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Guess the Lines Week 13 With Cousin Sal (Ep. 292)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the struggles of the Cowboys and "The Clapper" (5:00), Carson Wentz vs. Tom Brady MVP odds (14:00), the playoff picture (19:00), Alvin Kamara's ROY campaign (26:00), the chances the Cowboys bring back Tony Romo (33:00), the number of bad coaches in the NFL (40:00), the Blake Bortles gambit (48:00), the Rams' dominant offense (54:00), and another edition of "Parent Corner" (1:03:00).

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Today's, if so, the bill servants Pack asked and the Ringer Pack asked network bracky by seeking that's our present, sponsor for twenty two hours of your first seeking purchase, an MBA tickets use promo code, Bs Nba, it's a great mba slate tonight, bossed advance pistons are common, attend the rejuvenated, Pistons Philly fence. Leubronn is coming through tat, clipper fans, yet to make fun Alonzo. It's very rare that the Cooper fans get something over the liquor fence, but they might have tonight. Anyway download the city gap or go right to seek. We are also brought to you by the judge erratic podcast. You know I could he's joining the Ringer Pakistan work. Oh yeah, that feeds gone up today, you can subscribe
If you remember, J J had a very successful podcast that was associated with Yahoo, and now he is bringing the package the US he's going to have celebrities mba purse he's a very good aviary takes. It seriously is good guy, and I- and it's really funny, because TAT is a diehard North Carolina fan and now he asked to work with J J Red occurs. This nightmare. We might make tape produced the park ass. The even torture me even more. Her have to be an email for its great it's it's it's the best ringer thing: that's happened to that seventeen. The J J tape views can be phenomena. J, J, rags pack ass available. Right now subscribe. I dont want to give away the first couple gas, but there's some good ones kind, so that's happening, and then what more one more point ass known. I don't forget. Where are supported by the Ringer Dotcom, that's reconfirmed my com. Every Friday did not write one last week because its black friday- and I don't know I just
kind of mail them black Friday was literally a male it, but this week I'm back, I might even write to Conn's this week, but but check out ringer dot com for all the sports tech culture. You name it it's all there. Finally, though, Steve Kerr is in town tomorrow, we're taping a podcast with them. I've had him on a bunch. Times over the last. I don't know ever since had passed last eight nine years. He was one of one of our best recurring guess. When I had the old BS report on European before you get hired is the worst coach is coming on tomorrow I want to do a mail bag with Steve Kerr allow along the lines of what we did, that time and Kevin Turann, which I thought was the best of the fork of the rail package, mainly because the questions were so good, Three, the same thing here: if you want a male question for the Steve Car Pack, asked.
Email. I said the mail bag at the ringer dot com and put her in the subject heading, so I can find it and and we'll just will pick the best questions and we'll just run through the same way. We did with the Katy pad very excited for this one. I had to be honest. I have run out of things to talk about about him with basketball for a full, our summit. I need your help. We ve talked him so many times. I I know other answers already, so you can. You can push us upper level with that anyway, cousin South, coming up
I saw my dad turn seventy, so we have to call him seven years old, amazing, first programme for this year, fresh, are really made America's holiday season with special additional pair corner. I heard about that yeah really great people, a purely about that. They think we're both good parents and horror prepare. Nobody can believe. I let my kids watch leather face. You gave a new perspective to wrestle wrestling and couples. I think people learn from that door. Open brutality, apparent corner later. First, when I talk about some football once there was a crazy weekend with the three Thanksgiving games about twenty minutes of good.
Paul on. Tax gives really bad is really it is. It is about as guilty as I felt watching family for binding nor my family. Your team basically died your seasons over there really bad there China, you five and six Atlanta an Seattle or seven forges battling for the succeed, so you'd have to jump out yet over www over. If we had a coach, you knew how to just like its unfortunate. We have as a way anymore. The cap with injuries us he's number one, a more, not away. I'm sorry because lasting Garrett he's the clapper and he can't you just can't adjust its out that he doesn't want to yours, weird things: he kids like a one year old shitting in his diaper, ok, you're gonna get status. The twelve months of this goes the toilet, like everyone else, not just not able to sell
it's at he rejuvenated Phil Rivers is career and I just say I don't want to mention the parties, but I was out to dinner with some important people as far as Hollywood goes and our friend MIKE Lombardi was there and he knew some of the people to table, and it's like one of these. One of these, like you know, It's a restaurant where the popularity I hang out outside as a door opened, they take a picture and the body comes up to the table. These friendly with some of the people the table and screaming about the clapper. So much people are looking at lombardy yelling about the clever. The door opens Pat Rights, Alyosha pictures, guide, crazy Protestants longer is the best and he's right to enough well you're, five and six. I think we can with fortunately, cross off a bunch of teams. Now, none in the The packers really didn't want to be crossed off. When did everything they could not be crossed off last stand in Pittsburgh and
and then finally, sadly belatedly got the cross of- and there are five and say I showed you feel like Vegas came up to in pittsburgh- went up too much time on someone say: hey! You can't crush this game where we're gonna get destroyed, weaving Dame favorites one all week, if the Steelers, when forty two seven, where do you know those pretty lights at you see when you fly, the vaguest there done. We can pay our Bela hook, somethin, like that. They said that they are so say. Did you you can't win by more than three yeah right, three, as the other we have a set of any ten point is: is easy, hatted three other heap at varying. They played like that to you when you nervous at any point that the stores are gonna really blowing. Game that guy I when I went to the grove with my with my wife and kids yesterday thinking I do need to watch packers dealers and came back and was twenty one. Twenty one did the double taking so well, but Bread Huntley on Sunday and then it really seem like they probably could have
again, I thought cell, but this neither these were thereby would what he called the jack banning like people out. We show just enough to win them. We're a member holds out just enough to learn side, I think, Antonio, as the number three m vp right now real yeah, I would say, sprayed in some order to bananas which team we like Then everything Brown is number three a month ago were arguing Karim, Pont or Alex met. So those two other done On the contrary, they just Graham had stolen the leak carefully. With that aim at sea I watched the lad of it. I was I went to in the egg who go my daughter for soccer and then the latter game as in the morning and the two local games were Casey Buffalo and Felicia in finnish cargo, which I haven't seen a work is the package, but I was watching them Ipad with the directory, but I hadn't you seen the traditional Kurt Manifest coming in we're gonna. Take it out of work. Predator,
game did that would bears eagerly apology, yeah, and I was there He lay down would be a good thing to keep track of how many times a team has had that happened to them. The men were, they were than the nationally televised game that you get pulled away from how humiliating natural Cosette, you would think that bear if that happened at least twice right right, but what about the other sites like the eagles? How many times a day? How many times? they driven a knockout punch pride, the manifest so is so they went right to Carolina Jets, which was one of the judges Games. You never had really great for first then go from the one three straight pass plays field go give The touched areas is classing. I don't know How they didn't cover their game, it's almost inconceivable decay where they are teetering over to our corner and then they just fell apart and that's a ferry and Jenkins. He might as well work clown outfit. Now, when
There is a laughing stock when these data today when they go to New Jersey or New York. Where do I find out? I was a very jack: all that was a drop yes and he had a drop arrow in the first quarter and it's it's Benedict at a hundred more toll yards and Carolina. You can have the bar reach over the guidelines for a split second put back And then a shark accompanied the ball and heads down there, you can catch up on the UN's role. Over seventeen times and the bark and move one shouldn't you any lose it and also George hitting a danger zone with the with the instant replay, because, if you slowing it down to one one millionth of a second and oh yeah, I think the ball like yeah, ok, framed by sent two Fuckin Zapruder failure, as I want my fearlessly anyway about touchdown. It's like lombardy Lombardy,
the Israel. If I give everyone the bar thinks it's a catch to catch negative sounds silly, but that's kind of what we should do. I have an announcement to make good. I mean I do the drafting lineup every week and it too Your point week, while you like, I, was in a fifty hundred dollar fifty five person can I won. I was eleven hundred you had hullo Jones. I have only just really or Antonio Browed. Yeah Jameson crowd her. I had command. I had Robbie Anderson, everybody and my team at twenty point. Marks of Greg Olsen who got hurt at the Eagles France may they didn't have twenty Russell Wilson. I was so our myself to do that without big ban, a Brown or hullo Julia had offended him. I love you. I think you could get two two hundred points in drafting see really copper sent number one accomplishment devising drank king. They send you a crown not even in Ed I
Okay thanks. I guess that they're paying us with it. Their pay me the one thousand one hundred dollars so now I have slow play off bumper for our good for for this weekend so proud of myself good for the two hundred point. Burying draft gangs is really nice. Real fantasy, teen now mate for ever Hall of Fame. They must have like some kind of I should be in the draft constitution. My real See team? I might, I might be in prison. Tat you can get the by whether we will win the vine it I need speaking buys. What's the plan picture quickly? We didn't sign these, but its let's take a bath for weak by, I think doing, going in Pittsburgh, guaranteed by sir they ever to gain lead over checks. Ability to see her supper. Haven't thirty fourth festival there's another week. Seventeen is going to have so many AMC play off implication, except for those two.
