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Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan of 'Lady Bird,’ Plus Francesa Fridays (Ep. 316)


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by ‘Lady Bird’ writer-director Greta Gerwig and star Saoirse Ronan to discuss the reception of the film (02:00), the enjoyment of making a coming-of-age story (10:00), and the timing of its release in today’s current climate (34:00). Then, Mike Francesa joins Bill to discuss the unbelievable end to the Vikings-Saints game (51:30), Tom Brady's injured hand (53:30), the most shocking in-game playoff football moments (59:00), their predictions (01:06:45), and the best possible story line for the Super Bowl (01:18:00).

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The first protein reddit exertion around in here. For my favorite movies, it s simply ladybird So when did you know this was gonna kind of snow by to something major I don't think I knew that it was sort of getting go in the DRC in that it's gone until late November, early December, because we ve been we the movie had been and festivals, and that was a hugely exciting thing in telluride. Your Toronto and New York Festival men it open, and it was. It was great. It was people were going, but it was
limited openings, and you know New York and allay and serious discussion. Cog like it was it was, and it was. Clear to me yeah it was. It was around then, when it was like old people are really going and really responding, and it's not just I mean I always hoped that it was a movie that we connect to people, but you just never know, and I wanted it to be something that a lot of people would see it and it would then it would connect to where they're from and their hometown and their family is in. And it, but you just let her know until you're you're, actually in it. So She mentioned you're sick and serve throughout life, Disney underpants Mr Disney on Monday, you know get through. I learn that we ve never ending with Europe on a package as well. This could be our chance, they chicken shape was it now it was. I listen, I don't wanna go isn t a bad round. We love I'm also produce the best day. My life there Monday was not the best time to give them has where you get to skip the lines.
Mr celebrity, I didn't know that for someone else, gotta forests you can just is by you can, just by the pass for you like, skip the line and can go to the fund to be able to cop past everything and go like through the back door and go straight on to the rights, and he can't do not anymore. You get It is now or words that are too high ray. I recognise that much I was with someone else he's in a tv show and he got recognise clever man law. I there were actually upon Shikar ass. He came up to me after the riots Sorin am oh, does this mean I'll, get free Disney tickets. To invite I love it. Oh, I think you should really wonderful right at California Adventure Park and am these girls came up to me. They had seen made so much, and I you know you ve been a lot of your movies. When did I now? Would you know that I know well
think. You can know that, like a film is God's under never now whether it's gonna gather stay MAR walk, stating that it is so much down to like the time comes, I use and those I gazed at the time, unlike what people need and want from movies, and so it really did come out at exactly the right time. Anything like I was doing a thumb lasts summer and autumn, while Gretta was doing all of the earlier press and taken the phone to festivals, and things like that. So I couldn't go to any of those earlier, events, but am, I think you know the response that we got a tellurides when I heard about that. So you know I didn't go new. Then it was gone. It people working to see it and then it just sort of grew from there, but I mean I don't think we ever expected that, like the New York Times and say it's a perfect foam and thank you know nobody. Nobody would expect that, for
maybe because it just seems impossible. So did you write with her and minor? Did you write it and then try to find a guy for fear that I know no, I didn't I do, but I couldn't live now and then she would do it because I was writing this, alone. You know when you're writing something you're, just by yourself. It's you in them and the and the blank page and you're trying to you're out what it is that you're saying and I I I. I didn't know that I would show it to anyone, let alone that I would get someone like search run into being it. Actually. I was thinking when you said the girls recognize you, I think you're so transformed and the role that I wonder, you don't look like a lake. I know I know her now as a person and I knew as a person before it who she became The role it really is a trance
formation kind of from the inside out she's. She just seems like a different person when she's playing ladybird and even though I didn't write her her character, with her and mine. When I, when I first, the hurt her the lies, I knew right away. I knew without a shadow of a doubt. It was one of the most certain things I've ever experienced as a frantic ass people must have. It was them fun and it was also I mean it's. The most pundits also idle so many actors that I'm in part of the reason I want to make a lot of their homes, as I wouldn't work with so many different actors. So you know, but I got as many I possibly could who I love and think our great into this movie, but I am worried about the Sacramento access Is there a Sacramento acts and what is it itself? in which it has access, but she didn't movie it's my axe and eat some at which we were two of vocal coach and access code,
Is it like a tiny bit valley girl, This thing: everybody now it's slower very slow and lazy and kind of laid back Randy together right away, when you click, do it like a man, I what do you? I don't know. We want me to stay sacrament, I mean it from an arsenal here. No here's the thing about Sacramento acts and those that, like I've, done a sort of general. American languages. American, like a sort of generally, has the sound of an american person, but this is the first time I had to do that with like specific sound sewing, one of the words that I found really really hard to get was perfects? Oh yeah, I'm the way writer says it and you know: there's a ban called war pains and their from
from alleviating, but they days say that sound. I think I'm one of their songs arms like that. The late greatest does it do they say in the same way as like perfect per that its effects. So we need a satellite lay difference between I say we heard acts perfect within sound. That is in and found project. And also I mean little things like she says she worked with Kate Wilson, whose is great accent, vocal, coach, who'd with them play and she D worked with on a play, because I wanted to build a sort of said it and so I mean a lot of, it is running words together Not a lot of variation of of of there's a lot of melody and run you're running things together like and one of my most proud things the I just in the access of the performance as she says, Sacramento, don't people don't say Sacramento. This is
Romano NEA and almost easy yeah yeah Sacramento and she said it just re and it makes me so happy when she says it, because I think there's that there's a lack of precision with the way Think it's a nor and northern California thing do you. Did you have to physically think of yourself as a seventeen year old car seventeen year old girls acts a little bit differently fiscally than like a twenty, not necessarily a seventeen year old breathing? I just physically hatter, specifically think myself as ladybird visiting ladybird it. Even though we had the Sacramento accidents in place here, she needed to sound different to everyone else and she needed to sort of felicity.
Hey if in a different way, and almost be a little bit erotic physically using the little rational conference Thea. Yes, exactly that's good way. Patna am awaiting. Third, there were certain parts of her that just needed to be noticeably different to everyone else. Some that's why you people are drawn to her, because there is such an affection that her friends and her family and the boy she goes out with our teachers there's an affection they have for her. I am, I think, can that comes from her just being a little off centre,
and so even with the voice and the way she walked in the way, this sort of gesture she used. You know I kind of wanted them to be quite distinctive to her and I always find anyway. The thought helps when, when I've been down adsense atonements, the director of that wanted me to develop a wall come so ever since then, common up was like a specific legal criteria. Yeah, it's just a good way to set it like the voice. It says a lot about where the characters going, how much confidence they haven't themselves. You know what they want, people to say what they walk into a room. You know I took my daughter has twelve and a half years Hocker term in San Diego, and I was told by most poppy by trust, like take your daughter Israel is red and the French here it was a great the sand.
