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Guess the Lines Week 11 With Cousin Sal (Ep. 286)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the loaded NFC wild-card race (5:00), another week of bad beats in the NFL (11:00), Jerry Jones vs. Roger Goodell (20:15), Martellus Bennett's return to New England (28:00), Rams-Vikings (33:00), Ravens-Packers (37:00), Bengals-Broncos (44:00), Bills-Chargers (48:30), Saints-Redskins (54:00), and another edition of "Parent Corner" (1:00:00).

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Today's observed the Bill- summons Pike ass than the Ringer pack has now brought you by sea. Gig are presenting sponsor for twenty hours off your first seeking purchase an mba tickets, he's. Promo code, Bs Nba sat Celtics warriors there's than eight in Boston, who want their seat, seeking tickets left for Thou art, twelve and a role for the Celtics twelve Rosa, finally, like inquiry better than I plaster there's someone down that the seeking gap regret to seek Deca, also brought. By grasshopper the entrepreneurs, phone system for entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone with a side, gig grasshopper. Let you send and receive cause and tax from new business for number run. Your business respond to clans quickly of grasshoppers mobile apps, be professional, responsive, inefficient, get your business phone number there, Grass Africa COM, such bs. He had twenty two hours after first month were brought together in your pack, ass, thou art that confined against all odds cousin, so oh had the sharply
is we didn't do well? I call in fact, in an brother bragging about parlay that probably couldn't be worse, rotate with Georgia. Auburn and no true decomposing hammy gas, so they have a lot of answering just go against the sharp tangier, maybe maybe lantern around this mouse. On the Ringer Pakistan, our tastes new package with Titus rebranded one shining park, says Godfrey tape. We ve done to get more to go so far. It's got a new sure macroeconomic there to how come We're in and talk about, Jimmy Cables, fiftieth birthday party can wasn't a party agus was then just just thirty to fifty here we're in a talk about the NFL Plath picture. Finally, rounding into focus were attacked by Jerry Jones Verses, Roger get down Talk about our gaming losses and a little also apparent corner Herman up the first programme.
Monday morning here lesson, California, the NFC champion, dangerous ramps love, maybe three points they were by the last or gives phenomenal J God I started home overdue breeze and fancy going against you and me who it We have heresy. Yoga fights had to have a healthy jure breeze in gaff three months ago. Who do you think I'll start in retaining its year, though still stupor move to either Rams depends who like they would get a turn over the twelve and run an end just get tackling golf withdrawal for touch now, sending you a perfect
I don't know how you didn't, have them entities. I pick them. Pick them in my column. Entities did not take them for the super contest. Cause I've been China to take the highlights bed. I did agree with Somethin Lombardy, said that they had do turn it on. They run it up. They got seventeen. They want more. There still checking it down field, something Irma. For the last six weeks. They day that, if I have the honour by Mr Kerr want or ninety ninety nine, it's ridiculous. What color is it has really good I don't know, I don't know how this is happening. I know we should we time and his weapons, that the part that I understand is why robber Woods is to go to guy here. I had that had it. Player, and how do I workings and cup on my team, but not blind or other similar yesterday, but he's like. Could he gets one passage game for seventy yards or does nothing? how nice it is we're right down. Much do you want to put on gaffer envy pay a twelve to one? Is that what it is gas? Twelve girly? Seventy five to one
tedious shake shaken his hairy bijou in right. Now I think I would say it's all lined up for whence, especially because one of the tough game had left to Seattle. Now Seattle was Sherman. Now nature had tough. That is why I would ask you actually means, plus one twenty braided leads the field at minus one, tenth, of course, really yeah. I wanna see at six in three. They have hungry against Atlanta, fill in the rams laughed and road games against Jacksonville. Allow us, I don't think you can get into the plants in the end of sea lesson tenant sex. I agree with you. I was looking at that. That's bad for your team that definitely as but the annex ii wildcard, it so compelled. Three. Four of these teams are making a blast. Lions, Packers Panthers Falcons, Seahawks cowboys for those d are making it one August, a shocker, so be falcon. Seahawks cowboys two of those one make it because a three
potential eventually to Panthers, went today. I think they're dead, the inside Chechnya Falcons. You know it's weird. I am both not a believer in them, but also I've will have for some reason watched a lot of Atlanta Games and I I can't tell you how many touchdowns they missed- oh yeah, wasn't just I Coolio job well, unless it badly Aikman called out somebody for the first time. In a way I actually called out how Matt Rang keeps missing. These deeds did had opened guys. The whole season met range is keep storing it two yards over their heads. I think they could have ten more touch. That's not sure that the only thing that I would be really concern over the Falcons is now this Freeman Thank Church said to concussions. It seems like Kenya and they're not the same offence, if he's not going to be healthy in January, but almonds best back up, We die dank opposition but Freeman, whereas the monster experienced contacts, but even here like this year, wasn't wasn't turning it
I don't know what it is, but there they look like that of two teams. You can guess don't practice during the week I would say the Falcons and James Winston Wincing led box. Just guys get overthrown two or three yards hullo Jones. Would you? eight him and fantasy would you trade for him for You are traded, Norse, Jewish Smet, Schuster them? Is it a keeper league? Now, while I would further urgent. You weren't yeah, where I think he's left some stats on that island or any of these guys do Aguilar Golden Tate, Marquise good, any more cases I would people were over Well, it's been one of the dumbest fantasy years, probably about idea man, receivers. Robbie Anderson three years ago, it's crazy you're gonna beat me. You have to jets on your starting. I've hijacker is that two bags of jail gaff Europe?
opposite landowners year you down eleven and you have Landry and Mccaffrey take average. Buy and sell your minus two Mccaffrey Ricky the around starts started last week. I think it keeps guaranteeing that was seventy five, the want or something fifty one. Fifty two one Mccaffrey Rona, don't let that the high ahead of it that violated we talked about Camaro two weeks ago. After watching got hurt, he was still fifteen to one to win rookie of the year now, four to one so there's a couple of teams with stick this first, let us put it into tears again and at the top ten sixteen there fill in New England Rams Saints Viking Steelers. Sailors are very soft, could talk me, imagine them their territory wreckers. They just look like crap many times era. What century? Now, as you go down to the next level, Casey Seattle Carolina, Tenancy Jacksonville, then after that there is a lot of teams that, if their down by ten point, the game's over, I'm not positive, Buff
as a bad thing, but when their Danton the game's over the saints, what up ticket was seventeen Fourteen through whatever was game is over. That's wasn't coming back from that Denver site that I think right is like that Gaza. I think Cincinnati is like that. I would say the dolphins are like that. The bears definitely box like lad. So it's almost like that. The fur, it feels like the first. Twenty minutes of the game has been more important this year from gambling standpoint that I can remember here since by flowers. I am in this game like Buffalo ten days rest. The game is over by buyer by the fifteen minute Markov. Who was like ten fifty? I ask us to do should be able about these games live and we we do we could, but as as good as it looks for the annex II, the see. I may have seen in charge and have a big bet with the bills to not make the playoffs and apply. I was up and I think you're ok with me. I don't know.