The red Patriots and still is a locks for buys. Inevitably, whoever wins a game will be one and two and that weak. Sixteen fifty of fifteen appointed we're Pittsburgh has not even a sneaky tough game. I think it's it Billy tough game at Cincinnati on Monday and I in a perfect to break down the second quarter friend. There that than their home for Baltimore in New England. I think they lose one of those two before what year did not good enough that strange what they do. You watch him last night and they do look very beautiful, but on the other hand I, like I said it does seem like they're just screwing around these teams. Yet outlet passed a levy on bellows there, every single that the patent our buffalo this week and then next week at my Amanda Monday night, which has been the closest, the house of horrors that radius had not that he has a house of ours, but mainly beat the shit out of them yesterday, and it did seem like
The game was heading toward a direction where I wanted them to go by more than two touched answer tape. Radio Cosu, who seems to me, I am not tried the penny in the week, but he was trying yesterday and at some point suicide. You know before unaffected. Brady out for the year? That would be my highlight this year and really kind of went after macabre times. You saw some weird things with bright. You saw that the snap where it wasn't paying attention year take what kind of odds would you get on that happening to Alabama twice and Brady once where there are not paying attention on the snow had never happens to be a game, but I say this Brady's real stat whore he's a static. He is wanting when this empty pay. More than now, he is minus one. Seventy five, even though what the BP is up, does he know what an end the round is, because that is what supposed to happen on the one yard play, but now he's doing this thing like a hot potato. In the end, the rounds that are going on behind the flips a forward night flimsy did not sought a shovel passages. Let's go like it's a hot potato. Now too,
ass, yet it would be wrong to pay off hey that's attached at, or I think I'm trying to remove AMO biases your luck along those lines, I had a lower, ok there I would for once right now. Are you were the ok? That's a good start. That's a good start schedules been a pretty easy now, but so is the pats. I think you have to look the pats, know what they're getting for Brady every year. This point, even those aged forty test Did you really know? They're gonna get this from whence and just when you say game after game some of this stuff. He does like he really had he'll. Have these Russell Wilson plays where you think they're gonna get him in her that he'll do the one aid that three sixty spin one way to get out and you think well, they didn't sack of then fifteen year play
a real leader- I would vote for him at through eleven games. They also like in the beginning here with the narrative, was, if Brady could put up these numbers with this terrible defence. Yeah gonna be the envy pay, but now you have a decent give one of the better deal the secondary, getting now everything's modular attendee, everyone panicked about your mom he's come around so now it's kind of the same in your right. Carson wants Adjustee he's like Ben Rothberg. Well, when it gets does that three sixty he sprints away from the defender he hasn't like lumber away in and make a big thro his ease. His phenomenal really is, I don't know it's been about. Schedule, but he's got my voter. He also doesn't really have any less skilled position. Guy Jeffreys, probably the closest Jeffreys been commoner seconds is good. I don't think he's great these arguments, borderline opera, the running backs are fine, but you know in cold weather, to which I think matters now that neither were headed toward like that,
Amber December he's not a the status bar. Says, tat, horrid, less Tom Brady, I think he's got a slight edge. I think what he's doing as little more meaningful, because they don't have a tradition of just taking care business game after game, which is what they're doing the patriots average tradition and they just kind of fun what they're doing whence is creating a new tradition and these eagles fans, these tortured, Philly. Fancy richest accustomed to the anvil, dropping on their heads said Now they have the Sixers team that starting to come together, and they have the best, I think the best under thirty back now the Seahawks Vance thereof, pissed off cause. I tweeted data and have said on the package that I would take whence over any under thirty guy and they just camp We believe that nobody would take. Russia has a lousy under their now. He had rather well said the very sensitive about Russia. Wilson, he's actual onto he's. Acts on can never get down on a muslim bustle, just here
so many place like I went to live for years younger. I don't either has no brainer. If you go under thirty, you ve taken whence I wasn t who's your invitation to sustain Frazier. The host of GM food, but I'm burning. I know a thing it ass. We went its. I came in twenty fifteen. Only one ass best quarterback info boring so that the rest of the schedule for them gets really fine? read by now. This is where he see they're gonna win or lose em VP at Seattle at the rams at the giants. First games are playing. Games. Third gave giants, defences, good they're, not great, but I don't wanna be viewless after that, and that alone like eight degrees, with fifteen and in giant state era, I'll be back, because I won't get credit for that. Went like right one, but in their last two games home broken Humphrey
Alice and there's a chance to once he would be cleaned up that he wanted them play weak. Seventy yeah! So about this! This it's been five years since, while I assume you than some airlines again- but I assume this won't sway it- the Eagles Seahawks having been a feel goal or more underdog at home since two thousand twelve- and it's happening this week-
Oh, let me pay for an eagle jam, nominate, see who it ok I'm way, often that game that we'll get to it. I were taken equip right to talk about CAT Tara, whether your start up looking to keep better check of customers, a nonprofit open ever record fundraising year business. It simply needs better payroll software cat terror. Is your software solution to every business need kept? There has a refund. Your categories have been suffering for you to choose from anything from e mail marketing schedule to accounting and beyond. You won't waste your time on free trials that go nowhere because captor has thousands of ratings reviews from actual software users, just like you best of all its absolutely free, remember categorically x you with the business software that will help you do whatever you do. Only better visit, captor, dotcom, Slash, bs right now, hearsay, Spout C Ap tee.
We are a darker slash bs today enjoying the millions of people who use Katir. That's cap terror see a p r r, a Dhaka, Sash B s. We didn't. We didn't talk by the planned picture, but do really quick anymore. Had Thea weak thirteen, lions hasn't weak. Thirteen already kerosene That is why now son regain close, but we are doing in Pittsburgh, United to Jackson, Tennessee. Seventy four, with two seats left. Well Tennessee, it seems like one of those will get the wildcard firing a disaster, their them ever really tough schedule, as that would and then it seems like? While I do see you can't Casey is collapsed at that point that the that
archers and raiders are now game back both in them get to play. Casey again, I don't see a boat, but last week we said chargeable plus six, fifty one division that odds are not now but thou be nice to have right charges in broad charges go Cleveland this week at home that other they only have on Redskins the following week: Redskins have no offense imports of which is the big completely desert it so they could be seven insects heading into Casey weak fifteen week fifty looming as a monster weak Can we get Pittsburgh in New England cases and egg? We had. Weird Philly Giants game RAM, at Seattle.
