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Guess the Lines Week 10 With Cousin Sal (Ep. 283)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the lowlights of the NFL weekend (6:00), Sal's fantasy mishaps (14:00), Eagles-Chiefs (24:00), the Cardinals' playoff chances (28:00), the end of Eli Manning (35:00), Steelers-Colts (40:00), Chargers-Jaguars (45:00), Dolphins-Panthers (54:00), and another rousing edition of "Parent Corner" (57:00).

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And again perverse that calm, slash bill. Simmons sounds here. He hussy against all odds, gangway podcast, which had listened to last week. Your friends are degenerates. Take they generate, try factors, it is even a fair enough name for them. It seems that they should be something don't worry about the Ringer Dhaka every Friday overcome this week. Last Friday I wrote about quarterback names and whether Blake Borders is Scrooge is because his name is bleak border. So, if you think of that, even quarterback names better. I enjoyed it I enjoyed. Do you think you think a quarterback is screwed with IRAN? Am, I think, could you better we're back with Sally I dunno called Mccoy should be better than ruthless. Burger should be worse. I agree. One hundred percent there is. I gotta get email from somebody using a college. Names are different, so called Mccoy is a good cause who's the Baker Guy Foreign and highlights beggar, Mayfield you'd, like him,
not big enough I'll call, nfl quarterback, but Baker, Mayfield's images Janni Man's our court Mccoy near here evident banana that right. What's agree them two biscuit as American College or the info vigil mentioned, SAM darn, all coming sound agony recap a devastating gaming weekend, but first project I'd say since our last bike asked to shun lots and went out for the year. Have we raised the matter for ten minutes? The pay? best straight in the most handsome quarterback about time. Given grappling gotta saccharine pick the brands botched trade H M apparent that they appear they didn't call it in time. On that's what happened? There are advantages to sabotage it, maybe trade,
J J to the Eagles, because Adam Gaze wants his type began, what's hardworking guys in there and he S. The last sets a good That's a good message. You now can now you're going to those of us who are going to go to a super bowl content. I would agree with a much better efforts. I will teach you ve seen thing Leonard for NET benched miss some staff. Mr Mr Rehab famous meeting temperature and his team picture. That was designed to have someone, MRS Numbering, your team picture. You I'd say I tweeted did we ve had problems we shea around have last three weeks. Yeah we had to you now easy paraded. Take the last time there there economist snake The rams are now Superbowl contended that happen Angela, except for the year. James whence they might as well be out for the year. This is ah stuff. That's happen.
The last seven days ending. I imagine us losing and everybody knows, a lot of land and jack I'm thinkin wit. Wincing is a good name for James, because he's whizzing, because every time it goes back to pass he's wincing James and every time he goes about. Has anyone was bred animals. Wincing did you say with the virus cup of him. Getting the teammates fired as they are eating is figures eating his fingers ends up being a w stuff, they were always W. I wasn't there be there when they are supposed to make of that really now, David from. I new Jersey sent. We talked about scam, Newton and flat Ryan, and these demonic cars that sports radios there he suggests Flemmer This burger whack Prescott, flake portals bitch, true biscuit Philip quivered and Arson Palmer, quivered, Heather Farmers, great it's a great site, What was your low light at the weekend
oh Mary with Betty's Emma may parlay. We get Ohio State, my line, We had. I trusted more than anyone, my buddy Jeff Gala. We always has great. You have see advice. Every picky gave It is wrong and then the who is a house a fire. Now, last few weeks goes into this week, and he had some weird picks right. I had on Thursday, a text him, and I was like I'm leaning toward take the Panthers, the rain. In an eagle, Seahawks T out of, would have and he's like island these five times as everybody that I was absent- I'm like, oh, my god, I'm so scared, Lombardy, anyways, still. He was finally do forbad weak recent shorted out and if I never knew him, it is just not sure if you read your column and I was died, discussed with ears like women like much ass. We know it like we told each other, what stay where they sit down, I like the Panthers only does it make any sense reaching traded Benjamin. They seem that a sorts Atlanta needed it more.
But now I like science, anything line is its ten. Nothing can make rises, ale, dad wholly ills open every played, really weird game really. Where game we should just stay with it and then something happened Sunday morning happens, urges and playing and all the sum we like timber, who else we we we like the bar now, the gettin, seven seven and a half in New Orleans there's where they arise, so I stayed away from the works. Even I stared at its unbelievable how you convince yourself, though these things area, or that you know what happened. I blame daylight savings as yet the extra hour. I really felt like I watched an incredible amount of pre game, more light laughing than ever, and the preconditions foxes just just Bradshaw, just laughing. Dickie its, I said they see. G item is like this human laughter but I know you guys get extra hours sleep, a doormat after, but that extra hour you just stay talking yourself in the stuff I finally text you and I like TAT, Wanna do Niels, Seahawks saying I think the Eagles
Brok, Ass Weiler, where we were thinking this is terrible. Never thinking Seattle is can be the winner good, but there was one of those games like Blair, was missing oh go see. I was up to nothing any terms: a teams up to nothing. It's like getting the dealers ace of black Jack. You say this is gonna, go badly rat. You have washing your fantasy team, which had it wasn't you Adam. You bet on him and you had a man. A fantasy is at the zero points is at the worst pick up free age and pick up the tab, yeah sure I guess idle whole no good to check all get six seven points. It was bad I'll give you start right now we are you sick. Do we have the bark back here take yet as a government bills, gonna go crazy. The last three weeks, only one seven plus point Favorite- has lost on the feel that one we wager that received three weeks. We should be all we do is bad money, online favorites in parlours and teachers and everything else trash the seahawks for about three minutes, because
ruined my Sunday. They hurt my feelings. So first, my tits right don't pick up the guy. Who's. The worst lois moment of his career was when he missed the easiest. Chip shall feel, though, that anybody as MR knocked thirteen I play ass, he did it in their stadium, and now he's on their team, which is weird met, signing Bill Bognor and eighty seven and re Magyar New first basement. We could use em right. That was the most poorly coached sloppy IST, worse clock management dumbest Please, I've never seen anything like it. They had sixteen penalties. I mean, though, the skins or China, put it away in the last five minutes to see how to use no time out. So just let me go, then they finally big hit the ball back or they were about to get the ball back. I'd like to
fifty they let twenty seconds for an hour before they call time out and get the ball back. They complete one point two minute warning I mean it was like. I was just terrible and on top of it all the points I gave a landfill goes. They go up for like a men and half left to go for the two point. One teams do this drive me crazy to twitter war. Would people I told people unfollow me ass. I was going crazy about you have to get to fifteen at ten. Sixteen attend does nothing you not banking. On the other. Two missing. We are proposing here they now they're like why. If they get it to six, they have a chance to block the x to point out that it lacks the extra. Yours is a bad character guy. It's like others, just go up five. Also, you just almost had a two point: immersion run back for to the other way without was another turn them in all right. I've got talent. You should just give up inside the five yard on he has such bad luck. Inside the five zero rain, Malcolm Butler play twilight ever this. Take that point
What book it's you have that you have the haunted, vikings, kicker! You have to go up fifteen tat you you have to because then it that, for the very reason that happened, the Redskins score make it seventeen. What fourteen should have been fifteen if they kick their grandparents and the idea of making extra point? No, are you can't you can't leave Look if they caught the ball or two seconds left monogram completion at the thirty they're gonna, try feel go. Then I'm going to go for the Hell Mary there so that now in seventeen. Fifty yet another horrible way was incomplete. Surpass twenty seconds live there in fields arranging runs out just just down it, It is downright first out for another point: you need three plays anyway. Instead, he does this haphazard hikes it and they when he sat down his years candidate right yeah, just which, despite the bar, you know ten seconds laughter and feel go ranger. Russia, Wilson, as regards other. This is how they got there. This is what the Seahawks do. Rationality The real answers just blow Russell Wilson.
