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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss Rob Gronkowski's retirement, Duke almost losing in March Madness, Trae Young vs. Luka Doncic for ROY, Harden vs. Giannis for MVP, NBA playoff matchups, mailbag questions, "Gym Corner," and more.

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and weigh more interest on your money. You pay zero fees, openness so funny account learn. I can get your money right at so fight outcome, Slash, Simmons S, O f, I dot com site, Women's rights are brought to you by the Ringer DEC on the world's greatest website, where we are celebrating March madness. We are mourning the retirement of Rob Caskey, we have named Ninety then movies, weak. Probably the last. Movies year ever, which are we then a couple we was now. We have a ton more reward was come evident. That's what I'm that a little bit later this month for years no better blues. I don't think that was nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine tea. If you get to it, not part of the gimmick movie movie week whole bunch of features about that. You can also send the big picture with shot. Fantasy will be talked about Steph the Rewatchables this week Pretty woman who its great this is one of the most fun ones. We we ve done
What about your movies ever that's what we do I did it was like the best seven hooker rubies about time, be Julian, lemon and Amanda Dobbins in that, is coming up and then she surrounded I do it fast. Five I put on my instagram as prepared for the fast fire pad the scene with vendetta where he turns what is preparing prepare means actually move again, taking notes get in the categories ready VIN diesel turns she's. Looking weighty turns to the character seven times the two minutes is it really when he, when he elevated a level as an actor and former. I feel like Sophia check out my instagram story for that coming up. Ryen Russillo and I are going to talk all things, basketball and we're gonna name. This pact has finally here's why I've so tat. Getting amounts from people with names furs, your China. I thought we loved us at the tired of it through a sum to higher. We have some good heavens this week are that's correct first programme,
ram associate Africa S ear one shouting, Pakistan and Rob Rank ass me with tat brought for three. That's cause, I'm not sure, he's actually retired at these retired right now. I rest in peace, surprising. If he came back and like November tenth for eight weeks, I don't think it can be real. What an amazing career, though nine years it feels like he's around for seventeen, but the cash, nine years is like Paul Pierce had played for the south, eggs for nine years before, even when the NBA title, some day, just know, I love his career. I love the whole thing. I love everything about it and
realizing when they go because he had a bad back situation, Arizona jobs around and any shows up in your like. Oh my god, this is gonna, be unbelievable. Ask I should have been a top ten pick, quick story and I Think I'm ok telling this. I don't think anybody in a chair, but MIKE Stoops, who is the coach Arizona time use a huge huge fan of me, echoed stoops shout to him. So he told me the story off the air cause. I was like what you know. Having rock there. Did you really you gotta do it? It was not like. I knew what it was like. We only had promised say unhealthy he's. Exobiologist called me before. The draft is like a like the village it. When I go to school on what to do with this Kronk. I scan asshole spare me home is a big teddy bear as unbelievable he's a gear and eleven
love have em around. All cares about is winning. You know he's these absolutely everything you want a guy like article, and I was thinking of his because he is trying to figure out like is guy one of those guys, that's too much extra, you know, is it actually distracting is? Is it not worth it all? Those things and he's like now he's like he's, he's awesome so yeah MA am bump embalmed eaters, tired. I mean, if he's happy whatever, but you just twenty nine years old Keziah could see it this year right, you could see how different he was. He's getting out of here too early instead of two years too late, which seems to be a football, goes a lot of the time. So you can see it this year, the same time able to dig deep a couple times in those last few flash games, I think, is the third greatest patriot about them. I thought about this for last twenty four hours I think Brady is number one and then John had number two, and I think rock is three, I think is the best I ever
I think some real push back on that. I can't tell if it's because of the hatred for New England now they say it's absurd. To come up with another candidate, because the thing that separates him as the blacking is blocking We believe we had a lot of three of our office in Thailand. Average is from a pass catcher standpoint, but then his, but you he was the blacker and the league that position for the entire decade right and it was weird because you know he was in the same office of weapon this year. But then it was almost like people are trying to say all look he's really focused on the blocking now like no is always bear his eyes. Then amazingly is guys out my favorite grand play ever. I tweeted this morning to aid the clip Cosette fatter on Youtube. And they lost the game. It was the Denver again that they lost by two and the two point: conversion the apes interrogators forth in ten right. He was right, the only guy Anyone would have said they're trying to disguise the seasons online. There's a minute thirty left there right around field. You know that the term it was like it was? playing Madden where
you just know the other guy's gonna throw to video game dry and you a guy. Nickel, I'm just gonna spot him coming out, I know is gonna run a straight line, but he might. Just anyway, and that's exactly what happens the straight line, Brady throws a perfect he's, got two guys on a big crazy age and I was running under it to its just he issues In that moment, I think you would have wanted him over anybody else anymore. So, like just an awesome tv and when he got a little walk a couple times, I don't feel like theirs. Governing maliciousness to it. There is never people got a man as tracks. Being weird like he's, everybody's was all in on him all the time we as hard and football, it's it's hard and- and I know you know- there's probably some people listen to this right now me like all YO, grant its treated this way and others get treated differently and a lot of that stuff came up in conversations on shows when I was back in Bristol all time really
yeah yeah laboratory like why is he a character? But if a black, I made it clear that convinced it there's Having more and world level tarred wanted, then, for growth to be black eyed, regular review, grant limits, one which you just I'd, make wrong black to see if a limited cancer or may grant black, like. I bet that answer next time, so it but he d like other there there are times were banned. I'll, say summit. I would like our while you know, maybe I really thought of it that way. So I appreciate that, but with the wrong thing, I I really think it's pretty simple its expertise. He never pretended. He was anything other than just a big guph yeah and near the tight end and you win you don't have to, I held the same standard of your court. Stop doing that in you one I don't know I mean I think you still get beat up a little bit, so I just think he's
he's been the same guy. The whole way through agree the fact that he has a clan sent a family. I mean it's unbelievable. If those guys around like brave heart like that, be the clan, on a joy. It is a true policy in every city have the most wheat yeah did have the best. Canoes. And you were just be like if they declared war on your village. You just be like foggy here. Here's are flags flying super in nine years, one three hail Mary against the giants, which was on the side of the answer that I was sitting on the second time they last the giants reopened. Those games were stout. Does last time I've been through a pitcher, no kidding guy. I will go anywhere it's because can't get out. So it's like being trapped in in your own car accident. Is I've been trapped in your car after it's fucked over a hundred times just waiting to be the jaws of life to go, you can't leave and its. First and fancy
Thirty minutes just I just get me out here. So but he almost caught his play. One leg and that Superber there come when they thereby also think whose does need to be covered as one or two receivers, and they still almost when that Homeric, as is in the air, a crock on one leg trying to get it in did almost get it, and then they then, us about than the Eagles Hale married to. I think which was an wasn't his close, but awesome athlete eight. I was thinking about it like Besides think about when, when you have athletes, your life, almost the approval rating, like with like our like a presidential candidate, it area as it improve a rating and obey like forty two percent, forty percent, and then you have some athletes, go through your life any bit ly paupers behalf. I love paupers hair. Oh three or four is kind of a pain in the ass right. O fire pay. There's things you point there.
I wish you'd better better shape crops, really, I I wouldn't have change really anything about the experts who was a great nine years couple couple: bad luck, injuries I just really enjoyed reading for I like to have him about life. There are different. Players and indifferent sports, like those times or looks like Leubronn, should have. There should be another league above the NBA yeah pay, at times I be like deep he needs to have. There needs to be something better than major league baseball actions. I am sometimes a share in college doling out Jesus right growth, had moments or stretches through his career, were you just when they get doesn't seem fair Yea Iraqi seem like the little league that twelve, your landlord away like right. This attack has six three wise in the little aggressors he drove here, and you know that probably the worst thing that happened M was when they Ain t there hunting rules either
the loss of a bad, firm and guys just regard for his legs left and re, and when T J word finally, command blue at his knee like that was inevitable because that had been happening over and over again we he's turning to catch a bar in Gaza his diving at his legs for speed, and it was, are always going to end badly and finally did, but he had a bad injuries he. But what did you break his arm? Twice he's a plain his arm, but remember that thing bit major, Nay injuries fully armed thing was ridiculous, got on an eye on it. I don't know it's good notice and noted, and then I mean I forget, different times. They went on his arms at four times or something else is just so quickly. Quite a nine years. I wouldn't take back a thing amidst the guy and ethical Summa get unlike the verbal tenth You think he's coming back. You point out there right now I it's fifty fifty I dont is it's this removed from the Superbowl tells me it's real like if it was the week after I got. You know when we finally happened right out a rubber yeah, but
you talk to any intifada like the week after the season? They all want to retire near this over it and so on, and I will see but yeah he was ass. They have twelve Jack picks and at least two of those he'll do that too tight in draft, probably right but added a receiver to eight we talked enough for, but I, like you say we're only in do three minutes on ground, but how many video licks descended and ass. I could say sorry, man, can you set it up like they're right us three minute much man, s quick sure, it's been brutal, did that did it was the worst that do came, save them from a twenty four hour stretch of people wondering of college basque about dead. How do we fix it? The Duke aim is really fun real dramatic one of the better round two games. I think we ve had. I love that
and I remember me while much matters but those getting the heroism Rikers was Saturday night. I'm like ok other they'll issue this morning, like this whole day, sacked and no is down thirty, and you got ok. How many teams are down twenty five. Thirty at least at four five Alec everybody on Saturday sees us, and then we knew the biggest wasn't any good. But then villain over to get round like that illegal, chaotic s, laughter- look, I just had to turn this thing on Saturday, whereas the games were on. And then I realized like I've just stared at this for five minutes and nothing's happened: yeah, I mean, and then I checked out the Atlanta Philly Game, which was awesome because I was getting. What we call a superior I mean that's the Duke thing. Kids such a Duke way to win Do you miss your own free, throw game winner? Was I and MRS the three right and it s fat if they get the right?