And then that's a barrier Rogers come back for Carolina at land at home for tab on a Monday, that's a good week, so I would bet on the chargers charge to win the vision or get the succeed or one I think they passed the chiefs. I think the Chiefs broken we southern blow to double double digit lines and morale yeah. You we were talk about who to tease who, with a new through the matter landline or sitter them right away, but in the chiefs in any sort of teaser parlay, our don't I went out with them. It was that rate or game were were that those in our game where car role right handed quarterback, rowing left unto on time, downs and they I want no time left and as it it's a hell, sent him a threefold. Adam Smith is completely lost. Confidence Kelsey said how the cover too to figure out how to solve the cover too, which is, I think, the most basic defence
complain for lie, no idea how to solve it, I mean if they collapse complete. They have certain wonders, does is anti red stay there see the coach next year for them there. This is if they go from five to eight Nate. That might be it I think C4 around, although I dont know if there hasn't been what what is it, what does he blamed? The injury I do not know what he would do. It's like Saddam that their deepened desire and right there can't be that important barrier outer. Yet I mean they're, not then their defences and horrible right now, keeping them in the games. Actual the matted, though Broncos Cosette that they should cover yesterday and date for some reason had Paxton Ledge packs, inner Paxton Paxton. Who cares hacks and Lynch who cares of some out. I had him throwing on first and go from the one or second go from one or whatever it throws a pack and the game flips, but that the data that team, I think that guy's can be wanted done. Vance Joseph
yeah, he might have things amassed line and leave looked back. He just wanna get thrown out of the game right here Kick me out M, who you angrier add there, but to leave furred too late too late committee, a somewhat all implored than Crabtree dear. The radio receivers you can just thrown other sea review can replace. The leave is now obvious. Tat for cornerback is talk about this necklace. Birth is pick committing an assault, but then there's Crabtree like why I wear this necklace every time you brand amber. What are you doing? You came the work with a nice, shiny, necklace and Mallory Ruben. As you totally reparata, she'd rip it and that's how she read the anonymity times. Would you? Where would you container As these are great point, you said that he was asking for the feds parameters element. I wanna watch again in water ribbon of jewelry. I'm gonna feel like citizens Daily Newspaper, in jewelry witnessed
but he gonna get in a fight where they don't have their home, where they actually just get clock to get knocked down. Tat lets ever Habitat TAT was all over that things like let living believe to take the helm enough, I wouldn't like how do we did take down enough at the gate? rose. I could, then you get it on him. If I go, if you really want to find me, take your heart like hockey, with the gloves like unless and until you drop her gloves. Sleep was totally happy to keep it out. I will say this to leave problem. The top five of guys you dont want to mess with India. If they did not give this escalated, I would I would be. Scared for Crabtree loses hand. You know was overdue. To leave is afraid in annex ii. Phil Italian one Minnesota nine in two by Minnesota's, got at Atlanta at Carolina next, two weeks, I probably been wrong on Minnesota more than any other team flags here. Everybody loved Detroit God, mad Stafford, stinks, on that betting on him again. I know he doesn't think, but it just visit every time,
trusted him he's burn me IP, the angle, but the he's taken. I varies, however, that game their stay away. Bad three nice little. I guess what ass. The parlor anyway is Johnson. Colored did all right this way, but favorites were twelve in three argues yet and favorite since weeks. Avenue do texted me this fifty four, twenty three and seven insane, and so this was the week to pick five winners if you're just gonna picking winners, this week, if you could have stayed away from the chiefs, but there are some bogus last minute offers for the Guy writs Carolina covering was insane ingredients and anti barely covered. Keyser is Keyser loves the back door the bank at the vanguard, video sledgehammer, strong we was the the other was others called fantasy was Tennessee, isolate one it it's. There was a point during the early games that it seem like all the underdog during the cover, except for Chile now and then I am not covering was kind of abnormal. That's my dad
I should have ended like at eleven point raised teams, Cancun Burnham, yes in the area of sea- basically Morons Carolina. Eighty three. In Atlanta. Seventy four Everyone plays each other million plans is no way to know New Orleans as the battered scheduled a gas tap on the jets, with an addition to do so. Could we say who of those three maker in somebody gets balanced yeah. And then Seattle seven before I was looking at Atlanta eight to wonder when the annex c now fits the Atlanta that we saw yesterday where Williams and that's about it later. For a couple weeks, member we are sending the pod two weeks ago. I was saying you how many touchdowns it feels like could have had. The shared met. Rameses missing throws out seems like he's, making the throws or a news bacon for yes and no one of those two, but if they can have the doing on the robot. I think eight to one is a nice price. A few weeks ago we said camera at fifteen o one
An anti hey like now is minus maritime riverboro about yeah he's these he's crazy and we all signal for Kevin cleared by the way the clerk big come Arafat in last April. With the draft knows nice, I think the footlights at her errand shots. Tweeted item about why why he so high and Camaro as their projection system, was that he was not yet. I know nothing about cultural by workers at work out. Did he go to what will you please tell us how to seize Brad steam found to your add, like on yeah like well. I thank you. On IRAN. If you dimes, I think ten winds minimum for the plants in the inner say how yeah, ok, Societe seventy four home fulfil it, we can Senate ACT, Jacksonville, that's a dangerous game for them. Yes, home for the rams at at the clapper. Clapper may not be there by that.
And then home for the kind of frisky hanging around Arizona that ceiling A guy Bruce areas is in the coach of the air discussion ethic right. I don't know how that team is looming over five hundred. So I see you can't pencil and win or a loss for Seattle boy. The legion a boom is gone. You dont know what they're going to do defensively send. It was seven six. Have to. I know, to save Cisco, is hanging and probably left points on the table. They barely beaten. They didn't like twelve, nine, the first time they play here, so I think we can cross have Green Bay in Dallas and everybody who doesn't have six when fine for me to trade is sixty five at Baltimore Tampa Humphrey Cargo at since a home for green That is not a murders or a schedule, and I have a feeling there could be hanging around somehow rat and we're gonna be like why the? How are the lads here? but I think I'll tell either Seattle Atlanta or the rams. One knows teams don't make the playoffs right. Yeah.
I dont think we get three intimacy sat now, would you think Tate authorities Ranal rate but when I get a hand at their work as our pledge other Exhibit Panther Saints right. When the world's plays care and they play Atlanta twice right so that something battle happy that I would bet, I think the Ireland is the best of it, I like the way I think their defences got better as its go along. That New Orleans was exposed yesterday low by another missing their corners. But later more ethical back! To our surprise, when you guy said there were three four thirteen on third down the rams, it's in my day, converted all gay. Maybe it wasn't without they. They had a first second answer. First, down that nine yard carry by girly on first download, it's worse than of fourteen yard, carry it, I think, like second and one means you're defences and getting it back for gal the Rams smart about, unlike completely guys like Reynolds and just add that our expose more on office, the saints dear because Daddy
really start to get anymore madame until they were were basically starting around the bar, but when they had to throw it added, I didn't think he had. A lot of time could wait Philips when culture the year that rhetoric, Right, I thought that was a really important when for the rams, because they come off their search, their film great about themselves. Minnesota beats them pretty. This somewhere. And now you the saints game, you not even fair. My three it arm. Nobody believes in here, and they really took care. Business in Gaza is dangerous and they didn't have robber woods either in their Hadda CUP finally stepped out by due to a chair for advancing oi needed start on you? You would you say, wasn't that good He wasn't, as is at risk. A game of the air wagons was geared little fire Anders Ass girls. I would say, is the best. So your best all around Secondly, greater find his tiny holes like flies through the one thing, the one card. This answer, is there if they really fully on this camera. I wonder what happens is its eight when,
cause. I bet on the Rams Ester S, I'm just ruining for basic even since at the bar, basically like peace, I'll give you bought him, I'm some where various guy eroding for the feel gone forth and go from the three area. What was yeah he's crazy, Who would you did grinning, as you not realised more here, because you stop them even if you miss it you're on the three wars, something we're can happen, hey ever seen anything we ve done in my office on Instagram Spic. I thirty three by the way is my instagram handle you probably notice how nice my posters are well. Our friends have framed bridge framed everything in their framework as experts, custom friend, Adams days, not weeks, outlets days delivered my finnish pieces, red handkerchief, framers, dot com, you can upload digital photos and scrap what everyone don't do anything there designers. We even help you pick
perfect frames, they offer happiness guarantee instead of the hundred g pater framing store their prices start at thirty. Nine hours are shipping free, the tac they put in their framing packaging is incredible. It's one of my favorite color I would say they are a b s pack ass, Mount Rushmore Sponsor. Just because I am I look round my office, I just see framework everywhere got a framework that car use promo could be ass. You save an additional fifteen percent of your first order again framed bridged Dhaka, promo code, beer, It's our Thursday night you're cowboys at home, if you're Thursday is ruined D ever show. Now, though, my son has banned concert and we do have
hell but might might sought an you sent as a bank NASA s arm and a menu of the cap will enable MRS gets a is a good thing. You're missing cowboys home for the dead skins. I, the cowboys by three I said to, and its one and a half Dallas Vegas is not love. Dallas does not love. It's vans. Thirty three nineteen cowboys October, twenty nine rematch rematch weak lotteries, he's dead, Brian's he's just like a fourth receiver. Now he can do he can't get away from anybody know of tat knows the permanent retainers mean nothing Lama, the cable. I don't care if they can't get rid of that contract that that's what you do is, possible deck wasn't good all along, and it was just your offensive line was so good last year and he has time, but the moment when he does
have time, and it's like he's under duress that he faults, and maybe this is what happened in college. I have no idea. I they atlas idea was a major major with giving Dac the rookie year and the clap or culture there last year the clapper one coach admire language, energy community that that's what that's what's going to happen. I two thousand twenty two. You say the clap one culture year and two thousand. Sixteen. I now hear that happened last year have elapsed. Remember that I now, how did we not have a better option, we're all trying to block at out cancer logic boats you should just when every year, Exact Tate did you watch that press going to college I mean: is it possible? Is it possible that he's too quarterbacks, if you time. His fine, if he doesn't have time, is in trouble because he loves you. Just Toby's nightcap ethnic like here is good, two three or window and then at odds What did you do value when she gets it? You think he's like the japanese sinker ball sign armor economic players than the batteries figure,
Within a year they had had. The great sixty gave her a rat Sundays Marcie Game Banana falcons at home against case keen em in the Minnesota. Would you rather case Kate and reject Prescott is correct. I think still back there the Tony Roma deck has ignored by weeks dragged it did Robert enjoy there's than I do that did that targeted scandalised fans. They almost had a comment on the fans. Were the island for Roma have to pick six now they where they are after the ones rifle. I didn't know that their chaining Roma Roma almost satisfies our God, says: you're hot football highlight as every land a home for Minnesota fats by three nearly broke out this exactly falcons by three. That's a nice game. I will say this about Minnesota and other Vikings fans feel like we don't respect that their team at all on the pact
asked when the best man my wedding as a Viking span, and I always room for the vikings I think you can throw in them. I really do at that cousins. Toronto, I thought Stafford had guys wide open on Thanksgiving, and I thought I just I just think you can thrown get to thirty points in the Vikings day. I think they're good against. Sometimes Xavier roads looks like he does not play football he's just telling the receiver, although I think I like the falcons in this game they taken, I did they can make, plays, are gaming incident because the good is it weird to say I don't trust a better team at home. Yet I can't take the Falcons or, a value on the road interesting like them, and the new stadium and rough Minnesota decent rotate. The vector goes for deep this week. The brands are stable, as always, we can have a proven fact that without the brands have to weigh today, they are playing.