Game. Wrestle Wilson is treated like this exalted figure. Meanwhile, how many guys city under throw their game legs I've heard a wide open guys have where he just hung up these passes that the DE bags were able to come back for the red. Could had seven interceptions that I it seems, like both teams were kind of going through the motions and just wanted just like us. It is the last three minutes Louis harm unwashed, no really off as they had no offensive Linda. There d was good though, and I got scared myself. The angel Ha Farragut Norman's back Oleson you're using this is gonna, be harder there. I thought with easy access for Russia. I am obviously orphans of lines herbal Lenny backs. Does anybody have worse or backs and Seahawks now now. Just like no result anyway see what would profit out of an over. There know anymore, it's where thou people. Everybody just says like point blank peak hours on the best three coaches and that might have been true but the team out yesterday was incredibly sloppy,
then really poorly coach that I am very, very lucky to be five and three like that Cooper cut their one could prevent catch away for if he makes I catch the thereat of first place about this, they beat the niner. While denying words a good went on their schedule about there's. None of this. For with the minute half left at home. When nobody can hear anything cousins fray, you know we first out ever happen. Second down just shucks, it guys wide open thirty yards down the field, he catches it next time another guy wide open to KEDO rate rat shower spectacular. Why are people get behind the defence there up, for you put it right in front of them out was now So I really really access team is team. Might be tough, tough to make the play now. We have another megan who do you have fer you six? I have teams in the USA who are the guarantee plastic, making guarantee planting eagles, definitely eagles allies, a rise of their schedule around at the other end,
and then he saw, although here we go for the Rams hold for years from the end of sea, south right rams definitely remsen eagles deathly. Their rooms are definitely laughed in area where they could be in one heavily this rams Houston this week they catch another team that has never quarterback them in the rooms are good, but there are some catching all these teams that have just last. Best guarantee at Minnesota. They're not gonna, have a quarterback their home for newer ass, an Arizona there miss their quarterback home fulfilling at Seattle at Tennessee Home for SIMPLE Cisco. That feels like twelve, for yesterday, while cartoons, I would say the annexes gets too in and I would say, dollar still makes it and I would say. Seething Dallas makes it a new Orleans, Zeke she's getting over and over because I, like, I think people are given the defence enough credit here. I know Zeke Elliot. They need him we have learnt Credit Lawrence gets credit. Large is Craig.
In Irving, phenomenal tat. Frazier God bless you didn't nice job. Turning shortly does well, that's a good deal fence. That's not how covertly recycle drawing on the first sack fund team, the Opera Thou gave up the first ever minister Hale Mary of never seen that screen marry a screen. He gave us their tears completely prepared out with Katy. You can even throat seven years that have no tall receiver to catch her Mary, but then you have to recur whose use to just blew me through people that was a bad defensive player, but other. Why? Then they had to even their data regarding after right? At those you now, you hate, given that terrible atm sizing clapping during these interviews, shouted that was so bad. You team, of pretty ghettos and did a thing is: can cities that again- and we should in a well it's weird, because there are the only ones there a lot better when that division. Now you think Danvers, I can't rule out open your eyes rain or even others, another poorly.
