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Guess the Lines Thanksgiving Week Special With Cousin Sal (Ep. 289)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss Dak Prescott's disappointing Sunday night (5:00), Kansas City's chances of losing the AFC West (14:00), Wentz vs. Brady MVP odds (18:00), the NFC playoff picture (22:00), Tony Romo's lack of luck (29:00), the three Thanksgiving Day games (37:30), the Rams-Saints marquee matchup (44:00), Blaine Gabbert vs. Blake Bortles (51:30), Panthers-Giants (1:01:00), and another edition of "Parent Corner" (1:07:00).

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ass, the ringer fell. Show the watch. I dont know four can have another, we watch. It was this week, but I think we had one. Last week we have a bunch of common house, carbs big. What's the big, it's big thanksgiving, absurd, Redtape yeah. I think it's a good. It's a bracket! Oh yeah House Carbs has a bracket Ferrara for all the sites and thanks, given that got a really heated, apparently Joe, has put someone up. That's it. We're gonna have cousin salaries by phone this week, he's not. Are some that are also used to do in these that we can do these on the phone first protein. Unlike us, how we are debating its Africa dates. What would he read? It.
You know when I get the press when I make horrible bad, I eat you now as a result in the big fat man here, terrible terrible, terrible, bad bad cement, so the cowboys were humiliated last. They reject Prescott. Looked like a fourth round pick. Are you worried about that Prescott? you think is throwing motion was a little off. He did look like someone who doesn't necessarily practice alot last last week, He looked hurt tat I was greatly arise. Didn't look right out. I wouldn't be surprised that he was heard, but do not listen. No tyrants met the Eagles defensive fierce I don't even know how they stayed calls in the first half, although that was one of my pick, the cowboys plus for the time, but there in trouble to back to back twenty plus. Boy losses and it's gonna matter I'll. Take when the second matter we're going to go through the whole plant picture in a second adieu.
Mention, though, that Eagles game last night was fast nanny from gambling standpoint, because pretty much everybody pay then wagered and the Eagles and the line moved of the solid three points it went from three after six and a half. I could not come up with this single reason it take Dallas and yeah. Why did it but the eagles in a tease, just every single, simple the Eagles in every time. That happens. Something weird happens in the game. So we're action is game. They think kicker gets a concussion immediately. They're dead, The cowboys take the lead, nine seven and it just had all the making I've, just America getting screwed over and when they nine seven as I this is that the cap is a definite covering. This is just its destiny happened there happened, it was one of the rare everybody one games which I guess kind of softened the blow,
from the chiefs blowing every single three ts that everyone had in America. It didn't soften the blow. For me, though, because I did not have the Eagles How did we lose? I need to again although the vaguest books, God murdered yesterday with the Patriots, an eagle look like you said everybody with all over them. Favorites were nine three and one against the spread, and we still considered continue to get slaughter here, yeah Andy read that any Red sat all right. The window can be forty five miles an hour in in New Jersey and can be raining and crappies. I got zits the giants, though, like Andy Red off by never loses never loses the bad times. Now you just the feeling that we had a chance to bet against alive at half time and third and fourth quarter, and we just didn't do it. I don't know it's one of those that are on the stand games. This figure it out. They were near mid feel and it was a tie game and they had a trip to head Travis see for some reason throw pass
which he has worked out for the chief some people, who are the quarterback returning impasse? I guess the mindset yesterday was that Alex Smith was so bad, maybe have other guys are the bar, so he just check it out there. The giants get it. They don't do anything they pint. The part returned just let's go over said for it. First reasons that are still unclear rose to like the sex and then they have our Smet just chuckled over the meadow gets pact. John, get to feel go that than the chiefs have to come. All the way back down out of tie the game and they do and they get to like the eleven, and then Alex Smith Fur food. Some reason just takes off and thinks he can score from the twelve yard land gets tackled at these last time out goes. First time, but they get the ball since our citizens go, they get the bar. Now nothing happens and then the giants rib down. I thought it was an embarrassing loss and I hate the chiefs there. I hate their guts
I really am very weird what what what's going on damn. I know we have Karim Hunt who would looked unstoppable like he was gonna break. Every record up into brocade here, he's gonna break every single record, an hour lucky, you get bottled up all the time you lucky. If you get seventy five yards out of them and in others there's just no deep threats. So now they're now there, the chief again the chiefs that we now and yet a two game wade, looks like they're gonna, win that While the vision, Travis Kelsey said teams are cover two on us and we haven't solve the Edison cover too, like the most basic defence, you can play folklore. He gets up covered two, and play with my I'm I went through, I went are the teams trying to figure out if there's any. This is a great time. The bet, usually, if you just like ride certain teams in China, you said a guy that things can go five into are here, comes that team or whatever the play of pictures, especially bizarre. This share, because right now
not only is Baltimore the Succeed in Baltimore, even though they had three shut out of Sheer Joe flak o is so bad even in Green Bay with bread, hardly just check in the bar and everybody ingesting completely incapable of even going three points. It still felt like flak or wanted to keep Green Bay in the game, and you just can't do it. I it's hardly amateur. We ve he's gonna, be in the play ass, and then you look at that. I guess there's four teams echoed jumped them since his foreign sex, the charges are foreign, six buffaloes, five and fire, but heading in the wrong direction. And then the jets are foreign sex, but have a bunch of tough games left there? I keep coming back to the charges to week. I think they are rode off their only foreign sex, their game behind bars,
they're playing your crappy cowboys on Thursday. Then they have Cleveland washed in home, Washington last Chris Thompson, which I don't think they're going to recover from a fence the way that guy was doing everything for them at Casey at the jets home for Oakland. I think the chargers can go five in one here, especially if they win this Thursday game, which I think they're going to I think there are alive lap, dog, nine in seven Baltimore spam five Houston Monday night Humphrey Trade at Pittsburgh on a sudden aid actually won. Home for Indian, since he feels like nine and seventy Then it's like wound that since games week. Weak seventeen. What's what are they gonna, therefore, and sex? home, proudly yeah, that's fire and sex home for Pittsburger. Monday night Winnable home for Chicago Minnesota, Humphrey Trade at Baltimore, the more I'm looking at this. Unless today the teacher
there's a loose to dumb games? Has there the damn chargers and they'll, probably finishing nay, the more I'm looking at this there's a chance, since he bought more weeks, seventeen is gonna, be apply, Afghan sure, re out. Why not you look at these. People were looking at four and 16th and like our this could be the one to another. Four and six, because nothing's guaranteed win. That's what happens in gonna try to sell you on the charge of the plot six. Fifty two in the Irish Sea two games behind the chiefs chief started beat him so like two and a half but and an angel ago they were the charges, they lost the jaguars and than typical charges fashion, but They are I think, of the most dangerous of any of these teams. You just mentioned it very strange, the figure out who we want a route for all In saying we want to go against boy portals in the first round upon happy I wanna bet against, but if it's Ravens, Jacksonville and Jack already beat them,
five hundred and thirty I don't know what we do. We may have to have to pass on that one. Yes, so the chiefs would be to write them off and think they're going to go in a tailspin, and then you look at their schedule their home for Buffalo this week and then there at the jets the next week. I find it hard to believe they're gonna lose both of those physical, at least one and one at worst, another at seven wins the net. Open the week after opens awful. I watch the entire oak impasse game yesterday. It's a rare combination of terribly urged none other receivers can make a play and their secondary Cancun. For any buddy. It's really like the perfect storm of a team you wouldn't want in two thousand. Seventeen they stand demonstrates our revenge on that all contain. They lost that those in our game really weird ending the other like three on time. Down This up, you're right, I think everyone. I think, if the paths had really wanted to add that they could have put up sixty in their game. I really do if they had been legs like brain cooks, they can cover,
the whole game boy, air, the path in a nutshell and did not at any thought the raiders could, when this game, after with forty, not them both fourteen, not them, and at least two good, job of killing the clock than their smart do not give Brady I'm at the end of Europe. After that, that's worth teams lose a game until it that taken down there at night. The third that taken at that until like three before they snap at and then of course call throw that pick inside the tent. The. The Europe of seven yard lined with thirty three seconds left you only the patriots could have a running play. The on Louis that's twenty are granted a twenty seven then ass, bad ass, can feel, go and the game is over and that's it. That's a patriot. They'll give you didn't, give The whole first have to play. They give you dinner fifteen minutes, plus thirteen and a half minutes of the second quarter net. That's, why is dangerous. They always funny about. That was when they got the ball back yeah.