The issues I D seen its ways, because we got this greener wanna, her movies, Yannick. I've heard you say it's like fur, I think matches daddy strange, but then older too is kind of like people like this is my move. Maybe a year, which is a really hard thing to do, and it's kind of a power in its own way. Cause people try to do that more sometimes it does. Work here. So you must. You must be something that is less couple months It means a lot to me. I mean I. I think I think that I know what feels like to sit in a movie, theater and and feel like how did they know How do they know, and I am not alone and work? How is this possible? felt it about These have nothing specifically to with my life. My that when I was sitting in the movie theater and I watch the movie
a longer. Why movie in the mood for love and the way that there this? Is these neighbours who are both marrying than they have another relationship and just like the build up of never happens, and I was like space in Hong Kong and the succeeds are illegal, fifties early sixties knows, that's it and I don't know why that's it, but how does he know and I think that move is in that way, have this ability to survive reached through the screen and get you in your heart and it means a meme, particularly Equally, not just women, though I mean I've heard a lot of men. Tell me all: that's that's it in! I mean yeah. I have for me, though, I think very personally. Teenage young teenage girls, teenage girls feeling scene is a big thing for me, because I think I was always looking for that. I was always looking for the things that were,
Gunnar reflect something that felt shrewd that there is a losing virginity. Saying yes said I did almost knocked by outcome, over diving cover us of my there was no bad. It was it's not that more seconds round like us is going very Senate's. Being Dunaway Alpine right wing represent more than that, it didn't happen road, and I also made a lesson from adult: I'm yard I mean implicit. I could changed my mind, but I also leg. Really in terms of lake movie is it will about teenagers? This is pretty tat. And I don't really have any interest in lake something greedy later that, like I do, I kind of want the movie to protect both the actors and the characters, and I think yeah I just
sort of an in my mind. I mean this, maybe I'm kind of like an old woman, but I, like my friends, grandmothers gonna watch this advantage. If it's a makes her does except what was your worries, you return to remove researcher what was meant you have one cause I mean you ve been in. Almost your whole life, but did you hear that one movie that pulled kind of pulled you out of the screen became your movie when I was younger, yet. Yet, when I was younger, am I realized, I watched a lotta movies that were a bow female friendships. Were the links that I was John to sell things I came, I mean I watched. A lot of like old old movies is I'll with with my mom and dad, but the film I used to do this and I think a lot of kids J. I don't off your daughter, was the same where you had watched the same movie at a single night like all the same, so I went through a stage where a dirty Johnson was the May, however, high, that I don't know why I was led watching those child, but am I
Watch that lot sister acts I used to watch an awful ma. Am when I got older bridesmaids and things like that. It was always. It always seems to be about women, certainly help any growth, and I only- and I only renew your girls trappers like that. You love him away, and I only realise that recently am we see. There's films that I've watched like ones are. Phones, like you, know, rebel, without a cause or something which I felt totally sand and none unloved. But the films that I watched, religiously are usually funds about, Shep. I think global clueless without one and very clearly, I used to watch all the time cornerwise. Why now immersion for that of the next generation mean girls mingoes. I allow my daughter, Zingari brains over and over what mingled She came out when I was in college, and I remember it was written by eighteen affair and
I you know I was just getting a sense of. I was writing star fight. I came I loved performing, but I thought maybe what I was just starting to come easy. The idea of like I can make my own stuff- and I was just I just loved me. I love that she wrote it and in a later again I wasn't a doll but like with bridesmaids lake. You know that Annie, Malone and because in wig wrote that together and It was about that they, those does movies. Work were big for me, even though I wasn't specifically in the comedy world, and I think I have always that those were the places where felt people pushing I gazed against would do whatever standards there were but yeah I mean I had tons of man. I mean my my watching my leg. I watched it. A hundred times was actually lake pretty in pink,
That's my generations to John Use, yeah like breakfast club and others. Like I mean who sent me, I don't know I mean I. I very much wanted to make this movie where the core emotional relationships were in a more about. I would definitely her and her mother, but also heard our friend and not make it about whether not she the guy, but it does time those those movies. Martin yeah. They are still important in those movies meant a lot to me and I think not in small part, because she was so real. She's ism like a real girl and she didn't look but perfect sheet? She, she seemed She seemed to utterly herself, and that was something that was always just clearly plan and its there's something really refresh and about Watchin Molly, just like be miserable. Like Thirsty, where she's just a bit like
just over it's nice to see a young girl on screen who's, not sort of like all put together and all smiles, Assertive sort, you know easy on the eye in every way I mean like even emotional, I and without sand and broad city, where the girls are walk down the street and you can't say a cosy, can just hear a spot where the guy walked past nieces. Why don't you girls smile and they like fly from the burdens, while at the same time and so and you get that include less- is valid in all these great films were it's about real people. Now everyone or less highs and lows, reminding them once again the best. I still think that stands is like one of the best movies I mean it's only a high school me, it's just great. It's great greatly I share Horowitz is a genuinely creation and her best friend deal.
We're both named after pop stars of disability is my mom was a total Betty. Didn't she buried should die to bring a ready and let us not just the other day I do here. I was gonna hammer. We watch Miranda Cable, I hope so I'm married and I am ready to say now reanimates I have equality, like when I'm editing, I said this to my editor. Something clicks, for me, and I had this little bit with movies that I've written that Noah Baumbach directed that we wrote together a frases Han Mistress America. Something will click in at a certain point in the editing where I feel like I, sing along with the movie almost like? It's us song and its some imperceptible thing that drops in for me, and as soon as I feel like, I can sing along with it. I know it's close, but it's a weird thing. It like it is
it is so people people people's eggs, you watch the movie, hundreds and hundreds of times we will say. Is it? Do you get tired watching it or do you stop being able to see it and you do in a way and that's why it's important have people you trust, watch it at the same time, you never lose the ability to just hear it almost rhythmic, would you like a song and feel that come like feel that sort of right, So it's like, I can listen to David. You know, boys, it started many times as I want no every piece of it, but when it kicks annual like that, still the song like, I don't you Is it really I'm Sanderson was here? Last month,
now he had supplant when he's making a movie that he can't even see it anymore. Like this giant thing he's the only one who can see other puzzles here, the other pieces of the puzzle, nobody can help him, no they're pass a certain point. His movies are longer than yours do so yeah same phenomenon, but at some point it just like. I can't see this anymore the animals need like that, little distance to come back from it yeah. It is it's hard. It is weird when you feel like not now begins at sea and on the other side, but look at each stage. You know you're asking people to come on this ride with you and to bring there are and what they do to it and to trust you. Bigger than you know that you have the whole movie in your head, and you can see. I mean this here and this needs to be shot this way and no I mean it this movie. I mean I just have this utter certainty about what the
We wanted to be and how we were gonna get there, but there were different points when you know you're, really the only one who knows that and and end you kind of have to keep that sacred because it, but I have it. I have that moment with every stage of it like I have it when I'm writing digital filling a bigger mess and then it is certain when it click sin and it feels like I can all the same Is it because I know how it's built. I feel like if I fix this over there, it's not like. I have to read it through and realize I have to fix something else because of this change. I know instantly. It's like. I have a sense of the whole the whole the whole time and had said that kind of getting the sense of the whole is of being and directors like. I know how I know how this is functioning as as almost like, a machine