Steam was not a poorly coats team smell like oak when they are to go down there up what eleven? Like three minutes, I had someone just said: China put the clock with dad got checks, it down, feel they gets intercepted car car shucks it interception Miami comes back now, it's now they have a chance for an outside kick to tie those times are not a whole leads anymore. Either: hey, if you ve ever seen anything we ve done in my office on Instagram, which is at stake at thirty three. By the way, you probably noticed how nice my posters look Our friends average framebridge friend everything in their custom pray my comes in days, not weeks or months, delivered my finnish pieces ready to hang. If you got a framework, Cancer, upload digital furrows, Instagram photos of any kind
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While some areas only zero, your highest, your s, rigged in my view. The rams the sixteenth honour by women do Ramsden was seven point right You have you had Thompson, Lamar Miller, Mega Crabtree, Paul Richardson, add Richardson, I bench to Marian Thomas because he has been a slug the whole year. Yet thirteen point I would even right in this Michael Times, Michael Thomas Cambrai, with the zero point. Nine point great since thirty eight point seven, but then that psycho, you must have been some guys that but now you're back with everyone in your bench? Toto was forty four point, so that's what I mean the sixteenth off levy on Bell. You know it I would be very points need twenty one from the staff, or does it get to seventeen? Your entire team will get into a hundred point. Meanwhile, will get down look at damage I gwynplaine of years now that tie retail play he's, got nothin damage check with the fifty eight point. Four
including the minus one, from Willis the branch I do you know receivers could have negative so right now it's fifty eight point. Four, the Dave damage check. Then I have thirty seven. Thirty, eight point: seven, there's a reason I mention this, but Happen will not rest until his adventures, where did the wishes room, has been brought to every corner of America radishes by civil? If that's where the captain wariness by step left quite a bit, they ve developed a collection of rum each with their own distinctive flavouring personality, original spice, coconut pineapple White Black great through what everyone the captain lives, anyone alert, looks like a cat in every week. We pick a captain, yes, what I say, I guess who do I captain my captain Captain, both EU Rebecca overdue. They ever checking cap its icon combined, you have eighty seven fantasy points of everyone. You started. I've never seen a match it by this. In my life I they face
C4 by one or attire, desperately Cadillac and- and this gives this is proof right here. Doing less than a hundred pilots fanciful Bobby them ass. They know Adele. All I want to do is be named captain, so I eventually some my best players. Now a map by the way budgetary gaff. Yet again, like thirty four points, ridiculous data I ask for a guy fits in the week. I've had, on the whole your reply there than ever that are better than the Rams court order. Rams dared have dames crazy rhetoric at this one's easy for me: better axe, better acts as a captain, the weak, when six weeks six betting baseball games will know is made between ten info ten million dollars a guy for oh yeah. You talked about him on your part. You going to earn an attic casinos they're changing the line on the here is coming, which is illegal. You can that's posted, at least on ethical, not supposed to change
why there always come he's coming. They change alive from plus one tend to minus one. He bent it anyway went out, didn't bet game, seven, one between and in forty or so there was a rumour that he better game. Seven. So he didn't. I did it's not substantiated area, a better came seven, but an incredible. That's our dream! Right! Just have a week like that. So he once I somewhere and in forty million- and we don't know who to stone. Oh, it is, does better. Wanna come on your part here, you wanna come on come on, it do come on. There's pod gas. Do something how it better see just set. You enter there, It gave about are buried, though, as somebody who pretends better airs and it's that yeah the earlier I didn't want to be known- and I wanna be now had also They have totally not know her better acts. Committed only knows everything do some relief. The baron I find out who better access to it interacts also eleven. They said eleven Emma may fight in a row between, unlike in September, that we could use help with that. Maybe a coal captain that rose and Mamma how owners
was an air incredible. Yeah rose them. A harness sports movie. Wait now happen, big it was like the million dollar baby right with a good Andy method in leave her leg with in a net brazen set out the sunlit Andrea, who is given She asked I want to throw away title knew of society so that you see card. I think I'm a good. Let me as for the USA, because if I get the car that major Prob ever go card and am very judgmental of every car that when I'm like I'm getting this, embedding it, which was a disaster but but that was for awesome fight, now an israeli ending with Jesus P, who is pretty every underdog against Bisbee right. There wasn't like plus two hundred plus one, lay now much yeah somewhere and there was in the high just choked him out,
so now he is bleeding all over the place. Somehow wins anyway. You loved alive lines for that, as yet, after the first round busy being was GS, Pay was minus four hundred, then, after the second round, GS, PS plus one. Seventy last like what's going on that at best, it could be one to one, then it just choked him out right before that which the one seventy pants. So it s not now that the one d visa, talented make it was over and then, when it flip foreman last style. I enjoyed that I was watching that my son's birthday party was Saturday and he had a bunch attack. Europe's over where this giant bouncy castle step on pair corner. This wasn't my parent corner sterner at it so the kids or come cause. I was watching him a man living room in a book and couple the kids chicken in their watching my website, I don't know
there should be worked out there like a UK remain. These kids are ten, maybe they already but the darkest quarters of the internet. Pretty sure they can handle it aims in their friends, die on the streets of watches, written tanker part of a here, that's horrible! We lost over. You see bits there. We lost everything, we're not good at this we had the last who fights it. You have see. We lost both parleyed with the sea. Huxley Russia has suffered serious got, show Doubt Blair was getting Doubtless we gotta play stands at this. We don't do it the whole week. Why did we do the custodians just go right against the stop pumpkin patching. I have one email to read and then we'll go to the hour week. Ten, as we ten wait, ten ironic
some Ryan in Palo Alto. I have listened to up income or tat phrase. In the past, for about a year now and established a picture my mind about what he looked like the other day. I finally decided to google him and it turns out he looks exactly like add visioned him. Basically he's a duke. Ask where it says out there. I will close comparing you do. Anyone from Duke I thought was the both itself. Getting I've ever heard from those guys go where were found. Innocent you're, just not Europeans, so much higher. Do all right. Do my cat yeah really like color tell the tell the guy who went after your twitter and it's a bad place ever drunk. I use Beiju egg
I said. I hope that defends his learned, not to bite on rustles upon fakes. Ten years on the field noticed normal thing. That happens all time. He responds. I hope that you get off all the podcast that I, like all those people and start saying things- and it goes I merely hard housing in is, provided I'm awesome knows I work for someone that claims to be so automobile, some goodwill in your life. You know to spend it forward. Any responses morning is, I am sorry MA am I. I was hammered last night now to do Tran billions of dollars or more times than people who might be recognised and then Athens and thence. I am actually big family. Well now I hear that categories into a basket, the joys near the predator fields, but I gotta admit figures but he's right here. You take off all our party this year. We continue their by weeks this we bought Market City Oakland Philly to those teams are fun eagles and chiefs
doesn't chiefs our farmers. Our thirty seven points again fantasy, my guys around those stamps Policies have all these deeds and Sarah, whenever one on by a major poplar Walsh a week or more people have most added burst, drop eggs at our website pcbs. I say I think, he's gonna be restored, He might be the kitchen exit. You can bring him back and bringing eyes, and from one as these guys it now barbarity another guy Lambeau. I think Jacksonville picked up. The hell. I am your area back. I think I was pretty good lashed out. Oh no, the stats or, but I never felt like he was like one of the truly shaky ones and then chargers waved them floating raffer a few weeks- and then yes, I think you may there are fifty six yard hard, as our Asian B is hard to find a kicker, as it is a quarterback endlessly right. There should be a hundred guys who kicked replies.