Needed these started calculating how they're, only at the three points the figure that out of the forty five yards because it, but not with a run like taken Anoplotheria bottled up before Oakland, had no idea of his coming certain. I think I actually they could be the hard for Casey not to win the division that really the railway I've game. They have, as they have a home gaming. It's the charges on a Saturday and weak fifteen, but you know that they have to get the pudding. Higher Abe seized and they get home game. It gets open and then they get to play that Crappy Denver team in Denver whose firing their efforts a coordinator and completely self, could busting side think see, makes it the the spot said. Avail bar, thus to wildcard spots, Tennessee, say on four, and get to play everybody else in the AIR Sea South again they get to play at zone and at San Francisco there only tough game is home for the rams. Feels, like tennis, he's going to make it, even though they just got beat by thirty points. But I love you like this we always have the hour Fantasy League, the first
Rather the play ass, we had a shaky which is the most pressing restaurant and allay the shaken Zan sunset, and we have the ship he's banquet and they always put the word, stay of cease, Fc Plath Game, there's always a bad one, and that was there with ideas that have nineteen years in a row, but it's the end deductible right this year there is actually, I don't know which game they would pick, because if its Jacksonville Baltimore that's what where's playing games of all time and there may be a turnovers nightcap. The other possibilities Casey Home for Tennessee, which is also an atrocious gain than on a watch. So I don't know so. I would be, though it would be the most fond of the chargers got in church, because, actually enjoy watching the chargers. I think they're fun teen their foreign six, but they could easily be seventy three or eighty two Play makers in their defence is fun and it's fun to watch them.
Home when they have had no effect ends I would like to see them yet. A home play a game by the ETA. Definitely would be the most fun succeed in the group, but do not let them there. The fantasy play you like, fell rivers thing is body language anyway, from Tony Gordon, I think and, like you said, both in Ingram on defense are all a lot of fun, and maybe they got the south korean kicker back intriguing thickly, so the Patrie into in Pittsburgh, Satan too the Pats really only have one third, the pat somehow to schedule gods gave them Miami twice a buffalo twice, both of whom are in it head on Spain, car crash combo, and then they get the jets we seventy tough game. They have as weak fifteen out Pittsburgh Pittsburgh graduate. Much harder, but at least they have Cincinnati on a Monday night. They have Baltimore Norman than there, that Pats game feels like the passage
be the once it, and if the pets are the once it, then that means they're playing Casey Tennessee Baltimore the chargers, one of those teams that we just made fun of a home. That's their anti game. It really seems like it's almost impossible for them to make the sea title game re built. Let's not forget that their first round game of had said with a second round game, but their first game last year in the plan for the give broke out flowers east intact- and there were like a sixteen that point. Five, they make a covered tact and were in the game for a while and I covered. So I don't have a good gave much worse than that, but I also think of trying to think of the patriot. Second string could get the succeeds in the way. I see it, a second strength you get basically because I can't wait about their deepen their given up their ads. You have anything over the last seven games defensively the secondary law, better. They still not really have a pass rush. I think it's been mass.
Little bit by how bad some of the teams they played our. But I I would love to see the complete list of all the terrible quarterbacks. The patriots have gone against the playoffs like the last ten years, because remember they point Tito in her they all rapid. They had ass Weiler that every day they fed they that's a beauty Matt job right when is like careers fallen apart, they ve had some deuces, and here I would say my dream would be for Baltimore somehow be Jacksonville and to be able to get Joe flak go on the road the way he's playing Joe fires really really really really really bad he's really awful. I don't know what happened in that guy. Mallard. I used to be the tame you're afraid of the re beyond that, no longer afraid the ravens there, no deep threats, not them nothing, special garland, there I just that there were a lot of bad quarterbacks it if you forget Marianna through for pigs Thursday, because Nathan predetermine through five yesterday and act through three
wealth through radio, someone out a double the chief through three I get healthy through on in that and Alex method. But somehow little a lot of bad quarterback boy. Yesterday in summer, eliza throwing enough. I, if I'm a giant Spain, absolutely furious that we want that game. I'm just furious. I would have its- I guess accurate as ever. Choice is he's get fired anyway, but that that really probably cause them to first pick and the draft. I congratulate you beat the chiefs and the fans looked just so miserable forty five degree winds here. It's awful football gave their us. It they're just wondering what has happened in their lives God bless him for sticking around for that over time, but, like Ireland, work than others gave Mackadoo a of credit for that went yesterday and having his Babby is delight they're gonna, dominate Ike, have obeyed the lifetime. To that thirty, seven thirty one. There were three and three four thirteen on third down by. He said that healthy, throw that
I have been the best path with a day by the way and yells nice. They walked out a lot a lot of different ways. Member without Smith was there was head. Best envy piazza yeah death, those days. That was something what it the nation is torn between Brady and wines for every day. Brady's minus one fifty and wants is plus one fifty it's a tough one a tough one. I think our wits is great. He was not here a couple good. I actually didn't think you guys put their that press, played bad, but I didn't think you played as bad as a team, and there are a couple times Your defense seem, might they're gonna get him and he just did car when staff and got around moved around and men get lives little wrath US burglary, heavy cream ass, I don't wanna, go I'm degraded, but he's got Anna, like the best offer of rock, was Burger Anna Little Aaron Rodgers TAT really like it. You should
route for this guy goes with Brady's in the rock was burgers Any areas are gonna, be gone soon and then you gonna we're gonna have Carson once the shine Watson and then we should does football fans hope that nothing happens to those guys in the upcoming years that nothing bad or worse than what I'm in the shower Watson, but yeah he's pretty spectacular, if we data, if we did a draught of guys in your twenties you'd, want as your quarterback, I think, he's the first pick. Tate would rather Emma came in Cameroon. Craig regularly should have the brown around two years ago. They had forgotten idea, say life there no guarantees and no sure thinks well. There are two exceptions. Sound, I losing a three ts and husky tennis and eighty twenty four husky started. Big things for people may think they did with common sense them and adding function never fails, make it tools that stood the test of time
ninety three years later, Husky still making quality crafted durable tools. Husky stands by their hand, tools for life, the gave them a lifetime warranty, unlike the husky ratchet with a one hundred position, ratcheting design and ten percent longer handle them. Standard ratchets, do what other ratchets can't or the virtually unbreakable husky flashlight with the ability to withstand a thirty foot drop both guaranteed for lifetime built. So you won't need that now, that's a pretty sure thing to ask you that common sense learn more and huskytools dot com, husky common sense tools, since one thousand nine hundred and twenty four with hand tools guaranteed for lifetime found only at the home depot. Let's go over the end the plan picture really quick. I think you can make a case, though the rams are vulnerable here. I think they needed that game Esther their seventy three! We have New Orleans this week at
