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Guess the Lines Week 14 With Cousin Sal (Ep. 295)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss Gronk's cheap shot (4:15), the Music City Miracle 2.0, (8:20), feeling sorry for Eli Manning (23:30), Jimmy Garoppolo and Bill’s new favorite NFC team (27:05), the goofy playoff picture (33:55), Week 14 lines (39:40), and another edition of Parent Corner (67:12).

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Today's observe the bill. Summits pie cast on the Ringer podcast network is broadly by Seagate. That's our presenting sponsor for twenty hours of your first seeking purchase an mba Its use, promo code, BS, MBA, South think Quimper tickets are worth twenty Darcy. May you may be able to get covered tickets for zero down? really. Eleven members are in the tank. The paper itself is worth not even maybe lay us, maybe that could have a deal download the seeking Africa right to seek their com or us abroad to buy Verizon from friend Peter Burg. The creator of frightened, the lads comes Q, be won a series that takes you inside the lives of the nation's top Highschool school quarterbacks. True story,
high school for bar in America, told through the eyes of the nations tat prospects watch Kubi one every episode streaming online I have to do- is go to go. Ninety that show sash bs, go nine zero that show Slash Bs Petersburg If you ve been in social situations that I like Peter, Burger, Indiana, oh yeah he's always been guy. They they have a very in their relationship. Yeah Miss Daniels, I totally our or also brought to you by the ringer. Dotcom reconfirmed my com. Every Friday, Many were right twice this week, but I had an Eli mailbag last week, comparing Eli to match our send your beard that I was. Rate that the? U S really find. I, though, I think your dear readers really stepped up their yeah. They really did growing was get Eli. Manny didn't deserve a whole mailbag, but deserved and almost mailbag and then finally
we have on the Ringer Pakistan, the judge, a rat rhetoric package that we launched last week. There was a number one on Itunes Fer a couple days: there, and then we relaunch been Jude with Mallory Adjacent people wonderingly. If, because we have the six years on their bet, that's why you brought the erratic on to try to change like a reverse, Jenks kind of thing, interesting I actually really like watching the Sixers. If we lose our bed I'll, be fine, I love between you and House thousand makes us bet against Taiwan entire words like three strokes up on where we had him again. Just in time is her son. I stayed away for that is like I love. This is so good. For my part, I guess I'm I guess, but what about the murder of Anna we're losing? The worst was when I went to Celtics, kill the necks and talk to you guys in a hornets SEC for next Coat Orient irremediably when, like seven and eight we're there about this, when I come up, we're gonna talk about weak thirteen preview. We fourteen and a whole bunch other stuff, but first project
so we're taken this on a Sunday night. Yes, a rare. What creates schedule! Catholics came to the office after this Seattle fill a game, got locked out of my own, took an extra half hour freezing before a friendly security guards get us, and this is actually a rogue Cameron, another a different studio. This is where I usually do my pie now, yes, afraid early, I feel it is this is this is the invigoration we needed a rash alleging now did not teach everything it and which we work Philly in and see
yeah. I don't go to follow the line. I know I know what you're too. You know you know about the gate. Like you know the rules, you hurt my feelings when you becoming NBA ha, that's typists relate to step up the shoe, usually just watch the Superbowl together and half of the shaky game there is a four year structural. We watch like every site data gathering evidence to my chagrin in your eyes. She knew the dead. We had kids that will now just Lotta chagrin there was one Jimmy was renovating his house and there's another house, and he just said late- these four crappy tvs next year and now it's like now he's got a hundred and thirty and tv right, shadow them interesting, weak Tom Brady took the envy, appealing really need an arrow touchdown tonight. What are they don't care? Has there wasn't a set out a large hit. That was around on that game and kept coming, cannot allow the grass gimme suspended the let's get. There away, because should he had little man did of course vote.
If you down below you are not enough and Sarah Jude in he didn t he Navy there. I think right should be suspended for the devil Well. How many aims you don't want one game: nobody gets a celebrate, slow, you know, they're gonna, be the dolphins, of course, one game you need and therefore the steel or game in two weeks or feed than that in the stores game was next week. I'd be de mad? It was weird I don't. I haven't been except to me why he was so upset, I China and then the other place like Edward Dowd, expect him to do that for any one in that situation, for which there is no impetus for it. I didn't really city there. I think graduates claim insanity, he might Not that way. You said you know, I'm a crazy person, I'm sorry. This is not, and I'm not crazy from football with. I was just born like that stuff. That new behind it like a flying. It was almost a cowboy barber near the big. And his left arm. He did, though, but the poor guy cause. I think I saw the trail of the under the giant. Doctoral earning got excited and start
he did. People out of these rules line had bought the that was that good, there's a tortured, pats history in Miami. That was the place where famously three team to user the team through the two months data three teachers, no four and then Brady blew a ten point lead in like a minute right, but just gone. To my childhood, there's been a lotta losses there. I never write off the dolphins in Miami and now no Grech crock was big and that ain't that game, the boat bills pats was closer. I think people realize- or maybe it was banana- is what you get is half that would be a half times one thing, but up twenty with three fifty one, he's got eyes, and this is what they get no desire. I e mail few Kyle, who is passed out in some caution, was released from their beforehand and as a he's getting the shake down on this. By being the last game of his career, get over here by the time cow Guerrero whereby to an I'm askin
it is taking a lotta hits the man's forty. We don't runner Cubey sneak play more It wasn't as old. That's the one thing you're off answer, because now your defence is as good as anybody else. Depression act big enough. Nba hall was moral raided, the that the that that the calves we're gonna get an aid seed or that the Patriots Deef answer is going to keep him out of the play off contention that it's it's the same thing the problem. The calves are putting a bunch of miles on the bran early for no reason to fear the keys doing everything he's playing like its June in your not commit to sustain their fur under game. They won't have to know what the paths secondary, came through the path sets up right. They can cover, and now that's the neighbour than they do a whole bunch. Others, and I have trouble with the mobile quarterback stones You know it s really have the patriots who are they push, everyone gets easier to every year. We have these schedule of our time and you think like what again,
from the gods and then it gets even better than Russia Year even caught the saints rang. We too, like if they vacuums in we twelve that second the different game, restaurants and then they went on their knees Camara camara with torture. The patriots Hound, Emily was born and did you fifty rights? It is early in their number, We had some tweets today about a bad Christian, Mccaffrey versus camera, and other Panthers took Mccaffrey eighth over our committee, just twice as good as an he's doing everything that they wanted Mccaffrey exactly exactly and he breaks tackles. I chimera like no email break. The first three tackle Don't even Gulf Bathroom s legs, it's stupid, not Jackson? Ask, but so slippery guy don't watch couch for Ah, but everybody seems to agree. This guy was awesome in college and was super. Sleep birds should have at least gone in the second round its like. Well, why would you take Joe mixing over him? Bread, the key issue
like he's better than Joe, makes in any way, and then he doesn't have other Joe mixed bag and Dixon had a criminal pass. You're gonna like that. Maybe that's teams, We must keep to get tougher so we got a lot going on this week. Can we talk about the MIKE, It is gambling moment ever. I think I m ready. Let's do it. I liked Cs. Wasn't this couldn't have been your greatest ever Gary rustlers, though you're the ethics I'm in its different levels of this, but in terms of how effing lucky I got no, I don't think This'Ll be topped the tie. My best bets. The only thing I liked was its evidence it was. It was six and I have a lot of places, but when I made the very for the ringer. I said seven also. You know what its seven on the site that I always use. Let's go at seven, I dont care, they lost seven fourteen years them with yes, I'm Watson,
it's off. I saw toward it today at sight. There miss their left tat. Are these got all the eyes and times in eleven Saxon last to gain macho meantime savages emerged turns a ball ovary like eleven turnovers and a tall turn. I learnt that I've I'd pay powder and the super got everything this rate. Of course, everyone by saying it was a dog shit, pick the terrible there without ten, nothing they miraculous, We come back and then thereof, set one thousand nine hundred and ten, and then it's one thousand seven hundred and thirteen. They're running out the clock and its thirty five, their own twenty five would fifty seven seconds left and then the Texans have no time out. Arguably you'd can you there and you Pont, would fifteen? Second, we even doubt stuff- I now I know I'm just to salvage they're dead, they're down Ford, Savage stirs and interception in the end zone right in the guy. Instead of just doubting the ins and outs of passengers is Dick tiers of the hundred Nate Yard renegades. Like I thought out, they can't neo Khazars
