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Graydon Carter on Leaving Vanity Fair, Creating Spy Magazine, and Picking on Donald Trump (Ep. 275)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by former longtime Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter to discuss working in a world of satire (6:00), the creation of Spy Magazine (11:00), Trump's threats against Spy Magazine (20:00), the prosperity of the '90s (30:00), the tabloid decade of the 2000s (38:00), Los Angeles as the top American city (52:00), the Vanity Fair Oscars party (1:04:00), and the "grass is always greener" mentality in society (1:12:00).

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trades tonight, because that's how fast he's trades or guy spontaneous trades get in on these killer last minute deals download the hotel tonight up right now. I grave Carter events in the office studio. The way to do this for a long time. Europe is love, not only more when do you stop be busy. Well, I mean I'm retiring, none, not retired, stepping down there. At the end of the year and after twenty five years unsuitable. Time. I was still shocked when I No, I just it's like alone. Make us thing here:
the OECD eighty involved job at a long time? You assume at some point it's gonna happen, but actually gonna happen, as I upgraded step announcing why Neither do you know. I haven't had a bridge in thirty nine years moving to the provisions for six months around the house, but her youngest daughter in school. There, sometime the thinking about enlisting to her until the end of the year, trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I have a million ideas, who's going to win all them down you. Ve got one of my favorite careers thanks, we ve talked, we take. We never done a pack ass, but we ve talked never done unplug, you ve, never done a package of measures is about how we eclectic began. Gentle I told you this but said again for the listeners see you cry spy magazine in the media is required in his, which is one of my first
favorite magazines of our time and came at a boy. What are the other four inside sports sports illustrated earlier that recent J, ai, rolling, stone, ripe, and that's it. That's good vanity, fair, very well, because. I just. I always look at it from the standpoint of I never really want to subscribe to magazines, I don't like it and then the mail, even when I was a kid, unless it was something I love. This is clearer than you feel obligated to read and write it in their hidden. I would make is only business on that. I now whether it opponent magazines where I just Didn'T- want to get him any more and the only ones I really look forward to were spot so a straight until the early two thousands vanity fair in Europe. As is another, and that is that its great FED, but a very fair. I was always like I know: there's can be two things that I love. I'm really joy and no nominee get fifteen. The third
really good minutes. Out of this magazine link is how our magazine premier Everything is to be like that. For me, an idea. The idea, entertainment weekly was like that for a while. I was like I'm getting this magazine us. Equally in the mid two thousand, a guy, I'm gonna get Twenty minutes, you must know in your head ministry for the cartoons. Was there the Instagram and Social media s weekly idea. They celebrities became too about the sort of spy which Sometimes what happens with these things is after they kind of there. They ve gone away than everybody exalts in it. Big there's this method gee that definite happen grantline, I was I were these people the first two year? That's where we're argue as we're getting shit, but spy was I in the moment people like holy shit? is this. This is, and I think one of the things that really stands out, just thinking back. Why it worth what were the things that made a kind of people?
holy shit was celebrities. This were not self aware. Yet in you as well as their point: the enemy, the seventies Eightys, with celebrities behaving poorly but nobody calling them out on it. Read the fine with us at said: New York with a celebrity was we went after the you know, brought about the additive our times and the wife of the other, the mere at times and social lights on the Avenue tramp and a lot of Donald Trump, and you were the anti establishment. Yes, if our anti yes, if we spent five years making fun of vanity fair so coming today, If there was, I was not welcome without I was gonna, ask you so you go from Anna Establishment two year. They establish yeah, but did happen overnight. You little usanga holy shit. What happened? There was a transition first, those really happy to get the larger sorry ahead for kids.
That time and in other on schools and very expensive schools in New York, so Getting my salary went up by about four hundred percent nice when came the vanity fair and amazing. I tell you about this house here and so that they stop didn't. They didn't trust me at first, because they thought weary there. It too to mean its buyers buzzy to mean what similarly, the people of Vanity Fair, and after two years they realise that term. I can say heard did the main stuff. I did the funny stuff, that's why he was saying the same thing ran when he was transitioning to New York magazine. So the two years. It all worked out and I've been happy fruit. The last twenty three it turns out you weren't that mean because then the internet came along and then we were real. Meanness was the trail yeah we're really softening like added the air. I think, some of them
few did back then he's just gone like you read about like Trump you describe him with like two or three days, devastating agitator, we're good on. That's like you know. We call him a short fingered bulgarian read, but you had a hundred hundreds of, though not allow gag factory the tiny manufacturers What is a woman who is the wife of the editor of the New York Times? We called her a buzz of me. About rider, and these things are sort of stuff. You guys, I remember especially like I was in college during the most hey day and why they feel I got an idea. Well, I remember like in July, in the summer a lot going idea anybody lads been about a month since, alas, I stuck on the mailbox like as it can be, that people use the way the island newsstand run, lose some of this stuff that
was in, there seems basic now, but it's his basic because you guys aren't internet. Yes, oh that made a big difference, GINO thing where we sent checks for two cents to about fifty under way really wealthy New Yorkers they were millionaires the time they were millionaires and then the ones a cash. The thirty two cent check we wanted to see if they would we cash. The thirty two subject you, sixteen sent check to see if they would cash that the ones who didn't cash, a zero dollars and thirty two cents check? We sent a zero dollars and sixty four cents check thinking that that I encourage them to take the time to write hoops, withdrew their signature and right deposit only on the back of the check and put it in the pilot goes to the bank, Is this a long time to do tat? You? Could you get away for the Czech to come back and you got your email new jacked up and we made it? a name for some company, like the national clearing houses, that written on the Jack and
at the end of the day, just two people cast sixty send Jackson and one was an anxious ok, then a very signatories, arms dealer and one was trump. Incredible because it was admirable the cash Russia's enough of those by the cash. Sixteen said Jack, excellent sense, money, rubbing, yeah, he's free money, less argued needed at the towers. The only thing you did when you would call the rest making fake reservation smell man? No, it isn't. I had a thing that basically, how how long it took for somebody to get back. That's what a measure of your value to society and that time Sebastian Sloan like Mikovits, would call be called back. The number like two seconds because the was huge and and joy Bishop wages, we did it in IRAN, Two hundred and sixty days and counting liquors Nobody'D returns.
