea. Right is a precise, there's stuff I've done in the past, where I've I've watched it as its lily. Just can be off this in its glaring to me, but I just want you to be like like when I shot that scene. I was not thinking that this should happen before so I should have adjusted. I should have been slightly over to the right or slightly over to the left here, and I was here instead in a fucking drives me nuts, but my problem is it: I have problems reading and I have like masses, de in shit, so I just had to like I just kept reading like twenty pages everyday. I try to relate to unify had time. I just read it and then I would think. Ok, what's what's the obvious thing that I would do well.
Be the weirdest thing now, what's something between just inside him and tried to do like something different? Hopefully, people fear people by watching the guys doing the same or fuckin bullshit, but I like to think it's a little different how much our living living with now. At the time of it, a bunch of body was, but not that it's it's amazing. All that can be a scary thing. If you stand in front of a crew when you got nothing, that's something that unless you just born with his confidence, it takes you to get like season so I believe that our work for me, but like what John there's like the scene, it's written you do that a few times. Then you start mess around with it. He comes and goes Hazan area. I liked what that was going to play with that. Crazy thing about him is that he keeps it all up here in his editing. It
like any answers that you're worried about, like just my scenes. He's got the movie then the overall vibe. Then he has to keep between his ears as doing all that in everybody pretty much had free rein to say and do whatever they wanted at any time minus showing off characters which feature in the story life and he just sort of guide it. It's really. This desert is a real genius to what that guy. Does that, I mean I can't imagine you go into the Edit Bates and always Agamemnon. When reality tv first came out and it really was reality and they were Jeff you for fourteen hours and then have fourteen out of forty two fine, fine, where the story line is that's. Why moved to assist in reality, yeah like we're, not gonna have enough hours and in a fucking year put this shit together. Come out on time. We gotta start to see whether fires are a nudge people towards it, so we have something in
to see somebody doing that with a movie at its. It's funny actually watch that they recently on Gary Marcia were when they were showing behind the scenes of pretty women what bring one which I still haven't seen for what am fucking reason. He worked like that, and I will stop here John has gone. We! U affair, that guy existing altogether kind of sea networks, that kind away I mean you know anybody from like the crass service guide. Us Bulgaria Marshal was saying the come up and they would slip of a piece of paper with the joke on and that there was if the piece of paper when under the pocket it was in the script. Dropped on the ground, it was a no go, and I love that she has. I heard back in the day. Somebody told me backstage one time: Bob Dylan had a thing than when he was back state
he had a movie if the body was up, don't talk to other bodies down. You can talk to you, it's just such the effort that it would take when you're him. The amount of people don't want to talk to you. Did you gotta, be like upsides, get my head together, a scientist right now. All those who survived the fuckin hurry up and get I'm getting myself mentally, where I need to give these people their money's worth. So they keep coming back and seeing me so I can keep living my dream. It just be able to do that that that's brilliant paper in the pocket in the script I drop it, to explain to you and worry about. Your feelings was now got something they carry my Marshall specified and watch. It was a good should I want I thought was on. I just didn't see it, but that now and I want to see it- I watched because my wife was watching it and I think.
It's funny see watching Julia Roberts right before she's gonna blow up ready watching her like she has no fucking idea that she's gonna become by you know, there's no with yet in urban life. Good, that's fun and then the similarities in the way he was working and then having done that movie with job in What do you use talking about like yeah? I guess we Sort of show up in saw the same was written in them. Gotta go the other direction. Its I do I really enjoyed working with joy. We haven't talked about T Davidson does does my next the last question: where is your take away after Spain a couple months ago, why I love the game was before I worked at them, but I got it. I feel, like you know,
He saw tat. They had known for a long time, but just because of where his career was where I was living where he was living, like the full friendship didn't happen. So that was the best thing is view full friendship developed out of it be such a such a great guy, and he was you know it was his movie- did the Jordan that he was like first there last to leave you now we made sure like with coverage. He trotted. You know, Joe shoot him out in all I'll stay. He was a real stand guy man is yet awesome, awesome, any enemies incredible in this mood. Yeah, it's weird is he's one of those in some celebrities decide this where you're always reading for them from the first time you see them, there's an essential piece to that too.
Battle. A few people are dead on the shower. Just from the first thing. I hope that our makes it or not that lady gases and with him he's always been one of those guys and now I can't really explain it, but I think a lot of people feel that way. I got a man a hobby. Is it especially when he was absent issues. I think a lot of people. I got man. I hope I gather that should always gets blown out of portion once you're in there way, your everybody else just have a back up. The days, but then all of a sudden you out here you're on a shop or something. Then it becomes. You know it's so insult blah blah blah It never goes anywhere and used over and three fucking days, and they just that said shook little shit that they do and it's nothing if you're, if you're on a shower in yeah, she got taken
compliment going on. I got I reached the level that sum is gonna, make up some bullshit it try. It acknowledges the three days. That's that's pretty cool, it's funny. Why should those entertainment shows now with the cause they're basically taken from their houses but doing the same? Gimmick you just did, but they're gonna get their kitchens behind them. Keep it up is so it so he could see like talking about now. Yet nobody, drivers not taking out his trash I don't know I would die bridges. I'm old, I was gonna, carry colonies that better not wearing a mask. That's coming up, that's it! I wrote ass. You do look a grass at a big Jude, twelve big day, for you know a lot of stuff gone out. My son says thank you for the comedy good to see you as always a good luck for them. Are, I say, I'd thanks to use.
Recruiter, don't forget about the reward chapels say anything is going up to the name of an avid another podcast here on this feed on Thursday, and again that the schedules gonna be erratic for the next few weeks. So bear with me, but but that's it hope you stand safe out there hope, you're, listening, hope, you're reading will be doing a thing see next them one way.
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