How do you not ever running back, like, though one of them is the socio no running backs the every team? As foreign banks, attitudes have for running backside are better than reality so budget, because I D Carol has at Patriots arrogance like we could do this without running back or we could do this without a kick or I don't know, but it's catching uptown. Would they waved that Cards Guy. They put him on the practice, squatter, whatever happened ravens, storm? I think he's pretty good. I like the to Miami guess who I went out on fantasy, is indeed a running back rake can I will said that both of those guys we're Jake's fast waves is more like a Williams had one good player, but I feel bad for Adam Gaze. I do. He really just looks like he's, can have a heart attack and the silent he just he just size. He just every cutaway, John. He sighing and he's gonna know how this is not adding up for us, but that said, how are they foreign for all? Never now like
that is seven times this year, Collins. Where then, Michael's like didn't totally wanna, be there for that in Austria there there's been an there's a worse when this week, as they have the forty nine years in the giants that's a Sunday night. He epoch This is certainly not knowing when damper anymore. They big flextime now. In other words, it has again it needed no one. Well there's a late afternoon game yet another one, the throne, the poop factor, let's see Thursday Council, I not doubt for sure, Michael solely robot, I gained the last touchdown blue spread on the over you'll. Make us then how they make us receives already thinking about golf rna is theirs. They'd Seahawks at the cardinal
you stand actually looked- have decent looked have decent. The cardinals are not at the plant picture, which I think is crazy, but if you think like ninety seven could make, these teams could have the same record after Thursday yeah while Arizona is. Are they therefore for? Are they foreign forward force? I was five and they form fourteen, so they pollyanna they win that their at Houston, Jacksonville, home. Rams home for Tennessee three home games in a row which is good at last in home for the giants at Seattle the road to nine, in setting a nine and serving could get awhile card. And, what's really you stand, is now, I think, seven in three as a start for them. In those years, then we have to stand about together. Lay offs
God, Lady Aurex, by by four in Arizona one of two that I got exactly right. It's plus six saddle given six AP, thirty seven carries like remarkable what happened to Jimmy Grand Why isn't he get anymore? I don't know you see the two point: conversion he immediately put his hands up. Although era The hell was that I Villa Russell Hustle and bustle did his best to keep them on the team like use talked about in the area. I'm an hour's, almost came up for doing brown right now, Synonimas my best friends, my roommate, all this, but I just just trial hard. I would have thrown him in the trade yeah who you picked for this division. If I'm that listen, I'm not accusing anyone of throwing their game coca. My point as sale. If about a year later in areas like an edifice, game was fixed and for prayers were even you. Jesse Redskins. Obviously the kicker you missed eyes, cakes, groundwater them
second choice. And somebody in the in the Seattle Secondary and the last by and then be careful what happened for shark ASEAN guys. I think he was me largest. Equality on nine and ten. When the division ramps minus one tenuous division The rams are definitely nonetheless look at that might be free, but with, though, how cold. We ve been. We would bet on the rain tonight like they got together in Seattle on Sundays, Marcie Game. Your boys, I think, are in this Atlanta home, for doubtless this is kind of a loser, leaves town match real swine, we ten y yeah, I don't think Anna can lose this game and made class. I don't think they're catching up anyway, I don't think they are either, but I know they aren't. If they lose this game, would he have the? I thought made a made a good point on his pack, eight that their first couple drives or find cause
script out the place, but as the game goes on, it's like they almost don't have an offer to coronary. More Sarkisian is worse than I thought he was gonna be. It is very strange, it's very strange out and it must be very frustrating Tate through for that Panthers state, because their sixty three there are not sixty three, but don't you think what, when their Putnam Falcons away in its third and three, I just feel they should convert every time. You got CAM Newton who look sleepy at times, but I feel I can run for. Seven yards have for three right yeah Let me close these games if something important our black Panthers game they fly they realise that they should go the youngest is it actually use Mccaffrey and smart ways. I thought his annual man couple plays like a way you can kind of fear Jonathan Steward have now heard a running back. A boot after he had just had the ball off. To
Then there is an ever happened before and we learned we got. The bother pit depends what you came. It came artists, pain, they had him active, zeros, iguana. Just try me can't be worth and down the story to farmers in the first quarter and they start like they're off into play. Com. It's bond is like a shovel. Password goes run from a carefully about like a lot of fun stuff going on. They damage. The first time I would like Mccaffrey might actually make it for sure yeah the way there they kept, ripping off right or left in these little screen, and they ran some will rats. He was he was open. Alas, they didn't cover his first. Rushing touchdown was an eight yard pitch young came noon, though, is the most incredible piddling of ever seeing ref hand from one half market, the other hash Morgan there, like a rushing touch. You Ray makes, you think, guys practice turn away. Self argue the time it takes to take that at that camera, sabotaging the pitches to Jonathan Stuart gonna have serious way behind them solely attack. Others get this gather its funny that one Rainy Baxter's lose it like. I remember
patriots and Marion butts like twenty years ago, and he was used. And it was like having a go left guard is running back and that's what Stuart looks like now. I can't make anyone s methods like that too. Even though put a hand. That's it had ever met for the first guys who can tackle is tackling this man. Year from thirty one. Thirty, two thirty, eight thirty. Nine is an MBA Santer Z there. If it came up the pen have waived Jonathan story today. I want to be shocked. People are asking for the angel Williams again recently out, which is even worse. And if you think that He'S- U, though, he had such a good job as you have already is out on a team rise early. I ain't gonna use him yeah, it's weird. We know, the really that that that could have used them as age Pearson and the Panthers. Yet the keys cheese is way better than giant steward. I see they just can handle the camps. Are I got enough like attitude from the lawyer with people? I don't think they need net Adrian peers.
Demanding the Bosman cam cancelling outrun river on the fourth on one was pretty much that live as a goal, my god they can have a bunch of usually jumping up and down like he was like my son. My hearing that we're not going in the movie ever higher taxes are your fairy corner. I M J paragraph previously, who the latter. Would you have for this game? I add falcons by three as it three. So they made it three and a half so your team, just every week, seeks not gonna play than he plays and then is very tight shanty. Does the feed me more we're not supposed to lodge? Is this horrible domestic violence is geared up? Listen he's it's big. Then it's bigger than the suspension of their means, but it keeps saying it about restock, I'm really quick. If you like, buying stuff online, buying stuff online.