It's over bounces back out do get the ball back. Zion has I thought a phenomenal Amro bigtime play that we get. The three point plans. Are in a free throw. But that was awesome. Oh yeah! No, I mean that's it always that's what I want from him in that spot, where everybody you could see every day. Kind of scared. At that point and says I o I got this. Science is the most and I tried to separate, like he's the most well like do player of all time by On do, try was rooting for the game, I believe I've. Never I mean I used to always look at. This is a lot of New England. This is me being the biggest guy back in the day, and I just take Duke I hate it I hated him, I created ways to icy get so mad about him. All the time yet and then do the job and you start meeting some of the guys and you like some of them, and then you can't do anything except have just a ridiculous amount. Respect for coach! So this is weird. Like I've kind of war
let them the wind hymns, I also want to deny it normally. I would have been all and on Central Florida, the whole alliance right like Lehigh, I really like ass red, like the biggest Lehigh fan member Workin out and was Hartford, and I was like stopped everything entitlement. We do that usually more focused. I wonder of college Basque about there in the age of social media. It's in a weird place, because the guy warfare urges you just gotta make a shot and then people are met. About that. The way we would be bad with professional athletes, and these guys are like college kids. You know what's gonna happen like Mary State, those guys they just played badly. It's a big Gerard CBS everybody's, going nuts about John Moran and then forest, comes out and hits a million shots in the first half birthday, combat and arsenic games. Twenty five, it's over, you know that
the way momentum goes in power. Tubes is pretty tough and then, when you see people go nuts about it, it's like our set of them, about this. How many times have we seen late games? nations were everybody seems like they forgotten what you're supposed to do in the top right. It's the kids. The coaches, sometimes sometimes the coaches, unlike though the worst Lester of the two teams, depending on seeding. It's like we may have a four point leave here with three minutes ago, like keep playing basketball. Yarns thing yesterday was, was I mean, he's Ben I've always. Making confirm of I used to watch college Watch college. The time he was out the train wreck. Tat was the special yesterday, have twenty seven twenty five. Yeah, I mean yeah. I guess I'm unlike I just I watch only situations like ok wait a minute if it happens to all of these great coaches in all of these kids. Really is as evidence of how big the moment is that it screws you up.
Happens every year and a half like every like next weekend we're going. Have a really stupid! Lay game situation were always you can be home watching going there are you doing out here I figure this out so A lot of that has to do with just we forget how hard that is how how much pressure you're under in those spots especially die. You had the teams that make this sweet. Sixteen they go back to campus and it's just a two day. You know love fast, for those guys right now, there's their hand from everybody they ve ever met. Their life is taxed in the diamond them hitting them up. And now they're gone into this sweet. Sixteen and that's another level pressure cause. It's like. I made them. What if we make the final foreign than all of a sudden you down Tanner resolute advantage? Jammer it funny the announcers neck aim because they wanted it so bad in their. Let go
there are three be whether lay down nine forbids for states baking. Everything right, but they want CBS, one of that so badly and then, with due at the end, Only you'd want the upset, but there's no way they didn't words. I add to at least by the fire, for that that I mean that was a radius catastrophe forgets knocked out. Who is like this? if a guy the turn made of gets knocked out, Ah, yeah, I don't know, I mean North Carolina get a bunch. A guy is a good and coaches. Yet North Carolina. The point guard where's he spoke on the draft code. We, why he's? I think it's it's It gets outside of lottery, but that has a gamer, but I could that changing you know he get. One of those guys were you go even I don't I don't know off hand if this is true. Not I gotta look it up, but I thought maybe struggle writ. Maybe I should even be going down this road, but so do I.
At the beginning of the year and then really took off at I mean I thought you so great summer games like it's I bet enabling out of your mind, you have passed her present gay prove it I just I just always try to think of random Celtics Gus. You I'm just I'm so bad at the camp thing other than Dodge being harden everybody yelling at me when I said that, and it was yeah people yelling at me that hadn't watchdog judge play like that. Stupid may give you watch him. There was absurd. Last year I will say: thou and we ve talked about training a couple times about this. This is like a real thing now. I will Sadly, in to fill again because I had one of the tvs tweeting about her I'm you let her. Do you love her problem, acts. Three young, as I don't know where there's just hang about big us, is given on confidence her what's going on, but that these cuts swagger already
Yea Lando before nobody, but it was gone members, some really kind of acted out of them and then only in the season. But now it's like really back. Similarly was brutal somewhere league the Thank EE, overseas totally but man he took each Jimmy Butler Radar the job for that game. When I had him becoming common Adam and did this like cannon MID, two thousand ash little floaters shot those big time shot. I still hate that trade, but ban at least he's good. At least bag was get at least their side, though darker Miller judge how shameful beat type of regret I can't believe that it's a real thing now the like, when we did what last week's part or whatever we do right and I went ahead and
we didn't not doing all they wore a right, but I get it tray and then put him next to dodge the stats. Like others, things really close, it's really close. It just feels like in over gonna. Do this dodge from the beginning was, was so steady, his three point, shooting Tell the dont really see last too much like under thirty percent he had a bigger load been in terms of team was initially China made the playoffs, he had a lot of attention. Early train was the opposite: Atlanta, nobody'd no expectations and he was terrible early, it everybody kind of, and then he was able to just get these wraps right the team that didn't care what it was in just one in a play. Thirty, eight minutes, a game run the offence, keep do new thing, there's no bad shot
gonna keep going, keep goin in that works, and that was you know. We ve seen rookies go in a different situations where sometimes there in that situation, just getting rap such as Greece or their sight, the jail in Brown, Jason, Tatum situation. Just on a good team. You are expected to figure out everything on the fire where you fit in situation. Would you rather be cause? I was thought it would be better in the jailer Brad situation, but the more look at it. I actually think it's better to be in that tray on Collin Sexton situation like we stink, do thing get some wraps it scares me a little bit right. Cuz, you know, Trey was some of the Oklahoma. There's never know a lot of other scores when you watch it. You're like man, you like you're, not going to be able to do some of this stuff suck some of these shots no way and be a teams than taking seriously if you take in these kinds of shots
yet tray still take some of those gave at the overall numbers are really good and he's been on this tear, but even in that fully game like an I treated arbitrary silent, he took a thirty footer regularly in the shock locker couple possessions before he had the game winner and you go. What is the point of that don't think they're, really anybody other than staff for Clay Shaw beat ever taken. Those kinds of shots blight innovation is three years from now those going in forty percent of the time and if that's the case, rightly there's something to the earth and you can't you can really get in this case, but I was afraid think it's a real. Your question cause, I remember things like I was a mean Keziah beyond Lana, look at land ended up being a lot better. The sheer than we thought me colleges tariff. Once Collins came back. That became one of the most funding pastime Saddam in Sacramento by two favorite out. These guys are on our right, yeah right right, so it was fun. So
even though I go out, you know that I didn't like the roster. We knew it was going to be a bad year for him, they're competitive their fun. So whatever I concerns, I had it and just being able to do it all on his own, and I haven't answered anybody. I do think it's it's going to be a positive for his develop. Where they began a year. I was worried about it and I'm sure it's a hell of a lot more fun being him and even be in jail and brown gets her. Let's take a break Hey the old way of watching sports is over stream over one hundred fight nights a year featuring the biggest names in boxing and mma. Without the pain of pay per view fighters like Canelo Alvarez, triple G, Daniel Jacobs, Anthony Joshua, Michael Venom page worry, Mcdonald and more plus, behind the scenes, content leading up to finance the Library of Classic Fights and regional programming, whereas on
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Any of your devices that is De Aisy and check it out so tray young by the month November was twenty percent from three fourteen points. Again he got a little better. Each month February was his break out month. Twenty three and nine forty four percent from three and in March he's at thirty seven percent, but he's basically, since he asked outbreak, has simply been twenty five and eight forty percent from three, which I would save. You told me that in June this is what this guy that's all you know look like after the Astor Breakin hears in your teams can have a chance to win thirty games. That would have been like a celebration. Yeah, where this story is now verses were a was draft night when you're going? What are you guys doing and was weird? Was we are like tray young? It was just like you as well passing a dodge. What are doing right inside it became a thing like
oh you hated trade trade young. If you liked, if you thought I were dumb, but it's like now, I can think both. I just think that judges James hard and as you Eazy e somebody who can be the best player in a championship. Team of don't know- Malta is at least proven. He can be one of the top three guys at Cambridge attained. Fact it. This isn't a raging f is a win. Yeah and it has not even close to raging F anymore and that's what it felt like during summer league, where we would have sports in a rips of him for thirty seconds Looking like he doesn't belong out there. It was summer legal summer. Leg was really alarming. Have you got bad. I was sorry started. Halleck route form a little bit rifle bad good lesson as always, don't take anything away from summer League ever it's the worse, its safe sun. While we were there but think they're playing a different game. I don't like the fact that he was so bad in those games and then look. He had some good output games. I think there are some good stat number,
games that he hadn't some early, but it was still a lot of shots from. I remember and I look- I was out there it's one of the best basketball experiences of your into hoops, so much fun for wait designed as this year. Oh my I wonder if you'll be sitting it out, though, like Leubronn member when the bronze this summer league stuff in Boston, and he just would decide certain games. He was in a play at an agenda that. I have some. I want to talk about playoffs. I didn't I didn't per preppy for the senator this is the annual the annual. Are we sure we like the way? We do the ambitious laughs conversation, years ago, I did. The entertaining a cell turn met which have now kind of backed off on, because I really like the seven eight nine ten thing. So if we had basically, if we guarantee the top succeeds in each conference and then put the last two up for grabs in each case
and had seven verse, ten, eight verses, nine for those last two spots. First question Would you want single game, or would you are best two out of three for that? Would you want to watch as a basque boffin? I dont really using the name is guilty. I don't need a below five hundred team getting now, but then again do do. I want the tent seed moving. So here we got in a single elimination. It's more will you really you receded after, but he is would go this year. If it's season ended today, We would have number seven destroyed against number ten Charlotte in Detroit. Winner takes all we would have number. Eight, my immigrants number nine Orlando Miami Home Court winner takes all
Utah Home for Minnesota, and then this is the one that got me really excited San Antonio Home for Sacramento. I just look at it this way more fun. If we had those four dams, yes, I really care who the seven or eight seas are not really so why not and then This allowed the NBA to cut back on the regular season, a little maybe go from eighty two to seventy eight. You have these for games and You know you televised them. On a b c on Tuesday, in a Wednesday night, double headers, you take the money from mad that replaces some of the last I attended. Just wonder, though I mean do. We really need some kind of system or after it,
two games that many below five hundred that you actually have a chance to be an unpleasant seem all these teams are either five hundred or Minnesota Z only when they sat down right now, but here's the other thing. So if you had like a ninth and tenth plan, possibility with the Lakers be Trot, Excuse me with the Lakers betray Merida like Now it is. The arrow of Le Brotow you'd want to steal a broader one game play ass before fun. It is that the answer is yes, it would be more fun and I think there's in unintended consequence there may be. It is intended that maybe you you find a better way to sue the taking stuff. If you have four more teams viable stay or make us more teams boys, then the palate you can't do the whole Davis through what is planned. Twenty five minutes a game and were kind of, but not real,
it's like view chance to get into one of those one game plan spots? You can't really throw away you're season if you're in the max. I dont think I think that's irresponsible to fancy to everything. I want to watch my team in Rwanda, one game. I just don't want more play off teams, I just don't you Getting the sign. All I know, is San, but it's it's like announced six seeds and each thing so there's some real value being, rather than only gonna, be a team to interact. She doing it again, but I win win forty five to heaps: that's the new pact, Ass is lukewarm, with Reimer cylinder senator. Did you want me to be more excited about now? I just So you say you were fixin stuff. You you're, saying you wouldn't watchers forgetful. Of course I would cite every girl we above all right. I already said and yes, it would be more one. Yes, it be more, for I think we should have area area I've written ass, yet we should have
the number one c deal a pick their opponents. And then all the way down make it a tv show get sprite involved couple adds I have been caught For Thou art forever, oh you really know now, Jason I ll ever move. You did that like it ass. We get older in your life I've thought of this thing in your life. I wrote that three you have twenty years a content I had the Astor to guy. Picking the asked our team thing, that's in my book as Automatic Howard, see a out fixy abate chapter. I didn't tell him as yet, and I thought it was like this absurd idea, though never happened about sexually appetite. You know I love about. That, too, is what a massive it's a great example and some because the entertainment part of it it's an incredible disconnect on the two sides, all the players we really care whose going last none of us care.