His which is Arizona, always beat somebody that they should be in the last five weeks, Humph home for Philly at Seattle at Tennessee and then seemed Cisco the last week and I keep good at Seattle since Seattle Atlanta Plan tonight, and actually they get land, is gonna win but of Seattle. Some have pulled out? Then there are at San Francisco home for home. Fulfilling Jack's of a home for the Rams at Dallas Home for Zonia, and they ve, already beaten the ribs and it's all kind of it's all kind of heading toward weak, fifteen Rams Seattle, I think, There is a scenario where the rams don't make the class. Could you see that first of all, Seattle will pull them out, and I could we both like Atlanta tonight, Only that anybody in Atlanta said to gauge the policy has laid the lad to worry about that by a right. Seven in three. If they go to
for the rams the new you read their schedule that that possible that they go to enforce down a stretch, make it ninety seven. I think you need ten when get that succeed, unlike the EP, say, I think, for sure teams like Atlanta and whoever loses between Carolina nor ones were first place and same goes. I think I think, there's teams, I think that's weird, could how many an empty teams, last year. We are, we not going to say I possibly Detroit, definitely Green Bay. Almost there doubtless an here's, the thing or use a thing with the trade, because they play Minnesota Thanksgiving at home. There when it's really easy schedule, the rest of the weather apout to buy at Tampa hope for cargo adsense e home for green bay- and I do too gonna be hanging around and they had this tendency of date. You yet again, some course. You up the ass winds. I yesterday today that bears game which I throw know how they, when the bare scamp, but I this
whirlwinds, rams gain this week is going the terminal ladder, what happens if they can the intimacy, because here so of New Orleans blows it now, eighty three and then have Caroline at home at land on a Thursday night. This is next eighteen days, that's a pretty brutal. Jack Rams home for Carolina at land on the left, Then again, Atlanta can leap, frog, everybody if they just get hot right now, which I think is an inconceivable Carolina that's a fun got. That's a fun. No ever get that succeed at the fund. Match outbreak as you'll have Seattle, potentially Seattle Atlanta at three six or you know who would be the or five obeyed. What is it you? Don't you don't barman authority? We gonna get, but it could be, could be New Orleans, Detroit as a driver for five or three said yeah, pretty much
and if she played games are fine, unless the trick gets the right to join and he said TAT. We should mention ass. A new Orleans is eaten too, but they have at Rams home for Carolina and Atlanta in that stretch, but then awesome Minnesota eight into there at the Detroit on Thanksgiving, which is always a tough game at Atlanta and then at Carolina. Those are all losable games. What day is aging them in that they are doing a nice job back. Won't work being convinced that case keen him? Is it solid, quarterback, razor glucose over ten other color Bactra, just God awful, but likings at the second best offence of wine in the end, the league and enough top three defence and did it do it makes a lot of day. One is the biggest break out for his neighbour in the game right now, yellow it's! It's looking. Good for Minnesota right now, but I could see them loose in three or four at some point in including the boy out. Yes,
if I don't trust case, gingham you're good, it's ok right that hurt anyone. It's the vigorously Edward Ass, their backing spans think that we just have discounted this team all year. I will set up I'm not sure who would have one that game of Cooper CUP doesn't fumble in Second quarter, which was huge play, but the vote the rams are about to go by. Touchdown again their lot of momentum and then the Plato them. Then he had another big drop in the second half. I thought he really hurt them. I have had him on my fantasy, trade. If I had a momentum for two months, is he might not be that good easy easy. Is that a lot of big drops from them? And now, with today's date they say woods came back yet come back years, current data. For God, I don't think it's a We don't have keepers on our team, but I'm not sure you would be one anyway. I like tat the body put at best it. The vikings went into their game lombardy
it thereby last night the wagons winner game and thereby Tiger is that baby S and gender gaps de Bosnia, beating as he can have everything us and them to figure it out yet I think the rams took a hate yesterday. They did not look like they already that that that gave me to be planted a certain level. There are just a little too sloppy Carolinas kind of looming here too, with that they had to add the jets that's sold and New Orleans. I think that was a ridiculous when the head yesterday. Congratulations are there, but you know washed and should whom I would say ninety five times out of a hundred should win that game. It just seems like that. There's something off with that New Orleans team, another winning Betty when you watch and you feel like that's like a dominant theme- I certainly don't live it up. We have pressed for their defence, the whole last
but the latter more within it within an hour games. But it they look like the same saints T venture, but it also looks like through breeze of playing Popham and can kind of bring of timber. Whenever he added Well, I mean at eighteen point in the fourth quarter. So that's that's pretty remarkable splain possum I fancy to imitate damage the figure of your fantasy damage, it is a bad omen for the rams. I think when you accidently dropped, yard Gob Saturday yeah. I had an Iphone see waiver accident, I waved Jared Gaffer Mercedes Louis says I got home. I had my buddy nesses fifty they party on Saturday night as as not in good shape, as pretty Bob. I gotta be honest and and got it email that I'd wave Jerry Graff and how to freaked out as they should Cbs should have. There should be like fifty guys that should be unwavering already there right
You should get that. Are you sure thing like when you about the believe happen? They ask you seventeen times. Are you sure you want to delete this? I don't know, I'm not sure at the press, the acts there before it or the home button before depress the act. That should be the same with players who are, you should have the low into like a computer breath. Eliza. Did you mean to do this european jargon, but yet they should have fishermen protect less cause you in general. Nobody should be able to achieve any of the happy of quarterback Siena drop. While intoxicated should be renewed EU them a let's do, let's do our captains. The captain will not rest until he has brought his adventures spirit Delicious RAM to every corner of America. Captain Morgan has spice the blame quite a bit developed a collection of rum, each with its own distinctive favour, personality, regional spies, coconut pineapple way, black grapefruit. Whenever you out the captain lives, anyone who
Hence, to mix like a cat, then every week sound, I pick captains and, Simon already, this email so back cause my cat. And once again the first two time captain in the season. For me, real Tony Roma are good, for you got to watch the entire pat's raiders game. Watch it with nephew Kyle nephew Kyle's birthday was yesterday He was so hung over and almost looked like something horrible had happened. The night before, like I ate, like had kind of this. The police, like show up at my house, to ask asking questions about whatever happened the day before and we just watch the entire Pats Raiders Game and at one point We're just talk about great Roma was an end at car said it's such a treat decision sixth street to have him do a patriots game and that's exactly. I felt it was a treat
the a treat have Tony Romo and that's my team for three hours, you a great job of life, I'm in read this email from John waited who said. Roma is essentially pricked in the future because he and read defences? Was anyone in the world and understands quarter backing intangibles, as was anyone? If Roma and healthy and blessed with Bela check as his coat for the last fifteen years. There's a chance he could have become group Brady rate to be version we ever got of Romo as the two thousand fourteen version with the clapper has its head coach. With better luck, could Roma have been the greatest Kubi of our time? P S cousin sat, will love this question. I love it. Of it. I won't. Let me forget about better like within about any luck is he's a sort of parties. The goals is one of the most unfortunate play. The suit up on the star there. The airline, but I'm with you. What did why not? Why not oh Jack, and why not Roma was too late. For that. I don't