time out many ten, and then thirty nine, but they ve done this before there we broke one earlier than rings a night out gaming anyways earlier in the seas, yeah so Kyler have. I were. I wasn't ahead and totally given browser and why we are. I brought my twelve year old boy. Toolbar, because I'm a good father, that's where I was born to cyborgs BAR animal aging and I have my arms folded and then Henry breaks it off, thereby, like I said then the guys come it overlooks seconds. Gonna show that a ban on close, easier to judge of that arouses might sons like watching unlike grab, and I let out a noise at only like world war. Two veterans look out. Maybe our friend Brad, every once in a while and everyone look at me, because it means nothing towards again that already won and Henry Problem could have gone down in bounds, any
from his own twenty five. That goal I place. That's when he turns it. I'd go for those Santiago, less I'll, whatever it cover. Clytie was wearing with the with the charity. I by half the donates I'm gonna find out. Do you feel like with gambling that You can go on little runs where these things start happening in your favour, at least a few months. You just say: up on the right side of history is over again with this year. I think that, as for I am hoping not eminent knock on wood Hey, I'm hoping among those I infer whenever they go anyway. You by using aspects. That's though everybody, while in the super contest them thirty, nine, twenty five and one, and you pick five a week on labelling planetary or lastly, we ass some ads. Translated. My column anonymous and I picked the best fit this Riyadh Falcons which who we were stuck by. That gets talk about Nothing happened in their game that I thought was going to happen, except the Falcons couldn't further by big business.
I didn't get to twenty points. They finished at seventeen, the hurricane in the whole game. Murray was good. I Mary was kind of a sneaky sign you for that, but I just can't believe the Falcons can get to twenty points at home. There wasn't like: wasn't like a fluke where they misanthrope like another Ganz, where the Falcons left points in the table. Allow man ran misadventures, they Add nothing going that whole gave their eyes were. Open Ryan was terrified and add happy fee and I'd never felt like they're gonna come back in there came in Now I think, they're out of the playoffs I'm going to do it. I don't think they happen. I think I'll do is both a favor right now. I think we should say something nice about the there's a lot. I don't hate us on Twitter. I tried all right. I did. I made the case for case keener, busily Bloomer immediately. Unless you know these old, yet thirteen there is thirteen bags later one is their land owner almost inconceivable, yeah there good the damn good
of what you I hope you will. We ordered what're you have twenty four yards were they did something today, rather than under three hundred yards totalled offence at home. Right, I wasn't commenced their past events could do that and they did it there. Now do you know he taught the annex ii is good man. I know now Rams Vikings, saints Seahawks. Now so egos ten, a two bit at rams this week, NEA S, I the Eagles Vienna at around added to Minnesota South Carolina, and I didn't how Carolina look today, but we ve them zig when you think their eyes, Agora season, but there's there's a path now for Minnesota to be the once it should. Which would be amazing because conceivably Ratan three in Minnesota, Superbowl Minnesota, they may not have believed Minnesota. Now I have to do is hope. The rams beat Philly, they ve already beaten ramps.
I believe, but yet I have not yet heard we cause. This happens every year, there's always a team. We wait for them to hit for the clock district midday and then it just as now. And unlike our, we will discuss this before, but I think it let there could be an eleven five succeed or at least that Lebanon, five five seed right, say we ve Caroline unsaddled, eight and forced to wild Garcia, so forum, goes three in one area that tough slates kind address away, but I think one of em, I dont, think Carolina wins three at index for Caroline home for Minnesota Home for Green Bay on four temper. Green Bay, Rogers rallied fifteen and then add Atlanta, weak, seventy and Green Baden did they screwed up at the injured reserve I didn't have to put Rogers uninjured dessert out there in the thing I don't understand about, that is its it's. What a fifty three men roster yeah, so they they did that when what is it like the night defensive back? It's not like that
been that a portable. I guess it doesn't matter of green big o sickly when this weaken winds, but he did better. I wouldn't sleep on Seattle. Last forests as Naomi sneaky, difficult like openly difficult there at Jacksonville. This weaken home for the Rams weak fifteen right at Dallas, a sixteen you have Zeke for the game, and then Home Frere Zonia, that's an when I get. I just need to know we watch tonight. What do you take from tonight? Like I think date, they were good, they rushed to pass, which we haven't seen before and wild Wood Seattle, but they They not lying, obviously ones foughten fumbling through the end zone, the pitch that was forward. They would have had a punk up. Seven in the four whence funded through the Enzo, his big. You went some afford them one when he just screwed up the lab screen pass. Who then stayed most running backs would have for had said, Barney couldn't thousand touchdown, and then there was another timey accede,
you, member from Madden in them in there, it is a cause. The no fuckin way game when you're playing a man and season in the computer. At some points I think fit do you not winning and in you to say five interceptions? Rambles everything goes wrong. You just can't land. I was denied for Philly that like tonight fulfil. It was just everything that could have but running at, and yet they were in it. But look, look Seattle. This is what they show Stalag used like nineteen and five, and this this last January, p cow in the last. However, many years five, six years that there still sloppy I don't know, there's sloppiness with them this year that I had that it thinks about signs. I There is now a gram wide open in the end you scored like ADA last nine games, or something like this could be where they pick it up, but they are slow. There's a legitimate Wilson and VP case. That's gonna be a narrative. That's an island people are always aims are sending. I can be of sun and eight near. I bet Monday to
it will be I'll, tell who might be the envy be ruts well said I am going to be today that get ready for that. Getting whose Reza may, as this a nurse and whence wasn't too much, I had a hustle and bustle Russell. Whence was great, I mean, thing is if the eagles retaining one in the pats were nine in two. Indeed that Seahawks or seven for now we say was as either Bay wines have the matter at this summit. This is based, our right, but of Seattle, Whimsie much better and of sea west. Then then, whence beating up on the end of the east, you divisions that that bad and took the Redskins were at least the first half of the season were little frisk here than in your team. You know, even despite the clapper I will say tomorrow, if, if its pile on ground ask today tomorrow with obvious panty by private akerana tabula. Really I may fires into its here. What do you say? Well it
is pain, just loves whenever the paths there's any sort of anything and they can come at the Patsy. I agree, grog suspended for a game there, fifty seventy plays during a season there. People get suspended for he's one of the fifty to seventy. This happens all the time. That's it great. Now. How did you get this agenda? Which we did this Monday now? Why? I wanted to see the vitriol of one Beloved paid extravagant land. Now it's just I I know what he is paneled with. It will do to my, though, make a big deal out of this and thus show ninety angles and the four can a fire grown there. That's the city like doing something tat would have brought. Would if thou o k preemptively suspended him for a week. Oh, I fell says that haven't belie the teams, as I know, ominous suspend yeah agronomic, but code. You told me to We talk a little guy wait a minute. There is some weird post came stuff where the pats were mad cows. They felt buffaloes China's. Or on the fine go more
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we don't have, although in another sir, now I know aid, it would have a nice guy. Any harm in put fill out of questions in Chad meet somebody then, as compatible with it. What are we haven't? They do that they go to a barn, Now I gotta somebody really anything. I'm China. They want their air, I wanted. William S around Glenn really wants to know we needed at that tells it has had a hand of fourth quarter run pass plays when their protecting leader managing the clock. Can we name at the anti reader? Oh it's programme even spoke earlier. Read the anterior. He didn't know it wasn't Time management thing today and its funding just a bad bed for all tat project. It turned over the play calling offensive coordinator, red, and now they reward. There are fourteen per year, scorn in the thirties and aid still lasted a friggin jets team as bad mood I mean, did thrown the flag and Marcus Peters who had it says, is that spread over?