surprise she wasn't in it. Now I wasn't I deliberately knew nothing about it and when I saw it, Is this a myriad of any I mean you're, never gonna! Ask why not it. I dont have any desire to direct my age, and I mean I really admire anyone who is able to deal with, but I should think there's such a joy in Firstly, if you ve gotten so used to being in front of the camera just go, you know what I'm gonna take a step back and watch. Someone is there a seat in the you gonna put yourself in when seen as like the cashier love I have no it's a to different parts of my brain that things are in the directive. Are I mean I just dumb alone, and ass. I do get such genuine pleasure watching the actors work. It would just under cut my my enjoyment I mean selfishly. I enjoys
watching them do actually just I've been as to prove the sick bab? What were all this, but behind the scenes, footage that they shot and has this so much of the vote It's just me, looking like a maniacal happy at the monitor layer, looking at something or standing next to the camera, unjust grinning, like an area because it's just I love watching people tentative. Be brave and crazy in figure it out. It's my favorite! It's like my favorite thing, so you you finish this movie, I mean how many movies you make an ear. You had a crazy here, I have it. It was the craziest year that year I did, but twenty week grown of play, which was very intense and then Lady bird and then another foam and the Kay straight after its success? I only heard such personal movie. How do you go from you'd have
in this character in its emotional experienced since a guy who's been next job. It was, it was hard, it was hearts, it wasn't hard said, shifts the crucible cause. I was ready, we had we, you know, I think weeds we had done MA am we were already too to move on to the next thing, and it was actually quite nice to go from something that was so dark em to something that had so much sort of oh, I love and said that we have fantastic, but it was, you know, tricky cause. There was like a week where we were mainly lady bird, and then I have to go and rehearse the next thing, and I just really As someone
It's me recently that they're the same there there monogamous when it comes to our can they can't think about anything else on. I think I'm the same like some people are most people are really. I think they have to be really really great at just kind of going from one thing to the next, but I'm just really not good at it will serve as a good. It was a good lesson in that way. The I need like time in between jobs, but am eating, lay only started a properly grieve for ladybird, like once the next found was dawn, and then they had like things moms off I remember it was like. I was all I could think about. Was that job- and you gone through the whole motions of miss. And everyone and missing her and then also thinking. Oh god, could I have done better and chip? Maybe I should have done this and this way- and you know you go through all of the opera- like a delay. Aids is delayed reaction which can occur to you. I have
who's your role model. I want to have a career where I can also have a life, and I can also do other things, and you know I think the great thing about phones that you can release and habit of character and and learn the skills that they have, which can be grace. Seo, gets a new sort of pick up all these skills on the way which can give you a taste for for doing something, whether its learn and language learning how to property horse Riah, Dar Ino somethin like that again, but I think what the year before last taught me is that, where I met right now, if I,
can have like months and months and months to prepare for one job and Pa Energy and fast almost like you, I produce and unaware that's what I would want to do. I am because I loved the mindset that I was in when I was a child, and I think you can still when you're older as well, where everything is just about that one film not thinking about you know me, things are other jobs that your signed up to a year in advance or whatever, but just put in all of your energy into one thing. So if I can, if I can do that, I think I'll be you she, the most normal former child actor ever Oh yeah, that's that's down to her that sound her parents and her mom. I mean like their her mom is one of the best people ever met in the leg it and also you didn't you weren't. She was in movies, but she wasn't like a movie star kit legs
in Ireland. Rescuers unwieldy Asia. Now it wasn't like it was. It was like a thing she did, but it was an who she was and I think that that's I mean I to me that's the thing and leg it never merged with her identity in a way that was gonna, leg come I mean, then that's what you always hope for anyone in the leg. You take great pleasure pride and what you do, but it's not the thing, gives you how you, as a person I mean, I think, whether your child act or not, that something may yellow is always a sign of sanity when you're. That's a part of what I did you try and that's what I do but his long way. I am an m, but she's she's just a mean closure ears, but don't I know she's just like I mean I know while we were making it but also leg. In retrospect I mean shit. She's not only one of the most gifted actors, she's she's,
utterly supportive of everyone, not just the other actors but the crew? She is the key. Whose favorite person she almost approaches it like a crew member, like she's, just written down, and totally you know the hardest working verse I get it, there's no there's no air than she sets the tone for everyone. Could she was in every single scene and she was working so hard and she was already coming off of this play and I think everybody just rose to her spirit that's the entire five percent air. Some twenty five percent super proud right. Yes, we should be proud of our society. Here I your eyes, are irish deserves I really want it arises from the italian side. The Airbus does. My really. I realise that the Irish Let us now
Ok and every good actor loves hosting s, no more than anything the point here, but there are also equally terrified residue because you're a year will we both to the greater came and she didn't. We did we come together. Why did want sure I was in the iron so when it happened, it was really a radical Nguyen amazing lying. I it was it. It was a total dream come true from like honestly out of anything, that's ever happens, probably even like nomination. And all tat sort of stuff not has died. Mahars explode more than get into house ass. An dollars. Magnitude my dear owner, so that there are many in earth. I know I don't even like comedy is my favorite favorite thing, and so am I didn't go
we'll watch, and I only because it didn't air in Ireland but I'd watch it when I was in the states- and so you does like so many sketches that you can watch online, in a night watch like older episodes of personnel and things like that? I'm ages, really. I love comedians. I love comedians and I watched a documentary recently, which I think you told me, Therefore, I wish to call dying laughing. Oh yeah have you heard down, and I can't I think it was their Chris Rock who said that he sees standard comedians as the modern day. Philosophers Gazeta, they all the things that nobody else has the guts to say. Damn I'm so I just really admire them and what they do and there, and I love the costs that they have right now and again. This is the great hang about doing so tv or something like that. Like the crew, whose are wonderful, unlike I loved work on all the comedians on. I equally love work might like the stage.
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be there when we got the nominations it was written like. Oh, I got an that came in early December and that as a right when I was like, oh this movies working and then this and ends it I mean who is, it- was the mail. It was amazing to be there and then to see. Oh, I didn't feel browning unbelievers speeches I mean it was. It was beautiful and am I was actually backstage because I was ready. I was coming to present, which may friends later it's hookup, girlfriends row like you, you look rule scared, wherever you may be very aware of all the main leg get through. It doesn't make sense, but yours all the way. Big deal brown deserving any moves. It was amazing, and then I mean when the first one
screamed so loud and then and then you know she got up. There is beautiful, but then I thought about this feeling of like we won our thing, nearly I kind of like- and that was amazing and she won her thing. But in my mind I was late and that's it. And then, when they have an undesired minutes later I've, Minister, as what it was just I mean it, would, for whatever reason you winning made me think like what a great night it's the meanest, if ladybird wins a hindrance for the whole foam accounts for you and thence, it's for everyone I mean I was just. It was also because everyone, especially the Indies unity, but so much you, but much into everybody works on it. Put so much like some. Its time and energy in a heart and soul and an end, and that the film is rewarded. It's really for every single person it worked on it like I. I in my heart explode for all of them, as is so proud,
part of the narrative has become its become such an important phone because it just where we are and other standards I am. I am better like you would have made this movie in any year right angles. You thought about seeing as I guys here and I was living in this crisis, just kind of and for you could have made this we ten years ago, ten years from now yeah I mean I've been when I was writing again. Link enow is just how it worked out like when I writing it. It just the way things fell and then, when it met search and we read the script and then she was she had this play to do, and in Brooklyn was opening, and so we basically had a year before we started shooting suggest the way the timing worked out, I mean it was. It was very fortuitous, but it was not. I didn't plan it. This way agenda work out this way, but I feel feel so I mean