Who passes there an academic is. We can an implied. Two weeks ago, I laid out the case for them swooning in the second half in its already had. I know they have knowing when twice and that's big but who ahead of them out of Miami Baltimore and the bottom. One of these real lie. That big is Baltimore. Wildly Baltimore gets to ninety seven summer. They damn played each other. I Baltimore now Buffalo they have their say. They have other there at green, better green. What are the crazy things about? The NFL right now is a green bay. Somehow not out of the planned area had Idea a black thereby made their five and for they have Cleveland Tampa Bay and Baltimore on their schedule where they could maybe stick around for our roads. Miracle recovery, I made a couple gambling mistakes, which way what's the lad, yeah out of love, which is really different about that, but I liked I liked five games only bet through them. That was smart
to one day there to her that I love the Falcons, and I like the pass rams taste in due either. I I think I'm up I'm over his is headset gambling therapy. Overrating games that I watched a week before us. I watch Buffalo and the jets as it jets. Her, I believe in the jets, are really good than thing LAB, Buffalo off weight that we back, but this seems a terrible have felt the same way says. Well. Why did I think that Why would I have everything the jets where reliable in any situation, you should never met on the jets. I think the ten days ran, like all the third in I dared ten days to prepare, that's nonsense, anymore bills and jets come out flat. A short weak, as also echoed by the way scientists we haven't last Monday in the thirst for power, hackers right we're staying away from their users, but but what gets us crazy gets me crazy as we bet money lying parlours and when everyone tells us not to withdraw
we somehow other one. Only one, seven point or plus favorite has lost in the for weeks. How will we not because we got angry, get this straight mentally after the Miami Falcons re that we now need to be correct, and that is what put my three four point: favorites and a new job you just it's impossible to parlay. These small favorites are under way Whenever I will say now, if the state, Where's analyze yesterday both should have lost oh yeah, the culture. Have beaten the stairs and they almost see. Might they didn't want to be this? There were some of this stuff to happen in a caveat, and then lions brow Instead, the brown somebody tat Lombardy always has the forty five minute teams. Fifty five unity, the grants or like a twenty five minutes, to get twenty five minutes while they were wheels come on out there were twenty how many minutes, or whatever there was fifteen seconds left and that that quarterback by the shop code, that is, first of all, he fell folly fell flat. His face forward from the three online
Just fell right forward that, like Greg the Hammer Valentine in nineteen eighty four, just falling on his face and no time out Jackson, so bad. That was awful. The fox challenge which lead at the internet yesterday so either. There's money line what you were angrily trading about as I got so mad that and this guy cunningly, first of all never been on the right side of that pile on rear a manoeuvre here, Alfred thirty at one. If I only want to get to having to ask God like hey, what's my record on the pile on one, what's my record taking ten point favorites of love to know, all this stuff. All that stuff ready ray. I can't wait to get up there or down their whatever I'm goin, but a rainy day. That's on cunning. I know foxes initio for challenging, but took to reach it on a rainy day and to lose it a little bit. Your next job is to sprint cogency, hey a man
I may not have let's our challenge: let's, let's go first and go from the three slash of an inch line. Instead, don't chow, you hate when people reach for the pilot. Until I get it see my reward ceremony, things happen that it's for the team. We must In these little horse to don't you think it's like it. One thing if upon goes and hits the pile on that comes out to the twenty, but. Guys run in his ass of making an athletic move lunching for the goal line just let the last second like can't they get it back at the twenty That was the game. Was it the at the Redskins game and the guy's run, then the sidelines and fumbled in an almost fumbled, thereby by like MR by like six inches, I swear indoor air right it out. I think that that's them could change three rules. The first well I would change is that you should be able to challenge penalties right now, if, like a fire,
If, if it was a lead here where the quarterback clearly gets it, that in the head in them and the guy mess that you should be able to change it to go away per se without any of us here I would death change the row of funding in the end zone. The other team gets the bar, that's fucking stupid. How is that the rule right they get there? Maybe they give give it to the team that fumbled give it back to them, and twenty years, something, but I don't understand how does the defence get the bottom, with very warm reward for doing nothing at all, given up a big black and then the third one I will end as we were able to surrender our beds in the first quarter. We should be allowed now. I think they should be five yard on its molecular unnecessary, roughness penalty. Fifteen to my fifteen is in say: yeah like the marquise.
Taunting penalty and had to go back. Fifteen yards causes a dumb, ass ourselves, a clear helmet to helmet S. Verses like I'd, probably could a paralysed this guy if it was like a half an inch and he wasn't looking and crushed him and that's fifteen yards benchmark easily, like you know, making a jerk off knows the gesture for a second. That was well jerking off its systems. Have we any of we preserve Sarge beheld chargers? Jagged was, maybe the game. The game in the air, they'll costume, It's like an hour and a half. The in the super contest, and I thought I just thinking I lost, and then all this I had lost yet around. As out now I lost now, I did lose. We had interception touched outcome, back as somebody play grazed his leg. First second, never really saw its borders with with that
amending interception, the guy's celebrating the though Jack's have all three time outside the guy's romancing generator this year. The measure that you're lying there and then third in Saxony there there were again yet thirty six, the Jackson the time out left in the chair. He's just run. It had to attend me and I dare where's that Melvin Gordon screen or anything anything forever small amount, they are not the worst coach team in the wake of the giants are in there there The next level there's some really poorly coach teams a share. I think your team might be one of them. Das, MILAN, maybe bring it and over I understand that the lava lombardy was goin off on screen learnt. I don't know, I love you back at TED and you wouldn't say you would see three sacks now would be it. Guy. We have to just everything and, like I think, get got tailored Stanley.