Agnes Stanza, never seen anything like before I love that and then the rough through his hat because when you love a flag, when you have to throw another flag there, I want you to have the hat Nausicaa. Please pick it up and throw that into the standstill. How many damage there are. There is shared everything it would have been. So. Jesse for the fans to get here. The ILO aggravated lag like. Rather, we have the guy out the debts Why did I was so you so I'd? Never handkerchief crazy. It's better great sees it for the generous. I guess you'll, never catch liking, catch a hundred home run ball, but you will never ill Bragton friendly, you'll, never out of care. Where you see there are many games, you gotta you'll, never catch a flag or guide who that's I'm always jealous when the people get the bats. Oh yeah in Bulgaria, both MO almost every time. Nobody gets hurt. Numerous forgets the bat yet site there. They're holding legged, head raw
from Boston wants to know who would you rather started Cuba in a play? A game Joe Fly, over eighty Falco He says he makes case for eighty media would understand her job is to hand the ball after hours. Collins and performances in the post can press conferences of blow Joe out of the water. I don't know I think it is time for you saw on the ceiling on. I was again yesterday to deal with and she got through it. All. I'd have about the same amount of hope with both on a road plants gandia. He wasn't offered a day. He was often the first drive and then all of a sudden and look but in fact there are, as they are a little bit tiny bit scary when there are other last Jimmy Psmith. He allows bad. The dollar reuben deputy, enter the ringer, hosted binge mood and the most beloved crazy person on our staff effect,
she pointed out on our side today that both people involved with the cap her neck Superbowl like that last drive and then in score when they could the the Superbowl, both ravens are now out for the earth injuries What do you mean to our Jimmy's F and then who ask? Who else is out for the year in the Ravens defence that sounds, but one of those other types of rare. Who knows, I promise you prepared They have not your sleeve room, Steve from Barnes Kansas says the Eli loving hating going on. I can't believe you always seem to leave out the most Eli thing ever, leaving a come from behind drive in the Superbowl for the win and somehow accidently scoring the winning points? There's nothing. Eleven. We didn't mean to score the touchstone that one is the supermarkets regret. The second super were right. That was a very low moment yeah. We should talk about Eli. What's not does it mean when this happened after our last part guest? decided,
no m ever going to feel bad for this guy. After what he's been through, I think he had two excellent play off runs. And then all mediocre. The rest, though he was no no and two posts seasons and never one another by ever again credible stat, and now I feel bad for that's the thing with ease That's why he's the luckiest effort of all, but why he's here he's been mediocre referred or worse, two and and now room feels bad for me, probably going to get another awesome job out of the. Why do we feel bad for him, but he's not charismatic. Is that then all this is not my samurai Gdansk. I will say buddy, don't get excited when his brothers won the Superbowl, they Conaway others it another some role by now, but this personal. Our personality wise. Why away like a boy? This is wrong. The due to align ass. Yet I feel that what I think people feel. Just fundamentally route for younger the youngest brother, interesting
I think it's a scenario is either young. Does not a younger he's the youngest yeah and he was who is in the shadow of Peyton in there and also leg. The street was pretty cool out. Another two hundred ten straight start this something that's one, and I would add that a feed Ghana to fifty you it had a chance to go. Thou say what a lot of the plants are cowboys next week. I think he deserves that. China was an awful. This is fine, they might have the worst love running backs in the history, the whig, which is weird because Everybody has multiple right leg watching the Seahawks gave. Today I was I got my Davis together. Who is this? Guy is, as the fourth birthright impeccably grass the path the Lewis and rags Burka new either guy could do anything and the giants five guys you stink and darker wary of seven.