personally, the the idea that this will enable me to continue to make movies and to figure out how to not just made my own movies, but figure out how to make other People's movies together this position, because it so hard for female directors idea under one chance You're not to be totally honest. Yeah I did. I did feel like if you screw so you're, not Canada. Have you know I've still. I talk this through with a few people and I can have had this tear. I was like it's gotta be good. Otherwise, we can I mean I know I didn't think like it would be like this, but I was like it's gotta be good. Otherwise, I'm not getting a crack at a rate that collaboration by
You know the thing that I actually did come to. What I was going through, it is a you know, unites at summits of France Enemy like well. What happens if it's not good- and I said well it'll, be alive. How to make the next one and she's in well, then what are you going to do that? And I said why just make the next one for no money and she's like all right and then what happens nose like, hopefully people like it and she's liking. What if they don't well, then also makes you kind of have to be like it's it's it's you know I had this feeling of like this is gonna work, and then I also the ceiling of. But if it doesn't, you have to be ok with fit. You have to be It was those realities, and I just got to the point where, as at rather try and fail, then never tried it all and also, I think That point. I was just so sure that I was ready to be a direct rising, even if this is a complete belly flop. I'll make the next one a scrounge
some amount of money, I'll figure out how to do it really small, like I just I just at that point was I dont, think everything's gonna US stock slowly down so it was. It was both. It was like. I knew I need this to work and also even it doesn't eminent, keep going. What do you see have highly with this year when it? How do you see the next twelve months plan up? I think women are gonna, get us. More meetings with Tunisia has led the way, my whereas the Ladys in waiting maid thing. I know yeah, I think that's. What's gonna I had to happen. We're not going to see the difference in the world for another. Oh yeah, well, you're, totally ears that, yes to you now, because things are going in each goin to developments, women are gonna, obviously be working hard to have something to
go Wesson, which they do already and I think I'll just be given more of a chance SAM, I think things that would have automatically gone two guys like things were, we think that already I get they'll be like well, we can we get. Is there a woman who had a short film Sundance who may be could take the home, like you know, just movies that I need you know they don't hand here, you know it is as well as you know. It also needs to get your point, not words that sort of like Oh, let's get a female director because she's a woman because you now we need to have the token female director wrote it. They just need to open up the flood gates of that everyone has a chance to show what are your door female producers? Yeah, hope. You will be looking a little more outside will. As far as friends of mine who have worked with other studios and they ve gone to work with some of
nearer: distributors am and they are, they are higher than their sort of lake at the helm of it all and that's been great, and that's only happened for them in the last about a year, seek, I can say it shift to my people. I know even fur actors giving actors a chance to direct a movie. And I'd buy actors, I'm away or female yeah or those who is always react a DNS is already now yet you other thing is that I have found that actors, especially actresses female doctors, have gotten to the point where there are so sick of having to wait for the ride rule to come along that they're just start up their own production companies, their gettin producers together, they now they're right in their own material, their developing their own stuff, their use in their own contacts and they're making their own stuff. So there's a lot more actors that are becoming more hands on creating people, men and women are getting to appoint rather sort of, like I dont, not that it's always necessarily
desperate, it's very easy to sort of fear like you're, just a purpose and People- don't quite get you where they don't know where to put you or something so think that actors are certain to form more alliances now and make their own stuff to something that I was. I was really worried. I may I see a more than you guys, but I felt like things were moving toward tv the last year and that movies are becoming less and less you're sitting there and I don't know others because we'd beaten to I need ideas in the ground or whether tv was more fun to explore for eight episodes versus an hour and a half, and I feel like two thousand and seventeen. If I was a great movie year- and I actually like going in and out of the world of a movie fur and our forty more than committing to like this eleven episode tv show on the other I tag, where they being embassy than Saturday, I intentionally didn't, know anything with my daughter. We go in, I'm hoping
dead and it was all summer we love- oh my god, she's like what is that we see it tomorrow. Not even a couple is as though they there's a place Still, they movies are going. There wasn't a more than tv more as great as TB is I mean I, I think I am a longer discussion in terms of like what will I mean, I think, there's a those such great work being done on television and in all forms like lake, whether its amino many serious episodic television or the various seven episode ones. It seems like that, like the big little eyes, I was grey area and also that assertive vesting the foremost better in terms of what it can be an. I do think. What I will say is, I think there has been no people in television, especially in looking at this age. Showtime Netflix, Emmeline spaces. They took risks on creators who you know were outside of
but we think of, as you know, a typical creator, and because of that, it's been really. Vibrant and exciting. I think for me, I I I loved him vision, and but people who asked me o work, would you right tell us and would you make a television show, and I totally would because I think it's amazing, but I think it's totally separate this elaborate muscle, it's every muscle, and I think it's not that I can't develop that discipline, but I feel like I've spent over ten years now, working in movies and over ten years. Trying to get me, wrap, my head around this form and the way this form works, and I I feel like I've got, sense of it and I like so like ladybird, credible Netflix years right, it could have been eight episodes. It wouldn't bent his good. What will you have a strong it out and re made it
in that it would have a just, would have been the same. I just not may form it's like it's almost like it's almost like it's not my form is this, so I and in terms of movies. I think in terms of closing a narrative arc and- and the one who may vary favorite people whose television writer is a good friend of mine, Liz Meriwether and she made new girl and she's making a new show. We are. On writing something together and her our brains are quite different. We look at narrative issues right. It he's thinking like she's thinking. I've always had a life, something mould wet and I'm always thinking of how to close it and its use a different. But it's not that I mean it's not that I couldn't get their issues, I think sometimes there's particularly with movie people's, unless I think there can be the sense
Blake, it's just a long movie. It's not just still movie its own form. I remember: come on with the movie was when it ended, I'm so these two movies being fifty men too long years just ended we get out it's what happened. I thought she was getting another half that would have there. I I like that feeling of lake you they want more yeah like a marrow rear, Phronsie way, Vertigo what happens? The gas equal Scott written his one of the producers- and he also produces, plays yes, said something to me, but not about this movie, but his at the behest review. You can get play as the run time in the review. Ninety minutes of sheer adrenaline like, and I bet I you know, I didn't I didn't plan at the way I did know this was another thing that was useful for me is because of the
we said written whenever I knew my the placing of Movies is faster than the page count, and you know our scriptures about a hundred new pages, and I knew I would use almost all of it and it would go fast. So then everybody thought, because there is a feeling of like is too long and it is not the way I'm going to say is distinctive style guide, their notice there and I'm not like other movies Brown Malik, a super film. There were by all of the junker, yeah, it was deafening. Pays. Ned seemed intention on its it's the way I don't know, I remember, reading the coward hawks when he was shooting his girl Friday. That script was a really long and they are like you'd, never getting it through all this and he was like they're gonna, say it so fast. And then it so? It's like it was of two hundred page script and they got through so far you guys sports fans are now I'm baseball. So you know sacramentos, never anything
do the gangs big. The hearings have won the two thousand to title. That was that you can. I worry that I've been wanting you, your high school or when a two day, the spring of two thousand and two, and it was a heartbreak. It was a welcome array, the Sacramento everybody everybody put up in their window, the kings Lake emblem everyone wish cheering for everybody to hurry away from the kings or rather rounders one serious. They steal it from them. It was the mind it was where I appreciated game. Six point is: if you win. If you went what are these Oscars, this sacramentos I've? This would be the back from a lot. I mean I think we may brothers sent me text of their there's a billboard up in Sacramento that have congratulations.