He can't. It is like the Anti Bela check, if you don't have his full personnel in their Jason Garrett, yeah he's lost is completely gone. Where's Bela check and move parts around than everything and You work enough to be that good, but I dont think you have a plan b for when shown they gets hurt. Now that's bad John! They gets hurt, it's our guys, other statements about, but he got every everything thing underneath Charlie, just snuff out his instincts are terrific India, but tyrants meant that there is the envy pair of that of the cowboys and eat you replace him. Would Chaz anyway, you might well have see low, green and there it doesn't really like he doesn't there's. No neither does your left taco in the football short notice that in the center, almost every goes what you think and get should do so one? great sands, of the Amazon, Alexa, four hands, free control of music and more wonder if they could. They add coaching instructions and therefore Jason
How should I stop this guy who keeps Taku Electorate has taught us that this guy, who is success, user voice to place? external might suggest. Temperature check newsy traffic, smart devices, more helpful, Amazon, Alexa skills. Using a single Sonos speaker, sauna, swung back by a pair class. The emperor was ample fires. Customer drivers, Sonos continually continually updated new feature services and skills. Your music invoice options were both keep getting better. I'm so seriously adds ads on us. One add coaching instruction NEA when the teams are up for and they go for the two point with three minutes after the game, single sex and then I'll get it. And then the other team scores they're down three. It's on us. One should and then we'd be bad. Nothing so knows, but it's so that will be presented, as one would tell you at the very thereafter
SARA Ray now to be S. Pack has ten percent off one order of twenty five and droughts or less for any product and sentenced to calm. The offers will be for a limited time. Only cannot be combined with other disk answer promotions the promo code, Simmons, one zero Simmons ten. It's on us that come to receive this exclusive offer a few to the weak Jerry Jones, ragged out scenario on Jerry Side, new love love, I love anyone feuds tragic about Jerry, like they lag businesses, There is now a guy. Let's go after the commissioner here, coming this deranged old man, it's the best I loved, but then you read their request that Fidel had it's like. I agree with your Jones, the private jet. Forty nine point. I love how they reported fifty billion dollars, and then the NFL leg was like it's not fairly NASA terms as forty five like sorry gas, private jet thing is great man be egg. Our agent James Baby, Doll Dixon is representing Roger Gabelle. This boy like how the private jet for life you kid
fatal, gave out asset for himself, tat he and his agent Chet Thea. What else the ass, very I've eroded of ever read in a row He says to be absolved from other concussion less. It set a happy man years, oh As for unlimited access to the ramp cheerleaders changing room yeah. I read that word gets its towards the end, so the funny thing was that way through this second slate games, I get tipped off that the story disappeared for me has been that come along. I saw you Aeneas, peons, NFL page like that there this is argued with biggest scoop. Unlike a month, rat pray no sign of it on the website where they wanted. They said they say was nonsense this morning, or so I didn't get the stuff they didn't. They changed a headline from fifty million afforded airport eyes, but This problem is an apology. He was so pissed off. Estimate so mad. For that the legal
what're you thank you so much money. How many millions I would say like further for them job probability for millennia, formerly yeah seems fair. I mean I don't know garden one commissioners were making that right. I guess it was long, but his writings make and fifteen twenty million. We takes a lot of credit for the tv deals Meanwhile, had he's always had like five suitors for the deal so hard as its integration Airy Jones studying that's why Jerry Jones gets mad. Is ok, hide behind that Basel those Davy deal, I'm responsible for the luxury by, like everything matter now, another another few to the weak clay born his Chaz green girls who, by what cited for jazz, Those words is Jason Garrett. That's that's all that was I kept thinking of our friend damaged check, who always would change anyone's name Charles Charlie Check the chance now Jack.
Shame on you just being demolished. Chaz may be left teams in trouble. My dimension plan, Cuba, is potentially IRA. Taylor case can amend blackboard there's been some case, keener he's really good buzz. I don't know people watch that whole washed and gave here a couple. Where's passes and of the weekend he's gonna, be through tourism, again nine out of ten times, but there's gonna be the tenth time when he's gonna make a terrible, but he still case Keno. I think Feelin, Belgium, ITALY, ones like Jordi, Nelson and gets underneath the same, and everything is like the bells amounting Game seems to be throwing off the wrong foot every time, but it gets there and in their winning things nor that game there was a Redskins defences miserable just miserable can stop him. Their secondary was, with surprisingly bad and then a lot lanyard, third in short, right, just die than ever Champ bizarre, didn't understand? I actually thought I was gonna win that game wilder
the skins plus one, and I really felt they're going to come back and win at that day. I think Axiom might have a better time. They go you're, not even a minute. Forty laughed at and cousins through a pack in the first half, and then they went down double digit. So now that was we get a lot emails from vikings fans now that people say we're not respecting the real yeah. I like continued I respect of I now because ever do the plan. Your favorite team, this zone we'll get nothing a play. My favorite! Now your favorite to your new ferreting Ella Zone, ramps, yeah! That's it. Don't do the cat dense before do we re to captain wearing your captain too weather right now. The cat- I am the captain- will not rest until he's brought his adventurous spirit and wishes from to every corner of America: variety, the spice of life. That's why Captain Morgan spiced up life quite a bit a collection of room with its own distinctive flavor in person.
At the loves anyone who has had a mixed like a cat. Then they are so sponsor the Iccat, the mortgage fake, make believe I am now creating Roma versus the end this week. As the size of mixed buys a got. Those big first is angry. He s got no thirteen years sunday and I would say, Romeo Deanna It is taking to shoot and on his legs, is afraid to tackle how's it going to be a fight. You would say deah at I would take Roma. Just think he might hurt his back at some point there. If I d been my biggest Ferreira, like you may, like he'd, he's winning, but then something better procedure. Captain my captain bill is the guy in the blue coat who got hit in the face with a Och Ass Weiler Pass Deca yeah there and I'm sure, as name will come out today. We don't know it yet, but you just standing on the silent, looked like he was holding a an Ipad or some he was a few rose back and its third section counts
The just said: Alice Osweiler's, turning turning it around a third sexy roles, laughed and throws laughed and goes out of bounds. Fifteen yards and an pits right in the noggin almost knocked him over, and it's too we did. We find out what happened there, guy that we have not found I hope it's ok, I'm gonna make him the captain, hoping that is ok and still alive. Either way he's my cap them You know, I don't think you didn't see the ball. You they use. I gonna sell foundation, should have you not side while dropped back? You should be especially your sign. Shelter, foil want to wear a helmet she's like begging the rabies. Take pleasure yes and they talk about putting nets up. A mile high stadium formula, as is very dangerous, and this guy hopefully survived, think he's in concussion call right now he's my captain of Guy in the blue coat and if you haven't seen it by now, look up guy in blue coat. Who gets here
with us, while a petty. What should he do? A backup in case this guy died last day in with, and we find that none of our yet I'm trying to find his name that out there he's fine. There's no no sign of this guy, though nay, this video hit me stood there. He do it. We share out kept waiting for our make us to do the Brady Buncher efforts at the Marcia knows how miss that your captain, my captain, his mood He bets were pulling a three hundred now. My captain is my tell us, Bennet House who was unhappy in Green Bay and was playing hurt the whole year. The new who's, his quarterback gets, hurt turn on the bar. There is his quarterback. He didn't sign incentive to play with sides he's gonna, get surgery, hoping that maybe the packers releasing the Packers get bad they release He claims that he was going
the surgeon S, the pats miraculously came in for actual its legislation, so sweeping changes. Mine country makes cup of big place yesterday, Superbowl Chair, Bartell spent a great town back. Eleven days should build you a back up and get that's good must ever tampering whose I've been this. The pact fans are sorted about it through salted, bad. They fill this gap put in the team sucks. Ok, Tate, how many people hackers fans and bucks Vance, not them anyway. Just get me some right in Wisconsin O began long evokes yeah yeah. I this impact packer fan but expands weathers grass or even a walkie? The backside sweet shape, but so who quit and his team who tweeted To be here anymore, his deep set him home bright and then two weeks later miraculously ends up. I'm working backs. You cannot lie.