Harry Sgi, Ard and seven hundred hours, for they have won a fence of tat gentle ass three weeks abided by the time this posts are, they can have a new coach or other gonna. Be yes, Ouch, were taken. There sits nine thirties, its nine twenty three Sunday whiskers time right now. By the time you hear this Ben Mackadoo may be a bend Macedon the officially and here's what I wanna get at this point. You rooting for the draft that great I want the worse coach possible severe place them. I need the I need to know. I'm getting somebody worse than been Mackadoo, maybe need Falco was available. Who should we have around the ravens? Are oh yeah, that's really how all the good ones tat, maybe the late aims gained a visa to stick em a mannequin now, most of their big idea is such a weird thing as the management once better back. Yet this guy wants the wind, so it puts Juno Smith. Then
not on your star was landed. That, though I still havent heard the rules are in our EU, I already owners didn't tell them to do this. I thought he lie said something to the effective. Don't keep me and just to keep the street go in and out, like our open. The floodgates like that made the decision for the mechanism. All right! Then we won't do. Then there was a while, oh well, you are. Timer the orange well. We saw the good version with I understood, you heard you grab, you put him in I am at. The three tvs garden today loves. If were always three tvs, grapples awesome their game. There are fifteen, since he has the worst slower receivers and running backs, probably of anyone who played today be the giants and having Evan ignorance, probably better than the liners yeah, he threw one pig because Marcie Sleep caught it and then just held it out for the defence of back to rebut away from
but grab low he's under pressure, though game really good bears defence at home that a really good bears defence. But- at home, they have a certain energy there last pronounced feeder and the game which now, but I don't know who you are. You start outline arrive on the road inside your five eighty. I get em all the way down. He resisted his lights out that all game in making the re moves in a tear. That's it that's, kind of a dangerous December like spoiler to him. I think he's good think he's going back like the Arizona profits. What forties foreigners were like this week there playing. I guess they have the rams and tightens the jaguars, that's true and the taxes. So this week there plan the Texas in Houston. We have the knowledge we ve crossed them both offer, I'm picking, I'm picking the manners and bedding
Am I putting in the supercar? You love them. I believe in Jimmy G- and I think you know I think their husband and put them in cuz- they don't want to screw their pickup, but I think it's better to do it. This way, they're still going to get top seven pick. You get this guy for five weeks. He kicks ass, you feel great, so we have a quarterback, Listen, it's gonna be off season with our quarterback at much better waited I like what you said, and I will watch in the game Finally, I have an without due team. Jimmy Jane Rams moved away after seven hundred years. The charges are another Thatcher do not worry air his two time. Chip Jimmy grew up to rigs, pick them up and fantasy. You know that was a dog Well, I saw that why I might start up a sort of all these practices. Are you know your first point of game as long as I didn't bring this up, do before its mean you in for versus five really there
not now. Let's do this, I'm I'm terrible slump. This is perfect time. The deployment of the agreement Ricky seals Johns thrown out. You don't even know what that is. Yeah, that's what's gonna happen, hey! Let's talk about our captains. Every week sound. I pick captains and the reason we do this is because the captain will not rest until his bread is adventurous spirit, delicious from to every corner of America. How are we doing here? That's why we do it. Captain weakness by sub life: quite a bit collection rum, each with its own distinctive, favouring personality, regional space, Cocoanut Pineapple Way, Blake Crap Black Grapefruit can't speak what everyone, the catholic anyone owners to mix like a cat. You your captain. This week I tell you this is a little. A little out there. My captain friend of ours, yeah Jake Bird my old friend as partner you're old, fantasy partner for those of you dont know Jay Bird Shame on you, Jake Birds,
character appears on Jimmy him alive. I know this is a little self serving, but a character played bad character played by our, friend, Tony Barbie, airy and Jake is as broken up like the Paris Hilton trial. Did Michael Jackson trial try brow this week you went to Roy Moors church. Where is was having a rally he either. This thing is he pretends to be on the side of these people were under scrutiny, Roy Moore had trouble and in the church was right in front of Roy. More and boys all over the news he put together a great piece he's the funniest. On television? Is these crazy? Our friend Tony Barbier Mass he's been doing a bird for so long that I was working for Jimmy Show. The ITA Jay Bird is a little behind every Jake glances. It was after named Jake Glance and Jake once had
third, I want to get a murder Bernardo. We had a secret santa and I got Jake a bird and normally people whose like screw you wanna, take care this bird because but because Jake is such a nice poses a god damn it. I have to take care of his bird beyond the bane of his existence. Yet Jake Bird came from now right, but he is fearless our friend here He is like those Mme fighters. I got this guy, doesn't care what happens to amuse com version of that he has in the last night care and Antonios voted out of our fantasy leg, so desire to him for this I want to win our famously because our voting Craig Power Bribery- you are here what's happening. I'm just tell me now, don't even show of the dreadful us why only three people, our draft have not been voted out there, one of the three every year I get a bidding word them for Tom Brady there, and they always it just becomes clear that whatever prices gonna go to pass, gonna pay right. Guess he's that we pay for
Every day this year we said we leave it you're notebooks! Well, as while I've given the braided myself, while you better tell went away in a letter, hope a lover using Tom Brazen record back next Oh he's sure, as Hell, yes, what if I don't think about, they were made Jimmy grapple by captain no one's. Oh, yes, he's such work out. Where captain sat for dexterity asking about low that guy, but a great guy you now he is. He learns from Brady. He just takes This knowledge is balls. Only studies Emmenthaler Leg, Tate Frazier, my pocket. Producer, who just studies by every move, sits way. In the ring, As to progress pizza, Jimmy grapple with the ring y yeah, Now I want barrier of energy, learn robes, never never threads Tom Brady of a sound, never says when a magnet.
Either they. Finally Duma sour. They sent him San Francisco caution and now he's franchise guy from them. My cap, N Y, see so tat and to save a co captain there. He really swinging Jimmy grapple of of podcast like that at all, poor, Palgrave on rebuild them. Those guys are done What else you could say thing is that I'm not going to do the thing where you're going to go to the draft and not no forget about it out like that, I'm telling them right now, it's December they're out of the play off, so you don't have to worry about them retaliating yet out at the other thing is you could vote yourself out because you ve been saying for here's that you don't want, I love fantasy. I'm too, I really really year. Spain really find the issue I have to be So let's do so meet thirteen lads, any organism. Fourteen away, we gotta do quickly just the plan picture. As we talk about this all the time and they had the oars tab to up
eggs. Tennessee are somehow I forestall the third and fourth best teams their seats. Unbundling. But even more unbelievable baltimores, our fifth birthday of city, even more unbelievable than that since he somehow beads Pittsburgh tomorrow, we're gonna have a five way: tired, six and six. While for the fifth placid between I followed last Hereat, there were, they say, he's not after the year they gotta be down there. They lose a type regularly archers and Bang Re Casey, whose by We got near ball, embarrass the red hot chargers, the raiders who were terrible, Again, I don't know how to go get somebody. Maybe I can see the sweetener they steak and then yeah. What are the steps of making the playoffs in the Bengals? Is that right, yeah in the bag so Baltimore? Seventy five at Pittsburgh, Sunday night this week at Cleveland Home for Indy Home for Sensei,
they're gonna get to ten wins. Yeah Baltimore, Ravens, Baltimore Ravens win ten games. They ve lost. I don't have five. There are eleven best players for the seas. I've seen em learning quarterbacks offer their running back was way. Other seahawks. He was like the fifth string, Seahawks gang, they ve no running, but no receivers. I don't know, they throw do I'd where every time somebody catches aided see their MIKE Wireless or some had never heard of there can be ten six. And we are going to be looking at so I guess that breaker for ten ravens losses, jaguars forty, forty seven there was the Steelers twenty six nine. So weak, seventeen is Jacksonville. I can't believe this year, Jacksonville does is at Tennessee that's going to decide the AFC South. Yes though, also decide who Baltimore plays
and I was saying to you, Baltimore Jacksonville, to stay away from us. If it to play off came for us, they feels like the defences could score more than their fans howdy at even Baltimore Tennis. Yet they Baltimore could be test. I've been Tennessee blows, my while setting tat, I was so mad at them, throwing off the very same you after I was I I don't know the tendencies for I can't think of one thing they do well. They run the bomb a kind. I'll Haryana like skittish today day there, just sales passes over people's heads. How long sleep in the league since thirty year right this Isuzu Wednesday near. I bet it out either and blows side this guy talk about how like teams, don't practice like elected this guy practices, we like Tennessee has at out route that, like eight yard route, and they really matter who the cornerback back years ball is nowhere closely. Did you practice this week because it looks like it in any is anything with them
they take forty seconds to run every play. The pace of it is just so freakin slow, its I love absurd, is always in the red for three to get out, and sometimes people like Blogger Blog, they d take like excerpted saying something in their own seem like its blown out of proportion, though grab there, though capture the irony of our conversation, there's no errand to be captured, tenancy sack la that team sticks. I was so bad. I bet that today I was an executive. Savage had a concussion than the second quarter, historic for three hundred yards they blow the answer average had what it s like three hundred, and I think I exclaimed yards dank and there they are one of the twelve that stinks at some point, we will bury sixty five. Savage and Tennessee had before that last driver think they had like two hundred seventy yards or somethin I'll go. We were better earlier about how Hopkins was the again in the future could hurt them. Yet they knew that end.