Out of it. I wonder- and I ve not once ever been like. I can't wait to see who's gonna know anyone. That said, I can't wait to see who goes last Bradley LEO and last he's gonna be thirty mile NBA this year right it is foolish, accusing complex thing of of today's weather we'll figure or an athlete, and they got you guys. You really know we're. Ought we all love basketball and want to see how you would draft fino? It can I get super philosophical here for a quite leader, second this time into the whole youth sport, culture. Rehab. Now, oh yeah, we'll have already things their kids should be planned. The whole concept, not at all it's worse, because the parents are we're psycho than ever privates. If my care you do all this driving for going to make this clear to the team, but you're coming off the badge. You know that
then, maybe that's not worth our time. It's it's all about. What is is doing for me is. This is a perfect situation out not well, then Ben. We should find another situation. There's a lot of that, and I think that ties into the last guy picked in the all star who I wouldn't I wouldn't want to be. The last guy picked its. I guess what you're still at one of twenty four all stars, great. Doesn't you eat yadda on the bran? It's like it was read our back and fill Jackson, picking the thieves like yeah yeah respect. For said since I think, there's any robber revisiting this yet I knew you just talked about kids just now and then driving around this may not have anything to do with what you just like, oh, maybe I won't have kids, because I would hate to have to drive around allay in bringing the practice I'll. I would love nothing more than for you to become a youth sports parent about six years from now and all
takes the behaviour and the sidelines. I think he would. I at the union material out of it. Well, I think I would go out of my way to never be one of those parents, though, like I would just determine hey, I'm not gonna. Be that way. I'm not gonna, be not my dad, as an eternal met a couple weeks ago and the game started late big. Two games earlier there had been a bra between the parents at both sides that had to be separated. Sorry, and started twenty minutes late. We had a little league well that you gave your fight at your kid Saturday surprise me they're, like Nude, when I was, I was seven or eight we're on the cougars. And where the yellow team- and there is this code, in the town that, like really knew a staff. He was a great baseball player in the past or something in a fight. We would have the dumbest arguments of the parents. The parents would go racy.
On each other, and, unlike one coaches like hey, you don't have a first basements met on your first baseman he's disqualified and, if you like, Ok, what's your catches and have the proper catches? May data he's disqualified and like this was really happening, we're all eight would sit around. I watch appearance argue and I swear to God. One time it was all the kids sitting in the field on their gloves waiting for the parents to stop screaming at each other, and I dont know if one went on for an hour, but it wasn't like five minutes either so We are seeing now and then seeing how crazy the parent thing is in having bodies that coach
high school and different stuff like it's the worst because the parents, so the good thing is that the NBA does it stops with the parents. When, though, when the prayers finally get there, there's no stories about parents being completely irrational and horrible, calling the GM and the owner of the time and kind the coach can. You might get things like twelve stories right out agent being apparent of an mba pillar in calling a GEO calling Tivydale like a really think you're using new gory Jane wrong. It's The directives is dead I decided to pick it up I really like you cross snatch him defensively sleek, uniting coupled mixed sooner in the Senate. Issuing guard around it, for we there's a way. Every year there is a draft and then the risk is come in the leg and then around November December story start floating around about to the guys in the lottery who now
I bear teams whose parents are a problem, and edit, I was inferior, yeah yeah, I mean I remember when I came home area. Is his mom moved there? It's been bad, there's so many stories that are crazy, that you can't really say that I always wonder like how impact is this? Is it just the way it's done like think all stories that you know behind the scenes that we can't ever share with anybody and you just I wish I could share some of the parents doors, but then again it's like does. Is it just part of the deal in it sucks or does it actually lie to you. Losing more games remained like some of the sum of stories of guys, the really good teams works out in it. It does. We'd be problems. I can never figure out the value or the loss of value on having just a really shitty situation with Clarence family. I would think the biggest problem to navigate, and I'm sure this is a new mba problem is People in the prayers life,
interested in that pursue been the best by the time they don't about how this person fits in or it's all for the greater good or you got to sacrifice some shit like they're. Just like how does this person become a max player? The best part of the team get endorsements, become super famous, that's Aaron Game, so you look at what's take Boston, for example, if I'm in Tatum's friends and family circle and I'm watching the season And Tatum by every metric is, is been worse. The last nine weeks, then as all assets, which makes no sense, he was I think Saturday night figures, five for sixteen, no free throw attempts in the game, they D, Charlotte Game, that they blew the keys. Really, regressed its alarming. In farm in his circle, a match in that I'm panicky cause. I went from like this. The guy who don't on the Brown, who almost
The final sue is this trade? I said that something friends you I will name chain of reality: Davis, and now nine months later, jail embrowned, as is, has been better referred to solid months. I I don't think they could get Anthony Davis, furred adjacent Tatum as the centrepiece of the pack a drain on that she threw in a bunch of other stuff. It is not enough shots and I dont Philip Keys, and is good as an offence of where I know. I don't really know what his end game is. If he's just gonna shoot, two's yeah kind of situation, our it's like if you now soon the latter threes in Iraq and the lion, what are you as basque by parents, as nineteen in the Abuja, the vacuity, doesn't the freezer lines? The dumbest thing he's a two and a half freezer attend game. He six eighties. Each able to the rim too. The quarter right yeah. What's up with his ball handling. Do you think it's
she's, not as good as we thought it. Why it's it's been bad this year. He did. He needs a guy in his personal shortly. Personal trainer. Like? Can you imagine your though, if we were hanging out dern during these two governs finals go ahead. You know, probably next March will have real questions about how good he's gonna be in hill of regressed in jail and will be better than him. Maybe like what that reliable, we will have to sketch lap hot cask as I started to happen, and it's it's bad it's. So add you need my my thing with young mba, prayers and leg without much. I am earlier. You need a cup of like really signature things. If you get a make the jump right, if you get it like gonna, be a type guy like Bradley Bill. Incredible shooter like he always had that he had some length a little bit of this match. But ultimately the shot was the thing that he always had. Even when he was young and even when he came in the leg, you would watch
again, this text, like the taller re out like I see it Tatum I felt like watch and last year that he was gonna to be this. You know potential twenty seven times a game score. In this year you watch him. I don't I don't see the array of shots, I I don't. I don't know if he's not going to be able to get to the Bay taken, since the latter know how he gets the twenty seven points. I yeah how'd, you fix him wave inquiry and I think that's kind of the deal here and you and Kyrie. It said that stuff about you know you can't just take long to see was didn't you know when he was saying you can just dribble dribble dribble take along two of zombies, talk about Tatum that was earlier in the season I was talking to some is that a watch watch how they use Tatum at the beginning in the game and how Cairo like get some involved and then later on it just it's almost like he's doing it out of
by hail and obligation. Let me let you pretend you're part of what we're doing, but then in our really going If your career, you know this is the part, work? I re where I can understand its restoration, where you go look with. We just spent ten minutes talking about tames regression than wise Kyra disposed to hold his hand and fix it in Cairo, nothing's going on. I may not like highrise approach and I may not like all of his clothes but like. I could certainly understand the frustration so I don't know, I don't know how it's fixed unless you like, if, if you're a fierce Going forward in the iberian two thousand eighteen, the cheek New ever make it I'm eighteen or be that caliber repair. If your daddy they're, making three two three and a half through a game or you again in the freezer line, eight to ten times again I don't I mean that doesn't even seem like its play that exists Seymour right. What does it's? It's the four forwards at the South EAST
Marcus Morris jail instead get a couple birthrates, but they have the forward whose averaging like fourteen in five that that's that He has got her a place in a league right now. You know right and we were thinking like India. Nobody heard her, you joke about heard her, but I know what heard her ears like herders gonna, be the weak for thirteen years either he's gonna happen. Let's go beyond like a title team as like the cow Corver of some two thousand twenty five team. You think the winners, active olive hammer, ten years ago, your life, but I think we're at the point with The NBA now with especially thing, were viewed if you're not the highest possible level of something that I don't know what to do with you totally but see.