But he does We're like this. You know them Republicans used to that's out of here. Juvenile. We just. I was funny tat it was hilarious. Did the stuff you really flipped it Hollywood too, with the air. Walter Mandate was whirled over my eyes, a vague movie, creating seventeen year old messenger that we use who he was from Eastern Europe and the chinese love going to night clubs, youth and anyway, we needed we soon. Mama glimmers I and is into his photograph and cholera, MESSENGER Slash movie critic. Is there because appeared, Peter Travers is still working today is low every movie here, Mr Sarkozy love seeing his name. Down the ads on Friday, thousands of fridays in the New York Times blurb special. So he just we didn't. We didn't get invitations to the screen is we does base it on to the studio his Judy. And further on little David,
Ouzo, he was who was a spy and writer very use the right, the Waterman Hide reviews and their terror Corny and yeah Walter, you know about US Is that really like and here's another person has come? A massacre in everybody's got eyes was going work, Work that means there is the laugh college. We're just read out a laugh, our asses that one and then the log rolling in our time is another grand Prix Andrew that Guy Howard Capital would spend days at the machine. Sparing company in the old Barnes and Noble up in the upper West side. Looking for one roof, good credit good, given blurb on the back of one book, then checking that his books and see if he written the effort, braver them and there is a deadly autonomous log rolling, is busy you scratch my back I'll scratch yours,
still happening today, job pre internet. This was tough work. The other one occasion you do pictures of black men at his best. You guys from our different ages, who suggested that I've been there cock, wait a bit or white guys dancing. Susan Morrison is now the deputy under the new Yorker used to do all. That is great said. She spent hours and hours like looking through pictures is to find the most sing photographs of prominently on workers separated birth was another and the obvious now, but at the time, all my god, I've always at all for any of us going through the archives of vanity, fair and vanity. Fair did a version of that in the nineteen twenties. Well now We started this we're sitting at the bar. The Algonquin blue bar. They are, and there was a waiter hooligans. Zackie like the shop around with that, among others. To do this, a very few people look like each other wheat, and this is where didn't have a big photo
It was amazing how how some of these match. Jobs were near the spot. This was another and then I would study and try to put like eight names together and that, after figure out what the connection was well, it was like you re not getting suit to my liking. People who had reputation for really strange things either ignore was penises or their proper acts or something, but I felt it was It was libel proof, because, in order to sue us over that less you'd be saying these other people had the same thing going on rational. Nobody would sue over like the five year on illicit mammoth, enormous penises, or it could be I mean. I've show you had one week. It was all people had cocaine problems are. Probably a mean that would be everybody in Europe. I see them in Asia the phone book yet did you ever best buy list, whereas just there were.
Actually wasn't any rammers, and now they had always had a reason. I go back. I look at if I'm looking for an old issue as the list. Idea why those names are together now at sea. This the uneven look by two months later I would melt and then you guys did the spy last I mean the like the tap on just by one hundred one hundred with at a time when list, really a big thing. Now. It's like at the internet is just filled and last year the rise and think the Priscilla was on the first cover and we had a list the ten most annoying, not not grisly, just pretend to be annoying, but we had the time We started off with a less the ten most annoying new Yorkers and tramples on that area travellers. Target yeah. How much because drugs see cocaine was so big laid seventies through the ice Granada, despite services, but how
Jabez like encourage coverage and staff. Did you it sort of us because it was so prevalent. It wasn't that big about a thing, and since we weren't we were the drug culture we couldn't afford at the right. You know someone said young families and see that that you couldn't, but an amazing like that on it with any kind of drugs. How much said the first Are you doing spy? People are working for you and how much does it cost the definition Well, I don't remember that the food, budget of one Annie Liebowitz photo shoot. When I got to Vanity Fair, the the catering budget was equivalent to what we put entire issues, Oh my god, one issue, there is one issue: the curtain. I basically wrote the whole thing ourselves under various pseudonyms sir. I remember that from the bank, so we had to you like we had like
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I never paid you for basically ripping off spy magazine in college. I did my freshman year College, I did a dorm newsletter. That was just all these if an article I wrote about everybody on are on our food is basically was, and I was just trying to be spied eggs and I'm sure you had a million people are trying to do that. The statute limitations Dinah, I might be a commemorative yeah, I'd love. It was called the velvet age because, like the second week, I was in college everybody watching some poor movie and somebody's room called the velvet edge. In our hour. I was in there and some girl saw him in there and read and mounting I kicked off camp. I say so: it became the velvet age. We end the obvious. My version this by magazine, so pretty get daily, is greatly, but how did you get started, though? A spy lavoisier would boobs your job before spy. I was a time magazine and look out
fledgling writer levelling labelling. I land was amazing time in the big time. Those days because you had Kurt was there, Jim Kelly, he later became the editor of time. Was there brick stain to begin the other time them working. State farm was their Walter Isaacson, the writer was there. He became the utter time Michiko Kakutani, with chief, cheaper critic, the near tat Their marine dad was their plan, Frank ratios there and re Craig. I was amazing, then do so and world friends. And then you go as the then I'm at time, and went to Life magazine and current. I would have lunch and I would tell we talked about this magazine. Had you occur from time. Ok and godfather's to each other's children, and so then me and one thousand nine hundred and eighty five. We start really talking seriously about that and that we brought
a partner Tom Philips, who had worked at Rothschild Bank ended golden sword, He himself was put together a business plan. And what was the one sentence pitch it? ass a satirical, a monthly about the characters who made up the New York in Europe was filled with, many more characters than it is now so filled with bankers and yet and lawyers and minutes. That's like Geneva with right now in allow them were acting its article, this very hearing. Much year there were landing free internet and there were, They were showing off their money and showing off themselves in a way that made it very entertain. For a journalist like Gordon gecko, from Austria like heroic in that movie, but he's been actually a horrible worse intended to me, but he made binding August when the asker, like discarding, became a role model for a Wall Street banker Rent
People like Leona Helms lay. It was a big real estate force in the steady at the time, most them all, but tramper pretty much gone. Did you feel like You ride this magazine for three to four years and it takes you somewhere No, that was your strangled. Actually, we thought we were burning. Every bridge we can pass We imagine that's how I felt oh yeah, and we thought will destroy this forever and without relief thinking that the term theirs see no future for a stand alone. Magazine in this world magazines are proud of large companies. We were stupid. We didn't know that you could go to a russian company and Borell closed for a photo shoot. So we would like, when we had them arriving M mill. Berlin, where to go shopping for clothes from, in Berlin to buy them like day the man his warehouse and to define a suit. It would venom big big underwear,
two think huge huge pack. I was on our committee secretariat, and so anyway. We with there were it, is dead now see neither seo. Obviously we needed somebody who knew more about that aspect of the world than we did. We knew about arm the weirdest students up, that is say, adult New York and then California term. At least drives of these people crazy, because we we'd factual things is Much as we could, but we didn't ask for comments, people just to raise on would just be in the magazine without any warning whatsoever and Michael, but would have mentions, and he hired a it was about the power agent in Hollywood at the time Rancey ay and he hired a private detective to try to find out who this person Soulier Brady was
was rather than a real person. Razor was real. President yeah yeah It was actually a man who is celebrating possibly yeah It's a dream that in the main one point we assigned a reporter and of a friend of Theirs on this for an entire year to do. The sea, a client, less yea at that time represented every but nobody had even the partners there had, except for one had seen the entire list of all their clients and they had everybody so that we worked a year on this and ran at over. I guess a page or pages If it was it was, everybody got. Imagined was big at the time and they had to shut the agency down for about ten days, just to call The shock of the client save all the other people in their little category. Legatee represent both out.