Is open over and over again and if they held on sea or they committed passenger merits, yet real about I'm sorry, honey. I you watch out for three, the poorly coached now needed. We by the way, could be remember. Ninety five year old defensive coordinate, we could be ripping twenty times that's where I just can't believe they're gonna make the place I can't be they make. Eleven and five, but if you like schedule at Arizona this week in Arizona that awful Gabert was bad today, but then add saved Cisco? They take lose home for the rams, they could lose. Humphrey Jacksonville Where are they may finish it now? Maybe maybe that isn't for the title then, maybe so I think Jack suppose better than Tennessee there. They are least they have identity. New may not love their quarterback, but yeah, I'm sorry
good thing is that no Tennessee fan who actually watches their team will get mad. Gonna disagree. There was a stink, thereby today I now I was so pissed off at them and they covered even like when you watch it tee, my Baltimore, who also stinks Ulysses They have good defence. Man made man. That's pretty good with the lead Deronda they're gonna make plays Jacksonville sad thing is: I have good defence, so you can point the things try this house can put. Diana was in the sports bar new than a Tennessee Texans game was next to the Patriots game. Yeah. I hate the eye It's still offences than that, that's what I was as is like second in After a run, we're gonna ran again to make third down more manageable and right into the line right into the line, and hopefully the tide. And open doesn't dropped. Marietta was the top to pick in the draft. They they act. They keys, I don't understand savage nation go backwards, but that
like, whereas the imaginary, like about going to know huddle every once in a while, I'm just not linked up in some way, nothing that was like the walking dead for three years, Thursday night. A really good. Jacques illegal game. It lay the blame for their season there. This is it This is most one for them against anyone. Sue together, business, the Carolina caught a couple breaks Mccaffrey was banned up Greg also scratched. They got the lead. I have to say that saints one by ten, but that was a b, down and who would be those another one bargaining had now they want to those, since I think like I might be wrong on this, but I think Detroit was, alas, one in that ended up close do, but they would do for a just an all out. The offence comes to life and drew breeze, remind you who he is and that's yeah, that's what they're, what within their good with the weed cause the two ready back
If there are ten the games, basically over values at it ass a house is angry. He has different moves yeah. How do you create different moves? This lay your career, that's probably is at the best like you back, however, has to be re, oh god yeah. I was thinking by expert occurred without their that, probably not now. After I another good Sosa, relax their economic data. Anger em. If you have a cigar control, you'd, have to add three buttons for what he does he's just phenomenal. Ok, he does that he does vague Jabba, just stopping and changing again a little, but I love you. I ballerina share where the falcons by two and a half you're gonna get this. I said three, it's one and a half, that's fair! I think. While they were, they got down
What to two and a half against Minnesota by the time it kicked off. I think that the Vikings whatever they figured out against of gets the falcons today is not a good sign for the Falcons case. They cannot get anybody open. Lattimer makes a big difference and if you have been obvious, it's all Helio Jones. If he's gonna get Turner, fifty yards against you you're, not gonna, win to get twenty four going beyond the sure. That's the thing with the Falcons, especially when they can't get Goin. Lately Couldn't today, just just run the man and plates when the straight line, forty five yard passingly and though I think they did try- did try one more place: Sunday, Marcie Game, Graven eagles at the ramps. Yeah. I am not going to overreact to the Eagles last because I think they were due for a game like that and it's a long season and everybody has a game like that and they were complete
overdue, for it was the other spot we have seen. So you had the team that starts our and or five collapses. We had at the here the chiefs right, then we also have the where the contender team, that, with about four or five weeks ago, craters over that teens gonna be I'm not saying it's eagles did think it might be in this game now. It's usually we have that team every year right, we have them like. We better yeah? No, no just me to see that team. So it could be no Europe The latter, maybe it isn't or could be Carolina it's probably or a man I mean I led a menagerie may apply after him. The at the one thing we should mention the Eagles. I would imagine Doug Petersen didn't challenge the forward through the rustle Wilson that weird pitch play over the latter scrimmage now and they didn't charge it, and I thought that was agreed. Just
made me worried for lombardies been killing Doug Petersen. All you need that to happen. He needs don't Petersen to be bad it's coming or those moments that is pretty bad years with good ruled them whenever a quarterback is running full speed ahead and does slow down the pitch it that's gonna, be a forward. That's not going to be Lateral, led the way. I will say that you in the moment yeah it's a subtle He started dilution, but the ball. You really have to throw it backwards: rail automatic, oh yeah, yeah, if the like fling it be higher head Wilson was great neck. He was excellent. I gotta I had those minus three over the ribs see you now this one I said rams minus two figured home field. Why not and its fairly its subsides, Philly minus two, but now I'm thinking there are gonna, be a lot of fully fancy. That's that's borderline home game.
What about that? You know that, but as you go off and whence is so much to prove these guys, I think the Rams miss words a little bit. Yeah noticed they live in that cardinals game. I was scared early, but they're like one wide receiver short for how they play and obviously to see if it manifests itself in its it is. Where does the greater the rams them the Vikings and who we just talking about the Eagles, no great receivers here, I could say Adam Deal and by adding Theo into now, but two years ago you are now that lies in the top three. Now I guess These teams are doing. I hate these white guys. I don't know what to do for the US or the one that
that is probably their best guy but Aguilar, is that each steps up by their attack, these core backs are making these guys better. The pets, EDA, Bracken Cooks, Allister's, Buffalo aircraft cooks today in the pashas went to crack and they went to their Rennie bags and figured it out, but those together better than the evils. Half poop factor- is sixty this week now, there's gotta be sir I'll. Ok, then we gotta watch was right now go to the brands around them. Sixty you could they taught me in a seven or eight, but I had sex. Ok, we'll start as always with the quivering brats they covered. The coverage engage with it since them they are home for the Green Bay Packers, who won a game and overtime and covered today, where their quarterback, even late in the fourth quarter had like eighty are its past
he did then yeah. I don't know what he finished with, but it wasn't a lot he had that drive and then that will be anyway and now they're in Cleveland, with it's amazing a legitimate chance to hang around here in the play ass. They went Is there a carolina? The next week, com for Minnesota? you'll never Rogers. If they went right. I mean this. Is they get through this game? Carolina home from Minnesota at the trade with allegedly healthier That's all we want in the b seven in six going into those last it can get to tat insects and then it would condemn the register for that Will Carolina plays Green Bay. Obviously we fifteen right. That was there. Typewriter and Green Baby Carolina greenhouse gas. So there is a path. The better know how their by the weather was. That's dealers, game yeah. I Packers
seven f o, while you and I don't blame you for going high, but buddy. I said foreign happened, it's for there is so there is some truth in that. You can't make the brown Leaving lousy aids and I was trying to figure out what line would may I think, about the brands and it had to be over seven next pay, Let me just say this: can I just say about Josh Gordon? It's always like a great thing. When he's, we back there is he gonna, be the guy that plays like one, every three years for the browns and ass. We There are a lot of years that our system of Europe until these Sixty years all day, brands are still trying to figure out back back situations. I got one for twenty yards is back while what it does for this off. Just Thinketh after dinner, fell test after failed test. You just gonna be around for three more seven years later, Jason Garrets. Can we forget, get it with his speeches again, the clapper at the near giants this week, wow what a beautiful game for you.