Thought his finishing at the rim like the way he could get loud. Yes right and I got ok, there's there's his away happened to that. I dont know, and you know, member lie last year when it was the only time I think I'd ever criticized. Brad Stevens and I like was ready. I apologize for doing it ahead of the clear out, give its attention, and I said, I'd like them to let Tatum forced the issue, I'd like them to actually unity. We all hey ICE Obama, get mad about peace on the ringer bad. At like let em this. Let's go get a chance to win. I would like them to have bad force possessions with so. Do you think Trier? You think that Cairo thing has been impossible for the let it loose thing and now he's in this weird: no man's land rights, as if you will I can watch lashers a different guy, so that a lot of this has to be mental, slash situation, is, I know, that's why I think it like that's where I cannot give jail and credit was so bad for sovereign decision, you're, absolutely right. The tear that has been on wants it. It was kind of him just going awesome F this
What has really what it felt like? I really respect how he's hand right last couple: I'm gonna get my buckets in transition. I'm an attack when I can attack and that's just what I'm gonna do. I'm not gonna wait around for it any more than is like you just never doubted young players, which is why so dangerous, are so low and data because, like liquor, Russell. Like a rustle. How he's evolve from year, one year your three now where he is. Where he's going to be in the class. People he's on the radar basketball people by, like, I think, there's this whole other wave, a casual fans are probably have watched ladder Brooklyn they receive the scandal, except can the Lakers fifth. The guy who just made the twenty eight foot. Poor pull back, three when a game in the road was that either your like theirs. Whole audience that there has never been seen him yet. I was almost at last week and I said to him like: I feel my test for using NBA Guy is what you think of the angel Russell, because
You gonna Lakers short moving on from him too soon. Ok, that's fine, but he duty even the beginning of this year I was so doin this guy's, never gonna figured out. There has never been a figure that is another guy who didn't get a lot of free for us, but he Some have figured out this perimeter this long rainy day, loaders gesture on Yahoo or not, but he doesn't get to the line more than three four times again. He's actually really good. Can't, though, for your tray young thing where it's like her you better off being a young guy. Just like go ahead. We will not remain a good, just go figure it out like, as that would damsel Russell did because He was always a guy that took shots. He was always a guy that was out there in the usage stuff that I talked about in the past. About him is he's been absurd, but now it's just sort of working and in their competitive, and it's not this empty stat night that you see from a lot of guys that are bad teams geigy. Back though, to something is this is this is somewhere alluding to, and I needed to bring us up well that we take a break.
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super easy free visit zoom. I set up a free account today, China most affordable, most reliable video communication solution on the market meat b was zoom. Your boy was ok I have I remember what it was like and I miss it. Sometimes I remember what it was like to my daddy my entire day. My entire year revolve around the Red Sox, seven hundred and five pitch. You know where I go: okay with a girlfriend of Nessun schedule once we started dating, and I was like the red home white ones are way and in system one thousand and five she's mean we could go do dinner maybe before, but yes, it will be the next six months. I didn't miss a game, I think for like seven years I didn't miss a game if it was. If I was outside, I bring an earpiece radio thing. Gulf fishing loser celtic stuff. I never cared about anything else as much of the care about the Red Sox, including people, but.
It just sort of went away in the thing that sucks the most about. It is a kind of went away right when they started winning. Yet I mean if I worked in insurance I would be much happier fan type now, but use still have it for the Celtics, and I think it if you say that yeah, I guess I didn't resigned for that and I do. I was watching the stupid spires game last state will I do. I know you are, but I am like I know, they're gonna lose. I know I'm just gonna have forty. I was wrong. You, like forty, eight forty, eight and I'm why shouldn't go and I'm just waiting for glimmers of hope cause. I really do think they're gonna lose their Deanna okay, so this is. This is perfect. This is perfect is why were were flown hear you had some stuff in the past rose, like he's really still like locked into some of the stuff that maybe I think doesn't mean anything yeah Sometimes I downplay that stuff too. You know, like is our remit,
I remember caring about the results. All the time are hoping and that's really what the celtic season is Ben. Now, with eight games to go eyes, are still doing this, like hope, for a sign and Marcus Morse last night's, these courts were insane like all. We know. We still know that we can kind of the stink like what gives you anyhow So that's why I was really surprised- or maybe I shouldn't have been by the plane rights like the plane ride, just fixed it right, just fixed it and they blown team point led to Charlotte there and then house by a team there it was mostly better than in San Antonio. What is it nothing, it's fixed here. Now it's it's. I should think it's worse than ever. That's after thinking It was fixed that I share. The game was was absolutely appalling. It was a complete
collapse and it was like the TED time. That's happened, the share and the Stevens I I don't understand so what's fair about Stevens here, because remember during the play out last year we were doing the stupid tat lay. I was an ex pop of its right. How many players would you draft before you take Stevens some guys? What well maybe five? It seems. That's like the dumbest segment Now- will carry had the thing about criticising. I did it, What Campbell, which was a really did famous. I should say that politically he's fucking right, watching the game going crazy. Only guy in the steamer was aired of wire. What are we doing here just just casually pulling up from three in transition as it.
So what's fair like series, because something havens is a good culture. Came out doing this about doing this thing, but there's a lot of good coded there's this anti in its annex. I bought something to us at all. You idiot! You go you! You know you ve been next pop and all the stuff like. Ok, that's fine, but I believe a guy can be really good coach and have a bad year and this thing This is more about these players. Never fitting together are never really figuring it out and is just sort of like. I don't get you to me. It's not. They should have done this or are they could have done this or Brad? Should try to Brad's tried a bunch of different things here, but they hit that he's taking its in Emma things there, Sir Fair, but like outside of the fan base. People want to wipe away like movies his accomplishments. Even they're all kind of accomplishments there, like close but no cigar, type, a thing that such an old better. But the thing is that the Vance metrics still say this is like one of the six best teams and the longer IKEA Island apart. I look at the numbers and it's like offence. I read in their legs.
If you didn't. Why resident there are vast point, their french other feathers like what is going on. And hellions are going to study this team and be like what happened. Why did this team win? Ten less games than it should have been? Yours is because the other stupid thing, like I spent ten minutes on Saturday, It wasn't. Even ten minutes but we had another Milwaukee injury and I'm gone. You know it's gonna happen here right I was there to be. Neither garments funnels there. Year and they may not. I mean I have any idea how good they are or not, because I really loves Duennas patients thing, there's not dead. Ok see win, which is like the right time plain, ok seek, as they have been able to figure out for this weird stretch. I just think they're the type, a team that, if, if you have fled and you're, not a tight team. In your sloppy and you're ready to be too down by somebody. India is the type of team that will take down at him. Like that.
Just play hard. They know they are their war coached and there are just a salad b. And there can be no matter what the situation is going to be a b. And if you can't be that beer loose. The subjects carry themselves like a team that will go further than a place yet either we like I whatever they got it yeah we're fine. So I mean that's that's the thing that's there were sitting here with what they have eight games to go with it. And they haven't figured out anything and I sat down and go so let me get this straight like I'm supposed to think anything differently of you guys. You give me seventy four names of evidence that none of this works and I think that she's kind,
what this year's gonna be. There's a staggered clutch usage rate. That's pretty cool love it when we were minors- and it also has like you know- you have Jean shooting all that stuff Tiree. Basically, if you look at these numbers key areas, the second best Clutch parent lake visiting the advanced, embers rate harden hard. It's usage rate in clutch situations is forty, eight point, eight percent, I'm so present a hundred. Yet it seems like that should be higher forty, eight yeah. I just to put it in perspective too, like of your thirty seven, you would lead the league in just do a full game, that of a Mitchell's. Forty four point: six key areas. Forty one point, seven encumbers. Forty one point six nay said: I welcome seven, a better than carry is not by any metric has stats our better his admits that are better Tiree. Fifty six point four percent with the EU,
She sixty one percent, true shooting which basically, it's only him and hardened over sixty inquire leonards at sixty point one just to put that in perspective, Russell Westbrook, thirty, three point: nine: Right inherit usage rate of thirty eight point, eight m j here Forty got that sugar The first point is that carries actually having like a great years a closer, but if you're watching the games you're like man, this team just blows games late, what's happening so last week I did the all NBA stuff with you. I didn't prep for it and then I did it was awkward totally proper. Thank I apologize get and I went through. It was like, I don't think, I'm have Tiree on one of these all NBA teams and the firstly spots, like you said, are locked up. It's it's hardened clearly do the checkpoint or should not clay, Willard Yoke agenda.
George charting Curry, right second team and be Griffin, Durrant lowered was broken. This you wanna put away for Griffin, which settled pennant, how many game science again whenever you doing this to after going through the exercise like whatever your rules are going to contradict you rules will again you had he done so yeah right you, so they started with hands deathly. That's a lily. Bela Brand, Choir Griffin, wherever the left over to our Bradley Bill. I think has made it up and then its Kyrie versus Camp Clay, and I put Kemba so I left carry off and I look activists numbers I go, this is insane gap, wisdom messages at by every measure there, it's incredible how pretty he's been statistically and yet I dont know feel like I'm wrong. I don't think I should just have to go out, no, whose numbers are better than members like I look at what can be did on. Let me look is doing all season, but to do that by himself.