The boat, so great that also provided by Taos better yet depiction of the other crazy, I'm feuding with the people boy. He had they. People like the red wings and supersonic by love me. This control, your destiny to short career. In the end, if I might tell us spending just wanna come about black. Your next light was to tell us yes tell us it is like it was a I love it, tat bag, doing our couldn't catch a fuckin called. He really can, they thoroughly version yesterday, job that he caught one tween out Finally, our amendment is first kitchen the year determining times these and open the share in the passes by kit, sometimes daddy, bets away. I always Goran forty again, Meda you're need that landfill. I mean we, we changed Jacobus Preset fire like a seventh receiver bread- and it certainly heard a little bit toper sets get.
Why? So? What are you talking about turn? You have a great deal as use. I wish we had cobia like sixty seven ways, and I would like a we set aside the dim different receiver to hold in his out new still putting up forty crazy Denver. Look. So bad yesterday you can't blame Brown, bright, giving away, wants to come back to refuse discharge fifty nerd out. What's gonna, let's have some good news, the by weight. This week, we're gonna lose the court's chance in forty nine. Not to me fan letters and Anti AIDS Panthers Thursday? That is a good game. Yours home for the Tennessee Titans Mary Oda had a really nice game. When, in DR extra I was impressed, he looked, Leg is old self or what we expect them to be. It was a good one
I really enjoyed it. Maybe even the lady Walker and their them didn't light up the scoreboard, but I think I think it helps alot I have two running backs. Who can do stuff? They still feel like they're receiving shirt. I don't know if the rookie they picked, Cody Davis is going to I thought that was a nice when I think I've had a couple. Nice Windsor shares, don't believe in the team. It all right, I'm not gonna, become and later the maple already party, but demanding argue party too, Sal teams make the plastic as I do to oversee south him section three already has to retain a scene Jackson Array yeah, I'm in Vigo, three and four us aware that there is a Jack Seville. Never seen it. A team succeed like this that was alley and predator with borders and end the charter's screwing up games in the last step, but houses there really at a time when the worst way just got screwed up what happen. Moving back? I am William back. My back was bother the chairs ivory. Less the dinner last night you they made front aromas back now by punishing this,
where's by three four ten SAM. Maybe I like decisive sex at seven. That's too high. I'm gonna play a mood. I guess that Thursday, maybe bumps by appoint right You gonna, lay seven points with the stairs. I am waiting for them. The ex biodiversity makes no sense to me. Love you. Fancy asylum bill shock to touchdowns Brown should have one touchdown every single game. I feel that juice Machu stirred I've saved them like two or three games like they were at a loss to three. I think three gay that would allow us to You try gay men and yes there that you ve not for him, he's a gate years older than our kid centre that he can't legally drink era is installed. Twenty years, total appears to want a credible amazed by anybody succeed, age, twenty Marilla, just
in the NBA. Are these deeds adjacent Tatum who's been just remarkable for the Celtics? It just can't believe how much I enjoy here and I think he's nineteen. A cares carries himself Third is united against them is nineteen. I don't know: what's happened with this generation athletes where they come into the wagon, they notes behave like young people like when we were grown up than ninety twenty people came in and they acted like maintainer about their ITALY's. These people come in and there should understand Sunday, the Marquis game. Keep on doing this Vikings, ram source. It is Minnesota case came chair gaff, who would authorities clean revenge game right? This is the game of the week, in Minnesota. Crowds can go nuts gotta get credit come on Fancy we mad of your videogame crowded around so taken the rams in this game by the vikings by three and a half I said three, and it's too
half. So they are begging you to take the vikings at home a little bit here. The best thing about the bags is it this is, and is that they have to receive resent get open field digs, are open a lot and keen been hitting them a fair amount of time. But they give they had an awesome quarterback they dead than offensive score points like too is to have a cook man and still be content nah fence ways pretty crazy. China. They get the ram schedule had they had do. They have a good road. When I mean they went every week but or this They went to the giants when I did week, one column jaguars, I pick the rams as the surprised in this year because of the first ten games, but then, and now this is where it gets bad, Damson, tough ones that they gotta. Seattle again in Seattle, the got Minnesota Minnesota saints say switch, who knew that was gonna, be a tough game formats.