GINO and doesn't happen, thus is an opportunity to gain these parts he's not getting, and vice versa, so they had. A lot of light handholding? but ten days after that, lessons probably cost him ass. Yet I was great Who is the maddest aid think over its is in the top five? Try by a guess: tromp yeah, trembled, threatening laud, and although money very, very invited me to his wedding. So he realized that which way that was voted to both the Marla Maples wedding and Maloney trumpeting, because he took that yet that one cover vodka, whereas I will be our time. Close up of rights that was recently agreed refers us that this is rather the meanest that it was. It was really that you, when God at everything redone after that, ah now everything media silicon was on your hand. I would say so she is, she a large have lost my voice, crack
no. She went under then vote magazine that a photograph a whole photos of her so he done bridge a bar style. She had everything fixed PETE, I'm gonna say I'd like a four year apex five five year packs yet ran for nine years. We do when we did our history, we the funny spy the funny years and was the first five years so tell the story of what happened that compromise the funding is nothing We left you we sold the magazine to Charles Sgi, the advertising british advertising king and JANET bagasse who is the heir to the simple car fortune? They bought no wonder to turn into vanity fair, and I wanted to actually that time I want. Then I wanted to start up a twice a week paper in New York and so on, a listing for that in the exam
on the New York observers. It look. Why don't you learn on the job? I M an added this for me, so I laughed and then Kurt laughed, and ran for another four year. The lad you leave because you know if you agree on something of four or five here is a relic of the way you see that the sudden you're working for somebody else adjusted different angel. I didn't want to work for you. After south or agency, I is the tone, ran out of money. That we do ran out of money like the magazine lost money. It was too successful was sound strange we had planned with. We have, but Where is the money and and budgeted for a magazine that would have regulation of twenty five thousand copies the maid This is really refuse print these banal, Bunny pain, the riders of a dog s print those bag, if you send the mountaineers dance, you don't get a check back
from the ones you ve solver ninety days, so all we planned. It is due to these people platform in the movies, but it open the movie theaters in New York, in a couple of in LOS Angeles and then spread, as the reviews came in so we'd plan for us, a budget for twenty five thousand copies the newsstand or circulation in total. In it with the third issue we're getting request from, like some Tesco LOS Angeles in London, and so we we're running a hundred, fifty thousand copies waiting for all that, although sales to come back in and it became just became really a girl subscriptions canal g. We had a lot of you. I know I subscribe. We had a lot of subscribers, but it that was a really There is a lot of detail, the winning What would you do differently? If you did? I would I'd, probably aligned with a larger company, possibly from
I can also do you also that warbling Adieu fashion shoots because they are the people, will advertise interesting and we work at it gets as we were steel or general tire, but we could have a put better card better gotten ads from in Ralph Lauren I think it would have been hard to juggle. It would be in the all time outside her, but also the nun, and I support it was difficult cause I think that at last I made my god we had so much fun. Think of that era and adjust Letterman and its lights and thought and others community coming up and it's you guys and inches commonages shifted. Was that Johnny Carson AIR of true all the setting gave way Letterman the age of irony than in the age of being ironic about, and then it just kind of and by the end of the decade we were in a totally different play and it was the place I wanted to be noticed very lucky with
of the eighties does look like a a real moment in time. Even movies looked so different, now yeah other men in their doctors or in a rough learned. She knows a lot. People ties big ugly ties but wearing eyes. Even you look at the comedies from back then, and what was the matter but that was going. I didn't really transfer to the comedies, the movie comedies till the next decade we're almost there Finally, has lack strands and sign Feldman NBC on bright ass. The nineties fears chooses Eightys, was cheers was aided shares was all school. I was the last great old, greener. Some second, yet still watch cheers now and I'll get the idea. It wasn't. Even a sick animals, like I just a funny shouting with Fraser, began written the air, so many a divinity fair, forget, nineteen, NATO and and are you knobs banana running it right now, you're running it yeah? Ok, you write that
Twenty five year yeah you meeting, they got the job running it yeah. I was hired by sigh. He he hired me actually to be the utter, the meteoric, her and I soon went home every night and cancelled everything in plans. What I would do for the first six months of with six month, twelvemonth eighteen month plan and then the day was was we announced? I was told that it was going to be vanity fair. And I had no plan, and so I didn't know enough that I've had said a need three monster a couple months too, figure out what I'm gonna do. I would, if I wasn't sure whether they pay me for those two months or not, and I needed a pay Ray? I started right away yet: thirteen kids that prohibit virgin kids, that nursery schools, a priest I actually you might wish bills were almost as much as mice but what was vanity fair and ninety. Ninety two, who did you walk into it, was
of being successful magazine had not made money, but it was a successful magazine and it was very emblematic of the nineteen eighties. So I was the first thing with the nineties: hadn't really defined, themselves, evoked our failure at your own vision and what that, what I'm your n in it, but not enough he's already define themselves into you, probably halfway through them yet than the Ninetys, as the turtle The nineties were a a curious, peaceful, prosperous decade. Do you very decent president? prison, mean competent right and and the internet economy starting to take off that jobs? Russia's completely fallen apart, asthma, try to reality itself earlier on in the world, yet and then an American Breton were to write powerhouses. So
while, but then, when I settle in sigh offered made the new Yorker again and nineteen not ninety. Ninety nine- and I was just turning fifty and all I could think of This I ordered a sob convertible. Speed solve their arrives. Not nor does just wanted to be turn on Friday, so I can take it over the country. I was so looking forward to it and then so I offered me the job on the Thursday and I realize Do you think about it for twenty four hours at a much more interested in gave us convertible than I wasn't changing jobs yeah service, I love my sob convertible battle and you loved her job and I love my job Sonia. Where things I think, when people think about the rain you had there is you just went after great writers and you pay them properly. What did they do that? for you show that pose, I am the Communists was then starting to really assert itself. And most of the other magazine coming like time. Eight most, the riders were house writers. Your
the salaried yourself employed, but I I merely went after the first to people, like all, were Christopher Higgins Brian Burrow, Brian, then, was the king of Observer business narrative journalism you still? There is one of them and and and wanted Christopher. Then I got asked Frank to Ford. It was the third one. I love Frank, but he didn't it wasn't a fit a ban with arrive at the right time and the idea of better nineteen. Fifty said it was good any time, but I and tat. He was such a wonderful gent, that seventies eighties? Long for it's almost like a short story, tat ass, I started a faintly. I know you're so I mean I think I like Dominic done Daniel. The ultimate example of what I have to go if I want to read it, I care or about his OJ, takes than anyone in my life
hear from him only well that and then the mundane does brothers desperately everywhere there angry I made his name and he was. He was vital. To the whole thing in the care and feed, Dominic was a big part of the job. He funny like he was in the OJ affects ears play ball. ITALY by Robert Moors, yeah an end, and he was in it and he was probably in it more than people understood, whereas in it I felt like he wasn't enough Couldn't you guys, like these version tat? Yes, there was really, nobody else covering the story correctly. No tubing data good with his book. Yes, and I think he wrote some stuff to it, I've done. It was like he became the OJ whisperer and everyone who is receiving our staff, and you never know it's true natty load. So like like your friendly uncle, you may yet look you know we're done address a guy. You know he was and is a d day. It was great thought the battle, the bulging.