I dont think Robo took his conditioning, slash, work out regime sears enough, and I think that's what how them and I think that's why I guess is not just think I think Brady at another level, I think you know even the estimated the then tell Roma talk about how much enjoyed Mexico and ears like yeah. We had a great we Lotta corroded gin answers this awkward silences as Jim it's. The circuit and said the Djinn Nets robot can handle like this ad lib about you, from rowboat silent for five seconds I don't know, think you need to drink God. Carriage your soup, by the gallant like Tom, Maybe rhetoric, I think. Maybe you see in April yesterday was uncanny. We had to get a swat out out a jar of vodka a third quarter, every every game he still made it worse. Career was over reducing thirty who's. Your captain this week, it MIKE
unless I feel bad for this guy and make him cap entire Otto. I defended this bill theme gave up all summer. Gave up on the added value that somebody traded their stars for draft text. They were taking by all accounts. They didn't leave em what any good receivers guy we did was to three and arson she's a nine wake headwinds over the Broncos Falcons Box, raiders back on those teams were good and just a cup hours ago really good attitude. He tweets won't stop love in this game now about that I tell idea the jets the giants. The Register one of tabling a very happy to have next year. Be right now to have you as my cap. Another week tie tailor. The second is now over. Can it make fun of me? We have to rely. I just don't think he's very good. I think this is, in the last week, it was like Michael Vick, two thousand for was Gary Becker T didn't play well, and I think the mistake was
I would say that I want to bring back next year. The mistake was picking that chargers game to see what they had made the Peter, because they have such good front. Seven that I don't know either I think they said I'm up to fear I would, rather than at the next week they play a Kansas city this week and I like Kansas City events just isn't nearly as good as far as the upside of chargers, defence, but at least Buffalo has spent the whole year He read a guy's not wanting to make the playoffs an obvious they just don't want to make the playoffs. The problem is this guy, Peter men ass throughout the last pick that he had was was probably the worse throw the right and it was way up zero twelve yards like the receivers, giving up the boss. Gonna reciters really is very bad. I wish they'd put him back in the
Major league. Remember major, lay the movie with the coroner's, hard annual owner, and here she just wants to run it into the ground and add ons around and their work their great now, the bills were not great by any means, but you know too Eddie. It's like you and I we we just sat and been read. Gradual further at the air and sea that you can make the point that eight an ape yet another Sire I was gonna beat the charges yesterday did not know, but you definitely have a better chance. Five and foregoing into that game play off pyramid, let him when the game. I know you get rid of a minority, get rid of everybody. Let me pearmain when the when the job in the optimism, yeah or pick a different week to do it is where Think of as one of those unanimous everybody agrees that that was a damn thing to write to do thou, but I don't know I die right Taylor as knock at this year. He was well, he went, but you know
how dare you crap on my captain, otherways granted crag cats captain and after that segment, but do what do the really egregious one, the one that makes no sense they give if we did our top for, I can't believe it, in Saint Catherine actor in the season teams, the Green Bay. Who is still somehow five and five who has a path through the playoffs amazingly because they could lose this week at Pittsburgh, but then their home for Tampa at Cleveland, and then people think Rogers can go back fifteen, soon to be five and six, an exit run. The sleigh in GO tenant six may be make the class. It is hard for me to believe Capron Ink, women better than bread, honey and they have bread, hardly in practice all the time. How did they not know that he is bad? Tat was the other bout, the other three texts- bread on Lady Anne. He was awful. Really
they really horrible, really bad another team that five and for not. Today, not only should the started that game, because do not, of course, of course he placed decent against the bears when I bet but the bears on the money. I last week week before you Off on a Monday night against the lion, so then he skipped the game. It was terrible this week, but Does anyone know Hamleys backup talk about attainments, giving up even though the Tarzan. Guy named Joe Callaghan are you here you're gonna, wisely gouge dear that dragonettes there, no plan. They don't want that they, like that's it Rogers Destitute, some, more commercial you're, not coming back on actual What were we don't have any interest in competing very weird them it s pretty bad. I think there's there's a group a guy, in cap. Annex deftly in this group they Brian horrors in this group Tyrol? Taylor? There's a bunch of guys that aren't good enough to be a starter. Butter, definitely overqualified to be about
cup and assigning horrible goes wrong and you have a Isn team like Green Bay, there's five or six guys that are fact: format moors another I met more came in yesterday and almost save the buckskin averages decent that commit ways. But you wouldn't want the measure, starter, bread, hundreds not one of those guys. He should not get a football stand what these teams, due for twelve I fear that they don't know that he is not good enough to be able to hold the fort like wave and have a backup quarterback at that point. Downward. To my mind, bad. Had I do take gallant Gabrielle. The last Lapierre he's gonna settle fifteen million dollars of collusion lawsuit and no one's ever going to have the chance to see how he really was again good the charter will ever know. It said the upside of our capital is now transcended what we actually Where does last three years, because I memorized bet against them too, years ago, were better get some other time as they are european. The bread honey we
be able to say will because we'd make money, bearing in mind the current cap, and I can now and are able to do so. We ve been losing our shared sense. I think we should get in on this lawsuit. We so each other for doing a three team. Please and Andy Ready and a forty five agree when giant stadium with we some other lads, we're doing it again by the way we're gonna get that again, but that is where it yeah. Let's do Thanksgiving Thursday night, our Thursday, the whole day three games to them are excellent. One of them is that excellent, actually, diving exe it's a strong where to every ass ITALY, watchful and then the third one is that watch boot up at first game, as always, Detroit hosting the first one Minnesota case, Keno feel good about themselves. I have the vikings as a three point: favorite to treat you can. I died Costa,
an estimated a pack I could. I went back and forth. You have Minnesota by three Minnesota's favoured by two. So you get that Ok, this is a strong first game. Is that not a lot of times were both teams are over five hundred and one dream, obviously being the lions always, but it's a good game that you could put a lot of salmon. Conversations, because the game away out enough, they could just fine. I fight the next game. Is a debt to the third game? Is gonna, be trouble fur a lot of households in America has such a bad game, and that's really when like either the touchstone tone that the hot buttons of Donald Trump Lavar by all these different conversations that could lead to somebody whipping Turkey at somebody else. It's going to mention the fact that its Washington and the third game you I've gone five hours without talking about tromp like what the night came, the giants that washed in speaking to Washington, yeah, don't you think, Donald getting an unfair shake retained it.