The good role where add jaguars dumb Did you win at cowboys? Thou John lay, but they they beat him up there and I don't know nice game undertaken the rams I only now- and I would also like- are theirs godfathers case kid. That's that's all we not let it be a good, solid game mistake, free, better defence wins wherever how everyone play the perfect that has fourteen this week. Arguably, could add, the first one, as always the brand so perfect, this neighbour their home. This week, gonna gets Blake Borders. My basically matthies the Jaguars in this game really yeah, just don't public entities just out just out staying, what it, what a few going against browns and never ever ever when you did, they did than should biscuit money line yesterday. Another mistake: there must be a drag bags tat way and on this before you take it that simply that coffee there he dropped back about thirty yards,
yea does never shot to Tibet at his pocket is in his imagination. I don't get it with them. I think you don't want to give you three in his jacket and knows that then Ernie's just like. Why are so many people around me? I gotta get away from some design run plays or something for that guy. Twenty one completions as China does not prove that and better when I lifted my best friend, Jeff Galleron Boston debt in the middle. Is mad, and ninety five is out- and I was like so much better man than him, but his offense was just seaward height, the bar on the move backwards like tat and then just chuck it right and hath attending a herd catch. It did start laugh it I get Oh man, I be fucking, throw my control, air and sea so furious, but that's it you're biscuit China is restored, the arts. He should you start throwing their field near. And the Jaguar J spice date, I said aid also at seven and a half so we'll split that one
don't is the general comma guarantees the jagged, don't guess how many sundays I'd better judgment? Can yesterday and I m- never that's it. That's the last time I back a backward about. I might get this wrong by one yes, how many Sundays, in a row the grounds of lost like the last year, but whatever fifteen twenty six, twenty five priority areas that I now they beat the charges on a Saturday seriously, yet they last these six straight Sunday. Every week we better get Every son versus deeper it is true. It's like every week they they dont Catholic, even even ten nothing to the lions, no one knew about the lions. Was scared, like everyone would like? Hey we get this Lamborghini in the show room called the browns. Yeah bread thing and you are not now? I want to check out the soup up Toyota camera in the back of your back to Lamborghini
Never get back to Lamborghini. Let's take the Lamborghini Green Bay is in the perfected the this week, their home for Joe flak, oh and the Baltimore Ravens. This is a terrible game. I tried not to accept any of the bears. Packers yesterday ended up getting settled out of one of these teams will, maybe maybe This is a loser. Leave TAT year agree. I can't believe but I have the ravens favoured by point now you get this. I've went Green Bay, minus two and a half ravens favor by three. That's fare well, so that this poster, when this game. I do think having Rogers on the and with the ski cap that helps the Packers. I think the celebrations are you there. Yeah Data Rogers vibes are good, I'm sure they get about come back if they can just get your like. Eighty six Tommy was in terrible through Thou field, ran a little bit and took off when he had to he's pretty bad.
X. I don't know what to make of it like the bears out a great defence. When I bet that we had the saints against a minus, since only one by eight had they not one. I gain by forty eight hours and fantasy. I thought he was gonna rush for like two Judea yards bottled up a lot and what happened had tasted three Cohen, Is it me out of the weeks in what did he do? Carry professor pretty Spock Ass, in turn. Yeah We can have a fancy football team. Third poop fact again sober them carefully. Who do I wrote this down run? Who are the dolphins home for the box this dialogue is a storm, not rematch, but that they move that storm game too weak. Eleven. That's probably a bad sign for both of these team. Yeah that that was a bad way to start the year, just in retrospect Roma from a vibe standpoint as dolphins by three I don't know
I had got exactly. I said, dolphins by five. A little higher Fitzpatrick come a time, but it's three I will say tits panthers plan dolphins. Tonight I do like that. I do like they're running back setting one of them's heard em that serve waves is planned, but my draken Lamb said that they were doing stuff. Do I dont mind their team? I think they could cut a hang around. That puts then half of that law. That lines to I do too. Also, the industry kick the crap out of the F c this week, and I have now like talking about too much and now the dolphins get revenge or keep a close eye on the ball you have to change a buckle down you ever by next week. You can go into the by seventy three that big phenomenal for you, but I think a little play tonight. So that's the big ones rank loaders employ came like it. It may not be
It's definitely Mccaffrey game. I think he's saying you're losing your family's Lazarus gathering on energy saving at age. Gaffer gets a six of fire and that word at every terrible, ass. That's perfect! Again! This is a beauty. This is just a glorious one, Houston, Caiaphas, lacking the Heather adds at home plan Car does of Arizona and I'm not sure who the quarterback is. Is that your stand right there It was a question mark by his name, but I dont think I don't think he's playing so who's the quarterback than tat. You know, is laying ever the poor, its borders. Wow you. I got this time since by foreign have had to put this one year. While I had Texans by three Arizona by two:
in Houston in Houston, with Blaine Gabert? And let me ask you this which way did you hear what I have heard again? Savage? It's it's, but I want a matter views, but you do we cross Houston. While we were there. I don't think we should have a schedule. I just think that I have seen. Does anyone can get that six spot I'm not going to be a whole schedule. They have Arizona San Francisco, Baltimore and indie on their on their site. So I don't know I think, India is a team. You wanna play the last four weeks of the seas and cause. I don't think preset is gonna make it now easy. He takes a lot heads airlines really hated that concussion I thought were set he was a hundred percent. Can I was watching that happened. I know, but he did. He passed the lie detector tests, like did he got his bell wrong and he jogged off the fan
even now when he waited a second now he was. I value the fact that I think, like you, you ve ever had your bell rang and buying footballer. You know, like you, can kind of get out of it for ten seconds and in that, that's what you Dave still messed up for sure and the rest should almost get For missing that, that call should be part of the rest job here, the affair, one else again taking. How do you feel about the voluntary perfect, perfect string? the Thai perfect strangers educated, but I'm not gonna get suspended, though shit. I thought that if there is little profile dealing with that fire Dinah get suspended. Loves me love hey, what's worse than have a lousy sheets. Has your she'd situation. We now have a pretty good idea I'm having bad sheets. There now have great sheets gate. Sleep starts with the red sheets and their more affordable. And you think, with born bright eyes, gonna say help. This is an ad and maybe even where it emerges that there is always something about his birth.