The otter got, murdered, got dollar led him into the Manila out I mean it is Griffin. His son, Zenos friend of mine, he's doing really well just really interesting family, but they have a debt of the law, long term Folia with his brother, John Gregory, done they made up near the end. Johns life in them Dominic is very much the atomic energy which were the firmest. The franchise at midnight Did you steal any labour rights I wish here to now? She was there yes she'd and letter. She was a communist contract, the dollar and the principle. The time for the magazine, member. I was living in Boston in during the hollow J thing and obviously now they make any money in them a made in these down a dangerous. So then I was at this cocktail party at a famous and just his life. I was so fast and it was. It was like the opera, my life
everybody's in Bel, air and some mansion. And yes I mean I I I wished. I always get areas falling desire it so every day he's gonna different dinner there talking about OJ yeah and I want to be at all these dinners- I just went over here and that's what he became for a year and a half year. He was the good. He was very high in high demand out here. Yes, socially useful. Things change a member one class VON Billow was tried for trying to kill his wife. When he went back to London after the trial. It was like you know. Big social gap there and New York ran. It seem like at some point. Third, there became a recipe and I mean that is a negative way, but like the typical a fair share of baby obscene. It always hated. We call a formula for me. I guess you could say to you. I didn't ya.
There a little of thirty european, his wife mysteriously guy. I know we are now there's money missing. Is that, while in the big celebrity a fire in the greedy Miko. Louis things are about to go really bad. In this way you get like your seven button, say you yeah. He had to go to it's a slight found. We try to vary from me. You want to be both consistent and in a certain way without being too predictable. Maybe sometimes we got predictable. There were certain stories that would happen our village, I'm clearly going to be read by laissez faire our years four months from it up. They will Have some haven kill other rich people? That's that's! That's Arthur! terrorism. Toward the tiger woods. Car crash, but the wife I remember thinking this is, Item event in the first round of they'll be able to get this one will also any had shot him for an American Express. That never ran, and we were
what to do, and then she answered. I do have this photographs issues and that our in him looking really In with whether shirt off we ran at an Marcus presages livid with us, because they had basically paid for the photograph. Really signed off and being used for anybody else and them yeah, but the only reason I tell you what you say: that's a good story for us. Do you have is there a favorite issue you ever had of any fair, because I know I get grantline at the ringer I've had favoured days. We find killed it that day you don't have one issue relying on the best issue: Amazon, MEG reselling real, but a member type John F Kennedy, Junior on the phone and then tell I had to get off the line, because the princess of Wales is on the other line. There was a lot I remember well, yeah was go something Princess Diana Probate made a few people
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Everybody has run tv stars, you gonna, ITALY, they'll have the number one. Shall you never even heard of the people on air and they would know who Deborah messing answer and you can sports stars are different in every country. Writing stars are different. Movie stars as the only it's. The only international face currency, and so we are stuck with it and we are stuck with the position of having so is selling a lotta copies on the news to him. Who is the time to celebrity failure. Oh they're, on the cover. I know this is gonna, sell them what we did with with well, just think Madonna was on proverbs six times. That was the nineties. Jennifer Aniston was the biggest sellen cover of all time of tissue. Was read their hosts branch Lena knows that we're we're say now that she broke up with Brad Pitt word no ones, broke when that bridewell, but whoever broke up with, though that we you die, but
I just felt like Brad Pitt started kind of dating Angelina Jolie when he was buried the Jennifer's. I know nothing about that. Merely overlap. Now read the rhythm through the last, such as the latter, not a sexual tension that Minister merely stairs leading looking man, a man, s knees she's on the present who knows I'd Brad Pitt, I would be sharing on Youtube. Every Think branch Selina was the greatest thing that happened for the magazine industry in the two thousand and weekly it you Eddie, I'm described to me what the just, how us weak they would defines of his own you'd, get leave the first part of the day. I'm getting together. She had got them together than photos together and then what are they? Gonna do together? Zig Alex six months of that. Yet then, when they break got the anxiety. You got alternating issues for like another six months or a year after that
Then, who are they dating so it just it's a damn It's is feeding like a giant amoeba. You guys right about that culture. Couple time never know about us. Celebrity culture, the US weekly, the hall. We remember, we wrote about the nice, calling it the tabloid decade, Bulgaria, we never did mean if you looked a copy, we did not letting you wrote a mountain range lean and I you wrote about the culture where a funny view check it like a copy unrest, guessing recovery, bus magaziner people, amazing from two thousand and three others of funding the famous people. Only however, you look at it now. You say I have no idea why I'm looking at this person- and I don't know who they are- they were in a well now, there's a people magazine has an archives of other stuff. From the seventies eighties basely, since I came out in relation to read how they wrote about people in the seventies and eighties, and how much more forthcoming celebrities, where you
about how like three company Suzanne summers holding out right, but the way they would write about it. It was like reading Report earlier riddles in real policy. I am ass fast ass. He had the Germans train woman, videos playing his look at life magazine in the forties and fifties and diverse, the impact that it has been like three weeks of steam, Mcqueen gas at its very, very different. Now like part of an industrial complex it it's the end, that's won t be and would have suffered a year now and we see it in sports, especially you know these guys are also savvy with Why would the internet makes them have to be sorry, it's like it's time. My magazine profile are, I am in a cowardly Jenkins for sports. I give him for our life. Her right the magazine about me and that cross that check
for now. We do Pakistan which package, and they just do this little Blaylock, but in this It is an eight is. I think a lot It has been our yeah I'll talk to you now and will it knows how to get away. I asked of it again: the media was on than large by mom and pop operators, Amelia Nose like family owned. It lay times York Times the Wall Street Journal the wash imposed the network's Raven own work, family and operations. It was a much owes a non better times, a similar time, we're magazines are a lot of trouble. Magazines are in a transitional period. Yes, you must have been feeling some of that the last couple years yeah, nothing Vanni Perez escaped the damage that live. A lot of the other magazine or were not immune by your own backhanded ass to the eyes. Had some issues arise at another. You, Madam
it's a that's a very tough market right now, when did you and if had this ability to just parachute in once a month and they could tackle the bay. Story, but then also some evergreen story and is hit all these different things. When did you start noticing that the world, the content or others just moving so fast, but you, had this story coming but way was being dissected in real time was also altering? How that story leg? It was almost making a data before him was twenty, because you know most of the running. Monthly magazine in an internet age, especially during this period of like this administration, it SAM. It's a real challenge. You gotta choose something that might take two or three months to report and added at the invitation of come away, to close a going through legal review. In fact, checking
this be on the news for months, so you got it. You gotta choose aspects of the culture that are. Very much in the air and ends, but that have shall space beyond the new blast, you get on your phone and any other the mere times than washing poster Robin Competition very healthy. Yet over this administration, so you you're also urges phony just pinging constantly without the wash it posed to the New York Times. And so we have to do Michael Louis, is doing this serious for us right now that I've we have long lasting impact, so we don't is news we Agnew's occasionally, but without chase the news, because, where a monthly with daily a website the hive that that is operates more like it A newspaper right
as I have. You really started investing in outside three years ago, two years of tears, India, so very well, and so I hope you know young group and with some three four star writers, like Nick Belgian, Sir Ellison Lady CO hand and that does really well. I guess it's like I don't I don't know what I'm going to get sell out every month, fuck. It has its own identity, separate from yeah, invest more in it and which is higher. Gabe Sherman, brilliant reporters Gudge open bail. That's gotta great, as have the other good observance of these amazing S got a story is gonna like lunchtime today that sound really gotten. Yes, we were not running this pike ass. He can I mean we're running probably next week, so you can see his library. Is it What's the story, than from any than just in myself. Did you ever read about everyone's thing like it in a really.