That's it. I could only guy he's drained. The syrup is growing at a ball pack is by suggests. For Thanksgiving, which is the same suggested at last year, any family member, Sixty years I'll, just help our politics just out there just out rural areas should just get a free pass, shrub. The Harvey. Wives did stuff, whatever its back in end, while they're not gonna, they're not going to have an opinion. That's gonna work out. Probably would you buy ass. I don't know how many would listeners we have Bertha. Do us a favour, Please email ass. If you convince one of your relatives to like or disliked whichever way that were going appear if you went the other way with them in they're mine on Thanksgiving, Let us now about that, but we don't get too many If you haven't relative over sixty eight, is over your table change their mind politically.
Dennis along email, but hey did it can't we're all air about it? Yet it next game disagreed on its own. Borderline loser leaves town match Cowboys home for the chargers. I'm with you. I think that Prescott's her that did that totally effect. My my line that Prescott see their hurt. Or his Abbe nervous breakdown, but he was off on their game. I, the cowboys by three over the chair, Yours, that's exactly what I had it. This game is a pig bills, Why pick up? Who I do wanna say J J is gonna, get some crap now for saying the cowboys quiet after the third quarter. Yet they didn't holding down should see that is anything but a compliment day quit. Yet time. I don't even think they heard the clap her speech, maybe the clap clapping through at half time speech, but that's when they could not after the third quarter. So thank you for that J J.
Put a video that I just I just added lombardy intake Skype through one of his thirty horrible passes yesterday is grounded the barn third down and walked off sadly, and they cut too Garrett just clapping anyways, I argued over your. Has the house's die but Are you laughing sign a back seat? stand this codes. Doubts as nobody knows what he does. He just collapse and they just had to explain things. You don't get it Then it gets even worse for cowboys family after the game follow who is the coach, usually juxtaposing coated? Am I gonna be like the Zachary? Am I all smile smile behave as if I gave their ailments whispered in his ear. You'll get us next the grant very straight on an article six guys that is there is it possible fire him if they lost ass theirs, they get now
are they Jerry Jones is bigger fish to fry bigots. Admin is very focused on up on the high up in the week that his own, they should be the yet very good. If everything's giving with Jerry Jones, don't talk, tromp Levice about Roger Gender stereotyping illustrate this Thursday night. I think they thought this was going to be a good game. They were wrong washed in. A team that now has no longer has any ready backs and their roster other than this Perrin Guy, who is available in our fantasy league. Unlike Friday, eight hosting lie in the giants who have scale there offence back now to base clean China to make every game twelve to ten. Nine. The serum thirteen at ten Sixteen nine get it the great Obey Barbara. I can't wait to access when I have the honour of the skin.
Favoured by seven and a half hour? You spoil it, isn't exactly seven and I had six and a half and that's that's pretty fair, I would say I would watch I would not put. I would not recommend America putting the skins in entities. I think the Chris Thompson thing for reason. I watched a lot of a lot of our washed in the share away there. They were Bonnet elaborating Games Thompson, I thought was their best player rarely tat at all it? Maybe this stance than a hundred percent referred, but he was like they're only run back. Who could black? He was their most dangerous third and long guy AEGIS Aegis, was their big plague. I and I think that teams in a lot of trouble, I'm impressed the way they compete. Other Redskins Aurelia like that that this, in their receivers, didn't pan out anybody who drafted any of them fantasy Europa.
And I saw the ral prior crowd. Her dinner, this doctrine to stepping up Jordan, read as employed and forever If they were in the AFC. You would want this team to be the six siege right, like we be talking about how the chargers and Redskins are fun. I hope one of those two of the six seats but yeah. I agree, don't don't don't think of betting on too heavily on Thursday night, Hey you like me, that's a great appointing had I've got some good news for you. There's an awesome, app called hotel tonight that helps you and amazing hotel deals at the last minute, unlike flights, hotel rates, you should get cheaper at the last minute. Adulterated helps hotels, other unsolved rooms alone. In the past. Those deals alarmed to you now for last resort places, but for cool top rated hotels. You can actually book a room with hotel tonight up the seven days advance and you can even book up to one hundred days in advance in certain major cities, I'm going to be used
hotel tonight this week, because my daughter s soccer tournament in undisclosed, location and am muttering hotel tonight it can use it. Too many use, this EP hotel tonight your bags, We do not occur hotel a if here If your stand somewhere the how there's an uncle Tom is annoying about the tramp staff, go unheard thought an age is grab a hotel last minute that combating air, where you goin out, I can't take it about is out there tonight. I downloader right now and they go ok, we're going to Sunday which, by MAC my calculations, has good game RAM, saints, which we already decided that, as our market game in the week is prey the only game you want to watch out. They sunday there's no as this week. I don't know how we don't have more games, but we don't,
How gray would Green Bay at that very at the Sunday night game? A lot of fun like that schedule makers? and on a lot here, but they are nothing good. I have the rams laying four points to the sense of the world's. I said it was three in its two and a half day like those saints and have it that's a mistake. Yeah. I like the rams this week. I still the seeds. The saints outdoors. You know I just fair. I just need to see them due to low. More often, I will say we, the amateur, bring this up to We should monitor those Ricky. The year adds little more carefully because it seems like em in September the eye. Get where whack with one or two people and then in November December, somebody else ends up being, though runaway favorite Camara cameras, in September, must have been like two hundred one rather than they were,
watch and got hurt three weeks ago that he was fifteen, the one I'm all we do is just the owl about stuff and we never do anything on the funds. Hasty, blue, wind, but is minus one fifty and for net is plus one ten. An ant is forty one onto the big favorite heard three weeks. I would say he would have been emptied, see viable in timber that hunt, Watson or for network gonna win Ricky their Tate who who'd you re Hut, Watson for net. If I had said all three of those guys aren't when the rookie year, whether they were the ads you to give it on that. Fifty one yes avoid hundred one. I remember I really like camara cause. They were. I watched them in the first two weeks for three weeks and I Jamie and our fantasy the academy in trying to figure out rate waited approach in that China still far from their roster mighty. Sucks so better have a trade ban
you could see it was. Is the even in the first four five games? You could see that he was super tat. There are no was almost site, they weren't using them enough now they're using em, you know, They ve got him unleashed him and I would argue, the angry tomorrow running back combo. That may be the top combo right now right. One atop unaware Ten years I beg- and I don't know what happened angrier me- that Cuba is of seven eight year. Vat and his yeah is you gotta and envy feel up to him. Every week did very strange, but we ve had a lot of visa. You bet anger. Man, you're famous a team he's one of those guys that, with our had we valleys had a cup of coffee with an rallies, this dominant you know running back, there's four five touchdowns and dinner, but ever eighty art,
name the fact that a year and media the game, but now it is both a running game and sudden upon the watch. So that's our best game. The poop factors is a burgeoning this week and I I had for games there. You can talk me into six the worst one. As usual. The brands are involved because they have to be the they're playing in Cincinnati, bangles laying nine points to the brands. What you have you're gonna get, and I went eyes a term that its eight and a half dangled already beaten. Why, like thirty one, seven or somethin to we talk about one of the great covers, the last five years. Yesterday, the JAG really good thing. I got tat their up six, laying seven and a half. I had the Jackson, the super contest which I'm still Hannah, during the superconductor, unlike thirty one and twenty two and
yeah, and I'm thirty one. And if the falcons covered in item thirty, two and twenty two, it's pretty get a building our fight back, possible. How can I have three Owen five weeks? So what we're? Looking for a different tack? Has it possible that I lost money I'll year, but I'm thirty one and twenty two and supervise, but the jack's were one of my packs. They get the Kaiser fumble in fathers running it back for a touchdown in the referees blow, the whistle which they now do they usually let it at least go and and then and then they decide, but not out this time they step in and of course, he did fumble they took a turn away in an almost an fixed. It was so fishy Ryan. I e just kind of have to cross your fingers and hope for the game and guides to take over jagged around three terrible place there so terrified at borders. Do think, and then they Pont Keyser get stripped.