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his girlfriend moved here, but got around place, was kind of respect that only recently survey us why we have really talked about it. How far away you we'd like ten minute your. I remains too expensive out here you have ever made so she looked at him crying for arrays liquor. But wait so does she knows? Is she Ghana, random, single videos, it rather level the random person than a new test I think can play perfect and I think it is only can't live locked into this situation. Go asked backwards into good for you. Can I change my cap a week. The reds as for games this week the Reds own group brought us home for them Those actually this is that a perfect again whirling might be now brackets home for the beggar stage, but then perfect,
thence, hence motor bid. The boat at the zoo felt around sixty five to effect a games. Brok goes by three, a guess, nay, you again and I said for mad and change it. After last, I, whatever its two and a half so you're gonna, get that one their defences so bad at it just They must wait Philips, and you have you have on Miller, who has experienced, giving Brady Happy feet It's the only way going to come closer when in this game and he's in coverage against the for a match. I now and you can catch pass, although we call on yesterday that that's no it's not as simple as that, but the Broncos the patent ready for them in their game now like I could tell too, two reasons I could tell they're gonna Burma was when they started doing weird stuff early with the backs, and then I liked spread in the backs our wide and run Rambo science, and then Brady was locked in
any time they show braided, just holding clenched fist screaming on the sidelines its I got. A record has to be like a hundred and twenty in two and that team is good off by their. They might be the only ones anymore. Is lions at last Chicago's, not a perfect again rain. It's gettin! borderline reds out it's a whiff of protracted brown zone. I had the lions Two and a half in Chicago I had this is the only one I got exactly three lines or straight three know it make it bears a egg. I wouldn't bet on them yesterday, but I did think they're gonna take care business. It seem like a special teams, running game. I did too humble couple fence of turnovers and they went by ten and it was the app is hackers off a few days. Rest like do you think they will again of cutting edge of a few dozen. If that's just because at that point they would that guy in a point later somethin
not one. Now there whenever I was out to tie or baby they took their. We think that we will be able to take the lead, in my view, points, but does that changing here would have would have you know, then they could around the Baltimore third game wearing a second game in the Red Zone chief, said the giants. Ideologies This is the perfect, as has the giants. I think I speak up for everybody hates the giants. I know you hate the giant S. Eighty eight, the jets more to the two times I like them in my life and so did the loudest sports big. And tat? I hate the giants. This is glorious to watch the jades disgracefully returning dumpster fire love it so much it's the right, and only now percent of it is because they took to Superboss from it. But I have the chiefs by ten and a half
your giant stadium, and I think they could get to fifty points if they wanted to their calamitous. Where guy said seven and it's actually open a ton app it's eleven now. So you get that. That is a ten It is what happened. This is the last days of Eli. Well, he won't be it the giant it is the last days of Mackadoo too, I feel like romagna- might get fired, at a time that, whether the panel, so we should just wait and just keep refreshing somethin in and see if it comes up to overcome our cattle If our cabbages he's on his own raft, I guy last Red zone, game chargers, home How meaning allay servants What sort of home for the bills unbelievable charges is an event like twenty one. Last two years, twenty one one! score games and for some reason I have watched, I think
the games, they should have one and they really want other games all than they should have one. It's it's I've just never seen anything like it. I don't know Did it when there came yesterday is anyone. We're lost the game where the guy got the game. Winning interception in France that about than his I had a few beers logs were angry. Like wait, I shut that off. There's no way, I don't understand how that they lost again. It's bizarre either chargers fate. By three points and yet they are favoured. I had three as well: it's four feet above fancy travel for the symbol that today, EAST come and worse, but right now I don't really know that one of my favorites it has a matter too much was round easy, go how many buffer fans in this game other than Brian burn. Good for you. You can try them now his pals. What is now just set out are like Genco them. Yes, I don't know you think the bills This could have. I think this game could have the lowest
number of fans have, rather than a bizarre ass. Fifty years he added that could be like twelve thousand people, this game or totally total yeah. Well, I is first of all its November heading toward holidays. Nobody wants to spend Sunday at some game for two things. I don't care about cuz. I can be a lot of buffalo fans. There, think there's that there's no real interest in this game. These are the three and six charges against buffet in that second, to be able to cells a bill that they are going to make, but that that they're not gonna, make it buffaloes not making plans? Are you familiar with the aid of Sydney, somebody's gonna jump, then, whether its open or Baltimore refused the way a buffalo bakes it? but ass. I went there that there, charges have been home in a wild like, maybe maybe people come out this game I only should go now wish then you're perfect. Isn't it should then thou it's a red zone? I think in my mind, their share in my mind, the charges are never there. I will see with organic there's a lot
overlap between a perfect that their heads. Lombardy as the belgian courts. The charges with the record I like that- and I think you guys you can discuss more on Thursday, which which teams What about his neck stand out as on burning eyes, Algeria yeah? He was to work it out. Can I can I say what I think charges record a bit about adding Debbie aid, one real near I did. They would have lost a paid their patriots gaming going on and that's it he would have thrown it. He would allow ethnic is always cut your throat, you birthing movement, so where'd form a bat bilbil check that he's on the same level. Now's Tom, Landry, stoic genius, never cheated, never took pictures. Deflated, couldn't even take picture of a day, mammal, Polaroid camera back then under the last sambre the last year, of Landry. Now really grim now said it was carried out that you could tell there are prepared out, because in high schools have esteem near looks like they don't know. What's going on
here's a Aikman last year's Landry does are some rather rough time, Sir Darras them all the Roma Roma, William, pretty good right now, you'd come back. To this day we had the choice, the Gaddafi's, a fuse fees, the Jaguars quarterback, They were looking for It's gonna get nine man lines that borders at one point in their game was eleven for twelve for seventy five yards NEA There was a nightmare fright and they were Jesus turn check. Dad think passes that aid do Bela check coach and Roma quarterback. What were these records be for somebody's for the Jackson, names, they be ten and minus one. The watch, a boss I get to hats, raiders in Mexico City are very proud of you for knowing that this is an ex goes near. You should be in the past by seven f.
It should be probably that I said six and a half and minutes five and a half, so I get that one they said The possibility of this game may not happen in Mexico City. Why sonnino, ah, that their avenue she's done their morale? What have I heard on the radio they're talking about what the backup plans will be, this dynamic? now I know Donald Trump is on average figure All I could see tromp building while during the game just to get back to pray for not for not using the White House. We had, I think, the path I wouldn't put them in a six point, is, I think, they're their money line, team yeah Jack, the areas that bidding Bobo check than ever, and I address the Rio summit, outside, of whose o o Connell before insects they're going to pass the bills molecule?
hey Ray who'd, you have passed in this building. I M gonna lose up the possibility. Those the bills made finish at five and eleven. The five Windsor an hour, but are we? Are they getting more wins the deficit of two more against knowing when I do not have the jet Damn right there tat! Yet right have two: I don't they get that through their passive hope, you're right Some other watch began this again. The Redskins have been involved in entertain a games. The seas in yesterday's Vikings game with super entertaining the great plays really stupid, coaching receives everything I want from my early morning. Ass and again now they're gone in New Orleans to play the feel good saints. You're good unless you have your breezes fantasy quarterback that it feels bad then Gotta understand this good forty seven points and your breeze had fifteen vanished ass. He ran on a saint.