Wait. A bit hashtag Sacramento prior using the latter, lose their work and that of the king's gotta new arena and their lives. I think they're, really. I think you're gonna turn right. I think the Kayser enemy figures surprise everything everywhere. There was this word story about how northern California risk is trying to secede and become the fifty first state that already southern California. Maybe you better read, though, is that replaces the chair, the spot they like yeah. Do I need to keep an eye on that? It is a very different when because like when, I feel it when people think of California, they, like, oh, you, must have done tat, lay all the terminals idle. Literally, for once. I learn its in its also Sacramento, so differences are so different it is there that Ireland, bigger than a lad anyone
bigger than allay, but I think it's about the same size as main. You can fit about Yahoo Charlemagne to Texas. A rail, Ireland, the tax I still want to go. I have to go see twenty five percent of my if ever I gotta go, see the home a quarter of. Thank you, ladies. Thank you. Luck with the good The origins of this is fine better no switch. Elmer help really leads all the dvd. I think it's my life, there's some extra staff, her drink and with the crew
they asked her lady crack. We realized tell me about german light. Try unites like that. We have with is right, and I am grateful liked by the great struck at the end of the day, the grip track that they had their little bar up than had been a bad piracy off the party buzz. They had all these late lights, rigged, double switch, color led like synchronized the means that they feel like they had begun apple, a full many free. Of beer, and it was honestly like after a long Dave shooting, especially on a Friday, it would be like features of an apple botsey sit by the grip track. There is always a year and the reason for my eyes like I'm, for the week I gotta I address it. I remember when one hears did take over. Music and he were late because they can't play and they kept trying happier hill yeah like India, Techno and you were like. I can't do it.
By the way that you play Rihanna gives the people what they want and forget TAT Day day bath is another question region belies yeah? I was like early mid twenties then, when there are established in a kind of five thousand, but I think for your guys in you kind of clay, I don't know yet we I don't know who belongs to emulate. I remember I first heard it when I was younger than ladybird better. In this way of lake people stood up music from the radio. Silly hits from the noise were still playing in the early two thousands it wasn't at what is almost like a little business tweaking the stout and also things fade much faster now than they faded. Then I give you turn on the alternative station in Sacramento. They still had leg, Dave and Dave the wets brag it they had body of various names embryos area be guided by our common up, Francis of brothers, with
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The hotel tonight, upstart scoring amazing deals and incredible hotels and download the hotel tonight. Up back to the past are right. We ve been kind of France. S afraid is. We think that you like that might arise here. Like France S of Friday's last week, you locked out I was destroyed it. I was destroying you with the pact's I Tom. You where you were like you, will like eighty games on the five hundred people that we want to bring that up a wins, a wind and I wasn t you're you're one one and two, and I was about to win the air and the saints and the said in one of the biggest miracles in the history of four by happen, and you get a put there, after this, the applicants, the Vikings were, spent the entire off season, wondering how they ever gave back came back. I mean they had the game completely on the control until fall.
Until the case Keenum decided after the first touchdown when their deep, anxious needed together, second off the field and the reorganized the throat I pass was just so By this I mean it we are on and that one he all of them in a very different direction, and really they never. Going, but I gotta be failure. I saw mobility is in the fourth quarter in Minnesota defense. We had not scream and they did not. They did not distinguish themselves on the pressure and if they are going to face Tom Brady in two weeks, they're going to have to be much better than they were in that game. I mean that that's that's just a given, but let's say this I know the overall theme this week common. It is ladys injury which will get to what I was thinking about it if its Brady with portals falls and keen em.
Shouldn't radio patrol left handed anyway. I mean I mean it is my view that that it actually throw left him he's been properly cook crippled to fit, with those other guys. I think like there's a guy. I've done that and that the overriding principle. You are dealing with a place that gives out you know less information, then be a white house does ahead, and that is the path. So you can never trust anyone that comes out of the past, so you really have to take all this. I don't care. How close you might thank you all you when it comes the injuries to their players, you have to actually be in the room, with your own eyes, and then I'd only believe. Therefore, what I saw because that's how crazy they are about hiding in he's so it'll be no one will have a real handle on how good. Or bad or how much this will affect Brady right up to gain time, I'll
if you're in the room with them you on how to handle on it, I've heard is legitimate and ever display yeah, so what I as close to flight and get to it as competently as I can get to it like I said you gotta, be careful with the bad wanna come this up. I believe they are today extreme They concern about his aunt situation, yeah. So let's go let's go backwards. Last weekend we had yet we had three defences that people egg Jacksonville filling in Minnesota. Only one of those deepened is actually acquitted themselves in a really big way. Where did you learn about Jackson, those Damn Minnesota's De Jacksonville, They was put in a precarious situation. Against that in that match up, nobody can stop Pittsburgh offence. Is it has too many weapons? They have such special. Both the pallid? It just shows you how badly coach they really are and that really what
came at last week was not so much defensive prowess because really expenses now not defences the glory days or the Annabella the older days, Vienna Bell, because the rule changes have mitigated against it. You ve been so enormously that the deep and real He is never now, except in the case where they can get pure pass rush yet, except in terms of project cause, there's no way to protect against that, no way to legislate against that they have legislated against anything else, but the fender, those on the feel they have taken away. His ability to play pass the fence and the secondary completely. You can't beat somebody because your secondary plays brilliantly because you can't they dont loudly.
Quite brilliantly anymore, so the debate with the way the rules are. The only thing you have to have an agent habit is, you can have a disruptive past rose to the point where dominates became an end. If you don't have that, you will not never have people that will completely dominate the game, it has to be done at the at the lad. What is going to have to be done against be against really before guys against Europe and supply. If it's a blessed, it won't work against good got about like Brady. Aid has to be done with a without conventional pass right That's really the difference here and you didn't see that of these teams
really low than these games of the three close games put the bad game aside. The only one in the world who put the back end was gonna because for some reason was gone in mobile home for me and for some reason he bought the game was gonna, be wearing clothes rather than that, nobody in the world did you and I didn't. Then we got the game exactly that we expected. I did not expect all those that out of the path, but other than that we saw what we expected out of a patriot, but the other three games. What you saw. There were classic example in all three games of how precious good cause thing, is in these games and why the Pats network beat themselves, it's not just their talent. It's their ability to play with queen at every moment you saw such sensitive breakdowns in coaching illegal a game yeah Jackson, bill game for its work and in the Minnesota gave both ways I mean listen sure did some stupid things whose second chance
It was mine by early bad, ok, the Vikings get up on flocked, which is absolutely cannot happen in a big part of a big play off game. It's almost impossible to get upon locked in a close game, the big spot and will become a bit that devastating a play. And they did because of a play where you can even understand where the positioning was opened. The woollen defenders on that way. So these themes, we'll make plays and disintegrate in all these games the pad stone and, at times the passive Bay things that don't they ve been good games and the thing the giants date when they beat them twice, was really very simple. They do not turn the ball over. They got bore man pass rush in both games and then their quarterback made plays in the fourth quarter, and that's really what it came down to Jackson Building.
Get a conventional passwords, but I do not believe that bottles will play. The role will be lie Manning in the fourth quarter. Those games, Eli mounting, evolve to port borders, make way after play. You was, I believe, nine for fourteen in these first colossal Upset with all written forty fifty yards of offence at the other, the other game he was thirty or forty, four yeah, but he also collected on the manning of way towards a great place Fourth quarter that game. He had great fourth quarters low turn oversight, big plays and you're gonna have to do that. The people they treat bottle they would have to get the poor man pass rush, and they also would be borne all the play and accept little game, I don't think you can do that. I wrote on the Ringer dotcom today about the most shocking in game. Play football moments. I've ever seen. Where did digs rang for you? It reminded me of the immaculate reception
That's really what it reminded me of I mean that's the way that kind of stuck in my this to play that came to mind would be one was the true PS and play in Minnesota. Yet I remember and the there was the immaculate reception, eight wrote. It reminded me of those two ways. It was Oh stunning than he was. We in the end long before I actually thought I was seeing what I was saying I made them. I was. I was actually thinking about how there was this was the Zimmermann and the Vikings and how they had given away a game. I want a colossal when this was true Greece's career because to breathe loudly that at the same shown. Patients. Would you please had made some great throws in the fourth quarter of that game? I mean, you really add an endless Lee biking. We're doing all they did not change a baby phone booth They did not give him a lot of different looked things. You do against small quota back in.