Big way or now. Ninety of those rivers rather never Danny. You knew that he's. My next ease by ass a street neighbour near they seem all the time warrior experiences with him. When we became neighbours much better. He would had a very antagonistic relationship up to that point. Let me very antagonistic from vanity fair from them. Difference. Five, I remember out here for us by Oh yeah, we wrote about him and aim now really was added. The observer, which is I was there, are ninety ninety one. And very antagonistic and who became neighbours, it became grounded because you can have an enemy lobby across the straits, and yet it settled down dramatically after that pressure. You heard a lot of rumours things out. There arose I never attached not ever attached to like it proper nouns wasn't you'd, I mean it. I'm sorry,
gas to mean the others in british being called Jimmy Saddle once it was arrested as a pedophile USA, like what you couldn't get that has realised this before and is all dressed and chains and go at tracks it ladys. It was just like the billing Marty family resist. It was a strange looking guy and I have no idea that this was going on at this level, but via the peninsula hotel here I've terror at all those bathtubs. As you know, one of you say about other Harvey wines that behaviour like it s, the Do I know that the catch the eye- establishment that he was part of it feels like its shifting like, whatever, as happened with the Trump allegations last year. The Trump tape, the stuff that on Harvey just women coming out. It does, like this is. This is kind of the pivotal sea change were taken this October, tenth
pivotal sea change week. Four things that never be the same of the stuff. Now People cannot merely be good if that was the case in, and you know you where things Harvey has daughters. Almost the age of some of these girls and in Neither does she worked at the Weinstein in company free summers ago, which was in college and she so so, that Jack never even saw Harvey yeah She said that you have gas for the enter that work on their knees when the brain on computers to work. You follow, how the new Yorker and the times were basically cheating to see who can get this story. I first, if you bothersome, thought that all the time Can't you know, somebody else is doing the same thing. Always your monthly sketch the Abbe, oh it, but then we can release now with the internet. We can release it the most It's ready. We have that you have that at least once every couple of months. What's the best example that I can't even think of it
right now by no wait when we broke the deep throat story, yeah that was it now that some one of the great mysteries of journalists have some said that you brought that why I never wanted to now. I realize I ran around so much more fun that knowing ya gotta, it's almost ip jackass ass, they Chicago never one, and now I was only where there is probably no nobody in this guy is this lawyer calls me and says I I represent a man who was deep throat in during the Watergate reporting, and I said, We get a lot of not falls. I turned it over to my David friend who died, and he I worked together forever. We work Life magazine together and em so we spend two years on this word like eighty. Ninety five percent sure that we had this mark felt was the guy and Ike
Carl Bernstein Day was. I massively couldn't called Carl, because I worry that he would then Bob Bob would like over the paper. The next day we have a monthly magazine there is no internet to speak of the times is two thousand and five we closed as they story, we were secretly photographed him using the husband of the head of the head of the folded. And like what my honeymoon I meet my wife. I go to the Bahamas for honeymoon of real all about this we're on the and the airport. Coming back I didn't even have a cell phone in those days and my wife gets a ping on. Cell phone, chisel, flip phones and it's my office saying the other had been worker David friend saying that do not work at the very least in the story in about three minutes- and I forgot all about that- and so, where their play
was delayed and my wife's cellphone battery is going down and David Callback isn't it's gone up. Woodward and Bernstein said they could make a statement on a half an hour. So let's wait there and I thought if I get this wrong, this is like I'm fucked and just as you are getting to adding towards the gate, my wife's phone rang again and- and it was the Ark saying they just said yet more felt his deep throat. So I call on the plane I was so happy. I had on that short flight and must have adequate five bud, I'm so relieved, the big eyelids, I'm a huge Watergate, Jackie. I went through two different phases in the nineties. I never I actually always thought deep throws was like three different p that emerges, closet, yup? That's why thought because marks out was so obvious if it was just one partiality view really studied it. It was like. I have some ways
we can the staff to what word it be somebody that then actually game, and from there, sir, is trying to get revenge and some petty way, and he the guy who, with their is you wasn't now has true Martha- was the only one who has had a reason to be the leaker cycle of if it was what a come out so it had to have been forty from pure love people. Let us allow people thought it was an observer narrative device, by Alice Mayo. The The editor of the book, the Great Nonfiction entered at Simon Schuster, and Margaret by the time we ran story marked with some forget? He Asia, I was wondering, did anyone money really I'm here and then name down waves in the movie, the baby is good, haven't seen the Maria I've read some somebody wrote, a pretty good. Take down of mark fell a camera RO. I read it that actually agreed with like a kind of
Cannot undermine the country in some ways because he is being petty about the fact that he was has noted, yeah yeah, I mean there. There is definitely the motor of all those word as good as the math result. Now an end. So the movie dozen and I love the movie- and I probably seen that movie- send my tapped. The air was, as I've seen a move up, but it as this cow like he was also dealing with. I think it was New York Times to their times avenues, feed and stuff to them, and it was really, though, I suppose near Italian together, but in terms of just point out that movie had stolen, using a cheap, says already fast. As you know, the Woodward and Bernstein never ever laid eyes on Nixon in real life. Yeah ever once, there's no confrontation, Which makes the whole thing even more remarkable that we so dramatic, whereas we like that
for the timely Maggie Abraham should wondering into trumps office like five times a day. When did like you, are part of the establishment. Officially, when you got the job a couple years later. Now that I have, I don't feel like, I am proud of the established. I you I mean, let's be honest, you are my calls like that. There's these certain guys that establish a jelly and part of the canadian, Canadian and America established powers, I'm not layer end and, I would say your path, I mean I don't know either some people on in who have really good jobs in them are based on new area. You all know each other and I don't know it's no yeah? It's funny. I further a time. I remember when I first came to New York and at a green card Give me a member applying for then receiving in the mail going?