Guy should be covered in the engine for the safety which were debated, Jacksonville eight, but the brand still remain in the game, but now jagged lunchtime phenomenal win. Body set on his pack acetate history, that the the casinos around backers. I can only imagine great stuff all the way around great one of the bare idea there it's funny like out of it. I d go via the jagged, do might of seven have, but I'm thinking that they get a safety there, not a touch down their up eight and they play deep. And which they didn't play any of the ensued drive and then my Keyser got too like the twenty five year: nine, which was scary yet and like a lame duck on on four down. Above we heard Keyser, Also why I got on toward her. That's a government you're right at the report is very generous. I was.
As somebody who is now lived through the experience of of laying points, the Jaguars was a This isn't like up that exaggerating this. I honestly felt like I had a bet: chance to score when their defences on the field there with Europe, three or sex. I wanted Keyser to get the ball back. They followed the JAG said a better chance to put a points with with eleven defence of powers in the field, overweight borders, that's how badly borders is. I feel the same way guide us also had a third and to any converted, and I wasn't even bummed out. I was like okay, that's my supposed to have him pick it out the ball and then and very exploited with Tactile Keyser some plans, the guy's name. I'll get can actually buy a thrill, yet speaking to borders, he is playing Blaine Gabert. Arizona, blank average eyed him.
Horrible revenge games. Out of my kind of finding a case against the ribs. Yesterday is the best possible version of it. This is probably the worst possible version of a blank address. King, his revenge against Blake Borders and I can only imagine our brothers games gonna be going. I have laying four points to blame gathered in the courts playing gabert has had this game circled on his counter. If we afforded one since March of truth for God unceremoniously let him go for a six round draft back at you. Gonna get this. I said what is a four year after three and a half its four and a half. Right right- and I beg us on that- you, like so blink bird had that game on yesterday. Blank ever wasn't it wasn't horrible wasn't, I would say he was as these two notches above the Lee Peter men, now that those guys a bare America give throws the cards actually probably
They ve there, one that gamer or come damn close, but that the somewhere coaching errands take the blame after, but it was, I think, Larry Fitzgerald makes ass, a boy ward for their, like the guy who may so sad bad quarterbacks. Look good yet most ethic. He gets on that trade that properly now I said she I say we go on. I remember back when I was a grating ominously, five years ago, Azra for it was either maybe then page to not even grantline doing all thing about how bad the quarterbacks thou must have been GRAIL Uncas after her water. He had this slew of terrible quarterbacks. Member of like that dressed in John, who dare to John, who is the John Skeleton was use one of the worst games ever vertical bang. Last, an absolute maximum was one member max on DNA. Had been. He just had a run of. Remember pudding, Maude down on one last and
in this. Was I for bad quarterbacks poor there is that those terrible one in the play off at the girl tat? I did you play your panthers. I had them that's right who, as a guide to start what now what was in my Linley good good tabs, so the next terrible game in a targeted way. This is a terrible game, but I've watched both these teams play football recently and their thereby terrible raiders home for the Broncos, the breakers made by Mccoy the scapegoat today, shadow seems like he's. Listen the stairwell I'll bet luxury sweet, just pissed off, and I added I ate, like I wouldn't be I'm not saying this will happen, but I would be shocked if you put the pads on again Edie, I could see it. I could see him at least like Frances.
I rose and working his armor. I have made you probably he had better sites when he had left Peyton Manning at a quarter back and from our backfired insuperable, but now it's yet now too The reality of the It is laying for the branches for also day they gave it a five tough one. Last one Denver one hundred and sixteen San Jose last win. I don't even remember that came they beat the raiders one thousand six hundred and ten and October fourth October. First, the Raiders Broncos a loser leaves town match because at the devil left tat I did they cataract pick out at the hotel today and thereby her last and his Seattle at San Francisco. I, what am I go Next we get is not to watch a minute this camp, Seattle. I have six point favorites and in San Francisco.
The only one I had exactly seven are given a full touchdown and interpreters gotta be the miners at twelve benign goes week. Two years could be good We could stay away from watching and banning every year. After Thanksgiving there's, always a team that sucks then starts become and frisky and making should happen and porn off couple upsets and ruining some three team teachers- and here I think the Niners are the by the number one candidate on my That is why the options that for twenty thousand, that bad, you want a nine interesting like a beast- are going down the line that guy, I think the box or another possibility. And would you said, the cold but now the cut on the radar, though right thrown some here, matters already. I think the so that you know there's some?