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above. If you can wish you can own it. Even if wishes offering new uses a free gift purchase with a purchase dedicated wish levers, don't have to worry about being left out of. My listeners can get twenty percent off your purchase by using my code, Simmons Download open your wish. I find things you know you needed under my code Simmons for twenty percent off your purchase. Remember if you can wish it you can on it. Huge burgeoning poop factor this week. I have five terrible games and order watched not as we go forward and understands again was now that further, its home for the giants of the forty nine hours by three while you're gonna get this the giants by two and a half its foreigners by one half, so you get it, and this, I think forget the Joker sergeant play in the Meadowlands forget the fact that they got blown out by the ravens win the Superbowl, the fact There are an underdog to the windlass. Forty Niners is the most
arising moment in giants. History, I'm sorry, I will say there some patriots fans on my smartphone that I communicate with. Who are you really enjoying this chance? They like Now laid by the ribs, Canada hid the jets zephyr Eli yeah. They excite the blame him too much for their season niches. One one mackadoo is right: there ready to take the blame buried. It is in a coma. I think that that you guys tightened- and the body touched on in a little before they also touch on ethical and a map to go back and listened, but I think Lombardy acute, Jason Guard of shooting J, F K. Mapping the listening at last Sunday, fires prevents out all came again Mackadoo what, when a gene converged? Third, in thirty three, that Serbia and calmly club, where they had the red light they make their Our blogger, like that's your time, buddy you gotta, go what about when it too, gives up. Oh hell, Marietta screen parasol yeah at the end of a half
Maybe there's a staggering guy killed J F K any any gave that up to a clapper. Second poop the game of the week. Detroit is at home plainly be Brad's Eyed, the lions favoured by seven and a half That's too, I said nine, its nine and a half, and we do not. We don't do reaching teases anymore, but keep the wheel gambling we're done Detroit Tennessee on a short weak. The league is trying to help Cleveland in the last couple. Gay send it system is not working. Well said the traits three and four in their at Green Baden, arrogant, spread on they Brent handling. Bread Hadley, and then a last name. So it's not the first yet Brett homely. They win that some other form for then they have Cleveland there five and for at Chicago Home from Minnesota, Thanksgiving feels like sixty five at Baltimore, Attemper Humphrey Home for Chicago at Cincinnati,
home for Green Bay. There is a road to lay tenant. Six for this crappy lies Dick Detroit Arizona and it Lana the three teams fighting for that. Sixty I'm just I'm trying. Prepare row now because, like fifteen to complete this, it's like there's gonna, be weird I have to say as much in Baltimore Tennessee game, which was awful, but I had picked the Baltimore Ravens in the superconductor good job. There was a whore Bulgaria is really really mad, enjoyable whose is bad and then, and then the Ravens cover behalf point bears home for the packers of Green Bay. I'm sure this line will be affected by what I learned. I will learn more, I don't mind. This bears them especially come enough by the bears by one. I hope it stays less than three. I'm gonna make this one of my super count. I had the same one in right now, it's three but like Zylka, who will learn more tonight, then They play a defence. The box there there are all over the place had lay seminal cry,
I the crowd, likes the teen. They liked your Bisbee nap, maybe they'll open up from seven plays denied access to see you nature. We added another scramble right where you decide whether around with the ball on your left hand, unit faked the sweep, Stapp. Fourth horrible game, A debated whether put this in there, but I just that, what's worse than much in the bank, was very few things Thailand's home for the bankers obtains by six. You get it exactly ass at five and a half after six, and are we thinking age agar in suspense? I support what age a green and my governs are doing. They just want to get out of there. They were on their way to get a sight there. At a bar, there started a fight with the banana, get like clicking the whole elegant to be suspended and adds to make everything was worse, those robot, eighty green it it had been found.
Strain that whole game than they had been children and children in Europe, and then he, finally just snap because deductions quarterback them. Kevin thing was clearly I just wanna get kicked out. Please take me out. I will be here Drain- also knew that add Cincinnati as one of our best bats and that they need him on the field is in our view, to cover that twenty plus yard play you will cover the last one man. Is there some bad games this one well over the guy's, a line on this minority, Jose bucks home for the jets in New York. I if, if James was playing, I would have maybe said bucks minus one. I like the jets, I don't eat. The jets are bad outcome. Account Fitzpatrick got so we have the route, for he is so much fun. Let's get that Alan Fitzpatrick came in and did a cup Fitzpatrick things that that there is a chance for them. The maybe cover that crazy spread.
But I now know line here because in honour of the quarterback mechanic magic, the jets could be fine via where is it? we as a possible everything's gonna, be eight neighed, except for three themes: slow, we haven't even try to cross anyone off any more rights is the same teams. Can we add antibiotic we had four or five I think those Ngos are across the green grass them off their Esta near an indefinite. That number would you cross the Texans. Yeah, you know it's, you know it's steep. Is the job offered the Shan Watson to Thompson? Had people right about that that lots of burdens yet Everybody with Jack would write about your maritime savage, could get a dead, poor, poor, Kids were raving about him last week that it ass a spot. He was right, I think, did you think? That's agenda. You have the Jenks. Now you have the captain Jenks Captain Camara at an effective eugenics.
The Red Zone for games for this one first, one. I am not ashamed to put a cultural on game in the Red Sea, they distaff t. Why help no breaks and passes their home against Pittsburgh coming off a by weak, and I had the Steelers favoured by seven and a half that your higher there ice at eight it's ten, then that's a mistake, in other words, can forget this time at the edges you don't realize their that game he's than on anyone's fancy team in our league, he's gonna decide a play off back up in our faces Yes, some he's gonna start Jacobi per se and obey against some crap team. Like you know the night, there are some eighty they have. This is as a schedule up yes a week, weak fourteen thereat, Buffalo.