I don't think it's absurd. I really don't know the Lakers got thirty two and fifty inside Antonio goes. Forty, nine and thirty three. Would you be mad? Were horrified put on thirty might be able abroad I always worry about this stuff. Like all cases I feel like. I really am I doing this. I might add my rooting for this outcome and I'd ask you that about Leubronn, like our youth, trying to find a way to keep my job. I feel like I'm, really bending my rules that I've had forever about rewarding losing guys without being spots like there. Some sort of tipping point where it's like all right. Your team, one hundred and thirty two games- I don't really want to commemorate this for the thirty mile bay- pretend you think do I feel like there was dean, better players in this guy's a thing is there, is the Adria seems ridiculous, but Antonio, it's basically just its
urged arose in and just a bunch of rogue as they lose their point guard before the season there. In a tougher conference they certainly a lot of the same reasons, the crater that the Lakers dead and they did it? and he's been really good and I'm for them, and I mean they get smoked in the rodeo road trip and then they come back and they beat a bunch, a good team yeah, not just l, we're back home going to go on here there. I also, I really like the way our judges I was kind of back and forth on him during the courses career. I just liked Eddie he's one of those guys adjust knows who he is. I like, when the Abbe a veteran stars had that point when they're, like thirty one, thirty, two thirty three, whether just like this, is what I'm good at. Oh I'm gonna get sustain connected with them. I'm gonna score forty eight today in any just does it and it's just com. There is nothing less last night with them were you follow, he's a man up wanna tonight, you just doing what he does so this could stop at dinner.
They would be awesome when you're, like no horror for tonight, carried destroy these guys. You're Lamarck is probably suffers from that that play off snapshot thing you know. No, it's like our. If you're not really paying attention you, you get lost Marcus, all judges in somebody who's ever like you, no thought of brand ray, I kind of stuff. The Portland thing was weary, wasn't bad t may aegis was an isolated guy. They say they seem capita same, go in a weird way. There's an. I realise that flying around everyday left pretty sure what I'm talkin to different people around it but like they wanted to keep on his good player when he left our language out. This is the most devastating moment of our lives. Now it is more like we'll be fine, he's gonna, he's kind of a prima donna, and they really talk about this too lacking Willard talked about recently reported, look, we're cool, we! Never it wasn't ever been amassed vows told it wasn't a surly bad. It was just like Lamarck, as is gonna do his own,
I know not what is the same, but the point is that he was so bad and certain stretches. True in the playoffs remember when you have some these absolute donut gains and when You do that and it's kind of the only time people really paying attention you it can. Did your rap way worse than the ratios, are off somewhere having a bad Monday night football game for quarterback, say toto and I'm guilty this too. Like you just I feel, like you know they aren't. You don't need to. I want some these other times when I watch the night, Emily. China learn stuff. In Estonia is one of the insight that restaurant you bent a million times added yeah we're fine. I know it, they do. I know they serve. I note the services there. I don't need to go back. I know I know what they are and I think I wonder leg of our judges actually look at under it this year, because you I said and he got. Man is to suggest random dates for the most part with two stars. You now yeah
he's underrated. Now identities underrated it. I can't. I can't the rose and sold under eighty two ideas. Contracts absurd, but yeah when I brought him up, because I was looking at it some of this stuff like for class, on thirteen all NBA and then I looked. It arose in numbers and I was like man, you know can I make an argument here and then Zack just absolutely slammed the door in my face on his plus minus has he's like no, and somebody actually on Twitter hit me up with a so. I don't know if it's a hundred percent sure at the first minuses. I think when you're a guy that everywhere you go and it seems to be like minus, when you're on her that's it, makes me wonder
sometimes rivals I've always kind of like the rose, and you know I like to meet you I see. So is one of those guys like man, this guy's pretty girl, like. I think you should go higher in the draft unease and he's had a nice career, but to play off headings for him are terrible. The plus managed me is tied to much too, who us and your team for better or worse like. If what say you did you, you do in this package as once a week through MID July but say placed you three times during the course of that with somebody who just terrible talking basketball does that Should that change, how I evaluate you as a partner, because this other person was in good so, like wit, Yes, with Westbrook a couple years goes like wham. When he's off the floor that team collapses like yeah cause, they don't Rebecca Guide, that their who read the team. Two years ago, a guy in a weird them not hammered pain, no, but traded. But then there is the other guy awful.
He's than the week anywhere. I can remember his name is so bad but Yet, when Westboro sought for their minus fourteen, it's a gift cards, they don't have mba talent. We expect so like San Antonio, the infrastructure that team is so good on that shocked that the postman like the rose and at their first has not been at that I don't have a minus you know how old you just dismiss. It does hasn't gotten anything I lit matter. I think, like it's one of many things you should look at, but I think sometimes it could it could be a little deceiving you're, not talking down way or try. Now, never forget him. Now it was a brennus. Now
got some large Christian, oh yeah did here, let's get some magic stats. Well one. Ninety from three point: three: forty five shooter thirty four point: five percent ambiguous, advanced fifty paid fifteen minutes a game. He has a five b are that year it paid sixty four games. Fifteen minutes five b. I mean suddenly that's my point. I don't I don't I'm interested in puss minus. I think it says something if you know some Is minus thirty died in a game in that confirms what you're watchers I may, when that guy was out there. The team was a train wreck, but you're right about the teammate thing like there's turn guys really go. Look at source was minus in your belt. Yet because he's always peered up with this other guy, like that's always the stuff stuff, were to me, it's real. It's it consistently. When he's out,
you're, like that's the best version of them got in, and that is a good year because of all the different things that he's doing that the spacing he creates and all that stuff. So I have some states to go for really quick awesome. I can't wait now. These are good. Urien ignored all pump this genuine, so high and now at thirty six point four points again. Yeah, he win the Mvp this weekend, cuz, that's the reason why I barely have a score. Twenty five, two thousand five hundred and forty five points got a games left two thousand eight hundred and sixty eight three hundred and thirty three away from that doable. It's like forty. Forty two game Kobe had two thousand eight hundred and thirty two in two thousand and six there's two hundred and eighty seven away from that. I think he does that. He's gonna create the seven hundred three fifty club
seven hundred made free froze three hundred fifty made three pointers. That's gonna happen. Easy made. The second most pointers anyone's ever made ever, except for one crises and seven hundred and three. Fifty are you for refugee. I got one Where did you really there three games out of the one seed right now I got one more he's taken. Nine hundred and thirty two three is already record He's sixty eight away a games laugh doable of taking a thousand three partners the season. Big, but that a thousand thousand a thousand marriage loiter told somebody in the eighties a guy's, a headlong rush Chris forwards like taken one game: they woe is, but he knows get some framework. Reporters wed men, so here's the case. But it's also really stupid, though, and people do some of the arguments about like No bird never made this many dangers
guys like you just it's not it's not Saint game. I am I want to wait to Seattle last two weeks play out, but I'm going to give you the best case for Giannis other than the fact that they have the best record in the league before games and he's the dominant two point. Two, a part of the way this year, she's only playing thirty two point: nine minutes the game and he still putting up. You know two thousand eight hundred and thirteen at six. If you do his thirty six, which in the playoffs will be playing thirty six minutes a game He's basically, thirty fourteen and seven hardens per thirty six is his play more than thirty six he's thirty, five, six and seven, so five more power, Yes, yes, I seven up or ribands in the assessor about the same injustices, a transformative defence upon the other side. That's amazing! That is it only through three minutes. They that a really nice job of protecting him up.