getting the letter in opening it was my Brooks Brothers credit card that made me feel the here now than but inland happened. Since. Do you feel, like you North versus L is a thing of LOS Angeles. Is the american city right now, not New York. I've been preach in this too it's funny when we started growl and whether we like enough when we start growlin into those levers really hard to get people move here that young people there was Neuber here whose speaks I see the universe intimidating and over the course of, years. People want a move in absolutely get anyone who fear and it's a really fun place for young person alive, which it was not six years ago, she brims cheap grants. Bavarian go everywhere. You want a drink as nyjord thing of your young Newark, stop in a cab, New York's up all night in a way is an up all night like that, but it's got a lot of other pieces that, while in my first permanent your lives down in the window in the village- and I paid is a beautiful berwin had tall,
failings in a garden of wall, of lead, glass and and paid two hundred dollars a month, my daughter, The farmers is right around the corner and she was sharing with a friend- was but the same side. Shooting five thousand dollars and so the rents in New York or just so atrocious that allies very dry place also think straighten up the rural decline of the movie business has Other industries to flourish here It doesn't it hang over the city like you like, like, like a giant, you know clouded do others. Otherwise furthers the art world. There's the Tec World, ITALY, on the huge tv business, and it just feels like a much more vibrant city, and they
the throwing everything else, the weather, the palm trees- you don't sound like we should stand up for realistic. I'm variety one lives I showed you never had not yet most the other best. Looking pod granting operator you and we actually treat behind me. I got a pretty good looking the air Yahoo in most everyday doubly are blue eye. Then I say we must the attractive people and in the U S, live in Ella. I think yeah man, I'm almost other models, and actually I know even the studio- has little Billy Bob ollinger me with a movie star, very good, past back ass. Your great the bass you're, the best you think you are for president, I don't hope he does and he's to a guy. I think you ought to know NFL team, which spend a lot of the difficulties I had at my previous away, a guy, and now I think, he's going to. For present, I hope he does probation essay him versus trap? Another trump will be there when this was around really do tell us when I give up
making predictions get after the election. But I have my life. Imagine this goes forever because we're all gonna get blown up there. You know, I think that they're gonna be out there that their people stop that little stubby finger from pressing the defer codes. I think that everything the thing is like TAT S, half the lighting, a cigarette, he of the long say or either Widows yeah Virginia slims. There's not a lot of nice things to say about him, but one one positive figure spending depositing guy you're writing a little bit more. They got here. Uk you brought your fingers had retired. I mean they weren't semi retirement, another way of writing about the guy. How exactly you know, one of the things of I'm playing my future. I'm gonna planet proposed from work too easy to
for the New York Times, the wash opposed there are just like in Heaven right now with with this administration, but they get plan how they're gonna have the other can continue to be successful. As is when he's got someone talk about stamps, that com, one of our all this France. Maybe some old friends in this pact yesterday convenient easy, reliable, flexible. My favorite words to describe stamps that on my way to avoid the post office. Why wouldn't you buy a printer fish? U dot s postage through their own computer and printer sign up with stamps dot com. It's the US postal service right at your fingertips, any letter any package, any class mail in your control of it they'll even send you a digital scale that automatically exact postage and helps you decide the best class mail. I should get mad when a rare people say ya. Gotta, through the post office. It's got stuck in the post office, its insulting. It's two thousand seventeen. Nobody should go the post office, just gotta stamps that
use my code bs for the special offer. A forward trap was postage prestigious. Go that any long term commitments go to stamp. Stavka click on the man from the top down page and type. In B. Ass. That is stamps that comment or be a sign of today. Stamps dotcom never go to the post office cook on the make from the top of the stamps that come home, page type and b S, what do you think about future networks? All the stuff you talk about it, vanity, fair summit, every future tv networks versus the streaming in place. Ideas, peony, even HBO, these old school. Power houses that are now have these. These commerce, Netflix is gonna spend seven billion every year and this year and there you know death legs around Amazon somewhere. There stressed our road checks to the NFL professional hockey in professional and if, as two thousand twenty one in
my just say Amazon. Just might say we're taking, therefore they have just, as you pointed out, they'll do so we don't even needed at work. Yeah. Well, I ve done Madame DU, though collar commenter ourselves. You know that you know, like you, give a kid a dvd. Basically I dont know what to do with it. It's amazing and nobody entertain. Go look at a dvd. Yeah. They lay like a by your grandma. I want to change it. My kids cause like my daughter when she was born two dozen five. Had the sort of dvd player I have found the area that was young and then eventually on demand started around away seven away where it could be like all your Nickelodeon show put the iron and steel being was just it was this whole world, and so my son has only is almost ten. He'll know streaming like he does nowhere. Cable channels are that, most by nine year old, where's the same way. I think he he goes to you too
and he has the Amazon. Yes, I just wrote about this two weeks ago, because we were therefore add week- and you know talk to some of these big see amounts in different places and day there, sir they don't know how to read young people, because people are in places that didn't know had advertise for how do you retired, for Youtube when, as like a view to does you to read and you can just get by the commercials? How did it It gives me the heads with commercial totally of my daughter, wash the simpsons on a non tv on demand, and The ads are for such violent movies. We just told me to just skip ahead, but if you were selling something and what I would do is I would design an ad that maybe a fifteen second This can be seen in two seconds so that its a stationary thing, no matter how fast you go, the right, you don't try to get a lot of thoughts and you try to get one simple thoughtfully We are selling apple, just like the apple logo and nothing else to do.