Games. I was very disappointed what Minnesota paid at the end of the game like what they really unravelled the fence weight, but he also got a credit Greece, but poured down throwing This need was unbelievable, just some of the place he made, but the have that game. Phase on the time. The way it did so many things the go wrong that it hard to believe. They were position the way they were position, considering what the game was about. At that point, the odds on him making that play for eight years ago. You want the ought to make an effort touchdown ETA, beyond the one tat you may did point about breeze because it really would. It would have changed his legacy. We always talk about legacy to urge it to sports radiator, but he needed that kind of one last late career thing to pushes creator
their level cause? I don't think he gets the same respect as like the Brady meaning people at all. I logged on that, when what is really going to all its aim of what he could choose another one at that would have been a special what it really would have, because They stood in there and they showed patients they really only once and they were completely dominated. I mean asked the three core I believe they will want to ten on third down. I've done nothing in that gave back aim, never should have got closer. They needed a couple place for the habit against Minnesota. They needed the interception, the short built beneath the block pop a short. We also being it too short video camera. They have a special where they have a special on. Got a ball disruptive player in command
people will learn how to play, but right now they have no idea. Why am I made you cannot even into play and would allow back you gotta be out of your mind and then they make a time, especially to I didn t know, there's more good you're, both very good cameras, unbelievable they have no one as if they could come, it's almost like a drunk out. They have nobody that got him right out there, nobody body, only people who could got up they really. No, I mean day there on global players. I was watching them aim. China decide who I wanted the patriots to play, but also hoping that the saints would somehow cover, and then, when I got to the point where was clear, the saints we're going to cover other turns out they pushed and in a lot of things, but when it became clear that you know at least we're about the cover, and I just went into the right who I want to win I want a Minnesota too, when I thought the saints wear its team for the patriots I just thought fit for them to come back from the abyss
back on the road and really take over the game late and how dangerous they were. I was terrified at times so terrified a camera. I didn't want to play them, so I was kind of relieved his, whereas it said I the thing about this from the others does point of view for. Secondly, this everyone talking the legalization of gambling in the years to come, and it will happen as no question and what leagues think they have to guard against the not think about that scenario in that Minnesota Game and realise that lets say thirty to forty percent, The people who wager but say awaited at five and a half one way or the other. So let's say ten or fifteen percent and twenty percent of the people at vikings, minus five and a half or arguments like yeah. Could you imagine the national upheaval I'm going out there and taking me at the at that will begin a bell thought that they had rectify this by saying you must come out and do the try, but the idea
what happened is nobody. Comes out and now does the tri anymore. They ve gotten away from doing that. Actually kicking the extra point definitively say right: they need teachers and the game on the play, because this puzzle work down now- you leaving it open to the idea of We voted against the peoples, it doesn't care for two points. Do we kicked the extra point, or do we just take an email twice this year we ve seen taken me anyway. You go out and do that is gonna. Leave it to such open speculation that what they should do it is worth it and say the game ends on the score. It there's no time on the clock, went extra point was now you're, leaving it to an interpretation of how the people why it well and then that dig scores that touchdown and immediately throws his helmet Is a fifteen year pride in the rough through the flag? You can see the flag go down and what we did was all right. It gave is over, but it they, if the game
not over and you have kicked the pity. Then you have to run the penalty back. So the whole thing was a mass in your right. If the quietly embarrassingly waiting to be around, I are all the game is over, but they make it a rule that you must try to try so attempt retry. They think they did that to clear up any going speculation or what is done now create more because teams for a while. They were key. I think if we go back, research. It you'll see, came the extra point a couple of times in those oh yeah. It s always scenarios. Now they ve gotten away from that. They just go out taken me, which is a different future. Patients. So I think don't want to open any that speculation. You now want to make it, but the game ends on the play and so that they are the span. We don't know Have anybody speculator why they did what they did better, that way, they knew and waited. But two points where I was. Call. Somebody out a bet on a gay blah, blah global, so there's always
the big white speculation. If you leave it the way it is now well, you AEGIS made way to me sense and we live in Roger you does world, so there is no other way to fix it. Let's take a look, do I will do the pigs? The fantasy for buses is behind you, only way to use your sports lodged when cash is by Betty at my book, the sports, but that makes it easy to the cash out you winnings fast, provides on everything live bedding and in all new propelled or we can create your own bets lips. You can buy your friends, although Brown will square thirty percent have ten plus the sis when I bet it at my book. It put your money where your mouth is better my desktop tablet or on their world class mobile site anywhere in time. My bookie offers the fastest and no hassle
parrots when you enjoy now in my book. You will match your deposit with up to a fifty percent bonus tissues, promo code, Bill Simmons, when making your account visit. My bookie that agee today and bet on the internet's favorite sports book we play you went and you get paid back to the past- are at do we have the two lines we have the patriots. The line was nine or nine and one slash two for most of the week and it's dropped to seven and a half, and I actually think it's going to drop the seven by the weekend and then you have the eagles getting three again at home. Two straight weeks: home dogs in Philly, against the vikings. The early game is the patriots. It looks like surprised to hear this and read this, but it looks like the weather is gonna, be in the forty five to forty seven Newbury rehash. Well, there's gonna be good, which is good for tat yeah good for the broken, yeah
in their regard. That somebody got well here is what I think. First of all, We're gonna go on this baby. Is what it is. We know he's going to play. The question is: how much is he going to be impacted with just not going to know we're going to have to live with it As you said, brought the lying down, so the line will be somewhere. So that's: what's yours Oh you decide what you want to use our southern Africa. Ok, I won't leave that. In every area of this team fertile. Let me say this people are brought up, especially in Boston. The Tom Cough one scenario and Tom Cough when always shy wing of the game, its LEO Primitive, wait. They ve given way to
which create, since he is not the coach of the steam Moraunt, who is a cough one. Disciple still is the coach of those being Maroni, even the few that this week by thing he's never watched either of the giant wins against three hats on Phil, okay, so the bottom line is that is over done completely now with that said, they are built, though, do what those I had themes, bid in one area and completely they aren't building the other area. They are built that have a poor man ass rush. They are built that way. They are players who can be disruptive. They have got to get the best out of their best pass Russia's if they can get a poor man ass rush. This will be a ball game if they do if they do not
what the parapet gonna do is the path that gonna come out. They are going to go away very, very quick offence, They are gonna, go away oh, I love and they are going to spread out. They are gonna, think it dont get especially if his hand his bed they're gonna, go to three step drops it's gonna be boom boom boom boom boom they're, not gonna. Let him substitute and again aware about that's that I want a million plays and that's what they're gonna do and they're gonna to try and take the starch out of an early and make sure they took the scotch out of them in the fourth quarter of they. Did it that's what they're gonna do to them. I think it will work. I think Jacksonville thinks they are ready for this. I don't think they understand what they're up against. I think they talk a little how much they have young players who have not shut their mouths this week. I think the patchwork close them. The other part of this is the other party scenario that everyone is so scared about enforcement before before may pass rusty presence of conflict.