Getting a matter there when their doom blow out of just kind of pacing it and when it's the playoffs he's gonna to he's gonna average thirty, one thirty, two and fifty in a game which like shack in those three shack seasons in the class, it used to be you boys, we, like thirty, eight thirty, nine you're the best. Personally, like that's gonna. I recently like forty four and not sleep tonight before yeah? That's why his superiors, overt or thirty, would, I still feel I give they're gonna, be four or five games better than everybody else. Ed he's having this is in his heavy. I don't understand why he's not? There may be a with all due respect and appreciation everything hardens than the two way player thing is its very clothes. Is it so close it is so close, and I really don't think of over for either. Guy is the wrong vote, but but least wait to see how the seas and ensure for what is a year at a few
gets the one seed when they hit rock bottom during. I thought I'd just double check that doable. Is that really He, who knows that always alone my mail, but seriously the fact that its even a potential thing here, but you write a man who knows about old state that governance they DAS game. It does. Something was wrong, showed it. I had some game. I was watching. The doubts is up. Thirty, as I tell Miss misprint yeah, the power of the seventies. Dallas semi safeguard stay forty one as it come on. That's not really there yeah. I know I turned it on to make sure it was real, and I went. Am I going to watch this now and it's like, I probably don't, need to watch this now. So do I. I think I think I'm leaning harden but I don't. I don't like that. It's because you get sixty one points as we can that some people do in that, like that's the stuff where I think we all like idiots. Where are you there's like aiding aim, so an alias guys play most of em and just
is he had sixty one looks like: did you have a unanimous vote Friday and then ardent get sixty one and it's like up change of all like that's that's where I think he began. Will reject. That was his best performance of all the performances there. Did you see the shots? Specula Lester minutes that was really adequate, draw rakers is frustrated. I can give a watching him. Sometimes I'll, also make my self go. Ok! What these are insane shots, but he's make insane shots. But I some are some live in Denver a couple years ago and it was funny to some years ago, Logistic live when you go. It's you. Weird. Yet so we are watching them live because everything sorted stops and then makes these shots and you just go with you know what he's was to do with us, so there forty seven and twenty seven, what were they? They were like three for games under five hundred or one playwright right, I only two years ago were none so really happy than in the choices and it became
almost like a porter. It was almost like a trump carry over from today's sixteen, whereas, like every just attacking ever does this candidate. I think these are too great choices. These are dead whoever is number two this year. That is a worthy awesome. Number, two runner outperformance ya, think The season by one of those guys is not know when the envy p Annie, and this is an empty. Both of those guys are having to the better, they pieces and we ve had this decade, sir. I think it's a positive or negative break? Let's actually talk about all birds dedicated to making stylish comfortable footwear, easy premium, natural materials design for lives every day ventures like the all birds, wool, runners, comfy she's, made from work Why do you love your will? Runners their colours for us like a slate gray, blacked have a guy data. They look. Design simply no unnecessary luggers, come in a bunch of classic colors limited edition shades
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as a legitimate coach of the year case stupid is some of the San Antonio stuff is Yoda. These guys figured it out again. They have another Forbes. I guess I can't believe what doing? I can't believe device airs trade bringing You guys midseason and all those guys are immediately playing for them and they have lost a beat, and it's really impressive right dunno what why Seeing him again, you like our way like that's right. The sky was actually pretty good and I'm sure this The forget you know all the altogether was heard all time, so I can Imagine them beating Portland. I just I can't watch mechanisms that healthy for that serious though it's very like South Korea, has been the leading score report. Nonetheless, couple weeks other than Willard, though ass since Maccallum went out I have to say that it is a universal right, but to me I still think lizard finds a way to carry them through this. I guess I kind of wanted to see the ok see match up was vexed by,
never ceasing. Westbrook sat Celeste minutes a month he's the shooting percentages are up here. At the end actually might have been a slip for him. The purpose schreuder went the other way and it's been an apocalypse and Adams looks like he's backed up, and I don't know if I don't know, if I'd mind playing them as much as I would have a while ago, by the way. They're. Quite the mailbag question I got the most this week was: how do you reconcile the fact that Doc rivers has completely out coach, Brad Stevens in season at twelve different variations? That would gets really personal for you. I know you're cool now right you and Agricole taxed at it. Some job right, but I mean. There's a hot air where it's a? U know up and down like everybody else, but he was a terrible gm another. He just coaches, the team and has the right type. A team has done a good job. I also think
it really does he might? That was a circus train, a co chair, the blade Chris Paul, the Andrea that that all crew and and then the people back put in the play with them compared to the Gaza Niger says he's Loki due to play hard. You know what I think The team he's greater coaching. I got more Intel on the Blake and Paul thing yet yeah when there are. You want to prefers expert Hey man, I I think Paul get sick of him yeah and one of them to make a decision and they made a decision and gave Blake the full contract, and then they made a decision but later
Ah, you I'd I'd always Herbert like look, I don't I don't know Blake side of it. I dont know Chris inside of it, as far as like I've, never talk alone, but that it works. Chris hammer me yeah restarted. Doubt him as a team it. My boy Look I mean how many times have you heard the people, a lovely workers? Baltic? So I don't know anyway, it wasn't like a conclusion. Thing, but it was always pretty open publicly about guys. Everybody here is all about basketball like he had the classic. Passiveaggressive quotes out there that are these guys they or their China. The original carry the Christopher, you know every other team allowing Traps Campbell Walker that you're our didn't. Do that that tax? Did you see stuff Everson? It's only a certain swearing again carried it yeah yeah. I can't I can't go back there.
I can't say I have some questions. Further. Ok loved this is from Mark is Grey New Jersey, based on the bronze track record as a town, a valley waiter, who will be a worse mba honour. The broader m J M, just credit set of pretty pretty low bar many would be more gonna go there and three agency because they, like Jordan, growing up posters, he had really got. We say dumb, dumb shit, sometimes, but he's the haughty as over. The hundred ratio is gas worship and will sign the sun mid level deals for him and the second one other teams worried about it then really work your way we get, I guess Bain it platoon. My answer for this- I guess I don't. I don't know how much Leubronn should be blamed for this Lakers roster, because there is a great clip floating around last week of this interview. MAGIC Johnson gave at summer leg ready
the did all the signings where he like explained it like he was. You know Steve jobs explaining how it came up with the Iphone. But it was about all these dude societies. I watched I watched all these. Play off series and people think it's about shooting it's, that about shootings about tough, this, the teams added it's where the toughest seems like Houston, The shooting here. That's our great mistake: shots Abbas, MRS Shots, a team that advanced were the two mentally tough so? We want two guys that were tough, yet with all hollow famers. Do I he added that the whole affair part hopes. But you watching your like. Also this wasn't an accident they of Land Stevenson in regime rundown I dont know, cards. So that's a big into that. That's a bit of a departure than from our earlier disagreements about this Lakers roster in. I still feel they're running by others. Things by I idyllic he signed off, but the with the way magic talked about. This did make me feel like it was all his
They at least and then the Brown add two. Did you see the clipper Polenka saying we look like this? Is Heaven from our bread from Heaven yeah and I kept waiting like I hadn't seen that original thing, so there is basically oppressor. It's on Polenka was going around this weekend and you can't wait at it you can't quite see who the player is and then like I was a and it was Pope how cheese is if it Is this really like intense, like theirs? Is philosophical approach to it and, like he's detail. This quote and what it means is like, and we see players like this is is breathing its bread from Heaven and he turned and, unlike oh so, there's a chance that all three of those guys may not be there Am I July first, do one polenka and magic
you started lacking to do that the magic no way no way now? Maybe it see you strip of responsibilities but keep him. One of those days? That would be too soon Vat is this year's bet who soon yeah as issues by one and I can only urge the magic chance. What have they done? That's it the have you talk to any about how the Coopers God Zoo Batch, were the lake called the amateur like hey you and shit in Badge from Scotland, Coopers or leg shore, and then the trade just happened. That's how the trade abbot If I call you, ok, you students, fifty thousand dollars. I just have it sitting around in my house, I'll just give you the suitcase full of cash, but okay, I think they're best anyway. I just don't think I think you're under estimating the magic, I don't think that's a dump him! I'm saying strip him like.
More ceremonial, then somebody who's, like you know it's a great idea, tough, this Nathan, one those markets- smarter, real, tough guy or fake, tough guy- As we see, this is a big jail in rows. Topic about the whole me back these NBA guys who seem like they wanted? but they don't really want to fight. I actually think is really wants to fight and is ready to fight- and, I think is a real tough guy is made of aviation after watching here he can even flop too much for me, but that's all part of it the embodied play. I thought he'd flopped again be hit him, but I think markets also sold. It seems the rare retaliation after a flop, which you don't see a lot from that look. I bet I know that he get head, but I think he was also a may go to them. Ah, I don't think he's effect of guy, but I dont not now not when you do all the stuff that he does out. There are many real
Guys are the right. Now I've got more both more as brothers. Sometimes Marquis, though, like those guys are pushed around keep like that was my things and when he was on the wizards, if you would like the guy early in the game in the late, in a game that when they blew that series of celtic Stare arrow, I didn't Bacco Breadths David's, Cocoon yeah, five, impressive Zulus doing I have always or my favorite for allowed. They would lose you inferior team in a great while we still know we're better make of concepts it s out, excited the calves, like, while they were scared of us than one place. Yeah, that's right. I say Thomas torch, you guys salmon Levin atoms, how he had that? Definitely you see that Clear Adams, judges. I keep punch me in the face. I love it right. More I'll. Put you back. Eventually, riches gibbey three bore shall billions
David westwards, like a real, tough guy, that nobody messed with the idea of a worse disagree. Honor was Kevin. Well, it's a tough guy. Was he just the first guy that was Jack. Member Kevin Willis chemicals had arms and other do no one had arms arms and yes that one year right around the time, baseball guys were were bigger. Bigger work, Havel said, like seventh Ribands game owes ages the thick. He looked like the rock and fast five another one errand salmon wants to know Ben summonses scored how many times over thirty points in a game in his career. That's his first question which your answer one twice, what has been summoned his career
thirty eight thirty to forty two. He then farther up princes in the green, it is worse, is better Siemens overrated via Unex, but first a word from hundreds of regret about. Where from that, why is there not a sponsor? I don't you want to do a lot more shut up let's do a shout out for these guys last break to Roman. Did you know that more than half of guys will experience erect how dysfunctions point their life muslim. Don't talk to their doktor bad it! That's why Roman is made it easy to get checked out. It's a one! Stop shop, the treaty from the comfort of privacy,
I'll handle everything. I mind for diagnosis to prescription, to shipping getting started, quick, easy gotta, get Roma com. Slash bill, complete a brief outline visit. Once your doktor ensures that treatment will be safe and effective for you, they prescribe FDA, approve medication to be delivered indiscreet pact. You need your door free to their shipping. Hey talk to a doctor. Edi can be tough to tackle, but it's really important get checked out with Roman. It's easy to take care of today. Roman is giving my unless there is a free online visit and free to dash get Roma com slash bill for a free visit to gets there. That is get roman Dhaka slash, but it is interesting that aid haven't been that many players in obey history, who had the chance to be like a top six or seven guy, but really