Minus six over the Redskins s wrath. I said seven, it's up to seven and a half. Now let me Mumia these up here three. I would the of the skins entities, Albania you'd, be this is the kind of game they stick around for right, the Redskins Sunday. Actually, let's go! the suspense for sending that cuz. It's eagles cowboys one of the better lines we had to guess all year was talk about tracker, we're all looking for something for some. It's love for summit purpose for summit unforgettable experience in south and our. Why, in our wives, it's their case area who lose their case, your way for my mine sunglasses, yours might have keys. So, if our wiser, together Europe,
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to their thirty day, money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, go to the site the track and then are Dhaka. So T eighty track are dotcom such bs for twenty percent of any order. That is the track, are nice bs, twenty percent are going to try to help located left tackle for the cowboys unpaid Murphy. Fifth lounge on the tracker meets the clapper collaborates narrative of man is coming up right now. The EP, Neri Dallas Home must for the whence wagons for this, events, Albania, bird. I the Eagles minus two and a half If in doubt ass, you get it it's three and a half. I said to three half: that's not a ladder, respect
eight and one against five inform you left tackle back for this new, no its debts groin and back. So right and act ass. Jesus, it's a lot going, but let me tell you about the sun came Roquat, the favourite seven three and one Sunday night football, five one and one against to spread in the last seven Petre. God take the eagles. I know that we have a chance of shortly and tyrants bittorrent That's all I like when you lack out completely. They got him in some craziness for the cowboys. What what about in our fantasy Elliot, spend a lot of money and the Galileo and then spend a lot of money on his back up: Derek fatten, oh that's right and like fifteen box, or something like that this way. Spending like sixty five bucks in those two guys That's all I'm thinking Elliot was going to miss the first six weeks and come back instead he's gonna miss
Scooby intact cancer as a big fat, it said person did have never heard of whose that guy, wherever and allow for Mars, so the other guy who is right, there is jails. Miss brother lumber is road, rats, myth and Lord more was ended, former place than ever worse, yet Lamar sitting at a leg, eleven, but either way Add strategy has dropped not as bad as Brad Mocha. He strategy to spit others when everyone, Syria, is one got hurt and finally said, but on Monday night, that would be a good, though be good. Special. Park. As for us, worse, financing for bus strategies near I still Do the thing right: just draft. I just draft three ready three running back and three receivers and then take quarterbacks for the next. Just get like. I'm good at it was like ten quarterbacks does get all the quarterbacks quarterbacks are always in both by like we do we three everybody needs it.
Echo honor. They misfire Tijuana again Rothberg Ernie, sacks. I must say what about three percent is a nice waiver wire pick up, so Would you be no leg, Jacobus reset asking them so the powers Monday night Seattle COM for the Atlanta Falcons is again. I think you need this. The timing, I've people they Gucci mapping out the orthodox algae seized every time this well, that is true never have done this. I had the Seahawks before I went Seattle by three and a half and its three tough one. People in the derogatory name for my ran. Would you go the flat Reiner Madame out, mademoiselle, but Madame that's pretty get there. Where did the Madame out here? That's better,
I get another email from Jackson. In LOS Angeles who said, are you prepared for when your son Ben grows at to be exact like Nick the P teacher first pare core? Are you prepared of that proper account? We prepare you ve had enough more time and Dick get to know neck, which apparently already say Paragon America's favorite segment. That's, though, does never sponsor thousand Vegas. This week, oh yeah, you went to explain that started. Yeah rapid Vegas is I had a non refundable plane tickets only. I do this like you know what I'd sooner put homeless, people on that flight and than eat the cost and yet and the homeless people actually live. In my home, I took family to Vegas, and we went by lots, lots of rate or stuff lots of golden night stop. Do they love that hockey team, but if that raiders deal falls through yet at cities
for that, and it could happen, but anyway, I'm so. My first gambling experience, I think, was flipping baseball cards five years and I as s eyes, I loved it and then nothing else kicked in until I was like a Levin or twelve. I went to visit my cousin Jimmy fifty years old today in LAS Vegas in my chief. He also lives in LAS Vegas. She plays video poker nonstop yet that, like bowling alleys and like casino, their sister smokin, still small, not as much not China get doses mokes little, but back in the day smoke, and I would stand at the gospels to stand like twenty feet behind her yet, and I would tell I'd give twenty dollars, unlike keep the queen's yeah drop the attic truck there, and I want an that's it. That's all how I got myself the beginning of Iraq's tale to leg of reality right so I take the whole family. Will visit Atropatia lives in the same house, yet I should mention when she Seventy like six years ago Jimmy and I wish she was losing
much money. We bought her a video poker machine. You, maybe just a thing with the OECD thing she needs a play, shows Anita. Actually, when money right, we were woefully mistake, she needs Genie ever she needs to lose. My regret. We had two hundred hours in quarters, it didn't matter sheet, you need to go out and play and smoke and those of maybe get a cop that a crappy bar faces Any idea that video pull the machine is still there, my twelve euro, goals in there. I hear lighting up and is learning how to play here, and he there for an hour and abetted on call duty or anything game grey, he is hooked. Now he got a full house, the fourth hand in both so Now he's gonna play video poker, the saddest game napoleonic exile. I was always word that I would convince and the gamble, but I'm gonna blame is one on edge. Happy again, she turned another family Manhattan. Gamble in Vegas would mean with Pham just
got off when I had him. Twelve is this: why trash that the twelve year old watched everybody in the room, while you and the wife go gambling? That's all you did. You knew that with their twelve, so that we are asking your twelve and a half with it in the casino in England, where we see kept, the kids in the room right in your son was in charge in union I finally got exactly technical services got. Let's totally think about. Thirty years ago we were on our own, we re all day. He might be too. I might be nice. After an uninspired, locked the door and his twelve this alarming day about did you, and yet I find I think I've won for the first time in seven trips, hardline weight with doing lack jack, yeah, yeah yeah in general, a Vegas trip with a family? Is this a d compared with you with your friends right? I love everybody, but a coma if its little it as we like you, wanna, go to Vegas like Jacobus there right
he wasn't there, my parents, Honor is my daughter's twelve and a half hours in months ago out for their friends and you know, needs we need to go to the marking a twenty dollars, that's our starting and I didn't Instead, there is money missing from my while. It's not blame here, not blaming not by me my daughter, but it just suspicious, but my wife got tickets for Hamilton on Saturday, which like an American Express deal, so she just grab them and was two tickets and my wife, my my daughter, my son, we drop them off. They went to Hamilton as a date really gave them. They really wanted to buy a t, shirt served, something so gave them plus food and gave some. My wife gave them a hundred and twenty hours levels you hate. You have one hour. She figured
just to be safe food, but but you know, sir, the rest and give it back to me. They come back great time. Their sixty hours left. They have. Merchandise hundred hours just missing China here it out my wife's really mad can't figure out what into the seventy dollars. There is some sort of some homeless thing where they were collecting money for charity and my daughter claims she gave that five dollars because it was the Hamilton stars or posting at after stood and explain the missing, sixty five right and we have idea would happen soon. His head to this or anytime, We give the kids any money now, there's I call they set arose after the chores and like this. Is it my was so mad, never seen her so mad. You would have heard the last like twenty five thousand hours she's.