In the end, I soccer stadium against the chargers and We haven't really seen a game like this for the chargers at home, where, if you're Browns fan you almost don't want to go out in public, you're not going you're not going to erode, gave in bread and brands. Jersey right is being ironic, maybe maybe buncher comedians groundwater is theoretically failure. I my team, say I gotta go support them rat. You probably would fill you Almost wanna go wearing a charging chargers, minor, more fans actuators. There may be no fans at this game dancer. What, if the weather? Is that good? What would happen and what were they? If there was ever, Game for us to take our kids to be this game right. My son has been dying. They go to a football game and I got him about it. Whatever the biggest poop fact again today led with, I have the charges favoured by ten the raw chargers. You allow us a twelvemonth half thirteen thirty.
That's absurd, so the thing is they don't have a home further advantage, so you can't leg if they had. We're really at home. I would have said thirteen, but it's like this is a neutral stadium, basically the air, but they lost in Ireland. Last year, riots two hours a team they lost, could they poetry, yours and loses totally care just waiting for they tell. I could have these guys touched on it taken nobody doubts that collusion that age aimed at guaranteeing Love that I love the brow. The add that you're a love them meeting right at the end zone for everybody s, it's like one. Now, let's go into the stall and secular who eighty like now. Even people that are clamouring for age, EVA Care and travel bees. Nasa hits bizarre yeah keep feeling like there's a for an aging mcferrin than the one I watched a couple times, wrangles never like stage Mackay.
That watch out for this guy speaking browns quarterbacks are for enhancing, I dug up Istat since ninety ninety nine, which browned courtway I'm sorry, which quarterback has the most Windsor Brown Stadium at brand stadia derga innocent. Who is it then Mother, often rothberg, not even if they are Brad's quarter, but not even a brown in him. Stardust is the status from ninety nine nine in stars, brutal, two thousand for we wonder at a mere displayed, their twelve times he's got more way it was eleven or back yet they get older ten other Brad's quarterback at eleven hours in August, closest amazing? What's more amazing, is we don't just bet against the browser? Rurik light isn't gonna buy bets? Was I teach the bangles with the eagles? in both of those one anyway, relative need. This export, like just bear the bangles. I had other
they are always kind of lingering and make you nervous in the last five better. They always make it earned the wind. I maybe too many turn over this game. Now, Nicholson, Ingram them out there mergers. I think the charges are legit good. And keen it now and right now I tweeted and they than hullo had a monster game. So he met a grab the number to spot by Antonio Brands, one every year, more scared ever gamma against the team that they plan. Antonia Brown is one either Theale inner hullo Jones is to feelings open all the ramp, just wide open, every third down it's like just triple team. Am it doesn't matter some eyes wide open? Who LEO's, probably three options? now without a quarterback. I think keen announcement before now Can you now inside put together is three hundred seventy five yards receiving their lives to gave their open all the time. That's pretty good, but yeah interesting times.
Feeling feelin being didn't even have a great game Thanksgiving now, Kyoto. Yes, the monopolies raiders raiders home for the giants. This is an awful game. Please do not watch this game. This is really bad. I feel bad for everybody involved and I have the raiders favoured by six you're gonna get it. I said five seven and a half. I like the giants that raiders defence is so so bad. The raiders are terrible. How do you do that? This sitting? Lynch like this, isn't a guy? You met lad you man, what you're a fear of the coach you ve been with them since August, like a kind of like is easier. The Jays depends stake. I've had the jets hacking about Water museum does Hackenberg, knows that no even worse, and that Jesus H just the neck.
Guy up- is that the next best and out why? Why start him? I just want to point out the brok, as were down. Seven first of all, drivers Simeon think they'd dusted off the cobwebs and brought him Addy rapid two straight touchdown dries up bad differences. They throttle them twice its thirty nine they're gonna get the ball back that the writers have, though receivers I've coopers gone Crabtrees Gharra. They have really know ready to go to they ve quarter our parents, now there has been one of the biggest boss of the last five years for savers. Veins Joseph sends the house for some reason, cargoes baggage throw the lab, while he's got three wide open receivers and one defensive back and they get run for fifty yards further clinching. Now like what defences, right it was like they were running like a girl elected mad and go online one. It says the centre right, but you don't do that on the other teams. Eight now was so stupid that teams
That's gonna have been videos a lot better over the no votes back, no gm he's bad, there's bad. Does the share their my more wrappers horrible? There might be more bad coaches and quarterbacks its close yeah. Andy reads: last couple games were as as bad as it gets. Hugh Jackson have a system of job, even like Del Rio like giving arrears in April this year, like the real evolving awful. I remember when they hired him. As I watch ACT area whose terrible then he went for two, when that one game and had seen right, he got hours for three months of momentum out of in last poop fact game There's a home for the forty diners, so people, under my grapple, oh, isn't playing it in it. It's it's a weird converse, nation, because there is an obvious answer, his way, There now, then, the teller bettered
They don't want to ruin their draft pick interesting. I think it they're doing this whole, the guy's a. When are we working time to learn the efforts? They don't want to go like three. Three over their last, whenever gains they pray torrent didn't want him. They get hurt, may probably told him. I gave you pilot, though once we know were in the top for your play. The last two came: we people see that you're, a little NBA mentality right there what their whole seasons when they want to get its up. Five pick this year, they'll get the top five. How can one thing without necessarily have one went right? They can win threatened. I think they're gonna get the top three because they know that, like the others are quarterback waiting for the top three, they got the guy rate, but they're gonna get potentially the best nine quarterback in the entire draft, but you have to get the top three or four right. If the the brand
you're in there who s who assisted me in the tub for tourists, quarterback giant salts, maybe giants calls for the courts and taken a quarterback either, never know trade look listens, elicits grab my scramble for the offence of travellers. Much today, other grappled with that of the USA is where he came out like a star I don't I mean they're gonna hold them off one more week, happy birthday too Eric Limburger by the way our relic death. They just went by and pump despair I mean tat. We do the cap and the cap will not rest until he brought his adventure with spear and delicious ram to every corner of America Friday. The spice left. That's! Why catamaran this by step life? Quite a bit developed a collection of rum each with its own distinctive flavouring personality. Every week sound I pick
ten of the weak at an inn, pick a line for their last game. Right now, you didn't you wanna that there was a year re which, which amateurs Mosca yeah got, bears by three. Your closer, I said six and a half its foreign My captain the week is Eric Limburger forty seven today no way- and I already seven these forty well in his fifty. In his way he's my captain, I love when people are true sports and even when facts MOUT against the person they loving about roofer. I feel like I'm like this is why I'm sports fan He loves. You lie so much that he named his is. Fourth Katy lie: nice Eli wide burger name. After you lie Manning mounting, evidence of the many is that could be the quarterback next year mounting evidence almost an overpowered ratified.