and put out more than twenty to twenty two points in a game, and if they got super hat and a game it might get the thirty chasing. It was at that for a long time, usually its point guards. It's not other, I guess, but Instead, there is a point that he eyed outright, but twenty five reveries when somebody says the Jason kid Camp was Simmons because the shooting are right. I got you know that still good so, where my society, what ten years this, ten years aimed not being able his shots and then he's gonna be Jason kid from sire I dont see their camp with that. It doesn't make any sense to me and in somehow that's a window onto Jason KIT along time. That's a whole point. That's why we're freaked out the oddity that you point out. While for last year you go in the Sixers going gonna have to tie. Ten players and they're gonna be right there. This next run is gonna, go through Philadelphia, felt real and then the
on what those expectations are that when you look like the exact same guy or some people are figure new out a little bit and I think in a series Simmons becomes at different player because a how you can defend them. The same you know it's the same opponent, five, six seven aims and you're gonna member. This, like you, get better at following your own rules, and so I think that hurts the six as I think that hurts been summons and in the year to do not see any. Semblance of anything that looks like progress? That's why he's this weird could have been a top ten, but probably isn't a top twenty guy right now, despite the flashes at times like this, is sick like watching him do some stuff. They was doing. I rented heat youngest gave it right back to him, but like how many other guys can physically match Janius in this leak. That's the thing, though, is a plus athlete right Move the shooting thing he's. There's this exclusive club of athletes, harasser they get in the NBA right now he's on that short, less so play. He made against Boston. I thought was the most interesting play. I've seen him make in his career them
time in the last minute when he took it to the basket, drew contact and made that now, as I got, there was a big time scoring play I haven't really seen him do anything like that in that kind of situation. That was after Kyrie pointed at him to stay stay up here with Butler and then Kyrie stayed up too so Tatum, let ya a guy go to Paris. I didn't go free for the hope. I'm sorry I did it again I put the hears it like idle linked to Simmons thing, I'm worried for him. You know it's. It bums me out thinking that he's gonna, be this. Staggeringly an incomplete player, cuz! That's what it feels like. It was nothing I if you'd hit twenty seven percent from three, I go. Okay, maybe maybe we have something here, even though you wouldn't want to go, take a lot of shots. If that's, what he's doing
I have always found it kind of funny when, when guys go all well, you know shooting develops later you can you work with a shooting coach and all the stuff, it's gabert when there's nothing when there's no foundation whatsoever in the free throw still look stupid to. I think it's weird When somebody is that could have been afraid that coordinated and can't shoot backfire from more than you know, ten feet its history, to me because you should be able to figure that out. It should take one summer and you could at least become decent, so timid, say it's gotta be like more about mental black than anything else. My question through some good ones, is weak. Air short said
Oh Eric he's a greener. If someone Tommy's, I had done from the three point line or injured his shoulder on the rim trying to back a shot, but I didn't see it. My default position would be to believe it and then the check if it was real, he did injure of self, because shoes Nike makes for more human beings, cutting it in his foot, does that puts Zion into the Thyssen zone? Where does the Thyssen Zone not apply to feats of athleticism? My thought is this: is it zone. It's like a spin off so desired zone. Whereas on the horizon zone again, the Thyssen Zone is when but he is acting so crazy and so radically that at some at some point you believe any story about them. So unfair sing? I truly crazy. Was a deer MIKE Tyson get a tattoo and his face. He be like yeah believe
they re actually did, but then, as a deer MIKE Tyson when in a shark tank and killed a sharp with his bare hands. You beg yeah, believe that now is the time zone I think desired zone is an interesting idea. We believe just about anything that would happen with him on a basketball court. You talk me into it, so when the seizing a goal and right in Zaire was number one pact there were. Teams are reliable. We wanted, by the end of the year, if you'll be argued, very right and the guys right teams were all in the job market. Thanks to this, isn't new yummy. None of this is new to the people that are doing it, and I know not that's not some great revelation air, but why has happened and how this is clothes like I was even willing to listen to the hour debate. Is you go? You know shooting away
hand over thirty point. Scar right, he's gonna have more space in the NBA, which is a problem because his duties can't shoot so large, I'm just gonna forcing issue of it. The way this do season clauses are coming back in seeing in the moment, like there's no debate yet theirs I absolutely love this kid's personality me. Then he answered the way he answered against North Carolina, you know too close out. Did the ecstasy title name, the guy I got it. I got it, I dont know you like him reddish. I forget his even out there at times, and he may go top five so that part of Zion debate. If you want to worry about how big is he gonna get that it is a real concern, you don't want to get any thicker any that stuff. I would say enjoys competition already aware yeah, he enjoys petition and winning more than just about any young boy. I've ever seen like you really are. You
to do- is wait. It's like you did yesterday when they won the game will like it was like a spiritual, expect, its four we made it like, I just love the way. I love everything about him. He'll. It should not just be the physical space. And right that by comparing the mouse yeah two years the most to let you in spawned in those moments to were like hey. I got this like I'm gonna to be able to be like you he's gone now from somebody, Rosa cow. Well, can you she are eight and eleven shot handles better than that unites. I thought, the beginning of the year, tries really hard on defence, even though it has been totally note is doing yet, but even if he gets he'll, try to like black it from behind and saved the play like he won't quit on anything. If he doesn't pan out to the level that we all want him to, I don't think like there's a real conversation? You have really bored if he became by donor of we did this before or not, but what? If he became Blake Griffin and then everyone
I said that, right now everyone listen like. Oh, my god be huge disappointment. Milk! Would it be? I guess it's not not really fair, like Blake Blake, when he's health laced with it third, I be, I think people are now thinking about him in a dismal Bron, while IRAN cannot prospect that's what they want, but it's it's not gonna be mentality is an ugly attitude like I have if he doesn't meet the expectation. That we have made me or to lofty for him. It's gonna, be any of the things that we can't usually be like. We usually can't figure out in all the guy comes illegal. What have I got back? I hated Basque of our oh, you know this or whatever, like a feed. The old isn't any real enjoy that say at it ass. It seemed ramping. Fifty eight inches then landing at somebody's foot said the bad happening not covered over, doesn't Jonathan jobs for a great peace today about how that that guy
Yesterday kind of summed up what type of team you should build around Zion cuz? They don't have the three point shooting this year and they had this giant rim protector. Who was like this? I am kryptonite basically, and what do really needed was to have the two extra guys in the floor. Who could space the floor and create some space from didn't? Have it so he was saying like much like what Milwaukee figured out with Ian S like the type of team to put around Jana, so he can succeed. That's what whoever drafts ii Hopefully it's a team that knows what the efforts doing. That's the Tippit team, they're gonna, have to put around him now he'd succeed in any situation, but if you want to reach the ultimate Zaire destiny, you do have to put some thought into his play with them. And also aware what position gonna be I think you're right I mean what I think is a four, but I wouldn't be shocked if somebody play them as a five.
Yeah I mean, as does you said that I started thinking like women. Could he or she do that? I dont think France S election though he had a clip going around Fritz ESA, our conference yeah to him about Zion, because this is a great deal from a before those are? We never gonna do design topic that you wanted to do last week that we didn't do and we will save for this week, as I think you may enter the seamen zone on this one like you, might be so crazy on this. I am question that it might be worth. You really want to do this at the ninety minute mark of the past. We're losing standpoint? That's not re. Pretty much leads. Let's stay at next week's on my ipod Sogdiana withstood zoonotic April Orlando Lando weight in good faith, maybe he's he has a super contract question. This is ties into something I thought the NFL should do. He said. Let saves a person's supermax,
jack birth, forty million year. What? If the cap, it was only something like twenty five million. This way teams could build around supermax prayers team would be happier the play receiving the country, we'll be happier. So there would be some sort of advantage for longevity with the same team would allow for the team to build a more smartly round the pair. I was that the NFL should do their psych after five seasons, five straight seasons of the team every year. That guy can you get a million off wherever that guy's cap figures and allow, like you, know the ravens keep Re Louis for one more year and the Patriots keep Tom Brady for three barriers or whatever, I'm that against some version in this idea, that a team is rewarded for keeping its best poorer for a long period of time, and then that players are rewarded because his team as
little cap advantage. I don't know if it should be fifteen million, but maybe it's like. If you're with a team ten years, it's five billion off the copper. I don't know what do you think of this all for trying to figure out a way to, and it's not me being anti player movement but having fans feel better about the relationship with their star cause. You know it's much as people want to knock David stern. You know for emu. He just in. I didn't. I didn't like these days seem to make the enemy at times, but he made a great point like he used always thing rebuilding who today one filled play for now and you could say a bunch of different times and you would be right and maybe it seems old and our care to go. All you know I I just want my guy, but I know what it's like to see. Here I mean even those being this podcast talking about emotionally. How invest? I wasn't all this stuff, like. I just think about all these people that still or the customer,
the kind of get screwed over all the time, and we thought that with Pierce Red Boston EAST, long enough in Boston that we really did feel eggs. He was part of our life for a prolonged period of time, and it's cool lying on the ground and became a man and the whole thing, and that's now, in this new era, and I read another article about over the weekend. Recite the players charge. Now it's nobody's against the prayers being in charge, but. The is. Can we find a middle ground like can is located but it is stay in the same place for fifteen years and like what curries gonna do with gone stay right. I still feel it. That's. The most meaningful connection Where could have other people say now. The most meaningful connection is that they are in control of their own. Destiny are fine, but I still feel like what Perry has with their families. If she's gonna Madame were Toby had with the liquor fan base is gonna, be
are more than really any connection like somebody like Leubronn is never to have that same connection near Cleveland, the closest but like he left, we even twice so I don't know. Yeah, I imagine, thing like as long as you're, not putting something inwards, not the franchise tag, which is really been crucial for the NFL keeping certain salaries down, because if no one's ever getting to free agency, you can't reset the market ensuring a look of Andrew Luck were free agent to Morrow. You don't think you get the hell you doing here I mean it. I think a hundred million guaranteed easy illegible. In a hundred and ten million guarantees of it. So I, as long as it's not prohibitive to the player right was idle. Let's get combine Charlotte right, so can I if he makes thirty mile Ba, he gets a date through twenty from there to twenty. That's a disaster, if your Charlotte Year
lacking down somebody that you can't even make the password as thirty five percent your cap but you also want to lock him down because he's a really popular guy in Charlotte. They love them. He's a he's. A great God have a new team, so maybe he should be worth thirty eight, but only counts for turn up twenty eight we carry making forty two year should only be worth like thirty that that there is sort of way to figure this out that I feel it would be fair and then my Davis. They you know. Maybe that's a reason neurons to try to keep up our us. We just moved to the sis What's not even have contracts anymore, hedges go framework; every year and Siam comes into the wake of and added soccer and urges bidding ideas, and you have transfers cause, that's the other option,
I would like to know I mean imagine trying to project out what would actually happen. I give you just went hey no draft free market, how much resign. Yet we talked about this, I mean he would get the max. You get the max right away. Right now I mean Amarapura to better, Yeah and- and somebody would take themselves at our Deborah Ann Kaye- radishes, a hundred billion for four years and at a time when a meal be dissatisfied? Ok, but then you'd have to figure out like okay. If that's where all that money is going, that would that change they give. If you suppressing know salaries. You'd have to figure out where the the other salaries getting suppressed. You know like the NFL, did this thing works. I hate that. What you vote on limiting rookie contracts is again. It makes sense. Why would these guys make any money if they ve never proved another field and all yet often and I'll wait a minute? I put people really good at voting for staff did effects that the other people than themselves.