Just don't understand what happened you left with wonder. Where do you go? You have sixty what happened you Don T shirts? She was just so mad about my daughter and, as you said, just a window of the next five years of my life and a young television about the bears and was embarrassed to say so and then I ll last day they're gonna did I was gonna, didn't you never Jimmy's gems birthday, I decided to go to dinner to the little country club and you can't wear genes in the country club. So my daughter comes down with these rip genes and she's checker herself in the mare for ten minutes and Jesus entered this whole stage that reaches the test and we ve got so mad that user in the genes that she was just parading her on the stairs. Why this is it? I don't
the person you're turning its back at us there, but they are seen as later, where you're going to be late for this Jimmy dinner, and I should like to tell the house on this- is called parent corners because you're in a corner parenting is going to have it acquired gasoline and myself as by way of operating by year by dates It's all happen and remember the scene that bring it back to Vegas in casino, where the narrow sets Sharon's down down, because she she went on a bit My friends like going to figure out. This money. Where there are, you are able to watch what could deadly to grant three grandly arrests. What's the other twenty two doing this right now, five hours to the charity? Ok, there's fifty five unaccounted for. Maybe I know he's gonna watch no kind of watch eager to get anything special. So today's my my kids school today, because this go. They got here likes to have these parent teacher conferences for like four day stead wearing nothing happens and ticketed just send an email or been the same thing
My daughter, wanted. I go to the mall with her friend of my daughter. My wife wishes I in no way dear no way. The mark not giving you might get a job Bela check where you baby said how about zero european governance costs. You, like one fifty hours at the heritage, just send us any mail. Do we have to drive and nobody has school liquid pay for school have school anyway. For this week's banker? Ellsberg! Does what happened to that the fifty five dollars you know, maybe you put the tracker on the fifty five. They do that on the track, actually does everything pixels Anita and each twenty dollar bill somebody's Jane. I would have to put Gilbert they'd showed in a big showing. I can't I can't say I could say, been afflux on that's true so many more surprising that cannot be a matter of how
right now it is going to make it yet checking eleven thirty five tonight Jimmy come alive can be a lot of fun and yet degenerate. Trifecta is ice. Cold would turn around this week against all odds because, maybe, like maybe the day, people should start going against the traffic through that too. We just you know we provide information, you do with it. Would you would you please what was the best piece of advice that tells us that Titus Intake EVA Could you had them on the path of UK? They were great. We took up big favorites, we took middle tier and we took long shots so, in my view, is the best with everyone villain, although go? What odds with twenty eight was one eight someone we figured they're gonna, be it probably to cede cause they're gonna rip through the the biggest yet, and there was there. That is when we get the most response. I, like that voting of former they at twenty eight, the one to win the whole thing to another thing: get port senior point Erika Back Passport.
Naturally, should two years ago there was at last year fell booth and if there are totally dont be like seven or eight to one nation have trouble, waited J bear the sight of her duke Are you serious yet that's a canary ok I'll typical Canadian Tad Pierre, the Canadian just don't know anywhere on earth the worst, but why did you do that? Could seize Canadian It's a hates can not a patriot. It's like the most anti american thing. You can do. That's why he did a probable exactly turn despite us all set I'm gonna, like do Bork has taken with the Duke. I love that actually love him. First, do inquiry, went there for like a week. The Cairo do keep waiting game, sir. You didn't play they gonna game over. Your name is in Tatum that must kill. You must hate that it's tough do we want he's very quickly. Before we leave do any any mba, I guess there's
They have no lines anymore, affirm the title all that stuff, it's gonna look. I think quickly and then we'll go. I think there's only em may be only three and a half team. Second, when the title three and a half year, the word years. Did the rackets can win the title, Celtics you're gonna, say now the spurs in Cleveland, if they make a trade, I may seem as much as I love, I think. Maybe I did think without Heyward it would be impossible from the title Iv Cleveland is that broken lottery pick. It makes a deal. I think they could potentially oh you say: Celtics pistons last night I was joking view no Bulgaria to Mastercard's Dobbin. These can conference finals, were reliant on a lot and its defence has been phenomena when one game again yesterday and surrender defence, but
all over our sixers under that and then, when they reeled out five and around like I'm, not a letter was sent for and that their divorce couple times with a definite elastic golden state. We're fine right! We're fine can be designated hurry I hate to say about the ads or him plan. Eighty two games is pretty slam syn. It's better than I did. I ever imagined his friggin awesome, It's really get the young guys. It's? U care. I remained alone year olds. Pass like poison gas and this next generation. I do geniuses owing twenty two. It seems like he's order and that that is not an through skid basque Bob. Time. I am that I do not believe quivering with turning around without a trade did they have to do something. No well all right, I mean if they probably what I say is coming back, which are held them or animal scream and scream and scream. Until I make a true it's tough, though, because I had, if you
when in Cleveland you say I will make a J B of the Sun Extension era. When I make a shade than you leave so they're gonna, it's gonna be like a cat mass game, using whether, as I thought, buggy was gonna, be the big trade ship, but actually new Orleans may be good enough to make the placid those two. Yes, I didn't expect bugging Davis book and out of his mind, the show is inevitably candidate there are no figures, traded errant thanks to seek twenty dollars. Every first figure purchase an mba tickets use promo code, Bs Mba. Thanks to so one of one's great sound with Amazon Alexa for Handsfree Control, your music, more,
call using a single Sonos speaker, Sonos is offering listeners of the BS podcast ten percent off one order, two thousand five hundred dollars or less for any product. That's honest dot com offer available for a limited time only cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions use. Promo code Simmons one zero, its own US dot com to receive this exclusive offer. Don't forget about all the podcast we have in the Ringer Podcast can go to the ringer dotcom. Slash pike ass to catch up there were dark night is coming for. The reaction was this week on that on that events in that move enough times, but we had it's in the red hands for that one and against adds one shiny moment black on the when China pack ass. For me, I got the area sewers, one Jane by gas, lack on the air force. Only that name we better get a right to check all those that don't forget about my com on Friday and the ringer dot com. About Jimmy's birthday. Nature make him alive, ABC Sap Magellan,
w about. Ways.
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