That could be like you know, he's behind the whole game. It sorcerer two forty yards in tat sense, a copyright the bill summons. Picking up, I'm gonna pick him up. I don't need to. I have chaired Gaffin drew breeze, execs color, but you really gives just gives Twenty points every week, never the hope. For thirty I try to make those twenty our friend Brad are crazy from Brad has no fancy talk Islam, but so he drafted Antonio Brown Brown and an odour back measures is lame, because this was a really for. This is almost like: a SAM hanky Clearing Brands, I've strategy, human all and on three receivers and figured attitude it didn't work because at. One of them can get hurt nearly John Hinkley than to him. Yes, but Antonio Polio Jones, although back and spent a hundred and seventy of the deer dollars on them
at dollar players are ready. I didn't work back comes out. Jones averages six, a game, some China trade, these guy, I'm offering them good play. Then let us show them like know these guys are going down with a ship. That's good! That's good! You're gonna pay for the banquet in everyone's pay, for the big vikings at Washington I have the vikings favoured by one after what I saw from that washed and offensive line history. I don't know how they're gonna Black Minnesota's front seven, but I worked on this. I said washed and minus two near your closer. It's it's Minnesota. It is to you that, as are the makings of her cousins refers life, that's a tough one! This scandal talked about again to supplying the Eagles wooden wanna bet against them. Just a weird taken here, these murmurings coming from Minneapolis, remembering it's it's, the Viking fence. Can it quietly getting said about Teddy Bridgewater still little bit him coming back here,
It's starting to become a thing. I know anything about him like looking glared wheaten like three weeks ago I mean, you gloves, but no cases there's no way teddy to gloves comes back and Citizens I just have an of always zip and bomb practice is hidden guys and strike. Like I just heard heard, ready I guess, I'd be areas already they wanted before lambs is the ivy, not good news who knows interacting said now, basically last three years of his career because you played, Her rights and even the character and the package, I haven T any loss of his being. Pack? Yes, but when it the under the giant documentary you're gonna make an annual? Why weren't you change your lecture at the edges, Dandridge Andrew Jaguars, home for the chargers car like this game. How do I send it is now up for net foreign
learned his lesson. You can't miss team pictures. I have the jaguars favoured by three and a half you're gonna get to you. Judge me out here I said six, I went hi, it's four and a half charges are bad. You like that Vegas so now says interesting. Just three and five against five and three jaguars plant defensively like they are that there should be a six point, four by think, that's higher last one that I put the reds and it really could be a perfect again, but The rooms are funded, watch even a blow out the rams by nine in his at home again seen as a ten have it's eleven why wasn't ready to go double figures for them, but I guess we're year data when they put savage against at defence. I think that's all, but the odds makers had to say Oh you too much. Oh man,
for at all on the road, others rams can't say enough about and wait Phillips. You get a lot more credit lightweight Philips. I know it's all Sean Mcveigh gadget places guys like playing for then the off its come together, Wade, Philips, some defects. Unlike the millennials you do. I went out and make fab had good experiences with millennials how much followed this event a shot at the rat. This would have been. This would have been your mark, a game which, if the shot had made it the target ass? This is on the games are getting into that. They must go. There came a cd shown and then you get her real, and so would you do it? I don't know their deadly have no value. Now. I don't think a report on the rams, always been ragged city s right somebody over under age. How much did you pay for the third thing, like eighty apiece say Surrender- is that Bs Nfl I didn t really they can use our back on sea. Yes, you can get thirty seven when you want to tackle,
tastes. Girlfriend move away is that after that, it already happens already. What happened? Yes, I know it I feel like. I was instrumental in this because I was offered a free mattress along the way and now tat got it I'll give it to take an additive. So she needed now she's out and I matters in the nose, a gift the it will take getting shouted out by staff, curry unverified Antoinette, entirely decided move where he had Alyosha yet asked our tat his mood at the same time. So I, like my work, wife, move here, my real you know it was nice taken finally, I guess work Uncle United as ITALY is, I was part of the ringer like maybe like you could. George Springer. I just felt, like all other, could abetted forty five women that nine steady got engaged on national television, you ain't terrified, is got all. I was furious when careless Craig engaged in then I google Chrome and saw his twenty three and I went to another level of anger
nobody should get married at age. Twenty three that one person is Anja. We can live with the fiance. If you want to come by tonight, I think I think it should be a really have to least be twenty seven before you get married. The great room. Think of other money we would save in the wars is right. Of course, it's out of its truth. Partaken imitate the watchwords saints at else this guy now with this line, pisses me off saints by one and have built by two and a half at Saint by two and a half years. Near the bells your Bateman is built on Thursday legit, that's a I would. I know They see my aghast smoke, America's anything look more like a Thursday night game them than that. There's a game that physical team just doesn't show up and they get crushed by the jets we talked it. I think after their game. I say to you that main
and talk of Santa somebody that Thursday games which never should be waged on ever, even where not done enough to bed answers in the you know, in ten minutes? Who's gonna win exactly it's. It's there's never been another four bar contests like that, where you can watch the first ten minutes ago. I know what's going to happen and we should bear the live lines on this matter. Permit me to make three or four dollars going into the in writing. As the only the last frontier that have lost money. That's great you, along with the enemy of the good thing about the saints could date. You guys talked about it with a rookie year, yet fifteen one marrow Tina one for rookie off into Brucie there, who held in camera its sixth re winds greenhouse seems to be getting bottled up. I know his favorite at minus three hundred as you know, is the regular youth and picture hours. Third, fifteen one. I like a man he's he's kind of the guy. They ve tried
They have for the last twelve years and then they are and they stumbled into. You know what you think. I vow Reggie Bush to be ass. They point I Stevens, since they day seemed to get at special teams, crazy play every game and they can kill the clock. Now then kill the clock that was drew breezes problem. All these years of seventeen point led near the pass camera enough for whatever reason, Ingram there, and I would like a red Peter kings com today, and they were talking about the saints head. Lattimer and in tat my homes, where the tap to poison their board and echo? of borders this house mascara and I want to talk to persevere, born re pebbles, over MILES Garrett version. Nature was playing the highest Amber branches So this suggests editor Sunday night. This is it for them right. I don't know it. They do the quarter by thing semi. And was often in the highest, with some out, worse fear in packs and Lynch must be