You won't be the quarterback air clamber just just heard, and on good for holding on four. Yet a top three pick wild. We take a quarterback. We have one guys in the holy who know how to do. This is one of them. We guess I really like what we're back next year. If this happens, we get this that I love his love for you. I man makes it my captain of the week I like it. You had rapid birth, who else is beaten, bow check twice in a big game, I markets as they both agree and disagree vehemently. Is it possible with with without delay. I do it's like. I agree in those agreements like there's. No one better. Like always, gotta go now go back and forth. This isn't like the court,
I said oh come in at this year. None of them are like sure thing lacks. It could be one of those I Blake Borders, taper drafts, where we talk our selves into three or four guys, but they're. Not actually they should all stand on a year in college. Right was what she could make a case of if you feel If you like and stay and Shape Tom Brady downplay warm warriors, maybe don't need a corner. I just love that he's so passionate alighted and you know what it's hilarious. My captain is also a fan. Ok, but it took a lot of fans or maybe not a lot. The die hard rams fan they're out there and they're going to go into these game here and now laudable stayed with. It after they went to say loudly and other back and they go on the stadium. Sixty two thousand like this, they get a bad rap because you know that that takes ninety grand to fill that state and yet sixty two yesterday, it's pretty good number to cut a ways, not too many saints fan. Maybe the direct
the fox or cbs- should get the captain who, but you, seeing more and more rams fans at this game where this is for the diagrams bans on that kind of name. You, because it's embarrassing at some point, but maybe so much anymore- I'm giving you my captain- the weak diagram spent- I like it. I think the rams have a chance to have to play games her dear it's in play. If they don't have to be the three August, though at least have one site, but potentially to you know it's cool about the Rams great uniforms. Nice have those uniforms back. The old school looks good here, the old school fair, most error, the gold now. I live. I guess that's going to buy better navies their navy in the yellow. Is you don't like the gold maybe in the yellow pagodas the accident, but the wind, the blues with the guy now here
brands, the brand zone that quick enough for the it's the brand. The arguably could this arguably a poop perfect, the game it may be still should be: Packers bucks, packers home for the box. I promise you, I'm not gonna watch a minute in this Maybe it is a perfect again. Yeah they don't have a line on it. So when are we going? I mean yes, James makes that much of a difference. They have not been alone on this. Maybe it makes it makes it less likely that the package of favouring the way the Temple was in their game in the final score was closer than I think people, if you don't want to take. So that was enough. If they had the fits pact. There down seven and eight day, would they turn it off? like afford them one right, but it's I see my thousand retire game like eight minutes after so much often sat of Atlantis Network finally is really arduous Duna without Freeman, and it looks like Freeman. Who knows if even comes back yet here, that's weird
a legit brands, own game, Titans Texans I don't wanna watch any this game either, but I didn't the titans are seven afford the Texans who knows after made this boy Timor, game, Baltimore, simply favorites, Canadians Houston. They look like logical pick unless you why, de facto playful Bala six eggs who knows Texans by war. It might still be in the plant picture. Nigeria on mergers. Everyone out ends is not more far behind seven, nothing in its that it's a catastrophe. They have nowhere come back. I have the titans favoured by six over the Texas. I said: six also have these seven touchdown. This array match Houston moment, I'm first that fifty seven fourteen right, but how easily Lassen obviously Watson there. Don't put the tens and tease is my recommendation? Titans have a way of kind of sneaking out these Windsor you're. Not.
Really sure how they want and they ve covered games. They publish a covered while this a borderline, watchful game. I I will be focused on actually not a move. This Le Watch was, let's go. Let's go Jack's courts, as I said, the other division game, Jack's home. Borders incredible again, the whole gamut couple. Nice QB rounds, copper decent, throw a horrible pick, just really really under three minutes. I would like some authority or secure all just a just get this do you think he laid Sunday picks under three minutes? Boys Gatorade is guy and active in its third. This isn't here, What I don't even want to France is in the end, only runs at any looks like you want to die. If you want to do the cabinet, he doesn't know all our understanding looks like he's gonna fumble there. Nobody wants to do very strange. There's a couple team,
share that you feel better when their defences on the field fervour scoring, if you bet on them generally ass, the jagged or when the ravens are one and whose the third one the dolphins. Maybe now there's one more the giants. Failure giants. It's like they're down three with six minutes left here must want than upon. First down rehab their defence big supply. So I have our jagged by seven ass. You are a little short shorter s at eight and a half that the nine a half already. Sally kiss? I dont think the jags have earned that kind of line aspects. Anybody, that's tough! What happened for net?
I say I didn't like the rookie at another. Had the Rikiu Alfred Avow, you know they date talking Lombardy Tito about how he doesn't come in on passing down. He doesn't get acting, and it's weird to me because this is a guy who came out and said the NFL is easy and I felt so much easier. Well, obviously, don't trust you and passing downs or re longer altogether suspended for weeks. Then it seems like there's stuff gone out with him. I had like major stuff cause He is that this year I have your listening Lenin format. You know what's going on with you can't please let us know and I say you should apologise to everyone who bear on you for repeated reports that we were not another terrible game brands. Our disapproval with a pity me the ravens lights, the ravens at home. Nobody wants, the watches game. I'm shared a sharp on the brands own a couple times and flak o is a top for quarterback, for when he's on the red zone. When he's the Red Zone Channel you
you see him and you think it was a picker fumble in your surprised when it was actually like a positive point covered by that number one guy for that, but I think flak o is right there, black, as in the top four or five does is another and where they are here, let's go to jail. Seville, where Blake Board, as this would be bad, go in the analysis. Kennedy said the normal, either ravens by three and a half. I said that exactly and its three a tea, then system loser, leaves Well, that's a loser. Earlier tat mattered printed. I don't like that match a predator. It does if staff its banged up and he came around that defence. Can I don't I don't you I have to get season as it is, I did that defence cages throttle there. Another weird road team now come prepared for some reason why
it was first one I had in the browser, but the more I stare at it. It feels like a watch was chief sat the jets, the chiefs. You can't look away, he didn't look, you can't eat away why they choose. Three do not better in this game. I got this exact guys at three and a half. I don't know you know, look at They only have seven turnovers and six games. Like that's every team, middle exact Smith is not pass in the eye test. It just doesn't make sense and he's not fascinated. Testa is his passes, he's just missing.
I also feel like the one in this offensive eyes. So bad it he's he's run these uses legs against a giant. He ran for two first answer keep drives alive: it's there the Enigma believe right now I don't even have their an enigma. They just suck really did their defences are vague and they can't back fifty seven yards in the first half yesterday they say Vegas, that's for sure all favorites want accept them. What I would have. We had like five of the last eight weeks. Somebody's blown up, three ts, yeah, that all these, like eight nine ten point, underdogs winning bright. That was at least a fourth line. There met him in the fifth three watch, video games other than chiefs jets. I'm surprised you putting one of these is adopt watchful. Well, I'm gonna defend arena rams at Arizona down. I just like wax in them
observe the reds to make permanent watch about that's. Why did there, though, actual every piece of the air there? They might there really fun or on a relaunch of balls? As about them and say you great that, like the room the rams. They live in one of the girls to teams to share three grades, often so like the falcons. Without the baggage fear failure, faculty the rams by six in Arizona think this is scary game. They, they should be super care for this one. I said six also Vegas as events seven, I wouldn't peace is now allow me to say another blow out like if you look at these remedies are all like these division aims. Rematch is a blow out ramps. Thirty, three, nothing October, twenty second, yet the rams have taken care of business in the body pointed this out a month ago when they have their hands on your throat. They choking to death. There are ten, they go for seventeen throb, seventeen they want twenty. They want to be by twenty four era. They day they just go.