I found TAT going now with events over just have one logo there. She would you speed ahead. It doesn't its words. I think that we're heading you're, seeing someone in sports there you're seeing it being a football game. The kicker seems coming out in they stand the field, but they go split screen with the commercial and outside that totally commercial, but it's I was late. Forty minutes are watching games AEGIS, zoom throughout always. That way a game, I'm one our game last an hour. It is crazy Games are the only time were actually sit through commercials. I do for the Superbowl Vienna, but it They? U action and be a game, and if you I love you and experience in Antwerp, your business yeah it only merrily watching mercilessly whatever you do. You know young people, yet we ve we're starting ways to actually get content with the ito you take. Sponsor something they want to do, and you are you do something: that's fine contact with it. They we
this gamely package with my friends out any. Has this make believe casino. Captain mortgage make believe casino cause. We love cat the markets and he makes up a bat and then the people in the park, as have the pic which side of the bad guys a fake bad because work. Make believe casinos and it just really smart Lego idea works, and I just gets more effective than saying hey, drink captain right now. I just can't tomorrow, but here in a fund with this until the lot of fun to do to address the matter. This is yeah I mean you know, I I want that job over there, the recent conciliation. Who is your kid sillier vanity, fair, Why have you know? I am a firm believer in life. Seventy five
so the time you know what to do: twenty five percent of the time you're, not sure, and for that twenty five percent about circle of trusted wise people to talk to, because that twenty five percent as the guarantee of success failure side like five women on the office who are by the we were together for twenty five years, one of my together with her for thirty years, where amiable and as she's very to David Camp, the guy you read the Walter Mannheim Movie, is, and so you know I don't know to do I'll, die ass, one of them and how do you think How would they describe as a bus I think I'm pretty fair and never scream collaborative very It seems like the most successful bosses are the collaborative once a very appreciative of other people's talents and and a member of a friend Dave's as low
the Jack well, she was like moulding great disasters of the last century said that it one of the things you really appreciated in an executive was granted. Hidden, and I'm very grateful the David with. We must have this from almost from day one the whole time and we have you, no one came or for breakfast why we re all very close and and that's the thing all mess when I take off What about you and current added their relationship above over the years? You know we were so close. We said this far apart for five years and spent in ten hours. Together finishing each other senses and then where we still friends still see each other just not like setting five feet away from each other every day, all day, long zig, you're, married and then also said and now you're amused. Yeah, I mean all the spy people, still very close and we had a reunion,
October are thirtieth anniversary- what happened at that? I didn't even know about that. Just did at the back in the garden of the Waverley was like coming out of their thirtieth anniversary. I would have crash that yeah, you cut off sort of pretended, I laughed and celebrated Celia here as a fifteen year. Ok, your braided wasn't commitment What happens when you guys get together, for that? There's a lot of official we're. All old everybody's didn't really gainfully employed with yeah, and they're all over the world in many newspapers and magazines, ban away. That's one of the reasons that bags in his great could lose our people who, yet when I would enjoy at the right time later, woman over her rights out here, Nels Goebbels as Love tee reliant on her for grandma. She says she's, wonderful and she came out with a lavish. We did a story on really skin skinny social rights in New York at the time
prefer sounds was why it seems so unfair that the woman's decide who's a size to get to live in a fourteen room apartment and then was a size. Fourteen gets a two room apartment who is your biggest competitor? Dern let's say the last twelve years been rising Energy measures against William? We compete against everybody's and have had to be somebody you're, a kind of model. The new Yorker, the New York Times magazine, often on definite. I'm off stretch, even though, because we compete with them for advertising and rightly so. Occasion, fabrication past no absolute Dana when Yawn was young the honours. The finest editor of our generation Barnard Mean Romania, you discover
or talent. He was a when he was in the hours that magazine was tops. I agree and. You saved. By the same token, he wondered live a life as well. No nobody Royston was a remarkable remarkable achievement. If his this book on longstanding Johannes written in our next inherit, he's pissed off about it. He is he a kind of turned his life over the guy than the guy road of flattering Anna unflattering thing. I don't notice anything, that's inaccurate about the boy, but it in They he was having a hell of a lot more fun than we were at times. I use Ayman intensively by a button. Shards again as credit, and to be maggot this myself, the nineties to have been less Rita
photograph of my children became lose my elder kids fund, a photograph, my kids on the on the Concord that was Conny Mass. The nineties you had. The Asker party was the great trump card for you guys It is good that he has had this when they would It must have had it even before you take the job? No, no, it was ok. Now was swiftly Lozada had an Oscar Party at the old Spargo, and then I went. To the last year. He did and then simply died and I be a good thing for the magazine of Vanity Fair, don't so I the and power restaurant in LOS Angeles. The time was Morton's develop Peter Barton and set them unloved duties. Will the trolls one of my best friends steep dish he's already mace over the first, so Stephen, I did it together for a couple years. Then he'd still damn and we ve done it ever since in that it really was
Think was the key year that it really became. In their lives when Tom Cruise Nicole Camera might have been the Jerry Maguire year, something it just. It grew organically. We start up very small hundred fifty two hundred people. And I am a firm believer in and not make it not not over promising something and make he had two small. Let it grow arithmetic way rather than exponential wave and head out we had troubled, try to keep the numbers down. Is that I mean I know, I know for people said this about Lorn Michael's too, that the tough as one of the toughest things about walk where, from a job that other than the action and be around town to people, all the time is just kind of being the gatekeeper for some of this stuff. Law makers is like the man here is the moment to do in that show maybe a flip a bare. I'm sure you ve thought about the area. Then, if there are you know, the funny thing is the knight of the asses. I would just as a low planning for some
It's really a love marshalling the troops and all the design and everything like that. The night ask your role round, I just I would kill to be in bed in jail, what it's like Ebay yet starts. Late goes late, it's a long had the office for here and I ve been I'm not a comfortable. I'm got about a benign. I like people, but I'm not it I'm not comfortable grounds. I actually very know. I'm claustrophobic great social anxieties, I'd think a beta blocker rephrase. The thing started: and I wanna like nature, I stayed awake through the most important parts of the evening side, I usually around midnight it sink. De vanity, fair, something is azure ideal I diagonally ideas and I love it. I love it more than I thought I yeah tell the year, I did it
yeah see my you're like a pagan share with all thing, not a single shared, but I'm a man and a happy wages, or least I show those looking like I loved, and I felt like you Leon. I didn't. I pay your here. He's aid the really interesting ppm. What is life? Have not people yeah, I'm glad you move the teller amount in next year will come up with something tat. We do it would mean. The united owes me a manner and that the future sports area right through thrown bombs. Yet I was really terrific enmity go sitting there would like man spreading everywhere. It was I people who don't really give a shit load situations, which is what you want from you and tell it alone around of a better jobs for your both pretty their say, subway. How long have you on that famous restaurant in New York that nobody can get into the Waverley and we, but we open it in two thousand and four, I think, maybe two thousand and three to four,
years old still star has been around for ever. The again, therefore do bar yea by day, and I look to doors down. So I can tell you your home, two p m and rather mused the bathroom. Do you feel like this whole arab exclusivity with like the Soho House. All these different places it's hard to get in their debts. That's kind of going up a couple levels as we all get over here. I do think that. Unavailability. Is ones, whether your company or a person greatest acts as yet, and Teams are starting to figure this out like that by doing what, like the little courts, I'd clubs where it yes, yes only so many people can go underneath a jury tones that yeah yeah. And