where's quarterback ever if he can't beat either of these gas talk about feelings being her packs, unless I'm ok, just put man just just a spare my feelings at this point. We made this Joe performance I don't think it was ever Banco more than there in that Bronco Gay, MR they Capron got to be like like his price. For it collusion settlement is just going now. All he has to show the game. Tapes of these different offer. Warm should say that is ok if we said before we twelve here's a chart I made of how bad quarterback plays about yeah. What did he say? What is cliffs the highest was good for about ten. Is because there were these ten scripted plays at noon. He had to do, and in answer to your last, why there's looks good. I'm like I just wait: daddy lack, I'm gonna their script. That was intercepted the guy's been ever ever open. Now, a yard over the middle was amongst the worst I've ever seen. Bad when you're Cuba is decided what he's doing before the step, their exact, never again What did you have that at the paths by five,
savage cuts, the other one I had exactly. Let's count these up whereby annex one to three were tied down into this last game: you're gonna get it there. Well, let's take a quick brain, about over the grammar, saw they say in life. There no guarantees and no sure thing well. There may just be two exceptions: sound I lose in the three team, see eighties, that's a sure thing and husky tools in nineteen. Twenty four husky started making makes for people make things, did it with common sense them in adding function, never fail making towards that stood the test of time. Ninety three years later Husky still making quality crafted durable tools. They stand by their hand, tools for life. They gave them all, if time warranty like the husky ratchet with a Hunter Brazil,
ratchet and designing a ten percent longer handle than standard ratchets to do with other ratchets Cantore, the virtually unbreakable husky flashlight, with the ability to withstand a thirty foot drop and work in up to one meter of water submersion what are some merchants prayer book guaranteed for a lifetime built? See one need it now. That is a sure thing to ask you that common sense learn more at husky tours darker husky, common sense tools, since nineteen twenty four with hand, tools guaranteed for a lifetime fan only at the home Depot Huskies, a great name for tools. Let's go: that's a silent cells are good for clothes. Now I had a backup captain this week got my buddy sally the empty peer. My wedding, I like saw a great guy, had these two little boys who, like eight years, At the beach with words and your kirby and the younger one Keegan who is like sex or plan touch upon the beach and key industries, Dusting wilds lose a pretty good athlete and it's become this ring
Joe forever now both of these kids are so cars and situate. Aden is junior since you- and I quarterback in this too MS now like advancing up the plaster planet family part to play in the Superbowl, I'm so proud of since he was like a little tiny catch aid and some since you have arrived last against others to do in this war, will we know, I guess we'll miss one one, what one more money, eight Panthers home for the dolphins that task as you go in the week and you need to because you're down five to three five to two to two weeks. So if we get this right, I owe you like seventeen separates. I have, panthers by six and a half a minute office you when bills events, I said five and a half its aid.
I think this is a Mccaffrey fantasy break out. We does it with good and just going nuts, and I love this- can actually Guy lodge a writer. I see that happening this, whether smacking face little Panthers or what they really need. The dolphins once ever so I was torn Thirteen! What's a score when Kigali's in the game verses when his they went when you play when they Windsor get like somebody wanted minus yeah spectacular, he is the very good job and I felt a third rate nice game for the dolphins. Nice work
How do they not see that come up? I know where were they look at our? The dolphins? Are the only ones can, though, as anti way? No one is growing old and come back with a state. Our know how came with super excited? He did like this whole videos, at which argue my guy back perilous, three weeks from now. I want to see that I want to see that often like that, it's time pair corner Americans favorites make his favorite segment. Yours is yours. You can be much better. I also think, I'm not sure to do this every way because they were we're not with our kids enough to every one good. I have every week ideal in this. Are there. Ozma for Halloween. My kid. My kid. I told the whole story about you not allowed to cover your face with paint and you can't we're a mask because the it'll free
The other kids and the teachers don't want, they want to nose, creating mischief and they want to be able to identify kids. So we went through costumes and my my boy jack my nine year old, wants to be a ressler yet and there's not too many come October is not to mention his size left. He goes, would stone Cold, Steve asked and the wife. As a day of my life against that she saw a gadget. No one's gonna get this. This is stupid and the more she doesn't want it, the more he was yet. So, let's just go well, let's do it, I'm sure he's already a Corti kid. Everyone thinks he's weird but you're up near mostly because my son but Buddy, but so we'll go what stone Cold, Steve Austin. He shows up. None of the kids recognize him he's got for the bald head. He's got that little like, yellow. They looks like we're in a condom always had not even visiting our timetable. Yeah, it's gonna lose its really weird he's got that looks like a good middle age. Redneck he's got the leather vast
all stone called out the shoes and everything and it gets there. And the kids are, and the kids are just ignoring them and then there's the gym. Teacher he's got a microphone as I gather some princesses there's some, in other words, going to other now sing all the caution and if I sees Jack and he gets all excited a yells in my voices and that's the bottom line and still sticks in my Gaza, because stone call so and the place it doesn't. He robbed by Jack is excited that made it. I can certainly why moved Thou Jack when they weren't everyone else. What I'm thinking it was weird the rest of the day, but the gym teacher thought it was goods There is little learned our lesson I hope so once and for all I had. We had Halloween and my son when, as this is my parent corner story, but my son when Zack effort LATCH because he wanted to be sure less energy is by daughter
friends and easiest he's already in that Mon. It's hilarious, trying to impress your does China press women are older than him in the same age. Ass an end was just shirt Lisford six hours. But that was in my particular. He had a doctor check up on Thursday You know the annual check out where they measure they make sure you're. What error they make my check party body right and so he's excited crises is been growing. Unease like he's now, I'm pace to be six feet tall, which this is a doctor supplies steroids, not everything. That's another advocate that factor. Georgia, Harriet. But unless I rang Whereby Debbie does so employment is a ban. We know we talk about a sack about your penis you know who is allowed to see your penis. This is that the doctors say this little kids like whose lives your penis like I'm allowed to,
you re your mom's lad to see it legislated. Paragraph is getting dark. Your eyes to see in? dad and nobody else, rather than like nobody else like he's, lacked it so a guy la let's go, let's go check, let's go Jack, May Germany's? Are it would suit? Can you take off your pants and I'm gonna go so bent pulls his pants sends get no undergrad issues. It is there for the ways that the Dutch, like ok, did one of those like Ben to bend my centres where underwear not even to the doktor really than my wife was mortified, and that's my pants Did she know either super you gotta wear it, whereas at the dark, but she knows you as a word using as it, but we thought that we would like is one of the two people see my my job.