You do not have Eli Manning in those gay. You have a bad quarterback last week was allowed to do good things, because the Steelers are completely Inept in every way, in terms of how they are coach, they are Coachman is really. Now, when I was gone from being a superb coach to a bad coach babies better go ouch in there somewhere. Now we haven't seen it and years did decision making and their defensive approach was laughable and at day, absolutely laughable that he didn't people off and went for. The answer get forget how bad the onsite pickup it was was ridiculous that guy cause this theme touch them
were the points where we are dealing with. Their often should have over Whelmd Jacksonville. They moved the ball at will in that game is no way they won't take the starch outage acts and bill inversely. I don't believe in bottles, he did good things last week. I don't think you'll be there for this one. I think the path have their deepens ready to go. I saw a very good things from the past events last week. I think they're ready to pour a big asset. I think, despite the Brady situation, I expect a lot of short thinking. Dunk a lot of open backfield looks a lot of thinking done and I'm Temple game by and multiple player runs for the past, keeping the ball Longfield they're going to drop seven rush or look for them to make it that long game. That way, I stay. In the past when this game and the fourteen points Gimme, knowing when minor, seven an egg
red with everything you said about the know. How speed the game. I keep the jagged defence on the field, because I think that was the plan and we saw them do against the titans last week and it is like that that thing the paths can do any and they don't do it as much during the regular seizing his then only need to that. I want to show it. I think, there's probably only some articles and signals, you can do it the line that they don't. You want to do it for twenty stray weeks, but they do whenever they want in any time they really need to do it against good defence, it's their Brady's, the best at it. He goes to the line. He reads everything and I thought that's what they're doing this jagged game. I am really worried about the hand. I don't know I just just the two decades of following the steam during the braided thou check era. All the signs are bad and two to ask him to throw fifty plus times when he's clearly heard, makes me nervous and that its over a touchdown, we ve seen this Jaguars team, indifferent, very
since over the years, in fact, boroughs to mix degrees of success. I think the best examples where the at the Sanchez Jets team. Ravens team in oh nine, that beat him up pretty bad. The Ravens team in too fast twelve. That really would have one if we Evans had just hung out too that pass for one more seconds we ve seen kind of the recipe for the ugly game. Defence, keep the pats off the field rush up the middle. The jagged are built like this and, as you said, the one the one caveat, as is, does any good. I dont know the Steelers were pressure last week and he got really comfortable. Not really really. The patriot showed that they that a pass rash last week, but those against Tennessee who lost their best offensive lamb and therein
Game, who wasn't good to begin with, and it makes me nervous. I wish this line was three and a half, but unfortunately it's seven and seven f and I cannot take the path by the seven f and then have brain hope. Bright, ordered the game. The third quarter it just makes me too nervous, making the points a kick in the past twenty two nineteen. Why? What have? I am Fairview? Listen! I understand you spoke the baby. What most times enquire of games You usually don't wear. It happens very rarely that you were I be extremely and round my lot in round my rightly ways I ll do you ever happened? It doesn't happen a lot, but listen. My feeling is there behind in the fourth quarter and bottles has to make a play. He has gone back the other way for thanks now I mean I really believe he will not. He got the play these games without a lot of pressure he ate plays against the Steelers. I can't baby.
What the deal is allowed him easy, on anything he wanted. They gave him nothing to look at. They did not take away anything problem. A gas will take away, everything he wants the rely on and I dont see this guy go would do a second, the third receivers leading people. I do not see in doing that. I Bela check will make him bring the bald out and he will make him make extra red that he will make them take. The border was second third choices, and I just don't think he's capable of the pressure of doing that and I think he will and I think the path have multiple ways. Out of all the boy they have a running game which they haven't had any and they'll be able to think and dug it. They have all their weapons healthy. They have every body back for the first time all year on yeah, every single guy is back and they have so many Are you guys who can catch the ball free
and then stretched the bill to things are going to be stressing in Jacksonville, I can hear them right now. Double one is going to be for man pass rush. We have to get to the quarterback the wind going to be without breach it's going to be worth around three to the other things going to be weak and let them yards after the catch. Yards after the catch you going to be critical, cuz they're, going to catch. These short passes not going to try and it seems and run with them, while they're going to hit these short passes and they're going to hit, seem and they're going to run with them, and I don't care if Tom Brady has to throw it out there with two fingers on it, he's going to get it through enough guys to make please allow me so much work. I don't believe it with the game on the line that bills ready for this. You know most people ridicule them, be
last week- the gave him no chance in Pittsburgh, they went in and they match the great against his work. They have less beyond Pittsburgh without prepare for them. This burg even talk about playing pass them. It's worth it. Who acted like they weren't, even an obstacle gallery at aims, and they got their lunch, but remember if they don't get too defensive patch, though they don't win the game. Pittsburgh moved the boy up and down the field at will and that game they got too defensive push those Jacksonville. They don't get those, they don't win the game, they got a stupid onsite, kick the three more point, be handed them separately voice, but Patagonia them a boy. They hear them. Seventeen point to me: that's why I think everyone will go against. I hear either. Can people tell me Jack Slogan upset him already. When we call me both been upset him everybody's jumping off the Brady bear and that's what I want to be on the most ok, I'm there.
Seven and a half that another game I hated lay in points with the south, as I told you that last week I congratulate you on the eagle pick. It was a good one, I really thought the falcons within a school when they had first been goal if either at such as yet it was about that I was coming back, which is a just absurd, but he is coming back it is the only guy in Illegal- could figure out a way to stop illegal Jones. He did ok, you know these people, but who do you think I ever stop? Michael Jordan was being Psmith, while the only guy whether spots will be dealt with about an up and support them. Because the idea that all your Jones couldn't funny and earlier was a joke and their play. Calling there those poor plays a will live in it.
Hey, that's how bad they were. They should have one that game they play before. The half was atrocious. It costs them points. Are the evils in this game to me? Have a thick with one they didn't again. I can break credible. They made big kicks the kick a great credit. They also push the falcon people. Which small around I don't think they ll be able to run it a lick on Minnesota. If they can't that war was pushed falls in the path is he can't make if baking gets balls into a handful of third logs, it's gonna be a nightmare for fairly believes in third water. They weren't any illegal game, they want, they didn't spend their time. I applaud the evil. The Balkans did a. Terrible job, a terrible job of defending the edges and defending really what would very simple past place, I think be biking. People will be.