I would just say no way, but bananas are in there we're going to the eye the red zone. The patriots are home, the patriot the schedule fairies yet again. Thank you scheduled areas for putting I in their seats for this entire century, but three their home for the dolphins You can't make this line high enough. Let's try. I had the paths by thirteen enough, I thought I was gone. I would thirteen sixteen and am who number ok and then you know what I mean. I don't know that it's a forty two fourteen game that cover I just want to. I found my nose at everyone in our fantasy auction who made fun of me when I thinking I overpaid for brain cooks, you guys can someone why? Because when we came out and week eleven, we did something know before you can week? Eleven he was like the fourth highest, famously receiver and our leg. I guess he was
That says it he's been good. It gets a bad rap like he's, not a good famous again he's been ASA, not surprised May I just frustrating watching your brand and coach ragged his ground chasm fit in it. Well, no I mean every day you know they do with crack nephew counter attack. Yesterday as soon as the game, MS decided they don't get dinner first, while they barely have him go over the middle anyway. There's a super care. Oh, how they use him and he airline applied a futile yeah entrusted with its lotta out, and you know just step that not going to put him in the land of danger, which is really smart. I think he's probably taken in who played eleven at I bet, he's probably taken five good hits the sources and did that are really yep. I told you We sat one game you play tat by you. Will you don't want to lose any one else you out no again and all right? Well, Oh yeah, the element here they don't ever
do the play where he just runs the straight line, forty five yards down and then have two guys land on him. As he's diving for the ball, that was done. They never run him on the third and seventeen. You know buttonhook across it over the safety just cream them dead. There very clear about any player were somebody, go to knees. It's it's really. Smart, I guarantee they put thought to it. Marguerite what a luxury you don't have to utilise the second best plans to him really really fun. Thank you stuck in time for the attempt they bucks, who I don't want to see their frisky cause. I think the dolphins are probably one of the five worse teams: the Whig Bang, but at least their scoring and and who the hell knows with Atlanta ABC Nbc South Battle had the falcons by seven and I stay away from this entities
get me here. I said sectoral targets as high as eight and a half right now, but talk about loser, leave town get down the cargo foreign. They can go foreign, seven right, there's more at the table. I think they are so use the hotel tonight Aberdeen, they're they're, gonna Atlanta, Atlanta, just downloaded the app they're ready to start thinking about maybe going somewhere. I'll tell you about the open idea may dwell with you using it as a negative they paid hotel tonight. It's it's a last minute hotel. They they sometimes you need a banana fa achieves chiefs home through the bills, I assume this is tired Taylor. Yet it so crazy. What's funny is that this be. The Tyrol, Taylor, I told you you never- should eventually gave IP Ask it see right attitude, they tie retailers
good, but if he was ever gonna like Flash, it would be this game. It's the chiefs. Have that kind of defence. I had the chiefs by nine dont. Let me put this entities land or beaten. Eight nine did feel like that line is counting on Nathan predetermined, back and I ask the bills- are good. Next, one man, these are against Indianapolis his home for the Tennessee Titans and courts. Come enough by targeted feel good about themselves that this one has the makings. This could be a decided. This could be a topsy. Turvy weaken does have the makings, but The Danes by five do get me again. I said so and high at six, its foreign ashoored, your crusher me this waken Chiefs to chase the titans already won the game, but did they play like October? Sixteen thirty six! Twenty two
yeah, you know someone said there are a lot of bad game. Someone said: what do we say? A pumpkin patching games is a Christmas tree. Shopping or the terrified at Christmas tree. You like you're just happened that's. What and here's another and dates panthers in giant stated underplay the jets panthers feeling great about themselves, Craig all since they win and that's a games use have decent cams. I watched him Monday night. He killed. He killed Yes, I did with the dolphins doom even looked like the old can ladder strutting they just decide. They look. They figured out how these Mccaffrey take. You hate Mccaffrey, still now you're gonna Mccaffrey enough, not exchange. Tat is just a stubborn, twenty five related. What is this a trap? Came. This could be trapped. Another loser, we ve got jet category four and seven
The cap is welcome. I feel like now, Benjamin they ve all figured out. Brian and got heard already Panthers power for all. I actually had this exactly four and a half some Vegas on Nager. These but these games, the weather, is going to become a factor, and I am kick your ass off. I'd even think about the weather that chief AIDS game. I should elect they once we get wind, didn t just on all bets are off. Don't lecter. Let me make me look at the weather. When we do in the rest of us another, though there was no oars, whether the inclusion Jacksonville not when I took a while, but it went like we thought. I'd read very strange Yonah which go back most poorly trained. Anything with with with bad weather, reject Does it matter, I would say bad weather
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Stir it. I've won watchful. We had a reader by the way. I say that instead of calling the the crap games on this, the poop factor, why don't we called the brown zone? I'd better, get out of here, more than proof, I can go back and forth with Brown France answer so the rent, the watches for this week. I only have one game is. Philly, is at home for Chicago Chicago's, been a lot of fun games there. Just weird weird things get really good running backs. Their coats does doves staff. There quarterback is like from play to play, could either be the worst quarterback in the league or actually look like somebody who's going to be awesome, they've just always kind of the mix. I I feel like this game's going to be fun. I have the the eagles by ten Yeah I went ten and one slash two. Thirteen and one slash two Vegas says they don't think Philly
Above all, the way down game number category I will, I guess we we should probably we have, one of the readers at their sent us an email, the mail bag at the ringer dot com, if you for some reason, only answer this- these teams, just covering high spreads week after week about the chiefs now, but like the really good teams, like the fifteen and one fourteen in two thirteen, three tat teams Cosette. They that's where there goes ahead, headed the share, how many times that they just have double digit winds. It's probably a lot red So you must can make the sign high enough. But on the other hand, other Doin, what we should do, what what? What if we just bad the Eagle saints the Patriots and Steelers the rest? the year. You think you think we come out on the short ended up against the spread of this where's, where a man that on that Solana Visa Good Times a day,
wanna, like people like taking underdogs and everything you just you First, should he caught about your voting for Fitzpatrick to throw a touch sound? The fourth quarter, like it it's nice to be able to say you picked an underdog, any be covered, the spread, never but not a great ruining interests using go back to two thousand for our favorite gamble about time when we won three teachers for like eleven straight weeks until tat rate fell apart, Mammy Sunday steers packers, this was one of the top five games in the air until Aaron Rodgers put thirteen pins in his collar bone. I have the ass yours laying twelve points, probably not high enough, enough. You still get it. I said ten, I don't know what I was back in fourteen giant spread this week. College to forget. It giants bread Monday night.
By the way, I don't see any scenario where Brenheim they does well. That's an egg in disguise say that Monday night, Ravens Home for Tom Savage in the text a rare situation, Tom Savage two weeks in a row, the best quarterback in the game. Where doesn't it gold Tommy. You were talking about and might have the good hotel tonight taught me to, because I think this is a loser leaves down match due for directions away. First of all he's macho man Tommy Savage. Second of all, I don't, I think the ravens I think they can get to ten wins with their defense is amazing. Is that so I just can't believe it, but at the worst case scenario they could get tonight and seven but yeah again. I had their defence and fancy they had three shots yesterday had ongoing only eight points or somethin there. They know what they're doing at the three shut up.
That doesn't include the drumming up on the Steelers Riah. It tell her the crush them too. So I won this week Well finish me, I didn't say I here, but you don't you. I got a walking away from the table. I have such a big league and that you make him a guess and I have spent ravens by five. I'm going to win this game at least, but it's not good enough for the week. I should six and one slash two at seven yeah lot of giant big big spread, Billy Chicago patriots, dolphins, Steelers backers really none of them women Casey's, offering around them through over Buffalo. Where were we did? It time Prepare Corner America's fair. I still not sponsored no spots and prepare corner summer. You wanna go first.