Every time I think zone is there well coached They hang around. They can make date gabert, whose added the we basically actually looked have decent Ezra feeling, like a defence, your Ramsay, locking down Fitzgerald yesterday was diktat. That's your arrival Jack's going to when they still found the way to be asked about yeah, but be careful there saints, Panthers Saints home care had a zigzag in every I feel great about Cameroon and yesterday he wasn't there good, they still pulled it off. I'm sick of how the lesson him shoving unto the ground again and again the flag but tat. I know, as you point out, if it happens, when you
and deserve to get to know you wanna get lit up when he gets it like a helmet down the head from, like you know, VON Miller, Shane RARE, whoever those no flag like someone just push them delegate Lowery its throat jets so stupid. I, like Caroline in this game, you do yeah. Guy! I'm that's all the saints and I think they took advantage day of schedule. Luck, men. Caught some teams and the re weeks and stuff like that, and I'm just not a hundred percent disorder them they'd. They barely beat that terrible Ashton team. I thought they got lodge. Be this week that their miss their corners. They have an excuse, but they excuse makes me think this week is address for them, because they only last they only last icebreakers Lattimer play those now they wouldn't. Last anyway, I don't I like Caroline. I think Carolina will go into that game. They can. They can win kidneys hundred percent right yeah. Lungs. You have him. I went to the first game.
When at Carolina, when the saints came the Carolina this year, thirty before thirteen and they rectum it was the I went to the one, gave the Panthers look the worst season and in our revenge him yeah. That's right. I hope so, but I don't have the same sex so much better than the Panthers I wake them could happen again. Would you please quickly with the added as solar flax. Now but That is where Geico worries work it out. Every year is that's the funniest dad it's unintentionally hilarious. It makes me laugh every time it's like. I look. Here's the car, said? So you work out Riskin film, you were. Why look serious, gets lifts and do your routine Batavia urges be reality to send it. Always companies in the UK to slack has anything happened up. Geiger like it could be. So not a guy go to court born to take that Sudan Tita displayed sadder, live in what is happening in six years would quickly worthy gig. I got
you have a line on this yeah got saints by four. They get that one point bump cause. They kicked the shit I said for also three and a half like the Panthers, so close, what they're saying that? Basically even teams last one Pats bills, Pats out Buffalo. I think you missed again Now, if we are to laugh really Danver Miami, no, we didn't get it. It's a game. Nevermind housing making this watchful eye was in the poop factor. Doing I am I always get there were set of associating every attitude to dolphins, adopted by three. You get this I said for, and it's only want they stink both instinct arms again, yes, thereby Pats bills. I'm about to unveil my controversial tirade, Taylor, Nathan, pyramid theory, I think Mcdermott who took it up
will manage ship for their decision. Ambiguity was doing Allah yeah. He knows. You're gonna get the Tiber over the charges. I think they knew I think he knew the chargers were going to beat them this week. I think he didn't like the vibe of his team, and I think he I think he looked at it and said I'm going to put this Peterman guy in. If he's awesome great, if you sterile takes the heat after IRA Taylor. What's wrong this guy now tyrant Erica's bag. Nobody believed in me and if flips our season, I think are first of all a credit. Everyone credit. I do. I just a theory for its use thicket is there they lose their game anyway? There you know those that came with tyrant. Tell over that of the charges are better. They went but errors that game. It's like. No, they didn't they're gonna lose anyway. What if they do lose to the charge? Now they weren't they were beaten chargers they're losing anyway. This is some can spirit that talk this over with management. First, like this
really. I Reseda really conspiracy. There I've been reading aloud of the conspiracy read. It has a conspiracy board it is an ambulance allotted Jeff case that in its written, my will hasten I'm very conspiracy. Have these days were ah this, but listen, say their lives. There. Chargers gave anyway there they ve. Now but this is rather also they have others. Positive momentum behind tirade tailor the oh. I was wrong. Another new, our ability to sports movie patriots, they're gonna lose them the way they bid Mcdermott's a genius everyone's, this game of L, a linear aware of it, the Pat Sarah Migraine team, the bills to the era you get you just. You can't go away
the terrible Pat schedule has hidden some, since on this day I will say their front: seven still shaky braiding its hit a ton Brady's getting hit more the season, then he's gotten head since I too railway line. Yet it takes a lot ahead. It's all I got such a statutory lies that might be rebelled against them to stand here. My feelings: Sunday. Seahawks is big alive. Tat That's right. That's why we're doing Petsmart, six, seven and eight and nine Now, that's ridiculous I'm totally Lucifer game. I figure to be ten yeah. You know what you're back as the most winds in Buffalo, Jim Kelly Tom Brady since Nathan handed out, said Tom Brady rate of Jim Kelly, retired, it's gonNa Tom, Brady, Tallard he's
at least twelve or thirteen wins prop, maybe Bledsoe but say that one good season for the Senate, Seahawks Eagle, scraping, really fats an awesome. One can't way for this, you already. Let me know I was dead wrong in this aid: the sea hogs by one and a half and near Tommy the Eagles their favorite. They amount to win this week. I said Philly by three and a half its foreign have, like. I said, first time and like five or six years at their three point or more underdog I'd, say point out. I was six points offered that line and whenever that happened, no, whenever that happens, usually that's a bad tat sign for the team. Then it swung too far. I think that line is too. I guess I d just beat beat to hell on everyone. That's all about choking a team that they dead three turnovers yesterday and still I'll totalled bears in yardage for twenty two.
On forty spectacular p, Karel is entering that. Maybe. Is in control of the air stairwell stage of yeah, like it took them five years to figure out a good and a good play inside the two yards I would say. Finally, did they put other series on one side, Jimmy Grandma against one d back and he just ran a little slant and a work. I think he has a towel and that's what he's letting us know that is losing control here chewing gum at a maximum rate. Unbelievable volatile way to honour charts, like even words and three years ago, Monday night enchanters out, for you guys chance tenses emphases and he's done there there they need a bust if grapple play their state. That is why the Monday night at since he this is the game. Volunteers, perfect, my poor lass, boy scout and just start: shooting Philip, while still
Three and a half at sits there is my pick parlay. Now the vodka is perfect murder. You lost bad this week, Bill Seven's yeah. I can see why one to skip the line on some of these, its pitchfork six and a half. That's absurd, since these plans have decent twenty nine let him wing October twenty sack. That's a mistake that last year all act there is is be judged by my super contest record, which is right now, let's go out that right now. Its thirty four and twenty four one. Do you tell me what they are, and so we go through all these tease ridden nonsense. I didn't like this week. I still get it at the three into I really like this week, abandon like last week
so coming off of really successful parent corner specially this of our particular thanks. Expectations are high for the sick. I lay your first I don T know. I wish I had a great one, but this is actually sounds like champion problems, but you know when you want to upgrade your tv again, the bigger tv for the living, yet I now what at one of these are much cheaper these days exactly what happens when you do that? All the other tvs move to the other rooms right. The DEN Tb goes to the badger bag ass if you're lucky start them TVS, lugging of Bulgaria when you have a family someday you'll, understand listen to this whole debate. This is a future read her feeble problem. It's really good! So now, my twelve year old is like, while we're getting a new tv, I get the whatever the hideous tv is tag in my room. He doesn't have a tv in his room who your kids at TVS and narrow my daughter she does.