the others always say I used to have this sort of philosophy about New York that The house was seven rooms and every time you figure a funny, a variety of gun in the room. He knows the door at the other end. And those it even better Romania, and so I think life is a bit like that that there's always you're really happy, but there's that would set door in the corner. Doing enemy opens with that looks like, and the people are better looking in the food is better in and so Deb, Eliza Successors, rooms and paper are monetizing attitude. I what you young people's every great, best ready you ever added it I mean the Zammit ask you like forty four questions arrested were Higgins was the most fluid writer I've ever, madam. We go for lunch and and when others of the observer and Amy Balin Chris, when I will go,
lunch and we would he would drink. The cup make two slash: three: a bottle of wine and a couple of after dinner drinks, and we come back with some down in front of a typewriter, any type out a thousand words in thirty five minutes. And you didn't have to do my Charlie parasite that Dr Zira for granted that he still like that? I guarantee us Billig Charlie, they our later Zaire, eighteen hundred area, like short order books area, but that means that does People that their species James Walcott arise from the thing is a brilliant rider. He just he could be in a currency. Every single word choose whether that's the right one, and I think it takes him a good part of four five day. To write a thousand words who is the best writer you pursuit heavily but could not pull off other than me. Other than you worked very hard to try to get your doing. This age
ocean, where, like really busy now that that is eighty are there. I am at the level of business and available than on a man like you, Mr Malerba, a will a writer who I my boots, blazes big too sometimes three hours a day for years and years of Michael Hair, but he had bathed in Britain batches. He was one of the great journalist of all time. Many names is became a Buddhist after Vietnam. He's read all the cubes, This is well and a rota like the nearer than Natalie Lee, narration for apocalypse. Now he was brought into fix things. Am I was a wonderful peaceful present only got over ten years, like constant talk only got to pieces out of him. I would have liked more but lacking I'm done right dear make arena. Tallahassee cuts no wish
yeah. That was, let seems like somebody would abandon incredible. The Kazi comes in he's gotta, seven, eight nine times a year parachutes, even with the best take up whenever a guy I greatly is bright. So factory figured it out yet know. I have a lot of ideas as they were taken off to France for six months. I love that part of the world, the simplicity, and you have a rough idea and ever gonna do with abruptly and then be You don't have to reinvent the wheel used to make a It really interesting. Will the doesn't exist, you know: I've learned a failure. I was told my kids and feeding of a failure is that you rarely learn from success. You only learn. Failures, and I had I had a man, in cannon. One is in college and it was basically is illiterate political magazine- ran over five years and it just folded. And then I had spy, which around five years was really successful and the difference was spy had a point to it. Where's the magazine
They didn't yet we opened the Waverley in and the West Village, and at that point there were no american restaurants. In the West village, we had read bank cats and white table clause. That was, they just didn't exist in the west. Suppose that- though we have. Another restaurant very somewhere to bank adds leather banker. Whatever glass I gotta food American Gump referred to, but away and it didn't work because it didn't have a point, the Waverley and had point the other, just because we had a great space, so whatever I do. It's just gonna have a point, there's always a ballistic, but it now, but you know that it's it's it's a great point and I think its lost a lot of people. I know, granted. I knew exactly what I wanted to be. We had a point Europe and with the ringer we waste A lot of time in a house that we rented a few blocks away from here, trying to figure out what is the point?
in this way other than a continuation. We didn't want it to be a girl nation in on me and we wanted to react better to how the internet moved. But at some point you have to have a point- and I think it took us about. Nineteen months to realise like that when this other than China be a multimedia whatever? Is you really the double down on the three four or five things? Your great yes single all and I asked ass. Everything also found a place. Let you quit his lady Ratline name. Then they still using now and we in our name it was a good one, I think you know how is playing out with Grantline. So good in so many ways, and yet they just don't know what to do that. So it was wrong place. I think if we had been, anywhere else. I think it would have the right we hit. This point is fun aided the name that was John skipper was good. He was right
we had, it was the place holder for the website central we had as Oda. This old legend Walter Bernard than I underline the first website, which we quickly changed, but he but grant land in as the place or their fur, because we have been able in there Is this plain? Where skipper said you now and Graham name's grown me. My gown now come on. That's terrible and and he's like will top it Papa, the better name, and I couldn't and then turn out to be a great name. I am actually glad we ever used to hang around, thereby magazine all the time and the oh yeah you're, very good friends. Tom fill it with a rolling stone guy to really skipper yeah? I think either People say my down around by some thirty fifth anniversary back in the invader, those this thirty that now thirty I ever maybe I'd sneak in August two thousand some thirty years unaware that some three years,
the first five years of my garage. Are you serious? Those are the best yours too. As the funny years. I had some my mom because she is to be generous maybe didn't realize, did not be generous, maybe as being spy founded might like have the magazines mass, but she threw at the ones I had saved kind of certainly Ebay for like three years and then Jack Ass just put up? The whole collection really the first five years for like hundred eighty by there's something besides, down, like in a millisecond in this giant, think this giant box allow these magazines and my was like what What are you gonna do with these as, like you understand, Jason wars as a complete set yet they're out there there now they're more expensive. We haven't that's funny. We did these grandly quarterly that we took shit for, like everything else, the first year and I
We want to do them because enough I think we'd have enough. Every three months for a book that I'd want to My book shouted tenures. Radwan read so did twelve and the last for a really hard to get, but just in general, the sets out to get another Seko's for like eight hundred dollars and as like this is, this is cool. This is exactly why we did this and that you know I don't know how many right there, but I'm a very big on making sure that, if you've done something like that, keeping a box of side cuz you'd be surprised how quickly they disappear I mean I'm sure if you had done a spy quarterly every legal minds. There's a bunch of books. One undercover lacks the air we do. Otherwise we did. Sky high was treated like american celebrity as a whole. School wherever that I you, I think I don't have all these are gay with. I have one copy Latvians via the really yes
remember separated the separated. A birth book was a thing. Those it was about a huge seller. Letterman did, I say, the top. Ten list is a book. He did some sort of work and work in Europe, both of them, like everybody, did two separate backwards, but yeah had been there back only by anymore, the right now its own by a man called Joe Coleman. Who is the common? stirred air islets, Tyler and torture and we'll get act now yeah until somewhere. We are some filed, a young and angry about thirty five, so he's just link spied that he bought from bagasse Sgi attacking, is pages, tat Grantline his brand that actually problems where something at some point zero dead. I doubt it. I think they would give me VD before they got money.
You? Let me say that I thought. Maybe you does Yanks things die every year, as you found out, you took a very fair rules: bad you earlier three years everyone's to come here. They have tat, came round yes to take a while How is how is it we're done? How is your first pike ass? You, I loved it. That's good re has collectors I wanna have on I'm gonna. Do that if you want to have a package, will have your panic as did time, I seriously he'll book afore. Gas. If you want to do and tell me, are you the Berger he's more than a burger he's here, yeah he's one of the hottest talent relation believe? On the contrary, even listen to this, you would save hundreds of thousands the people whose what's gonna happen is over this couple weeks. People are going to concentrate on the railroad you on that same. Its back has great initiative back, oh my god, I should have than twenty piracy. Certainly such
These images smile never really deliver better. You to say you had a sob convertible alone I might have had motive. It was always in the shaggy man, my body used one, and it was a disaster it now, but I had no money and it allows sports car. You could buy an american funds, be transverse death as possible. In Cardiff. Thank you. Thank you build. This is fine, but goes.
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