Yeah. I could go for that. You have done this in a while, because you're smart, you had a couple kids and then you you're done, and I had a couple kid around the same time as you too, really within a month of each other tat, both kids and then one foot tat the girl now I have a three year old, accurate data. Galway was pulled on eleven April for that, but I will Molly was Joe. You have to go to these. They remember these. Thank thankful for daddy he's. A yard didn't doughnuts for daddy kind of thing and kids, you gotta their pre school class, and you sit on these very these tiny, tiny chairs and somehow they might big fat ass, fit in share in it and I hold you in all. The fathers are there in their area about it that still doughnuts and then your kid present. We would like. Basically, I am a mad lived thing about Valley, feels about you and it's like my dad, His name is so he is,
sixty nine years old. You think some sixty nine years old. You feel like a bad thing that gives it big, as a train said, awhile what kind of responded by his ideal for that? It is big, as it would never do, that for mommy right, but anyone is bigger. They train set, gets his hair, back in his eyes or dream wrong, wrong favour. Food is can she is wrong. He likes play trains again with the trains for foreign wrong, never touched a train. My favorite thing to do. Members may collars what That even made about this kid, I'm not the pollen from this goal I make colours and if I could anything it would be a train and I love him because I love him. I love him because I love no reason these days, that I have to love him. So I love, but the shutters to my wife out like this is crazy. Is I got for fifteen and these mad legislate, while not spending enough time when it suits us the story, the moral of the story,
they ask you to go to quantities. Doughnuts your daddy thing just run run as fast and as far Can I like that? I knew that was unbelievable. Now, there's a law the bigger the trains that gimme a break with these friggin trains Personally, I think I think you and the These are the number of candidates for hotel tonight. This weak economic I'll, take it, appear corner. Is this weekend? Was my friend s its fiftieth birthday party who lives in Saint Inez? So my wife? I went down there for the whole weekend. We left our kids with our friends Anthony Gabby, who have no forever, who sometimes they fell, stay over in whatever so there in charge of the kids. Normally, when you leave your kids, you know, this when their younger its its devastating for them right, it's the worse than that
happen when you're coming back like and then you come home and they're they're running it's like a hallmark commercial. When you come on their socks, I see you my god. He had com eight on your God, checking like there in a worried about them, because their mom and dad there are. Those days are over God for two days texting. My daughter doesn't text back face time to couple times couldn't be less interested. What's faced her my son, he is playing video games gave me there. What are you? What thou give good starter, get to hear that from from my flesh and blood who's gonna be in charge of my demise some day when I'm dying, they they had the best time ever. They are they did? Was they did whatever they want? God does with eight they went to daddy. Daddy is home to which state that was fantastic. Deck they just that always really terrific great movie might be the second,
My son has seen daddy's some theory seen twice a week. That's really replay Adam Sandler grown up now trilogy. Biogas does one and grown ups, one and two daddy's home one until now, and there are no have you seen now- someone, but its atrocious and daddy. Some too is cats way way way worse and as malaria in it, kids love that they convinced sent to go get theirs is theirs. Is some the Korean ICE Cream place they these bubbles? I can't, I can't remember their cause. They're, like these bubbles powder bubbles that shoot out it's like ice cream for an ice cream; basically they went there so they watch my God knows how late they stayed up. Who knows we came yesterday and one of the get off the couch and then the other and gave that kind of the half hearted huggin went away, and that was it
you know when it ends at answer. Well, listen, there's a man sixty nine years old. I could die and bigger the trains that I could tell you, because you're better off without us. That's it. I don't think you're wrong, but we had a little bit of negro blow and then they feel bad after and they do the token how's your weekend. But you know they don't care I really like my kids would have been so much more upset if Logan Pause was said by and take a download Youtube videos. Two days. They were their whole world of collapse, but where refugees in healthcare commissioner, I was gone earlier in the week for four days yet there they were granted so Maybe they dared. You know that's why they're at the kid stable banks giving we have the moving further away his hysteria, prominent in the care that they can in the garage you
you didn't screamers. Yet I feel I haven't watched any at what what you you get all the Now that you are not now Many, though ones that I'm actually excited about yet cannot. Wonder, woman like planet the apes yeah, but nothing then nothin like ladybird. Yeah, like you re, going to us nowhere, yeah we had our first asked Meeting with Jimmy Jimmy Healthy again, then it stopped a plan when you don't know what what films are gonna be nominated, but will they be birds? Guenaud? I think That was why I think she's gonna win some stuff for that. You know at night. You know what I wouldn't want to be hosted the Oscars this year This is the here. Let us what what lines can be caught The main they did. I won't ever thereby
five hundred unusable jokes touched. I can't even in a mood of the room, could be like like where the lines he could lose the room with one job for three hours can be an app. It could be all feed fillers by the time the February Mart role rolls around. Can we know that one could be in jail and say it Jimmy here right now. He would of course, disagree that bug. No, it's a great that I had to do the Oscars. Just the country had actually apply what we're gonna take a big swags will say what happened. Did that with that would have to plug against all odds coming earlier in the week where you can do is tomorrow. Night Harry is on fire and other big when, with the Oregon tape is no stopping those kids I'm so happy. Canada, weekends he's doing. Everything gets what it is: these days.
He's going to win. This is going to win. This stupid bet against me has to lose fifty two pounds and he's lost like his looks, like thirty nine. Like eighty days left, lad I follow the parlay, the parlor kid one of the trifecta members on Twitter Just adding a shirt had a tomb every week they ever hastily K apologize to add to this. Rosebud, Yet because spurted grammar pretty grand we're gonna get it altogether. This weekend again, for he would be like if JIB Kramer, add madman, guys, I'm so sorry about Snapchat? I really thought I had that word by bad cut back word by has come up They can't get shit together right girl, Elijah Indians, whereas it is also easy, easy, huge cowboys, venerate job. Yeah. I guess there is low over the map is making a lot of cowboys excuses. He's thirty
my tab, I favour twitter followers like just earlier today. Cowboys excuse it is almost like he's like a member. The Jones Fayaway Shape TAT will be fine, but they I'll get because it makes it loses. That's enough, it's like it. It's like a boxer like the neck, were the best. Have you know each other when parlay just name public debt, because it makes it loses better? That's enough! It's like it! It's like a book so like the knock out kid, but he's the one getting knocked out every two prior to the fact that knocked out involve parlor kid comrade step it out. Parlay kid thanks to seek ease Africa, Bs Mba for twelve hours of reverse India purchase thanks to hunt Depot rubber nineteen. Twenty four husky tools started making things for people who make things they did with common sense. That, then,
adding function, never fails making tools that stand the test of time. Ninety three years later, Husky still making quota crafted durable tools, including hand, tools guaranteed for life, learn more and husky tools that calm husky tools found only add thee home Debo thanks to proper class, supporting shirts that don't fits Darwin Custom shirts that fit perfectly because you create them by answering tenancy questions, bring proper cloth into your life. They guarantee of effort, perfect, fit for a proper clodagh com such bias and give could be asked to save twenty hours on your first sharing improper clot that come such BS give code. Bs had to do with your video picks this week, Sir, I'm through and through, and I have the Falcons Falcons coming up new and I have found my best bet, though, is the Rams vikings under to seem like they would do for an offensive with a little bit Tell me you ve just been treading water, the whole season and keeping free get near a dyed falcons. Gonna put us over the top, and I hope I shall we go
the harvester I've ever been was two years ago with Neil ever it rather than of the out Fourteen and three, what my best bet should we get back, we'll get it back we see, go, see nail ever it Jerry Garcia. May I sort of Ceylon now, maybe Chicago We need some Neil had ever Hawaii Karma. You know what that's a good idea that's really good eyes. I do job I do like do. The riffraff, maybe aegis needs. Stock amid the exit ESPN of ten studio darling, I'm allowed that building. That note Cassandra Chair by you, your job, without giving given that he had two days give nobody out there. We will be back with a couple more Pakistan. We can listen to them
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