Yet when they cheat. When did this happen about a year and a half ago, and it was a part of a rotation whenever it knew there was a tv demotion real. The area who is one of the left over to write Kenya? I don't know what to do earlier on, I want to give it to him because I think will ever see him again. On the other hand, he doesn't get along with any of his brothers, so right it if it would cost me nothing and there would be less screaming my directly to see him again. We have to say when Avenant screaming yet, but we said no He said no, you have been so now. I have this extra tv. I want to raffle it off, I'm not raffled off, but maybe we have some kind of contest for, today when my son should have had was not get. What are you dangler over his bed like among them? Just as I said, I take out a billboard driver redressed by from home to see that I was thinking
organ donor, but we're gonna, hang in your bathroom put in this bathroom. If you wanted that much will say will save you are, but I want a wrathful. I want to give this away to a winner listener. Something will come up with a contest wait or something. That's a good idea, a guy like that which it, how we tell us more about the debate. Well, I don't know which one does yet so far I think that it is not one of those big ones with the yet the big back back yards, a flat screen from like three four years on a magna works, not on a magna vocs. I didn't get the specifics. Actually gotten. This procedure will do cause we're doing a steep car mailbag. Yet the best mailbag answer, one question: should obey them. Now, I'm saying the best best mailbag question for the Steve hurt them gets my extra two year, but it should not somebody they'll area it. What do I care male scenario, you shall I say now, beginning get your mailing attain them. Coming to my house, my
Dear Helen, whereby they come to your house and every Sunday to end their having I'll, give it to see or drop. My creevy, when I was twelve there's a lot of paper out and I got a tea for any black and white tv and I would watch the odd couple at eleven o clock and a honeymoon is eleven thirty every night, and that was it for it. You know my I spent Excuse me with my mom, and she reminded me that when a when my parents had the worst, they take the train back between Boston in Connecticut, see my dad and the weekends Well, first of all to see my mom in the weekends and then I moved the Connecticut, but my step tat got me this tv that was like, probably a little bigger than an Iphone fatter and it had an antenna. Yes, I was too I try to leave her out by word or was it a was likely solution and that it was the only man I intend- and I would take the train and I
watch it on certain points of the trade after, whereas whatever area it, but it would only get like the look channels for seven. So when I take the train back on Sundays, I can catch football games watching these pitcher gave their fate in and out we ve come a long way outside. My phone is connected to the Sunday ticket package. In my gay, it's just its raising. We have there everybody shitting on two thousand seventeen. I think. Sometimes we have to the positives zero. My parent corner this week. So isn't my pair corner, but I did I spent the weekend when my daughter, and Cynthia go in its it was getting to you now call are. Actually, I guess this could be part of the paragraph. We went to go We were, she had this three day turn a man in San Diego and on Saturday, we didn't have a game in the afternoon and she
though the movies, so we went to go, see murderer the Orient Express or, as my daughter as my son cause of murder and the Polar Express that that I movies, so we go in its way. We saw that and lady bird was playing right. Which I really wanted to see, and I was told that Amanda Dobbins of the Ringer said so we should see it. It's important. It's about this girl on high school in relation with a ma. Am I gonna take her, so we are ladybird theirs. Losing the virginity seen in their which I it wasn't totally prepared for. And rang out, really joy, the movie. It's you now. It's does crossing the lines and then all of a sudden she decide she's gonna, get the rigidity of the sky and she's on top and we're in this
monopolised stated teacher selectively terrified at one time that regime on high on the flight back, so that also evident that movie, but until a different and more for this was a little more subtle. But still I didn't know what was going on when this Annapolis theatre, which is this data they had in Denmark, which is nice like it's got like the request. Caesar s, island dive cover eyes, and she's, covering as an issue, this boy more barriers to be around you. They were by air. Is anyway you just have yet it's horrible and there's ten seconds in her eyes were closed and there's like it's a little groaning yet and I just wanna die but that's it out and I pay a kind of love- is a sort of an idea why you said that the movie theater should provide you with an extra bucket you by your popcorn, and then you get an empty bucket job head. Yes, one SEC scenes are going,
bore or issues club. Your kid I'm catching thing at seventy gonna, maneuvers, forts laid it ended within ten twelve seconds. Sorry, if such bad luck with this it for that, but that's ever better pair Gerda story, this I'd, say where were hanging out on Wednesday there's this new show and Showtime called smells the era, and we had, though it only sure yeah put it on my daughter's workin out. Some science project is now watching my way: my wife and I watching in my son's on his leg, somebody's I've just watching slime videos or something I'm barely paid attention Smith STAR there's basketball seen its fine it, so they see it seems ok and up I'm going through Basque Abbas wars and that really paying attention?
ass, a Miser Bill Bell, turn it off and I look up and the leave character smell of has one of those like tiny little rabbit, vibrator, sir. Like turn this afternoon, grab in their mouths and flip it off and Sure of my son sided thing in my said: TAT. You get this big spanish face, and he has it was getting user vibrator utter your j. He just turn. Ten he tells me nervous. Godaddy and This was our fine. Oh, it's my life is negative zones. Lucy was any, is vibrator Herbie, J, J, actual quoth, my set nobody ever that my daughter had probably had no idea. What's going on, my son instantly recognizes the rabbit vibrator so now now. It's big check what is wanted on his work
Take the bait about. Maybe are you to threats and cajole, exertion, finding as read that the undertaker pull on, or rather the buyer and I finally Della railroad hydrated, looks like crazy yeah. Comfortable Louise Guinea, is a vibrator on her by J J. It is out there today. This is gonna, be more positive story. That's so anyway, the more that serious, don't like smoke with your your tenure of kid. No large anything, don't shave just put your. That is the empty bucket ready GAD, what a week for me Will you get the cognitive allow I top that Jimmy Jimmy? I've tomorrow night using either the show benefits aids, have Vano on and against all odds, we'll go over the conference baked Bobby Carpenter or join us and barbaric? Next week we have a lot of Bob's and and Bob Newhart, adding, hopefully
around the power they can have a better week this week, a lost again Miami hurricanes. Should we started What should we should be short in the parlour kid it's hard cosy, does parlay What about our liability? Just bet that other tee yeah he's ill carpeted, there is very calm and what was the matter in the by Thyssen Game, who is the first like them, Joe, the first person you for in my case and video game it was it was, last Joe Glassdale right near the glass it is the last year of our generation, has gathered round the out of this command John Wayne Thick Conference, these conferences right Good Jabez Java about him, heard bats on us when it brings great sound with Amazon. Alexa four hands. Freak
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Offer see for yourself got as soon as that come to learn more that has sown Us Dotcom S, o n o S Dhaka code since one zero. I underline my dad the seventeenth birthday today turn seventy made it congratulations that. Thank you. I think seventy eight a bird I was looking, but an everybody keeps telling me when they call me today that seven, these the new fifty but I That's it that's what they're saying seventy two new fifty year, but I think I like it it's people who in turn seven you're telling me that so I think we may turn seventy one that can be saying that better pay. I feel fifty and obviously I look fifty welcome my mom
My mind is really alert, nay, I know so much about sports that I should have my own podcast and I'm thinking that is seventy year old could probably take out an age discrimination suit against the ringer. Keep that in mind I listen. If their sponsors out there ready to sponsor the bull paid special were happy. Do it you think like that would be in, and under exploited package market. I think a pay was probably gonna sponsor. Do you think I could do that maybe maybe some ah, he would have wanted dip decades. Diagram, independent media I could give you a lift some white wine with big one. Why Agora seo aggravates the outcome. We get the free or seventeenth birthday. I got you a
successful celtic season and successful pat season and a decent red sexting are our teams are looking good. I think this next decades can be great for you. It's been very enjoyable were it'll, be it's been fund, arrived the subjects wave, the patriots. What seventeen years now have been so much fun in pretty good. Yesterday, I am worried about how we keep getting banged up, but a point. Nothing to serious. I don't mean good, I mean a point. The spot under seventy birthday, but I think you need to polish to America, furred not liking the caribbean trade. I think it's time you ever clip of me? I d say I didn't like the trade. Yet The accident you you there
and they came on the Pakistan said we gave up too much in you insure a matter that boy my memory might be slowly failing, but that's not what I said. I talked about how I watched the whole season of I say: a promise giving heart and soul to the team, and I just I just had mixed feelings about He had been treated, I it was really not about Courier Irving was about the Isaiah Thomas Pisa. Living on go in and how strange
all seemed in yeah, I'm a little worried about that Brooklyn drastic every every day. I look on the standing of the book when, when one the night before the Cleveland ends up would like the fifth tick instead of the second and third pillar, but I'm gonna have to be very honest careers night, like no player that I've watched in person before I thought I say as season last year was phenomenon can of our other worldly, but by courier proving, is a magician with them, what gives the ball and strength is unbelievable. The crowd loves him. He's left daisy too, but this is the future only by because carries just incredible Isaiah would have you know he had it, certainly, said he would do, but you we got-
used him over while we knew and who is going to do them, but he had legacy for five go to things. Carry has no go to thing. It's like ie can have five guys in front of it. Just goes through every it's like watching, Bobby or I'm not gonna say that so quickly, after a quarter of a season, but it is, I mean I used to tell you and when you are growing up there was only one hockey player that would keep me home watching TV to watch a game at night Bobby or and a kind of feel the same way by watching Irving. Now
may last year. Again, I don't be too repetitive, but idea. I say a season was so unique that its ability to hit the three point shot was different than carries. Yeah, I'm sure, as percentage with trees, it was higher than Kai raises, but he also had trouble as we saw in the play of getting into the basket getting to the metal, carry. I think if he wanted to score at any time during the game it could yeah, I think, is that I think is unstoppable when he wants to do what he does and get to the basket and made make The players look silly train, a garden, that's unique and that's different denies their tat used use the text you sent me after the train on August, twenty third still
startled by the trade. Does he really think the world is flat? Well, what's the matter with that statement, I have, though I thought I'd eleven, a m. If an authority which, by the way, what that's, why would mean? the add on em. I don't have an excellent text from you, where you see I get it out of that year. Among applauding now you're making stuff up by if that's the most you have is evidence that says nothing about my feelings about careers,
Where then on august- and I get I resent you texted Irving, Heyward horrified brand Tatum and smart- should be fun. Ok, Santa he were kind of talk yourself until below, but there was no not a matter of talking myself into it. I just really badly like yeah. Now you most most most good Boston, basketball fans, help about Isaiah What he gave to us. The way went down, I guess by any Mister Crocker, you miss you miss large is another pc is thoroughly enjoying Callicratidas year. So far and clearly we know he couldn't shoot three yandah. It's pretty funny to watch this he's gotten over thirty percent. Yet am I don't think you
great teammate e somehow became a little bit. Overrated is as the whole thing when alive, and then you see Lanka, then the athleticism of Tatum Brand, I don't it's, as you said it's early and Spinelli twenty games, but from just a shit fun standpoint, judges a most fun nineteen eighteen to watch where you can feel like you have to watch his Miss anything right. This this teams way up I dont must have to go back to the Reggie Louis teams. The last couple, the teams with the right. You, Louis and Brown and Mikhail Bird with the back brace. That was the last time I remember now tonight just feel like I didn't want to miss a game. I agree I mean I ve also been away ear was it was just an outstanding come back here, but it was a real public as we were good again, but it wasn't
It wasn't me I wasn't like it wasn't as attaining is this. Do you not a man? It will end anyone that that This way where was ended we are here, he was what do with that, It was in a way it was. Training and aware have seen before this team. It's like I just Rene tonight is- is just just incredible, the Tatum is as much much fun as I've had watching a Celtics Ricky. I don't even know how far you have to go back yeah he's our. Finally, what I was lucky you and I will say to you but we just where she played more,
Much short their time. Stephen takes a man, I'm not quite sure why he can be a little passive in the first half in certain games and that's all being a working here, there's so much further potential with that guy he's gotten he's making. That is making a three point shot the people, one Could he should the three and the pros he's got like six offensive majority which I repeat has I wrote about a completely sky, wrote about how we, as a doctor, J Swoop, Tuzla swoop, move from either side. He knew left or right he's got the pull up, jumper, which is a shame that we take for granted, but that everybody has it any, can also shoot from three then he has opposed that move that I eighty I feel it is the great unex.