Lie back, come on. Let's see it. I have the cowboys favoured by six and a half. I said in its currently six. To care a business Thursday. I wasn't off on their game was an awful still serious where's quarterbacks that I watched their idle? Do you realize how bad the raiders defences I probably should not Morgan's raiders are terrible here there now the real estate? I don't know what I would bet, but here the raiders distinctive another team that thinks that you could make a decent case. This is now the worst Hemingway the Denver Brok right, their backers, verse, Cleveland Brands are neutral field who do better
Danver, ILO Eyeliner ever man, history, I think I'll- take leave em plus three reword I were, I think members is a dumpster fire. I think Keyser Sosa was better than career, Simeon, the dual Keyser sources, that better means doesn't garters progressions. He doesn't look off receivers, it's just it's bad. Is it depicts six waiting to happen every every time it drops back Well, congratulations because I think Vance Joseph is gonna be wanted down like Marvin Baggily man. Tat, she had said Denver yeah. I get the jets by four. I suggest, by two I was lost with this once a Peckham blue legs. That's bad loved the jets. I did this together the jets could have like three were wince there better in the bright there absolutely could being Carolina last week. They blew that game, but there are always in these games. Here's another terrible wife four mention Poohpooh titans,.
They're at Arizona such a stairway. I cannot like ours, This is a stay. I got tired of you. Don't put trust us from first to expire. Stop hotel earlier it is. I get the Danes by three and a half, I said three, and it is three right now and how their thing is that this is the age of fourteen gonna gets Blaine Gabert in their favoured by three right. At this point cardinals. They stayed there along with any one of them too today at home there at home, the crowds loud and they hang around. I feel bad for Fitzgerald. I think he really asked to figure this out either retire or find a quarterback further tail, and here, because you won't leave that thing, you won't go ass, a thing it's like I can't leave.
As on its a good, what's so great about errs on smaller, otherwise other awesome memories. With that one time he made this important Ryan Linley globally are go play for one good team for he retired. He had Kurt Warner pastors lifelike a comment for two years and other that it's been like a shit Shep Bangles bears speaking the chairs TAT Cohen, officially is reached. Why does anybody kicked him? Sat ass. Ours kick it. That was some rank in advance and yet another one that was called back not for touchdown, but he went far you're, the one that cannot be the only real. I was the only reason: tat the snakes, Dubinsky Israelis lighting it up by the the lowest to be our last week here and now this week I just doesn't come a chance than when Will they have no receivers? I have. I have no fear for whether is good enough, but
thereby running game now. Have I has done. The young callback needs better running aim, then receivers Devon, Hester in his primer to recover and to those seventeen who would you be more afraid, a kick to deny that Hester level yet out. Ok, agri bangles home Bengals home, we don't know what time the Steelers tomorrow we have. No idea was going to happen there for the bears. I've been goes by six and one slash two, that's at seven, and it is seven right now you like that teaser you, like it, it's a borderline, Browns home game. Cause- I do like the bears all grounds. It is fun watched her biscuit, play quarterback where they run it no place for his face ever whether liberal out there we re. Actually to get the pocket and throw it just always something bad happened. I'm lookin of nobody's open, superconductors annulled see five kings like those lotta gains onawandah touch.
At this point in the year, like you, so many teams of school bus over it so hard to you now delegated by the CAP N Jimmy Grapple of airlines, radio mediocre one more perfect Game Buffalo at home. Quite possibly Nathan. Later. Men are Joab quarterback of typewriters for long haul against the Kurds who have just given up right. They did they packed. For the year, and yet as a three and nine- and I think there are a good three nineteen, but they they rolled over the data that we have to get even when tea while score during their game in Geneva. The two I am still waiting is quit. We could almost Ass Buffalo off their like three more defensive. It right and shack laws in Leonard Yards of Theirs Davis. Wide thanks to your guy this No nowhere receivers, it's weird too, when your team plays, I mean only fully realise it in
throwing a guy's, my one that scared that guy on that score too. This guy they just don't ever want to remove Kalman manner after training. Our one to the reality is that so they have any Miami, add New England and, at my hair, done still air these significant sex. I guess I'll see you saying they could get to nine and set out on our right or if they beat Miami twice. That could do that. You made me look pretty good today. As I was telling you last week that Kid Canyon Drake his good and areas. Yeah, just they should at least three hundred utility is gonna start in our hands, and then I started this week. Also had twenty two points so you'll start and next week, I'm starting, are? We really gets them by about England? I store here not start him, I'm starting to correct your age and started. Oh, you right Rather, I guess I should commence buffer
there's no line on this game consent on our tie tellers and I made stardom. You will just keep me crazy, Monday area, the brand zone where Chiefs raiders a borderline, poop fact again, but the there's such perverse, the late in watching the chief since really hard to say this is a team. You want to avoid terrible game Yet this is the perfect team for then the play the writer stink. Well, this is the team that sentiment tell spy. Now it's a revenge or as an idea if they, if they can, where thirty points against that raiders defence, is a basic. Chiefs. I have five and a half its exact. What I had in its four, That's a scary! No movie! That's really stupid that its four that's Taylor, Marcus Peters, suspended now now they're, pretty ball, move
if the jet thing at hurriedly businessman another, but I don't think they were closed down, that the Mai wants an exact lines box. It's in temper effort really lived, I heard his hand and they x rays were negative, but he's really bad. They use would back. But thanks giving looked a hundred times more Benda today and I still have the favourite somehow lads by one there's. No, the I had by one also, but this also no line staffer Texans hosting my man, Jimmy gee. You may be my captain of the air. If you can run the table here, these games, the Texans by three, have taken the matters see. I was way off. I said Texans by six still, foreign aid against two and ten. It's minus one, half Jimmy! You hear that Neff Jimmy Gee, that's our do module man Tom Savage, though not in the states that this week the vacuum it accept is gonna, be equipped.