Europe is, there is everybody's going to see by such jobs and rescue starts work at the word. Exaggerate now that's very sacking of I wanted to get a foetus got it. You did a body bag, speaking of stories. Go it just to discuss this dance Anders thing with real collective dammit. Get me my like Romo makes a user known Games most game anyway for him nice I am in Dallas against achieves talks about market Peters he's like this guy lice attack a lesson. The ants Anders the answer. There's goes on yeah What it really says is all these things about Roma. Stands in every day and night. He said I use Take the highroad, but don't have the address right in any one else. Roma goes one and then starts talking about his
history to now is in line with my Superbowl supplies, the ants Anders Matted attack, we eat it didn't tackle people he didn't like to tackle. People would be like Somebody said shack wasn't in shape during his career and he just came back with the nuclear option. You weren't a Jay Bird airport. Your career is like saying, Roger Clemens. Couldn't it it's I write it can. If he wasn't, try wasn't was in his day we know the on you shall guys out about. I try to look up his total tackles, but they didn't have tackled stats until like two thousand one. So yeah like two years, no tat was present raised during the internet if we the internet now for the dance Anders Greer. There would have been week after week of people talking about how he write tackled, examine video. Acts of him shying away in going at abounds over here I guy that was like it. We ass. He was told the best cover corner of every the hall of Fame India and tackle that that that should be even a bigger account
Missis, Hamley, cowboy crime. Front alike- doesn't know why this is ideas like not even in the top ten mention when those championship teams that does is he's a jerk almost following apologize or let it go on like this outcome. What about when he poured the button for buckets a watermark carver Samuel. Second, his fear these early. Stay right now. You're, a real man, Diane Centres now did take your yellow jack and shove. It up your ass down. That's all No, you don't have to talk about for rigour and we'll get fair. The Delaware adore, apparently Jennifer, Florence was awesome as the guest of Jimmy broke, the cardinal rule and he knew at the railways- is never if anyone guess Socio show whose awesome that is just have all these actors and won't be that this is the Johnny Carson J Letter right now. It's like do you know this Jennifer Lawrence live as that happen, eleven thirty five m concerned, while does a choice that she's cute,
famous nailless ashtrays, like twenty million hours, a picture issue? I want to do this raid on the ground. I considered making her my cap and could she was delightful. She was great. What are you so hard airship interviews? Unbelievably was we were like sheep tat was like a fourteen minutes. She went to segments, she went crazy with, and I was good with awe entertainer man in the street raises really get out was good. She came, she worked came the rehearsal. She made her lap. She liked the writers Joe. Should she added stuff she was. Turns out she's attractive good morning and derisory that yeah yeah, that's what I'm gonna take off I'd, be movement girlfriends, generalise, the dreamer inviting you to meet her. She was great I'd. Maybe excellent, maybe wonder leg. Could she do that once a week, I don't think she can do a daily show, but I wonder if she could do whatever that Chelsea Handler motto was on efforts that didn't work where I could Jennifer Lawrence. Do that absolutely Mona
is a very natural awesome conversations that bitch you ve never had or on having never had around. Now it now it be like in the lobby is afraid of stockings just think she knows she was actually be achieved if she did come on the bs Back ass witches invited whatever she mass that she cares, but we want if a large share that, shortly after the highest standard, the guy one forty million dollars, if he could appear Jennifer Lawrence and the same part, better acts. J J learn one week: J Law acts, we got it, so she can. And she charmed other writers, shoes off on issues, greater ursule, pattered, dogged, real change abroad, really good and allow another camel this week, Thou Jimmy's back. When AEGIS Alba Tonight, like mentioned Carlos korean Daniela Rodriguez of former, Miss Texas, their engage now music from Brad Paisley and John Photography.
With less money and game six of the World Series there. I can't remember we did oh yeah. There we have. I think we ought to use them they want anyway. I stay where forgive seventh there. I think I lost every better may thus you're better. Why, It is obviously twice rosy Jesus It wasn't, but I know my weekly picks on the ringer get it we get it. I got a lot of flack for one and one I went to I'd made money five of the last seven weeks. Take a look at the money, I'm betting on each, not just the one. In once. Alas, money in the Seahawks heirloom I hold my whole profit. What for I, am back twenty six eighteen and one in the soup and super goddess. Their unlike five gave his back from the leader and you don't take the same five games as you do in your column and now showed no. I I I just
watch the road for, if you dont idols and superconductors and picks I'm gonna call, and there is an aim and then Friday morning you get more intelligent stuff like to know when the bodies down than work this week, the ecstasy- use Africa. Bs Mba for twenty hours after First MBA purchase, go see Dingus here pausing aside Newsgroup Phil Jackson, that block that leading to the dark the other day spectacular You think if new Yorkers could only protect one athlete for next fifty new, posing ass, a judge man, Imposing is number one there lie manning pursuing here and there We think that forcing us, I think, would be judge over pausing us right now. I think people haven't. They fell in love with you so, where does posing as well get satisfying it be funny. Where's Angus and judged added hanging out and people started worry about them later at or for that matter. Larvae,
the home depot and nineteen. Twenty four husky tools started, making things for people who make things they do with common sense them and adding function ever frills making those standards. Time. Ninety three years later, huskies still making quota craft durable tools, including hand to us that a guaranteed for life learn more husky towards that. Come hospitals found only the home depot we have on this week. So I'm thinking again try to sign it. Observed, we cover up for college football. Nfl medicines available jewab starts this week. Tat is available. Tat can also talk M, O S, real now. Will you let him? Can I borrow em, you combine its younger Otis. Maybe it'll help us make money, you can have a good, whereas women and that's it. Yet I am as one that's and now we are spending off the Dayton Titus Park Ass, a lover near something that is through nice, Tumblr
this day I went, they will stay with the title is, but then why does he get any better for tat? The girlfriends movin and verified curries gonna work uncle spinner, dad a work, work, work, work waves to live like on here, the Panthers back data is used to be you get ready to respond in my text. Right away seven eight hours and between real I just such a day. Let's not only look at my phone Gregg paraded, don't you know the more I talk in this black ass, the Mercator gifts, technical, balloon, great downgrade It goes back for thanksgiving in a couple weeks and other North Carolina people tat. You know once a day and they just they're gonna, be shouted thing.
And then back ass. Here they know what you look like. There wasn't a local radio there like David glance at this, and that we are an exact uranos scholar, roadway collop, arrive in the boy like hey. What's a guy from a ducal crossing found said, as a lovely packets, we're back again was at another Bs Pakistan to subscribe to this, as is also good, bye, bye.
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