Incredibly sounder. I worry about special things with the Vikings, especially of last week is probably gonna come down to feel field, not push down. It's definitely inside the realm of an interception or a fumble in their own in deciding this game, but I am taking what I think is the much sounded before. I think the Eagle Defences goodness That's what I think the Minnesota deepens the best in the way. I don't think the eagles will be able to run at all if they wanted, the Beatles can run it if they get and five jobs on first down, I'm gonna be dead wrong you'll, know right away. If the eagles are running, the ball for yardage was furious, shouted. I want be wrong about this game if its third along every time. I'm gonna be right about this game. I think Minnesota wins. I'm I dont like that, their favorite I was hoping the game would be picked them. I hate lay in points on the road. Was this could easily be a Minnesota went by one or two, I'm sticking with the vikings I've been at that
so I'm not gonna go on and off the last week I just couldn't have em filled the struck. Now I could vote that. I couldn't have watched that they were out on. That was nothing, you not of soda, not overly confident, especially waited three about only competent, but I'm gonna go with Minnesota the winner game. Seventeen, the ten. Sixteen in and then get the play one more time. So this is what I wanted I liked about. Even last week at the, growing. One of the worst looking perceptions in play off history. He was not afraid of ro the ball after that I gotta give him credit paid through the boy been more than I thought they would. After that, I gave him credit he's, not afraid he did not play afraid. I only very good, but he didn't play afraid and if Minnesota doesn't play afraid, I still think that but a team. This year I wanna go Minnesota. Sixteen tat, other ok, you left out one thing in your failure. Lena recap: silly
with the ball on the ground over and over again for the first half or so that game and gave Atlanta every single chance possible to pull away, and they did it absolutely the I only, but I dont think that happens again. You know they they ve fumbled, they fumbling pine on their own. What was it like? Their own he generally by our grand liable to slowly at the aid. Take care of them better. I actually like to address our from falls last week and it makes sense when you hear leg he practice with the first train for the last four weeks and you know, he's a guy who is had competent moments in his past, he's not somebody that we ve just never seen him do anything decent in his career. I, like their defence, more than you, I think, especially at home, a love their front. Seven without Fletcher Cox was unbelievable last week and I think there I'd like their defence more the Minnesota defence on top of that,
there's a great stat about kingdom in that saints game where he had a qb rating of one hundred and sixteen when he wasn't getting pressured and it dropped a five point one when he was getting pressured and I think the Eagles compressor on at eight Nakamura and I'm not sold in the running backs and to me this just feels like an ugly sixteen to one thousand three hundred and seventeen two hundred and fifteen some sort of- score, that's gonna, come down to a workers are back in again. You see me the cream twenty points across gay real if Minnesota gets to twenty they're gonna win Kazanovitch vehicles and yet the twenty, but it's gonna go down a special teams. Greenfield fans, one dumb mistake and we ve, seen Minnesota last week made a bunch of them mistakes, especially when the pressure get they. I heard we set about
I'm about how he wasn't afraid to throw the ball? I thought it was really interesting when they were going for the go ahead. Field goal which end up getting butt is a fifty three yarder and that first out of like the forty, they got so conservative there and it did he might be totally trusted are now. I know the next series he ended up thrown one of the great passes we ve seen in the end. They they get a touch tat out of it, but that third and Why were just seeing what they were really happy to trust, Kai Forbath with a fifty three yard field goal with their whole season on the line that made me a little nervous and- and I don't know I just like getting home that with a good, defy I'll, live their lives, and I think that Philly crowd is worth boys. I don't think, there's any question that this game was Minnesota doping surely would have much of a chance. I really I agree. I think the whole field is big, profoundly The weather was this game of sixteen thirteenth Billy. I'm not gonna, be shocked. I totally agree with you. I was I was up shop window.
Thing, one of my rules. It makes me nervous when a team acts like they won the Superbowl the previous week and worse, the second round to around three. In that way was so dramatic and so exhilarating. So amazing, it really was. I win the Superbowl and I could go on a two as either they were their Superbowl last week and it's gonna be harder than the match, emotions that or it turn into a day, Robert Steel situation, where you had this torture fan base whose just used getting kicked in the bows every step of the way and Yet again it's happening here. We go, oh, my god, we're blowing it again and then a miracle happens and flips the script, and now all the sudden everybody just buys into it and, as a patriot fan, it worries me the most that this is now a team of destiny. I see that angle, but
on the other I like I like, for you realize already. There's no way right now that finally either one of those franchises, Minnesota, fillies, actually gonna win the Superbowl well with it would have. Everyone in Africa has certainly made a what is probably gonna is gonna win it I mean, I guess it doesn't seem like their apprentice, ever gonna win something bad happened. The both of them you know that, and it got up at one of the eye on merger which but think about it. I would you try to promote Jacksonville menace of the two weeks Jackson, but I think Jack straw Minnesota, if you go with the home angle but Jack the evil, one Jackson, the commission, trying to promote Jack the willingness of all but Billy. Well you're Megan. This is what other people bedding and ruining for Jackson word about people now claim the patriots get other cause. There was a big story last Saturday night that the pets are getting other cause. The attains cadavers take it to first round pigs for bus,
he really quite a lesson. I lessons that we can go back and talk about the play for ever arise that we can debate the thought play forever and that play. I think you can make a good kid see the way for new. I think that in any way the Patsy get a break from the whistle. No, I don't, I don't think so at all. I don't believe that. I just think that path, a smarter than the other themes. I think that there are better coach and their smaller than the other themes, and that is what makes the difference, plus they have the only a leak quarterback. Allow laying right now that, as anything else he's one of the old I'm great pains are no hand so that plays into it Lastly, the idea having bees to quarterbacks, you know in this game, right now, veto it on the other side. But I'll be fascinated to see if the minutes
loaded defects, which I believe it can step up and dominate the support it because if they can't what they put together last couple years painfully put together the share. If they are going to be who they are, they are going to show up and they are going to make this game where they are, of course, on the real and all the other best unit on the field have been. I looked at the best unit on the field, the speaker in their game than they. Then they should be get about what they built and scratch it because they built this thing to be a force, It was a force for three quarters and then it melted in the fourth quarter that game. Yes, they got short feel quite I understand that they did. They only came away, but the field once all day. I do understand that, but you gotta sometimes be there
the fields of short and old people, the field all they couldn't do that against reason and camera and thought they couldn't do it now that are faced with that quality. A player, let's see them dominate, give them a chance to show me and from believing that they can be the force in this game. If they're not there that what they were cracked up the body is in a worse snare for this game with braided and look at what point as Roma went when's the first time he brings out the grapple trade. We read through the first gonna know that will be at that will be brought up the first Eric past the rating roll out of her mind. I've had an ever. Can you imagine what storyline changes to where he is on the side. Language until you right now that will not happen. If he's it will not have any woman- you want.
Leave the gave you John Carter, I go. I don't even think that people a possibility, but its twin- it put a fascinating twist into this a people got you scared to the point. You are not a terrified at a day at the title gave it all by one point again Jacksonville when all I know by one point: you're picking I've gone or really dark place, and it really does scare me that is all comes back to the grapple trade. I have been thinking about it, a lot and a guarantee. My dad is gonna. Tell me about it a hundred forty times over the weekend, is even like the trachea. It makes it bad having an idea be best game that we can have is knowing when looking like, knowing when, against that Minnesota defence playing in get building. That is that it, game with the hundred year old grandma and this ban. You know she might even
I don't know what will happen when the way see, but that is the best storyline and that is my story line by line, allows the Minnesota and the wing went about your knowing that by a point you up a faint knowing when by double digit, that's like the last thing Brady would have to accomplish in a super bowl winning it in the home team stadium and breaking out of a hundred year old grandma. I mean I think about that breaks. Quick pop culture recommendation for you got the ascent. The nation of January Zackie, on effects what good is really get yeah? It's real Really I mean that was a crazy terrifying story. I will now was, but I could see that being so. I will check that out that worthy of that guy was a strange bird. I mean literally remember that story out his captured any movies. Did you see the last week? I did not see any oh yeah, I saw Churchill, ok or the church, your movie now
gonna have to get you like history. Like me, your by first of all, the performance is unbelievable we want a golden globe, as you know, like performance, was spell binding. The make up just what they transform them into is unbelievable, but the acting is brilliant Earlier this Churchill, or do you have to be real world war to history, but if you're gonna like this movie, if you like that, if you'll like the idea of that kind, I'll pick and world history, then you gonna really love it at its a brilliant performance. I did watch that on dvd ok to thumbs. Up from my, I think, ruse we talk Nixon could you want to wait till the sun will not solve all week just little by little Broadway guys who come back and two weeks, my greatest asset? Thank you. Good luck to you, goodbye
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