A week ago, saddled terrible the little concussion protocols. They brought him that blue tat his hand, slammed against. I tweeted Barrow unhappiness head slammed against the turf and a sack and both of his legs were completely rigid and up for a second round was levitating, and then they clearly something happened. Neck shot his warm up on this year, the brain in the blue tat for a second there shine a flashlight he tells them he's. Ok does want to come out right, maize play for another contract. Let me ask the other than the answers like there's time. Savage looks like he's, gonna be ok, so lucky you had report This had a very the playing a turf, I wasn't sure of those good or bad for our bad, but that was I thinking that savages can be good for quick question. Don't don't over thank the seed, yet more wine the Jimmy Garoppolo ERA, with a huge Jackson error, as of now, would mean the whole
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Seventy six after this game, probably will be chargers dying for us to throw them it. Is they better when dying for us to throw the them in a tease dying for it? Don't let me throw them in its use, might be the team that you talk Diana like eighty four, but this could be the one that we think is gonna be around than this, and then they create, or three out of four yeah could see that latter, washed and fans could be in that at that oh yeah, right sure at the charges by seven you're gonna get it. I said for our low and six, the right round the tea that dreaded tease. You talked about this one last one and the brown zone have. This is a watch. A momentum of this to the latter was my bedroom. I apologise for this next year to achelous this first one. Jack's were at home for good. So why should we go this year? Twenty one I mistakenly put in the bureau
could be bad. Who knows what? What which Blake will show up? I have a lot of trouble with this line. To you could tell me, see OX monastery, Khatami's JAG monastery. I would not be shocked either way, have the jagged minus one and a half I tell you, you are right with the options I'm gonna tell you it's jagged minus three and you barely beat me because I said one jack's minus three, not ladder. Respect for the sea acts that Seahawks Eagles than was plus six for like four days yeah I mean they haven't. And they haven't gotten that many points in Seattle since since before us now before rustlers, some right who arrival since my Matt fled their gems or nothing yet Land was fair by one and then they had an underdog outs twice unlike three weeks. This is a good one, Carolina home for the Vikings who, both of us for gradually now believe in
Yeah, I'm not saying a bad thing about the Viking on that either go on whole part. Almost I'm apparently biased gets evacuees, even though the best man, my wedding, was vikings, vague, his faint Jeff Gallo Raffer, his wedding present. I bought him an authentic Viking summit, which is when data they Cora fight by buddy How has it and did he not? Thank you for letting me do you hate disillusionment with death romantics the vikings about this either favoured by three and a half as I did this respect them all, because I D Carolina be fair by two. Then it is the vote by two and a half, so you get it. Oh, if that's less than three nights I think, they're, so silent on the road. There's they're, tough about against, I say druthers and opportune to watch it. I think MRS Zimmer handled this case. Canaan thing perfectly.
Never again the job letter marinate turned it into the whole lack rooms, galvanise behind them near and a kind of dangled the carried over more. But I like it. I like how we handle the Sunday night, Steelers home for Joe Blacker than the Baltimore Ravens, a team that built to come from If the hit is, if they get up seven, it's over stewards die for us to throw them in at dying for it. There I have. I have them by in half, you want a little high. I said six and a half and seven the Steelers. That's a real clunkers issue: I jaguars beat him up, and your son in a guy hackers game, the courts can a loss in Andy. It's rough, then I'll tell you this I don't blame you know where the money game hasn't played yet the centre. Brown mysterious Toe Injury
the possible he just like yeah is turf toe anything I'd they use like hey, there's a guy on the other to want to kill me who literally want to kill me event is perfect and and others this one out guys will be enough at worst, will be what nine and three you think he's should behave. Sir saving, I live check these panacea Ben Mackadoo had been fired. It's that technical still is that now, but for how do they waiting for help and fired while Monday night patriots add the dolphins? God. Are you tired out another, a preview of them, Andre Doc sang? this to tie you. This is the last one right yeah. I had this exactly. There ok Pats monastery. No, I said two and a half minutes twelve. So we tie twelve yeah
had fallen for the staff and stuff like, as had been upon the noble out o Brien too soon Grech was a plan. I saw a twelve mile, you nervous for this game, you're nervous, dolphins, pats, not nervous pink panther. They be the one sided to seed and we own Pittsburgh and that nervous thirty, five hundred and your two weeks ago, when you make a Brady in Mcdonald's scream at each other island raised her. You don't what are they gonna renders their feels at each other like when you do railways, while said side? Of course, they group during your staff that reveals each other Now minimal and on slacker there, there's probably like a couple: slackened. You raise your voice on four key. Allow caps I, like four teaser purposes. I like nothing, we did it Still today we had it
Six point is that I was less one. Fifty three teams, patriots Rams in the Crimea Texans. Your sweated, titans, crummy, tightness, and and they are about his eyes that do look into the plus one fifty? I know it's three teams, six points, but you'll be six and a half to six an app and you won't get kicked out over a year, my might be worth it. That's what here's, what I would love to know from these teases. It seems like every time I do a tease I dont ever end up actually need in the points right, at least for one of the games. There's a blow out of them today, all of them come you mean if you win right, but if you lose your loud and one and then barely lose, Every time I went to tease, I would have won it without the point of love to know the advance metrics, I'm sure
biggest glistens was a day when the dying ass God all about it, or rather we tie I'll take them forget to mention. Am I wrote about Doktor Dick Chap. In my mail bag a few weeks ago, urologist in Texas, he had some other guy with em Doktor Lester Wang, whose us racked its dig chapelmaster Rang dream come true: doktor, Pablo Pistole. Emailed me and wondered. Why didn't I punch deeper you? It is discovered that there other partner in their practice aimed doktor, Stephen Hartman I'll come on now his fits. I looked it up. It's true that Dick Chap Lester wagons, even harder, but now there are the same urology practice as February like you, they had access and then Adam ah well said, there's a better dig chap ins. In southern California, there's an oecd way and embody Beaver. Oh, I think we have
we had her honor, I judge and more. I believe we have to be run fortunate names. We had him all the walls are Wall Merrick and we had a dog and they introduce themselves yes, but by. After the review over bbn credible, if you If you have any other great doctor, absurd Knaves we need as get it should act as a chap doktor Burnham be read about. It, said the bare bag at the rigour dhaka There was another weird thing with Doktor Bonnie Beaver, like her maiden name, was almost ass. Bad. I'm gonna find it. Some people have body Heaven tat alone where did who pair corner, but before we do, if that wasn't parent company for now, if you ve ever see, they think we ve done in my office and its the game, which is at stake at thirty three, by the way, as pity gathered three private noticed how nice my posters of our friends at frame bridge, framed everything.