Lord Terrain of the south season, so far when they put him up, I was really something goods can happen. He could pass out of double team to. He is one of the most polished young players. I'm ever watched rate is any any it. You think he's twenty four years old and new yeah it later years old visa? We? I need you to go to a lot of the Games pieces rookie year. The strikes he's a nice to take your tickets. They brow and Pierce Pierce had paid three years in college, and was on a eighteen that was kind of a mass and they were Patino. Is a disaster and Pierce would show flashes, It is clear that he had he could get to the room when he wanted. He had a pull up. Three like Tatum does, and he had
how does that Turkey, Jerky old man, game already actually totems office of game? I dont think the stats will reflect that cause. It is take as many shots, but I think his game is just more advanced and Pierce was and is three years younger than Pierce was that's easy. You haven't seen him in person, yet he's am in person in the next came out his arms. Ok, his armies are. Isn't it is their lot bigger than a thought. Yes, arms are long, is yes, he's solid six nine. But if almost feels like he's seven feelings had some rebounds and traffic that are like these big boy in a crowd. Man rebounds, you know- and I and then you are aware you went to London to to see my. As in during the warriors game, but jail in jail. Made a leap and add enough? he's gonna last, but he went to another level, starting with that words, game and athletic Lee STAR.
Put it together. There's some relation and cops. That's of him with people like Paul George, Jimmy, but year, one year two. If you look at his numbers versus guys like that, he's he's hitting all the right checkpoints it needs, I think he's better than I think either of those thought. It was going to be great great idea. I questioned about him last year just because he was so inconsistent. Shooting did the jump shut and, secondly, and secondly, do is extremely tentative. Often yeah I mean you and I talked about it so often none,
they come down and go and look at one of the two corners ran just stand there and not be aggressive winning up or you don't do that. I met that's not the case. The she's very aggressive I'd like the single basket more, I think, sometimes settles for the three when such a terrific finisher I'd like to similar to the basket it better. Fancies Hartford spend a lot better, the sheer Khazar the way he plays out with Carry Korea's made. Better? That's that's a real difference, but the forefront Thomas Combo was not like there. Wasn't that wasn't Thomas's game here. You know and you can really see the difference with carry over the other
and it's your evil eye over the years it something we always would take a look at what the bench look like you, no one ever time out, what's goin on before the game what's going on, and this is a team that likes each other, we still have a great courage, but the players really like each other one when somebody scores they're all up cheering for the guy. Does it could be the twelve men on the team? Yeah does the things I really am encouraged by in terms of going forward, because you didn't see that on the Cavaliers you know. Do I have a hope for my seven years birthday. I hoped that It is bad for the playoffs. Nobody is talking about it, the long way away. We think I fabulous We're things out the great unknown because
Willie Tatum and Brown without a play this much and got thrown into the fire like they got. But you don't want that to happen at the expense of Hayward breaking his ankle and who knows, if he's ever going to be the same, but if he does come back, he can even give them twenty minutes a game in MID April off the bench, their missing. That. Their mission that one other forward, have they were ass, someone underscore than those with their own and Tatum had to do. In the headlines in the where's game, which is totally understandable, but that was the game Amory made. You realize how much they rely on Tatum off at sometimes when nothing else is working order. The Brown one of those two gas, which is, you know not ideal for two guys hers, though China figure they are Heyward with. How were you throw it for? A second came over Tatum Baines, Smart rosier yeah coming off
and which I think was. If I had taken a step forward, the he's been really get. I did think I've been town people gazebo ask me: this is a fluke or now, and it's not a fluke is carry. Is one of the best I am personally, but the other thing is taking? stops when they want, and they have lineups that are just good, like the Harvard Brown Tatum or for brand Tatum Smart in Cairo, I don't know at the post minus that line up is but a guarantee its in the top five in the legal when they play their line of that deadline. It does well, they get stops, but I don't think this is a fluke in it. Carry actually you know he broke his faith, broken side of his face when the stupid mass that he hates he was about to go wrong. They to another level. Even before that- and I think once when set Mass goes off far less of wit anyway, Dude The reason I wanted, I view on other than to say had to birth. Then talk about the salt. Her second, as you you do have a
they wish that you want and we're in a tub any age. What you want for your seventeenth birthday solely Whistler. I think it's partly related to in dream, but also having now watch the quarter, the season I'd love to see them, make a move or cover under under Stevens guidance. Yet a media which we know is a terrific off and supplier because, having watched them against the subjects we had nobody who could stop them, but I know he is defensive. Deficiencies I'd like to see Stevens work with them. I always liked Monroe coming off the bench when he was with Morgan and where'd. Looked she'll prefer the bench with our second team and well, that's my preferred. Their wish teacher you haven't quit on algal free and everyday entitle said he was the best,
Titus, his estates, college, Basque, ballpark s partner and the one China Patty stuck Titus, said oak offers the best Lopez scores ever seen. A college he's out Jefferson yeah. What's with Asia, it is with port coaching. I mean the guy really hasn't been coach, and now I just sitting on the bench not even playing don't you think we don't really heard yet we don't really have anyone like me there. I I just feel like Stevens. Is you know one of the best and be a coaches of this general? don't you think we don't really hurt you, we don't we have anyone like me there. I I just feel like Stevens is you know one of the best NBA coaches of this generation? and, if evoke affair has something in there he's gonna get to it. A guy. Marcus, smart on Marcus, smart and twenty five of the thirty teams, his careers completely different and
stephenses figured out how to turn him into something you now There is only a couple of matter and tat. I feel the same way about her there are millions and, as you know, there is an asset. Now, one side: that's that's hey! That's my birthday wish any age by birth. They wish my dad had to break their tax for color. The tactics I thank you for by thanks to seek use Africa, be Us Mba for twenty two hours after first and be a purchase thanks, dishonor sonar one blends great sound with Amazon Alexa for Handsfree Control, every music, more use your voice to play your songs manager, smart devices, using a single sonar speaker so thus offering the losers in the bus amidst packets,
ten percent off one order of two thousand five hundred dollars or less for any product. That's honest: dot com use the promo code, Simmons, ten Simmons, ten capital Simmons ten at Sonos dot com to receive this offer, don't forget to send us mail back questions for the state. Mailbag package at the mill, the mail bag at the ringer that- and I will come back with a couple. More progress is weak. Until then ways.
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