So when I felt was the worst case there, because when I left the younger to dilated teams being like could should we keep this guy? We ve had for ten years now, let's go the draft Ricky, who makes half as much exactly right. So that's then the thing we're all these vat swear, we voted. Did you get this piece? The pies is like actually now were deciding more those guys, then you I don't. Have you know like we're? What would they be taking from like with that lower supermax deals with that Would it be taking from anything it would just be like if you have the supernatural its capped at four thirty We need our cap figure, something. So whenever it actually downloader idea, though, I understand our innocence, hydrogen up her, I'm just saying, if you did the rookie thing on top of all that like we're, what if there is no cap would if it was just
how do you think seventy than the public, as you only need always honours? Don't trust each other? We ve gone through this too many times, rich, rich guys, don't trust each other not to make mistakes its? It becomes The charity auction at you at your kids, go where the parents and drinking and suddenly somebody's bidding for some crazy. You know the parking space in the in the school is going for. Ten grand every people lose their beds, so Ryan Thompson said You mentioned an article about from past major sporting new cycles and read them. We have them. That, wasn't recap us what about the re redoubles, but a read something I wrote in two thousand eight you have to get to the prayers. You wrote that I wrote this sucker. Whose numbers are Leonard. Numbers are down and five relevant categories is putting up is worse than resonates seasons, and we can safely say there's been residual damage from blank he's just that
same guy anymore. He's that here's the weird thing the Nick Anderson. I can't remember another good player flattering in his prime, purely because of emotional baggage from a couple of tough losses, but what the hell happened to blank, what happened to his edge? Why isn't in the demise of his superstars him. A little more personally he's like coal trickle at the sixty three minute mark of days of thunder right now. Who did I write that about two thousand? Eight thousand eight? two thousand eight dirt Nowitzki it's dark yeah. Three years later, when the title There is a real. That year I actually day member had to recall on, and are you unobserved was unravelling yeah go. You know, I'm sick of Isaac, I'm sick of everybody go and look out for Dallas, tat, size, guess yeah.
Was I like an opinion on the air and dig to Rico even agreed with me. He was kind like yeah. I know it's really good point like we waited on. We waited on him and like what is our way there and then they wanna title before we get calls ever Jim coroner. America's varied segment, so some more package names were deciding there's somebody a twitter per prick in rural development, which will mark a rational confidence. The wage shadows Tommy points pod sham pod. I remember a road trip to try. Cities wants slapped the floor because were to work. I slap in the floor below the rim below the rooms good. I think that a guide us yes, even see Smith, that is below the rooms, at tv, can take that path. Casters only was only NBA House. Did you really do that salaries?
cause been MBA Hall and actually paid. That is a good name for this back ass and then someone success suggested it's funny or in print the risk. The Reseller Simmons MBA Deaf jam package. The rustle seabirds there, I kind of like that. So we got it be a deaf jam. Can we get sued or you'd get sued right Ba Deaf Chamois reiterated its just the name of the title of a Deaf GM records workable Priscilla Simmonds amid the champ. I guess I don't know we'd have comedy Jim to what would you do? You see a spell differently. Think they're, just de there's, one more red, so there are others. And was really clever the departed de the nets. Departed scenario. Dont send us any more negative anymore. No you're, not a cop, might grow.
Process sets its working overtime. That's what happened! still damaged goods yeah. I was just like her. He's whenever that it really hits home on our borders. Like I get good to see that you married, I mean somebody can stand yet. You pricks workin working overtime. Her Damon is so good at being offered in that movie? You mean, like he's every guy that you didn't like in your like. I nailed it, which has great. Is everybody really likes him to graven? I'm in a post will do choices and were imposed on twitter people. Are you serious? I thought our thing was ruined. Pretend now I do not share they give anymore I'd rather gaiety measure the NBA verses, bad suggestions, fur for our people, love trying to name it they'll man Kyle gets it.
So. Can I got an email? Actually there's a car related email we oppose. Corner and Jim Corner, what about cow corner car Amazon is late nights again against His on an item girlfriend and his favorite bait- flavors, that's from James groaning under ready for that he's there ready for that. He hasn't asked for his own podcast, weighty we'd, have to start with car corner. Why no quarter this weaker terrifying apartment, that's one thing on we'll have a daily, that's cocksucker court! the west excited by the Back Ass Jim Corner. Then we get a thought it or pack. That's a triple age. Injury yeah, but then guys are like. If you really tore your pack, you would know so we had to strain had to kind of shut down. Some of chest exercises for about two weeks
I've been bevy legs. The last last few months has cried my knees, her all the time so great, my clothes with terrific, but my knees, my niece don't work anymore. The plot I'd want to report that I did two hundred and twenty five for a bunch of wraps the other day and I feel like I'm back filled. My chest is back, and I asked spot to, and it was also the best cuz it was the douchiest possible way. I could have done it. I was like hey man was like. Is there any way you can spot me here and he was like yeah man? What are you doing for and I was like it's not the weight as I got to. Five legged bite me. I'm I'm dealing with a slight injury here and I'm dumb, given it a go today to see, hello self, conscious about the two twenty five euro, one be judge a lot of times when guys, if they don't get a good dancer, bigger loading up in an accident to deal with them
but I actually was like. I was freaked. I added a heavy dumbo. I was in Chicago. I didn't warm up properly This wasn't in the right mindset and I just was going in, and it was very odd for me to be that non. Perhaps you know how it is and I felt some kind of like wiggle and then I went and kind of life did some push ups and I was like something's wrong, something's wrong, seven freak out about it for a couple weeks now, but like all right, look I'm going to go in and do a nice great warm up test. It feels right. Let's, let's go, and you know we don't have to go crazy, crazy here, both RON, two hundred and twenty five and we'll just see how it feels, but he's thinking like well. If this guy needs a spot for two hundred and twenty five, Maybe, like you said the guys, if you want to lift off or how many gonna sit down on it, I'm going to know right away whether or not we're good and then ripped out a bunch, and it was fine yeah, totally fine filter. Did you felt the guy side idea like a tiny bit? Yak? Isn't he
thinking. Why, with this guy, ask for a spot of you just did like ten rhapsodists, no problem like what was that she struck up a friendship with them hey man, you go back and lack room. Look at some. Seventy five Yoda, you guess peanut butter, shake hey we'll see you and I get a smoothly watch him. Squat buys nude old man gets him to me, males about Jim Corner, including somebody who claim that in old guy bent over he just like seventy. Eight year old anus like three feet from his face and has just never I'm tellin- you there's a meeting, they have, they have a thing bogus have media and they go. Let's make it the worst experience ever like you're in, The pact are all in on it. It's like we had our bodies. Now our goal is to get govern us hid themselves. As I look at old men looking at me. And I know I'm gonna be looking at the vote of me in thirty years and hate that guy to no doubt
Within every now and then I'll just see some old bastard, that's like still just going for it. Imagine he's on something. If you tore pack, she tore peck. How would you work out what happened lotta legs, cardio eggs, lay exercise back like stuff, curry, yeah, probably dog,. Why should I always ivy? Don't don't get her before the plants were needed for the plans for the path we need it for the deaf to him and be a packet. I need to go somewhere for like four days now. I'm thing about like bouncing for forward is to get my mind right right for class. Yes. I allow another site. I see a lot of people gotta to loom on Instagram. I've noticed have you done any Mexico? What about a road trip? Ajar heart, o er, I've never done the roadmap. Is that must idea. I've ever had driving the Mexico. By myself I couldn't other things you just never seen again, they where's ran because other
for the players will use your ought to be in Mexico two hours ago, some about torrents, hires God there said about his gps- has been deactivated. So I just suggestion role around in an in an ice range. Rebecca, I myself, have you been hawaiian yeah, I love it. I shall just do that. Do I Besides, I rise in eleven alliance of five hour who I fight. The Maui thing is state that Jason Siegel, forgetting Sarah Marshall Hotel, swung around the confirm forever. The me, the coolness of battle, tell us exactly what have I shut, my excess therewith, fiancee heavy awkward. I wouldn't national as well as Jason, sealed it. You know at the Red next to them do threat this rigour now do I have to do on this week? No you're not doing all right. I must get on that road schedules. I dont there. Okay, wheat is looked at each other. What we'll talk
so no good whereby the ran reseller packets, Rhine whistle upon the new segment for unveiling on certified life coach. Ah, we got a guy that these twenty nine taping ten minutes with him tomorrow. He wants a tragic It is life on track. He doesn't seem like he seems like little a few things going for him now, so we have something work with get. The thing is, though, as I told my friend about idea and he's so into it that he stopped this kid's entire life and, like started, sending me emails of like ok. This is where his work- and this is the sole deal is. Can we really are Let us get away! I know thou art solar, so next week we we can officially do our Olympia or weak away to more weeks. Yeah I'll do let me yeah aims, eight or so depending. But I I let you down, I lay down last week and then, when I did, it was ass. I go. This is how it is
I should have done. I gotta, say: there's not a lot of controversy with the earlier this year. In the envy, peace like it's too awesome choices and we should get our pissy bad it do you want to come to the gym with me. Now sets offer her seat next week? A blacksmith I'd thanks to ride thanks the Zapruder I've got to get his occurred. I'm such bs thanks to sulfide, did you know you being underpaid by a bank account it's true, maybe That's myself, I just launched so far money. So I checking and savings morphed into one single account. You learn way more interest on your money and you'll pay. Zero fees open a sofa money account, learn how you can get your money right at sofa dot com.
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Have seven tapping Chagall than nothing.
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