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It was going out of my house last year by eleven year old diner. They smell there are still on board, I think my son was actually by the boy my daughter is playing along. Could she wanted the gifts right? I got here. Ok, so good, for those of you not familiar. The elf on the shelf is something you buy and in the hall MT the December. You can venture you're stupid kid that the alpha there too, to witness your b avian and then at night the elf flies away, while you're sleeping goes to report the Santa how you behaved and then magically in the middle of the night reappears, but in a different spot every day for December. Yet so it's the current job to move this day and it's the worst burden on earth. Yet you at the waiter bidding goes to bed. The terrible gave an odour kid there. Maybe ten thirty eleven he's got away, get away. Every finally goes to bed. He ever you downstairs and rushed out for us
I put the over under December. Third before one of us live, or I forget, to hide the on the shelf and we didn't make it December. Second, my fault: old, comes down and says why, this goal the by the fireplace when it was by the fireplace last night. So now you have to make up this. But story like Al Gore leading a junkie? I join everyone. The truth is mom got drunk to move like we're, Takin turned, but an especially on the weekend it staff because they stay at later and everything. So I that that's basic the story like this can now we have the lie to the scared you're lying out adjourn. It were lying on top of a lie that yet this stupid thing, but their needs to be a service that does is, for you will walk your dog it at midnight and will Whoa switch all unwanted hours for a dog ass. Yes, it inside visiting hours for Thou, for the yes said sounds like that: could lead to a lot of crime it whatever,
ever made onawandah limelight. I ended up in the chef. Would you do? My wife was complaining about it last year and the kids world, without the sheriff, I wonder, is gonna go to night and I was so tired of hearing my wife complain about it cause I refuse to do it, but that I said to them. You do from the surface. It's mom, it's she's There are now pay that ahead. I said that I was getting my daughter. I think she was still holding the ten percent Well I saw your son tonight I asked about because he was watching something without on the shelf as I. What do you think about else on the shelf, because I had the story prepare knees. I m I don't believe it I'm like. Oh, why not he's a glow of any the less is not realize it. Why do you think I learned the hard way my father told me. Yeah yeah, that's the hard way to work after the worst thing. I've ever that the volume our true first have a pair.
Corner correction, for my story last week cooker where I said that my son were watching smell from my son, said: she's gonna put a vibrant and over J J. My wife points out. He actually dildo, not vibrio, cascade, put a thou in average. Our eye, so yeah If they want to clear that right and the bills fan celebrated that it. I think the best way that another, more credible, ok, it's vocations, so last night watch in a movie with my wife and my daughter's at another bought midsummer cause every waiters abutments for their rights, and I'm tax here is just baser sees lived and I'm holding the phone in the text I had sent her like two texts before was a picture of her with our dog, so my wife's, your machine,
call her and see, and I'm like what is that- and I click on the picture because I forgot and I sent it and was this picture of her in the in the dog. My wife leans over my shoulder she's kind of far away and she goes What the hell is that, unlike what you mean, and she's like. What's that? What's that picture now MIKE it's it's silly and she was I oh yah, hackers, my daughter's thou five foot five! She thought some girl had made me a picture. Why picture my daughter with the dog and she looks cute near by? She thought it was some like lassie mailbox. Picture, and I was our daughter fetch. His speech was invited upset about four four seconds that she thought
he's gotta was texting. Are they got some sort of whatever now? Does that make you feel good or you become scared, so it made me feel bad twice. It made me mad at my wife tat. She thought I was exchanged tax, whereas somebody's proceed now during the craziest thereabout time, but then also it it may be. Add that she miss mistook our twelve year old daughter for somebody who had sent me like provocative pictures from far away turns out. My wife was wearing your glasses anyway, there's array and they can ever because we want them rather than better. Yeah says the first time yeah, that's great, I don't even know if that's parent corner, that's it's more yeah! That's like almost it goes to a husband. Current, lot of trouble. You needed. You need to remove all the females from then a false slack carriers can be furious. So have I have to pay a corner?
There is a sweet. The other one is might by Son is on House Party, which is this. It's like out of their google hang out, but the kids, you say no cargo in the same room. I've are not great things about this. It sacrae near its angry. So, for the first time he's had girls on these two girls from schools at his friends, with the point that he likes and then this other friend of theirs, and they were in House Party for three and a half hours on Friday night, while an we stuck up a cup times to listen to what they are talking about in each time. My son heard us and said quite red like in us, like that's like to tell you that the parents are coming right, and what the hell are they talking about. I don't know it so I kept thinking back there they're talking about an inaccurate misprized here this, but it was some of the dumbest conversational banner you'll ever here in your life really really here, but Lois love of done. This
like I what well one point he was showing you showing the other kids. What was in his room? and just narrating it in boring. Can you let me know it's just. It was the worst thing around for two and a half hours, but I think this is how this generation is going to interact, no one leaves our house known these. There had already been in everything's in a group. Like my daughter. Does she studies with like her friend on Time and they do math together, everything is like you're with somebody at all times, but not really. I think we're screw, you ever gets. If that doesn't pale ass. The next generation will have a bad story about this. Like a bunch of buddy of mine, and I like some some girl like in other Girls, flashing and starve yeah my father walks by and now he's seen it, and it's really? Oh god, it's like becomes like a criminal thing. It's really fucked
bad for centuries, seen yeah cycle now and then now he can't even say any as it's very it's bad news corner was brought, thereby stony. Now I can't believe and also wants a sponsor less spots. Gotta get so dark is sponsored by the House Party. What are you Despite this, we give a lot. I guess this week Jimmy him alive. Chris Pratt, his arm was Mccarthy NEO, Patrick Harris Tracy Alice Ross against all odds. Barbara is communist era. That low much Anko fight is this week is organ data or written down, while everyone is lacking just put about Genco would like seven of these. We should do and what are the odds and ends like minus four. Fifty or somebody's gonna win minus four. Fifty NEA nobody's ever beating him. Now I love that guy degenerate. Trifecta was too for three this week, Polly kid had his parlay.
Brother Briar was concept plus six and a half, and on my ringer video I want to you now the big guy the hard way, seven at all. Ass ten weeks at plus in the money. So only a little beyond my fellow nest. They re ass S, almost two thousand plus I feel like we're going to look back at that their country. That's what I've been around for us as a positive for us yet, because I think we have a pretty nice. Right now there are able- I missed the falcons, but other than that, even the sea today, like we ve done their job, had a steering clear from games that well to Abbe rubbish in steering clear of the teams. They don't really deserve it, and also like a lot of these favorites are covering these teases and parties, which is usually when we don't that's funny, because I look at the. Major some like all, but one I won't. We just take the page. I feel bad telling your ringer guys
make me a video or I'm picking the patriots, as my second still go, the other one like you, don't get credit for it I am really. We also make their video where it's just like a generic yeah we're just lying in the residents of bells titans artists. Thirty eight, which said do that every guy It is with the girls so yeah exotic next week, weak fifteen, that's a good one, great and half awake, but a big big. Looking looking forward to that, Europe cousin, Sir good job, a good job. I labelling thanks again seek don't forget twenty hours of your first seeking purchase, an MBA tickets, he's promo code bs
and be I dont forget about the Jurassic Park ass. He could subscribe that. Don't forget about our awesome College, Basque Bob. I guess one shining pack ass with tightest taken basketball, really interesting. The share that I dont know how to describe Barbara Bagliani do but he's, unlike you seen him he's fun. I know too bad. I don't even have not Bulgaria or forum usually like these guys come up on my god. I don't even know who reminds me ass. He so a guy he's got just saw ease so active any so fast at random. Is this can be looking at him right now? He reminds me a little of that. Work with me reminds me a little of Doktor Bonnie Beaver. Maybe not that that back, the cut in the next back ass. They think it can be a brand Crampton. Hey place. We can use an incredible gas relays. My favorite once a lesser stay for
As they are referred to, that ceiling, ways.
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